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Shopping Guide by MrWestern

Updated: 11/07/07

Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door for Nintendo Gamecube
Shopping Guide Written by MrWestern

I. Table of Contents Press Ctrl+F then type in somthing
from here to get to that part of the Guide.

II. Item Cost List
IV. Thanks To
V. Copyright Stuff

II. Item Cost List

Ok so first of all this part is telling you the cost for
Note: If the Item has a * next to it you can only get it from
that shop

TOAD BROS. BAZAAR-Rogueport Square
Fire Flower-10 Coins
Fright Mask-5 Coins
Honey Syrup-5 Coins
Mushroom-5 Coins
Sleepy Sheep-8 Coins
Tasty Tonic-3 Coins

Dizzy Dial-12 Coins
Dried Shroom-2 Coins
Life Shroom-50 Coins
Super Shroom-20 Coins
Thunder Bolt-10 Coins
Volt Shroom-10 Coins

Note: Second price is for if Badge is one of
6 randomly selected Badges on the counter.

FP Drain Badge-100/70 Coins
Happy Flower Badge-150/105 Coins
Last Stand Badge-50/35 Coins
Last Stand P Badge-50/35 Coins
Piercing Blow Badge-75/52 Coins
Power Jump Badge-50/35 Coins
Simplifier Badge-50/35 Coins
Super Appeal Badge-50/35 Coins
Unsimplifier Badge-50/35 Coins

<After Chapter 1>
Close Call Badge-100/70 Coins
Close Call P Badge-100/70 Coins
Sleepy Stomp Badge-75/52 Coins

<After Chapter 2>
First Attack Badge-100/70 Coins
Power Rush Badge-50/35 Coins
Pretty Lucky P Badge-150/105 Coins

<After Chapter 3>
Ice Smash Badge-75/52 Coins
Power Rush P Badge-50/35 Coins
Shrink Stomp Badge-75/52 Coins

<After Chapter 4>
Damage Dodge Badge-150/105 Coins
Head Rattle Badge-100/70 Coins
Soft Stomp Badge-75/52 Coins

<After Chapter 5>
Damage Dodge P Badge-150/105 Coins
Fire Drive Badge-100/70 Coins
Super Appeal P Badge-50/35 Coins

<After Chapter 6>
Attack FX P Badge-100/70 Coins

DAZZLE-Rogueport Sewers Plaza
Attack FX Y Badge-1 Star Piece*
Chill Out Badge-2 Star Pieces
Flower Finder Badge-6 Star Pieces
Flower Saver Badge-10 Star Pieces
Flower Saver P Badge-10 Star Pieces
Happy Flower Badge-4 Star Pieces
Happy Heart Badge-4 Star Pieces
Happy Heart P Badge-4 Star Pieces
Heart Finder Badge-6 Star Pieces
Item Hog Badge-5 Star Pieces
Peekaboo Badge-7 Star Pieces*
Power Plus Badge-15 Star Pieces
Power Plus P Badge-15 Star Pieces
Pretty Lucky Badge-3 Star Pieces
Quick Change Badge-8 Star Pieces*

NIFF T'S SHOP-Petalburg
Courage Shell-5 Coins*
Fire Flower-8 Coins
Honey Syrup-5 Coins
Mr. Softener-8 Coins
Mushroom-4 Coins
POW Block-5 Coins*

PIANTA PARLOR-West Rogueport
<After getting Special Card>
Cake Mix-6 Piantas
Super Shroom-10 Piantas
Super Appeal Badge-34 Piantas
Refund Badge-34 Piantas

<After getting Silver Card>
Power Smash Badge-34 Piantas
Multibounce Badge-50 Piantas
HP Plus P Badge-200 Piantas
Gold Bar x3-234 Piantas

<After getting Gold Card>
Maple Syrup-14 Piantas
Power Jump Badge-34 Piantas
Power Rush Badge-34 Piantas
Power Rush P Badge-34 Piantas
Hammer Throw Badge-50 Piantas
Quake Hammer Badge-67 Piantas
Tornado Jump Badge-67 Piantas
Ultra Shroom-67 Piantas
Jammin' Jelly-67 Piantas
HP Plus Badge-100 Piantas
FP Plus Badge-100 Piantas

<After getting Platinum Card>
Money Money Badge-234 Piantas

Note: Prices are in Piantas which are worth 3 Coins
each; all items are unlimited quantity

CHARLIETON-Rogueport Square after completing chapter 1
Attack FX C Badge-120 Coins*
Boo's Sheet-24 Coins
Double Pain Badge-36 Coins*
Dried Shroom-2 Coins
Earth Quake-18 Coins
Hammerman Badge-180 Coins*
Jammin' Jelly-120 Coins
Jumpman Badge-180 Coins*
Mega Rush Badge-60 Coins
Repel Cape-18 Coins
Shooting Star-36 Coins
Slow Go Badge-12 Coins*
Stop Watch-24 Coins
Timing Tutor Badge-120 Coins
W Emblem Badge-360 Coins*
Note: You can only buy each item once.

CHARLIETON-Pit of 100 Trials on random floors
Fire Flower-10 Coins
Honey Syrup-10 Coins
Maple Syrup-20 Coins
Mushroom-5 Coins
Super Shroom-20 Coins
Thunder Rage-20 Coins
Note: These prices up every time you see him

UNDERGROUND SHOP-Rogueport Sewer Plaza
Gold Bar-110 Coins
Gold Bar x3-350 Coins
Gradual Syrup-15 Coins
Jammin' Jelly-200 Coins
Slow Shroom-15 Coins
Ultra Shroom-200 Coins

Honey Syrup-5 Coins
HP Drain-10 Coins*
Ice Storm-15 Coins
Mini Mr. Mini-8 Coins
Mushroom-5 Coins
Mystery-3 Coins

Earth Quake-15 Coins
Point Swap-5 Coins
Power Punch-15 Coins
Repel Cape-15 Coins
Super Shroom-15 Coins
Thunder Bolt-12 Coins

HOT DOG STAND-Glitzville
Hot Dog-10 Coins*

BUB-ULBER-Petalburg (after doing "The Food I Want." trouble)
Dried Bouquet-Hot Dog or Mousse Cake*

Life Shroom-40 Coins
Maple Syrup-20 Coins
Spite Pouch-10 Coins
Stop Watch-30 Coins
Super Shroom-15 Coins
Thunder Rage-20 Coins

KEELHAUL GALLERIA-Keelhaul Key, in Shantytown
Fire Flower-5 Coins
Fright Mask-2 Coins
Honey Syrup-3 Coins
Ice Storm-15 Coins
Sleepy Sheep-10 Coins
Super Shroom-12 Coins

SALES STALL-Excess Express
Boo's Sheet-20 Coins
Maple Syrup-15 Coins
Mystery-3 Coins
Super Shroom-15 Coins
Tasty Tonic-3 Coins
Thunder Rage-15 Coins

SOUVENIR SHOP-Poshley Heights
Fresh Pasta-50 Coins*

RATOOEY-Glitzville (after doing the "Security Code..." trouble)
Hot Sauce-10 Coins*

Ice Storm-6 Coins
Maple Syrup-20 Coins
Ruin Powder-15 Coins
Shooting Star-30 Coins
Stop Watch-12 Coins
Super Shroom-15 Coins

III. FAQ -Frequently Asked Questions-

Q. What shop has the best prices?
A. That depends on what kind of item your looking to buy.
Look above you for the item you want and if its marked with
an [] then its the best price for that item.

Q. What shop has mostly items to damage foes?
A. Really, there is none. All shops have eather 1-2 items
that do direct damage to the enemy. Most shops have 2.

Q. Is there any way to buy an item and sell it for more money?
A. Yes, there are places you can buy an item and resell it for
more then you bought it for, heres three of them that I know.
Buy a Life Shroom at Twilight Shop [40 Coins]
Resell it at Life Shroom-Pungent's Shop [43 Coins]
> Total Money Earned = 3 Coins

Buy a Sleepy Sheep at Toad Bros. Bazaar [8 Coins]
Resell it at Niff T's Shop [10 Coins]
> Total Money Earned = 2 Coins

Buy a Fire Flower at Keelhaul Galleria [5 Coins]
Give it to Zess T. and make it into some Spicy Soup
Sell the Spicy Soup at Northwinds Mart [20 Coins]
> Total Money Earned = 15 Coins

Q. whats the best place to sell a Mushroom, a Koopa Tea,
a Peachy Peach, a Power Punch, an Ultra Shroom, a Zess Frappe,
and a Golden Leaf?
A. Whoe thats alot of stuff you want to sell there lucky for
you here is a list of the best places to the most common items.

Cake Mix-Sales Stall [8 Coins]
Coconut-Sales Stall [4 Coins]
Coconut Bomb-Underground Shop [8 Coins]
Courage Meal-Underground Shop [20 Coins]
Dried Bouquet-Sales Stall [17 Coins]
Dried Shroom-Twilight Shop [4 Coins]
Egg Bomb-Underground Shop [15 Coins]
Fire Flower-Northwinds Mart [8 Coins]
Fire Pop-Northwinds Mart [24 Coins]
Fresh Pasta-Toad Bros. Bazaar [53 Coins]
Fright Mask-Pungent's Shop [4 Coins]
Golden Leaf-Sales Stall [7 Coins]
Horsetail-Sales Stall [5 Coins]
Hot Dog-Keelhaul Galleria [13 Coins]
Hot Sauce-Sales Stall [15 Coins]
Icicle Pop-Keelhaul Galleria [20 Coins]
Inky Sauce-Northwinds Mart [15 Coins]
Jelly Ultra-Twilight Shop [200 Coins]
Keel Mango-Sales Stall [4 Coins]
Koopa Bun-Niff T's Shop [10 Coins]
Koopasta-Niff T's Shop [60 Coins]
Koopa Tea-Niff T's Shop [4 Coins]
Life Shroom-Pungent's Shop [43 Coins]
Mistake-Twilight Shop [3 Coins]
Mystic Egg-Sales Stall [6 Coins]
Peachy Peach-Sales Stall [8 Coins]
Poison Shroom-Underground Shop [25 Coins]
Power Punch-Pungent's Shop [17 Coins]
Sleepy Sheep-Niff T's Shop [10 Coins]
Snow Bunny-Keelhaul Galleria [15 Coins]
Spicy Pasta-Northwinds Mart [60 Coins]
Spicy Soup-Northwinds Mart [20 Coins]
Super Shroom-Pungent's Shop [14 Coins]
Tasty Tonic-Keelhaul Galleria [5 Coins]
Turtley Leaf-Sales Stall [5 Coins]
Ultra Shroom-Pungent's Shop [75 Coins]
Zess Deluxe-Souvenir Shop [75 Coins]
Zess Dinner-Souvenir Shop [15 Coins]
Zess Dynamite-Underground Shop [40 Coins]
Zess Frappe-Keelhaul Galleria [35 Coins]
Zess Special-Souvenir Shop [25 Coins]

Q. Other then items, what can I get from shopping?
A. More items, each time you buy something from a
regular shop (the kind with the Fire Flower icon
out front) you get a shop point. When you get so
many shop points you get the following items.
10 Points  Mushroom
20 Points  Ice Storm
30 Points  Super Shroom
50 Points  Thunder Rage
70 Points  Shooting Star
100 Points  Gold Bar
150 Points  Life Shroom
200 Points  Ultra Shroom
250 Points  Jammin' Jelly
300 Points  Gold Bar x3

Thats all the questions for now if you have any
more let me know at Jonnymooman@gmail.com and ill
send the answer back to you and put it in here.
IV. Thanks to

DarthMarth - His FAQ/Walkthrough helped me do this Guide and
             he gave me the thought to do it.
MsterChief - His Zess T. Cooking Guide was a good one and made
             me think I could make a good Guide to.
Nintendo - For creating one of my Favorite games to play.

My Brother - Yea im sure I know what your thinking but he didint
             tell me that I shouldnt do it, so thats why this is
             a writen guide.

V. Copyright Stuff

This Guide may ONLY be used on these websites:

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without my permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.
Copyright 2007

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