How do I get a blimp ticket?

  1. I skiped what the professer frankly told im lost,i need to find the blimp ticket so i can keep going, i looked in the little arcade but couldnt find a door or anything,Plez help .

    User Info: crazyponylover

    crazyponylover - 9 years ago

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  1. 1. Go to the shop in the West Rougeport
    2. Buy: 1. Dried Shroom, 2. Dizzy Dial (IN THIS ORDER)
    3. Answer "Yellow" to both questions
    4. Go up the staircase
    5. Talk to the guy
    6. Go to docks
    7. Talk to Piantas (Say whathever you want to the question)
    8. Return to the Don Pianta and talk to him, after cutscene, talk to him again
    9. TADAAAH! You got yourself a Blimp Ticket

    User Info: skawo93

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  1. The in-game character who tells you how to do all that is Ishnail in East Rogueport.

    User Info: wurbytictoc

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  2. First you need to have access to the west side of rogueport by getting Zess T. the contact lense at the store. When you are in the west side go to the shop all the way to the left. Enter and buy, IN THIS ORDER, a dried shroom and a dizzy dial. The clerc will ask you a couple questions, for each answer yellow, and go through the now unlocked door to the left. Go up the stairs and talk to Don Pianta, and he will say he needs you to find his daughter francesca, and her fiance. Go to the dock and talk to the two piantas and say you will tell him. Return to the Don and talk to him, watch a little cut-scene and talk to him again. He will give you the ticket, and you can board the blimp to Glitzville.

    And remember to read what they say!

    User Info: jokanokorf2

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  3. 1. Get Zess T. her contact lens from the rogueport shop
    2. Go the way she was blocking and go inside the shop
    3. Buy a dried shroom first, then a dizzy dial.
    4. Answer yellow to the second question
    5. Go through the door and upstairs and talk to 'Don Pianta' (Pianta with a mustache)
    6. Go to the port (where you got off the boat in the beginning) and talk to the 2 Piantas.
    7. Head back to Don Pianta's hideout and talk to him
    8. Talk to him after the whole dialogue thing is over and you get your blimp ticket.

    User Info: bass_killer

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  4. 1. go to the west of the square,then zest T will stop you. just move then go to the shop.order a lens (i prefer getting it in the prolouge part so you dont have to wait)
    2.go to westside goods and buy these items in order 1 dried shroom and 1 dizzy dial
    3.go up the stairs and talk to don pinata (the orange one!)
    4. listen through everything and find francesca and frankie at the docks
    5.listen through and say whatever
    6. talk to don which leads to a cutscene then you get the ticket

    User Info: superluigi888

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