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E-Mail Guide by Jelly Soup

Version: Final | Updated: 02/15/08

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door E-Mail FAQ
By Christopher Marsh
E-Mail: jellysoup at gmail dot com
GameFAQs: jelly soup
GameSpot: Jelly_Soup
Copyright 2005 - 2008 Christopher Marsh

Table of Contents

1. Copyright Info
2. Notes
3. E-Mail List
 1. Peach
 2. Story
 3. News
 4. Trouble Center
4. Mailbox SP Ringtones


1. - Copyright Info

This document was created for free use. Anyone who wishes to host this
document on his/her webspace may do so provided that the following
stipulations are followed:

1. This document must remain in it’s original form, with no edits besides
   those made by the original author.
2. No profit may be made from this document in anyway.
3. An e-mail informing the author about potential hosting. While not a
   requirement, it would be much appreciated if for no other reason but for
   information purposes.

The newest version of this FAQ will always be on GameFAQs.com first.


2. - Notes

-Firstly, this FAQ contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

-The numbering system in this guide will not match up with that of the
 Mailbox SP. Rather, the number represents the most common order in which
 each mail should be received. Some of this should be obvious (IE: You can't
 get the second Peach e-mail before the first).
-The numbering in the Help section should be taken with a grain of salt.
 In theory, you will obtain one e-mail from each person you help via the
 Trouble Center. In reality, only a few actually send letters. The problem
 is you can receive them in any order. Think: If you help Person Two before
 Person One, it would make sense that you'd get a thank you from Person
 Two BEFORE Person One, right? Numbering will be based on the assumption
 that the player completed all of the troubles in order, with the 
 approximant placement of thank-yous from non-Trouble Center people.

 As for WHEN you get these mails, it would seem that a majority are
 received soon after beating the Shadow Queen.
-Peach e-mails are sent at the end of each Peach event (and, therefore,
 received after obtaining a Crystal Star, with the exception of the seventh).

-Story e-mails are, contrary to popular belief, not random. Yes, you may
 have received one e-mail before another, but that doesn't mean you didn't
 get them in the right order. Look at the example for the Peach mail above.
 Even if, by order, you got e-mail #3 after #1, but before #2, you'd still
 only receive #2 after getting #1, so everything happened in the right order.

-In the Mailbox SP, each e-mail is highlighted in a different color. I used
 these colors as a means to split them up into sections:
 Pink   = Peach          = Mail from Princess Peach.
 White  = Story          = Mail meant to help advance the story.
 Blue   = News           = Mail meant to give hits.
 Yellow = Trouble Center = Mail from people Mario has helped..

-Paragraph breaks have been removed from all e-mails. You gotta realize, the
 Mailbox SP has a vastly smaller area to work with than this text document.
 Following the original format would make this file very long and very
 difficult to read.

-After three playthroughts, I have determined that there are 41 e-mails
 total. A section of the e-mails cannot be obtained if you don't solve their
 corresponding troubles before defeating the Shadow Queen. If anyone has
 found more than 41 e-mails, please e-mail me the details.


3. - E-Mail List

3.1. - Peach

Topic: I'm OK.

My Dearest Mario,
I send this letter in the hope that it reaches you safely. I am being held
against my will in some strange place. Though I do not know where I am, I
remain unharmed and in relative comfort. Those who have captured me seem to
be after the map I sent you earlier. They may be hoping to use it to find
objects called "Crystal Stars". I do not know what they are planning, but I
have a feeling it is not anything positive. Mario, please collect these
Crystal Stars before they do. You must! They are already aware that you have
the map, so please be very careful. And please...don't worry about me.

-Princess Peach-


Topic: Be Careful!

Dear Mario,
I'm sure you're very concerned about me...but please know I'm fine! I'm
actually more worried about you. The fiends who kidnapped me are searching
desperately for the Crystal Stars. I'll try to learn what I can about them.
I'll e-mail you again if I uncover anything. OK? You must know I miss you.
Lately I've dreamt about our days back in the castle. I hope we'll spend
carefree days there again soon.

-Princess Peach-


Topic: Fiendish plan!

Dearest Mario,
I have uncovered something terrible. These things...the X-Nauts...they're
planning to take control of the world! It's to that end thatthey're searching
for the Crystal Stars. I still don't know what the Crystal Stars do, but you
must try to get them all...I will gather what information I can...

-Princess Peach-


Topic: Evil treasure!

My dear Mario,
I have finally learned what the legendary treasure is. It is the spirit of a
demon! The X-Nauts plan to revive this thousand-year-old monster and use its
power to take over the world! They're collecting the Crystal Stars so they
can open the Thousand-Year-Door...they'll find this demon's spirit...but the
only thing that can keep it locked away is the Crystal Stars themselves! You
must not let them get the Crystal Stars! Please, Mario...you must put a stop
to their horrible plans!

-Princess Peach!


Topic: Good news...

Dearest Mario, I have good news! I don't know where I'm being held, but
there's an odd computer called TEC here. By cooperating with this TEC, I've
managed to obtain some of these fiends' data. TEC is currently analyzing
it...and strange as it may sound, I trust him. Once his analysis is done, I
should be able to provide you with details of their plans. I'll e-mail you
again once I learn more. Be good, OK?

-Princess Peach-


Topic: My location...

I now know where I'm being held. I'm on the moon. Yes, the moon that floats
out in space. And I've learned something even more horrifying. In order to
resurrect the monster's spirit, they need my...

[[Huge blank space here]]


3.2. - Story

From: Frankly
Topic: E-mail

Hellp, Mario!
Working hard? Professor Frankly here, in e-form!

It's highly likely you'll recieve e-mails like this one while you're on your
journey, so check your e-mail often!

I actually have nothing more to say than that, so I hope all goes well for
you, and I look forward to getting more information on those Crystal Stars!

Professor Frankly

[[Photo of Frankly in his lab]]


From: Koopley
Topic: How's life?

I'm just amazed...I had no idea a machine like this could be used to send
messages! Technology! Wow!

I'm doing great, drinking fresh springwater, picking wildflowers,
polishing my shell...this town seemed to boring ten years ago, but I see
the world differently now. I bet you'll like Petalburg more than you used
to once you get back from YOUR adventure, Koops!

So, where are you headed next? I want you to see the wide world, son; it'll
be good for you! But don't go TOO far past that front door! Aah ha ha ha!

From, Koopley

[[Photo of Koopley by a stream]]


From: Anonymous
Topic: No title

iF yOu WaNt ThE cRyStAl StAr, HeEd My InStRuCtIoNs.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous
Topic: No title

gO tO tHe WaTeRiNg HoLe OuTsIdE ThE gLiTz PiT.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous
Topic: No title

SmAsH tHe BlOcKaDe In ThE mInOr-LeAgUe LoCkEr RoOm.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous
Topic: No title

Keep sticking your nose in where it doesn't belonG and you are
D-E-A-D M-E-A-T.


From: Anonymous:
Topic: No title

gO tO tHe TeLePhOnE bOoTh OuT oN tHe PaViLiOn.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous:
Topic: No title

gO tO tHe StOrAgE rOoM nExT tO gRuBbA's OfFiCe.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous:
Topic: No title

fInD tHe StAiRcAsE sWiTcH tO rEaCh ThE aTtIc.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous:
Topic: No title

This is your last warning! Stop snooping around about the Crystal Star!

If you don't, you'll suffer the same fate as the others who have gone


From: Anonymous:
Topic: No title

rEmOvE tHe GrEaT gOnZaLeS pOsTeRs InThe lObBy.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous:
Topic: No title

gO tO tHe SeCoNd FlOoR oF tHe StOrAgE rOoM.

FrOm X


From: Anonymous:
Topic: No title

fInD tHe GhOsT iN tHe ChAmP's RoOm.

FrOm X


From: Koopie Koo
Topic: Miss you!

Dear Mario and Koops,
I hope you two are doing OK. I have to admit, with Koops gone, I haven't
been doing very well.

I get lonely, and I go into Koops's house, and I smell that Koops smell. I
guess it's your cologne or whatever, but I makes me so sad...

I'd gotten used to your smell, Kopps...Oh! And the thing is, your dad,
Koopley, has his own smell, and it's...weird. I think maybe it's the smell
of Hooktail's gut. That's...disgusting.

Now I grossed myself out. Oh, and since he's gonna be my dad, too,
someday, I'd better get used to that smell, huh? ...Oh! What am I writing?
I'm so embarrassed...but I'm sending this anyway! Hee hee hee!

Love, Koopie Koo

[[Pic of Koopie Koo in her house]]


From: Petuni
Topic: Yoo hoo!

Hi, Mario!
How are you? I'm, uh...good. No, VERY good! No!!! GREAT!!!

Lots of stuff has changed here. Oh, but not the elder being mad at my
brother. That's still the same.

I do wish you'd come back to play sometime. Are you really busy? Are you
going someplace far away? Like, a place nobody's ever been? Wow! That's be
FUN! I'm jealous!

Well, if you ever have time to come back here, come play with me, OK? You
have to PROMISE!

From, Petuni

[[Pic of Peuni with an egg]]


From: Boo
Topic: Mail?

Are you Mario? Did this e-mail...did you get this e-mail? Look, technology
freaks me out, so if you're not Mario, please destroy this e-mail, OK?

But if you are, thanks for saving my captured friends. I figured I'd share
a hot tip with you as thanks, so here it is: there's still lots of
treasures in Creepy Steeple!

Of course, knowing you, you've probably already found it all...ugh...I'm
so useless...

Well, enjoy your not-so-useless adventure.

The Creepy Steeple Boo

[[Pic of Boo above secret door in Creepy Steeple]]


From: King K
Topic: 'Sup, dog?

Yo, G-money! It's me, King K! Your homey from the Glitz Pit!

I KNOW you remember me, dog! How you doin'? What, you off KO'in fools
lef an' right somewhere else?

I'm still livin' large in the minor league, but I'm keepin' busy, you know
how it is. I gotta thank you again for convincin' me to stay, dog. You
fired me up good!

So, are we ever gonna chill again, or what? Or are we just gonna meet in
the ring? Careful, dog: next time you front on the King K, I'm gonna be
way, way, way, way, way, way, way, WAYYYY BETTER!

Keep it real, King K

[[Pic of King K in the ring]]


From: Pa-Patch
Topic: Oy, you!

Oy, Mario, 'ow's yer 'stache? Life on the island feels great! When the sun
rises, I wakey-wakey, and when it sets, I tuck in fer snoozer-time!
Perfect fer a simple bloke like me, right?

Every now an' then that cretin Flavio spits out some bit o' seizin' life,
but I just tune 'im out.

So, you off on another adventure? I think that suits you best. Give them
'ooligans what for an' save your princess!

From, Pa-Patch

[[Pic of Pa-Patch infront of the island Inn]]


From: The Real Zip Toad:
Topic: !

What's up, super-sleuth! I heard you uncovered my impostor! You're the
best, man, seriously!

See, when you get to be as big a star as Zip Toad, these sorts of things
happen all the time. It's the biz.

But, man alive! For a no-name like you to brave danger and find my
impostor! Reminds me of a younger, yet less successful, me.

Yeah, so as for me, I'm headed to Toad Town to film my next leading role:
The soon-to-be hit film On Golden Toad 2. It'll be huge.

I hear you're on an adventure or something, so I'll leave you with a line
from my last flick, The  Toad Warrior: "You're cool, baby...but I'm cooler!"

Best of luck, kid!

The Super Star
The Real Zip Toad

[[Pic of The Real Zip Toad on the Excess Express with Koopa Jr. in the


From: Rawk Hawk
Topic: YOU!!!

Is this the so-called Great Conzales? Unh! Well, it's me, your worst
nightmare! The new and improved Rawk Hawk! Don't think I forgot you, punk!

I'm reborn, you coward! My training regimen would blow your mind! I'm on the
fast track back to the top, and ain't NOBODY gonna get in my way! Rawk!

And still...on rainy days, I feel the bruises your hammar of shame left on
this bod, and I feel the RAAAAAAGE again!

If you EVER show your face in the ring again, I'll beat you so bad your
momma won't even recognize you! Remember the RAAAWK!

Number 1
Rawk Hawk

[[Pic of Rawk Hawk in the ring]]


From: Ghost T.
Topic: Hellooooooo

Oooo hooo hooo hooo! Long time, o spook! It is I, the spirit from the Excess

I bet you're wondering how an ethereal being like myself can type an
e-mail...well, I actually possessed the train conductor to do it! Ooo hoo hoo
hoo hoo! Don't worry, though! He's doing just fine!

I think maybe I'll do my new diary like this...E-mail's convenient, you know?
And leaving a record of my afterlife is cool, in a spiritual sense, I mean...

So...good luck with your quest. It's not yet time for you to come over to my
side. But whevever you do, I'll welcome you. Ooo hoo hoo hoo hoo! Farewell!

Ghost T., from Room 4

[[Pic of Ghost T. sneaking up on the conductor]]


3.3. - News

Topic: RDM Registration

*Direct Mail Verification*

Dear Mr. MARIO!
Thanks for registering with Rogueport Direct Mail (RDM) service. Your kind
friend, MR. FRANKLY, referred you to us. Our direct mail serive will provide
you with regular, timely news updates. We hope you enjoy our service!

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


Topic: RDM Premiere Issue

*RDM Premiere Issue!*

Bringing you all the up-to-the-moment news as it happens! We have details of
yet anouther incident at the parlor in West Rogueport. Outraged by the high
Pianta prices, Goomfrey (age 30) is suspected of violently shaking the Pianta
Changer (age 5), causing the Pianta Changer's alarm to sound, which led to
the Pianta Changer ceasing to function for a brief period. The parlor was
forced to close down temporarily. The vistim was quoted as saying: "I am a
machine. No matter how hard I am shook, I feel no pain. End Interview."

Get all the hottest shopping news about all the hottest shopping spots in the
world! If Petalburg's your destination, you can't miss the shop that's been
the talk of the town for the last 20 years: Niff T.'s shop! The friendly
owner has long been thought to be the most eligible bachelor in town, but
word is he's secretly in love with the gril at the Inn! The wise and witty
shopkeeper had this to say: "You only live once, so enjoy it while you can!
Shop now at good old Niff T's shop!"

Interested in cooking but don't know what to cook! Try our chef's delicious
suggestions! Today's Yummy Recipe: Fried Shrooms! Just season your mushrooms,
saute them up, and they're ready for the dinner table!

We hope you enjoyed RDM's premiere issue! You can look forward to future
editions coming your way soon!

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


Topic: RDM Issue 2

*RDM Issue 2*

Old Toad Settles Inn!
It's come to light that after settling into life at our inn, Toadsworth
(age 60) has been often been spotted in the company of Zess T. (age 55).
The notoriously finichy Zess T. surprised all when she was heard saying
"What's wrong with spending time with my little Toadle-toes?" The
possibilities usch a comment opens has our eyes and ears glued to the

Our focus of attention this week? Pungent's Great Tree Shop! Pungent's
easygoing management philosophy is: "Money and girls are fickle, so easy
come, easy go, y'know?" He fully understands why his shop isn't busier,
too: "We're well hidden, but like any good treasure, we're worth lookin'
for!" He even has a special offer for RDM readers: "For the next 15
minutes, I'll give you double shop points!"

Today's Yummy Recipe: Spicy Soup!
Steep a Fire Flower in hot water and...Presto! You're done! The perfect
first meal for kids to cook!

We've been working all night to bring you this edition of RDM. Look forward
to more hot, hot news in Issue 3, coming soon!

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


Topic: RDM Issue 3

*RDM Issue 3*

Noon, Today
The Excess Express ran late for the first time in ten years today as a
suspicious incident activated station security measures. Area youth and
huge train enthusiast Laki (age 18) was found taking pictures in an
employee-only area near the Express and was gang-tackled by local
sameritans. "I understand how much people are intotrains, but we've got
safety and security measure to uphold!" blustered the train engineer. The
youth was released with just a warning...this time.

This week we hightlight Glitzville Sales Stall! Though they've never
attracted as many coustomers as the nearby Hot Dog Stand, the proprietor is
certain that any day now, people will in fact notice that his shop exists!
Early on in our interview, the owever of the nearby Hot Dog Stand cornered
our reporter and had this to say: "Who needs Sales Stall! My Hot Dog gives
you all you want! Only 10 coins now!" A minor scuffle broke out shortly
thereafter, but we're happy to report that no one was seriously injured.
Apparently everyone in Glitzville knows how to roll with a punch...

Hey there, rookies! Flex your bendy straws, because today's recipe is for
Fresh Juice! Just blend Honey Syrup until you reach a nice, frothy texture
and enjoy! Try one in the morning to start your day off right!

We're just getting started, people! Wait until you see the glorious next

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


Topic: RDM Issue 4

RDM Issue 4

Dusk, Today

Goomex (age 40), known for napping in the flowers in the west side park,
was found eating flowers and given a stern warning by authorities. Asked
for comment, Goomez stated, "Well, I just really, really love flowers,
and I was hanging out, and before I knew it, they were in my mouth...I'm
so ashamed." Citizens of Rogueport responded with disbelief and grudging
support for the strengthening of flower-conservation efforts.

This time, we introduce the Twilight Shop! Watching the husband and wife
proprietors of this shop at work is a heartwarming sight, but don't get
on the hubby's bad side! "Don't you go smiling at MY wife!" says the
jovially jealous shopkeeper. "I'm hers for life, and your fancy big-city
teeth aren't gonna change that!" Well, who could doubt their eternal
love? Surely not this reporter. We pressed the shopkeeper for further
comment, but regret that his words are unprintable here...But we did
learn from the little missus that there will be a double-point sale for
all RDM readers! Just show her this screen in the next 15 minutes to
double your points on any purchase!

All right, my little rookies, we're on to an intermediate-level recipe
today! The dish is a Healthy Salad...Just slive up a Turtley Leaf and a
Horsetail, mix them together, and you're done! Great for dieters!

That's all for today! But check your mailbox soon for another exciting

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


Topic: RDM Issue 5

RDM Issue 5

Local mystic Merluvlee (age 25) was aken to the hospital today, followed
quickly by hordes of concerned fans. Luckily, according to a spokesperson
for the hospital, Merluvlee suffered from nothing more than a severe case
of indigestion caused by a wild binge on eight Shroom Steaks. The devin
diviner exclaimed that her "aura was brimming with the power of steak,"
but this reporter can't help but wonder why she failed to predict the
gastrointestinal adventure in the first place...

This time, let's head to Keelhaul Galleria! We are proud to toast the
enterpreneurial spirit shown by the managerial team who brought free
commerce to this deserted island! "I really wanted to do something that
had never been done," gushed the unsinkable proprietor and former fight
fan. "So call me 'The Invinvible Shopmaster' from now on. I'm 100%
serious. Print that." We wish him all the success that he can grab with
two hands and wrestle to the mat!

Listen up, rookies, because here's another intermediat-level recipe!
Today's dish is the single-serving Peach Tart! Take a Peachy Peach, add
Cake Mix, stir, and bake! Try that at teatime, rookies...

Thanks for reading the best rag in the land! See you next issue!

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


Topic: RDM Issue 6

RDM Issue 6

An unknown businessman (age 30) was takne into cusody today by port
authorities as he tried to board the blimp carrying large amounts of a
volatile red liquid. Agter a few tense moments, authorities identified
the liquid as a spicy condiment, and the businessman was subsequently
released. Out RDM reporters were mystified by the following unsolicited
comment: "Buy our new Hot Sause, folks!"

This week, we have the pleasure of introducing the fabulousely
luxurious shop on the Excess Express, the Sales Stall! This unique
boutique on the exclusive train of the independently wealthy just reeks
of money, but perhaps the idyllic landscapes rushing past will loosen
your purse strings! Says the impeccably dressed manager of sales: "Come
one, caome all, be you rich or not at all, to our lovely Sales Stall!"
He then announced a double-point sale for all RDM readers! Just show him
this screen in the next 15 minutes to double your points on any purchase!

This is it, rookies! You've finally made it to the big leafues! Today's
recipe is an advanced-level one. Today, we'll be making Ink Pasta. Just
boil Fresh Pasta until perfectly al dente and mix lightly with Inky
Sauce. Perfecto! Get rerady for gourmet chow tonight!

Can you believe it, dear readers? The next issue will be our last! Don't
miss it!

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


Topic: RDM Final Issue!

RDM Issue 7
Special Final Issue

In a shocking series of event today, local authorities report that
Zess T. (age 55) delivered a left hook to the jaw of gadabout Flavio
(age 25) late this very afternoon. Our investigation has revealed that
the cause of the feisty fisticuff may have been Zess T.'s anger that a
shipment of gourmet ingredients spoiled on the dock because Flavio had
held up the dock crew with a marathod two-day tale of high-seas
adventure. While Flavio is revovering from temporary memory loss,
Zess T. has already been approached by a Glitz Pit talent scout, Don
Goombatti. "I think the kid's got spunk. We'll tak the world by storm!"
said Goombatti.

This wwk we have an explosive exclusive on the shop in Fahr Outpost,
Northwinds Mart! It's so cold there that all of the merchandise is
frozen to the counter...Just kidding! The smiling shop manager showed
us a fascinating varitety of good as the sweet-faced little miss
explained, "It's cold out, but I do best to explode inside shop to warm
place up, da? So come on it! This place is big, too, folks, so we haven't
even seen all of it yet! Come on down and see it for yourself!

This is the final installment of Cooking for Rookies! Just to make sure
we leave you with a smile on your face, our last recipe will be for
Couple's Cake! Just simmer Spicy Soup for a few minutes, then drop in a
Snow Bunny...and presto! Before your very eyes, the mixture will congeal
and take the form of a cake! Eat it with someone you love!

This is it, dear readers! The final issue! We here at the RDM office have
enjoyed every minute of our hard work to bring you the best news and
features! May we meet again...perhaps sooner than you think! (Wink, wink...)

*Published by Rougeport Resoration Committe*


3.4. - Trouble Center

From: Koopook
Topic: Hide/Seek

Whats' up, Loops?
After you found me, Koops, I found a nice hiding nook at a place called the
Goomstar Temple. It's so cold my shell is frosty, but it's a great place for

Obviously, I don't want anyone to find me, but...the thing is, I DO want
people to see how good I am at hiding. You see the bind I'm in?

Anyway, spread the word! Come find the wandering Hide-n-Seek Koopa! See ya
later...or not!

Yours, Koopook


From: Pine T. Jr.
Topic: Dad's Job

Hey, you know what? My daddy found a new job! He takes care of Bubu in Toad
Town. He's all recharged now!

I'm still not good at studying, but I'm trying so I can help my daddy!

I don't know what I can do to help Daddy yet, but I'm gonna study lots
until I figure something out, OK? Well, see ya!

From, Pine T.


From: Eve
Topic: Thank You

How are you, Mario? This is Eve from Twilight Town. Remember me?

After a lot of soul-searching, I've found that I'm truly happy.

I may not be able to forget the hard times, or even completely remember then,
but I've been thinking things over and I believe that my sad past paves the
way to my current happieness. Is that deep?

Anyway, I can't think about that sutff all the time. The kids play all day...
then they get hungry and cry and scream, so I'm pretty busy all day, every

The kids would love to see you again, so please drop by next time you're in
the area!

Fondly yours, Eve


From: Jolene
Topic: Doing well?

Or rather, the Great Gonzales...I realized that I never thanked you for
handling my request, so I decided to e-mail you.

I never thought for a moment that you, a former champion, would end up taking
care of the wrestling trunks for me.

After you left here, know what Mush said to me? He said, "There are some
things that can only be understood by fighting." He's an odd one, Mush. He's
actually training now...yes, he's planning a comeback!

You should come by the Glitz Pit if you get some time. You're just the type
of star the fans crave, you know?

Take care, Jolene


From: Bub-ulber

Yes, hellp to you.
I am Bub-ulber.

I have been unable to forget the savory Hot Dog flavor...my taste buds are
sweating in anticipation of your next spicy visit.

By the way: have you heard? Dried Bouquets are not flowers that have withered
and gone dry. They are actually flowers that have had the clocks of their
lives adjusted to tick just a little slower than normal flowers. I hope you
will take the time to stop and smell these delicate flowers.

In fact, I would like you to come visit me again with the above-mentioned
item. Yours in spiciness.



From: Gob
Topic: Throat-bomb!

.................? ...............................!
Umm...is this right? DO I just type or what?...yeah, OK.

So...hey! I was so happy you got me that Honey Candy! My voice came back and
everything, but maybe I was a little to jolly...I started shouting and now I
lost my voice again. I'm resting now.

So, yeah, there may not be much here in Fahr Outpost, but at least we got
snow! Yeah! We have snowbomb fights here! we put tiney Bob-ombs inside out
snowballs so that they explode when they hit! It's super dangerous, which
makes it super cool! Unfortunately, it also makes it super illegal! Which is
pretty lame...but come visit anyway!

Later! Gob


4. - Mailbox SP Ringtones

It's shocking to me just how many people don't know where these tunes come
from. I find it a little sad, too.....

Peach - Letters from Peach are accompanied by the Super Mario World theme.
Anonymous - Letters from Anonymous are accompanied by the Ice Land theme from
            Super Mario Brothers 3.

E-mails that come from anybody else are accompanied by Toadstool's FanFare,
which is played when receiving a letter from Toadstool in Super Mario
Brothers 3. It shows up a few times in Super Mario World, too.


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