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A Good game that is a great change from the GBA ones 10/21/05 A Friendly Cactus
One of the Better RPG Entries in Recent Memory. 01/30/06 AegisKnight2000
Fire Emblem: Path of AWESOMENESS! 01/09/06 bobber205
A fun, yet slightly disapointting debut on the GC 02/27/06 Bombs2X
At first, i never liked the fire emblem series, but now... 11/23/05 chunkyliver1204
Worth playing and worth buying 11/30/05 DarkFury3827
Not the best FE, but still amazing 11/04/05 DarkMageMagus1
Yet another amazing Fire Emblem game. 11/03/05 Gorokk
Burn on, baby! 11/09/05 HyperKirby7
Quite an exiting game. 10/25/05 iammaxhailme
Fire Emblem's Path to Glory 11/09/05 kikkomankiro
Like RPG games? Then this game is for you. 11/11/05 Marth9
Great strategy game 02/06/06 Pastulio_
A great series to fall into the trap of going from 2D to 3D. 01/05/06 pizzaboyreturns
Excellent Transition from the GBA to the GCN. 10/24/05 randomizerman
What do you get when you cross Fire Emblem and the Gamecube? A good game! 11/23/05 RPGman1
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, and quite radiant it was 02/06/06 Ryock
Once You Think You've Seen It All, 3-D Overwhelms You... 03/30/10 Shot_the_Woman
The Best Fire Emblem Game I've Played 01/19/10 Sketchartist55
A definate must have. A great 2D series transferred well into 3D. 02/06/06 SomeoneWeird
Great game worthy of the title "Fire Emblem" 10/25/05 Soulavenger69
An Outstanding Gamecube RPG! 07/18/18 t_Rex
Another great one from Intelligent Systems! 10/24/05 tcaz
A less painful release than FE6, but only slightly so. 01/03/08 timdrumming

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