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Guide and Walkthrough by Dimon101

Version: .78 | Updated: 02/17/2006

                             Virtua Quest: An Action Role Playing Game
                             For: Playstation 2 and Gamecube
                             By: Dimon101

Current Version: .78 New sections, updated
                     Various fixes, spell checks, etc...
I. Table of Contents
     I. Table of Contents(changed slightly)
    II. Legal Information
   III. What is the Nexus?(changed slightly)
    IV. Cast of Characters (changed slightly)
     V. Game Basics(changed slightly)
    VI. Hunter Ranks, Badges, and Store Info(changed slightly)
   VII. Virtua Souls, Lost Arts, and VS Move List(changed slightly)
  VIII. Bit and Bit Transformations
    IX. Walkthrough 
        A. Curio City(changed slightly)
        B. Wild Corridor(Started in-depth walkthough)
        C. Twin Axis
        D. Tsukiyoi Castle
        E. Darness Port
        F. Thai Phong Ruins
        G. Main Server
        H. Sidequests
     X. Secrets, Spoilers, and Questions(NEW SECTION!)
    XI. Thank you's and Contact information(changed slightly)


II. Legal Information

  The information contained in this Faq is exclusively made by me, Dimon101. You
can freely distribute it in it's complete format. Any deviation, such as 
plagarizing, copying part into your own private walkthrough, changing it in
any way, or using it for profitable adventures is prohibited. This guide can
only be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com. If this is located any where else,
it is in violation of said copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained 
in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders,
and in this case, Dimon101. All trademarks related to the game are owned by
Sega of America Inc.

Copyright 2006 Mark McCauley.


III. What is the Nexus?

The Nexus is a virtual reality simulation controlled by several companies and 
business locations. Most people live in this world because it is more peaceful 
than the real world. Over time, some parts of the Nexus were forgotten. These
forgotten areas on the servers were eventually discovered by a group of people
who found interesting in exploring old forgotten areas. This also led to the
discovery of data chips in the servers. Eventually this group became treasure 
hunters to find data chips for money.


IV. Cast of Main Characters

 Here is a brief description of some of the characters found in the game:


Sei - 

The hero of the story and is controlled by the main character. He just
had his birthday and got a Hunter Glove. The Hunter glove allows him to
go into the Nexus, a virtual realitly world. He lives in the city of
Acropolis. I will usually refer to him as "you" in the walkthrough.

Hayami -

Sei's best friend who already has achieved a high rank in the hunter's guild
with a rank of ExA. He is currently helping Sei with an airbike they wish to
enter into a race, but don't have enough money, so he sends sei to gather 
data chips for money for the airbike.

Toka -

A mysterious girl who helps the hero out of many tight spots. Little is known
about this individual and her background is shrouded in darkness...

Raud -

Another mysterious individual that helps the hero when he is in danger. Other
than helping the hero, nothing is known about this individual.

Moon -

A member of an corporation that calls itself J6, or Judgement Six. Little is 
known about their activities and even less is known about Moon other than he
is known to where a mask over his face to conceal his identity.

Schatt -

Is he an enemy or a friend? He seems to be searching for Virtua Souls also..

Enemies to fight in the game:


These are the foot soldiers of J6. They appear to all wear masks on their
faces to conceal their identity. There are different variations of Durals.
Higher level servers also contain higher level Durals.


A flying saucer enemy that is a security program of the current server
the hero is on. They come in different colors on various servers. The
higher the server's level, the harder they become.


These enemies have only one mission: to commit suicide and take you with
them. The best thing to do is to avoid these enemies at all costs.

Robot Fighters-

An upgraded version of the durals. Being machines, sometimes it is 
possible to stun the bigger ones. There are various sizes of robots, 
from small to very large.

Muscular figthters-

These fighters are all muscle. They appear white or gray and hit
hard. Try to dodge their attacks

Specialized Durals-

A specialization of the Durals function, they only attack with either
a fire grenade, or gunfire with a laser scope. Try to avoid their laser 
scopes or they will shoot at you. Also avoid the fire nades thrown as
they blow up 3 seconds after thrown.

Root Users-

Also known as a boss of an server. They lock the current hunters on 
the server, so that no on them can escape, not only trapping the hero,
but all the other people on the same server. Defeat them to clear a 


V. Game Basics

 This section describes some basic techniques and manuvers, and the use of the
equipment. This is based on the PS2 controller. If you are playing with the 
Gamecube version, please refer to the instruction manual for your game.

Basic Controls:

Start: lets you view control panal during playing and lets you skip previously
       viewed movies.

Left analog stick: This is the main way to control the hero around the Nexus.

O: This button cancels in the menu and also is how you attack the enemies.

X: This selects an item in the menu and lets you jump, examine, and speak on 
   the Nexus.

Right Analog Stick: Allows the hero to use the wire.

L1/L2: This is how to control the camera(and it's not automatic).

R1: Activates a special move called Synape Break.

R2: This initiates a talk with bit, giving various hints/strategies about a

Square Button: Guards against attacks from enemies and allows you to run on 

Triangle Button: This will be used alot to use the virtua soul attack.

R1+Square button: Initiates a summoning of a virtual soul who attacks for you
                  (Also known as the Synape Bomber).

There are many strategies to watch for in different levels.

*Always save in the Hunters Base because sometimes it takes awhile to get to 
the save spot in the Nexus.

*You can hang off ledges in some levels by jumping up to a ledge and push up
on the left analog stick.

*There are many breakable items in many levels. Make sure to break them for
hidden data chips.

*Wall run is very important later in the game. Simple jump at the wall you
wish to run at and push the square button. Note: not all walls can be run on.

* You can recover quiker from enemy attacks when knocked on the ground by
pushing any button to get back up. This is especially uselful against bosses
and Virtua Souls who always attack you when your down.

*The wire is very important to get to out of the way places or up high.
This is usually indicated by a green arrow or a green circle that bit uses
to highlight them in the game. Also, be aware there are differenlty 
functioning wire orbs that throw your characters different ways.

*Synapse Break is used to slow down enemies so you can beat them up easier.
Watch your SP as it will run out very fast using this.

*Synapse Bomber is a summoning move that allows you to summon a virtua soul
that you found and will fight for you. This takes hit points to use, so be
careful with over use.

* Virtual Soul techniques are advanced fighting styles (Specials) your 
hero will learn throuhgt the game. Each one uses a combination of different
keys. You can find out which one requires a specific key by looking in the 
menu under Virtua Souls.

*You can throw enemies, but this manuver is not recommended because it leaves
your character open to attacks. Throw an enemy by using O+triangle button.

*Always go back to previous levels because some levels have new Virtua Souls
appear, and when you receive a new move, check the moves star level to see
if it can open any missed star boxes in any previous levels.

*SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Make sure to save in the Hunter's Base and in the save 
terminals in the Nexus. Since this is so important, i put this twice up here!


VI. Hunter Ranks(All you ever wanted to know about a hunter, but were afraid
                 to ask!)

The Hunter base is where all the action starts for the hero in the Nexus. In
fact, if you want a liscense, you need to take their tests. Think of them
as practice tutorials for the actual Nexus levels. Most of them let you 
practice a certain method or movement. Most of them are easy, except for the
Master test.

Hunter ranks are split up like this:

Each class requires 3 levels of experience before getting a new class title.

LoA----The newbie hunter class. You must earn 3 levels in this class to 
       advance to the next class level

HiA----The medium range hunter. Opens more quests and side quests start to 
       become available

ExA----Hiyami starts out as this class. You will need to earn lots to
       show off here.

Upgrading the Hunter Rank:

In order to increase the score obtained on a server, you need to perform 
certain skills. Using VS moves to kill players or summoning VS can score lots 
of points to increase your Hunter Rank scores. The scores are shown after 
beating a server. They are ranked as D,C,B,A, and S. Again, it depends on how 
much you used VS(soul kills), time, and how many enemies you defeated.

Each Hunter Rank also has numerical ranks, from 1 to 3. You increase these
by increasing your performance on a server, as mentioned above.

The Hunter Glove

An important part of any hunter is his/her glove. Knowing how to manipulate
the glove and upgrade it can save a hunter's life in many cases. The hunter's
glove is shaped as a cuboidal 3X3 area that the hunter can equip upgrades. The
higher the upgrade, the more space it takes on the 3X3 Cube. This becomes
a necessary evil when fighting in the higher servers. Equip what upgrades
you desire. I cannot tell you how you format them as there are many variations
like having all fighting upgrades or going totally defensive. Most upgrades 
are also stackable, which means you can buy more than one to stack the stat
changes on the hero character.


The shops are also split into the ranks and hunter base your on. Here is a list
of what the shops sell, the items function, and how much they cost.

LoA Server Upgrade Store:

Legend: Pt=Data points obtained on a level from data chips.

Life Macro---Increases Hit Points by 10.
Cost: 2200pt

Offenser---Increases Attack by 5.
Cost: 4500pt

Defenser---Increases Defense by 5.
Cost: 3600pt

Synapse Macro---Increase Spirit by 10.
Cost: 2800pt

ESC Dash---Use the square button to escape from enemies fast.
Cost: 3500pt

Down Finish---Able to hit enemies when knocked down on ground(hard to use!).

Attack Drive---Increases attacks in a combo.
Cost: 5500pt

HiA Upgrade Server Store:

Hi Life Macro---Increases Hit Points by 20.
Cost: 4300pt

Hi Offenser---Increases Attack by 10.
Cost: 7000pt

Hi Defenser---Increases Defense by 10.
Cost: 5600pt

Hi Synapse Macro---Increase Spirit by 20.
Cost: 4900pt

HP Call---Makes enemies drop healing recovery items more often.
Cost: 10800pt

SP Call---Makes enemies drop spirit recovery items more often.
Cost: 10800pt

Load Revive---One of the best items in the game that revives the hunter.
Cost: 8000pt

ExA Upgrade Server Store:

EX Life Macro---Increases Hit Points by 30.
Cost: 8100pt

EX Offenser---Increases Attack by 15.
Cost: 10500pt

EX Defenser---Increases Defense by 15.
Cost: 8200pt

EX Synapse Macro---Increases Spirit by 30.
Cost: 7100pt

Money Call---Increases the data chips dropped by enemies.
Cost: 15400pt

Load Revive--Resurrect the hero when running out of health.
Cost: 8000pt

Hunter Badges: 

There are also items called Hunter Badges that open a secret level in the
testing center. The badges require a level 3 skill to find them, and their
locations are:

Curio City, section 1----right above where you start.

Wild Corridor, section 3----hidden in a rock that bit remarks about in the 
                            area where all the wire orbs are located.

Twin Axis, section 2----turn on the fountain by pushing the buttons in order 
                        near the sonic statue.

Tsukiyio Castle, section 3----behind a secret wall that bit remarks is 
                              strange, near the mask that shoots laser beams.

Darness Port, section 3----behind a fence where you must jump diagnally to 
                         reach. If you fall,get prepared to get wet in 
                         the ocean.

Thai Pong Ruins, section 1----Found falling down a pit in the first 
                              courtyard. You must hit a brick that is 
                              hiding the pit underneath it.

Qian Dong Jie, section 1----This one is obvious, but is very hard to get. 
                            It is located floating in the air above some 
                            signs.(Hint: use the signs to get it. You will 
                            need to jump on top of the train to do it.It 
                            takes 2 moves to get this badge, one to open the 
                            box, then one to get the badge.) Also, according 
                            to XypherZX, "Finally to get that last Hunter 
                            Badge, any level 3 jump Virtua Soul (Pai or Shun 
                            if I remember) are the best ones to get the 

Master Hunter Test:

This only opens getting all the above mentioned badges. Talk to the tester
and this test will open. It is extremly hard. I cannot even get very far in
the level. I do not know what this does or opens. 

According to XypherZX, "Finishing the Master Test is part of the process of 
getting the Soul Energy, an item to make Virtua Soul usage to 0 SP..making 
it very cheap. You have to beat the tester guy after the test to recieve the 
item." I believe the tester guy referred to is Goya.


VII. Virtua Souls

 "What are Virtua Souls?" 

Think of them as memory fragment of fighters left in the Nexus from an old
fighting competition, referred to as "ghost data". They can be summoned in 
battle to help you, or you can utilize their moves and fight enemies with 
them. The more you use a certain fighter, the more it may change your hero's 
apperance and armour type.

Virtua Souls are found everywhere in the Nexus. Explore everywhere you can on
a map as they may be located in a hard to reach location or a easy to spot 
location.They are usually in boxes with stars on the outside of them. These 
boxes show what level you need to open them by how many stars are located on 
them. For example, 2 stars would requirea Virtua Soul with a rank 2 skill. 
You can check the rank of virtua soul moves by checking "Virtua Soul" in the 
game menu.

"What is Lost Art?"

Lost art is like figurine collecting. They look like statues that show the 
fighters in various poses, but they also have another function. When 
collecting all 3 figurines of the same name, you can talk to a certain 
individua named Dotl on Hia HunterBase to open up a new server that lets 
you unlock their 3rd level skills.

Getting the Lost Art figurines is a little tricky. When fighting, use the 
Synapse Bomber move. Check what the enemies drop. If they drop a yellow item
that looks like a twisting circle, then that is a lost art figurine. This is
how level 1 and level 2 figurines are usually collected. You may have to use
the synapse bomber often if level 2 figurines do not drop right away. Also,
try to use the same Synapse Bomber summoned fighter. You must be careful as 
switching moves can change the summoned fighter.

According to IceMage24's Faq, there is an alternative method for obtaining
level 2 figurines. The method suggests going to Wild Corridor with the 
picked Virtua Fighter, fight and beat the level using as much of the 
summouned fighter moves. After finishing that level, proceed to Tito's
request area and do a bunch of Synapse Bombs. Supposedly, the stronger
enemies in Tito's sidequest area will drop it faster than just fighting
on a level with a Virtua Soul. This may also get you the level 1 figurine
if you have not obtained it yet.

Level 3 figurines are harder to find. You must obtain them either through
doing side quests, which the person gives you at the end of them, or
find them in a 2 or 3 star box on a level.

"What is that Arena area teleported to when obtaining a Virtua Soul?"

This is known as the Virtua installer arena. In here, you will be required to
fight a virtua fighter until his/her energy bar, located at the top of the
screen, is out. It is impossible to die here, so if you run out of energy,
you can always fight again. It is, however, recommended, that you don't lose
and try to win.

"What are the move(s) names?"

The Virtua Fighter moves names are Japanese and untranslated. Some of them
are in English, already translated in the game. The type refers to what the
move does(ie. Jumping, kicking,etc..) I will probably put these in the order
you obtain them in the game, not when you find the star box.

VS Figther Name----Move Name---------Location---------------------------Type

Akira              Mouko Kouhazan    Curio City, inside crate.       Striker

Shun               Touku Hitenhou    Curio City, 1 star box inside   Dash
                                     parking garage. 

Wolf               Short Shoulder    Curio City, 1 star box inside   Floater

Lion               Taizan Soukoushu  Wild Corridor, 1 star box at    Charge
                                     beginning of level in side 


VIII. Bit and Bit Transformation

Note: Thanks to XypherZX FAQ for filling in the missing bit forms that I did 
not find, and the stats for some of the forms.

Bit is a little helper that joins you in your quests. Basically, similiar to 
a net navi from another game. He can transform depending on what you feed him.
The food for bit can be found on various servers. There are 2 type of foods:
food and diet. Food increases a specific stat, but lowers other stats 
and Diet reduces it, but increases the other stats.The foods are:

Brave--for courage
Brain--for intelligence
Heart--for kindness

To feed bit, go to status in the menu and select bit. Two options will come up.
The feed menu that shows how many food items you have, and the gallery that
show the forms of bit. Here are the forms:

Rabbit---The beginner form. Looks like a rabbit This form will search for 
         items on a map.

Required Stats:

Courage: 10-19
Intelligence: 10-19
Kindness: 10-19

Fish---The worst form you can get. I had this and it did nothing. Looks like a

Required Stats:

Courage: 10-19
Intelligence: 30-39
Kindness: 20-29

Triceratops---I never got this form, but according to XypherZX, it attacks 
              multiple enemies. Looks like a dinosaur

Required Stats:

Courage: 50
Intelligence: 30-39
Kindness: 30-39

Elephant---Another form i never got, but according to XypehrZX, it creates a 
           shield. Looks like a elephant.

Required Stats:

Courage: 30-39
Intelligence: 10-19
Kindness: 40-49

Cat---I did not like this form. It warns when enemies are attacking you. It 
      also warns of trap. This is usually the first form you will transform
      bit into as the first food you find is heart in wild corridor. Looks 
      like a cat.

Required Stats:

Courage: 10-19
Intelligence: 20-29
Kindness: 10-19

Dolphin---This is my favorite second form. It heals you if you stand still and
          wait. I had this form for several levels. Looks like a dolphin.

Required Stats:

Courage: 20-29
Intelligence: 30-39
Kindness: 40-49

Dog---Bit gets the data chips scattered by enemies. Very useless as there are
      other more versatile fomrs. Looks like a dog.

Requried Stats:

Courage: 30-39
Intelligence: 30-39
Kndness: 30-39

Jellyfish---Never got this form, but according to XypherZX, put enemies to 
            sleep and attacks. Looks like a jellyfish.

Requried Stats:

Courage: 40-49
Intelligence: 10-19
Kindness: 10-19

Bear---Never got this form, but accordinf to XypherZX, attack and give info
       on enemy. Looks like a bear.

Required Stats:

Courage: 20-29
Intelligence: 30-39
Kindness: 20-29

Lion---I had this, but did not like this form. All it did was attack 
       occasionaly. Looks like a lion.

Required Stats:

Courage: 40-49
Intelligence: 20-29
Kindness: 20-29

Frog---This prevents falling damage, supposedly. I never actually saw it do
       this, though. Another horribly useless form. Looks like a frog.

Required Stats:

Courage: 10-19
Intelligence: 20-29
Kindness: 20-29

Whale---This form stores healing items found in a level and uses them when
        your character becomes critically hit. This is a very good form, and 
        I must agree with XypherZX's Faq about being the best form. Looks like
        a whale.

Required Stats:

Courage: 10-19
Intelligence: 20-29
Kindness: 40-49

Pteranodon---Supposedly attacks enemies, but when i had this, it kept missing
             the enemies with it's attacks. I consider it useless. Looks like
             a pteranodon.

Required Stats:

Courage: 40-49
Intelligence: 40-49
Kindness: 20-29

Make sure to check out XypehrZX's Faq. It has lots of very good info on bit
transformations, more than what I expounded on here.

Note: I wish to keep my walkthrough spoiler free. If you see me mention 
"after some scenes", I am shying away from critical story elements. Also,
I am not going to mention every data chip you can collect in a level. Do
some exploring yourself if you wish to do that...

IX. Walkthrough----

A. Curio City

Main Objectives:

I. Obtain a Hunter Liscence
II. Obtain Virtua Soul(s)
III. Escape from the Server

After initial entry into this server, follow Hayami's directions. After this
short demo, you will have to fight some protectors. This is a very basic and 
easy battle. After an explination of a data chip, some scenes will occur.
When taking control of the hero, you will be in the LoA hunter's headquarters.
There is a help desk you are taken to. Ask all the questions you what. Don't
bother with the store as another hunter is tying it up.You will need to go take 
hunter tests to play the normal levels of the Nexus. Simply put, these are 
tutorial and practice levels. To start the tests, look for the man with a green 
beret hat and talk to him. 

After succesfully passing all the exams, it's time to go back to your first
look at a server, Curio City. More scenes will occur. Upon arrival, 
you may notice a 3 star block. Since at this point you have no virtua souls or 
a 3 star skill, ignore and come back later in the game. You will also be 
introduced to Bit. Bit is a Nexus navigator that gives you tips and helps you 
in the servers. He will now follow you everywhere. See more info on bit 
in the "Bit and Bit Transformation" section.

After breaking the boxes on the side of the street, you will come to the point 
as in the initial demonstration. At this point, a scene occurs and then you
will fight. Since you only got basic moves, just you the cirlce button. After
defeating them, bit will remark on getting a repair programs. If you 
practiced on the Hunter Tests, this should be a snap.

At this point I would like to mention about repair walls and permanent walls.
Repair walls usually are fuzzy in appearance and require a repair program that
bit will tell you about. Permanent walls look like octogonal sections attached
and have a warning message across them scrolling. As far as I know, it is 
impossible to open permanent walls. There are also walls that look like 
they are made of electricity. These walls require you to defeat the 
enemies in a area.

After landing where the wire orb throws the hero, look for some crates to 
break. In one of the containers is the required Repair Program A. After 
jumping down from the ledge your on, approach the static wall and the repair 
program automatically activates. After the wall disappears, you will need to
fight some more enemies. Defeat them and use the wire orb near the fence. If
aimed correctly, you can get some floating data chips in the basketball 
court. Also, there are boxes in the basketball court. Now use the wire orb
to get out of the basketball court. Walk toward the wall at the end of the

More scenes where you are introduced to Toka. After the scene, expect
to fight some more enemies, durals this time. Defeat them to make a new wire
orb appear. Use the wire orb and fight some more durals. A red wall goes down
and opens a new section. Keep following the only path avaible and make sure
to collect data chips, which are important for buying upgrades at the shops.
Follow the path to a yellow arrow, which tell you a new map will load.

Follow the path to a plaza, and ignore the catwalks for now. More enemies to
fight appear. Defeat them all to open up the path again. After defeating them
all, use the wire orb to go up the catwalk. Notice the strange box. These
are switch boxes that activate wire orbs in a level. Activate it and a new
wire orb appears near one of the inaccessible catwalks. Backtrack to the 
earlier catwalks and use the new wire orb. After reaching the top of the 
catwalk, jump to the building across the way. Another scene, and some more

This next scene is a tutorial for using Synapse Break. It also introduces 
Raud, a person who wants to help you, and strangely, can log out!
In the virtua arena, follow Raud's instructions and more scenes occur. After
Raud logs out, go towards the door. The electric wall disappears and you can
go outside. There is a wire orb that leads to a catwalk here, which lets you
use the higher wire orb to a healing item (which is dumb sice the save spot
heals your character fully). Notice the strange telephone booth. This is a save
terminal inside a server. It lets you save and also lets you heal your 
character. Use it, I recommend it!

After using the Save Terminal, proceed to the next door and enter it. A nice
bar room brawl. Defeat all of these enemies to deactivate the red barrier
and proceed up the stairs. Bit will remark about a VS(Virtua Soul) around, so 
check the crates and break them. More scenes and then you will have to fight
Akira. I like the batttle music, and it is different for every VS you fight!
After fighting him, receive your first VS move: The Mouko Kouhazan. More 
scenes occur, then you get to use your VS move right away. First, equip it 
under the strike moves, then use it as directed under the menu. After another 
shattering scene, a new area opens up.

Fight some more enemies and go te direction pointed out as in the scenes. 
After going down some stairs and opening a door, you appear in a garage. Go 
directly left, then left again to find a 1 star box. From now on, these boxes
will contain the VS you want. Use the move you just learned to open the box
and get another VS. After the fight with Shun Di, you will learn the dash 
move: Touku Hitenhou. To get out of the garage, you will need to get 2 
recovery programs from 2 sets of enemies to the left and right of the garage.
These enemies will have a newer form of the durals that is harder to kill, so
be careful. Side G of the garage has the Repair Program C, and side D of the 
garage has Repair Program B. The repair programs will only appear after
completely defeating a group of 4 enemies.

After receiving both Repair Programs, go towards the middle of the garage and
use them both to repair the messed up doors. A red barrier aheads signals that
there is a dural fight. These new types like to kick you in the butt while 
you are fighting their fellow friends, so time your combo's carefully. After
the barrier goes down, go left and up the stairs to another save terminal.
Save here, then continue thru the doors. More scenes occur at this point.

Now that you are in the mall, it's time to go shopping for some VS. The wire
orbs in front of the elevator only go up to some data chips that require some
wall running. Go towards the back left of the map. You will run into some 
durals, but that is not your concern. In the back left corner is another VS.
You will have to fight a newer version of a dural, though. After fighting the
dural and Wolf, you get a new VS floater move: Short Shoulder. Now it's time
to go up the elevator. Activate it and you will be fighting some durals.
Defeat them and go into the elevator.

The top of the mall is high up. If you happen to fall, you will need to get
back to the elevator. Continue around to the repair wall and you will have
to fight 2 protectors. Destroy them and go towards the end to find some wire
orbs. Use them and go across to the balcony. Here there will be more enemies
to fight. Destroy them, then break the trash can. Inside is a Repair Program D.
Go back using the wire orb to the other side and use the repair program. You 
now have access to the food court. In here are some exploder type enemies. 
Aviod them and access the wire orb button in the back. A new path opens.

Use the wire orbs to go to the new balcony and a fight ensues. Defeat the
durals and you will notice the stairs need a repair program. Go down the small
hallway to the left of the stairs to fight 2 more new durals. Defeat them and
get Repair Program E. Use this on the stairs door and continue.

More scenes. Awww...a welcoming party in a arena. This is a hard fight, but 
you will need to kill several waves of durals to escape. There are also 
protector type enemies. If you need to heal, try breaking the trash cans along
the sides of the arena. After you defeat them all, you will probably need to 
heal, so search the trash cans. Also, there is a wire orb that you can use to
get some data chips. Find the other door and enter it. After some stairs is 
another save terminal. This is the last save terminal before the Root User.

Thru the door to the roof is the Root User. After some scenes with him, you
have to fight the boss of this server.

Root User: Unknown J6 Buff Figther

Tips: Avoid the durals as they are infinite. Try to attack him with VS moves 
and even Synapse Bombs if you desire. If you need to heal, break the crates at
the edge of the map. Watch out for his feint move after knocking him down.
After his defeat, more scenes that leave more questions than answers.

You will then be ranked on how good you did in the level. After being ranked, 
you will be teleported back to the LoA hunter base.

Hunter Base

Approach the 2 hunters watching the television for a scene. Talk to them 
afterwards to get some bit food. Also, Este will ask for a favor, but at 
this point your rank is probably not high enough, so forget it for now.
Head towards the training area to get another scene. Do what Hayami 
suggests and go to the store for another scene. Finally, the store is
open! I suggest you buy some upgrades for the upcoming server. Go back
towards the training area guy to activate another scene to get a new
server address.

B. Wild Corridor

Main Objectives
I. Obtain more VS(Virtua Souls)
II. Obtain Bit food
III. Escape from the server

Note: Do not jump into the water as it takes away health!!!

Go to the server select area, and choose the new "Wild Corridor"
server. After arriving and the initial scene with Bit, start exploring.
The box to the right has a heart bit food in it. You will now be 
introduced to a new enemy type: Specialized Durals. You will need to
jump on the box and up to the tower with a double jump. After jumping
up to the higher ledge, take out the enemies that appear. A breakable
barrel is also on this ledge. Again, another higher ledge to jump to
using the logs to jump to the boxes and up the ledge. Kill the greanader
and you will also see a new enemy of the Specialized Dural type. These
gunners use laser scopes to try and target you. Avoid them by moving 
around alot. After killing the gunner dural, go to the right to find a
area with a 1 star box to get a new VS! 

Defeat Lion to get VS move Taizan Soukoshu, a new charge move. After
obtaining the VS, jump out of the hole with a wall cling. Continue
past the big rock and jump down a cliff. You will have to fight again
before finishing this section.

The next section has multiple paths. If you follow the right path all
the way, you will find a 2 star box. Ignore it for now as you don't have
a 2 star skill yet. Follow the path directly left of the star box path to
find Bit food next to a tree, and a fight with 2 durals and a specilized
dural. Make sure to explore all the paths as there are durals on all of
them. One special battle is near the middle of the section with more bit
food, but you get sealed in when appropriating it. You will have to defeat
3 durals to deactivete red barriers.

You will need repair program A to continue to the next area. The good news
is that the program is behind you. The bad news is you get sealed in the
area it is in with a new harder blue dural. Defeat it to deactivate the red
energy barrier. Break the stump to get Repair Program A. Approach the 
static barrier to use it automatically.You will need to defeat a dural
near the barrier. Make sure to explore all the paths to fight more durals
in this area. There is a stump on the left path with 100 data chips in it.

After a scene in the new area, bit remarks on how slippery it is here.
The only spots that are slippery are on the big rocks that data chips
and health itemsare floating over. You can walk in this water, but only 
in this area. Afterthe scene you will have to jump down the cliffs. At the
bottom is a small pond and some enemies and a wire orb if you need to get 
back up the cliff. The water will slow you down, so be careful. After 
defeating the dural in the pond, go after the grenaders. If you want, you 
can get the heath items on the slippery rocks.

Ignore the floating 1 star block near the waterfall as you will not be able
to get it at this point. Approach the rock with data chips floating above
it to get more durals to appear. Defeat them and continue up the path.
Three green durals and a gunner dural will need to be defeated before
leaving the current area.

Upon entering the new area, another scene occurs. Just to let you know, that
is Schatt. I refer to this section as the "Cliffs" as there are cliffs you
need to get on top to get out of this area. The ground area is filled with
exploders, so you can search down here for some stumps with data chips, and
bit will remark on one of the rocks being funny, but you can't break it yet.
Next to the rock on the ground level, in the left section, is a Jeffrey Level 
3 Lost Art Model. There are also lots of bit food scattered around. Since the
size of this area is big, i will only cover how to get thru this area.

Use the wire orb near the entrance to the area to be propelled up to the 
first cliff. Use the switch to activate another 2 wire orb. Use the new
wire orbs to approach another cliff. Use the switch to activate a new
wire orb that takes you to a sealed in section of this area.

The sealed section contains three ledges, a lower one, the one you land
at, and a higher one with a cabin. Jump to the lower one to find a stump
with data chips. Go back to the middle ledge, and use the wire orb to go
up to the cabin ledge. Go into the cabin area. Inside are three breakable
barrels and a 1 star VS box!

After fighting Jeffry, you get VS strike move Torando Strike! Leave the
cabin via the door, and some friends are waiting outside. They are 3 green 
durals and one blue dural. Also is a new type of protector that heals the
durals which makes it your first target to destroy. Try to kill the green
protector first or this will be a long battle. After defeating all these 
enemies, a new wire orb appears. Use it to get to another cliff...wash,
rinse, repeat. That's right, hit the switch to make another wire orb to
appear. At this point, I would like to mention that there are smaller 
cliffs halfway down to the ground. On my first playthrough on this game, 
I found a upgrade on one of these cliffs, but this time I didn't and I 
don't know why.

After using the wire orb to go to the next cliff, You will need to jump 
over to the side cliff that leads to a new area. After arriving in this
new area, which I will call the "River", avoid going into the water or
you will get hurt. You will need to transverse the river by using the 
various wire orbs flying or floating above the river. After arriving,
you find a stump that contains data chips. There is also bit food here.
Use the 2 wire orbs to cross to a cliff on the other side of the river.
When you get on other side of the river, you will fight a dural and 2 
protectors. After eliminating them, use another wire orb to get to the
higher ledge on the other side of the river. This jump is annoying so 
be careful.

At this point I am saving so I will see you next time.CIAO!

To be continued...

Until next time....

2nd half of Wild Corridor!
H. Side Quests(still being worked on!)

This section is dedicated to the sidequests people ask you to do. Some are
simple as getting an item, while others could be a fight against timed
enemies. They vary in challenge according to the requester and which server
he/she asks the request on. Note: Some info obtained from IceMage24's Faq.

Este's Request: To recover data he lost in the mall area in Curio City.
Avaible: After completing Curio City/requires a LoA rank 2 or 3.
Time to Beat: 5:00 minutes
Tips and Hints: This is pretty easy, just make sure to wall run to get the
                ones on top. Do not forget the one in the palm tree also.
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Award: Lau level 3 Lost Art Model(data chips obtained if completed again).

Tito's Request: To see how long you can survive an onslaughter of enemies.
Availability: Unkown
Tips and Hints: According to IceMage24 Faq, you can get level 1 Lost Art 
                models here easily. Just try and survive the enemies.
Level of Difficulty: Medium
Award: Jacky level 3 Lost Art Model(500 data chips if completed again).

Fan's Request: To collect data from the Twin Axis server that was lost.
Availability: Unknown
Tips and Hints: Speed is a key factor here. You will have to search up,
                down, and all over the place
Level of Difficulty: Medium
Award: Unknown

Shent's Request: Prove yourself in combat to defeat an onslaughter of
                 enemies in Twin Axis.
Availablility: Unknown
Tips and Hints: Speed again is a factor here and the last 2 robots take
                the longest to defeat.
Level of Difficulty: Medium
Award: Shun's level 3 Lost Art Model(unknown if completed again)

***In order to get you, the reader a good walkthrogh, i need to play the 
game again from the beginning and take notes. But due to my limited time and 
my college studies this may take awhile, and i will do it in parts...

X. Secrets, Spoilers, and Questions

I do not really want to spoil anything, so i will keep this to a minimum:

Durals Secret:

If you have not figured it out by now(by the time you beat the level),
these are the "missing" hunters that log onto the servers. They have been
hypnotized the same way another character was.

Rand Versus Hero's Father:

Is it just coincidence these 2 look the same, or is there a connection?

XI. Contact Information and Thank you's

You can contact me at lmccauley@houston.rr.com. Be aware i will delete all
email that does not specifically ask about this game in the subject line or
the letter itself both. Please do not email me about cheats as i do not cheat.
You can email tips, but it depends if i find them useful. I will usually not
respond due to the time crunches i have at college.

Thanks to XypherZX for a wonderful Faq about bit transformations and for the
tips provided for obtaining the last hunter badge and about the Master Test.

Thanks to IceMage 24 Faq for filling in some info on sidequests I did not 
know and some strategies I was not aware of.

Thanks to Sega for such a wonderful game

Thanks to the reader for using this FAQ's and hopefully it will be completed 

End of document.

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