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FAQ/Walkthrough by The Sound Defense

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/16/06

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door FAQ/Walkthrough
Copyright 2003 Jim Avery
Due to the abuse of my e-mails to send me mind-blowing amounts of spam
(as well as questions that are answered in my walkthrough), I have
been forced to stop all my e-mails.

Table of Contents

1 - Version History
2 - Basic Info (N)
3 - Walkthrough
  3.1 - Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
    3.11 - Rogueport
    3.12 - Sewers
  3.2 - Chapter 1: Castle And Dragon
    3.21 - Petalburg And Company
    3.22 - Hooktail Castle
    3.23 - Interlude
  3.3 - Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
    3.31 - Boggly Woods
    3.32 - The Great Tree
    3.33 - Interlude
  3.4 - Chapter 3: Of Glitz And Glory
    3.41 - The Glitzville Minor League
    3.42 - The Glitzville Major League
    3.43 - Interlude
  3.5 - Chapter 4: For Pigs The Bell Tolls
    3.51 - Hey Pig Piggy Pig Pig Pig, All Of My Fears Came True
    3.52 - Creepy Steeple
    3.53 - Rumplestiltskin
    3.54 - Interlude
  3.6 - Chapter 5: The Key To Pirates
    3.61 - Swiss Family Mario
    3.62 - Pirate's Grotto
    3.63 - Battle On The High Seas
    3.64 - Interlude
  3.7 - Chapter 6: 3 Days Of Excess
    3.71 - Day 1
    3.72 - Day 2
    3.73 - Day 3
    3.74 - Interlude
  3.8 - Chapter 7: Mario Shoots The Moon
    3.81 - The Russians
    3.82 - We Carry A Harpoon
    3.83 - Interlude
  3.9 - Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year Door
4 - Frequently Asked Questions
5 - Thanks To...
6 - Legal Info

(I) = Incomplete
(N) = Not started

1 - Version History

Version 0.1 (12:18 AM EST 11/13/2004) - Happy 16th birthday to me. 
Anyway, Prologue is done. Hopefully more will come soon.

Version 0.2 (7:26 PM EST 11/13/2004) - Chapter 1's done, sans the 
Interlude between each chapter. That'll come next time.

Version 0.3 (3:01 AM EST 11/14/2004) - Chapter 2 is finished, same way 
as above.

Version 0.4 (8:21 PM EST 11/15/2004) - Chapter 3's done.

Version 0.8 (3:08 AM EST 11/20/2004) - Done through Chapter 7 this 

Version 1.0 (3:14 PM EST 11/21/2004) - Walkthrough's finished. Yay! 
Presumably I'll add more stuff in a bit, maybe I'll finish my other 
walkthroughs first.

2 - Basic Info

3 - Walkthrough

So Peach went to Rogueport and got a box that opened only to her. 
Apparently, she's found a treasure map inside, and she wants Mario to 
help with the treasure hunt. Alrighty then, let's go!

Note: this walkthrough is essentially the opposite of spoiler-free.

3.1 - Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.11 - Rogueport

At the beginning here, you'll arrive in Rogueport by boat. Move forward 
and you'll see a girl Goomba being bothered by strange dudes asking 
about Crystal Stars. Go up to them to start your first battle.

-Battle: Lord Crump-
HP: 5
Attacks: Jumps on you. 1 damage
Strategy: Easy as pie. You can press A right before he hits to take no 
damage, if you do it right.

They'll bring in the reinforcements. When the girl calls you out, go up 
the stairs and into the next area. The girl will introduce herself as 
Goombella, and take an interest in your treasure map. Toadsworth then 
shows up, and talks about Peach, and the inn that will restore your HP. 
Goombella will then join your party.

Now you need to find Professor Frankly. Head to the right toward the 
next area and Goombella will remind you to save. Continue to the next 
area; someone will bump into you, taking half of your coins. Go back 
and toward the left exit, and someone's lost a contact lens. Move some 
more to crush it, and now you need to get another one. Go into the shop 
(Fire Flower symbol above it) and talk to the manager, then go and talk 
to the other manager about a contact lens. He'll order one for you, so 
leave and go into the back alley. Go left and into the door to find the 
pickpocket; talk to him and he'll give you your coins back.

Go back to the eastern area and go into the second house to find 
Professor Frankly. You'll talk about treasure for a bit, about needing 
Crystal Stars to open the Thousand-Year Door. To find these stars, you 
need to take the map to the Door. Exit and follow Frankly to the Warp 
Pipe, and he'll give a refresher course on Action Commands if you want. 
Go into the pipe to enter the sewers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.12 - Sewers

Upon entering, head right for a Goomba battle.

-Battle: Goomba, Spiky Goomba, Paragoomba-
HP: 2, 2, 2
Attacks: Hit from above. 1 Damage
Strategy: No jumping on the Spiny Goomba. Try practicing the Superguard 

Go up the stairs on the left, then get on the moving platform and enter 
the next pipe. Some enemies are along here, keep in mind. Hit the 
blocks with the hammer to get a Mushroom and a Fire Flower, then break 
the large blocks and enter the pipe. Go to the other end of this area 
and hit the switch to reveal stairs; climb them and go through the 
door, then talk to the black chest. Go back and walk off the closer 
left edge to drop down to the key; go back and open it to be cursed 
with the ability to turn into a plane. Go back out and use your new 
ability on the pad to the left and fly across the room, then go in the 

In this room is the Thousand-Year Door. Approach and jump on the 
pedestal in the center for some magic; the map will show the location 
of the first crystal star, and you'll learn a move called Sweet Treat. 
You'll automatically return to Frankly's, and he'll demonstrate it, 
along with Star Power. Apparently, the first Crystal Star is in Petal 
Meadows, and perhaps Peach is there as well. Once he's done, leave the 
house, and Frankly will give you a Power Smash badge along with a  

Head back down into the sewer and head right to the plane pad. Use it 
to get across the gap and through the door. Hit the Blooper's tentacle 
to initiate battle.

-Battle: L. Tentacle, R. Tentacle, Blooper-
HP: 3, 3, 10
Attacks: Tentacles - Hits you with tentacle. 1 damage
         Blooper - Squirts ink at both characters. 1 damage
Strategy: The ink attack is hardest to avoid here. The tentacles aren't 
much problem. Generally simple battle.

Blooper will leave and platforms will take his place. Jump across and 
enter the pipe to Petal Meadows.

3.2 - Chapter 1: Castle And Dragon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.21 - Petalburg And Company

Head forward and you'll see a scene with a dragon flying into a castle. 
Continue forward along the path (grab the Close Call badge along the 
way) until you come to the river. Check the large clump of grass to 
find a pipe, then go in and hit the switch in the background to make a 
bridge; go further in the background to get a Star Piece. Go back 
through the pipe and continue on to Petalburg.

A Koopa will greet you there and talk about the dragon, Hooktail, then 
direct you to the mayor. Continue through the town until you find a 
pink house; go in and talk to the mayor inside. Answer the top option 
for each one, and he'll direct you to Shhwonk Fortress. Leave and keep 
going right and you'll receive an e-mail from Frankly. Talk to the 
Koopa at the gate and he'll open it, then a timid-looking Koopa named 
Koops will come up to you and start to say something, but never mind.

Leave Petalburg and travel along this path until you get to a gate 
area. Inspect one of the pillars here to release the enemies here; you 
need to battle them.

-Battle: Bald Cleft, Bald Cleft-
HP: 2, 2
Attacks: Charges. 1 damage
Strategy: The only things that damage these guys are Power Smash and 
Superguards. Keep that in mind.

The gate will open, so go back out. Continue along the path until you 
get to another gate thing, with another battle.

-Battle: Bristle, Bristle-
HP: 2, 2
Attacks: Spin at you. 1 damage
Strategy: No jumping, no Hammer. Only Superguards can hurt these guys. 
You could do some Appealing during your turn.

Continue on once again until you actually come to the entrance. Examine 
the statue inside and he'll ask you five questions; if you get five 
right, he'll open up the pipe to Shhwonk Fortress. The answers to the 
five are Stone Keys, 16 Coins, Kroop, Hooktail Castle, and Go Through A 
Pipe. Jump in and head right through two areas to get a Sun Stone, then 
you'll face off against Fuzzies.

-Battle: Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy-
HP: 3, 3, 3, 3
Attacks: Suck 1 HP from you for themselves.
Strategy: To dodge the attack, press A right before the damage number 
appears. You'll have to persevere; you can take out one Fuzzy per 

Head back to the first room and take the left door this time. Get to 
the end of the hall and grab the Moon Stone, then prepare for another 

-Battle: Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy, Fuzzy-
HP: 3, 3, 3, 3
Attacks: Suck 1 HP from you for themselves.
Strategy: To dodge the attack, press A right before the damage number 
appears. You'll have to persevere; you can take out one Fuzzy per 

Go back to the main room and you'll encounter a Gold Fuzzy.

-Battle: Gold Fuzzy, Fuzzy Horde-
HP: 10, 20
Attacks: Summons way too many Fuzzies, and they swarm you. 1 damage per
         Jumps on you. 1 damage
Strategy: When the Fuzzies try to jump on you, you can guard by hitting 
A before they'd land.

Once that's done, head back to Petalburg. Go through it, actually, back 
toward the Rogueport pipe. Once you leave, Koops will appear and ask 
you if he can join you; say yes, and he'll join the party. His 
girlfriend will show up and get mad and such. (You can go back and talk 
to her if you want, she's not mad anymore.) Anyway, go backwards to the 
odd rocks and place the Sun and Moon Stones in them, then use Koops to 
fly past one switch in his shell, then hold X as you go to the other, 
then let it go as you jump onto the switch. Enter the newfound pipe and 
enter the castle in the distance.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.22 - Hooktail Castle

There's a save block in here, along with a spring. Go through the door 
and Koops will remark on the castle, then go down the steps near the 
bottom, cross the river and use Koops to get the HP Plus badge. Go back 
into the previous room and use the spring, then use the health block if 
you want and go through the door. Use the pad to fly across the gap to 
the castle door, then go in. Follow the corridor into the next room 
(grab Power Bounce along the way), then Koops will read a letter from 
Kolorado's father; Hooktail's not fond of crickets. Inspect the red 
bones at the far door and a bunch of bone guys will swarm you. Hit them 
with your hammer to make your way back to red and touch him to battle.

-Battle: Dull Bones, Dull Bones, Red Bones, Dull Bones, Dull Bones-
HP: 1, 1, 5, 1, 1
Attacks: Throws bones. 2 (3 for Red)
Strategy: I recommend Hammer and Shell Toss; Power Smash is nice. Red 
Bones will only fall down after losing 5 HP, he won't die per se, but 
if you defeat the others it's good enough.

Go through the door and grab the Shine Sprite in here, then climb up 
the stairs and walk down to the lower platform. Hit the purple switch 
block with the hammer, then cast Koops out in the other direction and 
hold X. Go jump on the other purple block and let go of X, then the 
purple block will rise up leading to a door; go through for a Star 
Piece. Go back down and hit the purple switch, then cast Koops in front 
of the yellow one. Go back and jump across the blocks, then destroy the 
yellow block and get on the yellow arrow block. Let Koops go, then 
you'll go up; jump across the gap for another Star Piece. Go back down 
to where the yellow block was and use Koops to hit the switch, flipping 
the stairs. Go up these, then use Koops to get the key. Hit the switch 
again, then go back and go through the locked door.

Save in this room and go into the next. Cast Koops in front of the 
switch, then go around in front of the last gate; let go and it will 
open, so go through and into the next room. Talk to the chest, then go 
into the next room. In here, try to walk along the path without holes 
in it until you reach the chest in the center, so it will be easier to 
get out once you open the chest and get the black key, the holes become 
spikes and the ceiling starts coming down. Once you make it back out, 
open the chest and he'll give you the ability to turn sideways by 
holding R.

Go back and squeeze through the bars, then go grab the Attack FX R 
badge, which makes your attacks sound like crickets, making the last 
battle easier. Go back through the rooms until you see the castle key. 
Head to the vertical bar gate, then slide through and go nab the key. 
Go back out and make your way to the room with the green arrow block; 
use Koops to hit the switch when you're on the block, then climb the 
stairs and go through the locked door.

Use the heal block if you want, then hit the switch to add more path. 
Go forward and use Koops to hit the next switch, then jump through the 
window. Go all the way right for a Star Piece, then go all the way 
left, jump through another window and go through the door. Go up the 
stairs here and use Koops to hit the switch while you're on the block. 
Go through the left door here to have an encounter with a thief named 
Ms. Mowz; once that's done, open all the chests to get a Mushroom, 
Honey Syrup and a Castle Key, and don't forget the Shine Sprite.

Go back and through the locked door. Go to the end of this room and hit 
the yellow switch, then cast Koops in front of it. Get on the block, 
then let Koops hit the switch. Go down and walk left along this beam, 
then slip through the crack onto the plane pad. Fly right to the door, 
then go through and go down the stairs. Hit the switch, then hit it 
again and drop onto the block. Grab the key to the right, then drop 
down and get back up to these stairs (allow a minute or so). Go up 
instead, getting the Shine Sprite and going through the locked door. 
Cross the bridge and climb the tower, then save and heal if you like. 
Go through the door to face the dragon.

-Boss Battle: Hooktail-
HP: 20, then 10 more
Attacks: Breathes fire at you. 4/3 Damage
         Steps on you. 5/3 Damage
Strategy: This is way harder if you don't have the Attack SFX R badge 
equipped. Otherwise, you can hammer her foot with Power Smash if you 
like, or jump on her head with Power Bounce or something. With the 
cricket sounds, her attack and defense go down. Once she asks the 
questions, answer no each time, then she'll eat a Toad and get 10 more 
HP, effectively eliminating the audience. Finish her off.

Once you're done, Hooktail will spit out Koops's dad, who'll give you 
the Crystal Star. You'll learn Earth Tremor, as well.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.23 - Interlude

- Princess Peach -

Looks like Princess Peach has been captured by guys named X-Nauts. 
Their leader, Grodus, will inquire about the map, but will send you 
away after you let word slip about Mario. He'll mention a Crystal Star 
in Boggly Woods, then he'll summon the Shadow Sirens to get Mario. Once 
you get control again, go through the left door and inspect the tub to 
take a shower and put your hair up. Once out, go through the next two 
doors that will open mysteriously to find the computer TEC-XX, a.k.a. 
TEC. He'll ask about this emotion he felt while seeing Peach in the 
shower, then they talk about love for a minute. TEC allows Peach to 
send an e-mail to someone, then she leaves.

- Bowser -

Kammy Koopa wants you for something. Go to the back of the room, 
talking to people if you want, then Kammy will come in and tell Bowser 
of the map. She'll ask you a question about eggs for no reason that I 
know of. Bowser will then leave for Rogueport.

- Mario -

Back in Petalburg, Koops has decided to stay on. Anyway, make tracks 
for Rogueport Sewers. Along the way, you'll be stopped by an e-mail 
from Princess Peach. Once you get there, make your way to the Thousand-
Year Door. The map will point you toward some place that you don't 
know, so you'll go back up and talk to Frankly. Once that's done, head 
to the Item Shop and talk to the guy; your contact lens arrived. Go in 
and buy it for 10 coins, then give it to the crabby lady. You now have 
access to another area of the town.

Head back to the sewer and head back toward the Thousand-Year Door. 
Along the way, you'll spy an animal similar to what Frankly described; 
follow it by slipping through the bars and go through the door next to 
the crack it entered. Follow it left, and it'll start talking about 
what the X-Nauts are doing, asking you to help reclaim their tree. 
Follow him right and talk to him, then he'll activate a door; go in and 
head left to get a Damage Dodge badge; go right afterwards and take the 
pipe to Boggly Woods.

3.3 - Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.31 - Boggly Woods

Upon arrival, head right and save if you want. Continue on to see the 
Shadow Sirens and overhear their plan. Once they're done, go past them 
and head to the pipe, where Punio will point out the Great Tree. Enter 
the pipe and go into the tree. In this area, if you go to a corner in 
the far right, you'll get an FP Plus badge; otherwise, talk to Punio 
again. Apparently, someone put in a high-tech door that he can't open. 
After a second, he'll turn around and run up a root; follow him and 
talk again to find that he needs to find Madame Flurrie. Head out of 
the tree area to see a scene with a big house that contains said Madame 
Flurrie, who seems to have lost something.

Go back into the pipe and resume going to the right. In the next area, 
when you reach the far wall, go to the front area to find a hole; go 
through, then left, to end up among the trees. Go left and hit the 
switch, then drop down and enter the horizontal pipe to the right of 
the pipe with the pad. Fly across and get the Quake Hammer badge, then 
go into the next place. At the far right, there's a heal block, then 
slip through the cracks in the grass and enter the pipe on the left. Go 
into Madame Flurrie's house.

Save in here if you like, then try to enter the door to the right. 
Madame Flurrie will tell you no, she's lost her necklace; what a 
coincidence, eh. Say yea, you'll find it, then leave. Another scene 
with the Shadow Sirens will occur; once over, head back toward the 
entrance to Boggly Woods. You'll run into the Sirens, and they'll run 
into you.

-Battle: Vivian, Marilyn, Beldam-
HP: 10, 15, 10
Attacks: Goes up close and hits you. 1 damage
         Marilyn uses lightning. 6 damage when huge
         Beldam uses wind. 2 damage
         Marilyn increases attack power.
         Beldam decreases ally's attack power.
Strategy: These guys really aren't much problem. Regular guards will 
prevent normal damage, superguards are helpful. Take them out.

They'll run off, conveniently dropping the necklace. Get it and return 
to Madame Flurrie's house; inspect the door and give the necklace. 
She'll take it, then come out; hmm, she's a ghost of some sort. She'll 
attack you briefly, then join your party. Head back to the Great Tree 
(you'll get an e-mail about a bunch of blah) and go onto the root, then 
use Flurrie to blow open the Secret Entrance. Punio will go in, and 
Flurrie will talk about stardom and helping Punies. Punio will open the 
door, so go in.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.32 - The Great Tree

Go forward a bit and Punio will wonder where everyone is. Some X-Nauts 
will respond.

-Battle: X-Naut, X-Naut-
HP: 4, 4
Attacks: Drinks a potion to raise attack power.
Strategy: These guys go down quite fast.

They'll report to Lord Crump, and a bunch of Punies will come out of 
hiding. A big one will say what happened, and dare you and Punio to 
find the others. Save and heal if you like, then go into the next four 
pipes. You'll see a scene with an X-Naut and a mysterious mouse. Next, 
Punio will find the Elder, with the others, locked up. Go further along 
to find Ms. Mowz stealing more treasure; she'll tell you that the 
Crystal Star is near the bottom of the tree. In the meantime, an X-Naut 
will take you on.

-Battle: X-Naut-
HP: 4
Attacks: ?
Strategy: One turn is all you need.

He'll drop a Red Key. Open a chest to get an Ultra Shroom (save for 
later), then go back and unlock the Elder's cell. She'll berate Punio 
and give a long speech about the Puni tribe, then she'll go off. Head 
down to the bottom, and a scene will take place with the other Punies; 
they'll join you, and the Elder will mention a crystal at the bottom of 
the tree. She'll also give you the Puni Orb, which will let Punies 
gather around pedestals.

Go into the pipe again and have the Punies stand on the pedestal, then 
place the Orb to make a pipe appear. Take the Orb and go down the pipe. 
Hit the switch next to the door to open it for easier access, then go 
back and jump across the platforms. Place the Orb on the far pedestal, 
then jump back over and use Flurrie to blow the Punies across (bubbles 
will let them complete the journey, just hold X to blow those across). 
Go into the pipe, then defeat the Pider and go into the next two pipes. 
Punio will spy a Jabbi; follow it, then approach the Jabbis and run 
into them to have the Punies defeat them. They'll then run in and 
destroy the hive.

Go into this new door and drop down; open the chest the get the Blue 
Key. Scene. Go back up to the cells and open the cell to free all of 
the Jabbis; a nice reunion will happen with Punio and Petuni, and 
she'll give him a Dried Shroom. Head back to the floor where you fought 
the Jabbis, but this time, go along the winding path to another hive; 
you'll have to jump at the Piders here. Defeat the Jabbis here, then 
the Punies will destroy the hive.

Go in and enter the pipe here, then go into the next room and place the 
Orb in the pedestal. You'll be trapped in a cage by Crump. Grab the Orb 
and go into the next pipe, then hit the switch. Memorize the order of 
symbols on the statues (sun, moon, Puni, star), then go back to the 
room where the first hive was, then go into the next room and hit the 
switches until the symbols match the statues. A door will appear; go 
through and open the chest to get the Super Boots. You'll get schooled 
on using the Spin Jump.

Go back out and use the Spin Jump on the X in the floor to go down, 
then jump across the statues to the Shine Sprite. Go back toward where 
the Punies are and break through the first X you see, then go through 
the pipe. Go through the next three pipes as well, then jump across the 
statues and step on the switch. Get Koops out and throw him to where 
the switch was, then get off so he hits the other switch. The water 
will drain. Go down and get the Shrink Stomp badge.

Head back to the cage and slip in, then Spin Jump on the X in the top-
left corner. Place the Orb in the pedestal, then blow the Punies into 
the hole until they're all out of the cage. Grab the Orb and go through 
the door, then go in the pipe and place the Orb. Blow the Punies into 
this hole, then drop down and go into the pipe. Go down the next two 
pipes, then cross the bridge over water and go down another pipe. Place 
the Orb in this pedestal to go down. Heal and save if you want, the go 
into the next room. After seeing Crump, place the Orb in this pedestal 
to let loose the Crystal Star; Crump will grab it, and start a timed 
bomb. Quickly grab the orb, then follow him through the pipe and you'll 
be assaulted by X-Nauts.

-Battle: X-Naut, X-Naut-
HP: 4, 4
Attacks: Drinks a potion to raise attack power.
         Charges you, then maybe jumps. 3 damage
Strategy: Yep, you're timed here, too. These guys go down quite fast, 

Flip the switch and go through the door, then continue evacuating. Run 
the heck out to the exit, and if you make it in time (allow extra time 
for conversation between Crump and the Elder), Crump will shut off the 
timer, then summon a machine called Magnus von Grapple.

-Boss Battle: Magnus-
HP: 30
Attacks: Steps on either Mario or an ally. 2 damage
         Creates two X-Fists with 2 HP each.
         Stomps around. 2 damage
Strategy: He's got 1 defense, and when he uses the stomp, it's the 
fourth time when he actually stomps. This is a nice time to use Earth 
Tremor, however weird it may be. This isn't too difficult a battle, 
actually, with your new Super Boots.

Magnus explodes, and Crump drops the Crystal Star, free for you to 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.33 - Interlude

- Princess Peach -

The X-Nauts are pretty ticked about Mario getting the Crystal Star, but 
they've still got one from Rogueport. As Peach, hang around for a 
second, and the right door will open. Follow the path to TEC, and he'll 
mention you mentioning dancing, then ask to dance. He'll create a 
simulated Peach to dance with. For the next portion, press A, B and X 
when prompted on the screen. When you're done, Peach will send another 
message, then leave.

- Bowser -

Bowser's heading toward Petalburg, and you're going to play Super 
Bowser Bros. Jump to break blocks and step on enemies, or just blow 
fire with B. Hams make you larger, but if you're hit, you'll become 
smaller; if you get two, you'll become full-screen huge and invincible. 
Infinite lives, obviously. Once you make it to the end, you'll start 
swooning over a Peach poster in a window.

- Mario -

Back at the Great Tree, the Punies are seeing you off. Head back to 
Rogueport Sewers (you'll get an e-mail from Peach) and go to the 
Thousand-Year Door. If you slip through the gate to the spring and go 
up, you can fly across to another spring to a Shine Sprite. Anyway, 
stand on the pedestal to get another Crystal Star location. You'll go 
back to Frankly's, and he'll deduce that the star's somewhere in 
Glitzville; you need to catch a blimp there somehow.

Apparently, you can get a ticket via Don Pianta. Head to the west side 
of town (if you haven't done the contact lens thing, do so now - buy 
one from the shop) and talk to the person in the center of the square; 
he says to go see Ishnail. Go to the east side of town and talk to the 
guard. Offer to fight.

-Battle: Gus-
HP: 20
Attacks: Throws his spear. 3 damage
         Charges. 2 damage
Strategy: Unfortunately, you can't jump on him, but he's still no 
problem. Superguards aren't hard to pull off here.

Pass through where he was, then slip between the crack between the 
houses and go into the door. Talk to the snail guy, and he'll offer 
advice for 64 coins; go for it. He'll tell you what to do, so go back 
to the west side of town. Go into the shop and buy a Dried Shroom, then 
a Dizzy Dial, then answer 'Yellow' twice. She'll unlock the door to Don 
Pianta; go up the stairs and into the door, then approach him to talk. 
He'll agree to a ticket if you can find his daughter and the guy she 
ran away with.

Francesca and Frankie, as it turns out, are at the pier. Go there and 
talk to her, and she'll refuse to go to the don; say you never saw her. 
Go back and talk to the don and say you found her, then she'll run in, 
and after some family talk, they'll run off to get married. Talk to the 
don again to get the Blimp Ticket. Leave and go into the alley next to 
the parlor (you'll get an e-mail from Koopley), then talk to the fish 
to the right. Go into the pipe and board the blimp.

3.4 - Chapter 3: Of Glitz And Glory

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.41 - The Glitzville Minor League

Looks like Glitzville's a gung-ho kind of place. Anyway, head inside 
the main area (Ms. Mowz is here!) and go through the main doors into 
the arena. Rawk Hawk will take out an opponent, challenge everyone, 
then hold up the Crystal Star on his belt. Once out, suggest a battle 
to the top.

Go to the left on the lower floor and talk to the guard; he'll let you 
through. Go along and talk to the first guard after the turn, then go 
in the door. You'll talk with Grubba; answer 'Darn skippy!' when he 
asks, then you'll go on a walk to another room. He'll give you a tour 
of the area, including the champ's room, the locker rooms, then sign 
the contract. He'll dub you the Great Gonzales, then bring his 
assistant, Jolene, in to take you to the locker room.

She'll explain some rules, then take you to your cruddy locker room. Go 
up to the screen and reserve a match; you'll be pitted against the 
Goomba Bros, and he'll ask you Appeal at least once. Hang around for a 
second, and security will escort you to your match. After some talk, 
you'll get bonked.

-Battle: Goomba, Goomba, Goomba, Goomba, Goomba-
HP: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2
Attacks: Bonk. 1 damage
Strategy: Obliterate. Remember to appeal, or else you'll be fighting 
these guys again.
Winnings: 3 coins

After the battle, a guy named King K will introduce you to the guys and 
show you the bed. For the next matches, you need to follow each 
condition Grubba sets, or else you won't advance.

-Battle: KP Koopa, KP Koopa, KP Paratroopa-
HP: 4, 4, 4
Attacks: Throws shell at you. 2 damage
         Flies into you. 2 damage
Strategy: If you pull off Earth Tremor correctly, they'll go down all 
at once. If you can't do some jumping.
Winnings: 4 coins

-Battle: Pokey, Pokey, Pokey-
HP: 4, 4, 4
Attacks: Throws a portion of their body at you. 2 damage
         Goes up and hits you. 2 damage
Strategy: You won't be touching these guys by jumping. Koops may be a 
better partner here.
Winnings: 4 coins

At this point, you can go out and talk to Bandy Andy about the Seven 
Wonders if you want.

-Battle: Dull Bones, Dull Bones, Dull Bones-
HP: 1, 1, 1
Attacks: Throw bones at you. 2 damage
Strategy: They've got 1 defense each, but Hammer and Shell Toss will 
take these guys out pronto.
Winnings: 5 coins

Looks like someone got hurt pretty bad.

-Battle: Spiny, Spiny, Lakitu-
HP: 3, 3, 3
Attacks: Spiny throws itself at you. 2 damage
         Lakitu throws a Spiny at you.
Strategy: When Lakitu's got a Spiny over its head, don't jump on it. 
Spinies are vulnerable to superguards, though. It's entirely possible 
that a Spiny could use Thunder Rage, or another could appear.
Winnings: 5 coins

-Battle: Bandit, Bandit, Big Bandit, Big Bandit-
HP: 5, 5, 8, 8
Attacks: Run up and steal an item. 3 damage
Strategy: Try to take out the bandits after your items, if you can.
Winnings: 6 coins

King K will ask about a girl at the Juice Bar. If you go outside, an 
egg will be bouncing around. If you touch it, it will hop on the roof. 
You can go to the right and Spin Jump the switch to reveal stairs to a 
chest with Power Plus P and a spring that launches you to a plane pad; 
you can fly to the top of the hot dog stand from there to get the egg. 
Talk to it, and let it accompany you. On the way back, you'll get an e-
mail from RDM. Go schedule your next match.

-Battle: Pale Piranha, Dark Puff, Pider-
HP: 4, 3, 6
Attacks: Piranha bites you. 3 damage
         Dark Puff flies at you. 2 damage
         Dark Puff electrocutes you. 5 damage
         Pider throws a rock at you. 2 damage
         Pider throws 3 rocks at you. 1 damage each
Strategy: No jumping on the Pale Piranha. Otherwise, this shouldn't be 
too bad a fight. Depends on the condition, I guess.
Winnings: 6 coins

Looks like King K's going to retire.

-Battle: H. Bald Cleft, H. Bald Cleft, H. Bald Cleft-
HP: 3, 3, 3
Attacks: Charges up, then unleashes a world of hurt. ? damage
         Charges. 2 damage
Strategy: Earth Tremor takes them out in one go, if you can do that. 
Otherwise, high-damage or defense-breaking moves. They've got 2 defense 
Winnings: 7 coins

King K's gone.

-Battle: Bob-omb, Bob-omb, Bob-omb, Bob-omb-
HP: 4, 4, 4, 4
Attacks: Charges. 2 damage
         Self-destructs if attacked. 5 damage
Strategy: If you hit them once, they'll usually self-destruct next 
chance they get, or if you attack, so attack again with Koops, who 
can't get hurt by it.
Winnings: 7 coins

Another guy's come in, Sir Swoop, and he'll reserve a match against the 
pitiful Goomba Bros. In other news, you're pitching to move up to the 
major leagues with the next fight.

-Battle: Iron Cleft, Iron Cleft-
Strategy: You have nothing on these guys. Your only option is to run.

Well, that was humiliating. Around now, though, your egg's hatched, and 
you get to name him whatever (I named mine Thrash, but we'll call him 
Yoshi for the FAQ's sake). This guy will be your secret weapon with his 
special move. Go back and have the next match.

-Battle: Iron Cleft, Iron Cleft-
HP: 8, 8
Attacks: Charges you. 4 damage
Strategy: Use Yoshi's Gulp move twice, and they're both gone.
Winnings: 7 coins

And with that match, you're moving up to the major league.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.42 - The Glitzville Major League

You'll be called into Grubba's office, and he'll give you 30 coins, and 
officially move you up to the major league. Jolene will take you to the 
major-league locker room, and then Rawk Hawk will come in and threaten 
you. You'll then get an e-mail from a guy calling himself X saying that 
he knows about the Crystal Star. Anyway, reserve your first major-
league match.

-Battle: R. S. Buzzy, R. S. Buzzy-
HP: 5, 5
Attacks: Spins at you. 3 damage
Strategy: Once again, Yoshi's Gulp is all you can use here, these guys 
have killer defense.
Winnings: 11 coins

-Battle: Bristle, Bristle-
HP: 2, 2
Attacks: Spin at you. 1 damage
Strategy: I would recommend an attacking item, or Earth Tremor, or 
Winnings: 12 coins

You'll get another e-mail from X to go to the watering hole. Head 
outside and enter the Juice Bar, then talk to the glass polisher. He'll 
give you a package that contains the Super Hammer; you'll then learn a 
cool spinning move. Another e-mail will tell you to smash the block in 
the minor-league locker room; go in (you're allowed in) and smash it, 
then climb up the stuff to the right, get on Yoshi, and jump across to 
the other bookshelf. Get the Dubious Paper, which has information on 
the Crystal Stars. Jolene will come in and take the paper, so go back 
to the other locker room and reserve a match.

-Battle: Shady Koopa, S. Paratroopa, Shady Koopa-
HP: 8, 8, 8
Attacks: Throws shell at you. 2 damage
         Flies into you. 2 damage
         Starts smoking and spins at you. 6 damage
Strategy: Take them out like normal Koopas. Jump on them first, and 
they'll be temporarily immobilized, but that's when they can pull off 
the smoking attack.
Winnings: 12 coins

Before you get any time to recuperate, the Armored Harriers come back 
up for more.

-Battle: Iron Cleft, Iron Cleft-
HP: 8, 8
Attacks: Charges you. 4 damage
Strategy: Use Yoshi's Gulp move twice, and they're both gone.

More e-mail, this time a threat letter from anonymous, politely 
requesting you stop looking into things.

-Battle: Fuzzy, Green Fuzzy, Flower Fuzzy-
HP: 3, 5, 6
Attacks: Sucks HP from you. Damage varies
         Create another of itself.
Strategy: Take out the more powerful Fuzzies first, and this gets 
Winnings: 13 coins

Someone brought you cake. Eat it to restore everything. Yum.

-Battle: Dark Craw-
HP: 20
Attacks: Throws spear. 6 damage
         Charges. 6 damage
Strategy: No jumping; hammers work nice here, or specials. Hope you're 
good at guarding.
Winnings: 13 coins

Of all the people to show up. You can't even rest before fighting him. 
Ah well.

-Battle: Bowser-
HP: 30
Attacks: Bites - can poison you. 3 damage
         Jumps on you - can remove a command. 3 damage
         Blows fire at you. 3 damage
Strategy: Use all of your power moves to get rid of him quickly.

That battle seems a little out of place to me. I dunno. Anyway.

-Battle: R. Magikoopa, W. Magikoopa, G. Magikoopa-
HP: 7, 7, 7
Attacks: Raises defense/attack.
         Fires spell. 4 damage
Strategy: The G. Magikoopa's airborne, but not for long, if you can 
help it. Normal jump and Yoshi's Ground Pound will take care of them 
one at a time.
Winnings: 14 coins

After this, you'll get more mail from X. Go outside (you'll be 
confronted by Rawk Hawk), then go to the phone booth toward the left to 
find the Storage Key. Another e-mail will tell you to go to the Storage 
Room. Enter the back rooms (around the locker rooms) and enter the 
locked door; Ms. Mowz is inside, stealing stuff. Another e-mail will 
tell you to find the staircase switch; use Flurrie to blow away the 
boxes to reveal breakable ones. The right ones hide Charge P, while the 
switch is behind the left. 

Go up the stairs that appear, then get the shine Sprite and climb on 
the smaller box and then onto the larger. Use Yoshi to jump across the 
boxes, then break the large block (grab HP Plus P) and drop into the 
hole. Go forward and press A near the small hole to see a scene between 
Jolene and Grubba. Answer 'Squeak!' when he asks who's up there, then 
turn sideways over the grate to fall back into the storage room. Go 
back and reserve a match.

-Battle: Hammer Bro, Fire Bro, Boomerang Bro-
HP: 7, 7, 7
Attacks: Throws hammer at you. 4 damage
         Throws four hammers at you. 2 damage each
         Throws fire at you - may burn. 3 damage
         Throws six flares at you - may burn. 1 damage each
         Throws boomerang. 2 damage x2
Strategy: I recommend going for the Fire Bro first, then the Boomerang 
Bro, then Hammer. If you need to get hit five times (like I did twice), 
take out the first two, then take the hits. Otherwise, this will hurt. 
Most attacks hurt them.
Winnings: 14 coins

Another e-mail from anonymous, same as the first verse. Right after you 
reserve this match, Jolene will come in with cake. DO NOT EAT, IT IS 
POISON. Your partner will end up eating it, and you'll be facing Chomp 
Country alone.

-Battle: Red Chomp, Red Chomp-
HP: 6, 6
Attacks: Bites. 5 damage
Strategy: They've got 3 defense each. Earth Tremor, if done correctly, 
will take them out in one go, but two Gulps will do the trick as well. 
Of course, if you ate the cake, you'll have a more difficult time. 
Power Smashes will work slowly but surely. Sometimes they'll use a 
Power Punch to up their attack.
Winnings: 15 coins

One step away from #1. If you didn't eat the cake, you'll notice the 
sick guy on the floor.

-Battle: D. Koopatrol-
HP: 25
Attacks: Charges at you. 5 damage
         Spins at you. 5 damage
         Raises attack by 5.
Strategy: He's got 2 defense, so power moves are your best bet. If he 
raises attack, superguards will still negate it all.
Winnings: 15 coins

Who's #1 in da house, ya'll? Anyway, another e-mail from X will have 
you remove your posters in the lobby. Go and use Flurrie to blow them 
off until you find the Storage Key (should be left one, top floor). 
Another e-mail will direct you to the storage room, second floor. 
Unlock the door there and use Yoshi to cross the boxes here, then spin 
hammer the block to reveal some drained fighters, Bandy Andy and King 
K. Talk to Bandy Andy, then go back (you'll be spotted by Jolene) and 
reserve your championship match.

The guard will take you in a different direction than usual, then lock 
you in a minor-league locker room. Back in the ring, you're going to be 
forfeited if you don't get out. Use Flurrie to blow away a Peach poster 
in the lower-right corner, then go in and out the locker. Enter the 
bathroom and enter the toilet like a pipe. Exit the locker room here 
and enter the large doors for your match.

-Battle: Rawk Hawk-
HP: 40
Attacks: Grabs a beam and shakes it. 1 damage each item
         Jumps on you. 4 damage
         Flies at you. 4 damage
         Slides at you. 4 damage
Strategy: Looks like this guy's the one who locked you up and sent the 
poisoned cake. Make him pay. He's got 1 defense and a lot of stamina. 
Hit him with everything you've got. Yoshi's Ground Pound won't work 
here; I prefer Flurrie with her Lip Lock, if you've got it. Body Slam 
works equally well. Eventually, the beam he's holding on to will fall 
for 1 damage all around. If you don't meet the condition, you're 
fighting this powerhouse again.

You're the champ! And the champ gets the Champ's Belt! Jolene will 
bring you to the champion's room, and you'll hear some voices from the 
duct. Answer your e-mail saying to find the ghost (not Flurrie). Take a 
nap here (the bed restores Star Power as well), then climb up the stuff 
on the left side, then use Yoshi to cross to the door, then to the 
duct. Spin hammer it off, then go in and listen in on Grubba. Spin 
hammer the next duct, then go in and search the top desk drawer for a 
Star Piece, then the lower for a piece of paper. The Crystal Star's in 
a machine under the ring that drains combatants of their strength. 
Grubba will walk in on you, then run off. Follow him (save if you want) 
to the ring for one last bout. Grubba will use his machine to make 
himself super-powerful.

-Boss Battle: Macho Grubba-
HP: 60
Attacks: Gives himself two turns instead of one per cycle.
         Increases defense.
         Increases attack.
         Increases dodginess.
         Backs up, then jumps. 4 damage
         Charges. 4 damage
         Backflips onto you. 4 damage
Strategy: This guy certainly is macho, though he has no defense. Power 
attacks are all the rage these days.

Upon winning, Jolene will come in and thank you. Turns out she was X 
and was leading you to the star. Turns out Grubba made her brother, 
Prince Mush, disappear, but he'll pop out of the star seconds later. 
The Crystal Star's all yours, along with Power Lift.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.43 - Interlude

- Princess Peach -

Grodus is mad at the Shadow Sirens. As Peach, the door will open, so go 
on to see TEC. He wants you to go see Grodus - in disguise, of course - 
to ask him something. Once out, enter the elevator in the middle of the 
hall, then at the top, go right into the door. Open the lockers until 
you find the X-Naut regalia, then go into a changing room. Once done, 
exit this room and go all the way right. Talk to Grodus and you'll ask 
Grodus about why you're holding Peach, then leave. Go back into the 
changing room and change back, then leave and you'll go back to TEC. 
Peach will tell him off for taking over the world, then leave shortly 

- Bowser -

You're marching into the Great Tree. Inspect the last bush to find the 
Elder, then answer whatever for the choice, you won't say either. The 
Elder will reveal that Mario has the Star, as usual. Bleh.

- Mario -

Looks like the League's going straight from this point on, thanks to 
you. Talk to the fish to go back to Rogueport, then head back to the 
Thousand-Year Door (you'll get an e-mail from Peach). You can break the 
block near the entrance now, for easier passage. Anyway, the Door will 
point you toward, according to Frankly, Twilight Town. Also, the Door 
may contain the cataclysm that destroyed the area before. The pipe to 
the area is on the west side of town.

Head for the west part of town (you'll get e-mail from Koopie Koo) and 
turn sideways over the grate in the street. Use Yoshi to head to the 
left, then go into the door and enter the pipe to Twilight Town...only 
to have it reject you. Go back to Rogueport and head to the east side 
of town. Don't take the bridge at the end, but go slightly south of it 
and use Yoshi to cross there. Climb up the boxes, then use Yoshi to 
cross to the roof. Get to the Shine Sprite, then fall off to the left. 
Talk to the shady guy named Darkly, and he'll write your name on your 
stuff. Head back to the pipe to Twilight Town and go in. 

3.5 - Chapter 4: For Pigs The Bell Tolls

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.51 - Hey Pig Piggy Pig Pig Pig, All Of My Fears Came True

Okay, 3D pigs weirding me out here. Anyway, a guy will come up and tell 
of dark times, then a bell will toll and he'll turn into a pig. The 
mayor, Dour, will come up and invite you to his house. He'll tell you 
about the Creepy Steeple and the cursed monster within. Apparently 
there's a Crystal Star in there as well. Head to the right side of town 
and enter the first door; give the lady there some food (Hot Dog?) and 
she'll give you a Shooting Star in exchange. Then she'll become a pig.

Go into the shop and talk to the lady in there, then talk to the guy on 
the right side of town. Go back to the mayor's house to find that he's 
now a pig, but go back to the gate to find that the guard is also a 
pig. Open the gate and enter the woods.

Enter the shack here and get the Black Key, then head all the way right 
to the downed tree. Use Koops to get the Key, then return to the shop 
and unlock the storeroom. Grab the Jammin' Jelly and open the chest for 
Defend Plus, then open the chest to get the ability to turn into a tube 
and roll (hold R, rotate Control Stick). Go back to the felled tree and 
roll under, then go up to the giant haystack and blow it away with 
Flurrie. Jump into the pipe and head into the woods. 

In the first area, slip through the gap between the grass. Go into the 
next area and have Flurrie blow away part of the tree, then go in and 
head to the deeper part of the woods. Here, use Flurrie to blow away 
the large area of ground and reveal a hole, then go in to appear in the 
background. Go right and push the rock, and the rock in the foreground 
will move, revealing a hole. Go back and jump in the hole to come out 
on the other side, then head right to the steeple. Roll under the part 
of the gate with the gap, then go inside.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.52 - Creepy Steeple

Inside, go up to the star statue and push it forward to fall into a 
hole. Use Flurrie to blow away part of the wall here, then go in and to 
the right to get a badge. Go back and head left, then open the chest 
and watch a ton of Boos fly out. Answer 200 Boos to the guy there, then 
go back up. Go left and take the bottom door, then hit the switch at 
the end of this area. Go into the door and go up the stairs, then go to 
the end of this path and use Koops to get the key. Go back to the stair 
room and enter the northern door, then hit the switch here twice. Go 
back and up the stairs again, then save at the end of here and go into 
the door and up the winding stairs. You'll find the ghost cursing 
everyone, then do battle.

-Battle: ????-
HP: 40
Attacks: Dives at you. 4 damage
         Turns into Shadow Mario and uses your attacks. 4 damage each
Strategy: This guy goes down fairly easy. You should know something 
about timing when to block your own attacks.

You'll get the crystal star.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.53 - Rumplestiltskin

You'll leave downstairs with your partner, but the focus stays in this 
room. Press A and the shadow will jump up - that guy made off with your 
body! And your partners! Leave the steeple to see a scene between the 
Shadow Sirens - looks like Vivian (read: Beldam) lost the Superbombomb 
and needs to find it. Go back toward town (inspect the gate and the 
chain will fall off), and right outside, ???? will challenge you to 
guess his name (you can't, guess anything). He'll challenge you.

-Battle: ????-
Strategy: Run away. You can't hurt each other.

You'll run right into town. Head to the first part and talk to Vivian, 
then search the farthest left bush to find the Superbombomb, which 
turns out to be broken; offer to fix it, although you won't be able to. 
She'll insist on returning the favor, and join your party (lucky he 
stole your name, too, or she'd never help). According to her, the crows 
around here know lots of useful stuff; maybe someone knows the guy's 

Go to the second part of town and hide with X under the tree in the 
bottom-right corner; the crows will mention a guy who knows his name 
under the Creepy Steeple. Head back to the steeple (you'll be ambushed 
by ???? again; run away) and enter the well outside. Go into the next 
area and get the Tornado Jump badge, then push the gate up the hill, 
then press X to hide as it passes over you. Go up and through the door.

Save here if you like, then grab the Shine Sprite and roll through the 
passage. At the end, spin jump the X, then go right and get a hidden 
Star Piece. Go left and roll under the wall, grab the stuff in the 
treasure chests (Mr. Softener, Power Plus, the Steeple Key and the 
letter P), then hide under the bird and it'll mention ????'s real name 
- Doopliss. Go back to him and tell him his name, then he'll run back 
to the top room of the steeple. He'll reveal who you are (Mario) to 
Vivian; admit it when she asks, and she'll leave you to face this 
battle alone...

-Boss Battle: Doopliss, Partner-
HP: 40, ?
Attacks: Your attacks. 4 damage
         Your partner's attacks. Varies
Strategy: After two turns or so, Vivian will decide she's had it with 
her sisters and join you once again. Even without her, though, this 
wouldn't be too much of a problem. The attacks (except Hammer) are easy 
even to superguard against, and 40 HP goes down fairly fast (you don't 
need to defeat your partner); if you equipped Power Plus, even more so. 
He still has no defense, luckily. You may need to use a Mushroom here.

Once you win, you'll get your body and name back, and Doopliss will run 
off. You'll defend Vivian when Yoshi questions her, and she'll hand you 
the Crystal Star. You'll get a new ability called Art Attack.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.54 - Interlude

Brief scene of Doopliss running past the Shadow Sirens.

- Princess Peach -

According to an X-Naut, the seal on the Thousand-Year Door is 
weakening. Not good. Peach will walk into TEC's room, and he'll offer 
Peach a quiz in exchange for taking a little quiz.

1. What will happen if you collect seven Crystal Stars?
A. Thousand-Year Door opens.

2. What is the goal of Grodus, leader of the X-Nauts?
A. To conquer the world.

3. What is the legendary treasure that waits behind the Thousand-Year 
Door? (Peach gasps here).
A. A 1,000-year-old demon's soul.

4. What does Sir Grodus wish to do with this ancient demon's soul?
A. Bring the demon back to life.

5. What is required to seal up the demon again?
A. Crystal Stars.

TEC will now let (ask) Peach to use the communicator; Peach does so, 
thanks TEC, and leaves.

- Bowser -

You're on a trip to Glitzville to look for some secret; Bowser elects 
to take his flying thing, but it breaks down over the ocean. You've got 
an undersea Super Bowser Bros. level to contend with. Press A a bunch 
to swim; if you're falling rapidly, it can't save you, though. Making 
it to the other end is fairly easy. Once done, Bowser will yell at 
Kammy Koopa, who apparently had a blast.

- Mario -

The villagers of Twilight Town will apologize for mistaking Doopliss 
for you. Take the pipe back down to Rogueport Sewers and go through the 
door, then you'll get an e-mail from Peach about the Thousand-Year 
Door. Head to there, and the pedestal will show you another Crystal 
Star; back up top, Frankly will freak out over the news about the Door, 
and explain some interesting stuff. In other news, the next star is in 
Keelhaul Key, and you'd have to be crazy to go there. Sounds like you.

First things first: head to the trouble center on the east side and 
take on request #16, then go to the second floor of the inn. Go through 
the door and talk to Ms. Mowz on the roof of Zess T.'s house; she wants 
you to find a badge. Head for Hooktail's Castle and go to the room 
where you fought Hooktail. Have Flurrie blow away the middle of the 
room to reveal a chest with the Attack FX B badge. Bring it back to Ms. 
Mowz and she'll join your party.

Head down to the port and talk to the folks there; apparently the big 
ship there belongs to a fellow named Flavio. Head to the inn and talk 
to the singing pirate there; answer whatever, and he'll decide he wants 
to go to Keelhaul Key. Head down to the port once he leaves and jump 
onto his boat, then talk to him; you need a navigator. One of the 
sailors will mention an Admiral Bobbery living in town.

Head to the east side of Rogueport and get onto the roofs (use Yoshi 
slightly south of the bridge), then roll into the chimney to drop in on 
Bobbery. Talk to him and he'll deny it. Go and talk to the barkeep at 
the inn, then come back (via door) and talk again; sounds like he's 
done sailing. Go back to the barkeep and ask to hear the story, only to 
find that his wife died when he was at sea many years ago; answer yes, 
you need him, and he'll give you the Old Letter for Bobbery from his 
wife. Go give it to Bobbery, and he'll agree to come along on your 
voyage. Go back to the ship (you'll get an e-mail from Petuni) and talk 
to Flavio to depart. Looks like you've got a stowaway, though...

3.6 - Chapter 5: The Key To Pirates

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.61 - Swiss Family Mario

A Star Trek-esque Captain's Log will be shown for a few days, then the 
S. S. Flavion will be attacked by will-o'-the-wisps. You'll wash up on 
the shore of Keelhaul Key. Looks like Bobbery didn't make it on, 
though. Once you regain control, Patch will come in and say your hut's 
done. Go right to find Flavio and Patch fighting about essentially 
nothing, but they'll end up dueling tomorrow. Some ghosts will come in 
and you've got to fight them.

-Battle: Ember, Ember, Ember-
HP: 8, 8, 8
Attacks: Goes up to you and shoots fire. 3 damage
         Blows fire at you. 2 damage
Strategy: Don't use fire attacks on these guys, it heals them and 
creates more Embers. I recommend Koops for this battle.

Flavio will nominate you to explore the rest of the island. Save and 
rest up if you'd like, then head right into the forest. Go through the 
first area, then jump on the ? box in the second area and jump to 
reveal another block. Go up the stair platforms and use Yoshi to cross 
the block to the other area, then go on to the next area. Here, you'll 
see Bobbery and others being attacked by Embers. Two will leave; 
Bobbery will stay behind. Once the scene's over, go back and across the 
bridge, then attack an Ember in the next area.

-Battle: Ember, Ember, Ember-
HP: 8, 8, 8
Attacks: Goes up to you and shoots fire. 3 damage
         Blows fire at you. 2 damage
Strategy: Don't use fire attacks on these guys, it heals them and 
creates more Embers. I recommend Koops for this battle.

Bobbery will ask for a Chuckola Cola as his last drink. Head back to 
camp and talk to Flavio; he wants something to replace it with. Head 
back to the bridge and take the stair platforms down (right before it), 
then use Yoshi to cross to a pipe. Hit the tree in the background and 
you'll get a Coconut; bring it back to Flavio and he'll give you the 
Chuckola Cola. Bring it to Bobbery and he'll drink it, then fall 
asleep. Talk to him twice, then hit him with the hammer. He'll join 

Head back to camp and talk to Flavio, then he'll join you briefly as 
well. Go back past the bridge and to the skull rock. Flavio will walk 
off, so inspect the skull-rock and talk to him; he'll give you the 
Skull Gem, so go put it in the rock. Spin jump on the red statue three 
times, then hammer the blue rock four times. A platform will open up; 
throw Bobbery up there and he'll blow up the entrance, and Flavio will 
run off. Enter the cave.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.62 - Pirate's Grotto

Go in and save if you want, then go into the cave to hear scary noises. 
Drop down and go through the next door (I know it's not really a door, 
bear with me here), then cross the boat to the next platform. To get 
across the spear area, have Vivian hide you right before the spikes 
come up. Once across, go through the door and cross the bridge, 
battling Bullet Bills along the way. Once on the other side, take on 
the cannons.

-Battle: Bill Blaster, Bill Blaster-
HP: 5, 5
Attacks: Shoots a Bullet Bill out.
Strategy: Bullet Bills can be taken out with one blow, so these guys 
can't really hurt you too badly. They've got two defense, though.

Go into the next area and cross the bridge, then use Yoshi to get to 
the other side of the river. The Bulky Bob-omb there is an annoying 
enemy; if you use a bomb attack on it, it blows up damaging you, and 
then the other goes and blows up too. Go into the door, then climb up 
the stair-like part here. To get the Shine Sprite, stand to the right 
of it and jump to reveal another block, then go and hammer it.

Jump across the smaller gap here, then throw Bobbery up to the switch 
to hit it to open a door. Go in and cross to the other side of this 
area, then go over to the box near the switch; get on and wait for it 
to get close to the switch, then cast Koops out in the other direction. 
Hold X and get on the small platform, then let X go, then go get the 
Grotto Key. Return to the locked door and go through.

Go into the door here and use Koops to get the Shine Sprite to the 
right, and roll into a tube to get by the spears (there are little 
gaps), then go through the door. Cross the barrels and boat to the 
other side, then cross the bridge and have Bobbery bomb the wall open. 
Get past the bullets here to fight more cannons.

-Battle: Bill Blaster, Bill Blaster-
HP: 5, 5
Attacks: Shoots a Bullet Bill out.
Strategy: Bullet Bills can be taken out with one blow, so these guys 
can't really hurt you too badly. They've got two defense, though.

Go up for more.

-Battle: Bill Blaster, Bill Blaster-
HP: 5, 5
Attacks: Shoots a Bullet Bill out.
Strategy: Bullet Bills can be taken out with one blow, so these guys 
can't really hurt you too badly. They've got two defense, though.

Go through the door and cross to the ship and go inside. Talk to the 
chest, then fight the Ember.

-Battle: Ember, Ember, Ember-
HP: 8, 8, 8
Attacks: Goes up to you and shoots fire. 3 damage
         Blows fire at you. 2 damage
Strategy: Don't use fire attacks on these guys, it heals them and 
creates more Embers. I recommend Bobbery for this battle, he never has 
to touch them.

Get the Black Key and open the chest, and the dude will curse you with 
the ability to turn into a boat. Go out and turn into a boat on the 
panel, then go to the other panel and go back through the door. Head 
back through Pirate's Grotto to the large climbing area with the save 
box. Climb up and go through the door at the top, then go down and use 
the boat pad. Go right and into the waterfall, then go right and get 
Defend Plus P. Go back and fall into the large waterfall, then head all 
the way left to get the Gate Handle.

Go left onto the platforms and head back to where the gate is. Put the 
handle back in the chain to open the floodgate, then go back to the top 
of the climb, turn into a boat, and drop down the large waterfall, then 
the waterfall you just opened. Down here, head right and avoid all the 
waves, then go through the large door and you'll find a lot of lost 

Dock and enter the pipe, then go to the end of the course, climb up and 
enter this pipe. Get on the fly pad and fly to the first pipe, then go 
in and hit the switch. Drop down and go back to the high pipe, then fly 
to the second pipe, enter and hit that switch. All of the sailors will 
get onto land, so go back to the first pipe and go in, then cross to 
where they are. Francesca and Frankie will recognize you and warn you 
about Cortez.

Go into the door and Lord Crump will show up, disguised as a sailor. 
Save if you want, then get on the ship to heal, then go into the door. 
Enter the next door to find Cortez's treasure...and Cortez.

-Boss Battle: Cortez -
HP: 20
Attacks: Stabs you. 4 damage
         Slices you. 4 damage
         Hits you 4 times. 2 damage each
         Headbutts you. 4 damage
Strategy: He has 2 defense, and his 20 health applies to each form he 
takes. He's technically airborne, so any ground-heavy partners won't do 
too well. This is a nice time to use your Art Attack. Once he takes his 
third form, you can destroy the weapons separately, I believe they have 
5 HP each. Unfortunately, he's hard to guard against. Partway through 
his third form, he'll eat half the audience, gaining one HP for each 
person he ate.

Cortez will become really small, but it turns out he's okay. Once you 
explain what's up, he'll just give you the Crystal Star. You'll also 
learn Sweet Feast. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.63 - Battle On The High Seas

After you save, you'll end up outside the ship. Use Yoshi to cross the 
last platform, then go back to the sailors. One will point out a crack 
in the wall, so use Bobbery to blow it up. Everyone will escape, so do 
the same; you'll end up where you were first stranded. Go south and 
Flavio will come up, then berate you for leaving the treasure. One of 
the Toads will reunite with his brother, then you'll be attacked by X-
Nauts, specifically Lord Crump. Flavio will ask to go to Cortez, so go 
back through the crack and back into Cortez's ship.

Flavio will talk to Cortez, and he'll say he needs the Skull Gem to 
sail. Flavio will offer to trade the gem for the ship, and Cortez 
reluctantly accepts. Go back out to find all the sailors, and Cortez 
will bring his ship out and ram the X-Nauts. When the battle begins, 
you'll go to duel Lord Crump.

-Battle: Lord Crump-
HP: 30
Attacks: Jumps on you. 2 damage
Strategy: The X-Nauts can damage you fairly heavily if they want, so 
you may want to take them out first. Once Crump takes a certain amount 
of damage, the X-Nauts will hang overhead and drop stuff on you, like 
them. Near the end, he'll heal himself a bunch, then roll the X-Nauts 
into a ball to attack. The large group has about 15 HP, but comes back. 
You may need to use your more powerful attacking items here.

He'll leave, and you'll celebrate.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.64 - Interlude

- Princess Peach -

Grodus is mad, as usual, and he'll order the Shadow Sirens to attack 
again. In the meantime, Peach has been summoned by TEC again, and he 
wants her to sneak into Grodus's room. Go outside and use the elevator, 
then head left all the way to the greenlit door. Go inside and TEC will 
say that you need to place potions in the Concoctinator in a certain 
way, mentioning memos left by X-Nauts. The order, from left to right, 
is red, blue, orange, green. Press the button on the left, then each 
time the beaker stops, press the button. Once that's done, you'll need 
to time the potion for exactly 30 seconds. Once done, drink it to be 

Head outside and go all the way right to Grodus's chamber, then farther 
right into his room. Inspect the bookshelf to find the disk, then 
inspect the computer to insert it. Inspect the shelf again to put it 
back, then go back into the potion room, where you'll become normal 
again. Drink the green potion to become normal again, then leave to 
return to TEC's room. Peach will use the communicator, then leave.

- Bowser -

Bowser's in Twilight Town, always two steps behind. Talk to Lord Crump 
and he'll find Beldam's Superbombomb, then you'll interrogate him. 
It'll turn out that your armies are about to battle. He'll throw the 
Superbombomb at you, but it won't work, but you'll light it and set it 

- Mario -

Cortez is impressed, and is allowing you to use his ship whenever. 
Francesca and Frankie are electing to stay behind, along with Patch and 
some Toads. You'll hop on board and return to Rogueport. Back there, 
everyone will run off, and Cortez will allow you free passage to 
Keelhaul Key. Go forward to get a friendly e-mail from Peach, then head 
back down to the Thousand-Year Door (you'll get another RDM e-mail). 
According to Frankly, this star is located in Poshley Heights, the 
Beverly Hills Country Club of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Looks like you'll need a ticket for the Excess Express. Talk to Merlon 
outside his house to hear about a special item; it's in Hooktail 
Castle, in the room with the spike maze. There's a cracked wall in 
there, with an Up Arrow that allows you to upgrade partners twice. 
Anyway, go talk to Don Pianta, who's quite lonely without his daughter. 
Head to Keelhaul Key, then go into the jungle and talk to Francesca to 
find that she's dropped her wedding ring (yes, you must go through all 
100 of those).

Go toward the skull rock and you should see the ring near the tree that 
you found Bobbery at. Go back and give it to Francesca, then sail back 
to Rogueport. Go talk to Don Pianta and he'll ask Francesca and Frankie 
to remain in Rogueport, then retire, making Frankie the don. He'll also 
give you the Train Ticket, so go to where the blimp was - or try. 
Beldam will overhear you talking about Poshley Heights, then race off. 
Head to the blimp and take the train instead. You'll get an e-mail from 
Boo while you're getting there.

3.7 - Chapter 6: 3 Days Of Excess

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.71 - Day 1

So you're on this train for the next three days; yay. Anyway, there's a 
letter on the floor, spelling doom for the train. Head to the very far 
left of the train and talk to the conductor, then go past the kitchen 
and talk to Sherlock Penguin there to hear him be a really bad 
detective. Talk again for more of the same, and he'll ask you to find 
the real guy. Head right to your room and inspect the stains on the 
carpet in the hall. Go into room 3 and talk to the big guy, then 
inspect his drawer to find the Galley Pot. Pennington will stick it to 
him, then ask you to meet him in room 6.

Go to the kitchen and give the chef his pot, and he'll give you a Star 
Piece. Head for room 6 and talk to Pennington and he'll ask you to be 
his assistant. Once he's done talking, leave and go to room 8 and talk 
to the mother Bob-omb. Tell the little one that you're a pro and he'll 
ask you to get him what he wants. Go talk to the conductor to find he 
wants to be an engineer. Head for the dining car and talk to the girl 
to find she's lost her earrings. Go to room 2 and talk to the lady to 
find she's lost her ring. Geez, this train.

Go to room 1 and talk to Zip Toad about an autograph. Head even farther 
right and talk to the engineer to get his Autograph; go back to room 8 
and give it to Bub to get a Shine Sprite. Talk to the conductor to find 
that a blanket is missing as well, meaning there's a stowaway 
somewhere. Go to room 4 and use your Spin Jump to get a Star Piece, 
then use Vivian to hide. A ghost will appear in a second, so talk to 
it. Agree to get his diary.

Go talk to the conductor to get into the baggage car. Slip through the 
crack between some boxes to get the Ragged Diary, then give it back to 
the ghost (if you read it, you'll die - really. Game Over and 
everything). He'll give you the blanket, so talk to the conductor and 
give it back to get a Mushroom. Go back to room 5 and sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.72 - Day 2

Leave and head for Pennington's room to get an e-mail from RDM. Go to 
room 6 and talk to Penningtom to hear that the weasel's had his 
briefcase stolen; it contained some prototype Nitro Honey Syrup that 
would explode when mixed with gold and shells. Talk to the waitress to 
hear more about Zip Toad, then go to room 1 to find a Vital Paper. Take 
it back to Pennington to find that it's a weasel contract, and you need 
to find Zip Toad. Head for your room and inspect the paper, then hit 
the Shine Sprite with the hammer. Hide with Vivian until Zip Toad pops 
up, then bash him with the hammer.

You'll be back in room 6, and the guy disguised as Zip will give all of 
the stuff back. Give the briefcase to the weasel and the train will 
come to a stop at Riverside Station. Once off, Zip will reveal that 
he's actually Doopliss, who's with the Shadow Sirens now. Give the 
earrings and ring back for a Star Piece and 30 coins, then leave the 
train via the black side door. Talk to the engineer to find that the 
drawbridge is up. Agree to go in and find the switch.

Go into the station and go through the door, then roll under the low 
gate and hit the switch to make stairs. Go up the stairs and through 
the door, then go up more stairs and cross the gears. Roll under the 
cylinder, then climb up the next couple and use Koops to get the 
Station Key. Go back to the locked door and go through, then climb down 
the area here (jump on the block and jump again for a Thunder Rage). 
Get the Shine Sprite halfway down. At the bottom, have Flurrie blow 
away some papers, then go through the door.

Go down the stairs here, then roll up and go down the left slope, then 
take a right, then keep going down and left from here. Enter the door 
at the bottom, then go through the next door. In here, defeat the 
Goombas, then hit each switch the number of times it says to make 
stairs appear. Go up all the stairs and open the chest for Ultra Boots.

Use the Spring Jump to grab the pipe above, then head right, drop down 
and turn sideways to fall through the grate. Down here, use Yoshi to 
get on the box next to the fence, then Spring Jump onto the pipe and 
drop inside the fenced area. Spring Jump under the key to knock it off, 
then pick it up. Head back to the elevator and take it down. Once out, 
you'll see an army of weird beasts. Hammer them until they go away, 
then flip the switch and go up and hit the next switch to lower the 

Leave and get back on the train (you'll get an e-mail from King K), and 
it will start rolling again. Hit the sack.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.73 - Day 3

Leave and head right to get an e-mail from Patch, then head to the 
engine car. Talk to the engineer, and you'll be bombarded by black 
things. Head back to the baggage car and hammer the black things away 
until they leave, then Spring Jump up to the pipe and go into the door. 
Get on the roof and hammer your way to the far right; the black things 
will form a big thing.

-Boss Battle: Smorg-
HP: 50
Attacks: Hits you with a tentacle. 5 damage
Strategy: You need to take out the Smorg Miasma before you can hurt the 
Smorg. Once you learn to Superguard the tentacles, it gets easier. The 
miasma only has about 5 HP each. Once he morphs, the tentacles do 10 
damage each. This is a great time to try Sweet Feast, which, if you're 
lucky, can heal you completely.

All of the Smorgs will run away, leaving the guests behind. You'll 
arrive in Poshley Heights, so leave the train and head right twice. 
Read the note on the Sanctum Door to find the manager's traveling, but 
it turns out it's really Pennington. Head inside to find the Sahdow 
Sirens taking the Crystal Star, but luckily, it's a fake. Go forward 
and Spring Jump onto the pipe, then head right and Spring Jump onto 
another pipe, then head right and Spring Jump onto another pipe. Use 
the plane pad to fly across, then Spring Jump to another pipe, then hit 
the switch. 

Jump down and enter the pipe, then enter the door. Go past all of the 
Boos and grab the Crystal Star. You'll also learn Showstopper, the 
owningest move in the uuniverse. Head back to Pennington and talk to 
him, then leave the Sanctum.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.74 - Interlude

- Princess Peach -

Grodus is still mad, but he's even madder when he hears the news. As 
Peach, go into TEC's room, and he'll tell you to escape, then tell you 
why you're being held here. Also, you're on the moon. Peach will start 
to use the communicator, but she'll be stopped by Grodus, and he'll 
erase TEC's memory of Peach, but he manages to tell Peach he loves her 
before he goes. In the meantime, they've got big plans for you.

- Bowser -

Bowser's sulking around Rogueport, but Kammy's apparently found a 
secret chamber. It's time for Super Bowser Bros. again, the infamous 
castle level this time. The spring will lead you quickly to the exit. 
At the end, you've found the championship Glitzville belt, and then 
you'll squash Rawk Hawk. ('Pain.' Quote for the ages.) Of course, then 
you'll realize it's fake. Rawk will say Mario have it, conveniently 
calling you Gonzales.

- Mario - 

You'll arrive back in Rogueport, and you'll receive e-mail from Peach, 
but it's cut off at the important part. Head back to the Thousand-Year 
Door, and the map will point you to the moon (el duh). Frankly's not 
sure how to get to the moon, though. Head toward the center of town 
(you'll get e-mail from Zip Toad) and use the Spring Jump under the 
platform with the huge chest, then open it to get the Ultra Hammer. Go 
back to Frankly to find out that there's a cannon in Fahr Outpost you 
can use.

Go to the west part of Rogueport and drop down into the sewers. Use 
Yoshi to cross to the left, then break the block, go in, and use the 

3.8 - Chapter 7: Mario Shoots The Moon

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.81 - The Russians

You'll end up in a very cold place. Head right until you reach Fahr 
Outpost. Talk to some Russians if you want, then go further and talk to 
the green Bob-omb near the cannon with Bobbery out. Looks like you need 
to find Goldbob and General White. Haul over to Poshley Heights (it's 
easier to go to the sewers and smash the large gray block, then hit the 
switches to reveal pipes) and talk to the gold Bob-omb, then agree to 
give him all of your coins. He'll give you the Goldbob Guide, then 
return your coins as well. On the way back, you'll get an e-mail from 

As for General White, head to Petalburg. Talk to the guy near the 
entrance and he'll mention a deserted isle. Head for Keelhaul Key and 
talk to Patch to find he's at Glitzville. Go to the Juice Bar there and 
talk to the glass polisher; he's gone toward Boggly Tree, apparently. 
Go there and go inside, then talk to the Puni there to discover he's at 
Twilight Town. Go THERE and talk to the guy near the inn; he'll say he 
looked tired. Head back to Fahr Outpost (you'll get e-mail from Rawk 
Hawk) and go into the rightmost house. Inspect General White and try to 
wake him up (do it 10 times). He'll go off to see the mayor.

Go back to the mayor and talk to him, then follow him and talk to him 
again. He'll open a trapdoor, and you'll be shot out of the cannon to 
the moon.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.82 - We Carry A Harpoon

Yea, if you don't watch Futurama, you won't get it...anyway. Moving 
slow and jumping high. Keep going right until you reach the area with 
the city in the background. Use Bobbery to blow up the rock in the 
upper-left corner to reveal a pipe, then go in and enter the city.

Go inside to confront some X-Nauts.

-Battle: Elite X-Naut, Elite X-Naut-
HP: 10, 10
Attacks: Charges. 4 damage
         Jumps. 5 damage
Strategy: They've each got 1 defense, and one's packing a Stop Watch.

Looks like you're in the X-Naut Fortress. Heal and save, then go on. In 
the panel room, you'll have to try and remember which panels are good 
and which aren't. At the other end is the Elevator Key. Get it and go 
back to the elevator, then go down to Sublevel 2. Head all the way 
left, then cross the panels in the order shown on the poster in the 
back. Open the chest for the Card Key, then head back right and enter 
the second green door. Press the button in here, then enter the light 
to be transported. You're below Rogueport!

Go back and go into the hall, then go right and enter the next green 
door. Go to the upper-right corner of this room and Spring Jump up. 
Fall through the rightmost grate and open the curtain to be original 
Mario. Inspect the papers and write down the codes, then exit this 
room. Go as far right as you can, to Grodus's room, then get the Card 

Go to Sublevel 1 and head right, then enter the access code you wrote 
down into the pad. Enter the door and inspect the Thwomp statue. More 
trivia. The answers are Elevator Key, Koopie Koo, 6 feet, Hooktail's 
belly, and Prince Mush. You'll get the Elevator Key for all of that. 
Head to Sublevel 2 and take the other elevator down to Sublevel 3.

Go all the way left and follow the moving panels to the other end, then 
open the chest for a Card Key. Go to the other end of this hall, then 
insert the card keys in the order previously mentioned in a memo. Use 
Bobbery to hit the switch at the end, then slip through the first gate 
and use Vivian to bypass the wall. Get on the platform and go up, then 
get on the next platform and go left. Go into the pipe and go across 
the platforms to get to the Ultra Shroom.

Go back across the platforms and jump to the gears, then get on another 
platform. Cross these to the large pipe and go in, then use the plane 
pad here to fly across to the Card Key. Drop down here and save and 
heal, then enter the pipe. Go back onto the conveyor belt and go across 
all of the platforms again to the plane pad, then fly down to one of 
the moving platforms. Cross to the switch and hit it to reveal stairs, 
then cross back and go up the stairs. Insert the Card Key and enter the 
door. On the other side is Lord Crump; they've got the Princess, and 
aim to get the Crystal Stars as well. He then brings out Magnus von 
Grapple v2.0.

-Boss Battle: Magnus 2.0-
HP: 70
Attacks: Dives at you with drills. 6 damage
         Detaches hands, which fly at you. 9 damage.
         Top comes off and spins like a saw. 6 damage
Strategy: He's got 2 defense, so you'll need a powerhouse partner 
(Bobbery, perhaps), and use your hammer attacks. Superguards are always 
helpful. Whenever something comes off, you may want to take it out. 
Sweet Feast is useful for restoring stuff. It's very nice when he 

Once you're done, Magnus blows up, and Crump flies back to Earth, 
leaving behind the final Crystal Star. You'll get it and learn the move 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
3.83 - Interlude

- Bowser -

Bowser's come to Poshley Heights, looking for a Crystal Star. Door's 
locked, though. GO up to the door and inspect it, then you'll break it 
off. Bowser will go inside and grab the Crystal Star, but Pennington 
will reveal (answer whatever) that it's a fake. Apparently, Luigi has 
it. A Paragoomba will come in, and announce that Mario has all seven 
stars; Bowser will run off to the door.

- Mario -

You've got the stars, but no Princess. Back to Rogueport, then. Go to 
Sublevel 2 and inspect the elevator to find it locked, then go down to 
Sublevel 4. Go into TEC's room and he will try to tell you about 
Princess Peach; she's in the Palace of Shadow with Grodus. He'll then 
unlock the teleporter room on Sublevel 2 and power down permanently. Go 
to the teleporter to leave, and TEC will self-destruct.

Leave this room and Frankly will greet you. Apparently, someone with 
Peach went through the Thousand-Year Door. Head there (you'll get your 
last RDM e-mail) and stand on the pedestal to open the Thousand-Year 
Door, behind which is a portal to the Palace of Shadow. Go inside and 
the door will close behind you.

3.9 - Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year Door

Go through the first door, then go down the small north steps for a 
Stop Watch. Go down all the stairs here and go through the door, then 
open the box for a Shooting Star and continue to the bottom floor in 
here. Make your way past the bullets (you can't dodge any, 
unfortunately) to the cannons.

-Battle: B. Bill Blaster, B. Bill Blaster-
HP: 10, 10
Attacks: Shoots a Bombshell Bill.
Strategy: They have a whopping 4 defense, so only the most powerful 
attacks can get through. I recommend Bobbery, he can usually attack 
Bullet Bills as well. If you can do Showstopper, just get it over with 
right away.

In the next room, hit the block for the All or Nothing badge (have 
Koops get it), then move slowly through this spike maze. Go through the 
door and save if you like, then jump over the spinning fire until you 
get to the end of the room (to get past the last part, have Vivian hide 
you from the raised fire). In the next room, inspect the Dry Bones at 
the end to have an army fall. Hammer your way to the blue one to fight.

-Battle: Dry Bones, Dry Bones, Dark Bones, Dry Bones, Dry Bones-
HP: 8, 8, 20, 8, 8
Attacks: Throws a bone. 5 damage
         Throws three bones. 3 damage each
         Creates another Dry Bones.
Strategy: The HPs are for them to fall. Showstopper will certainly get 
rid of them, but otherwise, try power attacks with Mario, and then try 
a partner that has a powerful group attack. I got 45 Star Points for 
this battle.

Pick up the key and open the door. Get the Ultra Shroom in the box and 
make your way to the cannons.

-Battle: B. Bill Blaster, B. Bill Blaster-
HP: 10, 10
Attacks: Shoots a Bombshell Bill.
Strategy: They have a whopping 4 defense, so only the most powerful 
attacks can get through. I recommend Bobbery, he can usually attack 
Bullet Bills as well.

Continue on to another set of cannons at the bottom. See the above 
battle thing. Go through the door and get the stuff in here (Jammin' 
Jelly and P-Up, P-Down P), then go through the door. For these next few 
rooms, you need to go through the door with the lit torch. Once done, 
you'll enter an open area. Blow up the Chomp statue on the pipe, then 
go in and hit the switch. Go back and save and heal if you wish (try to 
avoid the Chomps), then go across the second bridge and blow up the 
Chomp statue on the pipe. Go in and hit the switch to make a boat pad 
appear, then go back enter the door on the right.

Enter the next few doors here and you'll come to a large room with a 
large dragon. Apparently, you killed his younger sister Hooktail, and 
now he's mad.

-Boss Battle: Gloomtail-
HP: 80
Attacks: Blows fire. 8 damage
         Bites. 8 damage
         Steps on you. 8 damage
         Jumps. 10 damage on impact
         Charges up his attack power for +8.
Strategy: The cricket stuff does not affect this guy. He's also got 2 
defense, so you'll need some power hitters. You also may need some 
Mushrooms, since guarding is quite difficult. At one point he'll charge 
up for an attack; use Vivian's Veil. A Shooting Star, apparently, 
confuses him briefly. Supernova does a nice 15 damage near the end. 
Once you understand how to Superguard, it gets easier.

Once he's done for, he'll spit up a chest with the Star Key. Head back 
to the boat pad room and sail from the one pad to the other. Go into 
the door. Go in the upper-right door and walk through the right wall, 
then hit the switch to make a chest appear with a Palace Key. Leave and 
go into the bottom-right door, then blow away the middle of the room 
with Flurrie. Open the chest for the Palace Key, then leave and go into 
the lower-left door. Hit the far switch three times, then the closer 
twice. Another Palace Key. Leave and enter the upper-left door, then 
hit the stone block and leave. 

Go up the winding stairs and stop off at the next floor. Enter the 
bottom-right door and hide with Vivian to find where a switch is. Hit 
it to get another Palace Key. Go back and into the upper-right door, 
then blast the wall with Bobbery. Go in and get another key, then leave 
for the upper-left door. Destroy the stone blocks, then go to the lower 
level and enter the upper-left room. Smash the stone block and hit the 
switch for another key, then go to the upper-upper-left room and hit 
the switch to get another key.

In the bottom-left room, defeat the Dull Bones, then the Red Bones, 
then the Dry Bones, then the Dark Bones. A switch will appear; hit it 
and grab the key. Go up the stairs and place the Star Key in the 
pedestal, then place the Palace Keys in the pedestals. Some stairs will 
appear where the path to Gloomtail was. Go back there and head toward 
the stairs to be stopped by the Shadow Sirens. Apparently, Frankly 
wasn't there when the Door opened; Doopliss was.

-Boss Battle: Doopliss, Marilyn, Beldam-
HP: 40, 40, 30
Attacks: Doopliss dives at you. 5 damage 
         Doopliss turns into Mario and attacks. 5 damage
         Marilyn uses lightning. 7 damage
         Marilyn slaps you. 7 damage
         Marilyn increases her attack by 7.
         Beldam uses ice. 6 damage
         Beldam reduces your attack chances.
         Beldam increases Doopliss's attack chances.
Strategy: You have two options: work on them one at a time with heavy 
attacks, or try some powerful group attacks. This shouldn't take 
incredibly long with attacks like Bob-ombast and Supernova. 51 Star 

Heal here if you want, then continue on down the stairs and Spring Jump 
under the box for a Thunder Rage. Go to the other end and have Flurrie 
blow away part of the wall, then go in and to the left. At the top, 
cross with Yoshi and go into the door. Here, cast Koops away from the 
switch, then go up the stairs and let go of X. Cross here, then go down 
the stairs and through the door. Go up these stairs and through this 
door, then hit the green switch, go back and use Yoshi to cross the 

Go up these stairs and drop down, then go to the other end from the 
switch and use Koops to hit it, then get on the block. At the top, 
cross with Yoshi, then hit the red switch until it gets up, then hit it 
again and get on the block, then go right as soon as you can. Use Yoshi 
to get past the gap here, then go through the door. In here, Spring 
Jump to the pipes and cross this room to the end, then go into the 

In here, go all the way left to a Shooting Star, then go back to the 
large stairs and go up. Throw Bobbery down to hit the switch, then 
cross and remember the order of the stars, then continue up and save. 
Jump onto the platform of the wheel, then jump down to the lower one. 
Use Koops to get the Palace Key, then go back to the locked door and go 

The box here contains a Life Shroom. Go up these stairs, then roll into 
a tube to get up the next stairs. For these switches, hit the ones that 
were the lit-up stars in the previous room (should be 1 3 4 6 from left 
to right if it's not random). Go back to the previous room and use the 
wheel to get across the gap. Go down the stairs and through the door.

Have Flurrie blow away the front of the large platform, then destroy it 
with a Spin Hammer. Spin Jump through the X and go through this door, 
then walk carefully along this path and go through the next door. Fly 
across to the door in the middle and go in, then go all the way left. 
Hit the switch and run like mad to get across the platform. Get the 
Palace Key from the chest, then leave the room. Drop down and go to the 
spring in this room, then fly across and go to the last door and go in. 
Go through here, save and heal, then go into the door.

Go up these stairs and you'll find Grodus. He'll thank you for bringing 
him the Crystal Stars, then battle.

-Boss Battle: Grodus-
HP: 50
Attacks: Uses lightning. 7 damage
         Fires a laser. 5 damage
         Raises his dodginess.
Strategy: The X's can be taken out with a big blast from somebody; Bob-
ombast or Earth Tremor, perhaps. He's got 7 attack and 1 defense, but 
with only 50 HP, he's not that hard. The X's can attack for 4 damage.

Looks like Grodus was planning for defeat as well. He's got Peach in a 
force field, and he'll kill her if he wants. He'll then start taking 
you out; choose to Attack when given the choice, and Bowser will drop 
in with Kammy Koopa. No time for rest, pal.

-Boss Battle: Bowser, Kammy Koopa-
HP: 70, 50
Attacks: Bowser breathes fire. 7 damage
         Bowser bites you. 7 damage
         Kammy casts a spell. 5 damage
         Kammy heals Bowser or herself.
Strategy: Bowser has 2 defense. First order of business: Kammy has to 
go. Try to pacify Bowser at the same time, if you can. Once you learn 
to Superguard, it gets easier. Hope you have some items to help with 
your bad way after fighting Grodus, or at least the Star Power for 
Sweet Feast.

Once you're done, you'll notice Grodus leaving with the princess. 
Follow him through the door, then get the Ultra Shroom and heal. Go 
down all the stairs and get the Jammin' Jelly and save, then go through 
this last door. Grodus will explain his plan to have the demon possess 
Peach and destroy the world. The Shadow Queen will arise, and the world 
will become covered by darkness. The Shadow Queen will possess Peach, 
and destroy Grodus in a flash. The Shadow Sirens will show up and greet 
the Shadow Queen, who apparently knows them; looks like she was 
planning this all along. Defy the queen and she'll begin the final 

-Boss Battle: Shadow Queen-
HP: 60+
Attacks: Sends out an energy wave. 7 damage
         Raises her attack.
         Raises her defense.
         Hands drag you down and hit you three times. 3 damage each
         Sucks your HP. 7 damage
Strategy: Wail away as hard and fast as you can until she drops 60 HP. 
Once she loses 60 HP, she'll lose Peach's body and start obliterating 
you - three attacks per turn. You can't hurt her anymore, but you need 
to keep attacking at least once each turn to end the battle later. Stay 
alive until her health is full again. Try Sweet Feast. At the end, 
she'll eat the audience.

The Shadow Queen's about to destroy you, but the Crystal Stars will 
return to their origins and collect the goodwill of the people of the 
world. You can hear their voices in the chamber, and they'll purify 
Princess Peach, who will give you the last of her power, filling up 
your everything. After a buildup like that, you'd better win this one.

-Final Battle: Shadow Queen-
HP: 150
Attacks: Sends out an energy wave. 7 damage
         Raises her attack.
         Raises her defense.
         Hands drag you down and hit you three times. 3 damage each
         Sucks your HP. 7 damage
         Uses a mist that can confuse you. 4 damage
         The hands charge you for 4 hits. 3 damage each
Strategy: She's got 1 defense,  so it goes without saying that power is 
everything here. Use your strongest attacks, and when you're running 
low on anything, use Sweet Feast or perhaps an Ultra Shroom or Jammin' 
Jelly. You should take out her hands first with some powerful group 
attacks, like Supernova or Bob-ombast. Your first BINGO will be a shine 
Sprite one to return the crowd, so try to use a lot of Stylish moves to 
win back Star Power more quickly; Power Smash is excellent for this 
purpose. Forget Guards, they won't do squat for most attacks. Practice 
Superguards instead, although for the Dead Hands attacks it won't work. 
When the Dead Hands appear, you'll want to take care of them with a big 
attack, and when the charge attack is about to happen, use Vivian to 
Veil you. I ended up using an Ultra Shroom and a Jammin' Jelly for this 


The Shadow Queen's been destroyed, and Peach is back to normal. The 
Shadow Sirens will run off, and Peach will wake up and apologize a 
bunch. Frankly shows up and he's got the actual legendary treasure, 
then you'll all leave for Rogueport.

At the port, all of your partners will see you off, then two Punio and 
Petuni will come bearing Mushrooms for you. Thanks are exchanged all 
around, and you'll leave for home. On the boat, Peach will talk more 
about Rogueport and TEC.

Back home, you'll talk with Luigi, then you'll get e-mail from 
Goombella about what everyone's up to now. Apparently, Crump, Grodus, 
and TEC are still kicking somehow as well. After that, Toadsworth and 
Peach will drop in, and they've found another treasure map and are 
aiming to have some more fun. Good luck with that, eh?

4 - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are you going to finish the walkthrough?
A: I don't know. Please don't ask.

Q: Can I host your walkthrough on my website?
A: E-mail me that question and I'll give you my answer.

Q: You forgot to mention this./I have a tip for doing this./How do I do 
this, because it's not in your FAQ, but should be?
A: E-mail me concerning any of the above situations. Remember to put 
'Paper Mario' somewhere in the subject line so I know what you're 
talking about. Always double-check to make sure my FAQ doesn't answer 
your question, because 90% of the time, based on what I've seen, it 
does. If you e-mail me asking a question that's not in my FAQ because 
that particular section is incomplete...just don't, because the odds 
are my answer is 'I don't know.' Soon I will know all, and you can e-
mail me then.

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