GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (North America)

Save Game File12/02/07admiralhowdy16K
"Coyote" player profile with all characters and weapons unlocked.
Save Game File12/01/07admiralhowdy40K
"Outpost 13" story map adventure. Defend the abandoned outpost from the Aztec hordes.
Save Game File12/02/07admiralhowdy40K
“10tilSunrise” story map adventure featuring “torch effect” lighting logic--when outside and in the dark, you carry a torch. Stay alive until sunup and fend off the vampire siege.
Save Game File12/01/07admiralhowdy40K
“Cat Ops” custom Assault level. Khallos puts the cat cam through its paces in this diabolically brain-teasing, no-combat platformer. See the unused Actions within the map editor for a description of the intended Assault settings.
Save Game File12/02/07admiralhowdy40K
“LandoDaLost” custom Assault level. First of a series of character-based 1-player Assault stories: Mad Old Crow vs. velociraptors. See the unused Actions within the map editor for a description of the required Assault settings.
Save Game File12/25/05netBlaman40K
An assault map I've made myself
Save Game File10/23/06admiralhowdy40K
LF8R Action! by admiralhowdy. Story Map featuring simulated elevators, optional "secret" area, a beautiful rooftop sky glitch, and key-carrying Story AI that... run away from you.
Save Game File11/07/06Aetheron40K
Save Game File03/09/07admiralhowdy40K
SniperBasic. Mapmaker Map: Story mode sniping practice with the challenge of highly mobile targets. Arcade style action with Awards.

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