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FAQ/Walkthrough by American Arsenal

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/13/05

        An FAQ/Walkthrough, version 1.3 / March 13, 2005
            By American Arsenal <americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com>

"An awfully long time ago... In a strange and far-off land, a big, bustling
town thrived.  It was a town where all people lived very happy lives and it was
said that the town was very prosperous.  But one day... tragedy befell this
blessed place.  A great cataclysm struck the town and its people.  Darkness
filled the skies, and the earth roared and shook.  It was as if the very world
had come to a violent end and but in a single night the town sank into the
depths of the earth...

"Many moons rose and set... Stories of the town passed into the pages of fairy
tales and when the town's site no longer held relics of the past, people
gathered at that spot and built a new town.  But word soon spread among the
people who moved in that an ancient city lay deep underground and that a
magnificent treasure rested there.  Indeed... This is the tale of the fabled
treasure of Rogueport.  Yes, this is where it begins, in the sea town of

"The tale of the legendary quest for treasure and the Thousand-Year Door...
Starts here."

             TABLE OF CONTENTS

         I.  Introduction
        II.  Characters
       III.  Game Basics
             a.  Controls
             b.  The Basics
             c.  Story

        IV.  Walkthrough
             a.  A Rogue's Welcome
             b.  Castle and Dragon
             c.  The Great Boggly Tree
             d.  Of Glitz and Glory
             e.  For Pigs the Bell Tolls
             f.  The Key to Pirates
             g.  3 Days of Excess
             h.  Mario Shoots the Moon
             i.  The Thousand-Year Door

         V.  Secrets and Sidequests
             a.  The Pit of 100 Trials
             b.  The Trouble Center
             c.  Odds 'n' Ends
        VI.  Bestiary
       VII.  Locations of...
             a.  Star Pieces
             b.  Shine Sprites
      VIII.  Items
        IX.  Badges List
         X.  FAQ
        XI.  Revision History
       XII.  Legal Disclaimer
      XIII.  Credits

  I finally got around to completing the Trouble Center.  Beside that, I made a
  few minor changes here and there, but nothing in particular that's worth

     I ------------------------------------------------------ INTRODUCTION

Hey there!  Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Paper Mario:  The Thousand-Year
Door, a game that is devoid of splattered alien brains, potty-mouthed
gangsters, and camouflage-wearing snakes yet still manages to beat the pants
off all the titles alluded to above.  Wipe your feet before you come inside,
please.  My name, as the header would suggest, is American Arsenal, and I'm
here to take you by the hand and lead you through this world filled with
Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and other weird Mario creatures.  However, due to all
the hand-holding in this guide, I'm left with no choice but to request that you
wash up before using the walkthrough.

In Paper Mario:  The Thousand-Year Door, you take the role of Mario (duh),
everyone's favorite plumber who needs to lay off the doughnuts.  Geez, just
look at that gut of his.  Err... Anyway, this game combines a deep combat
system with hilarious dialogue and eye-popping (in a good way) graphics to
create a winning product.  There are pirates, too!  Arrrgh, matey!  ... Ahem.
In any event, there are very few modern games, much less GameCube games, as
genuinely fun as this.  If for some reason you're reading this guide but don't
have the game, please do yourself a favor and injure yourself with a spoon.  Or
just buy the game--whichever you prefer.


  - American Arsenal
      americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com

     II ------------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS

Not only does this chapter provide a brief look into the dramatis personae, but
it's also sure to leave your mouth watering with succulent details pertaining
to each hero's pros and cons in battle.  Maybe.

On the off-chance that the name of the game didn't give it away, Paper Mario 2
stars Mario, our heroically silent Italian stallion.  This plump yet beloved
superstar features two methods of mayhem:  his trademark jump and the hammer o'
doom.  Successfully nailing a jump attack is as simple (or as difficult) as
pressing that shiny green A Button just before connecting with your intended
target.  It is both powerful and practical, but keep in mind that foes with
armored or spiky heads won't be affected by it.  In fact, the latter will even
damage poor Mario!  Ouch!  Mario's hammer works a bit differently; hold the
Control Stick left until the power gauge is full (a star will appear when the
time is right), then release.  As you might assume, this hammer is the perfect
remedy for spiked baddies, though heavily armored enemies still prove
invulnerable.  Some foes just aren't very cooperative, it would seem.  Oh well.
Mario is also the only character in the game who levels up via Star Points (see
the basics section for more on that).   This ends up making him an integral
part of your team, which works out nicely considering that you couldn't stick
him on the sidelines if you wanted to.


   --  Sweet Treat  --

   Gained during your very first encounter with the Thousand-Year Door, Sweet
   Treat is a restorative move.  By tilting the Control Stick left, Mario can
   fire beams at icons that will fall from top to bottom.  There are four types
   of icons:  one for Mario and his partner, a flower, and a poison Mushroom.
   Every Mario/partner icon hit will replenish one HP, where as every flower
   hit revitalizes a bit of FP.  Steer clear of poison Mushrooms, though, as
   they temporarily stun Mario, giving you less time to hit those bonuses.
   (consumes 1 SP)

   --  Earth Tremor  --

   One of Mario's best abilities, and one that will prove invaluable throughout
   the game.  When selected, a gauge with several nodes will appear on-screen.
   As the gauge fills, you must press A at the moment a node is filled.  Mess
   up and the attack will be weaker than its potential.  However, if you manage
   to hit all of the nodes properly the resultant quake will be devastating,
   causing much damage to all foes.  (consumes 2 SP)

   --  Clock Out  --

   A decent move worthy in a few boss battles, Clock Out has the same general
   effect as, err... something that freezes someone.  Anyhoo, select Clock Out
   and watch as several buttons appear on the screen.  Only press those that
   appear over your enemies' heads, unless you enjoy causing damage to
   yourself.  (consumes 2 SP)

   --  Power Lift  --

   This supportive maneuver temporarily increases your team's offensive and
   defensive power.  Here's how it works:  nine spaces will hold constantly
   moving icons.  The icons come in several flavors, but the only ones you want
   are up arrows, so *only* press A while those are selected.  It's actually a
   lot of fun!  (consumes 3 SP)

   --  Art Attack  --

   A beauty of a move, the Art Attack requires that you draw circles around
   your intended targets.  The move won't end until you screw up whilst
   encircling a foe, so busting out a decent amount of damage to numerous
   baddies at once is certainly possible.  (consumes 4 SP)

   --  Sweet Feast  --

   Simply enough, Sweet Feast is an upgraded Sweet Treat.  Although it is much
   easier to hit those nasty venomous Mushrooms, you'll also regain about twice
   as much HP as you would with Sweet Treat.  Sweet deal!  (haha) (consumes 5

   --  Showstopper  --

   Considering the absolutely miniscule SP requirement, the Showstopper is a
   potent little power.  Several button sequences appear on-screen when used,
   and it's your job to mash them in perfectly.  Do so and watch as every
   baddie melts away into nothingness.  Unfortunately, it doesn't work on
   bosses.  (consumes 2 SP)

   --  Supernova  --

   By far Mario's most potent Special move, the Supernova can be unleashed by
   mashing the A Button like a madman.  Due to the frighteningly high SP rate,
   however, this is one move best kept in your hat until those few very
   difficult battles.  (consumes 6 SP)

A cheerful young Goomba girl aspiring to become an archaeologist, Goombella
first encounters Mario when he helps her out of a bind upon arrival in
Rogueport.  Like Mario, Goombella's main form of artillery is a jump attack,
extended in the same manner as Mario's (tap A just before striking).  However,
she also has access to an interesting little ability called Tattle.  Using
this, she can look up the Hit Point totals for foes, as well as details on
their attacks and weaknesses.  Great if you're totally stumped as to how to
take down a certain baddie.  Outside of battle, Goombella boasts a similar
skill.  Press X and she will drop the lowdown on wherever it is that you may
be.  More often than not, this Goomba gal's tips are invaluable, so consult her
whenever you get stuck.


   --  Tattle  --

   Find out an enemy's HP, Attack Power, and Defense, as well as details on the
   foe's capabilities in battle and possible weak spots.  (consumes 0 FP)

   --  Multibonk  --

   Very similar to the ability Mario gains when the Power Bounce badge is worn.
   If executed properly, the Multibonk can become one of the best skills in the
   entire game, allowing you to cut out massive chunks of your foe's HP.  It
   works the same as Goombella's basic Headbonk, except you get to keep jumping
   until you screw up.  Start practicing.  (consumes 3 FP)

   --  Rally Wink  --

   Think of this one as a forfeit move--use it and Goombella will give up her
   turn to give Mario an extra opportunity to strike.  Good if you need to
   hammer a spiky enemy before they get their next turn.  (consumes 4 FP)

This troubled Koopa kid hails from Petalburg, a small village that lives in
fear of an evil dragon.  Overcoming his worst nightmares, Koops teams up with
the crew to search for the remains of his father, who supposedly perished
before said dragon.  Following the Koopa tradition, Koops wields his shell in
battle, allowing him to damage spiked foes that would laugh in the wake of
Mario and Goombella's leaping antics.  To charge up Koops's shell, hold the
Control Stick left until the gauge fills.  Just make sure that you release it
while the gauge is still full, otherwise the attack won't be as powerful.


   --  Power Shell  --

   When selected, a pulsating power meter will appear.  Hold the Control Stick
   left until the gauge is full, then release as quickly as possible, or the
   meter might start to unfill.  A good attack for damaging a group of armored
   foes at once.  (consumes 3 FP)

   --  Shell Shield  --

   Tap A while the cursor is in the center of the gauge to generate a massive
   Koopa Shell, which Mario will then use as a shield.  A few hits will destroy
   the shield, of course, but it still works somewhat well for lessening the
   damage Mario takes.  (consumes 4 FP)

   --  Shell Slam  --

   A sheer power attack, the Shell Slam is used for cutting through the defense
   of multiple armored baddies.  To execute it, continually tilt the Control
   Stick to the left.  (consumes 6 FP)

Not at all self-absorbed *wink*, Flurrie is an actress turned, err...
nonactress.  Think of her as a big blue marshmallow, only far more delightful.
She attacks by body slamming foes, which provides the same advantages (can
target flying enemies) and disadvantages (spiked baddies--ouch!) as Mario's
jump.   Perform this flying slam by positioning the stubborn cursor within the
white circle that appears and keeping it there until the attack commences.
Given that her abilities (seen below) aren't up to par with those of Goombella
or even Koops, chances are you won't be using this out-of-place marshmallow too
often.  She does, however, make a good benchwarmer, what with all that fat.


   --  Gale Force  --

   The interesting thing about this move is that its purpose is not to damage
   baddies, but rather to eject them from battle altogether.  Using it is a bit
   out of the ordinary; hold A until the gauge stops filling, then release.
   Rinse and repeat until the move is executed.  (consumes 4 FP)

   --  Lip Lock  --

   Only useful in certain circumstances, Flurrie's kissing ability can only be
   used to restore her own HP, not that of anyone else.  Mash A when the star
   icon is illuminated and stop when it isn't to accomplish it perfectly.
   (consumes 3 FP)

   --  Dodgy Fog  --

   Perfecting Flurrie's final skill requires great timing with the Control
   Stick.  Tilt it in the indicated direction as the gauge moves along.  Nail
   it and Mario will gain ninja-esque dodging skills for up to four rounds.
   (consumes 4 FP)

A spunky and lovable Yoshi baby saved from a hot-diggity-dogged fate, Yoshi
joins Mario and co. during the rise to the top of the Glitz Pit.  As such, he
refers to our hero as "Gonzales" throughout the game.  Luckily for us, the cute
little guy is born in the nick of time, since his godly Gulp skill is required
to defeat a certain foe.  In addition to that, Yoshi can also bounce repeatedly
on a foes head.  Powering up this move to its fullest potential calls for quick
taps of the Right Trigger.  Fill the gauge before Yoshi executes the attack to
break out with the maximum number of hits, thus causing maximum damage.  On the
field, Mario can hop onto Yoshi's back, gaining extra speed.  Also, Yoshi can
briefly float if you hold the A Button, allowing him to carry Mario across some
chasms that are too wide to leap across.


   --  Gulp  --

   This one is a doozy.  After swallowing the targeted baddie, Yoshi will spit
   it out at another foe, doling out plenty of pain to both.  (consumes 4 FP)

   --  Mini-Egg  --

   A double-whammy, a foe struck with a Mini-Egg will not only take damage, but
   it will also shrink like a, well, you know what, in water!  Press A when the
   gauge moves through each circular node to produce an egg, with a maximum of
   four possible eggs.  (consumes 3 FP)

   --  Stampede  --

   Fill the meter by mashing the Left and Right Triggers alternately to summon
   a herd of Yoshis to trample the opposition.  (consumes 6 FP)

Looks can be deceiving.  Abused and domineered by her older sister Beldam,
Vivian is one of the three Shadow Sirens.  Malevolent siblings aside, Vivian is
actually very kind, and collaborates with Mario's team to pay back a favor of
sorts.  Attacking enemies with her Shade Fist maneuver is as easy as tapping
the button that appears when the gauge automatically fills.  Furthermore, her
field ability allows you to hide in the shadows, confusing foes and adding a
stealthy approach to certain problems.  Her Veil skill comes in handy during
more than a few tricky boss battles, making Vivian an absolute necessity (not
that you can not get her, but whatever).


   --  Veil  --

   Much like Vivian's field ability, this allows you to hide in the shadows, 
   effectively rendering all enemy attacks useless until you emerge.  Pulling
   it off requires that you hastily input a series of five buttons.  (consumes
   1 FP)

   --  Fiery Jinx  --

   A flame attacks that strikes all foes on the screen, you must press five
   random buttons in the proper order to activate the Fiery Jinx.  (consumes 6

   --  Infatuate  --

   A confusion tactic, all you need to do to Infatuate an enemy is press A as
   soon as a heart icon appears above their head.  (consumes 4 FP)

Salty as a cracker and sea-wise like a sailor (well, actually, he is a sailor),
Bobbery joins the crew as the only navigator capable of reaching the legendary
Keelhaul Key.  Being a bob-omb, he's naturally a very explosive character, both
inside battle and out.  His signature attack is a simple explosion, which can
be performed by holding A until the gauge is full.  Release the button when the
star appears to cause maximum damage.  This attack is perfect for armor-wearing
foes, as well as the numerous spooks that inhabit Keelhaul Key.  Outside of
battle, Bobbery's explosive nature can also be used to blow through cracked
walls or hit otherwise inaccessible switches.


   --  Bomb Squad  --

   This move releases a trio of time bombs that will explode on the next turn.
   Press A when the cursor is position where you want to toss the bombs to let
   them go.  (consumes 3 FP)

   --  Hold Fast  --

   Press A whenever one of the star icons lights up to set Bobbery into
   "counterattack mode", where he'll automatically retaliate on any foe who
   damages him.  (consumes 4 FP)

   --  Bob-ombast  --

   One of the most useful skills in the entire game, Bob-ombast targets all
   baddies with a massive explosion.  Despite the rather high FP consumption
   rate, this move is worth it.  Mash A repeatedly to set if off.  (consumes 9

A badge-plundering mouse, Ms. Mowz serves as the game's only secret character
(check out either the Secrets or Trouble Center chapters to learn how to
recruit her).  In battle, she relies upon her Love Slap to beat down foes with
love.  Powering up this move requires you to repeatedly tilt the Control Stick
left and right.  When done properly, this move can pierce an enemy's defenses.
When not in battle, Ms. Mowz can track down nearby treasures with the X


   --  Kiss Thief  --

   A gauge appears on-screen, with a line toward the end marked "OK."  When the
   gauge fills past this line, immediately smack the A Button to execute the
   move.  If done properly, you'll steal an item or badge from the baddie.
   (consumes 2 FP)

   --  Tease  --

   Hold down the A Button to fill the gauge that appears on-screen, but do not
   let it overflow.  The result is that your foes are rendering dizzy, making
   it difficult for them to land their blows.  (consumes 3 FP)

   --  Smooch  --

   By rapidly tapping the A and B Buttons in an alternating fashion, Ms. Mowz
   can replenish 10 of Mario's HP with a lovely kiss.  (consumes 10 FP)

     III ----------------------------------------------------- GAME BASICS

This would be that unfortunate beauty of a chapter that is overlooked by many.
If you have no idea what you might find hidden within the confines of a section
named "Game Basics", you may need to get back into school.  

a.  Controls

Before diving head first into the nitty gritty, a few things should be
mentioned.  To begin with, neither the C-Stick (that yellow stub) nor the Left
Trigger have any function.  As such, I won't even list 'em.  Also, hold down X,
B, and Start all at once to magically warp back to the game's main menu.  Wow!

Control Stick - Move
  Simple simple.  Tilt this gray stick in the direction you would like Mario to
  move in.  You can also utilize it to scroll through menus and such, wouldn't
  ya know!

D-Pad - Menu shortcut
  Because pressing start to access the menu is just too much of a chore for
  some, a quick tap of one of the four directions on the D-Pad will zip right
  to the section you are seeking.  Pow!

Start Button - Open Menu screen
  Is that not self-explanatory enough?  Thinking is your friend.

A Button - Action / Jump
  This large green button serves two main purposes:  1) to execute Mario's
  basic actions, such as speaking to nearby denizens of the game or confirming
  menu selections and 2) it allows Mario to hop like a bunny.  Useful if you
  enjoy looking like a bunny.  Or if you need to get across a chasm.

B Button - Cancel / Hammer
  Another doubly important button.  Tapping B whilst on a menu will either
  cancel the current selection or move you back to the previous one.  In the
  field, this strangely small button serves as the only way to wield Mario's
  prized hammer.

X Button - Use partner's ability
  While exploring one of the many anywheres this game has to offer, hitting
  that bean-shaped button on the right (earlier marked "X") will activate your
  current partner's ability, be that informing you about the immediate area or
  blowing a stream of wind Kirby-style (more on that kinda stuff in the
  characters section).  During battle, however, X's function changes.  From
  time to time, the button will appear on the bottom of the screen.  Press it
  at such an instance to jump into the crowd and disarm a potential tomato-

Y Button - Paper airplane
  When standing on gray platforms with paper airplane shapes painted on them,
  a simple tap will transform our Italian stallion into a paper airplane.  In
  battle, hitting Y will switch your characters out, allowing your partner to
  attack before Mario.  Same deal once you get the paper boat ability.

Z Button - Display stats
  Care to take a gander at your HP totals, coin amounts, or something similar
  without opening up that terribly cumbersome menu screen?  Fear not!  Press Z
  and voila!  Your wishes are answered!

Right Trigger - Use Mario's abilities
  Several of Mario's many skills, such as paper or tube mode, require the Right
  Trigger to be held down before they can be used.

b.  The Basics

This section could also be named "Stuff That You Should Already Know, or Very
Basic Stuff That Can Be Figured Out in Only a Few Seconds."  But that's just a
bit harsh, so I thought I'd be nice at least in the table o' contents.  Onward!


As with all Mario games (other than those lame Tennis, Golf, blah blah blah
cashcow games), Paper Mario 2 is filled with many different blocks.  Since some
have purposes far removed from the "hit it to get a coin" type I'm sure you are
accustomed to, I shall now do some explaining.

  Save Block:      lovely rainbow blocks.  Bash it to record your data.  Which
                   proves useful if you suck.

  Yellow Blocks:   as the name suggests, these are yellow in color (surprise!).
                   They also have two block dots (that look kinda like eyes) in
                   the middle.  Give it a good whack with Mario's hammer to get
                   past.  Note that some king-size blocks require a more potent
                   whacking device to smash.

  ? Blocks:        your classic Mario block.  Nail it with your head from below
                   to attain whatever goodies lurk within.

  Recover Blocks:  pop one of these from below to restore all of your HP and
                   FP, but for the price noted on the side of the block.

  ! Switch:        these blocks sit on the ground, and come in myriad different
                   colors.  Regardless of the color, their purpose is the same:
                   smack it to activate the switch, which will then change
                   something about the immediate environment.


While Mario's standard issue boots and hammer may seem just fine and dandy from
the get-go, you'll soon find that they are unable to satisfy all of your needs.
Luckily, enhanced versions of each can be found stashed away throughout the
game.  With the Super Boots, Mario gains access to his Ground Pound move, which
can be used to crash through weak floor grates.  The Super Hammer, on the other
hand, is the perfect tool for cracking massive blocks.  Ultra versions of both
the Boots and Hammer can be located still later in the game, providing two
additional skills.


"One man's curse is another man's gift."  New phrase I'm gonna coin.  Makes
perfect sense; black treasure chests scattered around various locales will
"curse" Mario upon being opened, granting him a plethora of new abilities,
ranging from the ability to fold into a paper airplane to flattening yourself
to the point that even Flat Stanley would get jealous.

  Paper Airplane:  find and stand upon a gray tile with an airplane design
                   inscribed upon it, then press Y to fold into a plane.  From
                   there, you'll be able to glide onto a platform below.  Tilt
                   the Control Stick forward to dip, or pull it back to pull

  Flat Mode:       hold the Right Trigger to become flat as paper (although,
                   since the game is called PAPER Mario, you'd think Mario
                   would already be as flat as paper).  This allows you to slip
                   through tight spaces, such as fences or really small alleys.

  Tube Mode:       tug on that Right Trigger and rotate the Control Stick a few
                   times to curl into a small tube.  Great for rolling under
                   fallen trees, wall spikes, or anything else that needs to be
                   rolled under.  Jump with A.

  Paper Boat:      similar to the Paper Airplane, as you might deduce from the
                   related names.  Locate a brown boat dock somewhere, then tap
                   Y to take to the high seas.  Beware that you can only
                   embark/ disembark at marked docks.


Unlike most RPGs nowadays, enemies in Paper Mario roam freely about the same
field as you.  To enter battle, simply touch the desired foe.  However, certain
circumstances can throw the advantage to either side.  Smack an enemy with your
hammer or leap onto it prior to the fight and you'll gain an extra chance to
attack, right at the beginning of the battle.  But wait!  Enemies have the same
opportunity for this first strike as you; should an adversary land the first
blow, they'll get a sneak attack from the get-go.  Be careful!

Now then, let's say that neither you nor the enemy was able to mount a sneak
attack.  What would happen then?  Simple!  Mario gets the first chance to
strike, followed by his partner.  If the sound of this doesn't quite tickle
your fancy, you can press Y to allow your partner to make the first blow.  Note
that this will only work if you haven't already taken your turn.  Once that's
over with, the enemies (however many of them there may be) get to raise some
hell.  A problem!  Not only do you have no idea how to attack, but now you
can't defend yourself either!  Well then, I guess that brings us to...


Okay, so you're in the mood to bash a few skulls.  That's quite lovely, but
before you blindly start mashing buttons, there are a few things you may be
interesting in learning.  Mario alone has two different forms of attack, and
we'll leave it at that for now (check the characters section a few feet up for
information on everyone else's offensive techniques).

  Jump:    the quintessential Mario technique.  To properly bop a foe on the
           head, you'll need to tap the A Button just before making contact
           with your enemy.  Doing so will activate a second jump, causing
           double the damage!  The jump attack is effective against most
           baddies, although those with spiked heads/backs will actually hurt
           Mario should he land on one.  Avoid such instances please.

  Hammer:  quite different from the leap attack detailed above, correctly
           smacking a foe with the hammer takes much less timing.  Here's the
           lowdown:  once you've selected the attack, hold the Control Stick
           left until the gauge that appears fills all the way, and a star
           appears.  Release the stick at that very moment to let loose with a
           devastating smash.  This pounding strike works perfectly on armored
           foes who are impervious to jump attacks, but is sadly unable to
           target flying baddies.

Keep in mind that with certain badges equipped, Mario will obtain new
variations of each attack.  These apply the same tactics to properly execute,
but cause significantly more damage.  The downside is that they require FP, or
Flower Points.  Monitor this statistic at the top of the screen, where it rubs
elbows with the HP and Star Points totals.


There are two forms of defense, both of which should be familiar if you've
played pseudo-prequel Mario & Luigi:  Superstar Saga.  The first is a simple
guard move, which cuts down on the damage the targeted hero takes.  To execute
this, hit A as soon as the enemy's attack makes contact with you.  Next, we
have what the game calls a "Superguard", although the term "counterattack" is
much more fitting.  Name aside, this move works the same as the normal guard,
except with the B Button.  Additionally, to nail a counterattack, you must have
absolutely perfect timing, making it much more difficult than the guard.  Pull
it off, however, the enemy will take damage instead of you!  Suh-weet!


One of those obnoxious things that populate RPGs just to frustrate the player,
status ailments are nasty conditions that change the way you're characters
fight.  Check it out:

  Dizzy:   signified by a swirly blue thing (looks sorta like the Dreamcast
           symbol) hanging over your hero's head.  Being dizzy prevents your
           attacks from hitting their marks.  Grr.

  Poison:  as pointed out by a skull floating over your character.  While under
           the influence (of venom, that is), every time either Mario takes a
           turn he will take damage.  No fun.

  Sleepy:  Zzz.  When your characters are counting the sheep, you know they're
           asleep.  This is arguably the worst status effect, what with a
           sleeping hero being utter cannon fodder until they wake.

  Fire:    kinda like poison, you'll lose some health every few turns.  This
           ailment appears when hit by a flame attack.  (duh)

Luckily, with the use of specific items (which can be purchased in most item
shops), you can reverse the curse in a way and frustrate the heck out of the


Acquired hand-in-hand with the Crystal Stars, Special Moves can be used to
level the playing field, so to speak.  But when I say "level the playing
field", I don't mean that they give each side a chance to win.  I mean that
they literally level the enemies; take them out, destroy them, however you care
to say it.  There are also a few that restore your team, but those aren't
nearly as fun.  Anyhoo, the use of Special Moves sucks up a little statistic
known as Star Power.

Star Power, interesting enough, is supplied by the audience watching the fight.
Once depleted, there are a couple of ways to restore SP.  The first is to use
the Appeal skill, which will turn the crowd in your favor.  Also, successfully
completing Action Commands (jump and hammer attacks) will please the crowd, and
effectively increase your Star Power.  Furthermore, should you press the A
Button before and after an Action Command with good timing, your attack will be
much more stylish and crowd-pleasing.


As in real life, there are always bad seeds (sometimes bad isn't even the word
for it, more like terrible seeds) who'll boo and toss stuff at the stage.  Not
cool, but it happens.  If you see someone in the audience with an item in their
hand, you can bet your bottom dollar that they'll toss it on stage before you
know it.  To stop them, press X to enter the crowd and attack that particular
viewer.  However!  Many times, the crowd members are carrying beneficial items,
such as HP-boosting Mushrooms, so make sure you check twice before attacking a
benevolent buddy.


Whenever you successfully execute an Action Command, a so-called bingo icon
will appear in the top-right corner of the screen.  If you can get two of these
icons to match (the design on the icon is random, so there is no specific way
to do this), a roulette wheel will appear on screen, giving you a chance to
match the third and final icon.  If you can match the third icon, you will
receive a BINGO! bonus.  Not only will the audience max out, but you'll also
obtain a bonus of some sort, usually in the form of an HP or FP boost.  Take
note, though, that if you match three poison mushrooms (nasty green-ish
mushrooms), your stats will be cut rather than boosted.  Avoid this at all


Mario can be leveled up by accumulating Star Points, which are acquired
following each and every battle you fight in.  Think of them as experience
points.  Once you have built up 100 Star Points, Mario will level up, and you
will be able to choose a stat boost:  either in terms of HP, FP, or BP (Badge
Points).  In order to have a well-balanced yet quite potent fighter, I
recommend boosting each stat every third level up (i.e., first boost HP, then
FP next time, then BP, and then back around to HP).  It's a simple concept that
works quite well.

As for Mario's many partners (don't take that the wrong way, please), they can
only be leveled up by a wily wizard named Merlon.  He resides in Rogueport, in
the building adjacent to Professor Frankly's house.  Buuuuuut... Merlon isn't
gonna level up your friends for free, no siree.  He's not that nice of a
fellow.  In fact, to rank up your pals, you'll need to collect three Shine
Sprites (which can be found in shiny gold blocks) and fork them over.  Merlon
can't function without Shine Sprites, it seems (either that or he just wants
us to suffer), so he'll need three each time you plan to level up a partner.

c.  Story

Nabbed directly from pages six and seven of the Paper Mario 2 instruction
manual, I now present a halfway lovely prelude to the plotline of this tale
rife with danger, intrepid heroes, and characters made out of paper.

                         --  A LETTER FROM PEACH  --

  Hello there, Mario!  I am now on holiday, traveling in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  In my travels, I came into possession of a mystical map... a treasure map,
  actually.  It was inside a box I got from an old merchant in a town called
  Rogueport.  But since it would be too difficult for me to try to go find
  treasure all by myself... I though you could help me hunt for it!  You will,
  of course, won't you? I've included the map with this letter, so please bring
  it with you when you come.  I'll meet you at Rogueport.  (That means you MUST

    - Peach

So Mario headed for Rogueport, where hew knew Peach was waiting... but she was
nowhere to be found.  Where had she gone?  When Mario started to walk around
town to look for her, he found himself in the middle of a sticky situation.  He
ended up helping a sweet Goomba gal who was in trouble.  Her name was
Goombella, and she claimed to be in the midst of a treasure hunt...

When Mario told her that he had a treasure map, Goombella took him to see
Professor Frankly, a wizened old archaeology professor who knew much of local
legend.  According to the professor, in order to find the legendary treasure,
they would have to first find and collect all seven Crystal Stars.  Only then
would they be able to open the Thousand-Year Door, behind which the treasure

Luckily for them, the map that Peach had sent was the very Magical Map that
showed the locations of the Crystal Stars!  By following the map, perhaps they
will also find Peach... A grand adventure awaits Mario and his friends!

     IV ------------------------------------------------------ WALKTHROUGH

And now I proudly present the walkthrough.  I'll begin with the practical stuff
in just a few, but first allow me to jot down several random notes that very
few will ever lay eyes upon (and that even fewer will pay heed to).  So...
here we go!

  * Knowing that up, down, left, and right are synonymous with north, south,
    east, and west (respectively) would be far from a bad idea.  Memorization
    is your friend.  So is common knowledge.

  * At the beginning of each chapter, I've provided a lovely little listing of
    three different things:  items, enemies, and suggested level.  The first
    two include each item or foe that can be found in that particular chapter.
    The suggested level, on the other hand, is my personal recommendation for
    how advanced your Mario should be.  Having him at a lower level does not
    necessarily mean you're screwed, mind.

  * I don't tell you when to save or use a Recovery Block.  As common sense
    would suggest, its a good idea to save your game whenever possible.
    Recovery Blocks are a bit different; I recommend hitting them almost every
    time you run across one, though you'll obviously want to refrain from doing
    so if your health is high as is.

  * For the sake of keeping the walkthrough easy to browse through, I haven't
    included the locations of Shine Sprites or Star Pieces.  Check out Chapter
    VII for that kinda stuff.

a.  A Rogue's Welcome

    Welcome to Rogueport--the city of thieves, pirates, and, this is too
    obvious, rogues!  Where could Peach be?  What's the deal with this map she
    sent?  And how was I supposed to see that tiny contact lens!?

   ITEMS:  Black Key, Fire Flower, Mushroom, Power Smash
   ENEMIES:  Blooper (boss), Goomba, Lord Crump (boss), Paragoomba, Spiky
    Goomba, Spinia

Upon disembarking in Rogueport, Mario is at your command.  Take a few seconds
to familiarize yourself with the control (but don't you *dare* try to drown
Mario--it's not half as much fun as it sounds).  Move onward when ready.  Due
west of the dock is a rainbow-colored block marked with an "S."  Such boxes are
known as Save Points, and shall prove invaluable throughout the game.  We don't
need to use one quite so early, so walk on past.  If you like, chat with the
locals to learn a bit about this dangerous town.  As you proceed northward, a
distressed Goomba gal seeks Mario's aid.  Be a pal and lend her a hand!

 BOSS:  Lord Crump                                                        5 HP
 DROPPINGS:  9 Star Points

 First battle can't be too hard right?  Right!  However, since you've don't
 have a single lick of combat experience, it would be wise to stick with your
 basic Hammer attack.  A successfully executed blow (which can be performed by
 holding the Control Stick left, then releasing once the gauge is full and the
 star icon appears) will cause two whole points of damage.  Nail it three times
 and this freak of the week will perish.


Afterward, Mario and the Goomba chick escape from the ensuing sticky situation
themselves.  From there, head into town via the nearby staircase.  Not only
does Goombella choose this time to join your party, but she also has a great
suggestion:  meet up with Professor Frankly, a guru when it comes to all things
old.  Although our new gal pal doesn't know where he lives, Rogueport is a
relatively small place, so he can't be hidden too well... (hopefully)

== ROGUEPORT ====================================

So let's get started.  Ignore the inn and item shop for now, as there's no
need to visit either one at this point.  If you have no confidence whatsoever,
picking up a few Mushrooms isn't *completely* out of line, however.  Beside
that, you'll find an angry Toad girl on the plaza's northwest side.  No matter
what you do, clumsy old Mario will end up squishing her contact lens.  As a
result, the chick blocks off the entrance to West Rogueport until we fork over
a replacement lens.  No such item is in stock at the adjacent shop, although
they can order one.  Guess we'll have to check back later.

Now then, exit the plaza to the east and... some scab races by, taking half of
your coins with him!  Totally weak!  That dough is absolutely vital to our
survival (well, maybe not, but it's worth getting back), so return to the
plaza.  Surely you've noticed the back alley between the shop and inn by now,
so make your way back there.  Take a left (once the screen flips around, that
is).  Poke inside the door at the end of the alley to locate our thief.  The
guy seems pretty spooked, and he returns our stolen cash.  Good deal.  Back to
the east side.

  * Note:  In East Rogueport, you'll find a fellow by the name of Gus guarding
    an entrance to some gang's territory.  The guy's a swindler; he requires
    some cold, hard cash to let you through.  Don't pay up, but also avoid
    fighting with him at this point--he's one tough cookie.  As of now, there's
    nothing back there anyway.  Patience is a virtue, boys and girls.

Anyhoo, the second building here in East Rogueport is none other than Professor
Frankly's humble abode.  Step inside to learn one key chunk of information:  we
need Crystal Stars.  Before searching for these ancient relics, we'll need to
look around for the Thousand-Year Door.  Luckily, Frankly can help us get
there.  First and foremost, however, the old guy goes off about some Action
Command thingies.  Listen to his words of wisdom if you're new to the game,
otherwise proceed through that shiny green pipe.

== THE THOUSAND-YEAR DOOR =======================

Smack the nearby Save Point before anything else.  For now, there's nothing
worth seeing to the west, so head right instead.  Just ahead, you'll have a run
in with some nasty Goomba gangsters.  It seems they wanna throw down.  Where as
the Goomba (and his winged brotha, the Paragoomba) can be taken out by means of
your jump attacks, the Spiky Goomba is a bit trickier.  Mario's hammer is the
only remedy for the disease that is his armored head... or something.

That taken care of, leap on up the stairs before curving around to ride the
shuttle platform across the chasm.  Drop through the pipe on the far side.  A
couple Goombas are strollin' and patrollin' the subsequent corridor, but you
know how to deal with them.  Continue down the stairs at the end to find a "?"
block.  Hammer-thwack it to receive a Mushroom!  Yummy!  Another block, this
one inclusive of a Fire Flower, lies just past there.  Progress to the end of
the hall, where Mario stumbles across a doorway (don't head through--it's
currently useless), as well as a pair of yellow blocks.  Smash the blocks, thus
revealing a hidden pipe.  Zip!

Hey... what was that mouse-rat-mink-rodent-thing?  Don't worry about that; he
won't come into play until later.  For the time being, we should focus on
reaching that high ledge to the west.  To do that, take a walk in the opposite
direction.  You may notice a key sleeping happily on a platform above--that
little beauty will soon find a new bed in Mario's pocket and... err, yeah!
Until then, whack the blue "!" block, thus revealing a hidden staircase.  Start

When you reach the top, ram Mario into the topmost wall and walk off the west
ledge.  Voila!  The Black Key is ours!  Return to the top, this time entering
the doorway.  Inside lies a mysterious black treasure chest.  Well, common
sense tells me that our recently-acquired Black Key will prove the perfect
solution, so snap that bad boy open to find... oh crap.  As it turns out, the
chest is actually a terribly terrible thing with the intent to curse us.  Our
curse?  Parents, cover your children's eyes, this a bit gruesome... your curse
is none other than the ability to become a paper airplane.  Oh the horror!

Um, right.  Regress to the previous room and move Mario onto the gray panel.
Such panels are referred to as airplane panels/tiles, so get used to the
terminology.  Tap Y to assume airplane form, then glide across onto the yellow
block ahead.  While in flight, pulling the Control Stick right ever so slightly
should make for smooth sailing.  Head through the doorway to find... the
Thousand-Year Door!  Looks like we made it!  Go stand on the pedestal front and
center to learn the location of the first Crystal Star:  Petal Meadows!

== THE ROAD TO PETAL MEADOWS ====================

According to the professor, there's a pipe somewhere below Rogueport leading to
Petal Meadows.  Unless you care to swing by the local shop and snag some
supplies (not that there's any need to), drop back into the sewers via the pipe
near Frankly's place.  Once knee-deep in icky, sewery fumes, stroll eastward.
Soon you'll stumble across a familiar gray tile.  Plane it over the gap, then
step through the door.  Hmm... what's the deal with that weird tentacle-like
thing sticking out of the water?  Perhaps we should smack it?  ... Whoops!

 BOSS:  Blooper                                                          12 HP
 DROPPINGS:  20 Star Points

 Initially, the Blooper itself is inaccessible (and thus, invulnerable).  In
 order to target it, first we'll have to defeat its two tentacles, both of
 which have 3 HP.  Once both tentacles are out of the way, the Blooper will
 fall from its lofty perch, leaving it wide open for attack.  Use Mario's newly
 acquired Power Smash skill to wreak some serious havoc, while Goombella should
 pound away with her Headbonk move.  Take a bit long and the Blooper will stand
 up, which allows it to retaliate, namely with a nasty ink spray move.  This
 will cause 1 HP worth of damage to each hero--nothing to worry about.
 Continue the assault and he'll bite the dust, err... water before you know it.


In the wake of Blooper's defeat, two stone slabs appear in the water.  Hop
across them like stepping stones to reach an isolated pipe.  Go through.  Cue
Chapter 1 intro.

b.  Castle and Dragon

    A titanic beast stands guard over the first of seven Crystal Stars.  But
    he's the least of our troubles!  Beware--sprawling castles, curse-happy
    treasure chests, and Fire Emblem-loving Toads lurk ahead!  Be afraid, be
    very afraid...

   ITEMS:  Attack FX R, Black Key, Castle Key x4, Close Call, Damage Dodge,
    Fire Flower x2, Happy Heart, Honey Syrup, HP Plus, Inn Coupon, Last Stand
    P, Life Shroom, Mega Rush P, Moon Stone, Multibounce, Mushroom x3, Mystery,
    POW Block x2, Power Bounce, Sun Stone
   ENEMIES:  Bald Cleft, Bristle, Dull Bones, Fuzzy, Gold Fuzzy, Goomba,
    Hooktail (boss), Koopa Troopa, Paragoomba, Paratroopa, Red Bones, Spiky

As soon as you pop out of the pipe, do what you like with the nearby Save
Block.  Also, smack the trees to gather some goodies.  Afterward, proceed
forward to witness a horrifying sight.  Scary.  When it's past, continue along
the path.  Make note of the holes in the strange stones here; we can't do
anything with them just yet, but we'll return in due time.  As for now, nab the
Mushroom stored within the "?" block and move onward.

Ahead, a feisty Goomba attacks.  Following the battle check the close by block
for an awesome new badge (go ahead and equip it now).  Go left until you reach
a pipe, which leads to the top of another pipe.  Though your mouth is likely
oozing with wet, drippy saliva at the sight of that, well, whatever it is on
the brick, it is sadly out of Mario's reach at this point.  Stick it next to
those weird stones from before in your memory banks.  Hop down and extract some
coins from the adjacent brick before scurrying off to the subsequent area.

Well, what have we here?  A seemingly uncrossable river.  What to do?  Simple!
Examine the tufts of grass to the north--doing so will uncover a secret pipe.
Slide through and bop the blue "!" switch, thus creating a bridge.  Nice.  Now
run eastward past the block to gather a shiny Star Piece before heading back to
the foreground.  Cross the bridge to find the town of Petalburg dead ahead.

== WELCOME TO PETALBURG! ========================

Check in at the inn (haha) if you're running a bit low on the ol' HP, and hit
up the local shop for some replacement Mushrooms if needed.  Otherwise, you
might wanna grab a few POW Blocks, as they might just come in handy later *wink
wink*.  That taken care of, visit the blindingly pink house on the east side of
town.  Shoot the breeze with Petalburg's mayor to learn that the Crystal Star
we're after is in the possession of Hooktail, that giant flying beast we saw
earlier.  Unfortunately, Hookie resides in a remote castle.  The only way of
getting there requires someone (i.e. YOU) to retrieve a couple of stone keys
from the nearby Shhwonk Fortress.  Let's go!

== GAME SHOWS AND STONE KEYS ====================

The road to Shhwonk Fortress is on Petalburg's far east.  Along the path, you
will encounter a "new" baddie known as the Koopa Troopa.  Basic Mario stuff.
Land on his head to knock him over, then slap the poor guy silly before he can
get up.  Easy-peasy.  At the far end of the field, you'll stumble across a box
containing a POW Block.  Very cool.  With that (and maybe a few others) in tow,
enter the building ahead.  The door leading onward is locked, but those stone
statues sure are suspicious... Inspect them a bit more closely--they aren't

As it turns out, these nasty stone beasties--Bald Clefts--are invulnerable to
any form of attack you have.  Uh-oh.  So, just how are we supposed smush their
faces into the dirt?  Well... Remember that POW Block you stumbled across just
outside?  Give that a try--BAM!  The Bald Clefts are down for the count!  After
the fight, the gate slides open.  Head back outside into another meadow rife
with Koopas and Goombas.  Check out the grass clumps before crossing the
threshold into the next building, as another POW Block is just begging to be

Inside, you'll run across an all-too familiar situation.  Locked door, menacing
statues.  Kick off the battle same as last time.  This bout, however, pits our
plump plumber against a couple of Bristles.  As with the Bald Clefts, damage is
only possible with the aid of a POW Block.  Good thing we found one right
outside!  Use it to eliminate the threat.  On the other side, proceed forward,
snatching the Fire Flower and Inn Coupon as you go.  A third building, this one
with a juicy Recovery Block sitting out front, looms ahead.

Walk inside to find a Save Point, which I would suggest you utilize.  Following
that, go forth and examine the intimidating Thwomp statue by the back wall.  As
opposed to picking a fight as you may expect, the Thwomp turns into none other
than Chuck Woolery.  It's quiz time, so pull out your thinking cap.  Here you
go, cheaters:

    Answer 1:  Stone Keys
    Answer 2:  16 Coins
    Answer 3:  Kroop
    Answer 4:  Hooktail Castle
    Answer 5:  Go Through a Pipe

Major brain pain, right?  I don't believe you, cheaters.  Anyhoo, Mr. Thwomp is
nice enough to reveal the entrance to Shhwonk Fortress.  Beautiful!  Slide down
the pipe and snag the Multibounce badge (good stuff) to the right before moving
into the doorway just past there.  Fight your way through a few Fuzzies to
reach the end of the corridor.  The Sun Stone is lying in the subsequent
chamber!  Cool beans!  Grab it, deal with the four Fuzzies that rain down from
above, and return to the pipe room.

This time around, take the opposite doorway, the one on the left.  Travel
through a second Fuzzy-filled hallway to find the Sun Stone's compliment, the
Moon Stone!  Following a thrilling battle with another quartet of Fuzzies (note
that your brand spankin' new Multibounce move works great), find your way back
to the room with the pipe.  There, an ambush of sorts takes place.

In order to prevent this Gold Fuzzy from lunching on your head, wallop him
repeatedly with Mario's Power Smash.  Goombella should act as a healer whenever
(if ever) necessary, otherwise her Headbonks work great for racking up some
damage.  Even after the Fuzzy Horde appears to party all over your HP totals,
retain focus on the Gold Fuzzy--when he goes down, he takes the whole group
along for the ride.  

Afterward, take the pipe back to the surface and return to Petalburg.

== EN ROUTE TO HOOKTAIL'S CASTLE ================

First things first, swing by the mayor's place to show off your fancy-schmancy
stone keys.  Apparently, there's some sorta secret pipe leading to Hooktail's
ominous castle... Well, remember that circle of rocks back in west Petal
Meadows?  Yeah?  No?  Either way, there's where we need to be headed, so make
all your preparations (stop at the inn, snag some "just-in-case" Mushrooms,
whatever) and exit Petalburg to the west.  Not far outside, a Koopa named Koops
shows up to join the team.  Like it or not he's coming with, so you'd better
get used to his non-stop "umms."

Conveniently, Koops came on board in the nick of time; his assistance is
required up ahead.  As such, switch him in for Goombella, if just for a few
moments.  Before finding the stone circle again, hop into that useless pipe
from earlier.  With Koops's shell, we can claim that lovely little item sitting
on the brick, no longer out of reach.  Good deal.  Persist westward to the
circle of stones.

When you arrive, toss the two stones into their appropriate slots.  Doing so
reveals a pair of switches that, according to the runes on the center rock,
must be activated simultaneously.  This task is actually much easier than you
may expect, thanks to our new found buddy's skills!  Stand in front of the
leftmost switch, but face away from it.  Hold down the X Button while moving
Mario in front of the opposite switch.  Release the button and pound the switch
at the same time.  If executed properly, a pipe leading to Hooktail Castle
appears.  Here we go...

== BRAVING HOOKTAIL CASTLE ======================

Cue scary music.  Overlook the trampoline pad for the time being and instead
venture through the door near the Save Block.  This leads us into a courtyard
that has obviously seen better days.  Though the bridge may be broken, if you
fall off the edge you'll land on a small platform in the moat below.  Hop east
and a badge should appear in the corner of the screen--tap X to snatch it with
Koops's shell.  Nice new badge, the HP Plus!  Now, return to the entry room and
bounce on the trampoline to access the upper level.  Bop the Recovery Block if
you like, otherwise simply go right onto the balcony.  Fold yourself up and
glide across the courtyard.  Pop the double doors open... We're in.

The staircase above is only for those who want to escape this place, so ignore
it.  Rather, continue past there to discover a few Paratroopas swooping about
near a red block.  Crack it to find the Power Bounce, one of the best badges
you'll ever obtain.  Equip it *now*.  Advance into the next chamber, where
Koops gets a bit sidetracked.  When his spiel is over and done with, examine
the pile of bones near the far eastern door.  The resultant skeleton mosh pit
provides something of a sticky situation, though nothing you can't hammer your
way through.  A nasty red baddie awaits at the front.

This battle proves a bit tricky in that each and every enemy can create
additional foes to further complicate matters.  With any luck, you'll have a
POW Block (I *did* mention something about getting one) or Fire Flower taking
up space in your inventory.  Unleash either item to instantly eliminate all
four Dull Bones, leaving a singular Red Bones as your opposition.  If you don't
have any such item, substitute Koops's Power Shell move.  The remaining Red
Bones has a total of 5 HP, but since he can revive his fallen comrades a quick
solution is the only solution.  Pound him with Mario's Power Smash and Koops's
shell; he'll die (again) before you know it.

With the threat gone, proceed onward.  The next room contains a little of
everything:  Dull Bones in the front, a Shine Sprite past there, and a locked
door way in the back.  South of said door is a purple switch--hammer it to
unveil a block to the north.  Use this box to jump atop the first gray block.
From there, leap across the gap, onto leftmost block.  Wallop the yellow box to
destroy it, then hop down.  Smack the yellow switch (next to the purple one),
this clearing away the triangle block.  Now then, stand where that block was
previously and punch the red "!" switch with Koops's shell.

Doing this flips the staircase around, effectively allowing you to reach the
Castle Key (but not without Koops's help).  Hit the red "!" block a second time
to re-flip the stairs to normal, then unlock the eastern door and scamper
through.  Inside, enjoy the Save Point before checking out the door on the far
right.  Watch out for aggressive Goombas and Bones while you approach the red
"!" block.  Hold Koops out to the left while you head for the northeastern
gate.  Release him to raise the gate just long enough for you to slip through.

A familiar black chest plagues the otherwise clean aura of the following room.
Against our better judgment, we'll need to search for a key to open this phony
treasure chest.  The Black Key is easy enough to locate; snap open the chest
one room over.  Of course, as soon as the key finds a way into your pocket
things start to go south.  Spikes appear from all sides.  Danger!  To escape,
wind your way to the east, then race northward before finally pressing back to
the west.  Back in safe territory, let the evil chest do his thing.  Your new
"curse?"  The ability to become paper flat.  With such explicit content, how
did this game get rated "E for Everyone?"

Head west one room, applying your new skill to slide through the bars.  Be sure
to grab the Attack FX R badge two cells over before returning to the previous
room.  In here, you can ride the elevator block up to the top, but there isn't
much up there at this point.  Hmm.  So, what do we do?  Backtrack to the room
where we were mobbed by skeletons.  Since you can now fit through the bars (the
second set from the left), slip past to find another Castle Key.  Now return to
the elevator room and ride up (you'll need Koops to hit the switch while Mario
sits on the block).

At the top, use your key to unbolt the door.  Spank the blue "!" switch dead
ahead to reveal a hidden walkway, allowing you to proceed.  The next block must
be hit with Koops's shell.  Easy.  However, the hole in the path ahead cannot
be mended, so jump through the open window instead.  Walk left until you reach
another open window, which you should hop back through.  In the following room,
fight your way past the bone creatures, then use Koops's shell hold thing to
hit the switch as you stand on the elevator block.

A pair of doors greet your arrival.  Before heading through either one, though,
drop off the ledge to the northwest.  You'll land on a semi-hidden platform,
where you can access a Life Shroom by squeezing through the bars.  Find your
way back to the top and enter the western door.  Once inside, you'll encounter
an, err... "interesting" person.  Koops is in love.  When she leaves, nab what
she missed:  a Shine Sprite, a Mushroom, some Honey Syrup, and a shiny Castle
Key.  Just what we needed!

Return to the corridor, then snap the eastern door open with that Castle Key of
yours.  At the far end of this chamber, you'll find an elevator block, as well
as the corresponding switch.  Slap it with Koops (as usual).  Above, you'll
have to navigate a dangerously narrow railing.  Slowly and carefully move left
toward the airplane tile.  Slip between the bars before folding up, gliding
down to the door below, and passing through.

You will emerge in a stairway.  First, head downward to find a yellow switch.
Hit it to lower the elevator block ahead, revealing a key on the opposite side.
Seize it with Koops.  Now head all the way to the top, where a locked door (and
a Shine Sprite!) await.  Once outside, cross the lengthy bridge leading to the
spiral tower.  Ascend to the summit, where you'll find both a Recovery Block
and a save point.  Use both, then proceed through the great double doors.

 BOSS:  Hooktail                                                         20 HP
 DROPPINGS:  30 Star Points

 Before this battle even begins, make sure Mario has the Power Bounce and
 Attack FX R badges equipped.  The former allows you to cause an upward of 9-10
 points of damage per round, while the latter creates a cricket-like sound that
 distracts Hooktail, lowering its attack power.  At the beginning of the
 battle, pound this beast with Power Bounces, as well as either Headbonks
 (Goombella) or Shell Tosses (Koops).  If you somehow missed the Attack FX R
 badge, you may need to use Sweet Treat to restore your health.  Don't bother
 with Mushrooms unless your SP has run dry.

 Once you've depleted Hooktail's 20 HP, she'll begin begging for sweet mercy.
 No matter how badly you want those coins, how enticing that badge sounds, or
 how absolutely heavenly it would be to take a whiff of those lovely feet,
 ignore her pleas!  In turn, however, Hooky will gobble up the crowd, regaining
 half of her HP.  Continue the barrage of Power Bounces (although normal jumps
 will due when/if you run out of FP) to finish this behemoth off once and for


With the first of seven Crystal Stars firmly in our pockets, this chapter comes
to an end.  What's cool, though, is that with each new Crystal Star acquired,
Mario gains a new special skill!  This time it's the Earth Tremor, a
devastating move that damages all foes!

                                END OF CHAPTER!


Before we get to continue the quest with Mario, the scene switches to Princess
Peach, a captive of some unknown organization.  After every chapter, you'll
witness (or in some cases, play) a short scene with Peach.  This time, all you
need to do is enter the western room and take a shower (yes she gets naked, no
you don't get to watch, perverts), then proceed east into the wide open door.
Additionally, there is a scene with Bowser, but that is as easy as walking to
the end of the chamber.  Simple stuff this first time around.

== BACK TO ROGUEPORT ============================

Once you regain control, use your brand spankin' new paper-thin ability to slip
through the mayor's fence, where a Mega Rush P badge can be located.  Yummy!
Now then, you're free to head back to the Rogueport Sewers (remember the pipe
we used to get here in the first place?  Waaaay back on the west side of Petal
Meadows?  Travel back in that direction).  Along the way, you'll receive an
e-mail from Princess Peach.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

Back in the sewers, our first order of business is to pay the Thousand-Year
Door a visit.  Use the floating slabs to reach a familiar room.  Ascend the
first set of stairs--notice that pipe to the north?  With our paper-thin skill,
it's possible to slide through there!  Go through the pipe to reach an
interesting fortune-teller's shop.  Whether or not you spend *coughwastecough*
your coins here is not my decision, however.

Anyhoo, make your way west until you stumble across another fenced-off pipe.
Squeeze through and slide down.  Here, drop through the southern fence, landing
yourself directly in front of a pipe.  Go on down.  In this large, open
chamber, you'll need to ascend the staircase to the east.  From the top, paper
airplane yourself westward.  Enter the doorway to find the Thousand-Year Door.
Stand on the pedestal before it to learn the location of Crystal Star numero
dos (that's number two).

Following a not-so brief conversation with the Professor, you'll discover our
next destination:  Boggly Woods!  Before returning to the sewers, take some
time out to hit up the shops (you can now replace that angry chick's contact
lens!), speak to Luigi, and explore different parts of town with your paper-
thin ability.  Also, don't forget to drop by the "powerup shop" right next to
the Professor's house.  Assuming you've got at least 3 Shine Sprites, you can
upgrade either one of your partners!  Cool beans!

When you're properly prepared, revisit the sewers.  Make your way back to the
enormous chamber directly before the Thousand-Year Door's room (the place with
the huge staircase and large yellow block).  Once there, you'll spot a puny
little creature scuttling through a hole in the wall.  Pursue it via the
adjacent fence/doorway combo.  Catch up to the thing, Punio the Puni, to learn
that he is a native of Boggly Woods.  How convenient.

Speak to Punio a second time to reveal a secret passageway at the top of the
stairs.  First, head left to locate the Damage Dodge badge, then go back east.
Dive through the pipe and say "hello!" to Chapter 2!

c.  The Great Boggly Tree

    Boggly Woods... a mystical forest rife with magical creatures, colossal
    trees, and large-breasted marshmallows.  Crystal Star two, here we come!

   ITEMS:  Blimp Ticket, Blue Key, Charge, Damage Dodge P, FP Plus, Happy
    Heart P, Honey Syrup, Inn Coupon, Mushroom, Necklace, P-Down D-Up P, Power
    Punch, Puni Orb, Quake Hammer, Red Key, Shrink Stomp, Sleepy Sheep, Super
    Boots, Thunder Rage, Volt Shroom
   ENEMIES:  Beldam (boss), Cleft, Dark Puff, Magnus (boss), Marilyn (boss),
    Mini-Yux, Pale Piranha, Pider, Vivian (boss), X-Naut, Yux

Do your thing with the save point ahead before leaving to the east.  A trio of
incredibly evil witches are polluting the air with their incessant ramblings;
ignore them and head on by.  Not far ahead, you may encounter a rock-hard foe
known as a Cleft.  These guys (who are akin to the Bald Clefts of yore) are
*tough*.  Hopefully, you've got some leftover POW Blocks in tow (and if not,
Mario's new Earth Tremor special will do the trick).  Don't head onto the next
screen just yet--stick your face into the grass clump to the north.  Aha!  Some
Honey Syrup is somewhat camouflaged in the brush.

In the next area, the team stumbles across a pipe leading to the Great Tree.
Trail Punio, though you'll soon learn that the entrance has been blocked off,
mysteriously.  Of course, there is an alternate entrance, but (obviously)
getting in won't be easy.  As such, we'll need to enlist the services of one
Madame Flurrie.  Apparently, this Flurrie chick inhabits a place in the eastern
portion of the woods.  Make sure you snatch the FP Plus to the far east, and
let's get searchin'!

== THE SECRET ENTRANCE ==========================

Once Flurrie finishes whining about herself, regress through the pipe.  Proceed
right, grabbing the shiny Inn Coupon along the way.  Run past the pipe ahead,
and instead enter the brambles beyond.  Fight your way northward through the
brush until Mario is again visible, at which point you're free to scoot left
across the ledge.  If invisible blocks containing way-cool badges (the coveted
P-Down, D-Up P badge in this case) strike your fancy, I'd recommend jumping
continuously as you move.  Might just find it.  Mash the blue "!" switch at the
end, thus raising a nearby airplane tile.

Now, hop down and shimmy up that pipe we ignored earlier.  With the
corresponding plane panel raised, you can glide swiftly and smoothly to the top
of the far brambles.  Snag the Quake Hammer inside the red block, then dash
along further into the depths of the forest.  Although an utterly *evil* fence
that *obviously* hates us is trying to preclude our path to Flurrie's place,
we'll soon stumble across a chink in the armor, so to speak.  Continue moving
east (right) until a break in the fence can be found.  Squeeze through in
paper-thin mode (unless you care to use the Recovery Block ahead first).  Ha!
We showed that fence a thing or two, eh?  Hug the wall and walk right to obtain
an elusive Volt Shroom.  Then, run back in the opposite direction--you'll find
a pipe to jump through.  Madame Flurrie's house is due east.  Get there.

Inside, you'll learn that she's lost none other than... her prized necklace.
Since saving the world apparently takes the backseat to finding necklaces,
we've got little choice but to hunt it down.  Luckily, you remember exactly
where it is... don't you?  One of the Shadow Sirens had it... right?  They
haven't moved an inch since we last encountered the trio of terror, so find
your way back there, pronto!  By this time, they've finally got their act
together (somewhat), and are prepared to utterly demolish good ol' Mario.

 BOSS:  Shadow Sirens           10 HP (Vivian), 12 HP (Marilyn), 9 HP (Beldam)
 DROPPINGS:  30 Star Points

 The key to winning this battle is to concentrate on defeating one siren at a
 time, rather than trying to destroy the entire trio at once.  Marilyn is the
 most potent of the three sisters, so pretend she's a giant punching bag for a
 bit.  Combine Mario's Power Bounce with the basic attack of whomever else is
 on your team at the moment (preferably Goombella).  Assuming you don't suck at
 Power Bouncing, downing her should only take a few rounds.  This is a good
 thing, since leaving her alive any longer provides to opportunity to unleash
 a nasty, nasty, nasty lightning attack.  Ick!

 With fattie (Marilyn) out of the picture, Beldam should become your next
 target.  Given her low HP (as well as the obnoxious ability to change your
 characters into tiny, defenseless losers), she's a stool pigeon.  Bop her with
 everything you used on Marilyn, using Mario's Sweet Treat when (if) your HP
 and FP totals start to run dry.  The remaining sister, Vivian, has the
 potential to... do absolutely nothing worth worrying about.  She sucks,
 fortunately.  Pound on her a bit and she'll go bye-bye.


Right.  So the necklace is all ours.  Hustle back to Flurrie's place, where
she, overjoyed, will emerge from her room (cover your eyes--it's a scary
sight).  With a rather, err, "large" new party member along for the ride, find
your way back to the Great Tree.  There, scale the giant root.  Flurrie comes
in handy here; start blowing like crazy.  Before long, the invisible whatever
will tear off, revealing the secret entrance!  And wouldn't ya know it, it
actually is labeled "Secret Entrance!"

In we go.

== INNARDS OF THE BEAST =========================

Within the belly of the beast, a couple of bumbling fools are keen to ruin our
Crystal Star-searching fun.  Luckily, each X-Naut sports a measly four HP,
meaning that you should have trounced them before you finish reading this
sentence.  Or that they're fairly easy foes.  Whichever you prefer.  ANYWAY.
Mario is charged with a mission following the X-Nauts' defeat:  gain the
respect of the Punies by freeing their imprisoned brothas.  It ain't gonna be
easy... but fear not!  You've got my masterful advice to help you through.

When you get the chance, take a gander at the far end of the room.  Though the
door ahead is locked tight, the adjacent Save Point/Recovery Block are just
begging to be used.  Swoop up the nearby pipe afterward.  Upstairs, you'll
catch sight of a strange device that... has no use as of now.  We'll be back,
however.  In the meantime, proceed up the subsequent pipeline.  Check out the
southernmost bush to score a Power Punch, then ascend the upward tube on the
other side.  One narrow platform later, you'll stumble into yet another pipe.
Go in.

Wave hello to the imprisoned Punies--they're all here!  The unfortunate thing
about being imprisoned, though, is that you can't get out without a key.
Hmm... perhaps we should look around for such an item?  Head east to meet up
with the enigmatic Ms. Mowz again.  When she's gone, you're left free to grab
everything she didn't (but no before dealing with a lone, helpless X-Naut).
By the time you leave this chamber, make sure you've added a Red Key and an
Ultra Shroom to your inventory.

Back in the prison room, we can free the sunshine-y Puni elder with the aid of
our lovely little Red Key.  The others are not so lucky.  We'll have to return
a bit later.  For now, regress aaaaaall the way back to the entry room.  To
brave the trials ahead, the elder sends 10 Punies to give us a hand... err,
antenna.  She also forks over a nifty item called the Puni Orb.  We'll witness
its (totally awesome) function in just a few, so hang tight till then.  And
lastly:  should a Puni (or two, or three, or...) go missing, you can return to
the elder to summon the stray Puni(es).

So let's get crackin', shall we?  Climb back up that pipe to the east.  See
that strange-looking doohickey front and center?  Stick the Puni Orb into it
and watch as the Punies gather on the pad before it.  Voila!  A new pipe
appears!  Remove the orb before jumping it, otherwise IT WILL BE LOST FOREVER
(actually it won't, but taking it now will save a minor inconvenience).
Anyhoo.  At the bottom, slap the X-Naut before unlocking the door via the
control panel.  Now we can travel between here and the entry room with ease!
Good deal, good deal.

But don't go through there.  Instead, toss the Puni Orb into the pedestal (a
carbon copy of the one we saw before).  While Mario has no trouble leaping from
ledge to ledge with the greatest of ease, his puny pals do.  So, how are we
supposed to get them across?  Blow them.  If you laughed at that, please
remove your mind from the gutter.  Thanks.  With Flurrie, you can whisk the
Punies off the ledge (and into the water below).  Moments later, they'll float
upward in bubbles.  Give those a few puffs and the Punies will reach the
opposite ledge safe and sound.  Yay.  Two things before leaping over there
yourself:  1) grab the Puni Orb and 2) drop into the area below.  A Thunder
Rage is hiding in the bushes.  Snag the Shine Sprite, as well.  That done,
reunite with the Punies and travel through the pipe.

Proceed west along the edge.  A Pider blocks the way onward, so bonk it with
some well-timed jumping action before moving on.  Next, scoot on down the pipe
ahead.  Nothing down here (nothing that you can get, that is) other than a few
evil Piranha Plants guarding a pipe.  Race past or beat them down--your choice.
Either way, head down still another pipe.  Hey, what was that thing?  Pursue
it into the eastern chamber... Big uh-oh!  A Jabbi army!  What to do?  If you
just stand around and let the Punies do their thing, you'll come out on top no
problem.  However, a significantly larger amount of enjoyment can be extracted
by blowing the Jabbies all around with Flurrie's breath.  At the battle's
conclusion, Mario's puny pals destroy the Jabbi hive, exposing a super secret
doorway.  Step inside.

Aha!  A treasure chest!  Pop it open to find... *drum roll*... the Blue Key!
Backtrack to the prison cells, where you can now release an additional 90
Punies.  These guys have absolutely no qualms about pretending they are your
shadow, so retrace your steps a bit.  Return to the chamber just before the
Jabbi hive.  Instead of going east like last time, however, we'll take the
western route.  The Punies are afraid of the Piders you'll encounter along the
way, so be sure to defeat them lickety-split.  Along the way you'll likely spot
a red block.  To snag it, shoot Koops's shell across the chasm to reveal a
hidden block below.  Bam--the Damage Dodge P badge is all yours!

  * Note:  In the above room (the one with the narrow ledges and the Piders and
    whatnot), drop off the ledge and you'll land in an open area filled with
    bushes and a save point.  To the left of the save point is a funny-looking
    wall; use Flurrie's breath to blow it away, revealing Pungent's shop!  Feel
    free to stock up on anything and everything available!

The subsequent part of the tree contains a second army of Jabbies, albeit a
much, much larger one.  As your 101 Punies face off against the 101 Jabbies,
blow the baddies around with Flurrie until the "war" comes to an end.  As with
last time, the Punies will destroy the Jabbie hive, divulging a secret passage.
A Puni Orb-holder can be located inside, but we can't do a thing with it at
this point.  So, take the pipe downward as an alternative.  Bypass this room in
its entirety--just run eastward into the next area.

Stick the Puni Orb into the device... hey, what's going on!?  Looks like we got
screwed!  Though Mario can squeeze out of the cell, the Punies are stuck for a
while.  We'll need to search for a way to free them.  Go down the pipe just
outside the cell to find four pillars that should look familiar.  Hit the black
"!" switch to do... something.  Before ascending through the pipe again, take
some time to memorize the order of the columns:  sun, moon, Puni, star.  Got
that?  Good.  Return to the room where you found the matching pillars (in case
you forget, it's on the other side of the first Jabbi hive).

Mashing the black button has created four white switches in this room, as it
turns out.  Whack them until proper order is displayed on the columns ahead.
What is the proper order, you ask?  Pinhead readers, always forgetting things
(not *YOU*, I'm talking about other readers, obviously).  Sun, moon, Puni,
star.  Simple concept.  Once you've done this, the pillars will disappear,
making manifest a secret doorway.  Head inside to locate... the Super Boots!
These bad boys allow Mario to execute a devastating new move inside of battle
and out:  the spin jump!  With this, you can crash through rickety wooden
floors, such as the one in the previous room.

Spin jump through the floor in the preceding chamber.  You'll crash land into
uncharted territory.  Use Koops to snatch the Charge badge to the left, then
hop down and scramble up the pipe.  From here, trek back to where the Punies
are being held captive.  Upon arrival, move into the cell and smash the floor
with your new jump.  In a rather obnoxious turn of events, the Punies are
unable to drop through this hole themselves.  As such, Flurrie will need to
apply some heavy blowing action.

With all 101 Punies out of the cell, follow them through the hole.  Now that
you've regrouped, regress a few rooms back.  In the closest room with a Puni
Orb-holder (that, of course, isn't the one in the cell), break through the
floor and have the Punies follow you down (more blowing!).  That done, head
down the pipe and continue ahead.  Persist along this (rather linear) path,
sliding down pipes as necessary, until you reach a watery locale.  Don't worry,
it isn't far.

Alrighty then.  Since this lake precludes the path ahead, we don't have much
choice but to take the adjacent pipe.  There isn't anything worth checking out
in the sunken area below, so use the stepping stones to reach the far ledge.
The Punies will be unable to follow, but don't worry, we'll reunite soon
enough.  Take the bottom pipe, which leads upward into the previous room.  You
may notice a blue "!" block floating in the water--that is our goal at this
point in time.  In order to hit it, you'll need to stomp on the nearby blue
switch.  Once you've done this, shoot and hold Koops out to the left, so that
he is hovering over the water.  Now step off the switch, revealing the "!"
block again.  Release Koops to activate the switch and drain this pool.

A Shrink Stomp badge can be located in the now dried up pool.  After grabbing
it, return to area below to rejoin the Punies.  Thanks to a series of floating
lily pads, crossing the lake with our puny pals is no problem!  Head down
using the other pipe this time.  All that can be found in the following chamber
is a Puni Orb-holder, so slap that baby in and ride the secret elevator on
down.  If you're interested, a Save Point (as well as a Recovery Block) are off
to the left.  I suggest using them before proceeding into the eastern room.  In
here, stick the Puni Orb into yet another holding, thus revealing... the second
Crystal Star!

Unfortunately, Lord Crump crashes the party, leaving us with a mere three
hundred seconds to escape from the Boggly Tree.  Uh-oh!  Time to blow this
popsicle stand.  Grab the Puni Orb and follow Lord Crump through the pipe.
From here, defeat the two X-Nauts to the left.  Once they're out of the
picture, inspect the adjacent console to unlock the door, then head through.
Head up through the next four pipes and you'll arrive at the area where you
must blow each Puni across the chasm.  Do things exactly as you did last time
around.  No sweat.  Enter the door on the far side of the chasm.  You'll have
one last chance to save and recover before...

 BOSS:  Magnus                                                           30 HP
 DROPPINGS:  30 Star Points

 From the get-go, your best bet is to continually whack Magnus with Mario's
 Power Bounce.  A few rounds of this alone is likely to end the battle, so
 don't let up!  Also, if you happen to have a rank 2 Goombella in tow, her
 Multibounce skill works exactly the same.  Great for doling out massive damage
 before Magnus has a chance to do anything.  Once you cause enough damage
 (15 or so HP worth seems about right), Magnus will fire his fists at you,
 creating an additional two foes.  If you leave these things in the fight, they
 will flat-out murder you.  MURDER YOU.  Evil.  So eliminate them right away;
 the X-Fists only have 2 HP a pop.  Do things properly and they won't even have
 the opportunity to attack.

 Magnus's other attacks are laughably laughable.  He can stomp (which is
 actually somewhat difficult to guard against), but it causes minimal damage;
 no more than 2 HP.  Also, he enjoys raining water from above.  While this
 targets both characters, it, again, causes negligible damage.  Simply don't
 break your formula of Power Bounces/Multibounces/Whatever Koops has (and blast
 this mechanical menace with Earth Tremor if your FP runs dry); Magnus von
 Grapple will become Magnus von Dead in no time (that was terrible, I know).


And with that, the second Crystal Star finds a happy little home in... our
pockets.  Rejoice!  Mario's new ability?  A cute little "freeze the foes" type
move by the name of Clock Out.

                                END OF CHAPTER!


Back in who-knows-where, wander around a bit as Princess Peach.  The eastern
door will soon slide open; head through.  TEC wants to dance, so humor him.
Simply tap whatever buttons appear on-screen to dance like a maniac.  Sequence
over.  In Bowser's sequence, you'll get to play through a (painfully short)
Super Mario World-esque level.  Spray flames with B, jump with A, eat chunks
of meat to grow larger--basic, basic, basic.  Have fun!

== WHERE TO? ====================================

Mario and crew are done with the Boggly Woods now and forever, so travel
several screens westward to the Rogueport Sewers pipe.  Here, you'll want to
head west through the wall tunnel before exiting to the south.  Since our first
order of business is, of course, to visit the Thousand-Year Door, we've been
dropped off in exactly the right place.  As you head for the stairs to the
east, you may notice that the wall is peeling off.  Blow it away with Flurrie
to reveal a treasure chest containing... the Happy Heart P badge!  Very nice!
Continue upstairs, paper airplane yourself onto the big yellow block, and visit
the good ol' Thousand-Year Door.  With the aid of Professor Frankly, we'll
determine our new itinerary:  Glitzville.

However.  Seems like there's always some sort of problem, right?  Glitzville,
as it happens, is a floating city.  To get there, we must take a blimp
(accessible from northwest Rogueport).  Sadly, blimp tickets don't grow on
trees, leaving us with a single way to score one:  through the shady Pianta
syndicate.  Word on the street is that the Piantas run the west side of town,
but how are we supposed to get a meeting with their leader, Don Pianta?
Simple--head to east Rogueport.  Go past the Prof's place (you'll need to
defeat Gus if you have not done so yet--don't worry, he's a pushover at this
point).  Notice that crack between the two buildings?  Slip through.

A single doorway is accessible from this back alley.  Step inside to encounter
the leader of the infamous Robbos.  Sweet talk the guy and he'll eventually
agree to tell you where to find Don Pianta, but for a price!  Cough over the
prerequisite 64 coins if you like, but keep in mind that I'm about to tell you
*exactly* what he says, so I wouldn't waste the coinage.  Either way, he'll
provide the following direction:

  - Go to West Rogueport and look for the shop nearby the parlor.  Its the
    building furthest to the left.
  - Purchase a Dried Shroom and a Dizzy Dial, in that order.  The two items
    cost a combined 14 coins, so come prepared.
  - The result is that the shopkeeper will ask what your favorite color is.
    Reply "yellow."  Not green, not blue, not burnt neon fuchsia magenta,
    yellow.  Simple concept.
  - You're in!

Follow the steps *exactly* as listed and you'll be fine.  A note:  after buying
the required items, the shopkeeper will ask what color Mario's mustache is.
Not the same question as "what is your favorite color", so tell her whatever
you want.  The follow up question is what you want.

  * Note:  If you've yet to replace Zess T.'s contact (that angry Toad chick
    who's contact you stomped earlier on), you'll need to take care of that
    before progressing.  Check out the item shop--they've got the contact in

Proceed into Don Pianta's lovely office.  Here's the deal:  Don Pianta is no
philanthropist, so we'll have to scratch his back and we want him to scratch
ours... or something.  It seems the Don's daughter has run off with one of his
associates.  Our job?  To find them and persuade them to return to the Don.
As soon as you get the chance, head down to the dock, where you'll find the two
lovebirds.  They're reluctant to return home, and nothing you say can change
that.  Back to the Don's place with you (no you don't have to buy the items
again).  The game turns into a soap opera, but nevertheless a shiny Blimp
Ticket manages to find its way into your pocket!

Back outside, head through the northern alley and take a right.  Flash that way
cool Blimp Ticket of yours to get past security, then board the blimp.  Chapter
3:  upcoming.

d.  Of Glitz and Glory

    A floating city, a dangerous yet thrilling battle coliseum, and the third
    Crystal Star... Mario's greatest problem:  scrambled eggs or hot dogs?

   ITEMS:  Charge P, Dubious Paper, Gradual Syrup, HP Plus P, Inn Coupon, Power
    Plus P, Slow Shroom, Soft Stomp, Storage Key x2, Super Hammer
   ENEMIES:  Bandit, Big Bandit, Bob-omb, Boomerang Bro, Bowser (boss),
    Bristle, Dark Craw, Dark Puff, Dull Bones, D. Koopatrol, Fire Bro, Flower
    Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Goomba, Green Fuzzy, Hammer Bro, H. Bald Cleft, Iron Cleft,
    KP Koopa, KP Paratroopa, Lakitu, Macho Grubba (boss), Pale Piranha, Pider,
    Pokey, Rawk Hawk (boss), R.S. Buzzy, Shady Koopa, S. Paratroopa, Spiny

As exciting as the giant glass building ahead may appear, staying outside for a
few shall yield some nifty items.  For instance, there's an Inn Coupon hiding
behind the red-orange banner in front of the juice bar (east).  Additionally,
should you slam the blue "!" block to the south with Mario's blubber, a
staircase will become visible.  Climb to the top to find a Power Plus P badge
sleeping in a chest, as well as a currently-useless plane tile.

That's all there is for now, so let's mosey on over to that glass building.
Inside, step through the double doors ahead to witness a grade-A butt-whuppin'.
Crystal Star 3:  located!  Sadly, since the star is welded to the belt of a
fighting champion, we've got no choice but to fight our way to the top.
Because simply stealing it while he's asleep would apparently require too much
effort and would be quite dangerous.  Anyway... to become an "official
fighter", you'll need to speak with one of the security guards located on
either side of the lobby.

In the back, we need to find Grubba's room, which is the only room we can get
into at this point.  Following a tour of the stadium, an ever-so slight change
to Mario's name (say hello to "The Great Gonzales"), and some basic battle
information as explained by Jolene, the stadium's manager, it's time to get
rockin'!  There are two leagues in the Glitz Pit: minor and major.  As an
up-and-comer, you'll obviously be starting in the minor league.  To reach the
majors, you'll need to defeat every opponent in the minor league, as well as
the lowest-ranking major leaguer.  Good luck (not that you'll need it with my
masterful advice)!

There is one basic difference between battles in the Glitz Pit and battles in
the outside world.  For every match, there is a random condition, ranging from
easily surmounted things such as appealing once during the course of the battle
or using at least one Special move.  Of course, more challenging conditions
exist, but don't be too worried--they are rarely difficult enough to turn a
easy battle into a tough one.  Either way, inspect the terminal as instructed
to reserve your very first match.

  --  RANK 19:  The Goomba Bros.  --

  Despite the foul play by your adversaries, this first battle is painfully
  easy.  Five Goombas serve as the enemy:  a single well-executed Multibounce
  can end the battle in one round (just don't forget to fulfill Grubba's
  condition, otherwise you'll have to redo the match).

After the battle, you'll return to the... well, utterly disgusting minor league
locker room.  A bit of motivation to make it to the major league in a hurry,
no?  Once you've met the gang, you'll be turned loose.  Note that the bed in
the corner can be used to recover HP and FP (but not SP).  For now, there isn't
much to do elsewhere, so check out the terminal to commence the next match.

== MOVIN' ON UP =================================

Let's rock.

  --  RANK 18:  The KP Koopas  --

  This fight may pit you against your boy King K., but that's no excuse to show
  any remorse.  KP Koopas have the exact same stats are normal Koopas, so
  there's nothing new here.  Take down the Paratroopa first, then knock the
  trio onto their backs; they won't have a chance.

Back in the locker room, you may notice that Bandy Andy (the Shy Guy) has
disappeared.  Check the hall outside to find him.  Speak with him to learn
some interesting rumors about the Glitz Pit.  Move onto the next match when
you're ready.

  --  RANK 17:  The Pokey Triplets  --

  Your foes are dangerous to the touch, so leave Goombella and Flurrie on the
  sideline.  Hit the Pokey Triplets hard with Mario's hammer and Koops's shell
  (a properly-executed Power Smash can eliminate a Pokey in a one go).  The
  Earth Tremor skill also works wonders, so bust that out if necessary.


  --  RANK 16:  The Dead Bones  --

  A trio of Dull Bones provide the challenge in this match.  Each baddie has a
  measly 1 HP each, meaning you should end this battle quick.  A couple hammer
  blows will do the trick.  If that isn't an option, Koops's Power Shell can
  defeat all three at once.  Jumping is another feasible possibility.


  --  RANK 15:  Spike Storm  --

  First order of business:  defeat that pesky Lakitu!  Leave him around too
  long and he'll populate the stage with Spinies galore.  Once he's out of the
  way, you're free to go all-out on the Spinies.  Be sure not to attack while
  they're curled up, however, as doing so will have absolutely no effect.  When
  they revert to normal form, assault the Spinies with Power Smashes and the

Following the battle, King K. suggests checking out the local Hot Dog stand.
If that strikes your fancy, head outside and visit the stall to the left.  As
it turns out, the vendor is having a spot of trouble with his rare egg.  Chase
after the bouncy thing for a bit--it'll soon find a safe spot atop the vendor's
cart.  How are we gonna get up there?  Remember that plane tile atop the juice
bar?  Get there (and smack the blue "!" block to the south if you haven't
already).  Glide to the top of the stand, where you'll snatch the egg.  As
appetizing as egg-flavored Hot Dogs may sound, its important that you keep this
egg safe, as you'll soon see.  Back to the stadium.  Next battle.

  --  RANK 14:  The Hand-it-Overs  --

  These thieves seem to get a lot of enjoyment out of lifting your prized
  items, so be sure to quickly defeat anyone who steals something.  The Big
  Bandits sport 8 HP, so target them first.  Power Bounces, Power Smashes,
  Earth Tremor--use whatever it takes!

King Kizzle mentions something about a hot babe chilling at the juice bar.  You
can go ogle her if you like, though there's nothing to be gained from it.

  --  RANK 13:  The Mind-Bogglers  --

  Target the Dark Puff first, otherwise he'll electrify himself and become
  temporarily invulnerable.  After that, smack the Pale Piranha with Mario's
  hammer while Goombella bonks the Pider.  Easy easy.


  --  RANK 12:  The Punk Rocks  --

  Jumping is ineffective against these rockers, so you'll need to rely on
  Mario's hammer and Koops's shell.  Beware that each H. Bald Cleft can
  drastically increase their attacking power.  If they do this, eliminate that
  Cleft as soon as possible.  Earth Tremor is a beaut in this battle.


  --  RANK 11:  The Bob-omb Squad  --

  A single jump attack causes a Bob-omb to light its fuse and self-destruct on
  its next turn.  May sound cool, but the resultant explosion causes a whopping
  5 points of damage.  A simple technique:  Multibounce the foes, then follow
  up with Koops's Power Shell.  Works like a charm.  If FP is banned for the
  battle, use Earth Tremor.


  --  RANK 10:  The Armored Harriers  --

  So here we are:  win this battle and you make it to the major league!  Don't
  get scared now.  Unfortunately, as of now, this battle is impossible to win.
  The harriers are tough.  So tough, in fact, that there is absolutely no way
  to damage them... yet.  Run away.

Well hey, our little egg pal hatched!  Into a Yoshi!  Good deal.  As far as I
know, he has no "official" name, so go ahead and name him something explicit if
you like (I *know* you've got something dirty in mind).  For simplicity's sake,
I'll refer to him as "Yoshi."  Anyhoo, small stature aside, Yoshi can kick some
serious tail.  Slap him into your team and reserve another match with the
dreaded Armored Harriers.

  --  RANK 10:  The Armored Harries  --

  Step one:  swap in Yoshi.  Step two:  Gulp.  Step three:  Laugh.  Rinse and

== WELCOME TO THE MAJORS ========================

Goodbye dingy, nasty, smell, grungy, damp, dank minor league locker room, hello
pretty major league locker room!  Although you'll receive a mysterious e-mail
from someone named "X", there's nothing you can do about it just yet.  Next

  --  RANK 9:  The Tiny Spinies  --

  Yoshi's Gulp ability works perfectly against these foes, as does Mario's
  Earth Tremor.  Whichever you prefer.


  --  RANK 8:  The Poker Faces  --

  Going anywhere near these spiky foes results in pain, so that rules out most
  of your attacks.  You'll have to rely on the Earth Tremor or some well-timed

Hmm... another message from Deepthroat, err, "X" pops up.  The watering hole
s/he mentions refers, of course, to the juice bar.  Head there to find that X
is... long gone.  However, speak with the bartender to receive an awesome new
weapon, the Super Hammer!  Nice!  With this in tow, a powerful new technique is
available.  Another sudden e-mail, another new itinerary.  Head to the minor
league locker room (speak to the security guard; he'll let you in).

Now to apply this brand new technique of ours.  See that giant yellow block to
the left?  Bash it up with your Super Hammer.  In the back room, use the desk
to climb atop the shelf to the north.  From there, ride Yoshi across the gap to
access the Dubious Paper.  Before long, Jolene shows up to confiscate said
paper.  Something stinks... but it's probably just this dingy old locker room.

  --  RANK 7:  The Shellshockers  --

  As per usual, Earth Tremor works amazingly well in this bout.  If using it is
  against the rules, have Mario and Goombella dole out a double beating with
  their Power Bounce/Multibonk skills.

An interesting change takes place after this bout:  the Armored Harriers return
with a vengeance.  Defeat them exactly as you did last time; swap in Yoshi and
start gulpin'!  Now that you're done with them once and for all, you'll return
to the locker room, where a threatening e-mail from an anonymous person pops
up.  Our only clue:  the guy knows how to spell, and he's making it obvious
that we know.  Next!

  --  RANK 6:  The Fuzz  --

  Alrighty, you've got three types of Fuzzies here: normal, green, and flower.
  The Green Fuzzy can multiply without the aid of a female, so take him down
  first and foremost.  After that, the Flower Fuzzy is an utter pain, since it
  absorbs your FP to cast nasty magic.  Earth Tremor and Gulp work wonders, as
  you may guess.  The normal Fuzzy is the least of your worries, so save him
  for last.

Afterward, you'll find a succulent chunk of cake lying in wait for you.  A gift
from a fan, it seems.  Go ahead and munch on it, thus restoring all of your
stats.  Yum!  Next battle (you may want to save before this one, just in case).

  --  RANK 5:  Craw-Daddy  --

  If you remember the battle with Gus in Rogueport, this battle will seem a bit
  familiar.  Jumping attacks are still useless, so hammer, hammer, hammer away!
  Koops (Power Shell) and Yoshi (Gulp) are the optimum partners.

When the battle ends, an all-too familiar foe rushes the stage:  Bowser!  He
doesn't look too happy...

 BOSS:  Bowser                                                           30 HP
 DROPPINGS:  15 Star Points

 Start kicking Bowser's butt immediately--if you're good at Power Bouncing, use
 that.  Otherwise, the Power Smash is your best bet.  Yoshi and Goombella are
 the two most effective partners (use Gulp and Multibonk, respectively), so
 pick either one and go to town on the Koopa King.  He's got some nasty attacks
 (spitting fire your way, chomping on your head [poison!]), but only one attack
 that is really worth fretting over.  If Bowser sits on you, you'll lose an
 important ability, such as being able to jump.  Watch out for that.  If Yoshi
 is your partner, keep a close eye on his HP, since his max at this point is a
 mere 10.  Use Sweet Treat or items to keep your FP up, and continue blasting
 Bowser with everything you've got to "murdalize" him.


Back in the locker room, there is... not anything new to do.  Next!

  --  RANK 4:  The Magikoopa Masters  --

  Yoshi's Gulp ability is huge in this battle, so be sure to bring him along.
  Your enemy consists of three Magikoopas; the red dude casts Attack and
  Defense-boosting spells like crazy, the white feller likes to heal his
  buddies, and the green guy can electrify himself (or his allies), as well as
  clone himself.  First things first:  we need to eradicate the green guy.  If
  you're good, one Power Bounce can do the trick, otherwise you'll have to
  follow up with Yoshi's Gulp.  With the major threat out of the picture, the
  two remaining baddies are a piece of cake.

X is up to something.  S/he wants you to go visit the telephone booth located
in the southwest corner of the pavilion--get there.  As usual, X is long gone,
but s/he left a Storage Key behind.  The resultant e-mail says to visit the
storage room near Grubba's office.  Its the room with the huge padlock on the
front.  Pop that baby open and head inside.  According to X, we need to find
the attic.  Command Flurrie to blow the boxes away, thus revealing yellow
blocks that are just screaming: "Smash me with your hammer, please!"  Grant
their command to locate a Charge P to the east, as well as a switch to the
west.  Smack it--bam!  There's your staircase.

Upstairs, you'll find another locked door, as well as a series of boxes
blocking the western path.  Climb atop the nearby boxes and float across the
gap on Yoshi.  Smash open the huge block, use Yoshi to nab the HP Plus P badge,
then drop through the grate.  Move to the far right, where faint voices can be
heard.  When the conversation comes to an end, slip through the vent toward the
left in paper-thin mode.  There's nothing else to do at this point.


  --  RANK 3:  Hamma, Bamma, and Flare  --

  Each foe has 7 HP.  My advice:  have Mario pound one foe with Power Bounce
  while Yoshi Gulps the other two.  Next round, a single Multibounce may just
  finish the battle.  Just watch out for the Fire Bro's flame pellets; if they
  connect, your character will catch fire and gradually lose HP.

Another threatening e-mail... what's with all the hate?  Sign up for the next
match prompts Jolene to enter with another slice o' delicious cake.  However!
Do not even think about munching on it!  Doing so will cripple your partner,
forcing you to enter the next match alone.  

  --  RANK 2:  Chomp Country  --

  Blast them with Earth Tremor, maul them with Power Smash, bust them up with
  Power Shell, or gulp them down with Gulp.  Simple solutions.

As it turns out, that piece of cake was poison.  Good thing you listened to me
and didn't gobble it down... right!?  Either way, proceed to the next battle.

  --  RANK 1:  The Koopinator  --

  As with every other spiked foe you've ever encountered, jump attacks are
  worthless against the might Koopinator.  As a result, you'll need to rely on
  Earth Tremor and Power Smashes to carry you through.  Yoshi's Gulp also works
  great, as I'm sure you've come to expect.  Just be sure to eliminate him
  before he boosts his power in preparation for a devastating attack.

Afterwards, yet another message from X appears.  Following his/her directions,
head to the lobby and have Flurrie blow off all the posters (including the two
upstairs).  When the last poster peels off, a Storage Key will pop out.
Beautiful!  Like X's next mail says, you should go to the second floor of the
storage room.  There, use your key to unlock the door.  Ride Yoshi to the far
side of the boxes, then smash the giant block to find... King K. and Bandy
Andy!  Nothing you can do to help the pair, so return to the locker room.

Reserve a match and wait for the security as per usual.  However, the bum leads
you to a nasty old locker room and locks you in!  What's the deal!?  Whatever's
going on here, we gotta bust out.  Blow off the poster in the bottom-right
corner to divulge a secret hallway.  Continue east through the major league
locker room and into the bathroom.  Flush yourself down the toilet (gross but
necessary) to wash up in a familiar locale.  Head for the arena.

 BOSS:  Rawk Hawk                                                        40 HP
 DROPPINGS:  12 Star Points

 Time to rawk!  Given Rawk Hawk's high attack power and Yoshi's low HP total,
 I'd suggest leaving the little guy on the sidelines.  My preferred character
 is Goombella--combine her Multibonk with Mario's Power Bounce and this battle
 can be over in a few rounds.  However, you definitely want to be careful when
 on the defensive, as Rawk Hawk can raise some serious havoc.  His basic jump
 attack deals out 4 HP damage to each character, and he sports a crazy torpedo-
 like move that causes even more.  Make sure you come equipped with a few Super

 Once you've caused enough damage, Rawk Hawk will hang from the girder above.
 While in this state, normal jump attacks do not work at all.  The solution?
 Flurrie.  Her body slam may not be particularly powerful (especially if you're
 like me and don't power her up between chapters), but it works nevertheless.
 Rawk Hawk's attack capabilities are limited, thankfully, when he's hanging
 from above.  Of course, he's still a threat; the best way to minimize damage
 from his "anvil rain" move is to continuously mash A.  During this time, use
 Mario's Clock Out special to completely freeze the Hawk for a few turns,
 giving you plenty of free hits.  How's that for the rawk!?


Mario may be champion of the Glitz Pit, but all is not well in Glitzville.
According to X, there's a ghost somewhere in the champ's room--let's find it!
Climb atop the stacked boxes to the left, then move to the top of the door and
finally to the shelf (with Yoshi's aid, of course).  Super Hammer your way
through the vent.  At the end of the air duct, you'll spot Grubba making evilly
evil plans.  Not cool.

When Grubba's done talking to himself, Super Hammer through the vent ahead to
wind up in his office.  Check the desk drawer to find an... interesting paper.
Pursue Grubba into the Glitz Pit, where...

 BOSS:  Macho Grubba                                                     60 HP
 DROPPINGS:  31 Star Points

 That HP total is scary.  Grubba, as a whole, might actually be the toughest
 opponent you've encountered so far.  Don't worry, though--he can be easily
 surmounted.  One thing:  having Yoshi on your team won't work.  The poor li'l
 dude has next to no HP; he'll be dead before you can blink.  Use Goombella
 instead, as her Multibonk is invaluable.  Begin the battle by going crazy with
 Power Bounce and Multibonk.  Grubba will soon give himself the capability to
 attack twice in one round, which can be a royal pain in the butt.  Hope you
 brought along some good healing items.

 When he boosts his defense, your best bet is to smack him with Power Smashes
 and the like.  Luckily, Grubba seems afraid to attack unless he's way powered
 up, so that buys you an extra round to accumulate damage.  Reduce Macho Grubba
 to about half HP and he'll grow even larger, thus becoming even more potent.
 He also has the tendency to make himself significantly more difficult to hit.
 At this point, a solid blast of Earth Tremor will prove just what you need. 


And with that, yet another happy ending wraps up this chapter.  X reveals
herself and Mario gains a sweet new special move (known as the Power Lift) from
the Gold Crystal Star.  Cue lame Princess Peach scene.

                                END OF CHAPTER!


This time around, Princess Peach gets a chance to play Solid Snake.  Following
TEC's directions, take the elevator in the previous hallway.  When the patrol
passes by, head to the right, entering the first door you come across (it has
a green lamp).  There's an X-Naut uniform in one of the lockers--snatch it and
change behind the curtain (no, perverts, you don't get to watch).  Back in the
hallway, head east through the door.  You'll emerge in Grodus's room.  Talk to
the dude for a bit before changing again in the dressing room.  Mission

As Bowser, all you get to do is inspect a few clumps of grass in the Great
Boggly Tree.  Not much fun.  Where's all the destruction!?

== THE FOURTH CRYSTAL STAR? =====================

First things first, ride the blimp back to Rogueport.  As usual, we'll need to
hit up the Thousand-Year Door to learn about the next Crystal Star.  Head there
as you would normally.  In the room directly before the door's chamber, Super
Hammer the massive yellow block to reveal a trampoline.  Cool!  No more paper
airplane antics!  After visiting the door, you'll return to the Prof's place as
always.  He'll drop the lowdown on your next location, a place called Twilight
Town.  We can get there via a pipe in the sewers.  Let's go!

Go to West Rogueport.  In the center of the area, you'll notice a grate.  Bust
out flat-mode to slip through the cracks.  Ride Yoshi across the chasm on the
left and enter the door ahead.  There's the pipe to Twilight Town!  Slide
through and... hey, what's the deal?  It spit us out!  Hmm... let's head back
to Frankly's to see what's up.  Apparently, there's a resident of Twilight Town
here in Rogueport.  He might know what's going on.

Just west of Frankly's place and the powerup shop is a secret back alley--try
to walk through the brick wall to locate it.  The dark looking fellow in the
back, Darkly, hails from Twilight Town.  He spills the beans about the pipe,
allowing us to go through.  Get back there and slide through.

== RANDOM STUFF (optional) ======================

With Mario's new abilities, you can now explore Rogueport (and the sewers) more
fully.  There's some cool stuff to be found!

  - Slip through the grate in West Rogueport.  Leap eastward across the
    platforms and enter the doorway.  There's a *nice* item shop down here
    where you can pick up some rarities.  Also, raid the treasure chest to the
    south for a Soft Stomp badge.
  - Again, fall through the grate in western Rogueport.  This time, ride
    Yoshi across the gap to the west.  Snatch the Shine Sprite, then head
    through the nearby pipe to attain a Star Piece.
  - Fall through the grate one last time.  Now, drop onto the floor below and
    dive into the pipe (the one that doesn't lead upward).  A couple of boxes
    in the lower area contain a Slow Shroom and a Gradual Syrup, respectively.
    Also, use Flurrie to blow off the peeling portion of the wall.  Doing so
    reveals two things: (1) a pipe and (2) a secret passageway leading to a
    currently-useless boat dock.  The pipe leads to the Pit of 100 Trials,
    which you probably don't wanna bother with just yet.
  - Enter the sewers via the pipe in front of Professor Frankly's place.
    Proceed toward the Thousand-Year Door as usual, but head left through a
    doorway instead of down a pipe when you get the chance.  Use the Super
    Hammer to smash a huge yellow block, revealing an elevator.  Smack the two
    "!" blocks in this chamber to create shortcuts to Petal Meadows and the
    Boggly Woods.  There's also a Shine Sprite to nab.
  - Go to East Rogueport.  Past the professor's house, there is a small gap
    between two houses.  Squeeze through in paper-thin mode.  Get on Yoshi's
    back and float across the river on the left.  Another Shine Sprite!

e.  For Pigs the Bell Tolls

    Bacon, ham, pork... In a chapter centered on pigs, there's no doubt you'll
    be craving something plump, roasted, and artery-clogging by the time you're

   ITEMS:  Black Key, Boo's Sheet, Cookbook, Defend Plus, Earth Quake, Flower
    Saver, Hammer Throw, Ice Smash, Jammin' Jelly, Letter "P", Life Shroom, Mr.
    Softener, Old Letter, Peachy Peach, Power Plus, Shooting Star, Shop Key,
    Steeple Key x2, Superbombomb, Super Shroom, Tornado Jump, Ultra Shroom
   ENEMIES:  ????? (boss), Amazy Dayzee, Buzzy Beetle, Crazee Dayzee, Doopliss
    (boss), Hyper Cleft, Hyper Goomba, H. Paragoomba, H.S. Goomba, Spike Top,

The pipe spits you out in the middle of Twilight Town, which seems strangely
populated with pigs.  As it turns out, some *evil* guy is transforming the
villagers into piggies one by one.  Not cool.  So it becomes our job to venture
to Creepy Steeple, the source of the evil, and put an end to this curly-tailed
catastrophe.  The path to Creepy Steeple can be located in the eastern part of
town, so head there now.

Before speaking with the gatekeeper, check inside the first house in this area.
The mother apparently does not see all the pigs (ham!  Bacon!  Pork!) roaming
about outside and claims that her kiddies need some food.  Be a nice chap and
fork over something (even a next-to-useless Dried Shroom will do the trick).
In thanks, the lady forks over a Shooting Star.  Cool beans!  Next, stop in at
the item shop, which just happens to be closed.  Speak with the sales lady
anyway to learn... a lot of useless nonsense.  However, she also mentions that
everything in the store room is yours for the taking... all we need to do is
find the key somewhere in the woods.

Now then, go chat it up with the gatekeeper (to the far right).  Apparently, we
can't get past without the mayor's permission, so let's return to his place,
shall we? ... Would you look at that!  The mayor's been piggified!  Back to the
gate to find that the gatekeeper has also turned into a pig.  Lucky for us,
bad for him.  Oh well.  Through the gate we go!

== THE TRIALS OF TWILIGHT TRAIL =================

Check inside the rickety shed to find a Black Key before progressing ahead.
Several swarms of Hyper Goombas (and their relatives) are on patrol in the
following area.  Beat them down as you move past, extracting the contents of
the blocks along the way to obtain some coins (as well as a hidden Super Shroom
above one of the coin blocks).  On the subsequent screen, a toppled tree
impedes your progress.  Nab the Shop Key on the other side with Koops's aid,
then return to town.

Thanks to our newfound unlocking tool, the back room of the item shop is all
ours.  Bust in to find several items, as well as a large, menacing black chest.
Gather the items first; a Boo's Sheet, some Jammin' Jelly, a Life Shroom, and
the Defend Plus badge.  What a haul!  Now, check out the black chest for a
rather "nasty" surprise.  Yes, its another "curse."  This time, the ability
to roll into a tube is forced onto you.  Such a terrible fate!  Err, right...

Anyhoo, return to the toppled tree in the middle of the trail.  With your tube-
skills now available, roll underneath and continue onward.  Call in Flurrie to
blow away the tree ahead, revealing a pipe.  Slide through and proceed into the
woods.  Here, walk past the break in the grass for a moment to grab some coins
from the brick.  After that, squeeze through the grass and, once you've nabbed
the Earth Quake to the right, progress westward.

It's a straight shot to the next screen, with only a single baddie in the way.
Continue past another Crazee Dayzee (and a sweet new badge called the Hammer
Throw) to find a giant tree trunk precluding our path further into the forest.
Blow a chunk of it away with Flurrie, then head inside.  Next, stand in front
of the circular shadow on the ground and start blowing again.  This will
reveal a weak area that can be smashed with Mario's Spin Jump.  Head through
the hole and you'll wind up in the background.

Though the large rock to the east appears to block our path, you can push it
by continually moving toward it.  This, in turn, moves the stone in the
foreground, divulging another hole.  Drop through this one to move beneath the
rock.  Smash up the angry Hyper Cleft ahead, then proceed forward to reach
Creepy Steeple.

== *OINK* SCARY! ================================

So here we are... Creepy Steeple.  The gate may be locked, but (as always)
there are ways to get past.  Check the bottom-right corner of the screen to
find a well (which we'll check out later), and a hole in the wall.  Roll
through in that totally tubular (haha) way, pop the doors open, and step
inside... Scary.  As soon as you enter, tube yourself up and roll through the
small gap to the north.  Inside this semi-secret chamber, you'll find a wealth
of goodies:  Shine Sprites, Cookbooks, Ice Smashes, and Star Pieces.  

Return to the foyer.  There are a pair of doors on either side of the room, but
a sad and lonely (or rather, miserable and pathetic) ghost won't let you in.
Ignore them for now, and instead check out the star-shaped statue at the end of
the hall.  Notice the scratch marks behind it?  Start pushin'... Voila!  A
dark, creepy tunnel that likely leads to a claustrophobia-inducing room filled
with millions upon millions of hairy, saliva-spewing spiders.  Jump in!

Hey, no spiders after all!  Peel off the northern wall with Flurrie's breath,
then head right to find the Flower Saver badge.  Now return and look behind the
western door.  There are a couple of things in this corridor:  a door (which is
useless, being that it's locked) and a shiny treasure box.  Snapping it open
will... not yield any treasure.  Instead, you'll release a gaggle of ghosts.
The final specter decides to issue a challenge of sorts; answer his question
correctly to score a sweet prize.  The correct response?  200.  Your prize?
An Ultra Shroom (you nerd!).

Now, return to the foyer and speak with the obnoxiously weepy ghost.  Tell him
"no", thus gaining access to the two previously inaccessible doors.  Take the
bottom one first.  Fight your way past a couple of Swoopers (who can be
difficult to hit, so hopefully you've got Yoshi's Mini-Egg or Mario's Hammer
Throw).  Before ducking inside the door on the far side of the passage, smack
the red "!" switch once.  You'll hear a strange sound--is the world blowing up?
Not quite.

Head through the door and climb the staircase (which should lead to the closest
of three doors).  Proceed west along the balcony until the key at the end
becomes visible.  Use Koops's shell to snag it (the "Steeple Key"), then
regress to the stairway chamber.  Exit via the top doorway on the ground floor.
To the right is a second "!" block--pound on it twice before returning to the
previous room.  The staircase has now moved, allowing access to the
northernmost door.  Go on through.

Like last time, continue across the balcony.  When you reach the end, utilize
the save point before unlocking the door with your shiny Steeple Key.  If you
are running a bit low on either HP or FP (or both), I recommend using the
Recovery Block.  Either way, ascend the spiral staircase.  At the top, Mario
and the gang encounter a most fearsome *cough* opponent...

 BOSS:  ?????                                                            40 HP
 DROPPINGS:  20 Star Points

 Although enemies with no name are almost *always* way tougher and scarier than
 foes that do have names, ????? is an exception.  Truth be told, he sucks.
 Hard.  Go crazy on him with Power Bounce, and either Multibonk (Goombella) or
 Gulp (Yoshi).  Don't bother using Koops or Flurrie--they suck.  Once you've
 reduced his HP to a fraction of it's max, he'll use his utterly amazing (read:
 nothing special) magic powers to take the form of Mario.  With this, ?????
 gains all of Mario's abilities and such.  HOWEVER!  Assuming you know how to
 time Mario's jump and hammer attacks, you'll have absolutely no trouble
 guarding the guy's strikes.  Ho ho ho!  Don't let up your offense.  Wham, bam,
 thank you ma'am, uh... sir.


End of chapter?  Not quite.  Y'see, following the splat of our enigmatic enemy,
Mario decided to take a bath in black paint... or something.  In any event,
some creepy Mario clone is masquerading as the real thing, and we're left alone
like a bag of day-old bagels.  Err... So there's only one thing left to do!
No, not throw out the bagels!  We've got to get our identity back!

== IDENTITY CRISIS ==============================

Head back to Twilight Town (but be careful along the way; the baddies are way
tougher without a partner).  Just outside of town, our identity-stealing foe
shows his rotten face.  He decides to let you live if you can guess his name.
But!  The guy's a freakin' cheater; he's hidden the letter "P", making it
impossible to correctly guess his moniker, even if you did somehow know it.
Way uncool.  Escape from the ensuing battle (victory is impossible) and you'll
end up in Twilight Town.

Back in town, everyone's been unpiggified!  Hooray!  Sadly, the villagers are
giving fake Mario all the credit, dissing your unique clothes at the same
time.  Weak!  Check out the westside to find Vivian, distraught over the loss
of her coveted Superbombomb.  Stick it in the weepy chick's face and, pleased
by your kindness, she'll team up with you.  With Vivian's ability to hide in
the shadows, we're now able to eavesdrop on the many crows in town.  Listen in
on every crow you can find, though take note that only the group in the tree
furthest to the east (south of the gate to Twilight Trail) has the information
we need.  It seems the only person who knows our enigmatic enemy's name is
locked beneath Creepy Steeple.  You know what that means... back to Creepy
Steeple (you'll have to escape from battle with the name-thief again)!

When you arrive, ignore the front door and instead dive into the well.  Snag
the Shine Sprite if that sorta thing strikes your fancy, then proceed eastward.
Oy vey... millions (not an exaggeration) of Buzzy Beetles have infested this
cavern.  Its possible to sneak by (constantly hiding with Vivian's X ability),
but that proves more trouble than its worth.  Whack every last beetle (note
that to defeat them in a timely manner, you'll need to overturn them with a
jump attack--obviously this does not apply to the Spike Tops), then empty the
red block of its Tornado Jump badge.  Good stuff.

Okie-dokie then, the door ahead can be pushed with some effort, but there's no
way to get past it... or is there?  Inch the door forward a bit, then apply
Vivian's ability to hide below--the door will slide past and you're in the
clear!  Enter the doorway ahead; save, grab the Shine Sprite, roll through the
narrow passageway.  Bust through the floor at the end, then return to tube form
and roll west into the subsequent room.  Here you'll locate a wealth of items,
including the Power Plus badge, a Mr. Softener, a Steeple Key, and the coveted
Letter "P."  Err... right.  Anyway, dive into the shadows for a bit and listen
as the bird yammers to himself.  Our thief's name?  Doopliss!

Return to the shed near Twilight Town, where the imposter shows his face yet
again.  Shout his true name at him (or just input it as instructed) and watch
as he panics.  Doopliss takes off for Creepy Steeple, so return there yet
again.  He's hiding upstairs in his room, so save, hit the Recovery Block--
whatever you need to do, do it--before confronting the creep.

 BOSS:  Doopliss                                                         40 HP
 DROPPINGS:  20 Star Points

 For the time being, you'll be flying solo.  Don't waste your attacks on
 Goombella, since she'll be replaced with any former-partner when/if she croaks
 (besides, why'd you wanna hurt your friends?).  Pepper Doopliss with Power
 Bounce, Power Smash, and/or Earth Tremor--the standard moves are all you need.
 As with last time around, his attacks mirror Mario's, making them a snap to
 guard against.  In a matter of time, Vivian joins the battle.  From here on
 in, the battle only gets easier.  Continue Power Bouncing while Vivian
 provides support fire with her Shade Fist.  If your HP or FP starts to run
 low, let Vivian take care of it as Mario keeps the offense strong.  Splat!


With that splat, everything in the world is right again... kind of.  But with
the fourth Crystal Star in our pockets, our ultimate goal (saving the world!)
is *that* much closer.  Rejoice!  By the by, you'll also gain Mario's Art
Attack skill, which is quite possibly the most all-around useful ability at
your disposal.  More rejoicing!

                                END OF CHAPTER!


In Peach-land, TEC has prepared a lovely little quiz for our fine princess to
entertain herself with.  If you're a cheater (and I *KNOW* you are!), then
you'll likely love the answer sheet below.

  Answer 1:  Thousand-Year Door opens.
  Answer 2:  To conquer the world.
  Answer 3:  A 1,000-year-old demon's soul.
  Answer 4:  Bring the demon back to life.
  Answer 5:  Crystal Stars.

As for Bowser, the time has finally come to enjoy another classic Mario-style
level.  Its just as short and easy as the first one--move forward, blasting
everything in sight with your flame breath.  You can swim by mashing the A
Button repeatedly.  You'll be finished before you know  it.

== INTERMISSION =================================

Return to Rogueport Sewers.  As is the usual, we must check in with the
Thousand-Year Door before anything else.  To get there, go east across the
platforms and through the open doorway.  In the underground town, a fallen
pillar blocks our path; no problem, simply roll below it.  From here on in, you
are familiar territory, so find your way to the door.  After the ensuing scene
with the prof, our next destination becomes clear:  Keelhaul Key.

However!  Before we can set off, finding out a bit about this mysterious
locale would not be completely out of line.  Stop in at the bar (under the inn)
and have a talk with Flavio, the drunken pirate in red.  Afterward, swing by
Flavio's ship down at the harbor.  As it turns out, the ship has no navigator,
and the elusive Bobbery is the only man in Rogueport who can handle the task.
Let's go find this Bobbery fellow, shall we?

If you stop by Professor Frankly's house, you'll learn that Bobbery resides in
the house directly to the east.  Unfortunately, the door is locked.  Hmm...
we'll have to find another way in.  Mount Yoshi and float across the gap to the
south.  Scramble up the crates to access the rooftops.  Use Yoshi to proceed
westward, then roll yourself up and slide through the chimney.  Voila!  We're
in!  Things don't go too well, however, and we're kicked out.  Head back to the
bar and talk to the bartender.

Following a story detailing Bobbery's past, the barkeep forks over a letter.
Deliver this letter to Bobbery and he'll change his attitude faster than John
Kerry.  Take him down to the harbor and we're off.

f.  The Key to Pirates

    Arrrgh!  Avast ye matey, thar be pirates lurkin' ahead.  Shiver me timbers,
    pirate lingo ahoy!  (I promise the whole chapter won't be this obnoxious)

   ITEMS:  Black Key, Chuckola Cola, Coconut, Courage Shell, Data Disk, Defend
    Plus, Defend Plus P, Double Dip, Gate Handle, Grotto Key, Head Rattle, HP
    Drain, Inn Coupon, Mini Mr. Mini, P-Down D-Up, Ruin Powder, Spike Shield,
    Skull Gem, Thunder Rage, Train Ticket, Up Arrow, Wedding Ring, Whacka Bump*
   ENEMIES:  Bill Blaster, Bulky Bob-omb, Bullet Bill, Cortez (boss), Ember,
    Flower Fuzzy, Green Fuzzy, Lava Bubble, Lord Crump (boss), Parabuzzy,
    Putrid Piranha, Spania, Spunia, X-Nauts

  * Accumulate as many of these as you like by simply exiting and re-entering
    the area, torturing the poor Whacka creature each time.  After a while, the
    Whacka guy will get tired of all the abuse and disappear, but before that
    you'll be able to score many, many Whacka Bumps.

Smooth sailing?  Not so much.  Not far from Keelhaul Key, some spooks appear to
crash our party.  Good news:  though Flavio's prized ship is down for the
count, the crew (minus three) managed to wash ashore.  When you regain control,
move northward to find a strange blue creature peaking out of the ground.
Pound it and a Whacka Bump (+ 25 HP/FP) pops out--grab it.  Now, proceed right;
you'll soon stumble across your crew's surprisingly well-built camp.

Though watching Flavio and Pa-Patch hammer each other into a pulp would likely
prove much more fun, we're left to deal with the recurring spooks instead.
Keep in mind:  jump attacks are futile unless you care to roast your rear, so
stick with Mario's hammer, Yoshi's eggs, or Koops's shell.  Certain offensive
items also work rather nicely.  Afterward, your "faithful" crew appoints Mario
to venture alone into the unexplored wilds of the island.  Lovely.

Before heading out, it's worth swinging by both the inn (which is run by some
chick who's so greedy that he expects his captain to pay 10 stinkin' coins!)
and the item shop, as the latter of which carries some quality merchandise.  I
personally suggest nabbing a few Ice Storms--these bad boys work wonders
against the fire-based ghost baddies that plague this locale.  Also, you can
return to the western shore and retrieve a second Whacka Bump if so you

When you've made all the necessary preparations, leave camp to the east.

== THE MISSING THREE ============================

Fight past the jump-happy Green Fuzzy and relieve the red block of the Head
Rattle badge within.  Nice.  Don't forget to snag the Courage Shell hidden in
the foliage below before resuming your path onward.  Deeper into the jungle,
you'll encounter sporadically-dangerous foes known as Putrid Piranhas.  These
guys are actually pretty tough, and can take a good chunk out of your HP.
Consider yourself warned.

Dig around in the second bush for a Mini Mr. Mini, then continue ahead to find
a singular coin in the yellow box beyond.  Before moving ahead, stand atop
this box and jump--bam!  We'll need this block in just a few seconds.  When you
arrive at the far eastern corner of the path, you'll need to wind around onto
the higher path.  Mario can clear the first two jumps himself, but Yoshi is
necessary to reach the yellow box serving as a halfway point on the third gap.
Past there, climb to the top and move to the right.  Bash the block for a
nifty Thunder Rage, then proceed as you were.

In the following area, take the Inn Coupon to the north if so you please, then
head south to find a (somewhat) hidden set of "stairs."  Descend them and, with
Yoshi's help, make your way across the islands.  Slide through the pipe to
access the island in the background, where you can hammer the tree for a
Coconut or two.  This'll come in handy a bit later, so hang tight.  Now then,
cross the bridge, nab the Shine Sprite, and continue ahead.

So... is this how a legend of the sea meets his end?  Not quite.  Jump into the
fray and give ol' Bobbery a hand.  The best way to defeat this threesome of
terror is to unleash an Ice Storm or Thunder Rage, so hopefully you either
bought or found at least one such item beforehand.  If not, Mario's hammer and
Koops's shell work adequately.  Afterward, hammer the tree to knock down
Bobbery.  He thinks he's about to die and has a final request:  find and bring
him some Chuckola Cola.  Head back to camp.

Flavio's more than willing to fork over the Chuckola Cola for this noble
cause, but there's a catch.  He wants you to find some kinda food to replace
it.  No biggie--you've still got that Coconut we found earlier (right?).  Swap
with Flavio to receive the fabled Chuckola Cola, then return to Bobbery and
give him his "last" drink.  Give him a wake-up whack... he's not dead after
all!  Rejoice!

With your new partner in tow, progress east to find a suspicious stone wall
where you could conceivably place something.  Return to camp and speak with
Flavio yet again; he'll agree to come along for the ride (as a non-playable
character).  Make your way back through the jungle again... I promise this is
the last time.  The key to solving this puzzle can be easily discovered by
listening to Flavio's inane song.  First, inspect the skull-shaped rock by the
wall, then ask to borrow Flavio's Skull Gem.  Slap that into the rock, thus
activating the nearby red and blue rocks.  As the song indicates, you'll want
to Spin Jump red 'stache three times (no more!) and hammer blue 'stache's belly
four times over.

Doing this reveals a secret doorway above the skull rock.  Toss Bobbery in; he
will blow the entire rock sky high.  Enter.

  * Note:  The road ahead is fraught with danger.  The Pirate's Grotto is a
    decently lengthy dungeon rife with difficult baddies.  I'd highly suggest
    trekking back to camp one last time to stock up on supplies.

== THE PIRATE'S GROTTO ==========================

Use the save point before moving on--we've got a rough road ahead of us.  There
is also a Ruin Power hidden in front of the barrels near the entrance, so take
that.  In the subsequent chamber, you'll hear a terrible moaning.  Ignore it
and drop off a series of ledges to reach the bottom.  Defeat the Lava Bubble
floating around ahead (they're surprisingly similar to the Embers you fought
earlier) before using the sunken ship to cross the gap.  Grab the Star Piece
to the southeast before taking the upper path.  A set of spikes periodically
pop out to block the path onward; hop onto Yoshi and speed across as soon as
they recede.

Hurry along the rickety bridge ahead--a pair of Bill Blasters lurk at the end,
and they'll be peppering you with Bullet Bills as you move toward them.  When
you reach the blasters, be sure to destroy them before concentrating on the
Bullet Bills they use as ammunition.  Continue onward once they've been taken
care of.  There are a few jumps in the following cavern, so keep Yoshi ready.
You'll come across a winch that opens the sluice below, but it cannot be used
without a proper handle.  We'll have to come back at a later time.

For now, smack the massive Bulky Bob-omb ahead and proceed eastward.  Here
you'll find an Ember, a save point, and a locked door.  Ascend the rock wall to
the north to locate a hidden waterfall and "!" switch.  Ride Yoshi to the far
side, then toss Bobbery onto the ledge with the "!" block.  When he detonates,
the switch will activate, thus opening a door leading west.  Obliterate the
Bulky Bob-omb blocking the path, then take the high road around the lake.  A
small shack lays on the other side.

Inside, your task is simple:  activate the red "!" switch to raise the nearby
elevator, allowing access to a shiny gold key.  Stand near the shuttle block in
the water to the south and wait for it to start moving back to the right.  At
that time, toss Bobbery onto it and bolt for the elevator.  If done properly,
Bobbery will explode just in time to activate the block and the Grotto Key will
find a home in Mario's pockets.  With that in hand, regress a few rooms back to
the locked door, which can now be opened.

A total of three Parabuzzies lurk within... Tough stuff!  Unless you've levels
are crazy high or you're looking for a challenge, I'd suggest racing past into
the southern chamber.  Another spike trap, eh?  This time, the spikes poke out
of the wall, negating Yoshi as a solution.  Mario's tube mode will do the
trick, however!  Curl up and roll past, but beware that some of the spikes
stick out low enough to prick Mario.  Be careful.

Next, you'll need to cross a series of floating barrels (note:  if you want
the Shine Sprite, use Koops to reveal a hidden block below it).  Cautiously
move from barrel to barrel, leaping to solid ground at the end.  Leap over the
hole in the bridge and you'll reach a boarded-off doorway.  Hmm... what to do?
Simple!  Use Bobbery to blast through it!  Subsequently is a corridor filled
with Bill Blasters, so hurry past.  There are two sets of Bill Blasters in all.

Carry on in the same direction.  After another Bulky Bob-omb, you'll encounter
the ruins of a once-luxarious ship.  Step inside to find... a black treasure
chest.  Oh, joy.  Snatch the P-Down, D-Up from behind it, then check it out to
get the typical spiel.  Right on cue, a ghost carrying the key needed to open
this chest appears.  Beat it down, collect the Black Key, pop open the chest--
your curse, this time, is the utterly horrible ability to fold into a paper
boat.  *gasp*  Not that!  Anything but that!

... Ahem.  In any event, the wooden docks seen all over these caves (as well as
throughout the entire game) can now be utilized.  Beautiful!  Back outside,
try out your new ability and float over toward the eastern dock.  Now then,
we're in for a bit of backtracking.  Regress to the large, open chamber with
the waterfall (right in front of the shack where we obtained the Grotto Key).
Once there, fold into boat mode at the dock, but don't ride down the waterfall
just yet.  Instead, float east through a small hole in the wall.  Sail through
the waterfall ahead to find a hidden cave.  Dock, then check out the treasure
chest to receive the Defend Plus P badge.  Cool beans!

Return to the previous area with the giant waterfall, where you should sail
over the edge.  Proceed left until you reach a dock.  Back on solid ground, hop
onto the deck of the somewhat-sunken ship ahead and grab the Gate Handle.  From
there, leap onto the rock island to the west.  Now wind back around past the
spikes.  The next area, as you may remember, contains a winch without a handle.
Luckily, we now have that handle.  Slide that bad boy in place and pump the
sluice gate open.

That taken care of, return to the waterfall cavern above and, in boat mode,
sail off the edge a second time.  Now, maneuver toward and through the open
sluice gate.  Steer around the floating barrels and you move to the right, into
a doorway.  What's tricky about the following portion of the water is that
there are tidal waves swooping in from the opposite direction; get hit by even
one and you'll be carried back to the beginning.  With that in mind, proceed

Survive the endless tsunami wave and you'll emerge in a small cave where... the
survivors of a shipwreck are clinging for dear life!  Disembark at the dock
before sliding through the adjacent pipe.  From there, walk far to the left,
ascending the rocks when the path ends.  Drop through the pipe there to access
a plane tile.  Land on one of the two miniscule islands floating in front of
the shipwreck.  Slide through the corresponding pipe and smack the blue "!"
switch it leads to.  Do this for both pipes, effectively creating an escape
route for our stranded friends.  Good job!

Follow the toads to the east.  Just past them is an ominous ghost ship.  Use
the Save and Recovery Blocks outside, then step across the threshold.

 BOSS:  Cortez                                                           60 HP
 DROPPINGS:  31 Star Points

   "Come inside the dooooooor... And be lost in darkness..."
      - Cortez

 Hands down, Cortez is the most difficult boss yet.  I hope you're prepared.
 Enter the battle with Goombella as your partner and immediately begin pounding
 on this pirate with Power Bounce and Multibonk.  Concentrate on Cortez,
 rather than the Bone Pile laying behind.  Of Cortez's three forms, the first
 is the easiest (makes sense).  Each form has a grand total of 20 HP, which
 means that two rounds of Power Bounce/Multibonk can finish off a form.  Things
 aren't that easy, unfortunately.

 Once the first form goes down, Cortez returns with a vengeance.  First and
 foremost, he'll boost his Attack power, making guarding even more important
 than usual.  At this point, he'll also destroy the Bone Pile, causing 7 points
 of damage to your side.  Make sure your HP stays above 10 and you have nothing
 to worry about.  Continue Power Bouncing and Multibonking, though you may want
 to replenish your FP just before driving Cortez into stage three.

 In his third form, Cortez resorts to a "take no prisoners" strategy.  Not only
 can he attack in solo form, but he has four blades to aid him.  These four
 weapons attack separately, meaning that they can cause an upwards of 15 points
 of damage per round.  Keep the healing items handy.  Luckily, there's an easy
 solution to rid yourself of these four nuisances, if only for a while: Art
 Attack.  Execute this Special properly to destroy each blade in a single go,
 leaving you and Cortez to duke it out mano y mano.

 Continue the Power Bounce/Multibonk barrage.  Try to cause as much damage as
 humanly possible, as Cortez will "revive" his blades in a few rounds.  When
 that occurs, don't bother trying to get rid of them again; neither jumping
 nor hammering work, and you won't have the SP to blast them with a second Art
 Attack.  To make matters worse, Cortez will devour the audience to restore his
 health.  From here on in, your best bet is to apply a basic run 'n' gun
 strategy.  Make sure you nail your Action Commands as best as possible, and
 only heal when absolutely necessary.


Afterward, you'll receive the Crystal Star and acquire a new move, Sweet Feast
(which is basically an upgraded Sweet Treat).  Great!

                                END OF CHAPTER!


Before we move into the typical post-chapter hoo-ha, we've got an island to
escape from!  You'll be ejected from Cortez's ship via the rear, so wind back
around to the frontside and return to the chamber where you left the toads.
One toad points out a crack in the sheer rock face; have Bobbery take care of
it.  You'll emerge just west of camp.  Head toward it to meet Flavio and Pa-
Patch, who'll decide to use Cortez's unstoppable ship.

As you regain control, return to camp to save, stock up on items, whatever if
you want, otherwise head back into the caverns.  Enter Cortez's ship and Flavio
takes over.  After Flavio displays a most exquisite example of aggressive
negotiations, go to the deck.  Amidst the mass carnage of the ensuing ship-to-
ship battle, we're thrust into battle with none other than...

 BOSS:  Lord Crump (round two)                                           30 HP
 DROPPINGS:  21 Star Points

 Compared to Cortez, Lord Crump is a joke.  The main threat in this fight is
 not even Crump, but rather the pack of X-Nauts that guard him.  Luckily, they
 can be defeated with a single Power Bounce (if you're good, that is), leaving
 Crump to fly solo.  Continually whack him with Power Bounce and Multibonk;
 that 30 HP will be gone in no time flat.  Once you've reduced him to half HP,
 your adversary will call a pack of X-Nauts, who'll hang from a pole above.
 Mash A when they attack to minimize the damage, but don't let up on Crump.

 Just when you think you've finished him off for good, however... Lord Crump
 completely replenishes his HP and returns to battle with an army of X-Nauts.
 Don't bother trying to defeat them, as Crump will always summon a backup army.
 Focus purely on eliminating Lord Crump--keep using Power Bounce and Multibonk,
 or Mario's Art Attack if you've got the necessary SP.  Defeating this foe yet
 again is no more troublesome than last time around.


Following the battle, you'll be prompted to save before entering Peach's scene.
This time around, TEC wants us to sneak into Grodus's room.  As per TEC's
instructions, exit the computer room and take the elevator upstairs.  Walk left
past the first two rooms, entering the third room (the one with the green
lamp).  Here, you'll be instructed to brush through the X-Naut memos scattered
around the lab to determine which potion should be set where.  Set the potions
as follows:

                      Red     Blue     Orange     Green

When you've got the potions set in their proper locations, press the big red
button in the bottom-left corner.  From there, you'll need the hit the button
in front of each potion as the mixing beaker passes over it.  Next, TEC heats
the concoction for 30 seconds.  But here's the catch:  you have to time the 30
seconds yourself and hit the button in front of the potion once it has
elapsed.  Easy if you know how to count.  It's no big deal if you mess up,
anyway, as you'll just have to redo the process.  Guzzle the potion once
prepared causing Peach to become invisible.

Once you're ready, return to the preceding corridor, where you should proceed
as far east as you can go.  Lucky for us, Grodus is nowhere to be found, which
makes sneaking into the room behind his throne quite easy.  Inside, check the
shelf in the corner to attain the Data Disk.  Then, slide the disk into the
computer.  Replace the disk on the shelf before regressing to the lab, where a
single swig of the green potion will revert Peach to normal.  That's all for

Nothing much is happening in Bowser-land.  Speak to Lord Crump when you get
the chance--that's all there is to do.

== RETURN TO ROGUEPORT ==========================

Swing by the Thousand-Year Door, as per the usual.  After the prerequisite
conversation with Professor Frankly, you'll learn that the next Crystal Star is
sleeping in a place called Poshley Heights.  In order to get there, we must
hitch a ride on the world's most famous train (also the world's only train):
the Excess Express!  As with the blimp from a few chapters ago, we'll need to
ask Don Pianta for some help with this one.

Visit Don Pianta at the usual locale (West Rogueport).  The mobsters make a
deal:  bring Frankie and Francesca back from Keelhaul Key and they'll fork over
some tickets for the Excess Express.  Down at the harbor, Cortez is more than
willing to taxi you down to the key.  Once there, Pa-Patch will tell you that
F & F went off into the jungle looking for something.

You'll find the couple on the far side of the lake east of camp.  Apparently,
they've lost their wedding ring.  Of course, they'll never find it, so the job
is left up to us.  Head for the area where Bobbery was ready to die last time
we were here.  The ring is lying right in front of the first palm tree!
Return it to the distraught couple, then sail back to Rogueport.  At the house
of Pianta, you'll be rewarded for your deeds with a Train Ticket!  Cool!

Board the Excess Express north of where you are now.

== RANDOM STUFF (optional) ======================

With Bobbery and the paper boat ability in tow, there are many things to
uncover in Rogueport.

  - There's a dock point down at Rogueport Harbor.  Fold yourself into a boat
    and sail southwest until you reach a hidden backalley.  Here you can find a
    Star Piece behind the barrels, as well as the HP Drain badge.
  - Another boat dock can be found in East Rogueport, behind the trouble center
    (slide through the gap between the houses).  This one allows you to access
    the Double Dip badge.
  - Stop by the sewers.  Just left of where you enter from Frankly's house is
    a cracked wall.  Detonate Bobbery directly in front of it to reveal a
    secret pipe.  Slide through to gain access to the Adjustment Shop.
  - Still in the sewers, you may have noticed a chamber filled with spikes en
    route to the Thousand-Year Door.  Slowly make your way to the other side,
    using Vivian's shadow veil skill to hide whenever the spikes pop up.  The
    prize waiting for you at the end is the Spike Shield badge.
  - Near the pipe leading to Petal Meadows is yet another dock.  Move to the
    right to discover a Shine Sprite.
  - Enter the sewers via the grate in West Rogueport.  Take the northernmost
    pipe and drop through the fence onto the lower path.  Though you may have
    already blown the peeling wall off, you haven't had the chance to use the
    boat dock it leads to yet.  Sail eastward until you reach an unfamiliar
    room filled with Spanias.  Smash all the foes, first and foremost.  After
    that, grab two of the three Shine Sprites (the last one cannot be acquired
    until we gain an additional skill) in addition to the Defend Plus badge,
    which will require Yoshi to get.
  - Head to West Rogueport and take a look at the wall left of the item shop.
    A bit cracked, wouldn't you say?  Blast through it with Bobbery to find a
    Shine Sprite.
  - Speak to Merlon, who's standing outside his shop, to learn that there's
    some kinda goodie waiting for us in Hooktail Castle.  Get there, and find
    your way to the room with the black chest.  One room east of there, you'll
    find a cracked wall.  Blow through it to find... an Up Arrow?  Bring it
    back to Merlon at the powerup shop--it allows him to boost your partners'
    even more!  Good deal!
  - If you're interested, it's possible to recruit a secret character at this
    point in time.  Check out the Secrets and Sidequests chapter for the

g.  3 Days of Excess

    A sticky, yummy threat threatens to ruin a momentous train ride, and the
    puzzle deepens with every confounding step.  How to solve this most
    mysterious conundrum?  Rudimentary, my dear reader...

   ITEMS:  Autograph, Blanket, Briefcase, Close Call P, Defend Plus P, Dried
    Shroom, Elevator Key, Flower Saver P, Galley Pot, Gold Ring, HP Plus, Inn
    Coupon, L Emblem, Mushroom, P-Up D-Down, Ragged Diary, Shell Earrings,
    Station Key x2, Thunder Rage, Ultra Boots, Ultra Hammer, Vital Paper
   ENEMIES:  Dark Boo, Goomba, Poison Pokey, Ruff Puff, Smorg (boss), Smorg
    Miasmas (boss), S. Parabuzzy

The road to Poshley Heights is a long one.  In fact, it will take all of three
days to reach your destination.  Don't expect to be bored, however...

== THE FIRST DAY ================================

The trip begins innocently enough, until a mysterious note warning of a
"sticky, yummy doom" appears.  Scary.  Exit your cabin (room number 005) and
proceed westward through the dining car.  In the following cabin, you'll find
the conductor, who promises to alert you if anything appears out of the
ordinary.  Now, go back to the dining car, which is now populated with a wealth
of characters.  It seems that someone made off with a pot of stew.  What a
heinous crime!

While the others are busy bickering, inspect the splotches all over the
carpeting.  Following the traces west into the private quarters, then enter
room number 003.  Inside is a rather gluttonous fellow equipped with fork and
spoon.  Hmm... the evidence is all here!  Check his drawer to find... the
missing Galley Pot!  We've solved it!  Pennington shows up to apprehend our
felon, then mentions something about meeting him in room 006 to discuss the
sticky, yummy letter we received earlier.

Swing by Pennington's room (west of the dining car).  Our friend, also known as
"The Penguin With the Improbably Large Brain", mentions the suspicious Bob-omb
family.  They reside in room number 008, so go pay them a visit.  The parents
are whining about what to get their kid for his birthday.  The kid, however,
extends a challenge:  guessing what he really wants.  Speak with the kid twice
to get some hints, namely that it's someone's autograph.  Zip Toad's, perhaps?
Nah, too obvious.

Talk to the nearby conductor to learn that the Bob-omb boy wants to be a train
engineer when he grows up.  That's it!  Go to the front of the train, where
you'll find the Excess Express's engineer.  He's happy to provide you with an
autograph, so run that back to Bub (the Bob-omb kid).  After taking your reward
(a Shine Sprite), go talk to Pennington again.  As it turns out, the conductor
was looking for us, so find him past the Bob-omb family's room and see what's

Hmm... The conductor's missing a blanket.  Not only that, but if you return to
the dining car and speak with the waitress, she's lost her earrings.  Even
stranger, a ring belonging to the fair lady in room 002 has gone missing.  So
many things are missing, where to start?  Speak to the fat dude in room 003 and
he'll say something about hearing strange sounds in the neighboring cabin.  If
you step inside room 004 all you'll find is an empty room.  However, veil
yourself with Vivian's ability and a ghost will appear!  Agree to help him out
and he promises to return the missing blanket.

The ghost's request is a simple one:  find his diary in the baggage area and
bring it back.  The conductor has no qualms about letting you rummage around in
the storage area (which is the westernmost cabin).  Inside, you can slide
through the food crates in paper-thin mode to find the Ragged Diary.  If, for
some reason, you feel compelled to read the ghost's diary, do yourself a favor
and save beforehand.  Anyhoo, deliver the un-read diary back to room 004 and
the ghost will hand over the missing blanket.  Nice!

Bring the blanket back to the conductor, who'll thank you with a Mushroom.  Its
been a long day, so return to your cabin (005) to catch some shut-eye.

== THE NEXT DAY =================================

First things first, go to Pennington's room, where Mr. Businessman has some
startling information to report.  Not only is his briefcase gone, but the
contents, a new product called Nitro Honey Syrup, are explosive when mixed with
a seashell and gold.  Considering the other stolen goods (*Seashell* Earrings
and a *Gold* Ring), that's not good news.  The yummy, sticky danger may have
been revealed, but the yummy, sticky culprit remains to be seen.

So, where should we start?  Let's pay a visit to Zip Toad in cabin 001.  At the
moment, he's nowhere to be found, but there's a Vital Paper laying on the
floor.  Bring it to Pennington.  After studying the new evidence, he orders you
to search for Zip Toad.  Stop by your room (cabin 005) to find another clue.
Hide in the shadows until Zippy Boy appears, at which point you should pop out
and chase him around the cabin.  Mystery solved!

Afterwards, the fake Zip Toad returns the stolen merchandise:  a Briefcase, the
Gold Ring, and some Shell Earrings.  Following that, the train stops at
Riverside Station as a short intermission.  Before getting off yourself, bring
the evidence back to its respective owners:  the earrings belong to the
waitress, while the Gold Ring is property of the snooty chick in room 002.  As
a reward for your heroic deeds, you'll receive a Star Piece and 30 coins.

Outside, a short conversation with the conductor will divulge that the train
cannot proceed onward unless someone lowers the bridge.  Agree to enter the
station and fix this problem and the conductor provides the Station Key
necessary to enter the place.  Well... Let's get goin'.

== INTO RIVERSIDE STATION =======================

Use the Station Key to bust the lock off the door and step inside.  To your
immediate right is an elevator leading to the bridge controls.  Unfortunately,
we need a key to power up the elevator.  Open the door east of there.  The
following room seems rather useless, but if you roll below the gate you'll find
a blue "!" block.  Hammer it to create a staircase, which you should ascend
subsequently.  Enter the door at the top.

A pair of Ruff Puffs attack as soon as you open the door.  Defeat them before
using the wooden staircase on the left.  The rotating platforms stop every so
often, providing a small window of time to scramble across.  Time your leaps
carefully.  Roll beneath the twirling machinery on the far side to catch sight
of a green key.  Stand atop the flat, green cog and hop right from there onto
the subsequent machine.  Move onto the next platform, which should place you
directly in front of the key.  Jumping across won't work, so shoot Koops across
the gap to snag the Station Key.

With this key in hand, return to the previous chamber, where a locked door lies
at the foot of the stairs.  Climb down the stairs ahead and take a look at the
bottom step; we could fit through there in tube mode!  Roll through and you'll
emerge in front of an HP Plus badge!  Roll back to the main path and continue
onward, fighting off Poison Pokeys left and right.  Though the yellow block
ahead may seem strangely useless, if you jump from atop it you'll discover a
hidden Thunder Rage.

Past there, descend the staircase and take the Shine Sprite before dealing with
the nearby Ruff Puff.  Fight through a few more baddies and you'll reach a
second staircase.  Although it seems that you've run into a dead end, the
fliers plastered all over the wall can be blown away with Flurrie's minty fresh
breath.  Head through the door to be greeted by a couple of unfriendly S.
Parabuzzies.  These guys mean business, so I'd recommend trying to avoid battle
with them.  If conflict is unavoidable, use Art Attack or another powerful move
to clear them out quick.

Ignore the stairs to the right and instead roll through the crawlspace on your
left.  You'll drop into a maze, where your goal is to navigate to the bottom
and drop onto a raised ledge.  To reach this destination, take the following
directions:  right, drop through the hole on the ledge above and to the right,
go left over the gap to grab the P-Up D-Down badge, then fall through the gap
back to the right.  As you fall, hold to the left and you'll fall onto the
desired ledge.  If you messed up somewhere in there, you'll end up below the
ledge you want, forcing you to restart from the beginning.

At the bottom, enter the door.  You'll end up in a storage room, which, as of
now, is useless.  Head left.  Make short work of the Goombas infesting this
area, then check out the three blue switches.  Bounce on each block the
designated number of times (i.e., the leftmost block reads "3", so bop it three
times).  Once done, a staircase appears.  Climb on up and enter the doorway at
the top.  You'll drop into a circle of boxes, right in front of a massive,
juicy treasure box.  Pop it open to receive... *drum roll*... the Ultra Boots!

With these new boots, stand on the trail of water left by the leaky pipes
above and execute your new Spring Jumps (hold A and rotate the Control Stick).
If done correctly, Mario will grab hold of the pipe.  Shimmy to the far side of
the boxes below and drop off.  From there, slide through the pipe to drop into
a familiar room.  Get on top of the boxes left of the door (Yoshi's help is
required) and Spring Jump to grab the pipe.  Fall into the fenced area, then
stand underneath the platform holding the key above.  Spring Jump, thus
knocking the Elevator Key onto the ground.  Snatch it and return to the room of

Once there, run past the elevator for a second and use your Spring Jump to
knock the shiny Close Call P badge off its perch to the left.  Now, insert the
Elevator Key into the slot and ride the elevator down to the control room.
Fight your way through the mass of squidgy foes to find that they are standing
upon a switch.  Flip that to reveal a blue "!" block, which, when hit, will
lower the drawbridge.  Mission accomplished!

Head outside to find the Excess Express ready to get rollin' once more.  Climb
aboard and hop into bed for the night.

== DAY THREE ====================================

Start your day off with a visit to the engineer at the front of the train.
Things don't turn out so well; those nasty black blobs from Riverside Station
appear to wreak havoc!  On the engineer's cue, run to the opposite side of the
train, into the baggage room.  Go crazy on the blobs that have infiltrated the
train, saving some passengers in the process.  When they recede, Spring Jump
onto the pipe above and pursue them through the open window.

Hammer your way across the through, but beware:  the worst is yet to come...

 BOSS:  Smorg (and Smorg Miasmas)                                        50 HP
 DROPPINGS:  30 Star Points

 With the three Smorg Miasmas hanging around, damaging Smorg itself simply
 won't work.  As such, your first target should be the miasmas.  They have four
 HP a pop, so a quick round of Earth Tremor can finish them off.  Be warned
 that the miasmas will soon regenerate, so use this time to inflict as much
 damage as possible upon Smorg.  As usual, Mario's Power Bounce works great, as
 do Goombella's Multibonk and Bobbery's Bob-ombast.  Once you've reduced it to
 half health, the Smorg will take a more aggressive snake/flower form, in which
 a single attack can dole out 10 HP worth of damage to both Mario *and* his
 partner.  Very dangerous.  Defeat the sole miasma (which now has 6 HP) before
 anything else, then deal with recovering yourself and finishing off Smorg.


Afterward, the Excess Express arrives at Poshley Heights, home of our next
Crystal Star!

== WELCOME TO POSHLEY HEIGHTS! ==================

Disembark from the train and move southeast into the second part of town.
Hidden behind the vending cart is an Inn Coupon, if you're interested in that
sort of thing.  That's all there is to find, so continue southeast into the
final portion of town.  Here you'll find Poshley Sanctum, which, sadly enough,
is locked.  Luckily, the manager turns out to be none other than our good
buddy Pennington, who appears to let us in.

As Pennington mentions, the Crystal Star is hidden somewhere in the sanctum,
but we must discover it ourselves.  No problemo!  Toward the end of the hall is
an out-of-place tile with a star on it.  Stand on that tile and Spring Jump;
Mario will grasp the pipe above.  Shimmy to the right, where a second star tile
is.  Do the same as before, and continue this process until you reach the top,
from which you should fold into an airplane at the proper panel and sail to
the opposite set of ledges.  There, you'll want to whack the blue "!" switch,
which in turn reveals a pipe.

Fall to the ground floor and enter the pipe.  Walk right through the open door
to enter an alternate version of the hallway we were just in.  Defeat the Dark
Boos if you want, otherwise simply run to the end and claim your prize.
Before doing that, however, I suggest climbing the western ledges (same way as
you did in the previous room).  The L Emblem badge lies at the summit.  When
you've done that, take the glittering Crystal Star from the pedestal.  Leave
the sanctum.

                                END OF CHAPTER!


As Peach, all you'll need to do is walk eastward through the same corridor you
have walked through many a time before.  Following the scene, Bowser finally
gets to throw caution to the wind and tear up another classic Mario-style
level.  Like always, you'll want to eat as much meat as possible so you can
grow up to be big and strong... and fearsome or whatever.  When you arrive at
a spring pad, you can bounce on it to leap to the surface.  From there, the end
of the level is just ahead.

== BACK TO ROGUEPORT ============================

You'll automatically return to Rogueport.  From there, head for the Thousand-
Year Door to get a read on our next destination.  As the prof will explain in
detail, the final Crystal Star is located on the moon.  While the professor
does a bit of research, you're left with some time to kill.  First of all, head
for Rogueport Plaza and use your Spring Jump to knock the massive chest next to
the bar down.  Inside is... the Ultra Hammer!  Score!  Now, before speaking to
Professor Frankly again, I suggest checking out some of the optional things
listed below (as well as those in previous chapters, if you haven't been
following along).

Either way, return to the prof's place whenever.  As he'll inform you, it's
possible to get to the moon via the cannon at someplace called Fahr Outpost.
The pipe that leads there is underneath West Rogueport, so slip through the
grate.  Ride Yoshi across the gap to the east, then whip out that lovely new
Ultra Hammer of yours and smash the gray block.  Voila!  There's your pipe!
Jump in.

== RANDOM STUFF (optional) ======================

We've got a few loose ends from before to tie up, as well as several all-new
things to find.

  - Remember earlier when we found a hidden room in the sewers with three Shine
    Sprites?  We got there via the boat dock underneath West Rogueport?  Return
    there and use your Spring Jump to nab the final Shine Sprite, the one we
    were unable to get last time around.
  - In the area of the sewers leading to Petal Meadows, you may notice a
    horizontal pole hanging high above.  Spring Jump up to it and drop off onto
    the western ledge.  From there, use Bobbery to blow through the wall and
    claim the Defend Plus P on the other side.
  - There's another horizontal pipe in the sewers directly below the westside
    of Rogueport.  Enter via the grate, then move left until you see a
    partially-erased "X" on the floor.  Stand there and execute the Spring
    Jump.  Shimmy leftward into the next room, where you can drop to find a
    new badge:  the Flower Saver P!

h.  Mario Shoots the Moon

    A trip to the moon promises many things... an amazing view, the stench of
    moldy cheese, and milestones a plenty: the first marshmallow on the moon!

   ITEMS:  Card Key x4, Cog, Elevator Key x2, Feeling Fine, Feeling Fine P, FP
    Plus, Goldbob Guide, HP Drain, HP Plus P, Inn Coupon, Sleepy Sheep, Space
    Food, Super Shroom, Ultra Shroom
   ENEMIES:  Elite X-Naut, Frost Piranha, Ice Puff, Magnus 2.0 (boss), Mini
    X-Yux, Mini Yux, Mini Z-Yux, Moon Cleft, X-Naut, X-Naut PhD, X-Yux, Yux,

== THE WARP AREA ================================

Just to get off on the right foot, allow me to enlighten those of you who have
yet to discover this useful little locale, as it will relieve much aggravation
to come.  So, where is this warp area?  Enter the sewers and head towards the
Thousand-Year Door.  On the second screen in the sewers, you normally take a
pipe deeper below the surface.  However, you'll find the warp area if you head
left through the doorway instead.  Destroy the barriers and hit the blue "!"
switches to create pipes leading to Petalburg, the Great Boggly Tree, Keelhaul
Key, and Poshley Heights.  There's also a Shine Sprite and an FP Plus badge
lurking within.  Groovy!

== EN ROUTE TO FAHR OUTPOST =====================

You'll emerge in a frozen, snowy location.  Proceed eastward two screens, as
there's nothing to find (save some Star Pieces and Shine Sprites, which are
covered in a later chapter).  Defeat the Ice Puffs and Frost Piranhas that
infest the subsequent area, then collect the HP Plus P badge inside the red
block.  Ahead... lies Fahr Outpost.

The denizens of Fahr Outpost are rather... suspicious.  Grab the Inn Coupon by
the inn to the east, then step inside and take the Space Food.  Now then, speak
with the green 'stached Bob-omb standing just south of the cannon monument.  If
anyone other than Bobbery is accompanying you, the 'stache refuses to tell you
anything, so call in Bobbery.  As it turns out, we'll need to search for two
Bob-ombs, Goldbob and General White, in order to activate the cannon.  Let's
get searchin'!

== READYING THE CANNON ==========================

Goldbob is the easier of the two to find, so we'll start with him.  Head to
Poshley Heights (preferably via the warp area detailed above).  You can find
Goldbob chilling with his family by the train station.  Talk to him and, when
he asks, say you're willing to pay everything you have (don't worry, you'll get
the coinage back).  Goldbob will fork over the Goldbob Guide as his stamp of
approval.  Great!

Now to find General White... If you can remember, there was a white military-
looking Bob-omb back in Petalburg.  Let's go check it out!  Speak to the mayor
when you arrive to learn that he split for Keelhaul Key.  From here on in, you
will be lead on a wild goose chase after General White.  To simplify things,
travel to the following areas and speak with the paranthesized person:

  Petalburg (Mayor Kroop, in the pink house)
  Keelhaul Key (Pa-Patch, the hefty Bob-omb pirate)
  Glitzville (barkeeper at the juice bar)
  Great Boggly Tree (the Puni standing right by the door)
  Twilight Town (guy standing out front of the inn)

Note that you must travel to Glitzville via the blimp as you did last time,
since there is no warp pipe leading there.  Same deal with Twilight Town; you
must use the normal pipe to get there.  Either way, the fellow at Twilight Town
mentions that General White looked tired.  Well, that's a bit vague, but return
to Fahr Outpost nevertheless.  He'll be there.

When you arrive at Fahr Outpost, check inside the house just west of the item
shop.  Lo and behold, it's General White!  Bop him until he wakes.  At his cue,
run outside and talk to the green 'stache.  Follow him to the west and you'll
be moon-bound before you know it.


Mario and the gang land with a splat, not far from the X-Naut Fortress.  As
Neil Armstrong himself will attest, walking on the moon allows you to jump much
higher than before, but it also forces you to walk at a snail's pace.  Stroll
eastward to the save point, then continue onto the next screen.  Here, you'll
find some nasty foes known as Moon Clefts.  Either Gulp or Power Smash them.
Also, Bobbery can turn them on their backs with a single blast, ruining their
defense and preventing them from attacking.  Good deal.

A few screens later, you'll encounter foes called Z-Yuxs.  These guys provide
no new threat, but don't miss the giant fortress in the background.  Hidden
within one of the rock lumps scattered about this area is a pipe that will
carry you there.  Your job is to blow each rock lump sky high with Bobbery's
detonation skills.  When you find the pipe, head through and enter the fort.

Inside, ride the conveyor belt ahead.  A pair of Elite X-Nauts attack when you
enter the next room, but they're not too difficult.  Just be sure to eliminate
them as soon as possible when they grow big, otherwise you'll be taking a lot
of heat.  Afterward, hit the Recovery and Save Blocks before moving onward.  In
the room ahead, you'll discover an elevator, but it cannot be activated without
the elevator key.  Proceed east.

You'll enter a room with a metallic floor.  Only certain tiles are safe to step
on, which means you might have some trouble reaching the far side.  Each time
you enter the room, the "safe path" will randomly change, which means I cannot
provide you with a map.  However, the safe path is displayed momentarily as
soon as you enter the room.  Try to memorize it and find your way to the other
side.  It may take some trial and error, but eventually you'll reach the far
side, where an Elevator Key is in the box.

Once you have the key, every tile on the floor will become safe, allowing you
to grab the Super Shroom before leaving.  Slap the Elevator Key into the 'vator
and ride down to Sublevel 2 (we'll hit Sublevel 1 in just a few).  There are
several things to do down here, but first let's go check out Grodus's chamber,
which is all the way to the right.  Defeat the X-Yux on guard in the "throne
room", then enter Grodus's room and snatch the Card Key on his desk.

Return to the corridor and enter the first doorway you come across.  Examine
the two notes on the table--they're important!  The first one describes how to
activate a switch (left, right, middle), where as the other provides a code:
[014029].  Remember this!  It's very important!  If you forget it, you will
have to restart the entire game from the beginning! ... Well, maybe not.  But
the code is pretty important.

Anyhoo, continue west through the corridor until you find another room just on
the other side of a currently inactive elevator.  Deal with the X-Naut PhD
inside, then Spring Jump through the open ceiling in the upper-right corner.
From here, there are several vents you can slide through, but unless you're
interested in some old-school fun* the only one we want is the first one on the
left.  You'll land atop a shelf, from which you can Yoshi yourself across the
gap to attain a Cog.  Note that you can use the teleporter to warp to Rogueport
if so you desire, though there's no reason to.  Return to the hallway.

  * Note:  Slide through the easternmost vent and you'll fall into the locker
    room.  However, exit the changing area to find an old-school surprise!
    Leave the locker room to revert to normal.

One last thing to do before heading to Sublevel 1.  Enter the westernmost room
to find another electric tile dealio.  This time, luckily, the safe path is not
randomized, meaning that I can provide a map for it!

    [ ][ ][ ][ ][*][x][x][x][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][x][ ][ ][x][ ][ ][ ][ ]     X - Safe path
    ||||||[ ][ ][x][ ][ ][x][ ][ ]//////     * - Safe tile/Sleepy Sheep
    ||||||[ ][ ][x][ ][ ][x][ ][ ]//////     / - Entrance
    [x][ ][ ][x][x][ ][ ][x][x][ ][ ][x]     | - Finish/Card Key
    [x][x][x][x][ ][ ][ ][ ][x][x][x][x]

Step only on the panels marked "X" and you'll have no trouble reaching the far
side, where another Card Key awaits you.  Use Koops to grab the Sleepy Sheep
from the box, as it will likely bounce onto dangerous territory.  With that,
it's time to head up to Sublevel 1.

First, walk left into the room at the end of the hall.  This is where that note
about the switches will come in handy.  In order to activate these switches,
you must first place the Cog we found earlier into the machinery.  With that
done, press the red buttons in this order:  left, right, middle.  Next, examine
the console just below there to take control of the crane.  Using this crane,
you can grab the goodies off the ledge next door:  some coins, a Star Piece,
and the Feeling Fine/Feeling Fine P badges.  Awesome!

Now, reenter the hallway and travel to the opposite side.  There you'll find a
console where you must input a code to unlock the adjacent door.  Try that
number on the note downstairs:  [014029].  Do everything correctly and the door
will swing open, allowing you to enter.  What's inside?  A menacing Thwomp
statue!  A boss battle?  Not quite.  A trivia challenge!  Here you go,

    Answer 1:  Elevator Key
    Answer 2:  Koopie Koo
    Answer 3:  6 feet
    Answer 4:  Hooktail's Belly
    Answer 5:  Prince Mush

Win the Thwomp's challenge and he'll toss the Elevator Key your way.  Nice!
Grab it, then return to Sublevel 2, where you should access the elevator to the
east.  Sublevel 4 is barren, so head for Sublevel 3 instead.  Walk left into
the chamber at the end of the hallway, which turns out to be yet another tile
puzzle.  This one's a bit different, however.  Step onto the illuminated panel
ahead and the safe tiles will slowly appear before you.  Quickly move onto them
before the ones behind you disappear.  Be sure to grab the HP Drain along the
way.  When you reach the opposite end, take the Card Key from the chest and
return to the corridor.

Trek to the eastern side of the hall, entering the door you find over there.
Inside are three consoles, each of which need a Card Key to be activated.  If
you've been following this walkthrough, you already have all three required
keys, so pop those in and unlock that door.  If not, you'll have to check back
to see what you missed.  It can't have been anything too major.

In any event, the subsequent room is somewhat factory-esque.  Defeat the X-Naut
PhD roaming around to the right, then toss Bobbery over the fence to activate
the "!" switch.  Doing this activates the above.  Squeeze through the bars and
stand on this conveyor belt, using Vivian's veil ability to sneak underneath
the barrier to the right.  Ride the elevator to the top, where you should hop
off and move onto the shuttle platform on your left.  Drop through the pipe on
the far side.

From here, hop onto the platform and climb up to the left to find an Ultra
Shroom which promises to prove useful later.  Now, move back to the first
platform, the one on even ground with the pipe.  Wait until you get near the
giant turning gear, then leap onto it.  Quickly move to the next cog so as not
to fall off, and hop onto the shuttle platform when it comes down.  Next, move
onto the ledge to the right and drop through the pipe.

This puts us right next to a pair of shuttle platforms.  Use them to access the
blue "!" block to the east, which, when hit, creates a handy staircase for us.
Climb up it to find... that we need to Card Key to proceed further.  No
worries; simply drop off the ledge to the south.  You'll land on an airplane
tile.  Fold into plane mode and glide onto the western ledge, where you'll find
a Card Key.  Beautiful!  Use the Save and Recovery Blocks below if needed, then
use the nearby pipe to return to the start of the area.  Make your way back to
the stairway and head through the door.

Head inside to find... Lord Crump.  Here we go *again*.

 BOSS:  Magnus 2.0                                                       70 HP
 DROPPINGS:  30 Star Points

 Begin this battle, as you do with most battles, by hitting your foe with a
 barrage of attacks.  Mario's Power Bounce, Goombella's Multibonk, and
 Bobbery's Bob-ombast all work great, though I'd recommend steering clear of
 the latter, as it really eats up your FP quick.  Before long, Crump is likely
 to blast the fists off of Magnus, creating two additional foes who attack
 independently from each other.  To avoid a massive pounding, defeat these two
 X-Punches ASAP.  Vivian's Fiery Jinx works great for blasting them down in a
 single round.

 Continue the assault, but also be sure to keep your HP high.  When Magnus hits
 about half health, it'll absorb part of the audience and fire it at you,
 causing huge damage.  Better be ready for it.  Survive that one attack and you
 are in the clear.  Keep pummeling this robotic menace, using Sweet Feast or
 an item to heal when necessary, and the battle come to a close.


Following the battle, the final Crystal Star appears!  Thousand-Year Door, here
we come!

                                END OF CHAPTER!


As Bowser, your duty is as simple as approaching Poshley Sanctum.  Afterwards,
the scene switches back to Mario and co.  The only way to escape from this
fortress, it seems, is to visit TEC on Sublevel 4.  Feel free to stop by
Princess Peach's room along the way, though there's nothing to find.  Not only
does TEC tell us where Peach was taken (the Palace of Shadow), but he also
unlocks the teleporter on Sublevel 2.  Hurry back to Sublevel 2 and use the
teleporter to return to Rogueport.

Once there, Professor Frankly shows up.  Follow him to the Thousand-Year Door.
Stand on the pedestal as usual, but this time to Thousand-Year Door itself pops
open.  Enter at your own discretion.

i.  The Thousand-Year Door

    So this is the end.  What lies ahead?  The shadowy relative of a beast
    slain long ago, an evil spaceman determined to cast the world into shadow,
    and a pack of Chinese communists who detest all those who are slaves to
    competitive capitalist dogma.  No, really, I'm not lying!

   ITEMS:  All or Nothing, Boo's Sheet, Jammin' Jelly x2, Palace Key x11, P-Up
    D-Down P, Repel Cape, Shooting Star x2, Star Key, Stopwatch, Thunder Rage,
    Ultra Shroom x2
   ENEMIES:  B. Bill Blaster, Beldam (boss), Bombshell Bill, Bowser (boss),
    Chain Chomp, Dark Bones, Dark Wizzerd, Doopliss (boss), Dry Bones,
    Gloomtail (boss), Grodus (boss), Marilyn (boss), Phantom Ember, Swoopula

== LAST MINUTE PREPARATIONS =====================

Before braving the Palace of Shadow and going toe-to-toe with Grodus, there are
many ways to prepare yourself for the trials to come.

  - Instead of blowing all your coins at the store, head to Keelhaul Key and
    beat the Whacka creature over and over to score free Whacka Bumps, which
    tend to be better than most other restorative items anyway.  If you've
    already worn him out, check in at the underground city and Twilight Town
    shops to find Ultra Shrooms and Life Shrooms, both of which will prove
    invaluable in the trials to come.
  - I suggest visiting the powerup shop one last time to boost each partner's
    stats.  If you don't have enough Shine Sprites to do this, their locations
    are revealed in Section 7-b.  Bobbery's Bob-ombast skill is *extremely*
    useful in the battles to come, so be sure that he's got it.
  - There are some high-quality badges yet to be discovered.  Check in with
    Rogueport's badge shop, the merchant in Rogueport Plaza, and Dazzle, the
    trader in Rogueport Sewers to see if anything's worth your while.
  - While not necessary, taking care of some of the troubles at the trouble
    center (East Rogueport) can yield some cool and useful items.
  - The baddies in the Palace of Shadow are no pushovers, especially the
    boss(es) lurking ahead.  I'd highly recommend doing a bit of leveling up
    before stepping inside; get at least to level 22.  If you're having trouble
    finding a decent place to gain some levels, try fighting the Swoopulas just
    inside the Palace of Shadow.

== PLUNGED INTO DARKNESS ========================

As soon as you enter the Palace of Shadow, go right through the foyer.  There
is a Stopwatch directly to the north inside the next area, so take that before
heading downstairs.  In the room at the bottom of the stairs, you'll find a
Shooting Star in the block below the entrance.  Continue east until you reach a
staircase.  Descend it, then turn around and walk left.  A second staircase
greets you at the far side, so on climb down.  Unfortunately, a pair of B. Bill
Blasters await us to the far east (which just happens to be our destination).
Dash toward them, beating down the rain of Bombshell Bills as you go.

With the blasters long gone, move into the room ahead.  This chamber is tricky
in that spikes tend to pop up without warning.  In order to not get totally
punctured, tilt the Control Stick every so slightly.  Doing so produces a slow
walk, which provides more than enough time to not run into a wall of spikes.
Carefully proceed right, taking the All or Nothing badge against the northern
wall.  Enter the door at the end.

Hit the Save Block if you want, then glance ahead.  A gauntlet of whirling
flames blocks the path ahead, but luckily each flame can easily be hopped.  Be
sure to move forward as you jump and you'll have no trouble.  About halfway
through, you'll encounter a Phantom Ember.  Defeat it with Mario's hammer and
Bobbery's self-detonating enthusiasm.  Also take note that there is a hidden
block above the flames near the Ember, which contains a Boo's Sheet.  Past
there, you'll need to curl into Tube Mario to squeeze below the rows of
oncoming flames while leaping above those close to the ground.  Make it through
there and you're free to enter the next chamber.

The next chamber is surprisingly empty.  A lone skeleton lies near the locked
door to the east, so examine it to awaken a skeleton mosh pit of unsurpassed
size.  Your goal is to hammer through this cluster of bones while pursuing the
dark-colored skeleton.  It may take a while, but keep after him and you'll
eventually catch up.  When you do, it's battle time!  If you've got enough Star
Power to unleash the Art Attack, do so, as it will surely eliminate the four
Dry Bones.  If that is not available, use Bobbery's Bob-ombast and Mario's
Ultra Hammer.  When the Dark Bones is all that remains, use Power Smash to
finish him off.  Open the eastern door with the Palace Key that appears

Grab the Ultra Shroom before heading east.  As with the similarly-designed room
we saw not too long ago, you'll need to deal with a hail of Bombshell Bills yet
again.  Destroy the B. Bill Blasters and the Bombshell Bills stop.  Simple
enough.  You'll also encounter some Phantom Embers who, as you should already
know, are best defeated with Mario's hammer and Bobbery's explosiveness.  You
will reach the subsequent chamber in due time.

Snatch the many treasures--some Jammin' Jelly, the P-Up, D-Down P badge, and a
coin--before either defeating or ignoring the baddies and proceeding east.  Now
this is where things get tricky.  This hall contains four doors (including the
one we just came through), each one with a torch in front of it.  However, only
*one* of the four doors has a lit torch.  That is the door you want to head
through.  In simpler terms, go through the doors in this order:  bottom-right,
bottom-right, top-right, bottom-right, top-right, and finally bottom-right.

Mario and co. emerge in the midst of an underground city.  Currently, there's
not much to do here, so hit the Save and Recovery Blocks as you travel east.
Watch out for the Chain-Chomps, though, because they are tough cookies best
dealt with via Mario's Art Attack.  In any event, head through the eastern door
to find a series of corridors littered foes, including Dark Wizzerds, Chain-
Chomps, and more.  Be sure to use the save point at the end of the hall...

 BOSS:  Gloomtail                                                        80 HP
 DROPPINGS:  26 Star Points

 First and foremost, allow me to clear up any possible misconceptions by saying
 that, unlike Hooktail, Gloomtail has no aversion to crickets.  As such, the
 Attack FX R badge will not work.  Now then, start things off by assaulting
 this dragon with Mario's Power Bounce and either Goombella's Multibonk or
 Bobbery's normal attacks (and occasional Bob-ombasts, since that consumes a
 *ton* of FP).  Gloomtail has some nasty attacks, namely his poison breath,
 which causes eight damage to each character and afflicts you with poison.  The
 poison itself isn't too much of a problem, but eight damage per round will add
 up quicker than you might expect.

 In addition to the breath, Gloomtail has several other attacks that cause
 eight-plus points of damage to one or both characters.  If your partner's HP
 starts to run low, I'd recommend switching them out for another character to
 conserve restorative items.  Continue battering Gloomy with everything you've
 got and at about half HP, he'll boost his Attack by eight.  This is your cue
 to call in Vivian and Veil yourself, as he's about to unleash a crazy breath
 attack.  If you're unable to avoid it, heal *immediately* with Sweet Feast.
 Survive Gloomy's mega breath and you'll be on the home stretch; a few more
 rounds should see your victory.


Afterward, find the Star Key within the chest Gloomtail coughs up before
returning to the underground city.  On either side of the area you'll find a
Chain-Chomp statue.  Toss Bobbery into the mouth to reveal a pipe.  Go through
the pipe and whack the blue "!" switch you find.  Do this on both sides to
divulge a pair of boat docks.  Use these docks to access the building to the

Inside, you'll find eight doors, four upstairs and four downstairs.  On the
other side of each door is a puzzle that must be solved to move on.

  Bottom Floor, Bottom-Left Door
    There are two red "!" blocks in this room.  Hit the one on the left three
    times, then bop the right block twice.  The first Palace Key is yours for
    the taking!

  Bottom Floor, Top-Left Door
    This room is interconnected with the top-left door on the upper floor.
    Smash the gray block to the west, then head upstairs, where you can destroy
    an additional two gray blocks.  Return to the room downstairs and use the
    now-accessible platform to access the blue "!" block and the Palace Key.

  Bottom Floor, Top-Right Door
    Walk through the eastern wall.  Hit the switch and BAM!  There's your key!

  Bottom Floor, Bottom-Right Door
    In the center of the chamber, there is an invisible... "thing."  Blow it
    away with Flurrie's breath to find the Palace Key.

  Second Floor, Bottom-Left Door
    Four skeletal baddies must be defeated in order from weakest to strongest.
    Who's weakest and who's strongest?  From the biggest pussy to the rough,
    buff, toughie:  gray/off-white (Dull Bones), red shell (Red Bones), all
    white (Dry Bones), and dark purple-ish (Dark Bones).  Defeat the foes in
    the proper order and the key is all yours.

  Second Floor, Top-Left Door
    This room is interconnected with the top-left door downstairs.  In the
    similar room downstairs, destroy the gray block to the west before going
    upstairs into this room.  Here, you can whack two more gray boxes, thus
    allowing access to the last gray blocks downstairs.  Destroy it and you'll
    be able to bop the blue "!" switch upstairs, revealing the Palace Key.
  Second Floor, Top-Right Door
    Walk due east from the door and toss Bobbery into the wall.  When he
    explodes, he'll cut out a portion of the wall.  Through the hole is your
    next Palace Key.

  Second Floor, Bottom-Right Door
    Use Vivian's Veil ability to reveal the blue "!" switch, which of course
    allows you to grab another key.
With all eight Palace Keys in hand, travel to the top floor.  Shove the Star
Key you received from Gloomtail into the pedestal to create eight pillars.  Use
your Palace Keys in conjunction with these pillars.  Once all eight have been
activated, return outside and sail back to the city.  Save your game and use
the Recovery Block if necessary, then stroll eastward to find a slightly
altered trio of terror.

 BOSS:  Beldam, Marilyn, Doopliss    40 HP (Marilyn, Doopliss), 30 HP (Beldam)
 DROPPINGS:  48 Star Points

 My recommended partner for this battle is Bobbery, for two reasons: (1) the
 abilities Doopliss gains when copying Bobbery aren't too worrisome and (2) his
 Bob-ombast will win this battle for you.  I suggest starting things off by
 slapping Marilyn, since she is the most powerful of your foes.  Mario's Power
 Bounce works great, but an even better strategy is to use Art Attack (which,
 if you've got full Star Power, can be used two rounds in a row) in conjunction
 with Bobbery's Bob-ombast.  With this strategy, you'll have no trouble dealing
 15+ damage to all three baddies per round.

 If you've been neglecting to power up Bobbery (or if Beldam freezes him),
 target Marilyn first with Power Bounces (or Art Attack) and Goombella's
 Multibonk.  Note that when Marilyn's HP starts to drop, she will boost her
 attack power, so don't pause to heal until she's down for the count.  Beldam
 should be next to go down, because her freezing attack is obnoxious, she can
 increase the number of turns she gets per round, and she has (relatively) low
 HP.  Once Beldam's been defeated, take out Doopliss, who without his friends
 is cannon fodder.


After the battle, enter the eastern doorway, as if you're headed back to where
we fought Gloomtail.  As you can see, there is now a staircase leading into the
palace's catacombs.  Spring Jump to hit the block at the bottom of the stairs,
which contains a Thunder Rage.  Now walk right, dealing with the two Dark
Wizzerds however you want to.  When you reach what appears to be a dead end,
call in Flurrie to blow off the fake wall.  Move through the passage and use
Yoshi to reach the western ledge.  Enter the next chamber.

Here, you'll want to use Koops's shell to smack the red switch.  Don't release
the shell until you're at the top of the stairs to the left, otherwise you may
not have enough time to cross the platform created by the switch.  Do things
properly and you will have no trouble getting to eastern ledge.  From there,
drop down the stairs ahead then take the Repel Cape from the block before
exiting south.

Since the path to the east is currently blocked off, we'll need to head up the
western stairs and through the door.  Two switches lay in this room; smack the
one on the right before returning to the previous room.  Use Yoshi to glide
eastward onto another ledge.  Ascend the stairs to find... a large pit.  Hop
in!  Hit the pink switch, then quickly shuffle onto the nearby purple elevator
block before it begins to rise.  As soon as you get on, mount Yoshi and prepare
to glide to the ledge just above the switch (not the ledge at the very top).
If you made it, head right through the door.  If you didn't make it, fall back
into the pit and try again.

In this room, you'll need to Spring Jump onto the horizontal pole above.
Shimmy across two poles, then drop to the ground, right in front of a doorway.
Head inside.  To the far west is a Shooting Star inside a chest, as well as a
red "!" switch which isn't useful from down here.  Climb the stairs near the
doorway, but you'll soon come to a pit.  Toss Bobbery into it and wait for a
platform to appear.  Cross it to find an interesting mural guarded by a Chain-
Chomp.  Defeat the chomp, then memorize the mural.

When you're ready, continue west up the stairs.  Ignore the locked door for
now and head right.  Stop at the giant Ferris Wheel-type device.  Stand on the
first wooden platform, then mount Yoshi and glide to the center of the wheel.
When you fall, you should land on another wooden platform below.  From there,
ride Yoshi right onto the ledge, where you'll find a Palace Key!  Unlock the
door near the save point, then head through.

Spring Jump the block to the north to score a Life Shroom.  After that, ascend
the stairs (using Tube Mode to do so when the ceiling sinks in).  Seven red "!"
blocks await at the top.  Remember the star mural from the previous room?  The
one I said to memorize?  This is where it comes in handy.  From right to left,
activate the second, fourth, fifth, and seventh blocks.  Regress to the
previous room, where you'll find that the Ferris Wheel is now turning.  Hop on
to reach the east ledge.  Step through the door.

In this next chamber, you'll need to blow away the large block in the center to
reveal a giant gray block.  Smash that with Mario's hammer, thus exposing an
unsteady wooden floor.  Bust through *that* with a butt stomp, then bop the
block for a coin and head southward.  Very carefully, walk across the narrow
ledge ahead.  Go through the door on the other side and use the airplane panel
you find to glide to a small ledge below.  Into the doorway we go.

Walk downstairs to the west.  Defeat the Chain-Chomp, then call in Yoshi and
hit the red "!" switch.  Quickly mount Yoshi and race upstairs, using the
retracting platform to cross the large gap.  Relieve the treasure chest of its
Palace Key before making your way back to the previous room.  Fall into the
pit (don't worry, you're safe) and stroll west until you reach a trampoline
pad.  Use it to reach the airplane tile, from which you should sail past the
ledge we just used and to the far end of the room.  Open the door with your
Palace Key.

A strangely silent hall.  Hit the Save and Recovery Blocks, then open the giant
door ahead.  Here we go.

 BOSS:  Grodus                                                           50 HP
 DROPPINGS:  31 Star Points

 Much like the Yux's you've fought countless times in the past, Grodus uses
 miniature baddies, called Grodus X's, as a shield.  Not only do these raise
 his defense significantly (in fact, when all four Grodus X's are in effect he
 is invincible), but they can also attack independently of Grodus, causing four
 damage a pop.  As such, it's imperative that you defeat these buggers ASAP.
 There are several ways to do this, but the most effective is Vivian's Fiery
 Jinx.  Mario's Multibounce also works, but keep in mind that you'll likely
 want Mario to attack an unprotected Grodus.

 Now then, switch Mario to the back row so that Vivian gets the first turn in
 every round.  Use Fiery Jinx to rid Grodus of his X's (which regenerate in
 pairs every time he attacks), then have Mario smack Grodus with Power Bounce.
 Art Attack also works awesome, although I'd highly recommend not using it.
 The SP will make the subsequent battle *much* easier.  Periodically, Grodus
 will cast a spell that allows him to counter any direct attacks.  This does
 not have any effect on Vivian's Fiery Jinx, but it does on Mario's Power
 Bounce.  When he's countering attacks, stick to your hammer.  With that in
 mind, Grodus is simply a warm-up for what's ahead.


I certainly hope you were not expecting such an easy, easy finale!  Foes, both
familiar and foreign, have yet to be defeated once and for all!

 BOSS:  Bowser and Kammy Koopa                   70 HP (Bowser), 50 HP (Kammy)
 DROPPINGS:  32 Star Points

 Hopefully you didn't lose too much HP in the battle against Grodus (and if you
 did, use the first round here to recover).  The tricky thing about this fight
 is that you've got two opponents, Bowser and Kammy.  Due to her nasty magic
 spells, eliminate Kammy Koopa first.  My recommended partner for this battle
 is Bobbery.  Have him continuously blast your foes with Bob-ombast while Mario
 handles the healing.  When he's got an open turn, let Mario go crazy with Art
 Attack (if you've got the required SP) or Power Bounce.  Kammy won't go down
 without a fight, however; when she gets below about 30 HP, every turn of hers
 will be spent healing.  Keep up the assault and she won't last too long,

 With Kammy out of the picture, Bowser is noticeably less potent.  By now, he
 should be pretty worn out from the constant Bob-ombasts, so a couple more
 rounds of Power Bounce and Bob-ombast (or if you want, switch Goombella in and
 start kicking butt with Multibonk) should bring this battle near a close.


After the fight, pursue Grodus through the hidden tunnel behind the throne.  Be
sure to take the Ultra Shroom and Jammin' Jelly from the chests and, for the
love of God, use the Save and Recovery Blocks!  Through the final door, you'll

 BOSS:  Shadow Queen                                                    150 HP
 DROPPINGS:  1 Star Point

 When the battle begins, your party should consist of Mario and Goombella.  Hit
 the Shadow Queen with Power Bounce and Multibonk for a few rounds, until she
 boosts her Attack and Defense.  At this point, switch in Bobbery to assault
 your foe with Bob-ombast.  Since Mario's Jump Attack will no longer be
 effective, Art Attack is definitely the way to go.  Cut the Shadow Queen's HP
 down to 80 and she'll assume her true from.  From here on in, damaging her is
 impossible.  Simply hold on for several rounds, using Sweet Feast/Treat to

 After she devours the entire audience, the Shadow Queen will recover all 150
 HP.  Luckily, we also get a full HP/FP/SP boost.  Your first goal now should
 be to eliminate her hands, which can be done with Bobbery's Bob-ombast or via
 Vivian's Fiery Jinx.  Since Art Attack cannot effectively circle this large
 foe, use Supernova (or Power Bounce) instead.  Throughout the battle, the
 Shadow Queen will revive her hands, so always be ready to destroy them again.

 Shadow Queen likes to increase her Attack power, which allows her to wreak
 absolute havoc on your HP totals.  Hopefully you've got some restorative items
 left over from the previous battles.  If not, don't use Supernova and conserve
 your SP for Sweet Feast instead.  If necessary, switch out near-dead partners
 for fresh ones, even if they aren't as powerful as your weakened friends.
 Don't relent your offense and the Shadow Queen will soon go down once and for


Congratulations!  You have official completed Paper Mario:  The Thousand-Year
Door!  After the credits roll, you can load up your previous save to re-access
Rogueport (and the rest of the world).  Use this opportunity to tie up loose
ends, complete sidequests, etc.

     V -------------------------------------------- SECRETS AND SIDEQUESTS

So, you're one of those obsessive people who just *has* to do every single
little thing the game has to offer.  Luckily, I'm here for you, so dig in and
start uncovering the uncovered!

a.  The Pit of 100 Trials

So, just what is the Pit of 100 Trials, you ask?  Well, my dear readers, it is
the longest dungeon in the game (or rather, the deepest), spanning 100 levels.
Each floor contains something of interest--often a baddie of some sort--and
every tenth floor you have the opportunity to return to the surface.  The
entrance to the Pit of 100 Trials can be found directly west of the Thousand-
Year Door's chamber.

Take note that while I've listed the one enemy/item that you're sure to find on
each level, alternate baddies often accompany the ones I've listed.  One other
thing to be aware of is the presence of Movers.  Movers are cool little fellows
who can give you a bit of a boost during your descent.  For 10 coins, the Mover
will drop you down two floors, while 30 coins will take you 5 floors lower.
Finally, if you want, you can return to the entrance for 10 coins.  Of course,
you can just ignore the guy altogether and continue downward on your own.  They
appear randomly, so you can never be sure when you'll encounter a Mover.

Before heading in, it's important to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.  I
highly recommend stocking up on Ultra Shrooms (200 coins in the underground
city) and Life Shrooms (40 coins in Twilight Town).  Both items will prove
invaluable as you delve deeper into the pit.  Furthermore, you should be near
level 30 with plenty of BP to spare.  There aren't any save points within the
pit, so be absolutely sure you come prepared.

Also, First Attack and Bump Attack badges don't work, so *BEWARE*!

  Level 1
    One Gloomba (a variant of the Goomba, obviously).

  Level 2
    One Spinia.

  Level 3
    One Spania.

  Level 4
    One Dull Bones.

  Level 5
    One Fuzzy.

  Level 6
    One Gloomba.

  Level 7
    One Spinia.

  Level 8
    One Spania.

  Level 9
    One Dull Bones.

  Level 10
    Your first "safe zone!"  Not only are there no baddies, but there's also a
    big ol' treasure chest with your name on it.  Pop that bad boy open to find
    the Sleepy Stomp badge.  From this point, you can either return to the
    surface via the pipe to the right or hit the blue "!" block and continue
    toward the center of the earth.  Your call.

  Level 11
    One Paragloomba.

  Level 12
    One Cleft.

  Level 13
    One Pokey.

  Level 14
    One Dark Puff.

  Level 15
    One Pider.
  Level 16
    One Paragloomba.

  Level 17
    One Cleft.

  Level 18
    One Pokey.

  Level 19
    One Dark Puff.

  Level 20
    Another safe haven.  Grab the Fire Drive badge before heading either up or

  Level 21
    One Spiky Gloomba.

  Level 22
    One Bandit.

  Level 23
    One Lakitu.

  Level 24
    One Bob-omb.

  Level 25
    One Boo.

  Level 26
    One Spiky Gloomba.

  Level 27
    One Bandit.

  Level 28
    One Lakitu.

  Level 29
    One Bob-omb.

  Level 30
    Your third safe zone.  Inside the treasure chest is the Zap Tap badge.

  Level 31
    One Dark Koopa.

  Level 32
    One Hyper Cleft.

  Level 33
    One Parabuzzy.

  Level 34
    One Shady Koopa.

  Level 35
    One Flower Fuzzy.

  Level 36
    One Dark Koopa.

  Level 37
    One Hyper Cleft.

  Level 38
    One Parabuzzy.

  Level 39
    One Shady Koopa.

  Level 40
    Another safe zone.  Peer inside the gigantic treasure chest and pull out a
    snazzy new toy for yourself... the Pity Flower badge!

  Level 41
    One D. Paratroopa.

  Level 42
    One Bulky Bob-omb.

  Level 43
    One Lava Bubble.

  Level 44
    One Poison Pokey.

  Level 45
    One S. Parabuzzy.

  Level 46
    One D. Paratroopa.

  Level 47
    One Bulky Bob-omb.

  Level 48
    One Lava Bubble.

  Level 49
    One Poison Pokey.

  Level 50
    Halfway there!  Pop open that big ol' chest to find the Strange Sack, which
    allows you to carry as many as 20 items at one time.  Perfect!

  Level 51
    One Badge Bandit.

  Level 52
    One Ice Puff.

  Level 53
    One Dark Boo.

  Level 54
    One Badge Bandit.

  Level 55
    One Moon Cleft.

  Level 56
    One Badge Bandit.

  Level 57
    One Ice Puff.

  Level 58
    One Dark Boo.

  Level 59
    One Red Chomp.

  Level 60
    Another huge treasure chest awaits you!  Take the Double Dip badge from
    within and move on.

  Level 61
    One Dark Lakitu.

  Level 62
    One Dry Bones.

  Level 63
    One Dark Wizzerd.

  Level 64
    One Frost Piranha.

  Level 65
    One Dark Craw.

  Level 66
    One Dark Lakitu.

  Level 67
    One Dry Bones.

  Level 68
    One Dark Wizzerd.

  Level 69
    One Frost Piranha.

  Level 70
    We're getting closer to the bottom!  Plunder the chest for a Double Dip P
    badge (which is an awesome equip, if you can spare the BP).  And with that,
    we move further downward!

  Level 71
    One Wizzerd.

  Level 72
    One Chain-Chomp.

  Level 73
    One Phantom Ember.

  Level 74
    One Swoopula.

  Level 75
    One Chain-Chomp.

  Level 76
    One Wizzerd.

  Level 77
    One D. Koopatrol.

  Level 78
    One Phantom Ember.

  Level 79
    One Swoopula.

  Level 80
    Whew!  Don't give up now!  Grab the Bump Attack badge before continuing
    your descent.

  Level 81
    One Spunia.

  Level 82
    One Dark Bristle.

  Level 83
    One Arantula.

  Level 84
    One Piranha Plant.

  Level 85
    One Spunia.

  Level 86
    One Spunia.

  Level 87
    One Dark Bristle.

  Level 88
    One Arantula.

  Level 89
    One Piranha Plant.

  Level 90
    We're so close!  Just 10 more levels!  Open the chest to find the Lucky
    Day badge and head on down.

  Level 91
    One Elite Wizzerd.

  Level 92
    One Poison Puff.

  Level 93
    One Bub-ulk.

  Level 94
    One Swampire.

  Level 95
    One Elite Wizzerd.

  Level 96
    One Poison Puff.

  Level 97
    One Bub-ulk.

  Level 98
    One Swampire.

  Level 99
    One Elite Wizzerd.  Before heading through the pipe, be sure to heal your
    characters and equip all of your best badges.

  Level 100
    This is it!  What lies at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials?  A boss
    battle, of course!

 BOSS:  Bonetail                                                        200 HP
 DROPPINGS:  1 Star Point

 Welcome, one and all, to the toughest boss in the entire game.  As Bonetail is
 the most difficult opponent that you'll face, it's important to be well
 prepared.  I'd recommend being at least level 30 if at all possible.  Before
 the battle begins, equip the Feeling Fine and Feeling Fine P badges to prevent
 some of this beast's nasty status effects.  Finally, I suggest relying heavily
 on either Goombella (whose Multibonk works wonders, although her low HP is a
 liability) or Bobbery (he's a tank HP-wise, despite the FP that Bob-ombast
 sucks up).

 With your preparations complete, initiate the battle.  Throughout the battle,
 Mario's Piercing Blow will be your best friend, assuming you have it.  If not,
 substitute Power Bounce for it.  Both work terrific.  As for your partner,
 Goombella's Multibonk and Bobbery's Bob-ombast are awesome.  Bonetail's
 attacks hit hard and he has the capability to deal out 8+ damage each round to
 both characters, so save your Star Power for Sweet Feast.  Be sure to use
 Stylish attacks to recover SP faster.  If you absolutely need to heal and
 Sweet Feast is not available, fall back on the Ultra Shrooms that you
 (hopefully) stocked up on earlier.

 After cutting Bonetail's HP in half, he'll be able to restore his health by 20
 with a howl.  Keep in mind that Bonetail may also howl before attacking, so
 keep your guard up.  At this point, you've got no choice but to simply
 continue the attack, healing whenever possible with Sweet Feast.  If you're
 able to get Bonetail below 100 HP, the battle should be downhill from there.


When the massive behemoth finally falls, he'll spit out a treasure chest
containing... *drum roll*... the Return Postage badge, one of the best in the
game!  With that, you're officially done with the Pit of 100 Trials!  Congrats!
Take the warp pipe at the top of the room back to the surface.

b.  The Trouble Center

On the east side of Rogueport, you can find a small building in which people
come to post their troubles.  This place is called the Trouble Center.  Should
you accept a trouble and take care of it, the poster will reward you, often
with something pretty cool.

  --  Garf:  "Need a key!"  --

  If you talk to Garf by his house (the locked place just right of the trouble
  center) he'll mention that he may have dropped the key near the badge shop.
  Check there--lo and behold, it's sitting right in the open.  Bring it back to
  Garf to receive your prize:  20 coins.

  --  McGoomba:  "Safe delivery..."  --

  Meet McGoomba at the aforementioned rendezvous point.  He'll ask you to
  deliver a mysterious package to Goomfrey, who can be found in front of
  Professor Frankly's house.  Don't worry about being seen; I've spoken to
  everyone on the plaza and nothing happens.  Goomfrey takes the box and gives
  you a message to give back to McGoomba.  Do so and collect your reward... 20

  --  Arfur:  "Price adjustment."  --

  Arfur, your client, wants to know how much Rogueport's Toad Bros. Bazaar (the
  shop in Rogueport Plaza) charges for three different items:  Fire Flowers,
  Sleepy Sheep, and Tasty Tonics.  Visit the shop to learn the prices, then
  report back to Arfur in front of the Trouble Center.  The correct prices for
  the items are 10 coins for a Fire Flower, 8 for a Sleepy Sheep, and 3 for a
  Tasty Tonics.  Give Arfur the correct prices to receive a reward of 20 coins.

  --  Goomther:  "Find this guy!"  --

  Speak with the green-hooded Goomba patrolling the plaza to catch the lowdown:
  some fraudulous bandit named Larson must be apprehended.  Bandits, according
  to Goomther, are masked guys in blue outfits.  There are several of thee guys
  roaming about the city, but the one we want can be found in East Rogueport's
  back alley (walk toward the brick wall next to the powerup shop).  He
  relocates to the harbor when you talk to him once, so pursue him there.  His
  next hiding place is in the plaza's back alley.  He gives up here, and
  Goomther shows up to present your reward:  20 coins!

  --  Mousimilian:  "Hit me, please!"  --

  Meet Mousimilian in front of the Toad Bros. Bazaar at Rogueport Plaza.  To
  jog his memory, you must continually mash him with your hammer.  As soon as
  Mousimilian says "I remembered", stop your hammering.  Your prize for solving
  this trouble is a money-making tip:  purchase Sleepy Sheep at Rogueport's
  shop, then sell them in Petalburg for a two coin profit!

  --  Bomberto:  "I'm hungry!"  --

  Visit the designated locale with some kind of food in hand (Mushrooms will do
  the trick, if that's all you have).  Fork whatever you have over to receive
  11 coins.

  --  Koopook:  "Try to find me!"  --

  Koopook is hiding somewhere in Hooktail Castle.  Once you arrive at the
  ominous building, make your way toward Hooktail's lair.  On the way there,
  you'll come across a tall room in which you must take an elevator block to a
  ledge high above, where you can enter one of two rooms.  During said elevator
  ride, keep your eyes fixed to the left and you should spot Koopook on a
  ledge to the side.  Fall off the northwest edge of the top platform to land
  right next to him.  Talk to him to receive the Special Card.

  --  Mayor Kroop:  "Listen to me!"  --

  Find your way to Petalburg via the sewers and enter Kroop's house.  Put up
  with a few minutes of inane banter to score a Turtley Leaf.  Easy!

  --  Plenn T.:  "Order me an item!"  --

  Visit the Toad Bros. Bazaar in Rogueport Plaza.  As the shopkeeper Plenn T.
  will say, we need to find five Courage Shells.  Where can we find this items?
  Simple enough, head to the shop in Petalburg.  Courage Shells sell at five
  coins a pop.  Deliver them back to Plenn T. to score an Ultra Shroom.

  --  Puni Elder:  "Emergency Shroom!"  --

  Painfully easy.  Purchase a Life Shroom from the shop in West Rogueport, then
  travel to Boggly Woods.  The wrinkly elder rewards Mario with 60 coins.

  --  Lahla:  "Play with me!"  --

  This is another easy one.  After accepting the trouble, speak with the Boo
  inside Pianta Parlor (West Rogueport).  She'll fork over a "special thing"--
  10 Piantas to be used within the parlor!

  --  Pine T. Jr.:  "Help my daddy!"  --

  Meet little Pine T. at the entrance to the Pit of 100 Trials (found east of
  the Thousand-Year Door).  The poor little guy's father ventured into the pit
  in search of trouble, but Pine T. needs us to bring him back to the surface.
  Enter the pit and fight your way to the 18th floor.  From there, you'll have
  to descend to the 20th floor, where you can return to safety via the pipe.
  As a reward, Pine T. Jr. forks over his treasured Silver Card.

  --  Jolene:  "Help wanted!"  --

  Go to the office in the Glitz Pit and speak with Jolene.  As it turns out,
  she needs you to play the garbage collector for a bit.  Enter the storeroom
  (first room west of the office) and start grabbin' the dirty Battle Trunks.
  After you've got every last pair (including the ones upstairs), return to
  Jolene.  Now it's time to get rid of the shorts, so travel back to Rogueport,
  where a Goomba named Goomfrey will be more than happy to take them off your
  hands.  Goomfrey can be front roaming about near the powerup shop.  Hand over
  every last pair of Battle Trunks before heading back to Jolene to obtain your
  reward:  30 coins.

  --  Merlee:  "Heartful Cake recipe..."  --

  You can find Merlee in the Rogueport Sewers.  To find her hut, enter the
  sewers in front of Frankly's place and head through the pipe just north of
  the plane tile on the same screen.  Merlee will tell you to find Toce T. in
  Petalburg, so get there, posthaste!  Toce T. resides in the house furthest to
  the east, next to the gate.  Apparently, Cake Mix and Ruin Powder are the
  necessary ingredients.  Report back to Merlee.  She'll send you to get some
  Cake Mix for her.  You can pick some of that up at the Pianta Parlor (West
  Rogueport) for 6 Piantas.  Return it to Merlee in exchange for 30 coins.

  --  Bub-ulber:  "The food I want."  --

  Talk with the flower bulb hanging out in western Petalburg.  Apparently, the
  guy wants to taste a Hot Dog.  Purchase two (yes, two) at the stall in
  Glitzville for 10 coins a pop.  Bring them back to Bub-ulber and he'll decide
  he wants some cake.  You can purchase Cake Mix from the Pianta Parlor for 6
  Piantas.  After that, bring it to Zess T. in Rogueport Plaza.  She'll whip up
  a lovely Mousse Cake, which floats Bub-ulber's boat.  Your reward?  A Dried

  * Note:  From this point onward, bring Bub-ulber another Hot Dog and he'll
    give you another Dried Bouquet.

  --  ???:  "Elusive badge!"  --

  The anonymous person, none other than Ms. Mowz, needs us to venture inside
  Hooktail Castle in search of an elusive badge.  Check the very top room,
  where we fought Hooktail.  Though there doesn't appear to be anything there,
  Flurrie's breath reveals otherwise.  There is an invisible wall due east of
  the entry door.  Blow it away to reveal a chest containing... the Attack FX
  B badge!  Bring it back to Ms. Mowz.  Your reward is twofold:  not only does
  Ms. Mowz let you keep the Attack FX B badge, but she also joins your team as
  a full-time partner!

  --  Mayor Dour:  "Newsletter..."  --

  Swing by Mayor Dour's place in Twilight Town to pick up the Routing Slip.
  Take it to the elder inside the Great Boggly Tree, then take it to the mayor
  of Petalburg.  Afterwards, bring it back to Dour to be done with this task.
  Your prize is 30 coins!

  --  Zess T.:  "Seeking legendary book!"  --

  First and foremost, talk to Zess T. in Rogueport Plaza.  As it turns out, she
  is looking for a legendary cookbook hidden somewhere in Creepy Steeple.  If
  you've already got it, simply hand it over.  If not, head to Creepy Steeple.
  The Cookbook is found inside a room due north of the steeple's entrance.  To
  get inside, you must curl into Tube Mode before rolling through a small hole
  near the floor.  The Cookbook is inside.  When given to Zess T., she'll gain
  the ability to cook recipes that require multiple ingredients.  The spunky
  toad also thanks you with a Honey Shroom!

  --  Eve:  "Tell that person..."  --

  Meet Eve at Twilight Town, inside the first house in the eastern part of
  town.  The man she's looking for, Podley, runs the juice bar in Rogueport, so
  get there, posthaste!  After talking to Podley, deliver his message to Eve.
  She'll reward you with a Meteor Meal.

  --  Goom Goom:  "Looking for a gal!"  --

  Venture deep within the Pirate's Grotto on Keelhaul Key to locate this fella
  (he's inside the storeroom at the top of the cave, near the second save
  point).  Thing is, Goom Goom wants a hot little Goomba chicky to hang out
  with.  Call in Goombella to acquire your reward:  a Couple's Cake!

  --  Frankie:  "Important thing!"  --

  Frankie is eagerly awaiting your arrival at the garden in West Rogueport.  As
  he'll explain, Frankie lost his wedding ring somewhere in Rogueport, and it's
  our job to hunt it down.  Check out eastern Rogueport, past the Trouble
  Center.  You'll need Yoshi's gliding prowess to reach the ring, but once you
  do you can take it back to Frankie to score a Gold Card.

  --  Chef Shimi:  "Get these ingredients!"  --

  Chef Shimi, who can be found in the Excess Express's dining car, is in need
  of three items:  a Golden Leaf, a Mystic Egg, and a Keel Mango.  Let's begin
  with the Golden Leaf, shall we?  Head to Creepy Steeple and enter the door
  on the northern wall as soon as you enter.  Walk right along the path until
  you notice a gap in the fence.  Squeeze through that gap and proceed east--
  you'll come to a large tree.  Bonk it with the hammer to nab your Golden

  Now for the Mystic Egg.  Travel to the Great Boggly Tree and speak with the
  tiny Puni near the warp pipe in the entry room.  Agree to play with her, then
  create a sensible question such as "Mario likes which person the most?"  As a
  reward for asking a decent question, Petuni will reward you with a Mystic
  Egg.  Cool!

  Lastly is the Keel Mango.  Head for the jungles of Keelhaul Keel.  Assuming
  that you're using the warp room in the sewers to get there, simply whack the
  first palm tree you see.  If not, hammer the first palm tree you see after
  leaving camp to the east.  With all three items firmly in tow, make your way
  to the Excess Express.  Trade them to Chef Shimi for a cool 40 coins.

  --  Toodles:  "I must have that book."  --

  Toodles is inside the pink house near the train station in Poshley Heights.
  Talk to her to find out that in a dastardly move, Jolene (of Glitzville)
  borrowed a magazine that she has yet to return.  Hunt down Jolene at the
  Glitz Pit (she's in Grubba's former office) to receive the Wrestling Mag.
  Carry it back to Toodles in exchange for the Platinum Card.

  --  Businessman:  "Security code..."  --

  The businessman is standing near the Hot Dog Stand in Glitzville.  Since the
  guy is a real chair fanatic (i.e. lunatic), his security code is based upon
  the number of chairs in four areas he has visited: Kroop's house (Petalburg),
  Flurrie's house (Boggly Woods), Don Pianta's office (Rogueport), and last but
  not least Toodles's house (Poshley Heights).  If you aren't up for chair-
  counting today, the code is 2625.  Your reward is some Hot Sauce.

  --  Goldbob:  "Delivery, please!"  --

  First of all, find Goldbob near the train station in Poshley Heights.  He
  will hand over a strange Package, which you must deliver to General White at
  Fahr Outpost.  When you arrive, you'll learn that General White left for
  Rogueport earlier.  Go there yourself and speak to the bartender; Glitzville
  is our next destination.  The barkeep there mentions something about Goldbob,
  so return to Poshley Heights, where you'll be informed that White has gone
  back to Fahr Outpost.  When does it end!?  This time, luckily, he's sound
  asleep in his house.  Jump on him until he wakes, which is your chance to
  deliver the Package.  Regress to Poshley Heights, where Goldbob will reward
  your efforts with 64 coins.

  --  Gob:  "I can't speak!"  --

  Gob needs some Honey Candy to remedy his throat problems.  By combining Cake
  Mix and Honey Syrup, Zess T. will have no problems whipping some Honey Candy
  up for us.  You can score some Cake Mix at Pianta Parlor (costs 6 Piantas),
  while Honey Syrup can be purchased at the Toad Bros. Bazaar for a measly 5
  coins.  After Zess T. does her thing and creates the Honey Candy, set out for
  Fahr Outpost.  Gob is the first Bob-omb you'll see when entering eastern
  Fahr.  Try talking to him a bit, then hand over the Honey Candy.  He'll thank
  you with 20 coins.

  --  Toadia:  "I wanna meet Luigi!"  --

  Make your way to Poshley Heights and speak with the young lady standing near
  the fountain.  Since dragging the real Luigi all the way out here would be
  way too troublesome, simply toss on your L Emblem badge (which can be found
  in Poshley Sanctum, if you've yet to acquire it) and enjoy the results.  Your
  reward?  A delicious slice of Choco Cake!

  --  Doe T.:  "Roust these cads!"  --

  Doe. T is waiting several screens east of the Boggly Tree.  Once you find
  him, he'll say that the thugs (enemies) ahead are too scary and that he can
  not get past unless we thrash them beforehand.  Simply whack each baddie in
  the area to win 20 coins.

  --  Bub:  "Help me make up."  --

  Meet Bub (the Bob-omb kid from various episodes) by the sanctum in Poshley
  Heights.  He's got three present ideas, but since the Fright Mask is the
  easiest to obtain, let's pick that one.  Grab one from the Toad Bros. Bazaar
  in Rogueport for 5 coins, then hustle back to Poshley Heights.  He'll ask you
  to deliver the present and attached letter to his mother (near the train
  station), so do that.  Go back and speak to Bub afterwards to collect your
  reward:  3 whole coins!

  --  Swob:  "Erase that graffiti!"  --

  Talk to Swob near the cannon statue at Fahr Outpost before venturing into the
  Pit of 100 Trials.  After you've spoken to him, gear up and head inside.
  When you finally arrive at the 50th floor, use Bobbery to detonate the wall
  where Swob inscribed his wish.  Once the deed has been completed, return to
  the surface and meet Swob back at Fahr Outpost.  He'll thank you with a Snow

c.  Odds 'n' Ends

Miscellaneous secrets that do not pertain directly to the Pit of 100 Trials or
East Rogueport's Trouble Center.


The Pianta Parlor is a casino of sorts located in West Rogueport.  In order to
access the various games, you'll need to acquire a set of cards.  These cards
can be received as rewards for completing certain troubles at the Trouble
Center (see either the Trouble Center or Key Items section for more in-depth
information on where to find each individual key).  That said, scoring well in
the parlor's games awards Mario with piantas.  Those piantas can, in turn, be
used to purchase prizes, ranging from everyday items to mighty rare badges.

  --  Plane Mode Game  --

  Prerequisite:  Special Card
  Info:  In this game, the goal is simple:  to fly as far as possible before
  landing.  While in the air, you'll also want to score as many piantas (those
  purple icons) as you can.  Furthermore, it's very important to be careful
  where you land.  Should you land on an area marked "-", you'll lose some
  piantas.  However, landing on a platform marked "+" will increase your final

  --  Paper Mode Game  --

  Prerequisite:  Silver Card

  Info:  In this race, you must constantly switch between paper-thin Mario and
  normal Mario.  Paper-thin Mario is a must when the fans are blowing, as they
  will have no trouble blowing our normal Italian stallion off the edge
  otherwise.  When the fans temporarily stop, however, you must switch back to
  normal Mario to take advantage of his increased speed.  The better you place
  at the end of the race, the more piantas you'll score.

  --  Tube Mode Game  --

  Prerequisite:  Gold Card

  Info:  Your goal is to complete a standard course.  The first obstacle you'll
  run across is a series of barriers--hop over the first three but roll beneath
  the fourth and final one.  From there, you'll wind around to the top of the
  course.  You must apply your jumping skills to navigate the bumpy road beyond
  there.  At the top, you'll need to choose one of two narrow rails to use as a
  bridge across the gap.  Be careful not to fall.  One of these rails always
  has a bonus pianta sitting on it, so there's a 50-50 chance that you'll snag

  On the other side, you'll pass through a tunnel.  Past there are two shuttle
  platforms--hop onto the one moving to the opposite side of the chasm, but
  *don't* fall!  Next is a downward hill on which a second bonus pianta is
  located.  Try to align yourself with it as you speed down.  After that, the
  course curves back southward, leading you to the final series of obstacles.
  You've got a few barriers to lead over or slide below (as well as another
  bonus pianta to score).  Push upward after the final barrier to ride the bent
  ledge before crossing the checkered line.

  --  Boat Mode Game  --

  Prerequisite:  Platinum Card

  Info:  A boat course made up of two stages.  The first part of the course
  requires you to dodge in and out of drifting barrels.  Make it through there
  and you'll enter the second stage, where you'll need to avoid several raging
  whirlpools.  Not only will colliding with one slow you down, but it will also
  decrease your technical bonus.


Speak to Jolene at the Glitz Pit to rejoin the fighting ring, although
technical difficulties force us to restart at the very bottom of the minor
league.  Pffft.  The battles are, more or less, the same thing as your original
run-through, so reaching the top should pose no problem.  Just like the last
time around, things get noticeably more difficult when you reach the major
league, culminating in a rematch with none other than Rawk Hawk.  And, surprise
surprise, this time he *doesn't* try to lock you in a nasty old locker room!

So, why bother with this side quest?  Well, for one thing, Rawk Hawk's
hilarious dialogue alone is worth it.  Additionally, you'll score a decent
chunk of change along the way (always a plus).  Other than that, you'll be
awarded with the Champ's Belt, which is... pretty dang useless.  And lastly,
you'll be able to battle with Rawk Hawk at any time.  By continually defeating
the feathered fighter, you can bring in a small profit (20 coins per win).


The first step in recruiting this unscrupulous badge hunter is to take on the
trouble at the Trouble Center entitled "Elusive badge!" (the poster is
anonymous).  This trouble requires us to venture into Hooktail Castle again in
search of a rare badge.  You can locate this badge at the very top of the
castle, where we fought Hooktail during our initial visit.  Have Flurrie blow
away the invisible wall concealing this badge, then return to Ms. Mowz in
Rogueport.  Pleased with your badge-hunting skills, Ms. Mowz happily joins your


Atop the roofs in East Rogueport is a wandering minstrel named Grifty.  Should
you be willing to line his pockets with some coins (five per story), he'll be
more than happy to impart his knowledge of the world's legends.  In particular,
his tales cover the legends of the Crystal Stars, the magical map, and the
fearsome demon sealed behind the Thousand-Year Door.  Granted, the stories are
all rather short, but those curious about the wide world of... well, whatever
the world is called may be interested in delving into these legends.


At Chet Rippo's place, you can tinker around with either Mario's or his
partner's rank and abilities.  For instance, say you powered-up Flurrie at the
shop next to Frankly's place, but now you don't have the Shine Sprites to rank
up Yoshi.  No problem!  Head to Chet's place and, for the low low fee of 39
coins, you can switch their ranks (lower Flurrie but raise Yoshi).  Also, you
can boost Mario's HP, FP, or BP at the cost of another of those stats.  To get
to Chet Rippo's Adjustment House, simply enter the Rogueport Sewers via the
pipe near Frankly's house.  To the left, there is a cracked wall--blow it up
with Bobbery and head through the pipe.  Bam!  You're there!


As you may have noticed, Luigi is on a heroic quest of his own.  When you
return to Rogueport between chapters, hunt him down and chat it up to learn
what's been going on in Luigi-land.  Additionally, check out the Toad Bros.
Bazaar (Rogueport Plaza)--it actually sells a series of novels detailing the L-
Man's legendary exploits!  The books get progressively more expensive, meaning
that you'll need to shell out some major cash to score all five volumes, but
the hilarious stories are well worth the high price tags.

     VI --------------------------------------------------------- BESTIARY

  "Just creatures, just creatures for a while..." - 311

This chapter contains a listing of each enemy in the game (thanks much to
Goombella's Tattle ability), including their HP, attack and defense power,
where they can be found, and some brief information about them.  Knock yourself

    --  Goomba  --

        #1   HP: 2   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Various

    Your standard Mario foe.  A single blow of any sort will introduce one of
    these sad puppies to the reaper.

    --  Paragoomba  -- 

        #2   HP: 2   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Various

    A variation of the common Goomba, Paragoombas are little more than the same
    thing but with wings.  Mario's hammer and any other ground-based attacks
    are futile.

    --  Spiky Goomba  --

        #3   HP: 2   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Various

    Still another form of your basic Goomba, this spiky flavor wear armored
    helmets that render jump attacks useless.  Hammer these guys into

    --  Hyper Goomba  --

        #4   HP: 8   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Twilight Trail

    Yep, more Goombas.  This type can charge themselves up, significantly
    increasing their attacking power.  Defeat them quickly to avoid being
    smashed up.

    --  H. Paragoomba  --

        #5   HP: 8   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Twilight Trail

    A carbon copy of the Hyper Goomba, except this guy has wings.  Again, deal
    with these baddies ASAP.

    --  H.S. Goomba  --

        #6   HP: 8   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Twilight Trail

    Not only are these foes ridiculously potent due to their charge ability,
    but they are also invulnerable to all attacks from above.  Yoshi's Gulp is
    a perfect way to dispose of them fast.

    --  Gloomba  --

        #7   HP: 7   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    An upgraded Goomba.  Nothing special.  Use the hammer, because thwomping
    enemies with a pounding stick of doom is so much more fun than bopping them
    on the head.

    --  Paragloomba  --

        #8   HP: 7   Attack: 3   Defense: 0    Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    A Gloomba with wings.  Or a Paragoomba with uberstrength.

    --  Spiky Gloomba  --

        #9   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    This Gloomba, much like the Spiky Goomba, wears a spiked helmet, negating
    all aerial attacks.  Stick to the hammer.

    --  Koopa Troopa  --

        #10   HP: 4   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Petal Meadows

    In order to damage a Koopa Troopa, who all Mario vets (or anyone who's ever
    played a Mario game) should be familiar with, you'll need to land on their
    heads.  Doing so will flip them over, reducing their defense to zero and
    giving you the wide-open to deal the finishing blow.

    --  Paratroopa  --

        #11   HP: 4   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Hooktail Castle

    These haters-in-a-halfshell are impervious to all ground-based attacks
    until they're wings are done away with.  A simple jump attack will do the
    trick.  Without wings, a Paratroopa is no different from your garden-
    variety Koopa Troopa.

    --  KP Koopa  --

        #12   HP: 4   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    Despite being a stand-up fellow, KP Koopa and his buddies have no qualms
    about throwing down.  Luckily, the color of their shells aside, KPs are
    exactly like normal Koopas.  In other words, pushovers.

    --  KP Paratroopa  --

        #13   HP: 4   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    Same deal as the foe above; KP Paratroopa's are mirrors of regular

    --  Shady Koopa  --

        #14   HP: 8   Attack: 3   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    Other than the obvious stat boosts, Shady Koopa differentiate themselves
    from their brothers in another way.  After regaining their footing, Shadies
    receive a power boost, allowing them to raise some hell.  Additionally,
    they are able to attack from a prone state, making them dangerous at all

    --  S. Paratroopa  --

        #15   HP: 8   Attack: 3   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    A Shady Koopa with wings.  Simple concept.

    --  Dark Koopa  --

        #16   HP: 8   Attack: 4   Defense: 2   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    The most effective way to down these turtles is to knock them on their
    backs with a Jump attack.  With their soft underbellies exposed, there is
    nothing Dark Koopas can do to protect themselves from your onslaught.

    --  D. Paratroopa  --

        #17   HP: 8   Attack: 4   Defense: 2   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Exact same thing as the Dark Koopa, only with wings.  Bop him on the head a
    few times to destroy the wings and flip him on his back.

    --  Koopatrol  --

        #18   HP: 6   Attack: 4   Defense: 2   Location: Rogueport Sewers

    Due to their spiked helmets, aerial maneuvers are your enemy when this guy
    is on the other side.  Stick to ground based attacks, but be quick about
    things.  If you take too long, Koopatrol's can call in additional foes to
    further complicate an already sticky situation.

    --  D. Koopatrol  --

        #19   HP: 25   Attack: 5   Defense: 2   Location: Glitzville

    Similar to the normal Koopatrol, although this type relies more upon
    charged attacks to cause major damage.
    --  Dull Bones  --

        #20   HP: 1   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Hooktail Castle

    The remains of a Koopa Troopa, a Dull Bones can either toss pieces of
    itself your way, or summon some buddies to help him make your life no fun.

    --  Red Bones  --

        #21   HP: 5   Attack: 3   Defense: 1   Location: Hooktail Castle

    The nasty older brother of a Dull Bones.  The most annoying thing about a
    Red Bones is that it can come back to life even after its HP has been
    depleted.  Talk about trouble!

    --  Dry Bones  --

        #22   HP: 8   Attack: 5   Defense: 2   Location: Palace of Shadow

    Even tougher than Red Bones, these baddies can build additional foes to
    further complicate matters.  They can also return from the dead if the
    battle rages on long after they've fallen, so try to wrap things up
    quickly when these enemies are involved.

    --  Dark Bones  --

        #23   HP: 20   Attack: 5   Defense: 2   Location: Palace of Shadow

    The grandpappy of all skeleton foes, a Dark Bones really isn't anything
    more than a Dry Bones with a superior HP total.

    --  Hammer Bro  --

        #24   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    Believe it or not, the Hammer Bro's main form of artillery is, *gasp*, the
    hammer!  Surprising, I know.  Anyhoo, they can toss several at once, and
    they don't just target once character, so be on guard.

    --  Boomerang Bro  --

        #25   HP: 7   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    Like a Hammer Bro, but armed with a boomerang instead.  Shocking, given
    that his name is *Boomerang* Bro.  The boomerang attack he loves so is
    nasty of two levels:  not only does it cause damage on the way in, but also
    on the way out.  You'll need to guard twice to avoid as much damage as

    --  Fire Bro  --

        #26   HP: 7   Attack: 3   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    Unfriendly little Koopas who'll try to blast you with fire.  Guarding is
    really important against these foes, because their flame attacks could set
    fire to one of your characters, thus causing much unnecessary pain.

    --  Lakitu  --

        #27   HP: 5   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville
    Since these guys like to defend themselves by tossing Spinies onto the
    battlefield, your best bet is to quickly dispose of them via a few jump

    --  Dark Lakitu  --

        #28   HP: 13   Attack: 5   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Not only is that HP total frightfully high, but the Dark Lakitu can also
    wreak some serious havoc with the pipes that he tosses.  Defeat him using
    any means necessary.

    --  Spiny  --

        #29   HP: 3   Attack: 3   Defense: 3   Location: Glitzville

    Given the ridiculously high defense of Spinies (as well as the fact that
    they cannot be damaged AT ALL while curled into a ball), pull out all the
    stops (Power Smashes, items, whatever) to defeat them while you can.

    --  S. Blue Spiny  --

        #30   HP: 6   Attack: 6   Defense: 4   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Sky Blue Spinies are thrown by nasties known as Dark Lakitus.  Their shell
    is tough as nails, so Bobbery and hammer attacks are necessities.

    --  Buzzy Beetle  --

        #31   HP: 5   Attack: 3   Defense: 4   Location: Creepy Steeple

    With defense like that, you'd better be scared.  Given that both fire and
    explosions are useless, the only way to damage such a foe is to flip it
    over and pummel the barren belly.

    --  Spike Top  --

        #32   HP: 5   Attack: 3   Defense: 4   Location: Creepy Steeple

    Same deal as the Buzzy Beetle (same as above), except you can't flip it
    over via jump attacks.  Instead, items such as POW Blocks are the only
    feasible form of offense.

    --  Parabuzzy  --

        #33   HP: 5   Attack: 3   Defense: 4   Location: Pirate's Grotto

    Stomp it a few times to tear off those wings and flip it over, leaving you
    plenty of time to crush the cute yet deadly little monster.

    --  S. Parabuzzy  --

        #34   HP: 5   Attack: 3   Defense: 4   Location: Riverside Station

    Since the spike negates jump strikes and the wings prevent hammer blows
    from working, there are very few ways to damage this beast.  Mario's Art
    Attack, as well as the Hammer Throw gained from the badge of the same name
    both work well, however.

    --  R.S. Buzzy  --

        #35   HP: 5   Attack: 3   Defense: 5   Location: Glitzville

    Okay, so this little guy is impervious to all of the following: jumps,
    hammer attacks, fire, and explosions.  Art Attack it, or nail it with an
    item like a POW Block or Thunder Rage.  Not much else is effective, sadly.

    --  Magikoopa  --

        #36   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Rogueport Sewers

    A robed Koopa that attacks by spraying magic spells.  Nail it hard with
    whatever you like.  If you don't act quick enough, Magikoopa will split
    into four copies, three of which being illusions.  Annoying.

    --  R. Magikoopa  --

        #37   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    A Magikoopa that serves more as a supporting role than as a heavy-hitter.
    This red flavor use Attack and Defense-boosting spells nonstop.

    --  W. Magikoopa  --

        #38   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    White Magikoopas are healers, simply put.  They'll replenish their own
    health, as well as that of their allies.  Defeat this guy first, or the
    battle will be needlessly prolonged.

    --  G. Magikoopa  --

        #39   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    This fellow will cast lightning spells to electrify (and make temporarily
    invincible) its buddies.  He can also become invisible, which makes hitting
    him just a wee bit difficult.

    --  Kammy Koopa (boss)  --

        #40   HP: 50   Attack: 5    Defense: 0   Location: Palace of Shadow

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-i) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Bowser (boss)  --

        #41   HP: 30   Attack: 3   Defense: 1   Location: Various

    The Koopa King packs quite a punch, but can be defeated through fairly
    conventional means given his average defense total.  Please see the
    appropriate walkthrough sections (4-d and 4-i) more in-depth information on
    his boss battles.  Note that Bowser appears as a boss twice.  The stats
    listed above pertain to your first meeting with Bowser.  The second time
    you fight him, Bowser has 70 HP and can be found in the Palace of Shadow.

    --  Gus  --

        #42   HP: 20   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Rogueport

    This stingy warrior stands guard in the east side of Rogueport.  There are
    only two ways to get past; either fork over a few coins or go toe-to-toe
    with this criminal.  As long as you stick to Hammer Attacks and keep your
    health high, he shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

    --  Dark Craw  --

        #43   HP: 20   Attack: 6   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    This is one of the high-ranking Glitz Pit fighters, but he also shows up in
    the Pit of 100 Trials.  In any event, his HP and Attack are stupid high, so
    use your heavy artillery to bring him down ASAP.

    --  Bandit  --

        #44   HP: 5   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    Crafty little baddies who'll try to nab a few coins from your pocket.
    Either guard properly to avoid this altogether or eliminate the thief
    before he flees to regain your stolen coinage.

    --  Big Bandit  --

        #45   HP: 8   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    More annoying than the basic bandit as seen above, these big daddies will
    actually steal your hard-earned items.  Retrieve them by defeating the foe
    before he can escape.

    --  Badge Bandit  --

        #46   HP: 12   Attack: 5   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    The most potent type of bandit in the game--these guys, as their name
    suggests, actually steal your badges!  Be sure to defeat them before they
    get the opportunity to do so.

    --  Spinia  --

        #47   HP: 3   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Rogueport Sewers

    Really simple foes who can be taken down in a matter of moments with mere
    jump attacks.

    --  Spania  --

        #48   HP: 3   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Rogueport Sewers

    There is only one difference between a Spania and a Spinia; Spanias are
    invulnerable to attacks from above, due to their spiky heads.  Hammer them
    into submission.

    --  Spunia  --

        #49   HP: 12   Attack: 7   Defense: 2   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Or as I like to call it, the Turbo Spania.  Higher HP, much higher Attack,
    and improved Defense contribute to this baddie's ferocity, but by the time
    you finally encounter one you'll be more than prepared to deal with it.

    --  Fuzzy  --

        #50   HP: 3   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Shhwonk Fortress

    Nasty little buggers who move around so sporadically that guarding their
    parasitic, HP-sucking blows is difficult.  Focus more so on offense than
    defense when dealing with these guys.

    --  Gold Fuzzy  --

        #51   HP: 10   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Shhwonk Fortress

    Though it has thrice as much HP as the typical Fuzzy, this gold flavor
    won't drain your HP, eliminating their threat noticeably.

    --  Green Fuzzy  --

        #52   HP: 5   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Keelhaul Key

    Like the regular Fuzzy, Mean Mr. Greenie here will suck on your HP
    throughout the battle.  Other than that, he also enjoys multiplying.
    Luckily, since Green Fuzzy's go down so easily and multiply often, a single
    battle with one can yield a ton of Star Points.  Go for it!

    --  Flower Fuzzy  --

        #53   HP: 6   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Keelhaul Key

    White Fuzzy's that feed on your FP before belting you with nasty magic.
    Due to their relatively low HP total, though, you should be able to defeat
    them before they start blasting their magic left and right.

    --  Pokey  --

        #54   HP: 4   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    Susceptible to hammer blows and shell smacks.  Just be careful not to take
    too long to finish a Pokey off; they can call some pals to join the fray in
    a hurry.

    --  Poison Pokey  --

        #55   HP: 8   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Riverside Station

    A Pokey that can poison you.  Uhh... duh?  Venom and stat changes aside,
    they are no different from your typical Pokey.

    --  Pale Piranha  --

        #56   HP: 4   Attack: 2   Defense: 0  Location: Boggly Woods

    Don't even think about jumping into that toothy maw!  Hammer blows and such
    are the obvious course of action in this case.

    --  Putrid Piranha  --

        #57   HP: 8   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Keelhaul Key

    A Piranha Plant that spews poison out of its mouth.  Very nasty.  Beat it
    down quick with Mario's hammer, Koops's shell, or Bobbery's self-exploding

    --  Frost Piranha  --

        #58   HP: 10   Attack: 5   Defense: 0   Location: Fahr Outpost

    Same deal as the venomous Piranha above, except this guy will freeze you
    instead of poisoning you.

    --  Piranha Plant  --

        #59   HP: 15   Attack: 9   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Its Attack power is scary high, but the Piranha Plant's low defense is a
    chink in the armor.  Smack it all around with your best hammer attacks.

    --  Crazee Dayzee  --

        #60   HP: 7   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Twilight Trail

    Since this feisty flower likes to put heroic characters to sleep, your best
    bet is to whack it like crazy (haha) before it has the chance to.

    --  Pider  --

        #62   HP: 5   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: The Great Tree

    A spider without the "s."  Its main form of havoc-wreaking is to spit a few
    webs in your general direction.  Very easy to guard against.  Return the
    favor with a few well-timed leap attacks.

    --  Arantula  --

        #63   HP: 16   Attack: 7   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Way beefed-up Piders, these guys toss spider webs more sporadically (making
    it difficult to guard against them) and have tons of HP.

    --  Swooper  --

        #64   HP: 6   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Creepy Steeple

    The hardest part of fighting a Swooper is getting it to come down from its
    comfy perch high above.  Skills like Yoshi's Mini-Egg or Mario's Hammer
    Throw may be your only hope.

    --  Swoopula  --

        #65   HP: 9   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Palace of Shadow

    A beefed-up Swooper with a nasty HP-sucking attack.  Not fun, not fun at

    --  Swampire  --

        #66   HP: 20   Attack: 6   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    These flying foes are best dealt with via a series of Power Bounces, as
    they like to drain your health to replenish their own.

    --  Dark Puff  --

        #67   HP: 3   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Boggly Woods

    An evil, floating marshmallow.  Nail it with whatever you've got until it
    charges itself with electricity (electric marshmallow!), at which point you
    should chill and wait for him to become un-electrified before resumed the

    --  Ruff Puff  --

        #68   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Riverside Station

    Not too far removed from the Dark Puff.  Just stop attacking when he
    charges himself up and you've got nothing to worry about.

    --  Ice Puff  --

        #69   HP: 9   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Fahr Outpost

    A frozen marshmallow.  He's used to the icy climate of Fahr Outpost, so
    beware if he tries to freeze you.

    --  Poison Puff  --

        #70   HP: 15   Attack: 8   Defense: 0   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Same deal as the previous Puffs.  However, this guy is significantly
    tougher than his brethren, so be very careful.

    --  Boo  --

        #71   HP: 7   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Creepy Steeple

    Attack-wise, Boos are nothing to worry about.  However, they can turn
    invisible, making them impossible to damage for a few rounds.  Pretty

    --  Dark Boo  --

        #73   HP: 8   Attack: 5   Defense: 0   Location: Poshley Sanctum

    As with the normal Boos, this flavor can turn invisible for several rounds,
    making it impossible to deal any damage.  Also, the Dark Boo has noticeably
    higher Attack power, making it a nastier slice of pie than its little

    --  Ember  --

        #74   HP: 8   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Keelhaul Key

    None of your normal attacks are effective against these (literal) flamers,
    but Bobbery's explosive blasts work great (as do ice-based items).

    --  Lava Bubble  --

        #75   HP: 6   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Pirate's Grotto

    Same deal as the Ember--use ice items or Bobbery.

    --  Phantom Ember  --

        #76   HP: 10   Attack: 5   Defense: 0   Location: Palace of Shadow

    An upgraded version of the Ember.  Bobbery and ice-based items still work

    --  Bald Cleft  --

        #77   HP: 2   Attack: 1   Defense: 2   Location: Petal Meadows

    High defense makes Bald Clefts forces to be reckoned with early on.  Come
    equipped with some POW Blocks to deal with these adversaries.

    --  H. Bald Cleft  --

        #78   HP: 3   Attack: 2   Defense: 2   Location: Glitzville

    The "h" stands for hyperactive.  By charging up its energy, an H. Bald
    Cleft can boost its attack power to a whopping 8.  Try to defeat them
    before that happens.

    --  Cleft  --

        #79   HP: 2   Attack: 2   Defense: 2   Location: Boggly Woods

    Similar to Bald Clefts, only with spiky heads.  Which means... NO JUMPING!

    --  Iron Cleft  --

        #80   HP: 6   Attack: 4   Defense: Unknown   Location: Glitzville

    Made of sheer iron, the defense of an Iron Cleft is impenetrable by any
    form of attack.  So then, you wonder, how can one be defeated?  Basically,
    you'll be fighting fire with fire.  Once you recruit Yoshi, he can swallow
    one Iron Cleft and spit it out at the other, causing massive damage to
    both.  Pretty tricky!

    --  Iron Cleft  --

        #81   HP: 6   Attack: 4   Defense: Unknown   Location: Glitzville

    Same feller as above.  No idea why they were given two numbers.  Oh well.

    --  Hyper Cleft  --

        #82   HP: 4   Attack: 3   Defense: 3   Location: Twilight Trail

    A vicious foe that can dramatically increase its attacking power.  Line him
    up and knock him down before he gets the chance to tear you apart.

    --  Moon Cleft  --

        #83   HP: 6   Attack: 5   Defense: 5   Location: The Moon

    With a defense stat like that, you know Moon Clefts are tough cookies.
    Flip it over with an explosion (preferably one caused by Bobbery) to reduce
    its defense to zero.

    --  Bristle  --

        #84   HP: 2   Attack: 1   Defense: 4   Location: Petal Meadows

    Spiky foes that are impervious to jump attacks, hammer blows, and fire.
    How might one damage such a beast?  Well, POW Blocks certainly work quite

    --  Dark Bristle  --

        #85   HP: 8   Attack: 8   Defense: 4   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    That Attack power speaks for itself.  Up close attacks do not work against
    these guys, so use Hammer Throw or some special moves to do the trick.

    --  Bob-omb  --

        #86   HP: 4   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville
    Similar to the Bomb enemy encountered often times in the Final Fantasy
    series.  A single attack will piss off the Bob-omb, prompting him to self-
    destruct on his next turn.  Sure, this may seem cool, since he's
    eliminating himself for you, but keep in mind that the resultant explosion
    will also hit you.  Try to finish them off before this can take place.

    --  Bulky Bob-omb  --

        #87   HP: 6   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: Pirate's Grotto

    After four rounds of battle, this mammoth will explode, leveling everything
    on the battlefield--be it friend or foe, its gonna take massive damage.
    You can jump the gun a bit by using Bobbery's normal attack, but that's a
    rather poor course of action.  Don't use fire-based items or attacks
    either, as they tend to light the fuse (love those real-world physics,
    eh?).  Try to finish the behemoth off before he self-destructs.

    --  Bub-ulk  --

        #88   HP: 10   Attack: 4   Defense: 2   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Although these big boys won't attack at all, once its fuse has been lit it
    will soon detonate.  The explosion is disgustingly powerful, so make sure
    you defeat it before the boom.

    --  Chain-Chomp  --

        #89   HP: 7   Attack: 6   Defense: 5   Location: Palace of Shadow

    These guys have tough skin, so heavy-hitters like Bobbery are a must.
    Mario's hammer cause limited damage (although Art Attack works wonder, as

    --  Red Chomp  --

        #90   HP: 6   Attack: 5   Defense: 3   Location: Glitzville

    These nasty beasties, who also inhabit the lower floors of the Pit of 100
    Trials, are best dealt with via a strong hammer whack, preferably something
    like Power Smash or Piercing Blow.

    --  Bill Blaster  --

        #91   HP: 5   Attack: --   Defense: 2   Location: Pirate's Grotto

    The interesting thing about the Bill Blaster is that it can't attack
    directly.  Every turn, the Bill Blaster will release a Bullet Bill or two
    to do its own bidding.  There is no end to this, so be sure to defeat the
    Blaster before the Bullets.

    --  Bullet Bill  --

        #92   HP: 2   Attack: 4   Defense: 1   Location: Pirate's Grotto

    These can be found either solo or in tandem with a Bill Blaster.  Bullet
    Bills often strike kamikaze-style, killing themselves while cutting deeply
    into your health.

    --  B. Bill Blaster  --

        #93   HP: 10   Attack: --   Defense: 4   Location: Palace of Shadow

    Very tough Bill Blasters who are best left to Bobbery or special moves to
    be dealt with.  Eliminate them ASAP, lest they fill the screen with
    Bombshell Bills.

    --  Bombshell Bill  --

        #94   HP: 3   Attack: 6   Defense: 2   Location: Palace of Shadow

    Explosive, suicidal adversaries who have no qualms about forfeiting their
    lives to damage you.  Luckily, they have hardly any HP, so they can be
    defeated before they even have the opportunity to attack.

    --  Dark Wizzerd  --

        #95   HP: 10   Attack: 5   Defense: 2   Location: Palace of Shadow

    The most annoying thing about the Dark Wizzerd is that it enjoys making
    copies of itself.  When it does this, you'll only be able to damage the
    true enemy, which looks exactly like the copies.  Blargh, I say.

    --  Wizzerd  --

        #96   HP: 10   Attack: 6   Defense: 3   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    The toughest obstacle you'll need to surmount when dealing with these guys
    is their high defense.  Luckily, special moves like the Art Attack work

    --  Elite Wizzerd  --

        #97   HP: 12   Attack: 8   Defense: 5   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    The ultimate Wizzerd.  He can only be found on floors 91-99 of the Pit of
    100 Trials and is an extreme nuisance.

    --  Blooper (boss)  --

        #98   HP: 12   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Rogueport Sewers

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-a) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Hooktail (boss)  --

        #99   HP: 20   Attack: 5   Defense: 1   Location: Hooktail Castle

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-b) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Gloomtail (boss)  --

        #100   HP: 80   Attack: 8   Defense: 2   Location: Palace of Shadow

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-i) for information on
    this boss.
    --  Bonetail (boss)  --

        #101   HP: 200   Attack: 8   Defense: 2   Location: Pit of 100 Trials

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (5-a) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Rawk Hawk (boss)  --

        #102   HP: 40   Attack: 3   Defense: 1   Location: Glitzville

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-d) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Macho Grubba (boss)  --

        #103   HP: 60   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Glitzville

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-d) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Doopliss (boss)  --

        #104   HP: 40   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Creepy Steeple

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough sections (4-e and 4-i) for
    information on this boss.  Note that Doopliss appears as a boss twice.  The
    stats listed above pertain to your first meeting with Doopliss.  The second
    time you fight him, Doopliss has 40 HP, 6 Attack, 0 Defense and can be
    found in the Palace of Shadow.
    --  Cortez (boss)  --

        #105   HP: 20   Attack: 4   Defense: 1   Location: Pirate's Grotto

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-f) for information on
    this boss.
    --  Smorg (boss)  --

        #106   HP: 50   Attack: 5   Defense: 1   Location: Excess Express

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-g) for information on
    this boss.
    --  X-Naut  --

        #107   HP: 4   Attack: 3   Defense: 0   Location: Various
    Common foot soldiers, these goofy henchmen are very low in the threat
    department.  No real weaknesses--just go crazy on them with whatever.

    --  X-Naut PhD  --

        #108   HP: 9   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: X-Naut Fortress

    A basic X-Naut in a lab coat.  Instead of the typical attacks, these guys
    toss beakers and whatnot, for varied effects.  Nothing too out of the
    ordinary, though.

    --  Elite X-Naut  --

        #109   HP: 10   Attack: 5   Defense: 1   Location: X-Naut Fortress

    Super X-Nauts.  Bigger, stronger, faster; these guys are the real deal.
    Fight them as you would a normal X-Naut.

    --  Yux  --

        #110   HP: 3   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: The Great Tree

    Alone, a Yux is a sitting duck.  This is precisely why it will surround
    itself with Mini-Yux, guardians that prevent the Yux from taking damage. 
    Defeat all the Mini-Yux before more are produced to get a crack at the Yux

    --  Mini-Yux  --

        #111   HP: 1   Attack: 0   Defense: 0   Location: The Great Tree

    Mini guardians created by a Yux as a means of defense.  They can't attack.

    --  Z-Yux  --

        #112   HP: 7   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: The Moon

    Same deal as the Yux, only with more HP and slightly more attack power.
    Their Mini-forms have restorative abilities, though, so try to defeat them

    --  Mini-Z-Yux  --

        #113   HP: 2   Attack: 0   Defense: 0   Location: The Moon

    As many as four of these can surround a Z-Yux at a time.  In order to
    damage the Z-Yux, these guardians must be defeated.

    --  X-Yux  --

        #114   HP: 10   Attack: 3   Defense: 1   Location: X-Naut Fortress

    Yet another type of Yux.  This particular flavor has the capability to
    immobilize you.

    --  Mini-X-Yux  --

        #115   HP: 1   Attack: 0   Defense: 0   Location: X-Naut Fortress

    As with the previous Mini-Yux forms, you'll have to clear these guys out
    before damaging the mama.

    --  Grodus X  --

        #116   HP: 3   Attack: 4   Defense: 0   Location: Palace of Shadow

    When four of these things are surrounding Grodus, he's invincible, which
    means you'll need to target these fellas first and foremost.  Luckily,
    their HP totals are low enough that a single Multibounce can defeat the
    foursome in one go.

    --  Magnus (boss)  --

        #117   HP: 30   Attack: 2   Defense: 1   Location: The Great Tree

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-c) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Magnus 2.0 (boss)  --

        #118   HP: 70   Attack: 6   Defense: 2   Location: X-Naut Fortress

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-h) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Lord Crump (boss)  --

        #119   HP: 30   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Various
    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-f) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Grodus (boss)  --

        #120   HP: 50   Attack: 7   Defense: 1   Location: Palace of Shadow

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-i) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Beldam (boss)  --

        #121   HP: 9   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Boggly Woods

    Please see the appropriate walkthrough sections (4-c and 4-i) for
    information on this boss.  Note that Beldam appears as a boss twice.  The
    stats listed above pertain to your first meeting with Beldam.  The second
    time you fight her, Beldam has 30 HP, 5 Attack, 0 Defense, and can be found
    in the Palace of Shadow.

    --  Marilyn (boss)  --

        #122   HP: 12   Attack: 2   Defense: 0   Location: Boggly Woods
    Please see the appropriate walkthrough sections (4-c and 4-I) for
    information on this boss.  Note that Marilyn appears as a boss twice.  The
    stats listed above pertain to your first meeting with Marilyn.  The second
    time you fight her, Marilyn has 40 HP, 7 Attack, 0 Defense, and can be
    found in the Palace of Shadow.

    --  Vivian (boss)  --

        #123   HP: 10   Attack: 1   Defense: 0   Location: Boggly Woods
    Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-c) for information on
    this boss.

    --  Shadow Queen (boss)  --

        #124   HP: 150   Attack: 7   Defense: 1   Location: Palace of Shadow

    The final boss.  Please see the appropriate walkthrough section (4-i) for
    information on this boss.

     VII ------------------------------------------------- LOCATIONS OF...

Hidden in various locations throughout the game are two unique items:  Star
Pieces and Shine Sprites.  Though the latter tend to be visible to the naked
eye, Star Pieces are often found hidden behind objects or out of sight.

a.  Star Pieces

Star Pieces are shiny gold shards, often found as you aimlessly wander about
because they are hidden in places you would never look.  A grand total of 100
are scattered throughout the game's many environments.  You can check how many
you've collected by inspecting the sign posted at the entrance to the Pit of
100 Trials.

Keep in mind that not all Star Pieces are available from the beginning of the
game, or even as soon as you get to an area filled with Star Pieces.  Many
pieces require the use of Super Boots to obtain, so be patient and return to
the game's various areas once you acquire upgrades.  That said, here we go!


[  ]  Hidden behind some crates near the entrance to East Rogueport (on the
      south side of the fence).

[  ]  The first time you enter East Rogueport, a thief will nab half of your
      coins.  Follow him back to his house in the alley behind the inn.  Check
      the left wall.

[  ]  From the second floor on the inn, it's possible to access the rooftops
      via a door to the left.  Walk as far left as you can (onto Zess T.'s
      roof), then run northward off of the roof.  You should grab the piece
      just before falling.

[  ]  In East Rogueport, there is a secret alley hidden behind the brick wall
      by the powerup shop.  Walk towards said wall to find this secret.  In the
      back alley, you'll find a stack of wooden crates on which a Star Piece

[  ]  As soon as you enter West Rogueport, hug the southern wall as you walk
      to the left.  You can't see the Star Piece, but you'll find it hidden
      against the wall.

[  ]  Stashed behind the tall green pipe in West Rogueport's garden.

[  ]  Southwest of the item shop in Western Rogueport is a gray can of some
      sort.  Check it out to receive another piece.

[  ]  Once you've acquired the Super Boots, head for Rogueport Plaza.  Spin
      Jump directly south of the gallows to unearth yet another piece.

[  ]  Head into the back alley behind the plaza.  Spin Jump continuously behind
      Zess T.'s house to find a piece.

[  ]  At Rogueport Harbor, head downstairs and try out your Spin Jump to the
      left of the staircase leading into town.

[  ]  Go north from Western Rogueport to reach the train and blimp stations.
      Ascend the stairs to the left and walk to the end of the train platform.
      From there, start Spin Jumping like a madman to find another piece.

[  ]  Still at the train/blimp station, look behind the pipe leading to the
      blimp to Glitzville.  You'll need the Blimp Ticket to get near the pipe,
      however, so make sure you've received it from Don Pianta before hunting
      down this piece.

[  ]  Spin Jump a few steps south of the Pianta Parlor in West Rogueport to
      unveil still another lovely, shiny chunk of star.

[  ]  Directly in front of Professor Frankly's house is another piece hidden
      in the ground.  Spin Jump to unearth it.

[  ]  In East Rogueport, defeat (or pay) Gus to gain access to the Robbo gang's
      territory.  Squeeze through the gap between the two buildings to find a
      hidden area in the back.  Stashed between a barrel and some crates is a
      piece of star.

[  ]  Once you've recruited Yoshi, head for East Rogueport and glide across
      the gap between the area outside the Trouble Center toward the fenced
      area to the right.  From there, climb the stacked crates to the roof of
      the building and Spin Jump to find yourself still another piece.

[  ]  From the location of the above piece, ride Yoshi west to the next roof-
      top.  Check behind the chimney ahead to find just what you're looking

[  ]  Upon your return from Keelhaul Key, use the boat panel at Rogueport
      Harbor to reach a small area to the far left.  Here you'll find the final
      Star Piece in Rogueport sitting behind a barrel.


[  ]  Behind the pedestal northeast of Merluvlee's house in the underground

[  ]  In the room due east of the Thousand-Year Door, there is a big yellow
      block.  Look behind it.

[  ]  Drop into the sewers using the grate in Western Rogueport.  Drop off the
      ledge and search behind the platform you were just standing on.

[  ]  Again, fall through the grate in West Rogueport.  You'll likely notice a
      shiny piece of star in the background.  Ride Yoshi to left onto the next
      ledge and dive through the pipe.  Carefully make your way across the
      various moving platforms to claim the piece.

[  ]  Enter the sewers via the grate in West Rogueport.  From there, head east
      across some floating platforms to access the underground city.  Check
      the rubble to the southeast of the city to find a piece.

[  ]  In the underground city (see the above piece), look behind the pillar
      left of the house with the door that doesn't seem to open.

[  ]  At Herb T.'s bar in the underground city, Spin Jump south of the table to
      unearth a piece.

[  ]  Enter the sewers via the pipe near Frankly's house and drop down the
      first set of stairs.  South of the moving shuttle platform you'll want to
      do some Spin Jumping to unveil a piece.

[  ]  Spin Jump in front of the pipe leading to the Boggly Woods.

[  ]  Remember the first black chest that ever "cursed" you?  The one you gave
      you the plane ability?  Return to where you found that chest and Spin
      Jump to floor in front of it.

[  ]  In the chamber with the Thousand-Year Door, take a few steps south from
      the destroyed pillar and start Spin Jumping to unroot the piece.

[  ]  West of the Thousand-Year Door's room is the entrance to the Pit of 100
      Trials.  Look behind the stairs in this room to locate a Star Piece.

[  ]  With the Ultra Boots, head to the chamber with the pipe leading to Petal
      Meadows.  Stand next to the vertical pipe and Spring Jump; shimmy to the
      right until the pipe ends, at which point you should drop off.  Go
      through the warp pipe and into the building, which contains a star.


[  ]  Smack the tree just left of the Save Block near the pipe from which you
      will emerge out of the sewers.

[  ]  In order to create a bridge leading into Petalburg, you must head into
      the background using a pipe.  Continue eastward past the blue "!" switch
      to find this lovely piece of star.


[  ]  Exit Petalburg via the eastern gate and inspect the first bush to the
      north.  A shiny Star Piece should pop out!

[  ]  South of the eastern gate is a patch of flowers.  Spin Jump near those
      flowers to divulge a piece.

[  ]  Spin Jump in the center of the "island" on the western side of town.


[  ]  Due east of the chamber where a mob of skeletons attack you, there is a
      gray and yellow elevator block.  Ride it to the top, then leap west onto
      a narrow ledge that is home to this piece.

[  ]  In the same room as the above piece, stand atop the small purple block in
      the northeast corner.  Trigger the purple switch to the south (using
      Koops, of course), then ride to the top and head right onto a balcony
      containing a Star Piece.

[  ]  When you're jumping through the windows to use the outside ledge to
      cross the broken bridge, head right instead of left to score another

[  ]  On a narrow ledge in the northeastern corner of the room toward the peak
      of the castle.  In the room, you must squeeze through a set of bars to
      access an airplane panel.  To nab the Star Piece, squeeze through a
      second set of bars to the north and carefully walk to the right.  Voila!

[  ]  After obtaining the Super Boots, return to the chamber where Koops
      claimed to find his father's skeleton (the same area where you were once
      mobbed by millions of skeletons).  Squeeze through the vertical bars and
      Spin Jump to the left of there.  You should find the piece no problem.


[  ]  Head one screen east of the pipe leading to the Great Tree and you'll
      spot a blue "!" switch (or a ledge in the background where that switch
      once was).  Sitting behind it is a lovely piece of star.

[  ]  On the screen with the pipe leading to Flurrie's house, there are three
      trees near the entrance (to the screen).  Hammer the third tree and a
      Star Piece will tumble down from the branches.

[  ]  Take several steps southwest from the pipe leading to Flurrie's house.
      You should end up in the corner of the fence outside, exactly where a
      piece is hidden.  Hooray!

[  ]  Once you've found the Super Boots in the Boggly Tree, return to Flurrie's
      bedroom and Spin Jump south of the bed, near the couch.  A Star Piece
      will appear from its hiding place in the floor.


[  ]  After defeating the 10-Jabbi squadron, return to the room to the left
      and fall of the edge.  There should be a save point to the northwest with
      an unusually large bush not far from it.  Inspect that bush to find your
      Star Piece.

[  ]  Check behind the pipe that carries you into the chamber with the giant
      tree stump.

[  ]  When Lord Crump traps all 101 of your Puni buddies in a giant cage, take
      the nearby pipe downstairs.  There, check behind the pipe to snag this

[  ]  After obtaining the Super Boots, trek back to the blue prison cell where
      90 of your Puni pals were previously trapped.  Spin Jump in the middle of
      the cell to uncover this piece.

[  ]  From the entry room (with the Save and Recovery Blocks), take the pipe
      upstairs.  Toward the bottom-right corner, use the Spin Jump (making the
      Super Boots a requirement to nab this piece) to reveal a piece hidden in
      the floor.

[  ]  When Lord Crump steals the Crystal Star and flees up a pipe, follow him
      and check each and every bush in the first room that the pipe takes you


[  ]  Walk south of the blimp's landing pad and start Spin Jumping once you are
      no longer on the pad.

[  ]  Check behind the telephone pole in the town's southwestern corner.

[  ]  Near the entrance to the Glitz Pit are planters filled with... plants!
      Take a look behind the greens on the right side to score this piece.

[  ]  Hop over the counter in the juice bar and search the back-left corner for
      this bad boy.

[  ]  After hitting the giant blue "!" switch south of the juice bar, climb to
      the bar's roof.  Notice the massive poster of Rawk Hawk?  Shoot Koops's
      shell below this poster to retrieve a cleverly-hidden piece of star.

[  ]  The entrance to the Glitz Pit has two staircases.  Stand just to the
      right of the western staircase and Spin Jump to dig up a piece.

[  ]  Once you gain access to the Storage Room next to Grubba's Office, head
      inside and Spin Jump a few paces in front of the door.  As is the usual,
      a Star Piece will explode from its hiding place in the ground.

[  ]  After unlocking the room on the Storage Room's second floor, destroy the
      giant yellow block and look behind the brown crates.

[  ]  When you break into Grubba's Office, check behind the plant just south of
      the vent.

[  ]  Still in Grubba's Office, search the top drawer of Grubba's desk.  Voila!
      Another Star Piece!


[  ]  Check the gap between Mayor Dour's house and the house just left of it.

[  ]  On the western side of town, there are many patches of grass near a
      solitary tree to the south.  Inspect each tuft near the tree to reveal a
      shiny piece.

[  ]  Below the gate on the east side you'll find a tree and some barrels
      fenced off.  Stay outside the fence, but check behind the two barrels.


[  ]  On the right side of the fallen tree.

[  ]  Stashed behind the pipe just past the fallen tree.


[  ]  Outside the steeple, hug the wall left of the gate.  Pow!

[  ]  As soon as you enter the steeple, curl into Tube Mode and roll through
      the rectangular hole in the upper wall.  The Star is hidden in the back,
      behind a table and beneath a cobweb.  Dig around in the rubble until you
      find it.

[  ]  In the chamber with the moving staircase.  Spin Jump toward the bottom-
      right corner to reveal the piece.

[  ]  En route to the secret chamber where the bird is, you'll in a room above
      the chest that once contained 200 Boos.  Take a look in the southeastern

[  ]  In the bird room.  Spin Jump the bottom-right corner to score the prize.


[  ]  Go to the area just west of camp.  Walk north from the entrance and Spin
      Jump several paces before coming into contact with the large stone wall

[  ]  At camp, wade into the shallows to the south and retrieve a piece sitting
      in plain sight.

[  ]  On the right side of camp, there is a hefty rock formation (*right* next
      to the eastern exit).  Poke around behind this rock to score another

[  ]  Exit camp to the east and rustle through the *first* patch of grass you
      find.  Voila!

[  ]  At the base of the cliff leading deeper into the jungle, there is a
      large root blocking the screen.  Search behind it.

[  ]  Near the entrance to the Pirate's Grotto, there is a slab of rock in the
      foreground that blocks the bottom of the screen.  Hug it to find your


[  ]  Just before you reach the harpoon-floor trap, there is a small island to
      the south.  A Star Piece is sitting on said island.  Provided that you
      have (properly-functioning) eyes, you cannot miss it.

[  ]  Near the source of the giant waterfall.  You enter this room from the
      right; immediately take a few steps north and try out your Spin Jump.

[  ]  In the room where you obtain the Grotto Key.  When you hit the switch to
      raise the elevator platform, a crate to the left will lower.  Leap onto
      that crate and ride it to the top.  From there, step onto the row of
      barrels and walk into the open barrel at the bottom.  There it is!

[  ]  After unlocking the door with the Grotto Key, Spin Jump in the center of
      the room to divulge a piece.


[  ]  Enter Cabin 004, the one right next to Mario's room, and go hogwild with
      your Spin Jump.  Easy!

[  ]  Head to the front of the train and stand in front of the engine.  Spin
      Jump.  Collect the Star Piece.

[  ]  In room 008 (the Bob-omb family's cabin), check inside the drawer to
      score a snazzy prize.

[  ]  After retrieving the Galley Pot from the portly fellow in room 003,
      return it to Chef Shimi in the dining car to receive a reward... a Star

[  ]  When the train stops at Riverside Station, bring the Shell Earrings back
      to the waitress in the dining car.  She'll thank you with a piece.


[  ]  Sitting behind the piece of machinery atop which you find the Station


[  ]  Spin Jump at the bottom of the stairs.  Pow!

[  ]  On the same screen as the train station, hop the hence in front of the
      light blue house and peek behind the lawn chair.

[  ]  This one is also on the same screen as the train station.  Notice the
      hole in the hedges to the right?  Enter the hedges through that hole and
      walk northward to find a well-hidden piece.

[  ]  Next to the hotel is a lavender-colored house.  Look around in the hedges
      to the left of this house.


[  ]  Try out your Spin Jump just to the left of the pipe that leads back to
      the sewers.

[  ]  One screen east of the warp pipe, you may spot a piece hidden behind a
      barren plant at the bottom of the screen.  Grab it.

[  ]  On the screen just prior to reaching Fahr Outpost, there is a broken
      brick wall to the south.  Hug it as you move eastward to score another
      chunk of star.

[  ]  When you first reach the Outpost, check behind the broken wall to the

[  ]  Spin Jump in front of the cannon statue found in the eastern portion of
      Fahr Outpost.

[  ]  Step inside the easternmost house and inspect the boxes adjacent to the


[  ]  When you reach the screen with the X-Naut Fortress in the background,
      search for a small, inconspicuous stone south of the warp pipe.  When you
      find it, check behind it to find what you're looking for. 


[  ]  Take the elevator down to Sublevel 2.  In the second room to the right,
      you should spot an open ventilation shaft on the ceiling.  Spring Jump to
      get inside, then run left and take the piece.

[  ]  After collecting the Cog on Sublevel 2, ride the elevator up to Sublevel
      1.  Here, enter the leftmost room and use the crane to snag the final
      Star Piece.

b.  Shine Sprites

Shine Sprites lurk in floating golden, sparkly boxes.  They are used at the
powerup shop in East Rogueport, where three sprites can be exchanged for a
single level up.


[  ]  Once you've recruited Yoshi, head for East Rogueport and glide across
      the gap between the area outside the Trouble Center toward the fenced
      area to the right.  From there, climb the stacked crates to the roof of
      the building and ride Yoshi west to the next rooftop.  In the background,
      there is a Shine Sprite floating above another rooftop.  Make your way
      back there and nab it.

[  ]  This one also requires the aid of the young Yoshi.  Squeeze through the
      crack between the Trouble Center and Ishmail's hideout, then ride Yoshi
      west over the river.  Climb atop the crates and nab another sprite.

[  ]  Head to the westside and enter the first house.  Climb the stairs and
      curl into Tube Mode.  Notice the discolored portion of the wall on the
      right?  Roll through there; you'll emerge in a back alley, right next to
      a Shine Sprite!

[  ]  This Shine is actually hidden inside Bobbery's house in East Rogueport,
      so you can't get it until Chapter 5.  When recruiting Bobbery, you'll
      have to sneak into his house via the chimney.  Once inside, check the
      back room to find it.

[  ]  The brick wall adjacent to the westside's item shop is heavily damaged.
      Blow it open with Bobbery, then look inside to find something you might
      enjoy... a Shine Sprite!


[  ]  In the chamber with the Thousand-Year Door, squeeze through the bars due
      north of the entrance and use the trampoline to access an airplane tile.
      Use that to soar to the far ledge, from which you can bounce on up to
      another high ledge.  A shiny prize awaits you at the top!

[  ]  Fall through the grate in West Rogueport.  Hop onto Yoshi's back and ride
      left onto the next ledge, where you'll find a Shine Sprite.

[  ]  When you've got the Super Hammer, head to the Warp Area.  Hammer past
      the immense yellow block, then ride the elevator and snatch the prize.

[  ]  Once you've gained the Paper Boat ability, travel to where you fought the
      Blooper boss waaaaaaay back at the start of the game.  Use the boat panel
      there to access a yummy Shine.

[  ]  Enter the sewers via the grate in West Rogueport and drop off the ledge.
      Go through the warp pipe to the north, then find your way onto the lower
      pavilion.  Use Flurrie to blow away the covering on the wall, revealing
      a hidden pathway.  Head through it to find a boat panel.  Sail several
      screens east and you'll eventually reach a chamber with not one, not two,
      but three, count 'em, *three* Shine Sprites!  Rejoice!  Two of the three
      can be nabbed easily, but the third requires the Spring Jump to obtain.

[  ]  See above.

[  ]  See above.

[  ]  After acquiring the Spring Jump ability, head into the underground city.
      Ride the elevator platform in the center of town, then stand between the
      two buildings and Spring Jump.  You should grab onto a pipe suspended
      high above.  Shimmy to the right, then drop off and leap onto the
      pedestal below.  Shine Sprite, ho!


[  ]  In the room directly east of where you are mobbed by a massive army of
      skeletons, you'll find a sprite floating near the northern wall.

[  ]  In the treasure chamber where you first encounter the infamous Ms. Mowz.

[  ]  At the very top of the staircase, directly in front of the door leading
      outside onto the highbridge.  If you're going to Hooktail's lair, you
      can't miss it.


[  ]  Head one screen east of the pipe leading toward the Great Boggly Tree.
      There you'll find an airplane panel that can be raised to its full
      height with a blue "!" block in the background.  Once you've hit the
      switch, take the adjacent pipe to reach the top of the platform.  Shoot
      Koops to the left and you'll obtain the sprite!


[  ]  In the room where you must blow your Puni friends across a chasm using
      bubbles, drop off the ledge into the water below.  A Shine Sprite is
      hiding in the corner.

[  ]  Just above the previous room (the one with the bubbles), you'll find a
      strange vase-like object sitting atop a ledge.  Use Flurrie to blow it
      away, revealing a plane tile.  Sail right to another panel and, from
      there, glide toward the ledge with the sprite.

[  ]  As soon as you acquire the Super Boots, head one screen south and break
      the wooden floor.  You'll land on a platform with the sprite in clear
      sight.  Hop across the platforms and claim it.

[  ]  When you reach the pit filled with lily pads, use Koops to activate the
      switch upstairs, thus raising the water level.  Leap across the lily
      pads to snatch the final sprite in this area.


[  ]  The first of two Shine Sprites in Glitzville is floating is plain sight,
      just to the right of the entrance to the Glitz Pit.  Although it's too
      high to hit with a normal jump, hammering the sprite's shadow will reveal
      a previously-invisible block.  Use that to bop the sprite!

[  ]  When you gain access to the Storage Room near Grubba's Office, find the
      staircase switch behind the crates to the left and activate it.  Then,
      head upstairs.  The Shine is at the top; you can't miss it.


[  ]  On the screen just prior to the Creepy Steeple, stand behind the tree
      furthest to the east and jump.  It may take a few blind jumps, but you'll
      find the well-hidden Shine soon enough!


[  ]  As soon as you enter the steeple, curl into Tube Mode and roll through
      the rectangular hole in the upper wall.  The sprite is there, in plain

[  ]  Hop into the well sitting outside the steeple.  See that shiny yellow
      thing floating to the left?  It's all yours!

[  ]  Inside the well.  After making your way past the sliding door, you'll
      find a Shine Sprite next to a save point.  It's impossible not to see it.


[  ]  At the cliff a few screens into the jungle.  Climb to the top, then look
      over the western edge.  You should spot the Shine floating above an
      ordinary brick.  Ride Yoshi across to the brick, then snag the Shine.

[  ]  Cross the rope bridge where you find Bobbery and pals during your first
      visit.  On the far side of the bridge, you should be able to see the
      Shine Sprite peaking through the foliage.  Jump up and grab it!


[  ]  The first time you stumble across a sunken ship, move to the highest part
      of the ship (to the north) and jump.  There is a Shine hidden near the
      stalagmites (stalactites?  I always forget which is which).

[  ]  On your climb to the top of the rocks near the waterfall, you're sure to
      spot a Shine floating near the peak.  Although you can't reach it
      yourself, Koops's shell can reveal a hidden block allowing you to nab
      that sucker.

[  ]  In the room where you obtain the Grotto Key.  When you hit the switch to
      raise the elevator platform, a crate to the left will lower.  Leap onto
      that crate and ride it to the top, where a beautiful Shine Sprite awaits.

[  ]  When you reach the booby-trapped wall (the one with the spikes coming
      out), take a gander to the right.  Floating above the turbulent waters is
      a sprite.  Nail it with Koops's shell.

[  ]  One room after the spiky wall (the chamber mentioned above), you'll find
      a Shine way up in the air.  Hammer the ground below it to find a hidden
      block, which can be used to reach the Shine.


[  ]  In Mario's cabin (room 005), take a gander at the desk to find a Shine
      Sprite sandwiched between it and the bed.

[  ]  When you bring Bub (the Bob-omb kid in room 008) the train engineer's
      autograph, he'll thank you with a Shine.  Cool beans!


[  ]  In the outside portion of the station, where there are several stair-
      cases.  You must come this way to complete the area, and the Shine is in
      plain sight.  You can't miss it.

[  ]  Just after the numbered blue switches you'll spot a Shine hovering above
      some stairs.  Shoot Koops's shell to grab it.


[  ]  To the right of Poshley Sanctum is a rather lofty sprite.  Perform a high
      flying Spring Jump to reach it.


[  ]  This Shine is located on a high ledge after entering the painting.
      Spring Jump to the conveniently-placed to access the bad boy.


[  ]  On the second screen leading to the Outpost, stand behind the first tree
      and jump.  You may have to take a few steps northward to find the Shine,

[  ]  Sitting happily in the snow in the furthest eastern corner of Fahr

     VIII ---------------------------------------------------------- ITEMS

Items come in two distinct flavors:  common (everyday items which can be found
or purchased anywhere) and key (special, nonconsumables that only come around
once in a while).


NAME             COST   USE
Boo's Sheet      20     Makes you invisible, so attacks against you miss.
Choco Cake       --     A cake made by Zess T.  Replenishes 5 HP and 15 FP.
Coconut          --     Fruit from a tropical island.  To be honest, it ain't
Couple's Cake    --     Food that slowly refills HP.  You can't eat it alone.
Courage Shell    5      Gives your partner courage to boost his or her Defense.
Dizzy Dial       12     Makes all enemies dizzy, decreasing their accuracy.
Dried Bouquet    --     Beautiful flowers made by Bub-ulber.  Replenishes 1 HP.
Dried Shroom     2      A less-than-tasty dried mushroom.  Replenishes 1 HP.
Earth Quake      18     Attacks all ground-bound enemies.
Fire Flower      10     Attacks all enemies with fireballs and burns them.
Fright Mask      5      Summons a scary spirit to chase some enemies away.
Gold Bar         110    A gold bar.
Golden Leaf      --     A weird leaf found in Creepy Steeple.  Replenishes 10
Gradual Syrup    15     Makes allies recover FP gradually for a brief period.
Honey Candy      --     Candy made by Zess T.  Replenishes 20 FP.
Honey Shroom     --     A dessert made by Zess T.  Replenishes 5 HP and 5 FP.
Honey Syrup      5      A sweet snack.  Restores 5 FP.
Hot Dog          10     Mr Hoggle's meaty work of art.  Refills 5 HP and 5 FP.
Hot Sauce        --     A popular sauce with captivating spiciness.
HP Drain         10     Simultaneously attacks foes and replenishes your own
Ice Storm        15     Blows a cold win at all enemies and freezes them.
Inn Coupon       --     A free pass!  Lets you stay one free night at an inn.
Jammin' Jelly    200    A highly nutritious snack.  Restores 50 FP.
Keel Mango       --     Fruit found on Keelhaul Key.  Replenishes 5 HP.
Life Shroom      50     Restores 10 HP when Mario or his partner falls.
Maple Syrup      20     A deliciously sweet Syrup.  Replenishes 10 FP.
Meteor Meal      --     Food that refills 7 HP and gradually recovers even
Mini Mr. Mini    8      Briefly shrinks enemies, dropping their Attack power.
Mr. Softener     8      Softens up enemies for a bit, decreasing their Defense.
Mushroom         5      A feel-good mushroom.  Replenishes 5 HP.
Mystery          3      Who knows what this does?  Take a chance and find out!
Mystic Egg       --     A weird egg that Petuni gave you.  Replenishes 5 HP.
Peachy Peach     --     Fruit found in Twilight Town.  Replenishes 1 HP and 2
Point Swap       5      Swaps your partner's HP and FP (cannot exceed max).
POW Block        5      Attacks all ground-bound enemies.
Power Punch      15     Boosts your partner's Attack power by adding buffness.
Repel Cape       15     Raises your evasion, making you harder to hit.
Ruin Powder      --     Confuses all enemies, hindering their attacks.
Sleepy Sheep     8      Temporarily puts all enemies to sleep, immobilizing
Slow Shroom      15     Makes allies recover HP gradually for a brief period.
Snow Bunny       --     A Zess T. dessert that refills 15 HP but freezes you.
Space Food       --     Space food made by Zess T.  Replenishes 5 HP.
Spite Pouch      10     Briefly does half-damage to all foes who attack
Stop Watch       30     Temporarily immobilizes all enemies.
Super Shroom     20     A feel-super mushroom.  Replenishes 10 HP.
Tasty Tonic      3      A tasty medicine.  Cures poison and other ailments.
Thunder Bolt     10     Drops lightning on an enemy and stuns it.
Thunder Rage     20     Drops lightning on all enemies and stuns them.
Turtley Leaf     --     A leaf found in Petalburg.  Replenishes 3 FP.
Ultra Shroom     200    A feel-great mushroom.  Replenishes 50 HP.
Volt Shroom      10     Electrifies you to damage direct-attackers.
Whacka Bump      --     A lump of something.  Replenishes 25 HP and 25 FP.

  * Note:  Item prices tend to fluctuate from town to town, but the number I've
    listed can be considered a general estimate.


  The Excess Express's engineer's name on a sheet of paper.  Give it to Bub,
  the Bob-omb kid, as a birthday present.

Battle Trunks
  Dirty, stinky, worn-out wrestling shorts that Jolene forces you to clean up
  during a certain trouble.

Black Key
  Black keys are found in various locations throughout the game, but they all
  have the same purpose.  They're required to unlock black treasure chests,
  which "curse" Mario with new abilities.

  You'll receive this on the Excess Express, when you return the Ragged Diary
  to the ghost.

Blimp Ticket
  Needed to get to Glitzville in Chapter 3.  Find Don Pianta's daughter at the
  dock, then return to the Don's place to attain this item.

Blue Key
  Found in the Great Boggly Tree, this key is needed to unlock the prison cell
  in which a gang of Punies are trapped.

  A piece of stolen merchandise received once the culprit threatening the
  Excess Express has been apprehended.

Card Key
  Grodus's personal card key, which is used to open a door in the X-Nauts'
  lunar base.

Champ's Belt
  Rise to the top of the Glitz Pit and defeat Rawk Hawk for the second time to
  attain this belt, proof that Mario, err... "The Great Gonzales" is the true
  master of the ring.

Chuckola Cola
  A famous beverage!  Barter with Flavio for it, then carry it to the "dying"
  Bobbery.  Magical healing properties!

  A machine in the X-Naut's base needs this to start working.  Find it in the
  base's warp room.

  Found inside the Creepy Steeple, this item is needed to solve Zess T.'s
  trouble at Rogueport's Trouble Center.  Once you give this item to Zess T.,
  she'll be able to cook recipes involving multiple ingredients.

Dubious Paper
  Found in the back room of the minor league locker room in Glitzville.  It
  supposedly contains some top-secret information about the Crystal Stars.

Elevator Key
  Found and used in the X-Naut Fortress, this lovely little key is necessary to
  activate the elevator.

Galley Pot
  A crucial piece of evidence needed to solve a most mysterious mystery aboard
  on the Excess Express.

Goldbob Guide
  Instructions for using the cannon in Fahr Outpost.  This item is needed to
  blast yourself to the moon in Chapter 7.  Talk to Goldbob in Poshley Heights
  to obtain it.

Gold Card
  Solve Frankie's trouble at the Trouble Center to receive this, which allows
  you to play the Tube Mode game at Pianta Parlor.

Gold Ring
  A piece of stolen merchandise received once the culprit threatening the
  Excess Express has been apprehended.

House Key
  This key, found while helping Garf out at the trouble center, unlocks the
  door in East Rogueport.

Lottery Pick
  Purchase one from the hefty man in western Rogueport.  Check the lottery
  board (also in West Rogueport) every day to see if you've won.

Mailbox SP
  Mario has this in his possession from the get-go.  Throughout the game, you
  will receive e-mails from various people.

  Flurrie's lost necklace, which was found by none other than Vivian of the
  Shadow Sirens.  After trouncing the trio of terror in Boggly Woods, bring
  this bee-yoo-tee-ful necklace back to Flurrie.

Palace Key
  You'll find no less than nine of these in the Palace of Shadow, eight of
  which are used to activate a building in the underground city.

Platinum Card
  Received upon completion of Toodle's trouble, this card allows you to play
  the Boat Mode game at Pianta Parlor.

  A gift from Bub to his mother.  You must deliver this to Sylvia (Bub's mom)
  to complete Bub's trouble.

Puni Orb
  Received in the Great Boggly Tree, Chapter 2.  Place it in certain black
  machines to gather all Punies in the area.

Ragged Diary
  A diary needed to appease the ghost haunting the Excess Express.  Bring it
  back to him un-read and he'll be happy.  However, read the diary and you
  won't like the consequences.

Red Key
  Found in the Great Boggly Tree, this key is required to unlock the prison
  cell in which the Puni elder is trapped.

Routing Slip
  A Silver Club newsletter that Mario must delivered all across the world in
  order to solve Mayor Dour's trouble.

Shell Earrings
  A piece of stolen merchandise received once the culprit threatening the
  Excess Express has been apprehended.

Shop Key
  This is found on the Twilight Trail, and is needed to unlock the store room
  of a local shop.

Silver Card
  Complete Pine T. Jr.'s trouble at the Trouble Center to receive this ticket,
  which allows you to play the Paper Mode game at Pianta Parlor.

Special Card
  Solve Koopook's trouble at the Trouble Center in East Rogueport to obtain
  this card, which allows you to play the Plane Mode game at Pianta Parlor.

Star Key
  This strange, star-shaped stone is received upon Gloomtail's defeat and is
  used in the Palace of Shadow.

Station Key
  Obtained from the conductor of the Excess Express.  It is needed to open the
  door of Riverside Station.

Strange Sack
  Found on the 50th floor of the Pit of 100 Trials, this smelly old bag allows
  Mario to carry as many as 20 items at one time.

Super Luigi (volumes 1-5)
  These novels detailing Luigi's legendary adventures can be purchased one at
  a time from the Toad Bros. Bazaar (Rogueport Plaza).  The books are pricy,
  but the tales inside are priceless.

Train Ticket
  Necessary to catch a ride on the Excess Express.

Up Arrow
  Found in Hooktail Castle after enlisting Bobbery, give this item to Merlon at
  the powerup shop (in Rogueport) and he'll be able to increase your partners'
  levels more so than before.

Vital Paper
  A very important and complicated note needed to solve the yummy, sticky
  mystery aboard the Excess Express.

Wedding Ring
  In order to score some tickets for the Excess Express, you must hunt down
  Frankie and Francesca's wedding ring in the jungles of Keelhaul Key.  It can
  be found under the palm trees near the entrance to Pirate's Grotto.  You'll
  need to find this ring a second time to solve Frankie's trouble at the
  Trouble Center.  Luckily, this time it can be found just a few paces east of
  the Trouble Center itself.

Wrestling Mag
  To complete Toodles's trouble, you'll need to collect this magazine from
  Jolene at the Glitz Pit.

     IX ------------------------------------------------------ BADGES LIST

Badges are scattered throughout the game and provide a wide variety of bonuses.
The amount that can be equipped is based upon two things:  (1) your current
Badge Points (BP, which is increased as you level up) and (2) the BP required
by that badge.  So, without further adieu, the badges...

  --  All or Nothing  --

  4 BP   No price   Hit Action Commands, Attack rises.  Fail, it drops to 0.
  Palace of Shadow (in the spike room)

  Info:  This badge is a rare gem, assuming that you can easily hit your Action
  Commands.  If you can, All or Nothing is a great choice, hands down.

  --  Attack FX B  --

  0 BP   No price   Change the sound effects of Mario's attacks.
  Hooktail Castle (complete the anonymous trouble at the Trouble Center)

  Info:  Equipping this badge alters the sound of Mario's attacks, making them
  much squeakier.

  --  Attack FX G  --

  0 BP   120 coins   Change the sound effects of Mario's attacks.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  This one makes Mario's attacks sound like... something I'm not even
  gonna try to describe.

  --  Attack FX P  --

  0 BP   70 coins   Change the sound effects if Mario's attacks.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  Another sound effect-altering badge.  Buy it only if you're one of
  those perfectionists I've heard about.

  --  Attack FX R  --

  0 BP   No price   Changes the sound effects of Mario's attack.
  Hooktail Castle (check the cell in the room before where you are "cursed").

  Info:  Unlike other similar badges, this one actually comes in handy.  During
  the boss battle against Hooktail, the shrill sound produced by Mario's
  attacks will reduce the amount of damage you sustain.  Cool beans!

  --  Attack FX Y  --

  0 BP   1 Star Piece   Changes the sound effects of Mario's attacks (pfft).
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  This badge changes the sound of Mario's attacks to something light
  and clangy.  Obnoxious?  Yes.  Useful?  Not so much.

  --  Bump Attack  --

  5 BP   No price   Bump into weak foes to defeat them without battling.
  Pit of 100 Trials (80th floor)

  Info:  A very cool badge which makes traveling through previous areas a
  breeze.  Sadly, the BP count is a wee bit high...

  --  Charge  --

  1 BP   No price   Wear this to add Charge to Mario's Tactics menu.
  Boggly Tree (below where the 101 Punies are trapped by Lord Crump)

  Info:  The Charge Move requires one FP to execute.  As with most other badges
  of this sort, equipping more than one increases the effect and the required
  FP.  Charging your character's power obviously increases it.  For only 1 BP,
  it's not a terrible idea, although the power boost is not overwhelmingly

  --  Charge P  --

  1 BP   No price   Wear this to add Charge to your partner's Tactics menu.
  Glitz Pit (1st floor Storage Room; reveal the yellow blocks and hammer them)

  Info:  Same deal as the regular Charge badge (see above), only applied to
  your partner.

  --  Chill Out  --

  1 BP   2 Star Pieces   Never succumb to a First Strike.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  The concept sounds good on paper, but this badge is really only useful
  if you aren't very cautious and get First Striked often.

  --  Close Call  --

  1 BP   No price   Enemies miss Mario more often when he's in Danger.
  Petal Meadows (near the bridge right before Petalburg)

  Info:  A real lifesaver.  Given the miniscule BP requirement, this is one
  badge that should stay pinned to Mario all game long.

  --  Close Call P  --

  1 BP   No price   When your ally's in Danger, cause foes to sometimes miss.
  Riverside Station (in the first room, knock it down with a Spring Jump)

  Info:  As with Mario's version of the badge, the CCP works awesome in all
  situations.  Equip it ASAP.

  --  Damage Dodge  --

  2 BP   No price   Decrease damage by 1 with a Guard Action Command.
  Rogueport Sewers (near the pipe leading to Boggly Woods)

  Info:  The concept sounds nice, and truth be told it works well when you
  first acquire it.  Later on, however, that one extra point of damage won't
  make a noticeable difference.

  --  Damage Dodge P  --

  2 BP   No price   Cut damage by 1 HP with a Guard Action Command (ally).
  Boggly Tree (in the red block above the narrow ledge near the Jabbi hives)

  Info:  As with Mario's Damage Dodge, this version comes in handy as soon as
  you get the badge.  As you progress, though, its value will quickly decrease.

  --  Defend Plus  --

  5 BP   No price   Boosts Mario's Defense by 1.
  Twilight Town (in the back room of the item shop)

  Info:  A decent equip if you haven't acquired anything flashier, although the
  BP cost is frightfully high.

  --  Defend Plus P  --

  5 BP   No price   Boost your ally's Defense by 1.
  Pirate's Grotto (behind the waterfall at the top of the save point room)

  Info:  5 BP is really steep for such a small stat boost, but the Defend Plus
  P badge can work wonders if you aren't so great at finding those elusive Star

  --  Double Dip  --

  3 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Double Dip ability.
  Rogueport (use the boat dock hidden behind the Trouble Center)

  Info:  At the expense of 4 FP, Double Dip allows Mario to use two items in a
  single round.  Can prove a godsend in certain boss battles, and the BP
  requirement is perfectly reasonable.  For an even cooler effect, equip two
  Double Dip badges at once.  This raises the FP consumption, but allows you to
  use as many as three items in a single turn!  Talk about snazzy!

  --  Double Dip P  --

  3 BP   No price   Bestows Mario's partner the Double Dip ability.
  Pit of 100 Trials (70th floor)

  Info:  Same deal as the Double Dip (above), except that this applies to your

  --  Double Pain  --

  0 BP   36 coins   Doubles the damage Mario takes.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  Fun if dying much easier sounds like your kinda thing.  Not fun for
  normal people.

  --  Feeling Fine  --

  4 BP   No price   Make Mario immune to poison and dizziness.
  X-Naut Fortress (use the crane in Sublevel 1)

  Info:  During your trip through the X-Naut Fortress you may find this badge
  useful, as you're sure to encounter some poison/dizziness-inducing foes.  It
  is also worth equipping as you travel through the final dungeon.

  --  Feeling Fine P  --

  4 BP   No price   Make your partner immune to poison and dizziness.
  X-Naut Fortress (use the crane in Sublevel 1)

  Info:  During your trip through the X-Naut Fortress you may find this badge
  useful, as you're sure to encounter some poison/dizziness-inducing foes.  It
  is also worth equipping as you travel through the final dungeon.

  --  Fire Drive  --

  3 BP   70 coins   Bestows Mario the Fire Drive ability.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  What's particularly cool about this badge is that, since Fire Drive is
  a fire-based attack (duh), it will set your foes ablaze, causing extra
  damage.  Pretty cool, err... hot!  Wearing two or more of these badges
  increases the FP consumed, but also raises the damage inflicted.  Sounds like
  a fair trade-off to me!

  --  First Attack  --

  1 BP   70 coins   Do a First Strike to defeat weak foes without battling.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  Sure, you won't gain much extra time or avoid many nuisance battles
  with the First Attack, but for a measly 1 BP there's little reason against
  giving it a try.

  --  Flower Finder  --

  3 BP   6 Star Pieces   More flowers appear after defeating a foe.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  A decent badge at best.  For the price of 6 Star Pieces, you could
  trade for something a little more lavish, especially considering that
  FP-restoring items are a dime a dozen.

  --  Flower Saver  --

  4 BP   10 Star Pieces   Reduce Mario's FP consumption by 1.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  Works great as an extra little badge to tack on before a big boss
  battle, but otherwise you might want to invest the 4 BP elsewhere.

  --  Flower Saver P  --

  4 BP   10 Star Pieces   Reduce partner's FP consumption by 1.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  Same deal as the normal Flower Saver badge, except that this one
  applies to your partner.

  --  FP Plus  --

  3 BP   No price   Increase maximum FP by 5.
  Boggly Tree (right outside the tree, off to the east)

  Info:  I value this higher than the HP Plus badge, as it gives you the chance
  to nail your enemies harder more often.

  --  Hammerman  --

  2 BP   180 coins   Increase hammer power by 1, but lose the ability to jump.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  An interesting concept, but one that can only be effectively utilized
  in areas where all the foes are prone to hammer attacks (i.e. no airborne

  --  Hammer Throw  --

  1 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Hammer Throw ability.
  Twilight Trail (in the woods leading to Creepy Steeple)

  Info:  This ability allows you to chuck a hammer at one foe, no matter where
  that foe is standing.  The attack requires 2 FP, although that count, as well
  as the attack power, can be increased by equipping multiple Hammer Throw

  --  Happy Flower  --

  2 BP   4 Star Pieces   Slowly and automatically restore FP during battle.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  Although recovering FP all the time sounds great, the Happy Flower
  sadly isn't all that it's cracked up to be.  The recovery takes place rarely
  and sporadically, meaning that it won't prove that random lifesaver you were
  hoping for.

  --  Happy Heart  --

  2 BP   4 Star Pieces   Gradually recover HP during battle.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  For 2 BP, Happy Heart isn't a complete loss, but keep in mind that
  "gradually recover HP" means regain 1 HP every so often.  Not as good as you
  might hope, but still marginally handy.

  --  Happy Heart P  --

  2 BP   4 Star Pieces   Your partner gradually recovers HP during battle.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  Same deal as the normal Happy Heart badge, except that this one
  applies to your partner.

  --  Head Rattle  --

  1 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Head Rattle ability.
  Keelhaul Key (inside a red block in the jungle, just east of the camp)

  Info:  This attack, which confuses foes when properly executed, requires a
  total of 2 FP.  Toss on multiple badges to raise the FP consumption and
  increase the time that enemies remain confused.

  --  Heart Finder  --

  3 BP   6 Star Pieces   More hearts appear after defeating a baddie.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  If you really don't have anything else to equip, the Heart Finder
  isn't so bad.  However, there are many superior ways to spend that 3 BP.

  --  HP Drain  --

  1 BP   No price   Drop Mario's Attack power by 1 but regain 1 HP per attack.
  Rogueport Harbor (use the boat panel to reach a hidden area to the west)

  Info:  An interesting trade-off, that's for sure.  If you're a more defense-
  oriented player, HP Drain is definitely something worth checking out.

  --  HP Plus  --

  3 BP   No price   Increase Mario's maximum HP by 5.
  Hooktail Castle (on a platform beneath the broken bridge in the courtyard)

  Info:  Boosts Mario's HP--a great deal no matter how you look at it.

  --  HP Plus P  --

  6 BP   No price   Increase your partner's maximum HP by 5.
  Glitzville (upstairs in the locked Storage Room at the Glitz Pit)

  Info:  A great badge overall, since boosting your partners' HP is not an easy
  thing to do otherwise.  Well worth the 6 BP required.

  --  Ice Smash  --

  1 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Ice Smash ability.
  Creepy Steeple (roll through the hole directly north of the entrance)

  Info:  The Ice Smash requires 3 FP to use.  If executed properly, it can be
  used to immobilize a single enemy for a few rounds.  Equipping multiple
  badges requires more FP, but the afflicted baddie remains frozen for longer.

  --  Item Hog  --

  3 BP   5 Star Pieces   Items more likely to appear after defeating a baddie.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  A decent badge, although you'll rarely gain any items that you
  couldn't pick up at a nearby shop.

  --  Jumpman  --

  2 BP  180 coins   Increase jump power by 1, but lose your hammer ability.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  A risky trade-off, and one that should only be made when you're in an
  area inhabited by enemies that can be easily dealt with without the hammer.

  --  L Emblem  --

  0 BP   No price   Change Mario's clothes into Luigi's clothes.
  Poshley Sanctum (atop the highest ledge in the chamber with the Crystal Star)

  Info:  Since the BP cost is nada, this badge is 100% personal preference.  If
  you prefer Luigi's green get-up, more power to ya.  If not, you're in great
  shape, also.

  --  Lucky Day  --

  7 BP   No price   When Mario's attacked, cause enemies to miss more often.
  Pit of 100 Trials (90th floor)

  Info:  This badge is very similar to the Pretty Lucky badge.  The only
  exception is that Luck Day is *way* more effective.  Even so, the 7 BP needed
  to wear it may prove an obstacle.

  --  Mega Rush  --

  1 BP   60 coins   Increase Attack power by 5 when Mario is in Peril.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  A beefed-up Power Rush.  The power boost makes a huge difference in
  clutch situations, and for a mere 1 BP the Mega Rush is an offer you just
  can't refuse.

  --  Money Money  --

  5 BP   234 piantas   Make more coins appear after battle.
  Rogueport (a prize available at Pianta Parlor)

  Info:  If you can gather enough Piantas to purchase the thing, it's a great
  equip (putting aside the grossly high BP requirement, that is).  You'll be
  rolling in coins before you know it!

  --  Quick Change  --

  7 BP   8 Star Pieces   Allow your ally to attack even after changing partners
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  If you can manage overcome the painfully high BP requirement, the
  Quick Change badge will make your life a lot easier.  No more will you need
  to spend three turns bringing in Goombella to Tattle a brand new baddie!

  --  P-Down, D-Up  --

  2 BP   No price   Drop the damage Mario deals and receives by 1.
  Pirate's Grotto (behind the big black treasure chest)

  Info:  A two-way phone, so to speak.  Sure, it's cool to reduce all the
  damage that Mario sustains by 1, but is it worth it to forfeit the Attack
  Power?  This badge is a real gamble.

  --  Peekaboo  --

  2 BP   7 Star Pieces   Makes enemy HP visible (without Tattling).
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  For 2 BP, there are countless other (better) badges you could
  substitute.  Either Tattle your enemies, check my bestiary section, or simply
  play without knowing how much HP your opponent has.  Believe it or not, it is

  --  Piercing Blow  --

  1 BP   52 coins   Deliver damage that pierces enemy defenses.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  Now *this* is what I'm talkin' about!  Buy and equip this honey as
  soon as possible, because it will make your life so much easier.  What's even
  better, it only takes 1 BP to equip and costs a mere 52 coins!  Sadly, buying
  this badge is likely to attract the police, as it is a complete steal (haha)!

  --  Pity Flower  --

  3 BP   No price   Occasionally recover 1 FP when Mario takes damage.
  Pit of 100 Trials (40th floor)

  Info:  For 3 BP, you've got so many superior badges to choose from.  An extra
  1 FP every few turns won't make a noticeable difference in any battle.

  --  Power Jump  --

  1 BP   35 coins   Bestows Mario the Power Jump ability.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  The Power Jump requires 2 FP.  Think of it as a charge attack; it's
  one huge jump strike that causes a decent amount of damage.  As always, toss
  on some extra PJ badges to increase both FP used and damage caused.

  --  Power Plus  --

  6 BP   No price   Boosts Mario's attack power by 1.
  Creepy Steeple (in the bird room)

  Info:  Despite the steep BP cost, Power Plus is a peach.  Provided you can
  deal with the price, slap that bad boy on and cruise to some easy victories!

  --  Power Plus P  --

  6 BP   15 Star Pieces   Boost your partner's Attack by 1.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  As with its big brother, the Power Plus, this badge's advantages--
  strength to the max--are checked by its downfalls--the ridiculous BP cost.

  --  Power Rush  --

  1 BP   No price   Increase Mario's Attack by 2 when Mario is in Danger.
  Dropped by a defeated Shady Koopa

  Info:  A lifesaver when you're running low on restorative items and need to
  win some battles as fast as possible.

  --  Power Rush P  --

  1 BP   35 coins   Increase your partner's Attack by 2 when s/he is in Danger.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  Not necessarily a bad badge, although if you're anything like me, you
  will be too busy healing your endangered ally to make use of the Attack

  --  Power Smash  --

  BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Power Smash ability.
  Received from Professor Frankly after finding the Thousand-Year Door.

  Info:  The Power Smash is an awesome move throughout the entire game, as it
  is basically a beefed-up hammer blow.  If you equip multiple Power Smash
  badges, the FP requirement (which is normally 2 FP) will rise, but so will
  the damage caused.  Sounds like a fair trade-off to me!

  --  Pretty Lucky  --

  2 BP   3 Star Pieces   Enemies miss more often when attacking Mario.
  Rogueport Sewers (trade with Dazzle in the underground city)

  Info:  The Pretty Lucky badge is definitely worth investing in, especially
  if you don't boost your HP often as a level up bonus.

  --  Pretty Lucky P  --

  2 BP   105 coins   Foes miss more often when attacking your partner.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  For a measly 2 BP, this is a great badge to toss on for a tough boss
  battle or just to fill space until you get some better badges.

  --  P-Down, D-Up  --

  2 BP   No price   Drop the damage Mario deals and receives by 1.
  Boggly Woods (inside a hidden block two screens before Flurrie's house)

  Info:  A double-edged sword.  While sustaining less damage every time a foe
  attacks sounds great, dealing less doesn't.  If you prefer to play a more
  defensive game, this badge might appeal to you.  Otherwise, you'll probably
  want to steer clear of P-Down, D-Up.

  --  P-Up, D-Down  --

  2 BP   No price   Boosts Mario's Attack by 1, but drops his Defense by 1.
  Riverside Station (inside the vertical maze)

  Info:  Badges like this one are really a gamble.  On the one hand, Mario's
  strength will increase, but on the other side, he Defense will drop.  Great
  if you like to play "run 'n' gun" with your foes.

  --  Refund  --

  1 BP   34 piantas   Refund some coins if you use an item in battle.
  Rogueport (a prize available at Pianta Parlor)

  Info:  It's a bargain for only 1 BP, but, to be perfectly honest, the refund
  you receive is barely noticeable.  Purchase this badge at your own risk.

  --  Return Postage  --

  7 BP   No price   Make direct-attackers take 1/2 the damage they do.
  Pit of 100 Trials (after defeating Bonetail on the 100th floor)

  Info:  Easily one of the best badges available, Return Postage allows you to
  wreak havoc on your foes' HP totals even when you're on the defensive.

  --  Shrink Stomp  --

  1 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Shrink Stomp ability.
  Boggly Tree (check the dried pool after filling the lily pad pool below)

  Info:  A new ability for Mario!  The attack consumes 2 FP and, if executed
  successfully, can shrink foes, thus reducing their Attack power considerably.

  --  Simplifier  --

  1 BP   35 coins   Makes performing Action Commands easier, but lowers the SP.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  Don't waste the BP on it unless you *really* suck at Action Commands.
  And by really suck, I mean so bad that even a leech would laugh at you.

  --  Sleepy Stomp  --

  1 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Sleepy Stomp ability.
  Pit of 100 Trials (10th floor)

  Info:  An attack that lulls foes to sleep, the Sleep Stomp requires 2 FP to
  use.  As with all badges of similar nature, equipping more than one badge
  will increase both the FP consumption and the amount of time your foe stays

  --  Slow Go  --

  0 BP   12 coins   Make Mario sluggish, so he can no longer run.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  Slows Mario's movement down significantly, but doesn't make him any
  fatter.  Not quite useful, not quite funny.  The plus side:  it's cheap.

  --  Soft Stomp  --

  1 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Soft Stomp ability.
  Rogueport Sewers (in the ruined city underneath Rogueport)

  Info:  This Soft Stomp ability allows you to cause damages to hard foes, such
  as Bald Clefts (and their many relatives), with conventional means of attack.
  Wearing two of these badges requires more FP, but the afflicted foes remain
  soft for longer.

  --  Spike Shield  --

  3 BP   No price   Make Mario damage-proof when jumping on spiky foes.
  Rogueport Sewers (use Vivian to reach the far side of the spike room)

  Info:  Unless you really suck at the Hammer Action Command, I wouldn't
  bother with this badge.

  --  Super Appeal  --

  1 BP   35 coins   Get more Star Power when Mario appeals.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  The Super Appeal works great if you rely heavily on Special Attacks,
  as appealing becomes significantly more effective with this bad boy equipped.

  --  Super Appeal P  --

  1 BP   No price   Get more Star Power when your ally appeals.
  Flurrie's house, Boggly Woods (inside a chest in the bedroom)

  Info:  This badge can definitely come in handy, especially if use Special
  attacks often.  For only 1 BP, it's a great badge to toss on to consume any
  extra BP you may have.

  --  Timing Tutor  --

  1BP   120 coins   Learn the timing for Stylish commands.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  Stylish commands occur when you tap A at a certain time during your
  character's attacks.  When the Timing Tutor is equipped, an "!" icon will
  appear at the appropriate time.  It's a good deal for only one BP.

  --  Tornado Jump  --

  2 BP   No price   Bestows Mario the Tornado Jump ability.
  Creepy Steeple (check inside the well outside the steeple's gate)

  Info:  The Tornado Jump attack uses 3 FP.  By wearing more than one badge of
  this sort, you can boost the attacking power, but take note that doing so
  will also increase the amount of FP used.  The Tornado Jump has the
  capability to damage all midair baddies, making it quick a useful addition to
  Mario's repertoire.

  --  Unsimplifier  --

  1 BP   35 coins   Make Action Commands hard, but earn more Star Power.
  Rogueport (purchase it at the Lovely Howz of Badges, accessible from the inn)

  Info:  The opposite of the Simplifier.  Only equip this guy if you're
  *awesome* at Action Commands, otherwise you won't be gaining much extra Star

  --  W Emblem  --

  0 BP   360 coins   Change Mario's clothes into Wario's clothes.
  Rogueport Plaza (purchase from Charlieton, the badge vendor)

  Info:  This badge is very similar to the L Emblem.  The exception, of course,
  is that wearing it transforms Mario's red and blue getup into Wario's hideous
  yellow and purple gear.  A gag badge in the purest form.

  --  Zap Tap  --

  3 BP   No price   Do damage to enemies that touch Mario in battle.
  Pit of 100 Trials (30th floor)

  Info:  A very cool badge, although not entirely foolproof, as all attacks
  still cause damage to Mario and projectile attacks are able to pierce your

     X --------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions... answered via random guessing, wild speculation, a
jump-to-conclusions mat, and with a magic 8-ball.

  Q:  How can I damage the Bald Clefts in Petal Meadows?  My hammer doesn't

  A:  Injuring those guys requires the use of a POW Block, which can be
      purchased in the Petalburg shop.  There are also a few laying around in
      Petal Meadows, so open your eyes and do a bit of searching before
      throwing your cash down the drain.

  Q:  I'm in Hooktail Castle, in the room with all the spikes.  There's a crack
      in the back wall.  I *KNOW* there's something I can do with this, but I
      can't figure it out!

  A:  To blow that crack (and several others scattered throughout the game) to
      smithereens, you need to enlist the aid of Bobbery.  Once you've
      recruited this explosive pal (which is done between Chapters 4 and 5),
      visit the area and destroy said wall.  You will find a strange item which
      can be brought into the powerup shop (next to Professor Frankly's house)
      in exchange for additional powerups to each character.

  Q:  So I heard there's an item somewhere in Hooktail Castle that can help out
      during the boss battle.  What is it/where can I find it?

  A:  The item you're looking for is a little beauty known as the Attack FX R
      badge.  It's located in Hooktail Castle; one room west of where you gain
      the ability to become paper-flat, you'll find a couple of cells.  Slip
      through the bars to find this badge.  Equip it (for free!) during the
      battle with Hooktail to slightly reduce to amount of damage sustained.

  Q:  There's a room in Rogueport Sewers filled with spikes that pop out
      periodically.  I'm just itchin' to nab the way cool treasure on the far
      side, but I can't figure out how to get there!

  A:  Getting past the spikes is impossible until Vivian joins the squad.  Her
      special ability allows you to hide in the shadows, so use that as you
      cross to avoid the spikes.  At the end, you'll find the Spike Shield

  Q:  My Yoshi is a different color than my friend's!  Is my game broken?

  A:  Not so much.  Yoshi's color is dependant upon the amount of time between
      when the get the egg and when it hatches.  Kudos to the "Afterthoughts:
      Paper Mario" article in the December issue of EGM, without which I never
      would've realized the correlation.

  Q:  The pipe to Twilight Town keeps spitting me out!  What's the deal?

  A:  Revisit Professor Frankly and he'll inform you of a Twilight Town
      resident named Darkly somewhere in Rogueport.  He's hiding in the back
      alley just left of the powerup shop.  Walk straight into the adjacent
      brick wall to discover it.  Darkly is the fellow dressed, conveniently
      enough, all in black.  He'll help you out.

  Q:  I'm at Keelhaul Key, near a stone wall at the end of the jungle.  Bobbery
      is no help, Flavio won't shut up, and I have no idea what to do!  Help!

  A:  The answer to this puzzle lies within the lyrics of Flavio's song.  First
      of all, inspect the skull-shaped stone by the wall, then ask Flavio to
      borrow his Skull Gem.  Slap that into the stone, thus activating the
      adjacent red and blue boulders.  As Flavio's singing suggests, Spin Jump
      on top of red 'stache three times (no more, no less) and hammer blue
      'stache a total of four times.  Doing this reveals a secret doorway--toss
      Bobbery inside.  Voila!  The entrance to the Pirate's Grotto appears!

  Q:  All right, I'm trying to solve this "yummy, sticky threat" onboard the
      Excess Express, but I have no idea what Bub (that Bob-omb kid) wants for
      his birthday!

  A:  Well, if you speak with the lad a few times he'll provide some hints,
      namely that he wants someone's autograph.  Talk to the train's conductor
      (who can be found just outside the Bob-omb family's room) to learn that
      Bub wants to be a train engineer when he grows up.  With that knowledge
      in mind, the answer to this conundrum should be obvious:  Bub wants the
      Excess Express engineer's autograph.  You can find him at the very front
      of the train.

  Q:  There's a locked door in East Rogueport.  How do I bust in?

  A:  Visit the trouble center and agree to help out Garf with his problem.
      Find his missing key and he'll unlock the door, revealing that... there
      is absolutely nothing inside.

  Q:  Is there an easier way to travel from area to area?  I'm trying to track
      down General White, but all this traveling sucks!

  A:  Chances are, you haven't located the warp area in the Rogueport Sewers.
      Enter the sewers via the pipe by Professor Frankly's house and proceed as
      you would to go to the Thousand-Year Door.  However, instead of sliding
      down the pipe, head through the adjacent doorway.  There are several
      obstacles to destroy, but you'll have all the required items to do so by
      the time you're searching for General White.  There are four warp pipes,
      leading to Petalburg, the Great Boggly Tree, Keelhaul Key, and Poshley
      Heights.  They make traveling from place to place just a wee bit less

  Q:  I can't find General White!  He keeps moving around!  What's the deal?

  A:  The idea behind this game of glorified hide 'n' seek is that when you
      return to each area in pursuit of General White you'll use all of your
      new abilities to find secrets unavailable before.  Before finally
      settling down at Fahr Outpost, White goes to Petalburg, Keelhaul Key,
      Glitzville, the Great Boggly Tree, and Twilight Town (in that order).  At
      each area, there is one person (usually someone who played some sort of
      important role in that area's quest) who'll provide a hint as to where
      the good general headed.

  Q:  What's hidden at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials?  I'm lazy and don't
      wanna go all the way down there for something lame!

  A:  On the Pit's 100th floor, you'll find (in addition to the hardest boss in
      the game) a snazzy little badge called Return Postage.  What this does is
      reflect half of the damage you take back onto the foe that inflicted the
      damage in the first place.  Very cool and very worth the trouble to get

  Q:  I forget to Tattle some enemies!  Any way I can go back and get those?

  A:  Obviously, Tattling normal baddies is as easy as returning to where said
      foes are found.  Bosses and other one-time-only baddies, on the other
      hand, must be retrieved in an alternate way.  Rummage through the golden
      trash can in Professor Frankly's house to find those statistics.

  Q:  I have an, err, "personal" question to ask.  How can I get in contact
      with you?

  A:  My e-mail is americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com.  Let me warn you in
      advance, though:  I'm lazy and take forever to answer questions,
      especially ones that I can't answer from memory.  Please be patient with
      me.  If you have a *really* urgent question, you can try to catch me on
      Google Talk (americanarsenal4).  I'll be nice as long as you are, so
      please don't be obnoxious (i.e. don't IM every single time I get on).
      Fair enough, right?  One last thing:  please please *please* check the
      guide before getting in contact with me.  There's nothing more annoying
      than having someone nag you about something that is clearly explained in
      the guide.  Bottom line:  Ctrl + F is your friend.  And my friend.

     XI ------------------------------------------------- REVISION HISTORY

Care to take a gander at what all can be found in this version of the guide?
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Version 1.3 -- March 13, 2005
  Just a small change this time around, folks.  I am now allowing a few more
  sites (namely <www.honestgamers.com> and <www.gamerhelp.com>) host my FAQs,
  so I added them to the Legal Disclaimer.


Version 1.3 -- February 26, 2005
  Two updates in four days!?  Holy cow, I'm on the ball!  This is actually a
  much smaller update than last time around, but I finally got around to
  completing the Trouble Center.  Beside that, I made a few minor changes here
  and there, but nothing worth noting.

Version 1.2 -- February 22, 2005
  Hey, I'm not dead after all!  No, in fact, I'm here with a massive update:
  the Pit of 100 Trials is done, all 100 Star Pieces and 42 Shine Sprites are
  listed in the appropriate sections, and I've listed many of the badges and
  enemies that were missing in previous versions.  The Secrets section is also
  a bit heftier than before.  Check it out!

Version 1.1 -- January 30, 2005
  The Secrets and Sidequests chapter has seen a decent amount of work since my
  last update.  The Pit of 100 Trials is halfway done and only one trouble is
  incomplete.  In other news, I made a few additions to the Bestiary and Badge

Version 1.0 -- January 15, 2005
  Finally... another guide gets kickin'... The walkthrough is 100% complete, as
  are a few of the appendices (items, most of the bestiary, etc).  The rest of
  the guide will be done... sometime before the world ends.  Till then, enjoy
  what you've got.

     XII ------------------------------------------------ LEGAL DISCLAIMER

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     XIII -------------------------------------------------------- CLOSING

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  <IGN.com> / <Neoseeker.com>
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  Say Anything <sayanythingmusic.com>
    The short intro to the final section of the walkthrough may or may not make
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    Super Homies: Gobicamel, Gbness, Dark Vortex, Crazyreyn, and all my other
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    spoken to half of you).

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