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    FAQ/Walkthrough by da_nut

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    Battalion Wars 
    General FAQ 
    Version 1
    FAQ by Da_Nut
    E-Mail: greatdmr@cox.net    
    Note:  All of these methods worked for me, but if you know of any better way 
    to beat a certain part of the game, or have any other suggestions, E-Mail 
    your suggestion to me, and I might put it in this FAQ.  You will get full 
    credit if I decide to put your suggestion in here.
    Introduction: Battalion Wars is a very fun strategy game, but challenges you 
    until you're beating yourself in the head in frustration.  So to decrease the 
    amount of head injuries, I've made this FAQ.  Enjoy!
    Table of Contents
    A. Battalion Wars Q&A
    B. Units
    C. Da_Nut's Stratagems for Success
    D. Levels
    1) Combat Patrol
    2) Behind Enemy Lines 
    3) Assault on Windbreak Ridge
    4) Operation POW
    5) Plan of Attack
    6) Titans of Tundra
    7) Striking Distance
    8) Beachhead
    9) Invasion Force
    10) Gunships of the Desert
    11) Black Gold
    12) Xday
    13) Herman's Heroes
    14) Call Sign Eagle
    15) The Guns of Tiki Bay
    16) Battle of the Coral Atolls
    17) Bridges on the River Styx
    18) Road to Xylvania
    19) Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers
    20) Siege of the Vlagstag
    E. Credits
    A.	Battalion Wars Q&A
    1)	What type of game is Battalion Wars?
    Battalion Wars is a third person shooter slash Real Time Strategy 
    Game.  You play as the commander of a battalion of the Western 
    Frontier Army.
    2)	Do you have different weapons?
    Each unit has only one weapon, but you can switch from unit types, 
    which range from flamethrowers to Grenade Launchers. 
    3)	Can you ride in Vehicles?
    Yes, you can take control of many vehicles including tanks, recons, 
    fighters and bombers.
    4)	How hard is Battalion Wars, and how many levels are there?
    Battalion Wars is a fairly challenging game, but quite fun.  There 
    are 20 regular missions, and 4 bonus missions.
    5)	Cool.  What do the bonus missions consist of?
    That's highly classified.  I could tell you, but then I'd have to 
    get rid of you.
    6)	I want to contact you because I have a suggestion for your FAQ, I 
    think you rock, or I'm just weird, how can I get in touch with 
    Well, I don't want you weird ones at my house, so e-mail me at 
    B. Units
    a. Infantry
    1) Rifle Grunts - Rifle Grunts are the basic brute force of your battalion.  
    They have relatively weak shots but can hit units at long distances.  Rifle 
    Grunts are best used in packs.  
    Strong Against: Rifle Grunts, Flames, Bazookas, Assaults, Missiles, and 
    Weak Against: All Vehicles
    2) Bazooka - Bazooka Vets are Anti-Vehicle units.  They shoot slowly but 
    their shots do great damage.  Use 1 or 2 against light vehicles, a whole 
    squad against heavy vehicles.  Use their charge up shot for better range, 
    speed, and damage.
    Strong Against: All Ground Vehicles
    Weak Against: Rifle Grunts, Flames, Assaults, and Mortars.  All Air Vehicles.
    3) Flame- Flames do great damage to other infantry, but they have short 
    range.  Hold down the A button to have your flamethrower shoot longer and 
    with more range, but if held down too long, the gun will overheat and you 
    won't be able to shoot for a few seconds.  Move your Flame units through 
    cover so they can get close to the enemy without being harmed.
    Strong Against: All Infantry, not as good against other Flame units.
    Weak Against: All Vehicles 
    4) Missiles - Missiles are Anti-Air units, and can do some damage against 
    tanks at close range.  They're wildly inaccurate against ground units.  
    Charge up your shots to let loose more missiles rapidly.
    Strong Against: All Air Vehicles
    Weak Against: Rifle Grunts, Flames, Assaults, and Mortars.  All Ground 
    5) Assault - A very good unit capable of taking out all infantry and enemy MG 
    nests or Towers.  Keep your Assault units firing in the "sweet spot" by 
    keeping the gun from overheating but still firing away, do this by letting go 
    of the A button before the gun is going to overheat.
    Strong against: All Infantry, Light Recons, Gunships.
    Weak Against: All Vehicles.
    6) Mortar - A very good Anti-Vehicle Unit.  Mortars fire their bullets high, 
    and the bullets drop on the target.  This is very good against enemy units 
    hiding behind cover, Watchtowers, MG nests, and ground vehicles.  They have 
    excellent range and damage.  Charge up for more damage and a bigger blast 
    Strong Against: All Ground Vehicles, All Infantry
    Weak Against: Air Vehicles
    b. Ground Vehicles
    1) Light Recon - A good Anti-Infantry Unit.  It's also the fastest ground 
    unit in the game.  Avoid too much entanglement with this vehicle.
    Strong Against: All Infantry except Bazookas.
    Weak Against: Bazooka, All Vehicles.
    2) Heavy Recon - Basically an upgraded Light Recon.  More armor, More 
    firepower, but slightly slower.
    Strong Against: All Infantry except Bazookas.
    Weak Against: Bazooka, All Vehicles.
    3) Light Tank - The Light Tank is good against infantry and other vehicles, 
    but it is a little slow. 
    Strong Against: Infantry except Bazookas, other Light tanks, Artillery and 
    Weak Against: Bazookas, All Vehicles except Light Tanks and Recons.
    4) Heavy Tank - Basically an upgraded Light Tank. It has nice firepower and 
    can take a beating.
    Strong Against: Infantry except Bazookas, Heavy Tanks, Artillery and Recons.
    Weak Against: Bazookas, Battlestations, and Air Vehicles. 
    5) Artillery - Artillery can fire amazing distances, and can slam enemy 
    forces from across Rivers or from inside forts, without getting in range of 
    the enemy.  You can use them defensively, hitting slow moving targets like 
    tanks before they can get to your forces, or you can use them to cover your 
    advance.  There's been more than one time I've been saved from a firefight by 
    an artillery shot blowing enemy infantry in all directions.
    Strong Against: Everything except Air Vehicles.
    Weak Against: Air Vehicles.
    6) Battlestation - This is the ultimate war machine.  The Battlestation can 
    take Heavy Tanks and Bazooka units in a matter of seconds.  Note:  Aim 
    Manually, and make sure you're actually pointing at the target.  Also, 
    Gunships can put a real dent in a Battlestation, bring Missile units along 
    with it.
    Strong Against: Everything except Gunships and Bombers.
    Weak Against: Gunships and Bombers
    7) Anti-Air - These are the best units for taking down Air Units from the 
    ground.  Protect them from land units, though.
    Strong Against: All Air Units
    Weak Against: All Ground Units
    c. Air Vehicles
    There are two things to worry about when flying any air unit.  One, don't run 
    into trees or cliffs, that does massive damage, and two, watch out for Anti-
    Air Units
    Gunship - Gunships are my favorite air unit because they can pound units on 
    land and air.  They are especially good for taking out tanks and 
    Strong Against: All Land Units except Anti-Air Units and Missile Units.
    Weak Against: Anti-Air, Missile Units, Fighters, and Strato Destroyers. 
    Bomber - The Bomber does extreme damage and can decimate ground forces, but 
    it is helpless against an air attack.  
    Strong Against: All Ground Units
    Weak Against: Air Units
    Fighter- Fighters are only good for destroying enemy air units.  They are the 
    fastest unit in the game and can be great cover for an advancing army against 
    Strong Against: Air Units
    Weak Against: Ground Units
    Strato Destroyers - Strato Destroyers are like Bombers, Gunships, and 
    Fighters rolled into one.  They can decimate ground forces and air forces, 
    and have great armor.  You can only control a Strato Destroyer in one level, 
    though, so you can't use it as much as you'd like to.
    Strong Against: Everything
    Weak Against: Anti-Air Units
    C.	Da_Nut's Stratagems for Success
    -Don't stop moving!  Standing still in a firefight is like painting a   
    target on yourself.  Strafe around the enemy to avoid damage.  
    -Attack Strategically!  Sending flame vets against a tank isn't going to 
    go very well.  Remember units' strengths and weaknesses.
    -Your battalion members are not pawns!  Don't send them on suicide 
    missions, you'll need them later on.
    -Put them in sentry mode! If not in sentry mode, they'll attack once in 
    awhile, in sentry mode, they'll attack anything that moves.
    -Get rid of hard to kill units first!
    -Use combat rolls to avoid enemy tank shots or Infantry fire!
    - When in a Plane or Copter, hitting trees or buildings will do great 
    damage, if you're going to get hurt, get hurt in battle, not on accident.
    D. Levels (I have rated each level from 1-5, 1 is extremely easy, 5 is 
    destroying your TV via hammer).  These methods worked for me, but hard levels 
    could take a few tries to win.  Letters in parentheses are the buttons you 
    press to do a certain action.
    Tundran Campaign
    This is the easiest and longest campaign, but 1 or 2 levels could be 
    difficult for the inexperienced.  Don't worry, you'll blow the enemies away 
    (literally) with some practice!
    Combat Patrol - Difficulty 1
           If this is your first time playing, move around a bit to get used to 
    the controls.  If not, jump over the barbed wire (B). Lock on to the dummies 
    (L) and destroy them.  Run forward, then get into free view mode(R) and look 
    at one of the sentries in the towers on either side. Then run to the next 
    gold star.  
           When you come across the Tundran spy, chase after him.  Don't bother 
    shooting, you can't kill him.  As you pass the first crumbled wall, look left 
    and destroy the listening post.  Destroy the next two listening posts to the 
    left after the next crumbled wall.  Run forward until spy balloons show up, 
    use free mode to look up at them, and destroy them.  Run forward, and keep 
    running while you shoot the listening post, run forward, turn left and 
    destroy the next listening post.  Look up and destroy the spy balloon.  Run 
    towards the gold stars until you come across your fallen comrade.  
           Run through the stream and over to four allied Rifle Grunts.  Switch 
    them to follow mode, then sentry mode, then follow mode again, and the gate 
    will open (It's at the top of the hill to your right).  Run down the hill 
    while targeting an enemy Rifle Grunt.  When an enemy is targeted, send your 
    Rifle Grunts after it (Y), and go after the other one.  When they're both 
    dead, get you and your troops to destroy the ammo dump (Don't get too close).  
    Then get in the Light Recon (Lock on and Press Z), and drive up the hill 
    straight ahead.  The Light Recon controls just like infantry, no need to 
    press any buttons to make it move.  Smash through the barbed wire and go down 
    the hill towards the gold star.  Congratulations!
    Behind Enemy Lines - Difficulty 1
           Run forward to the Rifle Grunts getting dropped off by the T-Copter.  
    Have them follow you, and run forward.  When the Tundran spy comes out of his 
    tent, kill him.  Then run forward, have your battalion go after one Rifle 
    Grunt while you go after the other.  Run behind the huge rocks, and wait for 
    your battalion to get behind you, then run from the right side of the rocks 
    and flank the enemy infantry from the right.  Run up to the MG nest and get 
    in (B), and put your battalion in sentry mode.  Shoot the enemy Rifle Grunts 
    as they come across the bridge with your MG nest.  Once they're dead, get out 
    of the nest, have your battalion follow you, and run across the bridge.  
           Run through the trees until you see two enemy Rifle Grunts, kill one 
    Rifle Grunt and have your battalion kill the other.  Then run through the 
    trees until you reach an enemy base.  Order your battalion to attack the 
    enemy, and run over to the MG nest and get in.  First, free the POWs by 
    shooting the barrels next to the barbed wire.  Then have your battalion 
    attack anything that moves while you crank out the bullets with your MG nest.  
    When everyone is dead, run toward the next gold star, and run over to the 
    friendly units being unloaded off a T-Copter.  
           Get into the tank, and continue forward, having your men follow you.  
    Kill the enemy Rifle Grunts at the base of the bridge, then put your 
    battalion in sentry mode.  Blow up the two MG towers, then make your way 
    across the bridge and blow up the Recons.  When Tsar Gorgi talks about 
    sending Rocket troops, call your men over.  When the rocket troops come, send 
    your men to kill them while you take care of any leftover Rifle Grunts or 
    Recons.  When everyone is dead, blow up anything with a gold star over it.  
    Assault On Windbreak Ridge Difficulty 1
           Follow the road and immediately kill the Tundran Infantry.  Continue 
    along until you find a Tundran camp, flank the camp and kill the Infantry.  
    Run across the river and meet up with the allied Bazooka Vets.  Switch to a 
    Bazooka Vet, put the others in sentry mode, and tell your Rifle Grunts to go 
    further up the road, out of harm's way.  Turn back towards the river, and 
    destroy the Recons that go across.  The best way to destroy the Recons is to 
    charge up your shots.  This can be done easily while waiting for the enemy 
    Recon to cross the River.
           Switch to a Rifle Grunt, put your Bazooka Vets in sentry mode, and have 
    your Rifle Grunts follow you as you move to the Radar Array.  When you're 
    able to control the Rifle Grunts guarding the array, tell them to follow you.  
    Put a Rifle Grunt in each bunker (Lock on, pick the Grunt using the c-stick, 
    and press Y), or put a Rifle Grunt in one bunker and get in the other bunker 
    yourself (B).  Put your men in sentry mode, and when the enemy Infantry come, 
    kill them all.  
           Once they're dead, switch to a Bazooka Vet and destroy the Recon when 
    they appear.  Once they're gone, switch back to a Rifle Grunt, and take out 
    the next wave of Infantry.  Switch to a Bazooka Vet again, and destroy the 
    Recons that appear. Switch to a Rifle Grunt, finish off any Infantry if your 
    Rifle Grunts haven't already, switch your Rifle Grunts to follow mode and run 
    to the radar array.  Kill the enemy Infantry dropped off by the T-Copter.  
    Once reinforcements have arrived, get into the tank, take your Bazooka Vets, 
    and destroy the Tundran tanks at the River.  You've defended the radar array!
    Operation P.O.W. Difficulty 1
           Switch to a Bazooka Vet and have everyone follow you, have your Rifle 
    Grunts take out the enemy Infantry while you and your Bazooka Vets take out 
    the tank.  Run into the enemy base, and send your battalion to kill the 
    guards while you free the Light Recon.  As soon as the Recon is free, get in 
    and speed your way out of the base and through the barbed wire.  Just follow 
    the road for this part, and try not to hit anybody directly (It can slow you 
    down, but try and clip them so you still get points for power if they die. 
           At the fork in the road, take the left (The right is a lot farther).  
    Drive up the hill and take a hard right at the top.  Drive into the enemy 
    base at the bottom of the mountain, take a hard left, and try to take the 
    ramp over the fence.  If you mess up, you can always just bust the fence 
    down.  Take a right and get out of the base.  Weave your way through the 
    trees aiming towards the silver star on your radar.  Drive forward and drive 
    up the narrow hill, drive right off the top, but try to land correctly.  
    Drive towards the Western Frontier camp.  
           Park the Recon at the gold star and switch to the tank.  Keep your 
    Missile Vets in the back of the base and in sentry mode.  Use your Rifle 
    Grunts and your tank against the enemy Riflemen.  When the Bazooka Vets come, 
    stay back and fire on them from far away, while your Rifle Grunts finish them 
    off.  Destroy the Tank with your own and the Bazooka Vets, switch to a 
    Missile Vet and finish off the Gunship.  Nice Escape!
    Plan of Attack - Difficulty 2
           Switch to a Bazooka Vet and have your Rifle Grunts follow you.  Run 
    towards the east silver star, stop when you see an enemy light tank and some 
    Riflemen near some crumbled walls.  Send your Rifle Grunts after the Riflemen 
    while you destroy the light tank (use charged shots).  As soon as it's gone, 
    switch everyone to follow mode, and free the captured Flame Vets.  Kill any 
    remaining troops in the area.  Get in the Light Tank and head towards the 
    bridge North West from where you started (Use the Map if you need help).  
           At the beginning of the bridge, send your Flame Vets and Rifle Grunts 
    after the enemy Bazooka Vets, and switch to a tank.  Once they're gone, drive 
    across the bridge and put everyone in sentry mode.  Drive up the hill to your 
    direct right, killing the flame vets as you drive up.  At the top of the 
    hill, kill the flame vets and Rifle Grunts, then free the tank from a safe 
    distance.   Put your battalion in follow mode, and drive down the hill to 
    take out the enemy MG nest.  Cross the bridge and drive up the hill to your 
    left, making sure to take care of the bazooka troops in the way. 
            If you're just trying to beat the level, kill the guards at the flag 
    and send your Rifle Grunts to capture it quickly.  If you're trying to boost 
    your rank on this level, wait for an enemy T-Copter to come and kill the 
    Riflemen and Tank that come out of it to boost your power score.  Then put 
    everyone in sentry mode, switch to a flame vet, and run down the hill where 
    the last remaining Infantry are and take them out.  Capture the enemy's flag 
    to beat the level.  Remember that you can help capture the flag if you're an 
    infantry unit by going up to the flag and pressing B.
    Titans of Tundra - Difficulty 5
           Okay, this level is weird, because the 8 Heavy Tanks you have to 
    destroy move around a lot, so the level is a little different each time.  In 
    the beginning, be a Flame Vet, and call everyone to follow you.  Run to the 
    left and kill the Infantry on the hill.  Switch to a Tank immediately and put 
    everyone in sentry mode.  Tell your tanks to take care of the first Heavy 
    Tank, and hammer it with your tank.  A Gunship should fly in and be 
    immediately taken down by your Missile Vets.  Every time you see a gunship, 
    just lock onto it and order your missile vets to attack. The best way to take 
    care of a heavy tank is this: Strafe around it, shooting it constantly, and 
    keeping everyone else OUT OF THE WAY, a stray enemy tank shot can put a big 
    hole in your battalion. 
           Another Heavy Tank should be close enough to take out, so do so with 
    your tanks, while sending your Flame Vets after any enemy Infantry.  Your 
    Missile Vets should take care of any incoming Gunships.  Put everyone in 
    follow mode and enter the forest.  Send your flame vets after the enemy 
    bazooka vets.  Switch to a flame vet and run up the hill to your right, kill 
    the enemy Infantry and use the huge group of medipacks to heal your Infantry.  
    Switch to a tank and drive back down the hill.  Follow the road a bit more 
    and you'll come across another heavy tank, take it down.  Drive forward until 
    you see a bridge, then kill the Infantry on your side of the bridge.  
           Put everyone in sentry mode, and make sure your missile vets blow up 
    any enemy gunships.  Switch to a flame vet, have the other flame vets follow 
    you, and run across the bridge.  Kill the rocket troops, then switch to a 
    tank and drive across the bridge, having everyone follow you.  Drive up the 
    hill, and send your Infantry after enemy Infantry and your tanks and bazooka 
    vets after enemy tanks. You will reach a group of 2 heavy tanks, send your 
    tanks after the one in front and circle around to get the one in the back.  
    Remember to get all the blue jerry cans.  
           Continue down the road, and send your flame vets and Rifle Grunts after 
    the enemy Infantry in the ruined castle.  Blow up the heavy tank patrolling 
    in front of the castle, and help out your Infantry by driving into the ruined 
    castle and running over everyone.  You should have at least 7 tanks destroyed 
    at this point.  If you've gotten all of them, congrats, if you haven't, hunt 
    the remaining one down.  Tough Level!
    Striking Distance - 3
           Run down the slope and have everyone you come across follow you.  Kill 
    the Flame Vets near your tents.  Run down the slope to the River and meet up 
    with your Artillery.  Station an Artillery to the left, one to the right, and 
    one in the middle.  Put your Assault Vets near the river and everyone else to 
    the right of the Artillery units.  Put everyone in sentry mode.  Switch to an 
    Artillery and have the other Artillery and yourself hit the MG towers from 
    across the river.  Enemy Infantry will swim across the river, change to an 
    assault vet and take care of them.  A gunship should come along, switch to a 
    missile vet and take care of that.  Make sure your Artillery are constantly 
    firing across the river, the more that they get, the less you have to deal 
    with personally.  
           A couple tanks and Infantry should come on your right.  Switch to a 
    Bazooka Vet and take care of the tanks with the other Bazooka Vets while your 
    Assault Vets take care of the infantry.  Once they're gone, call everyone 
    except the Missile Vets and Artillery to follow, and run across the bridge to 
    your right.  Kill any guards (Your Artillery might have killed them already) 
    and capture the first flag.  Immediately run over and kill any guards of the 
    second flag and capture that.  The third flag might be a bit trickier.  Kill 
    any guards and capture the third flag quickly.  Well done, enjoy the cut-
    For more advanced players looking for a higher score, you can do this level 
    differently.  Run down to the river, killing the flame vets on your way.  
    Wait until the enemy Infantry swim across the river, then kill them.  Put 
    your missile vets in sentry mode to protect the artillery.  Take everyone 
    except your artillery and missile vets, and run across the bridge to your 
    right, kill the guards and capture the flag.  
           Then do the rest of the level capturing the flags.  Note: Because you 
    go for the enemy flags before your artillery get to dish out a lot of 
    punishment, there will be a lot more guards.  Your artillery should still be 
    shooting across the river to blow the MG towers and tanks up before you get 
    to them, but sometimes they're not quick enough.  This second technique of 
    beating the level will get you a better time score, but is harder to do.  You 
    can also bring your artillery with you, some people prefer to do this, but 
    not me.
    Bonus Mission 1 - Difficulty 2
           In this level, you play as the Tundrans!  Put everyone in follow mode 
    and drive down the hill to your left (You should be a tank).  About halfway 
    down, 2 enemy Heavy Tanks will roll up.  Order your tanks to attack the tank 
    in front while you move behind it to get the one behind the first tank before 
    it can do much damage.  When they're gone, drive down, send your Rifle Grunts 
    after the Flame Vets, and meet with your reinforcements by the ruined castle.  
    More enemy Heavy Tanks should drive up from the right of the ruined castle.  
    There are a total of 4 Heavy Tanks that drive up.  
           Order your Infantry to go into the castle and put them in sentry mode 
    to take care of the enemy Rifle Grunts inside.  Then order your tanks to 
    attack the enemy Heavy Tanks and help them out.  Once the heavy tanks are 
    destroyed, drive into the ruined castle and move around it looking for enemy 
    Rifle Grunts if your Infantry haven't taken care of them yet.  A gunship 
    should come, have your Missile Vets take care of it.  Once all the enemy 
    Rifle Grunts are dead, drive down the hill to the right of the castle, and 
    you'll see the last 2 enemy Heavy Tanks.  Slam them with all your might, and 
    once they're gone, switch to a Rifle Grunt, and run until you're right 
    outside of the forest the enemy bazooka vets are in.  
           Another gunship should come, have your Missile Vets destroy that one.  
    Put everyone in sentry mode except your Rifle Grunts and run in.  Kill all 
    the bazooka vets, they shouldn't be a problem at all.  Nice Job!
    Beach Head-Difficulty 3 (4 for beginners)
           Drive down the road and destroy the tank with the help of the bazooka 
    vets.  Drive to the front of the base and shoot or run over anyone trying to 
    get in.  When they're gone, quickly send a Rifle Grunt into each of the 4 MG 
    Bunkers.  Put the assault vets by the flag to protect it.  Take a small squad 
    of infantry and head halfway down the beach.  When the enemy comes, take them 
    out, and help any MG Bunkers in need, they are quite effective and need to be 
    kept alive.  Tanks will roll in, take care of them with bazooka vets.  
    Remember to keep your Artillery alive and well, they're crucial to this 
    mission.  After the huge horde of enemies are gone, Countess Ingrid will 
    start talking about sending in bombers.  Get in the Anti-Air unit, call 
    everyone to follow you, and drive into the base.  Put everyone in sentry mode 
    and wait, Infantry will start to come in, show them who's boss while watching 
    the skies for bombers.  Shoot down the 4 bombers, and you'll have won the 
    Invasion Force - Difficulty 4
           Call everyone to follow you and head straight (You should be a tank).  
    Kill the Infantry on the right and continue forward.  Order your battalion to 
    kill the rocket troops while you and the other tank take out the 2 Artillery.  
    Switch to an Anti-Air and head across the bridge, shoot down the 2 gunships 
    with the help of the other Anti-Air while your battalion kill the Infantry.  
    Switch to a tank and drive to the Northern Bridges.  
           Put everyone in sentry mode.  Two enemy tanks come across the bridges, 
    order your bazooka vets to get one while you and the other tank takes the 
    other.  Kill the Infantry, switch to an Anti-Air and go back to the southern 
    bridge.  Shoot down the 2 gunships and drive up to the bridge. When the enemy 
    Infantry are three quarters across the bridge, feel free to run the poor guys 
           When everyone is dead, go to the Allied flag (It's past the Northern 
    bridge up the hill to the left).  Try to put an even number of units at both 
    entrances, one tank at each end with infantry to back it up.  Put everyone in 
    sentry mode.  Here's your chance to be lazy.  Just sit back, and kill any 
    Infantry you want to as long as you keep yourself safe from tanks and rocket 
    troops.  Your job is to destroy the gunships that come periodically, and the 
    enemy T-Copters.  
           The enemy T-Copters come in this order: When you first come in, there 
    will be one trying to land at each side.  The next one will come from the 
    North, the one after that will come from the south, and the last one will 
    come from the North.  Destroy as many of them as possible, it just makes your 
    life easier.  Enemy Heavy tanks will periodically appear at both sides of the 
    flag.  Whenever you're free and see an enemy Heavy Tank, switch to the 
    nearest Heavy Tank and take the enemy out.  
           Remember to switch back to an AA unit though.  When the 5 minutes are 
    up, wipe out any remaining enemy troops, switch everyone to follow mode and 
    head down the hill towards the gold star.  Shoot down as many enemy T-Copters 
    as you can, but keep up with the Tundran Infantry running towards the 
    lighthouse.  When at the lighthouse, switch to a tank and have your battalion 
    take care of enemy Infantry until the E-Vac Wing arrives.
    Gunships of the Desert - Difficulty 3
           Switch to a Missile Vet and have everyone follow you, have the Missile 
    Vets and yourself take down the grounded gunships.  You can have your recon 
    help if you want.  Take as many as you can down, switch to the recon and jump 
    the bridge.  
           Switch to the gunship, and wait for your missile vets to catch up, put 
    everyone in sentry mode, then go forward and destroy the rocket troops and 
    heavy tank.  Call everyone to follow you, switch to a tank and put the 
    gunship in sentry mode.  Pick up a few more infantry and continue along.  
    Destroy the Anti-Air units and tanks as you move forward.  Destroy the MG 
    Bunker before your Infantry can get close to it, and drive through the 
    entrance.  When at the 3 flags, send your Missile vets after any gunships. 
           Destroy the Anti-Air units first, when all the Anti-Air units are gone 
    switch to a gunship and fly over there.  When all the gunships are gone, use 
    your missile vets to capture the flags closest to where you came in.  Put 
    your battalion in sentry mode and send your infantry to capture the flags one 
    at a time while you shoot the bejeebers out of anyone stupid enough to get 
    close to you.  When the enemy starts talking about bringing in 
    reinforcements, switch to a tank and drive towards the enemy Anti-Air and 
    tanks that come driving in.  
           Destroy the Anti-Air first, then switch back to the gunship.  Destroy 
    the enemy tanks in front of you, then circle back and there should be an 
    enemy tank coming in from the rear.  Remember to have your unneeded Infantry 
    capturing flags this whole time.  Once all the flags are captured, you'll 
    have won.
    Black Gold - Difficulty 1
           Switch to a gunship and fly above the road, having the other gunship 
    follow you.  Destroy the Heavy Tank and Infantry, and take out the rocket 
    troops ahead.  When the Rocket troops are almost all dead, put everyone in 
    follow mode.  Wait until you see your Infantry running below you, then put 
    everyone in sentry mode.  Fly over the stone arch and fly to the left, 
    keeping out of the sights of the AA emplacements.  
           When you come across a road barrier protected by Rifle Grunts and a 
    patrolling Heavy Tank (The Heavy Tank might be to the right, don't worry, it 
    will circle back), kill the rocket troops and destroy the Heavy Tank.  Fly 
    forward but to the left to keep out of the eyes of the enemy AA emplacements.  
    Keep flying until you reach the first extraction tower, Heavy Tanks and Mini-
    Gun units.  
           Kill the Mini-Gun units, then the Heavy Tank.  Fly across the River and 
    destroy the 2 Heavy Tanks and Mini-Guns. When all this is done, fly back to 
    your Infantry. Switch to a Mortar Vet, call everyone to follow you and run to 
    the first gold star to the right.  Keep your gunships in sentry mode and tell 
    everyone except the gunships to follow you.  Destroy the next two AA 
    emplacements on your side of the river.  Run across the bridge and destroy 
    the last 2 AA emplacements.  Switch to a bomber, have everyone in sentry mode 
    except the other bomber.  
           All you'll need now are the two bombers.  Destroy the first tower, then 
    move onto the next one.  Dodge the fighters while the Tundrans destroy them 
    and take out the next tower.  Destroy the last tower and you'll have won.
    Bonus Mission 2 - Difficulty 2
           It's time to be evil!  Drive down the hill, putting everyone in follow 
    mode (You should be an Anti-Air).  Send your Rifle Grunts after the enemy 
    Bazooka Vet, and send your tanks after one light tank and everyone else 
    against the other light tank.  You can blast the light tanks yourself to make 
    it go faster.  Once they're gone, drive forward.  Attack the T-Copter and 
    have the other AA attack the T-Copter also.  Destroy the 2 gunships that fly 
    in, then drive towards the closest gold star.  Anything not flying you should 
    have your battalion go after, but keep your other AA with you at all times.  
    Since you have a time limit, you should try a hit-and-run technique where you 
    send your battalion after any guards, drive forward take care of the enemy T-
    Copter, then drive out before the enemy has time to react, having your 
    battalion follow you.  Do this for the last 2 T-Copters.  
    Xday - Difficulty 3
           Storm up the beach with your troops taking out anyone you see.  Quickly 
    send your assault vets to kill the rockets and your tanks to destroy the 
    artillery.  Help kill the Rocket Troops yourself.  When the beach has been 
    cleared out, switch to a tank and put everyone in sentry mode.  Take out the 
    MG Towers and Infantry guarding the flag.  Once the guards are dead, capture 
    the flag with your Infantry as you drive up the hill to your right (Just 
           Destroy the enemy tank at the top of the hill and run over the Rifle 
    Grunts.  Drive up to the POWs and free them, and use them to kill the 
    Grenades, calling everyone to follow you.  Make your way down the long slope 
    killing Infantry.  Destroy the 4 MG towers and 2 tanks as you drive up to the 
    base. Have your Assault Vets and Rifle Grunts attack the rocket troops 
    guarding the artillery to your left and send your tanks after the Artillery. 
           Switch to an assault vet, and run into the base to free the fighters.  
    Switch to a fighter, and have the other follow you, putting everyone else in 
    sentry mode.  Head towards the gold stars. Have your comrade attack the 
    gunships while you go after the strato destroyer.  Clear the skies and you'll 
    have won.
    Herman's Heroes - Difficulty 2
           Run to the right and kill the enemy Infantry on the hill.  Run up the 
    hill and run towards the enemy base holding the communications relay.  
    Remember to destroy the enemy Towers from the outside for every one of the 
    gold stars.  Run in and quickly take out the 2 MG nests on either side, 
    because they can put a real dent in your battalion.  Quickly capture the 
    Flag, and you won't be bothered by gunships anymore, except maybe for one or 
    two later in the level.  Rescue the missile vets while you're at it.  
           When you've cleared out the area, run to the next gold star.  Mortar 
    units once again attack the towers and vehicles, while everyone else kills 
    enemy Infantry.  Target the light recons with your mortar vets.  It is 
    important to keep your mortar vets alive and healthy, as they are crucial to 
    this mission.  Light Recons will drive to the entrances of the bases now and 
    then so be sure to take them out.  Once that base has been cleared out, run 
    to the last gold star.  Use your whole battalion to take out all the tanks 
    and vehicles, but mortar vets will do the best.  
           Rescue the solar POWs and clear out the base of the enemy.  Run to the 
    next gold star and wait just before the bridge to the Evac point.  Take out 
    the towers with your Mortar Vets, then run in and kill everyone guarding the 
    area.  Congrats!
    Call Sign Eagle - Difficulty 3 (4 for people who aren't as good using planes)
           Fly straight quickly and take down as many T-Copters as you can, don't 
    worry about enemy fighters, even though you might lose a plane.  Have your 
    fighters attack one T-Copter while you take out the others.  If your friendly 
    fighters take out a T-Copter, aim at the next one and have them take out 
    that.  Remember to always aim for the T-Copters ahead of the group because 
    they land first.  You should have destroyed at least 3 T-Copters and left the 
    area no later than 20 seconds after your first assault, because if you take 
    too long the enemy fighters will start kicking you around.  When all the T-
    Copters are destroyed or have landed already, head towards the silver stars 
           Destroy the 2 bombers before they can do any damage.  Try and destroy 
    the bomber closer to the group of men you're trying to protect first. Switch 
    to a bomber, and remember to have the other bomber attack anything you 
    attack. Destroy the artillery (They are where the T-Copters landed).  When 
    they're gone, destroy the 2 Heavy Tanks beside the woods.  Put the other 
    bomber in sentry mode above the beach to help Herman's men kill the Infantry.  
    If Herman's men aren't too close to you yet, feel free to drop a few presents 
    on any Rifle Grunts on the beach (Again, the beach where the T-Copters 
           Make sure to free the gunships with a few quick bombs to the tower.  
    Once they're in the air, take control of one and use your whole group of 
    gunships to destroy the MG nests, watchtower, and the heavy tank by the enemy 
    base.  Fly around the enemy capture points destroying the artillery and 
    watchtowers on the neighboring hills.  Switch to a fighter when Colonel 
    Austin tells you to try and destroy the T-Copters.  They're hard to find, but 
    try.  When Herman's men capture all 3 flags, switch to your new 
    stratodestroyer.  Call your fighters to follow you.  Head towards the enemy 
    planes and shoot them all down.  Good Work, Commander!
    The Guns of Tiki Bay - Difficulty 3
           Kill everyone on the beach, working your way towards the enemy Ack-
    Acks, kill them quickly.  Put everyone in sentry mode, and switch to a 
    gunship.  Take down the Battlestation, fly over to the enemy MG towers and 
    destroy them, and switch to an assault vet.  Put your gunship in sentry, and 
    run down the road and have your Assault Vets and Rifle Grunts take down the 
    enemy Infantry and send your bazooka vets after the MG nest.  Move across the 
    bridge and kill the Infantry with your Rifle Grunts and the MG nest with your 
    bazooka vets. When everyone is gone, go claim your reinforcements.  
           Switch to an Anti-Air unit and blast the bejeebers out of any fighters 
    flying directly above you.  Put everyone in follow mode and drive across the 
    bridge leading to the solar base.  Take out the enemy fighters. Drive along 
    the coast, not up the mountain to do this. When they're gone, switch to a 
    gunship and fly to the solar base.  Order your entire battalion to attack the 
    units surrounding the Battlestation and kill the Infantry around it first for 
    points in Power, then slam the Battlestation with everything your battalion's 
    Battle of Coral Atolls - Difficulty 5
           Switch to a bomber fly around the immediate area, bombing the Heavy 
    Tank and rocket troops a little.  Go for the Artillery first, then fly over 
    your battalion so your missile vets can shoot down any gunships that attack 
    your bomber.  Bomb the 2 Heavy tanks and Infantry some more then switch to 
    the battlestation.  When the area is clear, have your battalion follow you.  
    Kill any remaining rocket troops. 
           Then put your battlestation in sentry mode at the huge non-broken 
    bridge. Switch to a flame vet, and have your Infantry follow you.  Swim 
    across the river by the broken bridge to the first flag.  Kill the guards of 
    the flag, capture it, and switch to your bomber again.  Take out the Heavy 
    Tank that goes after your Infantry.  Run across the rope bridge, and free the 
    prisoners as your battalion kill the guards.  
           Put your bomber in sentry, and run across the other rope bridge.  Run 
    like heck forward, stopping only to kill the enemy Infantry you come across 
    to the right.  Ignore the enemy tanks, just run to the other side of the 
    bridge your battlestation is stationed at. Switch to the battlestation, put 
    everyone in sentry mode, then your missile vets in follow mode and drive 
    towards the last gold star.  
           Drive around, and take the first Battlestation.  It should do 
    practically no damage to you before you blow it up.  Drive up the Infantry- 
    guarded hill and have your missile vets take the gunships while you drive 
    forward and get a few pot shots at the last enemy battlestation.  Once it's 
    destroyed, call everyone to follow you except the bomber.  Destroy the Heavy 
    Tank and kill the Rocket Troops, then drive to the flag.  Kill the guards, 
    and capture it quickly.  Hard Level!
           *** (Note: Joseph Shaw contributed this additional strategy.  It 
    minimizes amount of deaths for your battalion and is very fun, but requires 
    the ability to use a bomber effectively: 
    First start out as the bomber and order your men to take out the starting 
    infantry. When they are done put them in sentry mode to take out any gunships 
    that follow you. Yes they do attack it. Run around while being at the highest 
    altitude you can and take out heavy tanks on the island to kill time. 
    Go to the northwestern island. Study the map and you will see 2 ack-ack 
    troops north of the flag. If you attack the artillery (They'll kill your 
    infantry if you try to go to the unbroken bridge)Speed up (Don't hold R) and 
    bomb the ack-acks (about 4). Kaiser Vlad will announce gunships. 
    Make a right after the bombings, then bomb the heavy tank and destroy the 
    ack-acks on the POW island but do not free the POWs. Keep going and destroy 
    the ack-acks hiding in the trees. (To block bombs) and make a right to the 
    southwest island. Fly over your missile troops to kill the gunships that 
    follow you (about 3-4). To save time go back to the northwest island and 
    destroy the artillery units to get jerry cans. (Vlad wants more airships). 
    Take out whatever ack-ack troops are left go straight to the southwest 
    island. Order your troops to go to the hut near the bridge (don't order them 
    to attack the grunt if one is alive) and stay in sentry. 
    The recent bombings might have attracted all the gunships in the area. When 
    all gunships are gone, order your men to the other side of the bridge and 
    take out the ack-acks with your bomber that are behind the battlestation. 
    There might be some ack-acks left from the POW island and the ones behind the 
    battlestation so check your map. If one ack-ack is alive he will be near the 
    battlestation. If all ack-acks are gone from the POW island then free the 
    POWs, they will kill the rest on the island. 
    Go back to the island with the going-to-be-pounded battlestation and take out 
    the heavy tank. When you attack the heavy tank, Vlad will tell the 
    battlestation to attack your troops near the bridge. Attack the battlestation 
    quickly so it will stand still to try to focus on you. Order your infantry to 
    the northwest island. Make sure that the heavy tank is dead. If not then have 
    the rocket troops deal with it. Now order your battlestation to attack Vlad's 
    and pound it with bombs. If you attack with the bombs you might take it out 
    before your battlestation gets there.  
    Order your battlestation to the foot of the bridge leading to the Northeast 
    island and tell it to wait. Look at the map. The Northeast island has ack-ack 
    troops around the entrance and one on the cliff in the trees. If your actions 
    didn't take out all the gunships this will get the last one. Line up your 
    bomber to take out the infantry at the entrance and attack the area near the 
    hut. (That is where the ack-ack is hiding.) Look at your map again. There are 
    ack-acks near the flag. Take them out and tell your infantry to take the flag 
    on the other island and order them to the foot of the bridge. 
    Your Battalion is now primed to invade to island but the heavy tanks and the 
    battlestation is are still there. Without anti-air units you can kill them 
    with your bomber. When they are dead, free the POWs on that island and order 
    your men near the flag. While on that tell your rifle grunts or veterans to 
    take the flag. The POWs will kill whatever infantry is left and it takes time 
    to get the troops there. NOTE: When you attack the entrance Vlad calls the 
    rest of the heavy tanks and you might see 2 heavy tanks on your circle. One 
    might stay behind at the beach on the northern end of the island. Why is this 
    important? The infantry might take the long route and go past the parked 
    tank. )***
    Bonus Mission 3
           Switch to a tank and have everyone follow you.  Kill any enemy Infantry 
    in the immediate area.  Drive up the hill and send your Assault Vets after 
    the enemy bazooka vets while you take care of the artillery.  Drive left 
    towards the coast, and when on the edge of the hill, look down and manually 
    take out the other enemy artillery.  *Alternative*  (Drive down sending your 
    assault vets after the enemy artillery BY THE COAST first, destroy it, THEN 
    go after the artillery on the hill.) *End of Alternative* Once the artillery 
    is gone, drive forward moving fast, you're chased by bombers and you don't 
    have anything to take them down yet.  
           Drive across the bridge and free the POW's.  Destroy the enemy AA 
    units, following the gold stars, working your way towards the beach.  (You 
    may remember it in the Gunships of Tiki Bay level).  On the beach, have your 
    heavy tanks attack the enemy artillery while you go after the AA units.  When 
    all the AA units are gone, wipe out any remaining units on the beach.  Spread 
    your Heavy Tanks out so the enemy bombers can't get them all in a cluster, 
    making it harder to beat the level.  
           Switch to a fighter, and have everyone except your other fighters in 
    sentry mode.  Fly towards your ground troops then send your fighters after 
    one bomber while you take another one.  When your fighters have destroyed 
    their bomber, put them in sentry mode and they'll fly around the area and 
    take the enemy down.  There are tons of Bombers and Gunships to take care of, 
    so fly well, taking down planes closer to your ground forces first.
    Bridges on the River Styx - Difficulty 3/4
           Switch to a tank and drive down the road, taking out the 2 MG nests.  
    Have everyone follow you, then drive forward and take out the Towers on the 
    Left and the Right.  Switch to an assault vet and have everyone take down the 
    incoming rocket troops.  Switch to a Heavy Tank, then have your Grunts 
    capture the flag while you destroy the 2 MG towers.  Switch to a Missile Vet 
    and take the bomber that appears.  
           Switch to a tank and drive down the hill to the next capture point, and 
    put everyone on sentry so they attack the guards.  Destroy the 4 MG towers 
    and capture the flag quickly.  Your battalion not capturing the flag should 
    be almost done cleaning out the area of enemy troops.  Switch to an assault 
    vet and run across the bridge, having everyone follow you. Take down the 
    rocket troops quickly.  
           Put everyone in sentry mode, switch to a tank and take down the 2 MG 
    towers.  Always have your missile vets nearby to take care of bombers.  
    Capture the flag with your Grunts.  Put everyone in follow mode and drive up 
    the hill.  
           Drive forward and destroy the enemy Artillery, Heavy Tanks and 
    Infantry.  When they're gone, drive towards the gold star.  There are several 
    ways to do this part.  My favorite thing to do is to put my battalion in 
    sentry mode, then drive forward.  When you reach the middle of the area, 
    Heavy Tanks and Artillery will start rolling in.  
           Drive towards the back, destroying the Heavy Tanks and Artillery you 
    come across.  This part is hard only if you stop to rest or don't grab the 
    Blue Jerry Cans.  Just drive around the area destroying everything in your 
    way, if you keep moving, the bombers above you will be taken down by General 
    Herman's air support before you're hit, and the Artillery shots will miss 
    you.  Strafe around the enemy Heavy Tanks to avoid being hit, but be careful 
    not to accidentally drive into a crater.  
           The important thing is to remain calm, and just take the enemy one at a 
    time, blowing the bejeebers out of them and taking their cans.  This can be 
    quite relaxing.  If, for some reason, you are destroyed, just hop into the 
    next Heavy Tank and try again.  
           Some people don't like doing things alone, so if you want to bring your 
    battalion in, you can, but this may hurt you rather than help.  Just do the 
    same as above, targeting one enemy at a time, and collecting the Jerry cans.  
    When everyone is dead, drive to the next gold star to win!
    Road to Xylvania - Difficulty 4/5
           Drive forward and take out the 2 pillboxes right ahead of you and the 
    one on the ridge.  Have everyone follow you, and drive up the hill, destroy 
    the artillery in the first few shots and quickly take out the pillbox.  Put 
    your missile vets in sentry mode.  Have your battalion kill any remaining 
    enemy troops while your missile vets destroy all the gunships.  Don't just 
    sit there forever taking down gunships, there's an infinite number of them 
    and you won't win.  Remember to ALWAYS have your missile vets right beside 
    you to take care of the gunships.  Whenever you see a gunship, just lock on 
    to it and tell your missile vets to take care of it.  Let me emphasize this 
    again, HAVE YOUR MISSILE VETS WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES.  All times, seriously.
           Drive out the opening (not the one you came in), switch everyone to 
    follow mode and kill the Infantry as you drive along.  I like to run them 
    over, but you can blow them up if you like.  As soon as you see a gunship, 
    put your missile vets in sentry so they take them down.  Move on and kill the 
    rocket troops.  Destroy the 2 pillboxes yourself.  Kill the enemy bazooka 
    vets.  Enter the stronghold, put everyone on sentry mode and kill the 
    Infantry.  Make sure your missile vets take down the gunships. Heal your 
    battlestation by grabbing jerry cans, there's one under a tent in the middle 
    of the stronghold and one in a tent by the 2 pillboxes at an exit of the 
           Drive forward and take potshots at the enemy Heavy Tank.  If you can't 
    hit it because of the hill, drive forward and try again.  Remember to pick up 
    the Blue Jerry of EVERY vehicle you destroy. Drive forward and take out the 
    pillbox and 2 Heavy tanks.  Drive forward, and destroy the next Heavy Tank 
    and Pillbox from as far away as possible.  You should destroy the Heavy Tank 
    before it has enough time to turn around and hit you.
           Just drive forward and destroy the pillboxes and Heavy Tanks (Heavy 
    Tanks first).  You should ALWAYS have your missile vets right beside you to 
    destroy gunships.  Drive past the wall, run over the Rifles and destroy the 
    statues.  Spend no more time than 3 seconds a statue.  Looking Good!
    Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers - Difficulty 3/4
           Switch to an AA unit, and have everyone follow you as you drive 
    forward. When you're in a circular area and you see the enemy Rifle Grunts 
    running towards you, put everyone in sentry mode. Kill the grunts and the 4 
    gunships quickly.  Take control of a tank and drive towards the POW's.  Order 
    your tanks to destroy one enemy heavy tank while you go after the other.  The 
    Iron legion gunships and Heavy Tanks are tougher than yours so be careful not 
    to be hit. 
           Put everyone in sentry mode and switch to a flame vet, run up to the 
    captured fighters, and kill the guards.  Free the POWs and run back down the 
    hill.  If your AAs haven't taken care of the enemy gunships by now, switch to 
    one and do it yourself.  Drive down the road, and send your flame vets after 
    the enemy rocket troops to the left.  Destroy the rocket troops and Heavy 
           Drive to the lip of the crater.  Switch to an AA, and destroy the 
    gunships that come out of the crater, then switch back to a tank.  Have your 
    tanks follow you, but put everyone else in sentry mode.  Tell some of your 
    comrade tanks to destroy the statue on the right while you and another tank 
    destroy the one on your left. To destroy the obelisks as fast as possible, 
    just shoot at them again and again while driving straight at them.  You 
    should go fast enough to destroy at least 2 no problem. Destroy the last 2 in 
    a clockwise system.  When the shield is down for the cenotaph, order your 
    entire battalion to attack it.  Shoot it again and again while strafing to 
    avoid enemy tank shots.  When you destroy the Cenotaph, the level is over.
    Siege of the Vlagstag - Difficulty 3
           Be a mortar vet and have everyone follow you. Have your flame vets and 
    rifle grunts take out enemy infantry.  Get the mortars to attack the two 
    pillboxes on the left (Help Them Out) and your tanks attack the two pillboxes 
    on the right.  Nova's gunships will usually blow up anything you attack, so 
    it shouldn't take long.  Capture the first flag and run through the gate.  
    Switch to a missile vet and take down the bomber.  
           Switch back to a Mortar, send your flame vets after the enemy Infantry 
    and your tanks after the artillery.  Run up the hill to your right and take 
    out the pillbox, Rifle, and Searchlight.  Switch to a missile vet and take 
    down the bomber.  Switch to a tank and drive forward, taking out the 3 enemy 
    pillboxes.  Put everyone in follow mode and drive up to the flag.  
           Capture the second flag and take down the bomber.  Switch to a Mortar 
    Vet, and put everyone in follow mode, and run past the second gate, taking 
    down the Infantry.  Send your tanks after the artillery.  Destroy the 
    pillboxes and searchlights yourself.  Take the final flag.  
           Switch to a flame vet and kill the rocket troops.  Switch to a mortar 
    vet again, and gather all the remaining mortar vets.  Put everyone in sentry 
    mode except your mortar vets, then run into the base THROUGH A SIDE ENTRANCE 
    ON THE RIGHT and DESTROY THE 2 AA UNITS FIRST.  It doesn't matter if you 
    mortar units die so long as the AA units are destroyed.  
           Nova's gunships will destroy the battlestations with ease.  Once 
    they're gone, have everyone follow you and capture the 2 flags.  Good Job, 
    You've just beaten the game, Commander!
    Bonus Mission 4 - Difficulty 2
           Ah, there's nothing as fun as being an Iron Legion commander.  Switch 
    to a gunship, put everyone in follow mode, and fly forward.  Kill the Rocket 
    Troops (see what I mean?).  Switch to a flame vet and put your gunships in 
    sentry mode, then send your bazooka vets and tanks after the enemy tank while 
    you take out the missile vets with your flame vets.  Switch back to a gunship 
    and fly forward toward the enemy, taking out anyone you come across.  When at 
    the stronghold fortified by the Western Frontier, circle around killing 
    everyone not protected by missile vets.  Switch to a tank, put your gunships 
    in sentry mode, then finish off the enemy.  When the enemy Missile vets are 
    gone, feel free to bring in the gunships.  Victory feels good, doesn't it?
    E. Credits, Legal and Version Information.
    This FAQ was created by the one and only me, Da_Nut.
    I will allow this FAQ to be put anywhere as long as I get credit.
    I will accept suggestions from people who have better ideas on how to do 
    things, please contribute!  I will give you the credit.
    Thank you Brian for putting up with me babbling and drawing diagrams of the 
    levels during Algebra.
    Thank you Joseph Shaw for your contribution.
    Thanks everyone for reading this, I hope I helped.
    -Version Updates-
    1 - Full Walkthrough all missions and Unit FAQ
    1.01 - Added Da_Nut's Stratagems for success.  (Tips)
    1.02 - Fixed One Heck of a Typo (Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers level) added 
    more techniques to the level Striking Distance.
    1.12 - Added bonus missions 1-3.  
    1.22 - Fixed a huge typo, and tweaked levels "Plan of Attack" and "Call Sign 
    1.32 - Added bonus mission 4, tweaked levels "Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers", 
    "Titans of Tundra" and "Road to Xylvania" 
    1.37 - Tweaked levels "Gunships of the Desert" "Guns of Tiki Bay" and "Xday" 
    1.40 - Tweaked levels "Titans of Tundra" "Tomb of the Unkown Soldiers" and 
    "Bridges on the River Styx"
    1.45 - Tweaked level "Siege of the Vladstag" and added more detail in the 
    Unit section and Da_Nut's Stratagems for success.
    1.55 - Added much more detail to my levels and increased the average size of 
    them by 2X.  I also added Battalion Wars Q&A.
    1.56 - Added an alternate strategy for Battle of the Coral Atolls, 
    contributed by Joseph Shaw
    Please remember, if you have any ideas on how to do things better, or 
    suggestions for my FAQ, write to me at greatdmr@cox.net.  You will get full 
    credit if I decide to put it in here.

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