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Guide and Walkthrough by tomrace

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/20/2004

Version 1.1

NOTICE:  This guide is for personal use only and may not be reproduced, 
posted on the Internet or republished without the express consent of the 

Copyright 2004, Thomas J. Race

- This FAQ will be updated several times to include feedback received from 
Ghost Recon players around the world.  Check back every week or two for new 

- The revisions will be listed in the following section, "Revision History," 
to expedite your review.


Version 1.1 Changes
1.  Added comments to "Enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI)" in "New Features" 
2.  Added comments to "Recommended Weapons" in "Tactics" section
3.  Added "Disclaimer" and "Enemy Estimates" comments in "Campaign Notes" in 
"Walkthrough" section
4.  Added instructions to the end of the objective, "Link up with British 
Soldiers" in the "Pagoda" level.
5.  Added helicopter attack to end of Ambush mission.
6.  Added Levels to Walkthrough:  "Battle" through "Fuel Depot"


I.  Congratulations to Red Storm Entertainment!

II.  Program Changes   
   1.  Save the Game!
   2.  4-Player Cooperative 

III.  New Features
   1.  Ghost Squad Members
   2.  Suppression Fire
   3.  Flanking
   4.  M29 (OICW)
   5.  Machine Guns
   6.  Enemy Artificial Intelligence
   7.  Weapon Capacity & Selection
   8.  Weapon Swapping
   9.  Turrets

IV.  Tactics
   1.  Stealth
   2.  Engage at Long-Range 
   3.  Suppression & Flanking
   4.  Weapon Recommendations
   5.  Miscellaneous tips 
V.  Walkthrough 
   1.  Airfield
   2.  Pagoda
   3.  Ambush
   4.  Destroyed City
   5.  Battle
   6.  Train Yard
   7.  Pilot Down
   8.  Hospital Camp
   9.  Crossroads
  10.  Railway
  11.  Bridge
  12.  Fuel Depot
  13.  Convoy
  14.  Quarry (Ver. 1.2)
  15.  Dam (Ver. 1.2)


Congratulations to Red Storm Entertainment for the best military simulation 
ever created.  GR2 is a significant improvement over the original.  The 
addition of 
suppression and flanking is a stroke of pure genius.

I still remember inspecting the troops at the beginning of the Mountain 
mission in GR1.  They stood ready for my command with their authentic 
uniforms, arm patches and weapons.  I noticed that their chests move slightly
as they breathed; and that their exhalation condensed in the cold mountain 


1.  SAVE THE GAME!!!   
Unlike the original Ghost Recon, you can save your campaign in the middle of
a mission.  This eliminates repetition and keeps the campaign flowing 

I highly recommend saving every few minutes, using 5 save game files per 
Campaign, e.g., C_CAMP_1, C_CAMP_2, C_CAMP_3, etc.  Multiple files prevent
frustration when you accidentally save in a bad situation that could 
otherwise force you to restart the entire mission.

Be aware that the autosave made at the end of a level is kept in the original 
Campaign name file, e.g., C_CAMP.   
You can now create your own "human" squad to fight Campaign missions.  This 
is great fun if you can get people to follow orders!

In addition to great intro music, the following long list of features has 
been added:

1.  Ghost Squad Members
Your new squad members are far superior to those in the original Ghost Recon.  
They have heightened situational awareness, increased durability and improved 

Your Ghosts can also perform vital functions, such as: destroy vehicles, 
bandage the wounded, provide suppression fire, flank a position and hold a 

With these powerful allies and tactics, the Campaign is no longer a "run and 
gun."  It is now a tactical theatre for fire and maneuver.  (Suppression and 
flanking are described in detail in this section, and in the TACTICS section, 

The Ghosts can take a lot of damage.  They can usually be wounded two or 
three times before dieing on you.  Your warning of decreased health is when 
they go into the "Red" on your status indicator (bottom left hand corner).  
When this happens, they require first aid to continue.  After that, they 
die the next time they're hit.  

You can provide the first aid yourself or assign it to another healthy squad 
member.  To assign it to another squad member:

- Move to the wounded person.

- Point your weapon at him.   

- Tap the Yellow key when the "MEDIC" message appears at the bottom of your 

Your Ghosts are employed most successfully at long range.  They can literally 
kill anything in sight, but sometimes you have to ask them to do so by giving 
the Suppression order.  Otherwise, they hold their fire so they don't reveal 
your position.

Your Ghosts automatically fire at:
- Short and medium range targets, since they are a threat  
- Long-range targets that are firing at them  

Keep in mind that the enemy will do the same.

If your Ghosts become detached from your squad, you can "Regroup" by pressing 
the Black button.  You can also ask them to hold their fire - press the White 
button.  Press the White button again to resume fire.

You can also tell your Ghosts to ADVANCE by tapping the Yellow key when 
you're pointed in the direction you want them to go.  If you do this 
accidentally (e.g., you wanted to hold the Yellow key instead), you can stop 
them from a suicide charge by pressing the Black button (Regroup).

2.  Suppression Fire
Holding the Yellow button enables this command.  It can be used for several 

- Fire long-range at enemy targets
- Prevent an enemy from advancing, e.g., while you pull out a grenade
- Pin the enemy in position while you flank it 

NOTE:  all three of your Ghosts perform the suppression.  If you move, they 
stay where they are until they are done providing the fire.

3.  Flanking
Holding the Yellow button enables the "Right Flank" and "Left Flank" orders.  
They are only available if there is sufficient space to perform the maneuver.  
You may be able to move your own player slightly left or right to provide the 
necessary space to enable the maneuver.  

A flank attack can be devastating, especially if the enemy is "pinned" by 
suppression fire from other squad members.  This is discussed in detail in 
the TACTICS section, below.  (Read it carefully, a Flank maneuver can also be 

4.  M29 (OICW)
This advanced weapon is a feature all by itself.  In the real world, the US 
Army is scheduled to employ the M29 in 2007.  One of 4 squad members will 
carry it.
This amazing weapon has the following capabilities:
- Look around corners (at arm's length). 
- Fire airburst grenades a pre-designated distance.
- Laser designate targets for air strikes. 

Looking Around Corners:  Press the Black button to enable the "camera" view.  
You can now move the weapon around and fire it, while you stay in the same 
location.  NOTE:  You can use the "night vision" capability in camera mode to 
see into shadow areas during the day.  

IMPORTANT:  if you need to move, don't forget to disable camera mode first 
(Black button again). 
Fire Airburst Grenades:  This capability allows you to shoot at enemies 
behind cover.  Simply point the weapon at the obstruction and tap the Yellow 
button to lock in the range (it appears in Red over the range indication).  
Now shift your aiming point above or to the side of the obstacle.  When you 
fire, the grenade explodes after traveling the designated distance.
NOTE:  if the obstacle being used for cover is spherical, e.g., a boulder, 
point the weapon at the top of the obstacle to get a longer range distance 
designation.  Otherwise, the grenade may explode harmlessly in front of the 

Laser Designate Targets for Air Strikes:  Press and hold the White button at 
the desired point of impact.  You are now a one-man army, similar to how US 
Special Forces operated in Afghanistan to support the "Northern Alliance" a 
couple years ago.  NOTE:  Don't hesitate to call in Air Strikes on infantry.  
The US taxpayers provide an unlimited amount of ammo!

5.  Machine Guns
The true machine guns (vs. assault rifles) now have excellent performance.
In fact, they are probably the best weapons in the game, next to the M29.  
Even the SAW is no longer a "scatter gun" - it's the weapon of choice for the 
first three missions in the Campaign.

After the SAW, even better machine guns become available, including:
- M240B LMG 
- MG36 
(See detailed Weapon Recommendations in TACTICS section, below) 
These three weapons will serve you well in the "squad missions" of the 
campaign.  They have comparable accuracy to assault rifles and carry a whole 
lot more ammo.  They are devastating at short range and can mow down half a 
dozen enemies in the blink of an eye. 
IMPORTANT:  Take it easy on that trigger, Tex!  An accurate short burst of 2-
3 rounds is all you need to eliminate an enemy at long-range.  If he's still 
standing, follow it with another short burst half a second later.  Problem 

6.  Enemy Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
The enemy still has excellent situational awareness and is accurate and 
deadly at short and medium range.  However, he won't fire at long range.  He
returns long-range fire quickly, but it's ineffective (exception: DPRK 
snipers).  This is his great weakness - exploit it!
You can partially defeat the enemy's situational awareness with stealth.  
This is easy to do by staying on your belly.  (See "Stealth" details in the 
"TACTICS section, below.)

A new feature is the DPRK's ability to follow you if you run away.  Enemies 
are not on a "leash" after they spot you.  They'll track your footprints 
through any terrain, even creeks, running the same route you took and catch 
up with you in a minute or so.  (Butch Cassidy, "Who are those guys?")

7.  Weapon Capacity & Selection 
You can now carry 4 weapons instead of the 2 that were allowed in the 
original Ghost Recon.  You can switch between them by holding the Red button 
IMPORTANT:  If you are not holding your primary weapon (Rifle, Machine Gun), 
you can always get it quickly by tapping (not holding) the Red button. 
- If you tap the Red Button when you have your primary weapon in your hands, 
the secondary weapon is armed (pistol, grenade launcher). 
- You cannot be prone (on your belly) and select the Rocket Launcher.

- If you have the Rocket Launcher in your hands, you cannot select prone.

8.  Weapon Swapping
You can trade your weapon for another that's on the ground.  To do so, simply 
press and hold the left thumbwheel when the "swap" icon appears at the bottom 
of the screen.  

- Most swapped weapons come with the maximum extra ammo allowed. 
- You can swap again to get your old weapon back, but there is a "house-
cleaning" program that removes it, eventually. 

9.  Turrets
Turrets are devastating.  You or your Ghosts can man them.  To order a Ghost 
to man a turret, simply point at the turret and tap the Yellow key when you 
get the prompt to do so at the bottom of the screen.  This is especially 
useful on the "Battle" and "Bridge" missions. 
Some turrets do not point in a useful direction.  Also, be aware that you 
are very vulnerable to enemy fire at short range. 
Turrets can overheat, but can be fired for extended periods.

1.  Stealth
Tired of the enemy seeing you first and announcing their presence with 
bullets?  It doesn't have to be that way.  You can gain the upper hand by 
being more Ghost-like, i.e., using stealth.

TIP #1:  The first rule of stealth is to select an appropriate stance for the 

- Stand when you are on hilly ground (e.g. Ambush map).  You can see over 
obstacles that block your line of vision.  Standing allows you to see farther 
in this environment.  Stop to look around frequently.  Zoom view areas that 
are open to you.

- Crouch when you're on flat terrain (e.g., Airfield, Pagoda).  Standing 
doesn't help you see better and provides the enemy with a bigger target.  
Crouching also improves firing accuracy vs. standing. 
- Crawl when you don't want to see or be seen.  Use it to reach a destination 
you already have in mind, e.g., you're sneaking up on someone you spotted, or 
you're trying to escape.  Your Ghost uniform matches perfectly to most 
environments, rendering you invisible, especially if you don't move.  Learn 
to change your direction quickly while prone by "rolling and turning" (turn 
zoom off).
- Your Ghosts adopt the same stance as you as long as you are "Regrouped."  
Detached squad members usually crouch or stand.  Detachment occurs with 
Flank, Suppress, Advance and Hold Position orders. 
- Your suppression order may be ignored if you are prone.

- Your Ghosts may take cover when you tell them to "Hold Position."

TIP #2:  The second rule of stealth is to know where your enemy is, or might 

At first, the only known enemy positions are at the objectives.  So, crawl up 
to the objectives, and find a place from which you can scout the enemy 
position, e.g., peek around a tree or a rock.  As you play the game multiple 
times, you'll know where they are and can belly up to the position with 
Another likely place for an enemy position is at a "choke point" on the map.  
So, when the map narrows to a thin line of passage, expect it to be defended. 

Obviously, if you spot an enemy at a distance, and they don't see you, 
there's an opportunity to sneak up on them.  Don't ruin it by running right 
at them!

You can also create situations for stealthy approach by using suppression 
fire.  The basic idea is to fire at the enemy from one direction with part of 
your squad, and send the remaining members around their flank.  This is 
described in detail, below.

TIP #3:  The third rule of stealth is to evade the enemy when necessary. 
When you see the enemy first, you're chances of eliminating him are very 
high.  If the enemy fires at you first, your chances of survival drop 

Your "gut" instinct is to fire back.  If you do, you become totally focused 
on the enemy target and have no real idea how many enemies there are, and 
whether you're fighting a losing battle.  This is the goal of suppression 
fire - to engage you in a losing battle.  

In this situation:
- Fall back
- Seek cover 
- Find an escape route 

The first action, falling back, is usually easy.  You just traveled over safe 
ground - go back to it!  There are no enemies there.

The second action, seek cover, is also usually easy.  The maps are littered 
with boulders, trees, buildings and high grass.  Any one of these could keep 
you alive for the first 20 seconds of the firefight.  Now, you have time to 

The third action is usually hard to do.  The enemy has watched you take cover 
and is pressing their attack.  You're not going to get away easily.  Here are 
your options at this point:

- Throw a grenade and run like hell, hitting the Regroup button as you go.  
Nothing is more distracting than a live grenade. 

- If your cover is substantial, e.g., a large structure or the crest of a 
slope, consider moving along it and distance yourself from the point that 
they saw you disappear.  Now, you can pop out somewhere else, or retreat at 
high speed with your entire squad.

- If the cover is small, e.g., a tree, small rock or tall grass, your 
movement options are limited.  Your only exit may be to crouch/crawl directly 
back, keeping the tree or boulder in their line of sight.  This is greatly 
assisted by leaving your Ghosts to "Hold Position" or "Suppress" while you 
escape.  When you use this option, you're not abandoning your troops - you're 
simply trying to get away from a "pinned" position so you can turn the battle 
around to your advantage.  When you are no longer being fired at, you can: 

- Fire at the enemy from your new position, and order your Ghosts to 
"Regroup" while you have the enemy distracted, or... 
- Move to the enemy's flank and pull victory from the jaws of defeat. 

2.  Engage at Long-Range
This is the key tactic in the game, period.  If you want your squad to stay 
in good health and survive the mission, engage the enemy at longest range 

The reason is simple.  Your troops are excellent shots at long-range, the 
enemy is terrible.  You're actually better off at long-range with no cover, 
than at medium or short range with cover (e.g., peeking around a tree or 

The maps usually provide ample space to employ this tactic.  Even on the 
cramped Airfield map, most positions offer long-range fire.  Look for it!

As noted before, your Ghosts do not fire at long range unless you give them 
the "Suppression" order.  If you forget to give it, your Ghosts will "open 
up" when the enemy returns your fire. 
Either way, it quickly turns into a mismatch.  The enemy fills the air 
with ammunition, but only about one in 20 shots will hit anything.  They 
seldom get the opportunity to fire that many shots.  Your Ghosts exterminate 
them in seconds.

3.  Suppression & Flanking
This is the standard infantry tactic employed by every significant fighting 
force in the world, except the North Koreans in Ghost Recon 2.  Evidently, 
the DPRK prefers "frontal" attacks.  If you imitate their style, you'll die 
like a pig.  Remember, the enemy has 50-100 soldiers in each level - you have 
only 4.

In military circles, suppression and flanking is also referred to as "fire 
and maneuver."  One group fires while the other maneuvers.  Thankfully, 
Red Storm has provided this option in GR2.

The basic idea is to:

- Pin the enemy in position with rapid fire from one group of squad members 

- Move the remaining squad members to a firing position from another 
direction (flank) 
Result:  the enemy cannot find cover that protects them from fire in both 
directions.  They are quickly eliminated. 
The flanking movement is only possible if the enemy is focused on the group 
providing the suppression fire, i.e., they're looking the wrong way.  If your 
suppression fire is weak, or your flankers don't have good cover to move, the 
enemy may spot them and kill them.  So, the flanking order carries a fair 
amount of risk.

Here are some tips to optimize your chances of flanking the enemy:

SITUATION #1:  Your squad is in two groups when you begin to exchange fire.

This situation is ideal.  You have already ordered two of your squad members 
to "Flank Right" or "Flank Left" to search an area, or you have told them to 
"Hold Position" while you scout for the enemy independently.

- One group is probably receiving fire, while the other has not been sighted 
by the enemy and is free to maneuver.

- If you are in the group that is under fire, point your weapon at the enemy 
and order your other group to Flank Right or Flank Left (pick the flank that 
offers them the most cover).  While they are moving, fire as many bullets as 
you can in the enemy's direction without getting your head blown off.  This 
increases your flanking force's chance of getting their alive.

- If you are not in the group under fire, simply move quickly to a position 
on the enemy's flank or rear.  Having a machine gun (SAW, M240B LMG, MG36) 
greatly enhances your ability to exterminate the enemy when you get there.  
Also, a grenade attack from medium or short range can be most devastating 
(throw it behind them so they don't see it). 

You can increase your opportunities for great flank attacks by splitting your 
force frequently while searching the map.  Splitting your force also gives 
you two "points of view," increasing your situational awareness.

SITUATION #2:  Your squad is in one group when you begin to exchange fire.

This situation is less than ideal, but you may be able to take advantage of 

- Give two orders to your squad: "Hold Position" and "Suppress."  They fire 
at a high rate and probably throw a grenade. 
- While the enemy is ducking their head and moving for cover, sneak away on 
your own.  You may have to retreat from your current position before working 
your way to the enemy flank. 
- Move through cover to the enemy's flank and destroy them.  Be prepared to 
abort and retrace your steps if you encounter new enemies that you didn't see 

IMPORTANT:  as stated above, consider splitting your force whenever you're 
searching a large area, e.g., the woods.  This gives you more visual coverage 
of the area and provides more flanking opportunities.  You can split and 
control your squad by constantly ordering your squad to Flank.  Two Ghosts 
always move to a position ahead and to the right/left.  Then you can march 
straight ahead with the remaining Ghost until you are side by side with a 
healthy distance between the two groups.

4.  Weapon Recommendations
As mentioned in "NEW FEATURES," two weapons types dominate the Ghost Recon 2 

- M29 (formerly called the OICW)
- Machine Guns (SAW, M240B LMG, MG36, M8 AR) 

The Sniper Rifles are also excellent and very useful as your primary weapon 
on several missions, including:  Bridge, Convoy and Dam.  Recommended sniper 
rifles include:

- M14
I do not recommend using the assault rifles in the Campaign, except for the 
M29 (of course).  However, the assault rifles work well.  If you get bored of 
the "rat-a-tat-tat" of the machine guns, the M8 Carbine is an awesome weapon, 
especially with the M320 Grenade Launcher.  The Grenades Launchers in the 
"Grenadier" section are much more powerful than the M29's.

The big advantage of assault rifles is that they can be aimed more quickly 
than either machine guns or sniper rifles.  This is a big advantage in 
multiplayer, but of limited value in the Campaign or in Co-op.

The advantages of the machine gun over the assault rifle include: 
- More effective at long range - you can "smother" the target with bullets
- Rarely run out of ammo at the wrong time  

The success of the M240B LMG and M14 is due to their large caliber (7.62 mm).  
This gives them:

- Great "stopping power" (which allows...) 
- Shorter bursts (which allows...) 
- Increased accuracy (and) 
- Requires less ammunition 
The M250B LMG and M14 also have more recoil.  Therefore, they are not as 
accurate as the FAMAS G2S, MG36 or M8 AR.  So, upgrade to these weapons when 
they become available.

Having the right weapon does not guarantee success.  Here are some tips for 
getting the most from your shots:

Shooting Tips:
- Always stop before firing.  Your "pips" must be close to the firing 
reticule, or you're going to miss at medium and long range. 
- Set your firing rate at "Full Auto" and learn to squeeze the trigger for 
the desired number of shots.  If your weapon has a 3-shot setting, you may 
find this effective, but it tends to use more ammo than a disciplined shooter 
on full auto. 
- Fire in short bursts at medium and long range (2-3 bullets at long range; 
3-5 bullets at medium range).  This allows your "pips" to settle after each 
burst, maintaining your accuracy. 
- Fire extended bursts at short range - you're life depends on it!  

- The "pips" in GR2 still spread widely when moving and firing long bursts, 
but this does NOT affect accuracy nearly as much as the original GR, at short 
and medium range.  Feel free to fire without letting them "settle" if you 
need to - you may be pleasantly surprised.   
- The pips on the M29, M8 and MG36 do not spread widely on long bursts.  Feel 
free to put the pedal to the metal (as long as you're stationary)!

- Strafing is possible at short range and is much more effective than the 
original Ghost Recon.  But, use it only as a last resort.  

- Many great Ghost Recon players use "Single Shot" exclusively.  If you are 
one of these Superstars, forget about full auto and keep doing what you're 
doing!  (I lost my reflexes 25 years ago.)

5.  Miscellaneous tips

- Radar:  much improved over the original Ghost Recon, the radar now detects 
enemy at all ranges.  It is so precise that you can aim your fire and 
grenades without ever seeing the enemy.  The radar is a medium-range device 
so red dots are trouble!  Take some time to "scale" the display in your head 
by observing how far the friendly blue dots are from you.

- Grenades:  These hot potatoes still pack quite a punch.  If you want to see 
a group of enemies scatter in all directions (some on their feet, some flying 
through the air), just throw a couple of these on their position.  However, 
they take a long time to get ready.  Don't get caught with your potato in 
your hand when a red dot starts coming toward you.  For that reason, it's 
best to change weapons to grenades when you have cover.  Also, make sure 
you're not standing next to an obstruction or under a roof - you'll murder 
your whole squad!   
The manual says the longer you hold the grenade, the farther it goes.  I did 
not find this to be true.  Once the little "hand" symbol fills up (and it 
fills up very quickly), you don't have to hold it any longer.  The range is 
determined by how high you throw it.  Finally, don't move your cursor until 
the grenade leaves your hand.  If you do, it may land at your feet.

- Range Finder:  you can hold the Blue button down to access a few display 
options including Night Vision, Identify Friend or Foe, Objective Markers 
on/off and the Range Finder (like the M29).  The range finder can be useful 
when trying to determine where targets are relative to objects around them.  
This can help you aim your grenade launcher, and determine whether you can 
throw a grenade that far.


- Disclaimer:  Enemy action in Ghost Recon 2 is difficult to predict.  Expect 
the unexpected!  This walkthrough was created from my own experience of 
playing the campaign about ten times, five in each difficulty level.  
However, my style of play is probably different that yours.  You may be 
faster or slower than me, or take a slightly different route than what is 
recommended, below.  Also, I'm not infallible.  I may have simply screwed up 
by forgetting something.  

IMPORTANT:  This is a tough game.  I still die about 20 times in NORMAL and 
40 times in HARD.  In that sense, these instructions are a formula for 
certain death!  What I have tried to do is to give you a fighting chance to 
live and get your through some tough spots in less than an hour!  Feel free 
to experiment and find a better way! 

- Difficulty Level:  the Campaign strategy is (basically) unchanged due to 
difficulty level.  Enemies are more numerous and tougher in "Hard."  You 
die quicker in Hard, but your Ghosts are just as durable.  Alternate your 
campaigns between "Hard" and "Normal" to provide some variety.  It's easier 
to experiment in "Normal."  

- Enemy Estimates:  When I provide an enemy estimate, I'll usually provide 
numbers with a dash between them, e.g., "3-5 DPRK."  The first number is for 
Normal, the second for Hard.  NOTE:  These numbers are "estimated," I didn't 
actually count them.  So, don't wait around for 5 minutes waiting for another 
DPRK to show up because I blew the estimate!

- Fire machine-guns and assault rifles in short bursts (full auto or 3-shot).  
Always stop before shooting, unless you're running for your life!  

- The folks at Red Storm have decided to give us an incentive to be more 
aggressive.  Some areas are defended by waves of respawning defenders (some 
appear to be "infinite respawn" areas).  The waves continue until you push 
forward to stop the tide.  This walkthrough will help you push through.

- A lot of your success in the Campaign is determined by what routes you take 
to get to the objectives.  Unlike most games, the indirect route is usually 
not the best.  I have often found more enemies by taking the "scenic route" 
than by taking the direct route.

- You can access the "Squad Scoreboard" to see how many kills you have by 
holding the Back button.  This is useful for determining the effect of fire 
and grenades on enemies that you can't see.

- You can adjust your brightness from the Main Menu, "Options."  This can 
make certain day missions, which are otherwise too dark, more playable 
without resorting to night vision, e.g., Pagoda.

Recommended Weapon:  SAW, grenades

Fire the SAW in short bursts at medium and long range.  Feel free to put the 
"pedal to the metal" at short range.

Do NOT go through the gate into the airfield - it's dangerous in there!  
Instead, move to your right (west), outside the fence.  When you turn the 
corner, you'll see the British Soldiers' position (southwest).  

The Brits are waiting for you to eliminate the machine gun nest.  Move toward 
their position until you can see the machine gun nest.  

- Take out the DPRK at long range.  Use the fence to shield you and your 
squad from most of the enemy troops while you focus on one or two.  

- As you eliminate enemy, keep moving to the right until you've killed them 

- Do NOT use a rocket on their position (you'll need them later). 
When you've eliminated the nest, order your squad to shoot down the 
helicopter (point at the helicopter and tap the Yellow key when you get the 
prompt, "Attack Vehicle").  Arm yourself with a rocket in case he misses - 
but he never does.  

With the helicopter vaporized, let the British troops move in and fight the 
DPRK in the center of the map.  Move your squad south to the right flank.  
IMPORTANT:  maintain a respectful distance from the white pavement of the 
airstrip that has mortar shells dropping on it.

Eliminate the DPRK from long range with the help of your Ghosts and the 
British.  Let the British filter through your line; they'll attract the 
attention of the DPRK and make your job easier.  If there are long-range 
targets you want your Ghosts to eliminate, point at the target and order them 
to "Suppress" (hold Yellow key and D-Pad up).

When you've eliminated all the DPRK next to the airstrip:

- Move quickly to the East wall (with the big holes in it) for protection 
from the Snipers in the Control Tower.  

- Order your squad to "Hold Position."  Get out your trusty rocket launcher, 
back up from the wall and fire a shot between two of the snipers on one side 
of the tower.  Go back to the shelter of the wall, reload, then kill the 
remaining snipers with another rocket.

IMPORTANT:  the rocket launcher will not fire unless you are stationary.  
Watch the center of the firing reticule and wait for it to "fill in" 
completely before pulling the trigger.

- With snipers eliminated, move East through one of the holes in the wall and 
through the adjoining blasted-out room.  

- Look to your left (North) for DPRK reinforcements.  If they aren't looking 
your way, let them proceed to their destination.  

- Throw a couple grenades into the room they entered (throw them over the 
shattered wall).  When the grenades arrive, it sounds like a fox just raided 
the henhouse.  As they scream and run, insure that your Ghosts are in 
position to gun down anyone trying to flee. 
- Proceed North.  Make sure the room in which you threw the grenades is 
clear; then move your squad to the Northwest corner of that room in 
preparation for blowing up the fuel tank (and the Control Tower).  

- Switch weapons to the rocket launcher.  Then order your squad to "ADVANCE" 
(tap the Yellow key) to the east wall 15 feet in front of you (as you face 
the fuel tank).  Your squad won't go far, but far enough to trigger a charge 
of several DPRK toward you, from the direction of the fuel tank.  Quickly 
order your men to "Regroup" (Black key), then rocket the fuel tank.  The 
ensuing explosion should eliminate all the charging DPRK, and the Control 

- Quickly move east about 50 feet and re-supply your weapons at the ammo 
crate located there.

- After re-supplying, make sure you still have your rocket launcher in hand.  
Hug the wall of the building a few feet south of the ammo crate, order your 
squad to hold position near the wall, and wait for the next helicopter to 

- The helicopter should fly over your head from the South and hover a bit in 
front of you as it makes a turn to attack.  Boom!.  Goodbye, helicopter!

- Proceed north to the aircraft in the shelter and clear out any DPRK.  

- Switch weapons to grenades.  

- Move to the left (north side) of the aircraft and tell your Ghosts to 
"Suppress" the top of the ramp.  While they're firing, run up to within about 
20 feet of the foot of the ramp, and throw one grenade about 10 feet past the 
top of the ramp.  Then throw another grenade as far as you can over the ramp.  

- Order your squad to "Regroup" and switch your weapon to the SAW.  Move up 
the ramp together.  If your grenades were accurate, you killed everybody up 
there.  Mow down any survivors (eyes front-left).

- Move to your left (north) past the next alleyway (car and DPRK), and stop 
behind the building to your right (east).  

- The next alleyway has significant threats that fire on you immediately.  
Stay at long range and use the northwest corner of the building (to your 
front-right) to shield you as you take them out, one at a time.  Then SAW the 
turret position at the end of the alleyway.

- Proceed east down the alleyway, keeping your eye to the left for DPRK 
hidden in the northeast corner.  Your Ghosts will protect you from any new 
threats showing up to the east.  

- You should receive a message that enemy reinforcements are arriving.  
They'll get out of a truck at the south end of the next alleyway and fight 
the British.  At "Hard" difficulty, they'll be waiting for you - so keep your 
distance.  Either SAW them and/or rocket the truck.

- Move south toward the final objective.  Eliminate any DPRK coming up the 
ramp from the end of the alley.  

- Move forward to grenade range of the ramp.  Switch to grenades and order 
your Ghosts to "Suppress" the top of the ramp.  Throw one grenade to the foot 
of the ramp (even though you can't see the bottom of it) and another grenade 
farther and to the left, where the DPRK come out of the building.  

- Switch weapons to the SAW and move down the ramp with your Ghosts 
Regrouped.  Eliminate any DPRK, and then rocket the last vehicle yourself 
(fuel truck).

Mission Complete!

Recommended Weapon:  SAW

- Proceed downriver (northwest), staying to your left (southwest bank).  

- When you get to the bridge, order your Ghosts to suppress the DPRK on the 
bridge.  Stay behind a tree until they get them all (they can see through the 
foliage).  There is one spot you can shoot from farther to the left, but 
don't move there until the Ghosts are suppressing the enemy.

- After eliminating resistance on the bridge, gun down any DPRK firing at you 
from downriver.  Be sure to stay on your belly at this point - it improves 
your accuracy and keeps you safe.

- Proceed to the bridge support (first objective) and order your squad to 
plant a demo charge when you see the prompt, "Plant Demo Charge" (tap the 
Yellow key).  Proceed east after you plant the charge and watch the movie.

- After the bridge is blown, crawl southeast until more DPRK show up, 
guarding the entrances to the building complex.  Take them out at long range.

- Proceed southeast until you can target the two southernmost entrances 
into the building complex.  Stay outside the complex and fire at enemies 
inside at long range.  Eliminate everyone you see until they quit returning 

- Move through the southernmost entrance, watching your left for enemies 
behind the railing.  Kill any reinforcements that show up on the bridge to 
the southeast.

- With the area clear, move to the southeast corner near the foot of the 
bridge.  Order your Ghosts to suppress the top of the bridge then throw two 
grenades - one just over the bridge; the other about 20-30 feet deeper.  This 
should eliminate most of the DPRK on the other side of the bridge.

- Crawl up the bridge on your belly, and SAW any DPRK that charge over it.  
When you reach the top of the bridge, peek over the edge and kill any 
remaining DPRK.  

Now, the fun begins...

The next area is accessible through two archways at the top two stairways.  A 
bunch of DPRK defend this area that you'll have to fight at close range (with 
dwindling ammunition supplies).   
IMPORTANT:  You can pick up enemy machine guns with full ammo if your ammo 
becomes critical.  (Press and hold the left thumbwheel when the "exchange" 
icon appears).

- Pick off the guards at each entrance archway.  Then keep bouncing back and 
forth between the two archways to eliminate the DPRK inside.  Use the 
archways to shield you from every enemy except the one you're trying to 

- When you've cleared out the area, be cautious when you enter.  There may be 
DPRK hiding behind the brick obstacles.  There are also two doorways at 
opposite ends protected by more DPRK.  They'll shoot into the area if you're 
not careful.

- Move to one of the exit doors and shoot from the doorway, shielding 
yourself from every enemy except the one you're trying to shoot.  

- When you clear the door enough to move through it, clear out the adjoining 
area by keeping your distance from remaining enemy.  

- After clearing the first adjoining area, return to the previous area and do 
the same thing at the other door and adjoining area.  

By clearing both adjoining areas, you relieve pressure on the last area (the 
Pagoda) and make the final objective much easier.

When you reach the final area, the Pagoda, you find British soldiers and an 
ammo crate.  It is important to help the British soldiers immediately - 
without re-supplying, if possible.  (Another reason to pick up an enemy 
weapon before you get here).  

If you stay in the room (with the giant bell in the middle), you have to 
fight wave after wave of attackers (10).  It's better to push through the 
exit doors when you can.  

The Pagoda area has four doors.  You have secured two of them by clearing the 
areas to which they are connected.  So, there are no enemies behind you.  You 
only have to worry about the two doors (side by side) on the east wall.

- In HARD, two brave British soldiers are stationed outside these doors 
fighting a bunch of DPRK.  Order your ghosts to "Hold Position" at medium 
range to fire through the doors at a diagonal (not from the bell structure).

- While the Ghosts fire from one direction, move to the other diagonal to 
fire through the double doors from closer range.  The British soldiers 
attract most of the fire, helping to keep you alive.  

- After you kill all the DPRK, there is a brief pause while the second wave 
respawns about 100 meters to the east of the doorways.  Take this opportunity 
to fly out the door to the right, and meet the next wave in the grassy area 
outside.  Eliminate this wave at the longest range possible.

- When the second wave is eliminated you've cleared the extraction zone.  

- Run like crazy for the helicopter when you get the message from "Command," 
before the mortar barrage comes in.

Recommended Weapon:  SAW

This is a night mission so press the Blue button to enable night vision.

You start near an ammo crate that you'll need to visit later.

Move northeast from your starting location to the concrete road (map grid 
"F6").  Station yourself on the road at a safe distance looking west for 
three approaching tanks.  Rocket each tank as it appears.  Quickly reload to 
be ready for the next one.  If you miss a shot, order your squad to "Attack 
Vehicle" by pointing at the target and tapping (not holding) the Yellow 

After eliminating the three tanks, return to the ammo crate and re-supply.  
There are two more vehicles to destroy, but they remain stationary.  Before 
you work on them, you need to eliminate the enemy infantry in the 
woods south of the road near the objective marker.

After eliminating the infantry in the woods, you can focus on the two 
remaining vehicles and infantry located on the road.  Take out the vehicles 
from a long-range position in the woods.  Just look for the objective marker 
- they should be close to that.  

When the two vehicles are destroyed, you have completed the objective.  But 
search the area on the road and south of it for infantry stragglers before 

OBJECTIVE:  Eliminate Infantry Platoon
This mission takes place a few meters north of the road.  You must eliminate 
half a dozen infantry occupying a defensive position that faces north.  It's 
at the objective marker.

Start by crossing the road and firing down the central ramp accessible from 
the south (or throw a grenade).  Then, go to your right (east) and work your 
way to the side of the position.  You'll find a pathway that leads out onto 
the defensive structure, overlooking the woods to the north.  Clear all 
enemies in the vicinity.

OBJECTIVE:  Eliminate Infantry Platoon to the North
Occupy the defensive position you just captured and prepare for an attack 
from the north.  Place your Ghosts on the pathway that gives a clear view of 
the northern woods and tell them to "Hold Position."

Position yourself near the top of the ramp to the right (as you face north) 
that leads down to the woods.  Aim at the bottom of the objective marker and 
order your Ghosts to "Suppress."  That should stir up the hornets' nest.

Your Ghosts begin engaging targets at long range right through the foliage.  
The enemy returns fire but rarely hit anything.  A few guys will probably 
make it to the ramp you're defending.  Eliminate them and the objective 
should be completed.

OBJECTIVE:  Eliminate Infantry Platoon to the Northeast
This mission is tougher.  They won't come to you so you have to find them.

Proceed east from the defensive position you captured and move to the east 
edge of the map (G7).  Turn north and search the area, staying at the edge of 
the map.  

You'll probably engage a few enemy infantry first, but eventually you get to 
the northeast edge of the map, and the objective marker is to the west in the 
distance.  Travel west and crawl a short distance to a position where you can 
see the enemy standing around with their backs to you.

There are at least 12 enemies, but you'll only be able to see 4 or 5.  So, 
the Flank maneuver is a bit risky right off the bat.  You can decide the best 
means of eliminating them.  Just be sure to save the game before you 
experiment!  The Ghosts take some damage because the range is medium.  

When you whittle the enemy down to a handful, try experimenting with the 
"Flank" maneuver to take out the rest of them.

After completing this objective, you are attacked by a helicopter.  (It's a 
good idea to save the game when you hear it coming!)  Assign the attack to 
your squad - they'll have an easier time finding a hole in the foliage to 
shoot through.  

Recommended Weapon:  M29 (of course!)

This is a tough mission, especially if it's your first try with the M29.
The M29 is a powerful weapon, but will be confusing at first.  

IMPORTANT:  The most common mistake with the M29 is to be in "camera mode" 
(Black button) and try to run away from an attack.  You must hit the Black 
button to exit camera mode before you can move.

At the beginning of the mission, enemy troops make a suicide charge into your 
position, which is defended by many allied soldiers.  This is a respawn area, 
so kill a wave and run down to where they're coming out to end the respawn.

You then proceed through a city full of rubble.  Stop at every corner and 
make a thorough search of the next area with your gun camera before 
proceeding (press the Black button).  Be patient, search well and look for 
snipers in high places.  Save the game a lot!

You eliminate several infantry; then a tank and an armored personnel carrier 
(APC) with air strikes.  You eventually reach a courtyard (D5) that is the 
beginning of a nightmare...

In the courtyard, you must eliminate:
- Several infantry
- A tank and more infantry
- An APC and still more infantry 
So, pack a lunch! 
First, take out the turret position that overlooks the courtyard with an air 
strike.  This allows access to the important "overlook" area above the 
NOTE:   Don't use the turret - you'll probably be killed quickly due to the 
short range.

Focus on eliminating the infantry before taking on the tank.  You can kill 
the tank by targeting an air strike from the "overlook"; but if infantry are
still running around you might get cornered up there.

After you destroy the tank and infantry, the APC and more infantry arrive.  
Take out the infantry first, but do not go very far into the courtyard.  If 
you do, the APC charges out and tries to mow you down.

The APC shows up in the northeast corner of the courtyard, visible from the 
"overlook."  Take the time to find it and destroy it with an air strike.  

You can shoot three enemy infantry in the next courtyard from the overlook 
area in the courtyard.  Stand up and use your camera to look over the north 
wall, searching northwest.  The DPRK move around, so be patient.  They will 
probably never see you and return fire. 
Replenish your ammo and move to the north side of D5.  This should give you a 
long-range view of the road where you just killed the DPRK.  Look west and 
eliminate any other infantry at long range.  

After you eliminate all infantry resistance on the road, proceed west through 
down the road to a low concrete wall on the south side of the road (C4).  Get 
on your belly - another APC shows up and will kill you instantly if you're 
standing or crouched.  

IMPORTANT:  Enemy vehicles have a problem shooting down at you from close 
range.  So, if you're on your belly at short range, it can't shoot you!

The APC will conveniently stop on the road 15-20 meters from your position.  
Peek over the short concrete wall with your camera and quickly target the APC 
for an air strike.  

After you eliminate the APC, move to the north side of the road and continue 
west.  Hug the brick wall.  When you get close to the end of the wall, you'll 
receive a message that enemy reinforcements have arrived nearby.  You'll see 
them moving around on your radar.  Wait until they stop, then use your camera 
to check out the area from a short distance.  You'll see another turret (this 
one is useful) and one of the infantry that was moving.  Target an air strike 
on him with your camera, and be careful not to reveal yourself or they will 
charge your position.

After the air strike, use your camera to peek around the corner (looking 
north).  When it's clear, hug the wall to your right and move to a position 
15 meters short of the next doorway.  Use your camera to target an air strike 
at this doorway.  With the doorway clear, move to it and inspect the area.  
You should get a message that a "Stationary APC" has been spotted.  Shoot at 
anybody you see then retreat to the nearby turret.  

A major infantry attack should occur.  You can't keep enough ammo in the M29 
to kill them all, so be sure to use the turret.  Cut your way through about 
three or four waves with the turret, and then return to the doorway and clean 
out the area.

With the last enemies eliminated, you can finally proceed.  Around the corner 
to the next big alleyway, a sniper tries to kill you and then a tank lumbers 
toward you.  Turn around, seek cover, then order an air strike on the tank 
when it stops.  NOTE: While it's tempting to toss a satchel charge at it as 
you retreat, this will create an infantry attack.  So, air strike the tank 

After killing the tank and the sniper, you enter an "infinite respawn" area 
that's hard to push through.  There are only two DPRK in each wave, but they 
are extremely aggressive.  The best strategy is to kill them both, and then 
move quickly up the alleyway.  Try to take cover behind the car on the right, 
near the end of the alley.  It offers a clear view of the last tank and the 
non-respawning infantry that you must destroy.  Be on your guard, however, 
destroying the tank does NOT end the mission.  You'll have to kill any 
infantry that are still alive as well.

So, you have to:
- Fight short/medium-range battles with two respawning maniacs
- Run up the alleyway to the car on your right 
- Punch out the non-respawning infantry at the end of the alleyway 
- Kill the tank commander in the turret before he machine-guns you 
- Air strike the tank 
- Kill the two maniacs again who have, no-doubt, respawned by now

Piece of cake!

The good news:  the tank does not fire its main gun at you if you're behind 
the car on the right.

Recommended Weapon:  M250B LMG

This level can be a bit frustrating at first, but you'll learn to love it for 
the sake of variety.  

The key to victory is anticipating when enemy vehicles are going to appear.  
Have your rocket launcher waiting for them.

First, assign squad members to man the two turrets (point at each one and tap 
the Yellow key).  The Ghosts love turrets - one of mine got 154 kills on this 
mission!  It's fun to use a turret yourself, but you must be ready for 
vehicle attacks and DPRK infantry that charge your position - up close and 

Position yourself on your belly behind the trench.  You'll be harder to hit 
and your firing will be more accurate.  (Just be sure not to shoot Kim in the 
back of the head as he moves around.)  

IMPORTANT:  Zoom your view to the opposite bank of the river and target enemy 
infantry as they come into view.  This will minimize the number of "close 
The first tank appears early in the battle, after 4 or 5 waves of infantry 
attacks.  Change to the crouch position in eager anticipation.  This will 
save precious seconds when you see it coming down the road.  Quit zooming 
your weapon or you may miss its arrival.  If you're on the lookout for the 
tank, you can switch to your rocket launcher and destroy it before it reaches 
the bridge (to your left).  If you don't see it coming, it will kill your 
entire squad when it crosses the bridge... "Mitchell is down!!!"

"Command" will warn you of the next attack by armor units.  Be sure to rearm 
your rocket launcher before (preferred), or right after you receive this 
message - you'll need three rockets. 
Shortly after the message, three tanks will move down the road to the foot of 
bridge and use their main guns on your position.  Death will be short and not 
very sweet, if this happens.  Therefore, take out the lead tank before it 
reaches the bridge.  The second and third tank will have to push the first 
wreck out of the way, giving you time to reload your rocket launcher.  
Dispatch the next two tanks before they can aim their big guns at you.  NOTE:  
the third tank may get stuck behind the charred wrecks of the first two tanks 
you destroyed.  If this happens, aim carefully at the turret of the last 
tank.  You may have to move to your end of the bridge to make this shot.  
Order your squad to "Hold Position" if you do. 
Rearm your rocket launcher as soon as you can, at a time when there is little 
enemy activity.

When you return to your prone position behind the trench, be ready for a 
massed charge by the DPRK.  They'll be crawling like ants on the opposite 
bank before they come over the river.  Cut down their numbers before they do.  

Also, be ready for an APC attack.  This vehicle is part jet airplane because 
it moves about Mach 2 down the river.  Either kill it quickly yourself, or 
order a squad member to do so.  The APC flies by right in front of your 
position, then turns right and runs right over the trench next to yours.  If 
you fire too late, you'll kill the French soldiers defending that trench.  (I 
guess the game assumes the French are actually going to fight with us in the 

The next critical spot occurs after another artillery barrage by the DPRK.  
It kills most of the allied troops defending the trench on the other side of 
the road to your left.  "Command" orders you to move to their location.  Be 
sure to rearm your rocket launcher before you get this message.

- If you wait until to you get the message to move, you'll arrive just in 
time to be slaughtered.  Therefore, after the artillery barrage, clear out 
any enemy attacking your position, and move early. 
- A tank supports this big attack on the vacant position (one ally may 
survive).  You must either kill the tank yourself, or order a squad member to 
do it.  If you move early to the new position, this tank can be rocketed at 
long range before it gets to the river.  If you fail to kill the tank, you 
are definitely toast.  It runs right over your trench, making it impossible 
to rocket without killing your own squad members and (possibly) the single 
ally that survived.

After the tank is taken care of, crouch or go prone to defeat the infantry 
swarming through the position.  You might have to chase a DPRK or two that 
tries to move past it.  This penetration will end the mission if they 

You have no turrets at this new position, but your Ghosts will mow them down 
anyway.  Get them in the left side of the trench and tell them to "Hold 
Position."  Then go prone behind the trench, again.  Most of the enemy 
activity will be to your left, but if you position yourself there, you're 
likely to be shot.  So, place yourself behind the right side of the trench, 
closest to the bridge.  You'll receive much less fire. 
Zoom and defeat these enemies at long range.  It gets a little tense, but 
nothing you can't handle.  After a few minutes, the DPRK artillery will be 
wiped out by counter-battery fire producing a welcome reduction in noise 
level.  A friendly air strike will end the mission soon after.

Recommended Weapon:  M250B LMG

This is a relatively easy mission if you push forward at the respawn points.

You start out by helping German soldiers defend themselves.  Charge east down 
the road and take out the handful of DPRK shooting at them.  They are focused 
on the Germans, which makes your job easier.

The next attack comes from the woods to the south.  Position your squad on 
the left flank of your line (where you killed the first handful) in the 
middle of the road.  Order your team to "Suppress" the new attackers from 
long-range - the enemy is located to the left of the small structure.  Again, 
the DPRK focus on the Germans, and your flanking fire will be devastating.  
You have trouble seeing through the trees, but your Ghosts will have a field 
day!  Just stay on your belly and contribute as best you can.

After this battle, it's time to move to the train yard.

Save the game.

IMPORTANT:  Escort the German troops and flank the enemies they encounter in 
the woods.  Otherwise, they may be wiped out, increasing the difficulty of 
completing the mission.  The Germans split into two groups.  Each group 
approaches a different entrance to the Train Yard.  In order to keep them 
from being slaughtered, consider ordering your Ghosts to "Protect" one of the 
groups.  Two Ghosts will detach and stick with them.  You and the remaining 
Ghost can stick close to the other group of Germans. The Germans will 
eventually stop short of each entrance and stand around.  This is your cue to 
fight your way inside.

Regroup on the road leading to the north entrance of the Train Yard (C5).  
Eliminate any DPRK that are still alive, defending the north entrance.  
Advance toward the entrance, but be careful not to move past the covering 
wall to your left.  You'll trigger an attack if you do.

From that postion, throw a grenade or two into the area to your right front 
(southwest).  You can't see into the area from this position, but several 
DPRK are located there that defend the western entrance to the Train Yard.  

After the DPRK yell and scream from the grenade attack, retrace your steps 
back out of the entrance area.  Move southwest a short distance through the 
woods to the western entrance (E5).  Eliminate resistance at this entrance, 
and move forward to the short wall topped by a chain link fence.  Wait for a 
few attackers to show up and eliminate them.

Save the game.

Your next objective is to defend the control room.  However, we're going to 
disobey orders slightly.  We're going to push forward (east), past the 
Control Room area (left side of E6) and penetrate to the west half of map 
grids D7 and F7.  This tactic should stop a respawn wave attack from those 
two areas.  If you don't push forward, you'll be slowly chopped up and 
destroyed by 10 waves of attackers from those two directions (especially in 
the "Hard" difficulty level).

Start by moving forward past the railroad tracks and into D6.  A force of 5-8 
DPRK, bent on your destruction, attacks you.  Engage them from a prone 
position, and your squad should mow them down.  Now, disobey the direct order 
to, "Fall back and defend the control room."  

IMPORTANT:  During this movement and battle, be aware of potential enemies to 
the south in map grids E6 and F6.  This is the other origination point of the 
wave attacks.  You can't let anyone get past you and capture the Control Room 

After defeating the wave in D6, move forward to enter D7, then head southwest 
to clear any resistance by the control room and penetrate into F7.  This 
should stop the respawn wave attacks within a minute or two, and complete the 
objective to defend the Control Room.  This is a good place to save the game.

NOTE:  You may not actually see a message that the control room objective was 
completed.  We may screw up the program slightly by disobeying orders.

During this battle or immediately afterwards, a helicopter arrives from the 
east to drop reinforcement behind you.  If allowed to land, the troops from 
the chopper attack you through both Rail Yard entrances.  So, be wary of a 
helicopter that doesn't shoot at you.  Whip out your rocket launcher quickly 
when you hear it approach from the east and take it down.  

NOTE:  Instead of dropping troops, this helicopter may attack you instead.

OBJECTIVE:  Clear the Train Yard of Enemy Resistance
Enemies will soon arrive by train.  You'll get a message from the German 
commander to, "Get ready and take your positions."  Defend against the 
initial attack from the Control Room area.  A good spot is the low wall 
topped by a chain link fence next to the tracks.  When this attack is over, 
move carefully around the inside perimeter of the Train Yard (in either 
direction) to search for the remaining DPRK soldiers.  Most of this "clean-
up" fighting occurs at long-range, so resistance is easily eliminated.  

NOTE:  During the clean-up, be careful going around corners and be aware that 
enemy may be hiding in areas where the floor is lower than the one on which 
you're patrolling.  Mop up the last defenders and the mission is complete.  

Recommended Weapon:  MG36

You now have the MG36 - a great weapon.  Note that it has a single-shot and 
3-shot setting.  These settings can come in handy at the end of this mission 
when your ammo runs low.

- "Pilot Down" is a very difficult mission in the woods.  US Army 
Intelligence has underestimated enemy resistance and flown you into a death 

- Fighting is primarily at medium range if you play it right; but degenerates 
to short-range and death, if you don't.  Even at medium range, you'll take a 
lot of 
damage.  Be prepared for some casualties and "gut it out."  Save early, save 

- Beware of alternate routes - they may be far more difficult than the path 
recommended below.

The good news is that you get to Suppress and Flank enemy positions in the 
first phase of this mission.  Experiment and improve your skills - you'll 
need them on future missions.

The first part is relatively easy.  Head southwest from the insertion point 
to the middle of the long road that stretches from southeast to northwest.  
This "center" point is located on the road where map grids F4 and F5 meet.

- Sneak up on the small squad of DPRK defending the road and eliminate them.

- Then cross the road moving southeast, and find the hole in the bushes that 
provides last entrance to the downed helicopter area.  

NOTE: a huge log marks the first entrance you come to (on your right).  Do 
not enter there.  Later, we'll exit the area at this point. 

IMPORTANT:  Clear the road quickly to avoid being shot in the back by DPRK 
Reinforcements from the north.

In the downed helicopter area (G4, G5, H4, H5), the DPRK fires at the US 
pilot (who is now invulnerable) and have their backs to you.  Get off the 
road quickly and calmly circle left around the perimeter of this large area.  
Shoot DPRK in the back as you go.

When you get about half way around the perimeter of the area, the DPRK start 
shooting at you instead of the pilot.  This is an opportunity to try out your 
flanking tactics.  You can do this using two methods:

- Order your team to "Hold Position" and "Suppress" these hidden targets that 
are firing at you.  While your squad pins the target down, move to the left 
around the perimeter and try to find their hiding place.  If you've ever 
wondered what the back of an enemy uniform looks like, the downed pilot area 
is you opportunity to see it!
- Order your team to "Flank Left" as you provide suppression fire with the 
MG36.  Stay flat on your belly or hide behind a tree, but keep firing every 
few seconds so the enemy doesn't see your flankers moving around.

After you clear the last defender in this area, the shooting stops and 
there's an eerie silence.  This is your cue to go up to the pilot.  He says 
something like, "We've got to get out of here."  You should then receive your 
next objective.

NOTE:  If the pilot says something like, "Help me out, there are too many of 
them," there is probably another enemy hidden in the area.  Search and 
eliminate him.

IMPORTANT:  During your escape to the extraction zone, use this walkthrough 
to timely plop on your belly when you're about to engage enemies.  If you 
sneak up in this way, you'll get the first shot and kill a bunch before they 
can take cover.  This will limit the enemy's ability to get more troops to 
the firefight and flank your position.

An enemy APC is your first problem.  It takes position on the road you 
crossed at the beginning of the mission, approximately where F5 and G5 meet.  
You cannot approach or cross the road until you destroy it.

Tell your squad (accompanied by the pilot who is not very vulnerable) to 
"Hold Position" near the helicopter and search for the vehicle.  When you 
find it, rocket the APC from long-range through a hole in the trees.  (Don't 
blow yourself up like I did!)  

IMPORTANT:  Destroy the APC quickly - it will arrive near the east end of the 
road when one of your squad members say's, "We're starting to get some 
attention!"  If you don't destroy it quickly, more enemies will arrive and 
search for you in the downed helicopter area.  This complicates the battle.  
If this happens, you need to regroup your force and fight the DPRK infantry, 
attack the vehicle between firefights.

ESCAPE ROUTE - CRITICAL:  After destroying the APC, your next moves are very 
important.  There is only one escape route that is relatively open.  Every 
other route is heavily defended, and you'll end up fighting many enemies at 
short range; coming at your from multiple directions. 
Move north from the downed helicopter.  You should run into the exit with the 
big log.  Cross the road at that point.  Beware of infantry to your right 
that may have survived your attack on the APC (the farther east you rocket 
the APC, the more likely the DPRK infantry will be killed in the explosion.) 
Continue moving north after you cross the road.  On the other side, you'll 
see an area where the ground rises gradually - that's the way to go.  It 
leads to a relatively open area defended by a handful of DPRK.  Take out as 
many as you can before they hide behind trees.  It's best to order your squad 
to "Suppress" before you open fire yourself.  Take them out from medium range 
on your belly.  Beware of additional troops joining the firefight from you 

Proceed north (and slightly west) to a large boulder formation to your left 
(E5).  You are now at the right edge of the map.  Move north along the right 
side of this rock formation.  You should get a message from "Command" that 
they are dropping mortars on enemies to the north.

As soon as you get past the boulder formation, you'll be attacked at short 
range by a handful of DPRK to your left.  Go prone, and use the boulder 
formation to shield you from their attack and mow them down as they push 

IMPORTANT:  After eliminating the DPRK at short range, it's time to change 
direction.  If you continue north along the right edge of the map, you'll run 
into a hornet's nest of DPRK at a respawn point.  So, turn left after the 
boulder formation and move west (and SLIGHTLY north).

You'll see two wrecked tanks and a large bushy area ahead of you.  It is 
marked on the map (D4).  Pass between the tanks and the bushes and move to 
the west edge of the map (D3).  Now move northwest toward the extraction 

Soon, you'll contact enemies in front of you.  When you have eliminated them, 
continue northwest.  More enemies will appear in front of you.  While you're 
shooting at them, enemies that respawn will appear to your right.  (It's a 
good time to save the game.)  Eliminate all of these enemies quickly (with 
the help of your extraction helicopter).  Then sprint for the extraction 
helicopter before more enemies respawn from your right.

When you get back to camp, chew out the intelligence group!

Recommended Weapon:  MG36

It is time for another big effort to "hold the line."  Your squad is asked to 
hold several positions in a fight that's more difficult than the level 5 

The good news:
- Only one vehicle attacks - a tank on the road at the beginning of the 
mission.  It's easy to rocket from long range.  

- If enemy troops slip by your lines, the mission does not end.  Instead, 
you're given another mission to "Clear Enemy out of the Camp."  Move to the 
red objective arrows and shoot them in the back.  Be sure to order your squad 
to "Hold Position" if you must do this.

The bad news:
- There are no turrets at two of the positions you're asked to defend.

- Only the last position allows you to fire effectively from the prone 
(Therefore, you're more likely to be eating bullets at the other objectives.)

- The enemy is harder to spot at a distance.

- The DPRK will frequently mass for attacks on your flanks and try to 
overwhelm one end of your trench.  This tactic is very effective.

- Order your troops to man turrets (when you have turrets to man.)

- Order your Ghosts to "Hold Position" when you arrive at each new objective.
Otherwise, they will follow you around and leave half the trench wide open to 
attack.  NOTE:  Sometimes the Ghosts will crouch in the trench and shoot into 
the wall right in front of them.  If you see this happening, "regroup" 
instead of "hold position."

- Stand or crouch behind your squad while you shoot, when possible.   
- Watch your radar and move quickly to areas under mass attack (3-5 enemies).  
You are the "mobile reinforcement" that keeps your position from being 
overrun.  Your radar will show the attack coming.

- When an attack by the DPRK is defeated, zoom and kill enemies at long 
range.  Try to break up future attacks before they start.

- If a Ghost needs a medic, be sure to kill all DPRK threatening your 
position before providing medical assistance.  Otherwise, you'll be short of 
firepower to defeat the attack, and everyone will die.

- Save early, save often.

Recommended Weapon:  M29

Now that you're an "expert" with the M29, you're given the toughest mission 
assignment in the game.  Have plenty of beer and/or chocolate on hand!

At first, this mission seems all but impossible.  Most of the map is wooded, 
well defended by DPRK.  Vehicle attacks are fast and deadly.  However, there 
is a way to make it through without pulling your hair out.  Read on!

Overview of Recommended Route/Actions:

- The Fuel Convoy is initially stopped.  It is hard to predict when it starts 
moving, so take these walkthrough instructions with a grain of salt.  This 
much I do know:  If you just stand around at the beginning of the mission, 
the convoy should start moving in two minutes.  If you encounter certain 
enemy troops, that will trigger movement early.  And if you run down the road 
at the start of the mission (Rambo) and sight the convoy, it will start 

- I have provided a few separate instructions for "Normal" vs. "Hard" 
difficulty levels.  

NORMAL (One air strike destroys the convoy)
A.  Move into the woods to your right (north) and reach a position to ambush 
the convoy in E6.

HARD:  (Multiple air strikes required to destroy the convoy)
A.  Move into the woods to your left (southwest) and reach a position to 
attack the convoy (G7). Retrace your steps to your starting position and set 
up for another air strike on a second convoy vehicle in F7.

NORMAL & HARD (from this point down the instruction are nearly identical)
B.  Destroy the "Command Vehicle."

C.  Move northwest along the east edge of the map to a sniper position 
in B5.

D.  Clear resistance in B3, B4, C3 and C4 so you can plant the Demo Charge 
and retreat to a second sniper point in C5. 
E.  Defeat the charging jeeps and move to the extraction zone (C5). 

Sound easy?  It's not.

NOTE:  This walkthrough will refer to the "Recommended Route/Action" letters 
(A-E) listed above.

It's not as easy to destroy the fuel convoy as the Tank Convoy in the Ambush 
level.  The main reason is that you don't have a rocket launcher.  Air 
strikes are great for stationary targets, but difficult to use on moving 
targets.  However, your grenade launcher is effective against fuel trucks in 
NORMAL (3 shots required), but doesn't seem to get the job done in HARD.

- In NORMAL difficulty level, destroying one fuel truck creates a "chain 
explosion" that destroys the entire convoy.  

- In HARD difficult level, three fuel trucks must be destroyed individually.

Therefore, two separate sets of instructions are provided for the start of 
the mission:

Route/Action A (NORMAL):
- Move through the woods to the north.  Stalk and eliminate the two DPRK 
defending map grid F7.  

- After you eliminate this patrol, move northwest to the north end of the 
hill that borders the road on the right side of E6.  This convoy should start 
moving within a minute.  Eliminate the infantry patrol that crosses the road 
in front of you.  (You can kill them with one shot from your grenade launcher 
by using an airburst.)  Then wait for the first vehicle to appear in the 

- Use your grenade launcher to kill the soldiers in the lead vehicle, a jeep.  
If anyone gets out of the vehicle, eliminate him as well.

- When the jeep stops, the first fuel truck crashes into the back of that 
vehicle, but keeps rolling forward down the road toward your position.

- Immediately call for an air strike in the center of the road, about two 
truck-lengths in front of the first fuel truck.  Retreat toward G7 - run 
fast!  The air strike should cause a "chain explosion" eliminating the entire 
convoy and completing the objective.

- Alternately, you can fire three shots with your grenade launcher to destroy 
a fuel truck.  This will also cause a chain explosion.

NOTE:  Continue with instructions "Route/Action B" under "Objective:  Destroy 
the Command Vehicle."  The common instructions for both difficulty levels 
begin there.)

Route/Action A (HARD):  
- Move through the woods to your left (west and then north) to an overlook 
above the road in G7.  To safely do this, you'll have to eliminate 3 DPRK in 
G6 that are hard to find.  

- Save the game after you eliminate the DPRK.  

- With the area clear, find the hill that overlooks the road in the northwest 
corner of G7.  Be careful not to get your head blown off by DPRK on the other 
side of the road.  NOTE:  Be careful not to move too far north as you search 
for the overlook.  If you do, the convoy may start moving and you won't be 
ready to launch your attack.

- With the overlook position discovered, turn to your left and hug the rock 
wall to your right.  It will lead you south and then west.  When it turns 
west, move slowly until you see the convoy moving on your radar.  (You'll see 
the objective marker on your radar move slowly.)

- Return to the overlook and switch to your grenade launcher.  Find a 
position that allows you to view the road with your camera, but hides your 
body from the road.

- In less than a minute, the first vehicle appears, a jeep with a machine 
gun.  Use your grenade launcher to take it out.  Aim for the passengers, not 
the front of the vehicle.  With no driver, it will stop immediately.

- The next vehicle in line is a fuel truck.  Call an air strike on the center 
of the road 2 truck lengths ahead of the vehicle.  Then run like crazy back 
to your starting point.  NOTE:  Your grenade launcher is less effective on 
fuel trucks in HARD.  Not sure that you can destroy them using this weapon.

- Save the game.

- Back at the insertion point, you'll notice a big rock by the side of the 
road (northeast corner of G7).  This will be your aiming point reference for 
your next air strike.  Move to a position north of that rock, at the north 
edge of the map, and face south.

- Zoom your weapon to a point in the center of the road just to the left of 
the big rock (NE corner of G7).

- IMPORTANT:  without moving your aim point, unzoom your weapon so you can 
see the next target approach!

- Within a minute, another fuel truck will lumber down the road.  Wait until 
it is half hidden behind the rock, and then call in an air strike where your 
weapon should still be aiming (to the left of the rock).  The rockets and the 
truck will meet at the same spot.  Goodbye truck!

- The fuel convoy is now stopped (but not destroyed).  You can finish it off 
at your leisure.

NOTE:  After this point, the instructions for Normal and Hard are the same.

Route/Action B:
- Next, you get a message that a "Command Vehicle" is approaching.  Run like 
crazy until you're behind the big rock in the northeast corner of G7.  
Optimally, you want to be standing behind this rock when the "Command 
Vehicle" arrives.  If you're far away from G7 in the east woods when it 
arrives, stick to the east edge of the map as you retreat to this position so 
the vehicle can't shoot you.  

- Like a bloodhound, the Command Vehicle will sense your presence and start 
moving around like a dog straining its leash.  It can leave the road but 
rarely does.  You should be safe behind the wall.  If it moves off the road, 
simply go prone.  It can't shoot down at you from close range.  

- As you face the rock, move to your right to lure the vehicle to that side 
of the rock.  It should stick its front end past the rock for you to see, but 
will usually not move forward any further.  IMPORTANT:  Move back slightly as 
it pulls up so you only see the front of the vehicle, not the turret.  

- Call in an air strike without blowing yourself up (min safe distance is 
approx 12 meters).  IMPORTANT: Don't move away from the Command Vehicle after 
requesting the strike - the Command Vehicle may change position.  

Goodbye, Command Vehicle!

Route/Action C:
- You will probably be visited by many DPRK at this point.  It's a tough 
battle because you very little space to retreat.  Find a position to shoot 
from in F7, next to the edge of the map.  There may be as many as 5-7 DPRK 
thirsting for your blood.  Eliminate them with extreme prejudice on full 

- Travel north along the east edge of the map.  There are infantry on the 
road near the fuel convoy, so avoid being seen.  Move north of the objective 
marker until you can shoot through a hole in the rock wall that borders the 
road.  You can now target an air strike to take out any remaining vehicles, 
and any infantry standing nearby.  (This completes the first Objective in 


Route/Action C:  (Continued)
- With all of the enemies around the fuel convoy eliminated, proceed north 
and northwest to the village at the north end of the map.  Crawl as you enter 
the area; and then crouch past the creek.  When you're past the creek, crawl 
to a sniper spot where the road ends at a roadblock in B5.

- Beware of DPRK from the woods that may have followed you.  They'll track 
you like bloodhounds and show up in less than a minute.

- From this vantage point, you should be able to eliminate the patrol near 
the bridge.  The DPRK are very near-sighted and can't see anything beyond 
about 85 meters.  They will return fire at your gun flashes, however, so stay 
on your belly.

- With the village area clear, restock on ammo and save the game.

Route/Action D:
- Move west toward the fuel depot.  You need to eliminate everyone in this 
area before you can place the demo charge.  Take out the closest turret 
gunner then retreat to the east, and wait for targets to appear at long 
range.  When these enemies are eliminated, move west again, and penetrate a 
little deeper into the area.  Snipe the second turret and retreat again, 
waiting for more targets to appear.

- You should now be able to move toward the fuel depot, but there is one 
soldier hiding behind a box next to the objective markers.  There is a small 
hill in the middle of C3.  By moving southwest you should be able to see him 
crouching behind the box.

- With all enemies in the fuel depot area eliminated, arm yourself with the 
demo charge.  

- Run like crazy up to the objective markers and place the demo charge.  As 
you retreat southeast, you'll receive a message that your position has been 

- Keep running southeast to the right of the same hill that you used to snipe 
the last defender.  This hill will shield you from newly arriving 
reinforcements.  Turn east behind the hill and run back to the village.  
You're almost done.

Route/Action E:
- The enemy should have lost sight of you when you ran behind the hill.  They 
are not likely to show up yet, but lay low, far to the east in the village, 
just in case.  

- While you're waiting in the village, ask yourself the question, "Why 
doesn't my extraction helicopter arrive and pick me up?"  Only the folks at 
Red Storm can answer that one!

- When you are sure that no enemies are in "hot pursuit" move to C5 and 
search for another customer who wants to bite a bullet.  Be patient and don't 
stray too far west.  There are two, very mean, jeep drivers who want to even 
the score. 

- Eventually you'll find a juicy target.  Give him the usual treatment, then 
run back to the nearest furrowed field and lay prone at the bottom of a 
furrow.  The jeeps should be making one of their famous Mach 2 approaches.  
If you find a deep furrow, you may have to use your camera to see them 


- Like a bloodhound, one or two jeeps will home in on your position.  But if 
you're in a furrow, they probably won't be able to shoot you with the 
vehicle's machine gun.  However, if they get out of the car, you're in big 

- As the vehicle(s) approach, spray the passenger and driver on full auto.  
The gunner will stay dutifully on his weapon that can't hurt you.  Take him 
out last.  If the jeep is at a safe range, consider using your grenade 
launcher instead.

- If two jeeps arrive, eliminating the occupants in both will earn you the 
extraction objective.  If only one jeep arrives, you'll be standing all alone 
in the village, wondering what to do next.  

- Fortunately, there is a simple answer.  Destroy the jeep with your grenade 
launcher.  It may take a few, but you can always get more ammo from the crate 
in the village.  When the single jeep is burning, you should get the 
extraction objective within a minute.


Recommended Weapon - M8 AR 

NOTE:  The "M8 AR" is a machine gun you pick from the "Gunner" section (even 
though AR stands for Assault Rifle).  The M8 Carbine is a weapon in the 
"Rifleman" section.

EDITORIAL COMMENT:  The Railway and next three levels:  Bridge, Fuel Depot 
and Convoy, are probably the most interesting missions in the game.  Enjoy 
Ghost Recon at its very best!

You are now the proud owner of the M8 AR machine gun.  It arrives at a time 
when you really need it.  The first part of this seemingly impossible mission 
is a superb "run and gun."

The M8 AR is remarkable for several reasons:
- It is quick to aim (the pips collapse quickly)

- It stays accurate even if you fire an entire 100-round clip with one long 

- It stays somewhat accurate even when you're moving (the pips expand far 
less than all other weapons).

The first objective is timed.  You have only a few minutes to get to the 
bridge and take it down.  Considering the enemy resistance, this is quite a 

Once again, the route is ultra-important.  

- Start by turning slightly left and pass to the left of a big rock you see 
in front of you (northeast corner of G2).  You begin to climb a gradually 
sloping hill.  Run east up the hill but stay to the right side of it.  That 
will shield you from enemies on your left.

- When you get half way across F3, the terrain to your right will change.  
There are a whole lot of boulders now scattered around.  Next, you'll pick up 
enemy movement on your radar - your first victims.

- Immediately turn right and head south toward the edge of the map.  On the 
way, help your Ghosts shoot the three DPRK that showed up on your radar.  
Then continue your run to the south edge of the map.

 - IMPORTANT:  you will frequently have to slow down to wait for the Ghosts - 
they're busy shooting everyone in sight (with great success).  Hit the 
Regroup button frequently to move them along as fast as possible.  While 
you're waiting for them to catch up, look ahead for your next 
resistance/targets.  This is a good place to save the game.  If you've taken 
a lot of damage, reload and try it again.

- Move east along the southern edge of the map.  Focus on the targets ahead, 
the Ghosts are killing everyone else with ruthless efficiency.  You'll have 
to kill the DPRK in your path, but run past the targets that are far away 
from the map edge.

- After a short distance, the map edge turns north.  Follow it to the bridge, 
machine gunning everything in your way.  Many DPRK will shoot at the Ghosts, 
who are firing all the time, and are unaware of your presence.  You can shoot 
them easily, but risk attracting attention.  So, only fire on them if they 
present a threat to the Ghosts making it through.

- You'll reach the bridge quickly, and (with a couple more saves and reloads) 
have minimal damage.

- When you get to the bridge, laze it immediately (for 7 seconds).  You may 
beat the time limit by only a few seconds.

- Save the game!

After you laze the bridge and watch the movie, you climb down the cliff face 
to a gigantic valley with the railroad tracks running through it.  You have 
to clear this valley to secure the nukes.  It's a very tough job.

Respawning troops are arriving constantly from the west on the side of the 
valley you enter, and from the northwest on the far side of the valley.  The 
respawn is finite, but enough waves arrive to ruin your day.  Of special 
concern are the troops on the opposite side of the valley to the north.  They 
shoot from good firing positions high above you, and can cause tremendous 
damage.  Also, troops from the area you just ran through will climb down the 
cliff face, which completes your encirclement.

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense.  That's exactly what we're 
going to do:

- When you enter the valley, move northwest.  You'll quickly encounter 2-3 
enemies walking from left to right, looking the wrong way.  Cut behind them 
as they walk.  Your Ghosts will take them down as they come into range.  
Machine-gun anyone trying to hide behind the big boulder that's positioned 

- Next, crawl north and turn your full attention to the northern side of the 
valley.  Heavy, accurate fire will start pouring down on you.  The Ghosts 
will respond immediately and eliminate the targets quickly, but will probably 
get hit in the process.  Try to keep your head on your shoulders and help 
eliminate these important targets.  Focus on the DPRK on the valley floor to 
the right, on the other side of the tracks.

- When these targets are down, move quickly across the tracks to the big 
boulder on your right.  Tell you Ghosts to "Hold Position at the boulder so 
they can return fire to the southern side of the valley and kill new targets 
close to you on the north side of the valley.

- Save the game!

- While the Ghosts are holding position, move behind the boulder to the other 
side.  Use the boulder as cover to take out targets on the hill in front of 
you.  When you've cleared this area, order your Ghosts to regroup and move 
west up the hill.

- Your next objective is to capture a firing position in B6 that overlooks 
the tracks.  On the map, it is just south of the center of map grid B6, and 
is shown as a short, thin, horizontal double white line.  (Below it is a much 
longer horizontal double white line).  This position also provides a good 
view to the north.  When you reach this position, troops will quit respawning 
on the north side of the valley.  There are still troops on the north side, 
however, and they will eventually close on your position.  So, watch your 
radar for enemies approaching from behind you.

- Save the game!

- From this strategic overlook, the Ghosts will annihilate everyone on the 
south side of the valley, but 3 or 4 waves will eat into your squad's 

- Upon arrival to this location, be sure to check the railroad cars and see 
if any DPRK are in the blue objective markers.  If they remain there long, 
you will lose the nukes and the mission.  So, take them out first.  Tell your 
ghosts to "Suppress" the area if there are a lot of them.

- Eventually, the troops from the previous area will walk down the cliff face 
and head for the train cars.  Be sure to wipe them out as they arrive.

- After a few minutes, a DPRK helicopter will arrive and try to land troops 
at the objective.  Take it out with a rocket or ask a Ghost to do it.

- Within a few minutes of the DPRK helicopter's demise, a friendly Apache 
helicopter will arrive and secure the objective area.  You then receive a new 

- Save the game!

- As soon as the Apache arrives, run northwest like your pants are on fire.  
Hug the northern edge of the map when you reach it, and follow it west to the 
camp.  If you make it to the camp area in time, you'll see a grand procession 
of enemy troops moving east across the road toward a wooded area on the 
valley floor.  If you get there in time to shoot them before they reach the 
cover of the woods, your squad will have a "field day."  You might even pull 
out your rocket launcher to celebrate!

- If, on the other hand, you are greeted by gunfire from the woods, you have 
arrived too late and have a tougher job before you.  So, keep your eyes 
peeled as you run west along the north edge of the map.  You'll need to stop 
sooner if the enemy is already in the woods.

- Either way, stop at very long range and proceed with the execution.  Be 
slow and accurate with your own shots.  You're probably getting low on ammo, 
and there are 50-60 enemies in and around the camp that need killing.  There 
are no ammo crates on this map, so if do run seriously low, you may have to 
pick up an enemy weapon.  Unless it's a sniper rifle, it will be a poor 
substitute for the M8 AR.

- Stay prone to keep yourself in the game.

- When you have eliminated all enemies east of the camp, move farther west 
along the north edge of the map until you can see inside the camp itself.  
You'll find many more targets, some with good cover.  

- If you seem to run out of targets, keep moving west but stay on the cliff 
face at the north edge of the map.  It's possible to clear the camp from 
there to complete the objective and the mission, so give it every chance to 
happen.  It's much safer than having to assault it.  

- However, an assault may become necessary.  First, save the game!

Camp Assault (if necessary):
- Move southwest to the east wall of the camp building closest to you (on the 
west side of the road).  

- As you face the wall, order your Ghosts to "Flank Left.  They should move 
to a harrow space between this building and the one next to it.  

- As your Ghosts are flanking left, you should move right, to the southwest 
corner of the building.  Peek around it.  The enemy troops are probably 
focused on the firing from your flankers and may not notice your team as you 
gun them down. 

- When you've killed everyone you can see from the SW corner of the building, 
cautiously move east to the WE corner of the building.  Try to find enemies 
your flankers could see/fire at.

- If the fire from the building does not find the NW corner of the camp 
(behind the trees) and between the buildings on the south side of the camp.  

This ends the mission.

Recommended Weapon:  FAMAS G2S

We're going to "gut" the defense on this mission by taking out the middle 
first.  This will give us access to a good ambush positions on the village to 
the south, and through the bridge entrance to the north.

- When you start, turn right and head northeast to the east edge of the map, 
and follow it north.

- When you reach the northern half of D6, turn west until you reach a fork in 
the road in D5.  Take the left passage southwest until you get a message that 
"Enemy are moving through your area."  Two armored vehicles show up with red 
boxes around them.

- Move forward until you see where the passage ends, opening into a large 
marshy field.  Order your ghosts to "Hold Position" about 30 meters from this 

- Move forward to a position where you can shoot at both vehicles with your 
rocket launcher.  Do not go through the opening, or you'll be swarmed by DPRK 
Airborne troops.

- Rocket the two vehicles, and then run back to your Ghosts (northeast).  
DPRK will be shooting from behind you.  Order your Ghosts to Regroup, and 
then keep running about 150 meters (northeast and then east) to a large hill 
in the northwest corner of D6.

- The DPRK will lose contact with you, but they are hot on your trail.  Set 
your squad up on the large hill in the prone position.  Look west and wait a 
minute or two for the DPRK to arrive.

- From the hill, you will be able to spot the DPRK with your sniper rifle as 
they are silhouetted against the sky.  They're at the top of the long slope 
you just ran down.  When you start firing, they will return fire and attempt 
to close on your position.  They don't have a chance in the world.  The 
Ghosts will return their fire, which combined with yours, sends many, many 
bodies rolling down the slope.

- After a few minutes of "duck hunting," the attack will stop.  Move west and 
then southwest to the position from which you fired the rockets.  The area 
will appear clear, but there is a patrol on the other side of the marsh, west 
of your position, that moves around constantly.  

- Move southwest to the edge of the marsh (SW corner of D5), drop to your 
belly and wait for them to appear.  Order your Ghosts to suppress before you 
start firing. 

Their defense has been "gutted."  Save the game.

Your next objective is to clear out the village to the south.  You will NOT 
receive a message to do this.

- Move slightly south of southwest to a firing position on a small hill in 
the SE corner of E4.  This hill overlooks the village.

- The enemy won't see you until you start firing, but then they will charge 
and/or flank your position.  So, maximize the effectiveness of your first 
volley to minimize the effect of their counterattack.

- Wait until three DPRK appear, moving north inside the village.  Order your 
Ghosts to suppress, then start firing yourself.  Hopefully, you can get them 
all before they reach cover.  

- If some escape, you need to pull back.  The next time you see them will 
probably be at short and deadly range.  There are more good firing positions 
behind you.  Drop back 75-100 meters and wait for them to appear near the 
small hill you just occupied.

- If you eliminate these three, hold your position and wait for more to show 
up.  Keep a sharp lookout to your left, the second group may be in the area 
of the left (east) of the village.

- When you have eliminated a total of 6-7 DPRK, make sure the village is 
clear, and then proceed north toward the bridge objective marker.  NOTE:  You 
will probably not receive an "Objective Complete" message for the village, 
but that won't affect the program.

- Save the game.

- As you approach the entrance to the bridge, keep an eye out for DPRK.  
Sometimes there is a patrol to the right (east) of the entrance.

- With the entrance clear, drop to your belly and set up at sniper rifle 
range on the first DPRK you see.  Drop them at maximum zoom, and they won't 
fire back.  Keep crawling forward, sniping enemies until you reach the 
turret.  Order your Ghosts to man the turret.

- When you've sniped the DPRK at opposite bridge entrance, you'll get a 
message from "Command" that the, "bridge is secure, hold it against an enemy 

- More DPRK will arrive and be massacred by your sniper fire and the turret.  
You then receive a message, "Friendly armor units are on the way."  Move to 
the side of the road (so you don't get run over) and eliminate more DPRK that 
arrive at this point.

- Save the game.

Your next action depends on difficulty level.  In Normal, your tanks usually 
win the next battle by themselves.  In Hard, they usually lose without your 

- (NORMAL) When the tanks arrive, stay on the bridge.  The tanks win the 
battle without your assistance.  The mission is over.

- (HARD) When the tanks arrive, run ahead of them until they catch up with 
you, then follow them into the next battle.  Focus on enemy infantry and your 
tanks will win the battle.

- When you reach the area of the tank battle, about 10 DPRK will swarm you 
from the building on the right side of the road.  Order the Ghosts to 
suppress, drop to your belly and defend yourself from this "charge."  Then 
focus on enemy infantry a bit farther down the road and to your left.  They 
are shooting at the tanks.  Eliminating these infantry may be the key to 
keeping your tanks alive.

When the tanks win the battle, the mission is over.

Recommended Weapon:  M8 AR, Grenades (see NOTE, below)

NOTE:  Every type of weapon will work well on this mission.  It really boils 
down to personal preference.  The majority of the fighting is at long range, 
with a few, terrifying short and medium range encounters.

This is a long mission, that's full of surprises.  You can take many 
different routes.  The route I describe, below, is a bit easier than most.  
Feel free to experiment! 

- Start by lazing the fuel depot and moving toward the first village.  Sneak 
up on the village entrance, a DPRK patrol likes to stand around in the small 
courtyard you can inspect from a distance.  

- If you have a grenade launcher, now is a great time to use it.  Otherwise, 
tell your Ghosts to "Suppress" the area and they'll eliminate all the 
targets, with your help, in less than a minute.  

- Inspect the area behind the courtyard to make sure all DPRK are eliminated.

- Move closer to the courtyard.  If you hear a foreign language being spoken 
on the path to your right, throw a grenade before you turn the corner

- Move east through the courtyard while looking to your right for survivors 
on the path leading south.

- Stay to your left as you go through the village, keeping your eyes and ears 
open.  Find the "down ramp" that leads farther east to a main road in the 

- Move east along this road, keeping your view to the right, in the village.  
You should see a few DPRK looking the wrong way, gun them down. 

- Move a little farther east until the extraction helicopter is destroyed (by 
a tank).  Do not go any farther.

- Now, quickly retrace your steps.  Run west on the road until you see a big 
rock formation to your left.  Go into this grassy area, keeping the big rock 
wall to your right.  This huge rock formation is shown on your map, top half 
of C3, left of center)

- The Ghosts will perform a "rear guard" action, walking backwards and 
shooting the DPRK that are following you.  Keep them moving by hitting 

- Follow the rock formation as it turns south.  When the rock formation ends, 
turn to southwest (slightly to your right) and go to the road (northeast 
corner of D2).  Put your squad on its belly and wait for enemies to appear).  
NOTE:  do not move too far to the west, where the Fuel Depot gates are 
defended.  You'll receive a message from "Command" as a warning.

- Take out the DPRK to your front-left at long range.  Then take out more 
DPRK as they appear in the woods to your front-right, also at long range.  
Now, it's time to move forward. 

- Move quickly east along the right side of the road.  Keep your eyes to the 
front-right for more DPRK.  

IMPORTANT:  It's best to stay in the grass a few feet to the right of the 
road, otherwise, the tank that shot down your helicopter (it's in the 
original extraction zone to your left) will start firing at you.  Also, don't 
cut through the woods to your right.  There is a DPRK respawn point in there.  
Worse, the tank will move south and fire it's main gun at your squad.  Not 

- After about 200 meters, you come to an intersection.  Take the road that 
leads south (right turn).

- As you travel south on the road, you'll encounter a few DPRK out for their 
Sunday stroll.  Mow them down.  

- The road then turns south and you reach another village to the east (E5).  
There are defenders in the village and on the road.  Take them out at long 
range.  When the shooting stops, move forward a few meters at a time, and 
keep looking for more DPRK.  Eventually, you'll get them all.

- Restock on ammo at the crate.  Then find an elevated path in the village 
that leads you to an overlook to the east.  Half a dozen wooden barrels mark 
the spot.  Zoom view to the east and find a tank, hidden in the mist.  Order 
your squad to take it out.  

IMPORTANT:  Make sure whoever attacks the tank fires from that spot.  
Otherwise, he may try to get closer and get himself killed.  With the tank 
destroyed, you are almost home.

- Continue east down the road.  You'll encounter more DPRK out for a stroll.  
Then you'll come over the crest of a hill, with a road intersection and 
bridge below.  Plop on your belly on the crest of the hill and shoot 
everybody you see.  Then move to the right and left at the crest to locate 

- At this point, or shortly after you move forward down the hill, friendly 
APC's arrive to extract you.  They'll shoot at remaining DPRK, but won't hit 
anything.  Use their targets as your aiming point to kill the rest of the 

- When the APC's stop shooting, the battle is over.  Move to the APC's to end 
the mission. 

Recommended Weapon:  M8 AR, Grenades*

This is another "personal preference" weapon selection.  All types work well 
for this mission.

This is a great mission - you'll enjoy it more after you know what to do! 

The mission is divided into two parts:

1st Objective: Rescue the Convoy
- IMPORTANT:  The first part has a time limit.  You must quickly reach the 
trapped convoy that is under attack and rescue it.  I think the clock starts 
ticking when you hear the message, "More enemies have arrived, I don't know 
how much longer we'll last."  NOTE:  This time limit is only a problem in 
HARD.  You don't have to worry too much about it in NORMAL.

2nd Objective:  Escort the Convoy to Safety
- This is a "run and gun."  Stay with, or ahead of the convoy, or it will be 
destroyed.  I prefer to stay with the convoy since it attracts enemy fire 
(that is mostly ineffective).  This distracts the DPRK somewhat, and makes 
your job a bit easier.

- Move west along the north map edge from the insertion point.  After moving 
about 50 meters, you'll see a small boulder with a hill beside it (to the 
left).  Map: north edge of F6.  

- Move behind the tree on the right side of the hill, close to the boulder.  
Peek around the tree looking west, you'll see an enemy jeep and 3-4 enemies 
on patrol in that location.  If they don't see you, fire until they shoot 
back.  Then, keep your head behind the tree.

IMPORTANT:  Stay behind the tree when the firing starts - you'll be the 
primary target for enemy fire.  

- When they return fire, immediately order your Ghosts to "Suppress."  
IMPORTANT:  Give the suppression order quickly.  If you don't, you'll be 
eating a grenade.  

- The suppression fire will probably kill them all.  Give the suppress order 
a second time, if any DPRK survive.  After the shooting stops, approach the 
area cautiously.  The DRPK like to hide behind the huge boulder to the right 
of the Jeep.

NOTE:  If you kill all of the enemies from this position, the next enemy 
patrol will be taking a stroll down the road from the east edge of E5.  If 
you had to move in and kill DPRK behind the huge boulder, mentioned above, 
the next patrol will probably attack you from your right, through a narrow 
path in the rock formation (in the southwest corner of E6).  If they attack 
you, stay at long range and mow them down.  If they don't attack, set up an 

- Move west and slightly north to the left of the rock formation shown on the 
map that stretches from the southwest corner of E5 to the southeast corner of 

- In this area, you'll find a yellow street sign on the right hand side of 
the road (picture warning of falling rock).  To the right of that sign is a 
small hill.  Don't go up it yet.  

You have about one minute to set up an ambush.

- After you find the street sign and the hill, retrace your steps south of 
the street sign about 15 meters.  Order your Ghosts to "Hold Position" on the 
south side of the road.

- Return to the hill, get on your belly and climb to the right side it with 
your head sticking over the top.  

- Within seconds, the next enemy patrol will appear, strolling down the road 
at medium range.  They won't see you.  They'll stop once in front of you, but 
hold your fire!  5 seconds after they start walking again, order your Ghosts 
to Suppress.  Wait until they open fire, then immediately open fire yourself.  
They should fall quickly as they turn to seek cover.  No time to celebrate!  
More enemies are on the way.  

- Immediately, order your squad to "Flank Left.  3-6 more enemies come down 
the slope in front of you.  Mow them down from long range.  Monitor the 
progress of your flankers - make sure the take a position to your left and 
ahead of you.  If they don't, give the Flank Left order again. They'll take 
care of any DPRK that hide behind the boulder on the slope.

You now face a large circular area that includes all of D5 and D6.  We're 
going to start by moving east along the map edge, then continue "around the 
clock" to the 12 o'clock position.  At that location, there's a waterfall and 
a cave entrance.

- Move east along the map edge.  This area should be clear.

- You get a message when the map edge turns north (3 o'clock), "More enemy 
have arrived.  I'm not sure how long we'll last."

IMPORTANT:  This message starts a 5-minute countdown (not shown).  You must 
break through to the convoy before that time expires.  Normally, the 
resistance is light and you'll only encounter enemies in the cave.  But 
sometimes, especially in HARD, you run into an enemy patrol.  This can start 
a big fight involving enemy reinforcements, and run you out of time.  If a 
fight develops, try to move quickly toward the cave when there is a pause in 
the battle. 

- As you approach the cave, you'll hear the roar of the waterfall.  This is 
your cue to check your map.  You don't want to miss the entrance.  If you do, 
you're sure to encounter enemy patrols.

- When you see the cave, stop and check the entrance for enemy.  If it's 
clear, proceed into the cave.  If you see enemy and they don't start 
shooting, give them some time to walk back into the cave.  If they start 
shooting at you, eliminate them quickly and advance - enemy patrols will be 
attracted to the sound of your gunfire.  

- Make sure your Ghosts are close by when you enter the cave.  The ground 
slopes gradually down - beware of enemies on the ground in front of you.  If 
you order the Ghosts to Suppress, they'll throw a grenade that's sure to kill 
somebody because the cave is so narrow.  It's not a good spot for you to 
throw grenades, there's no cover and you might get caught with your potato in 
your hand.

(To be completed in Version 1.2)

15.  DAM

Copyright 2004, Thomas J. Race

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