Additional MusicChristian Marcussen
Additional ProgrammingMiles Clapham
Additional ProgrammingDavid Conley
Additional ProgrammingPaul Hanshaw
Additional ProgrammingAndrew Rayson
Additoinal ArtGary Cox
AnimatorAlexander Crowhurst
AnimatorChad Ellis
AnimatorCurtis Fell
AnimatorAndrew Hunt
AnimatorAndrew Lawson
AnimatorJavier Moratinos
AnimatorSimon Scott
AnimatorDamon Tasker
AnimatorSalvador Young
ArtistStephen Cooper
ArtistRussell MacLean
ArtistPeter Norris
ArtistMarc Stewart
ArtistJavier Tejada
Character ArtistNicholas Carver
Character ArtistStephen Davison
Character ArtistJake Gumbleton
Character ArtistAndrew Jackson
Character ArtistMark O'Kane
Character ArtistLes Spink
Colonel Starke's VoiceTom Clarke Hill
Design/ProgrammingJames Bamford
Design/ProgrammingTim Furnish
Design/ProgrammingThomas Houghton
Design/ProgrammingDerek Littlewood
Director Hanson's VoiceDoug Cockle
Jayne Wilde's VoiceLynsey Beauchamp
John Vattic's VoiceAndrew Lawson
Lead AnimatorJames Cunliffe
Lead ArtistRichard Lord
Lead Character ArtistBen Newman
Music & SoundGraeme Norgate
Original ConceptDavid Doak
Professor Grienko's VoiceAndrew Wincott
ProgrammerAndrew Birdsall
ProgrammerJames Hubbard
ProgrammerMark Tull
ProgrammerAlex Weighell
Project ManagerMartin Wakeley
Team LeaderMike Armstrong
Voice TalentPeter Banks
Voice TalentMelanie Bond
Voice TalentLaurence Bouvard
Voice TalentMac Macdonald
Voice TalentSarah Mennell
Voice TalentMartin Sherman


Data and credits for this game contributed by B.lu4R, Blueberry Buttface, Mookiethebold, Blk_Mage_Ctype, and oliist.

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