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Guide and Walkthrough by icemage24

Version: .98 | Updated: 12/04/2005



Version: .7

(insert fancy ASCII writing)

By: IceMage24

Author's Note: This is a work in progress.  I just beat the game this evening, 
and figured i'd put this up since there, ya know, isn't a walkthrough up yet, 
so here ya go.  You have any info, let me know.

If you want to use any info, just give me credit, that's all I ask.

EMail: YouzerFriendly (at) aim.com

General Combat Advice: When fighting a tough boss, I advise you to use the 3 
hit air combo.  This is because if the boss blocks, the recovery time out of 
the air combo is ALOT less time than the recovery time from a blocked ground 


<001> - Curio City
<002> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site Thing
<003> - Curio City: for real
<004> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site Thing 2
<005> - Wild Corridor
<006> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site Thing 3
<007> - Twin Axis
<008> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site Thing 4
<009> - Tsukiyoi Castle
<010> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site Thing 5
<011> - Darkness Port
<012> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site Thing 6
<013> - Thai Phong Ruins
<014> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 7
<015> - Qian Dong Jie
<016> - Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 8
<017> - Main Server

<018> - Side Quests

<019> - Mission Section

<020> - Models

<021> - Weight and Soul Bomb Info (Work in progress)

<022> - Version History

<023> - Credits


<001> Curio City: Game Start

Start off by watching the poorly translated cut scene, and set the tone for 
the game: start smashing stuff.  Always a great intro in my opinion.  Beat up 
some protectors, end.

<002> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing

Ask the lady questions if you need to know any info, then head up the ramp and 
hang a left to find Goya, and take the Hunter's test.  Follow the directions, 
learn the basics, ya know.  Jump, hang, attack, wall run, and grapple beam 
thing.  Side note: there are 4 kinds of grapple nodes.

Green Node: These will take you to a predetermined point, and drop you off
Yellow Node: These will let you swing back and forth under it.  Pendelum I 
believe they're called
Pink Node: These will allow you to swing around them in a circle
Purple/Multi color Node: These follow a path, but you can drop off at any 

Pass the Hunter's Test, shouldn't be a problem.  Run down towards the login pod
to start a cutscene with Hayami.  After, walk into the pod and head to Curio 

<003> Curio City: for real
Hunter's Badge: Balcony right behind the login point
Requires: Any *** attack (Tetsuzankou from the Thai Phong Ruins is the first)

After you login, you meet Bit.  There's a nice FAQ by xypher2x on his forms, 
so go read it if you care.  Run up, whack the protectors, open the gate, and 
grapple the green node.  Bust the crate in the corner and grab the repair 
program.  Head back down to the street and open the wall, and whack more 
protectors.  Grapple yourself into the Basketball court for a few bucks, then 
continue on for another cutscene.

Toka, that cooc.  Find out you can't logout, whack the guys, and grapple the 
green you created.  Kill, remove the wall, switch screens.  Hang a left, and 
kill the guys in the pit.  Grapple the green and hit the switch.  At the top 
of the fire escape is some cash.  Head back through where there is no wall 
now, hang a right and grapple the green for some cash and health.  Then go and 
grapple the other green.  Grab the cash there then jump onto the rooftop.

After you so gracefully fall through the roof, kill the guys to start the 
cutscene to get Synapse Break.  Use your Synapse Break to beat the three 
protectors, then watch the rest of the stupid cutscene.  Head out the door, 
and save if you wish.  You can go back to the roof you fell through for a 
little bit of money and grapple the high green for some life on a rooftop, 
then head through the next door.  Have a little bar room brawl with some 
protectors to open the gate, then head up stairs.  Bust the crate for your 
first Virtua Soul.

Side Note: The best way to beat the Virtua Fighters is to either A: Dodge 
their attacks then attack, B: Use jumping attacks or C: carefully time your 
charge attacks (the VS ones work much better than the default).  Which 
stragety works best depends on the Virtua Fighter.

Equip your new Virtua Soul and use it to break the glass.  Head down the 
stairs through the door, hang a pair of lefts and break the blue cube for 
another VS.

If you stand facing the digital wall, one repair program is around to the 
left, the other around to the right, and they both involve killing a group 
of enemies.  Open the doors.  Kill, doors, up the stairs, save, through door.  

Hang a left and go to the end and into the little cubby hole for another chest 
and another VS staring Wolf.  

Kill whoever you want in the lobby, just hit the button on the elevator, kill 
the guys inside, and ride it upstairs.  Ride the green grapple to the other 
side, bust the trash can open for the repair program, and ride the other one 
back.  Open the door.  Hit the switch inside the food court, then go back 
outside and ride your newly created yellows to the other side.  Off to the 
left is some stairs, and a hallway, at the end of which is your repair program 
inside another garbage can thing.  Use it at the top of the stairs and go 
through the door.  

I don't know about you guys, but walking into the ARENA shaped room didn't 
look like a good idea to me, but eh.  Depeat the guys, and open the door.  
Before you leave this room though, find the green grapple and ride it to 
riches, then leave.  Save, and hit the door for the boss.  

BOSS: Bleached Blonde Black Cyborg Guy
Ignore the sexual innuendos in the cutscene here, and beat him up.  Best thing 
to do is stay out from in front of him.  Jump over him, run behind him, etc.  
He's not too rough.  Be careful going all out on him when he's knocked down, 
because he gets up with a nice hard punch.

<004> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 2

On your right will be 2 guys watching TV.  Approach them for a cutscene.  Head 
up towards the help desk for another cutscene with Hayami.  Head for the shop 
for another cutscene, where the NPC will use the term "noobies".  Buy some 
stuff if you please.  Head toward Goya, the test guy, for another, stupid, 
cutscene.  Talk about a disfunctional family.  

Save and then hit the pod for the next server.

<005> Wild Corridor
Hunter's Badge: Inside a boulder in the fourth area
Requires: Any *** attack (Tetsuzankou from the Thai Phong Ruins is the first)

Hop the crates and the tower to get to the next level, then onto some crates 
to get to the third.  Hang a right on the third level and drop into the pit 
for a VS.  Continue on, a switch screens.

If you stick the right wall, you'll find a VS you can't get yet.  You'll need 
a ** power VS to bust the box.

Hang either of the lefts and wrap around into the little cove to find the 
repair program.  Open the door and switch screens.  

In this area is a box with a model in it that you can't get to yet.  You'll 
need a jump power VS.  Continue on and switch screens.  

After the cutscence, grapple the green node and hit the switch.  On the floor 
of this area, is a chest with a model in it (Sarah V3).  After you hit the 
switch, grapple across to the other pillar and hit that switch, then grapple 
the green.  At the top of the stairs is a cabin with a Vitua Soul inside.  

Leave the cabin and defeat the enemies to make a green node appear.  Grapple 
the node to the pillar and hit the switch.  Drop off the side of the pillar 
for a Life Macro Upgrade Tool.  Then work your way back to the top of the 
pillar.  Use the yellow node that the switch turned on to swing to the pillar 
and continue on to the next screen.  

Use the two yellow nodes to swing across the river and the pink one to swing 
across it again.  When you land, hang a left and take the purple node across 
the river to another Virtua Soul (this VS is a jump skill, so you can go back 
and get that other model).

Take the purple node back and go right instead of left.  Save and take the 
chain of green grapples to the next screen.  

BOSS: The Y-chromosomed Powerpuff Girls
This fight is like fighting three glorified regular enemies.  Just dodge and 
attack.  There are three life rechargers at the corners if you need them.  

<006> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 3

Approach the loser you saw in the cutscene to start another cutscene.  Save 
and shop if you want to.  Also, Esta, a guy on the bottom floor of the lobby 
wants you to find some data for him if you're LoA lv2.  

Approach the log in pod to start a cutscene with Hayami.

<007> Twin Axis
Hunter's Badge: Inside the Sonis statue. Hit the white buttons that are 
behind the pillars in the room in this order: 
(diagram from jc10001)
Requires: Any *** attack (Tetsuzankou from the Thai Phong Ruins is the first)

                         1     6

                      4   Sonic   3

                         2     5

The first room is pretty easy, fight your way to the end and hop into the 

Inside the sonic lobby, to the left, is a tunnel with a Virtua Soul.  The 
other tunnel has a room at the end with a repair program in it.  

Grab said repair program and repair door.  Fight your way down the tunnel.  
Then start the cutscene.  Fight the guys, and head throught the door that 

Hit the switch in the middle of the floor, and take the green grapple up to 
the second level.  Take the 2 yellow grapples to the platform with the second 
switch.  Take the newly created green node to the platform a VS.  

From there, take the yellow node to the stack of crates opposite that 
platform.  Follow the money in a wall run, and grab the repair program.  
From there, wall run over the fence and save and go through the door.  

This room can be a bit confusing.  What you want to do it, drop down any 
hole,.  work your way to the outside of the circle, and run clockwise around 
till you hit some stairs.  Go up one floor, and in a room on the left is a 
VS.  Then head up the stairs again.  

Head to the other side of this floor to find another set of stairs.  Take 
them down 1 floor, and drop through the hole you find to find the control 
switch for the elevator.  Return to the top floor and take the elevator.  
Defeat the snipers and head through the door.  

YAY! Another cutscene, this one has Sei saying out loud what I assume was an 
internal monologue originally.  Continue on.

Next room, head to the left and up the stairs.  Head over the beam and hang a 
right to find another VS.  Inside is Jacky.  His sister was BRAINWASHED!.  
Anywho, head to your right, and follow the cash in a wall run to the other 
side.  Hang a right, and hit the switch.  I wonder if you're supposed to hit 
that switch? Hm.  Grapple the 2 yellows to the platform, then head right to 
another yellow, over to the switch.  Head back over the one yellow, and 
grapple the one above you.  From here, you have to jump from the yellow into 
a wall run where the money is.  From here, you have to wall run along the cage 
with the red wire, and do a spin jump at the end.  I recomend doing a double 
jump before the wall run, and hitting the wall run button with your middle 
finger, so you can hit the jump at the end with your index, to avoid hitting A 
instead of B, and making yourself fall to the floor.  If you do happen to 
fall, there's a yellow grapple on the bottom level you can use to start over.  
Next, do a double jump onto the beam, and a double jump off the other end to 
the checker holed platform.  Run into the center room, save, and run into the 
elevator and fight some guys.

BOSS: Shinobi
This guy is rough.  Watch jumping, he'll own your ass in the air.  When he 
goes to teleport, run around in circles near one of the corners of the square 
in the room, and wait for him to apopear near you and try to attack.  When he 
appears near you, he'll stop the funny business.  Other than that, watch his 
double foot jump kick thing, try to dodge until he attacks with it, then 
counter, like you would against a Virtua Fighter.  When he splits into 
multiple guys, hit one of them ASAP and deal with the stun you take. 

<008> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 4

Right next to the login pod is Tito, he has a mission for you! This is a good 
way to make some money, so read the mission section.

If you aren't LoA lvl 3, simply do the Tito's Request mission a few times 
till you get it.  Don't forget to talk to Tito after everytime you complete 
it for you 500 cold ones.  Then, go take the next Hunter's Test.  This will 
let you into the HiA Lounge, and give you access to a new shop, with new 
things to buy.

To go between lounges, use the colored tubes that look like save tubes on the 
second floor.  

Upon completeing the Intermediate Hunter's Test, you'll get a cutscene as soon 
as you walk away from Goya.  Try to refrain from wanting to punch this chick 
in the face.  After the cutscene, Fan will stand in the yellow tube, keeping 
you from getting to the next lobby until you complete her mission.  Go to the 
Mission Section!

At this point, I advise you to repeat Tito's Mission until you're HiA rank 
3.  It gives you some extra cash to spend at the new lounge, and you'll need 
the rank anywho, but it's up to you.  When you're ready, go talk to Fan.  
After you talk to her, re-enter the pod to go to the yellow lounge, and talk 
to Hayami....  again.  

Before you take Hayami's challenge, browse the new shop, and on the second 
floor is a guy named Shent.  And wouldn't ya know it, Shent can't do things 
for himself, so he asks you to do it.  

<009> Tsukiyoi Castle
Hunter's Badge: In the building with the demon face guy, there's a wall that 
will open when hit with a VS.  Destroy the second demon face guy to get the 
Requires: Any *** attack (Tetsuzankou from the Thai Phong Ruins is the first)

With friend's like Hiyami, who needs enemies.

There are, I believe 4 Virtua Souls in this level that aren't there until you 
beat it and re-enter it.  So, if you find a little secret hole, and get 
agrivated when there's nothing in it, remember; there will be.

Anywho, stick the right wall around a corner and hit the switch in the alley.  
Grapple the ensuing green, grab the prog at the top of the tower, and be on 
your way.  There's some cash by the yellows out over the water, but nothing 
more (one of the VSs is there later).

This screen, drop down to the second level, you can ride the yellows for some 
cash if you like, your goal is the bridge.  Here's your first red demon man.  
I hate these enemies.  Basically, dodge, quick attack, then get the hell away, 
but you do what you want.  Once done, head on.  

Head into the house.  Go straight, and hang the first right, and you'll find a 
Face on the wall.  Kill it, and he'll drop the Union HS Upgrade Program.  Back 
into the main tunnel, go all the way to the end, hang a right, and go into the 
room of the left for the repair program.  Go back to the entrance, and go into 
the first door on the left.  Go through a few doors to find the wall, and open 
it.  Get repair program.  Return to where you fought the face on the wall 
(first right hallway from start).  Open door.  Get program.  Go to main 
hallways end, hang left, open wall, punch, kick, go through other door, and 
fall through floor.  Break open the statue closest to you, get urge to kill 
Hayami, make sweet, sweet love to the save point, and go through the door.

In the next area, you'll fight another red demon.  I suggest returning to the 
save point to heal up before continuing.  Run down the ramp, hit the switch.  
You have to double jump to the two rafts, then do a wall run with a jump off 
at the end to reach the next boat.  I suggest using the two finger strategy I 
mentioned in section <007>.  Then use the yellow grapples.  On the third one 
suggest flinging yourself into a wall run to reach the platform, as opposed to 
trying to hit the rafts.  After you get up the stairs, hang a left and find 
Hayami behind the stack of sticks.  Once again resist urge to kill.  Continue 
to next screen.

In theory, you can run all the way to the end of this area.  Hop the little 
fence on your right and head inside the building to find Hayami.  If you want 
to fight the enemies be my guest: by this point you must have realized how 
much of a pain the big green robots are to fight.  On the left side in a 
building is Aoi's V3 model, but thats all you'll miss. Make your choice and 
continue on.

As opposed to entering the house follow it around to the right and head into 
the room there.  Fight the enemies and head through the door hanging a left.  
In the next room you'll find a bomb enemy and a chest with a repair program 
in it.  Head back to the front of the building and inside, taking the left 
doors, head through the little room, and hang a right to find another red 
demon (deafeating him will net you the Synapse Raid upgrade tool) and the 
wall which your repair program opens.  Head through the door you opened and 
break a chest to find the next repair program.  This will open the wall right 
next to where the red demon was.

Hopping through where that wall was puts you on the back side of the 
building.  If you go around either side, you will find a repair program and a 
wall for it to open, but as far as I can tell, they serve no purpose.  Enter 
the hut in the back to discover your "friend."

After a cut scene (in which you do absoultely nothing to help your friend) 
beat the two sets of enemies to open the door.  Save, and prepare to rip your 
hair out.

BOSS: Demon Lady From Hell.  
When she turns invisible you can hit her and it'll knock her out of it.  If 
not just dodge her attacks until she shows herself.  After a tough fight she 
falls ... and then gets up again.

This round is a lot like the first round, save for the fact that instead of 
turning invisible, she turns invincible, and summons a plethora of demons to 
aid her.  When she starts her purple hazey invincibility, I suggest standing 
behind one of the torches.  This will make it so that when her demons charge 
you, they always hit the torch and you can hop out and attack them.  The best 
thing to do is, after they hit the torch, hop out and hit them with one 
Virtua Soul attack, and then finish them off with punches.  This fight takes 
forever, but her summon demons drop health.  I've noticed that in her second 
form she seems very vulnerable to straight up melee as opposed to Virtua Soul 

Side Note: The demons, after hitting a torch, will always proceed around it 
counter clockwise.

After she's dead, slap Hayami with an "I told ya so" and get your new VS.

<010> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 5

At this point, I suggest heading back into Tsukiyoi Castle and getting the 4 
VSs. Rising Knee is one of them, one of my favorites.  For locations, see 
jc1001's Item Location FAQ. Also, if you haven't already, return to Wild 
Corridor and pick up the VS you couldn't get before. 

When you're ready, walk towards the TVs to start a cutscene.  Afterwards talk 
to Quinn to get his mission, then go complete it.  Talk to him again to get 
the server address.  Shop, save, etc.

<011> Darkness Port
Hunter's Badge: In the third area, hang a left and follow the path around.  
When you hit a fence, hop over the water and around it.  Follow the path the 
the badge
Requires: Any *** attack (Tetsuzankou from the Thai Phong Ruins is the first)

Toka, talky talky talky, ok.

Run straight to the end and hang a right.  Hang a right and run all the way 
down to the door to warehouse 8, which is close to the save point.  Enter the 
door to start cutscene with the scary hunter man.  After he leaves, defeat the 
two waves of enemies and run back through where the red wall was to hit the 
control panel to deactivate the blue security.  Run back towards the starting 
point and enter the now openable door to warehouse 2.  Navigate your way 
through the lasers and enemies to the yellow security platform in the back.

Exit and go straight, making your way back to the save point.  After saving 
mount the nearby shipping crates and use the yellow grapple to get the to the 
tin awning.  Follow the awnings around until you find a green grapple node.  
Use said node to get to the rooftop and the Virtua Soul thereon.

Return to the save point, and when you get out from saving, head right and 
enter the hole on the left, proceeding you to the next screen.  

Head to the left, towards the Green barrier, and when you get near, take a 
left and hop over the shipping crates for a new VS and some cash.  Head back 
to the start of the area, and go right this time. Make the first left and go 
down to the save point.  Hop onto the save point, and over the crates, then 
use Wolf's Drop Kick to break the box for a new VS.  After using the save 
point, head right, towards the crates.  Take note of the entrance to warehouse 
21 on your right, and hop onto the crates, then the roof.  Cross the roof for 
your Union AD Upgrade Tool, then return and enter warehouse 21. 

Wall run over to the switch, and grapple the ensueing green node.  Cap some 
baddies, then jump over the lasers (only clearable ones).  Wall run over and 
hit the switch, grappling the ensueing node (save the robot for after you use 
the console, so there's no more lasers).  Hit the switch, and be on your way. 
(You can get the stash of food with a carefully timed wall run/jump finisher)

Return to the save point if you wish, but jump back onto the crates you used 
to get to the roof and drop to the floor.  Head left and all the way down and 
enter the door to warehouse 15 on your left.  After a rather... emotional cut 
scene, go about killing the few enemies on the floor and on top of the crates, 
then go disbale the console.  Exit, run around making lefts, back to the save 
point, then mount the crates one last time.  Drop down, go right and into the 
next screen.

Head left and look around for some food.  Head straight to proceed through the 
gate and hang a left for an obvious VS.  Head towards the shipping crates to 
switch screens.

Head all the way to the Northwest corner to find a switch that turns on a load 
of grapples.  Use them to reach the top of the crane and head right for a new 

Drop down and begin searching for the 3 switches.  One is in the Southeast 
corner (on top of 1 level of crates) , one's in the dead center (on top of 3 
levels of crates), and the third lies in the Southwest (on top of 1 level of 
crates).  Make your way back to the Southeast corner, and use the 3 pink 
grapples you've created to get atop the crane.  Hop over the large block in 
the center and run all the way to the other end and hit the switch there.  
Use the new pink node to get to the middle crane.  Be careful, you can imagine 
how frustrating falling is.  Once you make it, cross to the other side (be 
careful about the enemies, they're not worth falling for) and grab the repair 
program in the crate.  Finding the wall it opens shouldn't be difficult.

Beat up the flying guys, the robots, and the monkey shooting you front the top 
of the hanging crate, then save, and head up the stairs.  Begin stupid long 
cutscene, an attempt at a plot, then...

BOSS: Robo-Cop Toy Reject

This guy has a stupid number of moves.  Basically, stay behind him.  When he 
whips out his lightsaber, jump.  When he's dashing, get out of the way.  If 
he's away from you, and starts dashing, and he's not coming STRAIGHT towards 
you, he's gonna whip out his saber and swing it, so make SURE you jump.  When 
he goes into the air, take him down, ASAP, I recommend the Rising Knee.  

More talky talky, then, back to base.

<012> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 6

Another cutscene, Fan and Hayami, my 2 favorite people.  First order of 
business is to get ExA rank.  By this point, you should be able to go take the 
Advanced Hunter's Test.  If you can't, run Tito's Request a few times.  Head 
into the blue pod and talk to Goya.  This test is, in my opinion, the single 
most frustrating thing to do in the game, save for the Master Hunter's Test.  
After you complete it, standing beside the rank pods is Lucia, who has a 
challenge for you.  Completing her challenge nets you Kage's V3 Model.

In the red lounge, you can get new shop items, and save, then head to the new 

<013> Thai Phong Ruins
Hunter's Badge: In the chamber under the starting area.  Use the grapple 
Requires: A non jumping *** attack (Tetsuzankou from the Thai Phong Ruins is 
the first)

Head straight, and before you enter the next screen, break the 3 boulders on 
your right to get a repair program.  The middle boulder on the left side has a 
hole in it, go inside.  Fight your way up the stairs, then turn around and 
face the place you started.  Grapple into the cubby for a VS.  Exit using the 
hole on the left, save, and head into the next room.

In the next room, run straight in, and in the rightmost of the 3 breakable 
door is a repair program.  The 4 offshoot rooms can be completed in any order, 
take your pick.

Northwest Room: This room has doors with pictire of Virtua Fighters on them.  
Use an attack given to you by the corresponding Fighter to break it.  The 
repair data for this room is on the top level, behind a door with Akira on it. 
 To get to the balcony, jump on one of the pillars in the south corners of the 
top floor, and jump/wall run your way there.  Grapple to the wall and activate 
the orb.

Up by the switch on the top level is a box with a VS in it.  To break the 
box, stand on top of the switch and use the Drop Kick VS.  It's possible.  
This also nets you your first *** VS attack, very useful.

Northeast Room: Wall run to the left and grab the food from the breakable 
door, then wall run again to the 5 light switch, hit it.  Drop down a level, 
hit the door there for more food, then wall run over to the 2 light switch and 
hit it.  Drop down and make your way to the exposed breakable door and break 
it for a new VS.  Right next to the 2 light switch is a green grapple which 
will drop you next to the 1 light switch; take the grapple, hit the switch.  
Drop to the floor and destroy the boulder weighing down the 4th lily pad.  Use 
the green grapple to land yourself next to the 4 light, and hit it, then jump 
on the lily pads to the now accessable breakable door for the repair program.  
Hit the 3 light switch, then make your way to the 2 light switch to hit it, 
then on to the digital wall.  Active the orb.

Southwest Room: Go up to the pillar with the faces in the middle of the room, 
and kick it until the door opens.  Go into the next room, and kick that pillar 
too, also running through the door it opens.  The pillar here creates blocks 
you can jump on, so get it going nice and fast by repeated kicking, and take 
the platforms up to the cubby for a VS.  Get the pillar spinning pretty fast, 
and use the other set of platforms to get the Wolf V3 Model and some food, 
then to let you get through the door on the second floor.  From here, jump 
onto the platforms on your left, working your way to the hole in the wall that 
was opposite you when you entered, using it to get to the next room.  Drop 
down to the water here, and run back through the water to the pillar.  You 
need to get this one moving FAST, because you have a long way to the door it 
opens.  So, kick it, then jump (it's faster) to the platform down at the end 
on the right, and double jump up to grab the ledge.  Pull yourself up and 
sprint for that door.  It may be helpful to go look where the door is before 
you start trying to get through it, so you know where you're going.  Once you 
make it, jump to the little platform to the left to open the walll and turn on 
the orb.

Southeast Room: Basically, try to avoid walking on the middle because alot of 
the platforms in the middle fall when you walk on them.  All the platforms by 
the walls are secure.  There's a VS in the second cubby on the left.  If you 
fall, make your way back to the beginning and run on the pillar back up to 
start over.  Grapple and run to the far end to open the wall and turn on the 

At this point, I suggest a trip to the save point if you haven't been doing so.
  But, continue through the now open door.  Fight the like 8 robot guys, and 
head into the next screen.  Climb the stairs and hit the save point before you 

BOSS: Tokyo Businessman

Easiest thing to do here is run close to Fei until the boss starts attacking 
him, then hit him in the back.  You can kill the other enemies, but they just 
stay down for a while before getting up again, so my advice is to ignore them.

<014> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing 7

Standing next to the help desk in the red lounge is Rask.  He has a challenge 
for you.  Also, ont he third floor of the red lounge is Shinra.  He too has a 
request for you.

When you're ready, head to the yellow lounge to start a cutscene with your 
best friend.  Here in the yellow lounge, near the help desk, Dando has a 
request for you.

Head back to the red lounge and up towards the help desk to start another 
cutscene with Hayami and get the address for the next level.

<015> Qian Dong Jie
Hunter's Badge: High in the air above the beam you got Dash Hammer Kick on, 
in the first area.  You have to jump from the blue sign near the box to get to 
it.  If it helps, you can jump to and grab onto the box, then pull yourself up
Requires: A jumping *** attack (I suppose Shun's Hiten Hougeki could work, but 
I could never get it to. I suggest Hi'en Rekkyaku, Pai's final VS to break the 

Go straight and hang a right to start a cutscene.  Bit!  Oh noes!  Whack this 
guy's minions and head around to the left.  When his second set of minions 
appear, run towards him till he flies away and stops shooting missles at you.  
After you defeat his minions, make your way up to the beam that crosses over 
the road using the awning and whatnot to get a new VS.  This is your first *** 
skill too.  

Follow the kidnapper into the next screen.  Dodge his missles and barrels as 
you make your way towards him.  Work your way around the corners to another 
dodge session.  If you can, beat on the boss guy, because later on you have to 
fight him, and your damage shows.  In the next screen, there's another VS on a 
girder thing over the road again.  At the end of the road, you fight the 
Skeleton Pteranadon thing that took Bit.  After beating him, grab the repair 
program and head through the door.

After you hang a left, on a balcony on the right side is Pai's V3 Model.  
Defeat the group of enemies to open the door.  Head inside the door and defeat 
the Red robot, then hop into the little room to get a new VS.  Continue on and 
use the green grapple to get to the next door.  Continue on and use the save 
point.  Drop down and walk a bit to do a little evesdropping.  Defeat this 
little destruction derby set of guys, and head towards the now uncovered 
door.  In an alley to the left is the Auto-Charge Upgrade Tool.  

Inside the next room, defeat all the enemies (there are a lot of health 
refills in the breakable things).  Break open the chandeliers when you're 
through, one of them has the Synpase Hi Raid Upgrade Tool in it.  Head on 
through, save, and proceed.  

Boss: Schatt

If he's running around using Synapse break, just run around and jump like a 
crazy person.  If he's doing his pink dash skill, just run around in a circle, 
he can't hit you.  If he does the pink kick wave thing, grapple the green node 
and get out of the way.  Only fight him when he's normal.  If you do, he goes 
down pretty easily.  

<016> Hunter's Guild Lobby/Site thing

You instantly get a cutscene and the address to the last server, along with a 
new VS.

<017> Main Server

I highly suggest the Load Revive Upgrade Tool here, which can be purchased at 
the red lounge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MULTIPLE LOAD REVIVES WORK.  If you get frustrated, spend some 
time getting some cash, and load up 4 or 5 Load Revives.

Fight your way through some waves of enemies, then choose your fate.  From 
what I can gather, who you fight is random, so pick a room.  One bit of 
advice, after each fight, when you're safe, use up all your SP, and let it 
regen back to full.

Tokyo Businessman: This fight is harder without Fei to take the shots for you, 
but stick it out. Good luck!

Shinobi: Do NOT jump.  The way I beat him was pure A tapping.  After i'd 
finish a combo, he'd do some backflips, and then run right into my flailing 
arms again.  I got up to 21 hits one time.

Bleached Blonde Black Cyborg Guy: One of the easier bosses.  Dodge, attack, 
you shouldn't have too much trouble here.

The Y-chromosomed Powerpuff Girls: Another easy fight, try and stay in the air 
with grapple finishing moves, but you shouldn't have too much trouble here 

After you defeat 3 bosses, fight your way inside the elevator.  Upon victory, 
you reach a room with a save point.  Thank your Lord, and save.  Work your way 
through the blue walls, dodge, weave.  Pick a spot between the walls, and run 
forward weaving, it's possible.  

On the other side is a cutscene, and you get to fight Toka.

Boss: Toka

For some reason, using VSs on her didn't work too well.  Just dodge and use 
the 3 hit jump combo.  Halfway through the fight, you'll get another 
cutscene.  Keep up the fighting, and she dies pretty easily.

Save again, and head up the stairs.

BOSS: Moon

I suggest alot of HP and Def Upgrade Tools here, his second form hits HARD.  
His first form is cake, alot of the Virtua Fighters gave me more of a 
His second form, for the most part, treat it like the first. When he 
disappears though, turn and run towards the point in the circle furthest from 
you; that's where he'll appear.  While you're running towards him if he:

Gets a blue orb above his head: run straight at him and jump high in the air
Gets a red orb above his head: run towards run, but approach in a circle, as 
if trying to get behind him
Shoots 2 yellow waves: run to the side, and continue your approach

When you get near him, he'll cut that bologna out, so make sure to get as 
close as possible as fast as possible.

When he gets to about 1/3 health, he'll get HUGE.  When this happens, use to 
grapple to stay the hell away from him.  After a certain period of time, he'll 
rise up into the air and glow pink.  When this happens, grapple any green, 
then grapple the yellow, and use it to jump over and hit him.  At this point, 
instead of disappearing and porting to the other side of the screen, he'll get 
big and you'll have to dodge and hit him again.  Dodging all his attacks is 
the most important part of this fight. 

Tah Dah! Cutscenes, and credits

<018> - Side Quests

Master Hunter's Test:
After you've obtained ExA Lv3 and all 7 Hunter's Badges, return to the blue 
lounge and talk to Goya.  He'll "allow" you to take the Master Hunter's Test.

In all my years of video gaming, I have never encountered anything as 
difficult as this.  To date, I haven't beaten it yet.  Let me know what the 
reward is if you do please.

<019> - Mission Section: (work in progress)

Esta's Request: Reward =  Lau model Ver.3
Data 1: At the top of the tree to the left right at start of level
Data 2: In the middle of the floor
Data 3: In cubby at the left where you got Wolf's Virtua Soul
Data 4: Behind the pillar in the back left corner
Data 5: On the window on the second floor.   Use grapples and wall run to get 

Tito's Request: Reward = Jacky Model Ver. 3
Basically, the guys.   Easy thing is, go in, Hold R, hit Y, use the Virtua 
Soul power, first wave dead.  Second wave, same thing.   Third wave usually 
takes two blasts, but easy still.  Go out, talk to Tito, you'll get I think 
Jacky's v3 model, then 500 bucks everytime afterwards.   Repeat.  Also, this 
is an easy way to get the Version 1 Models for the fighters.  Whoever you have 
assisting you, you will usually get their model in the first wave of the first 
round, so.  Don't know if you can get version 2 like this, but, we'll see.

Fan's Request:
Data 1: Starting floor, hang a right at the end of the hall, and another right 
into the room
Data 2: Drop down one of the holes, it's on the floor under the starting 
floor, in a room
Data 3: Under the staircase on the floor w/ Data 2
Data 4: Take the stairs to the room w/ the elivator, it's behind one of the 
Data 5: Go across the room w/ Data 4 to the other stairs, go up

Shent's Request: Reward = Shun Model Ver. 3
Beat up robots, Get Shun's V3 Model

Quinn's Request:
Data 1: Above the light pole, to your right when you start the level
Data 2: North East corner by the red arches
Data 3: Roof of the building above the well
Data 4: Roof of the middle long house
Data 5: Behind the tower that had the repair program in it

Lucia's Challenge: Reward = Kage Model Ver. 3, 500dp
Basically, you have 3 minutes, good luck.  I advise against the R+Y attack, 
because life is very important.  You're alot more likely to die than you are 
to run out of time.

Rask's Challenge: Reward = Lion Model Ver. 3
You only have 1 minute here, which is tough.  The way I did it was to run 
through Curio City using only Lui-Fei's VSs, so he was my summon partner, and 
blowing away the first 2 waves of enemies with that ability.

Shinra's Request: Reward = 1000dp
Data 1: Top of the middle stack of crates
Data 2: Behind the light post on the far side of the dock
Data 3: Near the base of the crane (Use the grapple from the hanging crate to 
get it)
Data 4: Behind the white stairs/scaffold thing
Data 5: Atop the blue forklift in the center of the stage
Data 6: In a crate between teh middle stack of crates and the edge of the dock
Data 7: On a platform near water level on the Northeast side, near Data 6
Data 8: Between the 2 traingle legs of the large blue crane closest to the 
start (south)

Dando's Request: Reward = Vanessa Model Ver. 3
First wave, stay on the pool table and stick to the 3 hit air combo, they'll 
get up onto the table for you.  Round 2, I stuck to 2 hit jump attacks and 
throws.  The round 3 guys will get on the table, but it was easier to fight 
them on the ground.  not TOO tough, practice it.

<020> - Models

Version 1: Choose the fighter who's model you want.  Complete a level (I 
reccomend Wild Corridor, due to it's short length) using mostly (only, if you 
can) that fighter's VSs.  Return to the lobby.  Complete the Tito's Request 
mission a few times using the Soul Bomob (R+Y) technique to kill the enemies 
with the help of your Virtua Fighter.  If, when you do Soul Bomb, the fighter 
who comes is not the one you want, you screwed up.  Run the level again.  The 
model should drop in 2 to 3 rounds, but it WILL drop.

Version 2: Follow the same steps for the version 1, but do Rask's Mission 
instead.  The stronger enemies here will drop the version 2.  It may take a 

Side Note: Rask's Mission will get you Version 1 also, but if you're looking 
for ONLY version 1, Tito's is the faster and easier way to get it.

Version 3:
Akira: The 1st area of Darkness port, in a yellow box, on an awning
Sarah: The 3rd area of Wild Corridor, in a blue box.  You'll need to get the 
jump skill Souhikyaku in the 5th area, then come back
Lau: Complete the Esta's Request Mission, and talk to Esta again
Shun: Complete the Shent's Request Mission, and talk to Shent again
Jeffry: The 4th area of Wild Corridor, in a blue box, next to the boulder with 
the Hunter's Badge in it
Pai: The 4th area of Qian Dong Jie, on a balcony on your right
Jacky: Complete the Tito's Request Mission, and talk to Tito again
Kage: Complete the Lucia's Challenge Mission, and talk to Lucia again
Lion: Complete the Rask's Challenge Mission, and talk to Rask again
Wolf: In the Southwest room in the Thai Phong Ruins; see <013>
Aoi: The 6th area of Tsukiyoi Castle, on the left in a house
Lei-Fei: The 2nd area of Qian Dong Jie, in a yellow box on the left of the path
Vanessa: Complete the Dando's Request Mission, and talk to Dando again

<021> Weight and Soul Bomb Info

Depending on, um, something, later in the game, as you start to complete 
levels, Sei's abilities will "change".  If you've met the requirements, you'll 
get Light Type, Middle Type, or Heavy Type.  As far as what exactly causes 
these changes, i'm not sure, but I read on some forums that, similiar to how 
your Soul Bomb character is chosen, it's based on which VSs you use in a 
level.  If you want a particular type, try playing through Wild Corridor a 
few times, using only the VSs of fighters from that weight class.  From what 
i've noticed, if you get alot of Soul Finishes, you tend to get the class 
change.  It may be based on Soul Finishes, or simply kills, but I suggest 
killing all the enemies you can.

Each weight class has a unique skill.  There are as follows:

Light: Combo Time Up (more time to string your combos together)
Middle: Synpase Break Time Up (more time in Synapse Break)
Heavy: Attack Power Up at Critical HP ( low health = more damage, and a blue 

Depending on your weight class, Sei will also have a different string of 
attacks for his ground combo.

Soul Bomb:
The Soul Bomb (Y+R) technique eats up some of your health, and summons your 
Virtua Fighter partner to attack the enemies around you.  Who your summon 
partner is depends on who's VSs you used the most in the last level you 
completed.  If you want a particular Fighter as your partner, go through a 
level using only their VSs.

Every Fighter's Soul Bomb falls into 1 of 3 catergories:

Small radius: The attack will hit enemies in a small radius around you, 
causing a high amount of damage
Large radius: The attack will hit enemies in a large radius around you, 
causing a medium amount of damage
Forward cone: The attack will hit enemies in a cone area in front of you, 
causing a high amount of damage

 Fighter  |  Weight  |   Soul Bomb

  Akira   |  Heavy   |  Large radius
  Sarah   |  Light   |  Small radius
   Lau    |  Heavy   |  Large radius
   Shun   |  Middle  |  Forward cone
  Jeffry  |  Heavy   |  Large radius
   Pai    |  Light   |  Small radius
  Jacky   |  Middle  |  Forward cone 
   Kage   |  Middle  |  Forward cone
   Lion   |  Light   |  Small radius
   Wolf   |  Heavy   |  Large radius
   Aoi    |  Light   |  Small radius
 Lei-Fei  |  Middle  |  Forward cone
 Vanessa  |  Middle  |  Forward cone

<022> - Version History

.7: Original Version

- Updated info on obtaining Hunter's Badges
- Created Model Section
- Added a VS to the Thai Phong Ruins Section
- Updated Boss strategy

- Changed model obtaining strategy section
- Fixed some typos
- Added Weight and Soul Bomb section (incomplete)

- Finised Weight and Soul Bomb section
- Finished Model Section!

<023> - Credits:

Thanks to xypher2x and jc10001 for their FAQs.  Some of the Hunter's Badge 
locations came right from jc's FAQ, some I found without it.

Thanks to Sotika, and my room mate's friend Golem714 for typing for me :-)

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