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by samalonson

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100% Support Walkthrough by samalonson

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 11/18/17


This guide is designed to help you view all support conversations in Path of Radiance, and/or transfer your data to get 100% completion of Radiant Dawn's PoR support archive. It is split up into 7 parts, and at the end of each part you will beat the game and transfer your save data by inserting your GameCube memory card into your Wii and starting a new game of Radiant Dawn. To save time, be sure to copy your save file by choosing "copy file" on the main menu when prompted. You will need an empty save slot to do this.

To use this guide: Simply deploy the characters it says for each chapter, and read each support conversation that it says to. The guide will tell you if each recruitable character is necessary or not. Numbered slots are ones you will select characters for and non-numbered slots (such as Ike in each chapter) are forced deployments. Any blank numbered slots you see can be left empty, or you can select additional characters for your own strategies, such as thieves or fliers. Due to most copies of Radiant Dawn freezing when you attempt to import easy mode save data, you will likely need to play the game on normal mode. If you are not sure if your copy has this glitch, start an easy mode file in PoR, then start a new game in RD and attempt to bring up the transfer menu. If your game does not freeze with the easy mode data on your memory card, congratulations, you will have an easier time completing this walkthrough. If not, you won't be able to play on easy mode which may be challenging for new players. Tips for easily beating the game are at the end of the introduction.

Some info: As you may know, supports are built in Path of Radiance by simply deploying characters in chapters together. Based on my findings, characters must be playable at the start of the chapter to gain support points. This means that, for example, Mia will not gain any support points when she is recruited in Chapter 7, but Rolf and Mist will gain support points when they join in chapter 9. Additionally, when two characters reach the amount of support points necessary to achieve C or B level support, they cannot gain more support points until their support conversation is initiated. This means that we cannot simply bring characters that all support each other throughout the game, copy the save file on the third to last chapter, and read everyone's supports with each other by replaying the last 3 chapters and gaining a support level with each chapter.

Normal mode tips: Normal mode can easily be beaten in Path of Radiance through cheesy strategies. First, let Ike kill the majority of the enemies in the beginning of the game so he can get to level 20 quickly. Ike has very good growths so he will start to do very well in combat relatively fast. Give him the boots after chapter 15, the knight ring (if you can get it) after chapter 19, and any defensive stat boosters you can find. After he promotes, give him an occult scroll and watch as he clears entire chapters and heals himself along the way.
Second, as good as Ike is when you favor him, he can't solo every chapter while protecting every other character you will need to deploy. Prepromoted units in this game will be very strong when you get them and will generally stay strong with use. They do a very good job at either staying back and protecting the rest of your army from reinforcements or taking a different path than Ike is to rout enemies or secure loot. If there are characters that start at a low level who you know will be deployed for most of the game (such as Boyd) you should feed them kills to level them up or give them bonus EXP at the base to create a strong secondary offensive unit.
Third, the game gives you a lot of money to make full use of the forge feature that it introduces. It is a very good idea to forge a weapon every chapter you are able to. Steel axes with max might and hit are especially useful on a character like Titania or Boyd and they are very cost effective. Ike also appreciates max might steel (and later silver) swords every now and then.