GameCube Gameshark Save (North America)

Save Game File07/19/05AntiSocial256K
12 custom made logos for you to use in Create-A-Wrestler mode. credit: zommbie
Save Game File09/11/04tunski256K
CAW GameSaves for WWE DoR. Includes CAws of Spike Dudley, Paul London, AJ Styles, Ultimo Dragon, Jaff Hardy, JBL ...
Save Game File05/08/05homeyohmy256K
Flying' High GameSave - collection of cruiserweights by several creators.
Save Game File12/04/04Teh 1337 Game256K
Includes CAWs of Jeff Hardy, Macho Man, X-Pac, Lex Luger, and more! (Everything unlocked)
Save Game File12/15/04boojwahz256K
kamala, doink, jerry lawler, mr perfect, eugene, all complete, la parka and sgt slaughter appearance.
Save Game File12/10/04piper4life256K
Piper4life's WWF Legends Save: Contains Doink The Clown, Hulk Hogan,Yokozuna, Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Sgt. Slaughter, "Big" John Studd, Terry Funk, Diezel, Razor Ramon, Ted Dibiase, Bam Bam Bigelow, Lex Lugar, ect.
Save Game File01/13/05locoxmofo256K
Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, Arn Anderson, Steve Austin, JBL, Spike Dudley, Rene Dupree, and Shawn Michaels(Rockers)
Save Game File12/12/04tunski256K
Ultimate Muscle CAWs: Kid Muscle & King Muscle. Plus Everything is Unlocked

GameCube MaxDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File08/24/05Eniena256K
Game completed twice, max caw points in caw mode, all shopzone items bought, all legends, and 16 created WWE wrestlers that never made it into the final game release.

GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (Europe)

Save Game File11/25/13richman6290256K
Completed Story Mode With A few Cool Created Superstars

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