• Bonus Attribute Points in CAS mode

    As you progress through Story mode, you will unlock Bonus attribute points in the Create a Superstar mode. NOTE Although you are rewarded bonus points, no more than 250 points can be used on a CAS that will be used in Story mode. You can always reduce the attribute points to enter Story mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1000 pointsBeat Story Mode Twice
    400 pointsComplete WWE Development in Story mode
    600 pointsComplete Sunday Night Heat in Story mode
    800 pointsComplete Story Mode

    Contributed By: Emerald|Weapon and wishbringer50.

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  • Easy Money

    Finish the lecture modes to get $6,000.

    Contributed By: crodplaya0913.

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  • Special Entrances

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BuggyComplete the Story Mode once
    MotorcycleComplete the Story Mode once.

    Contributed By: CI254.

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  • Unlock 9 strike combo

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    9 strike comboComplete all lectures and their respective exams in tutorial mode to unlock aditional string combo attacks. You will be able to select and perform up to 9 strike attacks plus the finisher strike for a total of 10.

    Contributed By: Foxphoenix.

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  • Unlockable Legends

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Andre the GiantComplete WWE Development in Story mode
    Bret "The Hitman" HartComplete Story mode
    Brutus "The Barber" BeefcakeComplete Sunday Night Heat in Story mode
    Greg "The Hammer" ValentineComplete Sunday Night Heat in Story mode

    Contributed By: Emerald|Weapon.

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Easter Eggs

  • Move Templates

    This is a list of the move templates, and what wrestlers they are based on.

    Movelist Templates
    Template 01 - Mitsuharu Misawa
    Template 02 - Keiji Mutoh
    Template 03 - Shin'ya Hashimoto
    Template 04 - Masahiro Chono
    Template 05 - Jun Akiyama
    Template 06 - Kenta Kobashi
    Template 07 - Antonio Inoki
    Template 08 - Hayabusa
    Template 09 - Naoya Ogawa
    Template 10 - Tiger Mask
    Template 11 - Akira Taue
    Template 12 - Jeff Hardy
    Template 13 - Hulk Hogan
    Template 14 - Mick Foley
    Template 15 - Steve Austin
    Template 16 - Brock Lesnar

    Contributed By: CaMacKid.

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  • Control tag team partner

    Select a CPU partner in a tag team match. During the match, press Z + Up to have them attack the current legal opponent. Press Z + Right to attack the referee. Press Z + Left to attack your opponent's tag partner. Press Z + Down to perform a tag team move.

    Contributed By: tosguy.

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  • Easy win

    When creating a wrestler, select "Move Set", then go to "Standing", then "Front Grapple". For "Light Grapple", choose "Trapping Headbutts". Choose anything for the others. Get a good amount of power, and start a match. When it begins, tap A to grab your opponent and repeatedly head butt them up to twenty times. After three to four times of this, your opponent will be blue and in danger. Pin them, and they will not get up. The entire match should last no longer than two minutes.

    Contributed By: The1Executioner.

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  • Emerald Flowsion and Rock Bottom as Heavy Grapple Moves

    To gain the Emerald Flowsion and Rock Bottom (Normally only availible as specials) as Heavy Grapple Moves, purchase and use move Template 08 from the Shopzone. Then, apply the template to a CAW you create to have the Emerald Flowsion and Rock Bottom as Heavy Grapple attacks.

    Contributed By: DeviantDragon.

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  • Get Front Suplex as a Light Grapple Move.

    Go to shopzone and buy template 16. Use in on a CAW, and you should have Front Suplex as a Light Front Grapple, normally only a Heavy Front Grapple.

    Contributed By: HulkUp.

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  • How to have a light grapple irish whip Body Press Slam

    Go to shopzone and buy Template Charlie Haas. Use in on a CAW, and you should have Body Press Slam as a light grapple Irish Whip move. Which suppose to be a Heavy Grapple move without the Template

    Contributed By: StoneCold2010.

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  • Last Ride

    To have The Last Ride as one of your regular moves, go to move templates and select Undertaker. This will make your heavy-grapple up The Last Ride. (You can change all your other moves back to normal, just keep the last ride) This is good if you are in danger and you need to use a special.

    Contributed By: Josh002.

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  • Steal Opponent's Special!!

    First, build up your Special and go into Special mode. Then hold L+R and press A+B to your opponent and you'll use their Special Move!

    Contributed By: Master of Destiny.

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