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FAQ/Walkthrough by nintendo_girl21

Version: 5.0 | Updated: 02/18/11

            ~*~*~*~PAPER MARIO: THE THOUSAND-YEAR DOOR~*~*~*~

                          FAQ & Walkthrough
                          By nintendo_girl21
                    Copyright (c) Megan Lynch, 2007-...



                               *Table of Contents*

Use the bracketed codes to easily find the right section.  To search 
for a sub-section, see the bracketed codes tabbed over within each
section below.

[M1]  Table of Contents (you're looking at it)
[M2]  Version Info
      [M2.1]  Latest Version
[M3]  Game Information
       [M3.1]  Technical Info
       [M3.2]  Game Premise
       [M3.3]  Decoding My Directions
       [M3.4]  Bare Bones Guide to Completing the Game
[M4]   Basic Controls & Actions
[M5]   Characters
[M6]   Locations
[M7]   Walkthrough
       [M7.1]  Prologue:   A Rogue's Welcome
       [M7.2]  Chapter 1:  Castle & Dragon
       [M7.3]  Chapter 2:  The Great Boggly Tree
       [M7.4]  Chapter 3:  Of Glitz & Glory
       [M7.5]  Chapter 4:  For Pigs the Bell Tolls
       [M7.6]  Chapter 5:  The Key to Pirates
       [M7.7]  Chapter 6:  3 Days of Excess
       [M7.8]  Chapter 7:  Mario Shoots the Moon
       [M7.9]  Chapter 8:  The Thousand-Year Door
[M8]   Items
[M9]   Badges
[M10]  Shine Sprites
[M11]  Star Pieces
[M12]  Special Moves
[M13]  Zess T's Recipes
[M14]  Trouble Center
[M15]  Pit of 100 Trials
[M16]  Boss & Mini-Boss Strategies
[M17]  Tattle Log
[M18]  Shops
[M19]  Games
[M20]  Paper Mario vs. Thousand-Year-Door
[M21]  Secrets
[M22]  FAQs & Other Oddities
[M23]  Copyright, Thank-Yous & Contact Info


                                 *Version Info*


                                *Latest Version*


Version 5.0
February 18, 2011

Added secret re Yoshi in Excess Express.  Edited Double Pain badge availability


Version 5.0
February 8, 2011

Edited character placement in Paper Mario vs. TTYD--Bootler makes a cameo in


Version 5.0
May 10, 2010

Added a follow-up on Mike's Juggernaut Mario Pit of 100 Trials guide.


Version 5.0
May 3, 2010

Edited time determinants for Yoshi's colour.


Version 5.0
April 23, 2010

Added a submitted Pit of 100 Trials experience.


Version 5.0
December 22, 2009

                *~*~HAPPY HOLIDAYS & NEW YEAR 2010*~*~


Version 5.0
September 18, 2009

Added info on order of Glitzville fights & separated Bowser's fight
into its own mini-section.


Version 5.0
September 3, 2009

Added detatils on gold bars x3 in Items section.

Added secret on selling Whacka's Bumps.


Version 5.0
August 20, 2009

Added AWESOME Pit of 100 Trials strategy guide to Pit section.  Thanks 


Version 5.0
August 12, 2009

Moved secret about a colour file name as determining Yoshi's colour to 
Rumours.  Thanks Mike for the correction.


Version 5.0
May 5, 2009

Unfortunately, Yahoo! is shutting down all free Geocities web sites
this summer.  I have decided to close down all my Geocities web sites
early to beat the rush in saving all my files.  Until Yahoo!
officially dumps the sites, I've posted a short message there, but
all content has been removed.

Thank you for all of your support of my web sites for over 10 years!
I will be considering a move to my own web site domain, but for now,
you can access my video game FAQ/walkthroughs on GameFAQs.com and
any other sites located in the Credits section.

Many thanks & happy gaming,


Version 5.0
March 30, 2009

Added FAQ on leveling up after completing the game.


Version 5.0
March 11, 2009

Added additional secret info on Koopatrol.

Fixed errors on Dark Koopatrol and Rawk Hawk stats in Tattle Log.  

Added Koopatrol to the Tattle Log.  Oooops...!


Version 5.0
March 7, 2009

Added secret on boosting attack power using Chet Rippo and badges.

Added FAQ on maximum level and stats attainable in the game.


Version 5.0
March 2, 2009

Added FAQ on how to hover with Yoshi


Version 5.0
January 14, 2009

Walkthrough now available at ChapterCheats.com.


Version 5.0
January 9, 2009

Walkthrough now available at Vgnerd.com.


Version 5.0
December 20, 2008

Walkthrough now available on *NEW* website:

Old Zelda & Mario web sites have been removed.

                     *~*~HAPPY HOLIDAYS & NEW YEAR 2009*~*~


Version 5.0
November 16, 2008

Hey, hey!  So, I played through the entire game following the
walkthrough and getting all the necessary side quests completed.  It 
seems that everything is in order for this to become a "mint-condition" 
walkthrough.  I think the "Final" status on GameFAQs makes very litte 
sense, since people always seem to come up with questions about a game, 
so I'm setting this FAQ/walkthrough's status at 5.0.  Basically that
means that I won't be editing the walkthrough or other sections here 
anymore, but I will continue to accept, post & answer any questions 
related to the game.  I am attempting to make all 8 of my walkthroughs 
version 5.0 (not an easy task) so they are the cream of the crop, the 
king of the castle...you get the idea.

If I don't post updates before the holidays, have a Merry Christmas,
Happy Hanukkah, Krazy Kwanzaa, a Tip-Top Tett, and a Solemn, Dignified
Ramadan (as Krusty the Klown would say).

Happy gaming,

~Megan~ (a.k.a. nintendo_girl21)


Version 1.0
September 15, 2008

Walkthrough now available on MyCheats.com


Version 1.0
June 18, 2008

Walkthrough now also available on Wiiniis United.


Version 1.0
June 17, 2008

Added FAQ on increasing HP & FP.

Added FAQ on Happy Lucky Lottery.


Version 1.0
June 14, 2008

Added FAQ on characters.

Added FAQ on Rogueport badge shop.


Version 1.0
April 22, 2008

Added FAQ on how to determine Yoshi's colour.


Version 1.0
February 24, 2008

Added FAQ on leveling up with Mario.


Version 1.0
February 17, 2008

Added secret on earning coins by fighting Armoured Koopas.


Version 1.0
February 3, 2008

Added additional info to Items on Gold Bars.


Version 1.0
February 1, 2008

Added secret about selecting Yoshi's colour.


Version 1.0
January 30, 2008

FAQ now available at CheatCodes.com


Version 1.0
January 25, 2008

Added FAQ on Prof. Frankly's secret treasure.


Version 1.0
January 18, 2008

Walkthrough now available on CheatHappens.com


Version 1.0
January 16, 2008

Walkthrough now available on Kuponut.com.


Version 1.0
January 11, 2008

Added FAQ on Badge Bandit enemy in Pit of 100 Trials.


Version 1.0
January 4, 2008

Added alternative method to summoning Atomic Boo in Chapter 4.


Version 1.0
December 22, 2007



Version 1.0
December 9, 2007

Added FAQ on Goldbob & General White.


Version 1.0
November 16, 2007

FAQ now available at Cheatingdome.com.


Version 1.0
November 12, 2007

Added FAQ on gold bar x3 item and the mover in Pit of 100 Trials.


Version 1.0
November 4, 2007

Added new badge location in Glitzville.


Version 1.0
November 2, 2007

Added 2 FAQs on navigating Flurrie's house and using Yoshi versus the
Armoured Harriers.


Version 1.0
October 10, 2007

I FINALLY got through all 1600+ e-mails (about 1500 of them spam) from
my old e-mail account, which is now defunct.  Unfortunately, there
were 3 e-mails about my walkthroughs sitting in my old inbox that
got lost.  Two of them I posted and answered from memory, but
I didn't reply to them personally, so if you are one of those
three people, I sincerely apologize.  The third guy, especially.
If you e-mailed me sometime in the last week and never heard back
from me, chances are I lost your e-mail, so send it my way again
and I'll get back to you this time, I PROMISE.


Version 1.0
October 8, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Walkthrough now available at Gamerevolution.com.

Still haven't recovered e-mails under old account yet.  Will get to
that ASAP.  I'm sure there are just THOUSANDS of FAQ-related e-mails
waiting for me :oP


Version 1.0
October 6, 2007


If you've been wondering where in Mario's overalls I've been in the last
week, well here's a breakdown:

1)  I started teacher's college, 100x more demanding and so updates are 
now going to be posted less often.  *Wipe away a tear*.  Hence, I've 
posted a disclaimer under Contact Info.

2)  My Desktop had a nearly fatal hard drive crash last week and luckily
I managed to save all my highly important data on CDs before the comp
blew up.  Just kidding...it died a noble death.

3)  I bought a laptop (finally) and in between transferring my files,
setting up a new e-mail address, and constantly calling Rogers and
my local computer shop for solving all kinds of tech issues, I've
neglected to update.

4)  As for e-mails sent in the last week, they have not yet been read 
or replied to.  Despite a near fatal hard drive crash, my old ISP should
be able to restore all messages that were in my Inbox or sent in the last
week,  *WHEW*.  If you fall in this category, please be patient as I catch
up with my e-mail.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  I'll get back on things
very soon, I promise :o)


Version 1.0
September 21, 2007

Added FAQ on Petal Meadows switches.


Version 1.0
September 8, 2007

Added FAQ on Atomic Boo.


Version 1.0
August 30, 2007

Added FAQ on character upgrades.


Version 1.0
August 29, 2007

Added FAQ on recipe problem.

Fixed recipe mistake on Poison Shroom and Trial Stew.


Version 1.0
August 28, 2007

Walkthrough now available on Gamesradar.com and Cheatplanet.com


Version 1.0
August 20, 2007

Walkthrough now available on SuperCheats.com and Neoseeker.com.  Also
added links to my files on these sites from my Geocities site.


Version 1.0
August 17, 2007

Walkthrough and checklists complete to the best of my knowledge.


                               *Game Information*


                               *Technical Info*

Genre: Adventure/RPG (Role-Playing Game) 
Designer: Intelligent Systems 
Publisher: Nintendo 
System: Nintendo Game Cube 
ESRB Rating: Everyone (E) 
Player(s): 1 
Release Date: October 2004 (North America) 


                               *Game Premise*

2-D characters in 3-D world with even richer colours, more advanced 
animation and creative adventures, but not without the mostly old-school 
story and character conventions. 

Mario and Peach get separated on a vacation and soon Mario is entrapped
in an effort to find Peach and solve the mystery of the ancient
Thousand Year-Door that legend tells of a secret treasure.


                              *Decoding My Directions*

Compass directions are represented as such:
North = up
South= down
West= left
East= right
Northwest= up & left
Northeast= up & right
Southwest= down & left
Southeast= down & right

I sometimes use the abbreviation #x, meaning number of times to
move or perform a task.  For example, 2x means "2 times".

Also note that at the top of each section of the walkthrough is
a tallied list of important items found within each section.  If
you're wondering why the badges total is incomplete, it is because
many badges have to be purchased at the badge shop in Rogueport
or from Charlieton, plus the Pit of 100 Trials rewards some
badges.  All of this must be done at your leisure.


                              *Bare Bones Guide*

Here is a short list of necessary things to do in order to fully
complete the game.  If you're feeling adventerous (and very patient),
give it a try.

1) Get two upgrades on Jump and Hammer. 
2) Get seven partners (one optional). 
3) Keep your badges in a strategic setting. 
4) Explore all plausible areas of a setting. 
5) Get hints on how to progress from townspeople. 
6) Use the Inn to rest. 
7) Save periodically. 
8) Trade Star Pieces for badges with Dazzle. 
9) Use Goombella's Tattle to keep track of enemy info.


                              *Basic Controls & Actions*

Jump- A 
Move- Control Stick 
Hammer- B 
Display Stats (Taskbar)- Z 
Scrolling in Menu- C-Stick 
Plane/Boat Mode- Y 
Paper/Tube Mode- R 
Menu Screen- Start 

How to Battle:

1) Start a fight. 
2) Choose Strategies, Items, Jump, Hammer or Star Power. 
3) Press A to select choice. 
4) Choose from list with Control Stick. 
5) Press A to select choice. 
6) Use Control Stick to select enemy (if applicable) 
7) Press A to begin. 
8) Press A for action command (with timing). 
9) Press A after action command for Stylish move (with timing). 



Main Characters:

The same old short, fat, mustached plumber with red hat & overalls. 
Abilities: Jump, Hammer, Items, Star Power, use of badges. 

Princess Peach 
The beautiful, headstrong princess of Mushroom Kingdom.

A tiny but tough Goomba with extensive knowledge of people & places you visit. 
Headbonk- Attack a single enemy
Tattle- Record enemies' stats 
Multibonk- Attack a single enemy with multiple headbonks
Rally Wink- Gives Mario an extra turn 

A shy Koopa with a shell attack that hits multiples and grabs faraway objects. 
Shell Toss- Attack a single enemy
Power Shield- Attack multiple enemies 
Shell Shield- Defend Mario with a giant shell 
Shell Slam- Attack multiple enemies, lowering their defense

A flashy, theatric ghost with big...stage presence. 
Body Slam- Attack a single enemy
Gale Force- Attack by blowing enemies away
Lip Lock- Attack a single enemy, adding their HP to her own
Dodgy Fog- Makes Mario dodge attacks temporarily 

A tough-talking baby Yoshi who hatched from an egg you saved. Is named by you. 
Ground Pound- Attack a single enemy
Gulp- Attack a single enemy, hitting the next enemy beside it 
Mini-Egg- Attack enemies, shrinking them & lowering their attack power
Stampede- Attack multiple enemies

A former Shadow Siren who wants to do good. 
Shade Fist- Attack a single enemy with lasting fire
Veil- hides herself & Mario under the floor, protecting from enemy attacks
Fiery Jinx- Attack multiple enemies with lasting fire 
Infatuate- Attack multiple enemies, with lasting confusion 

An old Bob-omb with a heart for the high seas (and his late wife) 
Bomb- Attack a single enemy
Bomb Squad- Attack multiple enemies with 3 bombs that explode after a turn
Hold Fast- Damages enemies that directly attack him
Bob-ombbast- Attack multiple enemies

Ms. Mowz 
A feisty, badge-snooping mouse thief.  Optional partner.
Love Slap- Attack a single enemy
Kiss Thief- Steal an enemy's badge or item (must be displayed on screen)
Tease- Attack a single enemy with lasting dizziness
Smooch- Refreshes Mario's HP 

Supporting Characters:

Professor Frankly 
A renowned professor with a penchant for history and discovery. 

A merchant in Rogueport who sells items & rare badges for steep prices. 

A curious, monotonous-talking computer with a secret love for Princess Peach.

Koopie Koo 
Loyal, tough-cookie girlfriend of Koops. 

Koops' Father 
Is reunited with Koops after being in Hooktail's belly. 

Small, squishy creatures from the Boggly Woods, including Punio, his little 
sister, Petuni, the doubting Puniper, and the madame Elder. Also included are 
the Jabbi tribe. 

An eccentric Toad girl who explains how to use special moves when you 
receive new boots & hammers. 

A hard-nosed but sincere manager of the Glitz Pit in Glitzville. 

Twilight Town People 
Citizens of Twilight Town, including Darkly, Crow, Parrot, Storekeeper, 
and Storekeeper's Wife. 

A wealthy, pompous traveller who accompanies you to Keelhaul Key. 

Keelhaul Key Toads 
Toads from Rogueport who join you on your quest, including one looking 
for a sibling. 



The central hub of all locations. A rundown port town. Has 5 areas & 
several buildings: 

Main Area 
West exit to West Side, south exit to Port, east exit to East Side/
Robbo Turf, Zess T's house, news bulletin board, item shop, inn, badge 
shop, save block. 

East Side/Robbo Turf 
West exit to Main Area, back alley, Shine Shop (Merlon), Professor 
Frankly's pad, pipe to Sewers, Bobbery's house, Trouble Center, Garf's 

Rogueport Sewers 
Thousand Year-Door, west side (Dazzle, Merluvlee), Pit of 100 Trials, 
Rip Cheato, pipes to Rogueport east & west sides, Petal Meadows, Twilight 
Town & Fahr Outpost. 

Rogueport Station 
Located in West Side from north exit, portal for Excess Express train 
and Cheep Cheep Blimp. 

Mario's House 
Unfortunately unreachable during the game, but is the location of the 
opening cinema.

Bowser's Castle 
Used in one "meanwhile..." cinema when you play Bowser.

Old School Level 
One of three "old school" levels when you play Bowser during the game. 
An homage to the original Super Mario Bros.

Home of Koops, Koops' father, Koopie Koo, General White and Mayor Kroop. 
Located east of Rogueport from pipe in sewers. Features Petal Meadows, 
Hooktail's Castle and Shhwonk Fortress. Main town holds inn, item shop, 
and several houses. 

Shhwonk Fortress 
East of Petalburg. Holds the Stone Keys. 

Hooktail's Castle 
Located west and north from Petalburg, situated in Petal Meadows. 
Home of red dragon Hooktail. Holds many secrets. 

Boggly Woods 
Home of Flurrie. Features the Great Tree and Flurrie's House. 

Great Tree 
Home of the Puni and Jabbi tribes. 

Accessed via the Cheep Cheep Blimp in Rogueport Station.  Home of the 
Glitz Pit and its manager, Jolene. Also houses the blimp landing site, 
Juice Bar, item shop, and Hoggles' Hot Dog Stand. 

Twilight Town 
Accessed via pipe in Rogueport Sewers. Home of Darkly, Mayor Dour, Eve, 
and many others. Houses item shop, inn, Mayor's house, and Eve's house. 
East exit to Twilight Trail. 

Twilight Trail 
East of Twilight Town. Contains pipe to back forest. West of that is 
Creepy Steeple.

Creepy Steeple 
Home of Doopliss and his parrot. Situated within Twilight Trail, in the 
forest off Twilight Town. 

Keelhaul Key 
A faraway island accessed by ship. Houses an inn, item shop, back jungle, 
and Pirate's Grotto at east. 

Pirate's Grotto 
Home of Cortez. Contains watery caves, waterfalls, waves, and a pirate ship. 

Excess Express 
A fancy-dancy train bound for Poshley Heights from Rogueport Station. 
Home of Chef Shimi, waitress, and ghost. Temporary "home" of Zip Toad, 
Pennington, Toodles, and Goldbob & family. Houses many rooms, engineer's 
area at east, baggage area at west, and item shop. 

Riverside Station 
Junction between Rogueport Station and Poshley Heights. 

Poshley Heights 
Contains many elegant homes, inn, outdoor kiosk, and Poshley Sanctum. 
Home of many penguins, Goldbob & family, Toodles, and Pennington. 

X-Naut Fortress 
Situated on the moon. Home of X-Nauts and Grodus. Designed like a big technical 




                         *Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome*

Badges:  1  //  1/100- Power Smash  
Shine Sprites: 0  //  0/42  
Star Pieces: 4  //  4/100 
Partners Gained:  1  //  1/7- Goombella  
Tattles:  5  //  5/124- Goomba, Spiky Goomba, Paragoomba, Spinia, Blooper
Special Moves/Items:  2  //  2/23- Plane Mode, Sweet Treat

Rogueport Plaza  

Watch the cute opening cinema, quite reminiscent of Paper Mario. I really 
think you'll appreciate this game that much more if you've played all the 
original Mario games. You arrive in Rogueport, a rundown area that acts as 
the hub for several other locations. Save your game at left. Walk forward & 
you will see a female Goomba being ambushed by a gang of short, fat, four-
eyed creatures. You must protect her, oh heroic one! Ahem. You will 
automatically go into battle mode. The Goomba (real name: Goombella) will 
guide you if you are not familiar with the RPG battle mode that occurs a lot 
in this game. You can jump or hammer attack and use the Action Command. Keep 
attacking Lord Crump until you beat him (easily). A huge onslaught of X-Naut 
characters attacks you. Goombella will lead you out. Go up the stairs and out 
of the area. Wuh-huh?!?!? Where'd ya go? You will meet up again with 
Toadsworth (Peach's loyal servant). A long conversation ensues. Watch the 
funny mafia hit in the background. Goombella will join your party. She is one 
of my favourite partners, because her attacks are so easy and effective in 
battle. After a while (huff, I say), you must find Professor Frankly, the 
Goomba dude with freaky 3-D glasses. Head left and a girl will order you to 
stop moving until she finds her contact lens. What will one baby step hurt? 
Step anywhere and...crunch. Ooooops. She blocks the west side of town. We'll 
fix that later. Find a *Star Piece* behind the crates at right against the 
skull fence. Head right to the next area. A Bandit will run by and steal half 
your coins (50 of the 100 you start with). You can get those back easily. 
Head back one screen, go up into the alley, left to the door & enter the 
hideout. Talk to ol' sticky fingers for your coins, and search behind an 
object at left for another *Star Piece*. Go back right a screen and look 
for a door with no sign. Enter Professor Frankly's office. Another long 
chat (hoo boy). Some useful information about your quest is revealed. If 
you don't know about Action Commands (or are deadly curious), try the 
tutorial. You can press A for protection or B for a counterattack just as 
the enemy tries to hit you in battle. Neatoroonie. Did I say that? Go down 
the pipe Frankly opened for you to...  

Rogueport Sewers  
This is a big important area we'll be coming back to. Go left to a new area. 
Behind the pillar is a *Star Piece*. Go in the first house to see Merluvlee,
a fortune teller. Go back right and continue east until you bump into three 
different Goombas who hit on Goombella (!). You must fight them. Tattle on 
all three enemies: *Goomba*, *Spiky Goomba* & *Paragoomba*. The whole family 
tree. The two main things to remember are not to jump/headbonk on the spiked 
one and you can't hammer the flying one. These guys are beyond easy. By the 
way, from now on, I won't mention any enemies in the field unless they are 
new & need to be tattled on or they ensue a battle you cannot escape from. 
Anyway, when they take a beating and a hike, you'll get a tip from Frankly 
about the first strike. Hit an enemy in the field before battle & you will 
get to hit them before your first turn. Climb the stairs and go around left 
in the back to the moving platform. Take it across to the enclosed pipe and 
down you go. Go right and down the stairs. Hit the two item blocks for a 
Mushroom and Fire Flower. Break the two yellow blocks with the wood tool (um,
hammer) and take the new pipe down. Behind the giant block is a *Star Piece*.
Fight & tattle on the new enemy, *Spinia*. Go right & jump/hammer the blue 
switch to reveal stairs. Go up and through the door. Talk to the black chest. 
It talks back?!?!? We need a Black Key. You might have seen it before. Go 
back 1x, go left and fall off the edge to a small platform with the key. 
Return to the chest and open it. Bah ha ha ha! You fell for it. Well, no 
biggie. This "curse" (notice the quotation marks) is actually a good one. 
You now have the Plane Mode ability. Go back out and left to see a platform 
with an arrow. You can now use it. Press Y while standing on the glowing 
platform and fly all the way left to the other side. It's tricky at first, 
but at least get over the big block. When you reach it, go left and you will 
reach the legendary Thousand-Year Door. Stand on the pedestal and the map 
will glow, and fill in more detail on an area of the map. Look, it's a 
Crystal Star! You also get a Special Move called Sweet Treat. Frankly will 
give you a tutorial on Special Moves, Star Points, Bingo, and Audience, if 
you need it (which you do if this is your first time playing this game). You 
automatically return to Frankly's place. He finds out that the first star is 
in Petal Meadows (more specifically a castle there). When you exit, Frankly 
comes back with a badge, *Power Smash*, and will offer a tutorial on Badges. 
Definitely equip this badge. It's imperative for the entire game (and it was 
free!) Go down the pipe from before to the sewers. Go all the way right to 
an airplane panel. Press Y and fly right to a new door. Go through a new area. 
See the tentacle? Hammer it. YOWCH! Ooh, that won't heal easy. Now you must 
fight a *Blooper*. Remember to Tattle. Hammer/jump/headbonk the two tentacles, 
then smash away at the Blooper's body until he's finished. After the battle, 
moving platforms appear. Carefully cross to a pipe & take it doooowwwwwnnnnn.

                         *Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon*

Badges:  10 //  11/100- Close Call, Multibounce, Happy Heart, HP Plus, Power 
Bounce, Attack FX R, Last Stand P, Mega Rush P, Pretty Lucky, Damage Dodge  
Shine Sprites: 3  //  3/42 
Star Pieces: 6  //  10/100 
Partners Gained:  1  //  2/7- Koops  
Tattles:  10  //  15/124- Koopa Troopa, Bald Cleft, Bristle, Fuzzy, Gold 
Fuzzy, Paratroopa, Dull Bones, Red Bones, Hooktail, Gus  
Special Moves/Items:  3  //  5/23- Paper Mode, Diamond Star, Earth Tremor 

Petal Meadows  
What a pretty green place. Hammer the two trees for a *Star Piece* and 
Mushroom, then save. Go forward and you'll see a huge dragon enter the dark 
castle in the background. Cooool. Go right and hit the item block for 
another Mushroom. Keep going right to another block, this time red which 
always indicates a badge. Hit it for a *Close Call* badge. You should equip 
this now. Go right 1x. Towards the end of the area, press A at the bush when 
a ! appears. The bushes spread to reveal a pipe. Take it to go into the 
background (looks like Super Mario Bros. 3 background with original SMB 
influence). Go right and hit the blue switch to make a bridge appear in the 
foreground (BTW: I may use short-forms f.g. for foreground and b.g. for 
background, okey-dokey?). Continue all the way right for another *Star 
Piece*. Take the pipe back to the f.g. (see?). You can get a Mystery from 
another bush and a Fire Flower from the item block. Go right 1x.  

A sweet, flowery town. I sound like a travel agent. Green Boots welcomes you. 
You can stay at the Inn if you want and also buy things at the Item Shop, and 
save, of course. The POW Blocks and Fire Flowers are key attack items (wink, 
wink). Go right 1x to the pink house and enter. Talk to the mayor. Man, what 
a jump-to-conclusions old fart he is! So, Murphy, you learn about the Stone 
Keys from the Shhwonk Fortress you need to access Hooktail's Castle. Got it? 
Nope? Fine, listen to me, lazy :o) Exit, and you'll get an e-mail (yes, Mario 
has a Mailbox SP) from Frankly. Isn't technology great? Plus, Nintendo loves 
to advertise new toys (Game Boy SP, eh?) Talk to the Koopa at the gate to 
open the way. A shy Koopa named Koops tries to talk to you, but gives up. 
Moving on...through the gate.  

Shhwonk Fortress  
What kind of name is Shhwonk? Shake the first bush here for a *Star Piece*. 
Along the way, tattle on the *Koopa Troopa*. You can get a POW Block from the 
item block as well. You'll finally come to the fortress. A wee room. Press A 
when ! appears at either pillar to fight the *Bald Cleft* (well, two 
actually). Tattle! It's best to use a POW Block. The closed door opens. Go 
through it to go back outside. They should call these Shhwonk Fortresses. Go 
forward to the next fortress. Press A at the pillar to fight *Bristle*. Do I 
need to say tattle? I think not, but I just did. So do it. POW Block for 
sure. There's no other way to beat them (now, anyway). Go forward to the 
outdoors. Get the Fire Flower from the item block and an Inn Coupon in the 
southern grass. On the way to the next fortress, you'll spot a Recovery 
Block. It costs you x number of coins, depending on the little sign attached. 
It refills HP & FP only. Enter the real Shhwonk Fortress. Ah...now I see. It's 
a Shhwonk. Talk to it & take it on. It's a quiz show. Cute. Here are the 
answers to the questions: 1) Stone Keys; 2) 16 coins; 3) Kroop; 4) Hooktail 
Castle; 5) Go through a pipe. In case you got any wrong, the next two answers 
are Koopa Troopas and seven. If you get three questions wrong, you fight a 
Cleft. If you get five right, you win. Hoo. Ray. A pipe forms. Take it to a 
watery sewer area. Hit the item block for the *Multibounce* badge. Equip it 
now to fill all 3 BP you have. Go right 1x & tattle on the *Fuzzy*. Any 
attack will do. Fire Flowers & POW Blocks are great against multiples. Go 
right 1x to get the Sun Stone. A Fuzzy (4 in battle) attacks you. Kick butt. 
Go left 2x to the first room, then head left until you get the Moon Stone. 
Another Fuzzy ambush. Hy-yah! Go right back to the main room where a *Gold 
Fuzzy* awaits you. Tattle on this rare enemy & fight to the finish. 
Concentrate on the yellow one & forget the hoard that eventually comes in to 
fight. Take the pipe and walk left back to Petalburg. Do any necessary 
shopping & save. Go left into Petal Meadows. Koops, that shy turtle from 
earlier, will ask to accompany you as a partner. What the hey! Koops joins 
your party. He's a great attacker on multiple enemies and good at reaching 
faraway items/switches in the field. His girlfriend, Koopie Koo, will Power 
Shell you both. Women. Go left 1x. Take the pipe here to reach a higher one. 
Use X with Koops to reach the *Happy Heart* badge. This is worth equipping. 
Replace the Close Call & Multibounce with this one. Go left once more to 
reach the stone slabs. Place the Moon & Sun Stones in their proper places & 
a centre plaque will appear as well as two blue switches. This can be tough 
on your first try. Stand to the open side of either switch and press & hold 
X to release Koops and hold him in place. Move Mario to the other switch and 
release X. After a thud sound is heard, jump/hammer the second switch. A 
pipe appears. All that ground-shaking for a piece of metal? Take the pipe 
into the background and walk right to Hooktail's Castle.  

Hooktail's Castle  
Take the spring up & refresh at left if you want to. Drop back down & save, 
then spring up, and go right. Poor Koops (fraidy cat). Use the airplane panel 
to fly right to the door. If you drop left onto a small island platform, you 
can get the *HP Plus* badge with Koops at right. Backtrack to the door you 
flew to & enter. Many Koopa Troopas and a new *Koopa Paratroopa* will attack 
if you get close. Hit the red block for the *Power Bounce* badge. Personally, 
I think the Multibounce is better at this time. Go right 1x. Koops will 
recognize a blue-shirted skeleton as his father. Say yes to read the note. 
Well, it's not Koops' father (some son he is), but Kolorado's (recognize the 
name from Paper Mario for N64?). You get a hint that Hooktail's weakness is 
"cr" & "icket" (sport or insect, do you think?) Go right and talk to the pink 
pile of bones. An overload of skeletons falls on your head. Jump through the 
crowd towards the pink one to start a battle. Tattle on *Dull Bones* & *Red 
Bones*. One POW Block defeats all the Dull Bones. Focus mainly on the red one 
(c'mon buddy, admit it: you're pink). After the win, go right 1x. Watch out 
for any bones that come alive. Hit the yellow glowing block for a *Shine 
Sprite* (taken from Super Mario Sunshine for Game Cube). I'll explain those 
later (or check out my page devoted to them). Take the stairs and drop to a 
purple switch in f.g. Hit it for a purple block to drop. Use Koops' delayed 
hit (remember, hold X & move Mario), and stand on the new purple block. Let 
go and it will ride you up. Go right & collect the *Star Piece*. Return to 
the last room & you'll fall back down. Take the purple block elevator again 
and this time jump left to the grey block, then to the yellow one. Smash it, 
then hit the yellow switch to make the bigger block rise up. Stand under it 
and use Koops to hit the red switch. The set of stairs switches to another 
spot. Take them up and use Koops to get the Castle Key. Switch the stairs 
back to normal, then take them up & unlock the door. Save here, then go right 
1x. Use Koops' delayed hit left of the red switch, and move Mario in front of 
the rightmost portion of the fence. A gate will rise. Go in and right. Talk 
to the black chest. Hmmmm... Go into the next room and open the chest here for 
the Black Key. Spikes form around you and the spiked ceiling slowly descends 
towards you. D'oh! Follow the maze right, down, left, around right, up & left 
around the top, down to the end, left & around to the door. Open the black 
chest. Whee hee hee! FOOLS! Oh...no...another...curse. Boo...hoo. You can now 
use Paper Mode to become thin. Go left into the fenced in area and use Paper 
Mode (R) to get out. Use R to get the *Attack FX R* badge in the leftmost part. 
Equip it now (and I mean NOW!). This is imperative in fighting Hooktail. Go 
left all the way to the room with the bones (Koops' false father & Red 
Bones). Use R to go through the bars in the back at left. Go right to get 
another Castle Key. Come out and go right 2x. Save again. Take the stairs to 
the green block. Stand on the big one and use Koops to hit the switch. A big 
elevator ride (wheeeee!). Unlock the door and go through. Recover if 
necessary. Go left and hit the first switch, using Koops on the second one to 
advance. Hop into the open window, walk back right to collect a *Star Piece*, 
then all the way left to another open window. Take the door. Use Koops' 
delayed hit on the switch and have Mario stand on the big block to ride it up. 
Go through the left door to meet Ms. Mowz, a mousey badge thief. Hm, hm, hm, 
what a bold character (is that legal?). She'll remind you of that badge you 
already have. Open the three chests for a Mushroom, Castle Key, and Honey 
Syrup, and get the *Shine Sprite*. Go back 1x, and through the locked door at 
right. Take the stairs down and hit the yellow switch. Use Koops' delayed hit 
to ride the block. Go left along the thin edge and use R to reach the airplane 
panel but don't take it yet. Go behind the bars on the other side and carefully 
walk right to get a *Star Piece*. Go back, and fly like the paper airplane you 
are (to the door at right). Take the stairs down, and hit the switch to drop 
the block. Use Koops to get the Castle Key. Drop down on the block and collect 
the *Last Stand P* badge. Backtrack left 2x, up the green elevator, right once, 
up the yellow elevator, then fly right and take the stairs up. Get the *Shine 
Sprite* here and go through the door. This part is cool. Go left to the tower 
and walk up (this is a subtle, but familiar shot from Paper Mario & the tower 
in Flower Fields). Refresh & save at the top. Have Goombella as your partner & 
then enter to fight *Hooktail*. Cool drum beats. Best to use Goombella's 
Headbonk & Mario's Power Smash. Don't give in to any of the dragon's pleas. 
He'll eat half the audience to regain HP. Finish him off! Congrats on beating 
your first boss. You get the Diamond Star, the special move Earth Tremor (it's 
awesome), and Koops is reunited with his father. Awwwww...*sniff*  

"Meanwhile..." Cinemas  
From a third person POV, you see Peach is okay, and the dorky creeps who have 
kidnapped her. BTW, do not attempt to adjust your TV screen. It is meant to 
be in "panavision" mode with the frame. Grodus is the ugly Darth Vader reject 
with the glass dome head. Peach's big mouth gives Mario's identity away 
(blabbermouth princess). The location of the next Crystal Star is revealed 
(Boggly Woods). Peach is taken to a dull locker room for now. Now you get to 
play as Peach (like in Paper Mario, N64). Go left to the bathroom. Press A at 
the tub to take a shower. Oy...I hope no one's watching. Psycho...*scary music 
cued*. Notice her hair is now up. Cute. Go back right. The door at right will 
open. Follow it all the way right to a computer room. Meet TEC, a very 
intelligent, yet secretly lonely computer. This is no HAL. Yikes, he was 
spying on Peach in the shower. Ew. Perhaps TEC is in love. Oooo-kay. He 
allows you to send Mario an e-mail through the communicator. Boy, Peach is a 
fast typer.  
Now it's time for the Bowser show. Doesn't Bowser have an awesome castle? You 
get to play the 'ole Bowz as well. Walk all the way right and Kammy Koopa 
finally arrives. She hot-foots it (huffy haggy). After learning about this 
treasure & Mario's attempts to covet it, Kammy asks you if you like fried 
eggs. Pick an answer, it doesn't matter which. Silly question. Bowser vows to 
find the Crystal Stars and get Peach back from his petty kidnapping 
competitor. Notice he still rides that ugly balloon thing from Super Mario 
World (SNES).  

Prep for Chapter 2  
We now return to our regularly scheduled programming. In Petalburg. At the 
mayor's house, use Paper Mode to go through the crack in the fence and 
collect the *Mega Rush P* badge. Head left all the way back to Rogueport. On 
the way, your Mailbox SP will sound. It's a ringtone (the theme from Super 
Mario World, SNES)! The e-mail from Peach arrives. Anyway, take the pipe to 
Rogueport Sewers. Go left 1x, then left again to Dazzle. You can trade Star 
Pieces for badges (that's all the pieces are for). Head back right. Use Paper 
Mode on the enclosed pipe right of the exit one. Take it down, then Paper 
Mode it again through the fence, and take that pipe. Go right and up, use the 
airplane panel and fly left to the Thousand Year Door. I will not repeat 
these instructions, but this is the quickest way to reach the Door. Step on 
the pedestal and the Boggly Woods will be highlighted on your map. You 
automatically return to Rogueport at Frankly's place (I love the programmers 
for saving time by doing that). After the chitty-chat, exit. You can talk to 
Luigi here to learn about his adventure (it's long-winded, but very 
creative). You can talk to him anytime after you complete a chapter of the 
quest to listen to his stories, and then talk to his new partner to get a 
less exaggerated version of the story. Enter the door left of Frankly's with 
a Shine Sprite on it. This is Merlon and he will upgrade your partners' 
attacks for three Sprites each. This is the only thing the Sprites are for, 
but it's highly recommended. You should upgrade Goombella now. Back in 
Rogueport, go right to find a tough guy with a spear guarding the far east 
area (Robbo Turf). Say you'll fight him and go to work. Tattle on *Gus* for 
info. Obviously, don't jump on him. Use Koops after Goombella tattles, and 
Power Smash often. When you beat him, he runs off, opening up the Turf area. 
You can now help out at the Trouble Centre (for now, #s 1-9). See my separate 
section on that for help. Go to the sewers, take the second pipe from the 
start, then the pipe down below (as if on your way to the TYD). A cute little 
thing you might have seen earlier runs into a small hole. Before you follow 
it, here's a neat hidden badge. From the front of the tiny hole, go down into 
the front (towards you) and jump. Huzzah! *Pretty Lucky* badge at your 
service. Now, use Paper Mode through the bars to follow the little thing. 
Talk to it, and say you won't hurt it. His name is Punio and he will open the 
way to Boggly Woods, which holds the Great Tree, his home. Go up the stairs 
and left to get the *Damage Dodge* badge, then back right and through the 
pipe to Boggly Woods.


                     *Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree*

Badges:  8  //  19/100- P-Down D-Up P, Quake Hammer, Super Appeal P, Damage 
Dodge P, Charge, Shrink Stomp, FP Plus, Happy Heart P  
Shine Sprites: 5  //  8/42 
Star Pieces: 23  //  33/100 
Partners Gained:  1  //  3/7- Flurrie  
Tattles:  11  //  26/124- Cleft, Pale Piranha, Dark Puff, Vivian, Marilyn, 
Beldam, X-Naut, Yux, Mini-Yux, Pider, Magnus von Grapple 
Special Moves/Items:  3  //  8/23- Super Boots, Emerald Star, Clock Out  

Boggly Woods  
Save your game when you arrive. Watch the short cinema with the Shadow 
Sirens. Poor Vivian. You don't battle them yet. Hit the first tree for a 
Sleepy Sheep and collect the Honey Syrup between the two trees. Go right and 
be ready to tattle on two new enemies: *Cleft* and *Pale Piranha*. Remember 
not to jump on them. Go right 1x to reach the Great Tree (that idea seems to 
be taken from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). Take the pipe into the 
background and head into the tree. An ugly pink metal door is installed in 
the front entrance. Talk to Punio, then follow him up the left side of the 
tree. He suggests we visit Flurrie, the resident wind spirit. Go left 1x and 
watch another cinema, this time a short intro to Flurrie. Well, it's kind of 
weird, since you don't see her face. Take the pipe into the f.g. and go 
right. Collect the Inn Coupon then go into the next screen. A new enemy to 
tattle on: *Dark Puff*. Head right to a shimmery wall. Walk into it at the 
bottom to get into the background of the area. Jump at the seventh tree from 
the right to get the *P-Down D-Up P* badge. Go left to a switch and hit it to 
extend the pipe. Collect the *Star Piece* left of the switch. Go back right 
into the main area, and take the up pipe at left. On the airplane panel, use 
Koops to get the *Shine Sprite* at left. Fly all the way right to the top of 
the shiny wall. Hit the red item block for the *Quake Hammer* badge, then go 
right 1x. Hammer the third tree to get another *Star Piece*. At the fence, 
use Paper Mode to go through the crack. Find another *Star Piece* left of the 
pipe, then take that pipe to the background and head into Flurrie's house. 
She will eventually reveal that she is missing a necklace, the one that 
Vivian found. The drama queen won't come out unless she has it on. Maybe it's 
like that joke about the missing head being tied on? Whatever. Save here, 
then go back out. The continuing story of the Shadow Sirens will play. Go 
into the f.g. Refresh at right if you want. Go left all the way back to the 
Shadow Sirens. They will spot you and a fight will commence. Be sure to 
tattle on all three sisters: *Vivian*, *Marilyn* and *Beldam*. I would defeat 
Marilyn first, since she is the strongest and can heal her partners. These 
gals are a piece of cake. After your victory (okay, go ahead and dance), they 
run away, dropping the Necklace. Pick it up, and go right back to Flurrie's 
house. Press A at the bedroom door, and soon Flurrie will appear. Ichee-wa-
wa. Man, what a big....necklace that is. Flurrie ultimately joins your party. 
She is a good, though not great partner. The best thing about her is that she 
can blow things away on the field to reveal secret stuff. Exit the house, 
then reenter it. Go into her bedroom to get the *Super Appeal P* badge from 
the chest. Go back into the woods. You'll receive an e-mail, the RDM Issue. 
It's a newsletter, mostly gossip. It's cute filler. Go left and into the 
Great Tree. Climb the left side of the tree to the bough and use X with 
Flurrie to blow away some bark, revealing a secret entrance (check out the 
snazzy sign!). Punio will enter the tree and open the front door from inside. 
Enter the Tree.  

Great Tree  
Everyone is gone. Two *X-Naut* enemies soon ambush you. Tattle, then beat up 
these dorks. They run off to report to Lord Crump. The Punis soon come out of 
hiding. A fat Puni refuses to accept you unless you save everyone. Man, that's 
tight. Refresh and save at right, then take the next two pipes up. Shake 
the rightmost bush to get a Power Punch (I love this item, because you get 
really large!). Tattle on the new enemy, *Yux* and its *Mini-Yux* (in battle 
with X-Naut or in the next area). Beat the Minis that protect the Yux before 
hitting on the main unit. Take the next pipe up, then another up. A short 
cinema of a mouse-shaped shadowy person hitting on an X-Naut plays. You come 
to two jail cells where the other Punis are being held, including the elder 
and Punio's sister, Petuni. Go left to bump into Ms. Mowz. She will soon 
leave, and you'll have to fight the X-Naut who regains consciousness. After 
beating him, collect the Red Key and an Ultra Shroom from the chest. Return 
right, and free the elder in the red cell. After a long talking-to 
(boooorrring), the female (!) elder will be free. Now to get the Blue Key. Go 
all the way down to the main room and talk to Puniper (the bigger Puni). 
The elder will knock on him, too. Zing! Ten Punies join your party for now, 
and the elder gives you the Puni Orb. You must have all 11 Puines with you at 
all times (check the number in the bottom left). If you lose any, backtrack 
and find them, or return to the elder and have her whistle for them. Take the 
pipe up, and notice the altar with the square platform. This is an elevator 
(go figure). Place the Orb in the altar and the Punies will gather on the 
platform (kind of like Pikmin, eh?). A new pipe forms. Take the Orb out, then 
use the pipe. Fall down the pit and get the *Shine Sprite*. Also, shake the 
rightmost bush for a Thunder Rage. Take the pipe back up, and press the 
console button to activate the door. This door leads back to the first main 
room. Place the Orb in this altar, then use Flurrie to blow the Punies into 
the pit. They soon rise up in bubbles. Blow the bubbles across the pit to the 
other side. Make sure you get all 11 over there. Get the Orb back, then hop 
over, and take the pipe down. You'll encounter a new enemy, *Pider*. They 
scare Punies. At left, blow away the black slab with Flurrie to reveal an 
airplane panel. Use it to fly right, then use the second one to fly left to a 
*Shine Sprite*. Fall down, go up the pipe to collect the Punies, then take 
the next two pipes down. The Punies will recognize a Jabbi, a species that 
has allied with the X-Nauts. Fall through the floor and shake the large bush 
near the Save block for a *Star Piece*. Use Flurrie to blow the left wall 
off to reveal Pungent's Shop, a cute little item shop. You can also have a 
small Jabbi friend join your party temporarily by talking to him (he's hiding 
at left behind the barrels). Take the pipe up, then enter the right cave 
where the first Jabbi fled. A field battle ensues. The Punies do most of the 
work, but you can use your hammer on the Jabbies to make it go faster. When 
you win, the Punies destroy the Jabbi nest, opening up a new area. Go right 
1x, and down to the chest. Open it for the Blue Key. At last! Exit left, and 
a short cinema with the captured Punies will play. What a cute gesture by 
Petuni. Now, back to the cells. Can't remember how to get there? Go left, up 
pipe, up left pipe, up right pipe, left across with the bubbles to the main 
room, up pipe, then up three more pipes. Free the Punies here, and 90 more 
Punies join your party. Ay Carumba! Take the pipes down (including crossing 
the bubble path) until you return to the room before the Jabbi cave. Use 
Koops on the narrow path to hit an invisible block under the red item block. 
Hit that block for the *Damage Dodge P* badge. Follow the narrow path left 
(watch out for Piders), and through the left door. It's a Jabbi squadron! Use 
your hammer to speed things up, though the fight is somewhat longer. They 
destroy another hive, and another path forms. Go left through the new cave. 
Take the pipe down. Get the *Star Piece* behind the pipe. Go into the next 
area. Place the Orb in this altar and...what the heck?!?!? Ah, shoot! It's 
Crump. Well, that's just peachy (get it? Princess Peach?) Use Paper Mode to 
escape the cell, then take the pipe down. Hit the black switch, get the *Star 
Piece* behind the pipe, then take it back up. We have to return to a previous 
room. Go left, up, right 4x, then downstairs. This room had the Blue Key. Now 
there are white switches in front of four different symbols. Hit the switches 
so that the pictures show (from left to right): sun, moon, Puni, star. A door 
is revealed. Enter and open the giant chest for....da, da, da, da! Super Boots! 
Toadette gives you a tutorial on how to use them. You can now Spin Jump. 
There are so many hidden Star Pieces we can get now! You can get two hidden 
panel star pieces now or come back later. One *Star Piece* is found by Spin 
Jumping in the blue jail cell. Another *Star Piece* is found by Spin Jumping 
in the second room (take the up pipe from the main room). Anyway, go back one 
room, and Spin Jump on the metal panel to fall down. Use Koops to retrieve 
the *Charge* badge at left. If you fall, just take the pipe back up and fall 
through the floor again. Jump around on the platforms & get the *Shine 
Sprite*. Go left until you find another metal panel. You know what to do. You 
fall to a new pipe. Don't take it yet. Go right to the jail cell. Use Paper 
Mode to slide into the cage, then Spin Jump on the metal panel. Come back up 
if you fall through, then use the Orb in the altar and Flurrie's breath (um, 
breathmint?) to blow the Punies down the hole. Remove the Orb when finished, 
and fall down. Take the up pipe. Go left & up another pipe. Use the Orb on 
this altar & Flurrie to blow the Punies into the hole. Go through & down that 
pipe that you ignored earlier. Go to another pipe & take it down. Go down 
another & across the black & white platforms. Take the up pipe & step/hold 
the blue switch. Use Koops' delayed hit. Move Mario off the switch, wait a 
few seconds, then let Koops go to hit the other switch. The water drains and
refills the previous room. At bottom, get the *Shrink Stomp* badge from the 
chest. Take the down pipe & hop across the lily pads to a *Shine Sprite*, 
then down the pipe. Make sure you have all 101 Punies. Use the Orb on the 
altar & the platform lowers to a new room in the bowels of the tree (I've 
always wanted to sound like a sci-fi geek). Remove the Orb, refresh, get a 
Mushroom from the left bush, then save. Head right, and we'll see a short 
cinema of Lord Crump. He leaves when we arrive. Place the Orb in the altar & 
the Emerald Star appears. Crump runs by and nabs it. D'oh! To make things 
worse, he starts the timer on a remote time bomb. Yikes! Take the pipe as 
Crump did. Quickly fight the two X-Nauts (no choice). Shake the bush near the 
pipe for a *Star Piece*. Activate the door and take it left. Take all the up 
pipes to the first main room. At the bubble pit, you can abandon the Punis 
(they'll be safe). Go across and take the mechanical door left to the main 
room where the elder has blocked Crump from leaving. Crump stops the timer 
(with oodles of time left), and summons the *Magnus von Grapple*. Battle 
time! Tattle, use Power Smash and Goombella's Multibonk. Be sure to defeat 
the fists when released which have weak HP, but high attack power. Remember 
that your jump is stronger because of the Super Boots. After you win, you 
retrieve the Crystal Star, and learn the Special Move, Clock Out. Congrats!  

"Meanwhile..." Cinemas  
Grodus gets the unfortunate news. Now, it's time to play Peach. Walk around 
aimlessly until the right door opens. Go right to TEC. He wishes to learn 
about fun and dancing. You must dance with a hologram of yourself. Weird 
science, indeed. Press the buttons as they appear to dance flawlessly. Brava! 
Now you can use the communicator to e-mail Mario.  
The Bowser Show. This is by far the most creative, and arguably the funniest 
Bowser cinema in the game. You get to play the original Super Mario Bros. 
game as Bowser with some new technology added. If you've played SMB for NES, 
you'll recognize a lot of old school features. Awesome! The level is pretty 
easy. Hit yellow blocks for meat and eat it to become HUGE! Press B to flame
out the enemies.  Finally, Bowser and Kammy arrive in Petal Meadows. He's 
always one step behind, isn't he? He spots Peach in a window. NOOOOOOO! I'd 
rather die than give up my life-size Peach poster. Whaaaa?!?!?! Great, now 
I'm the great Koopa king who talks to POSTERS! Hilarious.  

Prep for Chapter 3  
The Punies send you a warm farewell. Head right around the tree and find the 
*FP Plus* badge under the small waterfall. Go back out to the Boggly Woods, 
right to Flurrie's house and Spin Jump in her bedroom for a *Star Piece*.
Head back left towards Rogueport. The e-mail from Peach will come in. Then 
head down the leftmost pipe in Boggly Woods to the sewers. Spin Jump in front 
of the pipe here for a *Star Piece*. Head back down & use Flurrie to blow 
away to the wall under the stairs at right to get the *Happy Heart P* badge. 
Go up these stairs, then east to the room with the black chest and Spin Jump 
in front of it for another *Star Piece*. Head towards the Thousand-Year Door. 
On the pedestal at the Door, your new Crystal Star will direct you to the 
third star...in the sky? You'll warp to Frankly's, where you learn the next 
star is in Glitzville, a fighting arena in the sky, and the only way to get 
there is by taking the prestigious Cheep Blimp...through the Mafia syndicate! 
Gulp. Go next door to Merlon and upgrade Koops. You can also backtrack and 
get Star Pieces with your newly acquired Spin Jump move. I'll list them here. 
In Petalburg, a *Star Piece* is found by Spin Jumping next to Bulbulber in the 
bottom left of the first area. Another *Star Piece* is found in the east area 
at right near the gate to Shhwonk Fortress.  In the Sewers in the first room, 
Spin Jump in front of the moving platform for a *Star Piece*. Back in 
Rogueport, Spin Jump in the back alley in the main plaza at right where the 
Goomba is for a *Star Piece*. We must head through the west side...but that 
girl is blocking the way, remember? In the main plaza, talk to Luigi if you 
want, and go to the item shop. Talk to the first man inside, who will order 
the contact lens for you. Go back out and east to Robbo Turf. Use Paper Mode 
to slide through the crack. In the house, you could pay 64 coins to get some
information, but why pay when you've got me :o)  Get the *Star Piece* behind 
the barrel here. Go back left and to the item shop. If the lens is not here 
yet, go into the pipe to the sewers, then back out, and it should be ready. 
Buy the Lens for 10 coins, then go left to Zess T., and give her the lens to 
open the west side. She can now cook things for you if you bring her an 
ingredient. See my Zess T. Cooking Guide if you want to learn more. Go left 
into the ritzier west junction of Rogueport. There's a few Star Pieces here. 
A *Star Piece* is behind the pipe. A *Star Piece* sits along the wall near 
the exit to the east. A *Star Piece* is behind a trash can at far left near 
a cracked wall. You can get another *Star Piece* by Spin Jumping on the 
brownish spot in front of the Parlor. Whew! Go into the Item Shop next to the 
Parlor. Buy a Dried Shroom, then a Dizzy Dial. The ghost is distracted by 
your mustache and asks what colour it is. Say yellow anyway. Then, she gets 
it right. Say yellow again. The left door is unlocked. Take it to the 
apartment where the Don sits. I must say the writers of this game had the 
image of the Italian mafia to a T. You may also notice these characters are 
taken from Super Mario Sunshine for Game Cube. Talk to the orange Don who 
asks you to find his daughter and her boyfriend who have run off in exchange 
for a blimp ticket. Head to the Rogueport Harbor dock (south of the main 
plaza area). Talk to Francesca and Frankie, who ask you to let them go. Say 
yes, then return to the Don, and tell him where they are. The young kids in 
love return to vouch for you. The Don gives you a blimp ticket. You'll get an 
e-mail from Koopley (Koops' dad) soon after. Head into the west area, then 
north to Rogueport Station. Spin Jump at left in front of the train for a 
*Star Piece*. Go right and show your ticket to the Cheep-Cheep to board. 
Collect the *Star Piece* from behind the pipe here, then take the pipe into 
the b.g., and climb aboard the Cheep Cheep Blimp. Huzzah!


                      *Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory*

Badges:  5  //  24/100- Power Plus P, Last Stand, Charge P, HP Plus P, 
Soft Stomp  
Shine Sprites: 7  //  15/42 
Star Pieces: 22  //  55/100 
Partners Gained:  1  //  4/7- Yoshi  
New Enemies Tattled On:  29  //  55/124- KP Koopa, KP Paratroopa, Pokey, 
Spiny, Lakitu, Bandit, Big Bandit, Hyper Bald Cleft, Bob-omb, Iron Cleft, Red 
Spike Top, Red Buzzy Beetle, Shady Koopa, Shady Paratroopa, Green Fuzzy, 
Flower Fuzzy, Red Magikoopa, White Magikoopa, Green Magikoopa, Bowser, Dark 
Craw, Hammer Bro., Fire Bro., Boomerang Bro., Red Chomp, Dark Koopatrol, Rawk 
Hawk, Macho Grubba, Spania  
Special Moves/Items:  3  //  11/23- Super Hammer, Gold Star, Power Lift  

What a glitzy place (a regular Einstein, eh?) Head right from the landing pad 
and jump on the crates, then Spin Jump the big blue switch. Stairs form 
nearby. Take them up, and open the chest for the *Power Plus P* badge. Use 
Koops to get a *Star Piece* under the Rawk Hawk poster. Near the entrance to 
the arena, you'll see a *Shine Sprite* up high. Hammer an invisible block 
below it, then jump from there to get it. You'll also find a *Star Piece* 
behind a bush near the arena's entrance. A *Star Piece* is found behind the 
telephone booth left of the item shop. Another *Star Piece* is behind the 
counter in the Juice Bar. Another *Star Piece* is underground south of the 
blimp landing pad (Spin Jump). Enter the arena called the Glitz Pit. You can 
enter the main doors to see the champion Rawk Hawk. You'll also notice he has 
a belt with the gold Crystal Star on it. Spin Jump just right of the left 
staircase on the main floor here for a *Star Piece*.  Go to the leftmost door 
and talk to the guard who will allow you to enter as a new fighter. Go 
through the hall to the door right of a locked one to meet Mr. Grubba, the 
fight promoter. Say darn skippy (gag), and you'll be registered as a minor-
league fighter. His assistant, Jolene, will give you the tour. In case you 
wondered what I look like, Jolene and I are pretty close :o) You are given a 
new name: the Great Gonzales. Does anyone else realize that Mario is Italian, 
not Latino? Anyway...you are shown how to fight in the minor league locker 
room, where you will be staying for now.  Reserve a match.  Grubba gives 
you the 411 (does anyone say that anymore?), as well as a request. **NOTE: 
His instructions vary per match, but do what he says otherwise you will have 
to fight that opponent again. His instructions may be: No jump, no hammer, no 
items, no special moves, use at least one special move, appeal at least once 
or three times, only Mario attacks, only your partner attacks, no switching 
partners, finish the fight in 5 or fewer turns, no FP, win before you take 20 
HP of damage, don't attack for the first three turns, or have your enemy 
attack you 3 or 5 times. Also, the order of the fights varies based on 
whether you lose any battles. The number of Star Points you receive also 
varies. If you always win, the order below should be correct. Your first 
opponents are the Goomba Bros. Easy. Security takes you to the arena for your 
first fight.  

Goomba Bros.  
A Goomba lunges for the first strike. Try to block it. Five Goombas in total 
to fight. They're already tattled on. Use basic moves, very simple. You get 3 
coins and your rank is now 19. You are introduced to the other minor leaguers 
here: King K, Master Crash, Bandy Andy, and Cleftor. You can restore HP & FP 
by sleeping in the bed. The Save block is outside the door. Head back to the 
hallway and find an open blue box.  Climb inside to collect the *Last Stand* 
badge.  When you're ready, reserve the next match.  

KP Koopas  
Tattle on the new enemies: *KP Koopa* and *KP Paratroopa*. Goombella and 
Koops are good partners. Easy enemies, like any other Koopa Troopa. You get 4 
coins and your rank is 18. King K congratulates you on the win. Moving on...  

Pokey Triplets  
Tattle on the *Pokey*. It's a cactus, so don't jump on it. Hammer a lot and 
use Koops' shell attacks. You get 4 coins, rank # 17. Bandy Andy is caught 
snooping around by Jolene. Next match...  

Dead Bones  
These are Dull Bones from Hooktail's Castle that you already tattled on. 
Simple enough. Any attack except Jump and Headbonk will do. Five coins, # 16. 
Someone is dragged to the hospital. Ouch.  

Spike Storm  
Cool, new enemies! Tattle on the *Spiny* and *Lakitu*. These are a bit 
tougher because you can't jump or hammer the Spinies. Earth Tremor is a good 
special move to use. POW Block and Earth Quake are also good if you have 
them. Five coins, # 15. King K informs you about a new Hot Dog item at the 
stand outside. Let's check it out. Go outside the Glitz Pit, where you'll 
find the pig at the Hot Dog Stand (ironic, isn't it?) chasing after a 
colourful egg. Run around with it until it hops onto the roof of the stand. 
Now what? Go right to where you got that badge on the roof of the Juice Bar, 
spring to the top, and use the airplane panel to fly to the Hot Dog Stand's 
roof. Talk to the egg and say it'll be safe. Let it join you for a while and 
it will follow. Cute! Now return to the minor league room and reserve the 
next fight. The egg will have to wait on the couch (or what looks like a 

These guys are annoying! Tattle on *Bandit* and *Big Bandit*. They can steal 
coins and items, so be sure to guard or counterattack with Action Command (A 
or B). Beat them fast or they'll run off with your stuff! Very easy to 
attack, anything will do. 6 coins, #14 ranking. King K tells you about some 
chick at the bar. Whatever. Rest and save, then start a new fight.  

These guys are from the Boggly Woods, so you've already tattled. You should 
know how easy this is already. 6 coins, # 13 (oooh). King K talks about 
retiring. Talk to the hand. Next fight...  

Punk Rocks  
Now to fight the weirdo Cleftor. Tattle on the *Hyper Bald Clefts*. You 
better watch out when they increase attack power. POW Block/Earth Quake/Earth 
Tremor is key to flipping them over and attacking their weaker underside. 7 
coins, # 12. Next.  

Bob-omb Squad  
What a creative name. Tattle on *Bob-omb*. It's a bomb (um, duh?). They're 
easy to defeat, but watch out when they're ready to explode. They only get 
fired up if you use direct hits. 7 coins, # 11. King K is gone, and a new 
fighter called Sir Swoop is brought in, and given a similar talking-to, 
except his instructions from Grubba on how to fight are ridiculous! You 
might get (or already got) RDM Issue 2 in the e-mail. Next fight, please.  

Armored Harriers  
Win this and you're in the majors. Tattle on the *Iron Cleft*. They are 
TOUGH. You cannot possibly win. Sorry. Run away (it's under Strategies). You 
get 1 coin, still # 11. The egg is gone, but it left a Yoshi! Wicked! You 
must name it yourself. I will be referring to it as Yoshi, but name it 
whatever you want. Please don't be cruel. Yoshi joins your party. He is 
AWESOME! His Gulp move is terrific in battle, although I find that's his only 
real attack power. In the field, he can hover over gaps, and you can ride 
him, moving much faster. It's so cute. I honestly think that many players 
complained when Yoshi was left out of Paper Mario, so the designers of this 
game made him a prominent partner. I salute you :o) Reserve a rematch with 
the Iron Clefts.  

You've already tattled, so have Yoshi as your partner, and use his Gulp move 
on the enemies. Wow, what a move! Mario can only Appeal or Defend. Keep 
Gulping until you win. 7 coins, # 10, and now you're in the major leagues. 
Way to go, Idaho! Grubba gives you a 30 coin bonus, and you are taken to the 
major league locker room. Now that's better. Rawk Hawk comes in and threatens 
you. You'll get an e-mail (notice the ringtone is different, it's from the 
World 6 map in Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES, I love it!). The e-mail is from X 
and is wRiTtEn lIkE tHiS. X offers help in finding the Crystal Star. Hmmm...
trusting or no? I feel trusting. Get the Ice Storm in the left corner of the 
lockers, then rest, save, and start a new fight.  

Tiny Spinies  
Tattle on *Red Spike Top* and *Red Buzzy Beetle* (if included). Use Yoshi's 
Gulp or Earth Tremor/Earth Quake/POW Block for an easy beating. 11 coins, 
# 9. Next fight...  

Poker Faces  
These guys (Bristles) are from Shhwonk Fortress. Use POW Block/Earth 
Quake/Earth Tremor. Do NOT approach them. 12 coins, # 8. After the fight, 
you'll get an e-mail from X. Go outside the Glitz Pit and into the Juice Bar. 
Talk to the bartender who says you got a package. You get the Super Hammer! 
Awesome! Toadette offers a tutorial. Now you can break big yellow blocks, and 
your hammer attack power increases. Another e-mail from X. Back in the Glitz 
Pit, walk towards the locked door and you'll see a short cinema with Jolene. 
Go to your old minor league locker room (stupid guard), and smash the big 
yellow block. Go in the side room, and jump on the shelf. Use Yoshi to hover 
and get the Dubious Paper. It's a scientific document on the Crystal Stars. 
Go back out and Jolene will catch you, confiscating the paper. Go back to the 
major league room and reserve the next fight.  

New enemies: *Shady Koopa* and *Shady Paratroopa*. These guys are worse when 
they're on their backs, so try to keep them upright by using hammer and Koops' 
shell attacks.  After you win, the Armored Harriers rush on the stage to fight. 
No choice here. Use Yoshi's Gulp on them. Wimps. 12 coins, # 7. You get a 
threatening e-mail. No biggie.  

**Note:  The next 3 fights may differ in order.  Follow the instructions under
the proper heading--e.g. if you happen to fight Craw-Daddy first, follow the
walkthrough under his name, including tasks to do after the fight.

Also note:  Bowser should charge the arena for a fight after the 2nd battle,
whatever opponent that may be.  Tips for fighting Bowser are now in a
separate section below**

The Fuzz

Tattle on the *Green Fuzzy* and *Flower Fuzzy*. Defeat the pink one 
first, because he sucks out FP. Any attack will do. You get 13 coins, # 6. 
Koopatrol informs you of a cake that arrived for you. You can eat it to 
recover everything. Save, then time to fight.  

Magikoopa Masters  
Tattle on the three types: *Red Magikoopa*, *White Magikoopa* and *Green 
Magikoopa*. They're all the same, really. They can use effect magic on 
themselves or you. Any attack will do. If they duplicate, use Koops' Power
Shell, or POW Block/Earth Quake/Earth Tremor to discern the real one. 


After the fight, *Bowser* charges on! Yikes! What is with people charging the 
arena? Sheesh. Tattle on him. He has a poisonous bite attack, fiery breath, 
and can also smash you, knocking off one of your options (Jump, Hammer, Items, 
Special Moves, or Strategies). Use Power Smash and Goombella's Multibonk. When 
you win, you get 13 coins, # 5. Next...

A somewhat tougher enemy. Tattle on *Dark Craw*. He's like Gus from 
Rogueport. Don't jump on him because of the spear. Power Smash and Koops' 
shell attack is best. You get 14 coins, # 4. You get another e-mail from X. 
Fascinating. Outside the Glitz Pit, go to the telephone booth next to the 
Item Shop and collect the Storage Key. You'll get another e-mail with 
instructions. Go back into the pit and unlock the door left of Grubba's 
office. Ms. Mowz? What the...? Oh, Mario, you lucky dog. She runs off again. 
Another e-mail, asking you to find the staircase. First, Spin Jump in the 
centre of the floor to get a *Star Piece*. Use Flurrie to blow away the metal 
crates at right. Smash the blocks and collect the *Charge P* badge. Repeat 
the process on the left to uncover the switch. Hit it, and the stairs form. 
Take them up to the second floor. Get the *Shine Sprite* here. Use Yoshi, and 
hop on the crates, hovering to the left side. Hammer the block, then use 
Koops to get the *HP Plus P* badge. Fall down the hole into the ventilation 
duct (ducts...why is it always ducts?). Notice the small hole with the dotted 
text bubble. Listen through the hole to hear Grubba's ramblings. When he 
overhears you, pick a funny reply, and he'll shrug it off. Fall through the 
vent with R, then return to the ring.  

Hamma, Bamma, and Flare  
A neat tidbit...Hammer Bro. is using his grandpappy's hammer. It's neat, 
considering these three enemies are all from SMB3 and they use old school 
attacks the same way they did years ago. Tattle on all three: *Hammer Bro.*, 
*Fire Bro.*, and *Boomerang Bro.*. Hamma can throw a single hammer or a 
barrage. Flare spits out multiple fire balls that burn you (lasting). Bamma 
throws out his weapon, which comes back, hitting you twice. Beat Fire first, 
since his attack is more lasting. Any attack will do. You get 14 coins, # 3. 
Another threat comes in the e-mail. Big whoop. Jolene brings another cake. 
Don't eat it. It's poisonous, and your partner will be out sick for the 

Chomp Country  
Tattle on *Red Chomp*. Hammer is much better than Jump here. Earth Tremor is 
also good. But, of course, nothing beats Yoshi's Gulp. 15 coins, # 2. Rest, 
save, then you know the drill.  

Tattle on *Dark Koopatrol*. He's spiky, so use Yoshi or Koops, and Power 
Smash to the max. You get 15 coins, # 1. All right! You get an e-mail from X. 
Go into the lobby and up the stairs. You don't need to blow off all the 
posters, just one. The top left one. Use Flurrie. You get a Storage Key. 
Another e-mail comes in. Go back to the Storage Room, take the stairs, and 
unlock the door there. Use Yoshi to hover over to the large block. Break it 
and King K and Bandy Andy are revealed. Ouch, that block must have hurt. Get 
the *Star Piece* behind the right crate. Exit, and you'll spot Jolene spying 
on you. Nosy. Now to challenge Rawk Hawk. Refresh, and save, then reserve the 
match. Security will take you to a minor league locker room. Huh? The door is 
locked! Uh-oh. Drat. What to do. Glad you asked. Use Flurrie to blow off the 
Peach poster at right. Go through into the other major league locker room. 
Use the toilet in the bathroom at right as a pipe. Oh, gross. Exit the locker 
room, and head into the arena for the fight. Rawk Hawk reveals he sent the 
poisoned cake and locked you up, but didn't send threats and is clueless 
about the Crystal Stars. Tattle on *Rawk Hawk*. Use Power Smashes, and 
Goombella's Multibonk. Try to use counterattack or at least guard Action 
Commands on the Hawk's attack. You win, Mr. Champion! You are taken to the 
champion's room. Classy, but the bed looks uncomfortable. It's wood, for 
crying out loud! You get an e-mail from X. Stand on the gifts at left and use 
Yoshi to hover to the doorframe, then again to the vent. Smash it with your 
Super Hammer move. Go right into the vent (again?). You'll overhear Grubba 
talking crazy. Smash another vent door. Drop into his office. Get a *Star 
Piece* from behind the plant and a *Star Piece* in the right desk drawer. 
Open the other drawer to get the secret paper. Grubba comes in and then runs 
off. Refresh, save, then head into the empty arena. Time to fight *Macho 
Grubba*! Tattle. Focus on Power Smashes and Multibonks. When he becomes 
invulnerable, try using Earth Tremor. This guy isn't too hard. When you win, 
Jolene reveals herself as X, and she is reunited with her missing brother, 
Mush. You receive the Gold Star, and learn Power Lift. What a great chapter!  

"Meanwhile..." Cinemas  
Peach is bored. No kidding, with a room like that. TEC opens the door for 
you, so head on in. He wants you to disguise yourself as an X-Naut and ask 
Grodus a question. He activates the elevator for you to use. Take it up a 
level, then head right to the door with a green light above it. This is the 
change room. Find an X-Naut uniform in the second locker from the right, then 
enter a changing stall. Isn't it cool to play different characters? Exit the 
room, then go through the rightmost door. It's Grodus' chamber. Talk to 
Grodus to get the information, though it doesn't seem like much help. Go back 
to the change room, change back into Peach, then exit. Somehow, you get back 
to TEC's room, where he allows you to e-mail Mario.  
Bowser, ever the slowpoke, enters Boggly Woods. As Bowser, search the bushes 
until you find the elder Puni. This is quite funny. Select either choice 
(personally, I love "It's hag vs. hag. Awesome!). The elder says he gave the 
Crystal Star to Marty-o. Way to go, Marty-o!  

Prep for Chapter 4  
After the teary farewells, take the blimp back to Rogueport Station. Head to 
the west side. Along the way, you'll get Peach's e-mail. Once in the West 
Side, look for the grating in the centre of town. Use Paper Mode to fall 
through it. We are on the west side of Rogueport Sewers now. Drop down and 
you'll encounter a new enemy, *Spania*. Watch out for its spiked head. A 
*Star Piece* is hidden in the top left corner. Take the up pipe back to the 
west side of town, and fall back down where you were. With Yoshi, hover left, 
and collect the *Shine Sprite*. Go down the pipe here into the b.g. Walk all 
the way right to the *Star Piece*. Come back into the f.g., and hover with 
Yoshi to the right. Hop on the platforms to the other side, and go right 1x. 
Even the sewers are separated by the west and east classes of the town above. 
In the shallow water in the southwest, open the chest for the *Soft Stomp* 
badge. There are a few Star Pieces here. One *Star Piece* is hidden in the 
rubble to the right. Another *Star Piece* is behind the leftmost pillar. Yet 
another *Star Piece* is hidden under the floor of the bar in the room left 
after taking the lift (Spin Jump). That's all for now. Go left 1x, drop down, 
and take the down pipe. Take the path, collect items from the blocks, and 
look on the wall for a loose piece. Use Flurrie to blow it off, revealing a 
pipe. Take it down. This is the start of the Pit of 100 Trials. You should 
not attempt the trials until you have finished the game. Get the *Star Piece* 
from the behind the stairs, then go right 1x to the Thousand Year Door. 
Another *Star Piece* is under the floorboards several feet south of the 
pedestal (Spin Jump). You can also get a *Shine Sprite* by using Paper Mode 
to go through the fence at right, use the spring, fly left and spring up. 
Bingo! Before we get the next mark on the map, go right 1x, and drop down. 
Super Hammer the big block to reveal a spring. Now it's quicker to access the 
Door. Now, head back to the Door, stand on the pedestal, and the fourth star 
will appear in an unknown town. At Frankly's, he finds out the star is in 
Twilight Town, and is accessible underground. Some errands before we go... Spin 
Jump in front of Frankly's place for a *Star Piece*. Go to the Shine Sprite 
shop next door and upgrade Yoshi and Flurrie. You'll get an e-mail from 
Koopie Koo (in fact, if you did some troubles at the Trouble Center already, 
you would have gotten several e-mails before now). Go right to Robbo Turf, 
and stand below the bridge in the bottom right corner of this side. Use Yoshi 
to hover to the right, an otherwise inaccessible part. Climb up, slip through 
the crates at top, and you'll find a *Shine Sprite*. Hover over to the other 
side and slip through the crack to get back. Spin Jump for a *Star Piece* in 
front of the execution block (gallows) in the main area of town. Go back down 
to the sewers, and take the second pipe down. Use Paper Mode through the 
fence, and go left 1x. This is the first shortcut room. Super Hammer the big 
block, and use the lift to get up. Spin Jump both blue switches to reveal two 
pipes. The left one leads to the Great Tree, and the right to Petalburg. 
These are lifesavers, trust me. While here, get the *Shine Sprite* in the 
upper right. Surface back to Rogueport. At right in Robbo Turf, hover with
Yoshi to the right, climb the crates and Spin Jump on the top of the rightmost 
building for a *Star Piece*. Hover left, get the *Star Piece* from behind the 
chimney, then hop to the back red roof to get the *Shine Sprite*. Fall down in 
back, and then talk to Darkly, the somber-looking person near the Bandit. A 
*Star Piece* is hidden among the crates in the back corner. Head to the west 
side and fall through the grating. Hover left and go through the door. Take 
the pipe. It rejects you! How rude. Return to Rogueport and talk to Darkly 
again. He will write your name and that of your partner's on your backs. Weird 
ritual. Head back to the pipe to Twilight Town and take it down. For real this 


                   *Chapter 4:  For Pigs the Bell Tolls*

Badges:  9  //  33/100- Defend Plus, Hammer Throw, Tornado Jump, Ice Smash, 
Flower Saver, Lucky Start, Power Plus, Spike Shield, Attack FX B  
Shine Sprites:  6  //  21/42 
Star Pieces:  11  //  66/100 
Partners Gained:  2 //  6/7- Vivian, Ms. Mowz  
New Enemies Tattled On:  12  //  67/124- Hyper Goomba, Hyper Spiky Goomba, 
Hyper Paragroomba, Crazee Dayzee, Amazy Dayzee, Hyper Cleft, Buzzy 
Beetle, Spike Top, Atomic Boo, Boo, Swooper, ??? (Doopliss)  
Special Moves/Items: 3  //  14/23- Tube Mode, Ruby Star, Art Attack  

Twilight Town  
Oh, it's just so flashy, isn't it? A citizen approaches you to talk, but soon 
a bell rings and he is turned into a pig. Oinky, oinky. Soon, an old man (the 
mayor, Dour) approaches you, and takes you to his house. He explains the 
situation. Pretty easy to see by now. You too could be...piggified! Outside the 
house, find a *Star Piece* just left of it. Go right 1x and all the way right 
to a gate that a guy is blocking. After talking to him, go back to the mayor, 
who has now become a pig. Oh darn. Check the grass in the bottom right area by
the tree for a *Star Piece*, then head back to the right area. A *Star Piece* 
is sitting along the fence. Head into the Item shop where someone has been 
sniffling. Talk to the woman who explains that her husband was turned into a 
pig. She offers you any items in the back storage room if you can solve this 
problem. Head outside and the bell rings. Whew, it's not you. It turns out 
that our beloved gatekeeper is now a porker. Super. Not so much for him, 
though I wouldn't mind living like a...oh, never mind. Go through the gate to 
the outskirts of town. Look in the shed for a Black Key. Familiar? You'll 
need it later. Continue right and be sure to tattle on the three new enemies: 
*Hyper Goomba*, *Hyper Spiky Goomba*, and, of course, *Hyper Paragoomba*. 
Continue until you're blocked by a fallen tree. Use Koops to retrieve the Shop 
Key on the other side. Head back to town and revisit the Item shop. Talk to the 
woman, then open the storage room. Help yourself to the Jammin Jelly, Boo's 
Sheet, Life Shroom, *Defend Plus* badge in the chest, and, oh look, it's that 
funky black chest. Talk to it 2x, then open it with the key. Here we go again. 
Let's get this over with. Whee...hee...hee...oh...no...not...again. Was that 
good enough? You get the Tube Mode ability. Personally, this is my favourite 
one, because you can roll around as long as you want, and the Tube game at 
Pianta Parlor is awesome. You get RDM Issue 3 in the e-mail. Go right through 
town again to that fallen tree and use Tube Mode to roll under it. Get the 
*Star Piece* in the top left of this side. Use Flurrie to blow the next tree 
away, get the *Star Piece* from behind the pipe, then take it down and walk 
left into the woods. Tattle on the new enemy, *Crazee Dayzee* (taken from 
Paper Mario, N64). They either run away from battle or attack by singing. Try 
to guard yourself from falling asleep. If you're lucky, you'll encounter a 
shiny gold type called *Amazy Dayzee*. These are rare enemies that can be 
found here if you keep trying. If you do find one, tattle on it, and try to 
beat it before it runs away. It gives you loads of Star Points. Check out the 
Secrets page for more help if you're so lucky to encounter one. I was so 
stoked when I beat one (I got 45 Star Points!). Anyway, use Paper Mode to 
slip through the grass, get the Earth Quake from the item block, then go left
1x. Another new enemy, *Hyper Cleft* is around here. That Earth Quake is a 
good item for them. Hit the red item block for the *Hammer Throw* badge. Use 
Flurrie to blow away the tree at the end, then go through it into the b.g. In 
the next screen, have Flurrie blow off the dark spot, then Spin Jump it to 
make a hole. Hop in, then push the boulder in the b.g., also moving the bigger 
one in the f.g. Hop into the second hole, jump behind the last tree for a 
*Shine Sprite*, then go right to Creepy Steeple.  

Creepy Steeple  
Refresh and save when you arrive. The gate is locked. Go down the well. Get 
the *Shine Sprite* and tattle on the *Buzzy Beetle*. Jump and headbonk are 
best here. Head right...smack into several Buzzy Beetles and another new enemy, 
*Spike Top*. You'll need to use POW Block/Earth Quake/Earth Tremor on those 
new guys (or if you have good timing and patience, use Guard Action Command, 
B Button). When you're clear, get the *Tornado Jump* badge from the item 
block, then exit the well. Use Tube Mode to roll through the gap near the 
well to the house (you can open the gate from this side for a quicker route). 
Left of the gates along the fence is a *Star Piece*. Now into the steeple. 
The stained glass is so beautiful, eh? Very peaceful. Use Tube Mode and roll 
into the top opening in the wall. Ooh, goodies! Get the Cookbook, *Shine 
Sprite*, *Star Piece* (behind the furniture) and *Ice Smash* badge. Roll back 
to the main room. At far right, push the statue of the Crystal Star to fall 
down a hole under it. Here, use Flurrie to blow the wall north of the spring. 
Enter that opening and head right to get the *Flower Saver* badge. Go back 
and through the left door. Open the box and tons of Boos come out. Say 200 to 
get an Ultra Shroom (math nerd). Go back right, use the spring, then talk to 
the ghost. Say you won't be mean to it. You can get a badge now if you want. 
Get twisted to do the Super Hammer trick, wait until about 4 ghosts surround 
you, then spin the hammer to knock them off.  You can also do a ground pound. 
If you did it right, they will form a big ghost called *Atomic Boo*. If it 
doesn't work, they'll drop you off outside and you'll have to come back in. 
Anyway, tattle on it. It's pretty easy, though you can't use your hammer. 
Stick to jumps and Headbonks. For winning, you get the *Lucky Start* badge. 
Now the Boos will not surround you, but instead hang around like normal 
enemies on the field.  You can tattle on *Boo* now as well. Go through the 
bottom door. A new enemy, *Swooper* attacks. Do I need to say tattle? You 
can't use the normal hammer on these guys. If they hang from the ceiling, you 
need to knock them down with Quake Hammer/Body Slam (Flurrie)/POW Block/Earth 
Quake/Earth Tremor in order to reach them with a jump. Go right and press the 
red switch. Take the door here, Spin Jump in the south floor area for a *Star 
Piece*, then take the stairs up and through the door. Walk the path, then use 
Yoshi to hover over the gap. Collect the Steeple Key. Drop down and take the 
top door. Repeat the process, but this time hit the red switch 2x. Take the 
door here, up the stairs, unlock the door at the end, refresh, go back and 
save in the previous room, then ascend the staircase in the last room. Take 
the spring to a secret attic. Time to fight, boy-o! Let the awesome circus 
music begin! Tattle on *???*. It has no name (there's a reason, we'll get to 
that later). Keep using Power Smashes and Multibonks. It's not hard. He 
eventually turns into Shadow Mario (from Super Mario Sunshine, GC). Again, 
not hard. You get the Crystal Star (Ruby). Huh? That was it? Doesn't Mario 
look a bit weird to you? Everyone leaves, and Shadow Mario is alone. 
Wait...it's you. Press A to get up. Cool, you're Shadow Mario. You will be 
fighting enemies alone for now. Check out the start menu (it's different 
now). Even your profile when you're in the field's b.g. is dark. Go down the 
stairs and out of Creepy Steeple. A cinema of the Shadow Sirens plays. They 
have (or should I say "had") a Superbobomb. Now back to Shadow Mario. Refresh 
and save, then head all the way back until you reach the shed. The imposter 
Maro pops out of the papery sky. He wants you to guess his name. Notice the 
"p" is missing in the menu. You can't possibly guess his name now, so put in 
anything you want. You enter a battle. Try to hit him. You can't, can you? 
Well, neither can he. All you can do is run away, so do it. You run off 
automatically into the next screen. Aw, shucks. You're back in town. Head 
left 1x. Vivian will be searching for the Superbobomb in the grass. Help her 
out and shake the bushes until you find it. Give it to her. She'll discover 
it's broken. Pick either reply, and she will ask to hook up with you. Sure, 
why not? Vivian joins your party. Great, another girl ghost. Don't be 
jealous, Flurrie. Vivian is a GREAT attacker in battle (notice the CAPS on 
GREAT). She can burn enemies and also help you hide from major attacks. She 
can also hide you in the field. Great partner. If you go to the Mayor's 
House, you will see "Mario" (funny...seeing yourself in person) getting kudos 
and your partners' seemingly bewildered reactions. Find the crows on the tree 
closest to the gate out of town. Get close until you see the speech bubble 
with "..." in it. Press X to hide. Soon you will overhear their conversation. 
Someone at Creepy Steeple knows the ghost's name. Head all the way back to 
Creepy Steeple. At the shed, the imposter will come back. Guess some obscure 
name again, then run away from the battle (again). When you finally arrive, 
go down the well. Now that you have Vivian as a partner, go right and push 
against the wall at right. When you're a few feet up, press X with Vivian and 
hide under the floor. The wall moves back down, leaving you on the other 
side. Head through the door. Get the *Shine Sprite* and save. In Tube Mode, 
roll up the stairs to a wooden panel. Spin Jump it to fall through it. We 
were in this room before, but now we're in the back. Walk right for a *Star 
Piece*, then use Tube Mode to roll through the left opening. Pretty bird, 
pretty bird. And it's a bonanza of prizes! Open the two chests for the *Power 
Plus* badge and Mr. Softener. Open the two boxes for a letter "p" and a 
Steeple Key. Also, Spin Jump here for a *Star Piece* Boy, wouldn't Ms. Mowz 
be jealous. He, he, he. Press X with Vivian when you see the speech bubble on 
the bird. He will blurt out the name of the imposter. Get ready for this...it's 
Doopliss. Cue Nelson from The Simpsons (haw-haw!). Unlock the door, then exit 
the Creepy Steeple (refresh and save outside if you want). Head back towards
Twilight Town until you meet up with (*giggle*) Doopliss. Now the "p" is 
restored in the menu. Make sure you guess it correctly (with a capital D). He 
will go loco, and runs away. Sorry to do this again, but...head back to Creepy 
Steeple, and go into the house. Go back up to the top room where you first 
fought him (take the top door, hit the switch 1x, take the door, stairs, walk 
left). Refresh and save if you want, then head up to the secret attic. You'll 
have to fight Doopliss without a partner. Drag. He's just as easy as before, 
but he has employed your own partners against you (because they think he's 
you). He'll use Goombella throughout the fight. Focus only on Doopliss, as 
your partners are not enemies to beat. Vivian will return as your partner. 
Use Power Smashes and Shade Fists on Doopliss. If you're desperate, Veil is 
also good. When you win, Vivian joins your party for good, and you're re-
rewarded with the Ruby Star. Your partners discover their mistake, and 
everyone is banded together with the real Mario, and you receive the Special 
Move, Art Attack. Hurrah!  

"Meanwhile..." Cinemas  
The two remaining Shadow Sirens probably hook up with Doopliss here. Now to 
Peach. TEC is debating whether to protect the Princess or follow orders from 
Grodus. He decides to quiz Peach in order to get around it. Here are the 5 
answers: Thousand Year Door opens, To conquer the world, A 1000-year-old 
demon's soul, Bring the demon back to life, Crystal Stars. Now the plot seems 
to be coming together. You get to use the communicator.  
Bowser is at Rogueport Station, heading for Glitzville (you'd think he'd 
figure out that Mario is gone from there by now...but no). He leaves in his 
balloon thing (from Super Mario World, SNES). He runs out of gas on the way 
and falls into the ocean. Cool, a water level! Propel Bowser through the 
level, and use the spring at the end to return to Rogueport at the dock. I 
hear Bloopers are a rare delicacy. Mmm...inky.  

Prep for Chapter 5  
Head back to Rogueport via the pipe at far left in Twilight Town. Peach's e-
mail comes in. Yadda, yadda, yadda...we already knew all that. Take the up pipe 
to the west side for some errands. Enter the rightmost house here, and use Tube 
Mode to roll through the hole at right to the outside. Get the *Shine Sprite* 
then roll back through the flowers to appear in a drawer in the left house. 
Head back east to the Shine Sprite Shop and upgrade Vivian. She now has the 
awesome Fiery Jinx move. Head into the sewers. Now to get a great badge we 
desperately need. Go through the second pipe, then through the bars to the 
bottom part. Go right and go through the bars here into a cave. Avoid the 
spikes by walking over the holes and use Vivian to hide before they come up. 
Carefully make your way through to the chest for the *Spike Shield* badge. 
You should definitely equip this so you can jump on spiky enemies. Too bad it 
doesn't help with these spikes. You have to make your way through them again 
to the exit. Once outside, go left and take the pipe. Take the spring up to 
the Door. Get the next mark on the map. Frankly is afraid (very afraid) of 
the demon story from Peach. He reveals the next Star location to be Keelhaul 
Key. Go to the Inn in the main plaza and talk to the pompous guy, Flavio, 
singing to his skull gem (*cough* weirdo *cough*). Pick any option and he will 
join you for a quest of rrrrromance. Okey dokey. Before we continue, check out 
the Trouble Center and feel free to do any troubles you haven't done yet. There 
is one in particular we should do. Choose the trouble from ???, then head 
back into the Inn, upstairs and out the door. Go left up on the roof and talk 
to...Ms. Mowz. Hoo boy. She asks you to find a badge in Hooktail's Castle. Oh 
crap, I thought we were finished with that place. Get the *Star Piece* behind 
her on the roof's edge, then drop down and take the pipe to the sewers. The 
quickest way to get there is to take the pipe to Petal Meadows. Once there, 
head into the castle. You must go all the way through to the room where you 
fought Hooktail. Shouldn't be hard to remember. In that room, walk until 
you're stopped by a ! Use Flurrie to blow away the blockade and open the 
chest for the *Attack FX B* badge. Head ALL the way back to Ms. Mowz on Zess 
T.'s roof. She will admit she hid the badge to test you, and she joins your 
party. She is an optional partner, not the greatest in battle, but very good 
at finding items in the field. You also get to keep the badge. Alrighty then! 
Go to the dock of the harbor and talk to Flavio. We are missing a navigator 
and lazy Flavio sends you to look for him. Go to Robbo Turf, use Yoshi to 
cross over (under the bridge), and cross over to the chimney. Use Tube Mode 
to roll through it into the locked house. An old Bob-omb lives here. Talk to 
him 2x (he will not co-operate), then go into his back room to get the *Shine 
Sprite*, and exit. Upgrade Ms. Mowz at the Shine Sprite Shop, then go talk to
the bartender at the Inn.  Return to the first house in Robbo Turf and talk 
to Bobbery again. Then back to the Inn and talk to the bartender. Say yes to 
receive the old letter. Bring it to Bobbery, the old sea dog (um, he's a 
bomb), and he will agree to come on the voyage, going ahead to the dock. 
After receiving an e-mail from Petuni, head to the harbor dock, hop aboard 
the ship, and tell Flavio we can depart. An X-Naut reports that a trooper is 
on board. You know, that four-eyed guy with the bandanna did look suspicious.


                       *Chapter 5:  The Key to Pirates*

Badges:  6  //  39/100- Head Rattle, Ice Power, P-Down D-Up, Defend Plus P, 
HP Drain, Double Dip  
Shine Sprites: 9  //  30/42 
Star Pieces: 14  //  80/100 
Partners Gained: 1  //  7/7- Bobbery
Tattles:  10  //  77/124- Ember, Putrid Piranha, Lava Bubble, Bullet Bill, 
Bill Blaster, Bulky Bob-omb, Parabuzzy, Cortez, Lord Crump, Magikoopa  
Special Moves/Items: 3  //  17/23- Boat Mode, Sapphire Star, Sweet Feast  

Keelhaul Key  
Read Flavio's over-dramatic, boring diary. Suddenly one day, a band of ghosts 
attacks the ship. We soon surface on Keelhaul Key, but unfortunately three 
men, including Bobbery, are missing. In the first screen, Spin Jump above the 
rock slab at right for a *Star Piece*. Also, explore the north end to bump 
into a mole named Whacka (from Paper Mario, N64). If you hit Whacka you get 
Whacka's Bump. You'll only be able to get so many of his bumps (how can you 
eat a bump?) In the second screen, Flavio and a pirate Bob-omb with an 
eyepatch named Pa-Patch are fighting. Soon a ghost arrives and you must 
battle it. Tattle on the *Ember*. Stick to hammer attacks. Koops is a viable 
partner. Flavio tells you to explore the island. Find a *Star Piece* in the 
south end of the shallow water. Another *Star Piece* can be found on the east 
side behind the rocks. Refresh, buy items, and save here if you want, then go 
right 1x into the jungle. Shake the first bush here for another *Star Piece*. 
Get the *Head Rattle* badge from the item block ahead, and a Courage Shell 
from the other block. Head right 1x. A new enemy is here, *Putrid Piranha*. 
Koops, Yoshi and Vivian are helpful against them. Guard well so you aren't 
poisoned. Shake the bush nearby for a Mini Mr. Mini. When you see an item 
block, jump above it to form another one. Find a *Star Piece* along the 
eastern root, then jump up and head left across the item block, hovering with 
Yoshi. At left on the high platform, hover left to the block and jump for a 
*Shine Sprite*. Hover back right, get the Thunder Rage from the item block, 
then go right. You'll see your three shipmates getting beat up. When you 
approach, Bobbery offers himself as a sacrifice, so the others run off, 
carrying you along. Notice the X-Naut guy addresses you the player to not 
tell Mario about who he really is. What a nutbar. Head back right and Bobbery 
is gone. Find an Inn Coupon behind the back bush. Cross the bridge and get 
the *Shine Sprite* hidden by the tree. With Paper Mode, drop through the 
right slat of the bridge to get the *Ice Power* badge. You should apply it 
now. Head back left and under the bridge. Hover to the pipe with Yoshi and 
take it into the b.g. Hammer the tree for a Coconut. Try to hang onto this 
for later. Take a couple if you want. Hover left and cross the bridge again, 
going right 1x. Bobbery was chased up a tree and is being ambushed by the 
Embers. An easy first strike for you. Use Koops as your partner and hammer 
away to win. Hammer the tree to knock down Bobbery. He believes he is done 
for and wants his Chuckola Cola as a last request. Head back left to camp and 
talk to Flavio. He will give you the cola in exchange for an exotic food as 
replacement. Give him the Coconut and he will give you the cola. Take it back 
to Bobbery, and he falls off. Hammer him to revive him, and he joins your 
party for good. His attacks are great both in battle and on the field. 
Remember any cracked walls you saw earlier? Well, Bobbery can blast them to 
bits. He's a good ally. Head back left to camp and talk to Flavio. He will 
follow you for now, though he's really useless. Go right until you come to 
the tree where Bobbery was before. Shake the rightmost bush for a Spite 
Pouch. Go right until you reach a dead end. Flavio stands back to wait. Press 
A at the skull to get a clue, then talk to Flavio and ask for the Skull Gem. 
Place it in the skull's eye, then like the song says, Spin Jump the red 
statue 3x and hammer the blue one 4x to make an opening. Throw Bobbery up 
there to blow open the cave. The Skull Gem drops at Flavio's feet and he runs 
back to camp, leaving you to find HIS treasure (lazy bum). Check behind the 
long stone slab for a *Star Piece*, then enter the Pirate's Grotto.  

Pirate's Grotto  
Doesn't this remind you of the Lavalava Volcano in Paper Mario, N64? Behind 
the barrels here is a Ruin Powder. Save, then head right 1x. Drop to the very 
bottom and go right again. Tattle on the new enemy, *Lava Bubble*. Ice Power 
is a great badge to use here, because it lets you jump on fire enemies. Go 
right to a small ship and jump while on the bow to get a *Shine Sprite*. 
Along the bottom of the next platform, jump across to the *Star Piece*. Along 
the top, use Yoshi to quickly run over the spikes when they're down. Head 
right 1x. Two new enemies: *Bullet Bill* and *Bill Blaster*. You can use 
Vivian to avoid the shooting Bullet Bills if you want. Vivian is the best 
partner against these guys, because she can burn them. Your best bet is 
hammering the Blaster and jumping or hammering the Bullets. When you clear 
the area, go right 1x. Jump across the gap, then hover with Yoshi over the 
next one. Another new enemy *Bulky Bob-omb*. He's so cute...and so fat. These 
guys are easy to beat, because they take forever to load up their attack. 
Head right 1x. Save, then head up the stairs. Tattle on the *Parabuzzy*, then 
to get the *Shine Sprite*, hit the invisible block right of it, then hammer 
it. Jump across the gap over the river in the back, then throw Bobbery up at 
the switch to open the door. Go through, and Spin Jump here for a *Star 
Piece*. Go up over the small mountain, then through the door at left. Use 
Koops' delayed hit while standing on the moving platform when near the red 
switch. Go stand on the chained platform & let go of Koops to ride up. Jump 
to the crate at left and wait until it goes back up. Jump left to get the 
*Shine Sprite* and a *Star Piece* hidden in the open barrel at the end. 
Repeat the process, and this time jump right off the chained platform to the 
edge and get the Grotto Key. Go right 2x, unlock the door, save, then enter 
it. Fight or ignore the Parabuzzy squad, Spin Jump for a *Star Piece*, then 
go south. Use Koops to get the *Shine Sprite* at right. With Tube Mode, roll 
under the spikes at left, stopping under the gaps, making your way left 1x. 
Hammer the invisible block under the *Shine Sprite*, then jump to get it. 
Cross the river on the barrels, and to the boat. Use Bobbery to bomb the 
wooden door, then enter. Watch out for the two barrages of Bullet Bills/Bill 
Blasters. Go left 1x. Head left through a ship's opening. Get the *P-Down D-Up* 
badge from behind the very familiar black chest. Talk to the chest who will 
summon an Ember for you to fight for the Black Key. Do just that, then open 
the chest. Oh Mario, you are so dumb. You get the ultimate move: Boat Mode. 
This is such a creative, adorable move. Sail right to the other dock, then go 
right 4x, up once, then left once. Save, then go up & left once. Sail right 
through a watery door, then through the small waterfall & right to a platform 
for the *Defend Plus P* badge. Sail back & left 1x. Go down the waterfall & 
left until you reach a boat panel. Get off there & go left to collect a Gate 
Handle. Use Yoshi to run over the spikes again, then go right 2x. Place the 
handle in the winch at right to open the gate. Go right once, and up and left 
once to the waterfall again, and sail down & right through the gate. Head 
right through a watery door, and all the way right, avoiding the waves. 
You'll see a number of Toads trapped on a platform. Head right to a boat 
panel. Take the pipe there down into the b.g. and go to the boat there. Walk 
to the leftmost pipe & take it. Use the airplane panel to fly to the first 
pipe. Take it down, hit the switch, then fall down & take the leftmost pipe 
to the left f.g. Fly again to the second pipe. Take it, hit that switch, and 
the Toads are free. Frankie & Francesca are among them. Take the far right 
pipe in the b.g. to the boat panel, and jump right. After a reunion, go right 
to a new room. The X-Naut (dumb Mario still hasn't figured it out) follows 
you. Refresh, save, then enter the ship here to fight *Cortez*, the resident 
pirate ghost. Tattle, then switch to Vivian. No hammering in this battle. Use 
jumps on Cortez, and Shade Fist for the first two phases. In the last phase, 
use Fiery Jinx to immediately vanquish the sharp weapons. At some point here,
he will refill his HP by consuming half the audience (ick!).  Keep whacking on 
Cortez. You get the Sapphire Star, and the Special Move Sweet Feast. Awesome! 
Exit the ship, hover with Yoshi to the platform, refresh and save if you 
want, then go left to the refugees. Use Bobbery to bomb the cracked wall and 
escape the cavern. Two Toad siblings are reunited, Mario is chastised for 
giving up all that treasure, then ka-boom. What? What ka-booming goes on 
around here? It's Lord Crump! He was that four-eyed loser pirate all along. 
What nerve! Take Flavio back inside the hole you created in the rocks, go 
right, and into Cortez's ship. Flavio unexpectedly convinces Cortez to help 
you out. The ship makes a grand entrance. Now you must fight Lord 
Crump...again. Tattle on *Lord Crump* (as opposed to Magnus von Grapple). Power 
Smashes, Spin Jumps and Multibonks will work. Ignore the X-Nauts as they just 
reappear once defeated. After his HP goes down to 0, he refreshes it. 
Continue the same strategy. Crump runs away. Baby.  

"Meanwhile..." Cinemas  
Crump is given his last warning by Grodus. What a chump. As Peach, you visit 
TEC (what a surprise). You must retrieve a data disk for TEC to analyze 
information regarding the situation. A little puzzle is underway. Take the 
elevator & go three doors left to the potion room (the one left of the pink 
button elevator). Read the memos if you want, but I'll tell you what to do. 
Pick up all four potions from the table and place them in order (from left to 
right) red, blue, orange, green in the machine. Press the button at left. 
This is somewhat fast, so be careful. Press the button in front of each 
section as the beaker stops there. When it finishes, it will be heated up for 
30 seconds. Use the second hand on a watch or clock, or count to 30 slowly. 
Press the button when finished. The potion should be green if it worked. If 
it didn't, try it again. You can drink any other potions for funny effects. 
When you drink the green potion, your head is invisible. Peach strips (to the 
side) to become completely invisible. Exit the room and head right. You'll 
see a small shadow on the ground to see where you're going. Enter the 
rightmost door to the chamber, then the next door to Grodus' room. Get the 
Data Disk from the shelf, then enter it into the computer. You'll hear Final 
Fantasy music and see tiny Mario and Luigi characters on the screen. Neat! I 
guess TEC was playing on the job. Replace the Disk on the shelf, then return 
to the potion room. Drink the green potion to restore Peach to normal, then 
exit. Somehow, she gets back to TEC's room, where she e-mails Mario.  
Bowser is in Twilight Town. Talk to Lord Crump and he'll find the 
Superbobomb. Soon, they form their armies. Crump throws the bomb but it 
doesn't go off. Bowser breathes fire on it. Oh crud. Boom.  

Prep for Chapter 6  
Board the ship to return to Rogueport. Any time you want to return to 
Keelhaul Key, the ship will always be waiting at the dock. You get Peach's e-
mail. You'll also get RDM Issue 4 in the e-mail. Rag mag. Head to the sewers 
and to the Thousand Year Door. You know the drill. You return to Frankly's 
and learn the next star is in Poshley Heights, and you must board a ritzy 
train to get there. Now (*in a big booming voice*) to unveil multiple secrets 
we could not reveal before. At the harbour, use the Boat Panel in the bottom 
right and sail left to a small hideout (probably Ms. Mowz's). Open the chest 
for the *HP Drain* badge and get the *Star Piece* behind the barrel. Sail 
back right. Spin Jump by the stairs for another *Star Piece*. Go to the east 
side where you'll see Merlon in front of the Shine Sprite place. Talk to him 
and learn the weird message he received. We'll get that eventually. Go inside 
and upgrade Bobbery. Head east to Robbo Turf, and use Paper Mode to go 
through the crack. Use the Boat Panel to sail north, then left to a chest. 
Inside is a *Double Dip* badge. Eureka! Sail back up, then head to the West 
side. Left of the Item Shop, use Bobbery to bomb the cracked wall. At the end 
is a *Shine Sprite*. Now we should get that thing for Merlon. Go into the 
sewers and right to the area where you fought the Blooper. Use the Boat Panel 
and sail to another *Shine Sprite*. Now take the pipe to Petal Meadows. Go 
right and take the pipe here to Hooktail's Castle. Aw, this place again? 
Well, at least the enemies are easy to beat if they catch you in a fight. 
Once in the castle, go two rooms right to the room where you fought Red 
Bones. Use Paper Mode to get through the bars, then Spin Jump the left side 
for a *Star Piece*. Head all the way right to the room where you got the 
cricket noise badge (Attack FX R). Slip through the bars at the right, and 
into the room with the black chest. Go right to the spike room. Bomb the 
right wall with Bobbery. Ooh, a secret cave! Hit the blue block, then open 
the chest for an Up Arrow. Huh? Oh well. Head left back to the green elevator
by the Save block, and use it to head up and left 1x.  Find the gap between
the windows and fall through, hugging the back wall to land on a ledge.  On
the right side of it is a *Star Piece*. Head back left to Rogueport. While in 
the sewers, go to the first area and bomb the cracked wall at left. This opens 
the pipe to Chet Rippo's place. I don't like using this guy, but you might. 
He upgrades one level (HP, FP or BP), but drops another. I don't think it's 
worth it, unless you're desperate for an upgrade now. Head left to Dazzle. 
You can trade Star Pieces for badges. Bomb the left cracked structure to join 
the west and east sides of the sewer. Head east and take the first pipe behind
bars down. Slip through the bars. You might want to tattle on the new enemy, 
*Magikoopa*. Now it's time to get that train ticket. Go back to Rogueport and 
go to the mafia's place on the West side. Talk to Don Pianta, who misses his 
daughter, and you'll reveal she's at Keelhaul Key. Now you must find them for 
him. Head back to Keelhaul Key via the ship in the harbour. Go right 2x to 
find the lovebirds. When you talk to them, you'll learn Francesca lost her 
wedding ring. D'oh! You'll also have to endure Frankie saying "I love you" 
99x! Aaaaarrrrggghhhh! So hit the A button (or B, which is a bit faster) 99 
more times. Oy vay. Go right 3x and you'll find the ring left of the tree 
where you revived Bobbery. Bring it back to Francesca, and they will head 
left to the ship. Uh, you're welcome? Take the ship back to Rogueport, then 
head back to Don Pianta. After the Don retires and leaves Frankie to take his 
place, you receive your Train Ticket for the Excess Express. After an ugly
encounter with Beldam, visit Merlon and give him the Up Arrow. He will 
suddenly remember something and the Ultra Stone drops from the attic. Now you 
can upgrade your partners a second time. Woo hoo! I suggest upgrading 
Goombella, Vivian, and Bobbery. Now go to the West side and north to the 
station. The blimp is on your right, the train on your left. Talk to the 
conductor, and you will board the train.


                        *Chapter 6:  3 Days of Excess*

Badges:  9  //  48/100- HP Plus, P-Up D-Down, Close Call P, HP Drain P, L 
Emblem, Defend Plus, FP Plus, Flower Saver P, Defend Plus P  
Shine Sprites: 10  //  40/42  
Star Pieces: 11  //  91/100 
Partners Gained: 0  //  7/7 
New Enemies Tattled On:  7  //  84/124- Ruff Puff, Poison Pokey, Spiky 
Parabuzzy, Smorg, Dark Boo, Koopatrol, Spunia  
Special Moves/Items: 4  //  21/23- Ultra Boots, Orange Star, Showstopper, 
Ultra Hammer  

Day One  
This is probably my favourite chapter next to Chapter 7. I find the train 
adventure really creative, like something out of Strangers on a Train or 
Murder on the Orient Express. It is Day One. A note is on the ground, 
threatening you. So, I guess our enemy is on board. Hit the yellow block 
behind the lamp for a *Shine Sprite*. You can also get a Dried Shroom from 
your dresser. Ew. Exit (notice the cool peeling paper effect), and go left 
until you reach Room 008. Inside is the Bob-omb family. Find a *Star Piece* 
in the dresser. Talk to the conductor at left. Now go right to the dining 
room. Talk to the penguin detective to learn that a pot of stew is missing 
from the kitchen. It's YOU, you gluttonous woman! Ha ha ha. Look at the 
ground at right where you'll notice messy footprints. Don't lick it to check, 
but it's stew. Go right to Room 003. Talk to the fat toad, then check his 
drawer to find the Galley Pot. Ah-ha! Sure, always blame the fat people for 
stealing food. Return the pot to Chef Shimi in the kitchen for a *Star 
Piece*. Head to Room 006 and talk to Pennington. So, Luigi (!), you are now 
his assistant. It is now sunset and the rooms have a dark yellowish glow. 
Head to Room 008, and talk to the Bob-ombs. Say yes to figure out what the kid 
wants most for his birthday. Talk to him 2x more to learn he wants someone's 
autograph. Talk to the conductor at left to learn that the kid wants to be a 
train engineer. Head to the dining room and talk to the girl here. We must 
find her shell earrings. Go to Room 002 and talk to the girl there to take on 
the task of finding her lost ring. Now go right to the engineering room. Spin 
Jump here for a *Star Piece*, then talk to the engineer to get his Autograph. 
Bring it to the kid in Room 008 to get a *Shine Sprite*. Now it is evening. 
Go to Room 006 and talk to Pennington for your next assignment. Go to the 
conductor at the far left to learn he's missing a blanket (call me Blanket 
P.I.!) Go to Room 004, Spin Jump for a *Star Piece*, then use Vivian to hide 
under the floor. A ghost will appear. Oooooh.... Talk to him to learn he needs 
a diary from the baggage compartment. Go back to the conductor, who will let 
you through. Use Paper Mode to slip between the crates and get the Ragged 
Diary. DON'T READ IT (you'll get a game over)! Bring it to the ghost in Room 
004 to get the blanket. Bring it to the conductor to get a Mushroom. Now go 
to your room (005) and sleep.  

Day Two  
Go to Room 006 (RDM Issue 5 comes in). A businessman has lost his precious 
briefcase. If you've figured it out, the gold ring and shell earrings mixed 
with his Nitro Honey will cause a sticky explosion. Elementary, my dear 
Luigi. Head to Room 001. You'll find a Vital Paper on the floor. Take it to 
Room 006 and give it to Pennington. Now to find the occupant of that room, 
the actor Zip Toad. Go to Room 005 (yours). Another paper. Use Vivian to hide 
under the floor. The toad pops up from his hiding spot. Come back up and 
he'll run around. Stand on the couch to eventually stop him. You get the 
three stolen items back. Give the rat businessman his Briefcase. Now you'll 
be stopping at Riverside Station.  

Riverside Station  
Zip Toad is revealed as really being Doopliss. Dagnabit! Go to the dining 
room and give the girl the Shell Earrings for a *Star Piece*. Head to Room 
002 and give the girl there the Gold Ring for 30 coins. Now exit the train at 
the south door here. Talk to the blue Toad near the bridge who is upset that 
the train cannot proceed because the drawbridge is up. He gives you the 
Station Key. Refresh and save here if you want, then unlock the door to the 
station. Inside, go right 1x, then use Tube Mode to roll under the wooden 
part. Hit the switch at right to form stairs. Take them up and go through the 
door to the next room. Tattle on the new enemy *Ruff Puff*, then take the 
stairs and hop across the rotors. Roll under the piece here with Tube Mode, 
then stand on the yellow wheel, jump to the rotating tube with the missing 
piece, then to the platform. Use Yoshi to hover under the moving wall to the 
Station Key. Behind that platform is a *Star Piece*. Exit one room back, and 
unlock the door. It looks like we're outside. Tattle on the new enemy *Poison 
Pokey*. With Tube Mode, roll under the stairs through the opening to get the 
*HP Plus* badge. Roll back right, jump above the block to get a Thunder Rage, 
and get the *Shine Sprite*. Go left to the dead end wall. Use Flurrie to blow 
off the papers, revealing a door. Take it inside. Tattle on the *Spiky 
Parabuzzy*, then roll with Tube Mode into the left opening. In the maze, go 
right, jump right, jump left, then up the stairs to reach the *P-Up D-Down* 
badge. Take the maze again by springing up at right, and hug the left side. 
Make your way through the bottom door at left. Go left 2x, then defeat all 
the Goombas here (how easy). Hit the switches the number of times indicated 
to form stairs. Take them up, using Koops to get the *Shine Sprite*, then 
headright and open the big chest for the Ultra Boots. Woo hoo! Now you can 
reach the piping along the ceiling. Use Spring Jump in the back right corner 
and climb over the boxes. Use Paper Mode to fall through the vent, then use 
Yoshi to hover to the box next to the fence, and Spring Jump to get over the 
fence. Spring Jump under the shelf to knock down the Elevator Key (ouch). 
Make your way back to the first room of the station. Spring Jump under the 
shelf at left to get the *Close Call P* badge. What pain Mario goes through 
for these things! Use the key on the elevator to take it down. These weird 
enemies are mingling about. They look like Fuzzies, but are somewhat 
different. Hammer away at them until they take off. Flip the switch they 
were blocking to form stairs. Hit the blue switch there to lower the 
drawbridge for the train. Take the elevator back up, and exit the station. 
Refresh and save here if you want, then enter the train. Sleep tight.  

Day Three  
Ah, the last day of train travel. But...where is everyone? Go right to the 
engineer and talk to him. Soon, legions of those Fuzzy-like creatures stick 
all over the train. Go all the way left to the baggage compartment. Hammer 
away at the creatures to save the conductor and the girl from the kitchen. 
Use Spring Jump to reach the piping and go left through the door. Wow, we're 
on top of the moving train! Awesome. Hammer your way right through the uber-
Fuzzies (well, what would you call them?). They eventually form a *Smorg*. At 
least that's what it keeps saying. Time to battle! Let the awesome music 
begin! Tattle, of course. Use basic attacks to clear the tentacles, then use 
big attacks on the body, especially Power Smash. Its defense and attack drops 
when you clear the tentacles. It's probably best to use Bobbery to attack the 
multiple parts (aren't you glad you upgraded him?) Soon it will form a 
piranha-like figure. Just keep attacking the body. And voila!  

Poshley Heights  
You're in your room and everyone is safe and sound. Take the south door by 
room 001 and 002 to exit the train once you arrive in Poshley Heights. There 
are several Star Pieces here. *Star Piece* behind the lawn chair at the 
leftmost house. Spin Jump near the Save Block for a *Star Piece*. In the blue 
house, use Paper Mode to slip through the wall and get the *HP Drain P* badge 
from the chest. Walk in the hedges by the red house for another *Star Piece*. 
Go to the next screen. A *Star Piece* is behind the hedge at right at the 
house left of the Inn. An Inn Coupon is behind the vendor. Do you carry 
kukulash? (Simpsons joke). In the next screen is the Poshley Sanctum. Right 
of it is a *Shine Sprite*. Use Spring Jump to get it. Try to enter the 
Sanctum. D'oh, it's locked. Pennington appears and opens the door for you. 
Lucky for you, it's his place. Inside the Shadow Sirens make off with the 
Crystal Star. Or did they? Pennington reveals that one was a fake. Now to 
find the real one. Spring Jump on the star tile at left, then climb right to 
the other side of the room. Spring up until you reach an airplane panel. Fly to 
the left side of the room. Spring Jump up to the blue switch and hit it. Pay 
no attention to the pipe behind the curtain. Well, screw it. Take it away. 
New enemies in this room: *Dark Boo*. Take out as many as you want in order 
to easily maneuver in this room. Spring Jump up to the upper right, then fly 
left to get a *Shine Sprite* and the *L Emblem* badge. Now drop down and 
collect the Crystal Star, learning the new move Showstopper. Sweet deal. Head 
back down to Pennington, then exit the sanctum. Cue the cinemas...  

"Meanwhile..." Cinemas  
Take Peach to TEC, where you learn he has analyzed the newfound data. He does 
not tell you (the player) everything, but you are on stationed on the moon. 
Betcha didn't see that coming. He allows Peach to send Mario an e-mail, but 
Grodus barges in as you are typing. TEC is unplugged. Oh darn. I-l-o-v-e-y-o-
u... Well, shucks.  
Bowser is back in Rogueport. Kammy learns that there is a Crystal Star in an 
underground area. Now for the last (*sniff*) old-school SMB level, a castle 
level no less. Make your way through (it's not so hard). Bowser gets a 
Crystal Star! Wow, it's Rawk Hawk. Time for battle! Squish. Well, maybe not. 
Another fake. Another crushing blow for Bowser. Haw, haw!  

Prep for Chapter 7  
The train returns to Rogueport Station. The incomplete e-mail from Peach 
arrives. Uh-oh, what happened to her? Now for the ultimate item. In the main 
plaza, Spring Jump under the giant chest near the Inn, then open it for the 
Ultra Hammer. Sweeeeeeet! At Merlon's, upgrade Koops and Yoshi. In the West 
side, slip through into the sewers and take the down pipe. Slip through the 
bars and tattle on the new enemy, *Koopatrol*. At left is a pipe, but don't 
take it. Take the left tunnel to a Boat Panel. Sail right until you reach a 
new room with several Spania enemies and three Shine Sprites. Beat all the 
enemies here, and be sure to tattle on the *Spunia* at the top. Get the 
*Shine Sprite* (x2), then use Spring Jump to get another *Shine Sprite*. At 
the top, use Yoshi to hover to the moving platform, and retrieve the *Defend 
Plus* badge. Sail back left to the boat panel. Head right to the second pipe 
shortcut room. Ultra Hammer the huge block, then Spin Jump the two blue 
switches to open up the two pipes. The left one goes to Poshley Heights, the 
right to Keelhaul Key. Next to the left pipe is the *FP Plus* badge. Head all
the way right & take the up pipe to the first room of the sewers, then head
left to the west side where the pipes are. A red X is on the ground at 
left. Spring Jump on it, then climb left to the *Flower Saver P* badge. 
Spring Jump to climb back. Go to the west side of the sewers where Dazzle is 
(take the up pipe, slip through the sewer grate, go right across the 
platforms). Take the lift up and go back a bit to the vertical piping. 
Spring Jump here and climb right. Go right to the top of the pillar and 
Spring Jump for a *Shine Sprite*. Go right until you reach the room with the 
Petal Meadows pipe (and where you fought the Blooper). Spring Jump while 
standing next to the vertical piping, then climb right all the way to a pipe. 
Take it into the b.g. house and get a *Star Piece* on the hammock (climb the 
boxes to get it). Come back out and climb the piping left to a dead end wall. 
Use Bobbery to bomb it, then open the chest for the *Defend Plus P* badge. 
Now to begin Chapter 7. Head to the Thousand Year Door for the next mark. 
Frankly deduces it's on the moon (a regular Einstein). He needs a few moments 
to figure out how to get there. Dawdle around town for a while. Perhaps you 
can fulfill some Troubles at the Trouble Center or other side quests. Check 
back with Frankly until he finally has a solution. You must go to Fahr 
Outpost to be shot from their cannon. Of course! Elementary, my dear Frankly 
(if only Pennington could see you now). In the west side, drop into the west 
sewers, then hover with Yoshi to the left. Hammer the metal block, then take 
the blue pipe to Fahr Outpost.


                     *Chapter 7:  Mario Shoots the Moon*

Badges:  4  //  52/100- Double Dip P, HP Plus P, Feeling Fine, Feeling Fine P  
Shine Sprites: 2  //  42/42 
Star Pieces: 9  //  100/100 
Partners Gained: 0  //  7/7 
New Enemies Tattled On:  10  //  94/124- Ice Puff, Frost Piranha, Moon Cleft, 
Z-Yux, Mini Z-Yux, Elite X-Naut, X-Naut PhD, X-Yux, Mini X-Yux, Magnus von 
Grapple 2.0  
Special Moves/Items: 2 //  23/23- Aqua Star, Supernova  

Fahr Outpost  
It is STUPID cold out here (you said it Yoshi)! Spin Jump left of the pipe 
for a *Star Piece*. In front of the rightmost tree, jump to a hidden block 
which carries the *Double Dip P* badge. Head right 1x. Tattle on the new 
enemies, *Ice Puff* and *Frost Piranha*. Behind the second tree, partially 
hidden, is a *Shine Sprite*. At right in a bush is a *Star Piece*. Next 
screen. Get the *HP Plus P* badge from the item block, then walk along the 
front wall for a *Star Piece*. Head right once again to reach Fahr Outpost. 
Walk along the front wall for another *Star Piece*, then go right 1x. Get the 
Inn Coupon behind the Inn's stairs. Another *Star Piece* lies in the house 
right of the Item shop behind some boxes. A *Shine Sprite* is to the right of 
that house. Finally, Spin Jump left of the cannon for a *Star Piece*. With 
Bobbery as your partner, talk to the green Bob-omb to learn you need 
permission from Goldbob and General White before launching the cannon.  

Goldbob & General White  
Head back to Rogueport Sewers and take the shortcut pipe to Poshley Heights. 
Go left 2x and talk to Goldbob. He will ask for money. Offer him all your 
coins and say yes until he takes them. I'm not kidding, trust me. He gives 
you the Goldbob Guide...and returns your coins. See? No harm done. General 
White is not so easy to find, but we'll do it. You'll receive RDM Issue 6 in 
the e-mail. Take the shortcut pipe to Petalburg and talk to the mayor. He 
says General White moved on. Take the shortcut pipe to Keelhaul Key and talk 
to Pa-Patch at your old camp. He says you just missed 'em, mate. Head to 
Glitzville via the blimp and talk to the bartender at the Juice Bar. Missed 
him again. In case you're wondering, yes this is necessary to find him. I'm 
not pulling your leg. Go to the Great Tree (shortcut pipe) and talk to the 
first Puni there. Man, oh man. Head to Twilight Town and talk to the man in 
front of the Inn. This is getting pretty old. Go back to Fahr Outpost and 
talk to the green Bob-omb. You'll see a mustachioed man in front of that 
house in the b.g. Hmmm... Head inside that house. He's asleep, and quite a 
sound sleeper. Keep jumping on him until he wakes up. HE'S been looking 
EVERYWHERE for YOU! Grrrr... Talk to the green Bob-omb here again and in the 
left screen to start the process. You are shot to the moon. Cue Rocket Man by 
Elton John. *And I think it's going to be a long, long time*. Ahem. Gravity 
takes effect while you're moonwalking. In other words, Mario is slooooooow. 
Imagine if you wore the Slow Go badge here? Talk about cement shoes. A tip: 
Hide from the Cleft enemies by standing in the deep craters. They can't get 
inside. Ha, ha, ha. Bomb the back left rock for a Stop Watch. Save and go 
right 1x. Bomb the front cracked rock for a Volt Shroom. Keep going right. Be 
sure to tattle on the new enemy, *Moon Cleft*. Use Yoshi's Gulp and it's a 
snap. Or Bobbery's Bomb if you're low on FP. Also tattle on the *Z-Yux* and 
*Mini Z-Yux*. In the fourth area (also the last) with the fortress in the 
b.g., get a *Star Piece* behind a rock. Blow up the front one for a Power 
Punch. Bomb the back one for a pipe. Take it into the b.g., and enter the 

X-Naut Fortress  
Okay, maybe this is a close second of my favourite levels in this game. This 
is awesome! Even though Mario is unaware of where you are, it's the X-Naut 
Fortress. Take the conveyor belt up and go right 1x. Tattle on the *Elite X-
Naut*. You must fight two to proceed. Refresh and save. Awesome music, eh? 
This level is designed from its interior to its music like Mega Man, don't 
you think? I consider this whole game an homage to older games. Anyway, go 
right 2x to an electric room. The floor is electrically charged and the safe 
walking pattern flashes green when you enter. Missed it? The pattern changes 
from game to game. You can exit to refresh, but the pattern will be 
different. Open the chest for an Elevator Key. The floor turns neutral, so 
you can walk on it. Get the Super Shroom from the block, then exit. Use the 
key on the elevator and go to Sublevel 2. This is where Peach was held 
captive, but she's gone. The first door at right is a shortcut to Rogueport 
Sewers. At left is a new enemy to tattle on, *X-Naut PhD*. Not much of a 
brain, considering they're easy to beat. In the third room down, read the two 
memos for two pieces of vital information: The code for the door is 014029, 
and the switches for the crane are left, right, middle. O-kay. Doesn't mean 
much now, but it will. The next room is Grodus' chamber. A new enemy, *X-Yux* 
and its *Mini X-Yux* is there. Enter the next room in the chamber and get the 
Card Key sticking out of the computer. Go left 2x, then go two doors left of 
the green button elevator (the far left door). Another electric room. This one 
has the safe pattern on the wall. If you can't figure it out, it's down 2x 
(from the door), left 3, up 1, left 1, up all the way, left to the item 
block, down 4, left 1, down 1, left all the way, then up to the chest for 
another Card Key. The floor neutralizes. Get the Sleepy Sheep from the block, 
then exit. Go two doors right of the green-button elevator to the transporter 
room. Spring Jump through the upper right hatch that's open. If you go in the 
rightmost vent, and into the changeroom, you'll become 8-bit Mario (and your 
partners will also be 8-bit). Check out the Party section of the Start menu! 
In the air duct, go left all the way for a *Star Piece*. Use Paper Mode on 
the vent just left of where you came in. Use Koops to get the Cog. Drop down, 
and take the elevator to Sublevel 1. Go through the first door at left. Put 
the Cog in the crane, then press the buttons in order left, right, middle 
(sound familiar?) The crane is activated. Use it to get the *Star Piece* and 
the two badges, *Feeling Fine* and *Feeling Fine P*. The coins probably 
aren't worth it. A tip: The light changes when the crane is over the item, 
so that's when to press the button. Once you're finished here, exit then, 
at the far right door, enter the access code 014029. Talk to the Thwomp to 
play a little game. Here are the answers: Elevator Key, Koopie Koo, 6 feet, 
Hooktail's belly, Prince Mush. If you miss these, you fight two X-Yux. Well, 
you should win. You get another Elevator Key. Exit and take the green button 
elevator to Sublevel 2. Go right to the pink-button elevator and use the new 
key on it. Go to Sublevel 4. Head left to Peach's room. She's gone. It's so 
funny...if you go into the bathroom at left, there's an X-Naut in the tub! 
TEC's door is locked. Head to Sublevel 3. Go left to a third electric floor 
room. This is trickier. I suggest jumping to the middle block once the chain 
of three blocks lines up with the solo one. It might be fast, so wait for it 
to slow down. Stay on the middle one to be safe. Follow it along to the chest 
for the Card Key. The floor returns to normal. Get the HP Drain from the 
block, then exit. Go through the rightmost door to find 3 slots. Place the 
Card Keys (in no particular order) into the slots to advance. This part is 
just like the old Jumpman game with Donkey Kong. Fight the X-Naut, then throw 
Bobbery over the fence to bomb the switch, creating an opening. Use Paper Mode 
to slip behind it, then use Vivian to hide under the blockade. Take the 
platform up, then hop left to a pipe. Take it into the b.g. You can go across, 
then up and left to an Ultra Shroom. Make your way right to a cog. Carefully 
hop across to another, then into a pipe that is encased. In the f.g. now, head 
right & hit the blue switch to form stairs. Take the pipe here into the b.g., 
go right to the high pipe (over the enclosure, use the platforms at right, not 
the cogs). Take it and use the airplane panel to fly left to a Card Key. Drop 
down, refresh and save, then use the pipe to go through the b.g. area again. 
Take the encased pipe back, then use the stairs to reach the door. Prepare 
yourself for battle, then insert the Card Key, and enter. Lord Crump has 
"improved" (though not to the greatest extent) the Magnus von Grapple to 
create *Magnus von Grapple 2.0*. Boy, what a tease. Goombella is a great 
partner here. Tattle of course, then use Power Smash on Magnus himself, and 
Goombella's Multibonk. Rid him of his strong X-Punches. The fists have high 
attack power, so beat them when they appear. A good backup is using Art Attack 
and Bobbery's Bobomblast move or Vivian's Fiery Jinx. Halfway through the 
battle, Magnus eats audience members and catapults them at you. Try to block 
with A, and be sure to heal yourself if you're in trouble. He's not impossibly 
hard. When you win, you get the last Crystal Star and you learn the awesome 
move, Supernova.  

"Meanwhile..." Cinemas  
Bowser arrives in Poshley Heights. Check the door of the sanctum. Locked. He 
pounds it down. Huzzah! Enter the sanctum and he will nab the Crystal Star. 
Um, Bowser, it's a fake. What a dum-dum. Say Koopa Koot if you've played 
Paper Mario, because his line is so funny. So is Pennington's. LUIGI beat me 
here?!?!?! Wow, that's pretty bad, Bowser. Notice the Paragoomba settles on 
Pennington's head. He he he. Onward!  
Only one cinema?!?!? Well, this is kind of a cinema, but Mario's involved. Go 
left 1x and take the first elevator to Sublevel 4 and right to TEC's room. The 
door is now unlocked and the power flickers on. TEC explains the situation and 
powers the teleporter so you can return to Rogueport. What a hero! The rooms 
are now infra-red! Neat. Head back a screen and use the elevator again to reach 
Sublevel 2.  Head two doors left to the teleporter room. Press the button and 
step into the portal to be swept away to Rogueport. So long, TEC.  

Prep for Chapter 8  
Exit the room to be in the west sewers. Frankly calls you over, then heads to 
the Thousand Year Door. The last issue of RDM arrives. Oh boy, I'm going to 
miss that (dripping sarcasm). But seriously, it was cute and creative. At 
this point, you should complete all side quests, except for the Pit of 100 
Trials now. Get all the Shine Sprites, Star Pieces, Merlon's upgrades (just 
Flurrie and Ms. Mowz left), Troubles, and any other nitpicky things. You 
will have two badges to get in Chapter 8, and 10 from the Pit. All others 
should be available to you now. When you're ready, head to the Thousand Year 
Door, and step on the pedestal. Amazing effects, eh? The door soon opens. 
Oooh, spooky. Frankly stays behind. He sounds weird. Enter the...gotta love 
this name...Palace of Shadow.


                    *Chapter 8:  The Thousand-Year Door*

Badges:  2+  //  100/100- All or Nothing, P-Up D-Down P, plus 46 badges from 
Dazzle and Badge Shop (see Star Pieces & Shops sections) 
Shine Sprites: 0  //  42/42 
Star Pieces: 0  //  100/100 
Partners Gained: 0 //  7/7 
New Enemies Tattled On:  13+  //  124/124- Swoopula, Dry Bones, Bombshell Bill, 
B. Bill Blaster, Phantom Ember, Dark Bones, Chain Chomp, Dark Wizzerd, 
Gloomtail, Grodus, Grodux X, Kammy Koopa, Shadow Queen, plus 17 remaining
enemies in the Pit of 100 Trials 
Special Moves/Items: Beating the game  

Palace of Shadow  
Fancy digs, eh? Head right 1x. Get the Stopwatch in the upper crevice, then 
head right. Tattle on the *Swoopula*, then go right 1x. Hit the item block for 
a Shooting Star, then tattle on the *Dry Bones*. Go down the stairs and be 
sure to tattle on the *Bombshell Bill* and *B. Bill Blaster*. Vivian is great 
at dodging the bills in the field and fighting in battle. Go right 1x. Hit 
the red item block for the *All or Nothing* badge. Watch out for the spikes. 
If your badge lands in the spikes, use Koops to get it or exit and come back 
in, and it will reset. Head through the door and save here. Jump over the 
rotating flames (reminiscent of SMB). If you jump over them several times, 
they will go faster and eventually disappear leaving behind several coins. 
Anyway, head right and tattle on the *Phantom Ember*. Hit the invisible item 
block above the double-flame chain for a Boo's Sheet. This next part is 
tricky. The most fun way to beat this is using Tube Mode. Roll under the high 
flames and jump over the low ones until you reach the end. Go through the 
door and talk to the blue pile of bones at the locked door. This seems 
strangely familiar...Aaaaahhh! It's raining men...I mean, bones :o) Use the 
hammer to break through the mob, eventually reaching the *Dark Bones*. Tattle 
on him. Beat the weaker enemies first, then devote all your power to the Dark 
one. When you win, you get the Palace Key. Unlock the door. Get the Ultra 
Shroom from the item block. Go through two sets of B. Bill Blasters (Vivian 
is great for dodging the Bills). When you clear the room, go through the door 
right. Get the *P-Up D-Down P* badge and the Jammin Jelly (and 1 coin if you 
want) from the item blocks, then go right 1x. This is taken from Paper Mario 
(N64). Go through the doors where the torch beside it is lit. Okay, lazy, 
it's lower right 2x, upper right 2x, lower right, upper right, lower right. 
Ooh, an underground city (of lore?). Go over the bridge and tattle on the 
*Chain Chomp*. Yoshi's Gulp saves the day. Refresh and save here, then go 
right 1x. Tattle on the *Dark Wizzerd*, then go right again. Fight the Chomp 
again, then right 2x to two Phantom Embers. Save here and adjust your badges 
accordingly. Time for a fight. *Gloomtail* is the brother of Hooktail (who 
ironically is a girl). I suggest using Defend Plus/P, Pretty Lucky, Feeling 
Fine/P, and your usual Power Smash, plus Happy Heart, Happy Flower, HP/FP 
Plus and any other badges you like to fight this boss. Tattle first. 
Goombella is actually a good partner for this fight. Use Power Smash and 
Multibonk. If Goombella is knocked down, use Bobbery (Bomb) or Flurrie (Lip 
Lock) against the dragon. When Gloomtail charges up an attack, use Vivian's 
Veil to hide. This is not an impossible fight, but somewhat tough. If you 
have a strong HP/FP/BP status, you should do well. When you win, he spits out 
a chest. Open it for the Star Key. Use Bobbery to bomb the right wall and 
enter a tunnel to get a Jammin Jelly and Ultra Shroom. Go left until you 
reach the underground city (of lore). Throw Bobbery into a Chomp statue to 
reveal a pipe. Take it into the b.g. and hit the blue switch to reveal a Boat 
Panel. Do the same for the other Chomp statue. Refresh, save, then take the 
south panel to the building in the centre. Entrez!  

Palace Labyrinth  
This is like the Crystal Palace in Paper Mario. We have to solve several 
small puzzles to contribute to a bigger one. Okay. Enter the door in the
lower right. 

Use Flurrie to blow the barrier in front of the sign. Open the chest for a 
Palace Key (#1). We'll be collecting many of these. Exit and go in the room 
above it. Walk through the wall, hit the blue block, and collect the Palace 
Key (#2). Exit and go in the upper left door. Hammer the gray block at 
left, exit and take the stairs to the second floor. Enter the corresponding 
door, hammer both gray blocks, and go back down to the first floor in the 
upper left room. Hit the blue block for another Palace Key (#3). Hammer the 
gray block, go back up to the second floor upper left room, and hit the blue 
block there for a Palace Key (#4). Go back down to the first floor and enter 
the lower left door. Hit the left block 3x and the right one 2x for another 
Palace Key (#5). Go to the second floor and into the lower right room. Hide 
under the floor with Vivian to spot an invisible blue block. Come back up and 
hit it for another Palace Key (#6). Exit and go through the upper right door. 
Use Bobbery to bomb the right wall for another Palace Key (#7). Exit and go 
to the lower left door. Defeat the enemies in order from weakest to hardest 
(Dull, Red, Dry, Dark). Dull Bones is greenish, Red is red, Dry is gray and 
Dark is blue. Hit the block that appears for the Palace Key (#8). Take the 
stairs to the third floor. What a brilliant display! Put the Star Key in its 
slot to make several pillars with key holes appear. In case you haven't 
figured it out, put all 8 Palace Keys in the slots. The display (the solar 
system?) rotates and forms stairs in the main palace leading down into the 
basement level. Interesting turn of events. Go down two levels and exit the 
palace. Take the Boat Panel south, then refresh and save here. Go right as if 
entering the main palace again. I smell trouble. The Shadow Sirens appear. It 
turns out Doopliss disguised himself as Professor Frankly, allowing them to 
enter the Thousand Year Door with us. Oh crud. Time to battle. These guys are 
as easy as they were before. Beat Marilyn first as she's the toughest, then 
Doopliss, then big-mouth Beldam. After the battle, they're seeing stars. 
Refresh and save again, then enter the right door for real this time.  

Depths of the Palace  
Go down the newly formed stairs. Spring Jump under the item block to get 
Thunder Rage. Go right and use Flurrie to blow off the wallpaper. Take the 
stairs up and left, using Yoshi to hover to the door. Take it inside. Use 
Koops' delayed hit on the switch and take Mario up the left stairs. Let Koops 
go to reveal a platform. Take it across, get the Repel Cape in the item 
block, then go through the door. Go left through another door. Hit the green 
block, and take the right door. Use Yoshi to hover across. Jump into the pit. 
You can't use Koops here, so hit the purple switch, jump quickly to the 
purple block, then just as quickly use Yoshi to hover right about halfway up. 
Hover again to the door. Spring Jump to reach the piping and do this 2x to 
reach the end door. Go up the short flight of stairs, and use Bobbery to bomb 
the switch in the pit. Go across using the platform, fight the Chomp, then go 
up to save. Go right and use Yoshi to hover to the centre platform of the cog 
below. Hover again to the Palace Key. Go back up and unlock the left door. 
Use Spring Jump to get the Life Shroom, then go up the stairs. Use Paper Mode 
to get through the narrow parts. Fight the Dark Wizzerd to clear the area, 
then hit the blocks in order (from left to right): # 1, 3, 4, 6. Something 
good happens. Go back one room and right. The cog is now rotating. Jump to 
it, get the Life Shroom from the block in the top centre of the cog, then go 
through the right door. Use Flurrie to blow off the paper, then hammer the 
big block. Spin Jump through the wooden panel to reach the floor below. 
Hammer the block for a coin, jump above it for a Point Swap, then go south. 
Head right slowly across the narrow path to the door. Use the airplane panel 
and fly to the first door you see. Go down the stairs and hit the red block, 
then quickly use Yoshi to ride right, up the stairs and across to the left. 
Open the chest for a Palace Key. Go back 1x, and hover with Yoshi right as 
far as you can. If you fall, go to the far left and take the spring. You'll 
first land on a Life Shroom, then hover again to a Shooting Star. Drop down, 
go left and use the spring to get back up. Fly to the far right door, unlock 
it, and enter. Refresh and save here, then enter the door for another fight. 
It's *Grodus*! Man, is he ug-ly. In battle, tattle first, then use Vivian or 
Yoshi or any multiple attack moves to hid him of the *Grodus X* (which you 
should also tattle on). Once Grodus is free of his X's, attack him with no 
mercy. Power Smash big time! Special Moves like Earth Tremor and Art Attack 
are also great for ridding the field of Grodus X's. Pretty easy battle. When 
you win, Grodus reveals Peach. He'll zap you with lightning. Say attack, and 
just as Grodus is about to finish you, there is a rumbling sound. Huh? Bowser 
drops on in. How you doin'? Now you must fight him and *Kammy Koopa*. Bowser 
is already tattled, but she is not, so do so. Beat Kammy first as she is 
weaker in HP, but offers good effects for Bowser or bad ones to you. Art 
Attack is a good move, as well as multiple moves that hit both enemies. Once 
Kammy is down, whack Bowser with Power Smash and your typical major attacks. 
Bowser's attacks are bite, bad breath or stomping, which can take away an 
ability temporarily if you don't guard with A. Bobbery's Bobomblast is a good 
multiple attack, as is Vivian's Fiery Jinx. When Kammy is down, use strong 
single attacks. Not too shabby. When Grodus runs off, go back left to refresh 
and save, then follow them right. Open the chest here for an Ultra Shroom, 
then go down the stairs (huff, I say) to another chest (Jammin Jelly). Adjust 
your badges accordingly. I suggest any or all of these badges: Power Smash, 
Feeling Fine/P, Lucky Day/Start/Pretty Lucky/Close Call, HP Plus/P, FP Plus, 
Happy Heart, Happy Flower, Power Rush, Zap Tap, Last Stand, Power Plus/P, and 
Power Bounce/Jump. Save, then enter the door.  

Final Battle  
After a long cinema, the witch is freed. Yikes! Say no to her offer. Tattle 
on the *Shadow Queen*. This is the first of three phases. Attack her with all 
you have, any attacks you like: Power Smash, Multibonk, whatever. It doesn't 
matter if you use up a lot of FP or Star Power, just as long as you keep your 
HP fairly intact. As for partners, Goombella is good enough. After losing 
around 50-100 HP of her own, she will form phase two. Here, she is 
impenetrable. No attack works. But you MUST attack her for every turn 
otherwise the battle will never end. Attack her for all your turns unless you 
are dying and need replenishing. After 3 turns of attacking only, she will 
consume the audience to max out her HP. She makes another offer, one we can 
refuse. Suddenly, the Crystal Stars come to life. They return to their 
rightful homes where the people you met throughout your quest offer their 
support. Aw, how cute. Then, Peach comes to life and refills all your HP, FP 
and Star Power for you and all your partners. Sweet! Now it's time for a REAL 
battle. You can attack the Queen now. Koops is a great partner as his Power 
Shell can defeat the two hands and damage the Queen for cheap FP. Use Power 
Smash on the Queen, and the occasional Special Move if you want. Anything 
goes! Your first Bingo seems to always be a Shine Sprite Bingo. I swear that 
it's by design. I've played the game several times and it's always been that 
way. Remember to guard with A always. When the Queen powers up an attack, use 
Vivian's Veil to hide. When Koops is exhausted, use Bobbery's Bobomblast. 
After that, Vivian's Fiery Jinx as a last resort as it's not as effective. 
Hopefully you have a lot of Ultra Shrooms and Jammin Jellies. I would use 
Sweet Feast before you use items to refresh your status. Use them carefully. 
I suggest using them when you're at 20 HP or under. Deliver the last blow and 
YOU WIN! Congratulations, oh heroic one! Enjoy the satisfying end cinema. 
there until the end credits are finished and you can save your game! If you 
turn it off (like I was so foolish to do once), you'll have to fight the 
Shadow Queen again, and trust me, you don't want to do that! After saving, 
you can reopen the same file and continue collecting stuff in Rogueport. You 
can do the Pit of 100 Trials, and three more Troubles at the Trouble Center, 
as well as getting all the badges, recipes, and tattles you want.



There are so many items in this game, but it seems too important to pass up 
making a complete list, so why not? They are categorized by their use (Attack, 
Defense, Recovery, Effect, Important, Healing). Many items are found in shops 
or by defeating enemies on the field. Unusual items have a location listed, as 
well as all items' uses. Zess T.'s recipes are not included (see Recipes 
section instead). 

Attack Items:

Earth Quake 
Effect: Attacks all enemies, flips over some. 

Fire Flower 
Effect: Burns enemies and does 3 HP of damage. 

HP Drain 
Effect: Takes 5 HP from one enemy and adds it your own HP. 

Ice Storm 
Effect: Freezes non-ice enemies and does 3 HP of damage. 

POW Block 
Effect: Does 2 HP of damage to all enemies. 

Shooting Star 
Effect: Damages all enemies, can confuse enemies 

Thunder Bolt 
Effect: Does 5 HP of damage to one enemy

Thunder Rage 
Effect: Does 5 HP of damage to each enemy. 

Defense Items:

Boo's Sheet 
Effect: Makes you invisible, immune to all attacks for about 2 turns. 

Courage Shell 
Effect: Raises defense by 2. 

Repel Cape 
Effect: Makes you dodgy for about 2 turns, increases chances of avoiding

Volt Shroom 
Effect: Electrifies you, dealing 1 HP of damage to enemies who attack 

Recovery Items:

Cake Mix 
Effect: Recovers 3 HP, but is best used in recipes. 
Found: Pianta Parlour (6 piantas, equivalent of 18 coins)

Effect: Recovers 3 HP, but is best used in recipes. 
Found: Keelhaul Key (hammer the tree off the bridge)

Dried Bouquet 
Effect: Recovers 1 HP, but is best used in recipes. 
Found: Reward for Bubulber's trouble at Trouble Center; after the
trouble is finished, bring Bubulber a Hot Dog in exchange for one

Dried Shroom 
Effect: Recovers 1 HP. 

Fresh Pasta 
Effect: Recovers 10 HP and 5 FP. 
Found: Poshley Heights kiosk for 50 coins each.

Golden Leaf 
Effect: Recovers 10 FP. 
Found: Creepy Steeple 

Honey Syrup 
Effect: Recovers 5 FP. 

Effect: Recovers 3 FP. 
Found: Petal Meadows (hammer the blue candy cane just before the bridge

Hot Dog 
Effect: Recovers 5 HP and 5 FP. 
Found: Hoggle's Hot Dog Stand in Glitzville 

Jammin' Jelly 
Effect: Recovers 50 FP 

Keel Mango 
Effect: Recovers 5 HP. 
Found: Keelhaul Key 

Life Shroom 
Effect: When you or your partner hit 0 HP, you automatically 
regain 10 HP. 

Maple Syrup 
Effect: Recovers 10 FP. 

Effect: Recovers 5 HP. 

Mystic Egg 
Effect: Recovers 5 HP. 
Found: Reward for Petuni's trouble at Trouble Center 

Peachy Peach 
Effect: Recovers 1 HP and 2 FP. 
Found: Twilight Town inn (free after a rest) 

Super Shroom 
Effect: Recovers 10 HP. 

Tasty Tonic 
Effect: Cures poisoning and shrinking. 

Turtley Leaf 
Effect: Recovers 3 FP. 
Found:  Petalburg (reward from Kroop's Trouble and from shaking
the bushes by his house--sneak through the fence to find them).

Ultra Shroom 
Effect: Recovers 50 HP. 

Whacka Bump 
Effect: Recovers 25 HP and 25 FP. 
Found: Keelhaul Key, hammer the Whacka 

Effect Items:

Dizzy Dial 
Effect: Makes some enemies dizzy. 

Fright Mask 
Effect: Summons an apparition of Bowser to scare away some enemies. 

Gradual Syrup 
Effect: Slowly refills FP. 

Hot Sauce 
Effect: Recovers 5 HP, but is best used in recipes. 
Location: Reward for rat businessman in Glitzville's trouble; costs
10 coins each after the trouble is finished

Inn Coupon 
Effect: Stay at an Inn free of charge. 

Mini Mr. Mini 
Effect: Shrinks enemies, reducing their attack power. 

Mr. Softener 
Effect: Drops enemies' defense by 3. 

Effect: Random item 

Point Swap 
Effect: Switch HP with your partner. 

Power Punch 
Effect: Increases your attack power for about 2 turns. 

Ruin Powder 
Effect: Confuses some enemies so they miss or misjudge attacks. 

Sleepy Sheep 
Effect: Makes some enemies fall asleep. 

Slow Shroom 
Effect: Slowly refills you & your partner's HP. 

Spite Pouch 
Effect: When an enemy attacks directly, they take half the damage. 

Stop Watch 
Effect: Freezes time, making all enemies vulnerable. 

Important Items:

Effect: From the engineer for Bub's birthday 
Location: Excess Express 

Battle Trunks 
Effect: Dirty sports trunks to dispose of for the Trouble Center. 
Location: Glitz Pit in Glitzville 

Black Key 
Effect: To open black chests to receive a "curse" (special paper 

Effect: For the train conductor that was in the ghost's room. 
Location: Excess Express 

Blimp Ticket 
Effect: From Don Pianta to ride the Cheep Cheep Blimp to 
Location: Don Pianta 

Blue Key 
Effect: Opens the cell door of the Punies. 
Location: Great Tree 

Blue Potion 
Effect: Used to make Peach invisible. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Effect: A package to dispose of for a Goomba at Trouble Center. 
Location: Back alley of Rogueport Plaza

Effect: Recovered for the rat businessman from Doopliss (posing 
as Zip Toad) 
Location: Excess Express 

Card Key 
Effect: Used to open doors in the X-Naut Fortress. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Castle Key 
Effect: Opens locked doors in Hooktail's Castle. 
Location: Hooktail Castle 

Cave Key 
Effect: Opens a door in Pirate's Grotto. 
Location: Pirate's Grotto 

Champ's Belt 
Effect: A reward for becoming the new champion in Glitzville. 
Location: Glitz Pit in Glitzville

Chuckola Cola 
Effect: A bottle of soda as Bobbery's last request. 
Location: Keelhaul Key 

Effect: Used to operate the crane in the X-Naut Fortress. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Contact Lens 
Effect: A replacement for Zess T.'s that you broke, opening the 
west side. 
Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar in Rogueport (on order) 

Effect: Allows Zess T. to cook with two ingredients. 
Location: Creepy Steeple 

Data Disk 
Effect: Retrieve for TEC in Grodus' chamber as Peach. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Dubious Paper 
Effect: Found in minor league locker room, confiscated by Jolene, 
contains data on Crystal Stars. 
Location: Glitz Pit in Glitzville

Elevator Key 
Effect: Used to operate the elevators in X-Naut Fortress. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Floodgate Handle 
Effect: Raises a watery gate in Pirate's Grotto. 
Location: Pirate's Grotto 

Galley Pot 
Effect: Stolen by fat toad from Chef Shimi. 
Location: Excess Express. 

Gold Bar 
Effect: Increases the amount of coins you can carry. 
Location: Pianta Parlor, Underground Shop 

Gold Bar x 3 
Effect: Increases the amount of coins you can carry threefold. 
The purpose of gold bars is to change money to items and back, 
so you can have more than 999 coins.  I.e. spend all 999 coins,
then sell the gold bar/gold bar x3 to rack up another 999 or so
Location: Pianta Parlor, Underground Shop 

Gold Card 
Effect: Allows you to access Tube Mode game at Pianta Parlour. 
Location: Trouble Center (Frankie) 

Gold Ring 
Effect: Stolen by Doopliss (posing as Zip Toad) from Toodles. 
Location: Excess Express 

Goldbob Guide 
Effect: Allows you use the cannon in Fahr Outpost to reach the 
Location: Poshley Heights 

Green Potion 
Effect: Needed to make Peach invisible. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

House Key 
Effect: Trouble Center (Garf) 
Location: Robbo Turf, east side of Rogueport 

Lottery Ticket 
Effect: A permanent pass to try the Happy Lucky Lottery once daily 
to win coins. 
Location: Rogueport, West Side 

Mailbox SP 
Effect: Mario's e-mail system under Gear, Important Items in menu. 
Location: Start Menu 

Moon Stone 
Effect: A stone key to access Hooktail's Castle. 
Location: Shhwonk Fortress 

Effect: Found by Vivian, belongs to Flurrie. 
Location: Boggly Woods 

Old Letter 
Effect: To Bobbery from his widow Scarlette, kept by Podley. 
Location: Rogueport Inn 

Palace Key 
Effect: Opens a new path in the palace. 
Location: Palace of Shadow 

Platinum Card 
Effect: Allows you to play the Boat Mode game at Pianta Parlour. 
Location: Trouble Center (Toodless) 

Effect: Deliver it from Bub to his mother in Trouble Center. 
Location: Poshley Heights 

Puni Orb 
Effect: The symbol of the Puni tribe, used in portals as a 
Location: Great Tree 

Ragged Diary 
Effect: Belongs to a ghost on the train. If you read it, you get 
a game over. It's short anyway. 
Location: Excess Express 

Red Key 
Effect: Let's you open the red cell containing the Puni Elder. 
Location: Great Tree 

Red Potion 
Effect: Used to turn Peach invisible. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Routing Slip 
Effect: From Mayor Dour at Trouble Center for mayors of other 
towns to see. 
Location: Twilight Town 

Shell Earrings 
Effect: Stolen by Doopliss (posing as Zip Toad) from the waitress. 
Location: Excess Express 

Silver Card 
Effect: Allows you to access the Paper Mode game at Pianta Parlour. 
Location: Trouble Center (Pine T. Jr.) 

Skull Gem 
Effect: An heirloom from Flavio that opens the entrance to Pirate's 
Location: Keelhaul Key 

Special Card 
Effect: Allows you access to Plane Mode game at Pianta Parlour. 
Location: Trouble Center (Koopook) 

Star Key 
Effect: After beating Gloomtail, allows you to open a new path in 
the palace. 
Location: Palace of Shadow 

Station Key 
Effect: From the conductor, opens Riverside Station. 
Location: Riverside Station 

Steeple Key 
Effect: Opens a door in Creepy Steeple. 
Location: Creepy Steeple 

Storage Key 
Effect: Opens the storage room in the Glitz Pit. 
Location: Glitzville 

Strange Sack 
Effect: Lets you carry 20 items at once (up from 10). 
Location: Level 50, Pit of 100 Trials 

Sun Stone 
Effect: A stone key that helps open the way to Hooktail's Castle. 
Location: Shhwonk Fortress 

Super Luigi 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 
Effect: Books about Luigi's adventures. 
Location: Toad Bros. Bazaar 

Effect: An attack item from the Shadow Sirens that breaks & later 
explodes for Bowser & Lord Crump. 
Location: Twilight Town 

The Letter "p" 
Effect: Retrieved to guess Doopliss' name. 
Location: Creepy Steeple 

Train Ticket 
Effect: From Don Pianta to board the Excess Express train to Poshley 
Location: Don Pianta 

Ultra Stone 
Effect: Found by Merlon to upgrade each partner a second time. 
Location: Shine Shop 

Up Arrow 
Effect: Found in a cave as a hint for Merlon to find the Ultra Stone. 
Location: Hooktail's Castle 

Vital Paper 
Effect: Found in Grubba's office, detailing his evil plan. 
Location: Glitz Pit 

Wedding Ring 
Effect: Frankie & Francesca's bands that they both lose. 
Location: Keelhaul Key, Trouble Center 

Wrestling Mag 
Effect: From Jolene for Toodless in Trouble Center 
Location: Glitz Pit 

Yellow Potion 
Effect: Used to turn Peach invisible. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Mario’s Equipment:

Magical Map 
Effect: Shows the path to the next Crystal Star when shown 
before the Thousand-Year Door. 
Location: Given to Mario by Peach in the Prologue. 

Diamond Star 
Effect: A Crystal Star from defeating Hooktail, Earth Tremor 
special move. 
Location: Hooktail Castle 

Emerald Star 
Effect: A Crystal Star from defeating Magnus von Grapple, 
Clock Out special move. 
Location: Great Tree 

Gold Star 
Effect: A Crystal Star from defeating Macho Grubba, Power 
Lift special move. 
Location: Glitzville 

Ruby Star 
Effect: A Crystal Star from defeating Doopliss, Art Attack 
special move. 
Location: Creepy Steeple 

Sapphire Star 
Effect: A Crystal Star from defeating Cortez, Sweet Feast 
special move. 
Location: Pirate's Grotto 

Garnet Star 
Effect: A Crystal Star from defeating Smorg, but retrieved 
after, Showstopper special move. 
Location: Poshley Sanctum 

Crystal Star 
Effect: THE Crystal Star from defeating Magnus von Grapple 
2.0, Supernova special move. 
Location: X-Naut Fortress 

Hammer & Boots 
Effect: For basic jump & hammer attacks. 
Location: Starting items 

Super Boots 
Effect: For Spin Jump attack, doubling the Boots' attack 
Location: Great Tree 

Super Hammer 
Effect: For Super Hammer attack, doubling the Hammer's 
attack power. 
Location: Glitzville 

Ultra Boots 
Effect: For Spring Jump attack, tripling the Boots' 
attack power. 
Location: Riverside Station. 

Ultra Hammer 
Effect: For Ultra Hammer attack, tripling the Hammer's 
attack power. 
Location: Rogueport Plaza 



Badges are extremely useful tools to win fights. They are found, 
rewarded with, or purchased. Sellers include Dazzle (trade for Star 
Pieces in west end of Rogueport sewers), Rogueport Badge Shop (in main 
plaza) and Charlieton (merchant in main plaza or Pit of 100 Trials). 
Some badges are multiples. If you get a multiple, you can sell it, or 
use both if you prefer. Below is a list of badges, how to get them, and 
their uses.  There are 85 single badges or a grand total of 100 
(including multiples)

Power Jump 
Use: Increases jump attack power by 2 in battle. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Use: Use jump attack on all enemies in battle. 
Acquired: Shhwonk Fortress 

Shrink Stomp 
Use: Jump on enemy in battle to shrink him, causing attack and defense 
to drop. 
Acquired: Great Tree 

Sleepy Stomp 
Use: Jump on enemy in battle to make him fall asleep. 
Acquired: 10th Floor, Pit of 100 Trials 

Soft Stomp 
Use: Jump on enemy in battle to reduce his defense 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers 

Tornado Jump 
Use: Jump on enemy with increased velocity. 
Acquired: Creepy Steeple 

Power Bounce 
Use: Multiple jump attack based on number of perfect Action Commands. 
Acquired: Hooktail’s Castle 

Power Smash 
Use: Increases hammer attack by 2. 
Acquired: Professor Frankly 

Piercing Blow 
Use: Hammer attack that decreases enemy’s defense. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Hammer Throw 
Use: Throw hammer at any enemy in battle. 
Acquired: Twilight Trail 

Head Rattle 
Use: Hammer attack. 
Acquired: Keelhaul Key 

Ice Smash 
Use: Hammer attack to freeze enemies. 
Acquired: Creepy Steeple 

Quake Hammer 
Use: Hammer attack that shakes the ground, affecting all enemies, 
bringing down high ones and flipping over some enemies. 
Acquired: Boggly Woods 

Fire Drive 
Use: Hammer attack with fire. 
Acquired: 20th level, Pit of 100 Trials 

Use: Gradually increase power of attack, a Tactic. 
Acquired: Great Tree 

Charge P 
Use: Allows partner to gradually increase power of attack, a Tactic. 
Acquired: Glitzville (Storage Room). 

Double Dip (x2) 
Use: Use two items in one turn. 
Acquired: Robbo Turf; 60th Level, Pit of 100 Trials 

Double Dip P (x2) 
Use: Allows partner to use two items in one turn. 
Acquired: Fahr Outpost; 70th Level, Pit of 100 Trials 

HP Plus (x2) 
Use: Increases HP by 5. 
Acquired: Hooktail’s Castle; Riverside Station 

HP Plus P (x2) 
Use: Increases partner’s HP by 5. 
Acquired: Fahr Outpost; Glitzville, Storage Room 

FP Plus (x2) 
Use: Increases FP by 5. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers; Great Tree 

Power Plus (x2) 
Use: Increases jump and hammer attacks by 1. 
Acquired: Dazzle; Creepy Steeple 

Power Plus P (x2) 
Use: Increases partner’s attacks by 1. 
Acquired: Dazzle; Glitzville 

All or Nothing 
Use: Increases attack by 1 if Action Command is successful; 
no damage if failed. 
Acquired: Palace of Shadow 

Use: Increases jump power, but disables hammer. 
Acquired: Charlieton 

Use: Increases hammer power, but disables jump 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

P-Up D-Down 
Use: Raises attack power by 1, but lowers defense by 1. 
Acquired: Riverside Station 

P-Up D-Down P 
Use: Raises partner’s attack power by 1, but lowers defense 
by 1. 
Acquired: Palace of Shadow 

P-Down D-Up 
Use: Raises defense by 1, but decreases attack power by 1. 
Acquired: Pirate’s Grotto 

P-Down D-Up P 
Use: Raises partner’s defense by 1, but decreases attack power 
by 1. 
Acquired: Boggly Woods 

Damage Dodge 
Use: Defense raised by 1 for every successful Guard Action 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers 

Damage Dodge P 
Use: Partner’s defense raised by 1 for every successful Guard 
Action Command. 
Acquired: Great Tree 

Defend Plus (x2) 
Use: Raises defense by 1. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers; Twilight Town 

Defend Plus P (x2) 
Use: Raises partner’s defense by 1. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers; Pirate’s Grotto 

Double Pain 
Use: Doubles damage received. 
Acquired: Charlieton 

Power Rush 
Use: Increases attack power by 2 when in Danger (has 5 HP 
or less). 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Power Rush P 
Use: Increases partner’s attack power by 2 when in Danger. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Last Stand 
Use: Cuts damage received in half when in Danger. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop; Glitzville

Last Stand P 
Use: Cuts partner’s damage received in half when in Danger. 
Acquired: Hooktail’s Castle 

Mega Rush 
Use: Increases attack power by 5 when in Peril (1 HP left). 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Mega Rush P 
Use: Increases partner’s attack power by 5 when in Peril. 
Acquired: Petalburg 

Close Call 
Use: Causes some enemies to miss attacks when in Danger. 
Acquired: Petal Meadows 

Close Call P 
Use: Causes some enemies to miss attacks when partner is 
in Danger. 
Acquired: Riverside Station 

Pretty Lucky 
Use: Causes some enemies to miss attacks at any time. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers 

Pretty Lucky P 
Use: Causes some enemies to miss attacks on your partner at 
any time. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Lucky Day 
Use: Causes enemies to miss attacks more often. 
Acquired: 90th Level, Pit of 100 Trials 

Lucky Start 
Use: Rewards you with a increased attack, defense or an 
electric charge before battle. 
Acquired: Creepy Steeple (Atomic Boo) 

Happy Heart (x2) 
Use: Restores 1 HP per turn during battle. 
Acquired: Petal Meadows; Dazzle 

Happy Heart P (x2) 
Use: Restores 1 HP per partner’s turn during battle. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers; Dazzle 

Happy Flower (x2) 
Use: Restores 1 FP per turn. 
Acquired: Dazzle; Rogueport Badge Shop 

Flower Saver (x2) 
Use: Cuts FP used on attack by 1. 
Acquired: Dazzle; Creepy Steeple 

Flower Saver P (x2) 
Use: Cuts FP used on attack by partner by 1. 
Acquired: Dazzle; Rogueport Sewers 

Pity Flower 
Use: Sometimes restores 1 FP when attacked. 
Acquired: 40th Level, Pit of 100 Trials 

HP Drain 
Use: Restores 1 HP per turn, but decreases attack power by 1. 
Acquired: Rogueport 

HP Drain P 
Use: Restores 1 HP for partner per turn, but decreases attack 
power by 1. 
Acquired: Poshley Heights 

FP Drain 
Use: Restores 1 FP per turn, but decreases attack power by 1. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Heart Finder 
Use: More hearts appear in the field after a battle (restores 
Acquired: Dazzle 

Flower Finder 
Use: More flowers appear in the field after a battle (restores 
Acquired: Dazzle 

Item Hog 
Use: More likely that items will appear in the field after a 
Acquired: Dazzle 

Ice Power 
Use: Jump on fire enemies without taking damage. 
Acquired: Keelhaul Key 

Spike Shield 
Use: Jump on spiky enemies without taking damage. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers 

Zap Tap 
Use: Makes Mario constantly electrified in battle, causing 
enemies who touch him to lose 1 HP. 
Acquired: 30th Level, Pit of 100 Trials 

Return Postage 
Use: Half the damage you receive in battle is dealt to your 
enemy when touched. 
Acquired: 100th Level, Pit of 100 Trials (Bonetail) 

Feeling Fine 
Use: Immune to dizziness and poison attacks. 
Acquired: X-Naut Fortress 

Feeling Fine P 
Use: Partner is immune to dizziness and poison attacks. 
Acquired: X-Naut Fortress 

Use: When items are used in battle, some coins are returned 
based on store prices. 
Acquired: Pianta Parlor 

Money Money 
Use: More coins appear in the field after battle. 
Acquired: Pianta Parlor 

Super Appeal 
Use: More Star Power is applied when using Appeal in battle. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Super Appeal P (x2) 
Use: More Star Power is applied when partner uses Appeal in 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop; Boggly Woods (Flurrie’s House) 

Use: Makes enemy’s HP visible constantly. 
Acquired: Dazzle 

Quick Change 
Use: Allows you to switch partners without losing a turn 
Acquired: Dazzle 

Timing Tutor 
Use: Indicates with a ! when to press A for a Stylish move. 
Acquired: Charlieton 

Use: Makes Action Commands easier, but earn less Star Power. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Use: Makes Action Commands harder, but earns more Star Power. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Chill Out 
Use: Prevents enemies from getting the First Strike on the field. 
Acquired: Dazzle 

First Attack 
Use: Allows you to defeat a weaker enemy on the field with a First 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

Bump Attack 
Use: Allows you to defeat a weaker enemy on the field by touching 
Acquired: 80th Level, Pit of 100 Trials 

Attack FX R 
Use: Changes sound of attack to a cricket chirp. 
Acquired: Hooktail’s Castle 

Attack FX Y 
Use: Changes sound of attack to metal clanging. 
Acquired: Dazzle 

Attack FX B 
Use: Changes sound of attack to smacking. 
Acquired: Hooktail’s Castle (via Trouble Center) 

Attack FX G 
Use: Changes sound of attack to laughing. 
Acquired: Charlieton 

Attack FX P 
Use: Changes sound of attack to groaning. 
Acquired: Rogueport Badge Shop 

L Emblem 
Use: Lets Mario wear Luigi’s clothes (green). 
Acquired: Poshley Heights (Sanctum) 

W Emblem 
Use: Lets Mario wear Wario’s clothes (yellow). 
Acquired: Charlieton 

Slow Go 
Use: Slows down Mario’s walking speed. 
Acquired: Charlieton 


                                   *Shine Sprites*

There are 42 in total. Take them to Merlon at the Shine Sprite Shop in 
Rogueport for partner upgrades. 

Rogueport Plaza: 

1) Use Yoshi to hover under the bridge at Robbo Turf, use Paper Mode to 
slip through the crates on the roof of the rightmost house. 

2) Use Yoshi to hover under the bridge in Robbo Turf. Climb to the roof, 
hop to the next one, then to the back red one. Bingo! 

3) In the West side, enter the rightmost house, use Tube Mode through the 
hole, and get it outside. 

4) In Bobbery’s house in the back room. 

5) In the West side, have Bobbery bomb the cracked wall left of the Item 
shop. It’s in the back. 

Rogueport Sewers: 

6) In the room with the Thousand-Year Door, use Paper Mode to get through 
the right fence, spring up, and fly on the airplane panel left to get it. 

7) In the first pipe shortcut room (take the second pipe from the first 
room of the sewers, and go left 1x). 

8) In the West side, fall through the grating to the sewers, hover left 
with Yoshi, and there you go. 

9) In the rightmost room of the first area (where the Petal Meadows pipe 
is, where you fought the Blooper), use Boat Mode to reach it. 

10) In the West side of the sewers, take the down pipe, then use Flurrie 
to blow off the peeling wall. Walk left to a boat panel. Sail all the way 
right. There are three in total here. One needs to be reached with Spring 

11) See # 10. 

12) See # 10. 

13) In the West side of the sewers where Dazzle is, take the lift and stand 
next to the piping. Spring Jump and go right. Jump on the pillar behind 
Dazzle to get it. 

Hooktail’s Castle 

14) In the room after Red Bones. 

15) In the room where you met Ms. Mowz. 

16) One room before the tower, at the top of the stairs. 

Boggly Woods 

17) At the airplane panel in the screen before Flurrie’s house, use Koops 
to get it at left. 

Great Tree 

18) In the room with the floating bubbles, fall down and there it is. 

19) After blowing off the black slap on the airplane panel, fly twice to 
find it. 

20) In the room with the lily pads after draining the water. 

21) In the room before the Super Boots, Spin Jump the panel and hop to it. 


22) Next to the Glitz Pit. Hammer the invisible block below to reach it. 

23) In the second floor of the Storage Room. 

Twilight Trail 

24) After the holes with the movable boulder in front of a tree (partially 

Creepy Steeple 

25) In the first room of the well. 

26) In the main room, use Tube Mode at the top opening. It’s among several 

27) In the second room of the well after pushing the wall and hiding with 
Vivian, it’s in the following room. 

Keelhaul Key 

28) In the screen before the bridge on the high point of the small cliff, 
use Yoshi to hover left to it, above a block. 

29) Partially hidden by shrubbery on the other side of the bridge. 

Pirate’s Grotto 

30) On the bow of a small sunken ship. 

31) In the room with the Save block on the stairs, hit the invisible block 
nearby, then hammer it. 

32) In the room with the Grotto Key on the left while riding the chain lift. 

33) Right of the spikes that jut out of the wall; use Koops to reach it. 

34) Use the hammer to hit an invisible block below a high one in the room 
after #33. 

Excess Express 

35) In Mario’s room (#005). 

36) Give Bub the engineer’s autograph (in room #008) 

Riverside Station 

37) By the stairs in the outdoor area. 

38) Use Koops to reach one on the stairs in the room before the Ultra Boots 
(Goombas and switches are around). 

Poshley Heights 

39) Spring Jump to it; right of the Sanctum. 

40) In the Sanctum, Spring Jump in the second room to the bars and climb to it 
on the left. 

Fahr Outpost 

41) On the path to the Outpost behind a front tree. 

42) Right of General White’s house. 


                                   *Star Pieces*

There are 100 in total. Their only purpose is to trade them with Dazzle 
(a jester-like character in the west side of Rogueport Sewers) for badges. 
They can be hidden in floor panels, in plain sight, behind objects or given 
as rewards by other characters. 

As an added bonus, here is Dazzle’s inventory & price list: 

Attack FX P- 1 
Chill Out- 2 
Pretty Lucky- 3 
Happy Flower- 4 
Happy Heart- 4 
Happy Heart P- 4 
Item Hog- 5 
Flower Finder- 6 
Peekaboo- 7 
Quick Change- 8 
Flower Saver- 10 
Flower Saver P- 10 
Power Plus- 15 
Power Plus P- 15 

And here is where to find the Star Pieces: 


1) Behind the crates in the main plaza along the skull fence. 
2) In the alley behind the Inn in the Bandit’s hideout. 
3) On the roof of Zess T’s house towards the back at left. 
4) On crates behind Professor Frankly’s place near Darkly. 
5) Behind the barrel in Robbo Turf next to Ishnail’s House (use 
Paper Mode through the crack). 
6) Behind the chimney at Bobbery’s house. 
7) Along the rightmost wall in West Side. 
8) Behind the pipe in West Side. 
9) In front of the cracked wall at far left in West Side (behind a 
trash can). 
10) In the Harbour at right, use the Boat Panel to sail left to a 
small area; behind the barrel. 
11) Behind the warp pipe at the Station that leads to the blimp. 
12) Spin Jump in front of the execution block (gallows) in the main 
13) Spin Jump behind Zess T’s house near the reclusive Goomba. 
14) Spin Jump on the first roof when climbing up on Robbo Turf. 
15) Spin Jump in front of Professor Frankly’s house. 
16) Spin Jump in front of the train at the Station. 
17) Spin Jump by the stairs in the Harbour. 
18) Spin Jump in front of Pianta Parlour in West Side. 

Rogueport Sewers 

19) In the left back corner of the West Side ground level (where the 
entrances to Fahr Outpost and Twilight Town are). 
20) Behind the rightmost pillar near Dazzle in the West end. 
21) In the entrance to Pit of 100 Trials, behind the stairs. 
22) Behind the big yellow block one room right of the Thousand Year 
23) In the room with the pipe to Petal Meadows and where you fought 
Blooper, Spring Jump near the vertical bar, and go right to a pipe. 
Take it to the house in the b.g. to find one. 
24) In the West on the upper level (same room as #19), hover with 
Yoshi left, then take the pipe down into the b.g., and go right all 
the way to it. 
25) Behind the leftmost pillar in the West end. 
26) Behind debris at right in the West end. 
27) In the West end, take the lift and enter the bar at left. Spin 
Jump here. 
28) Spin Jump in the south part in the Thousand Year Door room. 
29) Spin Jump in front of the moving platform in the first room in 
the East. 
30) Spin Jump by the pipe to Boggly Woods where Punio led you. 
31) Spin Jump in front of the black chest in a cave in the room right 
of the Thousand Year Door. 

Petal Meadows 

32) Hammer the tree left of the Save Block upon entering. 
33) In the b.g. where you hit the switch for the bridge, go right all 
the way. 


34) Spin Jump by the flowers at the far right of the east area. 
35) Spin Jump near Bub-ulber in the west area at the left end. 

Shhwonk Fortress 

36) Check the first bush in the first area from Petalburg. 

Hooktail Castle 

37) Spin Jump behind the bars in the room with Red Bones. 
38) In the dead end area where you hop out the window, go right. 
39) On the narrow rails on the upper floor, go right. 
40) In the same spot as #38, fall to a ridge on the wall with one. 
41) In the room with the purple block elevator, take it up and go through 
the door at right. 

Boggly Woods 

42) Left of the switch for the warp pipe. 
43) Left of the pipe to Flurrie’s house. 
44) Hammer the third tree from left near Flurrie’s house. 
45) Spin Jump in Flurrie’s house, in the bedroom. 

Great Tree 

46) Spin Jump in the blue jail cell. 
47) From the first room, take the up pipe and Spin Jump to the right. 
48) In the area before Pungent’s Shop, shake the bush near the store. 
49) From the room where Crump trapped you in a cell, take the down pipe 
& check behind the next pipe. 
50) In the room where Crump stole the Crystal Star, take the up pipe and 
check the bush there. 
51) Behind the pipe left of the room in #49. 


52) Under the Rawk Hawk poster on the roof of the Juice Bar; use Koops to 
nab it. 
53) Check the bush by the arena. 
54) Behind the phone booth left of the Item Shop. 
55) Behind the Juice Bar counter. 
56) Shake a plant in Grubba’s office. 
57) In the right desk drawer in Grubba’s office. 
58) Spin Jump south of the blimp landing site. 
59) Spin Jump near the left staircase in the ground floor lobby of the 
60) Spin Jump in the Storage Room. 
61) Behind crates at far right in the upper floor room of the Storage 

Twilight Town 

62) In the first area next to the Mayor’s house. 
63) In a southern bush in the first area. 
64) Behind some barrels in the fenced-in part of the second area. 

Twilight Trail 

65) Behind the fallen tree in upper left. 
66) Behind the warp pipe just after #65. 

Creepy Steeple 

67) Behind the fence just outside the Steeple, left of the gate. 
68) Spin Jump right of the staircase that you hit a switch to maneuver. 
69) In the room with the items (first room you roll into) behind furniture 
in the middle. 
70) In the well, in the background of the room where you freed the Boos at 
71) Spin Jump by the door in the parrot’s room in the well. 

Keelhaul Key 

72) Spin Jump by the rock at right in the first area where you arrive. 
73) At left in the shallow water at the camp site. 
74) Behind the rightmost rocks at the camp site. 
75) In the area just after camp, check the first bush. 
76) Behind a big root at right in the area before the bridge. 
77) Near the entrance to Pirate’s Grotto behind a rock in front. 

Pirate’s Grotto 

78) In the room with a Shine Sprite on the bow of a ship, on a small 
79) Spin Jump the floor with the Parabuzzy troupe. 
80) In the room with the Grotto Key, inside an open barrel on the top 
level at left. 
81) Spin Jump the floor near the right door before the Grotto Key room. 

Excess Express 

82) Spin Jump in room #004. 
83) Return the Galley Pot to Chef Shimi in the kitchen. 
84) Return the Shell Earrings to the waitress in the dining room. 
85) Spin Jump in the engineering room located in the far right of the 
86) In the nightstand in room #008. 

Riverside Station 

87) Behind the mechanism with the Storage Key in the machinery room. 

Poshley Heights 

88) Spin Jump in front of the stairs to the train near the Save Block. 
89) In the hedge right of the red/pink house. 
90) Behind a lawn chair at the blue house. 
91) Behind the hedge at the house left of the Inn. 

Fahr Outpost 

92) Spin Jump by the pipe upon entering. 
93) In a bush in the area just right of the pipe in #92. 
94) Along the front wall in the area before the outpost. 
95) Spin Jump left of the cannon. 
96) Behind the front wall in the west area of the outpost. 
97) Behind boxes in the far right house. 

The Moon 

98) Behind a rock in the last area with the fortress in the b.g. 

X-Naut Fortress 

99) In the far left of the air duct. 
100) In the crane room using the machine. 


                                *Special Moves*

Unlike the previous Mario games, TTYD offers four new "paper" moves 
that allow you to explore new areas, open up new possibilities, and play 
a set of games at Pianta Parlour. There are also 8 Special Moves for each 
Crystal Star (and the map). Here are the details. 

Paper Abilities:

Plane Mode 
Ability: Press Y while standing on an arrow platform to fold into a paper 
airplane. Control flight by pushing the Control Stick left/right. Land or press 
Y to transform back. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers 

Paper Mode 
Ability: Press R to turn sideways and become paper thin, allowing you to slip 
through thin cracks and between bars. Let go of R to transform back. 
Acquired: Hooktail's Castle 

Tube Mode 
Ability: Press R to get into Paper Mode, then rotate the Control Stick until 
you roll up into a tube. Use Control Stick to roll. Press Y to transform back. 
Acquired: Twilight Town 

Boat Mode 
Ability: Press Y while standing on a boat platform to fold into a paper boat. 
Use Control Stick to sail along the water. Press Y at a boat platform to 
transform back. 
Acquired: Pirate's Grotto 

Special Moves:

Sweet Treat 
Ability: Heals HP (for Mario & partner) and FP. 
Manuever: Use Control Stick to aim for the Mario, partner, and flower targets, 
avoiding the poison mushrooms. 
Acquired: Rogueport Sewers, at Thousand Year Door (Map). 

Earth Tremor 
Ability: A quake attack that can reach ground, air & ceiling bound enemies. 
Manuever: Press A when the bar reaches each target through 5 levels (rising in 
difficulty). The longer you last, the more powerful the attack. 
Acquired: Hooktail's Castle (Diamond Star) 

Clock Out 
Ability: Stops enemies for a short period of time. 
Manuever: Press the correct button when the bomb is placed over your enemies 
(not yourself or the audience). Hold the button to make it bigger. 
Acquired: Great Tree (Emerald Star) 

Power Lift 
Ability: Increases attack power of Mario & partner temporarily. 
Manuever: Use Control Stick and press A to select a "good" panel (orange or 
blue arrow) to slowly increase attack or defense. Avoid the poison mushroom 
Acquired: Glitzville (Gold Star) 

Art Attack 
Ability: Focus on particular enemies with a continued attack. 
Manuever: Use Control Stick to "draw" around the enemy. Forming a shape around 
them completes the attack. 
Acquired: Creepy Steeple (Ruby Star) 

Sweet Feast 
Ability: Heals HP (Mario & partner) and FP. 
Manuever: Use Control Stick to aim and shoot at Mario, partner & flower 
targets, avoiding the poison mushrooms. Like Sweet Treat, only there are 
also bigger targets. 
Acquired: Pirate's Grotto 

Ability: An attack that can defeat enemies in one turn or deliver a big attack 
on bosses. 
Manuever: Press the button indicated constantly for 5 levels. 
Acquired: Poshley Heights (Garnet Star) 

Ability: An attack that deals major damage to enemies & bosses. 
Manuever: Press A constantly for 5 levels. 
Acquired: X-Naut Fortress (Crystal Star)


                            *Zess T.'s Recipes*

Zess T. is a cook who lives in the leftmost house in the east side of 
Rougeport. After giving her a contact lens, she will cook an item that you 
bring to her. After giving her the Cookbook, she can cook with two items. 

NOTE:  Any food item that you receive in regular gameplay as a reward or
otherwise does NOT count in the recipe totals found under Journal in the
Start/Pause menu.  You must make the food yourself by following the
recipe for the food to count in the list.

Here is a listing of all recipes and the possible combination of ingredients. 
I've listed the easiest and/or cheapest method first, followed by other possible
combos.  For details on the individual ingredients, check out the Items page.  
There are 57 total recipes, listed alphabetically below.  An additional number
of recipes will make attack or defense items, though they do not count in the
Start/Pause menu tally.  They are listed under Optional Recipes below.

1) Choco Cake  
Mousse Cake + Inky Sauce

2) Coco Candy  
Cake Mix + Coconut

3) Coconut Bomb  
Coconut + Fire Flower

4) Couple's Cake  
Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup  

5) Courage Meal  
Courage Shell + Zess Special
Courage Shell + Zess Dinner
Courage Shell + Zess Deluxe  

6)  Egg Bomb  
Mystic Egg + Fire Flower
Dried Bouquet + Courage Meal  

7)  Electro Pop  
Cake Mix + Volt Shroom  

8)  Fire Pop  
Cake Mix + Fire Flower  
Cake Mix + Hot Sauce  

9)  Fresh Juice
Honey Syrup
Keel Mango  
Peachy Peach
Maple Syrup  
Gradual Syrup  
Jammin' Jelly  
Honey Syrup + Turtley Leaf
Turtley Leaf + Coconut
Keel Mango + Coconut  
Peachy Peach + Coconut 
Honey Syrup + Maple Syrup  
Maple Syrup + Turtley Leaf  
Honey Syrup + Gradual Syrup  
Maple Syrup + Gradual Syrup  
Honey Syrup + Jammin' Jelly  
Gradual Syrup + Turtley Leaf  
Jammin' Jelly + Turtley Leaf  
Jammin' Jelly + Gradual Syrup  
10)  Fried Egg  
Mystic Egg  

11)  Fruit Parfait  
Honey Syrup + Keel Mango
Honey Syrup + Peachy Peach
Keel Mango + Peachy Peach
Maple Syrup + Keel Mango
Maple Syrup + Peachy Peach
Gradual Syrup + Keel Mango  
Jammin' Jelly + Keel Mango  
Jammin' Jelly + Peachy Peach  

12)  Healthy Salad  
Turtley Leaf + Horsetail
Golden Leaf + Turtley Leaf  

13  Heartful Cake  
Cake Mix + Ruin Powder  
Peachy Peach + Ruin Powder  

14)  Honey Candy  
Cake Mix + Honey Syrup

15)  Honey Shroom  
Mushroom + Honey Syrup  
Volt Shroom + Honey Syrup

16)  Honey Super  
Super Shroom + Honey Syrup
Life Shroom + Honey Syrup  
17)  Honey Ultra  
Ultra Shroom + Honey Syrup  

18)  Icicle Pop  
Honey Syrup + Ice Storm  

19)  Ink Pasta  
Inky Sauce + Fresh Pasta
Inky Sauce + Spaghetti
Inky Sauce + Koopasta
Inky Sauce + Spicy Pasta  

20)  Inky Sauce  
Hot Sauce + Turtley Leaf
Hot Sauce + Tasty Tonic
Hot Sauce + Koopa Tea  
Hot Sauce + Fresh Juice  
Hot Sauce + Zess Tea
Hot Sauce + Shroom Broth  

21)  Jelly Candy  
Cake Mix + Jammin' Jelly

22)  Jelly Shroom  
Mushroom + Jammin' Jelly  
Volt Shroom + Jammin' Jelly

23)  Jelly Super  
Super Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
Life Shroom + Jammin' Jelly  

24)  Jelly Ultra  
Ultra Shroom + Jammin' Jelly  

25)  Koopa Bun  
Keel Mango + Turtley Leaf  

26)  Koopa Tea  
Turtley Leaf  

27)  Koopasta  
Turtley Leaf + Fresh Pasta
Turtley Leaf + Spaghetti  

28)  Love Pudding  
Mystic Egg + Mango Delight  

29)  Mango Delight  
Cake Mix + Keel Mango
Life Shroom + Maple Syrup  
Super Shroom + Maple Syrup  

30)  Maple Shroom  
Mushroom + Maple Syrup  
Volt Shroom + Maple Syrup

31)  Maple Super  
Super Shroom + Maple Syrup  

32)  Maple Ultra  
Ultra Shroom + Maple Syrup  

33)  Meteor Meal  
Shooting Star + Shroom Fry  
Shooting Star + Shroom Roast  
Shooting Star + Shroom Steak  

34)  Mistake  
Any two incompatible ingredients

35)  Mousse Cake  
Cake Mix  

36)  Omelette Meal  
Mushroom + Mystic Egg
Horsetail + Mystic Egg
Life Shroom + Mystic Egg  
Super Shroom + Mystic Egg  
Ultra Shroom + Mystic Egg  

37)  Peach Tart  
Cake Mix + Peachy Peach  

38)  Poison Shroom  
Point Swap + Slow Shroom
Inky Sauce + Slow Shroom  

39)  Shroom Broth  
Golden Leaf + Poison Shroom  

40)  Shroom Cake  
Cake Mix + Mushroom
Cake Mix + Super Shroom
Cake Mix + Life Shroom

41)  Shroom Crepe  
Cake Mix + Ultra Shroom

42)  Shroom Fry  
Volt Shroom
Mushroom + Turtley Leaf
Mushroom + Golden Leaf 
43)  Shroom Roast  
Life Shroom  
Slow Shroom  
Life Shroom + Volt Shroom  
Mushroom + Fire Flower  
Mushroom + Volt Shroom  
Mushroom + Super Shroom  
Mushroom + Gradual Syrup  
Super Shroom + Turtley Leaf  
Super Shroom + Dried Shroom  
Super Shroom + Volt Shroom
Super Shroom + Golden Leaf

44)  Shroom Steak  
Ultra Shroom  
Mushroom + Life Shroom  
Mushroom + Ultra Shroom  
Super Shroom + Life Shroom  
Super Shroom + Ultra Shroom  
Life Shroom + Dried Shroom  
Life Shroom + Golden Leaf  
Life Shroom + Turtley Leaf  
Ultra Shroom + Dried Shroom  
Ultra Shroom + Golden Leaf  
Ultra Shroom + Life Shroom  
Ultra Shroom + Turtley Leaf  
Ultra Shroom + Volt Shroom  

45)  Snow Bunny
Golden Leaf + Ice Storm

46)  Space Food  
Dried Bouquet + Dried Shroom
Dried Bouquet + Turtley Leaf
Dried Bouquet + Mushroom
Dried Bouquet + Horsetail  
Dried Bouquet + Keel Mango  
Dried Bouquet + Coconut  
Dried Bouquet + Mystic Egg  
Dried Bouquet + Hot Dog 
Dried Bouquet + Peachy Peach  
Dried Bouquet + Super Shroom
Dried Bouquet + Life Shroom
Dried Bouquet + Ultra Shroom
Dried Bouquet + Cake Mix  
Dried Bouquet + Choco Cake  
Dried Bouquet + Coco Candy  
Dried Bouquet + Couple's Cake  
Dried Bouquet + Egg Bomb  
Dried Bouquet + Electro Pop  
Dried Bouquet + Fire Pop  
Dried Bouquet + Fresh Pasta  
Dried Bouquet + Fruit Parfait  
Dried Bouquet + Golden Leaf  
Dried Bouquet + Healthy Salad  
Dried Bouquet + Heartful Cake  
Dried Bouquet + Honey Candy  
Dried Bouquet + Honey Shroom  
Dried Bouquet + Honey Super  
Dried Bouquet + Honey Ultra  
Dried Bouquet + Ink Pasta  
Dried Bouquet + Jelly Candy  
Dried Bouquet + Jelly Shroom  
Dried Bouquet + Jelly Super  
Dried Bouquet + Jelly Ultra  
Dried Bouquet + Koopa Bun  
Dried Bouquet + Koopasta  
Dried Bouquet + Love Pudding  
Dried Bouquet + Mango Delight  
Dried Bouquet + Maple Shroom  
Dried Bouquet + Maple Super  
Dried Bouquet + Maple Ultra  
Dried Bouquet + Meteor Meal  
Dried Bouquet + Mistake  
Dried Bouquet + Mousse Cake  
Dried Bouquet + Omelette Meal  
Dried Bouquet + Peach Tart  
Dried Bouquet + Poison Shroom  
Dried Bouquet + Shroom Cake  
Dried Bouquet + Shroom Crepe  
Dried Bouquet + Shroom Fry  
Dried Bouquet + Shroom Roast  
Dried Bouquet + Shroom Steak  
Dried Bouquet + Spaghetti  
Dried Bouquet + Spicy Pasta  
Dried Bouquet + Zess Cookie  
Dried Bouquet + Zess Deluxe  
Dried Bouquet + Zess Dinner  
Dried Bouquet + Zess Special  

47)  Spaghetti  
Fresh Pasta  

48)  Spicy Pasta  
Hot Sauce + Fresh Pasta
Hot Sauce + Spaghetti  
Hot Sauce + Koopasta

49)  Spicy Soup  
Fire Flower  
Dried Bouquet  
Snow Bunny  
Dried Bouquet + Fire Flower  
Hot Sauce + Fire Flower  

50)  Trial Stew  
Couple's Cake + Poison Shroom  

51)  Zess Cookie  
Cake Mix + Mystic Egg
Cake Mix + Maple Syrup
Cake Mix + Gradual Syrup

52)  Zess Deluxe  
Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta
Healthy Salad + Shroom Steak  
53)  Zess Dinner  
Mushroom + Horsetail
Fresh Pasta + Mystic Egg
Fresh Pasta + Coconut
Super Shroom + Horsetail  
Super Shroom + Keel Mango  
Super Shroom + Fire Flower  
Super Shroom + Peachy Peach  
Life Shroom + Horsetail
Life Shroom + Fire Flower
Coconut + Spicy Pasta
Super Shroom + Gradual Syrup 
Life Shroom + Gradual Syrup
Fresh Pasta + Healthy Salad
Healthy Salad + Fried Shroom
Healthy Salad + Spaghetti
Healthy Salad + Koopasta
Meteor Meal + Fruit Parfait  
Ultra Shroom + Keel Mango  

54)  Zess Dynamite  
Egg Bomb + Coconut Bomb  

55)  Zess Frappe  
Ice Storm + Maple Syrup
Ice Storm + Jammin' Jelly
56)  Zess Special  
Dried Shroom + Fresh Pasta  
Mushroom + Fresh Pasta  
Super Shroom + Fresh Pasta  
Life Shroom + Fresh Pasta  
Ultra Shroom + Horsetail  
Ultra Shroom + Fire Flower  
Ultra Shroom + Peachy Peach  
Ultra Shroom + Gradual Syrup  
Healthy Salad + Ink Pasta  
Healthy Salad + Shroom Roast  
Healthy Salad + Spicy Pasta  

57)  Zess Tea  
Golden Leaf  
Maple Syrup + Jammin' Jelly

Optional Recipes

1)  Courage Shell  
Point Swap + Mr. Softener
Dried Bouquet + Courage Meal  
2)  Dried Shroom  
Mr. Softener + Mushroom
Mr. Softener + Super Shroom
Mr. Softener + Life Shroom
Mr. Softener + Ultra Shroom

3)  Earth Quake  
Point Swap + Thunder Bolt  
4)  Fire Flower  
Point Swap + Ice Storm  

5)  Gold Bar  
Point Swap + Gold Bar x 3  

6)  Honey Syrup  
Point Swap + Mushroom  
Point Swap + Gradual Syrup  
7)  Ice Storm  
Point Swap + Fire Flower  

8)  Jammin' Jelly  
Point Swap + Ultra Shroom  

9)  Maple Syrup  
Point Swap + Super Shroom  

10)  Mini Mr. Mini  
Point Swap + Power Punch  

11)  Mr. Softener  
Point Swap + Courage Shell  

12)  Mushroom  
Dried Shroom + Hot Sauce  
Point Swap + Dried Shroom  
Point Swap + Honey Syrup  
Dried Shroom + Peachy Peach  
Dried Shroom + Power Punch  
Point Swap + Poison Mushroom  
Point Swap + Gold Bar  

13)  Power Punch  
Point Swap + Mini Mr. Mini  

14)  Random Item  
Point Swap + Mystery  

15)  Repel Cape  
Point Swap + Boo's Sheet  

16)  Ruin Powder  
Point Swap + Spite Pouch  

17)  Shooting Star  
Point Swap + Thunder Rage  

18)  Sleepy Sheep  
Point Swap + Tasty Tonic  

19)  Spite Pouch  
Point Swap + Ruin Powder  

20)  Super Shroom  
Point Swap + Volt Shroom  
Point Swap + Maple Syrup  
Point Swap + Life Shroom  

21)  Tasty Tonic  
Hot Sauce  
Hot Sauce + Honey Syrup
Hot Sauce + Maple Syrup
Hot Sauce + Peachy Peach  
Point Swap + Sleepy Sheep  
Hot Sauce + Jammin' Jelly

22)  Thunder Bolt  
Point Swap + Earth Quake  

23)  Thunder Rage  
Point Swap + Shooting Star  
Dried Bouquet + Volt Shroom  

24)  Ultra Shroom  
Point Swap + Jammin' Jelly  

25)  Volt Shroom
Mushroom + Thunder Bolt  

                            *Trouble Center*

This is mainly an honourary side quest, but the rewards are pretty good, and 
a couple of them are even required to continue. Troubles are limited until 
you complete a chapter of the main quest, then more are opened. To complete a 
trouble, go to the Trouble Center in Robbo Turf (door just left of the skull
bridge), read the bulletin board, take one on, talk to the person who posted 
the trouble, complete it, then return to the original person for a reward.  
1) Need a Key- Garf  
Trouble: Guy in front of house in Robbo Turf lost his key.  
Solution: Go through the Inn to the upper floor, left past the Badge shop 
to the key.  
Reward: 20 coins.  

2) Safe Delivery- McGoomba  
Trouble: Goomba in back alley of Rogueport main plaza needs a delivery man.  
Solution: Take package to Goomfrey, Goomba near Shine Shop in east plaza.  
Reward: 20 coins.  

3) Price Adjustment- Arfur  
Trouble: Guy in front of Trouble Center in Robbo Turf needs price list.  
Solution: I'll save you time- the answers are 10, 8, 3.  
Reward: 20 coins.  

4) Find This Guy- Goomther  
Trouble: Goomba in Rogueport's main plaza by the gallows needs to bring 
bandit to justice.  
Solution: Talk to bandit in back alley of east plaza (left side), harbour, and 
in front of Bandit's house in back alley of main plaza.  
Reward: 20 coins.  

5) Hit Me, Please- Mousimilian  
Trouble: Rat in front of Rogueport's main plaza item shop is losing memory.  
Solution: Hammer him several times.  
Reward: A chinsy money-making tip.  

6) I'm Hungry- Bomberto  
Trouble: Sailor Bob-omb in Rogueport Harbor (by the save point) needs food.  
Solution: Buy any food at any price for him.  
Reward: 11 coins.  

7) Try to Find Me- Koopook  
Trouble: Hiding Koopa wants playmate.  
Solution: Go to Hooktail Castle and into the room with the Save Block and big 
green elevator block. Take the block up, go left 2x, take the 
next block elevator, and fall off in top left. Get the Life Shroom here 
through the bars with Paper Mode, and there he is!  
Reward: Special Card (Plane Mode game at Pianta Parlor)  

8) Listen to Me- Mayor Kroop  
Trouble: Mayor of Petalburg needs listener.  
Solution: Talk to the mayor. After this trouble is over, buy five Courage 
Shells at Item Shop.  
Reward: Turtley Leaf  

9) Order Me an Item- Plenn T.  
Trouble: Item Shop owner in Rogueport needs Courage Shells for store.  
Solution: Get Shells while doing trouble #8 for 25 coins.  
Reward: Ultra Shroom  

10) Emergency Shroom- Puni Elder  
Trouble: Puni Elder in Great Tree wants Life Shroom.  
Solution: Use Life Shroom from trouble # 7, or buy one at an item shop.  
Reward: 60 coins  

11) Play With Me- Lahla  
Trouble: Item shop girl at Pianta Parlor is having grand opening.  
Solution: Talk to girl ghost.  
Reward: 10 piantas  

12) Help My Daddy- Pine T. Jr.  
Trouble: Little toad in Pit of 100 Trials entrance is worried about his dad 
trapped on the 18th floor.  
Solution: Go through Pit to Level 18, beat enemy there, talk to Pine T. to 
save him. Complete the Pit up to Level 20 for reward (if not already 
collected), then exit.  
Reward: Silver Card (Paper Mode game at Pianta Parlor)  

13) Help Wanted- Jolene  
Trouble: Glitz Pit owner in Glitzville needs garbage man.  
Solution: Talk to Jolene in office, get all 20 Battle Trunks from Storage 
Room, talk to Jolene again, take trunks to Goomfrey in Rogueport east plaza, 
talk to Jolene again.  While here, buy 2 Hot Dogs for Trouble #15.  
Reward: 30 coins  

14) Heartful Cake Recipe- Merlee  
Trouble: Fortuneteller in Rogueport Sewers (main area, take 3rd pipe into
b.g.) needs recipe.  
Solution: Talk to Toce T., the girl in Petalburg (rightmost house by gate
to Shwonkk Fortress), buy Cake Mix from Pianta Parlor (trade coins for
Piantas at exchange machine in Parlor; no Ruin Powder necessary; while here, 
buy a 2nd Cake Mix for Trouble #15), take ingredient back to Merlee.  
Reward: 30 coins  

15) The Food I Want- Bub-ulber  
Trouble: Bub-ulb in Petalburg (across from inn in 1st area) wants Hot Dogs, 
then Mousse Cake.  
Solution: Buy 2 Hot Dogs in Glitzville, buy Cake Mix at Pianta Parlor, take 
ingredient to Zess T. in Rogueport main plaza, take all 3 to Bub-ulber.  
Reward: Dried Bouquet  

16) Elusive Badge- ???  
Trouble: Ms. Mowz, the badge hunting mouse near the Badge Shop, wants secret 
Solution: At Hooktail's Castle, return to final room where you battled 
Hooktail, use Flurrie to blow away blockage in front, bring Attack FX B badge 
to Ms. Mowz.  
Reward: Attack FX B badge, and Ms. Mowz joins your party.  

17) Newsletter- Mayor Dour  
Trouble: Twilight Town mayor needs signatures from other mayors.  
Solution: Take Routing Slip to Puni Elder at Great Tree, then to Mayor Kroop 
in Petalburg, then back to Dour.  
Reward: 30 coins  

18) Seeking Legendary Book- Zess T.  
Trouble: Cook in Rogueport main plaza wants cookbook.  
Solution: In Creepy Steeple, roll through gap into first room. Among the 
treasures is a cookbook (this is in the walkthrough as part of that chapter).  
Reward: Honey Shroom, and ability to make food with two ingredients  

19) Tell That Person- Eve  
Trouble: Woman in Twilight Town (first house in east area) wants message 
Solution: Talk to Podley, bartender at Rogueport Inn, then talk to Eve again.  
Reward: Meteor Meal  

20) Looking For a Gal- Goom Goom  
Trouble: Lonely Goomba in Pirate's Grotto (Grotto Key room) wants female 
Solution: Talk to Goom Goom with Goombella as partner.  
Reward: Couple's Cake  

21) Important Thing- Frankie  
Trouble: New mafia boss in West Rogueport has lost his wedding ring.  
Solution: In Robbo Turf, hover with Yoshi under the bridge to the right to 
find it.  
Reward: Gold Card (Tube Mode game at Pianta Parlor)  

22) Get These Ingredients- Chef Shimi  
Trouble: Excess Express chef needs Golden Leaf, Mystic Egg and Keel Mango for 
Solution: Get Golden Leaf at Creepy Steeple (take upper door, slip through 
crack in gate at right end, hammer tree there), Mystic Egg at Great Tree 
(talk to Petuni, play game, form question as "Mario likes which person the 
most?"), and Keel Mango at Keelhaul Key (take shortcut pipe from Rogueport 
Sewers, hammer 4th tree left of pipe), return ingredients to Chef Shimi.  
Reward: 40 coins  

23) I Must Have That Book- Toodles  
Trouble: Rich lady in Poshley Heights (red house) needs magazine.  
Solution: Talk to Jolene at Glitz Pit in Glitzville, bring Wrestling Mag to 
Reward: Platinum Card (Boat Mode game at Pianta Parlor)  

24) Security Code- Businessman  
Trouble: Rat businessman in Glitzville forgot code for briefcase.  
Solution: He wants you to check the number of chairs in certain areas. Well, 
screw that, here's the code: 2625.  
Reward: Hot Sauce  

25) Delivery, Please- Goldbob  
Trouble: Rich Bob-omb in Poshley Heights needs package delivered to General 
Solution: Take Package to Fahr Outpost, talk to Bob-omb at his house, talk to 
Rogueport Inn bartender (Podley), Juice Bar bartender in Glitzville, Goldbob 
again, then finally to General White back at his home in Fahr Outpost.  Wake
him up as you did earlier to give him the package.  
Reward: 64 coins  

26) I Can't Speak- Gob  
Trouble: Bob-omb by snowman in Fahr Outpost needs cough drop.  
Solution: Buy Cake Mix at Pianta Parlor and Honey Syrup at an Item Shop, 
bring ingredients to Zess T. (trouble #18 must be done), take candy to Bob-
omb, pick yes first, then any options.  
Reward: 20 coins  

27) I Wanna Meet Luigi- Toadia  
Trouble: Fan in Poshley Heights near fountain by the Sanctum wants to meet 
her hero.  
Solution: Talk to girl wearing L Emblem badge.  
Reward: Choco Cake  

28) Roust These Cads- Doe T.  
Trouble: Toad in second area of Boggly Woods needs warrior.  
Solution: Defeat all enemies in this area so he can advance.  
Reward: 20 coins  

29) Help Me Make Up- Bub  
Trouble: Little bob-omb in Poshley Heights by the Sanctum needs present.  
Solution: Choose Keel Mango, take shortcut pipe in Rogueport Sewers to 
Keelhaul Key, hammer 4th tree left of pipe, take mango to Bub, take 
present to his mother in first area.  
Reward: 3 coins  

30) Erase That Graffiti- Swob  
Trouble: Bob-omb near cannon in Fahr Outpost wants his message in Pit of 100 
Trials erased.  
Solution: On 50th floor of the Pit, bomb the graffiti at left.  
Reward: Snow Bunny


                             *Pit of 100 Trials*

Basic Info:
Found in the Thousand Year Door area. Once at the Door, use Paper Mode on the 
fence at left, spring up, fly left, then drop, and use Paper Mode on that 
fence. Go left 1x to find the pipe with a sign and there you go!  
This is a highly strategic, challenging side quest that should not be 
attempted until you have nearly everything in the game. I recommend trying it 
after you finish the game and Mario returns to finish off any aftermath.  
Also remember that you cannot save data from within the Pit unless you stop 
and get out at any tenth floor, or you finish it all!  
Within the Pit is a Mover, a Puni with sunglasses that appears randomly to 
move you forward for a fee. Always pick to skip 5 floors unless you can't 
afford 30 coins. In that case, pay 10 coins to move down 2 floors.  But
don't skip over any reward level floors if you don't have the prize yet!

What You Need:
You should have the following:  
1) Be around Level 30.  
2) Have all partners upgraded (in other words, have all the Shine Sprites).  
3) Be ready to waste a lot of time, and maybe lose new data if you go too far 
and get game over.  
I recommend all these badges, if you have enough BP to use them all. They are 
ranked from most to least important:  
Power Smash  
Spike Shield  
Ice Power  
Chill Out  
Damage Dodge  
Feeling Fine/P  
Pretty Lucky  
HP Plus  
Lucky Start  
Mega Rush  
Close Call  
Power Jump  
Also, equip the following after you get them in the Pit: Zap Tap, Lucky Day. 
These are probably the most important badges to equip.  

10th Floor- Sleepy Stomp  
20th Floor- Fire Drive  
30th Floor- Zap Tap  
40th Floor- Pity Flower  
50th Floor- Strange Sack  
60th Floor- Double Dip  
70th Floor- Double Dip P  
80th Floor- Bump Attack  
90th Floor- Lucky Day  
100th Floor- Return Postage  

Basic Strategies:
Use Goombella to tattle. Once you have the first 90 floors of enemies tattled 
on, you can save her until you get there again. I used Koops from Level 1 to 
about Level 60-70. He's great for multiple enemies. Save your big partners 
(Bobbery, Vivian, Yoshi) for later. Use Yoshi before then only for heavy or
spiked enemies if you don't have Star Power for Earth Tremor or have any
Earth Quakes or POW Blocks.

Try to salvage as much FP as possible. Use Star Power before you use items. I 
used Sweet Feast when I was low on both HP and FP before I dove into my Ultra 
Shrooms and Jammin Jellies.  Of course, try to get the First Strike on the 
enemy you face in the Pit to get a head start on attacking.  A definite plus!

Floor Guide:

Floors 1-10
Use Goombella to tattle on Level 1, then use Koops to fight.  
1) Gloomba- Jump/hammer, Koops  
2) Spinia- Jump/hammer, Koops  
3) Spania- Multibounce  
4) Dull Bones- Koops, jump/hammer  
5) Fuzzy- Multibounce  
6) Gloomba  
7) Spinia  
8) Spania  
9) Dull Bones  
10) Sleepy Stomp badge  
Floors 11-20  
Use Goombella to tattle on Level 11, then use Koops afterwards, except for 
level 12 where Yoshi is better.  
11) Paragloomba- jump/hammer, Koops  
12) Cleft- hammer, Yoshi  
13) Pokey- jump/hammer, Koops  
14) Dark Puff- jump/hammer, Koops  
15) Pider- jump/hammer, Koops  
16) Paragloomba  
17) Cleft  
18) Pokey  
19) Dark Puff  
20) Fire Drive badge  
Floors 21-30  
Use Goombella to tattle on level 21, then use Koops for all, except Level 23
& 28 where Yoshi is better.  
21) Spiky Gloomba- jump/hammer, Koops  
22) Bandit- jump/hammer, Koops  
23) Lakitu- jump/hammer, Yoshi  
24) Bob-omb- jump/hammer, Koops  
25) Boo- jump/hammer, Koops  
26) Spiky Gloomba  
27) Bandit  
28) Lakitu  
29) Bob-omb  
30) Zap Tap badge  
Floors 31-40  
Use Goombella to tattle on Level 31, then use Koops on all but level 32 & 37 
where Yoshi is better.  
31) Dark Koopa- jump/hammer, Koops  
32) Hyper Cleft- hammer, Yoshi  
33) Parabuzzy- jump/hammer, Koops  
34) Shady Koopa- hammer, Koops  
35) Flower Fuzzy- jump/hammer, Koops  
36) Dark Koopa  
37) Hyper Cleft  
38) Parabuzzy  
39) Shady Koopa  
40) Pity Flower badge  
Floors 41-50  
Use Goombella to tattle on Level 41, then Koops to fight.  
41- Dark Paratroopa- jump/hammer, Koops  
42- Bulky Bob-omb- jump/hammer, Koops  
43- Lava Bubble- jump/hammer, Koops  
44- Poison Pokey- jump/hammer, Koops  
45- Spiky Parabuzzy- jump/hammer, Koops  
46- Dark Paratroopa  
47- Bulky Bob-omb  
48- Lava Bubble  
49- Poison Pokey  
50- Strange Sack  
Floors 51-60  
Use Goombella to tattle on Level 51, then use Koops. On Level 54, 
use Yoshi or Bobbery, and use Yoshi on Level 55.  
51- Badge Bandit- jump/hammer, Koops  
52- Ice Puff- jump/hammer, Koops  
53- Dark Boo- jump/hammer, Koops  
54- Red Chomp- hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery  
55- Moon Cleft- hammer, Yoshi  
56- Badge Bandit  
57- Ice Puff  
58- Dark Boo  
59- Red Chomp  
60- Double Dip badge  
Floors 61-70  
Use Goombella to tattle on Level 61. This is where Yoshi is a 
better replacement for Koops. Bobbery is also good, especially on Levels 63 & 
61- Dark Lakitu & Sky Blue Spiny- jump/hammer, Koops/Yoshi  
62- Dry Bones- hammer, Koops/Yoshi  
63- Dark Wizzerd- hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery  
64- Frost Piranha- hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery
65- Dark Craw- jump/hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery  
66- Dark Lakitu  
67- Dry Bones  
68- Dark Wizzerd  
69- Frost Piranha  
70- Double Dip P badge  
Floors 71-80  
Use Goombella to tattle on Level 71. Koops is not as good here. 
Stick to Yoshi with Bobbery and Vivian as good backups.  
71- Wizzerd- hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery/Vivian  
72- Dark Koopatrol- jump/hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery  
73- Phantom Ember- jump/hammer, Yoshi  
74- Swoopula- jump/hammer, quaking item/Earth Tremor, Goombella/Vivian  
75- Chain Chomp- tattle; hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery/Vivian  
76- Wizzerd  
77- Dark Koopatrol  
78- Phantom Ember  
79- Swoopula  
80- Bump Attack badge  
Floors 81- 90  
Bring in the big guns. Use Yoshi and Vivian religiously with Bobbery 
as good backup. Only use Goombella to tattle on Levels 82, 83 & 84.  
81- Spunia- jump/hammer, Vivian/Yoshi  
82- Dark Bristle- jump, quaking item/Earth Tremor  
83- Arantula- jump/hammer, Bobbery/Vivian/Goombella  
84- Piranha Plant- jump/hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery/Vivian  
85- Spunia  
86- Spunia  
87- Dark Bristle  
88- Arantula  
89- Piranha Plant  
90- Lucky Day badge  
Floors 91- 100  
Major action here. Hammer becomes more powerful than jump. 
Use a lot of Star Power attacks, and only your best partners. 
Use Goombella to tattle on Levels 91-94.  
91- Elite Wizzerd- hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery/Vivian  
92- Poison Puff- jump/hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery/Vivian  
93- Bob-ulk- hammer, Yoshi/Bobbery/Vivian  
94- Swampire- jump, quaking item/Earth Tremor, Goombella/Vivian  
95- Elite Wizzerd  
96- Poison Puff  
97- Bob-ulk  
98- Swampire  
99- Elite Wizzerd  
STOP! Before you go into the 100th floor, prepare your badges. 
Here are the recommended ones:  
All Attack FX badges (R, Y, B, G, P)  
Damage Dodge/P  
Pretty Lucky  
Happy Heart/P  
Happy Flower  
HP Plus/P  
FP Plus  
Lucky Start  
Power Plus  
Lucky Day  
Quick Change  
Power Smash  
Zap Tap  
Feeling Fine/P  
100- Bonetail  
A BIG boss. Tattle. I really find having the enemy's HP on screen an 
advantage. Focus on knocking off his HP, always Power Smashing and 
Multibonking. After Goombella, Bobbery is the best partner with his 
bombing ability. Vivian and Flurrie are good backups with Shady Fist/
Veil/Fiery Jinx and Flurrie's Lip Lock. Try to save a lot of your 
Jammin Jellies, Ultra/Life Shrooms, Power Punches, and Boo's Sheets 
for this battle because you will need it.  

Bonetail's Attacks:
His attacks are similar to Hooktail and Gloomtail. He can bite, stomp 
or blow breath, which conks out an average of about 6-7 HP depending on 
if you guard yourself with A. The breath can make you sleepy, poisoned, 
or dizzy (the last two don't exist with Feeling Fine badges applied). 
Try to guard with A. Zap Tap is good if he touches you, taking off 1 of 
his HP.  
My Own Experience:
I went into the battle with 75 HP (with HP Plus), 50 FP (with FP Plus), 
and 39 BP. I used all the badges listed above, except Quick Change. Lucky 
Start and Lucky Day were amazing contributors. Simple 1 BP badges like 
Power Rush also help. I used Goombella to tattle and used her Multibonk 
ability until she croaked. Mario was always for Power Smash. By the time 
I fought Bonetail, all but Goombella, Flurry and Ms. Mowz were at 0 HP! 
After Goombella, I used Flurry's Lip Lock, which zaps 6 HP when fully 
executed. I also used Supernova which blows off 15 HP at the most 
(average hit of about 12 HP). Use Stylish moves by hitting A after 
finishing an attack or before starting one (use Timing Tutor badge if 
necessary) to refill more Star Power. Sweet Feast was a big must to save 
Ultra Shrooms and Jammin Jellies until I was low on everything. I didn't 
find the battle to be impossibly hard, but he is quite tough. Tougher than 
the Shadow Queen for sure.  
You get the Return Postage badge for winning. If you beat this, you are a 

(A Pit of 100 Trials Strategy Approach, submitted by Mike)

The Pit of 100 Trials setup tends to kill the fun of the game, because 
Mario will end up being able to kill every basic enemy troop on the first 
turn without leaving his guard down. The partners are pretty safe, too, so 
it's a useful setup to use for completion purposes, but it requires a hell 
of a lot of coins and preparation, but the payoff is awesome.
..Oh, one more thing.. this set does not reach it's full potential by far, 
and about half of the badges is up to personal preference. I tried to make 
the best of the badges which are easily available and aimed for a high 
damage/high defense/low HP version.
Available after Chapter 5 or 6
5 HP/??? FP/99 BP
Since his HP is only 5, I'll start with DEFENSE. All attack is in vain if 
Mario dies in one hit.
-3 DEFEND PLUS and 1 P DOWN D UP give Mario a defense value of 4. Though you 
can stack Defend Pluses, you would want to take more D Up P Downs because 
they cost less BP and the damage loss can easily be corrected.
-2 DAMAGE DODGE are cool if you guard a lot. They stack Mario's defense to 6.
-1 HP DRAIN recovers the 1 damage Mario suffers from an attack.
-1 LAST STAND halves the damage Mario recieves. Since he only has 5 HP, it's 
always active. There is just one because they don't stack, but Mario basically 
has 8 base defense and 12 guard defense with these badges.
-1 LUCKY DAY, 5 PRETTY LUCKY and 4 CLOSE CALL give Mario a ridiculous evasion 
rate. His defense is high enough to live through anything, but these ensure he 
doesn't even get hit in the most cases. You can replace some of these with 
something else, but keep in mind the abysmal HP count when you think about that.
-1 CHILL OUT guarantees not to get hit by First Strikes, but it's pretty 
optional. and can easily be replaced with something else.
-1 FEELING FINE makes sure Mario won't suffer from poison. You don't want to be 
poisoned with 5 HP.
-1 ZAP TAP is again pretty replaceable, as it's most obvious use is to prevent 
Fuzzies and Swoopers from being the suckers they are. It's secondary use is to 
damage direct attackers, but with that evasion rate, it doesn't avtivate that 
-You will want to kill Wizzerds ASAP. Though unlikely, they can pierce your 
stellar defenses with their green laser beam. 
-I think the Elites also have a tickle attack that recovers their own HP, so 
Zap Tap might have another use.
-Zap Tap's third situational use is to turn down bandits, should they ever get 
through your evasion. The static prevents them from stealing, and the guard 
timing is tough.
Now Mario has a puny 1 ATTACK value when he uses basic jumps. Time to fix that.
-13 POWER RUSH serve multiple purposes. The most important is that they kill 
just about anything that isn't a boss (the only normal monster that survives is 
the Dark Koopatrol). Mario's measly 5 HP ensure they are always active. The 
other main reason you will want to put these on is the attack loss of HP Drain, 
FP Drain and P Down D Up. 2 P Down D Up and 1 Power Rush give 2 defense for the 
same price that 1 Defend Plus has, so use these if you have them. You can get 
these at the Pianta Parlor.
-1 MULTIJUMP doesn't leave Mario open against multiple enemies. 
-1 SPIKE SHIELD lets Mario Multijump on spiked enemies.
-1 ICE POWER lets Mario jump on fire enemies. Now he can jump on anything.
-1 FLOWER SAVER drops the cost of Multijump to 1 FP.
-1 FP DRAIN lowers Mario's attack by one, but we have 13 Power Rushes to make 
up for that. More important, after Mario attacked, he gains that 1 FP back he 
lost when he used Multijump. This allows the setup to function even with 5 FP 
maximum while still being independant of recovery items.
-The attack badges and the max 5 HP are the core of the setup. NEVER replace 
them (unless you're up against Bonetail or the SQ). Multijump against the 
Shadow Queen isn't so bad actually, as it kills both of her hands and severely 
damages her body, but you don't need Ice Power in Boss battles.
-When you are in the 90ish levels of the Pit of 100 trials, STAY THE HELL AWAY 
FROM CHARGED POISON PUFFS. The charge has the effect of the Return Postage 
badge, meaning you will recieve half the damage you deal, ignoring defense. The 
Puff may die, but over 20 attack and 5 HP mean that you will die, too.
-Try to use Power Bounce on Bonetail and the SQ. It's earth-shatteringly cool 
to rip 20 HP out of them each time you hit them.
Ok.. we have plenty of BP left, so let's waste them! 

-1 DEFEND PLUS P adds some durability to your partner.
-2 DAMAGE DODGE P adds some more durability to your partner if you like to 
-4 PRETTY LUCKY P try to mimick Mario's stellar evasion rate.
-1 QUICK CHANGE allows you to switch partners without losing a turn.
-ALL OR NOTHING adds 1 attack power if the hits connect, but if it doesn't, 
you won't deal damage. Pretty much below average.
-POWER STOMP ..well, add a continuous barrage to a monstrous attack power and 
you have a surefire KO against literally anything. Mario does not have an RPG 
launcher to 'spike-bomb punks into submission', but this is even better if you 
time the actions well.
-LUCKY START adds a random positive effect to Mario at the start of the battle. 
I don't know all of them, but two are the static effect granted by Zap Tap and 
another evasion boost, so.. not too effective.
-HEART FINDER, FLOWER FINDER and ITEM HOG for earning more HP, FP or items 
after a battle. Heart Finder and Flower Finder are mostly for the partners, as 
Mario heals himself during battle and has seven evasion boosts (Lucky Day 
counts 5x, Pretty Lucky and Close Call) while the partners only have one from 
Pretty Lucky P. Item Hog isn't desperatedly needed either, but can be cool to 
stock up on items.
-DOUBLE DIP/P and REFUND work well in tandem if you like to like to use items. 
If you use Double Dip or Double Dip P, reconsider using Flower Finder or Happy 
Flower because the Double Dip require FP to work. Refund gives you a small 
amount of coins back if you use an item, so its a cool addition to the 
-MONEY MONEY can be used for similar purposes, but it takes 702 coins or 234 
Piantas to even get it, which somewhat undermines it's purpose. If you have it 
equipped and stomp your way through the Pit of 100 Trials though, you will 
quickly have them back.
-ANY STOMP OR SMASH BADGE only for fun, really. You won't make use of the 
effect because of the sheer attack power Mario wields and Mario kills 
everything with Multijump anyway, but you can go with Fire Drive if you 
dislike Multijump. But keep in mind that it only hits grounded enemies and 
costs a whopping 5 FP. *points at Flower Finder and Happy Flower again*
I'm not entirely sure wether the attack boost carries over to Quake Hammer 
and Tornado Jump, but I think it doesn't.
-JUMPMAN/HAMMERMAN for 1 more attack on stomps/smashes while permitting the 
use of the other. Pretty much used as a challenge. Hammerman makes Spike 
Shield and Multijump useless and limits the usage of Ice Power, but if you 
prefer hammering over jumping, feel free to give it a shot. Hammerman makes 
some of the Hammer move badges more viable. The jumper is much more 
devastating though.
go for the hammering option, since that set is more likely to be in the need 
of star power. Timing Tutor shows the stylish commands, the Super Appeals 
add more tension of the crowd to your star meter if you wave to them the 
other two explain themselves pretty well. If you just like star powers and 
have the BP to equip them, definitely go for it.
-POWER RUSH ..You only have 13. 14 is cooler than 13 and 15 is cooler than 
14.. etc.
from more than one Last Stand. And some of the other badges that can be 
afforded and stacked have questionable use like another Multijump.
-These are completely up to you, but this set of badges adds some bulk and 
swiftness to your partners. They make up for their lower defense and evasion 
with their higher HP count. 
-This makes an effective 100% setup as you don't ever have to worry about
battles. Goombella can switch in, Tattle, switch out and be replaced with 
someone more bulky like Bobbery. 
-If you are a defense maniac, Vivian and Koops can provide a sort of absolute 
defense with Veil and Shell Shield (or whatever it's called).
-The most useful partner by far is Ms. Mowz as she can steal stuff held by 
enemies, including badges. She is the reason I added so much defense stuff for 
the partners, as her base HP is only 25 and she doesn't sport any defense.
-You won't ever need Mushrooms, but you might want to have one or two Life 
Mushrooms in your inventory. The Palace of Shadows is a tricky place where you 
might or might not fall often. But since any fall cuts one of Mario's 5 HP, 
it's handy to have some of those Life Mushrooms around. Also take some for 
Bonetail, he is a tough dog to take down.
-The only reason anyone should ever use this is to get 100% completion, I can't 
stress this enough. If you focus on battling, take another set, because this 
nukes anything in sight on the first turn. It also makes half of the game's 
battle tactics useless, as this setup doesn't rely on star power, item use or 
the hammer. You can use it, but the sheer power of this set lies in 25ish 
Multijumps for basically no FP. 
-Mario HAS to stay at 5 HP, as it's required for the Power Rushes, the Close 
Calls and the Last Stand to work. If you ever add HP by mistake, return to 
Rougeport Sewers and fix that. Mario has the attack, defense and recovery to 
stay alive several turns, even though his HP count says differently.
-This setup will take both time and coins, but the payoff is immense. Just walk 
around and fight stuff for money and let HP Drain heal you during battle. Any 
FP the partners might use up can be recovered after the battle together with 
collecting coins. 
-You can steamroll through the Pit of 100 Trials right after you have access to 
this setup (Bobbery is required to get Mario's max HP to 5). When using this, 
focus on upgrading Goombella and Ms. Mowz, as they are the most useful partners.
My setup uses all 99 BP.  Like I said before, this set isn't used to it's 
limits, but I tried to use the common badges you can get easily. I was just 
lucky on the Pretty Luckies, the game offers one or two each for you and your 

And now for something completely different - minor random stuff.
If you don't feel like wasting BP with random badges you're likely not to need 
anyway, you can stock up on FP and let hell loose or spam Fire Drives, 
recovering FP with Happy Flowers, Flower Finders and Syrups while gaining coins 
back with Refund.
I also found out that first strikes with FP Drain can recover 2 FP per battle 
while losing only one, so if you have the patience and time, you can just dish 
out first strikes if you feel you're too low on FP.
Once you reach the level where you have 99 BP and 200 FP, you HAVE to add HP, 
making this setup pretty useless. The level where this happens is in the 70s 


I completely forgot the high playing time and the big number of badges that I 
had been able to snatch from enemies.  It appears that disregarding the Pianta 
Parlor badges and random badges on enemies, there are only 1 or 2 of each 
badge hidden in the game. I also adapted the setup a little.
The setup without stolen badges looks like this:

-2 Defend Plus (I had 3 before)
-2 Damage Dodge
-1 HP Drain
-1 Last Stand
-1 Lucky Day
-2 Pretty Lucky (I had 5 before)
-1 Chill Out
-1 Feeling Fine
-1 Zap Tap
-14 Power Rush (I had 13 before; 14 is a one-hit kill on Dark Koopatrols)
-1 Multijump
-1 Spike Shield
-1 Ice Power
-1 Flower Saver (maybe 2 if you care to use other FP attacks.. I think the game 
gives you two and you have BP coming out of your ears anyway)
-1 FP Drain
Also note that there are only 2 Pretty Lucky P (among Other Badges) and the 5 
Pretty Luckies and 13 Power Rushes are mentioned in Other Badges aswell.

Pit of 100 Trials Experience, 04-20-2010 (submitted by Chip)

I beat the boss of the pit of 100 trials! On level 99 I leveled up my character 
to level 31 (I entered “pit” on level 28). I had 50HP, 50FP and 42BP. Today is 
monumental! It took me approximately 6 hours to complete the Pit of 100 trials. 
I started the "pit" with 1 Zess Tea, 2 wackabumps, 2 life shrooms, 2 honey 
supers, 2 jelly ultras, 2 maple ultras, 4 maple supers, 5 maple shrooms. When I 
exited I only had Jelly Ultra and Zess Tea left.  

Before beating it I had previously gone up to level 70. When I decided to go 
all the way I picked up 3 new badges on level 80, 90, and 100. Return postage 
being the grand prize. What is so cool is that I did not opt out of the "pit" 
after 80 or 90 to save and make sure I kept my new badges should I die before 
completion. And I beat it with the minimum requirement of level 30. I am very 
lucky that I leveled up at level 99, which is way cool, couldn’t be better. On 
a side note the first time I beat the “pit” I was level 55.

The badges I had equipped are as follows: quick change, lucky day, feeling fine 
P, felling fine,  power bounce, happy flower, pretty lucky P x4, pretty lucky, 
close call P x2, close call, piercing blow, multibounce. I did not have any 
attack enhancers equipped so multibounce and power bounce were relatively 
ineffective. So I used piercing blow exclusively for an attack of 6. I feel I 
had a good badge set up. However, hind sight 20/20 says multibounce and power 
bounce should not have been equipped. Rather I should have equipped happy 
hearts and flowers or another pretty lucky. 



Here is a listing of bosses & mini-bosses encountered in the game, 
personal strategies on how to defeat them, their stats (from tattle log) 
& a rating out of 5* based on difficulty. 

Found at: Rogueport Sewers 
HP: 12 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 
Notes: Hammer/jump/headbonk the two tentacles, then at the Blooper’s body 
until he’s finished. 
Difficulty: * 

Found at: Hooktail's Castle 
HP: 20 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 1 
Notes: Best to use Goombella’s Headbonk & Mario’s Power Smashes. Don’t give 
in to any of the dragon’s pleas. 
Difficulty: * 1/2 

Found at: Rogueport, Robbo Turf (east side) 
HP: 20 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 1 
Notes: Obviously, don’t jump on him. Use Koops after Goombella tattles, and 
Power Smash often. 
Difficulty: * 

Shadow Sirens (Beldam, Marilyn, Vivian) 
Found at: Boggly Woods, Palace of Shadow (minus Vivian) 
HP: 30, 40, 10 
Attack: 5, 7, 1 
Defense: 0 
Notes: I would defeat Marilyn first, since she is the strongest and can heal 
her partners. Basic attacks work. 
Difficulty: * 

Magnus von Grapple 
Found at: Great Tree 
HP: 30 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 
Notes: Use Power Smash and Goombella’s Multibonk. Be sure to defeat the fists 
when released which have weak HP, but high attack power. Remember that your 
jump is stronger because of the Super Boots. 
Difficulty: * 1/2 

Found at: Glitzville 
HP: 70 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 2 
Notes: He has a poisonous bite attack, fiery breath, and can also smash you, 
knocking off one of your options (Jump, Hammer, Items, Special Moves, or 
Strategies). Use Power Smash and Goombella’s Multibonk. 
Difficulty: ** 

Rawk Hawk 
Found at: Glitzville 
HP: 40 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 1 
Notes: Use Power Smashes, and Goombella’s Multibonk. Try to use counterattack 
or at least guard Action Commands on the Hawk’s attack. 
Difficulty: ** 

Macho Grubba 
Found at: Glitzville 
HP: 60 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 
Notes: Focus on Power Smashes and Multibonks. When he becomes invulnerable, 
try using Earth Tremor or items. 
Difficulty: ** 1/2 

Atomic Boo 
Found at: Creepy Steeple 
HP: 40 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 
Notes: You can’t use your hammer. Stick to jumps and Headbonks. 
Difficulty: * 1/2 

Found at: Creepy Steeple 
HP: 40 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 0 
Notes: In your first fight, keep using Power Smashes and Multibonks. 
Difficulty: ** 

Found at: Pirate's Grotto 
HP: 20 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 1 
Notes: Tattle, then switch to Vivian. No hammering in this battle. Use jumps 
on Cortez, and Shade Fist for the first two phases. In the last phase, use 
Fiery Jinx to immediately vanquish the sharp weapons. Keep whacking on 
Difficulty: *** 

Lord Crump 
Found at: Keelhaul Key 
HP: 30 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 
Notes: Power Smashes and Multibonks will work. Ignore the X-Nauts as they 
just reappear once defeated. After his HP goes down to 0, he refreshes it. 
Continue the same strategy. 
Difficulty: * 1/2 

Found at: Excess Express 
HP: 50 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 1 
Notes: Use basic attacks to clear the tentacles, then use big attacks on the 
body, especially Power Smash. Its defense and attack drops when you clear the 
tentacles. It’s probably best to use Bobbery to attack the multiple parts 
(aren’t you glad you upgraded him?) Soon it will form a piranha-like figure. 
Just keep attacking the body. 
Difficulty: *** 

Magnus von Grapple 2.0 
Found at: X-Naut Fortress 
HP: 70 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 2 
Notes: Goombella is a great partner here. Tattle of course, then use Power 
Smash on Magnus himself, and Goombella’s Multibonk. Rid him of his strong 
X-Punches. The fists have high attack power, so beat them when they appear. 
A good backup is using Art Attack and Bobbery’s Bobomblast move or Vivian’s 
Fiery Jinx. Halfway through the battle, Magnus eats audience members and 
catapults them at you. Try to block with A, and be sure to heal yourself if 
you’re in trouble. 
Difficulty: *** 

Found at: Palace of Shadow 
HP: 80 
Attack: 8 
Defense: 2 
Notes: I suggest using Defend Plus/P, Pretty Lucky, Feeling Fine/P, and your 
usual Power Smash, plus Happy Heart, Happy Flower, HP/FP Plus and any other 
badges you like to fight this boss. Tattle first. Goombella is actually a 
good partner for this fight. Use Power Smash and Multibonk. If Goombella is 
knocked down, use Bobbery (Bomb) or Flurrie (Lip Lock) against the dragon. 
When Gloomtail charges up an attack, use Vivian’s Veil to hide. 
Difficulty: **** 

Found at: Palace of Shadow 
HP: 50 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 1 
Notes: Tattle first, then use Vivian or Yoshi or any multiple attack moves 
to rid him of the Grodus X (which you should also tattle on). Once Grodus is 
free of his X’s, attack him with no mercy. Power Smash big time! Special Moves 
like Earth Tremor and Art Attack are also great for ridding the field of Grodus 
Difficulty: ** 1/2 

Bowser & Kammy Koopa 
Found at: Palace of Shadow 
HP: 70, 50 
Attack: 7, 5 
Defense: 2, 0 
Notes: Bowser is already tattled, but she is not, so do so. Beat Kammy first as 
she is weaker in HP, but offers good effects for Bowser or bad ones to you. Art 
Attack is a good move, as well as multiple moves that hit both enemies. Once 
Kammy is down, whack Bowser with Power Smash and your typical major attacks. 
Bowser’s attacks are bite, bad breath or stomping, which can take away an 
ability temporarily if you don’t guard with A. Bobbery’s Bobomblast is a good 
multiple attack, as is Vivian’s Fiery Jinx. When Kammy is down, use strong 
single attacks. 
Difficulty: ** 1/2 

Shadow Queen 
Found at: Palace of Shadow 
HP: 150 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 1 
Notes: This is the first of three phases. Attack her with all you have, any 
attacks you like: Power Smash, Multibonk, whatever. It doesn’t matter if you 
use up a lot of FP or Star Power, just as long as you keep your HP fairly 
intact. As for partners, Goombella is good enough. After losing around 50-100 
HP of her own, she will form phase two. Here, she is impenetrable. No attack 
works. But you MUST attack her for every turn otherwise the battle will never 
end. Attack her for all your turns unless you are dying and need replenishing. 
After just 4 turns of attacking only, she will consume the audience to max out 
her HP. She makes another offer, one we can refuse. Suddenly, the Crystal Stars 
come to life. They return to their rightful homes where the people you met 
throughout your quest offer their support. Aw, how cute. Then, Peach comes to 
life and refills all your HP, FP and Star Power for you and all your partners. 
Sweet! Now it’s time for a REAL battle. You can attack the Queen now. Koops is 
a great partner as his Power Shell can defeat the two hands and damage the 
Queen for cheap FP. Use Power Smash on the Queen, and the occasional Special 
Move if you want. Anything goes! Your first Bingo seems to always be a Shine 
Sprite Bingo. I swear that it’s by design. I’ve played the game a lot and it’s 
always been that way. Remember to guard with A always. When the Queen powers up 
an attack, use Vivian’s Veil to hide. When Koops is exhausted, use Bobbery’s 
Bobomblast. After that, Vivian’s Fiery Jinx as a last resort as it’s not as 
effective. Hopefully you have a lot of Ultra Shrooms and Jammin Jellies. I 
would use Sweet Feast before you use items to refresh your status. Use them 
carefully. I suggest using them when you’re at 20 HP or under. 
Difficulty: ***** 


                                   *Tattle Log*

Throughout the game, you should use Goombella's Tattle ability to record stats 
about the enemies you encounter for future use. Tattling gives you tips on how 
to beat each enemy, its HP, defense and attack power, and a mugshot. Here are 
all the Tattle Log entries in the order as it appears in the game. To access 
your Tattle Log, go to the main menu (press Start), go to Journal, then Tattle 
Log.  There are 124 tattle log entries in total. 

Max HP: 2 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 2 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Spiky Goomba 
Max HP: 2 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Hyber Goomba 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Hyper Paragoomba 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Hyper Spiky Goomba 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 7 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 7 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Spiky Gloomba 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Koopa Troopa 
Max HP: 4 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 4 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

KP Koopa 
Max HP: 4 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

KP Paratroopa 
Max HP: 4 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

Shady Koopa 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 1 

Shady Paratroopa 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 1 

Dark Koopa 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 2 

Dark Paratroopa 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 2 

Max HP: 6
Attack: 4
Defense: 2

Dark Koopatrol 
Max HP: 25 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 2 

Dull Bones 
Max HP: 1 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

Red Bones 
Max HP: 5 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 1 

Dry Bones 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 2 

Dark Bones 
Max HP: 20 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 2 

Hammer Bro. 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 1 

Boomerang Bro. 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

Fire Bro. 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 5 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Dark Lakitu 
Max HP: 13 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 3 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 3 

S. Blue Spiny 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 4 

Buzzy Beetle 
Max HP: 5 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 4 

Spike Top 
Max HP: 5 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 4 

Max HP: 5 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 4 

S. Parabuzzy 
Max HP: 5 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 4 

R.S. Buzzy 
Max HP: 5 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 5 

Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Red Magikoopa 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

White Magikoopa 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Green Magikoopa 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Kammy Koopa 
Max HP: 50 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 70 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 2 

Max HP: 20 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Dark Craw 
Max HP: 20 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 5 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Big Bandit 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Badge Bandit 
Max HP: 12 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 3 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 3 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 12 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 2 

Max HP: 3 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Gold Fuzzy 
Max HP: 10 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Green Fuzzy 
Max HP: 5 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Flower Fuzzy 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 4 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Poison Pokey 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Pale Piranha 
Max HP: 4 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Putrid Piranha 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Frost Piranha 
Max HP: 10 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 0 

Piranha Plant 
Max HP: 15 
Attack: 9 
Defense: 0 

Crazee Dayzee 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Amazy Dayzee 
Max HP: 20 
Attack: 20 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 5 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 16 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 6 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 9 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 20 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 0 

Dark Puff 
Max HP: 3 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Ruff Puff 
Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Ice Puff 
Max HP: 9 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Poison Puff 
Max HP: 15 
Attack: 8 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 7 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Atomic Boo 
Max HP: 40 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Dark Boo 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 8 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Lava Bubble 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Phantom Ember 
Max HP: 10 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 0 

Bald Cleft 
Max HP: 2 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 2 

Hyper Bald Cleft 
Max HP: 3 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 2 

Max HP: 2 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 2 

Iron Cleft 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 4 
Defense: Unknown 

Iron Cleft (repeated) 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 4 
Defense: Unknown 

Hyper Cleft 
Max HP: 4 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 3 

Moon Cleft 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 5 

Max HP: 2 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 4 

Dark Bristle 
Max HP: 8 
Attack: 8 
Defense: 4 

Max HP: 4 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

Bulky Bob-omb 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 10 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 2 

Max HP: 7 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 5 

Red Chomp 
Max HP: 6 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 3 

Bill Blaster 
Max HP: 5 
Attack: N/A 
Defense: 2 

Bullet Bill 
Max HP: 2 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 1 

Bombshell Bill Blaster 
Max HP: 10 
Attack: N/A 
Defense: 4 

Bombshell Bill 
Max HP: 3 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 2 

Dark Wizzerd 
Max HP: 10 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 2 

Max HP: 10 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 3 

Elite Wizzerd 
Max HP: 12 
Attack: 8 
Defense: 5 

Max HP: 12 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 20 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 80 
Attack: 8 
Defense: 2 

Max HP: 200 
Attack: 8 
Defense: 2 

Rawk Hawk 
Max HP: 40 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0

Macho Grubba 
Max HP: 2 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 2 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 20 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 50 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 4 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

X-Naut PhD 
Max HP: 9 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Elite X-Naut 
Max HP: 10 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 3 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 1 
Attack: 0 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 7 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Mini Z-Yux 
Max HP: 2 
Attack: 0 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 10 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 1 

Mini X-Yux 
Max HP: 1 
Attack: 0 
Defense: 0 

Grodus X 
Max HP: 3 
Attack: 4 
Defense: 0 

Magnus von Grapple 
Max HP: 30 
Attack: 2 
Defense: 1 

Magnus von Grapple 2.0 
Max HP: 70 
Attack: 6 
Defense: 2 

Lord Crump 
Max HP: 30 
Attack: 3 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 50 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 1 

Max HP: 30 
Attack: 5 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 40 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 0 

Max HP: 10 
Attack: 1 
Defense: 0 

Shadow Queen 
Max HP: 150 
Attack: 7 
Defense: 1 



Here are the inventory & price lists for all item shops and other obscure 
shops. The currency is in coins unless otherwise listed. 

Item Shops 

Note: In these shops you get 1 shop point for each item you buy. When you 
save a certain number of points, you get a free item. This goes for every 
item shop (not the unconventional shops) & your point total applies to every 
item shop. When you get an RDM issue in the e-mail, the shop advertised there 
offers double the points on items for 15 minutes. Here's a legend: 

Mushroom: 10 Points 
Ice Storm: 20 Points 
Super Shroom: 30 Points 
Thunder Rage: 50 Points 
Shooting Star: 70 Points 
Gold Bar: 100 Points 
Life Shroom: 150 Points 
Ultra Shroom: 200 Points 
Jammin' Jelly: 250 Points 
Gold Bar x 3: 300 Points 

Toad Bros. Bazaar 
Location: Rogueport Plaza (main) 
Note: They also sell Zess T.'s contact lens (10 coins) and 4 Super Luigi 

Fire Flower: 10 
Fright Mask: 5 
Honey Syrup: 5 
Mushroom: 5 
Sleepy Sheep: 8 
Tasty Tonic: 3 

Westside Goods 
Location: Rogueport, West Side 

Dizzy Dial: 12 
Dried Shroom: 2 
Life Shroom: 50 
Super Shroom: 20 
Thunder Bolt: 10 
Volt Shroom: 10 

Underground Shop 
Location: Rogueport Sewers, west end 

Gold Bar: 110 
Gold Bar x 3: 350 
Gradual Syrup: 15 
Jammin' Jelly: 200 
Slow Shroom: 15 
Ultra Shroom: 200 

Niff T.'s Shop 
Location: Petalburg 

Courage Shell: 5 
Fire Flower: 8 
Honey Syrup: 5 
Mr. Softener: 8 
Mushroom: 4 
POW Block: 5 

Pungent's Shop 
Location: Great Tree (see walkthrough on how to open it) 

Honey Syrup: 5 
HP Drain: 10 
Ice Storm: 15 
Mini Mr. Mini: 8 
Mushroom: 3 
Mystery: 3 

Souvenir Shop 
Location: Glitzville 
Note: Nearby are the Hoggle's Hot Dog Stand (5 coins for a Hot Dog) and 
Rat Businessman (10 coins for Hot Sauce after his Trouble is complete) 

Earth Quake: 15 
Point Swap: 5 
Power Punch: 15 
Repel Cape: 15 
Super Shroom: 15 
Thunder Bolt: 12 

Twilight Shop 
Location: Twilight Town 

Life Shroom: 40 
Maple Syrup: 20 
Spite Pouch: 10 
Stop Watch: 30 
Super Shroom: 15 
Thunder Rage: 20 

Keelhaul Galleria 
Location: Keelhaul Key 

Fire Flower: 5 
Fright Mask: 2 
Honey Syrup: 3 
Ice Storm: 15 
Sleepy Sheep: 10 
Super Shroom: 12 

Sales Stall 
Location: Excess Express 
Note: After arriving at Poshley Heights, visit the kiosk for Fresh Pasta 
(50 coins) 

Boo's Sheet: 20 
Maple Syrup: 15 
Mystery: 3 
Super Shroom: 15 
Tasty Tonic: 3 
Thunder Rage: 15 

Northwinds Mart 
Location: Fahr Outpost 

Ice Storm: 6 
Maple Syrup: 20 
Ruin Powder: 15 
Shooting Star: 30 
Stop Watch: 12 
Super Shroom: 15 

Unconventional Shops 

Location: Rogueport Sewers, west end 
Currency: Star Pieces 

Attack FX P: 1 
Chill Out: 2 
Pretty Lucky: 3 
Happy Flower: 4 
Happy Heart: 4 
Happy Heart P: 4 
Item Hog: 5 
Flower Finder: 6 
Heart Finder: 6 
Peekaboo: 7 
Quick Change: 8 
Flower Saver: 10 
Flower Saver P: 10 
Power Plus: 15 
Power Plus P: 15 

The Lovely Howz of Badges 
Location: Rogueport (go upstairs at inn, and west) 
Note: Certain badges are not available until a certain chapter of the main 
quest is completed. The price is cheaper when it is on display. The "sale" 
price is in brackets, next to the regular price. 

FP Drain: 100 (70) 
Happy Flower: 150 (105) 
Last Stand: 50 (35) 
Last Stand P: 50 (35) 
Piercing Blow: 75 (52) 
Power Jump: 50 (35) 
Simplifier: 50 (35) 
Super Appeal: 50 (35) 
Unsimplifier: 50 (35) 

Chapter 1: 
Close Call: 100 (70) 
Close Call P: 100 (70 
Sleepy Stomp: 75 (52) 

Chapter 2: 
First Attack: 100 (70) 
Power Rush: 50 (35) 
Pretty Lucky P: 150 (105) 

Chapter 3: 
Ice Smash: 75 (52) 
Power Rush P: 50 (35) 
Shrink Stomp: 75 (52) 

Chapter 4: 
Damage Dodge: 150 (105) 
Head Rattle: 100 (70) 
Soft Stomp: 75 (52) 

Chapter 5: 
Damage Dodge P: 150 (105) 
Fire Drive: 100 (70) 
Super Appeal P: 50 (35) 

Chapter 6: 
Attack FX P: 100 (70) 

Location: Rogueport Plaza (main), Pit of 100 Trials (random floors) 
Note: His inventory is always changing and he won't always have the same 
items. These are the items/badges he carries over time. 

Rogueport Plaza 

Attack FX C: 120 
Boo's Sheet: 24 
Double Pain: 36 
Dried Shroom: 2 
Earth Quake: 18 
Hammerman: 180 
Jammin' Jelly: 120 
Jumpman: 180 
Mega Rush: 60 
Repel Cape: 18 
Shooting Star: 36 
Slow Go: 12 
Stop Watch: 24 
Timing Tutor: 120 
Ultra Shroom: 120 
W Emblem: 360 

In Pit of 100 Trials 
Note: Prices go up as you go up in the trials. These are the lowest of 
his prices. 

Fire Flower: 10 
Honey Syrup: 10 
Maple Syrup: 20 
Mushroom: 5 
Super Shroom: 20 
Thunder Rage: 20 

Pianta Parlor 

Location: Rogueport, West Side 
Currency: Piantas 
Note: You can exchange coins for Piantas and gamble while you shop! 

Cake Mix: 6 
Super Shroom: 10 
Maple Syrup: 14 
Power Jump: 34 
Power Rush: 34 
Power Rush P: 34 
Power Smash: 34 
Refund: 34 
Super Appeal: 34 
Hammer Throw: 50 
Multibounce: 50 
Jammin' Jelly: 67 
Quake Hammer: 67 
Tornado Jump: 67 
Ultra Shroom: 67 
FP Plus: 100 
HP Plus: 100 
HP Plus P: 200 
Money Money: 234 
Gold Bar x 3: 234 



There is one, and only one game center in Paper Mario: TTYD. Sounds 
disappointing, but it's a lot of fun. If you're looking for more side 
quests (which I guess count as "games"), check out Pit of 100 Trials 
and Trouble Center. 

Pianta Parlour is located on the west side of Rogueport. You can't miss 
it with its flashy design. It's a casino with two slot machines and a game 
center with four races based on your paper abilities. You can also exchange 
coins for Piantas and check the giant Game Boy for high scores. Talk to Lahla 
(the girl ghost) to play in the game center and trade in piantas for items and 

Slot Machines 

The slots are located in the middle of the room and are identical. Pay 1 
Pianta to play. Here's a legend of combos: 

3 Don Piantas= 3 Piantas 
3 Stars= approx. 20 Piantas 
3 7s= approx. 40 Piantas 

Paper Ability Games 

These games are opened when you get the access cards throught the Trouble 
Center. They cost 10 Piantas each to play. Here's who to help to get the 
cards (see Trouble Center for more info): 

Special Card (Plane Mode) = Koopook 
Silver Card (Paper Mode) = Pine T. Jr. 
Gold Card (Tube Mode) = Frankie 
Platinum Card (Boat Mode) = Toodless 

And here's the lowdown on the games: 

Plane Game 
Basics: Launch your paper airplane self across the arena. Catch Piantas in the 
air, get as far across as you can, and try to land on x2 or x3 platforms to 
gain extra Piantas. 
Extra: Hold the Control Stick left to gain mileage. Forget the Piantas in the 
air. The further you get, the better. 

Paper Game 
Basics: Hold R to move through the course in Paper Mode. Release R to go 
through normally. Hold and release in sync with the fans to get across 
faster and beat the Toads. 
Extra: Jump over the gaps in Paper Mode. Push Toads out of the way. 

Tube Game 
Basics: Roll through the obstacle course solo in the fastest time. 
Extra: Roll in the inside lane to save time. Try to keep moving and not get 
stopped or roll off. Keep the Control Stick in the right direction always. 

Boat Game 
Basics: In Boat Mode, dodge the barrels and whirlpools solo to complete the 
course in the fastest time. 
Extra: Try to turn on the inside lane. Avoid getting continually caught in 


Talk to Lahla at left to trade in piantas for items or badges. Here's an 
inventory & price list (currency is in piantas; Cake Mix, Refund and Money 
Money can only be found here): 

Cake Mix- 6 
Super Shroom- 10 
Maple Syrup- 14 
Jammin' Jelly- 67 
Ultra Shroom- 67 
Gold Bar x 3- 234 
Power Rush P- 34 
Power Rush- 34 
Power Jump- 34 
Power Smash- 34 
Refund- 34 
Super Appeal- 34 
Hammer Throw- 50 
Multibounce- 50 
Quake Hammer- 67 
Tornado Jump- 67 
HP Plus- 100 
FP Plus- 100 
HP Plus P- 200 
Money Money- 234 

Money Exchange 

The machine shaped like Don Pianta can give you Piantas for your coins. 
Basically, it's 3 coins for 1 Pianta, but they also come in bulk. 

My Personal High Scores 

In all honesty, these are my best scores. I'll update them as they change. 

Plane Game- 432.26 
Paper Game- First Place 
Tube Game- 2:13:48 
Boat Game- 1:34:35 


                      *Paper Mario vs. Thousand-Year-Door*

Inspired by my Ocarina of Time vs. Majora's Mask section of both walkthroughs,
I made this one to compare Paper Mario (N64) with Thousand-Year-Door (GC),
since there are many similar characters, areas, and tasks.  

If you have any further comparisons to make between these two games, send me
an e-mail & I'll credit you for any additions you make.

CHARACTERS THAT APPEAR IN BOTH GAMES (based on appearances or purpose; names 
may change):

Kammy Koopa
Princess Peach
Lakilulu/Koopie Koo
Merlow/Dazzle (both trade Star Pieces for badges)
Tayce T./Zess T.
Koopa Koot/Trouble Center
Chet Rippo
Rip Cheato/Charlieton
Bow/Flurrie, Vivian
Shiver City Penguins/Poshley Heights Penguins

AREAS THAT APPEAR IN BOTH GAMES (based on appearances or purpose; names may 

Mario & Luigi's House (unaccessible in TTYD)
Bowser's Castle (unaccessible in TTYD)
Toad Town/Rogueport
Toad Town Sewers/Rogueport
Pleasant Path/Petal Meadows
Koopa Village/Petalburg
Koopa Bros. Fortress/Hooktail's Castle

purpose; names may change):

Spiked Goomba
Dry Bones


Chuck Quizmo
Seven Star Spirits- Eldstar, Mamar, Skolar, Muskular, Misstar, Klevar, Kalmar
Fice T.
Goomba Family- Gooma, Goompa, Goommama, Goompapa, Goombaria
Gourmet Guy
Kolorado's Wife
Mayor Penguin
Mayor's Wife
Radio Toad
Raphael the Raven
Rip Cheato
Rowf & Ruff
Shiver City Police Chief
Wise Wisterwood
Yoshi Chief
Shooting Star Summit
Forever Forest
Shy Guy's Toy Box
Toad Town Port
Club 64
Lavalava/Yoshi Island
Mt. Rugged
Dry Dry Desert/Outpost/Ruins
Boo's Mansion
Gusty Gulch
Tubba Blubba's Castle
Jade Jungle
Mt. Lavalava
Flower Fields
Shiver City
Crystal Palace
Starborn Valley

Professor Frankly
Lord Crump
Bald Cleft
Koops' Dad
Red Bones
Ms. Mowz
Twilight Town People
Old School Level
Shhwonk Fortress
Boggly Woods
Great Tree
Twilight Town/Trail
Creepy Steeple
Keelhaul Key
Pirate's Grotto
Excess Express
Riverside Station
Poshley Heights
X-Naut Fortress



Secrets are things you can actually do in the game that you might not have 
known. Rumours are supposed secrets which may or may not be true. Special 
thanks to Edua at GameFAQS for contributing several secrets. Within the 
secrets, I list other games. Some short-forms:  
PM = Paper Mario (N64)  
RPG = Super Mario RPG (Super NES)  
SMS = Super Mario Sunshine (GC)  
SMB = Super Mario Bros. (or 2 & 3, NES)  
SMW = Super Mario World (Super NES)  
MK = Mario Kart (N64)  
Character Cameos  
*Luigi- from beginning and appears after each chapter with a new partner from 
his own adventure  
*Toadsworth- from SMS, always at Rogueport Inn after arriving  
*Parakarry- at beginning, delivering mail  
*Merlon, Merlee & Merluvlee- fortunetellers from PM, in Rogueport & Sewers  
*Chet Rippo- level-upper from PM, in Rogueport Sewers  
*Enemies- several enemies from Paper Mario return  
*Thwomp- from SMB on, in Shhwonk Fortress & X-Naut Fortress  
*Kolorado- from PM, his father mentions him in letter at Hooktail's Castle  
*Whacka- from PM, appears at Keelhaul Key  
*Piantas- from SMS, at Don Pianta's place  
*Zess T.- taken from PM (Tayce T.)  
*Travelling Sisters- seem to be modeled after the beautiful sisters (PM)  
*Shy Guys- audience members who go backstage to reek havoc  
*Barkeeps- modeled after barkeeper at Club 64 (PM)  
*Peach- like in PM, you get to play her again  
*Bowser- his castle (from SMB on), circus reject balloon (from SMW on)  
*Toad Video Gamer- in Petalburg, modeled after gamer in RPG  
*Shiver City Penguins- in Poshley Heights, from PM  
*Bow & Bootler- from PM, found at Poshley Heights upon returning after 
finishing game  
*Jr. Troopa- from PM, found in e-mail photo from Zip Toad in upper left 
*Kolorado, Moustafa & Buzzar- all from PM, mentioned in Lumpy's journal  
*Grifty- modeled after Moustafa from PM  
*Rawk Hawk- obviously modeled after The Rock (WWE)  
*Jolene- is also the girl at Juice Shop in Glitzville  
*Pennington- is modeled after Sherlock Holmes, but is named after a character 
from Agatha Christie's Poirot series
*Adult green Yoshi- Excess Express after the 6th Crystal Star is obtained

Locations, Objects, Etc.  
*Mario & Luigi's House- like PM, is the setting at beginning  
*Abilities- Star Points (PM), HP/FP (PM), action command (RPG, PM), badges 
*Plot- letter from Peach (SMB3, PM)  
*Recipes- several from PM  
*Keelhaul Key- back jungle is modeled after Jade Jungle (PM)  
*Sea- the wavy sea in Pirate's Grotto resembles the sea in Legend of Zelda: 
Wind Waker (GC)  
*Mailbox SP- modeled after Game Boy Advance SP, e-mail & ringtones  
*Pianta Parlour- modeled after playroom in PM, includes an original Game Boy  
*Excess Express- mode of transportation that also appeared in PM (Toad Town 
train, toy train), and RPG (Nimbus bus)  
*Constellations- on moon, outside X-Naut Fortress, there are four 
constellations (flower, mushroom, chomp, star) taken from MK's Rainbow Road 

Retro Mario & Music  
*Peach Tunes- during each Peach adventure (whenever possible), have her take 
a shower and she will hum a Mario tune: SMW title music, SMB 1-1 music, SM64 
castle music, and one unidentified.  
*Retro Game Disk- when Peach loads the game disk at Grodus' castle for TEC, 
the SMB3 battle mode comes on screen, as does music that seems to be from 
Final Fantasy  
*Mailbox SP Ringtones- e-mails from Peach have SMW title music, and e-mails 
from X (Jolene) are from SMB3, World 6 map music  
*Brotherly Love- Mario's torment of Luigi continues with the "I wanna meet 
Luigi" trouble; see also PM (diary reading), and basically SMB on, however 
Luigi gets his revenge in the ending of Luigi's Mansion :o) 

Something's Missing...  
*The SMW title music that usually appears after waiting at the Chapter screen 
(started in PM) does not appear in TTYD. At Chapter 5, you hear the Excess 
Express music.  

Try These On For Size  
*Wonky's Tales- in Rogueport Sewers, pay 5 coins each for hints (repeat 
readings are free)  

*Lahla- after getting Paper Mode, slip through the bars in Pianta Parlour and 
talk to her to learn more about her; get more info by getting high scores:  
Plane Game- beat 375.14  
Paper Game- 1st place  
Tube Game- beat 2:13:20  
Boat Game- beat 1:33:15  
*Grifty- on the roof of Shine Shop; pay 5 coins each to hear stories.

*Lumpy- rat at Rogueport Harbour- invest money (in hundred coin increments) 
to earn profit later- after returning from Poshley Heights, talk to him to 
get 3x your investment (!) and read the diary of his journey.  You can only
invest up to 300 coins, since Mario can only carry up to 999 coins (minus
gold bars).  Lumpy will say "Thanks to you, I'm all set to go" once you've
reached the maximum investment.
*Amazy Dayzees- found in road to Creepy Steeple once in a blue moon (gold 
Crazee Dayzees)- use Goombella to tattle and have Mario use Art Attack and 
Goombella's Rally Wink for an extra turn- defeat it before it runs away for 
lots of Star Points!

*Right after I got the 6th star from Cortez, in Rogueport Sewers on the west 
side, the Armored Koopas are there and you know how they call in reinforcements?
I found that if you let them keep calling in reinforcements by appealing or 
defending, you can add up a crazy amount of xp coins.  I used it like mad but 
it probably only works at that certain time when you get the sixth star seeing 
as how the xp goes down as you get farther in the game. 


The Koopatrol secret is a good strategy for getting great amounts of star 
points, and it works with every enemy that can multiply itself (Pokey, Poison 
Pokey, Ember, Phantom Ember and Lava Bubble). But this strategy works better 
with the Green Fuzzy. Why? Because, compared with the other enemies I listed 
above, it is the easiest of them all. Test it when fighting "The Fuzz" in 
Glitzville. I did it, and I received 0 star points for the Fuzzie, 5 for the 
Flower Fuzzie, and 5 for each Green Fuzzie I defeated. At the end of the 
battle, I received 80 star points! I repeated this when I fought the Green 
Fuzzies in Keelhaul Key, but I just received 2 star points for each Fuzzie, 
and at the end I received 50 star points in one battle and 26 star points in 
*In Frankly's office, in the top right corner of the bookshelves, there are 4
symbols: sun, moon, Puni & star.  This is the same order of symbols needed to
get the Super Boots in the Great Tree of Boggly Woods.

*You need:

- To have Chet Rippo's place unlocked
- Close call, Pretty Lucky (for Mario), Last Stand (for Mario) and A LOT of 
Power Rush (for Mario) badges
- Lucky Day badge, if you already have it.

First, go to Chet Rippo's place and pay him coins until your MAX HP is 5. When 
asking which stat you want to raise, select BP. If you reach the MAX BP (which 
is 99, I guess) then raise FP. After that, go to the Pianta Parlor and exchange 
Piantas for Power Rush badges. If you need more money, try selling badges or 
items you don't use. Equip all of your Power Rush, Close Call, Pretty Lucky, 
Last Stand and Mega Rush badges. 

While having 5 HP as your MAX HP, Mario will always be in danger. With all 
those Power Rush (in my game I have 17, and I will get more) equipped you can 
deal aprox. 40 of damage with the normal hammer and aprox. 37 of damage for 
each jump attack. Close Call, Pretty Lucky and Lucky Day badges will make sure 
that most of your enemy's attacks will miss. Last Stand will help you survive 
an attack if somehow you don't get a "Lucky". AND you can use Multibounce and 
Quake Hammer to finish quickly with every normal enemy you fight. This strategy 
is great for clearing The Pit of 100 Trials in record time, just remember to 
always carry Life Shrooms in your inventory.

The only bad thing of this strategy is that you have to spent A LOT of coins, 
and that it will work until you have reached your MAX FP and BP, because you 
will have to raise your HP from that moment on.

*Whacka Bumps sell for 100 coins on the Excess Express instead of the typical
50-60 coins at other shops.


*At the beginning of the game, when entering a name for your file, enter
a colour and your Yoshi will become that colour!


This is NOT true. I tried it twice with red and blue and Yoshi was green 
both times. However, I started another game file, saved just before you get 
Yoshi and tried several other methods of altering his color. It seems to be 
based on the time you run around with his egg, starting with green. After a 
certain time has passed (which I am unfortunately unable to tell you), his 
color changes, be it red, yellow, blue or even black. I do not know in which 
order these colors appear, nor do I know their timers, but they seem to be 
different (for instance, the green timer is much longer than the black timer). 
I have heard about a white Yoshi from a friend, too, but I was unable to 
hatch one, so either it doesn't exist or the timer is pretty tough to get.
-- from Mike 


                        *FAQs & Other Oddities*

Q:  I have a question about how to level up in this game. When I'm figthing a 
    enemy I didn't fight before I get a lot of stars points but pass the time 
    and my enemies get weaker and they don't give me the same amount of stars 
    points. How can I level up mario if I get so little stars points. If there 
    is any way to gain a lot of stars points? You know what I mean? In this 
    game every level up I have to choose which I want to level up my HP, FP, 
    BP and with little amounts of star points make this game difficult. I will 
    wait wait for your answer. You got a very good guide, Its very helpful--
    from Henry

A:  You're right, leveling up is easier when the enemies give out more star 
    points, so you need to milk them for what they're worth when they are still 
    strong.  Otherwise, try re-competing in the Glitz Pit, or finding the 
    toughest enemies to fight over and over.  Other than that, it's basically 
    up to you to fight as many enemies as you can in the dungeon and outdoor 
    areas when they are their strongest.


Q:  Do you/can you find out what the "secret" treasure was from Goombella and 
    Prof. Frankly? The one that Prof. Frankly finds @ the end of the game?
    -- from Felicia

A:  Yes, you can.  Once you defeat the Shadow Queen, let the credits roll by
    and you will be able to reopen your file.  Mario will return to Rogueport.
    Revisit Prof. Frankly and he will tell you about the treasure.  It's
    a mushroom!


Q:  I am somewhere in the 50s level in the Pit of 100 Trials. There are two 
    badge thieves. One takes a coin, the other takes a badge. There is a 3rd 
    something, can’t remember. Every time I destroy then, back in the pit, 
    the thief is following me around and I have to fight them again, over 
    and over.

    Why? I have destroyed both the thieves in one turn, then the other 3rd 
    something, same thing happens.

    If I hit one of the thieves without killing it, at least one runs off.

A:  Sounds like you're doing well to be halfway through the pit!  

    The Badge Bandit enemy is one of the worst enemies in the game (aside 
    from the major bosses) simply for the reason you have given.  According 
    to the Enemy FAQ by JJ64 on GFAQs, you have to continue fighting him 
    until he is soundly defeated (without running away).  

    Protect yourself against a robbery by using the defense action command 
    (press A at the very moment he attempts to steal your item).  This may 
    not be enough, but it's a start.  The other alternative is if you get 
    an item stolen, focus on defeating that enemy PRONTO!  Use Goombella's 
    Rally Kiss to earn an extra turn and use the biggest attack power you 
    have (like Supernova).  You can also use an item or star power to 
    freeze (either in time or literally with ice) to keep him from running.
    Other than that, I guess you just have to persevere until he's finished!


Q:  In chapter 8, when Mario shoots for the moon, I'm supposed to talk to 
    Goldbob but all he talks about is needing a train set for his son. How 
    do i talk to him about the cannon?-- from Triolaxduh

A:  First of all, you shoot for the moon in Chapter 7, so maybe you aren't 
    quite at that point yet.  Have you uncovered Fahr Outpost?  After 
    finishing up at Poshley Heights and revealing the new location, head to 
    the west end of Rogueport Sewers, hover on the upper level with Yoshi, 
    hammer the block, then take the pipe.  

    You need to speak with the green Bob-omb by the cannon, who will direct 
    you to Goldbob.  Find Goldbob in Poshley Heights, pay him all your 
    money, then you'll get the Goldbob Guide.  Then you'll have to go on a 
    world tour to find General White :o)


Q:  Now I got a couple of questions....How does the gold bar x3 work? I 
    have one, but I don't carry anymore coins than the 999...Also, what 
    is the point of the stupid mover thing in the pit of 100 trials??--
    from Stephanie

A:  The gold bar is supposed to allow you to carry more coins.  If you
    carry gold bar x3, you can hold 999 coins.  I guess you've already
    accomplished that?!?  The Items FAQ on GameFAQs didn't really specify
    and, to be honest, I could usually pull through without carrying that
    many coins, so I never really tried carrying 3 gold bars.  As for the
    Mover, under my Pit of 100 Trials section, I wrote, "Within the Pit is 
    a Mover, a Puni with sunglasses that appears randomly to move you 
    forward for a fee. Always pick to go up 5 floors unless you can't 
    afford 30 coins. In that case, pay 10 coins to move down 2 floors."
    I find him helpful to skip incredibly easy or incredibly hard floors.


Q:  hey, so i have a question, i brought this game when it first came out, 
    and i played it maybe hours a day or even a day, i was addicted and 
    then i got to the point i gave up when i got to maybe close to the 
    middle of the game i dont remember where, so i stop playing for a year 
    and then i started to play a continue where i was but it  didn't help 
    so i erased it and now im addicted to it again to beat this game this 
    time with you help for the helps... so im stuck on the level where i 
    have to go to Flurrie's house and i've been in here walking around 
    trying to get a saying from her so nothing, so i went back to where 
    the 3 sisters are and i still got no fight when and how is she going 
    to come out "She will eventually reveal that she is missing a 
    necklace, the one that Vivian found. The drama queen won't come out 
    unless she has it on" i dont remember how i did this... what am i 
    doing wrong? thanks-- from judy

A:  The problem with starting up a file you used a long time ago is that
    you forget where you left off, so it's probably best that you started
    a new file.  It will refresh your memory better.  First of all, did
    you talk to Flurrie already with Punio to get her request for the
    necklace?  If not, you should be able to pass by the 3 sisters
    (Beldam, Marilyn, and Vivian) without being spotted, head to Flurrie's
    house, and press A at the door.  After her request for the necklace
    is given, return to the 3 sisters to begin the fight.  If you win
    the fight, you get the necklace.  Return it to Flurrie to earn her
    skills as a partner, and continue from there.  Hope that helps!


Q:  i have a big questions, and its prob stupid, i can't get yoshi to gulp 
    when it comes to the fights. im stuck with Armored Harriers  and i 
    can't pass them, i've been on it for like prob 30 tries, and i still 
    wondering what is wrong, im readying the thing correctly and it says 
    to hold r down till the red lights up and then lets go, and its not 
    working, thanks for you can solve my problem-- from judy

A:  After getting Yoshi as a partner, the rematch against the Armoured
    Harriers (Iron Clefts) should be a snap.  Mario's moves are useless
    against them for now, but for Yoshi, after selecting the Gulp move
    to use with A, press and hold R immediately and don't let go until
    red dot with a star in it lights up.  Let go of R and the rest should
    fall into play.  If it doesn't work, make sure the R button of your
    controller works okay.  Try another move that requires use of R or
    plug in another controller.  Hope that helps!


Q:  hello i bought the game in level 3 just before you go to hooktails 
    castle is their any detail about how you hit the 2 switches i have 
    released the turle and hold but i'm not hearing a sound and when i 
    release the turtle its not hitting the switch how is this done i 
    need to know is their moore detail to this so i can get to hooktails 
    castle please email me of a easy way.  i tried to release him close 
    as possible-- from Smiley

A:  Place the Moon & Sun Stones in their proper places & a centre plaque 
    will appear as well as two blue switches. This can be tough on your 
    first try. Stand to the open side of either switch and press & hold 
    X to release Koops and hold him in place. Move Mario to the other 
    switch and release X. After a thud sound is heard, jump/hammer the 
    second switch. A pipe appears. 

    The trick is to hold X while moving Mario to the other switch.  Try 
    to keep your thumb on the button while moving the Control Stick with 
    your left hand.  Once you release, Koops hits the switch and you can 
    jump or hammer the one right by Mario.


    Attack: 4, Defense: 0.  -- from Sergio David/Syd Pacheco

A:  Atomic Boo is found in Creepy Steeple.  This part is right within my
    walkthrough.  Open the box (in the room after getting the Cookbook and
    other goodies) and tons of Boos come out. Say 200 to get an Ultra 
    Shroom (math nerd). Go back right, use the spring, then talk to the 
    ghost. Say you won't be mean to it. You can get a badge now if you 
    want. Get twisted to do the Super Hammer trick, wait until about 4 
    ghosts surround you, then spin the hammer to knock them off. If you 
    did it right, they will form a big ghost called *Atomic Boo*. If it 
    doesn't work, they'll drop you off outside and you'll have to come back 
    in. Anyway, tattle on it. It's pretty easy, though you can't use your 
    hammer. Stick to jumps and Headbonks. For winning, you get the *Lucky 
    Start* badge. Now the Boos will not surround you, but instead hang 
    around like normal enemies on the field.


    Trial Stew.  I HOPE YOU CAN TELL ME WHERE I CAN FIND IT.  -- from
    Sergio David/Syd Pacheco

A:  Thanks for your nice comments.  Sorry, I seem to have made a mistake 
    on my recipes page [note: now fixed].  Trial Stew is made from a 
    Poison Shroom and Couple's Cake.  All of these items are made through 
    Zess T.  Poison Shroom is a combination of Point Swap + Slow Shroom or 
    Inky Sauce + Slow Shroom.  Couple's Cake is best found through the 
    Trouble Center (Goom Goom- "Looking for a Gal"), but can also be made 
    with Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup.  Whew!


Q:  Can your partner level more than once?  If so, how? -- from

A:  If you're referring to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, I've 
    listed all upgrades under Characters.  You upgrade characters by 
    collecting Shine Sprites throughout the game worlds.  A complete 
    list of locations is also available under Shine Sprites.  Bring the 
    Sprites to Merlon in Rogueport (there's a picture of a Shine Sprite 
    above his door) and he will upgrade each of your partners for 3 
    Sprites each.  Collect the Ultra Stone to upgrade each of your 
    partners a second time.  Therefore, each partner gets four 
    Hope that helps!  If you're referring to another game, you'll have to 
    e-mail me back.  I have 8 walkthroughs to keep track of!


Q:  If I don't write the colour of the yoshi I want in the file name the 
    Yoshi's colour will be random?-- from Marie

A:  The Yoshi's colour can supposedly be determined by the time it takes 
    to capture the egg. 
    On the GFAQs message board, I found out that the timer starts after you 
    capture the egg and keeps ticking until you lose to the Iron Clefts & 
    the egg hatches.  Apparently the pattern goes:

    0-6 minutes = Green
    6-9 = Red
    9-11 = Blue
    11-15= Orange
    15-18 = Pink
    18-19 = Black
    19-20 = White


    Please note that I have edited the information above--thanks Frank!
    Originally I had these times for determining Yoshi's colour:

    Less than 1 minute- Green
    1 minute- White
    2 minutes- Orange
    3 minutes- Black or Blue
    4 minutes- Pink
    6 minutes- Red

    These times are suppposedly incorrect, so please use the first set
    of times instead.


Q:   In your guide it says there are 7 playable characters.  I've beaten 
     the game and I'm wondering... Who are the other two characters and 
     how do I get them?-- from waffle89

A:  I assume you're talking about Paper Mario: The Thousand Year-Door and 
    the 7 characters would be Mario's partners that you acquire throughout 
    the game (see my Characters section).  Ms. Mowz is an optional partner 
    and you can get her in Chapter 4 if you go to the Trouble Center.  
    Choose the trouble posted by ??? (no name given).  She's on the roof 
    of the badge shop.  Get the badge she wants from Hooktail's Castle and 
    your reward is that she joins your party.  I'm not sure about the
    second character you mentioned since all but Ms. Mowz are hidden.


Q:  As to the badge shop in Rogueport that you mention… I know of that 
    guy who sells them, but I’m pretty sure you’re not referring to that, 
    and I also read that you said it was in the main area, but for some 
    reason I couldn’t find it. (I don’t know if I even knew there was a 
    badge shop the first time I played… but it’s been so long) Where 
    exactly is it and do I have to be at a certain chapter to access it? 
    (I just finished Chapter 2 in my new file)-- from Alex Browne

A:  The badge shop in Rogueport is in the first main area where the inn 
    and item store are.  Go inside the inn, take the stairs to the second 
    floor, and go out the door at left.  Head left and bingo, there it is!  
    You should be able to access it at any time, however the availability 
    of certain badges changes as you progress through the chapters of the 


Q:  What do you recommend for HP/FP (I’ve already heavily boosted my BP) 
    for facing the Shadow Queen? Or what worked best for you? Because 
    that’s my main concern as I’ve gotten stuck on just that part the 
    previous times I’ve played-- from Alex Browne

A:  You can read over my suggestions for fighting the Shadow Queen in 
    my walkthrough towards the end, or in the Bosses section.  If you 
    want to increase your HP/FP/BP, you need to rack up more Star Points.  
    You need to refight enemies, or you can also re-enter the Glitz Pit 
    and fight a series of them there.  You can also try to fight a rare 
    Amazy Dayzee enemy (see my Secrets section) which will give you 40 
    Star Points.  You can also wear the HP Plus, FP Plus, Happy Heart/P, 
    and Happy Flower to increase their points during battle.


Q:  Do you know what the prizes are for the lottery?-- from yuyu13

A:  According to a GameSpot forum, you win a Power Plus badge for 1st 
    place, coins or mushrooms for secondary placements.  I've never won 
    myself, but you supposedly get a friendly message and the prize.  
    Odds have been calculated as 1 in 10 000, but someone also claims 
    that winning is not random, but calculated.


Q:  I am playing Mario Paper and I am in Glitz Pit and at the point where 
    Yoshi is supposed to help me hover to get some papers.  The problem 
    is that I cant get him to hover more than for about 2 seconds and he 
    doesnt really fly me.  I have tried everything here and nothing works.  
    I am kinda stuck here because I am suspended from fighting and cant 
    do anything.  Can you help me?-- from Jeff

A:  You need to use the Control Stick to direct Yoshi's hover in the right 
    direction.  Make sure you're standing as close to the edge of the gap 
    as you can before hovering.


Q:  Do you know until which level you can raise your stats in this game?
    -- from Gustavo

A:  I found your answer by Googling, and according to a GameSpot forum, the 
    maximum level is 99, and maximum stats are 200 HP, 200 FP, and 99 BP, 
    but they can't all be maxed out at the same time unless you use badges 
    like HP Plus and FP Plus.


Q:  Hi, I was wondering where should I level after completing the game?--
    from Orlando

A:  I assume you mean how to boost your HP, FP, BP, and overall level.  
    You can earn Star Points in the Pit of 100 Trials and by continually 
    fighting enemies in the field or dungeons, though if you've finished 
    the game, they won't give out as many Star Points.  Also, check out 
    previously submitted FAQs and the Secrets section for more tips.


Q:  When are more FAQs going to be listed?  -- from nintendo_girl21
A:  When more people e-mail me with questions!  Sheesh (lol).


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