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by Eevee-Trainer

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Bestiary by Eevee-Trainer

Version: v1.00 | Updated: 06/12/17


  • Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door / Paper Mario RPG
  • Console: Nintendo GameCube
  • File Type: Enemy Bestiary
  • Author: Eevee-Trainer
  • Version: v1.00
  • Time of Update: 4:38 PM 6/12/2017

Bestiary Divisions

Here's a quick overview of how this bestiary is divided, and what each division covers.

  • Enemy Statistics - Covers the enemy's base stats. This includes Level, HP, Attack, and Defense, as well as battle prizes like Star Points, Coins, and items.

Enemy Statistics

Here's the stats covered in this section.

  • Level & Star Points (S.P.): The foe's Level as well as Mario's is considered in calculating the exact amount of Star Points - a sort of EXP. - that you get. If the enemy's Level exceeds Mario's, then you gain one extra Star Point for each Level over, and for each Level that Mario exceeds the enemy's you'll get one less. (The minimum you can get is zero, though if you end a battle with zero altogether across every foe you'll gain the forced minimum of one.) This indicates the base number of points earned (i.e. Mario's Level = Enemy's Level). A few exceptions exist: the Shadow Queen and Bonetail always yield fixed amounts, 1 and 99 respectively.

  • HP: Heart Points. When zero, the enemy is defeated.

  • Attack (ATK): This determines the damage attacks from the foe deal. Some attacks apply bonuses to this damage amount.

  • Defense (DEF): This determines how much damage the enemy takes.

  • Coins: The potential range of Coins the enemy can drop.

  • Possible Item Drops: The possible items the enemy may drop.

Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Amazy Dayzee100202015 - 100Ultra Shroom, Shooting Star
Arantula3416701 - 41None
Atomic Boo52404010Lucky Start
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Badge Bandit2012502 - 30Pretty Lucky, Ice Storm
Bald Cleft1221250None
Bandit115201 - 30Sleepy Sheep, Ice Storm
Beldam (1st)2691000None
Beldam (2nd)57305000None
Big Bandit138301 - 40None
Bill Blaster225023 - 60Mushroom, Honey Syrup, Money Money
Blooper (Tentacle)031000None
Bob-omb124211 - 20Super Shroom, Repel Cape, Stopwatch, Ice Storm
Bob-ulk3410420 - 52None
Bombshell Bill136200None
Bombshell Bill Blaster3110043 - 40None
Boomerang Bro207212 - 40Ice Storm
Boomerang Bro177301 - 30Mini Mr. Mini, Fire Flower, Dizzy Dial, Slow Shroom
Bowser (1st)39303100None
Bowser (2nd)68707200None
Bulky Bob-omb226210 - 40None
Bullet Bill124100None
Buzzy Beetle165341 - 30Power Punch, Slow Shroom, Mini Mr. Mini
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Chain Chomp327652 - 40Power Punch, Defend Plus
Cleft122221 - 30Mushroom, Thunder Bolt, Earth Quake, Mini Mr. Mini, Dizzy Dial
Cortez (Hook)042100None
Cortez (Rapier)043000None
Cortez (Saber)042000None
Cortez (Sword)042000None
Crayzee Dayzee167201 - 30Super Shroom, Mini Mr. Mini, Thunder Bolt, Earth Quake, Ultra Shroom
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Dark Bones34205260Palace Key
Dark Boo248500 - 40Dizzy Dial, Slow Shroom, Thunder Rage, Power Punch
Dark Bristle348842 - 41Super Shroom
Dark Craw2820602 - 51P-Down, D-Up; Life Shroom
Dark Koopa168421 - 20Courage Shell, Mr. Softener, Happy Heart
Dark Koopatrol3025522 - 51Shooting Star, Boo's Sheet, Maple Syrup
Dark Lakitu2613501 - 31Thunder Rage, Shooting Star, Super Shroom, Volt Shroom
Dark Paratroopa178421 - 20Fire Flower, Super Shroom, HP Plus P, Dizzy Dial
Dark Puff103201 - 20Mushroom, Thunder Bolt, Dizzy Dial
Dark Wizard3310522 - 40Life Shroom, Power Plus, Power Plus P, Thunder Rage, Stopwatch
Doopliss (1st)52404900None
Doopliss (2nd)54404000None
Doopliss (3rd)57406000None
Dry Bones308522 - 40Ice Storm, Spite Pouch
Dull Bones912110Mushroom, Fire Flower
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Elite Wizzerd3612852 - 52Shooting Star, Stopwatch, Ultra Shroom, Jammin' Jelly
Elite X-Naut2810512 - 40P-Up, D-Down; Boo's Sheet; Thunder Rage; Stopwatch
Ember208301 - 40Power Punch
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Fire Bro207312 - 40Repel Cape
Flower Fuzzy96300 - 30Shooting Star, Stopwatch, Ice Storm, Slow Shroom, Sleepy Sheep, Last Stand P
Frost Piranha2610501 - 40None
Fuzzy83100 - 10Mushroom, Stopwatch, HP Drain
Fuzzy Horde19201000None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Gloomba117300 - 20HP Plus, HP Plus P, Fire Flower, Super Shroom, Volt Shroom
Gold Fuzzy27101000None
Goomba72100 - 10Dried Shroom, Fire Flower, Close Call
Green Fuzzy195300 - 30Sleepy Sheep, Slow Shroom, Ruin Powder, Ice Storm, HP Plus P
Green Magikoopa177402 - 40None
Grodus X034000None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Hammer Bro267412 - 40Thunder Rage, Mini Mr. Mini, Super Shroom, Mega Rush P
Hooktail6520 / 305100None
Hyper Bald Cleft123221 - 30None
Hyper Cleft174331 - 40Earth Quake, Super Shroom, Repel Cape, Mini Mr. Mini
Hyper Goomba158201 - 30Boo's Sheet, Life Shroom, Repel Cape, Tasty Tonic, Ice Storm
Hyper Paragoomba158201 - 30Boo's Sheet, Life Shroom, Ruin Powder, Ice Storm
Hyper Spiky Goomba168301 - 30Boo's Sheet, Power Punchm Life Shroom, Land Stand P, Ice Storm
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Ice Puff259400 - 40Dizzy Dial, Ice Storm, Ruin Powder
Iron Cleft (Green)186425530None
Iron Cleft (Red)186425530None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Kammy Koopa48505000None
Koopa Troopa842110Happy Heart, POW Block, Mushroom
Koopatrol266422 - 40Thunder Rage, Repel Cape, Super Shroom, Courage Shell
KP Koopa84211 - 20None
KP Paratroopa94211 - 20None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Lakitu115201 - 30Super Shroom, Volt Shroom
Lava Bubble216401 - 30Power Punch, HP Drain, Super Shroom
Lord Crump (1st)2051000None
Lord Crump (2nd)5730 x 23000None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Macho Grubba71604000None
Magikoopa257402 - 40Shooting Star, Stopwatch
Magnus Von Grapple68302100None
Magnus Von Grapple (X-Fist)024000None
Magnus Von Grapple 2.084706200None
Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 (X-Punch)059000None
Marilyn (1st)26122000None
Marilyn (2nd)57407000None
Moon Cleft266551 - 40Super Shroom, Stopwatch, Earth Quake, Mini Mr. Mini
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Pale Piranha114201 - 20None
Parabuzzy205340 - 30Power Punch, Slow Shroom
Paragloomba127300 - 20HP Plus, Fire Flower, Dizzy Dial, Super Shroom
Paragoomba72100 - 10Dizzy Dial, Close Call, Sleepy Sheep, POW Block, Fire Flower
Paratroopa942110Happy Heart, Mushroom, Courage Shell, POW Block, Dizzy Dial
Phantom Ember3010502 - 40Ruin Powder, Power Punch, Super Shroom
Pider125200 - 20Ruin Powder
Piranha Plant3315901 - 41None
Poison Pokey238401 - 30Life Shroom, HP Drain, Earth Quake, Mr. Softener
Poison Puff3415802 - 42Super Shroom, Thunder Rage
Pokey114301 - 20HP Drain, Earth Quake. Mr. Softener, Life Shroom, Tasty Tonic
Putrid Piranha208300 - 30None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Rawk Hawk34404000None
Red Bones1453130None
Red Chomp246533 - 40Power Punch
Red Magikoopa177402 - 40Power Punch
Red Spike Top175341 - 20None
Ruff Puff237402 - 30Thunder Rage, Mr. Softener, Super Shroom
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Shadow Queen (1st)01507000None
Shadow Queen (2nd)01507100None
Shadow Queen (2nd) (Dead Hands)083000None
Shadow Queen (2nd) (Hands)057000None
Shady Koopa178311 - 30Earth Quake, Courage Shell, Super Shroom, Volt Shroom
Shady Paratroopa178311 - 30None
Sir Grodus87507100None
Sky Blue Spiny226640 - 10None
Smorg Miasma7845100None
Smorg Miasma (Pincer(78610100None
Smorg Miasma (Smorg)78500000None
Spania83100 - 10Mushroom, Sleepy Sheep, Pretty Lucky, Pretty Lucky P, Thunder Bolt
Spike Top705341 - 30Slow Shroom
Spiky Gloomba137400 - 20HP Drain, Fire Flower, Super Shroom, HP Plus
Spiky Goomba82200 - 10Fire Flower, Mushroom, Power Punch, Sleepy Sheep
Spiky Parabuzzy245342 - 40Power Punch, Slow, Shroom, Mr. Softener, Earth Quake
Spinia73100 - 10Mushroom, Pretty Lucky P, Sleepy Sheep
Spiny93330 - 10None
Spunia3312721 - 41Super Shroom, Thunder Rage, Pretty Lucky P
Swampire3520602 - 42Ice Storm, Ruin Powder, Super Shroom, Boo's Sheet
Swooper176300 - 20Fire Flower, Boo's Sheet, Mushroom
Swoopula309400 - 40Boo's Sheet, Dizzy Dial, Ice Storm
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
White Magikoopa177402 - 40None
Wizzerd3010630 - 41Stopwatch, Thunder Rage, Super Shroom
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
X-Naut134301 - 20Dizzy Dial, Stopwatch, Fire Flower, Super Shroom
X-Naut Ph.D.279401 - 40P-Down, D-Up; P-Up, D-Down; Shooting Star; Super Shroom
X-Naut Platoon (1st)061 ~ 5000None
X-Naut Platoon (2nd)0101 ~ 5000None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Yux123201 - 20None
Enemy NameLevelHPATKDEFCoinsBase S.P.Possible Item Drops
Z-Yux277400 - 30None

Enemy Status Affinities

Here are the status ailments covered in this section. All percentages are in relation to the "normal" chance (100%) of the status taking effect. If 150%, for example, the enemy is more likely to fall asleep or whatever and will be weak to that ailment; likewise, less than 100% is resistance, and 0% is immunity.

  • Burn: The chance of burning the enemy. Done via the Shade Fist, Fire Drive, or Fiery Jinx attacks.

  • Confuse: The chance the enemy will become confused. Done via Ruin Powder (item), Infatuate (attack), or Head Rattle (attack).

  • Dizzy: The chance the enemy will become dizzy. Done via Dizzy Dial (item) or Tease (attack).

  • Freeze: The chance of freezing a foe with Ice Storm (item).

  • Fright: The chance of causing the foe to flee with the Fright Mask (item).

  • Gale: The chance of causing the foe to be ejected via Gale Force (attack).

  • Instant KO: The chance of being instantly KO'ed via Showstopper from the Garnet Star.

  • Shrink: The chance the enemy will shrink and have halved attack. Done via Mini Mr. Mini (item), Mini-Egg (attack), or Shrink Stomp (attack).

  • Sleep: The chance the enemy will fall asleep. Done via Sleepy Sheep (item) or Sleep Stomp (attack).

  • Soft: The chance of the enemy being softened. Done via Mr. Softener (item) or Soft Stomp (attack).

  • Stop: The chance the enemy will become immobilized. Done via Clock Out (Emerald Star attack) or Stop Watch (item).

Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Amazy Dayzee100%30%10%10%100%60%10%10%50%10%10%
Atomic Boo100%40%40%30%0%10%5%0%40%80%40%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Badge Bandit100%80%50%50%75%60%60%85%80%90%70%
Bald Cleft0%50%50%70%50%40%95%70%50%100%100%
Beldam (1st)100%70%70%50%0%0%0%80%70%95%80%
Beldam (2nd)100%40%40%30%0%0%5%60%40%80%50%
Big Bandit100%90%60%60%85%70%95%90%90%95%80%
Bill Blaster100%0%0%100%0%15%95%90%0%95%0%
Blooper (Tentacle)100%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Bombshell Bill100%40%100%60%0%90%90%85%0%95%0%
Bombshell Bill Blaster100%0%0%90%0%5%90%80%0%95%0%
Boomerang Bro100%80%70%70%70%60%95%80%80%95%80%
Boomerang Bro100%50%105%50%50%90%10%90%50%95%50%
Bowser (1st)100%70%60%40%0%0%0%75%70%90%60%
Bowser (2nd)100%40%30%25%0%0%5%75%30%80%30%
Bulky Bob-omb100%70%70%100%80%20%95%80%90%95%75%
Bullet Bill100%50%105%70%0%100%95%95%0%95%0%
Buzzy Beetle0%75%75%75%60%30%95%90%75%95%90%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Chain Chomp0%65%65%70%45%30%90%90%0%95%70%
Cortez (Hook)100%90%95%85%0%90%0%0%0%90%80%
Cortez (Rapier)100%90%95%85%0%90%0%0%0%90%80%
Cortez (Saber)100%90%95%85%0%90%0%0%0%90%80%
Cortez (Sword)100%90%95%85%0%90%0%0%0%90%80%
Crayzee Dayzee100%50%30%30%100%80%30%30%95%30%30%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Dark Bones100%20%20%60%0%60%85%80%0%80%65%
Dark Boo100%40%100%40%40%85%10%85%40%90%40%
Dark Bristle0%20%20%40%30%20%30%50%20%100%80%
Dark Craw100%90%80%70%0%60%95%90%90%95%80%
Dark Koopa100%70%70%70%75%70%70%85%75%85%80%
Dark Koopatrol100%65%65%60%60%60%95%85%60%90%65%
Dark Lakitu100%60%95%80%70%80%50%85%60%90%70%
Dark Paratroopa100%70%105%70%75%95%70%85%75%85%80%
Dark Puff100%90%105%100%90%105%95%95%95%95%95%
Dark Wizard100%40%90%50%30%85%90%85%10%90%50%
Doopliss (1st)100%60%70%50%0%0%0%80%60%90%60%
Doopliss (2nd)100%50%70%40%0%0%3%70%50%90%50%
Doopliss (3rd)100%40%40%30%0%0%5%60%40%80%50%
Dry Bones100%30%30%70%0%70%90%90%0%85%75%
Dull Bones100%50%50%90%10%90%50%100%0%95%95%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Elite Wizzerd100%20%80%40%10%75%20%75%0%80%30%
Elite X-Naut100%70%70%60%80%60%95%85%70%85%70%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Fire Bro100%80%70%70%70%60%95%80%80%95%80%
Flower Fuzzy100%85%80%70%85%80%95%90%85%95%85%
Frost Piranha100%80%40%0%10%40%95%85%100%85%70%
Fuzzy Horde0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Gold Fuzzy100%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Green Fuzzy100%85%80%70%85%80%95%90%85%95%85%
Green Magikoopa100%70%80%700%70%80%95%90%70%95%75%
Grodus X100%10%90%75%0%90%90%75%0%95%75%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Hammer Bro100%80%70%70%70%60%95%80%80%95%80%
Hyper Bald Cleft0%40%40%60%40%30%95%65%40%100%90%
Hyper Cleft0%40%40%60%40%30%95%65%40%100%90%
Hyper Goomba100%80%80%80%90%80%95%95%80%95%90%
Hyper Paragoomba100%80%100%80%90%90%95%90%80%95%90%
Hyper Spiky Goomba100%80%80%80%90%90%95%90%80%95%90%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Ice Puff100%60%95%0%70%85%95%75%65%90%65%
Iron Cleft (Green)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Iron Cleft (Red)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Kammy Koopa100%40%60%40%0%0%5%60%40%80%40%
Koopa Troopa100%90%90%90%95%90%100%95%95%95%100%
KP Koopa100%80%80%80%85%80%100%95%85%95%90%
KP Paratroopa100%80%110%80%85%100%100%95%85%95%90%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Lava Bubble0%75%105%50%50%90%95%90%50%95%90%
Lord Crump (1st)100%100%100%100%0%0%0%100%100%100%100%
Lord Crump (2nd)100%80%60%60%0%0%0%85%80%90%70%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Macho Grubba100%50%50%30%0%0%0%75%50%90%40%
Magnus Von Grapple100%50%50%30%0%0%0%0%0%90%50%
Magnus Von Grapple (X-Fist)100%80%80%80%0%100%0%0%0%95%80%
Magnus Von Grapple 2.0100%40%40%20%0%0%0%0%0%80%40%
Magnus Von Grapple 2.0 (X-Punch)100%70%70%70%0%100%0%0%0%85%70%
Marilyn (1st)100%80%80%60%0%0%0%80%80%95%80%
Marilyn (2nd)100%50%50%40%0%0%5%60%50%80%50%
Moon Cleft0%30%30%50%30%20%95%60%30%100%80%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Pale Piranha100%100%60%80%30%60%95%95%110%95%90%
Phantom Ember0%65%100%40%40%80%90%80%40%90%80%
Piranha Plant100%80%40%60%10%30%30%85%100%85%70%
Poison Pokey100%70%60%40%80%70%95%85%75%90%60%
Poison Puff100%60%90%100%60%85%20%80%65%80%65%
Putrid Piranha100%95%50%70%20%40%95%90%105%95%80%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Rawk Hawk100%60%60%40%0%0%0%85%60%90%50%
Red Bones90%40%40%80%0%80%0%90%0%90%85%
Red Chomp0%65%65%70%45%30%95%90%0%95%70%
Red Magikoopa100%70%80%70%70%80%95%90%70%95%75%
Red Spike Top0%75%75%75%60%30%95%90%75%95%90%
Ruff Puff100%70%100%100%70%95%95%90%75%90%75%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Shadow Queen (1st)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Shadow Queen (2nd)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Shadow Queen (2nd) (Dead Hands)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Shadow Queen (2nd) (Hands)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Shady Koopa100%80%80%80%85%80%95%90%85%90%90%
Shady Paratroopa100%80%110%80%85%100%95%90%85%90%90%
Sir Grodus100%30%30%30%0%0%1%60%30%75%30%
Sky Blue Spiny100%60%60%50%80%10%50%85%60%90%70%
Smorg Miasma0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Smorg Miasma (Pincer(0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Smorg Miasma (Smorg)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Spike Top0%75%75%75%60%30%95%90%75%95%90%
Spiky Gloomba100%80%80%80%90%90%80%90%80%90%90%
Spiky Goomba100%100%100%100%110%110%150%100%100%100%110%
Spiky Parabuzzy0%75%105%75%60%90%95%90%75%95%90%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
White Magikoopa100%70%80%70%70%80%95%90%70%95%75%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
X-Naut Ph.D.100%80%80%70%90%70%95%90%80%90%80%
X-Naut Platoon (1st)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
X-Naut Platoon (2nd)0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%0%
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop
Enemy NameBurnConfuseDizzyFreezeFrightGaleInstant KOShrinkSleepSoftStop


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