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Badge Set-Up FAQ by JPKilla

Version: 1.62 | Updated: 12/29/12

   BBBBBBB          AAAA        DDDDDDDD        GGGGGGG      EEEEEEEE
   BB    BB        AA  AA       DDDDDDDDD      GGGGGGGGG     EEEEEEEE
   BB  B  BB      AA    AA      DD      DD    GG       GG    E
   BB      BB    AA      AA     DD       DD  GG         GG   E
   BB    BBB    AA        AA    DD       DD  GG              EEEEEE
   BB      BB   AA        AA    DD       DD  GG      GGGGG   E
   BB  B  BB    AAAAAAAAAAAA    DD      DD    GG     GG  G   E
   BB    BB     AA        AA    DDDDDDDDD      GG       GG   EEEEEEEEE

PPPPPPP          OOOO         WW              WW   EEEEEEEEE  RRRRRRRR
PP     PP      OO    OO       WW              WW   EEEEEEEEE  RR     RR
PP  PP  PP    OO      OO      WW              WW   EE         RR  RR  RR
PP      PP   OO        OO     WW      WW      WW   EE         RR      RR
PPPPPPPPPP   OO        OO     WW      WW      WW   EEEEEE     RRRRRRRRRR
PP           OO        OO     WW      WW      WW   EE         RRRR
PP            OO      OO      WW     WWWW     WW   EE         RR  RR
PP             OO    OO        WW   WW  WW   WW    EEEEEEEEE  RR    RR
PP               OOOO            WWWW    WWWW      EEEEEEEEE  RR      RR

Next time I decide to do one of these things...stop me. Please?

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Badge Set-Up FAQ V 1.62


At the popular request of several of my peers, I have transformed a few basic
badge set-ups into this set-up FAQ for the benefit of everyone to view at their
leisure. I have encouraged many others to come up with their own ideas, and
they have done so successfully. The following is the fruits of their labor...


Current Events:

Reading through this guide so many years later, I see so many things I'd like to
change, fix, update and tweak. Alas, it's much too late for that now.  Of course
this game is still near and dear to my heart, and I will continue to add most
reader contributions as they come in.

Though I haven't played The Thousand-Year Door in several years, I still work
with badges and badge set-ups on the side.  I still get the occasional e-mail,
and as of this update, still frequent The Thousand-Year Door message board here
on GameFAQs.  That said, be sure to compare today's date with my last update.
Hard to say where I'll be in a year or two.

I wish you all a Happy *insert nearest holiday* and a good travels through your
Mario Universe.


Table of Contents:

If you would like to jump to a particular set-up, press ctrl+f, and type out
the set-up you would like to go to. I could give it little keywords, but that's
no fun...

I    - Version History

II   - The Basics

III  - Standard Set-Ups
          ~Tank Mario
          ~Reckless Mario
          ~Partner Power
          ~Destruction Mario
          ~Stylish Mario
          ~Time-Bomb/Charger Mario
          ~Elemental Mario (created by the_peace_guy)
          ~Item Frenzy
          ~Stars' Might
          ~Spare Tire
          ~Danger Mario
          ~Pure Stats (created by Toad 004)
          ~Power Bouncer (created by jamescom1)
          ~Survivor (created by SoulAvenger69)
          ~Very Lucky (created by kirby_64)
          ~Poison Barb Mario (created by Squeakerson)
          ~Revenge Spike Mario (created by TheShiningNorth)

IV   - Special Purpose Set-ups
          ~The 30 BPer
          ~The 99 BPer
          ~Amayzee Hunter
          ~The Ultimate Pit Strategy (created by kirby_64)
          ~The Amazing Pit Set-up (created by Callee)

V    - Individual Boss Set-ups

VI   - Badges from Enemies

VII  - Mix and Match Set-ups

VIII - Badge Listing and Advice

IX   - The REAL Fun Stuff: Contact, Legal, and Special Thanks


I - Version History:

V 1.00 : 9/4/05
         Finished composing and editing all invented and submitted set-ups.
         ~Danger Mario
         ~Tank Mario
         ~Reckless Mario
         ~Partner Power
         ~Destruction Mario
         ~Stylish Mario
         ~Time-Bomb/Charger Mario
         ~Pure Stats (created by Toad 004)
         ~Power Bouncer (created by jamescom1)
         ~Survivor (created by SoulAvenger69)
         ~Very Lucky (created by kirby_64)
         ~The 30 BPer
         ~Amayzee Hunter
         ~The Ultimate Pit Strategy (created by kirby_64)

V 1.11 : 9/11/05
         Fixed a very bad error in Tank Mario (thank you SoulAvenger69)
         Added "Badges from enemies" Section (Many thanks to jamescom1 for
           saving the list, which I had never heard of)
         Fixed exactly one minor typo

V 1.16 : 9/12/05
         Added list of Mix and Match set-ups. Specifics to come later
         Added a variation to the Special Notes of Tank Mario
         Fixed an odd error that prevented a phrase from showing up
         Fixed a technical error in Danger Mario involving Last Stand
         Proofread entire FAQ and corrected many things that confused me

V 1.21 : 9/19/05
         Finished off the basis for the Mix and Matches      

V 1.25 : 9/23/05
         Added the Badge Listings and Advice
         Added a Status Effect... >_>

V 1.30 : 10/4/05
         Added the following set-ups:
         ~Jumpman set-up
         ~Hammerman set-up
         ~Item Frenzy set-up

V 1.35 : 10/13/05
         Fiddled with my ASCII "Art"
         Added an unnecessary, but hopefully helpful explanation to Danger
         Credit to a Tank modification duly noted and fixed
         Added the following set-ups:
         ~Spare Tire set-up
         ~Stars' Might set-up

V 1.36 : 10/14/05
         Oops, fixed a problem in, where else, the Version History
         Proofread it again, and fixed various errors from typos to technical
           difficulties to set-up modifications
         Trashed plans for 99 BP versions of existing set-ups, but you can
           expect to see various set-ups built for those that have 99 BP

V 1.37 : 10/28/05
         Finally found time to add permission for neoseeker.com to host my FAQ
         Added the Current Event section right below the Introduction.
         Removed a no-longer necessary bit in the Version History, and added
           date to the above section... :P

V 1.38 : 11/3/05
         Added a rather unnecessary bit to the Special Thanks

V 1.40 : 11/21/05
         Pieced together a 99 BP set-up

V 1.41 : 3/6/06
         Some content and rhetorical revisions

V 1.42 : 4/4/06
         Fixed some minor error that screwed up a few words. It happens :P
         Updated contact information. I should be easier to reach, now
         Added my current set-up

V 1.43 : 5/13/06
         Fixed a rather bad error in Item Frenzy
         Few spellings re-spelled
         Got a name for Dual Shooting Star. Yay

V 1.44 : 6/14/06
         Added some more badges and enemies to the Badges from Enemies list
         Fixed a detail in the Item Frenzy set-up
         Omitted a rather unnecessary sentence from First Strike description

V 1.45 : 8/31/06
         Added Elemental Mario

V 1.46 : 1/14/07
         Removed Under Construction sign
         Fixed a really strange grammar error
         Added to the Badge Drop list

V 1.50 : 7/9/07
         Minor update to Badges from Enemies list
         Un-noted some notes I thought were arrogant of me to make. Sorry, guys

V 1.51 : 5/22/08
         Addition to Badges from Enemies list

V 1.52 : 8/25/08
         Additions to Badges from Enemies list
         Interesting strategy involving damage return/Thorns added (check

V 1.55 : 9/15/08
         Added the Poison Barb Mario set-up
         Modifications to Mix-and-Match, inspired by above
         Added more Badges from Enemies (without credits)
         Touched up a few notes on existing set-ups

V 1.56 : 4/12/09
         Fixed a math error that somehow survived since 1.00
         Updated Badges from Enemies list

V 1.60 : 5/11/10
         Added The Amazing Pit Strategy

V 1.61 : 8/1/10
         Minor revisions to badge numbers and comments
         Moved and heavily modified Danger Mario
         Removed my personal set-up

V 1.62 : 12/29/12
         Added the Revenge Spike Mario set-up

Coming up soon:

         ~More contributions as readers see fit


II - The Basics

Hopefully you know enough about the basics before looking through this guide
so I'll just go over the generalities of certain things that I find pertinent
to badges.

HP - Heart Points - The life force of Mario and your partner. If your HP drops
to zero, and you are not in posession of a Life Shroom, it's game over. If your
partner's HP drops to zero, he/she is incapable of continuing fighting until
he/she is healed. Certain badges can raise maximum HP of you or your partner,
occasionally recover it, or drain (leech) it from an enemy.

FP - Flower Points - FP allows you to use special moves (not special attacks,
there's a difference), which have a variety of effects, such as freezing an
enemy or damaging all airborne targets. Many of the partner moves also require
FP. Like HP, there are badges that can raise maximum FP, occasionally recover
it, or drain (leech) it from an enemy. Other badges can reduce FP costs of
special moves and recover it when Mario is damaged.

BP - Badge Points - BP allows you to use badges (duh :P). The range of effects
that badges grant are too vast to mention here, but you can be assured it is
vast. Yes, indeed. Each badge costs an amount of BP ranging from 0-7. The 7BP
badges generally being the most useful, while the 0BP typically have little to
no purpose. These are, however, generalizations, and it is not necessarily true,
that Return Postage, a 7BP badge, is better than an All or Nothing, a 4BP
badge, in all situations. And it is because there are so many ways to mix and
match badges, that there is no such thing as a "most powerful badge". Even
Quick Change can be used in tandem with a number of badges that would make it

Attack Power - This is Mario's basic attack strength. For mathematics' sake, we
will look at Mario's basic basic attack power as zero. The normal boots gives
him an attack power of one, and the normal hammer wields an attack power of
two. The Super Boots have an attack power of two, whereas the Super Hammer has
an attack of four. Ultra Boots boast an attack of three, and the Ultra Hammer
packs an attack power of six. Various badges can add to and take away from his
attack power, and the different strategies look at this stat with a varying
degree of attention.

Defense Power - This is Mario's basic defensive power. Mario's basic defense is
zero, and it can only be improved or degraded by badges. That's right, there
are no such things as Super and Ultra Overalls. Different strategies could care
more or less about this factor.

Status Effects - There are a number of Status Effects in this game, and the list
I used to have here was far from comprehensive.  Most of the Effects are pretty
self-explanatory, but I will try to refer to the effects of any Status as they
come up in this guide.


III - Standard Set-ups

The following badge set-ups all follow a certain format, that goes as follows:

Set-Up name:

My stupid little catch-phrase

Suggested stats by level 30 : HP/FP/BP

Targeted HP/FP/BP values by the time you reach level 30 to best complement the
set-up. Exclamation points (!) indicate stats to focus leveling up on after
level 30 is reached.

Key Badges:

The badges that this set-up revolves around. Without these, the set-up is
considered broken and un-directional.

Optional Badges:

The badges that fall under this category are meant to complement the key badges
as long as the player has enough BP to use them. They aren't really vital, but
they help a lot.

Special Notes:

These are just my little notes that give you reasons for my decisions or add on
extra little strategies or badges I haven't yet mentioned in the Key/Optional


Tank Mario:

Can't touch this, Na-na-na-n...OK I'll stop...

Suggested stats by level 30: 75!/10/51

Key Badges:

Defend Plus     2
P-Down D-Up     1
Damage Dodge    2
Total BP        16

Optional Badges:

Power Plus P    2
HP Drain        1
P-Up D-Down P   1
Power Plus      2
Hammerman       1
Total BP        34
Grand Total     50

Special Notes:

~This Mario can be tough to use early in the game.  Defend Pluses aren't
exactly abundant, but this will keep Mario safe for a good while.  Though it's
certainly better in tandem with another strategy, such as Partner Power or
Stars' Might, Tank Mario can be a solid stand-alone strategy for anyone who
likes to play it safe.

~Following this set-up, you will have lost a bit of Attack Power. You'll need
to come up with ways to counter-act this flaw. The best way is to beef up your
bombardier so to speak. Since you're going to be sitting up front tanking, you
might as well have someone arming the big guns. Give your partner some Power
boosting badges and have him/her hammer on the enemy from the backfield.

~You'll find yourself using Power Lift frequently since it offers three main
benefits to this set-up. It gives Mario an extra defensive boost, it gives him
a leveling attack boost, and makes your partner stronger in the backfield.
Keep your Star Gauge high while fighting.

~Unlike many of my set-ups, I actually recommend a healthy supply of HP.  Mario
will be taking a lot of hits, and though much of the damage will be deflected,
he's still going to take some.

~Another variation of this strategy provided by Rayquaza418 focuses more on
Partner defense. By boosting your partner's defense as much as you can, and
equpping them with all available Damage Dodge Ps, you can set Bobbery up front
and have him use Hold Fast. As long as you Guard, not Superguard, Bobbery should
be able to retaliate two damage while taking none himself.


Reckless Mario:

"Let's go sky-diving!" ^_^'  "Mama Mi-AUGH-HA-HA-HA"  >_<'  Where's his

Suggested stats by level 30: 100!/10/36

Key Badges:

Power Plus      2
All or Nothing  1
Jumpman         1
Spike Shield    1
P-Up D-Down     1
Charge          1
Total BP        23

Optional Badges:

Multibounce     1
Power Bounce    1
Return Postage  1
Zap Tap         1
Total BP        11
Grand Total     34

Special Notes:

~This Mario needs to be HP heavy, especially if you use Return Postage since
you'll just be asking for loads of damage. If you're not using Return Postage,
you may want Koops or Flurrie up front for most of the game. If you are going
to use it, keep Ms. Mowz in the backfield ready to use Smooch and have a few
Ultra Shrooms in supply.

~The idea of this set-up is to not rely on FP moves, but instead focus on using
his normal moves with greatly boosted attack power.  Though you shouldn't need
much FP, once you have a good supply of HP, FP might be the next thing to level
up.  Power Smash, Power Stomp, and Multibounce could definitely help with the
attack boost.

~This is one of the best set-up for returning counter damage.  Zap Tap and
Return Postage can be used together to give direct attackers a huge chunk of
damage back.  Mario will be taking a bit more damage than normal, so direct
attackers will also be taking a bit more damage from the counter damage.  Use
this wisely and carefully.

~Thanks to a conversation I "overheard", cool540 pointed out that Double Pain,
a 0BP badge is good for, in essence, doubling the damage Return Postage does,
at the sacrifice of taking twice the damage.  Be careful with this strategy.
HP goes down much faster than you might think.

~wholigans87 also provides a nifty technique with my favorite concept:
stacking.  Using a Spite Pouch along with Return Postage will allow any direct
attack to return a full 100% back to the damage dealer.  Combined with Double
Pain, there are few enemies in the game that won't simply destroy themselves
by attacking.

~Some enemies are capable of rendering themselves invincible for a short while.
Take advantage of their non-attack and turn it into a little extra power on your
next move with a Charge.


Partner Power:

Looks like Mario is sitting this battle out...again >_>

Suggested stats by level 30: 10/70!/45!

Key Badges:

Power Plus P    2
Defend Plus P   2
Quick Change    1
Total BP        29

Optional Badges:

Super Appeal    1
Unsimplifier    1
Flower Saver P  2
FP Drain        1
Hammerman       1
HP Plus P       1
Total BP        20
Grand Total     49

Special Notes:

~Mario has three jobs in this set-up, Star Powers, items, and holding the
partners. Don't neglect either need and always keep your partner up front.

~It's generally a good idea to trade Mario's attack power for FP Drain and give
him Hammerman so he can supply his partner with ammo as it were. Hammer will
work better than Jump since Mario will end up with very little attack and the
hammer is affected less by loss of power and enemy defense.

~The only good partner badges are the ones that modify stats and Quick Change.
Quick Change, as stuyle31 points out, is basically turning all of your partners
into one partner with 28 different moves. This is a critical badge and is
almost guaranteed to land you in a good situation offensively and defensively.

~babooze812 points out that letting your partner attack first, then bringing out
another one can provide a good offensive move followed up by defense. This
also helps to spread around damage amongst your partners. Also keep in mind
that a HP Plus P badge will boost your partners' overall Hit Points by 35.
Well worth it if you have BP to spare.

~Super Appeals and Unsimplifier are great ways to boost Star Power gain. Super
Appeal should be used up whenever the opportunity presents itself (Mario not
needing to attack or use items) and the Unsimplifier is there in those times
when Mario needs to start leeching FP for his partner instead of appealing.

~Yoshi is likely to be the greatest benefiter from this set-up, as most of his
attacks do weak damage, but do it many times over.  With every Power Plus P
badge, his damage goes up greatly. Koops, Bobbery, and even Ms. Mowz with her
defense penetration, are also very powerful with this set-up.

~The priority here is FP and BP, which both fuel the partners' moves. Without
FP, you are limited to a choice of very standard attacks, and without BP, your
partners' moves will be weaker, and worse yet, you might not have room for Quick
Change, the backbone of this set-up.

~Any badges that will help your partners become damage efficient is worth
using. (Flower Saver P, P-Up D-Down etc.)


Destruction Mario:

Look at the carnage!

Suggested stats by level 30: 20/100!/30!

Key Badges:

Power Plus      2
Power Jump      1+
Power Smash     1+
P-Up D-Down     1
Total BP        14

Optional Badges:

Super Appeal P  1
Charge          1
Charge P        1
All or Nothing  1
Zap Tap         1
Pretty Lucky    2
Lucky Day       1
Total BP        21
Grand Total     35

Special Notes:

~With every Power Jump (not Power Bounce) or Power Smash badge, the FP cost of
the move will skyrocket. Eventually, this leads to this set-up's greatest
flaws, efficiency. The power earned by adding extra badges, costing much more
FP in the process only works to a certain extent. This Mario is very powerful
early on, but as it goes down the road, should probably transition into a
Partner Power since the stats are relatively the same by that point.  Another
option would be to trade out the multiples of those badges for singles of other
move badges and become more of a Stylish Mario.

~Destruction Mario is a set-up that works well against one, big enemy. Although
this looks very similar to Reckless Mario, there are two very distinct
differences between them. First of all, Destruction Mario does not take
advantage of the ability to return gobs of damage to enemies, but instead
relies on the hope that he won't be hit at all. He instead (second reason)
uses these spare BP to beef up his awesome attack power, and any spare FP to
boost it further.

~You should use your partner with this set-up like you would use Mario in the
Partner Power set-up.  Using items and building up Star Power for the Special
Moves, throwing out the occasional support move, such as Mini-Egg, Dodgy Fog,
or Shell Shield.

~Charge for Mario will rarely be used unless Koops can buy him some time with
Shell Shield, but Charge P should be used more often since there are times when
the Star Meter is full and there are no items to use, and all that is left for
your partner to do is attack.

~BP isn't a huge issue in this set-up, and neither should HP, but it helps to
put a few levels there anyway. FP is very important since it is fueling all of
your attacks that are doing your massive hoardes of damage. Without FP,
Destruction Mario is at any enemy's mercy.

~The idea is to defeat enemies before they can attack you.  If Pretty Lucky and
Lucky Day isn't enough for you, consider a Close Call or two.  They're extremely
effective, cost very little BP, and take advantage of this set-up's low HP.

~Koops will be a favored partner here once he gets Shell Shield, since it will
allow Mario to charge up more power to slightly counter-act his high FP costs.

~A great item to keep handy is a Jelly Shroom or Jelly Super. These save on
the costs of Jelly Ultras, but have the same basic effects.


Stylish Mario:

Gee, what CAN'T that guy do?

Suggested stats by level 30: 25/95!/30

Key Badges:

Spike Shield    1
Power Bounce    1
Multibounce     1
Quake Hammer    1
Fire Drive      1
Total BP        12

Optional Badges:

Charge          1
Charge P        1
Soft Stomp      1
Sleepy Stomp    1
Shrink Stomp    1
Head Rattle     1
Power Smash     1
Ice Smash       1
Tornado Jump    1
Hammer Throw    1
Quick Change    1
Total BP        18
Grand Total     30

Special Notes:

~This is not by any means a recommended set-up for beginners to go against the
bigger enemies of the game. This is, however, an experimental, fun new way to
look at it. It can also present a moderate challenge to experienced players.

~Looked at as a serious set-up: this is a great way to come into a battle always
prepared to fight anything. With this many different ways to attack, there are
won't be a single time where you're at a loss for what to do.

~The Spike Shield is moreover a way to get your effects carried by jump moves
to spiky foes. Getting Ice Power for this purpose is pointless since flame
enemies go down rather fast anyway. But if you insist on using it, sacrifice a
1 BP Hammer Move to make room instead of putting another level into BP. But
once the need is over, switch back.

~Though it is obvious, I may as well point out that FP is your lifeblood.
Every attack should consume FP unless it would be completely and utterly wasted
(using Fire Drive against a Goomba for instance).

~One notable strength of this set-up is that it is very distinctive in how it
grows ever stronger.  And since these badges are cheap to get and wear and easy
to find, the effect is almost instantly noticeable.

~Another thing to keep in mind is that with most of these badges, it is
completely possible to get ahold of multiples of them. Multiples of these moves
will either increase the duration of any status effects (Ice Smash, Sleep Stomp
etc.), or increase damage done (Hammer Throw, Multibounce etc.) Use multiples
as you see fit, by sacrificing other moves, or tacking on a few more BP.

~Charge is not there for any real purpose, but since it does add an option to
the Tactics menu, it counts as a move. Charge P, however...

~By equipping all these badges, you have 52 different moves at your disposal,
including the two Charges.

~Quick Change is a good way to make your partner as versatile as you have

~One last strategy to note: It is plausible, and probably even smart to change
some of your FP level-ups into BP instead.  Use the extra BP to throw on some
Flower Savers, perhaps an FP Drain as well, depending on how much damage you're
trying to do.  This set-up is viable either way.


Time Bomb/Charger Mario:

Watch out! He's gonna blow!

Suggested stats by level 30: 25!/35!/63

Key badges:

Charge          1
Flower Saver    2
Power Plus      2
Power Bounce    1
Multibounce     1
Total BP        21

Optional Badges:

P-Up D-Down     1
Defend Plus P   2
Charge P        1
Flower Saver P  2
Power Plus P    2
P-Up D-Down P   1
All or Nothing  1
Spike Shield    1
Jumpman         1
Ice Power       1
Total BP        41
Grand Total     63

Special Notes:

~This set-up can kick into its maximum necessary power almost immediately. The
first Charge badge you can get is in Chapter 2 (Charge P in Chapter 3), and
Koops is almost immediately upgradable (explained later).

~The more Charge badges you have, the happier you will be. Although the FP can
skyrocket over time, the effects of the Charge with multiple badges can be
staggering. To find multiples of these, fight Hyper enemies between Twilight
Town and Creepy Steeple.

~Koops will be the favored partner here because of his Shell Shield move. It
can buy Mario enough time to bolster his attack power.

~Goombella is a more aggressive approach to this Mario. You sacrifice a lot of
defensive measures in favor of doubling the amount of times you can charge per
turn. With this form, Flower Saver P, Defend Plus, and Quick Change may be a
good idea. Shell Shield and Rally Wink are equal in terms of FP so it's all up
to your playing style.

~You can also use some of the optional badges to give your partner (though
Bobbery would seem most appropriate, Yoshi would be far more effective) a
similar time-bomb ability.

~Happy Flower is a badge to consider. Since you're spending a little bit of FP
per turn as opposed to mass FP every few turns, it all balances quite nicely.
It goes unmentioned in the Optional Badges because it takes more of these than
normally obtainable for it to be effective.

~You might consider having a few Hot Sauces on hand for your partner to use on
Mario.  These will add a little to his Charge without using FP.

~Defend Plus (P) badges can be life or death against some of the later bosses
that have a habit of completely thrashing a low HP mario, notably Magnus von
Grapple V.2.

~This set-up can make battles take a very long time, so Power Pluses can help
relieve the time stress of fighting lesser enemies.


Elemental Mario (Created by the_peace_guy)

The powers of earth, fire, ice, and wind at his fingers, he unleashes his fury!

Stats by level 30: 50/95/36
Key badges:
Ice Smash       1
Fire Drive      1
Ice Power       1
Tornado Jump    1
Quake Hammer    1
Total BP        9
Optional badges:
Spike Shield    1
Power Plus      2
Feeling Fine    1
Feeling Fine P  1
Happy Flower    1
Pity Flower     1
Piercing Blow   1
Total BP        27
Grand Total     36

Special Notes:

~There are a lot of items that go well with this set-up that both stick to the
elementalist nature of it, and benefit the Status Effect inducing nature of the
elements. These include:
  ~Thunder rage
  ~Volt Shroom
  ~Thunder bolt
  ~Fire flower
  ~Ice storm
  ~Earth Quake

~This set-up is very Status heavy, and offensive in nature. Ice Smash is
probably the best attack in Elemental Mario's arsenal, and is helped out
greatly by supporting partners.

~Speaking of partners, your best options would be one of the defensive ones, or
go with Flurrie and Vivian to round out the elemental theme.



I sure hope he doesn't get vertigo...

Suggested stats by level 30: 50/50!/39!

Key Badges:

Jumpman         1
Spike Shield    1
All Jump Moves  8
Total BP        16

Optional Badges:

Power Plus      2
P-Up D-Down     1
All or Nothing  1
Ice Power       1
Zap Tap         1
Total BP        22
Grand Total     38

Special Notes:

~This set-up can be much stronger than this, but only if used in conjunction
with other complementary set-ups as listed in the mix-and-match set-up section
of this guide. I decided to bump this and Hammerman into this section as
stand-alone set-ups because they are both very viable on their own.

~Due to Jump's ability to do much more damage than the Hammer, I will generally
refer to Jumpman as the more offensive breed of set-ups (for each increase in
damage, total damage done goes up by at least 2). The downfall of this set-up,
of course, is enemies with obnoxiously high defense, but there are realistic
ways to get around that.

~One of the better moves that you can get for this set-up is Soft Stomp. Using
this will render an enemy's defenses slightly less useful for several turns.
This may be one of the moves you'll want multiples of, so you don't have to
worry about using it many times over the course of a long battle.

~Sleepy Stomp is another badge that is worth having multiples of. Its main
function is to keep a backfield threat from doing anything for a few turns, as
long as you don't attack them, since there is a decent chance that doing so will
wake them up.

~It is absolutely essential that you have Spike Shield. There are too many
enemies that make use of spiky heads that justifies the use of 3 BP to get this
badge. You won't regret it.

~Fiery enemies, though far less common, still warrant having the cheap Ice Power
on hand at all times.

~As I learned from Kirby5790, Zap Tap will allow Mario to stomp on enemies who
have Electrified themselves, including Puffs and enemy Volt Shrooms.

~As I said before, Jumpman is offensive in nature, so any attack boosting badge
you have will certainly help you deal major damage.



If he keeps twirling up like that, he might rip...

Suggested stats by level 30: 45/50!/42!

Key Badges:

Hammerman       1
Hammer Moves    8
Total BP        13

Optional Badges A:

Defend Plus     2
P-Down D-Up     1
HP Drain        1
FP Drain        1
Total BP        14
Grand Total     27

Optional Badges B:

Power Plus      2
P-Up D-Down     1
All or Nothing  1
Total BP        18
Grand Total     31
All The Above   41 (after subtracting conflicting badges)

Special Notes:

~Like the above Jumpman set-up, the Hammerman has its own right to life in the
main set-up area. It can easily stand alone.  Hammerman, though defensive in
nature, can easily be used as an offensive set-up, due to it's excellent

~Optional Badges A use Hammerman as a defensive set-up.  Optional Badges B use
Hammerman as an offensive set-up.

~The offensive style involves more focus on the power moves Power Smash and
Piercing Blow. The second Fire Drive badge should also be equipped for added

~The defensive style is probably Hammerman at its peak. Since power increases
for hammers are less effective than they are for jumps, it makes sense for a
defensive build to use hammers, or hammers to focus on defense. HP Drain, FP
Drain, and P-Down D-Up will drop attack by three, from 6 to 3 damage. Power
Smash will bring that up to 5, and Hammerman brings it back to 6, so in
essence, you really aren't losing anything.  In exchange, you get some healthy
defensive benefits that can carry you quite some way.

~Piercing Blow, Quake Hammer, and Hammer Throw are must have Hammer Moves. The
latter two enable strikes to enemies that are in otherwise out-of-reach areas,
such as the ceiling or in mid-air. The former is a move any non-Jumpman Mario
should have anyway. The ability to disregard enemy defense for a nice, solid
hammer whack is beautiful for dealing with Elite Wizzerds and Chain Chomps


Item Frenzy:

"You can't trust a hero that's always diggin' in his pockets!" Or can you?...

Suggested stats by level 30: 50/65/33!

Key Badges:

Double Dip      2
Double Dip P    2
Item Hog        1
Total BP        15

Optional Badges:

Refund          1
Money Money     1
Defend Plus     2
Total BP        16
Grand Total     31

Special Notes:

~It is 100% absolutely, positively, necessarily, essential to get the Strange
Sack as soon as you possibly can (insert random, immature joke here). The more
items you are capable of holding, the less urgent it is to save them up for a
just-in-case scenario.

~The beautiful thing about having Mario and/or partner under the influence of
"Triple Dip" is that between him and your partner, you can decide whether you
want to use anywhere from 0 to 6 items in one turn, depending on how much Fire
Power you have to spend, and are willing to spend.  There are two of each
badge that are relatively easy to attain. If you want locations, check another

~Refund is an entertaining thing to keep on. Each time you use an item (whether
you bought it or Item Hogged it, you get a fair amount of coinage, depending on
the item you used). Money Money also keeps the cash flow up, as well as selling
any item you Item Hog, but don't plan to ever use.

~Since you won't be doing much (if any) direct attacking, defense is essential
to keep up, even if it means sacrificing attack to use it since Attack Power
is moot when all you do is use items.

~Since the Strange Sack isn't an all-producing bag of goodies, it may help you
a little to equip a Charge and a Charge P, just in case you run out of items in
the middle of a big battle.

~Good items to keep in mind are:

~Zess Deluxe: a 40 HP/40 FP boost, and relatively cheap to make
~Maple Syrup/Jammin' Jelly: When used in conjunction with another item using
Double Dip, the cost becomes invisible.
~Thunder Rage: Cheap (coinage-wise). Straight-forward. And a solid hitter.
~Shooting Star: A little more expensive, but slightly more damaging than
Thunder Rage.
~Ice Storm: Very effective for getting a flock of enemies out of your hair for
a few turns.
~Point Swap: You may find yourself running low on Hit Points, and may find it
necessary to trade in Fire Power for some. Or, if you only have healing items
that heal FP, and you need to replenish HP, use Point Swap and then a FP
recoverer. (is that word even English?...)
~POW Block: For Koopas, Buzzies, and other flippables that you might find more
convenient in an incapacitated state.
~Zess Dynamite: The most powerful attack item available, if a bit difficult to
get ahold of.


Stars' Might:

The commander of the celestial heavens has a mission, a mission to defeat the
shadows and save the pure one. ...Too serious maybe?

Suggested stats by level 30: 90/5/45!

Key Badges:

Super Appeal    5+
P-Down D-Up     1
P-Down D-Up P   1
Total BP        9+

Optional Badges:

Defend Plus     2
Defend Plus P   2
Total BP        20
Grand Total     29+

Special Notes:

~I try to avoid listing multiples in my set-ups, however Super Appeal is one
you absolutely must have for this set-up.  Do whatever it takes it get a good
supply of Piantas at the Pianta Parlor and start hoarding those Super Appeals.

~Because this set-up is so self-reliant, meaning it can provide, use, and
restock its own ability to attack in the midst of battle, there is little use
for excessive Badge Power. There is also virtually no purpose for Fire Power,
nor Hit Points. However, a high HP total will let you stand longer against big
boss types.

~As in the Item Frenzy set-up, Attack Power is essentially useless, so the best
opportunity for a defensive measure starts with the P-Down D-Up badges. Defend
Pluses add to that measure. Tack on a couple Damage Dodges if you don't plan on

~Having almost too many Super Appeals is always a good thing when you're
burning through Star Power at an ever-increasing rate. Over time, you may want
well up to 20, 30, or more Super Appeals. I've heard from jamescom1 that
each Super Appeal will add another 1/4 of a Star Power circle per Appeal.
Theoretically, that means it would take 32 Super Appeals to get an Appeal that
would max out your Star Power from empty.

~I also learned from Kirby5790 that if you abuse Stylish commands, then Super
Appeal badges become less effective. So if you plan to let your partner attack,
keep your hands away from the Stylish commands.

~Since there are so few Super Appeal P badges (comparitively), you may want to
have your partner serve another function. Since you are already as fortified as
he/she is, having him/her tank is rather useless. A better option would be to
add on a miniature (or excessive if you have 99 BP) Partner Power to this
set-up and let your partner mix it up in there as you are using and recovering
Star Power.

~Always keep in mind your situation. Don't use Star Powers that will not work
in a given circumstance. For example, use Art Attack for smaller, but high-HP/
Defense enemies, but save a Supernova for large packs of them, or bosses you
aren't accustomed to Art Attacking. Power Lift for times when extra defense
will keep you alive, or when your partner needs that extra Attack boost. The
list goes on and on.


Spare Tire:

If you keep rolling over broken glass and nails in the road, you'll need to tow
and eighteen-wheeler behind you just for the tires...

Suggested stats by level 30: 25/50!/54

Key Badges:

Power Rush P    1
Mega Rush P     1
Quick Change    1
Damage Dodge P  2
Last Stand P    1
Total BP        12

Optional Badges:

Power Plus P    2
P-Up D-Down P   1
Total BP        14
Grand Total     27

* - *correction* These are buyable from the Pianta Parlor. Get as many as you

Special Notes:

~Multiple Power Rush P badges can be bought from the Pianta parlor.  You'll want
at least 10 of them.  The more the merrier.

~This is a rather involved set-up, and I'll start by explaining little details
you may have noticed:

~First of all, you may have noticed that I use Power Plus P's and a P-Up D-Down
with no Defend Plus to counter it, yet I use a Last Stand and Damage Dodge P's.
The reason behind this one involves the actual set-up of the strategy, so I'll
answer that one later.

~Second, you'll notice that it looks "danger"ously similar to Danger Mario, but
involving Partner Badges instead of normal Mario badges. Again, this is
involved in the direct set-up of the strategy, so I'll answer that...now.
(I apologize for the lame pun. I hope you understand)

~There are two ways to "activate" this strategy.  The first would be to get your
hands on a Trial Stew.  Use it in a safe battle with the partner you intend to
boost.  From there you can run away or end the battle however you like.

~The second way would be to burn through your FP until you have only 1 FP
remaining.  Then, use a Point Swap on your partner, bringing him/her down to 1
HP, recovering your FP, and keeping Mario out of the exchange.

~Then, keep a separate partner out during your travels.  When you get into a
battle, Quick Change to your 1 HP partner, use an attack boosted by the Power
Rush P's and Mega Rush P('s) *before* using up Mario's turn.  Then, Mario can
Quick Change out the 1 HP partner for a different one to take damage, do his
own attack.  Rinse and repeat.

~Hopefully now you understand some of the reasoning behind the badge choices,
so just keep in mind that if, for some reason, your attacking partner gets
stuck on the field at the end of your turn, the Last Stand and Damage Dodges
should keep him/her alive, and if you want, add some Close Calls and/or Pretty


Danger Mario:

Everybody's Favorite >_>

Suggested stats by level 30 : 5/5!/93!

Key Badges:

Power Rush      5
Power Bounce    1
Multibounce     1
Spike Shield    1
Total BP        12

Optional Badges:

P-Down D-Up     1
Damage Dodge    2
Close Call      2
Last Stand      1
Ice Power       1
Flower Saver    1
Flower Saver P  1
FP Drain        1
Quake Hammer    1
Total BP        20
Grand Total     31

Special Notes:

~First and foremost, I would like to state that I disapprove of the use of this
set-up.  It remains in this guide mostly because I don't want to receive e-mail
regarding anything remotely similar to Danger Mario.  Please, for your own sake,
don't use this set-up to do anything in this game for the first time.  It will
take away all the fun of the game.

~By popular demand, I'm going to tell how to actually get Mario into the stats
you need for Danger Mario to work. After you have Bobbery in your party, go to
the sewers under the east side of Rogueport. Destroy the wall with the visible
cracks and go down the pipe you just revealed. The house in the background is
home to Chet Rippo, who is capable of trading one level's worth of stats for
another (you can sacrifice 5 FP to get 5 HP), or can switch around partner
rankings. Each of these services costs 39 Coins. To get permanent Danger Mode,
simply trade 5 HP for either FP or BP (BP recommended).

~Though I only have 5 Power Rushes Listed, Danger Mario would be best used with
somewhere between 40 and 55.  Though Mario can't do more than 99 damage in one
hit, the extra attack power will offset badges such as FP Drain and HP Drain.

~With Flower Saver and FP Drain, you can use Multibounce(in conjunction with
Spike Shield and Ice Power) to effectively clear any battle stage without cost
of FP.

~The partner is almost useless with this set-up, so choose one that fits the
problems you are encountering along the way. If you have a ceiling full of bats
you can't get down, switch out to Yoshi, Vivian, or Bobbery and clear the
ceiling. If you need another chance to attack, keep Goombella handy. However,
most of these problems can be fixed with the optional badges listed above
(Quake Hammer and Multibounce/Power Bounce respectively).

~This set-up will stop working after level 72 (O.O), so beware. That is to say,
once you level from 71 to 72, your FP and BP will be maxed out, and your only
choice is to put points into HP, effectively killing Danger Mario. At this
point, you could easily transition into another set-up (esp. Partner Power,
Stylish, Destruction).

~Danger Mario is difficult to use unless you are already very skilled and rely
a lot on your partners early on. Low HP means you'll die fast, and the best of
this effect doesn't kick in until the Chapter 5 -> Chapter 6 Transition. Also,
it takes a lot of patience to get enough coins/piantas for the 50 Power Rushes.

~The Spike Shield is a must. There are enough spiked enemies to hamper an
un-shielded Danger Mario.


Pure stats Mario/Pards   (Created by Toad 004)

Suggested stats by level 30: 25!!/15!/66

Key Badges:
Power Plus      2
All or Nothing  1
Defence Plus    2
Power Plus P    2
Defend Plus P   2
Hp Plus P       2
Total BP        60

Optional Badges:
Jumpman         1
Spike Shield    1
Total BP        5
Grand Total     65

This Mario is meant to use pure attack/defence and not need to use items, fp,
or sp alot.


Power Bouncer (created by jamescom1)

He just keeps bouncing and bouncing and bouncing and bouncing and.....

Suggested stats at level 30: 35/75/36

Key Badges:

Power Bounce    1
Total BP        3

Optional Badges:

Simplifier      2
Jumpman         1
P-Up D-Down     1
Spike Shield    1
All or Nothing  1
Flower Saver    2
Power Plus      2
Total BP        33
Grand Total     36

Special Notes:

~The All or Nothing is only for those that can get Power Bounce's final hit
down to one damage. Otherwise, the loss of damage on the last hit is more than
the damage gained throughout the attack.

~As a playthrough, the build is plausible since Power Bounce can be gotten
ridiculously early. FP should be boosted quickly early on to allow for more
than just a few Power Bounces until the next Inn or Heart Block.

~Goombella is the preferred partner, since her Rally Wink will allow for two
Power Bounces in one turn.


Survivor (created by SoulAvenger69, and not the worn out reality show)

How many more beatings can he take? Let's find out...

Suggested stats by level 30: 25/25/72

Key Badges:

Heart Finder    1
Flower Finder   1
Item Hog        1
Double Dip      1
Happy Heart     2
Chill Out       1
Lucky Start     1
Total BP        21

Optional Badges:

HP Drain        1
FP Drain        1
Refund          1
P-Up D-Down     1
Damage Dodge    2
Happy Flower    2
Double Dip P    1
Pity Flower     1
Zap Tap         1
Flower Saver    2
Flower Saver P  2
Feeling Fine    1
Defend Plus     2
Lucky Day       1
Quick Change    1
Total BP        66
Grand Total     87

Special Notes:

~The Key Badges will never stand alone very well. And since the Optional
Badges are very taxing on BP, it is important to pick and choose complimentary
combinations of the Optionals to help you survive.

~P-Up D-Down, HP/FP Drain, Damage Dodge:
As long as you successfully Guard every oncoming attack, this combo will
basically give you a free HP or FP leech (assuming, of course, you aren't very
good at Superguarding).

~Flower Saver (P), Double Dip (P):
Double Dip is a tad pricey FP-wise, so cut down on it's cost so you won't be
deterred from adding a little offensive flair to a recovery item.

~Refund, Double Dip (P):
If you're going to be serving up Jelly Ultras and Shroom Steaks and other
pricey items, you might as well get a little cash back.

~Happy Flower, Pity Flower, Flower Saver (P), FP Drain:
Early on, when FP is in short supply, you'll need whatever kind of recovery you
can get to keep it up.

~Zap Tap, HP/FP Drain:
Because it's ironic that the only thing Zap Tap fully protects against are the
enemies that drain your HP/FP.

~Many other optionals are good choices to mix in with others, and some even do
well by themselves. It's all about finding what works for you, until you get
96-99 BP.


Very Lucky (created by kirby_64)

Suggested stats by level 30: 25/25/72

Key Badges:

Lucky Day       1
Lucky Start     1
Pretty Lucky    X
Total BP        11+2X

Optional Badges:

Pretty Lucky P  Y
Total BP        2Y
Grand Total     11+2X+2Y (sorta algebraic, but you get the picture)

Special Notes:

~Very self-explanatory: Get hit less, take less damage.

~Pretty Lucky Badges are pretty easy to find. Badge Bandits on Pit floors 51-59
generally hold quite a few. Spunias and Spanias also frequent those little blue
beauties. (this set-up can hold 44, that's right 44 Pretty Luckies or Pretty
Lucky Ps. I'm sure you could frustrate some enemies until their eyes pop out
while you just laugh and laugh...)

~Side note: When saying in above Side note about this set-up, I was talking
about if you achieve the maximum BP (99). 44 Pretty Luckies are equippable at
99 BP. 30 are equippable with the suggested 72.

~This set-up relies mostly on Mario's base power.  So if you have some spare BP
and not enough Pretty Luckies to use it up, drop in a few Power Pluses to ease
the stress of battle.

~Zap Tap can make the rare hit scored by your enemy one not to look forward to.

~Better yet, Return Postage.

~Maybe both.


Poison Barb Mario: (created by Squeakerson)

Suggested stats by Level 30: 90!!/30/27!

Key Badges:
Return Postage  1
Double Pain     1
Zap Tap         1
Fire Drive      1
Soft Stomp      1
Head Rattle     1
Sleepy Stomp    1
Shrink Stomp    1
Fp Drain        1
Flower Saver    1
P-Up, D-Down    1
Total BP        24

Optional Badges:

Super Appeal    2
Super Appeal P  2
Unsimplifier    1
Double Dip      1
Double Dip P    1
Heart Finder    1
HP Drain        1
Happy Heart     2
Happy Flower    2
Pity Flower     1
Ice Smash       1
Total BP        28
Grand Total     52

Special Notes:

~This badge set-up is quite simple, though a bit... different. How it works is
that you do not super guard. Then, assuming the enemy does not use an indirect
attack they will get hurt every time they hit you!

~A combination of Return Postage, Zap Tap, and Spite Pouches should allow you
to return *at least* 100% of damage dealt by direct attackers.  Keep Spite
Pouches handy, especially for boss fights.

~Of course, a large number of enemies in the game don't use direct attacks, but
instead use some form of projectile that bypasses the Counter status.  For these
enemies, this set-up inflicts Statuses on the enemies to make their attacking
less effective.  Namely, Confuse and Sleep will be the most helpful at
suppressing enemy fire.

~Flower Saver and FP Drain in tandem make the vast majority of the status moves
free of charge, keeping your FP economy very manageable.

~Also, perhaps the best partners to have out with Poison Barb Mario are Vivian
and Bobbery. All of Vivian's moves (except veil) can enduce a status effect and
Bobbery has Hold Fast, which works a lot like Return Postage does.

~Poison Barb is going to lose a lot of HP fast.  Fortunately, he doesn't have
to use his turn to attack to deal damage.  This frees up his turn to use a
healing item or Sweet Treat or Sweet Feast.

~For bosses, it may be a good idea to remove Double Pain.  Most bosses not only
use indirect attacks, but are also very resistant to Status Effects.  For these
matches, rely heavily on Fire Drive and your partner.


Revenge Spike Mario:

"I'll not only fight ya, but I'll bite ya, too!"

Suggested stats by level 30: 70/50/27

Mandatory Badges:
Zap Tap:        1
All or Nothing: 1
Spike Shield:   1
Power Plus:     1
Return Postage: 1
Total BP:       23

Optional Badges:
Double Pain:    1
Power Jump:     2
Power Smash:    2
Total BP:       4
Grand Total:    27

Mario not only returns damage to his physical attackers, but he also has 2+
attack power to make a battle go by faster. This setup also works well with
the Spite Pouch, so Mario can return full damage. This setup takes a LOT of HP
because Mario will be taking damage frequently.

~ A simpler version of the Poison Barb setup, exchanging Status Effects for
additional damage.


IV - Special Purpose Set-Ups

These following set-ups will no longer follow the same cookie cutter format,
thought they will contain the same basic elements of the format.

Each one of these set-ups was derived for a particular purpose in mind. The
only real recommended stat is to have enough BP to use the particular set-up,
which shouldn't be too difficult. If there are certain situations that none of
these set-ups fit well with, and you can't think of one, contact me and I'll
see if I can help you out. Better yet, if there is a situation that is not on
this list (and that is a very easy one to do), and you HAVE come up with away
to take care of it easily, contact me and it'll be up as quick as I can get it.


The 30 BPer

Multibounce     1
Charge          1
Charge P        1
Jumpman         1
P-Up D-Down     1
P-Up D-Down P   1
Feeling Fine    1
Feeling Fine P  1
Power Plus      1
Quick Change    1
Grand Total BP  30

Special Notes:

~This set-up is directly engineered for those who lacked the understanding of
the power tons of badges can give you. Fear not, for you are saved. Intended
only for the Shadow Queen, the biggest problem these types of people face.

~I have calibrated the set-up so the Shadow Queen's hands don't pose too much
of a threat, (a successful Multibounce will destroy the two hands and deal 5
base damage to the Shadow Queen herself).

~Feeling Fine offers a helping hand to make confusion and dizzy (the two major
status effects the Shadow Queen deals) things of the past.

~It was very important to be able to squeeze in a Quick Change, because without
a lot of BP, the partners become a lot stronger comparitively to Mario.

~I'm not 100% sure why I didn't try to squeeze in a few Damage Dodges, but you
have 60 HP. Don't tell me you're not going to go for Superguards the whole


The 99 BPer

Power Plus      2
Power Plus P    2
Defend Plus     2
Defend Plus P   2
Quick Change    1
All Moves       12
Charge          1
Charge P        1
Flower Saver    2
Flower Saver P  2
Spike Shield    1
Zap Tap         1
Ice Smash       1
Sleepy Stomp    1
Damage Dodge    1
Damage Dodge P  1
Grand Total BP  99

Special Notes:

~Ice Smash and Sleepy Stomp are technically listed twice.  It's a good idea to
have two copies of these badges to disable enemies even better.

~The first four entries, the stat boosters, will give a rounded out Mario base
stats. +2 Attack, and 2 base Defense. A good foundation for any set-up in my

~To give each (Mario and partner) their own versatility, the Partners gain
access to the Quick Change badge, and Mario gets Spike Shield and Zap Tap. This
is about as different as the set-up gets in regards to Mario and the partner...

~I lied, Mario gets a healthy dose of added versatility via the Move Badges.
They are hard to replace with only the basic moves Mario has at his disposal,
and the extra badges in the two strongest disablers helps to eradicate
nuisances. At least...for a while...

~Charging is a valuable tool, especially for attacks such as Multibonk, Power
Bounce, and Stampede, which deals damage multiple times over the course of the
attack. It drastically increases damage, and with the bolstered Defense, it is
easy to find time in-battle to Charge up your power.

~You have 99 BP, and less than average HP and FP. What now? Reserve FP usage.
Equip those Flower Savers.

~Yes, the lowly Damage Dodge has made the list. Why? I'm not entirely sure.
However, with a successful Guard, you're shaving off a solid four damage, so
don't overlook Guarding when in a tricky Superguard situation. (Experts at the
Superguard can totally disregard aforementioned) If you come across some extra
Charge badges, the Damage Dodges should be the first to go to make room for
extra Charging power.


Amayzee Hunter

Key Badges:

Power Plus      2
Power Plus P    2
P-Up D-Down P   1
Total BP        26

Optional Badges:

Heart Finder    1
Flower Finder   1
Item Hog        1
Flower Saver    1
Flower Saver P  2
Total BP        21
Grand Total     47

Special Notes:

~With the Key badges an Amayzee Dayzee is simplified into a Spin Jump and a
Yoshi Ground Pound or Stampede. Yes, there are other ways of simplifying the
battle, but I think this way is a bit easier than, say, Spring Jump/Bob-ombast.

~The optional badges are to help recover any HP/FP loss during battles.

~There is constant rumor about that having a Golden Leaf in your inventory
increases your chance of encountering an Amazy Dayzee.  This has been mostly
disproven, but I see it is something that doesn't hurt.  Might even have a nice
placebo effect for you.

~Remember, always do your Dayzee hunting under the effect of the Special Path
curse. (No it does not effect Amayzee Dayzee occurences... :P)


The Ultimate Pit Strategy (created by kirby_64)

Required Badges to round up:

Damage Dodge x2
Defend Plus
Spike Shield
Power Plus
Power Jump
Power Bounce
Power Plus
Zap Tap
Quake Hammer
Piercing Blow
Ice Power
Ice Smash
Feeling Fine
Feeling Fine P
Power Bounce
Sleepy Stomp

Floors 1-9
Multibounce-Large Groups-1 BP
Damage Dodge-Gloomba's 3 ATK-2 BP
Defend Plus-Gloomba's 3 ATK-5 BP

For all but the Gloomba, simple jumps should defeat them. For the Gloomba, use
Damage Dodge/Defend Plus and do a standard Guard to block off the damage.

Floors 11-19
Spike Shield-Pokeys-3 BP
Jumpman-Everything-2 BP
Power Plus-6 BP

Spike Shield is for Pokeys. Everything else boosts your power.

Floors 21-29
Spike Shield-Spiky Gloomba-3 BP
Power Jump-1 BP-Enemies with high HP.
Power Bounce-3 BP-Self-explanatory
Power Plus-6 BP-Boosting power

Spike Shield works for Spiky Gloomba and any Spinies that appear. The rest are
for inflicting heavy damage, because the enemies have higher HP.

Floors 31-39
Zap Tap-3 BP-Flower Fuzzies
Quake Hammer-2 BP-Everything Else

Since all enemies can be flipped, use Quake Hammer. Zap Tap is for the Flower

Floors 41-49
Piercing Blow-High defense enemies-1 BP
Spike Shield-Spiky Parabuzzies-3 BP
Ice Power or Ice Smash-Lava Bubbles-1 BP
Feeling Fine-Poison Pokeys-4 BP
Feeling Fine P-4 BP-Poison Pokeys

Floors 51-59
Power Bounce-3 BP-Badge Bandits with high HP
Piercing Blow-1 BP-Moon Clefts and Red Chomps
Zap Tap-3 BP-Prevents Badge Bandits from stealing stuff
Power Plus-6 BP-Higher Attack Power
Damage Dodge x2-4 BP-High attack power blocks

Floors 61-69
Piercing Blow-1 BP-Dark Wizzerds/Dry Bones
Power Bounce-3 BP-Dark Craw/Dark Lakitu
Spike Shield-3 BP-Sky Blue Spinies/Dark Craw
Damage Dodge x2-4 BP-Dark Craw/Guard against F. Piranhas

Floors 71-79
Piercing Blow-1 BP-Wizzerds/Chain Chomps
Spike Shield-3 BP-D. Koopatrols
Zap Tap-3 BP-Swoopulas
Ice Power-1 BP-Phantom Embers

Floors 81-89
Spike Shield-Spunia/Dark Bristle/Piranha Plant-3 BP
Sleepy Stomp-Piranha Plant (according to Wonky, they're easier to put to sleep)
-1 BP
Piercing Blow-Spunia/Dark Bristle-1 BP
Power Bounce-3 BP-Arantulas/Piranha Plants

Floors 91-99
Piercing Blow-1 BP-Elite Wizzerds/Bob-ulks
Zap Tap-3 BP-Swampires
Feeling Fine-4 BP-Poison Puff
Feeling Fine P-4 BP-Poison Puff

Supernova+Fiery Jinx/Shell Slam for Amazy Dayzees

Bonetail-Floor 100

Feeling Fine badges help out a LOT. So do Power Bounce/Power Lift. Piercing
Blow works well as does Vivian's Shade Fist. If you run low on HP, put Bobbery
up front. Equip Power Pluses with your remaining BP.

My notes:

~This is a great way to take on the Pit on a BP budget. At no point is it
necessary to go over 17 BP. It can also be brought into play completely by the
end of Chapter 7 (for the Feeling Fine badges).

~By constantly rotating through different badges, in-battle strategies shift,
and it's important to remember that. If you set yourself up for one strategy
but fight as though you're under another, you can land yourself in a pretty
tight spot.

~If you do have extra BP available, you can put in badges that more
appropriately fit your own style of playing, such as Defend Plus or Power Plus,
depending on whether you're aggressive or defensive (not respectively of


The Amazing Pit Set-up (created by Callee)

Key Badges:

Heart Finder    1
Flower Finder   1
Item Hog        1
Chill Out       1
Lucky Start     1
Hammerman       1
Piercing Blow   1
Hammer Throw    1
Quake Hammer    1
Ice Smash       1
Power Smash     1
Power Plus P    2
Damage Dodge    2
Pity Flower     1
Charge P        1
Total BP        42
Before Level 80:

Money Money     1
Refund          1
After Level 80:

All or Nothing  1
Damage Dodge P  1

Feeling Fine    1
Super Appeal    2

Grand Total     48

Special Notes:

~This set-up revolves around the badges that activate at the beginning and end
of battles.  Since there are at least eighty of them in the Pit, they become
really powerful.  Badges like Heart Finder and Item Hog to replenish you after
the battle, and Lucky Start to start you off strong.

~As long as you have a strong partner, Mario's best plan of attack is using the
hammer.  Moves like Piercing Blow for Wizzerds and Chomps, Ice Smash for ones
like Piranha Plants, and Quake Hammer for Clefts and Bristles.  That way, Mario
is a perfect support role to let your Power Plus P's take full effect.

~For the fights before level 80, the enemies are a lot weaker, so it's a good
chance to build up some coins with the Money Money and by using items you get
from Item Hog.

~Once you hit level 80, you might want to give Mario a little more power and
the partner a little more defense.  With only 6 BP, an All or Nothing and a
Damage Dodge P work best.

~For Bonetail, you want to make sure nothing bad happens to Mario from
Bonetail's status breath attacks.  As long as he's okay, he can use Sweet Treat
to cure the partner.

~As long as you have 48 BP, it doesn't really matter if you have more HP or FP.
It should work just as well either way, though I'd recommend more FP.  And, of
course, if you have more BP, that's even better.


V - Individual Boss Set-ups:

I will not go according to my old format when discussing these bosses, instead
I will give guideline badges on what you should aim for when equipping yourself
for these battles. I leave it to you to find what works for you...

Note: When I refer to an "attack booster", I'm usually referring to boosting
the strength of a particular move. Aside from a P-Up D-Down or a Power Plus, a
second copy of that move badge will generally work as well. (does not work on
status effect inducing moves)



~There are tons of ways to mix and match that stylish new Power Smash badge.

Gold Fuzzy:

~What do you have? Power Smash, Multibounce, and Close Call? Hmm...


~Once again, not a lot of choice. If you plan on using th "cr" and "icket"
badge, then use Power Bounce as your primary attack Badge. If you are not using
the "cr" and "icket" badge, then Power Smash will probably work a bit better,
unless, of course, you're some kind of Power Bounce fanatic... Close Call is
handy, just in case you're having a bad day.

Shadow Sirens:

~Multibounce and Quake Hammer are nice, if only for the ability to attack all
three at once. Power Bounce is an effective finisher, though not really
necessary. Sleepy Stomp (acquired either by purchase at the Lovely Howz of
Badges, or at level 10 of the Pit of One Hundred Trials), is excellent to
disable Marilyn, and then Beldam, while you tattle or prepare an offensive.

Magnus von Grapple:

~Once again, center your attack around either Power Smash or Power Bounce.
Multibounce is handy for the X-Fists so your partner still has a chance to
attack. If you upgraded Koops after Chapter 1, consider a Shell Shield/Charge

Iron Clefts/Iron Adonis Twins/Armored Harriers/Paper Dog-Face Bros.:

~Since Yoshi is the only one that can harm them, it would be a good idea to
have Mario tank out the twins' attacks. Since their attacks are armor piercing,
Defense badges are largely wasted, including Damage Dodge. Happy Heart is also
good if you want Mario defending instead of using Sweet Treat or items. Also,
if you upgrade Yoshi before the fight (yes, you can do that), and equip the
Power Plus P, you'll be able to defeat the cleft in front in one Gulp, leaving
the one in back with 1 HP. Doing so skips the conversations about the Clefts'
weakness, probably because that weakness is more than obvious by now.

Rawk Hawk:

~Sleepy Stomp is pretty effective, as is Shrink Stomp. Perhaps you could try
a Shrink/Sleepy Stomp -> Dual Charge -> Power Smash/Bounce combo. If you have
the Power Plus P, and enough BP to use it, use it. Goes well with an upgraded
Goombella, or an upgraded Yoshi's Mini Egg.


~Yet again, Shrink and Sleepy Stomp are good for putting him out of commission,
while you Charge up a Power Bounce or Power Smash. Power Plus P is good here,
as is either Jumpman or Hammerman if you have them.


~Same as Grubba, except Ice Smash/Hammerman can be used in place of Sleepy


~The same thing, except now you can fight against your former allies. Damage
Dodge might be a good idea since it may be slightly more difficult to
Superguard your allies. Sleepy/Shrink Stomp are good to decommission the ally
as you lay a beating to Doopliss, so no Hammerman this time.


~Disabling Hammer moves such as Ice Smash or Head Rattle work well for his
first form, but he seems more resistant to Status Effects in his 2 final forms.
Since his final form isn't fun to attack without jumping, skip Hammerman. It
would be a good idea to leave both Power Smash and Power Bounce on for this
battle. Because Cortez's HP is so low in his various forms, offense is more
important than defense, so exchange any Defend Pluses for Power Pluses, unless
you have BP coming out of your ears.

Lord Crump:

~A straightforward battle. It's a good idea to disable him so he doesn't
incessantly call for X-Naut back-up. A good combo to have is Hammerman, any
attack booster, Ice Smash, and Hammer Throw. This way, the various packs of
X-Nauts can be dispatched quickly, leaving Crump to your partner. If you get a
turn where there are no X-Nauts on the field, and Mario can still attack, use
Ice Smash immediately. Use it again when it is about to wear off. Doing so will
keep X-Nauts off the field until some various battle element allows him to call
for them, regardless of any status effects. A Charge/Power Smash will allow
you to clear the big field of X-Nauts Crump summons after you take him down for
the first time.


~Smorg seems immune to status effects, so focus mostly on base power and
defense. Jumpman, an attack booster, and Multibounce allows Mario to take out
all three of Smorg's tentacles right from the get-go, leaving Smorg vulnerable
to any partner attack. Short of that, a Thunder Rage or an upgraded Vivian's
Fiery Jinx will also take down the tentacles rather quickly. As for an actual
attack against the Smorg body, Spring Jump will be preferred over Power Bounce,
as it is much easier to rack up damage with it.

Magnus von Grapple 2.0:

~If you can raise your defense by three, you're all set for this battle. If you
can't, then set up offensively and use Power Lift before Crump can activate von
Grapple's machine gun. Most of your damage should be coming from your partner,
so Soft Stomp and Charge P, along with any partner boosting badges you can
squeeze in should be used without question. Multibounce + 2 attack power lets
Mario deal with the X-Punches himself, leaving your partner to deal more


~With Mario, you'll want to focus more on disabling Gloomtail than dealing pure
damage. A cycle of Head Rattle, Soft Stomp, and Sleepy Stomp will disable
Gloomtail leaving you to Charge up an attack. However, Sleepy Stomp is not
always successful against Gloomtail, and neither is Head Rattle, so if
disabling him isn't working, keep Power Smash/Bounce handy and just go for
damage all through the battle. Setting up defensively is kind of useless, since
most of his attacks are defense penetrating, so go as offensive as your badges
allow, and make extra sure to heal when you're weakened. Sweet Treat is an
inexpensive way to treat status effects, as well as slightly heal, so don't
overlook it.

Shadow Sirens - Vivian + Doopliss:

~Sleepy Stomp is once again helpful for disabling Marilyn and/or Beldam. With
this battle, you can set up either offensively or defensively, whichever you
prefer. Koops, Yoshi, Vivian, and Bobbery are excellent for this battle, since
they are capable of dealing high damage across the board. One good strategy is
to disable Marilyn and Beldam with Sleepy Stomp, then constantly have Yoshi
Charge. After both are asleep, use Power Lift, and let Yoshi keep Charging.
Knock Marilyn out again with Sleepy Stomp, and use a Power Punch next turn,
ignoring the fact that Beldam woke up, and then let Yoshi loose with Stampede.
Provided you used no attack boosters via badges, and scored only a +2 Atk on
your Power Lift, you have dealt 75 damage to each Siren. That'll leave a mark.


~Defense is largely wasted against this magic-wielding nemesis, so go for pure
offense. Multibounce is very effective at clearing the Grodus X's, and if you
have any attack boosters for Mario, you'll deal damage to Grodus as well as
long as there are only two Grodus X's on stage. However, this task can be left
to Flurrie, Yoshi, Vivian, or Bobbery, and have Mario Spring Jump, Power
Bounce, Power Smash, or just plain smack his way to victory.

Bowser and Kammy:

~Your first objective should be to take down the hag with a disabler. Sleepy
Stomp doesn't seem to work, so Shrink Stomp should be fine. Using Spring Jump
and any area effect partner attack should work well to bring her down. Soft
Stomp is nice to have for Bowser. Looking back, Jumpman would be a good idea
for this back-to-back battle ensemble special, but then again, Ice Smash is
also nice for Bowser...

Shadow Queen:

~I'm not even going to waste my time. This entire FAQ is devoted to tons of
various set-ups, almost all of which are more than competent to take down
the Shadow Queen.


VI - Badges from Enemies

The purpose of this section is to give locations to badges that may or may not
add an extra little kick to your set-up. If your Tank Mario can't live without
an extra Defend Plus, the following guide (to which I owe its creation to
devoted badge hunters like you) will help you look for it. However, if you
need to find the second possible Power Plus without hunting it down from
enemies, check out the Badge FAQ, which should be directly above mine.


All or Nothing -- Arantula (after battle)
Charge -- Any Hyper enemy (after battle)
Charge P -- Any Hyper enemy (after battle)
Close Call -- Goomba family, Koopatrol
Close Call P -- Goomba family, Koopatrol
Damage Dodge -- Red Chomp
Damage Dodge P -- Red Chomp
Defend Plus -- Bob-ulk, Bulky Bob-omb, Chain-Chomp
Defend Plus P -- Bob-ulk, Bulky Bob-omb, Chain-Chomp
Fire Drive -- Ember Family / Hammer Bro / Koopatrol (all after battle)
Flower Saver -- Dayzee Family (after battle)
Flower Saver P -- Dayzee Family (after battle)
FP Drain -- Dark Puff (after battle)
FP Plus -- Poison Pokey (after battle)
Hammerman -- Dark Bristle (after battle)
Hammer Throw -- Hammer Bro / S. Buzzy family / Swoopula (all after battle)
Happy Heart -- Koopa family
Happy Heart P -- Koopa family
Happy Flower -- Crazee Dayzee (after battle)
Head Rattle -- Fuzzy (after battle)
Heart Finder -- Shady Koopa
HP Plus -- Dark Koopa family, Gloomba family, Magikoopa, X-Naut
           Dull Bones (after battle)
HP Plus P -- Dark Koopa family, Gloomba family, Hammer Bro, Magikoopa
HP Drain-- Swoop family (after battle)
HP Drain P-- Swoop family (after battle)
Ice Smash -- Ice Puff / Frost Piranha (both after battle)
Item Hog -- Dull Bones (after battle)
Jumpman -- Poison Puff (after battle)
Last Stand -- Flower Fuzzy, Hyper Goomba family
Last Stand P -- Flower Fuzzy, Hyper Goomba family
Mega Rush -- Dark Koopa family, Hammer Bro
Mega Rush P -- Dark Koopa family, Hammer Bro
Money Money -- Bill Blaster / Dark Boo (both after battle)
Multibounce -- Gloomba Family / Goomba / Parabuzzy / Swampire (after battle)
P-Down, D-Up -- Dark Craw, X-Naut PhD
P-Down, D-Up P -- Dark Craw, X-Naut PhD
Pity Flower -- Frost Piranha / Piranha Plant (both after battle)
Power Jump -- Buzzy Beetle (after battle)
Power Plus -- Wizzerd family
Power Plus P -- Wizzerd family
Power Rush -- Koopa Troopa family, Shady Koopa
Power Rush P -- Koopa Troopa family, Shady Koopa
Power Smash -- Spania, Spunia (after battle)
Pretty Lucky -- Bandit family, Gloomba family, Koopa Troopa family
                Spinia family
Pretty Lucky P -- Bandit family, Gloomba family, Koopa Troopa family
                  Spinia family
P-Up, D-Down -- Dark Koopatrol, Elite X-Naut
P-Up, D-Down P -- Dark Koopatrol, Elite X-Naut
Quake Hammer -- Moon Cleft (after battle)
Refund -- Badge Bandit (after battle)
Shrink Stomp -- Buzzy Beetle (after battle)
Soft Stomp -- Spiky Goomba (after battle)
Super Appeal -- Dark Boo / Goomba / Magikoopa (after battle)
Super Appeal P -- Dark Boo / Goomba / Magikoopa (after battle)
Sleepy Stomp -- Boo / Dark Puff / Fuzzy / Paragloomba (all after battle)
Tornado Jump -- Lakitu (after battle)


VII - Mix and Match Set-ups

Are you tired of using these lame cookie-cutter set-ups that people like me
have created? Do you wish your creativity could flow without doing all the work
of figuring out what badges do? Well look no further, because here in this
section lies many different miniature set-ups designed to fit together like...
well... Analogies fail me at the moment, so let's move on shall we?

The format is simple, Heading, brief Explanation, and Badges.

The current list: (more for my own reference)




Basic, but can add some much needed Attack boost to your set-up.

Power Plus      2
Total BP        12


For those of you looking for all out attack strength, this one's for you.
Some would argue with me about the All or Nothing's placement between Power
and Aggressive, so feel free to use All or Nothing in Power, while ignoring the
defense dropper.

P-Up D-Down     1
All or Nothing  1
Total BP        6


Again, basic, but it can keep you alive that little bit longer you may need.

Defend Plus     2
Total BP        10


If you want to sacrifice your power for rock-hard abs, go with this little
grouping... And yes, you will want to Guard, not Superguard if you plan on
using this one.

P-Down D-Up     1
Damage Dodge    2
Total BP        6


If you find yourself running out of FP too often, and you really, really need

Flower Saver    2
Pity Flower     1
Happy Flower    2
Total BP        15


For those particularly interested in staying versatile through various battles
without having to switch back and forth all the time.

All Moves       16
Total BP        22


Found a really good move you like? Why not get more copies of it? Since many
move badges are buyable at the Pianta Parlor, or can be found off of enemies,
it can be very simple to get ahold of multiple copies of one good move. Note:
Some badges do not have (probable) multiples.

Any move badge  3+
Total BP        Varies


Have a little extra time during battles? Utilize it and bolster your Attack
power for very low FP costs.

Charge          2+
Total BP        2+


Same as kirby_64's set-up, but if you don't have 44 Pretty Lucky (P)s, then
you might as well use it with something else, so I'll just restate it here

Lucky Day       1
Lucky Start     1
Pretty Lucky    X
Total BP        11+2X      (yay! more algebra!)


By increasing damage done to yourself, and equipping Return Postage, you can
return the enemy's original damage back at them. Note: Only works against
direct attackers

Return Postage  1
Zap Tap         1
Double Pain     1
Total BP        10


More of a defensive set-up than offensive, but also very versatile and easy to
get going. 

Hammerman       1
Hammer Moves    Varies
Total BP        2+Varies    (yay! weird algebra)


More of an offensive set-up, and can be rather taxing BP-wise to get going, but
once it's at peak performance, nothing can stand in its way.

Jumpman         1
Spike Shield    1
Ice Power       1
Jump Moves      Varies
Total BP        6+Varies    (last of the algebra I think...)


If you are more of a Star Power person, you may want to suck it back up as
quickly as you can.

Super Appeal    5+
Total BP        5+

*More to come...hopefully*

Just as some of these set-ups will work very well together, others completely
contradict each other. Keep the following mix suggestions in mind:


Aggressive - For all out brawls and all around reckless behavior
Defense    - Works well for a balanced stat booster
Solidity   - Too many things cancel each other out for any real use
Efficiency - Really only useful if you REALLY go all out using move badges and
             the built in moves
Stylish    - It gives many effect moves a much needed "UMPH"
Specialist - Goes without saying. Saves a bit on FP in the long run
Charge     - It helps cut down on time and FP, but not enough to be necessary
Lucky      - The Power aspect shouldn't have to rely on dodging,
             and the Lucky aspect works fine without Attack
Thorns     - Not typically good for stable set-ups
Hammerman  - Hammerman was never intended for use with Power
Jumpman    - Depends on whether you're willing to sacrifice versatility for
             extra power
Recall     - With Power, Star Power usage will be minimal


Power      - Aggressive is top-heavy without Power as a base
Defense    - Once again, too many cancelations
Solidity   - This is pure canceling action. Run away
Efficiency - Only if you plan on using moves. Otherwise not used enough to
             justify the BP cost
Stylish    - Power is probably a better option
Charge     - Like Power, cuts down on time, but Aggressive goes
             against a lot of standard ideals of Charge
Lucky      - Aggressive can really benefit from added dodging
Thorns     - An excellent add-on to punish direct attackers
Hammerman  - Once again, Hammerman is not meant to be offensive
Jumpman    - Like Power, it all depends on whether or not you
             want to sacrifice versatility
Recall     - As with Power, Star Power usage is minimal


Power      - Good for balancing stats, otherwise ignorable
Aggressive - Cancelations, forget it
Solidity   - If you have other plans for dispatching foes, by all means...
Efficiency - Useful since you'll likely be using more moves due
             to lack of Attack power
Stylish    - Helps counter the lack of Attack Power
Specialist - Seems too contradictory to work well, but give it a shot
Charge     - Definitely helps to counter Attack loss, but there are better
Lucky      - Helps bolster damage reduction, though not always necessary to use
Thorns     - Having defense diminishes Return Postage's effect
Hammerman  - This is good for getting that extra power you need without going
             all out on getting Power
Jumpman    - Jumpman is too offensive to use well
Recall     - Its okay if you constantly use Star Power to make up for lack of
             power, but once again, not 100% necessary


Power      - Cancelations. Next!
Aggressive - Painful cancelations. Next!
Defense    - Solidity is kind of silly without it, unless you're on a BP budget
Efficiency - Now that damage is dropping, it's important to make up for damage
             using moves frequently. Efficiency can help pay for it
Stylish    - Once again, moves and effects can make up for lost damage
Specialist - I don't know if focusing on one move with lowered Attack is such
             a good idea. Maybe it will work for you, but the FP cost can be
             rather steep...
Charge     - Definitely a good way to make up for lost Attack Power, and the
             added defense with Solidity will let you Charge longer
Lucky      - As defense goes up, the need to dodge goes down...
Thorns     - Useless. You shouldn't be receiving damage with Solidity
Hammerman  - A must-have. It makes up for a bit of Attack loss
Jumpman    - Mario has become too weak to Jump effectively, Hammer is better
Recall     - Since Star Power is another route to attack power with this
             set-up, Recall can definitely help out in attacking more often


Power      - It all depends on how many moves you plan on using...
Aggressive - As above, except less picky about frequency since the BP cost for
             Aggressive is less
Defense    - More likely to be useful since moves help more on defensive
             set-ups than on offensive ones, but still your choice
Solidity   - I really can't think of a fourth way to say the first statement...
Stylish    - Takes advantage of reduced FP costs
Specialist - Same, except more so since FP costs will be higher
Charge     - Once again. Efficiency brings down the cost of multiple Charges
Lucky      - I really see no connection between the two set-ups...
Thorns     - There is no explicit connection, since no piece of Thorns uses FP
Hammerman  - Sure, why not?
Jumpman    - OK, what would be the reason for not doing so?
Recall     - Well, it seems kind of appropriate that they would work in tandem


Power      - Increases damage of all moves. Go for it
Aggressive - Same as above, but only for those willing to give up defense
Defense    - I see no real reason not to...
Solidity   - Effects can easily make up for lost damage
Efficiency - Should go without saying, since FP is the backbone of Stylish...
Specialist - One interesting combo. All moves plus one or two extra beefy moves
Charge     - Kind of useless, but some effects can give more opportunities to
             Charge by disabling an enemy or five
Lucky      - They're compatible, but they don't really build off of each other
Thorns     - Works great with many Status Effects for hands-off damage
Hammerman  - For creating a single-minded attitude
Jumpman    - For inventing a one-tracked personality
Recall     - Star Power usage will be virtually nil


Power      - A good way to tack on some extra power, but chances are the
             increase won't be noticed with all the extra Attack coming from
             the move badges
Aggressive - If you feel confident with the defense loss, then this could
             actually be used in place of Power, instead of in tandem
Defense    - Maybe, though Specialists shouldn't have to rely on defense
Solidity   - A better option for defensive opportunities
Efficiency - With the skyrocketing FP costs, it is pertinent to cut down on the
Stylish    - It's always good to add some versatility while maintaining a
             central power to dish out damage
Charge     - An interesting way to build up damage, but really needed
Lucky      - An offensive build should rarely have to deal with dodging, but
             there is always the possible necessity
Thorns     - Depends on your special.  Fire Drive, yes; Sleepy Stomp, no
Hammerman  - If your specialized move is a hammer move...
Jumpman    - If your prioritized technique involves jumping...
Recall     - Star Power usage will be almost non-existant


Power      - A virtual neccessity to take out the small fries
Aggressive - Defensive is the preferred route, but this could work with Thorns
Defense    - The more defense, the more you can Charge
Solidity   - Too much defense never killed anybody
Efficiency - Helps to alleviate multiple Charge FP costs
Stylish    - Not useful since standard attacks accompany Charges the best
Specialist - If you have enough FP, then go for it and use the move as an
             ultimate finisher
Lucky      - Greatly helps for decreasing damage received
Thorns     - The alternate strategy for Charge, giving bits of damage while
             building up a finishing attack
Hammerman  - If your ideal finisher is a hammer attack...
Jumpman    - If your dream ending move takes to the sky...
Recall     - Star Powers will be used sparsely, however, so will attacking. Use
             at your own discretion


I think I can safely say that no set-up is beneficial or detrimental to this
set-up. It does, however, greatly give a good back-up plan to any set-up,
while leaving no painful marks.


Power      - Not your best option
Aggressive - The better option. Increases Return Postage damage and normal
             Attack for the indirect attackers
Defense    - No. Just...no
Solidity   - If you thought Defense was useless here...
Efficiency - FP typically isn't used in the base set-up
Stylish    - Some Status Effects work well to complement Thorns
Specialist - Thorns is HP-heavy, Specialist is FP-heavy; to combine is to
             sacrifice BP, a plausible route for these low-BP badges
Charge     - One viable option for an indirect attacker backup
Lucky      - The very existence of Lucky makes Thorns unreliable, but not
             entirely useless
Hammerman  - Hammers are too defensive
Jumpman    - Helps with backup for indirect attackers
Recall     - Star Powers are great backup for Thorns, so Recall can rebuild it
             in the time you're waiting for a direct attacker to attack


Power      - Hammerman is too defensive for this to properly work
Aggressive - Hammerman is overly protective for the idea to correctly function
Defense    - Helps bolster Hammerman's defensive nature
Solidity   - Assists to raise Hammerman's protective style
Efficiency - Helps alleviate some Hammer move's FP costs
Stylish    - Kind of limited variety, but still works okay
Specialist - As long as your special move is a Hammer move
Charge     - Well used with Specialist and Power Smash
Lucky      - Since Hammerman is defensive, more damage reduction is welcome
Thorns     - Hammerman is defensive. No thorns please
Jumpman    - You're joking, right?
Recall     - Since this is defensive, Star Powers can be used to deal some big


Power      - Jumpman is pure power. Go for it
Aggressive - Do you want to sacrifice defense? Works well if you do
Defense    - Can't hurt if you have the spare BP, otherwise not needed
Solidity   - Not good for offensive set-ups
Efficiency - To reduce FP costs of Jump moves
Stylish    - If you like the Jump moves
Specialist - As long as your special move isn't a Hammer move
Charge     - Good for Power Bounce, otherwise moot
Lucky      - If you have the need to stay alive longer (don't we all?)
Thorns     - More effective than in Hammerman, but still not advised
Hammerman  - You're pulling my leg, correct?
Recall     - Star Powers won't be used to often, so not needed


Power      - Set-ups focusing on power should not use Star Power much
Aggressive - Same as above
Defense    - It helps to use Star Powers when attack is lacking, and
             appealing while tanking out attacks to recover the Star Power
Solidity   - It helps even more since attack is actually lowered instead of
Efficiency - A tad contradictory, but they work well together if trying some
             Survivor hybrid
Charge     - Between Charging and Appealing, there is little time for attack,
             so if going for this type of combo, then it should be used with a
             defensive one as well
Lucky      - Star Power is one way to make up for lack of base strength, and
             the constant dodging gives plenty of time for appeals
Thorns     - Waiting for enemies to hit gives time for appealing, and Star
             Power is a good backup for indirect attackers
Hammerman  - Even though Hammerman is defensive, it's still too offensive to
             allow proper time for appealing
Jumpman    - Jumpman is too offensive to have time alotted to appeal


VIII - Badge Listing and Advice

In this section, I'll go through a brief run-down on all the badges in the game
according to the order of the in-game Badge List according to "Type". Nothing
too exciting or extraordinary, but it can get you some solid info on badges
and uses. However, if you need the technical end of all of the badges, visit
Fullgore EXE's Badge FAQ that should be right above mine.

Note: This is primarily to help out those of you making your own set-ups.
If you would prefer not to second-guess your own opinions of any badges you
plan on using, then feel free to skip ahead to the fun part, section IX.

Note 2: A lot of my P-version badges are taken with a sinister twist. I'm not
huge on maintaining my partner at the cost of BP, but instead prefer rotating
between them while maintaining a semi-stasis of their HPs. If you disagree with
me on how useful the defensive P-badges are, just skip them. You're not gonna
hear anything else from me.


~Power Jump:

Power Jump does the same damage a Power Smash would do (assuming no Hammerman
or Jumpman, of course), which is great for a Jumpman that needs to get past
a defensive enemy.


It's difficult to use this without decent Attack, or multiples of these badges.
Also, Danger Mario's primary weapon.

~Shrink Stomp:

This and Soft Stomp work well together to bring a Wizzerd down to size. Also
effective for non-Hammerman defensive builds.

~Sleepy Stomp:

Nice to disable an enemy in the air or backfield, but Sleep is too easily
broken to be as effective as, say, Ice Smash.

~Soft Stomp:

Excellent for bosses or normal, high-defense enemies, such as Chain Chomps and
Wizzerds. Especially helpful to give Yoshi a chance to mix it up.

~Tornado Jump:

The effect is rather weak, especially for its BP cost, but multiples of these
can raise the Tornado damage so it actually will start bearing an effect in
battles. Otherwise, it is too weak for any real use. The magic Tornado damage
is 5. Then it becomes a ParaBuzzy marauder.

~Power Bounce:

The most over-used badge in my opinion, but it still deals a lot of damage and I
must respect that.

~Power Smash:

A good, solid, heavy hitting move, but costly in FP considering its minimal
effect. Used with multiple Power Smashes and Charges, it becomes and excellent
finisher for a series of Charges.

~Piercing Blow:

A must-have for any defensive Hammerman set-up. Very useful for anyone to deal
with Elite Wizzerds.

~Hammer Throw:

Another necessity for any Hammerman set-up. It becomes the only way they can
hit flying enemies besides using up valuable Star Power.

~Head Rattle:

Nifty, but can only affect the front-and-center enemy. Infatuate works much
better and really gives the Confusion a chance to shine through.

~Ice Smash:

The best disabling move. While it can only be used against the frontmost enemy,
it's next to impossible to prematurely shatter the ice.

~Quake Hammer:

Its base attack power is always two, regardless of hammer type. However, unlike
Tornado Jump, the Quake's power is affected by Mario's Attack Power. So, if
Mario has a Power Plus equipped, then the Quake's damage becomes three. But, it
is, of course, a double-edged sword, in that if you were to equip a P-Down
D-Up, the Quake's damage would drop to 1. Not particularly effective with a
defensive Hammerman, but the rare offensive Hammerman would treasure this one.

~Fire Drive:

While it is effective to have for flame-weak enemies, the damage just doesn't
justify the crazy FP cost.


If you can collect several of these and bide your time in battle, it can
unleash a devestating attack. A must have for any defensive set-ups.

~Charge P:

Best suited for Yoshi, as his Stampede attack becomes insanely powerful after
several Charges, a nice offensive Power Lift, and a Power Punch to top it all

~Double Dip:

Great for builds revolving around using the partner as a bombardier. It's
always good to tack on an offensive item after a healing item, or using two
offensive moves, one right after another.

~Double Dip P:

Same as above, except its more effective if Mario is the primary attacker, and
the partner does all the healing.

~HP Plus:

You shouldn't need this. Talk to Chet Rippo if you do.  It is possible to use
this badge to give Mario a buffer of temporary HP before beginning a long
journey, but I'm of the opinion that keeping all of your more valuable badges on
at all times will have the same effect of reducing the actual damage you take.

~FP Plus:

The same exact thing as previously stated.

~HP Plus P:

In combo with Quick Change, this can make your partners an unbelievably
stubborn force. With each badge adding 35 HP to your partner total, it is
well worth the 6 BP to use it if you plan on being some kind of Partner

~Power Plus:

Solid, raw power. The basis of any high-BP offensive build. Some may complain
that the BP is too high for its effect, so judge for yourself.

~Power Plus P:

Good to complement an offensive Mario, or to contrast a defensive one.

~All or Nothing:

A.K.A., "The Power Plus that takes 2 less BP". Though it's undeniably "better"
than Power Plus, I never use it.  I have my off days, too.


Basis of an extreme offensive set-up. MUST be used with Spike Shield, or


Backbone of a solid tank build. Without it, it becomes more difficult to damage
defended enemies.

~P-Up D-Down:

For use in an extreme offensive set-up, or for adding effectiveness to the
Thorns effect.

~P-Up D-Down P:

Best used in parallel with any set-up involving Mario sitting up front, since
the partners, as a generality, take less heat than Mario will.

~P-Down D-Up:

You must have these for a good pure tank build. Multiples of these can be rare
however, so leap on any opportunity to grab one.

~P-Down D-Up:

If you absolutely need your partner to tank as part of your set-up. Less useful
than the above three stat alternators.

~Damage Dodge:

An iffy badge. It can shave off an extra point of damage or two, but you would
have to sacrifice Superguarding to have it take effect.  It's actually a
personal favorite of mine.

~Damage Dodge P:

This is objectively as useful as Damage Dodge, but because partners are more
easily moved around, I don't recommend this one very highly.

~Defend Plus:

The backbone of any defensive set-up.

~Defend Plus P:

I could copy word-for-word the description of Damage Dodge P, changing of course
"Damage Dodge" to "Defend Plus".

~Double Pain:

Only to be used with Return Postage and very high Hit Points, or just for an
extra challenge.

~Power Rush:

Mainstay of a Danger Mario. Otherwise, it can fill up space for any other low
HP set-up.

~Power Rush P:

Must be used with Quick Change.  A must-have for any Spare Tire-based set-up.

~Last Stand:

Very helpful for Danger Mario and any other low HP Mario.  Despite what this
guide said before, Last Stand *does* stack, albeit in a rather convoluted way.
I'm still trying to figure it out.

~Last Stand P:

This is pretty helpful in keeping a partner out longer in a Partner Power
set-up, and crucial for the Spare Tire I envisioned while typing up Power
Rush P.

~Mega Rush:

It isn't a good idea to let Mario be in Peril long enough to let this take any
good effect. If you're Danger Mario only has 10-20 Power Rushes, maybe...

~Mega Rush P:

Goes along well with Power Rush P, but not really as helpful or abundant as
Power Rush P in the Spare Tire strategy.

~Close Call:

A great low-level fallback badge.  The chance of success on a Close Call is
surprisingly high.

~Close Call P:

Same as above, especially considering the low BP cost.

~Pretty Lucky:

Best used en masse and spearheaded by Lucky Day. You won't be touched.

~Pretty Lucky P:

Pretty much an All or None situation. If you want your partner to join in on
the joys of luckiness, then stack them on. Otherwise they don't help out a
whole lot.

~Lucky Day:

It's like a bigger Pretty Lucky. And green...  It is definitely worth the BP
compared to Pretty Luckies.

~Lucky Start:

This is a very all-purpose badge. Few set-ups can't find a place for this
crimson beauty. Not entirely effective against long boss battles though...

~Happy Heart:

For low HP set-ups, Survival builds, or the first 70 or so levels of the Pit.
Also much better when used in large numbers if you can find them.

~Happy Heart P:

A little less helpful, again because of the ability to swap out partners.  But
for any Partner Tank set-up, this could definitely help.

~Happy Flower:

Good for survival builds, low FP set-ups, and for those where Mario doesn't do
much of anything except use items.

~Flower Saver:

Very nice to have for any set-up that uses moves often, but most notably the

~Flower Saver P:

Even better than the above. There are many good, but expensive partner moves
that you probably wish you could use more often.

~Pity Flower:

If you need all the FP you can possibly scrounge up, and you have 3 spare BP
for it, go for it. Because it has a chance for each individual hit, however,
this makes a great badge against large groups and against enemies who deal
damage over multiple hits in a single attack.

~HP Drain:

Good for tanks. Best with Hammerman.

~HP Drain P:

Easily built into any partner, but the return doesn't seem all that beneficial
for a partner.

~FP Drain:

Good for set-ups involving Mario as a support to the partners. With a side
order of Hammerman.

~Heart Finder:

Survival builds and Dayzee Hunter benifit the most, where it is a waste of 3 BP
to anyone else.  It produces a very large and reliable source of HP after
battles, to be sure, but you won't find use for it against, say, a boss.

~Flower Finder:

See above comment.

~Item Hog:

Item Hog isn't quite as reliable as Heart or Flower Finder, but it can net you
some good, free items.  Personally, though, I'd recommend using Money Money
instead, and use the money to buy the items you need.

~Ice Power:

Good for 3 places: Pirate's Grotto, Palace of Shadow, and the Pit. Danger Mario
should not take it off.

~Spike Shield:

A must have for any Jumpman set-up. Any build that isn't Hammerman would treat
this as a welcome addition to the team.  Though it helps for Bristles on a
Hammerman set-up, Quake Hammer is a much better move against them, and Hammer
Throw is cheaper overall to use anyway.

~Zap Tap:

A nice, cheap defensive measure. There really is no excuse to not give it a try
in your set-up.

~Return Postage:

Works best when used with Double Pain, P-Up D-Down, and Zap Tap. Yes, Zap Tap
does stack to the damage done by Return Postage.

~Feeling Fine:

Regardless of what the description says, Feeling Fine works seems to work
against more than just Poison and Dizzy.  This makes it a very valuable addition
to any set-up, especially against certain bosses.

~Feeling Fine P:

Feeling Fine P is kinda overshadowed by Feeling Fine.  Feeling Fine protects
Mario, which allows him to use Sweet Treat to heal HP and FP.  As a side effect,
it also cures every Status Effect on Mario and his partner.


Nice if you are a huge item user, or just plain out poor, but it doesn't match
up to Money Money.

~Money Money:

Slap on a couple of these bad boys and squash some Goombas for some quick cash.
If you run the Pit with just one, you're almost guaranteed to go from 0 - 999
coins in one run.

~Super Appeal:

Like Pretty Lucky, best used en masse, and for set-ups that constantly use
Star Powers.

~Super Appeal P:

There aren't enough of these badges to make them worth while, but it never hurt
to put on the two you have.  It seems that, despite the partners' attack
capabilities, they more often have waiting turns than Mario does, especially
if you don't have Quick Change.  Mario is also more often attacked than the
partner, so Defend is less useful for a partner than an Appeal.


Though it seems to circumvent the need to Tattle, I'd recommend Tattling just
the same to avoid eating up 2 BP to see enemy HP.  However, this badge also lets
you see HP's you normally can't, including Koops' Shell Shield.

~Quick Change:

An absolutely awesome badge that basically melds all of your partners into one.
It gives you a ton of in-battle flexibility, and every set-up, even those that
use Mario as the attacker, can put this to use.

~Timing Tutor:

Use to practice Stylish commands on the Petal Meadows Goombas. Take it off when
you're finished.


This is greatly helpful in set-ups like Power Bouncer, which require excellent
timing.  Also helps with some of the trickier Action Commands, like Shell Slam.


A great way to get some extra free Star Points, as well as make the Action
Commands more... interesting to do.

~Chill Out:

We're not perfect.  Especially in the later areas of the game, we're prone to
messing up First Strikes.  This is a nice cheap way to avoid taking cheap shots
from enemies.

~First Attack:

A cheaper Bump Attack with a higher chance of failure due to the fact you
actually have to First Strike something in order for it to work.

~Bump Attack:

When you don't want to deal with random encounters, equip this badge.  Don't do
this unless you've already beaten the game...

~Attack FX R:

A.K.A. The "Cr" and "icket" badge. It turns Hooktail into a joke, if the sound
is a bit annoying...

~Attack FX B:
~Attack FX G:
~Attack FX Y:
~Attack FX P:
~L Emblem:
~W Emblem:

These badges basically just try to spice up the game to make it a little, with
the exception of the L Emblem, which is actually needed to solve a Trouble.  I
personally don't use any of these, but many others do.

~Slow Go:

Paraded as the game's most useless badge. However, it can help you deal with
some of the traps and narrow walkways in the Palace of Shadow if you're a bit
jumpy or impatient, forcing you to slow down.


Well, I guess that's it for this section. Sorry for the length, but it isn't my
fault for putting so many badges in the game. Oh well, they're all special
enough to get their own honorary mention.


IX - The REAL Fun Stuff: Contact, Legal, and Special Thanks

Contact "Information"

If you would like to contact me regarding my FAQ, feel free to e-mail me at:

(jpkalauer <at> yahoo <dot> com)


Legal "Information"

This guide is Copyright (c) 2005-2013 John Krueger

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affiliates, I honestly don't care if you use this guide on your site, but do
not change the content that lies herein. If you only want to use little
sections of my guide in your own, I don't care either, but don't take credit
for any ideas that I or one of my contributors made for yourself.

Also allowed to host my FAQ:



Special Thanks:

Gamefaqs.com-------for providing people like me a place in which we can share
                   ideas and information

jamescom1----------for helping with details in some of my set-ups. Also for
                   the Power Bounce set-up idea.  And for saving the badges 
                   from enemies list. And for other various reasons...

kirby_64-----------for his Pit Strategy and his Very Lucky set-up

SoulAvenger69------for his Survivor set-up and endless support

Fullgore EXE-------for his Badge FAQ that helped get a lot of information on
                   solid badge quantities

Rayquaza418--------for his Tank Variation involving Bobbery's Hold Fast

Toad 004-----------for his Pure Stats set-up and endless support

stuyle31-----------for putting Quick Change into perspective

babooze812---------for pointing out a good Quick Change technique

cool540------------for pointing out the Return Postage/Double Pain strategy I
                   so bluntly overlooked

Kirby5790----------for e-mailing me a list of little-known facts that proved
                   rather handy

Chaosmaster00------for maintaining an updated list of Badges from Enemies

Iron Knuckle-------for providing a healthy chunk of Badges from Enemies

Myself-------------for without, you would not have wasted all this time

And the following for contributing to the badges from enemies list:

lord ichmael

And of course, everyone who requested this idea be made into an FAQ, and any
other readers who happened to drop by, because without you guys, this would
just be another file taking up room on my computer.

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