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Shine Sprite List by Aturian

Updated: 10/18/04

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Shine Sprites Location Guide
Created By Aturian
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

If you have any questions about any of the following material 
feel free to email me, using a subject of "PM Shine Sprites"

Rogueport: 4 Sprites

1. On the East side of Rogueport on the rooftops. Note: Yoshi must be 
in your party to reach this Shine Sprite.

2. From the above Shine Sprite fall of the back of the house and slip 
between the crates to get another Shine.

3. On the West side of town, enter the first house, roll into a tube 
and drop through the hole in the floor.

4. Inside Admiral Bobbery's house. Note: You will not be able to get 
this Shine Sprite until the Prelude to Chapter 5.

5. Behind a damaged wall next to the item shop on the west side of 
town. You must use Admiral Bobbery to open the wall.

Rogueport Sewer: 8 Sprites

6. On a tall platform on the left side of the Thousand Year Door. You 
must have been cursed twice with Paper to reach it.

7. On a ledge near the pipe to Petalburg. You'll need the Super Hammer

8. Near the Twilight Town pipe. You will need Yoshi.

9. In the same room with Giant Blooper. You need the paper Boat mode

10. Take the east Rogueport Sewer Pipe down and then take the first 
warp pipe that you see. This will take you to a room with a lower 
level. On the lower level are two barred entrances and a hidden alcove 
that Madame Flurrie can uncover. enter the hidden alcove and travel 
left behind the wall. Along the way you will find a paper boat panel. 
Turn into a paper boat and start sailing towards the right. Four 
screens over you will find a room with three Shine Sprites.

11. See above

12. See Shine Sprite #10 & 11

13. Next to Dazzle is a pedestal. Use the Spring Jump to get on top.

Hooktail Castle

14. In the room with yellow and purple moving blocks at the beginning
of the hall.

15. In the room were you run into Ms. Mowz for the first time.

16. On top of the staircase that leads outside to the bridge near the 
end of the level

Boggly Woods

17. Use the high paper-airplane panel as a platform and fire Koops over 
to get the Shine Sprite.

The Great Tree

18. Bottom right corner of the room with the Punies/bubbles

19. In the room with a large black vase on the upper level use Madame 
Flurrie to blow it off and then zig-zag down to the Shine.

20. After you snag the super boots bust through the first wooden panel 
that you come across. Its in the room below.

21. In the room that you fill with water and lily pads on the top.


22. To the right of the Glitzville Arena stairs is a Shine Sprite. Use 
your hammer to reveal an invisible block beneath it that will let you 
jump high enough to reach it.

23. At the Glitzville arena on the second floor, in a storage room.

Twilight Trail

24. Behind a tree just before the Creepy Steeple

Creepy Steeple

25. In the first hall roll into a tube and enter the tiny opening

26. At bottom of well outside the gate.

27. On the left of the area where you push the barricade shaped like a door

Keelhaul Key

28. Three screens from the beginning look to the top left area. You need Yoshi.

29. Cross the rope bridge go behind the big palm tree and jump.

Pirate's Grotto

30. Behind a stalactite over the first ship. Go to the bow and jump.

31. In the room past the waterfall and up the stairs you can see a Shine 
but you can't reach it. Use Koops to reveal a hidden block underneath it.

32. In the same room with the grotto key you must ride a barrel to the Shine.

33. After the spikes that come out of the wall, hovering over the water. 
Use Koops

34. Right after the wall of spikes in the air. Use the hammer to find a 
hidden block to reach it.

Excess Express

35. Behind table in Cabin 5

36. Give Bub the Bob-omb the Engineers autograph.

Riverside Station

37. On steps behind the station

38. Near the number stairs, close to the top. Use Koop.

Poshley Heights

39. Outside the Sanctum to the right, Use a spring jump

Poshley Sanctum

40. On the left side of ledges after the painting. Use the overhead bars to 
get to it.

Fahr Outpost

41. Behind a tree on the way to the outpost.

42. On the right of the last house in the Outpost.

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