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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GCN)
    Copyright 2007 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
    Most Recent Update: February 27, 2007
    Originally Created: January 29, 2007
    Version 1.0
    ------------------------------Table of Contents------------------------------
    Section 1*
    GCN Note*
    Section 2*
    Into the Twilight*
    Forest Temple*
    Goron Mines*
    Lakebed Temple*
    Arbiter's Grounds*
    Snowpeak Ruins*
    Temple of Time*
    City in the Sky*
    Palace of Twilight*
    Hyrule Castle*
    Section 3*
    Cave of Ordeals*
    Pieces of Heart*
    Hidden Skills*
    Equipment Upgrades*
    Fishing Mini-Game*
    Poe's Souls*
    Golden Bugs*
    Shops and Items*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||-------------------------------Section 1*--------------------------------||
     \                                                                         /
    It's been a long while, but Kirby021591's back and better than ever (not too 
    hard to do when you're at the bottom, eh?).  I return to the FAQ scene with a 
    wave, since Twilight Princess is the most anticipated game of the new 
    millennium.  And for good reason!  As the graphics intimate, the game is 
    meant to be a hit in the vein of Ocarina of Time, which was also super-
    anticipated.  And in my humble opinion, it succeeded.  Here's why:
    First off, this game is long!  This is no Majora's Mask affair, but quite 
    literally could take you 60 hours to play through for the main quest alone 
    (be prepared to add more time for the numerous side quests).  There are nine 
    dungeons, most of which are fairly extensive (although some of them are a 
    little unorthodox...), and the dungeon prizes in this game are awesome.  My 
    only disappointment in the item department was that some weapons weren't 
    really used to their full potential – you used them in a single dungeon, and 
    after that they were practically useless.  This game includes some completely 
    original items and others that are recycled, but with twists to them.  A good 
    job overall in this category.
    Now, there's been a duality to the world of The Legend of Zelda since the 
    beginning – the overworld and underworld, adult and child, large and small, 
    etc.  This game takes another route – the Light World and the Twilight Realm, 
    where Link transforms into a wolf!  Pretty out there, but it flows into the 
    storyline seamlessly, and it's pretty cool, too.  As a wolf, Link is assisted 
    by a sidekick named Midna, the Navi of the game, although Midna doesn't give 
    you advice on enemies so much as she helps you actually do things in the game, 
    what with her powers and all.  This makes wolf attacks like the dark energy 
    spin possible.  The Twilight Realm figures into the plot extensively (of 
    course), and Link will have to make use of both his human and animal skills 
    to save the land from a new enemy, Zant.
    I should comment on Hyrule itself, too, which is quite literally enormous, 
    although I felt like a lot of it was rather wasteful, since many parts are 
    just there to walk through and contribute little to the quest, main or side.  
    On the other hand, they provide great expanses to ride horseback on!  Epona's 
    returned and is far superior to any of her previous appearances, as Link can 
    now use projectiles AND his sword from atop her.  This leads to a variety of 
    mounted battles, like jousting, and really adds to the game.  But this brings 
    up another point: music doesn't work quite like it did in Ocarina of Time.  
    There's no musical instrument, and Link can only whistle on grass or howl as 
    a wolf (only at particular places).  Therefore, warping across the huge map 
    is accomplished by other means.
    Zelda fans should be prepared to expand their knowledge of Zelda mythology 
    quite a bit, since this game introduces us to two new races (and includes 
    many of the classics – the Gorons and Zoras, for instance) with back stories 
    to boot.  Furthermore, as I hinted at above, the main enemy is a new one, a 
    very menacing king of darkness named Zant who's out to conquer Hyrule and 
    enshroud it in twilight.  He's pulling out all the stops, and our quest will 
    span all of Hyrule (plus some areas outside of it) to defeat him.
    For some last notes, Link is an adult throughout the entire game, which has 
    been the more enduring and popular image of him in fans' minds despite the 
    fact that he appeared that way in only two games (AoL and OoT).  The side 
    quests in this game will take you a good while to complete, and there are so 
    many mini-games that I have a section specifically devoted to them.  Fishing 
    in particular has been expanded upon, with many improvements over Ocarina of 
    Time's engine (even if it's easier than OoT's version).  Twilight Princess 
    features a completely orchestrated sound track, even if it is less "catchy" 
    than other games (I like video game music I can whistle to when I'm writing a 
    guide).  Many classic tunes return in one way or another, though.  And 
    finally, the game is just fun in general.  It leaves a good taste in my mouth, 
    and is on the level of that other great Zelda, Ocarina of Time, for sure.  
    It's Nintendo's crowning achievement in this new decade...
    ---------------                                               ---------------
    As some of you may have anticipated, this is my last planned guide.  I'm 
    writing it because I promised some people I would back in my productive 
    period.  But after this, I'll be retired forever.  Now, that doesn't 
    necessarily mean an end to guide-writing.  No, I might pull a Jay-Z on you 
    all and release some post-retirement material.  But don't count on it.  Now, 
    this news may come as a shock to you.  Some of are sighing, and most of you 
    are crying tears of sweet joy.  One guy out there is probably stroking his 
    mustache inquisitively.  Irregardless of how you take the news, let's enjoy 
    this final run.  I couldn't have chosen a better game for a grand finale.
    And as per the usual, please inform me via e-mail if you see any of my guides 
    on a site other than GameFAQs or its affiliates (GameSpot, for instance).  
    You can help me to stop plagiarism of this guide, and for that I thank you a 
    thousand times.  Now, onto the show...
    Now take a look at the Introduction.  I've got a paragraph about plagiarism, 
    a load about my retirement, and my "critique" of the game.  You don't want to 
    read that junk!  No, you want to jump to the section you want, when you want.  
    It's easy to do, too – just hit the CTRL key and the F key simultaneously.  
    Mac users, substitute the Apple icon for the CTRL.  This brings up a 
    Find/Search box.  Type in the name of the section you want – asterisk (*) 
    included – and click "Find/Search."  First, you'll go to the Table of 
    Contents.  Click "Find/Search" again and you'll go straight to the beginning 
    of the section you're seeking.  It's very useful, almost more useful than the 
    actual guide...  Um, moving on...
    Zelda games are known for their "epic" plots (usually), and this game is the 
    same, but in an even bigger way.  If I may summarize the storyline in the 
    instruction booklet:
                             |    Storyline Summary    |
    Way down in the Deep South of Hyrule is a scenic village of farmers and 
    ranchers called Ordon.  One boy, a certain Link, is the best rider in the 
    land, and it's generally understood that he leads his child friends and will 
    one day be village chief.  He's a ranch hand by profession, and he also 
    passes the time learning swordsmanship from Rusl, the village's lone 
    swordsman.  Now, like so many other tragedies, everything starts to go 
    downhill when the villagers spot a particularly mischievous monkey.  She's 
    been causing trouble everywhere, so the children, sword-wielding Link 
    included, go chasing after it.  The chase leads Link into the heart of a 
    forest, and he's shocked to find it teeming with monsters!  Link fights 
    through them all and rescues the monkey and a child, returning triumphant yet 
    intrigued.  The forest has never been dangerous before...
    The next day, Link, a real go-getter, sets off to deliver the village tribute 
    to Hyrule Castle.  His high spirits are lowered only by a wound on Epona's 
    leg, his horse, which his friend Ilia notices.  Ilia takes Epona away after 
    expressing her disappointment with Link, who'd promised to take good care of 
    her, and if it weren't for Colin, a boy who idolizes Link, Ilia wouldn't have 
    given Epona back.  So, just as Link is leaving, a monster riding a huge boar 
    bursts out of the forest, kidnaps Ilia and Colin, and knocks Link 
    What an opening act!  Actually, it starts out innocently enough.  We'll just 
    have to see where this all leads.  Now, onto the important characters.
                           |    Important Characters    |
    Link: The star of the show, Link is a ranch hand from Ordon Village destined 
    for great things.  "Link" also happens to be the name of all the great heroes 
    of old.  Coincidence?  I think not.  He was on his way to deliver tribute to 
    Hyrule Castle when all this commotion started.
    Colin: The son of Rusl the swordsman, he's a little timid but really looks up 
    to Link.  He and Ilia both get kidnapped, which begins Link's quest to save 
    Ilia: She's a local village girl who loves Epona.  Just as she was returning 
    Epona to Link, she was kidnapped by a boar-riding monster.  Tough luck...  
    It's hinted at in the game that there's a certain chemistry between Ilia and 
    the protagonist...
    Zelda: The princess of Hyrule, she's revered by all Hyruleans and even by 
    foreigners.  Link has been sent to deliver tribute to the Royal Family, and 
    he might just see Zelda... maybe.
    Midna: A strange twilight being that follows Link around.  She has some 
    magical powers and is fairly knowledgeable of the troubles that have been 
    plaguing Hyrule lately.  She doesn't have the best of manners, though...
    Zant: A mysterious, often silent figure whose minions may be responsible for 
    kidnapping Link's friends.  His plans are hidden from us, but Midna seems to 
    know him pretty well...
    ---------------                                               ---------------
    Intruiging, no?  With that sample of the cast to whet your appetite, let's 
    make one last pit stop before the walkthrough begins.
    ==================================GCN Note*==================================
    Attention all Wii players: there are two versions of Twilight Princess – a 
    GameCube and Wii one.  This guide is written for the GameCube version, but is 
    compatible with the Wii version as well with one exception.  See, the Wii's 
    version is the mirror image of the GCN's, which is to say, it's reversed.  
    What's east is west and what's west is east between the consoles.  Understand?  
    So, even though you probably should be using a guide written for the Wii 
    (since the controls will be different, too), remember to use the opposite of 
    my directions when you're reading the guide.  Thank you, that is all.
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    ||-------------------------------Section 2*--------------------------------||
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    =============================Into the Twilight*==============================
                             |    Retrieving Epona    |
    The game begins with a scenic view of some waterfalls with two characters 
    talking as dusk approaches.  They say the hour of twilight is the only time 
    when the world of spirits intersects with this world.  But then, the man 
    speaking to you requests a favor.  (And you see Link's face for the first 
    time).  Two days from now, the mayor asked this fellow to deliver something 
    to Hyrule Castle, but he'd like you to go in his stead.  Link has never been, 
    so perhaps an explanation is in order.  The kingdom of Hyrule has a great 
    castle to its name, and around it is Castle Town, which is far bigger than 
    Link's village.  They get up to leave after the discussion, eventually 
    reaching the cozy Ordon Village.
    Last we see some figure leading Epona away, and a man crying out to Link.  He 
    wants your help herding goats.  Before Link comes down, the man notices 
    Epona's gone.  In any case, this is your first chance to control Link!  
    You'll notice immediately that running and pressing A lets you roll, as in 
    many Zelda games.  There's a map to the left (toward the middle of the 
    screen), and I'll refer to north, south, etc. according to it.  You have 
    three hearts, your health, right now.  Talk to the man in front of you by 
    pressing A while standing (that's also how you read signs, like the one by 
    your ladder).  He wants us to bring Epona with him.  You saw in the cinema 
    that she went west down a path, so run down it into a new screen.
    See the rocks here?  Pick them up with A; move and press A again to throw 
    them (to smash them, you must throw them against a tree or wall).  Under some 
    you may find green gems; these are rupees, the official currency of Hyrule.  
    Right now, your wallet can hold up to 300 of them.  A green rupee is the base 
    unit; it is worth 1.  Head north and you'll reach a fork in the road.  If you 
    would continue forward, you'll reach the bridge you entered the village by, 
    but it's gated off.  West and left is a spring, and that's where Epona is.  
    Walk into it and a cut scene initiates.
    A girl is petting Epona, and then notices you.  She washed Epona for you, and 
    the music suggests that you're rather good friends.  Link manages a smile, 
    and then you're back in control.  Walk up to Epona and press A to mount her.  
    Then press A again to speak to your friend.  She tells you to treat Epona 
    nicely (and informs you of her gender), and requests a favor: could we use a 
    piece of grass to play the song Epona like for her?  A strange request...  
    Nonetheless, dismount Epona (press A at a distance from the girl) and walk 
    over to the grass near the entrance.  Pick it up like a rock and you'll put 
    it to your lips (I bet you'll try this later...).  Press A to blow and Link 
    will whistle a song kind of like Epona's Song from Ocarina of Time.  Epona 
    neighs, and the girl is satisfied.  Mount Epona and you can leave the way we 
    Before we go, though, I'll explain two more things.  Press A to spur Epona on 
    for a burst of speed.  Next, if you'll dismount from Epona and notice an 
    opening in the southeast of the pond – this is a crawlspace.  You can press A 
    to enter, then crawl forward with the control stick, making turns with it, 
    too.  There's no advantage to this particular crawlspace, but now you know 
    how to do it.  Get back on Epona and exit this screen.  Go forward to your 
    house, and you'll find the man who asked for your assistance got tired of 
    waiting.  So, ride south and into a new area.
                               |    Ordon Village    |
    When you enter Ordon Village, you'll see an overview.  A swordsman – the one 
    you were talking to - is practicing over water, and Cuccos wander about.  
    Let's explore a bit before moving on with the plot; dismount Epona.  The 
    house immediately to your right is Fado's house (the name sounds familiar 
    from Wind Waker, huh?).  You can enter his house by pressing A at the door.  
    Or at least you could, if it wasn't locked.  To the left are three villagers.  
    They're talking about some troublesome monkeys in the village.  The husband 
    doesn't command much respect, either.
    Beyond them is Sera's Sundries, a closed shop.  Jump into the water behind it 
    to see how swimming is done.  Just move around and press A to do a stroke.  
    To the east is a dock you can get out of the water by, and it's next to 
    Jaggle & Pergie (and Talo and Malo's house).  It too is locked (pesky 
    monkeys!).  There's a pumpkin patch south of there, and they behave like 
    There's a ladder nearby.  Climb it just by walking up to it.  Now, go left to 
    see some crates.  If you simply approach a ledge or crate that's low enough, 
    Link will climb onto it.  He'll also jump over the step ahead.  This takes 
    you to the roof of a house, with a ladder leading to the peak.  There's a 
    yellow rupee here, which is worth 10.  You'll also find some grass.  If you 
    pick up the grass and blow on it, Link will play a song that summons a bird. 
    You can send it out to knock things down for you.
    Jump forward off the roof and roll to avoid damage (just hold the control 
    stick forward).  Talk to the mustachioed man here and he tells you Fado's at 
    the ranch.  So that guy's Fado!  Now, the building this guy is standing in 
    front of is Mayor Bo's house.  Go north to find the swordsman.  His son, 
    Colin, is making a fishing rod.  We can pick it up tomorrow.  Now, Epona 
    should be north where you left her, so get back to her and cross the bridge 
    (to its right is Rusl's house – that's the swordsman – but it's locked).  
    Just go north to a new screen, Ordon Ranch.
                              |    Goats & Fences    |
    Fado is right ahead.  Ride up to him and talk (you specifically have to be on 
    Epona to start the mini-game).  He wants us to herd these goats into the barn, 
    and make it snappy.  There are ten, and it's pretty easy to do.  I suggest 
    moving slowly on Epona.  You can press A to whoop at them, scaring them 
    forward.  Just get behind the goats and whoop/move to drive them in the 
    direction of the barn to the west.  The goats don't have to line up exactly 
    with the door; they'll go in automatically.  You'll get a "Goat in!" every 
    time you succeed.  On a side note, if you whoop too much the goats will turn 
    red and ram you, knocking you off Epona.  That's gotta hurt!  When you're all 
    done, Fado thanks you and give you the day off tomorrow.
    But don't kick back too fast!  There's fence-jumping practice to be done.  To 
    sum this up, all you have to do is run toward a fence and dash (A).  Be sure 
    to line yourself up with the fence right, though – you have to charge it 
    head-on.  When you're satisfied with all this, exit the pasture by jumping 
    the gate.  The day will end and give you the option of saving.  Ordinarily, 
    you can save by pressing Start and, on the Collection screen, choosing Save.  
    In any case, a new day dawns when you're done.
                        |    The Quest for the Slingshot    |
    Some village kids wake you up back at your pad.  Link lives in a multi-level 
    house with pictures, books, a small kitchen, a laundry line, a basement you 
    can't see a thing in, and an exit.  Use the last one.  Keep in mind that you 
    can drop down a ladder by pressing A (it saves time).  Outside, talk to the 
    boy by Epona.  That's Colin, your biggest fan.  Stop by his place later to 
    pick up the fishing rod.  The other three children are talking about a 
    slingshot for sale at the store.  The boy is Talo (medium); his brother's 
    named Malo (shortest); the girl is Beth (tallest).  Ditch those dweebs and 
    head back to the village.
    Talk to the timid husband ahead of you.  He's going to restock his shop today, 
    but some Ordon bees made a nest in a tree.  Additionally, their cat's been 
    missing.  If you continue talking to him, he'll try knocking it down with a 
    rock, but he ends up getting stung and running into water.  Sera's Sundries 
    is open to the left of him, but Sera, that man's wife, is depressed.  See, 
    she scolded her cat for eating the family's fish, but he hasn't returned...  
    It appears she won't sell us anything until we raise her spirits.  Exit the 
    shop and walk south of there.  A man will call out.  L-target him by pressing 
    L; the camera will now focus on him (L-targeting creates a reference point 
    for the camera).  Press A and talk to him.  He'll invite you to climb the 
    vines, so use your manners and do it.
    Apparently, from his vantage point, he spotted Sera's cat by the creek.  It 
    wants to catch a fish, he thinks.  But what he really wanted to tell you 
    about was some grass on a nearby rock.  You see, grass growing there is 
    pretty rare, so he figured he should let you know.  Now, let me explain 
    jumping.  If you're running and you reach an edge, Link will automatically 
    jump forward off of it.  Do that to reach that grass.  Now from there you can 
    play the falcon song and summon the bird.  Use it to knock the beehive down 
    from above Fado's house.  Oh, did you hear that?  The Zelda-secret chime!  
    While you're here, jump to the roof of Sera's Sundries and then onto the 
    other rocks to find more grass.  Summon the falcon and aim it at a hopping 
    figure in the distance.  The falcon will retrieve a cradle from a monkey!  
    Well, what'll we do with this?
    Return to the main "ground" of the village.  Set the cradle down until we 
    know what to do with it (remember where) and go to Fado's house.  You'll 
    notice that you can climb up the left side, and by the remains of the beehive 
    you'll find some growth you can climb up.  Do so to reach a branch that leads 
    to a blue rupee (5) and a yellow one, which you already know are worth 10.  
    Now you should have at least 25 rupees.
    South of Fado's house you'll find Uli, Rusl's pregnant wife, who's looking 
    for a cradle.  Well, you can help, can't you?  Go pick it up and take it to 
    her.  That reminds her to take you back to her house to give you something.  
    Follow this slowpoke to her house and she'll give you a fishing rod!  You 
    know, the one Colin made for you!  Wow, our first item...  To use it, press 
    Up on the D-pad (+), bringing out an item selection screen.  You can set the 
    Rod to either Y or X, and you'll use it with that button.
    Now we've helped out Uli, so let's see what we get from helping Sera.  The 
    cat is by the dock behind Jaggle & Pergie's (the waterwheel house), and it's 
    deathly afraid of you (Link strikes me as more of a dog person anyways).  As 
    a result, we'll have to find a way to trick it into liking us.  Catching a 
    fish is the perfect ruse.  Go down to the pier the cat's by and cast your 
    line.  There's not much to fishing, really.  If you're dissatisfied with the 
    spot your hook lands, use down on the C-stick to re-cast it.  To catch one, 
    just wait for a fish to come near your hook.  Then press down on the C-stick; 
    if done correctly, you'll see "Fish On!" appear on screen.  From there, just 
    hold C-down.  The first time you catch a fish you'll start a Fish Journal to 
    record your exploits with the bobber fishing rod.  Catching a fish gives you 
    rupees or hearts.
    It takes two fish to feed the cat; the cat only eats the second.  It runs off 
    with it to Sera's shop, presumably to replace the fish it stole.  Go see Sera 
    and she'll give you a bottle of milk!  Bottles can be used to store certain 
    items inside, like bee larvae (which can be used as bait).  Once you've drank 
    the health-replenishing milk, you can put things in the bottle.  Anyways, 
    talk to her again to shop.
    For 10 rupees you can buy more milk or bee larvae, but for 30 big ones you 
    can have the real prize: Slingshot & 50 Pellets.  You probably have that much 
    by now; if not, swim toward where the monkey was and lift the rocks on the 
    ledge for a blue rupee.  If you've been following my guide, all that adds up 
    to 30.  If not, lift rocks and pumpkins, wander through grass, etc. to stock 
    up.  But however you get the money, make sure to buy the Slingshot, your 
    first weapon.
    We can finally return to those kids by your house.  Rusl is walking off; he 
    says he just delivered something to your room.  Talk to the three kids and 
    they'll force you into a slingshot target test, your tutorial.  First set 
    your Slingshot to Y or X just like the Fishing Rod.  Press and hold its 
    button to draw the sling back, and release to fire.  You'll hit whatever's in 
    the middle of the two bands.  You can hit a target automatically by L-
    targeting it and then firing.  This will work for the scarecrows.  Once you 
    busted all the targets, they remind you of Rusl's gift.  Unfortunately, a 
    spider enemy (a Skullwalltula, from OoT) is blocking the ladder.  You'll just 
    have to shoot it off with the Slingshot (most enemies can be L-targeted, by 
    the way).  It will fall down, explode, and leave a heart or a rupee.
                             |    The Wooden Sword    |
    Rusl really went all out – there's a treasure chest in your main room now.  
    Open it with A to receive... the Wooden Sword!  It's always equipped to B, 
    and it'll be your primary weapon.  (Many Zelda games, including the first, 
    start you off with a wooden sword)  This place is a bad practicing ground 
    since you can't draw weapons in a house, but you can exit and practice with 
    it some: talk to the children and they'll ask that you teach them how to use 
    In reality, this is your tutorial.  They guide you through the horizontal 
    slice (B), vertical slice (L + B), the stab (L + B + forward), spin attack 
    (hold B and release), and the jump attack (L + A)...  As long as we're 
    discussing fighting technique, I should also point out that L + A + down is a 
    backwards flip and L + A + right/left is a side jump.  There's also a version 
    of the roll attack in this game: roll and then press B to perform it.  But 
    just as you finish practicing one of those evil monkeys shows up!  ATTACK!!!
                             |    Through the Woods    |
    Ugh, I had such trouble resisting the urge to title this section "Monkey 
    Business."  Anyways, go north after the monkey and you'll see Beth, who 
    stopped the chase.  Continue north to find Malo, who says they went even 
    further north, over the bridge...  Cross it and head into Faron Woods.  You 
    can't proceed on your own because of a gate, but if you grab some grass in 
    the center of the screen you can summon Epona.  Jump over the gate like we 
    practiced with Fado.  In this new screen you must go east (Epona doesn't take 
    kindly to water), and that actually takes you north.  The music takes a real 
    nasty turn here, indicating a monster at the left fork in the road.  It's a 
    Deku Baba.  To defeat it, either slash it twice or sling it once and, while 
    its stem is stiff, slash it once.
    Dismount from Epona and go down this dark path, the Forest Temple Path 
    according to the sign, to find Talo's play sword.  At that point, I advise 
    turning back (it's too dark).  Get back on Epona and take the other fork in 
    the road; talk to the man sitting on the rock.  He suggests you get a lantern, 
    and then he gives you one!  Wow, we're just falling into items!  You use it 
    to light dark places or set things on fire.  This man sells lantern oil, 
    which we'll need to use it.  What underhanded business practices!  Test it 
    out on the pot he's sitting in front of.  The oil gauge is located under your 
    hearts.  The only other paths in Faron Woods are blocked by a gate and a 
    boulder, so return to the dark path, this time prepared.
    You'll have to fight the Deku Baba again.  As long as you do, note that 
    killing it will leave behind a large nut.  Break it to get seeds you can fill 
    your Slingshot with.  Now continue down the path and enter a new screen...  
    Get out the Lantern and use it to light the torch.  That way, you can put the 
    Lantern away and conserve oil.  Continue down the path and you'll hear enemy 
    music.  It's a flying bat enemy called a Keese.  Either sling it or slash it 
    when it comes near.
    At this point, get the Lantern back out.  There's a torch nearby.  Run 
    forward (you'll meet a Deku Baba) until you reach a spider web.  Burn it down 
    and continue to reach a fork in the road.  Take the western one to meet a few 
    Keese and Deku Babas; at the end is a torch and a treasure chest containing a 
    yellow rupee.  Now go back to the fork.  Take the northern route this time 
    and burn down a spider web.  Go just a bit further and you'll exit this dark 
    You're in a huge open space that appears to have once been a lake.  Hop off a 
    short dock and an enemy that looks like a Bokoblin will come out.  It takes 
    four hits and is pretty easy.  There's also a Deku Baba.  Once you've killed 
    them both, head west to an area partially enclosed by debris and tree bark.  
    Kill the Bokoblin and Deku Baba inside and then exit, moving further west.  
    Walk up the slope here and you'll see two Bokoblins guarding a gate.
    Go north from there to find some more enemies.  Explore around until you find 
    a path leading to a red area on the map.  Fight off the Keese along the way 
    and you'll find yourself in a dim area, but not so dark as to require a 
    lantern.  Nevertheless, light the torches once you've killed the enemies 
    inside.  This creates a large treasure chest on a ledge above.  Open the 
    smaller chest first for a Small Key.  They open generic locks.  Then open the 
    larger chest for a Piece of Heart.  If you get five of these, you can add a 
    heart to your life meter.
    Go back to the previous screen and go to the gate you couldn't open.  Now you 
    need to – you guessed it – open the door.  Surprise a Bokoblin and pass his 
    corpse to reach a new screen.  Defeat two Bokoblins and then continue north 
    to fight another.  A bird named Trill will admire your skill if you do.  I 
    don't know what this bird wants with rupees, but it'll sell you a lantern oil 
    refill (you probably don't need it) for 20 rupees or a Red Potion refill 
    (which restores your life) for 30 rupees.  Put your money in the box or just 
    run away if you're comfortable with a bird calling you "thief" from then on.
    Now, if you do want to refill your lantern, set the oil and the Lantern to X 
    and Y and then use the oil.  Anyways, continue north.  At the end of a 
    strange path you'll see Talo and the monkey locked in a cage.  Run up to them 
    and fight off two Bokoblins guarding their hostages.  To break the cage, 
    deliver two jump attacks to it.  Link will return Talo to the village, and 
    he'll run off.  Just as he leaves, Rusl steps in to bravely rescue him.  
    You're a little late there, Rusl!  In any case, tomorrow Link will leave for 
    Hyrule Castle.  If we're lucky we may even get to meet Princess Zelda!  Well, 
    we'll see.
                           |    A Serious Plot Twist    |
    Fado wants us to herd the goats again before we leave.  Call Epona with the 
    grass and get it done.  This time, there are 20 goats and it's timed.  Now 
    that we're done with that, he advises us to go to the mayor's.  Jump over the 
    fence and you'll already be almost there.  That girl who took Epona earlier 
    will walk up to you.  Apparently, the Royal Family requested a specific gift 
    from Ordona Province, so it's pretty important you make a timely delivery.  
    But just then the girl (her name is Ilia) notices Epona's been injured.  
    Apparently, she's also the mayor's daughter.  Mayor Bo and Link get a firm 
    reprimand before Ilia heads off to the forest spring with Epona yet again.  
    Therefore, Link will have to catch up with her and get Epona.
    Go north to your house screen.  Colin stops you and asks to accompany you.  
    Talo and Malo are guarding the entrance to the dangerous forest, and they 
    also give Colin a hard time for telling his dad (Rusl) about the incident.  
    Next Talo will ask to borrow your wooden sword.  Let them have it and they'll 
    get distracted.  So, Colin goes ahead to Ilia.  Follow him to find the spring 
    is closed off.  Remember that crawlspace we found earlier?  It's left and up 
    a bit from this screen's entrance.  Now you can use it to your advantage.  
    Take it to find Colin telling Ilia about the monkey business from earlier.  
    Ilia forgives you and asks you to not "do anything out of your league."  Ilia, 
    everything is in Link's league!
    After that heartwarming scene, a monster riding a huge boar appears, shoots 
    Ilia, knocks out Link with a club, and blows a horn opening some type of hole 
    in the sky!  I did NOT see that one coming!  Link wakes up afterward to find 
    Ilia and Colin gone.  It's just about dusk...  Link walks into the path to 
    see a strange wall of darkness – a hand grabs him, pulls in him, and things 
    start going crazy.
    A triangular symbol (the Triforce!) on Link's hand wards off the monster, but 
    Link transforms into a... a wolf?!  The monster drags Link away, but a 
    strange creature is watching over you.  You now get the option to save.  I 
    advise doing so.
    ===============================Forest Temple*================================
                          |    Escape and Exploration    |
    You're in some type of stone building, locked up in a cell.  Press B to 
    attack, and as you struggle with the chain, a really weird creature steps in.  
    It found us?  You growl a bit, but it taunts you.  It uses some magic or 
    something to break the chain on your paw.  It reappears outside the cell and 
    says that if we can get to where it is, maybe it'll help us.  Now, controls 
    as a wolf are surprisingly similar to human form.  B is the attack button, 
    and all the old combos for the sword work (B, hold B, L + B, L + B + forward, 
    and L + A).  To break out, attack the crate in the corner to find some dirt.  
    Now dig through that and you're out.  The thing that mocks you gets on top of 
    you and grabs your ear.  To get out you must do exactly as it says.
    Go into the next cell and you'll see a chain.  There's a strange hand coming 
    out of that thing's head, so L-target the chain and press A to grab it and 
    pull it down.  That makes an opening you can pass through.  Take it to a new 
    room.  Walk forward and jump down to find a flame.  If you press X, you can 
    use your senses to see what you normally couldn't.  It appears to be a human 
    figure.  Press Z and the creature will tell it's a soldier's spirit.  I guess 
    this is a spiritual world or something.  Talk to it and you'll see that he's 
    pretty creeped out.  I kinda feel for him.  Turn the X off and go north.  At 
    the fork, go left (staying on the stone walkways) and you'll reach a chain.  
    Do as you did before to open a gate.  There's a box with a rupee in it if you 
    break it.
    Go back to the fork and take the other direction.  You'll come up to another 
    chain.  Bring it down to find an enemy and a skull (pick it up with A and 
    break it for a heart).  When you reach the fork to the right, go south; there 
    you can pull another chain.  This opens a floodgate and raises the water 
    level.  You swim just like you would as a human.  Now, go back to the fork 
    and go east.  Pull another chain to fight an enemy; inside this passage are 
    two areas you can dig (use X to see sparkly spots).
    Now the northern path, which was previously covered in spikes, is crossable – 
    just swim over it!  At a four-way fork you'll see another spirit.  It's a 
    soldier, and it's shaking in fear of those black creatures that have been 
    attacking us.  Take the western route.  Pull the first chain and a monster 
    jumps out.  Use your senses to see a sparkly area; dig there for a rupee.  
    Now pull the other chain to lower the water level.  (Also, there's another 
    cowering soldier in the corner.)
    Try the north route this time.  Pull the chain to find an enemy and a sparkly 
    spot.  Now take the eastern route.  The stupid thing riding your back passes 
    through some bars and instructs you to follow.  This would be impossible if 
    the water were higher.  See, at the right edge of the gate is a crawlspace.  
    Enter and you'll find a cave with a spirit and two digging spots.  Then take 
    the tunnel out to return to our "guide."  Move left to a huge spiral 
    staircase.  It descends into water, and we'll just have to see where it 
    ascends to...  As you climb up, you'll notice part of the stairs are missing, 
    and jumping forward only breaks more steps.
    Return to that spot and press Z to ask your parasite for help.  She teaches 
    us an amazing jumping technique.  Her icon appears, we press Z, she moves, we 
    press L and then A, and we jump straight to where she is.  Jump twice this 
    way and then continue up.  At two vertical areas you'll have to jump as well, 
    and there will be an enemy on the way.  Eventually you'll find a rope to 
    cross; just walk across it.  Make three more jumps and you'll reach the top.  
    Three Keese-like enemies attack you.  Afterwards, go to the west side and hop 
    up some steps.  You'll have to jump to the top quickly, reaching a door.  Our 
    tag-along says we'll figure out where we are now...  Go through the door.
    We're in a castle!  But everything seems so surreal...  Our friend calls the 
    sky "the black cloud of twilight."  She wants us to meet someone at a tower 
    in the distance.  Walk forward and you'll see another spirit flame.  
    Apparently they can see the monsters but not us.  Talk to the soldier with X 
    to see he's lamenting – Hyrule Castle!  This is Hyrule Castle?  Wow, the 
    king's really let the place go...  In any case, that's not who we were 
    supposed to meet.
    Turn here onto the wood and push the crate with R.  Then get onto it with A 
    and climb to the next step.  Jump down from here and a bird may attack you.  
    If so, just L-target it and use B.  Now, head north to find one such bird 
    enemy.  Climb onto a ledge, jump forward, and you'll soon reach a dead-end.  
    But step onto a wooden platform to the left and use the jump technique we 
    learned to get onto the roof.  Walk across the flat part to two ledges you 
    need to climb up and into a new building.
    It's a spiral staircase, and the door is locked at the bottom.  Go up to find 
    a door you can push open.  There's a figure by the window.  Approach and a 
    cut scene ensues.  It seems evil, judging by the music.  The figure calls our 
    rider "Midna," which honors her.  They've been searching for you.  They 
    apologize for your imprisonment and begin to explain the current events to us.  
    And Midna calls the figure "Twilight Princess."  Hmm, that phrase appears in 
    the title of the game!  The TP tells us that this is the land where the power 
    of the gods once slumbered – that is, this was once the kingdom of Hyrule.  
    That kingdom is no more, however, all thanks to the king that rules the 
    twilight.  It is now a world of shadows...
    See, a darkness entered into the castle, unleashed monsters, and wreaked 
    havoc on them.  Then a certain kingpin figure gave the princess the option of 
    surrendering or dying.  But this question extended to all the kingdom in 
    actuality.  The princess dropped her sword, signifying surrender.  Twilight 
    covered Hyrule, and the people became as spirits.  Although Hyrule is 
    ensnared in twilight, its princess remains – Zelda.  Well, I guess Rusl was 
    right about meeting her!  There seems to be a guard that keeps an eye on 
    Zelda, though, so we'll have to make record time getting out of here.  I'm 
    for that!
                            |    Back to the Twilight   |
    Go back down to the spiral staircase.  A guard is coming, right on time, and 
    quick-thinking Midna gets us out through a window.  Midna says she'll take us 
    back to where we first "tumbled into the twilight," but he points out that 
    maybe we should be rescuing Ilia and Colin.  Yeah, I'd forgotten about that.  
    But to rescue them, we have to be Midna's servant.  Midna uses some magic on 
    us to take us back to the forest spring.  Midna's not with us, but we can 
    still hear her voice.  She says though we've left the darkened realm, we're 
    still a wolf.  And now she bids us farewell.
    Actually, we don't get away from her for that long.  Exit the spring and 
    she'll reappear, but as a shadow.  She says that beyond the bridge to Faron 
    Woods, the land is covered in twilight.  Furthermore, we need the cooperation 
    of a twilight resident to get back there (like that shadow beast, or like 
    Midna...).  Right now, she wants a suitable sword and shield.  Head in the 
    direction of Ordon Village to find a new breed of enemy – it looks like a 
    Bokoblin, and it also takes four hits.  Kill it and go south to your home.  
    Two more Bokoblins are here.  Kill them and head south.  Before you do, a 
    squirrel cries to you.  He thanks you for your heroics.
    Apparently those monsters kidnapped the village children (Rusl sure is a 
    weakling...).  Apparently you can talk to animals, too.  Enter Ordon Village 
    and you'll see the timid husband in grief.  He couldn't catch the monkey or 
    fight the villains, it seems.  Mayor Bo is talking to the grass enthusiast, 
    but they run off when they see you.  Talk to the dog, who's amazed you 
    understand human language.  He says we can eavesdrop by sneaking up and 
    pressing A.
    So, run around the house to the dock and return.  The duo is back; press A to 
    listen to them like the pooch told us.  You'll probably have to get closer.  
    Bo says he'll get the sword Rusl was going to present in Hyrule; the other 
    man will bring the shield he was making (how convenient!).  At that point 
    they notice you and run.  While you're over here, notice that the ground by 
    the pier you got the cat at has some rupees in it.
    Midna sees that Jaggle's house has a window open at the top.  If we could 
    reach it, we could get inside.  But how?  Well, Midna, I have an idea.  Cross 
    the bridge so you're on the other side of the creek and press Z to begin a 
    Midna jump.  You'll fall afterwards, and the timid man will notice you.  He 
    summons the falcon and starts firing it at you.  Well, we won't stand for 
    that!  Run past him and in front of Sera's Sundries.  The cat's there, and he 
    advises we scare Sera's husband from behind.  Get in front of the shop and 
    use Midna to jump to the roof.  Jump once more and, from the roof, jump onto 
    the husband's ledge.  He'll leap off in terror.
    Use Midna to jump to the waterwheel and then to Jaggle's roof.  From there, 
    step through the window.  See that high loft with no ladder to it?  Get on 
    the table and use Midna to reach it.  There's a shield hanging on the wall!  
    Charge it twice to bring it down; pick it up, too.  You got the Ordon Shield!  
    Just keep it away from fire; like the Deku Shield or other wooden shields in 
    the Zelda series, it can burn away.  Next we need a sword, and we know that 
    Bo was getting that from Rusl.  Exit the house by the window on this loft.  
    Outside you'll see Rusl and his wife Uli, telling her the shield in on the 
    couch.  Rusl is pretty badly injured by the looks of it...
    Head over to their house.  Rusl has a flaming club and a sword, and when he 
    finds you he will attack.  He isn't exactly mobile, though, so just walk 
    around him.  Ah, thank goodness for that leg injury!  Uli will be pretty 
    scared, and somehow will instantly appear in front of her.  When you leave 
    his sight, he'll limp back to his former spot.  So, I guess it's all a matter 
    of not scaring his wife...  While you're hear, notice several digging spots 
    on the left side of their house.  One of them actually leads into it.  Well, 
    problem solved!  Sure enough, the Ordon Sword is on the couch.  Congrats!  If 
    it was good enough for the Royal Family, it's good enough for a loser like 
    Midna, huh?  Dig back out of here and return to the forest spring; a voice 
    calls you in - and it's not Midna's, either!
    Some strange pillars pop up and a shadow beast drops from the sky.  It takes 
    a mere five hits, and then the shattered pieces of its body are returned to 
    the twilight.  The spring changes its design quite a bit next, and a gold 
    light appears.  It appears to be a spiritual goat...  He claims to be one of 
    the four light spirits that protects Hyrule at the command of the gods.  This 
    particular one is Ordona.
    That shadow being we just totally owned came to seize Ordona's power of light.  
    The three other beasts have already lost their light power to these beasts – 
    the entire kingdom (and soon the world) is in twilight.  To save the land, we 
    must recover the light.  (At this point, Great Fairy music starts playing)  
    Link just happens to be the only guy in all Hyrule who can do the job, even 
    if we haven't discovered our true power yet.  And we can regain our human 
    body if we can rescue the light spirit of Faron Woods...
    Ordona disappears, and he heals all your health.  Go north across the bridge 
    and Midna will take you into the twilight (quite violently, too).
                         |    The Light Spirit of Faron    |
    Midna's experiencing culture shock seeing light world weapons for the first 
    time.  Midna refuses to use them, but she'll hang onto them.  And once again, 
    to get her help we need to gather some stuff for her.  Meanwhile, you hear 
    some cries from the light spirit.  When Midna stops yapping continue north 
    into another "twilight arena."  Three shadow beasts fall in once you step 
    into the center, and Midna runs off scared (but without showing it, very well 
    done).  You can really go hardcore on these beasts – jump attack them to bite 
    onto their chests, and then press A repeatedly to just rip it into them.  
    After you're done with two the third will let out a shriek and they'll get a 
    second wind, thus beginning round two.  It really did make enough noise to 
    wake the dead...  If we want to destroy one, we need to destroy them all at 
    Midna explains that if we hold B she'll create an expanding energy field; get 
    all three beasts in it and release to systematically destroy them before they 
    can shriek.  When you've won continue north to see a light.  Go forward and 
    check it out.  It says that this drape of shadows is called twilight.  It is 
    home to the dark ones and evil creatures.  We're speaking to a spirit of 
    light.  It gives us a Vessel of Light and asks us to collect Tears of Light, 
    which we can use to cut through the twilight and return this place to normal.  
    We can use our map to see where these Tears are.  They are carried by dark 
    insects, which are invisible except to your wolf senses.
    Go north to find a Deku Baba (twilight version) and two dark insects (use X).  
    Kill both and you'll end up with two Tears of Light (01)(02)!  There are 14 
    more to find.  Go forward to find a fork in the road, and the same sign we 
    saw in the light world.  Take the route north to the house of the man who 
    gave us the lantern.  There's a dark insect just north of it (03).  To the 
    south is a ledge; get onto it and Midna jump to a window.  Inside is the 
    spirit of that oil salesman; talk to him and two dark insects appear.  Kill 
    them both (the man is freaked out, since he can't see you but since he just 
    saw the bugs die).  This earns you Tears (04) and (05).  Exit the house the 
    way you came in.
    We're done here, other than digging for treasure, since there's a boulder 
    blocking one way and Midna won't let us go through the other (even though the 
    gate's now down).  Return to the fork in the road where there's a locked gate.  
    Fortunately you can dig through and immediately kill two dark insects 
    (06)(07).  Now up ahead we have that dark tunnel we found Talo's wooden sword 
    in.  Walk into the darkness to find that the torches we lit before are still 
    afire.  Right next to the first one you'll find a hole; dig through it to 
    reach the end of this tunnel (that was a shortcut).  Exit to the north to 
    find the huge, open-space screen filled with a purple fog.  While you're here, 
    make sure to kill two dark insects (that can fly!) for (08)(09).
    Go to the far right and Midna will notice something pointing out of the fog.  
    Do a series of Midna jumps along the edge to reach an elevated point above 
    the fog.  Walk up the slope to a place that may've frustrated you as a human.  
    Hop through to a central hollow tree with three dark insects in it (one of 
    which can fly); take their Tears of Light (10)(11)(12).  Afterwards you 
    should Midna jump a bunch more times, including past three Deku Babas (so be 
    quick about it), and also past a pendulum.  You'll end up at the gate, and 
    you'll see two creatures burrow underground.  Use X to see them and dig them 
    out, revealing their identities as dark insects.  Kill them and take their 
    light (13)(14).  Now go north.
    You have to fight another trio of shadow beasts; use the spin attack like 
    last time to make short work of them.  Continue north to Trill's Shop (you 
    know, that annoying sales-bird), and there's a chest on the ground behind a 
    Deku Baba containing a yellow rupee (west side).  Follow the path to where 
    Talo and the monkey were to find two more underground dark insects.  Dig them 
    up and slay them real quick like (15)(16).  Now you've filled the Vessel of 
    Light!  You'll also have helped the monkey spirit.  She says that ever since 
    the boss went crazy, monsters have surrounded Faron Woods.  In any case, 
    you'll reappear at a spring in Faron Woods with a full vessel.
    Midna leaves and the light spirit appears.  It's a giant monkey with an 
    absolutely unreal tail!  His name is Faron, and he protects the forest at the 
    gods' order.  Behold, while all other light-dwellers turned into spirits in 
    the twilight, Link turned into a wolf.  That is a sign that he is the chosen 
    one, and his powers are awakening.  In awakened form, he wears a green tunic, 
    the "garb once [belonging] to the ancient hero chosen by the gods..."  I 
    wonder which Link they're referring to.  In any event, his power is now yours, 
    and you're the one chosen by the gods now.  A dark power, a forbidden power, 
    rests within the temple in these woods.  Ages ago the light spirits locked it 
    away there.  We must match the power of the king of shadows with that power.  
    We now head off to the Forest Temple!
                       |    The Road to the Forest Temple    |
    Midna pops up like she was there.  The thing she's looking for is in that 
    temple, and maybe (doubtfully) Ilia and Colin are there, too.  You have 
    nothing better to do, so let's go!
    You'll notice the Wooden Sword you gave to Talo has been replaced by the 
    Ordon Sword (twice as strong as the wooden sword), and now you have a shield.  
    Press L to use it as well as L-target.  Go back north to the fork in the road.  
    The locked gate is still there, only now we can't dig our way past it.  Go 
    over to the lantern oil salesman and he'll reveal that he locked off the path 
    to the temple due to the monster invasions.  He gives us the Small Key for it, 
    so it was really no big hassle.  He also offers you a bottle of lantern oil 
    for 100 rupees.  That sounds overpriced, but take it.  See, you're not really 
    paying for the oil (20 rupees) as much as you are for the bottle it comes in.  
    Now return to the locked gate and open it.
    The tunnel will be lit for the opening stretch since you lit the torches last, 
    but you may need the Lantern for the rest of it.  In any case, at the end 
    you'll be back in the big open space, and this time the purple fog is here in 
    the light world.  When you light your lantern, though, that monkey we saved 
    steals it and directs you to follow her.  Follow the monkey, staying very 
    close to her side, and fight off any Keese that come your way.  You'll also 
    fight a Deku Baba.  The monkey drops your lantern and runs off when you're 
    through; pick it up (it is automatically out of oil) and take the gate the 
    monkey took.
    Fight off the two Bokoblins and go north.  You're back at Trill's, and if you 
    stole from him before he'll still want to fight you.  Go forward and you'll 
    see a golden wolf spirit; it will jump into you, and you'll appear in what 
    seems to be the twilight.  The wolf transforms into a warrior.  Attack him 
    and he'll instantly knock you down with a heavy swing.  He calls us a 
    disgrace.  He then says a Yoda phrase ("find it you must") and begins 
    teaching you a hidden sword technique.  Let me set this up for you:
    Basically, strong enemies recover quickly after being stunned.  Using the 
    ending blow, however, will keep them down permanently.  When an enemy 
    collapses onto the ground, stunned, L-target them and press A to deliver the 
    final blow.  You'll see "Finish A" appear before you when it's a good 
    opportunity to do this.  After his explanation you get to try it on him.  
    Just knock him down, target him with L, and deliver the final blow with A.  
    This is called "the ending blow."  There are seven hidden skills for you to 
    learn.  Consider this the first.  Now follow the path to where Talo and the 
    monkey were captured (our third time here, but third time's the charm).  
    Fight off two Bokoblins and use your lantern to burn down the spider web here.  
    Enter the first dungeon...
                               |    Forest Temple    |
    You know, this is not the first Forest Temple in the Zelda series.  The first 
    dungeon of the game is forest-themed in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and 
    Minish Cap.  Additionally, OoT had a temple with this exact same name, and it 
    was the first adult dungeon.  So, you can tell this is quite a tradition in 
    the series.  I'm quite pleased with it.
    Oh, and back to helping you...  A Keese will come at you immediately through 
    the darkness, and there's a second Keese in there as well.  In any case, at 
    the end of this hallway you'll reach a lit room and the ominous "Forest 
    Temple" will come up.  This place appears to have been inhabited by monkeys; 
    notice the totem poles.  Right of the first set is a vine wall; shoot the 
    Skullwalltulas down and climb it for a yellow rupee in a chest; drop back 
    down afterwards.
    Ahead are some enemies: Deku Babas and a Bokoblin, but afterwards you'll find 
    your monkey pal in a cage.  Before breaking it out, shoot down the 
    Skullwalltulas.  The monkey will climb up the vines and beckon you.  Follow 
    it to a door that you'll both pass through.  This is the "hub room" of the 
    dungeon.  Remember that.  Anyways, go down the steps and up the new ones.  A 
    giant spider enemy will attack you; just slash it repeatedly until it dies.  
    At the top, you'll see four torches; light the altar and steps appear leading 
    to an exit.  Before you take it, open a chest to the right.  It's a Dungeon 
    Map, which shows you the layout of this place.  Access the map with the right 
    arrow on the D-pad.  Now then, take the door into the next room north.
    In this sunlit room you'll see a bridge.  Your monkey begins to cross it, but 
    an evil monkey cuts the ropes, making it impossible to reach his position.  
    He also moons us, which was completely unnecessary.  The monkey takes us back 
    to the previous room and hops onto a rope leading east.  She stops midway and 
    motions for you to jump to her.  Do so and she'll grab your hands.  Press A 
    as you swing to jump across the gap and to the door.  Now you guys can take 
    Lantern alert!  Get it lit!  There's an explosive spider enemy to the left; 
    hit it and it will blow up, thus destroying two rocks in your way.  Break one 
    of the pots here to find a really creepy... being.  She's a chicken-like 
    thing named Ooccoo, and you can call her in a dungeon to let you out and warp 
    back to where you left.  She's used like any other item.
    Go right now to burn a spider web to reach a new room.  Kill the Deku Baba 
    and jump across the platforms to reach a bridge.  Kill a spider here and 
    cross to find a chest guarded by gates.  Ah, but do you see the opening in 
    the water to the left?  Swim through it to a southeastern corner with a chest 
    in it, and a yellow rupee in that.  Get out of the water near the door you 
    came by and use the same path you took before.  This time, however, take the 
    first door you come to.  Here, cross another bridge to go north.  The chest 
    to the left contains a small key.  For now, we can do nothing in this room, 
    so return to the room we left our monkey friend in.  You can now unlock that 
    door before the bridge.  Do so to reach a room with an imprisoned monkey in 
    Go left and you'll cross a bridge; afterwards it promptly breaks (they were 
    designed for monkeys, you know).  Continue down the path to the lower level 
    of the room.  There you'll find your monkey friend trying to roll into a 
    pillar to knock the cage down.  Now here's a place where our weight will come 
    in handy!  Roll into the pillar three times and the monkey will be freed.  
    Also, note a chest containing a yellow rupee on the ground, left of beneath 
    the bridge.
    But don't celebrate yet – two Bokoblins pop in to lay down a beat-down!  Well, 
    slice 'em up and your monkey friends will help you cross the bridge via 
    monkey swings.  We can now exit this room the way we came.  In this room, use 
    the door that leads to the dark tunnel, and take that back to the hub room 
    (the one we first monkey swung in).  Monkey swing back to the central 
    platform and then use your other monkey friend to swing to the west side.  
    Burn the web on this door and use the door.
    Here, walk forward to fight a red Deku Baba.  It's like a normal one, but now 
    its head can survive free of its body, so watch out.  After you defeat it 
    walk up the steps and turn right where you can.  Now walk forward to a dead-
    end and turn around.  Ahead of you is a bomb spider and a path.  But, a plant 
    that eats you if you jump over it blocks that path.  So, hit the spider, and 
    while it's a bomb pick it up and rush toward the hole.  Throw the bomb in and 
    the plant will eat it and die.  Now you can jump over the hole it guarded.  
    Now go back to the spider (it will have regenerated) and hit it again.  Just 
    so you know, this next part needs to be done quickly.  Pick up the bomb, rush 
    it down the path, jump over the hole, and as soon as you land throw it 
    forward to blow up a rock.  Now you have a door accessible; open it.
    This room is home to another imprisoned monkey, but this one requires a key.  
    In any case, take either staircase down and hit the totem poles here.  One 
    has a pot on it (5 rupees inside) and one has a chest on it that holds the 
    small key.  Now ahead is a bridge of panels.  The trick is some panels have 
    spring enemies under them that will launch you off the bridge!  Fortunately, 
    the entire left side has no spring enemies, so just walk right down it.
    In the new area you arrive at, though, these springs are actually beneficial.  
    The tile in front of the right torch has a spring you need to use under it; 
    approach the tile from north and it will launch you north onto a higher 
    platform.  You'll find a chest here containing a red rupee, which is worth 20.  
    Hot dog!  That in hand, hop down and light the other two torches in this area.  
    This completes the staircase to the monkey.  Ascend the steps and open its 
    cage.  Excellent!  Exit this room and look right to a wall of vines.
    Follow the path down to it and shoot down the Skullwalltulas on it.  Jump 
    onto it, climbing to the top, and notice the door.  But before that, there's 
    also a bomb spider to the left.  Hit it and throw it into the hole in the 
    path ahead.  That kills another gap-guarding plant, and opens the way to a 
    chest.  Drop down and open it for a Piece of Heart.  Now return to the vine 
    wall you climbed up and take the door in front of it.
    Inside's another imprisoned monkey, but its small key is transferred from out 
    in the open to one of those plants by a Deku Baba, and quite a large one.  
    You'll have to attack its head a few time to kill it, which opens the plant 
    to, oh, say, a bomb.  There are actually a few spider bombs in here, so hit 
    one and throw its bomb form into the plant (making the shot is the hardest 
    part, really).  This frees up the Small Key, which you'll want to use on the 
    monkey's cage.  Voila!  We've added two new friends to our entourage.
    Now we should return to the hub room where our other two monkeys are waiting.  
    When you've done so they all start directing you north, where we met the evil 
    monkey.  Take that path.  With four monkeys we can now swing straight across 
    the gap!  Do so and climb some steps to reach a door.  Slash the plants to 
    replenish your health and then take the door.
                               Mini-Boss: Monkey Boss
    You're immediately locked in and we see the evil monkey, with his powerful 
    boomerang, knock down some Deku Baba heads at us.  As the battle initiates, 
    the boss will jump from totem to totem, throwing its boomerang at you.  When 
    it does, roll into the pole to knock him off-balance.  He'll be hit by his 
    boomerang and knocked to the ground.  Jump attack his butt (quite literally) 
    until he gets back up.  It takes seven jump attacks to knock him out.  
    Afterwards a spider falls from his body – I assume it was controlling him, 
    making him act funny – and he runs off, leaving the boomerang behind.
    You got the Gale Boomerang!  The Fairy of Winds, who resides in it, give it 
    to you now, and explains that charging up power before throwing it can 
    unleash the power of wind.  If you don't count Ooccoo, this is your first 
    dungeon item.  Kinda brings a tear to your eye, huh?  Like the boomerang from 
    Wind Waker, you can lock onto up to five targets at once (press R to lock on).  
    It will retrieve items for you, too.  To exit this room, go back to the door 
    you came from and hit the switch above it three times with the Gale Boomerang.
    Outside you'll see two bridges that change direction as a wind blows through 
    the area.  Or you could target the switch with your Gale Boomerang to change 
    the directions yourself.  Do so and cross the gap to reach a Bokoblin and a 
    locked-up monkey.  You can set it free by boomeranging the rope suspending 
    the cage.  Midna advises we save all the monkeys – maybe they'll reward us – 
    and I agree.
    You'll see another set of bridges you can take like the others to the south, 
    and when you cross them you'll end up in an old room.  Drop to the bottom and 
    take the door to the hub room.  Swing on a monkey to the central platform and 
    look up.  See that chest hanging there?  Now you can boomerang its rope to 
    get it down.  Inside is the Compass.  It shows you where some objects are 
    hidden in the dungeon – treasure chests, the boss, hidden monkeys, you name 
    Use the Gale Boomerang to put out one of the torches here.  This lowers the 
    staircase to the north door, but grants you access to a rock wall.  To the 
    right is a bomb spider, and you can use it to blow up the stone.  The chest 
    inside contains a red rupee.  At this point you can also return to the room 
    full of spring enemies and put out the torches at the end using the Gale 
    Boomerang.  This will lower the steps and earn you a Piece of Heart from a 
    chest (you can also kill those springs now; uproot them with a gust).
    Furthermore you can go to the watery room with the gated-off chest we 
    couldn't open (east of the hub room).  Use the vine wall near the entrance to 
    reach the treasure chest, or use the bridge if you haven't cut it down, and 
    you'll come to some poles connected by a Z-shaped path.  Hit them all with 
    the Gale Boomerang in order to open the gate.  Inside the chest is the Big 
    Key!  This key lets us access the boss room.
    As long as we're here, exit this watery room to the north.  Use a bridge to 
    continue north and into the room we once got a small key in.  We have one 
    monkey following us right now, by the way.  Use the Gale Boomerang to hit the 
    switch in the center, thus switching the bridge.  Get on the bridge and hit 
    it again.  The two Bokoblins will rush you, but they shouldn't pose a threat.  
    Go west when you're done with them.  Here a spider attacks; defeat it and use 
    your Lantern fire on a spider web on the right side of the room (that is, the 
    north).  You'll fall down to a monkey cage, which you should hack to bits.  
    This frees the monkey, so take the vine wall up and go back to the rotating 
    bridge room.
    Switch the bridge and now go north.  The monkeys are assembled on platforms – 
    six are full, two are empty.  In any case, step onto the bridge to the left 
    and hit the switch.  Board the new bridge and hit its switch.  Slay a 
    Bokoblin and two Skullwalltulas to start climbing up the vines.  Go left on 
    them and you'll soon reach a dead-end.  Drop down here and start up the vines 
    to the left.  Kill a Bokoblin at the top and head right to pass through a 
    door into a new room.  Here, walk forward, killing two Deku Babas, and look 
    to the right.  There's a bomb spider.  Gale Boomerang it to you and throw it 
    into the plant's mouth to the northeast.  With it dead, hop across the water 
    and open the chest for a Small Key.
    Next go back to where you killed the second Deku Baba and target the bomb 
    spider with R.  For your second target, choose the space by the boulder above 
    the vines.  The bomb will explode as it passes the rock and open the way to a 
    new compartment.  In there, let the Bokoblin come to you and kill it.  Then 
    use the Gale Boomerang to drag the Deku Babas' heads down, then kill them.  
    Then, to blow up the boulder the Bokoblin stood in front of, boomerang the 
    bomb spider into your hands and chuck it at the stone.  One down, one to go!
    With our newfound Small Key, let's go back to the monkey assembly room and 
    then south to the bridge room.  Manipulate the bridge to go east, and use 
    your Small Key at the door.  In here you'll find more spring enemies.  Use 
    one of the northern ones to be jettisoned to a chest on a ledge.  Open it to 
    gain 20 rupees.
    After that drop down and use the Gale Boomerang to uproot a spring enemy in 
    the corner.  When it's out you can walk past it to a tunnel; go through and 
    drop into a pit with a spider in it.  Kill it and two Skullwalltulas on a 
    vine, and then climb it.  At the top, turn east and use the Gale Boomerang to 
    hit two switches in a row.  This opens the gate and frees the money.  And 
    then there were none!  Head back west (remember to boomerang and then kill 
    upside-down Deku Babas) into the bridge room, hit the switch and go north.
    The eight monkeys hang from a branch above and start forming a chain.  Yes, 
    all of them hang down and start swinging!  Jump on as they come near and jump 
    off as they reach the other end.  Walk forward and you'll see the Boss Door.  
    Don't open it just yet, though.  First hit the pots for hearts.  You'll also 
    get a fairy; if you bottle one (just get an empty bottle out and use it like 
    an item) it will restore your health when you die.  It restores a maximum of 
    eight hearts, but to a three-heart beginner like you it makes little 
    difference.  When you're prepared, mentally and physically, open the Boss 
    Door with the Big Key...
                         |    Twilit Parasite – Diababa    |
    You're in a huge room filled with waterfalls that run into a huge pool of 
    purple water, and there are spider bombs all around.  Suddenly two giant Deku 
    Baba heads emerge!  Great galloping gazelle!  They're enormous!  Well, I 
    think the Gale Boomerang and those spider bombs will help up us out here.  
    For now, the heads just launch at you, and running from them isn't too hard 
    to do.  Target the spider bomb between their heads first and then lock onto 
    one of the heads.  The bomb will be blown right into its mouth, causing the 
    head to sink beneath the water.  Do this to the other as well and it'll look 
    as though you've won...  But not so fast there, quick-draw.  A third head 
    rises – the central one – and it's some sort of dragon with an eye in its 
    mouth.  Oh, and the Babas are back, too.  Get ready for some pain, Link.
    After a round of attacks, look!  It's the monkey mini-boss!  He's our friend 
    now, and he swings around the open air with a bomb between his feet.  Wow, 
    these monkeys are infinitely helpful.  See, you have to target the bomb and 
    Diababa's central head; the bomb will explode and bring the head down, 
    leaving its mouth open and eye exposed.  Slash it a few times and Diababa 
    will recover.  It has two attacks of its own, though: it can launch a head at 
    you, as before, or it will spit some purple poison at you.  The former must 
    be dodged (if you stand far back enough it won't even reach you), and the 
    latter can be either dodged or blocked with the shield.  It can also close 
    its mouth and deflect the bomb back at you.  If you're low on health try 
    getting hearts from grass or pots to the left and right of the entrance.
    After a few rounds of whaling on Diababa's eye, the beast will writhe in 
    agony, drop its eye, become petrified, and explode.  The darkness gathers up 
    into a Fused Shadow, or Dark Power.  It's what Midna was looking for.  There 
    are three Fused Shadows in all.  Midna won't tell us what they are, but they 
    have something to do with matching the king of the twilight's power.  Midna 
    creates a warp portal for us to leave.  Before exiting, pick up the Heart 
    Container Diababa's eye left behind.  It adds another heart to your meter and 
    fully replenishes your health.  Now leave with Midna, and I would save if I 
    were you.
    Faron speaks to us now.  We must now travel east to the land protected by the 
    light spirit called Eldin.  It says that those we seek are there – does he 
    mean Ilia and Colin?  But keep in mind that the land we're headed to is 
    covered in twilight.  In there, we return to our wolf form.  So, to the east 
    with a dose of cautious optimism!
    ================================Goron Mines*=================================
                               |    Hyrule Field    |
    There aren't a whole lot of things to do back in Ordona Province.  If you use 
    your Lantern in your basement you'll find a purple rupee (50) tucked away in 
    a chest.  It seems Link forgot he had it.  Otherwise all the Ordonians are in 
    a tizzy since the village children were kidnapped.  Rusl's wife Uli will 
    officially give you the Ordon Sword when you see her, assuming you got it 
    back from a monster.  So, that leads me to the conclusion that we should set 
    Head over to Faron Woods, to the screen with the human oil salesman (Coro).  
    He gave you the Lantern, remember?  On the map of Faron Province it's the 
    part furthest east.  If you look past him, to the north, there's a gate that 
    Midna didn't let us use earlier.  Now that we've saved the forest and the 
    various woodland creatures, though, it's wide open.  Head through to arrive 
    in the expansive Hyrule Field.
    Just like in Ocarina of Time, Hyrule Field is pretty big (this is actually 
    all of it; it's made of multiple screens).  It starts off pretty narrow here 
    – two Bokoblins in the distance will rush you.  But continue down the path to 
    initiate a cut scene that shows you its true girth.  Head north until you see 
    a bridge, and skirt the water's edge as you head east along a rough path.
    Eventually a man will stop you with a "Hey!"  He's wearing unbearably short 
    shorts and a tank top, but other than that he looks like the Postman from the 
    other Zelda games.  He tells us a black wall blocks our path off.  Afterwards 
    he introduces himself as the one, the only, the Postman.  A flag pops out of 
    his hat and he hands us a letter for us to read.  To do so press Start and 
    select the letter.  He then runs off.  If you actually read your mail, you'll 
    see it's the Postman explaining his habits.  When he has a letter for you, 
    he'll run it straight to you.  Good thing he said "Please do not flee," 
    'cause I definitely would've otherwise.
    In any event, continue east along this path and you'll join up into a new one; 
    follow it to a black wall like the one we saw by the entrance to Faron Woods.  
    When you get near, Midna explains that you'll be a wolf right until we save 
    Eldin's light, if we enter.  Step forward and Midna will ask whether or not 
    to let you in.  Answer affirmative and within seconds you're a wolf again 
    with Midna on your back.  Welcome to Eldin Province!  We're still in Hyrule 
    Field, but now in a twilight district.  Continue down this path and you'll 
    soon come to some object sticking out of the ground.  It has a very 
    distinctive smell, as you can see with X.  Get up to it and sniff it (A) – 
    its Talo's play sword!  As a result, it smells like Ordonian children.  You 
    learned the Youths' Scent!  If you look down the line, you'll notice that the 
    scent continues.
    Follow it forward.  Hyrule Field expands again, and you may not notice 
    because of your limited perception in scent mode.  Be careful after you pass 
    the Deku Baba, because you'll fight three shadow beasts down the line (you 
    must kill all three at once with the spin attack), and then there's a large 
    gap you could fall in.  In any case, kill the three creatures of darkness.  
    According to Midna, each time we do a portal opens up on the map.  Midna can 
    use her powers to take us to an open portal; you have one in north and south 
    Faron Woods.
    You see, Midna thinks the shadow beasts took the bridge from Hyrule Field and 
    put it in Faron Woods.  Choose to warp to N. Faron Woods.  The bridge is 
    right there by the portal.  Midna will ask if you want to warp; say yes and 
    warp to the Eldin Province portal.  The map indicates that it's at Kakariko 
    Gorge.  We could've Midna jumped just as easily, but hey, that was cool, too.  
    And it explained why a bridge was laying around the woods...
    When you cross the bridge, continue following the path to the east.  You'll 
    meet some new enemies, but they're essentially the same as Bokoblins.  At the 
    end of the path is a gate, and beyond it are some monsters.  They must be 
    locking something in or out.  Still, they're fools, since you can dig through 
    very easily, as Midna points out.  When you do, utterly destroy the baddies 
    here and head east into the gated community.
                         |    The Light Spirit of Eldin    |
    It's Kakariko Village!  It's not quite as cheery as in the other games, even 
    Four Swords Adventures...  You need proof?  Well, ahead you'll fight three 
    more shadow beasts.  They're fairly well spread out, so first you need to 
    trick them into gathering together.  Alternately, kill the one that's far 
    away and then use the spin attack on the other two (the shadow beast won't 
    shriek for just one of its comrades, only for two).  Huzzah!  We've earned 
    ourselves another portal.  Additionally, a light spirit calls forth.  Run up 
    to it through the water and you two can meet.  We get another Vessel of Light 
    to gather Tears of Light – it's the same deal as before.  He even marks our 
    map for us.  Man, Eldin's a stand-up guy.
    Get out of the water and stop at the building to the right.  It has a dark 
    insect or two in it if our map can be trusted, but we can't get inside.  Get 
    yourself on the northwest side of and Midna will let you jump to the roof.  
    Then you can step on a patch and fall through, right inside the building.  
    When you use your senses you'll see the human spirits frozen in their tracks, 
    quite afraid of the dark insects (they're the village children!  Beth, Talo, 
    Malo, and Colin).  And according to their logic, being killed by a shadow 
    beast turns you into one.  Oh, that makes me feel bad about those other ones 
    we took care of...  The long-haired man appears to be named Renado, and the 
    other man, who's a bomb-maker, is Barnes.  They're all worrying about their 
    future, but Colin says Link will come and save them.  How right he is!
    We learned from the dialogue that lighting all the candles will open the 
    cellar, and that some dark insects may be down there.  I think you know what 
    to do.  Go over to the flame Barnes lit.  There's a stick right by it; pick 
    it up and put it to the fire (light both ends).  Now go up to the stairs and 
    run around the circle, jumping the gaps very close to the wall.  The candles 
    are suspended there, and passing them (closely) will light them.  When all 
    four are lit the central statue moves, revealing a pit.  Fall in.  Run 
    forward into a circular chamber where three dark insects are hiding.  Kill 
    them all and take their tears (01)(02)(03).  When you're done, go north to a 
    room full of scaffolding.  Midna jump your way out of the building and into 
    the Graveyard.
    Twilight cemeteries are pretty scary, I've got to say...  There are flying 
    enemies all over, but they're easily dealt with.  What you're here for is 
    about in the center of the graveyard, underground – dark insect (04).  You 
    can also push some of the headstones in the west for rupees (use R).  When 
    you're done here head west and back into Kakariko.  When you do, run ahead to 
    the first building you see (the southernmost dark insect at this point).  
    It's the General Store, and we can't get in from the front.  Luckily there's 
    a hole leading into it on the ground to its left; enter from there.  Inside, 
    run forward to climb up behind the sales desk.  Get onto the counter and then 
    climb from there to the wooden ledge above it.  The dark insect is in 
    southeastern corner here (05).  Exit the General Store the way you came in.
    Elde Inn is next door, but we can't get in like humans can.  No problem, 
    though.  See that slope left of the General Store?  Get on it and run to the 
    "dead-end."  From there you can just make a jump to a board adjoined to the 
    inn's roof, and from there you can take a door inside.  Once in, jump down to 
    the bottom floor.  The dark insect is over a fireplace, but you can't reach 
    it in the recess.  But, what if we were to heat things up?  There's a stick 
    on the ground in here, and there's a candle on the wall by the door.  Jump 
    from the table with the stick in mouth to light it, and then use that flame 
    to light the fireplace.  This forces the dark insect down to your level, 
    where you should promptly kill it (06).  Now use the door by that candle to 
    reach a new room.
    Two enemies lurk inside; dispatch them and open a chest in the corner under 
    the stairs holding 20 rupees.  When you've done so ascend the stairs and kill 
    another beast.  After that, head through the door to dance with a flying dark 
    insect.  When you've killed it, you'll be up to (07).  At this point you 
    should exit the inn the way you came – you've gotten all the dark insects on 
    this side of the street.  Go slightly past the northernmost building here, to 
    a sign with a bomb on it that you can't read.  It's by three small steps, 
    which you want to take.  Turn toward the building and you'll see a window; 
    jump attack (L + A) straight into and through it.  Voila!  You're in Barnes 
    Bomb Shop.  Climb the stairs inside and at the end of a grated floor you'll 
    spot a wardrobe.  Charge into it to knock it down, exposing a dark insect 
    (08).  From there get on top of the wardrobe, onto the table, and to the 
    ladder's ledge, right to a door.  Take it out.
    Walk up the sloped roof behind you to some stairs; follow them up to real 
    ground.  See the sloping path that leads up to the left?  Follow it straight 
    to a wooden walkway leading to a building.  If you would exercise your X 
    senses right now, you'd see you can dig under the wall and into it.  The dark 
    insect is in some pots in the corner (09).  When you have it, dig your way 
    back outside and follow the path you took back down south.  You'll come to a 
    building with a sign reading "Danger!"
    There's a hole in the side of the building left of the sign, though.  Crawl 
    through and you'll be in the same situation as in the inn: the dark insects 
    in the fireplace, and you have to flush him out.  There's a stick on the 
    ground and a flame in the corner you entered by – you can take it from there.  
    Three dark insects are driven out of hiding.  Unfortunately, this also has 
    the effect of setting the highly flammable building on fire.  Get out and it 
    will explode, killing the insects for you.  Like Midna says, an uninhabitable 
    house is worth the sacrifice for three more Tears of Light (10)(11)(12).
    Walk west of the house until you reach the edge, and follow the edge south 
    until you see a board hanging over it.  See the house to your left?  Its roof 
    is weak, and you could easily jump from here onto the injured part.  Do so 
    and you'll land right above a dark insect's location.  Get down and push the 
    crate against the wall, freeing the shadow bug.  But its moments of freedom 
    are cut short by a wolf's paw – yes, I mean kill it (13).  When you're ready 
    to leave Midna jump onto the wardrobe and then onto the house's roof.  It 
    appears we're finished in Kakariko Village, as the other three dark insects 
    are north of our location.  Jump down to the main street and travel north 
    along it, soon reaching a fork in the road.  Let's choose the northeast path, 
    which leads to Death Mountain.
    To your ordinary chap, this path's impassable.  But to Midna and company, all 
    it takes is one of his trademark jumps.  Get onto the rock to the right and 
    perform two to get to the top.  There's a spirit here, and your senses show 
    that... it's a Goron!  They're the rock-eating race of the mountains in the 
    Zeldaverse, although they're much more stylistic in this game, what with the 
    body paint and all.  He's a guard and it seems the Gorons are suffering 
    because of something.
    In any case, head up the trail, defeating twilight rats and bats as you go.  
    When the path goes vertical, simply climb up some metal steps.  As you 
    continue you'll come to some geysers.  Their blasts don't hurt you but they 
    will throw you back.  Right in the middle of all of it is a dark insect 
    underground; you'll have to dig it up and kill it, all while avoiding the 
    geysers.  When you do, that makes (14).  You can now proceed north to 
    uncharted parts of the map.  Toward the end, by a wider part of the ground 
    surrounded by geysers, there's a howling stone for you to activate.  Please 
    refer to the "Hidden Skills" section for details on that.
    All you have to do on the trail is avoid the geysers' gusts until you reach 
    Death Mountain's screen.  When you get down you'll have four shadow beasts to 
    kill.  Not three, four!  The fourth is off to the left, blocked in almost 
    completely by energy walls.  You can reach it only by a narrow space between 
    them.  I advise getting in there first and killing it.  Then you can easily 
    spin attack the other three.  When all four are down you'll have earned 
    yourself another portal in Eldin Province.  We clean up well, huh?  Even if 
    you disagree, go to the northeast to see a metal surface with a dark insect 
    on it.  It flies.  Jump attack it until you connect and you'll have (15) 
    Tears of Light.  One more to go!
    Now, you see the rock-steps by where that last insect was?  Step onto the 
    highest one and you can Midna jump onto a high ledge (watch out for a geyser 
    in your way and for rocks being cast down from above).  There's a Goron 
    spirit up here dealing with an inferiority complex, but you just want to go 
    south down a trail.  Dodge geyser blasts and you'll soon see a narrow sloping 
    path upward to the left.  Walk on it until you can Midna jump (avoiding a 
    geyser) to new heights.  You'll see a Goron spirit ahead complaining about a 
    never-ending geyser.  Since we can't pass it, just drop off the left edge.  
    You'll find the dark insect just crawling around – kill it for (16).  Finally!  
    You automatically appear before Eldin.
    You're a human again!  And the area is back to normal!  Eldin is really a 
    large bird, and the dark power we're after is in the sacred place of the 
    Gorons, which were invaded by the forces of evil.  We must cleanse that place.  
    With those cryptic instructions alone, Link walks off to meet the village 
    children.  Renado introduces himself as the shaman of Kakariko, and his 
    daughter is named Luda.  It seems he saved the children after the monsters 
    left them to die.  After a little chatter we learn of the Gorons' plight.  
    The Kakariko and the Gorons were friends for a long time, but recently the 
    Gorons haven't been permitting them into their mines.  That's the same place 
    Eldin directed us to...  I say we check it out.
                                |    Back to Bo    |
    Kakariko Village is basically a ghost town now.  Barnes Bombs, for instance, 
    would be open for business.  The only problem?  Its storehouse and powder 
    went up in flames.  Who would've done such a terrible thing?  It's a travesty!  
    In any case, return to Death Mountain Trail.  You can climb up the initial 
    cliff using a net on it.  You'll be doing a lot of that here.  But as soon as 
    you get up the Goron that was guarding the place earlier forbids you to pass.  
    And to keep you out, he rolls up into a ball and knocks you down.  After 
    taunting you, he returns to his post.
    Disgraced, head back to Kakariko.  Hey, look, it's Renado!  He says only one 
    human has ever bested the Gorons in strength: Mayor Bo from Ordon Village 
    (what a coincidence!).  I believe it, personally.  After all, Bo has a pretty 
    fearsome mustache.  Renado now directs you to talk to Bo, you know, catch up 
    with him and such.
    Walk back down Kakariko's main thoroughfare.  Ugh, we have to go all the way 
    back to Ordon and – hey, a cut scene!  Epona is charging at us with two 
    monsters on her back!  And she doesn't stop for us!  Link jumps onto her back, 
    but she's out of control.  And that's where you take control of Link.  Epona 
    will run around frantically, and you have to hold onto her until you can get 
    a good grip on the reigns.  Move the control stick in the direction you're 
    told to, and just run up to her and press A if you fall off.  At the end, 
    press A to seize control.  Finally, we're back with Epona (a calmed down one 
    to boot)!  Those monsters kidnapped her, too, but she's found her way back to 
    us.  Now we can get back to Ordon Village quickly.
    Jump the gate and start pick up speed when – curses!  The mailman's running 
    up.  It's from Ooccoo, that weird dungeon-warp thing.  You may've noticed 
    that we don't have her in our possession anymore.  She says she's adventuring 
    somewhere else now, and you'll have to meet her son while you're at it.  How 
    thoughtful...  Now ride!  Cross the bridge and follow the trail into main 
    Hyrule Field (isn't it fun trampling enemies?).  From there, head south and 
    into Faron Woods.  I think you know your way from here.
    As soon as you near the mayor's place he'll call to you (see what I mean 
    about the 'stache?).  He invites you in and we next see that Bo's all 
    informed about the children.  Bo is a little disappointed to learn that Ilia 
    wasn't with them, though.  He gets over it pretty easily, and then he's going 
    on about his old glory days, beating Gorons in contests of strength.  He'll 
    tell you his secret to victory if you'll zip your lips.  Tell him you will 
    (lie if you have to!) and he'll take you to...
    A sumo wrestling arena.  Did not see that one coming...  The rules are simple: 
    the first person to push his opponent outside the arena wins.  Step forward 
    and grab your foe with A.  Use B to slap them, and sidestep them with the 
    control stick.  He'll let you face him in a match for practice.  (I never did 
    like the sumo outfit).  At least Nintendo was tasteful enough to let Link 
    keep his pants on.  Here are some tips: when a foe tries to move, hit them 
    with B.  Slapping and then grabbing them is effective (you can really shorten 
    the match this way).  Obviously, press A as fast as you can when grabbed.  
    Sidestep to avoid a slap or grab.  Sidestepping is also useful right after 
    your enemy breaks from your grip.
    When you've beaten Bo twice, he'll let you open his treasure chest – the REAL 
    secret to his success.  Inside are... the Iron Boots!  They weigh you down, 
    making you Goron-resistant.  Just keep them a secret...  Now, we're ready to 
    kick Goron butt!  Off, to Death Mountain Trail!
                                  |    Payback    |
    Ride back to Kakariko Village.  Just as you arrive, the same monster that 
    kidnapped the children the first time comes riding in – Colin bravely 
    sacrifices himself to save Beth.  There's a humorous exchange between Barnes 
    and the beast, but Link then arrives right on cue, hot in pursuit.  This 
    begins the great chase.  The music playing is reminiscent of the final boss 
    of Majora's Mask...  The beast motions for a chase, and then it summons some 
    monsters riding boar-back to slow you down.  Chase after the fiend, and keep 
    in mind that you can use your sword atop Epona.  All the while, though, those 
    goons he called are shooting fire arrows at you.  You need to slash the 
    kidnapper; first his armor comes off.  A final strike will seem to kill him, 
    but he recovers and rides into a castle.
    An archer sets the gate on fire to seal you in – it's you two in a jousting 
    match (this is so cool!).  If you hit each head-on, you'll be knocked into a 
    chasm and lose a heart.  You have to move to the side to avoid him when you 
    get close.  Slash as you pass him, and you'll have to do this twice to knock 
    him to his death in the chasm.  You look really powerful posing for a victory 
    shot at the end.  Somehow or other you still have Colin (maybe he was 
    strapped to the boar).  Before he knows it, you're back in Kakariko Village.  
    Colin apologizes for saving Beth, and Colin says he understands that being 
    stronger means being braver.  But before we get too happy, remember that we 
    need to save the Gorons.  Renado carries Colin off and Link turns toward the 
    mines.  It's time to get to it.
                               |    Hylian Shield    |
    Or, maybe in a second.  Malo, the creepy kid from the village, has taken over 
    the unmanned General Store and is selling items from it.  There's a Red 
    Potion for 30 rupees, but the real merchandise lies in the other two items.  
    One's a Wooden Shield, which just covers more of you than the Ordon Shield.  
    It, too, can burn away.  It costs a mere 50 rupees.  The Hylian Shield, on 
    the other hand, is Link's classic shield.  It can't burn and is good all-
    around.  I highly recommend buying it, especially since the place we're 
    coming up to is a bit on the fiery side.  Make sure to actually switch your 
    shield on the selection screen, though.  Alright, NOW we are getting to it!  
    Head over to Death Mountain Trail!
                          |    Scaling Death Mountain    |
    Admittedly, that was a really roundabout route to Death Mountain Trail, but 
    at least you're finally there.  Climb up the net and square off with the 
    Goron guard again.  First, have those Iron Boots on!  When he rolls at you, 
    grab the guard with A and Link will throw him off the ledge behind him.  In 
    your face!  But at this point I'd take the boots off and walk forward 
    normally.  Another Goron will come at you, so do the same old song and dance.
    As you advance, a third will come at you, but you know how to handle it (look 
    how cocky Link looks wiping his hands clean afterwards!).  Continue forward 
    and take care of a fourth before climbing up the net.  A fifth will come at 
    you rolling through rocks; by the geysers there are some monsters shooting 
    fire arrows again.  When you finally reach the Death Mountain area, two 
    Gorons notice you from above, and one starts doing something foreboding...
    Death Mountain appears to be raining debris on you, and one particularly 
    hefty rock almost kills you.  See those Gorons standing around ahead?  Midna 
    realizes that Gorons curl up sometimes, and that if you're standing on top of 
    them when they uncurl, you'll be sprung up real high.  Approach a Goron and 
    start fighting it.  After he punches he'll be vulnerable – that's when you 
    can get a hit in and he'll curl up.  Well, get on top of it and face the 
    ledge above you.  When he uncurls you'll go flying right onto it.
    Up here, go the left and use that Goron to spring to new heights.  If you 
    drop down ahead you'll land in water.  These are hot springs, and they'll 
    heal you.  Additionally, the Gorons here are friendly.  There's also a shop 
    here selling arrows, lantern oil, a wooden shield, and milk (two helpings in 
    one bottle).  When you're done down there, climb the net to go back up.
    Back to battle!  Right in the corner is another Goron guard – fight him into 
    submission and spring up a level.  Walk down this path (you can pass through 
    geyser gusts with the Iron Boots on) and you'll face two Gorons in quick 
    succession.  Keep climbing and you'll reach a Goron guard.  Take him out and 
    spring up to a second one, to whom you'll do the same.  Hit these barrels and 
    enter the cave...
    You're in a large sumo arena, and six Gorons come at you furiously!  
    Fortunately an older looking Goron calls them off, but then he proceeds to 
    insult you.  You walk up to him and he introduces himself as Gor Coron, Goron 
    elder.  Times demand that he lead the tribe in place of Darbus, their tribe's 
    patriarch.  You cannot enter the mines beyond here... unless you defeat this 
    old geezer in a contest of power.  Accept his invitation and you'll begin the 
    fight.  He'll knock you out with one punch.  Try again later, loser!
                             |    Sumo of Strength    |
    You're in a large sumo arena, and six Gorons come at you furiously!  
    Fortunately an older-looking Goron calls them off, but then he proceeds to 
    insult you.  You walk up to him and he introduces himself as Gor Coron, Goron 
    elder.  Times demand that he lead the tribe in place of Darbus, their tribe's 
    patriarch.  You cannot enter the mines beyond here... unless you defeat this 
    old geezer in a contest of power.  Accept his invitation and you'll begin the 
    fight.  He'll knock you out with one punch.  Try again later, loser!
    Don the Iron Boots and talk to that cocky Gor Coron again.  With the Iron 
    Boots on you're more evenly matched.  He should be easy enough.  Just always 
    sidestep at the beginning of the match, grab him, and push.  When he breaks 
    free, sidestep again and grab.  Trust me, it works like a charm.  When you 
    win, Gor Coron will talk to you about some troubles the tribe is facing.  The 
    mountain is erupting nearly nonstop, and the four Goron elders plus Darbus 
    went to investigate.  They have a treasure entrusted to the tribe by the 
    spirits, and they must protect it.  But when Darbus touched the treasure, he 
    collapsed and transformed into a terror.  The elders could do nothing but 
    seal him deep inside the mountain.  We must go to the aid of Darbus.  The two 
    bouncer-type Gorons step aside.  Walk through the door and enter the Goron 
                                |    Goron Mines    |
    We're hitting the mines like it was 1849!  But seriously, folks, this will be 
    no cakewalk.  Just look at that magma!  Jump down to the first platform in it 
    all.  The magma occasionally gushes upward like a fountain.  Really watch 
    your step here and be very precise with your jumping...  Jump to the platform 
    to the right, and from there to the ledge sticking out.  Walk into the cage 
    and slash the wooden barrier down; drop down through the opening.  Ahead, 
    break another barrier down, but don't go ahead; a fire is keeping you out.  
    To the right, though, is a switch you can press down with Iron Boots on.  Do 
    so and the fire will momentarily pause.  Take off the boots and run through!
    Up ahead you'll see another switch, and another fire beyond it; do the same 
    here to clear the obstacle.  When you land, quickly turn around and walk down 
    a plank to another platform you see.  From there, jump to a ladder.  At the 
    top, run south and jump onto a disconnected cage to fight a new enemy, which 
    you should jump attack as you come down.  The chest here contains 20 rupees.  
    Now jump back to the previous cage-top and look left to a rock.  Jump across 
    it and the next to reach the other side of the room.
    You'll notice that north of you is a flamethrower and south of you a switch.  
    Hit the switch with the Iron Boots and the flames die down.  Rush over there 
    and go left as soon as you can (the path takes a turn there).  Follow it 
    until it ends, and jump to the two platforms ahead.  Put on your Iron Boots 
    on the second to weigh it down, thus opening gates blocking the door.  Now 
    simply go through the door.
    The Gorons sure are advanced compared to the rest of Hyrule.  Step forward to 
    the large platform and go right, following a catwalk down to a bunch of 
    Bokoblins.  Kill them all and open the chest for a Small Key.  Return to that 
    central platform and this time use the left catwalk.  You'll take it to a 
    revolving platform; cross it quickly when it pauses.  There are two here, and 
    then you'll come to a locked door.  Unlock it and open up to a new room.  
    Simply follow the path to a new enemy... a Dodongo, the classic Zelda foe.  
    They'll try to breathe fire on you, but as they do jump back to their tail, 
    their weak point, and let them feel steel.
    After dispatching it you'll want to jump across the steppingstones behind you, 
    but make sure the magma isn't up when you do.  You'll end up by a Dodongo you 
    should kill, and then use another steppingstone to reach a third Dodongo.  
    Kill it and stop.  Inspect the chain with a handle on it.  You need to grab 
    it with R and pull it back all the way.  It'll slowly start to resume its 
    former position when you let go (time the letting go for when the magma is 
    down), so quickly jump to where the second Dodongo was and jump to the other 
    steppingstone, to the hallway, and to the door.  Open it.
    The water in this room seems oddly misplaced.  It's not even spring water, so 
    don't try to freshen up with it.  Anyways, this room is clearly a throwback 
    to Ocarina of Time.  Get in the water and equip the Iron Boots.  You'll sink 
    right to the bottom, so walk through an opening in the wires and take the 
    boots off, floating back up to the surface.  You should also sink down to a 
    switch, which... puts you upside-down on the platform above?  It looks like 
    it magnetized the boots, allowing you to walk on metal!  Walk right up the 
    platform and to the door.
    It's another sumo arena...  The character here is named Gor Amoto, and you 
    just have to look at him to know he's a Goron Elder.  He gives you a key 
    shard!  With all three shards, we'll have pieced the Big Key back together.  
    The Big Key leads to Darbus' room.  Naturally, The other elders have the 
    other two pieces.  Meanwhile, open the chests in this room for the Dungeon 
    Map (pretty big place) and 20 rupees.  All you can do now is take the ladder 
    Walk across the top of the room and smash some pots to get your anger over 
    this big key business out...  Hey, it's Ooccoo!  She'll help us like before.  
    Chicken-thing in hand, see yourself to the door.  We're in the same room we 
    were in before, but now we're in the upper level.  Alright, so get onto one 
    of the blue-green rock walls to the sides and put on your Iron Boots.  Kill 
    the enemies as you come to them and stroll on down to the platforms on the 
    wall.  From there you can walk to the door.  Once more we're in an old room 
    but from a higher perspective.  Walk forward and hit the switch with Iron 
    Boots on.  You'll magnetize and hit the ceiling.
    Walk east along the north end of the room, following the line of enemies, and 
    drop down at a treasure chest.  It contains a Piece of Heart.  Return to the 
    magnetic spot and this time take the southern end of the room east.  (Don't 
    be fooled; there's a dead-end southern route, but there's a route even more 
    southern than that, which is what you want to take).  At the fork in the road, 
    take the left (northern) path.  Kill two enemies at the end, fall down, and 
    take the door.
    We're in a new part of the second room of the dungeon.  Run down to the 
    platform you saw in the cut scene and fight off some Fire Keese and a few 
    Bokoblins.  Afterwards, press the switch down with Iron Boots on your feet.  
    This magnetizes the metal on the crane, which starts to move; head over to 
    the platform it stops over and, with Iron Boots on, wait for it to take you 
    up.  Then, when you get over its northern stopping point, drop.  Walk up the 
    catwalk, kill two more Bokoblins, and hit another switch for yet another 
    crane to lift you up.  It'll drop you on the second floor of the dungeon, by 
    a few enemies and a door.  Kill the Fire Keese and Bokoblins and head north.
    What appear to be the old Zelda enemies Tektites come jumping at you to 
    attack – just slash them to death, nothing fancy.  In here you'll notice lots 
    of water, and in the northeast corner there's a Small Key-containing chest 
    for you to open.  Use your Iron Boots, of course.  Then go to the 
    southwestern corner and sink down.  Push the block (R) inward, float up, get 
    on land, climb up the ridge, and flatten the switch.  This creates a magnetic 
    field for you to walk into.  When you do, just walk down the line to drop 
    down at the end.
    You'll find a second switch up here, and activating it creates another 
    magnetic field below you.  Get onto the metal platform and drop into the 
    field to twirl down against the wall.  Follow the path up, drop, nab 20 
    rupees from the chest, and finally hit the diamond switch here!  The gate 
    blocking your exit opens, but it's on a timer.  Immediately jump down and 
    walk through before it shuts you out.  Phew.
    This room features a new enemy: the Beamos.  It's actually a Zelda classic, 
    but this game's version is fairly unique.  Irregardless, it will shoot lasers 
    at you when its eye catches sight of you, at which point you should block 
    with your shield.  Ignore them for now and go left to some of that 
    electrified stone.  Walk up it with the Iron Boots equipped and take the left 
    route.  The chest you find contains another Piece of Heart.  But take the 
    other path to an upper level of the room, centered around a nail with a rope 
    tied around it.  Cut the rope, causing a stone slab below to fall and form a 
    bridge to the locked door.  Hop down, unlock the door, and enter a new room.
    You'll see three Bokoblin archer firing lit arrows in this room, but don't 
    worry about it.  Walk forward and bust down the wood beams.  Take the 
    boardwalk up and use the path to the left.  Continue left to a Beamos, but 
    note a Small Key in a chest to the left as well.  Head right across the 
    walkway and you'll come to a locked door, which is where you should expend 
    your key.
    Jump onto the right side of the revolving platform and from there onto the 
    wooden platform ahead.  Walk up a small metal ramp and you'll come to a very 
    large revolving platform.  It's actually quite easy, though – just walk onto 
    one of the electric squares, use the Iron Boots, and then it won't matter if 
    you're upside-down or right-side up!  Use this trick to safely cross the 
    platform and take a door.  You can tell right away it's a Goron elder's 
    sanctuary.  He was in here praying.  His name is Gor Ebizo, and he gives you 
    the second key shard!  2/3 of the way to rescuing Darbus!
    Gor Ebizo tells us that a hero of old left a weapon in these mines, and it is 
    stored up ahead.  We should talk to the guard and take it with us.  Before 
    leaving, open a chest in the back containing 10 rupees.  Now climb the ladder 
    behind the senior citizen and take the door out.  Use the Iron Boots to walk 
    across the wall to the left and drop down to a door (before using it, open a 
    chest with a yellow rupee in it to the east).  Take it, please.
                               Mini-Boss: Goron Guard
    You're locked in right off the bat, so you know this can't bode well.  Hit 
    the pots for health and run forward to meet a very heavy-hitting Goron decked 
    out in armor.  This must be the guard Gor Ebizo told us about, but he's not 
    really taking to us...  He jumps onto the platform, busting the chains.  The 
    arena descends into magma, and it's a good old fashioned trans-species brawl.  
    Put on the Iron Boots as soon as you can.  Now you won't be affected by the 
    tilts the arena goes through.  The guard will charge up all his attacks, and 
    that's when you should L-target and slash him.  Four hits will make him turn 
    into a ball – grab him!  Link will toss him a ways behind, and you want him 
    to land out of the arena.  After being roasted a few times he'll bounce back 
    into the arena for another round.  Three hits do the trick.  He sees this was 
    all a giant misunderstanding and lets you take the Hero's weapon, but you 
    promise to save the patriarch.
    The arena has risen and the southern door has opened, so use it to reach the 
    treasure room.  Open the chest for... the Hero's Bow!  Not exactly priceless 
    like Gor Ebizo said, but hey, I'm not complaining.  You can hold 30 arrows as 
    of right now, and it operates like the Slingshot (though aiming is more 
    obvious).  You have a chance to try it out right here.  Set it to X or Y and 
    aim at the rope the nail is supporting.  Traverse the bridge we just made and, 
    watching out for enemies that fall from the ceiling, enter a main chamber 
    Go to the southernmost hall and get close to the statue.  It awakens as a 
    Beamos; step back and shoot its red eye.  Now you can grab it with R and pull 
    it out, opening access to the door.  But before you take it, notice that the 
    other Beamos have sprung to life.  Get in the center of the room and take 
    them all out, you expert archer you!  When you're done, pull out the ones you 
    can and check what's behind them.  You'll find the Compass behind the western 
    one, and there's a door behind the eastern one.  Take it.
    Welcome to the third Goron elder!  He's Gor Liggs, and he's very... unique.  
    With the third shard you've finally completed the Big Key!  Nothing stands in 
    our way now.  Open the chest behind him for 50 rupees.  Now exit this room 
    and take the southern exit in the Beamos room.  In this complicated-looking 
    room are four Fire Keese on the first ceiling; deal with them and roll into 
    the wire beyond them.  Then hop to the stone path ahead and fight three Torch 
    Slugs that fall from above.  Continue down this road and jump to the next 
    platform where you must fight two Dodongos at once in pretty limited space.  
    Just run back and forth on the platform, hitting one's tail, then the other's.
    Now, before you jump to the platform ahead, look up and shoot down the Torch 
    Slugs.  Then you can jump to it and pick up their spoils, which will 
    replenish your arrows.  Do this before your next jump, too, and then follow 
    the path all the way down to a switch.  Put it down with Iron Boots and 
    you'll be upside-down with magnetic boots.  Head down the path and you'll run 
    into a Dodongo.  To beat it, equip your arrows (make sure you don't replace 
    your Iron Boots by accident!) and shoot it four times in the tail.  Continue 
    forward and, when you reach the dead-end, look at the wall.  There's a 
    crystal switch in a little recess.  Shoot it and use the door that was just 
    To the left is a treasure chest just sitting out in the open, and inside's a 
    purple rupee.  When you've laid your hands on it walk ahead of the door and 
    turn right when the platform ends.  Shoot the nail to let the bridge down and 
    jump across to reach a switch.  It magnetizes you on a crane.  When it lowers, 
    drop yourself and take the nearby door.
    We're in an old room, but now there are some fish enemies you should shoot up.  
    This time, rather than going through all that magnetic jazz from before, just 
    shoot the crystal switch with an arrow.  The gate opens and you can easily go 
    north.  Kill the Bokoblins, maybe the Beamos if you feel like it, and go 
    north once again.  There are several Bokoblin archers in this room, as you 
    know (now there are even more), but once they start firing, don't sweat it.  
    See, they always shoot right in front of you, not at you, so you can just 
    stand in clear view and pick them off one by one (they take only one arrow).
    While you're down here, you can get in the water and swim o the northeast 
    corner.  While there, be south of the chest icon on the map and sink down 
    with the Iron Boots.  Slash the wooden barrier here and you can open the 
    chest, which contains a purple rupee.  Now, head over to where there was that 
    other chest in here (by the Beamos) in the west of the screen.  If you shoot 
    the Beamos you can pull it out, and behind it is a hidden path.  You'll first 
    be assaulted by two archers you may not have gotten earlier, so return fire 
    before anything else.  Then go forward along the obvious path to a switch; 
    let it taste iron and a magnetic crane begins working.  Jump down to the 
    platform it's over, put on your heavy shoes, and let it carry you north.  
    When it does, get out your bow and shoot another nail to lower a bridge.  
    Drop down onto it and take the door ahead.
    The map tells us this is the last room before we reach Darbus...  Run down 
    this path and you'll be fired at.  You may have to take a few hits, but 
    quickly shoot them down.  Now follow the path down to where they were and 
    shoot the rope beneath the nail to drop your slab-bridge.  A bunch of 
    Bokoblins start rushing you, and it's pretty cool to shoot them down as they 
    come at you.  They're lined up quite nicely for it.  Check the corners of 
    this chamber for pots to heal with, and, when you're finally ready, open the 
    Boss Door...
                          |    Twilit Igniter – Fyrus    |
    Up ahead is a huge figure, dark and breathing almost Darth Vader-style.  When 
    you approach, a jewel in its head starts shining, its body lights on fire, 
    and it breaks free of its chains.  Ah, I was kind of hoping we could fight it 
    all tied up...  Fyrus will normally just launch his chains at you, but he 
    also has a fire wall attack that you'll have to run from (be as far away as 
    you can from him).  But if you fight well enough you won't even have to worry 
    about his attacks – he'll be too busy with yours!  As Midna will tell you, 
    there's a lot of magic in that gem in his forehead, and you need to shoot it 
    (without the aid of L-targeting) to blind him momentarily.  While he's 
    wandering around get behind him and grab one of his chains with R.  Put on 
    the Iron Boots to give yourself more weight and pull back on the chain.  
    He'll come crashing down, tripped by your maneuver, and his weak spot is wide 
    open.  Run up to the jewel and slash it as many times as you can before he 
    Continue this process until he's kaput.  He'll thrash about in pain for a few 
    seconds and then his jewel will explode before he sheds some skin.  A second 
    dark power, or Fused Shadow, comes out, meaning we're two-thirds of the way 
    done.  To reward you, Midna tells you an interesting story.  Zant is the King 
    of Darkness who veiled Hyrule in twilight, and Midna won't submit to him.  
    (She doesn't like Zelda either, but that's just disapproval for a privileged 
    lifestyle).  Midna creates a portal for us to exit through, but take the 
    Heart Container before you leave, – another heart on the meter! – and talk to 
    the Goron that Fyrus left behind.  It's a large fellow with strong cheekbones, 
    and he doesn't remember a thing that happened.  Ah, I guess the elders will 
    just have to fill in him on how heroic we were.  We can leave with Midna now, 
    and saving is a good option.
    Back in Kakariko Eldin will give you a new hint.  To the north, across a 
    plain and past a great stone bridge, is the last light spirit, Lanayru.  
    There we will find one whom we seek...  Ilia?  Colin has recovered, and he 
    urges us to save Ilia.  The monsters took her somewhere else, leaving Colin 
    with the other village children.  Colin is taking a lesson in being more 
    self-reliant, and Renado promises to look over the Ordonian children.  Renado 
    says that countless tales are told of the ancient hero, and our deeds remind 
    him of those tales.  The people, minus Malo (that creep!), take a bow, and 
    now we're up to our own devices.  Northward, ho!
    ===============================Lakebed Temple*===============================
                          |    Gearing Up in Kakariko    |
    Gorons are now back in Kakariko, and Barnes Bombs is now selling Bombs, 10 
    for 30 rupees.  If you try to buy it, he'll offer you a Bomb Bag, too, for 
    120 rupees.  Furthermore you can combine the arrows and bombs for a bomb 
    arrow, like in Link's Awakening.  The bag carries 30 bombs and is already 
    filled; Barnes will send you a letter by Postman explaining how to use them.  
    When you've bought that, go out and talk to the Goron standing in front of 
    the shop.  He'll let you spring onto the roof of the bomb shop; do so and 
    follow the stairs up to a slope you should climb to ultimately reach another 
    Goron; climb on him and you can spring to a new building.  Inside there's a 
    chest containing 50 rupees, a little something to help you out after such big 
    spending.  If you climb to the top of the building using the ladder outside, 
    though, Talo will ask you to show him how to shoot a bow (he's town lookout).
    In this little mini-game you'll hit two targets fairly easily, but then you 
    have to hit a pole way off in the distance (it's very thin, too).  It's on 
    top of the building you met Talo on in case you can't see it.  If you do 
    manage to hit it (aim with the tip of the arrow), Malo will give you a Piece 
    of Heart.  If you miss and run out of arrows, Malo takes the opportunity to 
    advertise the Hawkeye in his shop.  Give up the game and head over to his 
    General Store, where the Hawkeye will run you 100 rupees (it's available if 
    you got the Piece of Heart, too, and I recommend it for everyone).  You can 
    combine your Bow with the Hawkeye using R on the item select screen.  With 
    the Hakweye on you can zoom in on your target with the C-stick, and there are 
    crosshairs to help you aim.  Now shooting the pole will be easy.  You get 10 
    rupees out of the deal, which does pay for part of the Hawkeye.  Now, get on 
    Epona and exit Kakariko to the northwest, leaping over the gate there and 
    into Hyrule Field.
    (Before you follow the guide below, you may want to consider going to the 
    spring in Ordona to learn another hidden skill, assuming you activated the 
    howling stone back on Death Mountain Trail.  Refer to the "Hidden Skills" 
    section for more details.  From here on out, though, I'll assume you have the 
    second hidden skill, the shield attack.)
                               |    To the North    |
    As you ride forward, Mr. Postman stops you to deliver a letter – actually, 
    two!  One is a notice from Barnes, which we were expecting.  He tells us that 
    pressing R over the bomb icon on the Item Screen will let you equip bomb 
    arrows, explosive versions of the normal ones.  The other is from a new shop 
    in Kakariko, which is operated by a young, up and coming Goron entrepreneur.  
    He only comes out at night, but he sells Blue Potion, which other vendors 
    don't carry.  It restores all health in one fell swoop, but right now "all 
    health" is covered by the 8-heart-restoring effect of the Red Potion.  So, 
    it's basically a waste of money (especially for 100 rupees!).
    Now we can carry on.  You've actually been in this sector of Hyrule Field 
    before – you had your joust and chase over here.  Furthermore, you can take 
    the southwest exit to some rocks, which block a connection to the other part 
    of Hyrule Field in Eldin Province.  Simply blow them up with bombs.  To the 
    west of this section of Hyrule Field is the veil of twilight over what 
    appears to be Hyrule Castle.  There's a new enemy here, the Leever.  It is a 
    burrowing enemy that pops up out of the sand (it's usually in desert or beach 
    climates – a field appearance is unusual).  Make your way to the north, to 
    the bridge you jousted on, and continue north from there to find some rocks 
    blocking your path.  Blow them up, opening the road to the North.
    Ah, but evil rears its ugly head once more!  A portal opens in the sky and 
    takes a segment of the bridge up, barring our path to the South.  It also 
    tosses some shadow beasts down as an added bonus.  Well, I don't know about 
    you, but I am not standing for that!  Head down to the bridge and engage them 
    in battle.  Since you're not a wolf, you'll have to be a bit more clever in 
    preventing one from being left alive.
    First you need to single one out and kill it while not harming the others.  
    Then you should run away from the corpse; the other two will follow.  As they 
    do, charge up a spin attack and, when they're both in range, let it go.  If 
    that doesn't kill them (they should have equal damage), run forward again and 
    repeat the process.  This will kill both of them at the same time, leaving 
    none to shriek the others back to life.  We now have a portal there, so feel 
    free to go north where the boulders were.
                               |    Tracking Ilia    |
    Follow the path northwest to a bridge; a little ways beyond it is the 
    twilight.  Enter.  Soon you'll transform into the wolf, and Midna will be 
    back on top of you.  We're still in Hyrule Field (told you it was huge), but 
    this is Lanayru Province.  You can tell from the map that the castle is in 
    this province.  As you saunter down this uneventful road you'll eventually 
    see an object emitting a purple gas if you use your senses (or even if you 
    don't).  Smell it and you'll be asked to forget the Youth's Scent to memorize 
    a new one.  Do so to learn the Scent of Ilia!  This is her purse.  
    Considering that her smell is pink and the children's yellow, I imagine Ilia 
    smells way better anyways.  As you go forward the trail will widen into a 
    real field and you'll see Hyrule Castle off in the distance.
    Follow Ilia's scent through the field.  You may want to switch out of scent 
    mode every now and then to tell where enemies are, but other than that you 
    should follow the aroma right over a bridge and to a southern road.  Take it 
    to yet another region of the unending Hyrule Field.  Here you should just 
    follow Ilia's smell like before, although you'll face tougher enemies in this 
    screen.  Eventually it leads you to a bridge with a few foes on it.
    Cross the bridge to reach Hyrule Castle Town, the very place Rusl told us 
    about at the beginning of the game.  This is the West Road.  Only two people 
    are talking, discussing a Zora child who collapsed on the South Road.  Go 
    ahead and you'll come to the Central Square.  You'll see all sorts of spirits 
    here, gathering around a central fountain (there's a Triforce symbol in the 
    There's a procession of guards marching about, and rumor has it that 
    something's gone wrong in Lake Hylia, the town's water source.  There's a 
    water shortage here.  Ilia's scent reaches into the East Road, so head over 
    there.  It looks like she went into the Medical Clinic, left, and went down a 
    southern street leading to South Road.  As you continue down the way you'll 
    hear more gossip about the Zora boy who collapses (less well-informed gossip, 
    but gossip nonetheless).  There's a Goron down here selling hot spring water 
    (it looks like the same salesman as from Kakariko Goods).  But continue 
    tracking Ilia's scent and you'll eventually reach a stopping point: Telma's 
    Bar, also the place where the Zora boy is being kept.
    Enter and – huzzah!  Looking over the Zora child is Ilia!  In the back a few 
    guards are talking.  The people are complaining that they can't send prayers 
    to the spring spirit of Lake Hylia.  If you check the map he's laid out on 
    the table, you'll see the spirit's spring marked with a red annulus.  We're 
    quite a ways from it...  Still, we need to check it out.  Ilia seems to be 
    okay, so we're now off to find the spirit's spring.  Let the games begin.
                            |    Consider the Source    |
    Exit Hyrule Castle Town the way you entered, by West Road.  Dash down the 
    bridge and run to the western screen exit.  You'll end up in another region 
    of Hyrule Field.  There's only one path available, so follow it until it 
    opens up into a new screen, Lake Hylia.  If you go left you'll see the Great 
    Bridge of Hylia.  Walk down it until Midna asks if you smell something funny.  
    There's a black liquid on the bridge, probably oil, and an archer fires two 
    flaming arrows at either end of the bridge.  The fire starts closing in on us, 
    and we have to do something to escape our imminent demise.  Get onto one of 
    the crates here and leap off the side of the bridge.  You'll fall all the way 
    down into the water of Lake Hylia...  As Midna points out, it's rather low on 
    water to be considered a lake.  Our map shows the spirit's spring to the 
    south, so let's explore.
    If you swim to the shore you'll find three Zora guards looking at this 
    misnamed puddle.  Zoras are an amphibious race in the Zelda series.  They say 
    water isn't flowing in from upstream – something must've happened to the 
    water source in Zora's Domain, their home.  Head west from them and you'll 
    see a brightly colored building with a spirit standing in front of it.  After 
    complaining for a bit he spots a monster in the distance.  If you run up to 
    it, it'll blow on some grass and summon a monstrous bird to fight you on!  
    He'll shoot fire arrows down at you from above, but you need to wait for it 
    to swoop down at you (try running and letting it pursue you).  When it's low 
    enough to the ground jump attack it and hang onto its chest, biting it some 
    more for more damage.  Do this until the monster loses his ride and then kill 
    the pilot.
    Midna jumps on top of the bird and take control of it.  With Wolf Link 
    clutched in its talons, it flies off to the source of the water.  You now 
    have to fly down a narrow canyon.  At the beginning I'd suggest sticking to 
    the left, and then dashing by the archers.  When you see a large barrier 
    ahead, start flying up; there's an opening with your name on it.  Then drop 
    down, but back up to pass through a hole in the rock wall.  Stay to the side, 
    as a stone pillar will fall down the middle of the screen.
    You'll soon have to turn into a cave filled with stalactites that will drop 
    rocks on you.  You can either stay to the right or squeeze through the left, 
    and then you'll have to pass a few archers to reach daylight.  Just beyond it 
    you'll see a skull-shaped hole, and if you pass through that you'll finally 
    be done.  Throughout all this you can't collide with anything (otherwise, 
    you'll get dropped and have to restart from the beginning.  Luckily, the 
    penalty for doing so is only a quarter of a heart).
    You arrive at Upper Zora's River when you do get done with it.  Up ahead 
    you'll see a boat rental cabin.  As you can imagine, it's not doing so well 
    lately.  Not only that but it's real cold, too!  If you drop down into the 
    river bed, you'll see some ice (despite the lack of water).  Follow the river 
    west to reach a new screen.  Welcome to Zora's Domain... which is iced like a 
    cake.  Also, Zoras are conspicuously absent.  This is strangely similar to 
    the Zora's Domain incident from Ocarina of Time...  When you go forward and 
    onto an ice block to the right you can Midna jump out of the river bed and to 
    the shore.  Climb to the top of the trail and look out to some icy ledges 
    ahead.  Midna jump there and to the subsequent ledges (this may take a few 
    tries).  Soon enough you'll reach the summit, and you'll enter a new screen 
    shortly thereafter.
    There are some shadow beasts to kill here.  One monster will seclude itself, 
    and you need to slip through an opening on the left side to reach and kill it 
    first.  Then kill the other two at the same time with a spin attack.  There!  
    You have a new portal.  But wait a minute...  Look below the ice!  There are 
    tons of Zora spirits, all frozen in solid ice.  Midna suggests we warp out of 
    here and come back with a way to melt the ice.  I know just the thing.
                             |    The Domino Effect    |
    Warp to Death Mountain.  Remember that giant rock that almost did us in 
    during one of the eruptions?  Well, it's still pretty hot.  If we were to 
    warp with it, it would probably melt that ice...  Go up to it and press Z to 
    talk to Midna about it, and then warp back to Zora's Domain.  Hooray for 
    problem-solving and critical thinking!  The rock has just the effect we 
    wanted, and the river starts gushing once again.  This, in turn, will restore 
    life to all Hyrule!  The Zoras look okay, just a little rattled, so you're 
    free to leave.  But then, as you start going, a ghost stops you.  She wants 
    to thank you for revitalizing the spring, which provides water for all Hyrule.  
    In life she was the elder-queen of this Zora village, going by the name 
    Rutela.  It seems Zant's monsters invaded and killed the queen as an example 
    to the other Zoras.
    Before her tragic departure into the spirit world she sent her son, Ralis, to 
    Hyrule Castle to inform Princess Zelda of all this commotion.  Her mother's 
    intuition, however, tells her that he's met an ill fate.  So, since she can't 
    really do much in her current state, would you save Ralis for her?  If we do, 
    she'll grant us the protection of water, the power to swim in deep water like 
    a Zora.  It's a done deal!  But before we can talk to the Zora prince we 
    really should be human, so let's make seeing the spring spirit a priority.  
    See yourself out and Midna will observe that the water could carry us all the 
    way back to Lake Hylia.  Jump in and exit the screen to automatically return 
    to Lake Hylia, right in front of the spirit's spring.  So get up, go forward, 
    and welcome to Lanayru's spring!
                        |    The Light Spirit of Lanayru    |
    Lanayru is the final light spirit, and we need to gather its Tears of Light 
    just like with Faron and Eldin.  That means we have the Vessel of Light again, 
    with 16 slots to fill as per the usual.  Our map indicates that the insects 
    are spread out all over the province, making this our longest-distance insect 
    quest yet.  You'll notice the first as soon as you walk out of the shrine.  
    It's running up a bridge to the left.  Hunt it down and take its Tear (01).  
    If you go down the next bridge leading southwest you'll come to a shadow 
    beast arena, this one featuring three beasts very spread out (each isolated 
    from the rest).  I suggest killing the northernmost one first, and then 
    luring the other two close enough that you can spin attack them.  When you do, 
    you'll have gained another portal in Lanayru Province.
    Exit this arena to the east and then turn right to see some ledges.  Jump to 
    them twice and then turn left and make another jump.  Follow the path here to 
    the bottom of Lake Hylia where you'll find a dark insect.  Recover the second 
    Tear of Light (02).  Now, return to the shadow beast arena (you might even 
    warp there) and take the northwestern bridge.  Toward the end is that same 
    building you saw before, Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication 
    (hey, read the sign if you don't believe me).  Believe me or not, there's a 
    dark insect at the side of the building, or behind it if you let it move 
    enough.  Make that (03).
    Now swim east to a sandbar, at the end of which is another dark insect.  
    Chalk up another one for the forces of good (04).  Alright, now let's blow 
    this joint.  Head back over to FFWLF (that shop with a really long name) and 
    go south a bit to some grass.  You have to howl the song that summons the 
    bird...  Just hold A and move the control stick to change pitch.  You need to 
    change the pitch according to the blue lines.  When you do, the bird picks 
    you up.
    There are a few dark insects in Zora's River, and you'll have to get them 
    while flying.  That's a pretty good twist, huh?  Keep your sense on the 
    entire time.  To kill them and take their Tear of Light, L-target the insect 
    and dash.  You'll dash right into them, and the Tear of Light will go to you 
    automatically.  There are two near the first bend (05)(06).  A second pair 
    are shortly up ahead (07)(08).  After that there are no more for you to 
    collect in here, so just fly to the end.  You'll exit into Upper Zora's River.
    Run up to the spirit who operates the boat rental cabin and talk to her.  As 
    soon as you do a dark insect will emerge from beneath her porch.  Kill it for 
    (09).  You can also cross the water while you're here to see two Zoras 
    chatting by the riverside.  They say Prince Ralis must've passed through here 
    because this is the only waterway that connects to Hyrule Castle.  They jump 
    into the water and swim down a torch-lit cave.  But don't follow them yet; 
    warp to Zora's Domain instead.  (Note that there's a howling stone on this 
    side of the river; refer to "Hidden Skills" for more details.)
    Inside you'll find a dark insect flying above the east side.  You'll have to 
    jump attack it, but when you do it's (10).  Now go to the great outdoors.  
    Wash down the waterfall and step onto a rock in the center.  Jump attack two 
    dark insects from there to get (11) and (12).  Now if you get onto the shore 
    on the west side, toward the north, you can Midna jump to new heights.  
    Follow the path, jumping and such, and you'll soon find a chest containing 20 
    rupees at a dead-end.  From there you should jump down and follow a path here 
    to a dark insect (13).  Now, to get the last insect here you'll have to 
    return to where that red rupee was.  Walk down to the other end of the 
    platform and you'll have a place to Midna jump.  Do a series of them and 
    you'll end up in a new spot; Midna jump higher from there and then you'll 
    have to jump down.  But then you'll see the dark insect ahead (14).  Alright, 
    now to the last one...
    Return to Upper Zora's River (just swim there from Zora's Domain) and take 
    the cave you saw earlier.  It leads into a river flowing down to Hyrule 
    Castle.  Let it carry you to the end of the line and then get out of the 
    water on the west coast.  From there make your way to the bridge to Hyrule 
    Castle Town.  Before you can take it you'll be ambushed by a trio of shadow 
    beasts, and they're positioned just like the Lake Hylia ones.  Defeat them in 
    the same way and you'll gain a portal (which is much more convenient than 
    taking the river route).  Now you can take the bridge into town.
    The dark insect is in South Road right outside Telma's Bar, hiding in some 
    crates.  Follow Ilia's scent to it if you have to.  It's hiding in some 
    crates; break them and kill it (15).  That's all of them our map indicated, 
    but there's still an empty slot in the Vessel of Light.  Midna expresses it 
    best when she asks, "What's going on?"  A new light appears on our map, 
    though, and it's right in the middle of Lake Hylia.  Warp down there and 
    you'll see a strong energy presence making circles in the water...  Let's 
    Thunder and lightning...  This is not a good time to swim.  Please, don't try 
    this at home.  Jump into the water and head out for the dot on the screen.  
    When you arrive you'll pull up onto a board floating here, and then the 
    insect will come up.  Use X to see it, a wretched sight – it's a flying 
    insect with a grub's body.  When it comes at you electrically, move out of 
    the way; when it stops and hovers, jump attack and bite it before you fall 
    back onto the board/into the water.  After a few rounds of this it'll fall 
    into the water and start floating on its back.  That's when you need to jump 
    onto its body and do a spin attack to destroy all its legs.  This kills the 
    beast, freeing up the final Tear of Light (16).  100% complete!
    You'll appear back in the spirit's spring, and Lanayru will appear.  It's a 
    snake, a sea serpent, and I'm just happy it's on our side.  The dark power we 
    seek is hidden in a temple in the bed of Lake Hylia.  But first, he'll tell 
    us something, which takes the shape of a cinema.  The goddesses created the 
    world from chaos, and the land they descended into became called the Sacred 
    Realm.  But a great battle ensued for the treasure the goddesses left behind.  
    Sorcerers tried to take command of the Sacred Realm, but three light spirits 
    intervened and locked their power away.  That magic was the Fused Shadows...  
    After that you'll see a cinema so creepy not even I can make a joke...  
    Anyways, the third dark power lies in the Lakebed Temple in Lake Hylia, and 
    we're off to it.
    (Right about now is a good time to get another bomb bag and the capacity 
    upgrade.  See the "Equipment Upgrades" section for details.)
                               |    Healing Ralis    |
    A lakebed is out of reach to your ordinary Hyrulean, but remember, we've got 
    a deal going with Rutela, the ex-queen of the Zoras.  We just need to protect 
    her son and we can get the protection of waters.  And now that the twilight 
    has been eliminated from the province we can actually communicate with the 
    lad's caretakers.  So, head over to FFWLF (the unprofitable shop) and talk to 
    the clown running things.  He'll mutter about the Zoras and their temple for 
    a while before asking you to pay 10 rupees to participate in the 
    fantastication.  Step into his cannon and he'll activate it.  It shoots you 
    straight up to FFWLF's other location, and you'll have to walk into it.  Take 
    the ladder down and, if you choose, play a mini-game with this joker.  But if 
    you don't – and you won't, I'd hope – use the door.  This is how you get from 
    the lake's surface to Hyrule Field, via the clown duo.
    Head over to Hyrule Castle Town.  (Before you go, note that there's a golden 
    wolf in the area, if you activated the Upper Zora's River howling stone.  See 
    "Hidden Skills" for details.  I'll now assume you have the back slice).  As 
    you cross the bridge the Postman will stop you to deliver two letters.  One 
    is from Barnes, informing you of a new product – bombs you can use in the 
    water.  The other is from the Lanayru Tourist Association, informing you of 
    two new mini-games.  Continue on your way to Castle Town, please.
    Go to Telma's Bar in South Road and you'll see the doctor showing up.  He 
    can't treat the Zora child since, well, he's a Zora, and doctor's usually get 
    trained in their own species.  But then again, there is a shaman in Kakariko 
    Village who can treat Zoras...  The guards here volunteer to escort Ilia and 
    the Zora to Kakariko, but when they hear about the monsters and danger, they 
    scram.  That's when Telma and Ilia notices Link standing there.  Oh, the 
    timing!  But wait, is Ilia just ignoring Link or something?  Telma soon steps 
    in to reveal that she has amnesia.  She found the Zora collapsed in the road 
    and took him here.
    Well, it seems that since so many bridges have been destroyed our only option 
    left is the one to the west.  We see from our vantage point a monster riding 
    a boar (the same one we fought before?) on the bridge, so we'll have to deal 
    with him.  Now, before you set out, Ilia asks your name.  (At this point, I'd 
    say something like Art Vandelay, but Link tells the truth).  Shortly 
    thereafter, you begin the wagon ride to Kakariko.
    When you reach the bridge they'll let you and the monster duke it out.  You 
    can tell by his scanty armor and half-missing horn that it's the same one, 
    too!  Ooh, this is one rematch he'll regret asking for.  But this time he has 
    shields on his sides (he learned his lesson from last time).  So, just shoot 
    him with your arrows a few times.  He'll then lose control and fall off the 
    side of the bridge, tossing the gate keys right into Link's hands.  Ah, what 
    a dunce...  Now you can safely pass over the bridge.
    Now we must protect the coach while fire arrow-shooting archers take their 
    aggression out on you.  If the wagon is set on fire simply put it out with 
    the Gale Boomerang (so it did have some use outside the Forest Temple!).  Now, 
    when you arrive at the gate you need to dismount and unlock it; then you can 
    resume the protection game.  Some boar-riding archers show up in the back for 
    you to deal with, and also some birds with bombs in their talons (shoot them 
    down or boomerang them).
    If the wagon is hit at all it will double back to the beginning of a field 
    and you'll have to go through it all again, so make sure to stop the bomb-
    dropping bird as well as the archers on horseback.  Open the final gate and 
    you'll have had a successful journey.  In the cut scene that follows we learn 
    that the Zora boy will be alright (he'd better be after what we just did!)...  
    Link is sad to report that his mother was not.
    Outside, Colin learns that yes, Ilia has lost her memory, and for a second I 
    felt like I was watching a soap opera.  Renado suggests she'll regain her 
    memory in time, though.  Telma wants to see you again in the bar.  There's a 
    passageway into the castle from there, you see.  Telma leaves to talk to 
    Renado.  Finally, a moment to ourselves!  Or not, actually – Rutela, former 
    Zora queen, is behind you.  Follow her to the Graveyard and she'll remove a 
    block for you...  Crawl into the hole to arrive at a pond.  I would never 
    have thought this was here!
    Swim over to her and she'll thank you for your services.  Apparently Kakariko 
    Village is a sacred place to the Zora, the place they take their eternal rest 
    in.  Her husband King Zora's spirit is also here.  In his life, her husband 
    prophetically fashioned garments for the coming hero to wear, and they're in 
    his grave.  You got the Zora armor!  It's been handed down through the Zora 
    royal family, the description reads, despite what we just heard from his 
    wife...  When wearing it you can move freely through the water, but you're 
    more vulnerable to ice and fire attacks.  It's a trade-off for sure, but we 
    need it down in Lakebed Temple.
    By the way, next time we see Ralis make sure to tell him not to grieve 
    Rutela's death and to be a brave Zora king.  Also, she loves him.  After that, 
    Midna comes out to remind us that we need that third Fused Shadow to defeat 
    Zant and "save the world."  We may've cleared out the twilight, but it could 
    return, you know.  So, yes, let's keep our eyes on the prize.  To Lake Hylia!
                               |    Into the Deep    |
    You can select the Zora Armor on the Start screen.  You look remarkably Zora-
    like in them.  While you're in town buy those Water Bombs from Barnes.  
    Unless you have another bomb bag (see the "Equipment Upgrades" section), 
    you'll have to sell your own bombs at a very unreasonable price and then buy 
    his water bombs.  The price is pretty steep, so don't waste them.  Now, 
    return to the Graveyard.  See the torches in the southeast?  If you light 
    both, you'll make a chest materialize that contains 50 rupees.  That helps 
    you recover somewhat, huh?
    Rupees in wallet, return to where you said your farewell to Rutela.  Drop 
    into the water and put on the Iron Boots to give you a good footing.  See 
    those rocks against the northern wall?  Drop a water bomb by them.  When the 
    rocks are blown up you'll see that they were blocking an opening.  It's a 
    secret shortcut to Lake Hylia.
    Swim ahead until you can dive down deeper into the lake.  It's very easy: use 
    A to dive, and also use it to ascend (just hold down on the control stick).  
    Swim to the very bottom, where the calming music stops and the light is shut 
    out.  There's a Zora guard near the bottom who's selling water bombs (when 
    one guy starts doing it, everyone starts doing it!) for the same price as 
    Barnes, but you have to buy 15 at a time.
    Now, opposite him is the temple...  The guard near it informs us that it was 
    once called the Zora Temple, but now it's too monstrous for that.  Hence, 
    it's sealed off.  Drop to the bottom using Iron Boots and examine the ground.  
    See that circular patch?  Let a water bomb explode over it.  This creates a 
    current that ends at the rock that's blocking our way.  Place a second water 
    bomb on the current (from the ground) so that it rises up and explodes there 
    (try to place it about in the center of the current).  There, we've forced an 
    opening.  Rise up and enter, O hero.
                              |    Lakebed Temple    |
    Oh, how I hate water dungeons, especially water dungeons with six floors.  
    First we have a long hallway that eventually slopes down to your first enemy.  
    It's a Shell Blade, from Ocarina of Time.  When it comes at you it will open 
    its mouth, exposing its internal muscle.  That's what you need to slash.  But 
    remember, you need to be wearing the Iron Boots to even draw your sword.  If 
    you take the higher route you'll encounter some jellyfish foes called Biri, 
    which are really annoying.  Right now, you can't kill them.  They put up 
    electric barriers now and float about menacingly.  Swim past them (or under 
    them if you took the Shell Blade route) to come to a vertical tunnel with two 
    Biri stuffed into it.  Avoid these as you rise up and you'll come to the 
    surface, and the "Lakebed Temple" cinema first plays.
    Behind you is a jelly-like enemy that goes by many named in the Zelda 
    universe.  But I'll use the more current Zelda name, Chuchu.  In this room 
    you'll find a purple and red variety.  Just slash them to death; they really 
    can't do anything other than touch you.  Afterwards, if you're quick, you can 
    capture some of their residue as Chu Jelly.  The Red acts as a Red Potion, 
    but the Purple will have random effects on your health, both good and bad 
    (don't drink it).  Note two chests by the walls of this room – one with water 
    bombs (neat-o!) and one with arrows.
    When you're ready to leave this room get up by the gate and turn around.  See 
    the lever?  Jump to it to pull it down, earning you access to the door.  Well, 
    what are you waiting for?  Use it!  When you step forward onto the pathway 
    sticking out, a stalactite falls, and Midna suggests you knock them down 
    before going ahead.  Get out your Bow and water bombs (or regular ones if you 
    have them) in combination and shoot down the four stalactites.  When you do, 
    take the path down.
    Hey, look!  There's a new enemy here, but it's pretty old in the Zelda series.  
    It's a Helmasaur, and its front side is protected by a mask.  It's vulnerable 
    to attack from behind, so attack it after it passes you in a charge.  You'll 
    also find Tektites here.  Anyways, follow the path down and climb up the 
    ledges there to reach a door.  To the right are more ledges that lead to a 
    chest with 10 water bombs in it!  That would run you 60 rupees at Barnes.  
    Now you can take the door.
    The room you come to contains a few bridges over a circular stream.  Ahead is 
    another new enemy, a Lizalfos (from OoT).  It's just like a Bokoblin.  In any 
    case, just walk forward and take the door.  The room you come to is another 
    hub, but definitely the best decorated one we've seen so far, what with the 
    chandelier and all.  Go down the stairs and you'll reach the opposite end of 
    the room; go left from there past two Tektites to reach a chest containing 20 
    arrows.  Now double back a bit to the torch hanging above you, and look 
    toward the center of the room.  See the lever?  Activate it.  That switches 
    the stairs around.
    Take them to the end and go down the eastern side of the room.  At the end is 
    a pot containing your good friend Ooccoo.  Now swing around to the west.  
    Right by the door is another lever for you to pull.  Do so and the stairs 
    switch around.  Take them to a door, to the left of which is a chest, inside 
    of which is the Dungeon Map.  Huzzah!  Now use that door.  In the bridge you 
    reach eliminate the Helmasaur and then open the door.
    You'll see two stalactites in this room, one to the left, and one farther off 
    to the right.  Shoot both if you can with bomb arrows (if you don't want to 
    risk wasting a bomb with the far one, just leave it for now) and then take 
    the tunnel to the left.  Walk across the bridge you've patched up and climb 
    the vines around to drop down on the other side of the rock.  From there you 
    should see two platforms ahead, one of which regularly rises (if you've shot 
    the stalactite – if not, do so now).  Hop across them to a chest, which holds 
    a Small Key.  Now you should exit this room and return to the hub room.
    Run across the stairs and go to the east door.  It's locked, but you can 
    unlock it.  Do so and cross this bridge to reach a new room.  The dried up 
    stream here ends at a chest and a Tektite, the former worth 5 water bombs.  
    This is a clue, as there are two stalactites on the west side.  Shoot down 
    the one closer to the wall and use it as a stepping stool to reach the vines 
    on the wall.  Climb where they leads you and step onto the black ledge you 
    come to.  From there you should jump to the lever, lowering the gate below (a 
    shortcut).  Drop down and walk east.
    Ignore the door for now and blow up the boulder.  Take the door it leads to 
    (you'll have two Helmasaurs blocking your way), and you'll see a peculiar 
    little bug jump into a bubble of slime.  We can't really defeat him right now 
    (well, you can, with a bomb), so take the only open door here.  In this new 
    hallway just proceed to a chest containing a Small Key.  There's only one 
    door you can take here, so take it.  You'll arrive at an "arena" where you 
    must fend off a Lizalfos.  After you own it, take the door it was guarding.  
    You're back to where the boulder was!
    Take eastern exit and, in the bubbly bug room, unlock the locked door.  The 
    new room is lots of empty space.  Follow the path around and jump into the 
    pit here.  Then take the other vines up to a new path.  Follow it up (it 
    takes a while) to reach a chest storing 10 water bombs just for you.  Then 
    take the ladder to the right.  Jump to the lever and a floodgate opens, 
    restoring the dried up stream bed to its old watery self.  Slide down the way 
    you took up and you'll find the entire room is full of water (you'd think it 
    would take longer to fill such a deep pit, but I digress).  Now you can swim 
    to the island in the center of the room with a lever suspended above it.  
    Pull it down and another floodgate opens.  Now the water is spreading to the 
    entire dungeon!  Actually, knowing other Zelda games, that might not be such 
    a good thing.
    Take the door the bubble bug is up against and you'll see the waterwheel that 
    previously blocked you is up and running.  Either way, use the door to return 
    to the Lizalfos arena.  The gear here is now turning, which means the 
    platforms hanging from it are moving, too.  Drop down to the lower level of 
    the room and use a tunnel here to reach a higher part of the room (the very 
    first time you entered this room, you entered from there).  Jump onto one of 
    the platforms from the ledge there and ride it to the first door you come to.  
    There's a chest containing a Small Key to the right, but that's all we came 
    Exit the room and jump on a platform to go through the next door you come to.  
    Open the door with your Small Key.  Wade into the water here and put on your 
    Iron Boots.  When you see a strong current working against you, walk toward 
    it and you'll find a chest with water bombs inside.  Now follow the current 
    to a chest containing 20 rupees.  Now walk to the west to find a boulder.  
    Blow it up and walk past a Shell Blade and into a new screen.
                                Mini-Boss: Ugly Toad
    This tunnel leads to a dead-end, so remove your heavy shoes and float up to 
    the top.  There's a little fish enemy in this giant, empty chamber – slash it 
    and be done with this.  Look around – nothing's in here!  But wait!  Look 
    up...  There's a huge toad monster (ugly as sin!) up there with those fish on 
    its back.  It drops down and unleashes its pets, which you can take care of 
    easily with either a spin attack or blindly slashing about.  The toad will 
    then jump into the air and try to land on you.  You can tell what I'm going 
    to say next: RUN!  When it flops onto the ground its tongue will loll out for 
    you to attack.  That's its weak spot, you see.  Somehow or other Toady here 
    will conjure up more of his minions for you to hack up, and then it's the 
    same old story – attack the tongue after he misses you.  It takes three sets 
    to do him in.  He'll spit up a treasure chest, and opening it for...
    You got the Clawshot!  It's a claw at the end of a chain, and it's 
    essentially the same as the Hookshots of yore.  If you see three rotating 
    triangles when you aim it, release its button to release the claw, which will 
    latch onto your target and draw you to it.  (You can also use it to bring 
    items to you).  Try it out on the various red circular symbols in the caves 
    around here.  You'll earn quite a few rupees that way.  When you're done here 
    clawshot the target above the gates, which will lower them.  Then take the 
    next two doors back to the room with the spinning platforms.  From here you 
    should work your way back to the hub room (the one with the rotating 
    Inside you'll see water pouring in.  Get down and swim to the central island 
    (beware the skeletal fish enemies, though, called Skullfish, a la Majora's 
    Mask) and open the chest for 20 rupees.  I should note that, if you wanted to, 
    you could fish from here to catch one of those monsters.  But when you're 
    ready to move on, get up to the door you came by (the eastern one of 2F) and 
    clawshot to the red target opposite you when you first walk in and the stairs 
    will switch, carrying the water down them.  (There's another target on 1F by 
    the western exit, if that's easier for you to get to).  If you take the door 
    they lead to you'll see that the waterwheel that previously blocked you in is 
    now up and running, letting you pass under it.  Do so and take the door you 
    come to.
    Jump forward to the platform ahead and then clawshot to the target to the 
    upper-right.  Use the Control Stick to descend and then drop to a water bomb 
    treasure chest.  From there you can clawshot to some vines to the northwest.  
    Step down when you get above the ledge and clawshot to the vines above.  
    Clawshot from the next ledge you reach to a final set of vines before taking 
    the door out of here.  There's another one of those bubble bugs here, but now 
    you can beat it without resorting to explosives.  Clawshot the bug right out 
    of its bubble and slash it to death (sorry to burst your bubble!  *And the 
    crowd goes wild*).  Now, head down the hallway and look up.  See the 
    stalactite?  Let fly thine arrow of bombs and verily, it'll fall onto the 
    water.  Ride it up and jump over the wall blocking your advance, and then 
    fall down to two Tektite for you to massacre.  Afterwards clawshot the target 
    over the door up ahead and take it to a new room.
    Kill both bubble bugs and then clawshot to the vines on the ceiling.  Move 
    forward up here and drop down into the water.  Climb the vines to the left 
    and travel up this road.  Note that now you can simply clawshot the 
    Helmasaur's masks away, leaving them completely defenseless.  When you reach 
    the hole in the path you'll have to clawshot to the target across the gap, 
    but make sure the water's not pumping when you do.  Repeat this pattern until 
    you get to the top, where there's a chest to open containing 10 water bombs.  
    Furthermore you'll see a target over an otherwise gated-off chest between the 
    ladders – the chest contains the ever so useful Compass.  Jump down from 
    there, though, and climb the ladder to a lever.  Pull it and prepare for more 
    water flow.  Slide down and swim to the island in the center of the room, 
    where you can pull another lever that spreads the love.  Specifically, the 
    water flow into new rooms.  Wary of the Skullfish as you go, swim out, 
    Clawshot to the ceiling, and drop into the previous room.
    Take the door on the right (southern) this time.  In the water are a few Biri, 
    but now you can clawshot their innards out, killing them (just not while 
    their electric).  There's also a Shell Blade and a 20-rupee chest down there.  
    Surface and go past the waterwheel, taking the door you find.  Inside you'll 
    fight an armored Lizalfos (two, actually – one for each gear).  You can 
    clawshot off to a ledge on the side with 20 rupees on it in a chest.  From 
    there you can clawshot to various vines and reach the door you want, letting 
    you out on the other side of the room.  Pass under another waterwheel here 
    and you'll arrive at a chest containing 15 water bombs!  Now, if you'll head 
    back into the Lizalfos room, take the other possible exit (southeast) to 
    reach a segment of the hallway with 20 more rupees in it (and like the other 
    areas, Chuchus, too).  From there clawshot the target above to lower a gate, 
    and now you can return to the hub room.
    Set the stairs up so that they end at the western exit of 1F (if they aren't 
    already like that).  We can now revisit this area with new eyes.  Hop onto 
    one of the revolving platforms and take it to the western end of the room; 
    there, clawshot to one of the next gear's targets, and drop down to the door 
    when you're over it.  In the room you come to, get in the water and put on 
    the Iron Boots.  Walk through an opening in the wall and fight off a Shell 
    Blade, and later a Biri.
    In a middle path, at the end, you should see a boulder blocking an underwater 
    tunnel.  Some bomb fish are coming out of a hole in the ground, and slashing 
    them turns them into a water bomb (the explosion is more hurried, though).  
    Use one of them to bust the cave open.  Sink down in the new part of the room 
    you come to and blow up another boulder (this time with one of your water 
    bombs) and float up in the new cave.  You'll come to a door.  Take it.  
    Inside, kill a bubble bug and then look up.  Clawshot the target and then 
    descend through the hole that's made in the ground to a chest.  You got the 
    Big Key!
    We know the Boss Door is in the hub room.  So, drop down into the water and 
    quickly take the door out (to avoid the Skullfish).  Walk down this tunnel, 
    killing the Biri you meet, and float up to the surface when you're out of it.  
    There's a chest here for you to open containing 5 water bombs.  Exit this 
    room the way you first came and make your way back to the hub.  If you get on 
    the stairs and clawshot to the target above the chandelier on 2F, you can 
    drop down to open another chest for a Piece of Heart, which will also restore 
    your hearts before the big battle ahead.  Now get down into the central pool 
    and use it to enter the pink structure.  Inside, break the jars for some 
    hearts and a fairy (bottle it).  Then fall into the hole and into B2, the 
    boss floor.
    ---------------                                               ---------------
    NOTE: There are two treasure chests we didn't get in the guide for this 
    temple.  First, there's a chest on 4F you may see with your Compass.  To get 
    it you must go back to the first room you got water in (far east of 2F) and 
    hike up the watery path.  You can either use the Iron Boots or walk up the 
    rail.  At the top, clawshot over a gate and to the chest, which contains 50 
    rupees.  Furthermore, in the southeastern room of B1, when water is flowing 
    into the eastern part of that floor, a bridge will rise up.  Get on the 
    bridge to reach a ledge with a switch on it.  Stand on it to open a gate 
    (it's only open as long as you're on it), but then a Lizalfos jumps out at 
    you.  Fight it off and then stand on the switch again.  Clawshot to the wall 
    and open the chest you reach for a Piece of Heart.
    ---------------                                               ---------------
                         |    Twilit Aquatic – Morpheel    |
    Just as I feared, you land in a giant pool of water.  Dive down, or use the 
    Iron Boots to sink, right to the bottom.  There's a pink tentacle sticking 
    out of a hole...  When you land, an eye passes up it and looks at you.  Then 
    a whole ton of other tentacles appear, followed by a gruesome head like a 
    monstrous squid of octopus.  It will grab you with a tentacle, eat you, and 
    spit you out, or launch fish baddies at you.  Nonetheless, beating it in this 
    phase is simple.  Just clawshot its eye out of its tentacle and slash it a 
    few times before it gets away.  But after three hits, Morpheel is done 
    kidding around.  It emerges from its hole, revealing that it's actually a 
    HUGE sea serpent!  This looks painful...
    Keeping the monster L-targeted will make you look like an ant in comparison.  
    It swims around with considerable speed, stopping only occasionally to try to 
    suck you into its mouth.  When it does do that, put on your Iron Boots 
    immediately, and don't take them off until it's done sucking, even if you 
    feel you're out of its range (the suction has a large range).  To defeat it, 
    float up to about its level (or slightly above) and clawshot its eye (L-
    target it).  You'll latch onto his back and hold on for dear life.  As you do 
    you'll eventually manage to draw your sword, and then you can go crazy on it 
    until it shakes you off.  If you're above it when it's about to use its 
    suction attack, put on your Iron Boots and you'll have a very clear shot at 
    it.  Also, put your Iron Boots off after it shakes you off, as you'll be 
    right above it when you do.  It takes about three rounds of this before its 
    eye fails it and Morpheel lives its final moments in blindness.
    When it dies it will sightlessly reel about until it crashes into a wall, 
    which drains the water and causes the eel to explode.  The dark power that 
    was in it coalesces into the third and final Fused Shadow, which Midna takes.  
    But now Midna's already turning her gaze toward Zant, the king of darkness.  
    She apologizes for dragging us all over the greater part of Hyrule and 
    creates a portal to leave this place.  Pick up Morpheel's Heart Container (it 
    came out of its eye) and head off with Midna.  I suggest you save.
    When you warp outside into spirit's spring, Link will turn around and a dark, 
    hooded figure will be standing right there.  It's Zant, king of the shadows...  
    He defeats Lanayru and summons the twilight once more.  Midna appears and 
    Zant extracts our Fused Shadows!  He calls Midna a foolish traitor, and 
    denies that the power he uses is their [his and Midna's] tribe's "old magic."  
    His power has been granted to him by his god, and he casts both Midna and 
    Wolf Link into the ground.  He says the light dwellers oppressed his people.  
    If they can take over the light realm, light will meet dark and dark will 
    blot out the light.  The dark king then asks for Midna to lend him her power 
    (this really confuses me...).  Midna refuses by her silence, and so he casts 
    Midna into the light world, eliminating her with a curse.  But when Zant 
    turns around, Link is gone.  He and Midna reappear outside Hyrule Castle.
    Lanayru instructs us to go to the princess locked away in the castle.  She 
    holds the key to unlock us from our shadow form...
    =============================Arbiter's Grounds*==============================
                              |    Princess Zelda    |
    We saved all those lands from the twilight, collected all three Fused Shadows 
    (which Zant called "ancient and withered" anyways), and went through so much, 
    all for it to be stolen from us in the end.  Midna looks lifeless and 
    colorless from being exposed to the light spirit in her bodily form (as 
    opposed to as a shadow), and things look bleak.  Zelda had better have a 
    miracle up her sleeve to save us.
    Go to Hyrule Castle Town, first.  You know the way – southwest into another 
    part of Hyrule Field and then east.  This time take the North Road, which 
    leads to the castle.  Unfortunately, we're a wolf, and the guards won't let 
    us in...  But wait!  Remember Telma, the bar owner?  She once told us there 
    was a secret route into Hyrule Castle from her bar.  Go down to South Road 
    and into her bar.  Oh, but I forgot: Telma doesn't take kindly to beasts, 
    either.  She'll kick you out and lock her door.  Ah, it's hopeless.  Just 
    walk away.  But hey, some cat calls out to us.  They've been following you 
    all around since you first set paw in the city.  But when the cat actually 
    hops down – we've seen that feline before!  It's Telma's cat, Louise.  
    Somehow she knew who we were.
    When she sees Midna she suspects it's another patient, but Midna gets out the 
    words "Please, Princess Zelda."  Louise begins to walk away, but then she 
    directs us to follow her.  She points to the window she came from, the attic.  
    It's connected to an old castle waterway.  Push a crate against the crates by 
    the wall and use it to reach the window.  Inside Telma's Bar you'll see a 
    Goron, and he'll kick you out if you make loud noises (like breaking pots).  
    So, go left and cross a rope to reach a new platform.  Cross a second rope 
    and carefully pass by the pottery (without breaking it) to reach a third rope.  
    Cross it, step onto the platform ahead, and take the exit you see.
    There's a ton of gold and some guy sitting on a throne in a rundown room with 
    a lantern floating about before our eyes.  I must admit, I did not anticipate 
    that.  Jump down and talk to the "king."  He wants you to kill the ghost out 
    there, a Poe.  Use your senses to see it – it's a small hunchbacked figure 
    with a huge scythe.  Jump attack it twice to knock it down and then jump 
    attack it a final time to tear its soul right from its ethereal body.  You 
    got the Poe's Soul!  Apparently they're collectible.
    Anyways, talk to the guy.  His name is Jovani.  He became consumed by greed 
    and sold his soul to a dark creature that turned him into a golden statue 
    with jewels for eyes.  He can't do much of anything, and his pet cat Gengle 
    is planted on his scalp.  He asks you to defeat 20 Poes to free his soul.  Ah, 
    but since it's raining, he'll open the underground waterway for you.  Once 
    the rain stops, you can enter into there by digging around the front wall 
    where the cats gather.  Alright, now step into the chest and get outta here!
    We wash into a sewer-looking place filled with rats.  But go to the north end, 
    L-target a chain, and jump to it (A) to wash further north.  There are two 
    spiders ahead, and they've sewed a web over the doorway.  And in Zelda, 
    spiders don't make wimpy webs, so it has to be burnt.  Kill your opponents 
    here and then grab one of the sticks and light it on fire with a torch.  
    Carry the torch further with you, lighting the torches in the new chamber you 
    arrive at.  To the east is another web to burn down using your stick, so do 
    what you must.  Jump down from there and walk into the new chamber, where 
    you'll find a hole (use X).  Dig to reach an old part of the sewers, the very 
    same ones we escaped from in our first hurrah in the twilight realm.
    Turn east and start up the stairs you once tread long ago.  Now there are 
    enemies to ambush you and ropes for getting past the gaps (since Midna has 
    been injured).  Work your way to the top (remember, not every rope is 
    necessarily useful) and you'll have to use the door you find, since we can't 
    get any higher.  Outside you'll find more Bokoblins to take care of on this 
    bridge.  Follow the map to the end.  At one point there's a bridge you need 
    to jump on while it's up from the wind.  Beyond that, jump to the left on a 
    roof and follow the path to a door.  When you jump down, ascend up the stairs 
    and take the door.
    We've found Zelda!  Midna selflessly puts you before herself.  Using her 
    right hand (and a symbol on it), Zelda tries to revert you back to your human 
    form, but this transformation was brought on by a different type of magic, an 
    evil power.  She instructs us: go to the sacred grove deep in Faron Woods.  
    There we will find "the blade of evil's bane that was crafted by the wisdom 
    of the ancient sages... the Master Sword."  It is a sacred blade that can't 
    touch evil; logically, therefore, it should repel the evil of this wolf form.  
    Zelda says that, like us, she has been granted special powers by the 
    goddesses (she again flashes that symbol on her hand).  Midna makes one last 
    request: to tell us where to find the Mirror of Twilight.  Zelda is strangely 
    moved by this and transfers her power into Midna, which causes her to 
    disappear, dead!  Midna gets over the curse, though.  A little on the weird 
    As Link leaves, a golden diamond appears around Hyrule Castle.  It's unclear 
    exactly what happened, but know that we can't get into Hyrule Castle again 
    while that thing's up there.  I'm definitely leaving now...
                             |    The Master Sword    |
    Warp to N. Faron Woods.  When you go north, your monkey friend comes down 
    running, but then so do a bunch of weird puppet creatures.  Defeat them with 
    a few jump attacks and the monkey will thank you.  Since we're so nice, she 
    tells us that there's a pretty wooded area on the other side of that cliff 
    over there.  When she tried to explore deeper into the forest, though, those 
    things attacks her.  They're must be something in those woods, huh?
    Step up to the slope before that cliff and talk to Midna.  She'll let you 
    perform a series of jumps that take you to that other side of the cliff.  Go 
    forward when you arrive onto a bridge.  Every so often they change directions 
    (if only we could use our Gale Boomerang).  Just take them when they turn to 
    reach ground.  Then you can turn to a rope you'll have to walk across (I 
    swear, Wolf Link is like a trapeze artist).  But, there are two logs swinging 
    back and forth to knock you off.  This is very basic timing, so just get 
    through it.  There's a howling stone here; see the "Hidden Skills" section 
    for more information.  Now, walk forward into a cave.  This is the Sacred 
    The music here is that of the Lost Woods of Ocarina of Time.  Find a stone in 
    here left of the entrance and it will play a tune for you (Zelda's Lullaby, 
    from OoT).  When you manage to play it, a Skull Kid summons some more of 
    those puppet monsters.  But it's impossible to beat them, because they never 
    run out.  Instead, follow the Skull Kid!  Where he goes, follow him and 
    attack him.  He takes the right path, you see, so go to where you last saw 
    him and work from there.  First the flute music gets stronger, and then the 
    horn music, when pursuing the Skull Kid.  You'll finally come to an arena 
    where you'll face off against the little horn blower.  If you jump attack him 
    normally, he'll disappear and take no damage.  So, get one of his puppets 
    between you and him.  That way, when you jump, you'll hit both.  After a few 
    this, the Skull Kid disappears and opens the way for you.  Take it.
    You're in a large outdoors area, and there's a Triforce symbol on the ground.  
    (The Triforce is a legendary power of the gods in Zelda mythos).  Step onto 
    it and press A to begin your howl.  You'll have to perform Zelda's Lullaby 
    again (the song system in this game is extremely informal).  Doing this 
    changes the layout of the ground and the two statues here come to life.  You 
    must move them to their original positions.  See, they move as you do.  There 
    are only two rules: they can't jump into pits and they can't jump onto you.  
    Also, if both jump for one square, they'll remain where they are.  If you 
    have to take advantage of the first and last of these rules to solve the 
    puzzle.  The solution is:
    Down, Up, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down x 3, Up x 2, Left, Up x 2, Right, Down
    When you've satisfied their challenge they'll restore the ground to its good 
    whole old self and open the door to the Sacred Grove.  Walk up the stairs, 
    and – there it is.  Run up to it and check it.  The light is so powerful that 
    it transforms you into a human, banishing the evil that was in you.  Link 
    pulls the Master Sword from its pedestal, the Ocarina of Time music playing 
    (I half expected to jump seven years into the future), and the sword will 
    have accepted you as its master.  You've mastered the Master Sword!
    Now Midna debates over what to do with the magic Zant used to turn us into a 
    beast.  If we keep it, we could transform whenever we wanted!  In addition, 
    you can warp whenever you want by turning wolf.  This was really worth that 
    maze of a grove to get! (Although I should point out that getting the 
    legendary blade wasn't really that dramatic, like in other games.  OoT had 
    three dungeons to clear just to get that sword!).
    Midna next asks us to find something called the Mirror of Twilight (it's 
    probably broken into pieces and hidden in dungeons...  How much you want to 
    bet?).  It's our last potential link to Zant.  Well, there isn't much else to 
    do, so why not?  But if this gets stolen by Zant, why I ought to...
                              |    Link Goes West    |
    (Now would be the perfect time to get another bomb bag.  See "Equipment 
    Upgrades" for details.)
    Warp to Castle Town.  Ah, traveling is so convenient now.  (Note that there's 
    a golden wolf in the area; see "Hidden Skills" for more information.  I'll 
    now assume you have the helm splitter).  As you cross the gate into the city, 
    the Postman will come and deliver two more letters to us.  One is from Telma, 
    telling us to come to her bar and meet some powerful new allies waiting there.  
    Done and done.  The other is from Ooccoo, telling you she's moving to another 
    location.  Alright, so let's head down to Telma's Bar.  Along the way you'll 
    see that Hyrule Castle Town has been rejuvenated, and all thanks to our 
    anonymous efforts.
    Anyways, a trio of "powerful allies" is sitting at a table.  One of them is 
    missing, a man named Auru, who went to investigate some disturbance in the 
    western desert.  So, if you go talk to the bunch, they'll introduce 
    themselves as Shad the Well-Read, Ashei the Rude Warrior, and... Rusl!  He's 
    gathering information right now.  Ashei is very concerned with Snowpeak, and 
    Shad is learning about Oocca, some demigod sky beings who may have created 
    the Hylian race (they live in a capital city in the sky).  Ah, if he'd met 
    Ooccoo, he'd realize that every bit of that's a lie.
    If you look at the map you'll learn that Auru is at Lake Hylia, studying the 
    desert (that's like studying fashion at a nudist colony...  Oh, how I love 
    analogies...).  No matter how illogical that sounds, let's warp over to the 
    lake.  I'd also like to mention, before you go, that the Postman is at the 
    Bar, debating over what to order.  He's definitely not one of our powerful 
    new allies.  But TO THE POINT, Auru is indeed in Lake Hylia.  Take the bridge 
    south of the warp point, climb the ladder as a human, and stop.  To the right 
    is another howling stone; refer to "Hidden Skills" for more information.  
    Anyways, follow the map to the southwest corner to find a large tower with a 
    ladder on it.  Climb that to meet Auru, who's already well past introductions.
    He tells us what's happened.  There was once a prison in Gerudo Desert that 
    held the worst criminals Hyrule has ever known.  Prisoners with a death 
    sentence were sent directly to the underworld by a cursed mirror that was 
    kept in the prison.  But now the road to the desert is impassable and the 
    prison has been condemned.  Auru's gut tells him the evil events in Hyrule's 
    recent history are directly related to that prison, and he asks if we'll go 
    confirm his suspicions.  Take on the task, as we wanted the Mirror of 
    Twilight anyways.  He tells us to go see Fyer (the clown?), an amusement ride 
    operator.  We need to give him Auru's Memo.  Hyrule seems to have an honor 
    code: Auru saved Fyer's life, and now Fyer cannot refuse him a favor.  Ah, to 
    think the FFWLF would have a use someday...
    Go down to the brightly colored building and show the clown the mem (notice 
    he has a Bullet Bill on his sleeve, a reference to the Mario series).  He'll 
    let you take the "oasis flight," one of the secret options not available to 
    the general public.  So, step into the cannon and let it shoot you right into 
    Gerudo Desert.
                            |    Tales of the Twili    |
    When you land Midna will stop you to spin a yarn.  You see, those magicians 
    who tried to rule the Sacred Realm with the Fused Shadows were chased across 
    the sacred lands and driven into another realm by the goddesses.  It was the 
    very antithesis of the Light World.  Its denizens became shadows, and they 
    called their new abode the Twilight Realm.  That was their eternal punishment.  
    That is the history of the Twili, passed down from Midna's ancestors.  Midna 
    is a descendant of that banished tribe.  (Hey, maybe that was the same tribe 
    that created Majora's Mask?).
    The realm was peaceful enough until Zant took control of the Twilight Realm 
    and transformed all the Twili into shadow beasts.  He gained a great evil 
    power, one the tribe had never known.  Midna was sent from there, and could 
    no longer access the Twilight Realm without Zant's power.  But, there's 
    another story among the Twili.  Although the goddesses forbade them from 
    returning to the Light World, they left one link between dark and light.  It 
    was the Mirror of Twilight.  It's now our only viable path to the Twilight 
    Realm, and we have to get there [to defeat Zant.]  So, in the words of Mario, 
    let's-a go.
                            |    The Wild, Wild West    |
    It's refreshing to be out of Hyrule Field, but this desert is another vast 
    stretch of nothingness.  This place is even called "Desert Province."  Yeah, 
    I bet the feds get a lot of taxes from this region!  If you look behind 
    yourself you'll see the Great Hylian Bridge and that diamond around Hyrule 
    Castle looking like a pyramid.  It's very appropriate for our new environment.
    In any case, go west some to encounter your first desert enemy: some mini-
    Molgera kind of creature that burrows through the sand and jump out at you.  
    There's a crevice real close to you (I should point out that right near the 
    beginning is a tree you can clawshot to on a ledge, which has a 20-rupee 
    chest by it), and you should follow it until it ends.  Then you can "cross" 
    it and travel northwest, in the direction of the prison (see it looming over 
    the horizon?).  You may come to another crevice, but just go right along it 
    until you can pass over safe ground.  As you get closer you'll drop down a 
    ledge and find more ledges ahead.
    But stop.  Look to the left.  See a golden glint, like light?  There's a camp 
    over there.  Run up to it and you'll see that it's really a group of monsters.  
    They're all asleep, so get up close and spin attack them!  This alerts the 
    archers that should've been standing guard, and they begin to fire at you.  
    Return fire and you'll be able to steal one of their boars.  Meet your new 
    Epona!  They're not as easy to control or as fast, but they dash with lots of 
    power.  Dash straight through the fence at the north side of the camp to bust 
    through, opening the way to some ledges.  Dismount, thank your boar friend, 
    and begin climbing.  (Note that northeast of the enemy encampment is a fence 
    you can bust through to find a red rupee chest).
    At the top there will be a fork in the road, and to the left is that Lake 
    Hylia golden wolf you activated.  Refer to the "Hidden Skills" section for 
    details; I will assume you now have the mortal draw.  From there, go to the 
    far eastern path on the map.  It's a dead-end and leads to a chest with 10 
    arrows in it.  Only the middle path is left.  Take it to a fortress.
                        |    Raiding the Desert Fortress    |
    You'll have an archer to pick off.  Its aim is horrible at such distances, so 
    feel free to just stand somewhere and fire.  Take the stairs he was guarding 
    up and a squad of the monsters will come out to fight.  Kill them all and 
    continue into the base.  To the east there's a chest with 20 arrows in it at 
    a dead-end, but as the enemy presence indicates, you really want to go west.  
    After you climb a slope you'll reach the troop's quarters, and endless 
    Bokoblins will assault you.
    The Master Sword cuts through them like butter: let the carnage begin.  But 
    don't spend all your time on the expendable soldiers; when you kill an archer, 
    they stop coming.  So, stand on top of a tent or in some other place where 
    they can't reach you and shoot it (not the ground archers, but the high ones).  
    But when you're ready to move on, go down a slope to the east.  Here's an 
    archer to slay, and also his cohorts.  At the end you'll see a roasted boar; 
    slash it for hearts and keep slashing to eventually get a Piece of Heart.  
    There's also a Small Key lying on the ground next to him.  Take it, leaving 
    the base desolate.
    There's a 50-rupee treasure chest in the southwest corner of the northeast 
    "square" on the map.  Now, if you go to the center of the map (under the 
    straight "path" that goes north on the map), you'll find the locked door.  
    Open it and you'll find a boar.  Link goes up to mount it, but then – oh, I 
    don't believe it!  It's that same loser we beat in jousting TWICE, come back 
    for a rematch.  This guy's a regular Harold Stassen.  But this time, he's not 
    getting back up on that horse, as the adage goes.  Instead, he kills his boar 
    with a giant axe and challenges us to a fight on foot.  He's going to regret 
    that big time.
    At first he doesn't really raise his axe handle much (that's his shield), 
    letting you slash him over and over.  But as the match progresses, he'll 
    slowly become more defensive.  His axe does major damage when it hits you 
    (three hearts), so it's a good idea to take this seriously.  If you need an 
    opening to attack, try shield attacking him.  Eventually he'll fall down, 
    defeated and humiliated.  Many video game heroes would put him out of his 
    misery, but Link shows some mercy and lets him hobble away, clutching his arm.  
    He leaves through a gate when... ah, drat!  He lights the base on fire.  His 
    boar revives (it was actually just unconscious) and you can hop on.  Ride it 
    right through the doors you entered by and you'll dash straight through 
    several barriers and out of the base.  The prison is before us.
    Step up to the stairs and stop.  There's a Poe to the left; turn into a wolf 
    and kill it (jump attack it while it's down) for another Poe's Soul.  
    Additionally, you can go right and light two torches to make a chest 
    materialize.  Inside is a purple rupee.  Now, step into the prison, which 
    looks more like a coliseum from outside.  Welcome to the fourth dungeon, one 
    that, ironically, our own kingdom set up.
                             |    Arbiter's Grounds    |
    Step forward and the entrance cut scene will play.  This room is filled with 
    quicksand, so we'll have to stick to the stone.  Clawshot to the torch-
    grating on the left wall and jump to the platform ahead of you.  Next, jump 
    to the platform to the right.  Now, the next platform (left) will sink as you 
    soon as you jump onto it, so get to it and roll right off and into a jump 
    toward the stone ground to the left.  Link can go short distances in this 
    sand, so walk to the door, and from there walk around the fence and to the 
    opening (rolling helps a lot).  When you do, you'll encounter some mini-
    skeletal warriors I'll call Mini-Stalfos.  After you kill three, turn your 
    attention to the lever on the ground.  Draw it to you with the clawshot (you 
    can't go in the quicksand) and lift it up.  Pull it back and the gate 
    blocking the door will slide away.  Now roll over to the entrance you've made.
    The door ahead is locked, so we have to take another route.  To the right of 
    the door is a vat of lantern oil.  Go there if you need a refill (and you 
    will, later on).  Now the only place left to go is west.  Break down the 
    barrier with your blade and you'll arrive in a narrow room with quicksand in 
    the middle.  Roll over it to a chest containing a Small Key.  But be careful 
    as you roll back over the quicksand, as there are some enemies there that 
    latch onto you and slow you down (they're called Morths, a la Wind Waker).  
    To get them off you use a spin attack.
    Now that you have the Small Key, spend it on the door you came to earlier.  
    The room you arrive it is dark and full of quicksand – not a good combination.  
    Fight off a bunch of Mini-Stalfos in this room as you navigate the sands and 
    try to reach two torches on the north side, around the door.  Light both and 
    the door will open.  Take it what you already know is the hub room.
    There's quicksand in here, too, so watch your step.  Walk forward and four 
    Poes will step into the room, steal the flames from four torches ahead, and 
    come circle around you.  Three of them leave, and one of them stays to pick a 
    fight with you (this all reeks of the Ocarina of Time Forest Temple).  
    Transform into a wolf and use your senses to see it.  It's no ordinary Poe!  
    It's tall and robed like the Grim Reaper, only minus the scythe.  Use your 
    dark energy spin attack to knock him down, and then jump attack his soul to 
    steal it.  He drops his lantern and the flame returns to its torch.
    It also leaves its robe behind, which stinks something awful!  Smell it and 
    choose to forget Ilia's scent in favor of a new smell (Ilia's scent is gone 
    from Hyrule Castle Town anyway).  You learned the Poe's Scent.  You know, I 
    really never thought about whether ghosts have a smell or not.  This game is 
    opening my mind...
    Obviously we can't go north, since the Poes locked that way off when they 
    extinguished the torches.  So, look down the eastern wall.  A Poe went into 
    the ground, it looks like.  Dig in that spot to find another lever; pick it 
    up and pull it back to form a staircase in the ground.  Drop down and you'll 
    see that the Poe took this door, so take it yourself, too (I don't know why 
    Midna couldn't open doors for us before, but I digress...).
    We're now in B1, and it looks like the ghost went up through a hole in the 
    ground.  Push the central pillar about with the flap sticking out of it and a 
    Stalfos will rise up – a real, full-sized one.  Like a ReDead in OoT, it can 
    shriek to freeze you, and then it'll attack.  So, just make sure to attack it 
    first.  Killing it opens the way to a treasure chest with a Small Key inside.  
    Push the pillar again and take the door you came by back outside.
    Go up the flight of stairs and use the eastern exit in this hub room.  It 
    seems like there are two scents in this room.  Open the locked door and 
    you'll see one of the scents continue.  Transform into human Link and roll 
    down the islands of stone in the sand.  You have to use every one, so don't 
    try to skip by going diagonal.  If you do, some spikes will rise up and 
    disagree with you.
    At the end, step onto the higher plane.  See that cube with the geometric 
    design on it?  Pull it back until it falls off its higher step and then push 
    it up into the little cranny to the east.  It won't go in all the way, but 
    push it in as far as you can.  Now take the stairs it was blocking and step 
    over the ledge to the left.  Pull the lever back and you'll lift a huge 
    chandelier that was obstructing your path.  It's on a timer, though, so run 
    under it and past it to some stairs.  Take them to a new chamber.
    There's a chest to the north containing the Compass.  This is the first 
    dungeon where we got it before the map, but the Compass already gives us the 
    basic idea of the dungeon's layout.  Anyways, go up to the "podium" in front 
    of the statue and push it, lowering two walls for us.  First go east and bust 
    the wooden barrier down.  After you scrap with a Stalfos you'll be able to 
    open a chest for a Small Key.  Use it on the western door, which is the way 
    the Poe went.
    Follow the path to fight a load of Mini-Stalfos and two of the big guys (a 
    difficult battle – focus on the Stalfos first for sure), and the scent will 
    end up in dirt.  Dig through to find a lever; pull it and a wall will pull 
    back.  There's the Poe!  Kill it like the other one and take its soul (that 
    makes 4 souls).  Further, another one of the torches is relit.  In the room 
    you're in, go north to a door.  This room has an empty hole in the middle, 
    and there's a Small Key chest there.  Open it up and use it to go west and 
    back into the hub room to witness the torch being lit.
    Run across the chandelier and take the door.  In here, run down and you'll 
    come to another movable cube.  Push it forward until it falls into a slot.  
    It was hiding a compartment with a chest in it (20 rupees).  Now, get on top 
    of the cube and pull the lever in front of you.  This raises a chandelier, 
    and you can run across the walkway it was covering to another 20-rupee chest.
    Now, clawshot to a torch beneath the door you entered the room by and fall 
    down to another door (it leads to the hub room, first floor).  Take a hallway 
    to the left back to the cube and pull the lever again.  This time stands 
    directly under the chandelier's center; wait for it to fall on you.  Since 
    there's a hole in the middle of it you'll now be "inside" the chandelier.  
    Turn west, get on the edge of it, and jump to the western door.  Take it.
    Your first concern in this room will be a Stalfos.  Every time you beat it, 
    it revitalizes and attacks you again (you can beat easily with a shield 
    attack and then whaling on it, by the way).  But, if you've ever played A 
    Link to the Past, you'd know how to deal with such an enemy (a "Staflos 
    Knight," to use ALttP terminology).  Slash them into a pile of bones and then 
    bomb their remains.  When you beat him, the door to the south opens.  By the 
    way, there are two chests here, both containing bombs, behind wooden barriers 
    Anyways, the new room has some sort of idol or statue in it, and before it 
    are a plethora of torches.  But as soon as you start lighting them, a horde 
    of Mini-Stalfos come out to play.  This will continue happening until you 
    light two specific torches in the right order.  They are the front torch and 
    the far left one (when facing the idol).  When you're done, a door opens; 
    take it to what looks like an arena.
    There are several lanterns in here, but using your senses reveals that only 
    one is in the hands of a Poe.  As soon as you L-target it the battle begins.  
    Like Meg from OoT, it splits into four images, all of which appear to be the 
    real Poe.  But if you use your dark energy spin attack, you'll hit the real 
    one.  When it's finally down jump attack it quickly to steal its soul.  You 
    got another Poe's Soul!  Additionally, the third flame is ready to return to 
    its torch.  Now, go north and you'll be on the second floor of a room we've 
    already visited.  Clawshot to the torch to the right and drop down.  Take the 
    door there to the hub room.  After the cut scene here you could testify in 
    court that you saw the third torch light.
    From the door you took, look up to see some quicksand with platforms in it.  
    Roll from platform to platform and you'll reach a chest with the Dungeon Map 
    in it (we really could've gotten it earlier, but it doesn't matter).  
    Additionally, there's a mirror situation on the other side of the room that 
    leads to a Piece of Heart.  That was the easiest one yet, since you could 
    even clawshot to that one and use the platforms on your way back.
    Remember that staircase you made in the floor?  Take it down and push the 
    pillar you find.  Now, see the hole in the ceiling?  Clawshot to a target on 
    a pillar through the hole.  Now you can go north into another arena.  This 
    one's easy, though.  Look around with your senses until you find the Poe (it 
    can pass through walls, so make a few sweeps if you don't see it the first 
    time).  This one doesn't have multiplying magic or anything, so just defeat 
    it like the others (spin attack) and steal its soul.  Now all four will be 
    lit again!  Return to the hub room and watch things unfold (you'll have to 
    drop through a pit and push the pillar to return to the hub room).  The north 
    door will rise and we can finally advance into the real dungeon.
    This room is multi-story, and you can tell from the Map and Compass that 
    we'll need to get to the top of it to reach the boss.  Go east and you'll 
    find a pit with a pillar in the center.  At the bottom, first take care of 
    some skull enemies (Bubbles).  Then, push the pillar so that it rises twice.  
    From there, take the western hallway to a treasure chest with a Small Key in 
    it.  Now, push the pillar to go down to B2.
    Use your key on the locked door to find yourself in a lengthy room filled 
    with spikes in the sand.  Further still, you may get slowed down by invisible 
    rats; use your wolf senses to see them and kill them.  Now, go to the far 
    right and go forward to some spikes.  Walk around them in the quicksand to 
    reach new stone.  Then go left across more quicksand and then up, all the way 
    up to a lever.  Pull it back and then rush down, right, up, and across a 
    platform to beat the wall.
    In this room, simply walk through the hall and to the end.  Before you take 
    the door, go down and slash a pot to meet up with Ooccoo again.  It's the 
    usual introduction, and then she's in your pocket.  Now, go north into a new 
    room.  In here, spin attack the Morths off your back and run forward (when 
    the spikes swing by) and run right.  Next chance you get, run north.  In this 
    new region of the room you'll find two Stalfos Knights (remember, knock them 
    down and then bomb their remains).  Now, if you look east you'll see a little 
    ground beyond some quicksand; roll over to it and you'll have to fight a 
    third Stalfos Knight.
    When you defeat it, a gate over by the swinging spike opens.  Head over to it 
    (the very outer edge of the room is out of the spikes' reach) and wait in the 
    opening for all the Morths to approach you.  When they're on you, spin attack 
    them off.  Do this until there are very few (otherwise they'll really mess 
    you up down the line).  Now clawshot to the targets to reach the end.  Jump 
    over the pit ahead and you'll come to some stairs.  Take them to a door, 
    which you should take, and the door behind you will close.
                                Mini-Boss: Poe-Demon
    Step forward and you'll see a sword in the ground, tied down.  Slash a rope 
    or so and the sword will seem to come to life, levitating above ground and 
    aggressively display its strength by smashing itself into the ground.  Turn 
    into a wolf and use you senses to see that it's really a demonic-looking Poe 
    holding it.  He's very easy, though: he'll just use a powerful slash, after 
    which he'll be vulnerable to attack.  I suggest using a jump attack and then 
    biting him while you're hanging on by your teeth.
    After a few hits the "Poe" gives up this charade and turns into a material 
    being.  At this point you should turn into human Link.  He'll hover around in 
    the air, using his sword to send energy blasts your way.  Here you can either 
    hit them back at him with a shield attack or just shoot him (it doesn't even 
    have to be with arrows – use the Clawshot, for instance).  This will make him 
    circle around the arena and descend toward you.  That's when you can attack 
    him with your sword.  He'll alternate between visible and invisible, but it's 
    only a few more hits before he drops to the ground and explodes into a bunch 
    of flies.  Anyways...
    A door to the north is now open for business, and why don't you be its first 
    customer – open the chest for the dungeon prize – the Spinner!  This, my 
    friend, is a Twilight Princess original!  It's an ancient machine that floats 
    in the air, with you riding on top, of course.  You can use it to move over 
    sand or wall rails.  Press A while riding to attack enemies with spin power, 
    which is sort of like a spin attack.  Honestly, this item is like a top, and 
    controlling it is rather difficult.  Hold the button you set it to (X or Y) 
    and turn about to determine what direction you want to launch yourself in.  
    If you hit a wall or an obstacle of some sort, you'll ricochet off of it.  
    Now, at this point, you should follow the guide until you get the Big Key, as 
    otherwise you might accidentally make the dungeon impossible for yourself.
    Now, as they were saying about wall rails: look to the right or left and 
    you'll see an indentation in the wall in the shape of a long line.  That's a 
    wall rail.  Step up to it and hold the Spinner out.  Now face the direction 
    you want to go on the rail and release.  The side of the Spinner will hook 
    into it and ride it to the end.  Press B or use spin power to knock yourself 
    out of the rail when you reach the door out of here.  Now, to the right is 
    another rail.  Just spin along it until you reach ground.  When you do, stop.  
    Now spin east until you reach ground and stop.  Face west.  See the rail to 
    the left?  Spin into it and along it to reach a door.  Take it to a room 
    chock full of treasure chests.
    It's also chock full of quicksand.  Spin on the rail to the right and, when 
    it ends, go right of the block sticking out of the sand to reach some ground 
    with a chest (inside are bombs). From there, get onto the block in the sand 
    and walk to the end.  There should be another to the right ahead; jump to it 
    and walk along to another chest, which has 20 rupees in it.  Now, get back on 
    the block and walk to the end.  Charge up on the Spinner and face left.  See 
    the rail there (the one that rises up down the line)?  Launch to it and ride 
    it to an enclosed area with a swinging spike in it.
    At the higher end of this little area there's a chest with a Piece of Heart 
    in it.  There's also a Stalfos Knight (the bomb will roll on the slope, mind 
    you).  When you're ready to move on, go to the chest you opened and spin 
    along the northern rail there (just time it so you don't run into the spike).  
    You'll ride it to a lower level where there's another chest, this one 
    containing a yellow rupee.
    Make your way back to that Piece of Heart chest and take the northern rail 
    again, but this time stop when you cross the swinging-spike gap.  Now switch 
    to the southern rail.  When you reach the end, use your spin power to knock 
    yourself onto the other rail, and ride it to the end.  You'll reach an 
    otherwise inaccessible rail.  You will, however, be facing the wrong 
    direction, so get off, climb onto the center "island" here, and reverse your 
    direction so you go up the rail that rises.  Just ride it to the end (don't 
    jump off!) and you'll arrive at the "goal" section of the room.
    There are two Stalfos Knights to kill, and beyond it is this room's last 
    chest, which contains a yellow rupee.  Now we can exit the room, so go the 
    western end of this section (opposite the chest you just opened) and take the 
    slopes up to find a "hallway" with rails on either side.  All you have to do 
    is jump between them to avoid the spikes (it may take a few tries).  At the 
    end is a door, so take it.
    This is the last chest in the dungeon, and it's pretty hefty, so you can 
    guess what's inside.  You got the Big Key!  Now, spin out here and back to 
    that northern room we fought those Poes to reach.  Notice there's an 
    indentation in the floor the exact shape of the Spinner!  Did you see that 
    earlier and wonder what it was for?  Well, now you know: put your Spinner in 
    it and spin with A until all the gears start going.  Eventually you'll move 
    the walls and open a new northern door.  The lesson for this dungeon must be 
    this: to go north, you must go east, west, south, up, down, and all over.
    In the new north room look right.  Wall rail in sight!  Spin to it and ride 
    it all the way to the top where you'll find some skulls.  Under one is a 
    fairy; bottle it for the boss battle we're fast approaching.  Now spin on 
    that rail so you bounce backwards, and as soon as you're no longer fenced in, 
    spin power off the rail and onto the central platform in the quicksand.  Your 
    Spinner will fit in nice and tight in the indentation you come to, so spin in 
    it.  The torches around you will light up and the rails will close in and 
    rise all the way to 4F!  Spin to the very top and you'll see the Boss Door.  
    Break the skulls here for hearts.  Now unlock the grand lock and step in...
                         |    Twilit Fossil – Stallord    |
    Hey, this room isn't nearly as big as the Map made it look!  Step forward and 
    you'll see the bones of a tremendous monster.  But just then, Zant appears!  
    That fiend!  He's astonished to see us alive, but he doesn't think it will 
    happen again.  He's very brief.  He creates a sword out of thin air and stabs 
    the fossil's skull, and then he disappears.  Somehow or other his magic 
    revivifies the beast, although it's still just bones.  Let's get ready to 
    Stallord can summon very weak Stalfos that take one hit to beat, and it also 
    breathes fire.  Their real purpose, though, is to act as bumpers for you to 
    bounce off of when you're spinning.  Stallord is supported by his spine, 
    which rests in the center of the sand he's always pulling toward himself.  
    There's a rail at the boundary of the sand, and it's good to spin on other 
    than some spikes.  Get on it for some speed (you can't pull the Spinner out 
    when you're in the sand) and then spin power off it.  Head into the center 
    and, when you're about to run into the spine, spin power again.  This cracks 
    the bone and shortens his spine.  Do this twice and it'll be really easy, but 
    the third time it will drag a whole ton of Stalfos up to block it.  You need 
    to bounce off them and then, while you're slowing down, head in for a second 
    attack (without returning to the rail).  He won't be expecting it and you can 
    get the final hit on him.
    Stallord falls back and he appears to be dead.  The sand drains, and only his 
    skull remains.  Get in the center of the arena to find one of those gear-
    spots; spin in it and the platform rises even higher.  Unfortunately, so does 
    the skull!  It's just floating in the air, and soon it knocks you over the 
    edge and into the pit.  Remember, folks – no explosion, the fight keeps going.  
    Fortunately, there are rails all along the walls, so get on them.  Eventually 
    you'll start gaining on Stallord's head, which is floating around.
    He'll start spitting fireballs at you, which forces him to pause for a second.  
    When he does, jump to the rails on the other wall, and then jump back.  
    Continue this until eventually you hit the side of Stallord's face on one of 
    the lower levels.  Now run up to the sword in his skull and slash the living 
    daylights out of it!  After enough hits spikes start appearing on the rails, 
    forcing you to jump more often, but other than that, it's the same as before.  
    Then even more spikes start appearing, this time on the outer wall.
    27 hits will put Stallord out of commission.  He bounces around and explodes; 
    the sword is shot up and a Heart Container is left in its place.  A gate 
    opens, which will take us to the Mirror of Twilight.  Take the Heart 
    Container and cross the bridge.  You're given the option to save; do so, I 
    suppose, and you'll appear outside in Gerudo Desert.  Climb up the stairs to 
    the left and you'll reach some doors to another hallway.  Walk down it and 
    you'll come to Mirror Chamber, where an idol with a snake statue coiled 
    around it awaits.  So that's what's at the center of this coliseum...  
    Approach it and a twilight portal opens up, dropping in some shadow beasts (a 
    record number: five).  The key is to kill three of them and then dark energy 
    spin attack (as a wolf) the remaining two.  There are some Keese that 
    interfere here, but you'll make it.
    Afterwards go to the base of the statue and spin up it along the snake.  
    You'll come to another spinning spot; spin there and the statue will lower 
    while a huge black object will be raised by chains.  Another platform will be 
    raised from the sand.  But when Midna approaches the Mirror of Twilight – oh, 
    I knew it!  It's shattered.
    Above it, some strange light figures are gathered to speak to us.  These 
    sages have guarded the Mirror of Twilight since ancient times.  But it has 
    been fragmented by his mighty magic.  The one who possesses such magic... his 
    name is...
    He led a band of thieves in an invasion of Hyrule with the intent of taking 
    over the Sacred Realm.  He was a demon thief, renowned for his ruthlessness.  
    But he was blind to danger, and so his weaknesses were exploited and he was 
    captured.  The sages stabbed him on this very pillar.  Yet he was not dead.  
    He had the power of the gods, and he broke free of his prison.  He killed one 
    of the sages, pulled the sword from his chest, but was banished into the 
    twilight by the Mirror.  (To this day, one of the pillars has no sage to 
    stand on it).
    Perhaps that evil power has been passed on to Zant.  But only the true leader 
    of the Twili can destroy the Mirror, and so Zant could only break it into 
    pieces.  The shards are hidden across the land of Hyrule (how did I know?).  
    "One is in the snowy mountain heights, one is in an ancient grove, and one is 
    in the heavens."  We should be able to collect the three pieces, to restore 
    the dangerous power within.  The sages disappear, and we're left to our own.
    ===============================Snowpeak Ruins*===============================
                               |    Asking Around    |
    (At this time, you can repair the Bridge of Eldin, which I highly recommend 
    doing.  Please read the beginning section of "Cave of Ordeals" to learn how 
    to do so.)
    Head back to Hyrule Castle Town.  Maybe some of Telma's friends can help us 
    out.  As you cross the bridge you'll have a letter from Barnes to read.  It's 
    advertising some new, unspecified products.  In any case, go to Telma's Bar 
    and talk to the owner.  Telma says that Ashei, the warrior girl, is up on 
    Hyrule's northern mountain.  We can look at the map on her table for 
    "detailed instructions."  She mentioned Snowpeak Mountain and headed off, the 
    group says.  She's over by Zora's Domain, according to the map.  Auru will 
    give an interesting tidbit of information to us: those sages we saw once 
    tutored Princess Zelda, working for the Royal Family (I guess guarding a 
    broken mirror isn't all that exciting).  Let's go find Ashei, eh?
    Warp to Zora's Domain, first of all.  As long as you're there, light the two 
    torches near the entrance and a chest will form containing 50 rupees.  
    Anyways, drop down to the water into the lower part (outside).  The Zoras are 
    all talking about one of two things: a suspicious person's been spotted 
    (probably Ashei) and a certain "the beast" has been coming to the village.  
    Get onto the west shore and find a tunnel.  A guard here says that Snowpeak 
    is ahead, so take this path to a new screen.  We're in Peak Province, now.  
    There's a figure up ahead.  Walk toward it to see the "Snowpeak" cut scene.  
    So, this is it!
    Walk a little further and talk to the person.  It's Ashei.  She says that 
    ever since Zora's Domain was covered in ice, this mountain's been much colder 
    than usual (you know, I never did stop to think of what caused Zora's Domain 
    to freeze over...).  The Zoras told her that a beast frequented the village, 
    so she came and waited.  Sure enough a giant appeared, and Ashei made a 
    sketch of it (you get that drawing).  He's been stealing red fish from the 
    village.  Maybe if we showed this sketch around we could learn more about the 
    Go back to Zora's Domain and show it to the first guard you see.  He says the 
    red fish is a reekfish, which are very hard to catch (Prince Ralis is the 
    only other person known to do it).  Further inquiring reveals that they live 
    close to two stone formations the Zoras call "Mother-And-Child Rocks."  Sound 
    familiar, Wind Waker players?  Speaking of the prince, let's check up on the 
    little fellow.  Warp to Kakariko Village.
    You'll find him at the grave of his mother and father, where you got the Zora 
    Armor.  His mother came to him in a dream and showed him your image, so he 
    already knows you.  Show him the sketch and he'll tell you about the reekfish.  
    They're very rare specimen found only in the Zora village.  It feeds on 
    valuable types of coral, which is needed as bait.  Ralis' earrings are made 
    of that material.  He gives you the coral earring!  Added to our fishing rod, 
    now we can catch a Reekfish.  It was a gift from his mother, but he doesn't 
    need it anymore.  He decides to return to his village.  As for the reekfish, 
    go to Mother-and-Child Rocks and look for a red fish.  Let's get to it!
                            |    Catching a Reekfish    |
    Mother-and-Child Rocks are a minor geographical feature down in Zora's Domain, 
    south of the major waterfall.  It looks like two rock pillars sticking out of 
    the water, one smaller than the other (if you look underwater you'll see that 
    they're connected to each other).  Even if you can't see the fish there, cast 
    your rod with the coral hook and wait for the bobber to sink.  When it does, 
    pull back with C-down and hold it until you've caught your fish.
    The information on it says it stinks (what would you expect with a "reek"-
    fish?).  Well, if you turn into a wolf you can smell the putrid scent of 
    those little fishes.  Forget the Poe's Scent in favor of the Reekfish Scent.  
    Maybe "Odor" would've been closer to the truth.  But you do know what this 
    means, right?  That giant was stealing reekfish, so he probably reeks of them!  
    We could use it to trace him.  Alright, return to Snowpeak!
                        |    On the Trail of a Beast-Man    |
    Run forward and off the ledge, landing in a lower level that was probably 
    once water.  Follow the scent over some icy steps in the water and you'll 
    come to a blinding snowstorm.  You only know which way to go by your nose.  
    Make sure to stick to the path very closely.  As you continue some white wolf 
    enemies will jump out to attack you.  They're very weak, and so I hesitate to 
    call them White Wolfos.  Nevertheless, I will.
    Follow the trail to the end of the first screen and you'll reach a wall you 
    can't jump.  Well, go left and up a slope to reach the new height, and then 
    to your right the trail resumes.  When you reach a second such impasse, just 
    go left and up a slope, and then right to continue following the stench.  
    You'll soon fight some Ice Keese, and beyond them there's another wall the 
    scent ends at.  Jump attack the wall and the snow will collapse, creating a 
    path for you.
    Continue down the path and you'll stumble upon a howling stone.  Please see 
    "Hidden Skills" for details.  In any case, continue on the trail and you'll 
    soon come to a dead-end where you can dig.  Do so to enter a cave.  Inside, 
    don't touch the ice (it will instantly freeze you).  Turn into a human and 
    climb the ladder.  Follow the path, going up ledges and such, until you reach 
    some vines to climb up.  Take them to a door.  Open it and you're back 
    outside.  Resume wolf form and follow the trail when – ah, huzzah!  Three 
    shadows beasts drop down to attack you.  They're aren't even any tricks to it, 
    either – just spin attack all three at once with dark energy.  And to top it 
    off a figure that must be the giant is sitting up ahead afterwards!
    Go up to it as a human and it will wonder why a human would come.  Are you on 
    a spiritual journey to find your true self?  If you say you are, he'll laugh 
    at you (you'll be looking for a long time!), say that Yetis make jokes, too, 
    and then ask if you're looking for something else.  Tell him the truth (yes, 
    for those of you not paying attention to the plot) and Link will tell him all 
    about the mirror.  The yeti has actually found the mirror piece we're looking 
    for.  So, you two can swing by his bachelor pad, you can have a hot meal from 
    his ENORMOUS reekfish, get the mirror, and everything will be just peachy!
    He takes some ice from off the tree and asks you to do the same when he 
    slides off on it.  Roll into the tree and you'll snowboard down the mountain 
    down the trail.  Make sure to use the bridge you come to, and you came jump 
    off a ramp a little down the line.  You'll come to other ramps later in this 
    lower area, but it'll all end when you hit the well-swept stone that marks 
    the beginning of the yeti's home.  If I may quote Midna, "He's got a nice 
    place...for a beast-man."  Step up to the door, open it, and prepare to 
                              |    Snowpeak Ruins    |
    If you walk ahead you'll find a Poe, which means another Poe's Soul for you.  
    Now, if you go directly north you'll find the yeti's wife, who's sick.  She 
    doesn't talk as loudly as her husband, huh?  She says that since she got the 
    mirror, she's become sick and monsters have appeared.  So they locked the 
    bedroom on the third floor, where it's hanging.  She'll give you the Mansion 
    Map next, and she'll mark the room with the key to the third floor in red.  
    She shows you a door and tells you to start there; bring the key back to her 
    when you've found it.  Well, that was helpful!
    Open the eastern door as she directed and you'll find the yeti husband.  He's 
    making soup for his sick wife.  What a loving gesture!  Echoing the Zoras, he 
    says he gets reekfish because they're the most nutritious.  You can fill your 
    bottle with Simple Soup to replenish two hearts.  From here, go north.  If 
    you step on the switch in here, the door to the north opens, which we want, 
    but it closes as soon as you step off of it.  So, push the eastern crate 
    south and the western one south, east, and south again, right onto the switch.  
    Now just take the door.
    Transform into a wolf and dig your way into the courtyard through the little 
    nook in front of you.  You'll see a locked door and a cannon in a cut scene, 
    and afterwards you'll be accosted by some White Wolfos.  This type takes four 
    hits to kill.  You'll find two chests in here: one is out in the open, and it 
    contains a red rupee.  You'll have to dig for the other one opposite the 
    rupee chest (use your senses if you don't see the top of the chest sticking 
    out of the snow) for a Small Key.
    Now, take a door here back into the manor, into a hallway.  In here you'll 
    encounter some enemies that look like Freezies from the Mario Bros. arcade 
    game.  They just slide at you and freeze you (plus they ricochet off the 
    walls and will go flying when you slash them).  They take two hits.  Beyond 
    them is a door for you to take with your Small Key.
    When you kill all three Freezies in this icy room both the door you came by 
    and the door you want to take will unlock.  The chest we want is visible from 
    this room through a window, but when you go to the door to get it, two icy 
    warriors drop down to fight.  They break very easily, so a helm splitter on 
    each will kill them in a flash.  Open the chest in the room you come to for... 
    an Ordon pumpkin?  It was grown in our hometown...  Midna figures the wife 
    got it wrong, so let's return to her.  Take the other possible door here back 
    to the ice block room.  You could climb from here to explore 2F, but drop 
    down and return to the wife's room for now.
    She'll try to think it through this time.  In the meantime, give her husband 
    the pumpkin.  He takes it from you rather violently and adds it to the mix, 
    thereby creating Good Soup.  It replenishes four hearts.  Hey, maybe if we 
    stick around long enough we'll have Blue Potion by the end of this!  Now 
    check back with the missus.  She's now thinking it's at the northern end of 
    1F, so she opens a door for you leading out to the courtyard.  Take it and 
    prepare to defend against some White Wolfos.  There's also a large ice beast 
    blocking the door we wanted to take.  Ugh, I hate it when that happens.  
    Nevertheless, there's a door in a window to the northwest; let's see if it 
    can't take us where we wanted to go.
    There are several Freezies in here, and you should kill them all before we 
    continue.  In the northwest corner of the room is a diagram with the title 
    "Cannon Manual."  There's a cannon south of it a little ways, you see.  The 
    only trouble is that it's blotched out, so we're missing some words.  We 
    don't really need to reconstruct the text, though – using a cannon is quite 
    There's a heavy ball near the beginning of the room – retrieve it and take it 
    to the cannon.  Step up to the cannon and insert the ball.  Then insert a 
    bomb.  A few seconds later and - boom!  The cannonball knocks through some 
    ice and opens your way to a chest, which contains bombs.  Now, use the bars 
    on either side of the cannon to push it to the right.  Re-insert the 
    cannonball and fire again, this time clearing a lot of ice and the way to a 
    door.  We have no other options, so use it.
    This room is a bit treacherous.  There are three Ice Keese to deal with as 
    well as three Freezies.  You can easily dispose of the latter with the 
    Clawshot; they'll be knocked off and into one of the pits in the room.  Now, 
    you'll have to walk across wooden beams to reach the chests at the end.  Walk 
    straight down the first beams to the first Freezie.  After it, stop.  The icy 
    spot ahead will make you slip and fall into the pit.  So, turn left before 
    you get there (an Ice Keese will attack you, by the way) and jump to a part 
    of a beam sticking out.  From there, jump to the next beam.  To your left is 
    a chest with 20 rupees in it.  Again, don't go to the blue chest using the 
    icy spot-beam.  Instead, take the long route around.  Inside the treasure 
    chest is the Compass, which also reveals cannonballs.  To get back to the 
    door you came by, clawshot to a target.
    Return to the courtyard with the ice beast.  In the northwest there's a chest 
    symbol but no chest, and our Compass isn't known to be unreliable (that would 
    be a good twist to a dungeon, huh?).  So, dig over that spot until you can 
    open the chest.  Inside's a Small Key, which we'll use on the locked door to 
    the west.  There's a ladder in this hallway, but it's guarded by another ice 
    beast.  Curses!
    More importantly for the moment, though, are the three cannonballs here.  
    Pull down the switch nearby (on the wall) to pull out a place to put a 
    cannonball.  Do so and take the door; pull the switch again and voila!  You 
    have a cannonball in the courtyard.  Now we can use the cannon opposite you.  
    Aim it north at the ice beast to smash it into pieces (its eyes become 
    Freezies), opening the way north.  But before you go, fire the cannonball 
    south to break open a path to a chest with bombs.  Now you can go north (you 
    may want to have some Good Soup ready, though).
                           Mini-Boss: Ball & Chain Soldier
    It's just a hallway, it seems.  Go north and things will prove otherwise.  
    The door locks and the suit of armor behind you will collapse.  That's 
    because the other suit of armor has come to life and thrown a ball & chain at 
    it.  Thus begins the mini-boss battle against an A Link to the Past enemy, 
    the Ball & Chain Soldier.  Now, he's decked out in armor and approaching him 
    is a death wish considering how he swings that ball & chain around.  This is 
    a hallway battle, and so he just has to waltz down and hit you.  But if he 
    traps you in a corner, clawshot to one of the targets on the ceiling behind 
    him to escape.
    He'll eventually launch his ball at you, and that's when he's vulnerable.  
    The best method for dealing with him is this: get your Clawshot ready to 
    shoot the farthest target away from you.  Let the soldier approach you, and 
    when he gets close, clawshot to that target (but do it at a time when you 
    won't be dragged straight into his swinging ball).  Drop down immediately and 
    start running in large circles around the door.  Because of your distance 
    from him, he'll throw his ball at you, but because you're moving, he'll miss.  
    Now, quickly, run up to him and slash his tail (what a fool!  He didn't cover 
    his Achilles' heal).  You can get four or five hits in if done correctly.  
    You'll only have to do this twice, maybe three times, to kill him.  He 
    collapses and explodes, leaving his weapon behind.
    Hey, I wonder if we can pick up his weapon like in Wind Waker.  Walk up to it 
    and press A.  You got the Ball and Chain!  This is quite possibly the coolest 
    weapon yet!  Unfortunately, Link isn't strong enough to walk with it, but he 
    can launch it from a stationary position.  You can also throw it up or down 
    at angles.  Finally, you can break many boulders, etc. that would otherwise 
    require wasting bombs on with the B&C.
    Now go north into a very profitable room.  You can break the barrels with 
    your new weapon, as well as the ice and the suits of armor.  Doing so will 
    unleash an Ice Bubble, which will drop an orange rupee, worth 100!  HUZZAH!  
    Wow, I love this new weapon to an unhealthy degree!  The chest is the only 
    disappointment: it contains Ordon Goat Cheese, made from the milk of real 
    Ordon goats.  (This yeti sure does like indigenous Ordonian cuisine...).  In 
    any case, we need to go ask his wife for a new location.
    Go to the yeti and Mr. Chef will take your goat cheese.  Now the soup is 
    gourmet, called Superb Soup.  It restores eight hearts, making it equivalent 
    to Red Potion.  Now go back to his wife and she'll remember the supposedly 
    real location this time – a northwestern room on 2F.  But if that's not it...  
    Nah, I wouldn't do anything.  But, before you take the door she just opened, 
    go south to the main lobby.  Hit the suits of armor down with the Ball and 
    Chain to unleash a Poe (another Poe's Soul).  Then knock away the remains of 
    the suits to find two chests: one with a red rupee and one with a yellow.  
    You can also go to the room where you first shot a cannon and break some ice 
    to find another chest with 20 rupees in it.
    Now, return to the wife's room and take the western door.  In here, use your 
    Ball and Chain to break the ice blocking your advance, but it's only to 
    discover another ice beast blocking the way, and since it's protected by bars, 
    you can't use your new weapon to kill it.  But, you can do something about it.  
    Take the northern door into that hallway with all the cannonballs in it.  
    Push the block forward and it'll connect.  Then pull the switch to lower the 
    transfer "spoon."  Get a cannonball on it, use the door, pull that switch 
    down, and the magic is complete.
    If you get to the top and break some ice, you'll see a cannon, but we can't 
    carry it up while the ice beasts are there...  Ah, wait a minute!  There are 
    holes in the cages of those ice beasts!  You can use your Ball and Chain to 
    hit them twice, killing them.  Then you can easily carry the cannonball to 
    the top of the path.  We don't know what to do with it now, but it'll 
    probably have a use later on.
    In the meantime, go to the southern part of the room on 2F.  If you throw 
    your Ball and Chain around the west side of this little room, you'll bust a 
    hole in the floor, which you can drop through to a chest containing a Piece 
    of Heart.  Then you can clawshot your way back up to 2F.  Now, exit this room 
    to the north. Up here, use your Ball and Chain on the ice warrior and the ice 
    block.  Then, use it on the chandelier.  It will start to swing around.  When 
    it comes to you, jump onto it, and jump off at the treasure chest.  The booty 
    is a Small Key.  When you're done, clawshot clear across the room and go back 
    south.  You know where you broke the floor?  Go over there and open the door 
    with your Small Key.  Score!
    We're over the lobby, and if you break the ice to your right, you'll be able 
    to clawshot here whenever you want.  Now, if you hit the chandelier with the 
    B&C, and then jump on it, turn south and you'll see two more.  If you repeat 
    this process on them, you can take them to a chest containing a Piece of 
    Heart.  Now, get back to the first chandelier in here and, before jumping, 
    take out Slim over there with your Chain and Ball (I mean, reverse that).  In 
    this room you'll see some Freezies just lined up for you.  Bowl them down 
    with the dungeon prize and then break the ice to unleash a Poe.  Kill it for 
    a Poe's Soul.  Then, when you're good and ready, go north.
    First, push the block to the right over the edge.  There you have it, folks, 
    a shortcut to the second floor from the block puzzle room!  See, this is 
    where we pushed the blocks around onto a switch, but now it's harder.  Use 
    your Ball and Chain to break the two ice blocks.  One is a crate frozen over 
    and one has a switch under it.  Now, with three crates, we must hit that 
    switch.  To do so, first push the northwestern crate south.  Next, push the 
    crate already on a switch north.  Push the western crate right, then north.  
    Now push the northernmost crate west, south, east, and north.  One switch 
    down!  We could stop here – in theory – but let's just be perfectionists and 
    get both switches at once.  Push the northernmost crate west, south, east, 
    and south.  I'm telling you, folks, it's just that easy.  Now please, get 
    back up to the second floor using the crates on the north side of the room 
    and exit west.
    An ice warrior will throw a lance at you if you're not careful.  Well, 
    toothpicks are one thing, but why don't you throw your Ball and Chain at him?  
    Trust me, no comparison.  Step onto the wall-top he was on and walk to the 
    end.  You'll find more enemies to slay and a hole in the wall.  Through it 
    you can see a target.  Clawshot to it and drop down.  Take the door you find 
    and whip out the ol' Ball and Chain.  Break the ice and then send the 
    chandeliers swinging.  Ride across them and you'll come to a chest with a 
    Small Key inside.  Now, go south.  We're above the block puzzle room yet 
    again, but this time there's no brain-teaser.  Instead, go south again and 
    take care of the Freezies real quick-like.  You can now unlock a door in this 
    room, so do so.
    There are two ice beasts in here, each taking two hits.  They then shatter 
    into four Freezies apiece (these are of the larger variety).  Now, if you 
    like seeing good puzzles come to a conclusion, you're in luck.  See the two 
    blocks on the western wall?  Push them down (or knock them with the B&C) and 
    they'll make an opening connecting this room to that room with the cannon we 
    didn't know what to do with.  Drop down into it and put the cannonball you 
    got a while ago into the cannon.  Fire her up with a bomb and the ball will 
    be blasted straight through the opening and into the new room.
    Put it in the cannonball transfer device and take the door to step outside 
    into the courtyard again.  Here you can retrieve the cannonball and place it 
    in the cannon.  Turn it 180 degrees so it's facing that ice beast at the top 
    of the ladder in the cannonball hallway.  Fire away!  It was a real 
    roundabout route to that room on 2F, but this one has to work (after all, 
    we've explored every other room and opened every other chest.  This one can't 
    be food, too...).  So, drop down to 1F and take the door to the west.  
    Finally, head up that ladder (watch out for the Freezie residue, though) and 
    open the door to the west.
    The chest we want is just steps away, but the doors lock and some of those 
    icicle warriors drop in.  Take care of them (if you use your B&C you'll end 
    up destroying a lot of seats here) and go forward to find more of the 
    monsters.  Kill them, too, and the doors both open.  Take it to the chest and 
    open it for the Bedroom Key!  Now we can access the room with the Mirror 
    shard.  You know, the sad part is that all of this probably would've taken 
    the Yeti only minutes to accomplish.
    Exit these doors back to the 2F courtyard and sure enough, Mrs. Yeti is there 
    waiting for us.  She drank her husband's soup (which WE helped make!) and so 
    now she's feeling at the top of her game.  The bedroom is just above you, so 
    she'll take you there.  She proceeds to waddle extremely slowly up the 
    pavement (okay, maybe it would've taken a little longer...).  Don't worry 
    about waiting for her.  Go up and open the Bedroom Door and she'll 
    automatically be right behind you.  (Come with full hearts, by the way.)  
    Then she leads you in.
                        |    Twilit Ice Mass – Blizzetta    |
    There it is!  The Mirror shard we wanted for so long.  But as she looks upon 
    it, something comes over her that turns her totally evil.  Dark energy pours 
    in from the ceiling and she transforms into a giant ice-sculpture head and 
    refuses to give us what we came for.  You know what that means?  It means 
    it's time to kick some Yeti hide!  (I knew from the start that we'd be 
    fighting a Yeti.  I just expected it would be the one going down to Zora's 
    This boss is really a giant Freezie.  Send your Ball and Chain at a few times 
    to remove some excess ice.  Eventually it will release a wave of regular 
    Freezies.  Then you know it's about to be beat.  Keep on at it and poof, no 
    more ice mass.  That was the easiest boss battle yet, huh?  Oh, but hang on.  
    Blizzetta's not back to her good old self just yet.  She summons more ice and 
    starts floating around in the air.
    At this point, start running around.  She'll drop her ice blocks down at you 
    to crush you, but they'll all miss if you're on the move.  You should hit a 
    few with your Ball and Chain if you can.  She will then drop them in a circle 
    around you to cut off all routes of escape, and then she'll drop her own ice 
    mass onto you.  You should've broken at least one ice block during the 
    previous attack, so run out of the circle and quickly turn around.  When 
    Blizzetta drops into the circle, that's your chance to attack her ice mass 
    with the Ball and Chain.  The battle would be easier with less ice blocks to 
    drop on you (plus they leave hearts), but beware: she will summon new ones to 
    replace her old ice blocks after every few rounds.
    It takes three hits before you free the wife, knocking her unconscious.  Now 
    the Mirror shard descends to you and Midna puts it in storage, reminding us 
    that we still have two shards left to find.  Today we saw the awesome power 
    of the Mirror of Twilight, to completely change a person.  Midna creates a 
    portal out of here, but we can't leave just so soon.  Mr. Yeti arrives and is 
    devastated by what he sees – his wife unconscious (wow, he really is bigger 
    than she is).  She calls him "Yeto," and her real (non-monstrous) name is 
    "Yeta."  Yeto is content to let the mirror go, because his wife is what he 
    really loves.  When they hug, all the excess love creates a Heart Container 
    and plenty of Refill Hearts to go around.  How touching!
    Now, after that extremely unconventional dungeon (it truly is a Zelda 
    original), step into the portal Midna's provided and save the game.  You 
    appear outside of Snowpeak Ruins with the sages' riddle in mind.  Next up we 
    have to find a mirror shard in an ancient wood.  And since we've now explored 
    the entire Hyrulean map, there aren't too many places that could be.
    ===============================Temple of Time*===============================
                           |    Side Quest Checklist    |
    Before we do anything else, let's head over to Kakariko Village.  If you 
    howled at the stone in Snowpeak, there's a golden wolf awaiting you in the 
    Graveyard (please see "Hidden Skills" for more information).  I will assume 
    you have the jump strike from here on out.  Also, you can check out Barnes' 
    new product – the Bombling.  It's a little bug that walks around and explodes 
    on its own.  Wow, I hope he has that one copyrighted...  They cost 6 rupees 
    apiece, and you'd have to use his buyback program to get ripped off to empty 
    one of your bomb bags.  You should buy a few for fun's sake; they're not 
    necessary to beat the game.  Which brings me to my other point: by now you 
    should have three bomb bags.  If you don't, don't worry.  Just refer to the 
    "Equipment Upgrades" section.  I'm going to say you should have, by this 
    point in the game:
    - 6 hidden skills (see "Hidden Skills" if you don't)
    - 3 bomb bags
    - The bomb bag capacity increase
    - The big quiver
    - 3 bottles
    If you don't have one of these things, check out the appropriate section of 
    the guide for more information.  In addition, you might start thinking about 
    doing some of these things:
    - Collecting more Pieces of Heart (see "Pieces of Heart")
    - Getting the other Bottle
    - Getting the larger wallets
    - Beginning the donations in the Magic Armor quest (see "Equipment Upgrades," 
    under Armor)
    Now, when you're all caught up, let's move on with the plot.
                        |    The Sacred Grove Revisited    |
    Head over to Telma's Bar to see what the gang's up to now.  Along the way the 
    Postman will give you a letter from Yeta, the wife of Yeto.  She's inviting 
    you to go sledding with them (see "Mini-Games") up at Snowpeak.  In any case, 
    Ashei's back at the bar, but Rusl is absent.  He went off to the Sacred Grove 
    (we know a lot about that, huh?).  So, let's go find him.  Check the map on 
    the table to know exactly where he is and get it marked on your map.
    Now, warp to N. Faron Woods.  When you do, go forward to find Rusl on a ledge.  
    Rusl directs our attention to the far side of the deep gorge ahead.  They say 
    there's an ancient temple deep in the woods there.  The ancestors of the 
    Hylians created it, and signs of their ancient yet sophisticated civilization 
    are everywhere.  If someone could obtain the power of that ancient people, 
    Hyrule would be saved in the blink of an eye.  He asks you to take on the 
    task of finding that power (he uses the word "ancient" yet again, too).  To 
    cross the gorge, he summons his partner, a golden Cucco whom he summons to 
    the spot.  Grab it and jump forward to the gorge.
    Land on the two platforms you'll see.  At the second, turn left and fly to 
    another.  We're back on our way to the Sacred Grove.  Somehow or other one of 
    the bridges up ahead is missing, so you'll have to use the Gale Boomerang on 
    the far one and then use your golden buddy to reach it.  Set the Cucco down 
    again and boomerang the bridge to turn it again, and then take him to safe 
    ground.  Jump to the rock ahead when the logs aren't coming at you and you'll 
    reach the end.  Enter the cave you came to and you'll truly be inside the 
    Sacred Grove.
    Skull Kid falls from a tree and summons some of his puppet cohorts.  He then 
    runs away.  Follow him, as before, and let him eat steel when you find him.  
    You'll find a Poe here, if you want to gain another Poe's Soul.  You can also 
    light two torches to make a chest appear with 30 bombs in it.  Remember that 
    you can use your Bow to reach him in high places.  When you chase him to a 
    dead-end, he'll summon some puppets and begin a brawl.  Shoot him everywhere 
    he goes (you may have to fight off his monsters, though) and, after three 
    hits, he'll disappear into the air.  He had so much fun with you that he'll 
    let you into a secret place.  A wall turns out to be an illusion.  Follow the 
    path now created to the mapped part of Sacred Grove, where we got the Master 
    Push the block to the right forward and drop down to where it fell.  Follow 
    the path to the two statues you had to prove your wits to earlier.  Pass them 
    to the pedestal you pulled the Master Sword from.  Put it back – just for fun 
    – and one of the statues we saw in the southern part of this area will 
    disappear.  Now, Link will pull the Master Sword back out (you didn't think 
    we were getting rid of it, did you?) and leave for those two statues.  When 
    you do, some shadow beasts and a ton of Keese come to attack you.  Deal with 
    your winged foes first, and then defeat your five shadowy foes.  To do so, 
    kill three, leaving two alive that are close together, and take care of them 
    with a spin attack or a jump strike.  Now we have a portal in the Sacred 
    Grove!  What a relief...
                            |    A Link to the Past    |
    Go to where that statue disappeared via the block you pushed down and you'll 
    see a door.  Open it and a strange, black-and-white realm is ahead of you.  
    Step through.  We're now inside some kind of temple, and the music here 
    reminds me of where the Master Sword slept in Ocarina of Time...  Walk down 
    the stairs past those statues and you'll step into a huge chamber with a 
    pedestal in the center.  Hey, let's put the Master Sword in it again.  This 
    creates a staircase to the stained glass ahead, and Ooccoo and son are seen 
    running forward through the window.  It was an illusion!  Go forward yourself 
    and take the door you come to.
                              |    Temple of Time    |
    Who would've thought that all those times in Ocarina of Time that Link was in 
    the Temple of Time, there was a huge temple in the back if he'd only gone 
    through the stained glass?  Step forward into the main room to see the 
    introductory cut scene.  Notice also that the map of this room makes a smiley 
    face.  Those ancient pre-Hylians sure had a good sense of humor!  Now, walk 
    forward and Midna will notice that there's a place where symmetry demands two 
    statues but where only one is provided.  Turn into a wolf and look at it.  
    Somehow we see into the past and see another statue.  Midna's mind is made up: 
    we need to find the other statue somewhere in this temple.  Alright, no 
    First, look at the platform opposite the existing statue.  See the... thing 
    there?  It's pretty heavy.  Pick it up and put it on the switch on the other 
    platform that's opposite you.  This makes a platform rise up.  Take it up to 
    find Ooccoo.  This is the temple she's been looking for because the ancient 
    technology of her people rests here.  Let's help her out as long as she's 
    here.  You got Ooccoo!  It's the same old story – you can warp out and back 
    in with her and Junior.  Now, take the other steps down to find two torches.  
    Light them with your Lantern and a chest will appear.  Open it for a Small 
    Key.  Now go back up the stairs and go south.
    You'll see a new enemy here, a spider creature that takes two hits.  Other 
    than that, there's a switch in the center of the room.  Place a pot on it 
    from a ledge and two gates will open.  The southern one has a chest with 30 
    arrows in it.  Then take the eastern route.  There's another gate here, so 
    pass the first gate and shoot the pot with an arrow or your Clawshot.  This 
    opens the second gate.  Take the staircase here and you'll be assaulted by a 
    At the top you'll find three Lizalfos to fight and an unusual Armos, in that 
    it can swing a weapon in addition to hopping around.  Just attack its 
    backside until it explodes.  Killing all the baddies in here makes a chest 
    materialize; inside's the Dungeon Map.  As you can see, there may be eight 
    floors, but it's not very elaborate.  There's also a chest at the southern 
    end of this room containing 20 rupees.  Use the weights around you to keep 
    the switches down to the north and thus open the gate there.
    Take the door you find to a huge chamber with the center blocked off by an 
    electric barrier.  Meanwhile, there's a Lizalfos and Beamos to the right 
    (although this dungeon's Beamos are much more regal-looking than those of 
    Goron Mines).  Kill both (remember, shoot a Beamos in the eye to defeat it).  
    Continue around the room to kill four more Lizalfos, and start climbing up 
    the stairs to beat another.  When you come to a gap in the stairs, spin up 
    them with your goodie from Arbiter's Grounds and stop when you cross.
    Now follow the path to a locked door.  Turn around and walk across the path 
    you see (avoiding some Razor Traps as you do) and push the side of this 
    object to lower yourself into the center of the chamber we couldn't enter.  
    Mow down these spider enemies with your blade or Ball and Chain and the 
    electric barrier lowers.  More importantly, take the weight you see onto the 
    central platform you rode down here on.  Ride back up by pulling the side in 
    and go south along the Razor Trap ring with the weight in hand.  Place it on 
    one of the switches.  There's a second weight on the east side of this ring; 
    take it to the other switch, but set it down as you're standing on the white 
    tile (or its edge) ahead.  You'll rise up on the platform to take a 5F door.
    The door shuts behind you.  Step forward to these Armos and use the back 
    slice on both of them until they die.  This creates a chest in an alcove to 
    the west.  Open it for a Small Key.  Furthermore, you'll find a red rupee 
    chest at the south end of this room.  Go back north into the previous room 
    and take the locked door we saw.  This room is a puzzle centered on the green 
    crystal switch ahead.  Hit it to turn it red and go forward to a Beamos.  
    Trigger and kill it.  Now, in the new compartment you reach, step onto the 
    stone circle and shoot through another circle to change the crystal switch to 
    green.  Advance further into the "maze" and open the chest you see for the 
    Compass.  Now shoot the switch again to open the way to some stairs.
    Take them to another crystal switch room.  Step on another stone circle and 
    shoot the switch (it's high up in the room, to the left of the chest here).  
    After you kill the Lizalfos in the new part of the room, shoot the switch 
    again and advance into the next part of the room.  Kill a more armored 
    Lizalfos here and go south again after shooting the crystal switch.  Take the 
    stairs up to 6F and open the door.  Kill all the numerous spiders here (the 
    Clawshot makes short work of them) and a chest appears, which contains a 
    purple rupee.  Now take the stairs in here up to see some scales.  They're 
    balanced right now, but if you step on, yours will sink.  Grab the weight and 
    throw it onto the other scale.  They're even (how convenient that one weight 
    is half Link's weight!).  So, step onto the next scale and climb up to the 
    next ledge.  See yourself to the door.
    Avoid the Razor Traps and go east up the stairs.  Fight off a trio of 
    Lizalfos and look ahead.  Stepping in the pathway ahead triggers a rolling 
    spike pin.  Trigger it so that it rolls away from you and dart out into the 
    hallway.  When the pendulum isn't in the way, roll through and open the chest 
    for a Small Key.  Then get out of there and run to the upper-right hallway.  
    Dodge another pin and take the weight.  Now, when the timing is right, run 
    out and drop it on the switch there.  Now you can go north to a room on 8F.  
    When you kill all the spiders here, a chest forms containing 50 rupees.  But 
    then you still have two Armos to deal with.  Doing so opens a gate.  Break 
    the pots within for some yellow rupees and hearts and take the next door with 
    your Small Key.
                               Mini-Boss: Iron Knuckle
    The door is shut behind us and Link walks forward to see the statue we've 
    been searching for all this time.  The only problem is a powerful foe ahead: 
    an Iron Knuckle.  He's heavily armored and will swing his sword with a lot of 
    his body power occasionally.  When he does that, attack!  You'll knock off 
    some of his armor (assuming you don't get hit by his attack, not even on the 
    shield).  When you knock off his shield and enough of his armor, he'll throw 
    his heavy sword at you, which Link dodges automatically in a cut scene moment.  
    He draws a lighter sword, which he uses for both defense and offense.  He's 
    fast and hard to deal with, now.  Right now, either catch him off guard when 
    he's attacking (the back slice helps a lot) or drop bombs that he'll walk 
    into (which is harder to do because he's so fast).  When he dies, we can take 
    both the contents of a chest and the statue.
    Open the chest for... the Dominion Rod!  This ancient rod can infuse ancient 
    statues with life.  It will move like us (notice it's the red mark on the 
    Map).  Step away from the chest and whip it out, but hold its button to 
    charge up and aim.  Aim it at the statue above and release to cast a yellow 
    orb at it, bringing the statue to life (if you want to stop controlling it, 
    just press A).  Move toward the door and it will, too.  Guide it to the 
    golden circle near the door and it will be taken up by one of those bell-
    looking objects.  Exit the room and behold!  The bell here rises and the 
    statue is there.  Now, use the Dominion Rod on it and walk forward.  When the 
    statue reaches the gate, swinging your Rod down.  The statue will swing its 
    axe down, thus breaking the gate.  Eureka!  This will help a lot up ahead as 
    we begin our descent down the floors!
    Guide your statue soldier down and kill the Armos with him.  Then quit 
    exercising your power over him and place a pot on the switch.  Now, take 
    control of him again and guide him to the step that just lowered.  Set him on 
    it, quit controlling him, break the pot, and guide him down the stairs ahead 
    of you.  Maneuver him onto the switch past the electric barrier, let him 
    return to inanimateness, and enter the room the barrier once protected.  Now, 
    guide him past the rolling pins (in fact, crush them under the weight of your 
    mighty axe-hammer!) and take the stairs down to the room full of Razor Traps.  
    Utterly destroy them as well as the Beamos to reveal a switch.  Guide the 
    statue onto the platform it raises and then return to the pendulum room.  Get 
    a pot or a weight and set it on the switch.  Now move the statue up to the 
    gold circle to be transported to the next "bell."
    Enter the next room to have a reunion with the statue.  Take him down onto 
    the scale and stop guiding him.  Throw the weight on this scale to the other.  
    Now go to the door you came by and turn left (if facing the scales) to see a 
    target.  Clawshot to it to find another weight.  Carry it to the other scale 
    via the stairs (you may want to exterminate the bugs here first, though) and 
    throw it on.  Now go back down and look above the pillars.  See another 
    weight?  Use the Dominion Rod to take it down and then carry it to the scales.  
    There!  They're even.  Bring the statue onto the other scale, throw the 
    weights to the one he was on, and guide him down to another gold circle.
    Before you leave this room, step onto the higher scale and look above the 
    "bell."  There's a target.  Clawshot to it and spin along the right wall rail.  
    You'll find a Poe, which you can kill for another Poe's Soul, and you'll find 
    a chest containing 20 rupees.  Take the door you find next to be pitted 
    against an Armos and two Helmasaurs.  When you kill them all, clawshot to the 
    higher target to find a chest with 20 rupees inside.  Now, there are four 
    switches outside the chest.  Two weights are on hand here, and a third can be 
    brought down from the north side with the Dominion Rod.  Then, from this 
    height, clawshot one of the Helmasaur's masks up and set it on a switch.  Now, 
    open the chest you find for the Big Key!  Huzzah!  Now feel free to leave the 
    room and go west of the room you exit to.
    Take the steps down to 6F and take control of the statue.  Move him a level 
    north, and then shoot the crystal switch.  Now you move north.  Direct the 
    statue onto a switch beyond the electric barrier and voila!  The way to a 
    treasure chest is opened (if you break the gate down with your soldier).  It 
    contains a Piece of Heart.  When you've gotten it, take the statue to the 
    other side of the electric barrier and shoot the crystal switch (when you're 
    on the other side, too, of course).  Now you two can walk out together.  When 
    you come to a wall, just bust it down.  Put him in a gold circle in the 
    second tier of this room and then leave it yourself to that large, two-story 
    Pull the side of the object ahead and you'll rise upward a bit to where the 
    statue is.  Take him onto the center and ride down with him to where the 
    object was.  Now, if you go south, there's a chest you can now get.  Use a 
    weight and the statue to press down the switches, and kill the spiders in 
    this room.  Then go to where you previously opened a chest in the south end.  
    Use the Dominion Rod on the weight to the right to guide it down to a switch.  
    Then take another weight from the ground, throw it over the other rail, and 
    guide it to a switch.  This creates a chest with a Piece of Heart inside.  
    Now, go back north and repeat what you did earlier to take your statue onto 
    the central platform.  This time, take him all the way down to the bottom of 
    this elevator (3F).
    Kill all the spiders and then reclaim control of your statue.  With the 
    barrier lowered, take your statue out of there and walk over to a gate with a 
    Poe behind it (west side).  Break down what's separating you two and, as a 
    wolf, steal its Poe's Soul.  Now take him over to a gate on the north side 
    where he'll be beamed up.  Alone, exit this room to the east.  Fortunately, 
    our stone cold friend is awaiting us at the bottom of these stairs.  Take 
    them down, clawshot over the gate, and use the Dominion Rod to tag-team the 
    Armos in here.  When you're done, take the southwestern hallway (with the 
    statue not far behind you) to a gate on 2F.  Chop it through and put your 
    buddy in the bell provided for him here.  Now go north to the first room of 
    the dungeon.  Our pal is down there waiting for us on the 1F half.  Take 
    control of him and guide him to his spot on the wall.  You know, we really 
    bonded with the big fellow in this dungeon.  I knew we had to say good-bye 
    when we reached 1F, but I'll miss him...
    When he's in place, the large gate opens that was blocking our advance into 
    the northern end of the room.  Just like Arbiter's Grounds, we went through 
    all that trouble just to go north!  Now, take the door ahead.  First, kill 
    the three Beamos in here (two are farther down; use the Hawkeye if you're a 
    bad shot).  Second, jump over the gap when the Razor Traps to the side.  
    Third, walk forward past a Razor Trap, a rolling pin, and three pendulums.  
    Fourth, pick up a weight and place it on the switch between the latter two 
    pendulums.  Fifth, get beyond the gate and use the Dominion Rod to move the 
    weight off, opening the next gate.  Sixth, go forward, kill the enemies, and 
    break the pots (bottle a fairy and collect loot).  Seventh, open the Boss 
                        |    Twilit Arachnid – Armogohma    |
    We're in a dark chamber with light shining in from above in spots.  We see a 
    statue that resembles Gohdan, and we're led to believe that it's something 
    like him we're fighting, but don't be fooled.  Why fight a monstrous machine 
    made by the gods when you could fight the giant spider on the ceiling?  I 
    knew spiders were a theme here!  In any case, this boss is modeled after the 
    Gohma of Ocarina of Time, but it's much harder (considering that that Gohma 
    was the first boss of the game).  Armogohma will stay on the ceiling and 
    attack you by her preference.  All she uses now is a laser attack from her 
    eye (answering to the Beamos theme in this temple), which you should just run 
    from in a circular fashion.
    To inflict damage on this critter, wait for her to get in front of a statue 
    (you'll know when the light is drowned out).  Now, shoot her with an arrow to 
    the eye.  She'll fall onto the ground on her back.  Next, pull out the 
    Dominion Rod and take control of the statue she's in front of.  Force your 
    puppet to punch her right in the gut, a crushing blow to her soft underbelly.  
    She'll get back onto the ceiling after that and lay some eggs.  The resultant 
    Gohma Larvae are just like the ones you fought in the temple.  Take care of 
    them with the Clawshot or let them get roasted by their mother's laser beam.  
    Either way, this is your source of hearts and arrows should you run low on 
    After three hits Armogohma will explode.  Link is acting all triumphant, 
    doing that sheathing the sword thing he does, when he notices that some of 
    the larvae and the eye (which is really a spider with a back painted to look 
    like an eye) are still out.  This is really a joke ending, considering the 
    music.  Just shoot the eye-spider three times and they'll all explode for 
    real, earning you another shard of the Mirror of Twilight.  Hooray!  Midna 
    implies that Armogohma was really just that small eye-spider, and that the 
    body was provided to it by the Mirror (like in Blizzetta's case).  Our 
    shadowy friend suggests that we'll have to destroy the Mirror when we're done 
    with it, too.  Go get the Heart Container the head honcho spider left behind 
    and join Midna in the portal.  Save the game and we'll appear back in the 
    chamber where the Master Sword once awaited a Hero.
    ==============================City in the Sky*===============================
                          |    Exhausted Dominion Rod    |
    Leave the pedestal chamber and notice two owl statues on either side of the 
    stairs.  Use your new wand to remove them and nab the prizes behind each: a 
    Piece of Heart and a Poe for a Poe's Soul.  Now exit this "realm" of the past 
    Temple of Time to find yourself back in the Sacred Grove with Ooccoo and 
    Ooccoo Jr.  The mother says she wanted the Dominion Rod this entire time.  
    She can see it's magic has been exhausted from its impressive age and degree 
    of use.
    See, she planned to return to the sky with it, but the Rod's too weak and 
    she's forgotten the spell that would give it a magic boost.  So, she 
    determines to start looking for statues that the Rod works on.  Ooccoo leaves, 
    and she leaves our Rod totally powerless.  (I thought it had pretty decent 
    magic...).  Midna just now puts two and two together: Ooccoo is returning to 
    the sky, and the next shard is said to be in the heavens.  Hmm...  I know 
    just the man who can help us.
                            |    Jogging the Memory    |
    Warp over to Hyrule Castle Town and pay a visit to Telma's Bar.  As usual, 
    you'll encounter the Postman along the way.  It's from Renado, the shaman of 
    Kakariko Village!  "There's something about Ilia's memory that I wish to tell 
    you."  Well, that's pretty important!  We'll visit her at the sanctuary when 
    we're done here.  Anyways, prepare for disappointment when you reach the bar.  
    The one time we needed Shad, the expert on sky beings, he's gone!  Talk to 
    Rusl and he'll tell you he's in Kakariko Village right now, investigating 
    those sky beings, the Oocca.  Check the map, and wouldn't you know it, Shad 
    is at Renado's sanctuary!  Well, let's kill two birds with one stone – to 
    Kakariko Village!  (That means warp there.)
    Transform into a human first (as usual, Talo will spot you in wolf-form and, 
    as village lookout, yell to everyone to run) and enter the sanctuary.  Hey, 
    it's our old friends, Gor Coron and Darbus the patriarch!  Ooh, Darbus seems 
    mean...  And with all that squatting he does, he must have amazing 
    hamstrings...  Gor Coron says that when he learned that one of their 
    brother's acquaintances had lost her memory, Darbus came right down (the 
    Gorons have an extensive brotherhood system).  Talk to Renado and he tells us 
    that things are looking good for Ilia's memory coming back.  Shad, the 
    scholar, is in the basement examining a statue that may be related to the 
    heavens.  Furthermore, when Ilia was saved she overheard someone talking 
    about a "rod of the heavens."  Gor Coron suspects that to regain her lost 
    memory, we must piece together her past.
    So, we must retrace her path.  It was Telma who cared for her before she came 
    to Kakariko.  So, let's talk to her first.  You got Renado's Letter!  (He 
    only sends us because he can't stand Telma's personality.)  Now, if you talk 
    to Darbus, he'll say how little we could to help him.  Uh, yeah right!  As 
    Gor Coron tells you, he has no memory of his time as Fyrus.  Anyways, warp 
    back to Castle Town and give Telma Renado's Letter.  After insulting Renado 
    here and there, Telma recalls that the first one to bring Ilia to her shop 
    was the doctor. He's a "crusty old bat," but maybe we could coerce him to 
    talk with the Invoice Telma gives us.  The doctor's tab is enormous (should 
    doctors really be drinking all that much?).  So, look for the doctor's office 
    on East Road.  It's at the corner, just before the gate.
    You'll see the man immediately, and he'll see you – the lad who helped the 
    Zora boy for not so much as a single rupee (technically, we did it for Zora 
    Armor, but hey, that wasn't a rupee...).  He asks if Ilia mentioned him, 
    too...  I won't even comment on that one.  He'll brag about his success (they 
    call his hands "The Golden Mitts," apparently), tell you off since you're too 
    poor to afford an examination, and ask you to leave.  But show him the 
    Invoice and he'll think we're trying to strong-arm him (now THAT would be a 
    Zelda game!), but he doesn't have the money.  If he'd been able to sell that 
    wooden statue Ilia had, well, maybe then he'd have the cash, but he spilled 
    medicine on it.  It stank to high heavens and so he put it outside to dry.  
    Next thing you know, it's stolen.  So, he goes off to work.  I say we explore 
    his home.
    Go to the north end and you'll see a crate.  Push it to experience a wretched 
    stench – it's green.  Sniff it and forget the Reekfish Scent.  Instead, learn 
    the Medicine Scent!  We can use it to track down the thief!  Leave the office 
    and go east into Hyrule Field.  This bridge is broken, but we just want to 
    transform into a wolf here.  Now, return and use X to follow the trail 
    (you'll also scare any townsperson you see half to death).  Follow the trail 
    right to... Telma's Bar!  I would never suspect her gang of thievery!  But no, 
    it actually stops just short of the bar – at her cat, Louise.  She stole it – 
    she admits it!  But then she was attacked by some sort of skeletal dog beasts 
    who took it from her.  They lurk just outside the southern gate, only at 
    nighttime.  We'll have to give all of them a thrashing to recover that statue.  
    So, take her advice: go to the main thoroughfare of South Road and exit to 
    Hyrule Field.
    You'll find a Poe out here (another Poe's Soul in the bag!), but if you get 
    off the stone pavement, you'll find the pack of dogs.  They're very weak, and 
    it shouldn't take much to beat them.  Afterwards the Wooden Statue gets 
    thrown your way.  I don't remember Ilia owning this, but take it nonetheless.  
    Warp back to Kakariko Village and enter the sanctuary.  Show her the Wooden 
    Statue and it jogs her memory somewhat.  She was confined somewhere, and her 
    fellow prisoner saved her.  When they set her free, they gave her the statue.  
    Then Gor Coron remembers.  That statue belongs to the tribe that protected 
    the Hylian Royal Family long ago.  Their numbers dwindled during the wars...  
    He tells us that to find that hidden village we must look for a path leading 
    to Lanayru Province on the far side of the Bridge of Eldin.  Ah, but Ilia 
    points out that a rockslide blocked the way to the village long ago.  Ah, but 
    that's no problem to a Goron.  Darbus heads over to that rockslide and he'll 
    be awaiting us.
                                 |    Shoot-Out    |
    If you've repaired it, warp to the Bridge of Eldin and go west to your goal 
    point.  If you haven't repaired it (to learn how, read the beginning of "Cave 
    of Ordeals"), warp to the Castle Town location and go all the way around 
    (north and then east) to the point we're supposed to be at.  When you arrive, 
    transform into a human.  Where you see two Bokoblins, there's a cave opposite 
    them.  Enter and take it to the end.
    You'll see Darbus trying to punch through the rockslide with little success, 
    but if you approach him, he'll take a few more swings at it and punch it 
    right through.  He tells us the hidden village is up ahead.  There is a 
    powerful beast here, and beneath it many underlings that attack and plunder 
    incessantly.  There are roughly 20 of them ahead.  We must defeat them all.  
    He gives us a hint on defeating them: destroy them before they spot you.  
    When you've "got it," he rolls off, leaving us to explore ahead.
    Go forward and the cut scene begins.  This looks like it came straight out of 
    a western movie, and the music doesn't try to disguise that.  It's time for a 
    good old-fashioned shoot-out!  Get out your bow and start going crazy.  Shoot 
    the one straight ahead, and then another to the upper-right (this causes an 
    explosion that kills two).  Now shoot the one that comes out to investigate.  
    One will come out on the upper-left balcony to investigate; shoot him dead.  
    See the window to the left?  Shoot through it and you'll kill another.  Now, 
    step forward and climb up the two crates here.  There will be one Bokoblin on 
    the road and another on a balcony.  Next, shoot the one on the right balcony 
    and one way off in the distance on the main road.
    There's one on a higher balcony to the right, and likewise with the left (if 
    they're too far away for accuracy, use the Hawkeye).  Now move forward a bit.  
    On the left side will be a building with three breakable windows; get inside 
    and shoot one at a table, and then shoot another through an opening in the 
    crates on the ground.  Additionally, there's one standing over a hole in here.  
    Go back outside and look right to see two Bokoblins – one behind a window, 
    and one on the ground level, both just standing there.  If you look in the 
    alley to the right of the building, there's another, and from that alley you 
    can shoot through a window and kill the last one.  All 20 defeated, and now a 
    little old lady steps out of a building.
    Link walks up to her and is recognized instantly as "the savior."  Her name 
    is Impaz, the last resident of this poor village.  Her name comes from the 
    great one who built this village long, long ago (was it, Impa, maybe?).  This 
    village was once the secret home of a proud tribe who served the Royal Family, 
    but it fell into decline with time, and became infested with beasts.  She 
    asks if your name is Link.  Wow, she's right on target!  So, she guesses that 
    we saved that nice girl.  When Ilia was here, she often said we'd come to her 
    rescue.  By royal order, Impaz can't leave this village until a certain 
    someone arrives.  But back on topic.  She gives us Ilia's Charm, which Ilia 
    left with her, and it will certainly restore Ilia's memory!  Impaz believes 
    that's what's kept her safe.  Wow, what a kind old woman.
    (While you're here, note the presence of a howling stone in Hidden Village.  
    Please refer to "Hidden Skills" for more on this.)
                              |    Restored Memory    |
    Return to the sanctuary in Kakariko Village and show Ilia her charm.  Just as 
    the in-game description predicted, it she remembers.  She remembers that she 
    and Link were never apart, and she can see your face with music playing as 
    Epona neighs (again, I won't even comment on that).  She remembers that the 
    charm was meant for Link, before you left on the journey for Hyrule Castle.  
    So, you get it back, but now it's called the Horse Call.  Play it to call 
    Epona from any location with Epona's Song.  But back to our larger objective, 
    in Impaz's village there's something guarded for a heavenly messenger they've 
    been awaiting for generations.  But, they can't give this something away 
    until the messenger arrives with the rod.  Therefore, Impaz couldn't leave 
    her village.  This all fits together nicely.
    Return to the Hidden Village and talk to Impaz.  Pull out the Dominion Rod 
    and she'll recognize you as the messenger to the heavens.  According to 
    Impaz's clan's legend, that rod was handed down from the Oocca in a time when 
    they still maintained contact with the Royal Family.  When the Royal Family 
    needed to communicate with the Oocca again, the messenger was to carry that 
    rod with him.  For generations they have guarded the book the messenger 
    should deliver.  She gives it to you: the Ancient Sky Book.  It is written 
    the "ancient Sky language."  Apparently, one of its words is missing some 
    characters, and it's a very important word, too.  Impaz figures that meeting 
    Ilia was ordained by the gods; otherwise, she would not have met the 
    legendary messenger and passed on the knowledge of the book.  Too bad no one 
    speaks the language it's written in.  By now, a dead language like that would 
    probably be known only to a serious scholar...
                           |    Rupees and Characters    |
    Find Shad in the basement of the sanctuary.  Something in his studies of the 
    Oocca has been bothering him, and so he came here to investigate.  The 
    statute here exactly matches one in his father's manuscripts.  There are 
    similar statues all over Hyrule, but this one's different.  There's something 
    written on the belly in Sky Writing.  It says, "Awaken us with the word that 
    breaks the seal."  Show him the Ancient Sky Book and he'll drop his jaw like 
    a nutcracker.  He speaks a few words he guesses will "awaken" the statue, but 
    no go.  It's not this statue, then, but it must be one of them.  Shad puts 
    marks on our map next to every one of those statues in Hyrule.  He then 
    proceeds to walk off.  Unbeknownst to him, his words didn't activate the 
    statue.  They activated our Dominion Rod!
    Link takes it out of his pocket and Midna seconds my thoughts.  We must now 
    find those other statues and try our renewed Rod on them.  Let's warp to the 
    various spots:
    1) S. Faron Woods - For a long time, I thought this was a useless warp point.  
    Go north, hang a right, go right when you come to the next fork to see Coro 
    the Lantern guy, and then look to the northwest of this screen.  There's a 
    rock.  Blow it to smithereens and follow the path you reveal to an owl statue.  
    Use the Dominion Rod to move it, and then step onto the spot it was on.  It's 
    a Sky character!  We need to collect all of these to complete the word 
    missing from the book.  Now, as long as you're here, guide the owl statue 
    into a little circular depression a little bit earlier on the path.  This 
    lines up the path for your wolf form to Midna jump from a rock, to the statue, 
    to some branches, past some platforms, and to the end point.  Walk into a new 
    screen (the purple fog screen!) from there and open the chest for a Piece of 
    2) Castle Town – Go south from the warp point to find a paved dead-end.  
    There's a Poe's Soul to be had there, but more importantly, there's an owl 
    statue over the pillar to the right.  Guide the statue toward the wall with 
    the stairs on it and stop it about halfway between them.  Jump from that wall 
    onto the statue and then onto the pillar.  Second character, check.  You can 
    also do this to open a chest on the other pillar with an orange rupee (100) 
    inside.  Yippee!
    3) Castle Town – This time go west of the warp point to the higher region of 
    Lake Hylia.  Follow the regular path until it opens up, and then go east to 
    see the owl statue on a high ledge.  Make it within your dominion (use the 
    rod) and you'll uncover the character.  But how to get up there...?  Well, 
    clawshot the vines hanging over from above, position the statue under you, 
    fall onto it, and jump.  Presto!  The third one's in the bag.  Now, before 
    you get off that ledge, step away from the statue and use the Dominion Rod on 
    it.  Move it to the left so it's about between the two slots in the wall and 
    within jumping range.  Jump to it diagonally.  Then, from the statue, jump 
    diagonally to the next slot in the wall to open a chest with 100 rupees 
    inside.  I reiterate: Yippee!
    4) Kakariko Gorge – Go north of the warp spot and you'll come to some ledges.  
    Step onto them and you'll see the owl statue surrounded by stone in the wall.  
    Direct him out of there and swoop in to take another character.  Now, while 
    you're in the neighborhood, move the owl statue to the right, into a gap 
    there.  Then go further right and step onto the ledge.  Use the statue as a 
    steppingstone to cross the gap.  When you land on the other side, take 
    control of him and continue on the ledge until you reach another long gap you 
    can't jump.  If you were controlling him, he'll be right in place.  Jump onto 
    him (make sure to turn the Rod off first, though) and follow the ledge to 
    another chest with an orange rupee inside.  Wait for it...  Yippee!
    5) Gerudo Mesa – (This is a warp spot you may not have.  If not, see the 
    first paragraphs of the "Cave of Ordeals" section).  Go east of the warp spot 
    and you'll see the owl statue up on a ledge.  Move it between another ledge 
    to the right and get on it; jump to the statue, and jump to the character.  
    Now, if you maneuver the statue (from that ledge) between you and the 
    platform to the south, you can reach it.  Repeat this to go east and to a 
    treasure chest that contains another 100 rupees.  Yip to the pee!  Also, if 
    you take a boar near the beginning and find some fences you can charge 
    through along the south end (just a little east of the owl statue), you'll 
    find a chest with another 100 rupees inside.
    6) Bridge of Eldin – Warp to the Bridge of Eldin (if you haven't repaired it 
    yet, please read the beginning of the "Cave of Ordeals" section) and go to 
    the north side.  From there, look at the wall to the north.  There's a target.  
    Clawshot to it and follow the path east to a cave.  If you drop into the 
    magnetic fields with your Iron Boots on, and follow the paths provided, 
    you'll eventually come to a chest with a Piece of Heart in it.  In addition, 
    light the torches to the left of that chest to make another chest materialize 
    with 100 rupees inside.  Then if you would, exit this Goron Mines mimic where 
    the map indicates and you'll be outside.  Clawshot to a target to the right, 
    and do this twice more, to be able to jump back to the ground you came to.  
    With that detour out of the way, get onto the bridge and look right.  There's 
    the statue.  Move it out of the way for the final character, which come 
    together to produce the Filled Sky Book.
                               |    Touch the Sky    |
    If you walk in a mail-sensitive place (i.e. the bridge to Castle Town), Mr. 
    Postman will arrive and deliver a letter from Shad.  It says how the word's 
    failed on the statues, so he's returning to Kakariko Village to investigate 
    some more.  Contact him if you learn anything new.  Well, we did.  We filled 
    the Sky Book!  So, pay "the dream chaser" a visit in the basement of Renado's 
    sanctuary.  Show Shad the new and improved Sky Book and he'll go ga-ga over 
    it once more.  This new, much longer word must be what we need to reach the 
    heavens!  He chants some words and the statue's center disappears.  It looks 
    like the other statues now, and Shad is very disappointed.  He doesn't 
    realize that with the Dominion Rod, everything's in place.  Move the statue 
    and follow the path down to a tremendous cannon.
    Shad shows up and identifies it as the Sky Cannon from his father's notes (it 
    seems he's trying to live up to his late father's expectations).  Get close 
    to it and Midna will ask you what to do.  We could warp it to another 
    location and ask a real cannon expert about it.  But who might that be...?  I 
    know!  Fyer, the clown whose cannon we used to reach Gerudo Desert!  Ask 
    Midna to warp but she'll point out that Shad's here (she doesn't like our 
    transforming in front of people, as you may've noticed trying to transform 
    before).  Talk to Shad and he'll leave.  Now, let's warp to Lake Hylia.
    When you show up there, go northwest over a bridge to Fyer.  He thinks we 
    love fantastication so much that we built our own cannon.  Please, don't 
    flatter yourself, Fyer!  When he looks, he sees there isn't an ignition 
    device.  He could fix it for us, for 300 rupees.  You should easily have that 
    much from all those orange rupees we found, so pay up.  After a few days, 
    he'll finish.  It isn't too pretty on the outside (it's shaped like an Oocca), 
    but inside it's very powerful.  Now, clawshot into the barrel of the cannon 
    and Ooccoo will join you.  It launches you right up into a pool of water in 
    the sky!  Ooccoo is glad to have finally made it back and welcomes you to the 
    sky city of the Oocca.  I can't believe this is happening!
                              |    City in the Sky    |
    Since we came all this way, Ooccoo agrees to give us a tour of the city.  But 
    just then, a dragon flies overhead.  Another Oocca comes up (sorry, but he 
    looks identical to Ooccoo) and says there's a dragon raging outside the city 
    walls.  They run off to "the shop."  Before you follow them, sink down into 
    this pool and open the chests for water bombs and 20 rupees.  Now, float up 
    and get on the ground.  Way up here in the stratosphere, strong winds blow 
    from time to time, so keep your Iron Boots on to keep from blowing off the 
    side.  Head east to the shop, and at the end you'll fight a Deku Baba (what 
    are the chances of it being here?).  But defeat it and open the door to be 
    inside a shop.
    Talk to Ooccoo on the counter and he'll tell you how he wants to come with 
    you as you "take in" the city.  He won't warp us to the earth below, but 
    he'll warp us to this shop.  How's about it?  Well, you actually have no 
    choice.  She's with you now.  Now, speak to the owner, who uses a strange 
    script and language before realizing we're Hylian.  He speaks a bit of our 
    language, so he asks us to buy something.  This shop has 30 bombs for 90 
    rupees, 30 arrows for 30 rupees, and lantern oil, Blue Potion, and Red Potion 
    at the usual prices (20, 100, and 30 rupees, respectively).  The bombs and 
    arrows are funny, because this shopkeeper was supposedly so ignorant of his 
    own culture that he ordered merchandise Oocca can't use.  More like the 
    programmers knew we might need some!  If you look around, you'll see toy 
    sailboats.  They probably work for such a small being...
    If you want to exit this city at any time, go south and shoot down with the 
    cannon there.  But right now we want to go north of the pool of water.  When 
    you reach the second Deku Baba on this path, kill it and look up at the 
    building ahead.  Shoot the crystal switch you see with your Bow, thus opening 
    the building.  Go up to the door to see the "City in the Sky" cut scene.  Now 
    enter the building.  This room leaves a little to be desired in terms of 
    whole floors, and so you'll have to grab an Oocca and jump forward.  The 
    purple blocks will fall if you step on them, by the way.  Jump forward again 
    with your Oocca.  You'll have to throw it when you reach the ledge so you can 
    grab onto it yourself (don't worry; even if an Oocca falls, it can fly back 
    up).  Kill the Helmasaurs here (knocking them off the edge is always fun) and 
    go left to find a small ledge you can climb up to.  Get on and climb another 
    ledge to reach the door.  Take it out of here.
    You're now in a room with a very hefty Helmasaur in it.  Its mask is so heavy 
    you can't even clawshot it off.  Attack its back (which is very easy, 
    considering how slow it is) and then look left.  In the corner of the room is 
    a sort of net-cage with a hole in it.  Clawshot to it and walk through.  Drop 
    down (now outside) to a hallway.  Spin in the indentation here and behold: a 
    bridge appears to the west.  Walk near the end of this path and clawshot to 
    some vines on the wall.  Climb them and cross the bridge (with Iron Boots 
    either on or at the ready).  Please, open the door you come to.  Walk forward 
    here and look up at the ceiling.  See the target?  Clawshot to the one on the 
    left side and you'll fall to a chest with a Small Key in it.  Now please, 
    clawshot to the vines in the direction of the door you came by and exit the 
    Cross the bridge to enter thedoor at the other end.  Right after you cross, a 
    cut scene initiates and that dragon flies by, breaks the bridge (what's with 
    twilight monsters and destroying bridges!?), and flies off.  Doesn't look 
    like we'll be returning to that room any time soon...  Take the door you were 
    going for and clawshot to one of the vine pillars ahead.  Now drop down to 
    the center of the room.  We can now go east over some drop blocks to a door.  
    Take it and go right down a path to another spin spot.  This creates another 
    bridge.  Cross it to a locked door.  Expend a key on it and in you go.  First, 
    kill the Helmasaur.  Then go to the far right and look to the left.  You'll 
    see a crystal switch.  Clawshot it and go back around to the other side.  
    Walk through the first air current with your Iron Boots on.  For the second, 
    clawshot to the vine pillar to the right to get by.  Crawl around and drop 
    First, take the northern door here.  Open the chest for the Dungeon Map, 
    which shows that Oocca are slackers in city-building (I guess I expected a 
    city in the heavens with technology like this to be more impressive...).  Now 
    go back south.  Thanks to that crystal switch, the air current over the 
    bridge to the west is off.  Run across and take the door.  Here, you quite 
    simply need to jump across the platforms when the air isn't blowing.  When 
    you jump north off a small ledge sticking out, stop and use the Gale 
    Boomerang first to uproot a spring enemy.  When you land, use your Gale 
    Boomerang on another such enemy up ahead, and then go left when you reach the 
    wall.  Take this western route to a chest with a yellow rupee inside.  Now go 
    back to that fork and take the other direction this time, being wary of 
    another spring snake.  Jump east a few times and you'll arrive at the door.  
    Take it south.
    This room pits you against two Lizalfos.  I suggest just shield attacking 
    them over the edge and to their deaths.  Now the door unlocks and a gate on 
    2F opens.  Clawshot the vines below the gate (south side of the room) and 
    you'll be able to climb up to find a room full of pots (with yellow rupees in 
    them).  When you're ready to move on, clawshot the hanging object above you.  
    This pulls it down, creating a gust below.  When it's up, grab an Oocca and 
    fly into it.  This drives you upward, so continue forward and drop down to a 
    door on 2F.  Enter through it to a new room.  Look up and pull the object 
    down again to open a compartment with a chest inside.  Ride an Oocca to it 
    and open it for 20 rupees.  Then take that same Oocca and fly with it to an 
    air stream.  Rise up in it and go west to another chest, this one with 50 
    rupees in it (pretty soon this will all make up for those 300 rupees he spent 
    on the cannon).
    Fly back east to the first ledge you reach and fly north into a new half of 
    this room.  Use your Oocca and an air stream to go west end, where you can 
    clawshot one of those objects, which triggers another air stream.  Ride to it 
    and then ride it up to pass through an opening in the wall to go east.  Drop 
    down and take the door you find.  In here, grab an Ooccoo and float down to 
    the lower level ahead (1F).  Kill the Deku Baba and grab an Oocca here to fly 
    down (avoid the air currents) to a B1 ledge.  From there, go to B2, and from 
    there, to the east side of B3.  Follow the path there to a door, where you'll 
    find one of those objects you need to pull down above a powerful fan.  
    Clawshot onto the object and put on your Iron Boots as you hang there.  This 
    overpowers the wind and pulls it down, which stops the fan altogether.  Now 
    descend down on the chain and drop to the ground.
                             Mini-Boss: Flying Lizalfos
    A monster flies into the room.  It appears to be a Lizalfos with wings.  
    He'll fly around above you, swoop down, and slash.  But before he swoops down 
    at you, he covers himself with his shield, which doubles as a Clawshot target.  
    Clawshot him and you'll drag him to the ground, vulnerable.  Hit him a few 
    times before he comes back to his senses and he'll engage you on the ground 
    for a little while.  When he does, I suggest shield attacking him and whaling 
    on him some more.  Eventually he'll fly up and out of the room, coming in 
    from another side to slash you.  So, keep your guard up.  He'll continue this 
    until you spot him in one of the "windows" and clawshot him to you to finish 
    him off.  After 20 hits, the fiend explodes and a gate opens above.
    Clawshot to the target behind that gate and open the chest for... another 
    Clawshot!  Combined with the prize of Lakebed Temple, they are called the 
    Double Clawshots!  (You might've guessed it from all the targets in this 
    temple).  Now you can be hanging from one target and fire again to another.  
    You can use them to get out of this room, for instance.  Clawshot to one of 
    the targets on the ceiling, lower yourself a bit, and clawshot to the vines 
    on the fan above.  Climb out and voila!  You're out.  Exit this room to the 
    multi-level one to the west.  In here, clawshot along the targets until you 
    reach the highest one on B1.  From there, clawshot to one of those objects 
    that lower to trigger effects.  It opens a gate on B2, but only as long as 
    you hang onto it.  So, lower the chain to the bottom and turn around.  
    Clawshot to the door and take it to a new room.
    Here, you'll see targets on some hanging poles, but they'll fall if you hang 
    on for too long (definitely take off the Iron Boots if you're wearing them).  
    L-targeting is the easiest way to get through here, clawshotting from target 
    to target.  At the last one, just drop down.  Open the chest here for the 
    Compass.  Well, it seems we've cleared out most of the rooms we've been to so 
    far.  Take the door to the great outdoors.  Here, you must cross the gap by 
    clawshotting.  Clawshot the first target and then clawshot the Deku Baba 
    ahead.  This will sever its stem, dropping it through the clouds.  I guess 
    that Baba is real "down to earth!"  Ah, I'm so punny...  Now, target the 
    space it was taking up.  Continue this pattern until you can target some 
    vines to the left.  Climb them to the top and go right to a door.  Take it.
    Let's go west.  Look in that direction and clawshot to a target on the bottom 
    of a pole suspended over the gap there.  Then clawshot to the next target and 
    drop down.  Take the door outside to that disfigured bridge.  Above it is an 
    enemy called the Peahat.  It floats around and in most games is extremely 
    annoying.  Here, it's helpful.  Clawshot to it and quickly L-target the next 
    to clawshot to it.  Do this once more and drop down to the door.  Ha, that 
    dragon has another thing coming if he thinks splitting the bridge is going to 
    keep this dog down!  Now please, take the door.  Clawshot over the target in 
    the upper-right corner and lower yourself on the chain.  Next, clawshot 
    across the various targets here (L-targeting is helpful) before their bases 
    fall.  When you hit the corner one, drop and clawshot to the target to the 
    north.  From there, turn around and look up to another target (take the one 
    on the right).  From it, latch onto the cage to the left, and finally your 
    feet will toruch ground.
    Run through the hole in the wall and you'll jump to new floor (there are some 
    Chuchus by the pots, too).  Clawshot the cage on the wall to the right and 
    drop down.  From here, look up and kill the two Deku Babas (you may want to 
    use your Bow, since you might fall if you clawshot onto the target by 
    mistake).  When they're dead, latch onto the target they guarded and lower 
    yourself to a crystal switch.  Hit it and a gate opens, giving you access to 
    a new target.  Clawshot to it, then to a cage, a target, a cage, and a final 
    target, above it.
    You've reached the door you want to take, but you also want some chests, 
    right?  Face the cage you lasted hung from and look left of it to a chest.  
    Jump diagonally to it.  From there, jump back to where you were and look 
    right of the door.  Jump across these platforms (making sure to clear the way 
    with your Gale Boomerang) to reach a chest containing bombs.  If you hang on 
    the southern edge from there, drop down and you'll fight off two Deku Babas 
    for a third chest, which contains arrows.  Now wasn't that cheaper than going 
    to the shop?  Clawshot your way back to that door we wanted and take it.
    You may recognize the giant Deku Baba ahead from Forest Temple (not that 
    specific one, but the type of enemy).  Defeat it and its little friends to 
    leave one of those plants that eats things in its place.  Throw a bomb into 
    it and kaboom!  It's dead as a doornail.  Now, you'll see a target on the 
    west side you can clawshot onto, from which you should quickly latch onto the 
    vines to the north.  Climb to the top and another Deku Baba will attack you.  
    Clawshot its stem and watch its head fall; then jump to where it was and open 
    the chest for a yellow rupee.  Now get back to those vines and jump off to go 
    right to a wall you can climb onto.  From here, carefully walk to the chest 
    ahead for 20 arrows.
    Now go ahead to the Deku Baba (you may want to decapitate it from a distance) 
    and from here continue walking to reach a small ledge you can climb onto.  
    While hanging, climb right along it and drop off to a chest guarded by a Deku 
    Baba.  Kill the latter and open the former for a Piece of Heart.  From there, 
    clawshot to a target above you, then to some more, and finally to some vines 
    on 3F (quickly, before you fall).  If you clawshot to the target in the 
    center of the room on the ceiling, drop down (lower yourself first) and 
    you'll have to fight off a Lizalfos.  I'll tell you, the shield attack was 
    made for this guy.  Now, take the door ahead.
    Out here, clawshot the Peahat and ride it over the wall.  Drop down and 
    clawshot another Peahat to cross another wall.  There's a chest with 20 
    rupees in it to the west out here, and to the east you'll find another Peahat 
    floating over the gap.  As it goes south, clawshot to another Peahat by a 
    tree that you can't access otherwise.  Drop down.  Here you'll find a Poe's 
    Soul and a chest containing 50 rupees.  Now clawshot back to the Peahat that 
    took you south.  As you go north, lower yourself so that you don't get 
    knocked down by the wall, and then shoot to the next Peahat.
    You have to position yourself fairly exactly to pass through a hole, and then 
    you'll drop onto a stone ledge (if you drop down from here, there's a chest 
    in the grass with 5 bombs inside.  Clawshot to the Peahat to get back onto 
    the stone ledge).  Take the door near here and clawshot across these Peahats 
    to another ledge.  But don't take the one opposite the ledge you came from.  
    Instead, clawshot across the other "arch" of Peahats to reach the 
    southwestern ledge.  Open the door you come to and you can now reach a chest 
    we couldn't earlier.  It has a Piece of Heart inside.  Now, return to the 
    string of Peahats and clawshot across them to the opposite (eastern) ledge.  
    Open the door there and walk around the circle to another door (you'll face a 
    Lizalfos either way you go).  There are two Helmasaurs to dispose of inside.  
    Walk around and open the chest for 20 rupees.  Additionally, the pots have 
    two yellow rupees.
    Exit this room and look in the northwest corner of the outer room.  See the 
    vines?  Clawshot to them and, as a wolf, walk across the rope.  When you 
    cross, go right as a human and climb some vines (you'll have to shoot two 
    Skullwalltulas down first, though; use arrows).  The chest you reach has 20 
    rupees inside.  In addition, if you turn into a wolf, you can cross some 
    ropes to get to a chest (50 rupees) and earn you another Poe's Soul.  Now 
    return to those vines you first climbed, turn wolf, and take the rope across 
    the gap.  Look left when you cross for another rope.  Follow it and the 
    subsequent ropes (you may want to shoot the birds here down before you 
    attempt this) and you'll reach a door.  Take it.
    Defeat two Helmasaurs in here, but more importantly, go to the west end of 
    the room for the Big Key.  Beware, though: there's a hole in the ground on 
    the south side, and you'll have to wear your Iron Boots to get to it.  Then, 
    when you've gotten it, look up and clawshot the object there to bring it down, 
    stopping the fan.  Now drop through that hole.  Now, this part is very 
    important, so pay attention!  Clawshot the ceiling and lower yourself through 
    the fan opening.  Face north and you'll see an object you can pull down.  
    Clawshot to it, put the Iron Boots on, and you'll have activated a fan.
    Huzzah!  Drop down now into the hub room of the dungeon back on good ol' 1F.  
    Now we can finally go north!  I'll tell you, struggling to go north is a like 
    a motif in this game.  Now, before you take the door, you may want to break a 
    vase on the northwest "corner cage" that has a fairy in it (bottle it!).  
    Other than that, though, nothing's holding you back.  Take the northern door.  
    First, I think the monstrous birds here would make good target practice.  
    Next up, I suggest clawshotting the propeller above.  They move in the fan's 
    wind, and as they turn, they position you to clawshot to the next.  Make your 
    merry way across these propellers and finally to the grating of another fan 
    at the end (if you drop down and look behind one of the fan blades, you'll 
    find a chest with 50 rupees in it).  Now drop down and take the door.
    Remember the mini-boss?  Two duplicates of him fly down to greet you.  One 
    takes 12 hits and leaves 50 rupees behind; the other takes 8 and leaves three 
    hearts beyond.  The money makes this fight definitely worth your time.  When 
    you're ready to move on, clawshot to the inside caging of the fan.  From 
    there, clawshot to a stationary propeller.  From there, look above the fan to 
    see a crystal switch; hitting it starts turning the propeller you're on.
    As you travel the circle, be aiming for the next propeller.  Remember that 
    you're moving while it moves, so shoot the Clawshot even a little before you 
    see the yellow cursor indicating it's a good shot.  Drop from your next 
    propeller to break some pots for rupees, and then get back on your propeller 
    and begin your ascension.  As before, smashing pots it worth your while, both 
    monetarily and fairy-wise.  Also, it might help to know that clawshotting the 
    very, very top of a propeller's grating will let you climb to the top.  
    Standing on the propeller makes it easier to aim.  When you reach the top of 
    5F, you'll be on a stationary propeller.  Hit a crystal switch and you'll 
    start moving.  Your new goal is to hit the target above the Boss Door.  When 
    you arrive, slash through the pots for some recovery hearts, and then open 
    the door.
                          |    Twilit Dragon – Argorok    |
    We're outside?  Look to the left and you'll see some grating on a pillar.  
    Clawshot to it and then to some vines.  Climb them up to reach our arena.  
    Link steps forward – little does he realize that our foe is flying above us!  
    He sweeps in, his name flashes on the screen (Argorok), and the battle 
    commences.  It's payback time for breaking that bridge!  Also for messing 
    with the Oocca!  You mess with Ooccoo's people, you mess with us!
    The Iron Boots are recommended for parts of this battle (keep them ready), 
    considering all the wind that results from this dragon's flying.  You'll 
    notice some tall "towers" with grating on them in pairs on either end of the 
    arena.  When Argorok is flying off in the distance, start clawshotting up 
    them.  Switch between them to get to higher heights until you finally reach 
    the top of one of them so that you're standing on it.  If Argorok catches you 
    climbing one, he'll hover over you and try to breathe fire, so quicken the 
    pace at that point.  When you get to the top, the dragon will be hovering 
    over you, trying to knock you off with wind from its wing beats.  Keep the 
    Iron Boots on and clawshot to its tail.  The weight brings the dragon down, 
    and it collapses, shedding some of its armor.
    Do this twice and you'll see a gem on its back that is probably its weak 
    point.  But now the beast flies up lighter than before, rain begins to fall 
    (which brings some Peahats up from the ground), and the weather and music 
    give the general impression that our opponent means business.  Like before, 
    it will swoop in and drag its claws along the ground to hit you.  Like before, 
    you must get to the top of the towers.  By then, the dragon will be up there 
    close on your heels.  Clawshot to the Peahats and continuously do this to go 
    around their circle (take off your Iron Boots when you reach the Peahats).  
    Meanwhile, Argorok will be breathing fire down your neck, and you must escape 
    this by constantly moving to the next Peahat.  When he stops, he won't move 
    for a while, putting you behind him.  Stop the circular cycle and remove your 
    L-target.  Aim your Clawshot at the gem on his back and fire.  You'll be 
    riding him like Morpheel, and that's when you want to really give it to him.  
    Don't hold back!  You'll get four hits in.
    He'll drop to the ground after this, and you must now repeat the process.  If 
    you're in the circle and he stops spitting fire, just keep on one Peahat for 
    a while until he begins the process with a roar.  Now, in the third round 
    Argorok wises up and will send flames in the direction you're going, not at 
    you.  That means you'll have to change directions, but it works the same way 
    as before.  When you deliver the twelfth hit (third ride), Argorok will start 
    spewing fire as though he couldn't help himself, and soon he'll explode.  
    (Somehow Link is safely on the ground instead of on his back to watch the 
    Heart Container drop to the ground).  The winds gather and the fourth shard 
    appears.  HUZZAH!  We collected them all!
    Midna recalls that the sages said only the true ruler of the Twili can 
    destroy the Mirror of Twilight.  Zant could only fragment the mirror; he 
    could not utterly destroy it.  That right there proves he's not the real king!  
    After that rumination, Midna creates a portal for us to leave.  So, go get 
    your Heart Container and step into the portal.  Like Snowpeak Ruins, this was 
    somewhat unorthodox, but it was a fairly difficult dungeon all and all.  
    Really, it's the concept that's strange (what with the chicken-sky beings and 
    all), not the dungeon.  In any case, you appear by the cannon on the southern 
    end of 1F after you presumably save the game.  Clawshot into the barrel and 
    launch yourself down to Lake Hylia.
    =============================Palace of Twilight*=============================
                               |    The Aftermath    |
    If you go to a mail receiving spot like the bridge to Hyrule Castle Town, the 
    Postman will come and deliver two letters to none other than Mr. Popular 
    himself, Link.  One is from Purlo, the shady owner of the STAR game in West 
    Road.  It invites you to the game, which I suggest playing for some nice 
    prizes (see "Mini-Games" for more information).  The other letter is from 
    Ooccoo Jr.  It contains the single line, "Wow, kid!  Awesome!"  The next page 
    is an explanation from his mother.  Apparently he slaved away writing that 
    message (maybe Hylian isn't in his repertoire of languages...).  Ooccoo 
    thanks us for helping everyone and invites you to visit anytime.  Yeah, 
    If you visit Shad at Telma's Bar, you'll hear that he's been poring over the 
    Oocca literature since last we saw him.  He's learned some things he might 
    not have thanks to meeting us, so he's very grateful.  (Little does he 
    realize how much more he could've learned from coming with us.  Like Ashei, 
    though, he'll never know the full story).  This is actually the first time 
    all four members of the Allies are in one spot.  Their current strategy seems 
    to be sit back and do nothing.  Telma will be glad to hear that Ilia got her 
    memory back.  Well, isn't this all just so quaint?  Now, let's really get to 
    work on advancing the plot forward, huh?
                          |    The Mirror of Twilight    |
    Warp to the Mirror Chamber in Desert Province.  Then become human and walk up 
    to the mirror.  The three pieces fit together perfectly with the fourth, and 
    the huge weight that brought the mirror stand up falls to the ground.  The 
    Mirror projects an image of itself onto the stone, and it expands into a 
    tunnel.  Midna now chimes in: "world of shadows" gives the wrong impression 
    about the Twilight Realm.  It has a serene beauty like that during a sunset 
    in the Light World.  All people were pure and gentle there – until that foul 
    power spread through the realm.  Then the sages appear to say it was entirely 
    their doing.  They carelessly locked Ganondorf away in the Twilight Realm, 
    which disturbed the peace in a big way.  Last, they address Midna as Twilight 
    Hmm, I thought Zelda went by that title...  So Midna is the true ruler of the 
    Twili!  We see how Zant mistreated her, and how she first donned the stone 
    cap we always see her in.  See, in her world, the Twili always envisioned the 
    Hero as a divine beast, which is why Midna followed the wolf form of Link 
    (not so divine, but close enough).  She admits she didn't really care about 
    the Light World (who does?), but she changed her mind when she saw all the 
    sacrifices Zelda and Link made.  All we need to do is defeat Zant.  That way, 
    Midna's curse will dissolve and we can revive Zelda.  All the more reason to 
    step into the Twilight Realm!  Step on the glowing mark and stairs appear.  
    Walk onto the Triforce symbol and press A to enter the Twilight Realm...
                            |    Palace of Twilight    |
    We're in the Palace of Twilight, and Midna comes out to ask us one last 
    selfish favor.  She abandoned this world and left behind her people, who 
    considered her their ruler.  Midna doesn't want to show her face, so she'll 
    hide as your shadow for a bit longer.  That's fine by me, but I don't really 
    understand why we're still in human form.  It must be the Master Sword.  Like 
    in the Light World, you can choose to transform into a wolf.  In any case, 
    walk forward and you'll see a shadow beast with green tattoos on its stomach 
    (as opposed to the usual red).  He's no enemy, Midna says – it's just a 
    normal denizen of the Twilight Realm.  Remember, Zant turned everyone into a 
    shadow beast.  You can't communicate, but he means you no harm.
    The way north is blocked by a veil of darkness, so let's go west of the 
    central circle to find a very tall shadow beast standing before a door.  Open 
    it and you'll be inside the palace.  This room has a few twilight Deku Babas 
    and Keese.  There's also a new enemy that looks like a floating head that 
    shoot energy attacks at you.  (It looks just like Zant's helmet).  Shield 
    attack them back at it and rush in for the attack (you don't have to stun it 
    to hit it, though).  A chest appears when you've taken care of these enemies, 
    and you'll find a Small Key within.  Now, on the northern wall you'll see the 
    twilight version of a clawshot target.  Clawshot to it and take the door 
    there at the expense of your key.
    There's a black fog covering the ground in this room.  It's made up of some 
    of Zant's shadow crystals, and you'll automatically turn wolf if you step 
    into it.  Now, there's one of those head monsters in this fog; find it and 
    jump attack with no mercy.  Don't think it's dead if it disappears: it's just 
    relocated within the fog.  If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: 
    no explosion, the fight keeps going.  Now killing it is really worth your 
    while since two, count 'em TWO chests appear after you do.
    Exit the fog the way you entered to reach one of the chests that materialized.  
    Some of those shadow "rats" we fought in the sewers of Hyrule Castle (when we 
    first went wolf) will fall down to defend it, but they don't pose much of a 
    threat.  The chest contains the Compass, which reveals a bountiful 1F and 
    rather scanty upper floors.  Step back into the fog and leave through a gap 
    in the northeast to find the first chest.  It contains a Small Key.  
    Furthermore, you can clawshot onto a target on the wall and then onto one on 
    the ceiling to lower yourself to a third chest (guarded by dual Deku Babas)>  
    It contains an orange rupee!  When you've thoroughly plundered the room, 
    clawshot your way to the north door and depart from here.
    You'll enter the room short a Small Key, and the door is bolted behind you.  
    Ahead is a dark hand gripping something.  Approach it and a twilight arena 
    forms, with an apparition of Zant in the room.  He creates a huge energy ball, 
    he launches it into the air, and it forms a portal, out of which come a whole 
    mess of Keese.  Slice through them like butter and you'll soon see Zant's 
    apparition appear.  Attack it, obviously, and he starts warping around the 
    room.  It's between two specific points, though, and so it's easy to go to 
    one of them, wait for him to warp there, and slash him silly.  It won't take 
    long to seeming defeat him, at which point he explodes into a burst of fog.  
    Now, go forward to that dark hand.
    It's guarding a sphere that supposedly illuminates the twilight world.  It's 
    called a Sol (Spanish for "sun"), and "[i]t's like the sun of your world, 
    Link," except our sun isn't tiny or locked in a palace.  The Sol is the life 
    force of this realm; it is pure power.  He asks us to take it to the Twili at 
    the entrance to this world.  You know, the peaceful ones who just stand 
    around.  Give the hand a slash of your sword and it drops the Sol, which we 
    need to carry now.
    Walk toward the fog Zant's apparition left behind and the Sol will blast it 
    straight to the ceiling!  Unfortunately, swiping the Sol brings the hand that 
    was guarding it to life, and it's coming for you.  If he steals it, just 
    clawshot it out of his grubby mitts.  Now, to exit this room, here's what you 
    should do: knock the hand out of commission (clawshot it a few times) and set 
    the Sol in the center of the room.  This creates a staircase.  Walk up to the 
    door and clawshot the Sol back to you.  Now take the door.
    When you walk into this room, the hand passes through the wall to follow you.  
    Step into the fog with the Sol and set it down.  Kill the rats here and knock 
    out the hand.  Then set the Sol in the center of the room, in the circular 
    imprint, which raises some stairs.  Get to the top and clawshot the orb to 
    bring it up with you.  Throw it up the next ledge (on the right side, so it 
    doesn't bounce back to you), climb it yourself, and jump down to the door.  
    Take it south.
    The hand will follow you again (it's a persistent little bugger!), so knock 
    its lights out (literally).  Now, run forward to where you see the Deku Baba.  
    To its right is a dark alleyway.  Pass through it with the Sol and set it 
    down at the end.  Clawshot to the target you see and open the chest for a 
    Piece of Heart.  Now retrieve the Sol, throw it out of this compartment, grab 
    it and work your way to the door (more throwing will be involved, as will 
    monster-thrashing when you see the rats).  Open the southern door at the end, 
    When you go outside, the tall shadow beast there will transform into... well, 
    he's not any more normal than before, but he's less fierce-looking.  Go to 
    the central platform and change the shadow beasts there back to their regular 
    Twili selves.  Good job!  Pat yourself on the back.  Then go north and 
    transform the guy there.  Midna says it's dangerous to take the Sol beyond 
    that point, so we have to head back.  Place it in an indentation in the 
    central platform.  There are two, though, and Midna informs us that there 
    should be one more Sol for us to find.  Let's find it, then.  Our Compass 
    marks it red on the map, so we should head for the northeastern end of 1F.
    The Sol created a tile we can ride across the gap to the east.  When you 
    touch ground, take the door.  First off, kill the Keese in here.  Next, 
    clawshot the target on the ceiling and lower yourself from it to a floating 
    tile.  From there, jump onto the platform ahead.  Now, you have to jump on 
    some tiles to cross over some black fog, and there's a magician enemy 
    spitting energy blasts in your direction.  Stun it by shield attacking the 
    blasts and then jump to it for a good slash.  You have to kill it eventually, 
    at which point a chest appears containing a Small Key.  The other, smaller 
    chest over here contains 50 rupees.  Nice, eh?  Now go north.
    Drop down and you'll see a shadow beast.  There are actually three of them in 
    this room, which means you'll have to kill them all at once.  Turn into a 
    wolf and kill the first one you see.  Then go into the fog and use X to see 
    through the darkness.  You'll find the other two shadow beasts in this area.  
    Use a dark energy spin attack and they'll have breathed their last.  After 
    that little scuffle, go north out of the fog and you'll fight a magician head.  
    Six hits and it's down.
    Now go back into the fog and, as a wolf, kill three more of this monster.  
    Just jump attack them when they appear and try to dodge their blasts.  
    Slaughtering all those enemies makes a chest appear.  Use the clawshot to 
    reach two chests with 50 rupees (northwest and northeast), the chest you made 
    appear for a Small Key (southeast), and another with the Dungeon Map 
    (southwest; isn't this a small palace?).  Then make your way north, losing 
    your newfound key when you do.
    You're in an exact replica of the room with the other Sol.  Drop down and 
    approach the hand and Zant's apparition appears to unleash a horde of Deku 
    Babas this time.  Kill a few until Zant recalls them, beginning his warping 
    spree.  I suggest sticking in the center, as he always goes there.  That way, 
    you can hit him to prevent him from creating more enemies.  When the phantom 
    dies, it explodes into black fog.  So, approach the hand, slice the Sol out 
    of his grasp, take it, and start for the fog.  Predictably, Thing here 
    awakens and starts going for you.  Run into the fog, throw the Sol aside, 
    quickly defeat the rats and a shadow beast, and clawshot the hand into 
    submission.  Now put the sol in its slot, climb the stairs, clawshot the Sol 
    back to you, and exit the room.
    The hand will pursue you into the next room, as usual.  Go into the fog and 
    drop the Sol into the slot there.  You'll have to fight a shadow beast pretty 
    quickly (luckily, the steps that rise really throw the hand off), and then 
    clawshot to the target on the north wall, then to the second target from the 
    north on the ceiling.  Drop down from there (make sure the hand is out cold 
    by now) and climb the steps to the top.  When you do, return the Sol to your 
    hands with the Clawshot, drop down to the south, and exit the room.
    Drop into the fog here you'll see a bright orb.  Step on the tiles on either 
    side of it with the Sol in hands and you'll ride up on an energy tile to a 
    chest.  Open both chests (take both tiles) for a Piece of Heart and 50 rupees.  
    Now get back on those tiles and jump to the regular tiles.  Take them to two 
    lit orbs on a platform at the end, which you should stand between.  This 
    creates another energy tile you can ride to the door.  Exit south, please.  
    Outside, the shadow beast will revert to his normal self; pass him and ride 
    on the energy tile to the central circle out here.  Place the Sol in its slot 
    and Link will stand between them.  This powers up the Master Sword!  Now 
    filled with light, it glows golden in the Twilight Realm.  We can use it to 
    cut through black fog!
    Midna interprets this to mean that the guardian deities of the Twilight Realm 
    are on our side, too.  Midna tells us we truly are the chosen one, a true 
    hero!  Go north to that veil of darkness and kill some monstrous birds there 
    first.  Then spin attack the black fog to cut through it momentarily.  Before 
    it returns jump forward and take the door you come to.  There's a lot of fog 
    to test our new power on in here.  Run in, slashing the fog before you step 
    into it, and you'll find what look like two Sols but without the power inside 
    them.  Throw them into the darkness and then slash it away.  Now you can 
    reposition them into the circular slots on the ground.  When both are in 
    place, the fog vanishes and a staircase appears.
    At the top you'll see an orb; slash it to give light to it and a tile appears.  
    Ride it to a new ledge.  Kill a bunch of magicians here (they only take one 
    hit with your new sword) and a chest appears with a Small Key inside.  Then 
    stand in the center of the trio of orbs to spin attack them, activating all 
    three at once.  A tile forms under your feet, and you can ride it straight to 
    a locked door on 3F.  Pretty amazing how fast this is going, huh?  I thought 
    Zant's palace would be a little harder than this...  Open the locked door and 
    you'll be back outside.  Kill the shadow beast dead ahead as well as any bird 
    who wants to challenge you and you'll see a pair of orbs.  Stand between them, 
    spin attack, and off you go on an energy tile.  Defeat the magician head when 
    you land and spin attack two more orbs to begin a new tile flight.
    Several magician heads have appeared on the main floor where you entered this 
    screen, and you need to beat them all.  When you have, a chest appears 
    containing a Small Key.  Additionally, if you look along the western wall 
    you'll see a veritable waterfall of fog coming down from above.  Slash 
    through it and jump to a few birds you should teach some respect to; when 
    you've accomplished that, clawshot your way up to the ceiling where you'll 
    drop down and open a chest for... the Big Key!  Huzzah!  Slash through the 
    fog and jump down to the ground.  The locked door you want to take is to the 
    Step up to the black fog and some shadow beasts will come pick a fight with 
    you.  Spin attack them all together and they won't hurt anybody ever again.  
    Now hack your way into the center of the fog and you'll find four orbs.  Spin 
    attack them, too, and a tile appears for you to ride up.  At the top you'll 
    see four other tiles, and almost like a riddle you must choose which to ride.  
    Choose the western one and you'll find two more tiles to choose between.  If 
    you choose left you'll be taken to a pot with 20 rupees in it.
    If you take the right tile (which is the correct one, too), jump down to a 
    platform with a Deku Baba in it and transfer to the tile next to the platform.  
    Take it to some ledges with a magician on it.  Kill it and clawshot your way 
    to a target on a pole on the ceiling.  From there, lower yourself to another 
    tile.  Ride it to some more ledges where you'll kill a second magician head.  
    This creates a chest with a Small Key in it, the last chest of the dungeon.  
    To reach the door, jump onto an energy tile floating before the middle ledge 
    and ride it up to the locked door.  Open it.
    We're in the final frontier...  A few shadow beasts will rush you, but don't 
    worry about killing all of them together.  They'll die individually like any 
    other enemy now.  They'll keep coming out when you step into the fog (an 
    arena forms), but soon enough you'll have vanquished your foes.  Step forward 
    to the Boss Door, slash some pots for 20 rupees and a recovery heart, open 
    the door and face your destiny...
                            |    Usurper King – Zant    |
    Wow, a boss room with a lobby!  I'm impressed, I must admit.  Step forward 
    and you'll see Zant seated on his throne.  Midna does the heroic talking for 
    you.  Midna points out how ironic this is: we're here to kill Zant all thanks 
    to the curse he put on us.  Zant then goes off topic (he also stands up) and 
    says how unfairly the Twili were locked away (he takes off his helmet!).  In 
    the shadows, the Twili lost all their aspirations for anything, all thanks to 
    the miserable Royal Family who resigned itself to such a life of do-
    nothingness (at this point, Zant starts making crazy motions and noises.  I 
    thought he was a dignified archfoe...).
    He was sick and tired of serving in that Royal Family, so he started his own 
    House of Zant.  He now jumps forward and does some more crazy stuff.  The 
    Twili rejected him as king, and thus he did not gain the magic due to the 
    ruler of the Twilight Realm.  So, he turned his eyes skyward and found a god 
    (initiate cut scene).  He knelt down in frustration only to see a great ball 
    of fire.  It overcame him, and the god declared that he housed his power in 
    Zant.  All that Zant desired, his god wanted, too.  His god wishes only to 
    make darkness.  Now, let the tragedy begin...
    At the beginning of the fight Zant will change the arena to a different 
    environment.  Depending on where, you must fight him in a certain way.  First, 
    it's the exact room we fought Diababa in.  Right now he'll appear and fire 
    energy attacks at you in quick succession.  For that, L-target him quickly 
    and send the Gale Boomerang out against him.  (Block the attacks with your 
    shield in the meantime).  He'll spin about and reach the shore, where you can 
    hit him, and hard.
    After eight hits of this, you appear in the mini-boss room from Goron Mines 
    (with its tilting arena and magma).  He'll use the same attack as before, but 
    now he'll jump down onto the ends of the arena to try to knock you into the 
    magma.  After he attacks, he'll rest for a moment, and that's when you need 
    to run up to him and slash.
    Ten hits in that form and we switch over to the waterlogged arena we fought 
    Morpheel in.  Wow, he's hardcore!  Switch to Zora Armor and sink to the 
    bottom with your Iron Boots.  A giant copy of Zant's head rises up where 
    Morpheel would've and the mouth opens to expose the king of darkness.  He'll 
    shoot some energy attacks at you as per the usual and then slump down.  
    Clawshot him then and you'll drag him to you.  Cut him up and the head will 
    submerge beneath the sand.  Four of them rise up in its place, but only one 
    has Zant in it.  Stand in the center now.  Use L-targeting to quickly 
    determine which head has Zant in it and get closer to it as the monarch 
    shoots blasts at you.  Clawshot him to you and give him another round of hits 
    to end this phase.
    Next up, you're in the Forest Temple mini-boss room.  He'll jump from totem 
    to totem, eventually stopping to fire blasts at you.  That's when you must 
    roll into his totem and Gale Boomerang him.  He falls down, leaving you 
    plenty of time to bruise him.  Three rounds of this and you'll go to the next 
    It's the Snowpeak Ruins boss room.  Zant becomes a giant and hovers above you.  
    He'll come crashing down, which is when you must throw your Ball and Chain at 
    his feet.  He'll start shrinking until he's practically dwarf-size, at which 
    point you should run up and slash him (L-targeting makes this a little harder 
    to do).  It takes many hits in this form before he changes the arena again.
    It becomes one in front of a miniature set of Hyrule Castle, and he fights 
    with two blades coming from his sleeves.  He doesn't defend himself at all, 
    so just slash him.  One hit and he warps to another part of the arena.  He 
    also has a spinning attack you should just block with your shield.  He's 
    dizzy afterward, which leaves you lots of time to attack.  After enough hits, 
    he starts jumping around and falls to the ground, dead.
    Midna takes his Fused Shadows when Zant calls out again.  He's alive?  He 
    calls us traitors (sure...), which Midna responds to by saying he had too 
    much lust for power to rule the Twili.  He says Midna has an unbreakable 
    curse, next, placed there by Zant's god.  The power of the ruler of the Twili 
    will never return to her now.  Personally, I doubt it.  There's always a way 
    to break a curse in a Zelda game, even if it takes several dungeons to do it.
    In any case, already Zant's god has descended and been reborn in this world.  
    As long as his master, Ganon (!), survives, he'll resurrect Zant, so he has 
    no fear of death.  That's when Midna can't restrain herself.  She attacks 
    with her hair and annihilates him and is stunned that that is only a fraction 
    of her ancestor's magic.  Well, Zant is finally dead, and now we must turn to 
    saving Zelda, who sacrificed herself to save Midna's life.  Midna says she 
    couldn't take Zant's evil power, but at least she regained her ancestor's 
    magic.  With it, she'll return Zelda's cherished power.  Midna creates a 
    portal and you have the option of taking it.  Before, though, go to the 
    throne to find a Heart Container.  Huz, huz, huz, zah!  Now take the portal 
    out of this dump.
    ===============================Hyrule Castle*================================
                          |    Dispelling the Barrier    |
    Midna takes us outside to the portal the Mirror of Twilight made.  He figures 
    that Ganondorf must've been using Zant to return to the Light World (which, 
    if you've played other Zelda games, you'd know is a recurring theme in the 
    series).  Midna can feel that Ganondorf is in Hyrule Castle as we speak.  
    Zelda's in danger, so let's step to it!  Exit the Twilight Realm by pressing 
    A on the Triforce symbol near the portal.  In the Light World again, warp to 
    Castle Town.  Go to North Road and you'll stand before the barrier.  Midna 
    combines the Fused Shadows and starts wearing them, which initially 
    overpowers her.  Then, she turns into a giant spider-looking creature.  She 
    jumps onto the barrier and pierces it, causing a massive explosion of light.  
    She wakes up in Link's arms in the rain.  We have a castle to storm.
                               |    Hyrule Castle    |
    Go through the doors before you and you'll come to a second door.  Pull it 
    back and you'll enter Hyrule Castle.  It's a magnificent structure, and 
    probably our last dungeon.  Go to the far west and you'll face off with some 
    birds and some very powerful (stamina-wise) pink Bokoblins.  When you defeat 
    them in your light arena, take the door they guarded.  When you step into the 
    center of this new screen a horde of Bokoblins emerge to fight you.  The jump 
    strike must've been made with these fools in mind.  Defeat them all and the 
    walls lower.  Go through the door they came from and follow it north to a 
    door with bars keeping you back.  Pull the chain next to them and step out 
    into the new room.
    Step forward and that loser you whooped so many times (the kidnapper) drops 
    into the arena.  He speaks his only line in the game, "I have come to play!" 
    and those words will be his last.  The shield attack doesn't work on him 
    anymore, but the back slice certainly does.  Get behind him and start going 
    crazy.  He'll start to go down before he pulls out a Small Key.  He says 
    "Enough," and gives it to us.  Okay, so those words won't be his last.  
    Finally convinced that you're stronger than him, he tells us he follows the 
    strongest side (that's all he's ever known), implying that he thinks we can 
    defeat Ganondorf, and then he rides off.  Midna's still getting over the fact 
    that he spoke.  I'm surprised by all this, too, and I'm glad he lives.  He 
    deserves life after taking so many beatings...
    Go north and open the chest there for 20 rupees.  Now go south and to the 
    left up some stairs and onto a wall.  Break the barrels for more rupees, and 
    drop down on the east end to a chest with 20 rupees inside.  From there, 
    return to the first room of the castle.  Go to the far east and fight off 
    some more of those pink Bokoblins.  Now take the door they guarded.  In here, 
    immediately shoot down three archers high up.  Kill their underlings, too, 
    and go north to a dead-end.  To the left is a hole in the wall where the foes 
    keep some boars.  Mount one and start charging through fences.
    You'll eventually reach some pillars with propellers on top of them in the 
    northwest part of this room.  They stand before some bars that close off the 
    way to a chest, and there are some leaves on the ground.  Use the Gale 
    Boomerang to blow them away and they'll reveal a Triforce symbol with a sort 
    of Z drawn along it.  Those pillars also make a Triforce, and if we stand in 
    the center, facing west (looking at those bars).  Now, lock on with the Gale 
    Boomerang to the westernmost pillar, the one to your right, the one to your 
    left, and the one behind you.  This opens the gate, and you can open the 
    chest for the Dungeon Map.  Other than the courtyards, it's not too large, 
    (Before you do the next part, exit this chamber the Map was in and walk along 
    the north wall until you see a digging spot by some leaves.  Dig through to 
    reach a screen you can't reach otherwise.  It's a graveyard, and several 
    Mini-Stalfos will come out to attack you.  Kill them and go north.  By some 
    bars you'll find three Stalfos Knights (remember to drop a bomb on them after 
    they collapse into a pile of bones; alternately, use the Ball and Chain to 
    kill them quickly).  To the right of the bars are two graves with cryptic 
    statements on them.  One of them refers to a tree with a ring of ghost 
    soldiers standing in front of it (use your wolf senses to see them; they're 
    about in the middle of the north end).  They all point to a rock they 
    surround; bomb it and a switch is revealed.  Step on it to hear the chime a 
    second time when a gate opens.  Inside, open the chests for a green, red, and 
    orange rupee!
    Then light a torch to stop the rain (if you need lantern oil, there's a whole 
    vat of it here), and rush over to the west end of the screen.  Light two 
    torches there and the gate opens.  Now you can use the Dominion Rod on these 
    statues!  Guide them to the south end of the screen where you'll find two 
    holes near the wall to put the statues in.  When both are in place, look 
    right to a small cube against the wall.  Climb it to another ledge and then 
    jump across the owl statue tops to reach a chain you can pull back.  Doing so 
    grants you access to a chest, which contains an extra Small Key.  We'll use 
    this much later on in the dungeon.  Now dig back to the previous screen and 
    go to where you got the Dungeon Map.)
    You can also climb the ladder to the left of the chest and follow the path to 
    a chest containing a yellow rupee.  You can then jump down and take the door 
    back to the first screen of the dungeon.  To the north is a locked door, and 
    our foe-turned-friend provided us with the key.  Unlock it and you're inside 
    the castle.  The gold old Hyrule Castle music starts playing, but softly (the 
    silence outside was terrible).  Walk forward and an arena of light forms, 
    where Bokoblins, then Lizalfos, and then more Lizalfos swoop in.  Defeating 
    them lightens this dim room a bit and creates a chest in the southeastern 
    corner.  Use some steps very conveniently placed in front of it to clawshot 
    to the chandelier above; then drop down and open the chest for the Compass.
    From here, clawshot to the chandelier above you, lower yourself, and clawshot 
    to the next.  Repeat this once and lower down to a door you should take.  
    Ahead is an Iron Knuckle, the same monster we fought in the Temple of Time.  
    Life before, let it attack you and then attack its sides.  Do this until it 
    sheds all its armor, and then use bombs to finish it off (unless you want to 
    go toe to toe with an adept swordsman).  If you manage to pull off attacks 
    like the back slice or jump strike, he'll flinch and be open to more hits.
    When he finally goes down, a chest appears and the barrier lowers.  
    Furthermore, you can raise two steps to the chest by lighting two torches on 
    the east side (there's a vat of lantern oil on the west side if you need 
    some).  Then, standing on the top step, throw the Gale Boomerang at the torch 
    that was already lit.  While it's on its way, drop down to where the third 
    step will rise from.  Extinguishing the fire raises the third step, and 
    you'll rise up to the chest.  It contains a purple rupee.  From here, go west 
    to a new door, which you want to take.
    Two Lizalfos need a beat-down in this new room, but then the door's barred.  
    Well, no problem for us.  Look at the pictures on the wall.  One has a red 
    background, but all the others have blue skies.  Shoot the rope it's hanging 
    on and the painting drops, revealing a crystal switch.  Shoot it, too, and go 
    south.  There are TWO Iron Knuckles in here!  Get ready for some pain...
    The easiest way to deal with them is to lead them to you and plant bombs in 
    the path.  They'll walk right into them unsuspectingly, and you won't have to 
    actually fight them.  You might also hold onto the bomb for about five 
    seconds and then throw it at them for more accuracy.  This won't work when 
    they're down to their quick-paced selves, at which point you must engage in 
    real combat.  The back slice is very useful, as it almost always makes them 
    flinch, opening them up for attack.  When you've won, take the north door.  
    There's a chest here with 50 rupees in it, and there's also a switch you can 
    press to make a chest appear.  Drop to the ground and clawshot to two 
    chandeliers to drop down to it.  It contains a silver rupee, worth 200!  
    The only downside is that you'll have to return to the Iron Knuckle room the 
    way you got there originally – by the Lizalfos room.  Work your way back 
    there and take the door going southwest.  You'll be outside.  Step forward on 
    this wall and a group of Lizalfos make their way toward us.  There are also 
    two archers, and one fires an arrow right at us.  Looks like we're going to 
    get hit when... a falcon saves us!  It flies down to Rusl, too!  The entire 
    gang from Telma's is here, and they enter into Hyrule Castle after launching 
    a bomb at the Lizalfos.  Thanks, guys!  Now walk forward and open the chest 
    in the room the Lizalfos poured out of for the Big Key.
    If you go down the other bridge you're connected to you'll have to fight one 
    of those flying Lizalfos from the City in the Sky, but he's easy to dispose 
    of.  Afterwards open the chest at the end for a Small Key.  Everything's 
    going our way all of a sudden!  Go to the center of the bridges (on 3F) and 
    open the locked door.  There are invisible rats in this room, so defeat them 
    here and now.  Stay in wolf form and use your senses to see invisible 
    soldiers who point to the direction you should go in when you get near them.  
    Follow their instructions so as not to step on a drop block until you reach 
    the stairs of the room.  Jump up those to find two Lizalfos you must fight.  
    At the next staircase you must clawshot across the torches to reach the end.
    Once there, you have two more Lizalfos to fight.  After them comes another 
    staircase, which you need to spin up, jumping from rail to rail to avoid 
    Razor Traps.  At the end you'll fight another Iron Knuckle.  Remember the 
    back slice and you're good to go.  Now, you've probably noticed that the 
    Hyrule Castle theme has stopped playing and another theme has begun.  That's 
    Ganon's theme music.  The truth is, we're very close.
    But instead of taking the Boss Door to the south, take the locked door to the 
    east.  That's how we're going to use that Small Key from the graveyard.  
    You'll find 13 chests here for 20 arrows, 30 more arrows, 20 bombs, 15 water 
    bombs, 10 Bomblings, 50 seeds (for the Slingshot, which we never really used), 
    and a green, blue, yellow, red, purple, orange, and silver rupee rupee of 
    every type up to silver!  We hit the mother load, the jackpot!  It's the 
    Hyrulean lottery!  In addition, hit the pots for fairies and even more rupees.  
    Now please, go back to the Boss Door.  Open it, please, and try to wipe that 
    smile off your face!  This is very serious business.
                          |    Ganon's Puppet – Zelda    |
    Link walks outside to very volatile weather.  I'm beginning to think evil has 
    some control over the climate...  Walk up the stairs and enter the building 
    here (how eerie it is with no music, especially after Ganon's theme song just 
    got so loud).  Inside, Link and Midna inch forward to find a statue's head 
    cut off from a Triforce statue complete with goddesses around it.  Zelda is 
    in the center of the sculpture, and as Link goes forward, a voice is heard.  
    It's Ganondorf, welcoming us to "his" castle.  He stands up, ridculosuly long 
    sword in hand, when Midna says the rather unfortunate pun, "I've been dying 
    to meet you."  Ganondorf starts by insulting the Twili – they foolishly defy 
    the gods with petty magic.  Nonetheless, Ganondorf used them successfully to 
    revive.  He fed on their hatred, and he is nourished.
    But they lacked true power – the True Power, the power of those chosen by the 
    gods.  A Triforce symbol flashes on Ganondorf's hand, and the fiend declares 
    his intention of ruling the world.  Midna declares her intention of denying 
    him this "right."  Ganondorf observes, "Shadow has been moved by light."  
    Very true.  Ganondorf makes a motion at Zelda, and Midna flies up to defend 
    her.  But Ganondorf disappears and flies at Zelda, hitting her with pelt of 
    shadow.  Zelda opens her eyes and Midna is cast out of the room.  Zelda's 
    been possessed!  She comes down with sword in hand to fight us, calling us 
    fools for challenging the king of light and shadow.  So, let's face the 
    consequences, I suppose.  The battle begins.
    Zelda floats in the air and channels her energy through her sword, which 
    creates an energy blast.  She casts it at us and you must knock it back at 
    her with your sword (standard Ganon fare).  When Zelda is hit you'll hear 
    Ganondorf snarl.  Other attacks include raising her sword and creating a 
    golden triangle on the ground.  Get off of it quickly, as it will hurt you in 
    a moment.  She will charge sword-first at us (it looks weird when she does), 
    too; you should just jump out of the way.  After you hit Puppet Zelda three 
    times, Midna puts on the Fused Shadows and attacks her, removing Ganondorf's 
    evil influence.  But he appears behind us, on his hands and knees.  Just as 
    we are a wolf, so Ganon reveals his true colors.
                            |    Dark Beast – Ganon    |
    He's a giant boar.  This is common in battles with Ganon across the Zelda 
    series, but he's normally bipedal.  It's unusual to see him on all fours like 
    this.  He'll charge around the room madly, breaking through pillars and 
    eventually disappearing.  He'll then emerge from an opening in the distance 
    and continue his wild rampage.  To hurt him, shoot as he emerges from the 
    opening (the one that turns blue will be it), causing him to slip toward us.  
    Now attack the crack on his belly.  Midna tells us that that's where he was 
    injured when the sages sentenced him to death, and that's his weak point.
    When he's been hit a few times he'll start varying his battle plan.  He may 
    jump when he reappears, eliminating your window of opportunity to shoot him.  
    Midna suggests we turn wolf to fight "evil beast against sacred beast," so 
    why not.  Turn wolf and Midna promises to hold him back when he approaches 
    you.  When he comes, her hat-hand goes out, and you need to L-target him and 
    press A to hold onto his head (the timing of the grab is important).  Then 
    use the control stick to throw him onto his side.  Rush in, L-target his 
    stomach, and jump attack.  When you hang on, bite him a few more times and 
    repeat the process.  Toward the end, Ganon will be coming out like crazy 
    without pausing, and that indicates he's weak.  One more round and he's down 
    for the count.
                      |    Dark Rider – Ganondorf & Horse    |
    A gold gas is coming up from him.  Midna suddenly feels a light within her 
    transfer to Zelda, who awakens.  She says she was one with Midna for that 
    moment, and she empathizes with her.  Ganon breaks this up, though, when he 
    turns into a ball of flames like in Zant's flashback.  Midna puts on the 
    Fused Shadows again, though, and Link tries to stop her from this suicide 
    attack.  Midna attacks Ganon with a huge blade, but we don't see the result.  
    Link and Zelda transport out of the castle, which promptly explodes.  
    Nonetheless, Ganondorf is good as new and on his horse.  He's holding Midna's 
    helmet, which he breaks.  He killed her!?  Ganondorf rides at us, but Zelda 
    says a prayer to the light spirits and disappears in the nick of time.  The 
    light enters her body and produces golden arrows.  In this realm, she takes 
    Link's hand and the two get onto Epona.  (Ganon's horse is a solid black 
    Gerudo stallion, in case you're interested.)
    Zelda has her bow ready, and she'll try to slow Ganondrof down with her light 
    arrows.  Meanwhile, we'll target him and try to keep within range so Zelda 
    can shoot him.  Now THIS is a horseback battle!  Stay behind him and follow 
    his horse.  While you do, Zelda can aim and he can't attack us very 
    effectively (his one attack is sending ghost horses out at you; just dodge 
    them).  When he's hit by a light arrow, ride up to him and give him a slash.  
    After a few hits, he falls off his horse and into the grass.  He should be 
    angry, but he's laughing.  He draws a blade, the very one that the sages 
    stabbed him with, and he tells us that he'd like to use it blot out light 
    forever.  Zelda tries to ride in to save Link, but there's a barrier up (as 
    if Zelda's magic was too weak to break it!).  We must duel, sword to sword.
                           |    Dark Lord – Ganondorf    |
    There are skulls on the ground if you need recovery hearts (one has a fairy 
    under it).  Ganondorf is a skillful swordsman, and the arena is rather 
    constricting.  He'll elbow you (knocking down your shield) and strike (you 
    can't block at that point, so just run when that move begins); he'll jump 
    over you and slash you from behind (again, run), and he'll use his sword to 
    block attacks.  At times you'll see the word "Chance" on the bottom of the 
    screen (this happens when he approaches you to drop his sword vertically).  
    Press A and use it to lock blades with him, and it becomes a contest of power.  
    Press A as fast as you can and you'll get a good chance to hit him.  If not, 
    he'll do a lot of damage to you.
    At times he'll stab forward (just like you do – he thrusts his sword forward 
    at a point).  When he does, attack from the side if you can.  He also kicks 
    you if you get too close.  In most combat, the back slice is the most 
    surefire method of hitting him.  Your other skills are either blocked or 
    leave you open for an attack (like the jump attack; he'll jump to the side 
    and hit you as you land.  But, I do find it effective to jump attack and then 
    immediately perform a back slice).  Keep him L-targeted constantly (except if 
    you pause to slash skulls for hearts); that way, your shield is up to block 
    many of his attacks.
    At times he'll make a movement with his hands as if to say "Come closer," at 
    which point he's virtually defenseless.  I've also found from experimenting 
    with different weapons that if you cast the fishing rod, his eyes will follow 
    the hook and he'll be wide open for attack.  He's unaffected by other items, 
    though (although I like seeing his cape fly off with the Gale Boomerang).  
    When you knock him down, use the Ending Blow and he'll cry out one last time.
    He manages onto his feet and threatens us, "Do not think this ends here...  
    The history of light and shadow will be written in blood!"  The Triforce 
    symbol on his hand fades, and he sees Zant's face.  Zant snaps his own neck, 
    and in that moment Ganondorf's pupils go white.  The three chosen ones stand 
    together for one last moment before he dies...
    The light spirits appear behind you.  Using their combined powers, they 
    restore Midna, removing her curse.  Link runs up to her at the top of the 
    hill, and she appears as a much taller woman decked out in fancy garb.  She 
    may have changed looks, but she's her same old self (just listen to her talk).  
    Now, let the credits roll!
    We see peaceful scenes throughout Hyrule.  We see our jousting buddy riding 
    happily with his monster friends, and we see the Ordonians boarding a wagon, 
    saying their good-byes to Renado and co. before leaving Kakariko Village.  We 
    see the Gorons holding fantastic sumo matches, we see guards at Telma's 
    carousing as Louise strolls over to Telma.  The people of Castle Town 
    celebrate with dance in front of the fountain, and we see Colin with a shield 
    and sword(!).  The Zora are swimming happily under Ralis' leadership, but 
    also the watchful eye of Rutela's spirit.  We see the FFWLF expanding and 
    rainbows at the Fishing Hole (with some of Hena's relatives).  There are 
    hearts rising above the Yeti's place in Snowpeak Ruins, and can see Shad and 
    the others from Telma's Bar (minus Rusl) investigating the Oocca mystery in 
    the Sacred Grove.  Finally we see the children arriving in Ordon Village.  
    Uli has a baby now, and Ilia reunited with Bo, her father.
    Zelda, Midna, and Link are at the Mirror Chamber above Gerudo Desert to say 
    their final good-byes.  Light and shadow can't mix, but never forget that 
    there's another world bound to this one.  Zelda points out that they need 
    each other to exist, and Zelda says the goddesses fated that the Twili should 
    meet the Hylians.  Midna thanks you, sheds a tear, says, "I..." and then says 
    "Good-bye."  Her tear destroys the Mirror of Twilight, and she disappears 
    forever into the Twilight Realm, to rule her people...
    The credits continue, and we see the spirit springs, the Temple of Time, and 
    the Master Sword back in its pedestal.  Last we see Fado calling for Link, 
    but to no avail (Link's house now has a Triforce symbol on it).  Ilia is 
    seeing Link off as he sets out with Epona, presumably on a new adventure.  
    Finally, we see the (repaired) statue of the goddesses holding the Triforce.  
    Last, "The End" appears over that image.  The screen eventually goes black 
    (move the Control Stick if not), and the game's intro cinema starts playing.
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game!  Even though you can't save after 
    defeating Ganon, nonetheless, there's more to do in the land of Hyrule.  
    Check out the next section for all sorts of information on being a 
    perfectionist in the world of Twilight Princess.  The legend lives on...
      /                                                                       \
     /                                                                         \
    ||-------------------------------Section 3*--------------------------------||
     \                                                                         /
    ==============================Cave of Ordeals*===============================
    There's still one "dungeon" area left in the game once you've beaten it: the 
    Cave of Ordeals.  It's like the Savage Labyrinth from Wind Waker (although I 
    personally prefer Hero's Cave-style mini-dungeons, a la the Oracle games), 
    and you need to have progressed pretty far into the game before attempting it.  
    You can enter it any time after you first arrive in Gerudo Desert, but you 
    need to have gotten the dungeon prize of City in the Sky to actually beat the 
    dungeon.  There are rewards for clearing certain checkpoints in the dungeon, 
    and you can exit at any of these, but you haven't really won until you reach 
    the bottom, which requires fighting off all the enemies in one sitting (45 
    battles in all).
    It's an endurance test, so I recommend coming with as many Heart Containers 
    as you can manage (beat dungeons or see "Pieces of Heart" to do this).  
    Furthermore, you'll want all four bottles and you should fill them with items 
    like Blue Potion or Rare Chu Jelly (not fairies – they only restore 8 hearts).  
    Coming with and the Magic Armor is a good idea for the last few floors (don't 
    worry about bringing lots of rupees - you'll definitely earn enough rupees on 
    your way down), and you'll want all the upgrades to your quiver and bomb bags 
    as possible.  Get all seven hidden skills, and be ready to sacrifice some 
    To access the dungeon, you must first repair a segment of the Bridge of Eldin, 
    which some shadow beasts warped into the desert when you first crossed it.  
    Let the walkthrough begin.
                       |    Restoring the Bridge of Eldin    |
    You'll find it in southwest Gerudo Desert.  When you go there, you'll see a 
    high tower on a ledge, and on the east side of the ledge is a tree.  Clawshot 
    to that tree and fall down.  Above you is a Peahat; clawshot to it and fall 
    down on a higher ledge.  When you step forward, three Shadow Beasts drop from 
    the sky.  Kill the far one and then spin attack the closer two.  When you're 
    done, excellent!  You now have a convenient warp spot actually in Gerudo 
    Desert (you won't have to pay to shoot here from Lake Hylia anymore).  This 
    warp spot is called Gerudo Mesa, for the record.  Now, step up to the "tower" 
    and Midna will ask you to warp somewhere.  Choose the Bridge of Eldin and 
    you'll pick up the bridge segment and finally repair the bridge!  But, where 
    the bridge was you'll find a staircase.  (There's also a Poe by these stairs).  
    Take it down to enter the Cave of Ordeals.
                              |    Cave of Ordeals    |
    When you enter, you should have all the equipment I specified above.  I'd 
    save, too, so you can restart with all of it still in your possession if 
    you're about to die.  When inside, step forward to hear a voice: "Your power 
    is a gift given only to those with confidence to wield it."  You're 
    officially on the lobby-ledge of the Cave of Ordeals.  Let me give you some 
    advice for these early floors: don't fool around.  You want to conserve 
    hearts and supplies, not waste them, so try to take care of your foes quickly, 
    efficiently, and safely.  Now, when you're ready, jump down to enter the 
    first floor.  I'm going to number them from here on out.
    1) This room has nothing but a single blue Bokoblin, which will take one hit 
    of your Master Sword.  When you kill it, a door lowers to the north; take it 
    to the second room.
    2) Every floor begins with a ledge at the top.  There are just a few Keese 
    and rats in this room, but they leave good drops.  I suggest just jumping 
    down and defeating the enemies as they come at you.  Now go west to room 3.
    3) There are three Deku Babas on the ceiling and one on the ground.  I 
    suggest, while on the ledge, you clawshot the stems of the Deku Babas to send 
    their heads down, and then jump off (wait a little while so the heads are all 
    together) away from the ground Deku Baba so the heads are chasing you.  Then 
    just slash them when they reach you, all at once.  After that, deal with the 
    last enemy standing.  Note that you can dig where the ground Deku Baba was 
    for a recovery heart.  Now exit south.
    4) There are three of those large spider enemies on the ground.  Just jump 
    down and attack them as they come at you.  Exit east.
    5) There are three flaming arrow archers down below you.  The best method is 
    to jump down, stay constantly rolling in a zigzag pattern to avoid arrows, 
    and get a good slash in on each.  When you win, go north.
    6) There are five Torch Slugs on the ceiling I suggest you pick off with 
    arrows.  Then jump down and deal with four more.  Then go west.
    7) There are a few Fire Keese in here (of course you should have the Hylian 
    Shield by now!), and if you're very cautious you'd use the Gale Boomerang to 
    bring them to you and slash them.  Alternately, jump down and let them come 
    to you to kill them.  The trouble with that is the pair of Dodongos on the 
    ground, but luckily, they're too slow to pose a serious threat.  Just get 
    away from them, take out the Fire Keese, and then attack their tails.  They 
    shouldn't be hard.  If you look around as a wolf with your senses, you'll 
    find a hole in here with three recovery hearts inside on the west side.  
    Score!  Now exit south.
    8) There are a few Tektites of both colors on this floor.  Jump down, get 
    your back against a wall, and kill them as they jump at you.  Exit east.
    9) This room mixes archers and Lizalfos.  The archers are right beneath the 
    ledge, so drop down, start rolling zigzag-style, and slash them when you get 
    near.  The Lizalfos will rush you at this point, but they shouldn't worry you 
    – they tend to pause for a bit before attacking you, providing you with time 
    enough to kill the arching duo.  Then take out the pair of Lizalfos and you 
    can go north.
    10) Drop down and you'll fall into a pool of water.  "Talk" to the glowing 
    light and a woman appears inside, and she then gains wings.  She welcomes us 
    to the Cave of Ordeals.  She's the Great Fairy, reigning over all the fairies 
    of this realm as their queen.  To reward us for clearing 10 floors, she 
    releases fairies into Ordon Spring.  She says we'll need the ancient power to 
    walk along a cliff side without a foothold from here on out (the Spinner).  
    If you aren't prepared or need to reequip yourself, talk to her to return to 
    the surface.  Too bad she doesn't heal us like in other Zelda games...  
    Assuming you continue, exit west.
    11) When you drop down, a horde of rats will attack you.  Defeat them and 
    avoid the charges of the Helmasaurs; then clawshot their masks off and hack 
    away.  When you're ready to leave, use the Spinner on the rail below the 
    ledge and jump off when you're over the walls.  This gets you to the southern 
    door; take it, please.
    12) All that's here is a very sizeable Purple Chuchu.  You'll have to halve 
    it again and again until it's completely dead.  Remember, Purple Chu Jelly 
    can harm you, so don't bottle and drink it.  Exit east.
    13) I'm not sure if I should count floor 13 or not, but I will (I'm a glutton 
    for bad luck, after all).  Jump down to find several of those bubble bugs.  
    Clawshot them out of their protective bubbles and introduce them to your 
    sword.  When you've finished them off, move north to the next room.
    14) This room is home to a host of Bubbles (the flying skull enemies) and 
    hopping skulls, and is probably the hardest one yet, oddly enough.  Just 
    slash them as they approach you.  There's a hole in front of the western door 
    out of here with 100 rupees in it, too.  Dig it as a wolf.
    15) There are a whole bunch of Bokoblins to be killed down here.  See, this 
    is where the cave starts becoming a numbers game – how many foes can we throw 
    at Link next?  (Although the Bubble room did it first, too).  Just drop down 
    and slash like crazy to beat them all.  Go south when you're through with 
    16) There are Keese and rats in here, like room 2 but with more.  My advice?  
    L-target and go crazy.  It's pretty dark and rats don't actively pursue you 
    like other enemies, so just search around until you've killed them all.  The 
    rupees they leave behind are fantastic!  Exit east afterwards.
    17) Turn into a wolf for this room, for two reasons.  First, there are some 
    skeletal dogs to brutalize here.  Second, there's a Poe to kill, which earns 
    you a Poe's Soul.  When you're finished, go north to # 18.
    18) When you look down, the room looks empty.  But when you jump down, you'll 
    be surrounded by Leevers that pop up from the dirt.  Slash them all as they 
    close in on you and you'll defeat them quick and easily.  Also, use your 
    senses to find a hole here with a heart in it.
    19) There are a few very large Purple Chuchus and a few smaller ones of 
    varying colors.  Like usual, don't drink it (if you have a spare bottle, 
    though, reds are safe to drink; they restore 8 hearts).  When you've defeated 
    all of the enemies, exit south.
    20) Jump down to another Great Fairy Fountain.  She's impressed again, so she 
    releases fairies into Faron Spring.  From now on, we'll need the power that 
    allows us to break through massive, frozen blocks of ice (the Ball and Chain).  
    Don't have it?  Talk to the Great Fairy and exit.  If you do, take the 
    eastern route out of here.
    21) There are a few Ice Keese and blue Bokoblins in here.  Ice Keese are by 
    far the most dangerous breed of bat, so you may want to Gale Boomerang them 
    to you and slash them from there.  THEN drop down and kill the weaklings 
    below.  To exit, you must use the Ball and Chain to break through some ice to 
    the north.
    22) As soon as you drop down, turn into a wolf and use your senses to see 
    that you've been jumped by some invisible rats.  They'll slow you down, so 
    spin attack (while a wolf with senses on) to knock them off and kill them.  
    From there, turn human and deal with the normal rats and Keese.  You can also 
    dig in the center of the room for three recovery hearts.  Pretty awesome, eh?  
    Go west when you're done.
    23) The room LOOKS empty, doesn't it?  But jump down to be ambushed by a 
    horde of Mini-Stalfos.  They're easily dispatched with some mad slashing, so 
    just take care of them and pick up the bountiful drops they leave behind.  
    When you're ready to resume your descent, go south.
    24) There are five Stalfos here, which is a fearsome battalion considering 
    that Twilight Princess's Stalfos can shriek to freeze you like ReDeads from 
    OoT.  Thankfully, they don't awaken until you get close.  Walk to the side of 
    the ledge, hang off and drop so you only awaken the lower two of the group.  
    Use the Ball and Chain to kill them (it will beat them as you pull it back 
    toward yourself), and then advance a bit until you awaken the middle one.  
    Kill it in the same fashion and move a bit further to awaken the others, 
    which you should beat in the same way.  If you're quick about it, you'll 
    never fall victim to a shriek and the whole process will be fast and painless.  
    They drop arrows and rupees, in case you need either.
    25) When the door opens, and while you're still in room # 24, shoot through 
    it to kill an archer on a high ledge.  Now advance into the twenty-fifth room, 
    the halfway mark.  There's still another archer beyond the wooden platform, 
    so pick it off and then drop down to fight a platoon of Bokoblins.  When 
    they're out of the picture, the door north opens.  Take it.
    26) There are three Stalfos Knights here.  They're the type that comes back 
    to life if you don't finish off their remains when they collapse.  Shield 
    attack them, get in a few hits until their bodies crumble, and then bomb the 
    resultant pile of bones.  Alternately, unleash the Ball and Chain on their 
    bones.  Either way, walk westward when you're done.
    27) There are a few Skulltulas hanging on threads of web, but you can knock 
    them down with your Clawshot (like shooting the stem of a Deku Baba).  Then 
    drop down and deal with them as well as the Bubbles present.  Before you 
    leave, dig in a sparkly spot on the west side for a recovery heart, and then 
    exit south.
    28) This is a straightforward room of Lizalfos and pink Bokoblins (the 
    tougher variety).  Try not to let them surround you, but slash them as they 
    come at you.  This gives you a change to use moves like the ending blow or 
    the back slice, as well as the spin attack if you have enough time.  Exit 
    east to floor B29.
    29) This room is home to some Mini-Stalfos, a few Red Bubbles, and some 
    Stalfos Knights.  The first two in that list should just be slashed, while 
    the other two are best left for last, for the Ball and Chain.  When you've 
    cleared the room, go north.
    30) Predictably, it's another Great Fairy Fountain.  She sends fairies to 
    Eldin Spring in awe of our skills, and then she informs us of our need: the 
    power that gives us mastery over lifeless statues.  As usual, talk to her if 
    you want to leave.  Otherwise, exit west.
    31) There are a whole bunch of Beamos in this room, so stay on the ledge 
    until you've shot them all dead.  You can hit the two near the ledge from the 
    side of it.  Then drop down and defeat all the Keese.  When you're ready to 
    move on, use the Dominion Rod to move two owl statues off their switches.  
    This opens the gate (sort of the reverse of the normal scheme of things, 
    huh?).  Go south when you've done this.
    32) Once again, shoot some Torch Slugs down from off the ceiling with youer 
    mighty arrows.  There are six you should beat before jumping down to fight 
    Fire Keese and Red Bubbles.  Last but not least, defeat a pair of Dodongos.  
    When you've extinguished the flames of all your foes, go east into a brighter 
    33) Don't drop down yet!  First, use a Bomb Arrow combination to shoot all of 
    the Stalfos to death from the ledge (each will take two hits).  There is one 
    you can't quite reach that you'll have to deal with when you drop down.  But 
    when you've killed it, turn wolf and take the soul from the Poe.  Go north 
    when you're ready to proceed downward.
    34) As soon as you drop down, turn wolf and use your senses to detect some 
    invisible rats.  Spin attack them off of you and turn your attention to the 
    giant Chuchu.  Defeat it (if you want the Red Chuchu for its restorative 
    jelly, you'll have to kill it before it combines into a larger Chuchu, losing 
    its color), don't drink Purple Chu Jelly, and dig in the southwest for a 
    recovery heart.  Then go west.
    35) There's an ice beast planted in the center of the room with Ice Keese 
    flying all around it.  Fortunately, your Ball and Chain has considerable 
    reach; throw it down at the beast to break it down into Freezies.  Before you 
    drop down, you may want to Gale Boomerang the Ice Keese to you and kill them 
    from there as in room 21, and then drop down to take care of the Freezies.  
    Depart southward when you've finished the job.
    36) Use the helm splitter on the ice warriors here.  It's the easiest way to 
    make short work of them.  When you beat them, go east.
    37) Take the Ice Bubbles down here seriously, as they can freeze you like an 
    Ice Keese could.  Some Leevers will surround you, but they're very easy to 
    take care of.  Overall, just slash everything to death.  Go north when the 
    battle's won.
    38) There are two ice beasts, several ice warriors, and Ice Bubble/Keese 
    galore here.  If you want, take out the flying enemies from the ledge.  Then 
    drop down and get below the ledge, killing anything that flies/walks near you.  
    You'll be just far away from the ice beast to avoid taking damage, but close 
    enough to use the Ball and Chain on them.  The lance enemies will really 
    frustrate you with their spears, so, after they all throw them, run up to an 
    ice beast with Magic Armor on, kill it quickly with the Ball and Chain, and 
    use your newfound freedom of movement to use the helm splitter on them.  When 
    you kill either ice beast, quickly launch the Ball and Chain at the four 
    Freezies left over.  That was definitely the hardest floor yet!  Go west 
    39) Two Iron Knuckles await you.  When they attack, dodge their huge axes and 
    slash some of their armor off.  When they're quick-footed and lose the axe in 
    favor of a sword, use the back slice repeatedly to defeat them easily.  To 
    compensate you for that fight, the center of the room a silver rupee (200!) 
    in it for you to dig up.  Now please, exit south.
    40) It's another Great Fairy Fountain, and this time she'll send fairies to 
    Lanayru Spring.  From now on, we'll need the power to move freely from wall 
    to wall (the Double Clawshots).  Not in your inventory?  You'll have to talk 
    to her to exit then (which is a shame, after coming all this way).  You can 
    also leave if you're low on supplies.  But if you want to continue, go east.
    41) Drop down to fight an army of Armos.  You'll probably (if you're smart) 
    activate only three at a time; use the back slice on them and then hack up 
    the gem in their backs to win each fight.  You could also stun it with the 
    Ball and Chain, waltz around to their backs, and let them have it.  However 
    you kill them, a blocked-off door opens when you finish.  To reach it, 
    clawshot to a target on the north side and then to the target inside the 
    walls.  Tada!  You can now go north to a new room.
    42) Drop down (hang off the ledge and drop down close to it) and let a horde 
    of pink Bokoblins rush you.  Fight them off from where you are so you don't 
    tangle will the Deku Babas, and kill all of them before you begin to take out 
    the Deku Babas one by one.  This room was pretty easy.  Go west when you're 
    done with it.
    43) A bunch of archers form a ring around the perimeter of the room.  I 
    suggest you jump attack into the center, hitting a Lizalfos, and then roll 
    through the room, quickly cutting through archers and moving on until you've 
    gone full circle.  Then kill the Lizalfos present.  Go south when you're done.
    44) This room is pretty simple.  Drop down and helm split the Lizalfos here 
    until they're dead, and then defeat the Poe as a wolf for your third soul 
    down in the Cave of Ordeals.  When you've completed your mission, go east, 
    but not into the new room.
    45) Instead, shoot down two archers on wooden platforms from the hallway 
    between room 44 and 45.  Then get onto the ledge and use bomb arrows to pick 
    off what Stalfos you can.  Then kill another giant Chuchu (as before, don't 
    drink its jelly).  There's a hole you can dig beneath the ledge for three 
    recovery hearts (huzzah!).  Now go north.
    46) This is another icy room like 38.  There's an ice beast hidden beneath 
    your ledge and one in plain sight ahead, plus your usual lance warriors.  Put 
    on the Magic Armor, drop down, and kill the ice beast under the ledge (as 
    well as its Freezie components).  From there, fight off some lance warriors 
    with all the room you now have to move (remember the helm splitter), but soon 
    you'll be jumped by invisible rats.  Turn wolf and spin attack them off while 
    X is on, and then finish off the remaining icicle soldiers.  Then, use the 
    Ball and Chain on the ice beast and resulting Freezies.  Go west when you've 
    47) When you look down, it looks just like room # 1.  Nintendo giving us a 
    break before the harder rooms to come?  No, silly!  Jump down and more rats 
    and Mini-Stalfos than you can shake a stick out will come to attack you.  
    Still, they're very easily defeated (just hack them to bits), and they leave 
    lots of rupees for Magic Armor use later on.  Go south when you're done.
    48) There are two Flying Lizalfos on the ground flanking an Iron Knuckle.  I 
    recommend taking out the Iron Knuckle first, since the Flying Lizalfos spend 
    most of their time in the air.  You should be fairly proficient at fighting 
    Iron Knuckles by now: attack them after they miss you until their armors off, 
    dodge their axe when they throw it at you, and back slice them to death.  
    Then, when your flying friends are about to swoop down, clawshot their 
    shields to you and hit them four times.  They'll raise their shield; shield 
    attack them and hit them four more times, ending their lives.  Do this to 
    both and you'll have won.  Go east when you're ready to move on.
    49) This surprisingly well-lit room has two Iron Knuckles ahead, one blue, 
    one red, and one hiding beneath the ledge (standard color).  This is 
    definitely the fight of your life.  To speed up the process of shedding their 
    armor, fire bomb arrows at their unprotected legs.  Their shields can't block 
    it and you'll very shortly begin the light armor phase of the battle.  It's 
    much easier when all of them are quick, since you can sometimes hit two at a 
    time with your back slice.  This will let you whale on two at once, which 
    shortens the battle considerably.  I thought this floor was surprisingly easy, 
    actually.  Still, if you're low on health, use the Magic Armor and all the 
    plunder you've accumulated to get you through the fight.  With another 
    victory under your belt, go north to the final floor.
    50) It's the final Great Fairy Fountain!  She's so impressed with our skill 
    she gives us Great Fairy's Tears (with one of our preexisting bottles – she's 
    not giving us a fifth!).  She also promises to appear at any spirit spring.  
    "Many on the surface cry out for one with powers like yours.  You must go 
    back."  With those words, you reappear in Lanayru Spring, where you'll find 
    all sorts of fairies to bottle and the Great Fairy.  You can only carry one 
    bottle of Fairy's Tears at a time (two if you saved the one Jovani gave you), 
    and so she won't give you more bottles of the stuff until you use it.
    CONGRATULATIONS!  You cleared the Cave of Ordeals, earning you fairies in all 
    the spirit springs and the option of talking to the Great Fairy there to get 
    a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears, which fills all your health and doubles you 
    attack power until you're hit next.  Not the best reward ever, but that's 
    pretty nice, huh?
    ==============================Pieces of Heart*===============================
    Most Zelda games start you off with three hearts, and you gain additional 
    hearts by defeating bosses.  Early on in the series you could also find 
    entire Heart Containers if you explored, but come A Link to the Past, 
    Nintendo greatly increased the number of side quests by splitting a Heart 
    Container into four parts called Pieces of Heart.  When you found four of 
    them, your life meter increased.  Well, this has been the standard Zelda 
    formula for some time, and Twilight Princess has its fair share of Heart 
    Pieces, too.  But unlike most previous Zelda games, this one requires 5 
    Pieces of Heart to create a new Heart Container.  Tough, but that's how 
    things are.
    Now, it only takes some basic mathematics to figure out how many Pieces of 
    Heart there are.  You start with three hearts and there are eight bosses that 
    yield Heart Containers.  If you add that up, that's eleven hearts.  But, 
    there's room for twenty hearts.  That leaves nine Heart Containers left, and 
    9 x 5 = 45 Pieces of Heart.  That's a huge number, barely topping Wind 
    Waker's 44, although Majora's Mask beats it (even with a 4-piece system!) 
    with 52 Pieces of Heart.  Nevertheless, I'll now proceed to list all the 
    Pieces of Heart according to location and then in order of when you can get 
    them.  If you used the guide you'll already have many of them, especially the 
    dungeon ones, but I'll still put them all down.
    They're listed according to locations (as you come to them in the game), and 
    then to when you can first get them.  Alright, now let's get started.
                               |    Ordon Village    |
    1) Go to Fado's ranch after you get Epona back during the events leading up 
    to Goron Mines.  Talk to him while riding Epona and he'll ask you to herd the 
    goats for him like the good old days.  Accept, obviously.  There are 20 this 
    time, but otherwise it's the same.  No matter how long you take, there's a 
    Piece of Heart in it for you.
                                |    Faron Woods    |
    2) Around the first time you entered the screen with a lot of purple fog 
    (before it had fog there, too), you opened a gate to the west using a Small 
    Key.  Well, in the dim area you got the Small Key, light two torches with 
    your Lantern and a chest appears.  This heart piece is inside.
    3) When you're on your quest to find the missing characters of the Ancient 
    Sky Book, go to the owl in Faron Woods (if you forget how to go there, go to 
    Coro the lantern salesman and take the northwestern path that was once 
    blocked by a boulder).  Guide the owl statue into a small indentation with 
    the Dominion Rod, and you'll have lined up a series of Midna jumps.  Turn 
    wolf and use Midna to get across the branches and platforms to reach solid 
    ground.  Enter the new screen ahead (the purple fog screen) and open the 
    chest for the Piece of Heart.
                              |    Forest Temple    |
    4) There's a multi-story room in the dungeon that has some plants that will 
    eat you.  One plant is guarding the way to a chest on the bottom floor of the 
    room.  You must drop a bomb into its mouth from above, clearing the way for 
    you to open the chest with this Piece of Heart inside.
    5) Once you have the Gale Boomerang, go to the room full of spring snakes 
    hiding under tiles.  Extinguish the torches on the far end of the room to 
    reveal the chest with the Piece of Heart inside.
                               |    Hyrule Field    |
    6) This is in the part of Hyrule Field in Faron Province.  Toward the center 
    of the screen you'll find a bridge over a small body of water.  There's a 
    tree a little ways east of there; use the Gale Boomerang to retrieve a Piece 
    of Heart in one of its branches.
    7) In the southern part of Hyrule Field in Eldin Province, in the western end 
    of the gorge (I mean, actually in the hole part), there's a rocky pillar 
    sticking out with the Piece of Heart on it.  Approach it from the southern 
    side of the gorge and use the Gale Boomerang to bring it down to you.  
    Additionally, if you have the dungeon prize from City in the Sky, you can get 
    Piece of Heart # 15 right here.
    8) Go to the southern part of Hyrule Field in Eldin Province.  Almost due 
    south of the bridge across Kakariko Gorge you'll find a boulder in the wall.  
    Blow it up with a bomb and enter the cave you reveal.  Go forward inside and 
    burn a web with your Lantern.  Continue down the path to find several forks 
    in the road; go east, lower east, north, and east to find a dead-end with two 
    torches and a spider.  Light the torches and the chest with the Piece of 
    Heart appears.  If you explore here you'll also find a red rupee, a purple 
    rupee, and a Poe's Soul.
    9) As you leave Kakariko Village at the northwest exit into the Bridge of 
    Eldin part of Hyrule Field, you'll see a sort of slab or rock to the right 
    with a boulder in front.  Blow up the boulder with your bombs and climb onto 
    the slab.  Go south along here to some vines, and look right when you reach 
    the top.  Here, you must throw a bomb so it explodes in mid-air, blowing up 
    the boulder impeding you.  Jump forward onto the vines below it afterwards 
    and climb to the top.  Walk to the end and the view will change, indicating 
    you should jump down from here.  See the treasure chest below?  Jump to it 
    and open it for this Piece of Heart.
    10) Go north of the Bridge of Eldin to see a target you can clawshot to.  
    When you do, go right along this ledge to a cave.  Inside, drop down to the 
    magnetic fields with your Iron Boots on and follow the paths provided until 
    you reach a chest with a Piece of Heart in it.  Furthermore, there are two 
    torches to the left that make a second chest materialize when lit.  That 
    chest contains 100 rupees.
    11) Go to the part of Hyrule Field north of Hyrule Castle.  In the west 
    you'll see an exit to this screen blocked by boulders.  Bomb them and go 
    along this path until you see a wall rail to the right.  Don't touch the 
    control until you get to the third rail.  From there, jump to the other.  
    When it's about to end, jump to the other.  Continue switching from rail to 
    rail here until you reach the end, which is a treasure chest with a Piece of 
    Heart inside.  Furthermore, this is a "shortcut" to Lake Hylia from the 
    northern expanse of Hyrule Field.
    12) Go north of the Bridge of Eldin and go west until you reach the bridge 
    over a gap.  Just past it, literally feet away, is a wall rail.  Spin across 
    it to a ledge down below.  Once there, turn into a wolf and use your senses 
    to see a sparkly spot in the center of the ring of grass.  Dig there and 
    you'll reach a secret alcove.  Defeat the Stalfos Knights and go down to the 
    chest that formed for the Piece of Heart.
    13) This one's coming at you from the part of Hyrule Field north of Hyrule 
    Castle.  Go to the northern part of it, which is rocky, and you'll see a 
    boulder toward the southern end of the mountainous part, and just about in 
    the middle.  Blow up the boulder and enter the cave you reveal.  Inside, 
    break through the ice with the Ball and Chain and go forward to a block-
    pushing puzzle.  Here, push the following blocks in the following directions:
    Southwest Block: east, north
    Northwest Block: south, east, north,
    Northern Block: west, south, east, north.
    The gate opens to a second puzzle.  Here:
    Northern Block: east
    Southeastern Block: west, north
    Northeastern Block: south, west, north
    Northern Block: east, south, west, north
    Southern Block: east, north, west
    Two gates open to a third and final puzzle.  Here:
    Southwestern Block: east
    Northern Block: south, east
    Eastern Block: north, west, south, east, north
    Eastern Block: north, west
    Southern Block: north
    Western Block: south
    Northern Block: east, south, west, north
    The gate finally opens to a chest with a well-deserved Piece of Heart inside.
    14) You must've repaired the Bridge of Eldin to get this piece; see the 
    beginning of the "Cave of Ordeals" section if you fixed it yet.  Go to the 
    north end of the bridge and use the Dominion Rod to bring the owl statue 
    there to life.  Lead it to the southern arch and look to the right.  See the 
    opening in the railing and a hole there?  Walk the owl into it so it's low 
    enough to jump onto, and then jump from it to the next ledge where the ladder 
    is.  Climb it up to not only reach the spot where one of those infernal 
    archers stakes out – you'll also find a chest with a Piece of Heart in it.
    15) Go to where you got # 7.  Using the Double Clawshots, shoot to the target 
    below where the Piece of Heart was, then to one right of the vine wall (look 
    around; it may be hard to see, especially at night), and then to the vine 
    wall across from you.  Climb across the vines (horizontally) and step down to 
    a ledge with a chest on it.  It contains the Piece of Heart.
                             |    Kakariko Village    |
    16) Once you've cleared Goron Mines, Talo will take the job as town lookout 
    (and tell everyone to run if you enter the village as a wolf...).  Talk to 
    the Goron in front of Barnes Bombs and he'll send you up onto the roof; from 
    there go up the stairs and up the path you see beyond it.  Follow it to 
    another Goron who will send you up onto the lookout tower.  Take the door 
    here for a chest with 50 rupees inside.  Exit back outside and then use a 
    ladder to reach Talo.
    He'll ask you to show him how to use a Bow, and a little game initiates in 
    which you must shoot two targets, which is easy, and a pole way off in the 
    distance.  Hitting the pole is made easy with the Hawkeye, an item sold at 
    Malo Mart.  When you succeed, Malo gives you 10 rupees.  But if you play 
    again without the Hawkeye and hit the pole, Malo will give you this Piece of 
    Heart.  It's not hard to do if you remember it's on the far left end of the 
    lookout, and you remember which building's the lookout (it's dead ahead of 
    17) Just west of the spirit's spring in the village is a boulder.  Blow it up 
    and follow the path here to a pool of water, the source of the spring.  You 
    don't need the Zora Armor here, but be quick.  Drop down into the pool with 
    the Iron Boots on and open the chest here for the Piece of Heart.  Now take 
    off the boots and rise up.
    18) Go to the spot you blew the boulder up in # 17 and look to the upper-left 
    of it.  See the boulder on top of the rock wall?  Use a bomb arrow to blow it 
    up and you'll reveal a Piece of Heart.  Bring it down with the Gale Boomerang.  
    If you have trouble doing it, stand further back or sit on Epona when you 
    throw the boomerang.
    19) A little later in the game Malo Mart will start taking donations to 
    repair the eastern bridge into Castle Town.  At first the Goron inside (Gor 
    Ebizo) will be asking for 1000 rupees.  Once you've paid him the gap will be 
    bridged with wood, thus opening the way for a Goron merchant in Castle Town 
    to get his hot spring water into town.  But, he feels tired and needs a 
    shower of spring water to get motivated to open shop again.  Talk to the 
    Goron outside Malo Mart (Gor Liggs) and he says he'll provide the spring 
    water if you make the run to him.
    Agree and you'll appear outside the town in Hyrule Field with a barrel of 
    water in your hands.  You must carry it all the way to the eastern bridge 
    into Castle Town.  Avoid enemies (getting hit will bust the barrel) and go 
    quickly (or the water will cool down).  The best route, I'd say, is to hug 
    the southern edge of the screen to the west, then go north along the edge of 
    the screen.  When you arrive, throw the barrel onto the Goron and he'll be 
    revitalized.  He rolls off to his home and rolls back with another barrel.  
    As he passes you, he'll drop a Piece of Heart.
    This has the added bonus of opening his shop in South Road.  20 rupees for a 
    bottle of hot spring water.  It replenishes all your hearts, but it will soon 
    cool to normal water.  If you take it to a Goron in the part of Hyrule Field 
    you can reach from South Road, he'll start breaking through a rock slide 
    (come back a little later and he'll be done).  This connects the Hyrule Field 
    of Faron Province with Castle Town, creating yet another entrance.  
    Furthermore, getting this Piece of Heart saves you 1800 rupees – see 
    "Equipment Upgrades" and read about the Magic Armor to see what I mean.
                              |    Death Mountain    |
    20) Get onto Death Mountain Trail from Kakariko Village and you'll see a 
    Goron.  They're now friendly, and they'll launch you on their backs to higher 
    locations.  Talk to the second one you meet and launch yourself westward.  
    You'll reach a ledge you'll hang onto; pull yourself up and go north along 
    this stone path to a bridge with a young Goron on it.  He must be playing 
    hide-and-go-seek or something.  But a little ways before that, you'll see a 
    cave opening to the left.  If you go in and drop down, you'll find a chest 
    with the Piece of Heart inside.
                                |    Goron Mines    |
    21) Two rooms east of Gor Amoto's room (in the upper half), in the room where 
    you must walk around rocks on the ceiling to find the door, walk east along 
    the north end of the room, following the line of enemies, and drop down at a 
    treasure chest.  It contains this Piece of Heart.
    22) Go to the room where you first meet a Beamos.  To the left of them is 
    some electrified stone you can walk up with the Iron Boots.  Walk up it and 
    take the left route.  The chest you find contains a heart piece.
                                |    Castle Town    |
    23) There's a beggar on West Road dressed in green robes who asks you to make 
    a donation to for the sake of peace in Hyrule.  You can give either 30 or 50 
    rupees at a time.  Give him a grand total of 1000 and he'll have you stand 
    next to him.   A Piece of Heart descends from the skies, answering our 
    prayers (the spirit of love really did descend upon us!).
                                |    Lake Hylia    |
    24) Go near the grass in Lake Hylia (two patches: the far east by the sandbar 
    and the little island right before Fyer's cannon) as a wolf to meet Plumm, a 
    mini-game operator-bird.  Beat a score of 10,000 and you'll be feeling the 
    love.  For more information on Plumm's balloon flight, refer to "Mini-Games," 
    25) When you enter Lake Hylia from Hyrule Field, look west to find a building 
    – it's part of FFWLF.  Talk to the clown to play Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl, 
    which costs 20 rupees.  You want to try to land on the Isle of Riches, the 
    gray pyramid about directly ahead of the starting point for the game (it's 
    connected to Fyer's cannon).  You want to land on the very top platform (not 
    the spinning one, but the one actually connected to the structure), and the 
    chest there contains a Piece of Heart.  Not only that, but you can then drop 
    down to the lower levels and open their chests, not to mention kill a Poe for 
    its soul.  See "Mini-Games" for more information on this game.
    26) Enter the spirit's spring and go right along a grassy path to reach a 
    dead-end with vines ahead.  Clawshot to those vines and follow the path to a 
    door.  At the end of this creepy tunnel full of snake head statues you'll 
    find two chests: one with a blue rupee, one with 5 bombs.  But you'll also 
    see two torches.  Light them with the Lantern and a third chest appears with 
    the Piece of Heart within.  As long as you're here, note a blue and a yellow-
    rupee chest if you sink down to the bottom of the spring with the Iron Boots 
    and Zora Armor on.  If you blow up some boulders with water bombs, you'll 
    also find other rupees of greater value.
    27) From the warp spot, take a bridge south to a ladder and climb it up.  
    Follow the wall to the left until you reach a boulder.  Blow it up and enter 
    the cave it covered.  Use your Lantern to guide you through here.  Go forward 
    to a fork in the road (light the torch here); blow up the rock to the left to 
    find a chest with a yellow rupee.  Blow up the right one to continue down the 
    path to another torch.  There's a Yellow Chuchu you can kill here for the 
    Yellow Chu Jelly (which acts like Lantern Oil) it leaves behind (this is a 
    long cave, so I recommend it).  The left rock hides a red rupee chest; the 
    other continues the path.  Defeat the Torch Slugs here (despite being on fire, 
    they provide miserable lighting) to reach a third torch with a Poe's Soul to 
    be collected there.
    The right rock covers some arrows; the north one continues the cavern over a 
    bridge and to a Beamos.  Kill it from a distance with an arrow and light the 
    other torch here.  Break the north rock to get a red rupee, and then continue 
    down the path to the west.  Here you'll find a Yellow Chuchu if your 
    Lantern's running low on fuel and two torches you can light to make a chest 
    appear.  Open it for an orange rupee.  Continue west past another rock to 
    triple fork in the road with a Dodongo as guard.  To the north you'll find 
    five more bombs, to the east an exit, and to the west the road goes on.  
    Follow across another bridge, stick to the right to avoid a hole, and stop to 
    kill a Beamos in the distance.  There're some arrows to the south, 50 rupees 
    to the west, and more Torch Slugs on the path to the east.
    There are several large holes along this path, but it ends in a Poe for 
    another Soul in the pocket.  You'll find ten bombs to the east, 50 bombs to 
    the north, and go south to find more Dodongos.  To the north are 50 seeds and 
    some Yellow Chuchus for more Lantern fuel.  Go east break the eastern rock 
    for 100 rupees.  Then go south across some bridges to reach yet another Poe's 
    Soul.  Beyond it, light two torches to make the last chest appear for a Piece 
    of Heart!  At long last!  Step into the light to the south to exit this cave 
    back into Lake Hylia.  That was surprisingly elaborate...
                            |    Upper Zora's River    |
    28) Enter the Fishing Hole (through the north door) and swim to the rock 
    formation in the middle.  Be west of it and look at it to see a Piece of 
    Heart on one of the rocks.  If you sink down with the Iron Boots and Zora 
    Armor on and clawshot it to you, it's yours.  Alternately, rent a canoe from 
    Hena and catch the Piece of Heart like you would a fish – with your rod.
                              |    Lakebed Temple    |
    29) In the hub room, look above the chandelier in the center of the ceiling 
    (2F) and clawshot to a target there.  Drop down and open the chest you find 
    for the Piece of Heart.
    30) Go to the southeastern room of B1 when water is flowing into the eastern 
    part of that floor.  A bridge will rise up on the water.  Get on the bridge 
    to reach a ledge with a switch on it; stand on it to open a gate (it's only 
    open as long as you're on it).  A Lizalfos jumps out at you, so just fight it 
    off and then get back to standing on the switch.  Clawshot to the wall ahead 
    and open the chest you reach for a Piece of Heart.
                               |    Sacred Grove    |
    31) From the warp spot (right in front of the statues that guard the way to 
    the Master Sword, if you haven't got that portal yet), go west to the final 
    room of the maze part of Sacred Grove.  This is where you fought Skull Kid, 
    remember?  In the center is a boulder you can bomb to reveal a sparkly patch 
    of ground (it also reveals a Poe you can kill for a Poe's Soul).  Dig there 
    to enter a secret grotto.  Kill all the Deku Babas here, including the one on 
    the ceiling, and a chest appears with the heart piece inside.
                               |    Gerudo Desert    |
    32) If you go to the desert fortress, to the northeast corner, you'll find a 
    boar being roasted.  Slash it for many refill hearts and eventually the Piece 
    of Heart within.
                             |    Arbiter's Grounds    |
    33) In the room with all the torches you have to light by defeating the four 
    Poes, look on the upper east side of the room to see a chest across some 
    quicksand.  Clawshot to the target by it and take the treasure – this Piece 
    of Heart.  To get back, use the platform.
    34) In the room before the Big Key (it's full of wall rails and quicksand), 
    open the chest in the higher elevated part of the enclosed space with the 
    swinging spike in it.  Lo and behold, it's a heart piece.
                                 |    Snowpeak    |
    35) Once you've cleared Snowpeak, you'll get a letter from Yeta, the female 
    yeti, inviting you to go snowboarding with her and her hubby.  Warp to 
    Snowpeak Top and talk to Yeto, the husband, to begin the race.  There's 
    nothing to it, really.  After beating him, talk to Yeta and she'll race you.  
    If you beat her, you get the Piece of Heart.  See "Mini-Games" for further 
    detail on snowboarding.
                              |    Snowpeak Ruins    |
    36) You know the room with the cannon in it on 2F?  You had to kill two caged 
    ice beasts on 1F to get to it, remember?  Well, there's a sitting room with 
    red carpet adjoined to that room in the south, and if you throw the Ball and 
    Chain at the entrance of this red carpet area you'll force an opening in the 
    hole.  Drop down through it to a chest with the Piece of Heart tucked inside.
    37) Go to the lobby's second floor (you had to swing on a chandelier in that 
    room).  Get onto the first chandelier and turn south to see some more.  Swing 
    across these chandeliers with the Ball and Chain to reach the chest, which 
    contains the Piece of Heart in question, of course.
                              |    Temple of Time    |
    38) On your way down the temple (it should be called the "Tower of Time," am  
    I right!?), when you first enter 6F, move your statue friend a level north, 
    and then shoot the crystal switch here to move the wall.  Now move yourself 
    north.  Direct the statue onto a switch beyond the electric barrier and voila!  
    The way to a treasure chest is opened (if you break the gate down with your 
    soldier).  It contains the Piece of Heart you're after.
    39) Return to the elevator room when you have the Dominion Rod, to the upper 
    floor (4F), and use two weights to press down switches on the south end (one 
    weight's at the bottom of the elevator route; one's on 4F around the spinner 
    track) to take the door south.  Go to where you previously opened a chest in 
    the south end.  Use the Dominion Rod on the weight to the right to guide it 
    down to a switch; then take another weight from the ground, throw it over the 
    other rail, and guide it to the other switch.  This creates a chest in an 
    alcove with this Piece of Heart inside.
    40) In the pre-dungeon part of the Temple of Time, where you first take the 
    door into the not-so-colorful Temple of Time, use the Dominion Rod to move 
    the owl statue in the east out of its alcove to make way for you.  At the end 
    is a chest with the Piece of Heart in it.  For the record, the western owl 
    has a Poe behind it.
                              |    Hidden Village    |
    41) Go to Hidden Village and turn into a wolf.  If you break into the house 
    with the three windows in front of it (east side) and then break the window 
    to go out to the howling stone here.  In addition, there's a Cucco here known 
    as "the Cucco leader" of the cats in the village.  Talk to him and he'll ask 
    you to play a game with the kittens here: just go up to all 20 and talk to 
    them.  Agree and, when you've done so, the Piece of Heart appears in front of 
    Impaz' house.  For the cat locations, see "Mini-Games."
                              |    City in the Sky    |
    42) Go to the western wing room that has a giant Deku Baba in it (the one 
    that turns into a plant you need to feed a bomb to).  You'll see a target on 
    the west side you can clawshot to, from which you should quickly latch onto 
    the vines to the north.  Climb to the top and another Deku Baba will attack 
    you.  Clawshot its stem and watch its head fall; then jump to where it was 
    and open the chest for a yellow rupee.
    Now get back to those vines and jump off to go right to a wall you can climb 
    onto.  From here, carefully walk to the chest ahead for 20 arrows.  Now go 
    ahead to the Deku Baba (you may want to decapitate it from a distance) and 
    from here continue walking to reach a small ledge you can climb onto.  While 
    hanging, climb right along it and drop off to a chest guarded by a Deku Baba.  
    Kill the latter and open the former for a Piece of Heart.
    43) When you reach the outside of the top of the western wing, where you must 
    clawshot across some Peahats to reach a central island where the Big Key is, 
    clawshot across the full arch of Peahats to reach the southwestern ledge 
    there.  Open the door you come to open the chest out here for the heart piece.
                            |    Palace of Twilight    |
    44) Two rooms south of where you first fought Zant's apparition, either take 
    the Sol or the Master Sword infused with light and go to the dark alleyway in 
    here.  Pass through it with the Sol/Master Sword and, at the end, clawshot to 
    the target you see and open the chest for a Piece of Heart.
    45) Two rooms south of the other room you fought Zant's apparition in, drop 
    into the fog here and you'll see a bright orb.  Step on the tiles on either 
    side of it with the Sol or light-infused Master Sword and you'll ride up on 
    an energy tile to a chest.  Open the chests at the end (there are two tiles 
    to take) for 50 rupees and the last Piece of Heart in the game.
    ---------------                                               ---------------
    And THAT is that!  All those extra hearts will undoubtedly serve you well in 
    your various trials in Hyrule.  Long live Link!
    ===============================Hidden Skills*================================
    Learning new moves is actually an old tradition in the Zelda series.  Link 
    learned the Downward and Upward Thrusts in Zelda II, and in various games 
    since he's had to learn some skill like the spin attack.  Minish Cap had the 
    first full-blown system, what with dojos that gave you Tiger Scrolls upon 
    completing a lesson and all.  So it is with Twilight Princess, where Link can 
    learn seven "teachings of old" from a phantom warrior guy.
    There are two steps in meeting up with this guy.  First, Link must (usually) 
    find a howling stone, and, as a wolf, howl a tune by it.  He'll appear 
    outside some important area and howl the tune again for a golden wolf.  Next, 
    that golden wolf will disappear and Link must find it as a human.  The golden 
    wolf jumps onto him and the lesson begins in some strange other realm.  
    (Before he teaches you a new skill, you must use the old one on him, though).  
    Simple, no?
    Golden wolves will be marked on your map when you activate one, but howling 
    stones are not.  Therefore, you really need to know where they are.  Howling 
    stones look like rock slabs with a circle cut out of them.  They have the 
    symbol of the Sheikah on them, which looks like the Lens of Truth (if you're 
    familiar with Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask).  The golden wolves look 
    like... well, I think their name says enough.  These skills are really useful, 
    so I advise getting them as early as you can.  The walkthrough above points 
    out when you can do these things.
    You must get the skills in order, but it doesn't matter which howling stones 
    you activate first.  Each howling stone has a golden wolf location assigned 
    to it, but no matter which you go to first, you'll still get the same skills 
    in the same order.  Here I'll list the howling stone locations and their 
    associated golden wolf locations; I'll help with the songs, and I'll explain 
    the skills.  Sounds good?
    General Location
    Howling Stone: [Location]
    Golden Wolf: [Location]
    Above is the setup for the next entries.  They're listed in order of when you 
    can access the stones.  After that I list the tunes and then I have a 
    description of the skills.
    Faron Woods
    Howling Stone: There is no howling stone for this skill.  Instead, you skip 
    directly to the wolf.
    Golden Wolf: You'll find the golden wolf standing in front of the path to the 
    Forest Temple (where you saved Talo and the monkey); this will be on your 
    third visit – once on a rescue mission, once for two dark insects, and this 
    time to clear the Forest Temple.  It's mandatory to complete the game, and 
    you'll earn the Ending Blow from it.
    Death Mountain
    Howling Stone: It's on the path to Death Mountain from Kakariko Village.  On 
    the map, you'll notice a turning point in the northern part of the map where 
    the path goes to the east at an angle, and then turns back west at an angle 
    (kind of like: >).  Right below that turning point in the path you'll find 
    the howling stone.  It's surrounded by geysers in the center of the path.  
    The song is from Majora's Mask: the Song of Healing.
    Golden Wolf: This time he appears in Ordona Province, in the spring you met 
    Ilia (also the one where she and Colin were kidnapped).  It's also where you 
    met Ordona, the light spirit.  The golden wolf is sitting by the crawlspace 
    you once used to enter this spring.
    Upper Zora's River
    Howling Stone: This is on the northern side of the river in the Upper Zora's 
    River screen.  It's just south of the Fishing Hole on a ledge overlooking the 
    river.  This song is also from Majora's Mask.  It's the Oath to Order.
    Golden Wolf: The wolf appears west of Hyrule Castle Town, right outside the 
    bridge you'd normally take to it from the warp point.  He's to the north of 
    the bridge, up on a ledge.  You'll have to climb some vines to reach him.
    Faron Woods
    Howling Stone: This is just outside the entrance to the Sacred Grove (where 
    you got a certain sword upgrade) in Faron Woods.  It's after the swinging 
    logs, and it's pretty hard to miss.
    Golden Wolf: The wolf appears in Hyrule Field, but you want to reach it from 
    Castle Town.  Go to South Road and go straight south to exit the town.  This 
    is the part of Hyrule Field the wolf is waiting in.  He's sitting at the 
    northwest end, by two town walls.
    Lake Hylia
    Howling Stone: From the warp point in Lake Hylia take the bridge to the south, 
    follow the path to the right, and climb the ladder as a human.  You'll find 
    the howling stone to the right, off on a ledge overlooking the water.
    Golden Wolf: This one appears in Gerudo Desert, on the northern end.  You'll 
    notice that, south of the fortress you raid, there's a three-way fork in the 
    road, but two paths lead to dead-ends (this is north of the enemy encampment 
    you stole the boar from).  Well, take the western dead-end right to the 
    golden wolf.
    Howling Stone: The stone is along the reekfish scent trail in the Snowpeak 
    trail, first screen.  It's in the western part, toward the center; it's on a 
    high ledge overlooking the landscape below.  It's almost due north of the 
    cave you dig into.  I'm actually uncertain as to what song this is.  If 
    anyone recognizes it, please inform me.  For now, it's the "Snowpeak Song."
    Golden Wolf: The wolf appears in the Graveyard connected to Kakariko Village.  
    It's quite hard to miss, really.  He'll be standing beyond the stairs, in 
    front of the entrance to the spring Rutela (the Zora queen) took you to.
    Hidden Village
    Howling Stone: Once you've eradicated all monster presence, go to the 
    building on the east side with three glass windows you can break through.  Do 
    so and enter the building.  There should be another window you can break 
    inside, leading out to a Cucco and the howling stone.  You know what to do!  
    Additionally, this area has lots of loot for you dig up, courtesy of the 
    monsters who once used this village as their hideout.  The song here is 
    actually from this game (you'll recognize it), and I can't say I know its 
    Golden Wolf: The wolf disappears off to North Road in Hyrule Castle Town.  
    It's right before the barrier that separates the castle from the town.  It's 
    pretty hard to miss, if you go onto North Road, considering there's nothing 
    else there.
    The songs I referred to above are below.  Music in Twilight Princess is like 
    that in the Wind Waker in that it's timed, but unlike WW it has only three 
    possible pitches – high, middle, and low.  To play music, just press A.  
    You'll howl at the middle pitch then.  Lift your head up or down to move to 
    the higher or lower pitches, respectively.  Remember, the middle pitch does 
    not require moving the Control Stick, just letting it go.  You have to hold A 
    the entire time.  When you approach a stone it will play you the song over 
    and over until you get it (press B to play it again after you try howling), 
    but it may be hard for you to remember the sequence.  Therefore, the tunes 
    are below.  You don't need to be exact in terms of timing (the system's 
    pretty lenient), so just give it your best shot.
                                 The Song of Healing
    High      |----------|          |          |----------|          |          |
    Middle    |          |----------|          |          |----------|          |
    Low       |          |          |----------|          |          |----------|
                                  The Oath to Order
    High      |            |            |------------|            |             |
    Middle    |            |------      |            |------------|             |
    Low       |------------|      ------|            |            |-------------|
                               The Nocturne of Shadow
    High      |------------|            |------      |            |-------------|
    Middle    |            |            |            |    --------|             |
    Low       |            |------------|      ------|----        |             |
                                The Prelude to Light
    High         |        |        |--------|        |        |        |--------|
    Middle       |        |--------|        |        |    ----|        |        |
    Low          |--------|        |        |--------|----    |--------|        |
                                    Snowpeak Song
    High         |-----   |        |        |        |     ---|---     |        |
    Middle       |     ---|---     |--------|--------|        |   -----|        |
    Low          |        |   -----|        |        |-----   |        |--------|
                           Twilight Princess Triumph Track
    High      |     |     |     |     | ----|     |     |---  | ----|     |     |
    Middle    |-----|     |     |-----|-    |     |     |   --|-    |-----|-----|
    Low       |     |-----|-----|     |     |-----|-----|     |     |     |     |
    There you have it!  Now, these are the skills you get from all your effort:
                                |    Ending Blow    |
    Some enemies have enough stamina that even after being knocked down they can 
    get back up to continue the fight.  Well, this move will cut their lives 
    short before they can get back up and assault you again.  When they're down, 
    L-target them and press A.  Link will jump over their bodies and thrust his 
    sword downward (AoL or Super Smash Bros.-style), slaying them once and for 
    all.  This is the only mandatory skill in the game.  Really, it's a shame you 
    can't perform this as a wolf, since it's really annoying to have to wait for 
    your enemies to get back up before you can kill them.
                               |    Shield Attack    |
    The second skill is extremely useful, and it's easy to perform.  If an enemy 
    has a shield to block your attacks with, you won't get anywhere in the battle.  
    Therefore, you need to lower their shield and attack.  Do this by getting 
    close to the enemy and, while L-targeting them, pressing R.  You'll shove 
    your shield into them, causing them to drop their shield.  That's when you 
    can go in for the kill!  You'll find it very handy against a multitude of 
    enemies.  In addition, you can use the shield attack on projectiles to 
    deflect them.  Some will just bounce off (like arrows), but others, like 
    magic attacks, will deflect right back into the enemy.
                                |    Back Slice    |
    The shield attack is pretty decent against enemies with just a shield, but 
    what if the foe has thick, full-body armor?  Such enemies often leave their 
    backsides unprotected, and the back slice exploits that fact.  L-target the 
    foe, press A while tilting the control stick to either side to jump, roll 
    around your foe, and then slice their backs as you rise.  Now, as for timing: 
    press A right after your first jump to begin the roll, and just before you 
    get behind your enemy, press A again to do the slice.  It's basically the 
    parry attack from Wind Waker, but it's a good skill to know.
                               |    Helm Splitter    |
    This is the greatest skill yet, according to the teaching spirit.  Now, the 
    back slice is good against slow enemies, but what if you're up against a 
    quick-footed one?  Against such foes you must first use a shield attack to 
    make them flinch and then press A.  You will leap into the air over their 
    head and then unite their head with your sword from behind.  From there you 
    can unleash a flurry of other attacks, too.
                                |    Mortal Draw    |
    This skill is so secret that only your [Link's and the spirit's] bloodline 
    knows of it (wait – the spirit and Link are related?).  Sheathe your sword 
    and wait for your enemy to approach you.  When he's near, draw!  Just press A.  
    You'll spin about as you draw your blade, swinging it down at your opponent.  
    But, it does have its drawbacks.  You have to wait until the enemy is 
    dangerously close before using it.  Also, you can't use L-targeting while 
    doing it.
                                |    Jump Strike    |
    The jump attack is powerful for sure, but it's best suited for a single 
    target.  The jump strike is different.  To perform it, prepare for a jump 
    attack (L-target) and then press and hold A.  Wait until you hear the power 
    reach the tip of the blade and release.  Link will jump up and attack, 
    hitting multiple enemies.  Since the jump attack is one of the best attacks 
    anyways, this just makes it better!
                                |    Great Spin    |
    The "ultimate secret technique," earned only by the "one true hero," the 
    final skill is the great spin.  Like the jump strike, it improves upon one of 
    our basic sword techniques, this time the spin attack.  We can magnify its 
    power only when we have full health.  Just use a spin attack and you'll also 
    release a short energy attack.
    After he teaches you the final skill, the phantom says that in life, he was 
    "the hero," and it's been his longing to pass on his art.  He tells us that 
    surely we can restore Hyrule to its former glory as the chosen land of the 
    gods.  His last words are, "Go and do not falter, my child!"
    As long as I'm on the subject, you should know that you can do Link's special 
    sheathing move (like when he beats a boss) even against common enemies.  Just 
    put your sword away after you deliver the last blow to an enemy but before it 
    disappears in a poof.  I bet you'll do this all the time now...  Thanks to 
    Darron P. for making this discovery and writing me about it.
    So, that's pretty much everything you need to know about the hidden skills.  
    Let them be hewn into your mind!
    =============================Equipment Upgrades*=============================
    Let face it: we live in an age of greed where everyone's always angling to 
    move up in the world, to improve their lots in life.  So it is with Zelda as 
    well, where Link is never satisfied with one wallet, bomb bag, or what have 
    you.  I'll help you out with that here – upgrades to increase capacity, all 
    listed here.  It goes: Armor, Bomb Bags, Bottles, Quivers, Shields, and 
    Wallets.  Good luck!
                                     Zora Armor
    You get this after you assist Ilia and Ralis to Kakariko Village via wagon.  
    Rutela, the Zora queen, gives it to you in the Graveyard (you have to get it 
    to advance the plot).  The Zora Armor is like the Zora Tunic from Ocarina of 
    Time, in that it lets you breathe underwater.  If you wear the Iron Boots 
    with them, you can walk on the bed of a lake, river, or what have you.  
    Wearing it is also the only way you can dive underwater in the entire game.  
    It looks cool, but it weakens you to fire and ice attacks, so don't leave it 
    on all the time.
    Oddly, you hear two different back stories on this armor: it was made by King 
    Zora (Rutela's husband) before he died, anticipating your arrival, or it's 
    been passed down through the Zora royal family for quite some time.  I 
    personally prefer the prophetic King Zora story to the second, but I guess 
    we'll never know.  A Zelda contradiction...
                                     Magic Armor
    Before you can get this, you must help the economic situation of the townies 
    over in Castle Town.  See, the bridge between Hyrule Field and East Road has 
    been destroyed, which is keeping merchants from Eldin Province from getting 
    into the city.  According to Malo, the kid who runs Malo Mart in Kakariko 
    Village, this is leading to vendors in Castle Town overpricing their goods – 
    apparently price-gouging isn't illegal in Hyrule.  Malo wants to repair the 
    bridge and establish a shop in Castle Town to compete with Castle Town prices.  
    They won't be able to compete, which will force them to lower their prices.  
    Ultimately, it's the consumer who wins (the "unwashed masses," as Malo would 
    put it).  A glorious plan, no?
    Well, it has one major flaw: doing that stuff requires some serious cash.  
    Malo encourages you to shop at his store to finance his Castle Town location, 
    but repairing the bridge alone takes 1000 rupees in donations.  (Malo's 
    convinced the Gorons to get on board with him because certain Goron merchants 
    are suffering as a result of the out bridge.)  Gor Liggs, a Goron Elder, is 
    soliciting donations outside, and Gor Ebizo, another Goron Elder, is 
    collecting them inside Malo Mart.  As usual, ordinary people are way too 
    stingy to support something like this, so the entire task falls to us.  
    (Fortunately, you can make the donations in increments as opposed to all at 
    Once you've raised the money (the golden bug side quest is a good source of 
    revenue – see "Golden Bugs" for details), they'll say they now need 2000 
    rupees to start up a shop in Castle Town!  Really?  I sort of doubt it.  If 
    you do a Piece of Heart side quest, he'll reduce the donation amount to 200 
    rupees.  The side quest is this: go outside Malo Mart and talk to Gor Liggs, 
    the "prophetic" Goron Elder.  See, a Goron merchant in Castle Town couldn't 
    get his supply of hot spring water in since the bridge was out.  But now that 
    the bridge has been rebuilt, he says he's too tired.  (Also, I think he's Gor 
    Liggs' son).
    Gor Liggs will give you a barrel of hot spring water to throw on him and 
    rejuvenate him.  Agree to do it and you'll appear outside in Hyrule Field.  
    Just walk around the southern and western edge of the screen (and I mean the 
    very edge) and you'll reach him in no time (since the water cools down if you 
    take too long).  Throw the barrel at him and he'll start up shop on South 
    Road.  He also drops a Piece of Heart for you.  Malo profits from this 
    somehow (I think he provides the barrels for the water), and so he reduces 
    the donation amount to 200 rupees.  Pay that and Malo will start his own shop 
    in Castle Town.  Very soon after giving Malo the money, the Postman will 
    deliver you a letter announcing the grand opening in Central Square 
    (southeast corner)
    Now, you may be wondering, what does all this have to do with the Magic Armor?  
    Well, the "hero of discounts" is selling it for 598 rupees.  I like the 
    caption ("This is quite a bargain when you think of how valuable your life 
    is.").  When you buy it, you'll first notice how it cool it looks on you.  It 
    makes you invincible just as long as you have rupees to spend.  That is, 
    wearing the armor takes your rupees away at a rate of about 2 per second.  
    Definitely use this sparingly.  By the way, you did see Malo Mart's Castle 
    Branch, right?  Pretty crazy, huh?  I'm sure the music and characters there 
    are a reference to some Japanese game, but I don't play any to know.  But man, 
    this shop has great discounts!  You should do all your shopping there from 
    now on.
                                      Bomb Bags
                                    Bomb Bag # 1
    Once you've cleared Goron Mines your buddy Barnes will get some supplies in, 
    but he can only make regular bombs because you blew up his storehouse when 
    you were collecting dark insects.  Woops...  Nevertheless, he'll get those 
    other types of bombs over time.  For now he'll sell you a regular bomb bag 
    filled with bombs for 120 rupees.  Since it's full already, it's really like 
    you're paying only 30 rupees for the bag.  You have to take it to beat the 
    game, so please, do so.
                                    Bomb Bag # 2
    After you've restored light to Lanayru Province, if you go to Upper Zora's 
    River, you'll see a woman standing outside the Boat Rental Cabin.  Talk to 
    her and she'll tell you they're not in business.  Leave to the corner of the 
    screen on the northeastern side and you'll fight some shadow beasts (three, 
    to be exact.  Kill one and then spin attack the other two at once).  This 
    earns you a portal, but it also impresses the boat rental operator who had 
    previously closed her business.
    She takes you to the Zora's River screen and introduces herself as Iza; then 
    she explains that a rock fall damned up the river, which prevents her from 
    doing any business.  When she insinuates that you should help her, step up to 
    the plate and volunteer.  You'll be facing the stone, so just shoot it with 
    two bomb arrows.  But, there are still more rocks along the way, so we'll 
    have to take care of those, too.
    You get a free ride this time, although it's normally 20 rupees.  Ride down, 
    aiming for rupees if you want, and you'll soon go down a waterfall.  Shortly 
    after that you'll come to a Zora in the water.  She's the part-timer, and 
    she'll tell us to blow up another rock blocking the river flow.  Send another 
    two bomb arrows its way and she'll guide you to the mouth of the river (as if 
    she were necessary!).  Her real purpose is to drop rupees for us to catch as 
    we follow her.  You'll end up at a dock in Lake Hylia when it's over.  After 
    the part-time employee complains about her boss and leaves, you'll get to 
    keep the bomb bag Iza gave us (to supply our bomb arrows).  It's much more 
    valuable than she realizes.  This is not a capacity upgrade; it's actually 
    another bomb bag for holding another type of bomb.  Until then, it holds 
    regular ones.
                                    Bomb Bag # 3
    Once you've melted the ice in Zora's Domain and gotten the Zora Armor and the 
    Water Bombs, return to Zora's Domain (that is, the inside – the room where 
    all the Zoras were frozen in).  See the opening in the rock?  Drop through 
    and you'll find, directly below it, a huge black rock – the very one you 
    dropped into the ice to melt it.  Blow it up with a water bomb and, to 
    everyone's surprise, a Goron pops out, sinking to the bottom (well, this 
    indicates that Gorons don't need to breathe air.  This is also hinted at by a 
    baby Goron in the hot springs on Death Mountain).
    Talk to him and he'll tell you his story: he took a nap, was swallowed by 
    lava, and was chucked out of the mountain inside that rock during an 
    explosion.  Now he's free and far from his home in Death Mountain.  He gives 
    you a bad with bombs as a token of appreciation.  This is your average bomb 
    bag – it just holds another type of bombs.  (As long as I'm on the subject, 
    there are places throughout the riverbed in Zora's Domain and Zora's River – 
    inside and out - with rupees in them.  Blow up boulders and explore.)
                                   Giant Bomb Bags
    Normally you can carry 30 bombs, 15 water bombs, and 10 Bomblings.  But, with 
    a capacity upgrade, all those figures could be doubled!  Indeed, just head 
    over to Upper Zora's River, to the Boat Rental Cabin.  After you've cleared 
    the path the first time (see "Bomb Bag # 2" above), you can ride the boat 
    again for 20 rupees.  You'll play a mini-game in which you have to shoot 
    targets (yellow is 1 point, red is 2, and bumping into anything costs you a 
    point).  Score 25 points or more to win the Giant Bomb Bags.
                              Water Bombs and Bomblings
    Yes, I realize these aren't bomb bags, but I'll cover them here.  Before you 
    take on Lakebed Temple, Barnes starts selling water bombs, which are like 
    normal bombs but operable underwater.  You'll need to devote one of your bomb 
    bags to them; if for any reason you want to switch back to normal bombs 
    (they're good to hold onto, though), sell them back to Barnes at his return 
    counter.  They do work out of water, too, by the way.  You can hold 15 
    without the capacity upgrade and 30 with it.  You have to get them to beat 
    the game.
    Bomblings are more of a novelty item, and you don't need them to save Hyrule.  
    They look like bugs and will simply move forward until they touch something – 
    a wall, an enemy, you – and then explode.  They're pretty fast, but they 
    can't touch water.  I suppose they're Twilight Princess's answer to Bombchus, 
    even if they're not as good.  Personally, I would've opted for the Remote 
    Bombs from Minish Cap.  Those things rocked!  Anyways, you can carry 10 at a 
    time, but this doubles to 20 with the capacity upgrade.  Like water bombs, 
    they take up a bomb bag and can be sold at the buyback counter.
                                     Bottle # 1
    This bottle is mandatory.  You get it from Sera after her cat returns home at 
    the beginning of the game.  It comes with milk.
                                     Bottle # 2
    On your way to the Forest Temple, you'll see that a locked gate blocks off 
    your path.  But, Coro the lantern oil salesman has the key.  In addition, 
    he'll sell you a bottle filled with lantern oil for 100 rupees.  Pay the 
    price and there you have it.
                                     Bottle # 3
    There's a door on the north side of Upper Zora's River that leads to the 
    Fishing Hole, this game's fishing spot.  On the east side there's a small 
    bridge, and it cuts off a pond to the east of itself.  Use your ordinary 
    Fishing Rod to fish in that pond and you may just catch this bottle.  If not, 
    try until you succeed.  Getting this bottle also clears up the waterway, so 
    go for it, you environmentalist you!
                                     Bottle # 4
    On your way to Hyrule Castle as a wolf (after clearing Lakebed Temple) you 
    met Jovani, a man turned to gold because of his avarice.  If you kill 20 Poes 
    and capture their souls (Poe's Souls), you can break the curse he's under and 
    get a bottle of Great Fairy's Tears as a reward.  See "Poe's Souls" for 
    information on actually getting the Poes.  If you can't remember where Jovani 
    is, find the place where the cats congregate in South Road (northeast end) 
    and dig under the wall to find him.  (This bottle quest is rather reminiscent 
    of Ocarina of Time's fourth bottle, gotten by killing 10 Big Poes.)
                                     Big Quiver
    Once you clear Arbiter's Grounds you'll be equipped to win the Big Quiver 
    from the STAR game, a mini-game in West Road.  See "Mini-Games" for more 
    information.  This quiver can store up to 60 arrows at a time.
                                    Giant Quiver
    Once you clear City in the Sky you can beat the STAR game again, this time 
    remodeled to be harder than before.  See "Mini-Games" for more information on 
    that.  The Giant Quiver holds 100 arrows.
    Not a quiver, but it goes with the Bow, so...  here it goes.  Once you beat 
    Goron Mines, make your way up to the lookout tower in Kakariko Village.  To 
    do this, talk to the Goron in front of Barnes Bombs and he'll launch you up 
    onto the roof; from there go up the stairs and up the path you see beyond it.  
    Follow it to another Goron who will send you up onto the lookout tower.  Take 
    the door here for a chest with 50 rupees inside.  Exit back outside and then 
    use a ladder to reach Talo.  He'll ask you to show him how to use the Bow; 
    once you play this game (succeed or fail), Malo Mart will begin selling the 
    Hawkeye, which improves your eyesight when equipped (it's a scope).  If you 
    combine it with your Bow with R, you can snipe enemies from a distance.
                                    Wooden Shield
    You can buy this at a few locations for 50 rupees (Malo Mart, for instance), 
    but only if you've burnt your Ordon Shield.  See, wooden shields will burn up 
    if they come into contact with flames, so you have to replace them 
    occasionally, hence this item.  The Wooden Shield is larger than the Ordon 
    Shield and so is better in theory, although you can go the entire game 
    without getting it.  The Hylian Shield is available at the same time, so I'd 
    opt for the metal shield.
                                    Hylian Shield
    The classic Hyrulian shield, it bears a Hylian crest on the front and is made 
    of metal, making it fire-resistant.  It's the game's best shield, and you 
    must buy it from Malo Mart in Kakariko Village for 200 rupees.
                                     Big Wallet
    As of the beginning of the game, you can carry 300 rupees at once.  The Big 
    Wallet, though, can hold up to 600.  To get it, bring one Golden Bug to 
    Agitha.  See "Golden Bugs" for more information.
                                    Giant Wallet
    This wallet's available only if you collect all 24 Golden Bugs and give them 
    over to Agitha.  Again, see that section for details.
    There you have it, folks!  All the various equipment upgrades in the game.  
    May they serve you well.
    The game within the game: the mini-game.  Twilight Princess has quite a few 
    of them, and I thought I'd cover them all here.  The exception is fishing, 
    which gets its own section down below.  Now, here goes nothing...
                                |    Boat Rental    |
    You'll find the Boat Rental Cabin in Upper Zora's River.  Once you've melted 
    the ice and returned the light to Lanayru Province, talk to the owner of the 
    place and she'll tell you that business is closed.  Well, walk off and some 
    shadow beasts will fall in.  Kill all three (take out one and then spin 
    attack the other two together) and the woman, Iza, will be so impressed that 
    she hints she could use your help.  Accept it and you'll take the boat ride 
    for free, on the condition that you blow up two rocks with bomb arrows.  When 
    you do, you'll receive another Bomb Bag.  But, that also opens her cabin for 
    real business, which is the mini-game I'm about to describe.
    It costs 20 rupees to ride down Zora's River to Lake Hylia again, and 100 
    rupees more will get you a guide (total waste of money!  Don't do it!).  As 
    you ride down you'll have unlimited bomb arrows to shoot targets, which are 
    rather oddly shaped.  In any case, a yellow target earns you one point and a 
    red one earns you two.  Bumping into anything, though, loses you points (you 
    can't go into the negatives, at least!).  You need a score of 25 or higher to 
    win anything.  The first time you get that much, you win the Giant Bomb Bag, 
    which doubles the capacity of all your bomb bags.  Every time after that you 
    win 50 rupees.
                          |    Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl    |
    If you enter Lake Hylia from Hyrule Field, go west to find a building that's 
    part of FFWLF (Fyer and Falbi's Watertop Land of Fantastication).  Talk to 
    the clown inside and he'll let you pay 20 rupees to grab a Cucco and fly down 
    into Lake Hylia.  There will be large rupee signs in the air (which, despite 
    their size, are only worth their normal amount – green is 1, blue is 5), but 
    they're only a distraction.  The real goal is the Isle of Riches, a gray 
    pyramid in the water dead ahead of the starting point.  You can only raid the 
    chests once, but it has some pretty sweet prizes.  By the way, it makes no 
    difference which Cucco you choose.
    At the very top is a spinning platform, and it's refilled every time you play.  
    It contains 100 rupees.  Below it is the top spot on the pyramid, which 
    contains a Piece of Heart.  The next level contains a purple rupee, the next 
    a red rupee, the next a yellow rupee and a Poe's Soul, and the last is where 
    your Cucco goes (they're so well-trained!  They even say they hope you'll 
    come again!).  You're supposed to jump across the rafts provided to reach 
    Fyer's cannon, which shoots you back up to Falbi's.  See, this mini-game's 
    just a giant scam to get your rupees.  If you're halfway decent, though, you 
    can make 80 rupees each run (assuming you don't use Fyer's cannon to get back 
    up), so it has some replay value.
                            |    Kitty-Cat Round-Up    |
    Go to Hidden Village and turn into a wolf.  Break into the house with the 
    three windows in front of it (east side) and then break the window to go out 
    to the howling stone here.  In addition, there's a Cucco here known as "the 
    Cucco leader" of the cats in the village.  Talk to him and he'll ask you to 
    play a game with the kittens here: just go up to all 20 and talk to them.  
    But don't leave the village, or else the cats will forget you spoke to them.  
    Agree to play and the Western music starts playing; this entire "mini-game" 
    is a parody of the shoot-out we had earlier in this village.
    Cat 1 is directly ahead.  Two more cats are further down the road, and your 
    fourth cat, orange, by the pool of water.  Enter the northeast house (left) 
    and climb to the top of the stairs to reach # 5.  A quarter complete!  Go 
    outside the door here and talk to a sixth one.  Jump down from here and talk 
    to the kitten on the crate to the right, lucky number 7.  Now, go into the 
    alley by the building you just talked to for your eighth.  Break the window 
    by it and step into the building.  Talk to the cat in here: the ninth.  
    Outside, the tenth, the halfway mark, is on a red wagon base.
    The building opposite the three-window one that leads to the Cucco leader has 
    an alley all the way around it; walk around for the double 1.  # 12 is down 
    the road in plain sight.  Enter the house to the right through the opening in 
    the ground and look behind the barrels for unlucky 13.  A fourteenth is right 
    outside Impaz' door.  There's a fifteenth one slightly to the east of it.  
    For the rest, we'll have to transform into a human part of the time.  Do so 
    and go to the three-window building that leads to the Cucco leader.  Climb 
    the crates here as human Link, turn into a wolf, and talk to the cat on top.  
    Bust through the window and talk to the cat out there for # 17.  Go south 
    along this balcony to find a window; enter and talk to cat # 18.
    Now, you should see a net hanging from the northwest house.  Clawshot to it 
    and climb up to another balcony.  Walk along to another cat, which is the 
    nineteenth.  Now do you see the balcony above the alley # 11?  Walk around it 
    to the southwest end and, as a human, you'll see a window ahead.  Break it 
    with a projectile and jump forward to find a cat.  # 20, huzzah!  "Wow-meow!" 
    is right: we've found all the kitties!  Tell the Cucco leader how we're the 
    cat's meow and he'll tell us our prize is in front of Impaz' house.  It's the 
    Piece of Heart we're after!  If you do it again you'll just get a red rupee.
                                 |    STAR Game    |
    This is a popular new attraction on the western thoroughfare (walk down the 
    southern part of West Road in Castle Town) that the owner, Purlo, is 
    suckering the people with (some townspeople are talking about how 
    "suspicious" he seems).  We simply need to collect all the glowing orbs in a 
    cage before time runs out.  It costs 10 rupees to play.  You have only thirty 
    seconds, and the jumps make the Clawshot necessary (don't try this until 
    you've obtained it).  It may take a few tries, but soon you'll disprove the 
    Purlo's theory that the game is impossible.  He gives a Big Quiver to you, 
    which holds 60 arrows.  He evens fill your quiver up for you.
    The flabbergasted ringleader will design a new stage just for us, and it's 
    considerably harder.  In the meantime, three adoring fans will develop 
    crushes on the young STAR, following you all along West Road and dropping 
    hearts if you talk to them.  You'll get a letter from Purlo after you clear 
    City in the Sky and get the Double Clawshots.  He's redone the game and it 
    now costs 15 rupees.  Also, you now have a minute and a half.  You start on a 
    raised platform but there are no others.  Now you must clawshot from one side 
    of the stage to the other back and forth, trying to collect multiple orbs on 
    each run-through.  The orbs are lined up for a reason, and if you plan well 
    (or are really lucky), you can get three lines in a row.  Finally, don't drop 
    down, as he's put some spikes there.  The prize is the Giant Quiver, which 
    holds 100 arrows.
    From then on, the game costs 20 rupees.  Your goal now is to beat your old 
    high score time-wise.
                          |    Plumm's Balloon Flight    |
    If you go to Fyer's cannon from the warp point in Lake Hylia as a wolf, 
    you'll be stopped along the way by a bird named Plumm.  S/He operates a mini-
    game (for FREE!) in which you fly a circular track in Zora's River to try to 
    pop balloons shaped like fruit.  (Your ride is the same monstrous bird we 
    first flew over Zora's River with).  Watermelons are worth 1 point, oranges 
    are worth 3, and strawberries are worth 10.  The more they're worth, the 
    smaller and more dangerous to collect they are.  But, there's a special rule: 
    if you pop two of the same type of balloon twice, you get double the points 
    you did last time.  But, this only works ten times.  So, here are the 
    possible points you can get:
      Fruit        1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9    Cap
    Watermelon  |  1  |  2  |  4  |  8  | 16  | 32  | 64  | 128 | 256 | 512 |
    Orange      |  3  |  6  | 12  | 24  | 48  | 96  | 192 | 384 | 768 | 1536|
    Strawberry  | 10  | 20  | 40  | 80  | 160 | 320 | 640 | 1280| 2560| 5120|
    Your goal in the game is to beat a score of 10,000 or more.  This is pretty 
    easy if you only go for oranges or strawberries.  Watermelons won't do the 
    trick, so you must choose one of the other fruits and only collect that.  If 
    you beat 10,000, you earn a Piece of Heart.  From then on, if you beat your 
    high score, you get an orange rupee.  To initiate the game, go up to the 
    grass in Lake Hylia (either on the far east by the sandbar or by Fyer's 
    cannon where you first met Plumm) and play the bird tune.  It's very simple:
    High      |---------------|               |---------------|               |
    Middle    |               |               |               |               |
    Low       |               |---------------|               |---------------|
    This calls the bird and begins the game.  Press A to dash forward, B to start 
    the game from the beginning, and use the Control Stick to move.  To pop a 
    balloon, just fly into it.  And beware stalactites or walls you might run 
    into.  If you do, the bird may drop you into the water, which will give you 
    an automatic score of 0 no matter how high your points were.  It's okay for 
    you to fly sideways into a wall, though, since your wing will bounce you back.  
    But generally try to avoid walls.  That's the main challenge, other than 
    avoiding balloons you aren't going for, making this a pretty easy and 
    rewarding game.
                                 |    ROLLGOAL    |
    You may've actually played something like this in real life (I know I have).  
    You access it by going to the Fishing Hole (take the door north of Upper 
    Zora's River) and looking around inside Hena's "house."  On a chair in the 
    southeast corner (right by the pictographs) is the game, which you can play 
    if you look at it with the C-stick.  Hena made it herself, and you can play 
    for 5 rupees.  If you beat a course, you win 10 rupees.  Here's how it works: 
    the blue pad is where the marble begins.  You need to tilt the board the 
    track is resting on to move the marble along it and to the pink pad, which is 
    the goal.  You have a time limit, and you can't drop the ball.  Luckily, 
    there's a bit of leniency here.  If you fall off when you're right at the 
    goal space, it'll still count as a "ROLLGOOAAAL!"
    Every time you beat a coarse, Hena says she'll make a new one for next time 
    you stop by.  Sure enough, she does, and they get progressively harder.  
    There are eight possible tracks, and they repeat in each "world" you come to 
    (each world has a different time limit).  It goes World 1, Level 1 (1-1), 
    World 1, Level 2 (1-2), and so on until 1-8, and then it begins 2-1, which is 
    the same as 1-1 except with less time to reach the goal.  Simple, right?
    The controls are easy: A begins the game, use the Control stick to tilt the 
    board in the direction you want (it takes a gentle touch), and use the C-
    stick to change your angle.  The C-stick is really useful.  If you're unsure 
    of yourself on turns, use the C-stick to change the camera so you're taking 
    the new piece of track "straight on," if you follow my meaning.  I prefer 
    viewing the board from the side, personally.
    I make diagrams of the tracks below.  S represents "Start," G "Goal," --- and 
    | standing for regular track.  A + is a square turn.  Level 5 introduces some 
    new track pieces: !, which is a depression, and /III\, which I use to 
    represent rounded turns.  To get over the depressions you must speed up a 
    little bit, but more importantly, don't pause while you're on them and be 
    careful not to go too fast.
    Level 1                Level 2                Level 3                Level 4
       G                      G                      G                  G
       |                      |                      |                  | +--+
       |                      |                      |                  +-+  +--+
       +--+                   +---+                  +---+                      |
          |                       |                      |              +-------+
          |                       |              +--+    |              |
    +-----+               +-+   +-               |  |    |              +-------+
    |                     | +---+                |  +----+                      |
    |                     |                      |                      +-------+
    +--+                  +---+                  |   +---+              |
       |                      |                  |   |   |              |   +---+
       |                      |                  |   |   |              |   |   |
       S                      S                  +---+   S              +---+   S
    Level 5                  Level 6         Level 7            Level 8
    G                         G                  G                       G
    |                         |                  |                       |
    |                         |                  |                       |
    |                        ++                  |                       +!!!!!+
    |   /III\                |                   |                             |
    |   |   |             +--+  +--+             +!!!!!II\             +---+   |
    |   |   !             |     |  |                     |             |   |   |
    |   |   !             |  +--+  !                     |             !   !   !
    \III/   !             |  |     !                     !             !   !   !
            !             +--+     !                     !             !   !   !
            |                      !                     !             !   !   !
            |                      |                     !             |   |   |
            S                      S                     S             S   +---+
    Beating 1-8 earns you the right to use the frog lure.  It's a fishing lure 
    that will help you catch certain fish.  (See "Fishing Mini-Game" for more 
                             |    Snowboard Racing    |
    After you clear Snowpeak, the yeti couple will invite you to go "sledding" 
    with them.  I can't tell if that's a mistranslation or Yeta's unfamiliarity 
    with English, but it's actually snowboarding like the first time you went to 
    Snowpeak Ruins.  Yeto will be your first competitor.  He's large and gets 
    lots of wind resistance, making him naturally slower than you.  Be careful 
    when you pass him, since he can bump into you and knock you down, but other 
    than that, it's smooth sailing from there on out.  Press Up on the Control 
    Stick to bend your knees more and board faster, and press A to jump over gaps.  
    Just as long as you don't fall off the track, get attacked by Ice Keese or 
    crash too often, Yeto will offer nothing in the way of competition (he's 
    still happy just to race).  When he's defeated, return to the mountaintop and 
    challenge his wife.
    Yeta is quite a formidable opponent.  She shreds those slopes faster than... 
    well, you!  She belly-slides, actually, and she couldn't beat you normally if 
    you went at full-speed, but she uses the shortcut.  On the map you'll see it: 
    she goes across a natural bridge instead of going all the way around the 
    curve like Yeto.  You'll have to use it yourself.  To do so, stick to the 
    left when you reach the trees and you'll see a higher ledge ahead.  Jump onto 
    it and follow the path according to the map.  Fortunately, there are rupees 
    provided here.  Another route is to take the ramp right before the trees.  
    You'll land on a treetop for some rupees and continue down it.  But it 
    actually slows you down, I've found.  Other than that, she's generally quick, 
    not leaving a lot of room for error.
    When you win, she realizes that your aerodynamic figure is your key to 
    success!  She gives you a Piece of Heart as a token of respect (and we can't 
    tell Yeto, even though he's watching when this happens).  You can continue 
    racing from then on to try to beat your high score.
    ---------------                                               ---------------
    Enjoy mini-gaming!  But this leaves one mini-game left, the...
    =============================Fishing Mini-Game*==============================
    Yep, fishing is such an elaborate mini-game that it gets its own section.  
    You only have to fish twice to actually advance the plot: once to return 
    Sera's cat to her and once to get the reekfish's scent, but nonetheless, 
    fishing is a popular pastime in Hyrule.  This game's system is inspired by 
    Ocarina of Time's (although Link's Awakening was the first Zelda game to 
    feature fishing), and it's much more complex than OoT's (but easier, if I do 
    say so myself).  So, without further ado, let the mini-game begin.
                              |    Bobber Fishing    |
    There are two types of fishing in Twilight Princess: bobber and lure.  
    Anytime Link fishes, with the sole exception of when he's in the caneo at the 
    Fishing Hole, he'll be bobber fishing.  Luckily, the controls for this are 
    extremely easy, requiring practically no skill whatsoever.  Here's how it 
    works.  Equip your fishing rod (the one Colin gave you) to Y or X, and then 
    press that button near a body of water with fish in it to whip it out and 
    cast it.  If you want to re-cast it to another spot, hold C-Down, move around 
    with the Control Stick, and release.  Note that C-Down can also cast the rod 
    if you're holding it out.  Note also that you can equip worms or bee larva 
    onto the hook by bottling them and, with both the rod and the bottle out, 
    pressing the latter's button.  They attract more fish.
    Now that your hook is in the water, wait for it to submerge a bit.  When that 
    happens, it means a fish is biting on it, dragging it down.  Some fish will 
    bring it all the way underwater, others just a bit.  Either way, move the C-
    Stick down and, if you're successful, you'll see "Fish On!" appear on screen 
    in orange letters.  Keep holding the C-Stick down and you'll catch the fish.  
    Yep, it's that simple – just hold it down and it's yours.  When you bobber 
    fish, you record the fish you catch in your Fishing Journal, which you can 
    access from the Start Screen.  It relates how many fish you've caught of each 
    type and what the largest size was of each type.  You can also catch certain 
    fish or items that aren't recorded.  You never keep a fish when bobber 
    fishing, so you have to throw it back with A.  It'll leave a recovery heart 
    behind, making fishing relaxing and therapeutic.
                               |    Lure Fishing    |
    Available only in the Fishing Hole (take the northern door in Upper Zora's 
    River to it), you have to enter the cabin and talk to the girl behind the 
    counter to pay 20 rupees to go lure fishing.  You can also pay an extra 80 
    rupees for 100 in total to have her accompany you on the water as a guide.  
    She's kind of useless, though, considering all the hints she gives can be 
    found in a little guide book she provides you with if you go it alone (press 
    Z to read it), so I wouldn't waste my money.  She'll come with you 
    automatically your first time out there.
    Lure fishing is only slightly more complex than bobber fishing.  Move around 
    in the caneo with the Control Stick, and press A to access the main menu.  
    You can keep fishing, switch out lures, or call it quits from here.  Press Z 
    to either consult the Lure Fishing Primer, a guide to fishing.  It explains 
    that you press B and use the Control Stick to choose where to cast, and then 
    actually doing it by pressing C-Down and releasing it.  While your lure is in 
    the water, you can move it back and forth with the Control Stick – not too 
    fast, not too slow (a steady tempo) – to attract fish.  When you want to re-
    cast, press B to reel in your line, or Down on the D-Pad to reel in more 
    Now, when a fish bites (you'll see it happen with the camera), hold the B 
    Button and pull your rod back with down on the Control Stick.  This sets the 
    hook, and "Fish On!" appears on-screen.  Now just hold the Control Stick down 
    and continue holding B.  The only difficulty you might encounter is if the 
    fish jumps out of the water.  When it does, tilt the Control Stick up until 
    it lands in the water again, which keeps the hook set.  When the fish is 
    close enough that you see "Land (A)" appear on the screen, press A to pick it 
    up.  The fish is caught!  It may sound complicated, but it's not.
    The lure casts much further than the regular fishing rod, and you can use the 
    canoe to explore the lake more thoroughly.  There are four important regions 
    in the lake: the waterfall to the west, the central arch, the northern 
    shallows, and the rest of the lake in the east.  The lure catches much larger 
    fish than the bobber, and you can either release the fish back into the water 
    or keep it in the tank in Hena's cabin as a personal or fishing hole record.  
    Now, lure fishing features several different lures, which spices things up a 
    bit.  Below I'll list all the hooks (including lures and bait).
                                   |    Hooks    |
    Bone Hook: It comes with your rod, so you know it's the bare minimum.  It 
    sucks so bad I hear it's outlawed in most provinces (just kidding, of 
    course...).  No frills attached, so the variety of fish you can catch is sort 
    of limited.  It's only used in bobber fishing.
    Coral Earring: Prince Ralis gave this to you in the Graveyard to help you 
    catch Reekfish in the course of the storyline.  In other words, you have to 
    get it in the pre-dungeon quest for Snowpeak Ruins.  Reekfish feed on the 
    type of coral this is made out of, so it attracts them and makes other fish 
    more likely to bite.  This is also used in bobber fishing only.
    Bee Larva: When you knock down a beehive, slash it open (kill the bees with 
    your sword) and scoop up the larva.  You can carry ten at once, and setting 
    both the bottle and rod to X and Y at once, and then using the bottle, let's 
    you place a larvae on your hook as bait.  It increases your chance of a fish 
    biting, and you won't lose it until a fish bites and you begin to reel it in.  
    It's good only for bobber fishing.  You can find a beehive in the Fishing 
    Hole on the west side of Hena's cabin, hanging from the roof.
    Worm: These can also be used as bait for bobber fishing.  There are two ways 
    to get them.  First, there are some roadrunner sort of enemies that drop 
    bombs in the Faron Province part of Hyrule Field Defeat one (it's easiest to 
    use your dark energy spin attack) and they'll leave a worm behind.  More 
    conveniently, you'll see some holes behind either sign in the Fishing Hole 
    (one's near the entrance and one's by the bridge), and you can dig there as a 
    wolf to unearth some worms.  Quickly transform into a human and bottle them 
    for bait.  You can only carry one at a time, but it's safer to acquire a worm 
    that bee larva.  Still, I prefer the latter.  They seem to be exactly the 
    same, so refer to the above entry for directions on hooking it on and such.
    Swimmer Lure: As the bone hook is to bobber fishing, so this is to lure 
    fishing.  In other words, this is just a generic lure.  It does attract all 
    types of fish, though.  I'd say its range is more limited, though, since the 
    other lures attract fishes from greater distances.
    Popper Lure: Named after the distinctive popping noise it makes (thought to 
    attract larger fish), it's recommended for big fish in deep water.
    Spinner Lure: This makes a noise with its propeller, which attracts nervous 
    fish (ones that move a lot).
    Frog Lure: You win this lure by beating Level 1-8 in ROLLGOAL, a mini-game 
    you can play in Hena's place.  Refer to "Mini-Games" for details, please.  As 
    the game will tell you with time, you have to let the fish nibble on the Frog 
    Lure for a bit before you set the hook (start reeling); otherwise it will 
    come loose.  It's a favorite of both bass and the Hylian Loach.
    Sinking Lure: It's been illegal since Ocarina of Time, but just like in OoT, 
    you can still find it and use it to own all fishermen everywhere.  Just don't 
    let Hena see it (that is, don't use it when you have a guide).  It sinks to 
    the bottom, letting you catch deep-water fish, and it's a fish magnet as far 
    as biting frequency goes (fish can see its shiny texture).  You don't even 
    have to use the Control Stick to attract fish (in fact, you can't).  It does 
    have a few shortcomings, though.  Your window of opportunity for setting the 
    hook (beginning the "Fish On!" sequence) is pretty small (you can get a head 
    start by holding the Control Stick down even before a fish bites; then you 
    just have to press B), and it'll attract a lot of fish you don't want.  
    Additionally, the camera doesn't focus on the lure in deep waters, which 
    makes it very difficult to respond in time to a potential catch.  Still, it's 
    amazing for fish in the shallows.
                          |    Hena & Various Oddities    |
    The Fishing Hole is the Fishing Pond of Twilight Princess, and is accessed 
    through a door in the north of Upper Zora's River.  The first time you enter 
    the building to the left, Hena will greet you and introduce herself.  She's 
    the owner and operator of this here Fishing Hole, and the one to talk to if 
    you want to go lure fishing.  There are some pictures on her wall of various 
    people with fish in their hands.  One is Coro, the guy who gave you the 
    Lantern.  That's her older brother.  Another, Iza, who operates the Boat 
    Rental Cabin, is her sister.  Another is the man who operated the Fishing 
    Pond back in Ocarina of Time (the black and white photo).  He's a "Legendary 
    Hyrulian Master Fisherman."  Hena speculates that he's her ancestor, which 
    would explain her incessant itching.  She also has two of herself up there.
    She has a fish tank to store the biggest of each fish type you catch in here, 
    as well as her bird, Purdy, and she'll lecture you about the evils of sinking 
    lures, which have been banned there for generations (all the way back to OoT, 
    actually).  You may notice a private boat only she and her beau can use by 
    the tank, and above it is the window, which she uses to comment on the 
    weather.  If you look at her hat by the door, she'll tell you how impolite it 
    is to keep your hat on indoors.  Next to it is a mini-game, ROLLGOAL, which I 
    cover in the "Mini-Games" section.  Under the photos are books, which tell 
    you about the Hylian Loach.  Finally, if you roll into walls or fish tanks 
    enough, she'll actually kick you out.
                             |    Seasons & Weather    |
    The Fishing Hole appears to be on its own calendar, since it changes seasons 
    frequently and independently of the rest of Hyrule (which doesn't seem to 
    change seasons...).  Every time you walk in, the season will change, which 
    varies the types of fish present and their abundance.  You can tell the 
    season by examining the environment:
    Spring: The trees' leaves are a whitish-pink.  The waterfall has a rainbow 
    around it, too.
    Summer: Everything's a very lush green; there are lilypads in the north end 
    of the lake.  This is the season of the Hylian Loach.
    Fall: The leaves and grass are red and the leaves are falling (although that 
    happens in spring, too), so it's pretty easy to tell the time of year.  
    Winter: Trees are bare, and there's snow on the ground.  Fortunately the lake 
    doesn't freeze over, so you can still fish.
    I suppose certain fish are more active in certain seasons, but the only real 
    importance seasons had for me was determining when I could catch the Hylian 
    In addition, there's weather in the Fishing Hole that affects the clarity of 
    the water.  It rains every so often, which makes the water murky but 
    excellent for fishing (according to Hena).  After it rains, the water becomes 
    very clear (so much so you can see reflections in the water) and a rainbow 
    appears by the waterfall; it makes it easier to fish (and to screen which 
    fish you should aim for, since you can see who's coming for your hook through 
    the surface).  The Fishing Hole goes through day and night cycles like all of 
    Hyrule as well, and you can tell it's nighttime when light is shining out of 
    Hena's window (or by the moon and darkness...).  It's harder to see during 
    the night, but it's not as bad as rain.
                               |    Types of Fish    |
    Ordon Catfish: From Ordon, like Link, although you'll find it in the Fishing 
    Hole, too (it's not too popular there).  You'll find scores of them in the 
    little pond where you can get a Bottle (in the east, cut off by a bridge from 
    the rest of the Fishing Hole).  When lure fishing they're all over, although 
    not to the same degree as bass.
    Greengill: These small fries are everywhere.  They must frustrate you, what 
    with their abundance and all.  They're in most bodies of water around Hyrule, 
    and you won't have any trouble catching them.  Chances are it's the first 
    fish you catch when you need to feed Sera's cat at the beginning of the game.
    Reekfish: A meaty red fish exclusive to a rock formation in Zora's Domain.  
    The formation is called Mother-and-Child Rocks, and it looks like two pillars 
    sticking out of the water, one taller than the other (it's just south of the 
    main waterfall).  They have a very distinctive odor that you need to sniff as 
    a wolf to track down the Snowpeak beast (he's been making trips to the domain 
    to fish).  You need the Coral Earring to catch them, since it's made of their 
    favorite type of coral.
    Hyrule Bass: This fish is one of the basics.  It likes frogs and shallows.  
    As the definitive lake fish, you'll be catching a lot of these in the Fishing 
    Hole.  It's year-round and abundant.
    Hylian Pike: Apparently these are on the rise in terms of popularity as of 
    late (because of their closed eyes...).  They're scarce when lure fishing 
    compared to bass and catfish, but you can find some by the central arch.  
    Otherwise, you'll catch plenty of them in the Fishing Hole.
    Hylian Loach (Fry): Since bobber fishing isn't designed for heavy hitters 
    like the adult version of the loach, you have to settle for its infant self.  
    It's found in the secret pond in the Graveyard (where you got the Zora Armor 
    and the Coral Earring).  It's the fry of a legendary fish.  They must have a 
    growth spurt later on in life, since they're not very large as tots.  I may 
    be nit-picking, but it was called the "Hyrule Loach" in Ocarina of Time.
    Hylian Loach: The legendary fish (the "twilight fish," as one of Hena's books 
    puts it) of Zelda lore, it prefers the shallows and loves frogs.  Summer is 
    the best season to catch them.  If you look at the book beneath the black-
    and-white photo in Hena's cabin, you can hear this and more from a book she 
    has (about how a young Hylian loach saves Hyrule...  I'm not even joking, 
    either!).  It hangs out among the lily pads in the north (summertime only), 
    and I recommend the Sinking Lure for reeling him in (otherwise, the Frog 
    Lure).  A legend among true anglers ("ultrarare" as an adult), it looked less 
    detailed in Ocarina of Time.  It will dominate Hena's tank and she'll add a 
    picture to her wall: one of you catching it (which is inaccurate by her own 
    admission, since the weather and tunic you wear are changed to a perfect day 
    in the Hero's Clothes).  She refers to you as "the legendary Link, Master 
    Fisherman."  But keep looking at it and she'll call you a narcissist...
    Skullfish: These are enemy fish in Lakebed Temple, and they hail from 
    Majora's Mask.  They look stronger than they actually are.  But since they're 
    "forbidden," it won't be recorded in your journal.  The hub room is a good 
    place to fish for them.
    Bag of Rupees: Occasionally this will come up when you're bobber fishing.  
    Since you don't know who dropped it, it's finders keepers.  Open it with A to 
    find out how much is inside.
    Empty Bottle: In the east end of the Fishing Hole is a bridge, which 
    separates a small pond from the rest of the lake.  Fish there and you may 
    just find this bottle, one of the four containers in the game.
    Piece of Heart: It's also possible to catch a Piece of Heart on the central 
    stone archway in the Fishing Hole.  Alternately, clawshot it from the deeps 
    while wearing Zora Armor and Iron Boots.  By my guide's numbering it's # 28 
    in the "Pieces of Heart" section.
    Sinking Lure: The ultimate (but illegal) lure, you can catch if only after 
    you have caught the Ordon Catfish, the Hyrule Bass, and the Hylian Pike while 
    lure fishing.  Bobber fish from the very west end of the southern ground by 
    Hena's place and you may catch it.  Fish just swarm to it, seriously!  If 
    Hena takes it away from you, find it in the same place as before.
    Twig: Just as its name implies, it's a small stick in the water.  Link's face 
    is the picture of disgust when he catches this.  To quote the game, "You 
    didn't catch a fish, but catching detritus is good practice."  Well said, 
    well said.
    Empty Can: Litter, which the local duck population attributes to bad 
    fisherman.  Too bad it's not an empty bottle.  You're helping the environment 
    by disposing of it.
    Wheel: A rusty wheel...  It's not a fish, but at least we're helping the 
    environment.  It's basically the same as the empty can, only it's a wheel for 
    garbage variety.
    Boot: Yet another litter item (I like how water pours out through the toe), 
    you'll help clean the Fishing Hole by catching it.  Gee, fishing in this game 
    is like Super Mario Sunshine...
    ---------------                                               ---------------
    Now, what's the reward of fishing?  Well, not much.  Other than some Fishing 
    Hole-related goodies like a Piece of Heart and Bottle, there isn't anything 
    material to be gained from this mini-game.  But you can gain something far 
    better than rupees, hearts, or bottles: the spirit of a Master Fisherman.  I 
    have nothing left to teach you...  Well, except for the rest of the stuff in 
    this guide, at least...
    ================================Poe's Souls*=================================
    A creepy old guy in Ocarina of Time once told Link the nature of Poes: 
    spirits of concentrated hatred that hate the world.  They're ghosts spread 
    all over the land, and you'll find 60 haunting Hyrule in Twilight Princess.  
    Now, that's all fine and dandy, but what does it mean to you?  Well, when you 
    took the secret route into Hyrule Castle after Lakebed Temple from Telma's 
    Bar, you met a fellow named Jovani.  He sold his soul to a dark creature 
    because of his avarice, and he received all the gold he wanted but was turned 
    into gold himself.  He now regrets that decision, since it obviously sucks to 
    have to sit around all day with a golden cat on your head.  Plus, Jovani's 
    been separated from his girlfriend.
    But there's hope yet!  If you defeat 20 Poes, you can take pieces of Jovani's 
    soul from them and remove Jovani's curse.  Now, beating a Poe is easy.  
    You'll be tipped off as to their presence by a floating blue lantern.  Turn 
    into a wolf and use your senses to see them; jump attack them twice and then 
    a third time when they're down to steal their Poe's Soul.  When you first met 
    Jovani, you killed a Poe in his room for practice (it does count, though).  
    If you want to reach his room again, simply go to the congregation of cats 
    outside his house (the northeast part of South Road), turn into a wolf, and 
    dig through a hole in the corner.
    If you give him 20 Poe's Souls, he'll be able to move again, although his 
    body will still be golden, his eyes still jewels.  He gives you a bottle with 
    Great Fairy's Tears inside, which fill all your hearts and doubles your 
    attack until you get hit next.  He also tells you that you can get more of 
    that stuff in the west end of Gerudo Desert.  But, his body isn't normal yet, 
    meaning his soul still isn't whole.  He needs you to find 60 Poe's Souls!  
    Therefore, this section will list the locations of all sixty Poes; the reward 
    for getting all 60 is 200 rupees, and 200 more every time you talk to his cat, 
    Gengle (only when you're broke, though).  It's up to you whether you want to 
    do all that, though – if it's worth it.
    Irregardless, let the list begin.  I'll format it like with Pieces of Heart – 
    listing locations in the order you came to them first in the guide, and then 
    listing Poes in those locations according to how early on you can get each.
    NOTE: Poes in the "overworld" (all non-dungeon/cave parts of the game) only 
    come out at night, so don't get frustrated if you can't find one when the 
    sun's out.  It's a shame there's no Sun's Song in Twilight Princess, but 
    those are the breaks, buddy.
                                |    Faron Woods    |
    1) Remember the purple fog screen?  If you Midna jump from the eastern end 
    (where there's a high slope you need to climb to the top) across a few 
    pillars you'll reach a central "island" in a hollow tree.  The Poe awaits.
                               |    Hyrule Field    |
    2) In the part of Hyrule Field in Faron Province, head north past the bridge 
    over the stream to find the Poe looking down from a little ledge.  Once 
    you've taken its soul, you can also dig around here in some holes.
    3) In the part of Hyrule Field with Kakariko Gorge in it, southwest of the 
    bridge over the gorge is a steep slope with a tree at the top.  The Poe is 
    loitering by that tree.  As usual, you can also dig around here for rupees.
    4) In the southeastern part of the Kakariko Gorge portion of the field, 
    you'll see a boulder blocking a cave entrance.  Blow it up and enter.  Here, 
    if you go east, southeast, north, and west at the forks in the road, burning 
    down cobwebs when you come to them, you'll find a Poe in the cavern.  You'll 
    also find Piece of Heart if you go east at that final fork, and exploring it 
    further earns you some rupees.
    5) Go to the northern stretch of Hyrule Field in Lanayru Province.  The Poe 
    in question is hovering above the bridge over the stream here.
    6) From the bridge you got the previous one on, go about directly west, but 
    still north some, to find some grass in a ring.  Use your senses to see a 
    huge sparkly spot in the center of it all; dig there to reach a secret grotto 
    with two Poes inside.  When you get both of their souls, be sure to break the 
    pots present for some rupees.
    7) See # 6.
    8) Head southwest of the Castle Town warp spot to find a stone-paved area 
    with one of the owl statues there.  Well, in addition to the statue there's 
    also a Poe here.
    9) There's a Poe in the small field south of Castle Town (enter via South 
    Road).  It's hard to miss, so go for it.
    10) Exit Castle Town by East Road to find the Poe hovering over the 
    drawbridge in plain sight.  It's pretty easy pickings.
                             |    Kakariko Village    |
    11) You know the building you blew up when you were collecting the Tears of 
    Light for Eldin Province?  Well, there's now a Poe haunting the remains.  To 
    reach it at nighttime (without the help of the Gorons), you'll have to enter 
    Barnes' bomb shop, take the stairs up, climb the ladder, and use the door.  
    You can't miss it when you're outside.  I should also point out that you can 
    dig on the floor of the once proud storage facility for a yellow rupee and 
    three recovery hearts.
    12) From the previous Poe, take a path to the left of the ruins up to Talo's 
    lookout tower.  The Poe is waiting for you beyond the bridge, right before 
    the door that leads to the tower's ground level.
                                 |    Graveyard    |
    13) The first one is in plain sight, right among the graves.  This Poe 
    must've been the kid who always lost at hide-and-go-seek in its first 
    14) The second, more adept hide-and-go-seeker is hiding under a grave in the 
    southwest.  Push it with R and you'll free the Poe from under this grave and 
    begin combat.  Win the battle for another piece of Jovani's soul.
                              |    Death Mountain    |
    15) This is actually in Death Mountain Trail.  Start from Kakariko Village 
    and go forward to a Goron that can launch you up to the next level.  Continue 
    down the path to a second Goron, and have him boost you up onto the ledge to 
    the left (west).  From here, you can see the Poe to the south on the ridge.
                                |    Castle Town    |
    16) When you first reach Jovani's room, you'll find a Poe inside taunting him.  
    Take it out for a Soul and to begin your ethereal scavenger hunt.
                                |    Lake Hylia    |
    17) Go east from the warp spot and turn right to see some platforms you can 
    jump across to a grassy area.  Transform into a wolf and use your senses to 
    see A) a mess of holes, and B) a Poe!
    18) To the far east, where Iza's ride down Zora's River ends, you'll find a 
    sandbar and beyond it some land.  The Poe awaits on the southern end – you 
    know what to do.  You'll also find some holes here you can dig for some 
    pocket change (in the blue-yellow rupee range).
    19) If you play Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl (in the higher elevated region of Lake 
    Hylia, right of where you enter from Hyrule Field), you'll find a Poe on the 
    Isle of Riches (the big pyramid now on the water), which you can turn into a 
    wolf to defeat.  See "Mini-Games" for more information.
    20) Play Falbi's Flight-by-Fowl again, but this time don't aim for the Isle.  
    Instead, turn completely around when you first jump off the starting plank 
    and you'll see a small grassy ledge in the wall of the cliff.  Land on it and 
    turn wolf to fight off the Poe that resides there.  Additionally, you can dig 
    into a grotto here to find a dark pool of water.  Drop in with Zora Armor and 
    Iron Boots on and kill some Shell Blades to make a chest appear.  Inside is 
    an orange rupee.
    21) Traverse the Great Hylian Bridge to end up south of it and continue down 
    the path to a wooden bridge.  As soon as you cross it, stop.  Whip out some 
    bomb arrows and shoot the boulders on the high ledges ahead (two separate 
    ledges), revealing clawshot target.  Clawshot to one, then to the next, and 
    then to a final third one.  The ledge you reach has the Poe on it.  Also, you 
    can dig through the sparkly spot in the ring of grass on this ledge to reach 
    a grotto full of Bubbles; defeat them all and a chest appears containing 100 
    big ones.  Poe-hunting sure is profitable, huh?
    22) Go south from the warp point and turn human when you find a ladder after 
    crossing the bridge.  Over by the tower you met Auru at you'll find the Poe 
    lurking in the... air, I guess.  There are also some profitable sparkly spots 
    here if you're low on cash.
    23) From the warp spot, take a bridge south to a ladder and climb it up.  
    Follow the wall to the left until you reach a boulder.  Blow it up and enter 
    the cave it covered.  This is a really elaborate cavern, but you can find 
    three Poes inside.  For step-by-step instruction, refer to the directions for 
    Piece of Heart # 27 in the "Pieces of Heart" section.
    24) See # 23.
    25) See # 23.
                            |    Upper Zora's River    |
    26) Our ghoulish friend is on the southern "island" here, between the two 
    forks in the river.  And as long as you're here, unearth some rupees under 
    sparkly spots.
                               |    Zora's Domain    |
    27) Get into the water at the bottom of the waterfall and swim to the eastern 
    ledge-island.  Get on and follow the path up two slopes to find the Poe at 
    the top by a yellow-rupee chest.
    28) Conversely, if you go to the western ledge-island, by the entrance to 
    Snowpeak, move around until the Midna icon comes up for you to Midna jump.  
    Jump onto a ledge, get to the end of it, jump, and follow this path behind 
    the waterfall and to the Poe.
                               |    Gerudo Desert    |
    29) Gerudo Desert is Poe City, let me tell you!  When you first land in 
    Gerudo Desert after being blasted there on the oasis flight from Fyer's 
    cannon, look south to see a rock formation with the Poe hovering near it.  
    Furthermore, there's a large sparkly spot beneath it you can dig into to 
    reach a secret grotto.  Inside, fight off a bunch of Skulltulas to make a 
    chest holding 100 rupees materialize.  You may need to use your Lantern to 
    find it in the darkness.
    30) In the far west, right by the Gerudo Mesa warp spot, you'll find the Poe 
    on a ledge where the Bridge of Eldin is/was hidden away.  If you don't have 
    the Gerudo Mesa warp spot, please see the first sub-section of "Cave of 
    31) In the northeast part of the desert, a little ways east of the enemy 
    encampment you first stole a boar from, you'll see a high ledge with a tree 
    you can clawshot to on it.  Clawshot to that tree and follow the path to a 
    Poe.  While you're here, read the descriptions for the next two Poes.
    32) Right where you found the previous Poe, use your senses to find a grotto 
    beneath it (a sparkly spot surrounded by skulls).  Dig into it to find 
    yourself enclosed by boulders; when you step forward, a Poe will attack you.  
    Kill it for the soul.
    33) When you've finished off the above Poe, another Poe will come out from 
    behind the boulders to deal with you.  Kill it for the third Poe in this 
    lucrative part of the desert!  From there, if you blow up the boulders and 
    look around the perimeter of the cave you'll find three torches.  Light them 
    to reveal a chest containing an orange rupee.
    34) In the very north of the first section of the desert (before you reach 
    the enemy fortress, but past the first small camp), you'll reach a three-way 
    fork in the road.  To the west is a dead-end with a few Leevers, three 
    sparkly spots with two hearts and a yellow rupee, and a Poe.
    35) Before you enter Arbiter's Grounds (the actual door of the dungeon), step 
    up to the stairs and stop.  There's a Poe to the left, which has the piece of 
    soul we're after.  As a bonus extra, you can also go right and light two 
    torches to make a chest containing a purple rupee materialize.
    36) In the enemy fortress, where you and your old jousting buddy duked it out, 
    you'll find the Poe hovering in the ruins.  If you forget where that arena 
    was, it's about in the very center, almost directly north of the southern 
                             |    Arbiter's Grounds    |
    37) In true OoT-Forest Temple fashion, you must hunt down four Poes in 
    Arbiter's Grounds to light torches they extinguished to open a door to the 
    main part of the dungeon.  So, you'll have to get these four to beat the game.  
    Therefore, I refer you to the guide if you're in Arbiter's Grounds, or you 
    have them already.  (You can chase them down, though, using your wolf senses 
    to smell the Poe's Scent you learned when you defeated the first).
    38) See # 37.
    39) See # 37.
    40) See # 37.
                               |    Sacred Grove    |
    41) Sorry that I'm not very specific, but the Sacred Grove is kind of 
    confusing...  In the maze part where you chased Skull Kid, there's a room 
    with a waterfall in it.  Behind the falls are some ledges, and they lead up 
    to a Poe.
    42) Amazingly, some Poe had the nerve to desecrate the resting place of the 
    Master Sword with its presence!  Go to the pedestal chamber where you pulled 
    the Master Sword and look right to find the Poe.
    43) From the warp portal (which is in front of the two statues who throw a 
    puzzle at you on your way to the Master Sword), go west to exit back into the 
    maze section of the grove.  This is the arena you fought Skull Kid in some 
    time ago.  In the center is a boulder you can blow up, which unleashes a Poe.  
    Also, while you're here, dig under where the boulder was to reach a grotto.  
    Kill the Deku Babas inside and open the chest for a Piece of Heart (# 31 by 
    my guide's numbering).
                                 |    Snowpeak    |
    44) When you enter Snowpeak from Zora's Domain, cross the frigid lake and go 
    forward to a large slope.  When you start up it, before you reach any ledges 
    you have to climb up, use your senses to see a Poe.  Take its soul, of course.
    45) Just a little ways past the previous Poe, after you climb the first set 
    of ledges, continue up the path to find two trees real close to each other.  
    The Poe is hanging around the southern one.  You can dig under that tree, too, 
    to find a cave full of Ice Keese (you can kill a Chuchu if you break the 
    boulders), but it seems pointless.
    46) Go right to the set of ledges you must climb up and go left from them.  
    Follow the path here to a lone tree with a Poe sitting, err, floating around 
    in front of it doing nothing (what do these Poes do with all this time?).  In 
    any case, kill it for the soul.  You can also dig in a largr sparkly spot to 
    a secret grotto.  It's pretty hardcore – there are three ice beasts behind 
    the ice blocks.  If you rush in with Magic Armor and let your Ball and Chain 
    do the talking, you can open a chest with 100 rupees inside.  But considering 
    how dangerous this is without the Magic Armor, and how many rupees you'll 
    lose with it, it's not really worth it...
    47) Go outside of Snowpeak Ruins as a wolf and start up the snowy path.  
    After the fence to the left ends, you'll see a little ledge you can get onto.  
    Follow it to an icy plateau with a Poe on it.  While you're here, you should 
    also dig at the sparkly spots for a substantial pay-off.
    48) When you've beaten Snowpeak Ruins, return to the cave area you have to 
    dig into to find two large chunks of ice.  Break them both with your Ball and 
    Chain and a Poe will greet you.  In addition to its soul, you can light two 
    torches here to get 100 rupees in a chest.  You can also dig for 5 more 
    rupees, some hearts, and curiously, seeds for your Slingshot.
                              |    Snowpeak Ruins    |
    49) The first Poe is in plain sight in the first room.  It's right before you 
    when you first enter – you can't miss it.
    50) Return to the first room of the dungeon when you have the Ball and Chain.  
    If you break the suits of armor down you can find the Poe in all its ghostly 
    51) East of the lobby's second floor is a room full of Freezies and some ice.  
    Use your Ball and Chain on both to set a Poe free.
                              |    Temple of Time    |
    52) This first one is in the 7F room with all the scales on it.  Put three or 
    four of the metal weights on one scale so you can stand on the other, higher-
    elevated scale without lowering it.  Then look up above the "bell" to see a 
    clawshot target you can now reach.  When you clawshot to it, get out the 
    Spinner and spin along the right wall rail.  You'll find a Poe at the end.
    53) You know the large room on 3F with the elevator in it?  There's a small 
    gated area with a Poe behind it.  To lower the gate, either break it down 
    with your statue (if you're coming down with it) or use the Dominion Rod to 
    move a metal weight onto the switch there, which will lower the gate as well.  
    Now defeat the Poe.
    54) In the pre-dungeon part of the Temple of Time (where you enter from the 
    Sacred Grove), you'll find two owl statues on either side of a staircase.  
    Behind one is a Piece of Heart; behind the other is this Poe.  Obviously, use 
    the Dominion Rod to move the statues.
                              |    Hidden Village    |
    55) This Poe is hovering over a canvas on the northwestern house.  To reach 
    it, clawshot to a net on that house (from the main street) and climb up onto 
    the balcony outside.  Turn into a wolf and follow the path to the Poe.
                              |    City in the Sky    |
    56) In the western wing, in the room with some walls you need to clawshot 
    onto Peahats to ride over, work your way to the 20-rupee chest after the 
    first two walls.  To the east of it you'll find another Peahat floating over 
    the gap.  Latch onto it and, as it goes south, clawshot to another Peahat by 
    a tree that you can't access otherwise.  Drop down to this new island.  Here 
    you'll find a Poe and a chest containing 50 rupees.
    57) In the central room of the dungeon, where you got the Big Key, exit to an 
    outer circular room (it's filled with grass and has a few Lizalfos in it).  
    Look in the northwest corner of the outer room to see some vines?  Clawshot 
    to them and, as a wolf, walk across the rope.  When you cross, go right as a 
    human and climb some vines (you'll have to shoot two Skullwalltulas down 
    first, though; use arrows).  The chest you reach has 20 rupees inside.  In 
    addition, if you turn into a wolf, you can cross some ropes to get to a chest 
    (50 rupees) and earn yourself another Poe's Soul.
                              |    Cave of Ordeals    |
    58) There's a Poe in the 17th room; it has skeleton dogs in it as well.  Take 
    care of your other enemies and then claw up the ghost.
    59) This one's coming at you from the 33rd floor, with all the Stalfos in it 
    (I suggest sniping them down with bomb arrows before dropping over the ledge).  
    When they're taken care of, kill the Poe.
    60) The Cave of Ordeals is pretty profitable, huh?  You'll have to fight all 
    the way down to the 44th level to some armored Lizalfos, and then take out 
    the Poe in their midst.
    ---------------                                               ---------------
    Unfortunately, things don't turn out so well for Jovani.  His body is de-
    bejewled and he slims down considerably (I guess his skin is just naturally 
    yellow like that).  He decides to go find his girlfriend and make things 
    right.  Unfortunately, she's moved on, and Jovani will spend the rest of the 
    game in Telma's Bar, lamenting his loss, trying to find the answer to his 
    problems at the bottom of a cup...  But you have an unlimited supply of 
    rupees in increments of 200, so it was well worth it!  For us, I mean.
    Anyways, to initiate the pay-off, you must talk to Jovani in the bar and then 
    report the news to Gengle (his cat).  He'll give you 200 rupees since Jovani 
    doesn't really need it anymore.  He'll keep giving it to you, too, but only 
    if you run out of rupees and talk to him.  It just goes to show, one man's 
    loss is another man's gain.
    ================================Golden Bugs*=================================
    If you ever enter Hyrule Field from South Road to admire the fountain or 
    enter the westernmost house in South Road, you'll meet a girl named Agitha 
    with a passion for bugs, especially golden ones.  She'll be hosting a ball at 
    her house (which she refers to as "Agitha's Castle" in the third-person), but 
    none of the golden bugs she sent invitations to showed up.  This isn't very 
    surprising to your average, sane person, but she's quite distraught over it, 
    and you need to find those golden bugs and force them to attend this little 
    get-together.  Thus begins Link's quest for the 24 golden bugs, whose 
    habitats are spread far across Hyrule...
    But this isn't an entirely altruistic effort.  This is a very profitable side 
    quest, since you get 50 rupees for a lone golden bug, 100 when you complete a 
    pair (both genders), and two prizes – after you deliver the first golden bug, 
    you get the Big Wallet, which carries 600 rupees.  Deliver all 24 for the 
    Giant Wallet, which holds 1000!  That's paltry compared to Wind Waker's 
    enormous 10,000-rupee wallet, but it's still a major improvement over the 
    300-rupee one from Link's childhood.
    In any case, I'll now list the golden bugs (which are really green and pink) 
    according to how the game lists them.  They come in pairs, one of each gender, 
    and they're usually close together.  To capture them, just pick them up with 
    A.  You'll recognize them by their golden glow and a crunching kind of sound 
    they make when they move.  Note that you must talk to Agitha in her castle to 
    drop a bug off at the ball.  Also, be ready for a, shall we say, unique 
    letter from Agitha once you begin your quest.  Now, here goes nothing...
    Bug Name (Gender)
    Above is the setup, and below is the actual list.  Happy hunting, grasshopper.
    Ant (Male)
    Location: Graveyard
    Capture: You know the spring Rutela (the Zora queen) guided you to?  Just 
    outside of it is a large tree (I refer to the northern one – not the one with 
    the beehive in it).  You'll spot the ant at the base of the tree, crawling 
    Ant (Female)
    Location: Kakariko Village
    Capture: You know the house you had to crash through the roof to get inside?  
    It's just south of Barnes Bombs.  The golden ant is on the ground inside.  
    Remember, you can use the door this time around.
    Dayfly (Male)
    Location: Gerudo Desert
    Capture: It's in the middle of the southern end, right near the wall.  It's 
    constantly flying so its exact location can vary.  You may have to use the 
    Gale Boomerang to keep it still long enough to catch.
    Dayfly (Female)
    Location: Gerudo Desert
    Capture: There are some trenches (not crevices – these have a bottom) in the 
    southwest part of the desert.  This bug is flying in one; it's east of where 
    the Bridge of Eldin's segment was deposited (the Cave of Ordeals).  If you 
    haven't done that yet, it looks like a huge tower in the distance.  Once 
    again, you may need the Gale Boomerang to capture this bug.
    Beetle (Male)
    Location: Hyrule Field (the part in Faron Province)
    Capture: You know the body of water I referred to in the above entry?  Well, 
    just west of it you'll see two trees, both of which you can reach.  The 
    westernmost of the pair has the beetle on its side.  You can just go up to it 
    and pick it up.
    Beetle (Female)
    Location: Hyrule Field (the part in Faron Province)
    Capture: There's a small body of water on the eastern side of this part of 
    Hyrule Field.  If you go further east you'll see some trees on a ledge you 
    can't get to.  But, you'll see this beetle on the tree's side (as in, on the 
    tree).  Use the Gale Boomerang to bring it down and wait for it stop flying 
    and land.  When it does, pick it up with A.
    Mantis (Male)
    Location: Lake Hylia
    Capture: Go to the Great Hylian Bridge (the one you had to jump off of).  
    You'll find this critter flying around the northern end, landing every now 
    and then.  Oh, and as long as you're here, notice you can clawshot to a vine 
    on the arch at the north end of the bridge.  From there, if you hang off the 
    edge of the structure and go right you'll come to a "window" you can climb to 
    with a chest there for 100 rupees.
    Mantis (Female)
    Location: Lake Hylia
    Capture: Cross the Great Hylian Bridge so you're at the southern end and go 
    east a little ways.  Look at the southern rock wall and you'll spot this bug 
    hanging up there.  Carry her down on a gust of wind from your Gale Boomerang, 
    wait for it to land, and pick it up.
    Stag Beetle (Male)
    Location: Hyrule Field (north of Hyrule Castle)
    Capture: There's a stone path on the west side of this segment of the field.  
    East of the path, right near a rock, there's a tree with the stag beetle on 
    it.  He's jumpy for sure, but you'll get him eventually.  Remember you can 
    grab him while running.  By the way, if you kill the Guays (crows) in this 
    area, some rupees will fall from above.
    Stag Beetle (Female)
    Location: Hyrule Field (north of Hyrule Castle)
    Capture: It's in the northern part of this field, where it's more mountainous 
    and rocky.  About in the middle of the north end you'll see a boulder you 
    could blow up on the south side of the rocky area.  There's a Lizalfos and a 
    Tektite to the east of it.  Well, you'll see the beetle above and near the 
    boulder.  Clawshot or boomerang it down to capture it.  By the way, I should 
    point out that north of this location is another boulder you can blow up as a 
    "shortcut" to Zora's Domain on foot.  In reality, though, warping is way 
    Pill Bug (Male)
    Location: Hyrule Field (southern part in Eldin Province)
    Capture: From the Kakariko Gorge warp spot, look to the southwest.  Just a 
    few feet away from the bridge you'll find the bug on the ground.
    Pill Bug (Female)
    Location: Hyrule Field (southern part in Eldin Province)
    Capture: Cross the bridge over Kakariko Gorge and go east following a fence.  
    You'll find the pill bug in front of a tree near the end, by a patch of 
    Butterfly (Male)
    Location: Hyrule Field (by the Castle Town warp point)
    Capture: Go to the Castle Town warp spot and go southwest of it until you 
    find a patch of flowers.  The bug will be flying around there.
    Butterfly (Female)
    Location: Hyrule Field (by the Castle Town warp point)
    Capture: Go directly west of the warp spot and you'll see some tiered ledges 
    with a patch of flowers on the lower one.  Clawshot to some vines to reach 
    the ledge and you'll find the butterfly by the flora.
    Ladybug (Male)
    Location: Hyrule Field (exit South Road to it)
    Capture: Go to the part of Hyrule Field you reach via South Road in Castle 
    Town and go the east side on the grass (not the pavement).  It flies all 
    around here and lands occasionally.  A male ladybug, how ironic...  By the 
    way, you can climb the vines here and dig in the center of the rocks to find 
    a hidden grotto.  Defeat the Tektites here and a chest forms with 100 rupees 
    inside.  There's also a beehive, in case you want any Bee Larvae for fishing.
    Ladybug (Female)
    Location: Hyrule Field (exit South Road to it)
    Capture: When you first exit South Road to Hyrule Field, go down the first 
    set of steps to the second "tier" of the pavement out here.  There are three 
    trees on the west side, and the ladybug is either there or flying in the area.  
    Seriously, Agitha should be ashamed she couldn't find this one.
    Snail (Male)
    Location: Sacred Grove
    Capture: You know the warp spot in Sacred Grove (if you haven't gotten it yet, 
    don't worry about this bug just yet)?  Turn around from there and look to the 
    left.  There's a sort of cave opening (where you pushed the block down when 
    you first entered the Temple of Time) there.  As soon as you enter the cave, 
    look up.  He's hanging on the ceiling there.  Boomerang or clawshot him down 
    and he's yours.
    Snail (Female)
    Location: Sacred Grove
    Capture: You know the door you took in the Sacred Grove to access the Temple 
    of Time?  Between the dungeon and the door there's an intermediate area with 
    a set of stairs on the southern end.  You'll find the snail on the eastern 
    side of those stairs (that is, on the wall that is the side of the stairs).  
    Clawshot or boomerang it down and pick it up.  The information on the snails 
    say they might actually be of the other gender.  This is because all land 
    snails are hermaphrodites (having both male and female reproductive organs). 
    This game is very educational...
    Phasmid (Male)
    Location: Hyrule Field (the part north of Kakariko Village)
    Capture: Go to the southern end of the Bridge of Eldin and look on the side 
    of the arch.  Boomerang it down to you and pick it up.  I've honestly never 
    heard of a "phasmid" until now.  See what I mean?  This game should be 
    classified as edutainment!
    Phasmid (Female)
    Location: Hyrule Field (the part north of Kakariko Village)
    Capture: Go to the north side of the Bridge of Eldin.  When you're there, 
    look north of the bridge to see a target on the rock wall.  Clawshot to it 
    and go right to find the bug on the wall.  Clawshot it down and it's yours.
    Grasshopper (Male)
    Location: Hyrule Field (the part north of Kakariko Village)
    Capture: If you enter this part of Hyrule Field from Kakariko Village, look 
    directly north to see a patch of light brown ground.  The grasshopper is 
    hopping around near the grass's edge south of some fences.  He'll run away 
    from you when you get close, so use the Gale Boomerang or the Clawshot to 
    bring him to you.
    Grasshopper (Female)
    Location: Hyrule Field (the part north of Kakariko Village)
    Capture: It's in the northwest part of the field, in a plain of grass 
    seemingly randomly.  It's directly west of the northwestern puddle, if that 
    helps at all.  Once again, you may have to use the Clawshot or Gale Boomerang 
    to get it closer and more complacent.
    Dragonfly (Male)
    Location: Zora's Domain
    Capture: Drop down to the main watery part of Zora's Domain (below the 
    waterfall) and get onto the ground on the east side.  Follow the path up and 
    you'll see the little bugger flying around.  You know what to do: use the 
    Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to bring it close enough to grab.
    Dragonfly (Female)
    Location: Upper Zora's River
    Capture: It's swimming over the water in front of Iza's Boat Rental Cabin.  
    Gale Boomerang or clawshot it to you and pick it up.
    There you have it, folks!  All 24 golden bugs.  You can tell they're having a 
    ball (pun intended) in Agitha's house, and you'll be having a ball, too, 
    thanks to Agitha's "share the happiness" program.  After earning 1650 rupees 
    and two new wallets to put them in, we're thoroughly happy.  Not to mention 
    we're now honorary citizens of the insect kingdom...  No, never mind, that's 
    actually the only drawback...
    ==============================Shops and Items*===============================
    I don't normally make a "Shops and Items" list for a Zelda game, but I 
    changed my mind for this game because different shops actually do sell some 
    things for different prices, and you may want to know how expensive things 
    are.  I'll also make my comments on getting there and so forth.  The items 
    list talks about items you can bottle, since bombs and arrows are pretty 
    self-explanatory.  For equipment like armor, bottles themselves, or bomb bags, 
    see "Equipment Upgrades."  Now, without further ado, let the list begin.  The 
    items go first (despite this section's title) and are listed alphabetically; 
    the shops are listed in the order you come to them in the course of the game.
                                    Bottled Items
                                      Bee Larva
    You get these by shooting down a beehive, like the one over Fado's house in 
    Ordon Village.  When you do, you'll be chased by adult bees, which you can 
    slash to death as in A Link to the Past, but unlike ALttP, you can't bottle 
    them to unleash on enemies.  Instead, you can slash the fallen beehive open 
    and scoop some larvae into your bottle – 10, to be exact.  You can use them 
    as bait one at a time (set the bottle to Y or X and the fishing rod to the 
    other button, and then press the bottle's button), or you can eat all of them 
    at once for a quarter of a heart per larvae.  You can also buy these from 
    Sera's Sundries for 10 rupees.
                                   Blue Chu Jelly
    Kill a Blue Chuchu and scoop up the residue that lingers for a moment longer 
    for this type of jelly.  It's the second best type of jelly, really, since it 
    restores all your health like a Blue Potion would.  Still, it isn't too 
                                     Blue Potion
    Since there's no magic meter in Twilight Princess, they simply made the Blue 
    Potion restore all your health and weakened the Red Potion.  It's very 
    expensive at most stores (it's only sold at the Baby Goron's Shop and the 
    Oocca Shop, though), the exception being the Castle Branch of Malo Mart, 
    which sells it for 50 rupees.  Blue Chu Jelly has the same effect.
    Items/characters in the series from the first, fairies are benevolent beings 
    that restore eight hearts.  Don't be looking for Tinkerbell, though – recent 
    Zelda games feature fairies in the form of balls of light with little wings 
    coming out.  You can touch them to get healed or bottle them for later use.  
    Release them while alive to heal or save them until you run out of hearts, at 
    which point they revive you.  Even if they only restore 8 hearts, fairies are 
    one of my personal favorite items in the series because they don't interrupt 
    fights.  Almost every fairy is found in pots/skulls before a Boss Door, 
    although there are other set locations.  You can also free fairies to the 
    spirit springs in the Cave of Ordeals; please see the section of that name.
                                      Good Soup
    Add an Ordon Pumpkin to Yeto's Simple Soup and the results speak for 
    themselves!  This soup, which can bottle up in Snowpeak Ruins' kitchen, 
    restores four hearts.
                                 Great Fairy's Tears
    A purple liquid substance that's always given to you by another character, it 
    heals you completely and doubles your attack power until you get hit next.  
    You get a bottle of it for collecting 20 Poe's Soul and talking to Jovani 
    (see "Poe's Souls") or for talking to a Great Fairy at a spirit spring when 
    you've cleared the Cave of Ordeals (see that section), but she'll only give 
    you one bottle at a time.  Rare Chu Jelly has the same effect.
                                   Hot Springwater
    This thereaputic water can be used to rejuvenate Gorons and yourself by 
    drinking it.  Either buy some at an appropriate shop or scoop some up at a 
    hot spring (there's one above Elde Inn in Kakariko Village; another's in 
    Death Mountain).  But use it quickly: it will soon turn to regular water.
                                     Lantern Oil
    We were spoiled in past Zelda games – the Lantern just stayed on until we put 
    it away.  No more of that in Twilight Princess.  Now you need Lantern Oil to 
    fuel the fire, and it costs 20 rupees at most stores.  To fill your Lantern 
    up, simply equip it and your bottle of oil to X and Y, and then use the 
    bottle's button.  You can tell how much fuel you hae left by the meter 
    beneath your hearts.  Sometimes you'll find cauldrons with oil in it you can 
    scoop up for free.  Also, Yellow Chu Jelly acts exactly like Lantern Oil.
    I was surprised that milk didn't make it into the game very much at all, 
    probably because Lon Lon Ranch was replaced by Ordon Ranch.  In any case, 
    your first bottle comes with milk, and it's sold at Sera's Sundries and the 
    hot springs store on Death Mountain for just 20 rupees for a full bottle.  
    Each serving restores three hearts, and each bottle has two in it, making for 
    6 hearts in all.  At a rate like that, it's the best recovery item if you 
    have 3-5 heart containers (since you can recover twice for more net hearts 
    than even a fairy would provide, and it's inexpensive next to a Red Potion).  
    As a result of this, it doesn't figure into the game past near the beginning 
                                     Nasty Soup
    This is a concoction you'd probably be better off never reading about.  If 
    you go to Coro's place in Faron Woods (he's the human lantern salesman), 
    you'll see some soup in front of him.  He'll ask you to heat it with your 
    Lantern to make it "safe," and then you can bottle some.  It's black like oil 
    and doesn't look too appetizing (as Coro warns), and your instincts will turn 
    out to be correct.  If you drink some, it actually takes away one of your 
    hearts (Link still forces out a "sigh of satisfaction," though).  Needless to 
    say, stay away from this stuff!
                                  Purple Chu Jelly
    You can get this stuff by killing a Purple Chuchu and bottling its spoil.  
    But I wouldn't, personally.  It has a random effect on your health – it 
    either take away or give you hearts, in varying degrees.  But that's usually 
    a big risk to take, and I'd guess the odds are in favor of the negative 
    consequences.  Unfortunately, Purple Chuchus are by far the most common.  
    Let's just be thankful there's no such thing as "Purple Potion."
                                   Rare Chu Jelly
    This comes from sparkly yellowish Chuchus.  They're rare, as the name 
    suggests, but they're very good.  It doubles your attack power until you get 
    hit next and restores all your health (it's a duplicate of Great Fairy's 
    Tears).  You have to really look to find them – for instance, there are some 
    vines hanging from a cave on the eastern wall by the howling stone in Death 
    Mountain Trail.  Clawshot to the vines and climb it up to find the Rare 
                                    Red Chu Jelly
    Kill a Red Chuchu and bottle up the jelly it leaves behind and voila!  You 
    have Red Chu Jelly, which acts just like Red Potion – it restores eight 
    hearts.  It's cheap and effective in dungeon settings, so use it when you can.
                                     Red Potion
    The exact effect of this potion changes with every Zelda game, but it's as 
    old as the series.  In this game, it fills eight hearts, making it a great 
    healing item if you have 8 hearts or less (and even past 8 a bit).  It's 
    pretty inexpensive, all things considered, at 30 rupees per bottle at most 
    shops, and is a good item all around.  But, if you have a choice, take a 
    fairy instead – it has basically the same effect but will revitalize you if 
    you die.
                                     Simple Soup
    Yeto is making this for his wife when you first arrive in Snowpeak Ruins.  It 
    only contains Reekfish right now, so it's a simple fish broth.  Scoop some 
    with your bottle and drink it for a 2-heart recovery.
                                     Superb Soup
    To complete the recipe, add Ordon Cheese to Yeto's Good Soup to make a 
    gourmet version of it, Superb Soup.  It restores 8 hearts, making it a much 
    cheaper version of Red Potion (very useful for the rest of Snowpeak Ruins).  
    Good thing Yeta was sick, huh?
    It's a shame, but water does nothing in this game.  You can bottle some in 
    most bodies of water you can stand in, but your only action with it is 
    pouring it out.  Hot spring water turns into this over time, which is pretty 
    They can be used like Bee Larva for bait, but worms aren't nearly as good (in 
    my humble opinion, of course).  If you kill the roadrunner enemies that drop 
    bombs in the part of Hyrule Field in Faron Province (I find the dark energy 
    spin attack most effective), they'll leave a worm behind for you to scoop up.  
    Alternately, there are some small holes behind the signs in the Fishing Hole 
    you can dig up (as a wolf) to unearth worms.  In either scenario, quickly 
    transform into a human and bottle them.  To set it to your rod as bait, get 
    both the bottle and the Fishing Rod out and use the bottle.  You can only 
    carry one at a time and they can't be eaten, making them all-around worse 
    than bee larvae.
    Come to think of it, isn't it kind of disgusting that Link drinks milk and 
    potions out of the same bottles he keeps worms and bee larva in?
                                  Yellow Chu Jelly
    Kill a Yellow Chuchu and scoop up the remains for this jelly, which has the 
    same properties as Lantern Oil.  You'll often find Yellow Chuchus in caverns 
    you need the Lantern in, placed conveniently where you might need them.
                                   Sera's Sundries
    Your introductory store, it's not very exciting and at first it's closed to 
    you.  After a side quest in which you reunite Sera with her runaway cat, Sera 
    will perk up and open for business.  It's located in the northern end of 
    Ordon Village, just opposite Fado's house.  You buy the Slingshot here to 
    advance the plot, which is then replaced by Lantern Oil, even if the 
    Slingshot is a mostly useless item.  Note that the milk sold here is only in 
    one serving.
                        Product                        Price
                       Milk                                10
                       Bee Larva                           10
                       Slingshot & 50 Pellets              30
                       Lantern Oil                         20
                               Coro's Lantern Oil Shop
    Near the S. Faron Woods warp point, northeast of Faron Spring, you'll find 
    Coro, the man who gave you the Lantern.  He sells Lantern Oil; you can refuel 
    your Lantern directly or you can store some in a bottle for later usage.  
    Also, he sells a bottle full of lantern oil when you meet him.  The prices 
                        Product                        Price
                       Lantern Oil                         20
                       Bottle of Oil                      100
                                    Trill's Shop
    Trill is a blue bird in Faron Woods (in the screen before the Forest Temple, 
    right by the N. Faron Woods portal) who runs a modest shop to help you out 
    before you embark on your first dungeon mission.  It's also a throwback to 
    Link's Awakening in that you can steal from the shop.  See, Trill has set up 
    two jars, one with Lantern Oil, one with Red Potion in it.  You have to 
    bottle some and then leave your rupees in a box he provides.  But if you just 
    leave the shop, he'll label you as a thief and peck you every time you enter 
    his establishment.  If you finally do leave the rupees you cheated him out of, 
    he'll stop pecking you.  Anyways, here are his stock and prices:
                       Lantern Oil Refill                  20
                       Red Potion Refill                   30
                            Malo Mart (Kakariko Village)
    In an unlikely turn of events, Malo (the creepy Ordonian child, Talo's little 
    brother) will open up a shop in Kakariko Village in what was once a General 
    Store before the twilight set in.  He actually sells several valuable items 
    in his third slot, making his shop (dare I say it?) the best in the game.  
    Then again, if the other Malo Mart were around earlier on and it didn't 
    require 1200 rupees to finance, it would have been the best...  Note that 
    once you've established the Castle Town branch in the Magic Armor side quest 
    (see "Equipment Upgrades," please), the Kakariko Village location will change 
    its name to "Malo Mart Flagship Store" and Gor Ebizo and Gor Liggs will start 
    dancing like their Castle Town counterparts with the music to match.  
    Annoyingly, this store only operates during the day.
                       Arrows (10)                         10
                       Wooden Shield                       50
                       Hylian Shield                      200
                       Hawkeye                            100
                       Red Potion                          30
                                    Barnes Bombs
    Barnes is the somewhat cowardly bomb enthusiast of Kakariko Village, and he 
    sells his wares in a shop of his own on the main thoroughfare.  Unfortunately, 
    you destroy his storage building in collecting Eldin Province's Tears of 
    Light, so it takes him some time to get all his stock in.  See "Equipment 
    Upgrades" for all the details.  He also has a buyback counter, which shows 
    how much he overcharges.  I should note that there's also a Zora vendor who 
    sells water bombs for the same price outside Lakebed Temple (before you clear 
    it only).  Barnes sells his items for:
                       Bombs (10)                          30
                       Water Bombs (5)                     30
                       Bombling (1)                         6
                                  Baby Goron's Shop
    You'll find a baby Goron operating a store in Kakariko Village, right near 
    Barnes Bombs, every night on a carpet.  He brings items from Death Mountain, 
    you see.  He sells:
                       Lantern Oil                         20
                       Red Potion                          30
                       Blue Potion                        100
                              Hot-Spring Souvenir Shop
    A little shop in the west of the Death Mountain screen (you have to have two 
    Gorons throw you onto higher levels and then drop down into it), it's among 
    some hot spring water.  Later on in the game you'll even find a Zora there.  
    Shops are scarce in Death Mountain, and you should get a souvenir of your 
    visit to the hot springs (those are this store's main sales pitches).  
    Obviously, you need the Bow to buy arrows, and you need to have lost your 
    Ordon Shield to get the Wooden Shield.
    You can create a shortcut to this shop from the sumo arena where you fought 
    Gor Coron.  Go there and look left of the entrance for a Goron standing by a 
    door.  He says it's an elevator that leads to the hot springs.  Stand on the 
    switch inside with the Iron Boots on to ride down to a central cavern.  To 
    the left is a stone you can push out of the way to reach a cave to the hot 
    springs and the store.  To the right are some slopes you can take down to 
    reach another stone that leads to the east side of the mountain; you can 
    climb a net right by the warp spot in Death Mountain to reach this elevator 
    cavern and thus quickly reach the entrance to Goron Mines and the hot springs 
    store.  Convenient, no?
                       Arrows (10)                         10
                       Lantern Oil                         20
                       Wooden Shield                       50
                       Milk (2 servings)                   20
                                 Castle Town Gorons
    You'll find a door in southwest Central Square in Castle Town that serves as 
    home to four Gorons, three of whom sell items.  Talk to them to buy whatever 
    it is they sell personally.  All together, they sell:
                       Red Potion                          40
                       Lantern Oil                         30
                       Arrows (30)                         40
    As you can see, they're more expensive than Kakariko Village shops (what one 
    Goron calls "regional pricing").  The Goron on the observation deck wants to 
    help you save Hyrule, but all he can really do is give you a discount on 
    arrows.  Even so, he charges more than other vendors, making this whole 
    establishment one giant rip-off.
                                     Oocca Shop
    An in-dungeon shop selling all sorts of items Oocca can't use, it's very 
    convenient for you, a human adventurer.  The store is on 1F, just east of the 
    cannon landing pool.  It offers nothing new in the way of competitive prices, 
    although it's fairly comprehensive in its inventory.  The descriptions are 
    funny since the shopkeeper doesn't speak much Hylian.
                       Bombs (30)                          90
                       Arrows (30)                         30
                       Red Potion                          30
                       Blue Potion                        100
                       Lantern Oil                         20
                               Hot Spring Water Store
    After the first half of the Magic Armor side quest (please see "Equipment 
    Upgrades"), a Goron starts selling hot spring water in South Road in Castle 
    Town, much to his son's delight.  It's a special price for you, since you 
    helped him get his business up and running again, so it's cheap:
                       Hot Spring Water                    20
    Buying his water is involved in a small side quest.  Give the water (while 
    it's still hot) to a Goron in the part of Hyrule Field connected to South 
    Road (the very southern end of it) and he'll punch through a rockslide 
    blocking a shortcut between the Faron Province Hyrule Field and this part of 
    the field.
                               Malo Mart (Castle Town)
    The Castle Town branch is an amazing store that replaces one of terrible rip-
    offs the likes of which the world has never seen and hopefully will never see 
    again.  You need to do quite a bit to open it, though; see "Equipment 
    Upgrades" under 'Magic Armor' for more information.  It's easily the best 
    store in the game with its unbeatable prices, although the characters and 
    music (which I'm sure reference some Japanese game) are sort of funky.  Its 
    incredible inventory includes:
                       Bombs (30)                          45
                       Water Bombs (15)                    45
                       Bombling (10)                       30
                       Arrows (10)                          5
                       Blue Potion                         50
                       Red Potion                          15
                       Magic Armor                        598
    Making a mockery of Barnes Bombs and every other store in business and out of 
    business, Malo Mart truly is the hero of discounts.  Remember: buy it now, if 
    you're smart, at Malo Mart!
    Need I say more?  Didn't think so.  Hopefully this section will help you make 
    wise decisions monetarily, which can basically be summed up as: buy from Malo 
    Mart.  The truth is painful, I know...
    The Frequently Asked Questions, this is where it all comes together.  After 
    all, this guide is listed as an "FAQ/Walkthrough," so let's get down to some 
    truth in advertising!
    Question: How do I get to the north side of the Bridge of Eldin?  Those 
    stupid shadow beasts made a hole in it!
    Answer: Well, you could all the way around Hyrule Field starting from the 
    Castle Town warp point, but you could also repair the bridge.  The shadow 
    beasts took the bridge to Gerudo Desert, in the southwest section.  Read the 
    beginning paragraph of "Cave of Ordeals" for more information.
    Question: I did such and such and now I think my game is unbeatable!  Do I 
    have to start over?
    Answer: Fortunately no!  Zelda games are designed so you can't get "stuck" in 
    a dungeon or side quest where there's no way of advancing in the game.  Of 
    course, I can't write a guide for every possible screw up or alternate course 
    someone might take, so you'll just have to explore and try to find your way 
    back yourself so you can resume with the normal guide.  Good luck, though.  
    (I must say, there is one case where you can't continue: in Arbiter's Grounds, 
    if you don't go for the Big Key after getting the Spinner and spin in the 
    northern "goal" room, but most people wouldn't do this).
    Question: Is it possible to continue playing in the saved Hyrule after the 
    final boss?
    Answer: No, because once you save Hyrule, you can't save (how ironic...).  
    This is the usual fare in Zelda games, although I was somewhat disappointed 
    there's no second quest.  Still, it wouldn't be all that fun going through a 
    Hyrule with no problems anyways, so I'm not complaining.
    Question: Why do the directions change between the Wii and Game Cube versions?
    Answer: Well, it's actually a brilliant solution to a controls problem using 
    the Wii.  See, Link is left-handed in most of the Zelda series (including 
    this one), but most people in the world are right-handed.  Since the Wii uses 
    a motion-sensitive remote to play its games, it would be difficult for many 
    players to use their left hands to hold the sword.  As a result, Nintendo 
    made Link right-handed in the Wii version and flipped the map to compensate 
    for this (since the map is designed with a left-handed swordsman in mind).  
    But let me note, for "historical" purposes, that the GCN version is more true 
    to the series.
    Question: What's the name of such and such an enemy?
    Answer: All the names I know are in the game.  Twilight Princess introduced 
    us to a lot of new monsters and had no Navi or figurines to fill us in on 
    their names.  As a result, a lot of the guide is guesswork in that department, 
    especially for mini-bosses.  I mean, sure, "Poe-Demon" is no prize, but does 
    it really matter?
    Question: There's a beggar asking for donations on West Road.  Should I help 
    him and if so, what's in it for me?
    Answer: Well, you're not very altruistic, huh?  That's actually an expensive 
    Piece of Heart side quest – shelling out 1000 rupees will earn you some 
    lovin'.  Luckily, you make it in 30 or 50-rupee increments.
    Question: There's a guy in Central Square who offers to shine my shoes for 10 
    rupees.  What does that do for me?
    Answer: Well, it does make your boots noticeably cleaner, but it wears off as 
    soon as exit Central Square.  Before you establish the Malo Mart Castle 
    Branch, you can't have dirty shoes to enter the really expensive store that 
    was in its place (even though you can't buy anything there anyways due to the 
    high prices, literally above your wallet's capacity).  So, it's basically 
    your ticket to window shopping...
    Question: Can I steal an apple in South Road?
    Answer: No.  Every time you go up to the stand, you decide to see if the 
    other stand has sweeter fruits.  But when you go there, it says the first 
    stand had better apples.  Go to it and it says the other one did.  So, since 
    Link just can't decide which would taste better, he ends up never stealing 
    one.  Kind of like a guy who never orders because he can't pick between soup 
    or salad...  If you could steal an apple, it would just restore a heart, like 
    the apples in A Link to the Past you could sometimes find in trees.
    Question: I noticed a fortune-teller in South Road near Agitha's Castle.  How 
    can she help me?
    Answer: If you ask her to predict your love fortune, she shows you an area 
    where you can find a Piece of Heart.  If you ask about your career, she gives 
    you a hint about what to do next in the game.  Lucky for you, you have my 
    guide to tell you that stuff for free.
    Question: Where do you think Twilight Princess falls on the Zelda timeline?
    Answer: To be honest, I've become disillusioned with the entire idea of the 
    timeline, and I think I'll give it some more thought in a final timeline I'll 
    make some time in the future, maybe as an in-depth FAQ.  As you can tell, I 
    didn't include a timeline section in this guide.  Until my next timeline is 
    made, you can look at my latest thoughts in my Oracle of Ages or Seasons 
    guides (although that timeline only goes up to Minish Cap coverage-wise).
    Question: Can I use your guide(s) on my web site?
    Answer: Sorry, but no.  Please refer to my legal section for details.
    Question: What other guides do you have?
    Answer: Quite a few.  This is my 41st and perhaps last (I know, it's a sort 
    of awkward end note, 41...), and you can get links to all my guides in their 
    most up-to-date forms at:
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: First, I'd like to set out a few guidelines.  All contact occurs 
    through e-mails (not IMs or anything else), which must relate to the guide 
    (no chain letters, socializing, etc.).  Please put "Twilight Princess" or the 
    name of the guide in the subject.  Make sure to examine the entire guide 
    before e-mailing me.  In my prime, I answered e-mails pretty regularly, but 
    now it's on a very irregulary basis with lots of gaps, so it's in your best 
    interest to read the guide instead of waiting for me to answer your questions.  
    I don't open attachments.  Finally, be specific in your question.  Thanks in 
    advance.  You can e-mail me at:
    Isn't it grand?  Now, let's move on to the best part of the guide, the main 
    attractor, the magnet to all literate persons with an Internet connection 
    everywhere, the crème de le crème, the inspiration of my guide-writing career 
    past the first, what everybody talks about at the water cooler on Thursdays, 
    the most celebrated genre in literature, the crest of a mighty wave crashing 
    into the shores of your mind from the sea of another, a true explosion of 
    greatness, the ultimate in entertainment, the subject of countless ballads 
    and poems, the bearer of many an epithet, and simply the very best reading 
    material money can buy (for FREE!), this is the legal section COMIN' AT YA!
      /                                                                       \
     /                                                                         \
    ||-------------------------------Section 4*--------------------------------||
     \                                                                         /
    =======================Credits and Legal Information*========================
    Ah, the grand finale!  You know I've saved the best for last, and I know 
    you've been anticipating this legal section for a long time.  After all, it's 
    the only part of the game worth reading (except maybe my super well-formatted 
    Tables of Contents, but this definitely trumps those).  Even so, those who 
    know me know that I'm a master of suspense, and so I'll keep you on the edge 
    of your seats by interposing a Credits sub-section.  Now please, try to keep 
    your drool off the keyboard.  Let's-a go!
                                  |    Credits    |
    First, I'd like to point out that I wrote the guide, so huzzah for me.  
    Second, praise be to Nintendo!  They made this Zelda game, all the others, 
    and tons of other games I've had loads of fun playing and writing about.  You 
    truly outdid yourself with this title, Big N, so this little shout-out is the 
    least I could do.
    And as always, GameFAQs deserves a big hand for hosting my guides and 
    everyone else's in this thriving guide-writing community.  I probably would 
    never have started writing guides if I hadn't been so impressed by this web 
    site, so I'll give credit where credit is due: GameFAQs.
    Now, those are the usual three I thank, but here are those who helped me 
    write this guide specifically.  I'll tell you who they are and what they did:
    - A whole bunch of people sent me this tip, but the first was BboyNaishun. 
    Alright, in the section I cover the Hawkeye in ('Gearing Up in Kakariko,' the 
    first sub-section under Lakebed Temple), I originally said you had to buy the 
    Hawkeye to hit the thin pole in the distance in Malo's archery mini-game.  I 
    later changed my position when I got all the Pieces of Heart, but I never 
    changed that first statement back (that you need the Hawkeye).  As a result, 
    my guide contradicted itself.  Thanks for everyone who wrote me about that; 
    it was a pretty glaring error.
    - Two people wrote me about this one: Chites B. Illesion and dalekyd.  I 
    originally wrote about the howling stone in Death Mountain on the human run-
    through of Death Mountain Trail, but I should've mentioned it when you're a 
    wolf.  So, that tip was out-of-place.  Thanks to those who sent in for me to 
    change this mistake; this wrong has now been righted.
    - I also originally said the shoe-shiner in Central Square had no purpose, 
    but I was informed by jrljlsakl and thehellsingerangel that you need clean 
    shoes to enter the store that Malo Mart's Castle Branch replaced (it being so 
    snooty and all).  This was confirmed by JemG, too.  So thanks to them for 
    explaining away another mystery of Twilight Princess.
    - Darron P., for telling me how Link could do his fancy sheathing move after 
    any battle: put your sword away after the final blow but before the enemy 
    goes poof.
    - protoman891, for correcting a numbering error in the heart piece section 
    (in # 15, when I referred back to # 7, I originally switched that 7 for a 6).
    - jarvisjohanson, for telling me you could kill bubble bugs with bombs and 
    the sword.
    - laurent, for alerting me to a glitch in Arbiter's Grounds that could make 
    your game unbeatable.  Now there's a warning to keep readers from doing it.
    Now, with all that behind us, let's get to what you've been waiting what 
    seemed like ages to sink your teeth into, the...
                               |    Legal Section    |
    First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, production, 
    idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor goes to Nintendo, not 
    me, and I do not deny this.  To phrase that legally, all trademarks and 
    copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark 
    and copyright holders.
    Second, this document is Copyright 2007 Brian McPhee.
    Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any circumstances 
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of 
    this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is 
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    To make it absolutely clear, no one but the website GameFAQs may use my 
    guides on their sites, books, magazines, etc.
    With my retirement and all, perhaps my signature catch phrase is a bit 
    inappropriate.  Nevertheless, for the sake of tradition, I'll use it.  It's 
    truly been a blast writing all these guides, and I hope they've helped you in 
    your video game experiences.  And that brings this guide-writing career to a 
    close.  See ya later.

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