GameCube Gameshark Save (North America)

  1. From gamemaster32112 (01/02/2007; 32KB) At last boss in the game everything ready to go

GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (North America)

  1. From Tank_Scott (01/01/2008; 32KB) 10,000 rupees 3 huge bomb bags and much more
  2. From ONI NIK (12/13/2006; 32KB) Ready to enter Palace of Twilight, Giant Quiver, Three bomb bags ,Giant wallet, Magic Armor
  3. From Tenshiiclone (04/02/2014; 32KB) Right after Lakebed temple boss, did not warp out

GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (Europe)

  1. From lolanoncorre (02/13/2007; 32KB) 100% - 65 Hours of Game, Save at the "Final Dungeon", 1000 rupees, 100 arrows, 3 huge bomb bags, complete cave of ordeals, 20 hearts, 60 poes, 24 golden bugs, 4 bottles, 7 technique, Fog Lure and All fish in the aquarium.

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