• Pre-made skaters

    Go to create-a-skater and enter any of these names in as the name of your skater and your skater will become that character.

    JimboSkate as that character
    O.DSkate as that character
    derfunkelSkate as that character
    Sorry!Skate as that character

    Contributed By: driv3r is awsome.


  • Codes

    Go into the cheats menu, and type in:

    wakpakAll Characters
    sikflickAll Movies
    likepaulieAlways Special
    urown3dlevel select
    straightedgeperfect rail
    unscrewedtonyhawk's pro skater 1 tonyhawk and natas kaupas
    XXLargeUnlocks Phil

    Contributed By: sk8 junkie, wolfweed, electrosho, and superpsp.


  • Get crazy combo points with a glitch!

    First go to the Berlin level and go inside the church. Then climb the ladder and go around to the side where you could acid drop outside the church. But instead of acid dropping go right and jump into a little space on the right. Keep hopping up and you will keep going higher and higher. In the air press Z to get on your board and you will keep bouncing back and forth. Now you can do unlimited moves to get insane points! Get off your board when you want to stop.

    Contributed By: isiahzombie.

  • How to get stuck in the elevator

    For this, you need Pro Skater unlocked. To do this glitch, go to Pro Skater in Space and go to an elevator and set a restart in there. Go out of the elevator, then pause and select goto restart, and then you'll be stuck in the elevator! To get out, you would have to switch to a different level, then go back, or just quit and get to the main menu.

    Contributed By: glitchmaster789.


  • All Gap Unlockables

    When you get all the gaps, you unlock the following:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Always SpecialGet All Gaps
    Bigfoot OneGet All Gaps
    BoxerGet All Gaps
    Flute PlayerGet All Gaps
    Guitar PlayerGet All Gaps
    Lost Soul 3Get All Gaps
    Lounge SingerGet All Gaps
    Mayan Tiki MaskGet All Gaps
    Moon GravityGet All Gaps
    ParamedicGet All Gaps
    Perect ManualGet All Gaps
    Perfect RailGet All Gaps
    Perfect SkitchGet All Gaps
    Security GuardGet All Gaps
    SkabotoGet All Gaps
    Space Monkey 3Get All Gaps
    Wiener VendorGet All Gaps

    Contributed By: King 0f Red Lions.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AborgineBeat Story 100%
    Alienbeat Story on Easy
    Alien Doctorbeat Story on Normal
    Alien Leaderbeat Classic on Normal
    Australian Copbeat Classic Mode 100%
    Ben Franklincomplete Boston in Story
    Bigfootbeat Classic on Sick
    Boat Captainbeat Story on Normal
    Bratwurst Vendorbeat Classic Mode 100%
    Bull Fightercomplete Barcelona in Story
    Call Of Duty Soldiercomplete Story on Sick
    Camera ManBeat Story 100%
    Cheat Codes Movieget all gaps on all 15 levels
    Construction WorkerBeat Story 100%
    Corn Vendorbeat Classic Mode 100%
    Cut ChemistBeat Story 100%
    Geeky Kidbeat Story on Easy
    German Copbeat Classic Mode 100%
    German Drunk 1beat Story on Sick
    German Drunk 2Beat Story 100%
    German Drunk 3beat Classic Mode 100%
    Graffiti PunkBeat Story 100%
    Graffiti Taggercomplete Berlin in Story
    Horn Playerbeat Classic Mode 100%
    Hospital AttendantBeat Story 100%
    Imp (little devil)beat Classic on Sick
    Inline Skaterbeat Classic on Normal
    Jesse Jamescomplete Classic Mode on Sick
    Jestercomplete New Orleans in Story
    LifeguardBeat Story 100%
    Lost Soul 1 (old guy)beat Story on Normal
    Lost Soul 2beat Classic Mode 100%
    MayanBeat Story 100%
    Metal Detector Guybeat Classic Mode 100%
    Mimebeat Story on Sick
    Natas Kaupascomplete Classic Mode on Sick
    Neversoft Skates Moviecomplete Classic Mode with 100%
    Nigelcomplete Story on Sick
    Pauliecomplete Story on Normal
    Peds Group Acomplete Story on Easy
    Peds Group Bcomplete Story on Normal
    Peds Group Ccomplete Story on Sick
    Peds Group Dcomplete Classic Mode on Normal
    Peds Group Ecomplete Classic Mode on Sick
    Peds Group Fcomplete Story with 100%
    Peds Group Gcomplete Classic Mode with 100%
    Peds Group Hget all gaps on all 15 levels
    Phil Margeracomplete Story on Easy
    Piratebeat Classic Mode 100%
    Pro Bails 1 Moviecomplete Classic Mode
    Pro Bails 2 Moviecomplete Story with 100%
    Pro Skater Levelcomplete Story
    Ramp Kid (the sick kid)beat Classic on Normal
    Revgolutionary SoldierBeat Story 100%
    Ryan Shecklercomplete Skatopia in Story
    Shrekcomplete Story on Easy
    Shrimp Vendorcomplete Australia in Story
    Skatopia Punkbeat Classic Mode 100%
    Space Monkey 1 (green)beat Story on Easy
    Space Monkey 2 (pink)beat Classic on Sick
    Steve-Ocomplete Classic Mode on Normal
    The Handcomplete Story on Normal
    The Triangle Levelcomplete Classic Mode
    THPS1 Tonycomplete Classic Mode on Normal
    Voodoo DoctorBeat Story 100%
    World Destruction Tour Moviecomplete Story
    Zombie 1beat Story on Sick
    Zombie 2beat Classic Mode 100%

    Contributed By: GaryAtEastern and LeatherWings.

Easter Eggs

  • Bead Madness

    Throw a bead at any girl in New Orleans, and they'll pull up their shirt to reveal the word, censor.

    Contributed By: Superjedi008.

  • Jeers

    In Boston, on one of the buildings you will find a bar, by the name of Jeers in the same style logo as the one on the TV show, Cheers. When doing a particular goal, you can get inside, and you'll see this is indeed made to be a replica of the bar.

    Contributed By: German Dragon.

  • Star Wars Kid

    Go to Boston towards the apartment complex. Spine the apartment, but get off your board and end up in the apartment building. Talk to the kid and he will start swinging whatever it is he's holding like a lightsaber. This is an obvious reference to the 'Star Wars Kid' that was taped, pirated, and ridiculed for a rough month.

    NOTE: There are two apartment rooms, so if you go to the wrong one, the other one is just on the other side of the building.

    Contributed By: bbqchickenguy.

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