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Beautifully constructed, Wickedly entertaining 11/20/07 crazar
All the fun of the first Paper Mario. Just add more paper! 12/11/06 DrummerManiac
A Masterpiece pure and simple. 01/18/05 Aagon
It's Mario - And he's made out of Paper - And it's an RPG. What more could you possibly want? ^_^ 07/20/05 AnimaKeyblade
A Paper Plumber, A Paper World 10/27/06 Antsy5
A true work or art 12/11/06 BassDX
One of the best things ever Xeroxed. 07/05/12 BimmyandJimmy
You'll Never Look at Paper the Same Way Again... 10/01/07 bluej33
Can it compete with the first game? 09/06/05 BluePenMan
Nintendo's voiceless hero still manages to charm 07/16/06 brutusmuktuk
Best book you'll ever read 01/18/07 clarkisdark
Paper Mario - Hiroshi Yamauchi + Satoru Iwata = Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door? 05/15/09 Crack Addict
Paper Mario is, without doubt, the best Mario game ever created! I do not say this lightly! 04/05/10 Daavpuke
A brilliant game, definitely worth looking into 10/25/04 darkchao4499
The Thousand-Year Door does everything Paper Mario did, bigger, better, and more...uh, papery. 10/14/04 DarthMarth
A re-definement and new direction for the Super Mario series. 03/30/06 DarthVenom
A Paper Ace 03/06/07 EJRICH
It's a Good game, but not without flaws. 07/06/05 FireofLight
Paper Mario is unique, artistic, and humorous. 03/28/05 Galactus21
The Mario series gets a revival 09/26/05 GavLuvsGA
For both newcomers and old-timers, this game is a great RPG and a must-own for the GC 08/31/05 impthepimp77777
FINALLY!! Paper beats scissors!! 10/08/07 InfernoCrossing
Wonder where the steamroller that flattened Mario is... 10/18/10 KeyBlade999
Paper Mario 2 is a masterpiece and an extremely satisfying and enjoyable experience that will keep you entertained for hours. 07/25/05 KnightsoftheRound
Is an unforgettable satisfying game but is not flawless 09/09/05 larys
In a world of bland RPGs, games like Paper Mario are extremely refreshing. 01/02/07 LOLWTFBBQ2006
I don't always play Paper Mario, but when I do, I play The Thousand Year Door 05/09/12 Luigi4President
Look, daddy! I'm flying! I'm flying! I'm... turning sideways to fit into bad guys' hideout? You bet! 10/17/04 MasterOfDaRPG
Mario's world may be flat, but his game sure isn't! 12/18/06 Nemesissy
Unique, Inventive, Fun and Hilarious? Absolutely! 10/10/05 RPGs R Awesome
Even from my unusual perspective, it's still the best Paper Mario game! 07/21/17 SavageWizzrobe
Paper Mario is so awesome, he even beats Scissors Mario. 06/18/08 Scrapperton
Disappointing at best. 08/30/05 setokaiba12346
Storytime! 10/09/07 ShadowGuardian9
Shallow's unbiased and fair review! 10/21/04 shallow man
Incredibly original, humerous adventure. For anyone who can appreciate a good laugh and quality platformer and RPG. 08/23/06 slimmer
The world is a stage... 02/09/06 SneakTheSnake
...Paper....Mario.....2.......AWSOMENESS!! 03/20/06 Sparklet
All Mario fans and Rpg'ers, freaking buy this game now! 04/13/07 Speeddemon35
Not as good as its predecessor, but still a good buy 01/20/11 StephenYap3
The Best Game to Grace the Gamecube 06/18/12 super_luigi16
Smack with a hammer. Bounce with your foot. ...Boring, right? Nope! 02/29/08 SuperSmashBro13
Typically Mario, Typically RPG, Typically Good. 12/28/04 Tetzcatlipoca
You can't have a paper plumber! He'd get stuck in the pipes! It just wouldn't work.... 01/31/06 Tom Clark
...So, let's turn the page and read about this fantastic game. 11/18/04 TwoDoorPC
A wonderful game on paper that persists into reality! 07/06/10 Unbridled9
A Good Game that easily matches up with other RPGs on the console. 08/08/07 VeryInsane
To prove how much I love this game, I will say it 100 times... 02/14/05 whoisthisgit
Not as good as the first and gets rather boring quickly 12/21/05 wolverinefan
By far, the single greatest game I have ever played in my entire life 05/17/06 yankeehater345

Full Reviews

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Brings back from the regular Paper Mario, adds more interesting stuff, but runs out of ideas, sadly. 02/17/09 _LinkZero_
RPG wanted for the GameCube 02/22/05 100-C-A-P
The best game of all time. Even better than Super Monkey Ball 2! 08/08/11 amazydayzee3621
A Shining Star among RPGs 01/07/14 AuraWielder
A Great Sequel and the Best in the Series 02/04/08 BeeMario
The epitome of overrated. 07/09/12 Bop_Louie
Nintendo's Fourth Attempt at a "Mario RPG" a Success 10/30/04 bumpygrimes
Paper Refined 04/03/14 chrono trigger fan
Adding to the Fold 09/22/11 ChronoCactaur
A sequel to end all sequels. 04/30/12 Cyckness
Come on, give the other RPG's a chance... 01/03/05 da_man2004
A cutting Mario RPG for the Nintendo Gamecube! 12/28/04 Dbzmaniax
Pure Paper Awesomage 11/29/04 Evan1109
Paper Mario is flat and so is The Thousand-Year Door 04/14/08 Killer_Mimic
Best. Video. Game. Of. 2004. 01/28/05 kirbychamp
The best RPG for Gamecube! 05/01/05 Lord_Sporky
The cutting edge. 11/14/16 Malorkus
An exceptional game that takes the RPG genre two steps forward. 12/05/04 meeptroid
"...A Paper Cut above the Rest!" 02/02/05 PeachToadstool
You have it or you'll cry forever ;_; 03/01/05 Pennington77
The Best in the series, if not one of the greatest games ever made 07/07/09 Quilavatrainer
This game will leave its stamp for a thousand years. 06/04/12 RageBot
Paper Mario 2:The Thousand Year Door is an excellent game and a great follow-up to it's predecessors. 11/17/04 raresquare
One of Gamecube's finest hours. An absolute marvel 01/05/05 righteousbrethren
One of the greatest RPGs ever made and the best game on the Gamecube. 06/10/08 Skolar_Star
Well done Nintendo, another great Mario game 12/21/04 Solid Shrimp
For fans of the first, and those that are looking for a different kind of RPG. 12/08/04 Superrodan
A smart, funny, and exciting RPG 01/24/05 the_mr_pants
This game is very cutting...I mean cunning. 04/20/05 WaterMario222
If you're looking for a paper RPG, this one's the one 11/01/04 WishingTikal

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Review Title Posted Author Rating
Paper Thin Hymn 02/19/08 3DaysTillDawn
This game is the best game I've played since the first! 10/18/04 Andrew14j
Mario is not only the king of platformers, go karts, sports, and party games, but can also hold his own in an RPG 12/17/07 BBallman7
Mario is back, and more papery than ever! 10/15/04 Bep
A Must-Play That Improves on But Doesn't Shake Up the Formula. Thankfully. 02/01/12 buruburu1
The best Mario RPG yet 11/29/04 caffolote
The third dimension is overrated. 11/15/04 ConfusedGuy
This Game is Better than the First 09/13/07 Darkdoomsday
The greatest RPG I have ever played 08/22/08 DarkMark42
A charming and stylish RPG 12/13/04 DasaniMan
This is, hands down, the best game I have ever played. 05/27/08 Elementalninjam
Paper Mario= Pre-best game ever. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door= Current best game ever. 12/07/04 Fanofgamecube
Truly an awesome sequel! 01/03/05 fluffyooki
A great game that anybody, RPG veteren or not, can play and enjoy. 11/21/04 I Blame Video Games
Paper + Mario + A Thousand-Year Door= Brillance 10/22/04 Ice Inferno X3
Paper Mario 2 is a proper sequel 10/18/04 KoolKirby
Ow! This is game is so sharp, it gave me a paper cut! 10/13/04 Kooper113
A game you can keep playing over and over. 04/13/09 lopston
A step back from the original. 04/02/10 MarioMan127
Gives its predecessor a run for its money... 10/14/04 Msterchief
Mario's back and thinner than ever... 11/07/04 No Name Gamer
Can it get any better than this? 02/17/09 Numbuh 128bit
Better in action than on paper 09/11/08 Phantom_Nook
Paper Power Returns! 02/14/05 scopelenz
A very cutting edge game. (No pun intended) 10/14/04 Seagaia
Better than the original 12/05/04 Shivan Reincarnated
BEST GAME EVER! I'll tell why if you click this. 09/23/14 ShyGuyGamer
Paper Mario: The Greatest Game Ever! 02/28/08 Stevewins123
If you liked the original Paper Mario, you'll love this one. 11/11/04 TheScythe
Another RPG to add to your collection 10/13/04 zelgamer
This Game is NOT Paper Thin! 12/04/07 ZGDK
Paper Mario 2 GOOD!!! 01/12/09 zgmiletich

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