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    Secrets FAQ by QXZ

    Version: 0.4 | Updated: 01/01/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    John Isles, iv <qxz@verizon.net>, comes running at you with his decapitated
    body, screaming all the while, to bring you a...
            __    ____  ___  ___  ___         __        __    ___
           /  \  /     |   \  |  /   \ |   | /  \      /  \  /   \ |\   /|
           \___  |___  |___/  |  |   | |   | \___      \___  |___| | \ / | o
               \ |     |  \   |  |   | |   |     \         \ |   | |  V  |
           \___/ \____ |   \ _|_ \___/ \___| \___/     \___/ |   | |     | o
                      __    ___     __       __  _           ___  __  _
                |\ | (_  \/  |     (_  |\ | /   / \ | | |\ |  |  (_  |_)
                | \| (__ /\  |     (__ | \| \__ \_/ |_| | \|  |  (__ | \
             __    ____  ___   ___   ____ _____  __        ____  ___   ___
            /  \  /     /   \ |   \ /       |   /  \      /     /   \ /   \
            \___  |___  |     |___/ |___    |   \___      |___  |___| |   |
                \ |     |     |  \  |       |       \     |     |   | | \ |
            \___/ \____ \___/ |   \ \____   |   \___/     |     |   | \__\/
    For all you `Serious Sam:  Next Encounter` players who are befuddled on where
    all those nice secrets are located, this guide is for you.  No calorie-laden
    walkthrough, this just shows you where the good stuff is.
    Be aware that this guide should ONLY be found at the following site(s):
       - GameFAQs     -- <http://www.gamefaqs.com/>
       - HonestGamers -- <http://www.honestgamers.com/>
       - Super Cheats -- <http://www.supercheats.com/>
     /1.  TABLE OF CONTENTS\_______________________________________________________
     1.  TABLE OF CONTENTS (which you are currently reading)
     3.  FAQ HISTORY
         A.  ANCIENT ROME
             * Mission 2:   Senator Cicero's Villa
             * Mission 3:   The Senator's Vineyards
             * Mission 4:   Via Aurelia
             * Mission 5:   Opening the Aurelian Gates
             * Mission 6:   The Temple of Neptune
             * Mission 7:   Through the Servian Gates
             * Mission 8:   The Temple of Mars
             * Mission 9:   The Emperor's Gardens
             * Mission 10:  Caesar's Palace
             * Mission 11:  Touts at the Colosseum
             * Mission 12:  Under the Colosseum
         B.  FEUDAL CHINA
             * Mission 14:  Splashdown in Xifengkou
             * Mission 15:  The Monkeys of Juyongguan
             * Mission 16:  Jiayuguan Fortress
             * Mission 17:  Dunhuang Oasis
             * Mission 18:  Magao Caves
             * Mission 19:  Cave of the Wickermen
             * Mission 20:  The Three Halls of Harmony
             * Mission 21:  Yuhuayuan:  Imperial Garden
             * Mission 23:  A Chilly Reception
             * Mission 24:  The Temple of Steam
             * Mission 25:  The Deep City
             * Mission 26:  The Guardians of the Gate
             * Mission 27:  Hall of Translation
             * Mission 28:  Tower of Confusion
             * Mission 29:  Hall of Transposition
             * Mission 31:  Sirian Mothersip
         A.  ANCIENT ROME
             * Extra 1:   Praetorian Camp
             * Extra 2:   The Forum Romanum
             * Extra 3:   The Forum of Trajan
             * Extra 4:   Addressing the Senate
             * Extra 5:   Caesar's Sanctum
         B.  FEUDAL CHINA
             * Extra 6:   The Silk Road
             * Extra 7:   The Gate of Supreme Harmony
             * Extra 8:   The Steam Tower
             * Extra 9:   The Geothermal Tunnels
             * Extra 10:  The Corridors of Power
     8.  GOT FEEDBACK?
     9.  AND FINALLY...
     /2.  MANDATORY LEGAL DISCLAIMER\______________________________________________
    Serious Sam (TM) is a registered trademark of Croteam, (c) 2004, and has been
    distributed by Global Star Software, a subsidiary of Take 2 Interactive.  All
    other trademarked items mentioned within this guide are properties of their
    respective owners.
        This guide is (c)2005 John Isles, iv, and has not been produced, authorized,
    sponsored, nor (unfortunately) funded by anyone who has worked in the production
    and/or distribution of this game, manual, or whoever supplied the chips/discs. 
    There -- I think that covers practically everyone.
    ================================{ TERMS OF USE }================================
    I've put quite a bit of time and effort into writing this guide, and would LOVE
    to see many people use it as a helpful and witty resource.  Regardless if you're
    viewing this guide online, or have a copy saved to your computer, please observe
    and honor the following rules:
       - Stealing's bad, mmm-kay?  Don't host this guide without asking first.
       - Don't change this guide's format.  Plain black-and-white .TXT only, please!
       - My name, the list of authorized sites, this legal disclaimer, as well as
         any other copyright notices, and the <AND FINALLY...> chapter -- please 
         don't touch them.
       - Most importantly, you may NEVER sell and/or trade this guide in any
         medium -- electronic, print, etc. -- for goods, services, and/or monetary
         gain.  I'm not making any profit off this; it's legally and morally fair
         nobody else does, either.
     /3.  HOW TO READ THIS FAQ\____________________________________________________
    With your eyes opened, preferably.  :P
         Because this guide can use text tables and some low-end art, please use a
    monospaced font.  Courier New, Andale Mono (my personal favorite), and the
    Mac-exclusive Monaco are but three such fonts... (and these three are free!)
         To test your font, just click between any two characters -- I's,
    apostrophes, and periods work best -- and drag your mouse up or down to the next
    line.  Should the highlight meet corner to corner, you're good to go.
     /4.  FAQ HISTORY\_____________________________________________________________
    =========================={ 0.4 -- released 2006.1.1 }==========================
    In a haste to publish 0.3, I completely forgot to proofread this guide.  Many of
    my spelling and structural errors have been rectified, and I've added two new
    secrets for Mission 24 (the Deep City).
         I am also pleased to announce that I have authorized two new hosts for this
    guide:  HonestGamers and SuperCheats.  Their addresses can be found at the top
    of this guide.
    ========================={ 0.3 -- released 2005.12.25 }=========================
    100% at last!  Thanks to a trio of readers, all the officially programmed
    secrets in the game are now exposed!  Don't expect this to be a final release,
    though; I'll likely looks for ways to streamline this document in the future.
         But for now, enjoy!
    ========================={ 0.2 -- released 2005.12.4 }==========================
       - Added treasure locations on the Magao Caves level.
       - One very significant change made in the Guardians of the Gate level.
    ========================{ 0.1.1 -- released 2005.11.2 }=========================
    Nothing more than a proofreading job -- I checked the spelling and cleaned up
    the writing a bit.
    ========================={ 0.1 -- released 2005.10.29 }=========================
    The initial release.  I'm short a few secrets, but I've found most of them.
     /5.  ABOUT THIS GUIDE\________________________________________________________
    `Serious Sam:  Next Encounter` has a total of 76 officially sanctioned secrets
    spread out through a whopping 41 levels.  Having spent hundreds of hours on the
    game, there are other hidden goodies that probably have been overlooked by the
    game's programmers.  This guide is designed to expose just about every hidden
    item you can find in the game.  (A full guide will be coming... in the near
    future, I hope.)
    ============================{ GENERAL INFORMATION }=============================
    To get the most out of this guide, I have listed how to find each secret:
       - Location:   The general area where the secret can be found.
       - Reward(s):  What the main reward is.  Treasure is always the first to be
       - Trap:       What enemies or other hazards you should be prepared for when
                     you access these secrets.
    Below this list will read a more in-depth description on how to reach and best
    exploit the game's secrets, as well as what's necessary to get credit for
    finding them.  Maps will also be provided should I feel that words alone won't
    be enough.
    ============================={ ITEM DESCRIPTIONS }==============================
    If you're playing the game for the first time, got screwed and don't have the
    instruction manual, or are just looking at this guide out of curiosity, these
    are some the items covered.
       - Treasure:  Always listed first, these golden trinkets add to your score.
       - Armor:     Protection from enemy attacks, decreasing the amount of health
                    lost when hit.  Can be maxed out at 200.
                    > Shards:       Small shields, each adds 5 armor.
                    > Exoskeleton:  Looks like a metallic rib cage.  Adds 25 armor.
                    > Green armor:  Adds 50 armor.
                    > Blue armor:   Adds 100 armor.
                    > Red armor:    Maximum armor.
       - Health:    Recovers life.  Can also be maxed out at 200.
                    > Aspirin:        Little pills, each adds 5 health.
                    > Test tube:      Narrow flasks of blue, each adds 10 health.
                    > Flask:          Bulb-like conitainers, each adds 25 health.
                    > First-aid kit:  Adds 50 health.
                    > Heart:          Adds 100 health.
    You can also find weapons and specialty ammo at many of these secrets.  To find
    out which guns use certain ammo, press (Z) to tap into NETRICSA -- "NEuro-
    TRonically Implanted Combat Situation Analyzer" -- a computer system that has
    been implanted into Sam's skull; weapon information will be in green envelopes. 
    NETRICSA will also give you information on all the enemies mentioned (by actual
    name) in this guide; enemy reconnaissance is found in blue envelopes.
    I think that just about covers everything.  TIME TO HUNT FOR TREASURE!
     /6.  LIST OF SECRETS -- MAIN LEVELS\__________________________________________
     _____/A.  ANCIENT ROME\_______________________________________________________
     __________/      Mission 2:      \____________________________________________
    /__________\Senator Cicero's Villa/____________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  As you enter the villa.
       - Reward:    Uzis.
       - Trap:      Sirian Rocketeers.
    After clearing out the Sirian soldiers outside, walk inside and to the door on
    the left.  Sitting here are three boxes of ammunition, as well as a statue in
    the corner; there's a square button on the wall behind it.  Destroy the
    sculpture, and press (A) when prompted.  You'll receive credit for this secret
    by simply pressing the button, but entering the newly opened room will reward
    you with a shiny, new set of Uzis.  Watch out for Sirian Rocketeers after
    snagging your new guns.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  First room with a staircase.
       - Reward:    Heart.
       - Trap:      Porcine Berserker.
    In the first room with a staircase, look for a section of wall holding two
    candles.  Shoot between the two, and a section of this wall will retract.  For
    credit, you'll have to walk deep enough inside to where "SECRET!" appears on
    screen.  Grabbing the heart will trigger an ambush by a Porcine Berserker, but
    you shouldn't have any trouble taking care of him.
     __________/      Mission 3:       \___________________________________________
    /__________\The Senator's Vineyards/___________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Accessible through the vats of wine.
       - Rewards:   > Up to 7,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Shotgun shells x2.
                    > Armor shard x6.
                    > Test tube x2.
       - Trap:      None.
    Pay no attention to Sam when he says, "Never mind the wine."  While Sam's tastes
    are more focused on a nice, frosty mug of beer (drool), it'll pay to smell like
    the neighborhood wino for a couple minutes.
         Jump into either vat of the fermenting grape juice, then wade toward the
    aspirin hovering near the center.  Magically, you'll be transported into
    Cicero's wine cellar.
         While you're here, there's 3,000 pts. in treasure, some shotgun shells,
    some test tubes, and a half-dozen armor shards.  However, seeing as how Sam
    loves destruction, take the time to piss Cicero off by destroying every cask in
    the building.  More treasure, totalling 4,000 pts., will appear as a prohibition
         To exit, simply walk upstairs toward the door.  In case you need to stock
    up on ammo, or need a quick armor fix, you can return to this hidden room the
    same way you came in the first time...
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  Inside the tower.
       - Reward:    Green armor.
       - Trap:      None.
    In the vineyard's sole tower, when you walk on the wooden platform within, make
    a hasty, but short retreat before said platform moves upward.  Hidden below is a
    piece of green armor; jump out before the wooden platform returns.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Beyond the waterfall.
       - Rewards:   > 5,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Aspirin x7.
       - Trap:      None.
    After coming out of the cave where you had to endure an assault from the
    beheaded Kamikazes and Kleer Knights, you'll find yourself behind a waterfall. 
    On the right will be an Auldran Commoner; stay on this side of the water when
    you reach the bottom.
         After descending, keep walking on the grass until you see a barrel. 
    Destroy it with your chainsaw or pistols, and snap -- you'll arrive on a
    platform that would otherwise be unreachable.  All the goodies will be below ,
    so aim yourself carefully to grab everything -- especially the sole piece of
    treasure -- as this is the only opportunity to cash in on this secret.
     __________/Mission 4:  Via Aurelia\___________________________________________
    There are two secrets in this level.  Both are found after opening the gate, and
    are listed in relativity to the small bullpen you see in the open field.
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Back side of the bullpen.
       - Rewards:   > 8,000 pts. in treasure, plus kill scoring.
                    > 9mm ammo x2.
       - Trap:      Dib Dib Dum Dums.
    Walk (or drive) behind the bullpen until you see "SECRET!" appear on screen.  A
    brief cinema will show you what you've discovered, and... hmm.  Who'd be camping
    out here?  It appears to be a troupe of Dib Dib Dum Dums.
         When you see them, turn their perfectly sunny day into a bloody rainstorm,
    then pillage the campsite for treasure!  Don't forget to look in the tents, as
    each one holds three pieces.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Front side of bullpen.
       - Reward:    Serious Skates.
       - Trap:      Dib Dib Dum Dums.
    On the opposite side of said bullpen, look for three trees with a dark bark
    forming a triangular shape; in the center is a tree that's just sprouting up
    from the ground.  Destroy the small sapling for a pair Serious Skates... and a
    surprise ambush from a troupe of Dib Dib Dum Dums.
     __________/        Mission 5:        \________________________________________
    /__________\Opening the Aurelian Gates/________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Beyond the first gate.
       - Reward:    Red armor.
       - Trap:      Dib Dib Dum Dums.
    After passing through the first gate in the level, you will come across two
    pedestals with statues of soldiers on them.  The pedestal on the left has a
    button, which will bring up the "(A) Use" message.  You'll be greeted by a
    troupe Dib Dibs when you press (A), so kill them and fetch and pick up the red
    armor in the central "shed" as your reward -- it's optional, since the secret's
    accounted for once you press the aforementioned button.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  First tower you're required to enter.
       - Rewards:   > Ricochet bullets x2.
                    > First-aid kit.
       - Trap:      None.
    After activating the switch in the first tower, get on the platform that
    descends and turn to the left.  Near the end of the trip, there will be a small
    alcove, so do your best to get into it.  This is the only opportunity to access
    it, so if you can't get this one, just continue on with the level; Committing
    suicide just ain't worth it.
     __________/     Mission 6:      \_____________________________________________
    /__________\The Temple of Neptune/_____________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Room holding first of Neptune's pearl eyes.
       - Rewards:   > Minigun.
                    > 9mm ammo x4.
       - Trap:      Guarded by Reeban Toothfish.
    When you initially enter the room holding the first of the two required pearls,
    you will have to kill a couple Devil Stallions and some Porcine Berserkers. 
    After clearing those out, head toward one of the wooden platforms in the corners
    on the side you entered from.  Reeban Toothfish will spawn in the water, so kill
    which ones are occupying the immediate area.
         Head underwater and look for a sole aspirin; a button lies behind it.  Get
    close enough to see "(A) Use"... so "(A) Use"!  Once the button's been pressed,
    the secret will be confirmed as accessed.  Turn around, and there will be a
    purple light show; swim into it, and you'll find a minigun and 9mm ammo in a
    hidden room.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Underwater canal; Neptune's shrine.
       - Reward:    8,000 pts. in treasure, plus kill scoring.
       - Trap:      Reeban Toothfish in the canal; the rewards are guarded by
                    Auldran Commoners and Sirian Rocketeers.
    Here's a map of the underwater canal accessed from Neptune's shrine.
                       _____    _____    _____
                      |     |__|     |__|     |
    PEARL EYE #2      | [v]  __       __      |
       ^              |_____|  |_____|  |_   _|
       ^                 v               _| |_
       ^ ASCENT          v DESCENT      |     |
     __^__    _____    __v__            |     |
    |     |__|     |__|     |           |_   _|
    | [^]  __(!)    __  [^] |             | |
    |_____|  |__v__|  |_____|    FROM NEPTUNE'S SHRINE
    At the point in this canal marked with (!), Toothfish will appear; kill them all
    so you don't risk getting bitten.  Also here, there's a button lying on the
    wall, marked with the lowercase V.  Get close enough to see "(A) Use", and,
    well, "(A) Use" again!  Then you can go about your business and ultimately
    return to the room where Neptune's eagerly anticipating his pearl eyes. 
         Back there yet?  Can Neptune see the big E on the eye chart now?  If you
    answered "yes" to both, good.
         Walk toward the large door situated behind Neptune's tail; the doors will
    open as you approach, and you'll be greeted by two green Auldran Commoners,
    along with the notification that you've found this secret.  Kill both green
    fiends to expose the treasure, so be sure to pick up every last piece.
     __________/       Mission 7:        \_________________________________________
    /__________\Through the Servian Gates/_________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  In the moat.
       - Reward:    Blue armor.
       - Trap:      None.
    Remember where the Kamikazes blew up the bridge?  Just swim into the
    (surprisingly clean) water below, find the armor, and grab it.  Simple stuff,
    and you can pick up this armor at any time during the level.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Reservoir room.
       - Rewards:   > 9mm ammo x2.
                    > Homing ammo.
                    > Ricochet ammo.
                    > Homing rockets.
                    > Sonic rockets.
       - Trap:      None.
    As you enter this room, you'll be prompted to jump on a platform, which is
    highlighted by a yellow arrow.  Once depressed, the reservoir in the center of
    the room will open up enough to fill the moat outside, triggering a wave of Dum
    Dums in the process.  Kill all who appear, then walk to the sole aspirin
    underneath the reservoir; you'll be warped directly above into the reservoir
    itself, holding the special ammo.  To exit, just walk to the purple light show
    ================================={ SECRET #3 }==================================
       - Location:  Second jumping puzzle, before crossing the lava pit.
       - Reward:    2,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    When you enter this room from that holding the first lava pit, just walk
    straight forward until you come to a wall.  "(A) Use" will appear on screen, so
    "(A) Use" again, and the secret's confirmed; be sure to reward yourself with
    that piece of treasure sitting for you in this hidden room you just opened.
     __________/Mission 8:  The Temple of Mars\____________________________________
    Refer to this map when looking for these secrets:
              TO SECRETS #2 & #3
                (LAVA PIT ROOM)
                     |   |
     +---+---+---+---+   +---+---+---+---+
     |   TO SECRET #1                    |
     +   +---+---+vvv+---+---+---+---+   +
     |   |///|*      a a a      *|///|   |
     +   +---+     a o o o a     +---+   +
     |    ax3|     a o $ o a     |ax3    |
     +   +---+     a o o o a     +---+   +
     |   |///|*      a a a      *|///|   |
     +   +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+   +
     |                                   |
     +   +---+---+---+   +---+---+---+   +
     |   |           |   |           |   |
    OF NERO         SHRINE       OF HADRIAN
    Before you go gallavanting around for these goodies, heed this advice:  Enter
    either of the two rooms holding the shield or the sword and activate the
    checkpoint therein; picking up either of Mars' implements isn't necessary to
    guarantee your safety.  Should you die before doing so, you'll be transported
    back into Mars' shrine with a large yellow X on the door, and you'll be forced
    to restart the level.
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Within the building
       - Reward:    > 5,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Armor shard x12.
                    > Aspirin x8.
       - Trap:      None.
    After you exit the room holding Mars' statue, walk around the building.  There
    will be one panel that looks as if someone tore off some fancy wallpaper (marked
    with "vvv").  The wall will crumble after just a few pieces of ammo, and walk
    through the opening to receive credit for finding this secret.  The main reward
    is a piece of treasure worth 5,000 pts., but you can also recover some health
    with the aspirin (o) and bulk up on armor (a) while you're here.
    =============================={ SECRETS #2 & #3 }===============================
       - Location:  Lava pit room that DOESN'T house the Shield of Hadrian.
       - Reward:    > Blue armor.
                    > First-aid kit.
       - Trap:      None.
    This secret's not very far from the one listed immediately above.  There's a
    large lava pit in the middle of this room; hovering above are a first-aid kit on
    the left, and two piece of blue armor to the right.
         At this point, reaching them seems impossible.  However, two of the three
    can be accessed:  The first aid kit and the armor on the right.  Nothing fancy,
    folks; just center your crosshairs on the items and walk forward.  You'll be
    walking on an invisible catwalk, and you'll see "SECRET!" appear on screen after
    grabbing each.  After grabbing one, then walk back onto terra firma and walk
    toward the other in the same way.
         One note worth pointing out is that you MUST get these two items before
    depositing the sword and shield into Mars' hands.  {1}
     __________/     Mission 9:      \_____________________________________________
    /__________\The Emperor's Gardens/_____________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Sundial side of the level, on the concrete area.
       - Rewards:   > Homing rockets.
                    > First-aid kit.
       - Trap:      None.
    If you've played this level before, then you'll know what I mean by "sundial
    side of the level".
         Up on the concrete, there's a staircase near where you entered the garden,
    but do not climb it onto the ledge above.  Instead, walk to where the ledge and
    the taller garden wall meet.  Turn right, and look for a subtle imperfection on
    the wall; shoot it (or carve it, if you're holding the chainsaw); said
    imperfection will retract, exposing the first-aid kit and the rockets.  You'll
    have to walk in and pick up both to receive credit.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Labyrinth, near the entrance.
       - Reward:    Green ammopack.
       - Trap:      None triggered, but it will be guarded by whatever enemies you
                    haven't killed yet.
    As you enter Caesar's labyrinth, walk forward,         ------+--------+
    sidestep right one length of fence, and shoot the            |        |
    wall in front of you until it crumbles.  The           + |X| |  +--+  |
    enemies that appear should be taken care of before     |     |  |AP|  |
    reaching this ammopack, so don't be careless           |  +--+  +^^+  |
    around these parts.                                    |        |     |
         Lemme guess -- you'd rather have a map.  I        +  +--+  +  +  |
    guess I can do that.  It's on the right. Basical-      |  |  |     |  |
    ly, you should find your way to the wall marked        +--+  +  +--+--+
    with ^^.  Shoot it until it crumbles, then walk              |  |
    into this new opening enough to see "SECRET!" on             +[]+
    the screen for credit; the ammopack -- marked as       FROM THE GARDEN
    AP -- is entirely optional.
     __________/Mission 10:  Caesar's Palace\______________________________________
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  First room you enter, full of clay pots.
       - Reward:    5,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    Very easy to access, but the time it takes to reap the rewards depends on the
    weapon(s) you have available.  All you need to do is violate all the clay pots
    in the first room you enter.  If you have rockets, then the job will be easy --
    just aim for the center of the shelves, and you'll destroy several pots with one
    blast.  If not, then you'll have to aim for each pot individually.
         Once all the pots have been turned into mosaic pieces, then you will have
    received credit for accessing this secret.  The treasure will simply fall from
    the ceiling in the center of the room, waiting for you to pick it up.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Second room inhabited by a Mecha-Arachnoid.
       - Rewards:   > Homing ammo.
                    > Homing rockets.
                    > Sonic rockets.
                    > Red armor.
       - Trap:      None.
    The first Mecha-Arachnoid appeared in a room with stadium-       ___________
    like seating.  This room will have a flat floor.  Once you      | ^*  *  *  |
    kill the scorpion-like creature, head toward the corner op-     |       +-+ | 
    posite the door you entered.  There will be a diamond-shaped    |       |j| |
    button (marked by the ^ symbol); "(A) Use" will once again      |       +-+ |
    appear on the screen, so complete this action and you will      |           |
    immediately receive credit for finding this secret.             |_   ___   _|
         However, there is a reward for this:  At the "j", a          | |   | |
    floor panel has retracted, exposing a springboard.  Hop on       EXIT   ENTRY
    it, and take the ride for the goodies listed above.
     __________/     Mission 11:      \____________________________________________
    /__________\Touts at the Colosseum/____________________________________________\
    ================================{ ONLY SECRET }=================================
       - Location:  The room adjacent to where the plunger sits.
       - Rewards:   > Possible kill scoring.
                    > XOP gas gun.
                    > Napalm x2.
       - Trap:      Auldran Commoner; possible other enemies.
    After you've deposited the ticket from earlier in the level and gained access to
    the Colosseum concourse, head to the building to the right.  Clear out all
    necessary foes and go where the hallways take you -- there's only one way to go,
    as roof damage has blocked off a part of the building.  There is a plunger here,
    which you can go ahead and activate; it has no bearing on this secret.  Do NOT
    leave the building yet; there's a room connected to the one you're presently
    located in.
         Inside this second room, two torches appear to have been knocked over just
    before you arrived.  Behind each lies a button; pressing both when prompted to
    "(A) Use" will give you credit... as well as a nasty surprise if you don't turn
    around.  An Auldran Commoner will materialize, breathing down your neck.  Kill
    him, then head toward the platform between the two fallen torches; there's the
    familiar purple stream.
         If you decide to jump into the light show, which is entirely optionsl,
    you'll be taken to the room which was blocked off when you entered this
    building.  Herein lies the XOP gas gun; picking it up will trigger a wave of
    several enemies -- mostly Kleer Knights and Dum Dums.  There's another purple
    light show here that'll return you to your previous obligations.
     __________/Mission 12:  Under the Colosseum\__________________________________
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Near the starting point, underwater.
       - Rewards:   > Homing ammo x2
                    > Spider mines x2.
                    > Green armor.
       - Trap:      Area is patrolled by Reeban Toothfish.
    When you start this level, break out your chainsaw, and be sure to take out all
    the Toothfish you can.  When the pool is free of marine life, look for the exit,
    but do not go through it.  Instead, you should turn 180o and dive into the
    water.  You'll find a small square opening; swim through it and follow its path.
     When you reach the end on this tunnel, surface to receive credit.  You don't
    need the loot found here, but it's worth your time, as it will become beneficial
    later in the level.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Past the sewers near the end of the level.
       - Rewards:   > 5,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Liquid nitrogen x2.
       - Trap:      None.
    After going through your Indiana Jones audition with the giant boulder and
    traversing the sewers, there will be a lift.  To the left will be a gray brick
    wall with a curved top; only the top of this will stand out in the dark area. 
    You'll have to walk in deep enough for the six-letter S-word to appear for
     _____/B.  FEUDAL CHINA\_______________________________________________________
     __________/      Mission 14:      \___________________________________________
    /__________\Splashdown in Xifengkou/___________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Underwater after splashdown.
       - Rewards:   > 5,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Sonic rockets x2.
       - Trap:      None.
    Once you get your feet wet in feudal China (snicker), quickly rise back to the
    surface.  Now strap on your Speedo, grab a deep breath... and start diving.  As
    you descend into the abyss, look for a treasure chest on lake's floor.  A pack
    of standard rockets easily visible, though you should also blow open the chest
    lying on the floor.  Swim inside for credit for this secret, along with the
    treasure and the sonic rockets.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Inside the cave
       - Rewards:   > 5,000 pts. in treasure. 
                    > Armor shard x4.
       - Trap:      Guarded by Leikung Ninja and Witch Harpies.
    Eliminate all the enemies sitting inside the cave and look toward the ceiling. 
    Look for the brightest light you can see and shoot it once.  A cinema will play
    out, showing you a rocky path leading into a small alcove in the cave's wall. 
    With the secret already credited to you, the points and armor are optional, but
    pick 'em up anyway.
    ================================={ SECRET #3 }==================================
       - Location:  Before the level exit.
       - Reward:    > 3,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Aspirin x3 (meaningless).
       - Trap:      None.
    This will be the last room in the level.  As  you enter, go upstairs, but don't
    pass through the door.  Instead, walk off the edge to pick up some treasure. 
    You can go ahead and exit the level once you've gotten the loot.
     __________/       Mission 15:       \_________________________________________
    /__________\The Monkeys of Juyongguan/_________________________________________\
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  Behind the second building you enter along China's Great Wall.
       - Reward:    > 5,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Aspirin x13.
       - Trap:      None triggered.
    If, somewhere along the line in this level, you noticed a set of aspirin forming
    an arrow, take heed.  You'll find a solitary piece of treasure here, located
    behind the building where Sam points out why zoos have cages.
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Dragon mural near the staircase/ramp.
       - Reward:    > 5,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Laughing gas.
       - Trap:      None triggered.
    Once you walk down the ramp or drop in from above, there will be two dragon
    murals -- one on the wall and one on the ground.  This is where this secret
    lies, but you'll have to wait awhile to access it.
         What you have to do is this:  Walk under the archway (the Juyongguan Pass),
    then return to the decorated area by the ramp.  Kill whatever enemies come into
    the area.  When you hear monkeys in the distance, that's when you can access the
    secret.  Shoot the eye of the wall mural, which will have golden particles
    hovering before it; the ground around the floor mural will descend, exposing
    treasure and a canister of laughing gas.  It's your choice how and when to kill
    the monkeys -- you can shoot them first then get the loot, or expose them to a
    little nitrous oxide if you have some to spare.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Open field, after all enemies are gone.
       - Reward:    > 6,000 pts. in treasure, plus kill scoring.
                    > Serious Bomb (save it for later).
       - Trap:      Kamikaze Marines.
    You can find this secret in the one grassy field near the end of the level. 
    After picking up the highlighted pack of sonic rockets, you'll be engaged in a
    great battle.  When you emerge as the sole survivor, look around for the
    familiar purple light 'neath the tree (or its shadow) closest to the Great Wall.
         Once you find it, jump in; you'll be taken to the opposite side of the
    field, on a brick wall connected to the Juyongguan Pass.  Credit's already been
    given to you, but there's more.  Move forward, and Kamikazes will soon assault
    your ears, so take them out and stock up on loot.  The treasure here's easy
    pickings, but for the Serious Bomb, you might need a good leap or two to reach
    it.  And if you're stuck here, just head back onto the brick wall and jump over
    it to complete the level.
     __________/Mission 16:  Jiayuguan Fortress\___________________________________
    ================================{ ONLY SECRET }=================================
       - Location:  Pagoda within the fortress
       - Reward:    3,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      Witch Harpies and Guandi Sorcerers.
    The only secret in this level is rather easy... but there is a catch.  Within
    the fortress, there is one pagoda.  On one side sits the familiar purple specks
    of light, surrounded by armor shards.  Do NOT touch any of the armor, or it's
    lights out.
         What you'll have to do is jump over the armor and land into the purple
    stream.  This will warp you to the eaves above, with treasure and a few enemies
    waiting for you.
     __________/Mission 17:  Dunhuang Oasis\_______________________________________
    =============================={ SECRETS #1 & #2 }===============================
       - Location:     In the lake.
       - Rewards, #1:  > 10,000 pts. in treasure
                       > Spider mines.
       - Rewards, #2:  > 4,000 pts. in treasure.
                       > Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:         Patrolled by Reeban Toothfish.
    The first secret in the water is found in the treasure chest lying on the lake's
    floor near the bridge.  Shoot the top until it's turned into splinters and enter
    for credit.
         The second can be found on the same side of the bridge, but near the
    outside perimeter of the oasis.  Look for two algae plants surrounded by four
    aspirin.  Shoot under the aspirin closest to the bridge, and the floor will
    retract, exposing treasure and a Serious Bomb.  Here's a map if you're confused:
    /                                   \@@
    |           o                       |@@
    @\            _v_                   /@@
    @|     o  _v_  ^   o               /@@@
    @@\        ^  ___                 /@@@@     -  o  -- Aspirin
    @@@\         | o | <--Shoot here. |@@@@     - _v_ -- Algae plant
    @@@|         |___|                |@@@@        ^
    @@@|                              |@@@@
                    BRIDGE                  START -->
    ================================={ SECRET #3 }==================================
       - Location:  Pagoda in the second half of the level.
       - Rewards:   > Homing bullets x2.
                    > Napalm.
                    > Laughing gas.
                    > Heart.
       - Trap:      MK-2 Kamikazes and Temple Guardians.
    Once you gain access to the Dunhuang pagoda in the second half of the level,
    walk toward the back of the building.  Walk upstairs to the front door, then
    walk around and straddle the wall until you see "(A) Use".  Do so.  Turn away
    from the pagoda and walk to the opening between two tiger statues.  Once you've
    entered, prepare to face Temple Guardians and MK-2 Kamikaze Marines.
         The aforementioned ammunition is set up in a square shape with the heart in
    the center.  You really should consider grabbing this stuff, as you'll not only
    get credit for this secret, but fairly well prepaed for the battles ahead.
     __________/Mission 18:  Magao Caves\__________________________________________
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Outside the pagoda, two levels up.
       - Rewards:   > 4,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Red armor.
       - Trap:      None... so far as I know.
    Once you plow your way through the pagoda near the start of the level, and you
    exit it, instead of moving forward, you should walk onto one of the eaves.  Next
    thing to do is step off just enough to fall, but not too far that you fall
         What I prefer doing is heading around the exit and adjusting my aim to
    where I see the pagoda on the left, and clear, blue sky straight forward.  After
    that, I ever so slightly sidestep to the right, quickly jerking the thumbstick
    left just as soon as gravity takes effect.  This works for me, as I just descend
    one level at a time.
         If you follow my method, then be sure to drop no more than three levels, as
    the goodies will be right in front of you.  Just grab any one of the five items
    to receive credit for this secret.
         I'm pretty sure there is another to access these goodies without needing
    gravity's assistance.  I've looked all over Hell's half acre to find it, but
    I've come with zero to show for it.  If anyone knows how to get here through
    some other means, please fill me in.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  On the catwalk connected to the pagoda.
       - Rewards:   > 8,000 pts. in treasure, plus kill scoring.
                    > Plenty of specialty ammo.
       - Trap:      Guandi Sorcerers, Monkey Zombies, and one Major Bio-Mechanoid.
    After exiting the giant pagoda for possibly the second, you'll be walking down a
    long catwalk.  Keep walking until you see some sniper rifle ammo, which will be
    about the the time you see a tree protruding from the mountain on the left. 
    Fire a couple shots into the wood below, and you'll expose a square opening. 
    Look through this opening for the familiar purple light show, and carefully drop
    yourself down into it.  You'll be whisked off across the ravine, to where you
    can stock up on specialty ammo, and score a few thousand extra points.  Here's a
    map showing what you can find here:
    <--Major Bio-Mechanoid
        __     __     __     __
       | 1|   | 2|   | 3|   | 4|
     __|  |___|  |___|  |___|  |__      - Cave 1:  4,000 pts.' worth of treasure.
    |                             |     - Cave 2:  Spider mines x2; Limpet mines x2;
    |                             |                Laughing gas x1.
    |    ___                      |     - Cave 3:  Red armor.
    |   | w |<--Warp to main area.|     - Cave 4:  Heart.
    \   |___|                     /
    There is also 4,000 pts.' worth of treasure found on the ledge that the
    Bio-Mechanoid occupied.  On the grassy area of this secret location (with the
    monkeys), head toward cave #1 and look for a triangular slope.  Walk up it,
    across the rocks.  Voila!  Even more bonus points!  {2}
         (And I honestly NEVER thought these two ledges were connected!)
    ================================={ SECRET #3 }==================================
       - Location:  Accessed from cave #4 at Secret #2.
       - Rewards:   > Sirian Power Gun.
                    > Power cells x6.
       - Trap:      Auldran Highlander.
    A secret within a secret!  After taking care of business at Secret #2, head over
    to the cave marked as 4.  Shoot the back wall with... whatever you've got.  It
    will crumble, exposing another stream of purple.  Jump in, and you'll have your
    first glimpse of the Sirian Power Gun!
         BUT BEFORE YOU PICK IT UP... pause the game and set the WEAPON CHANGE
    option to NEVER.  Then break out your XOP Gas Gun, and set it up to spew out the
    laughing gas you picked up (at least, I'm HOPING you picked it up).  An Auldran
    Highlander's gonna appear the instant you touch that laser gun.  With Gas Gun
    and nitrous oxide ready, spritz this guy's knee, and a potentially lethal foe
    will be as harmless as a kitten and will keel over dead within seconds.  Jump
    into the purple you see, head to the open purple on the stone slab at Secret #2,
    and you'll be back on the main path.
         BY THE WAY... if you're trying to jam through this level as quickly as
    possible, this secret also presents you a very handy shortcut.  When you arrive
    on this ledge, you can go ahead and just drop to the right, and you'll be VERY
    close to the end of the level; you don't even have to pick up the laser to
    capitalize on this shortcut!
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
    This bonus comes courtesy of "SuperHawkins2000@aol.com".
       - Location:  Underneath the catwalk.
       - Reward:    1,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    If you returned to the wooden catwalk from Secret #2, keep walking until it (the
    catwalk) meets a grassy knoll -- it'll be about the time you see an Auldran
    Commoner (the green kind).  When the coast is clear, jump onto the green stuff
    and look under the catwalk for one piece of treasure.
     __________/     Mission 19:     \_____________________________________________
    /__________\Cave of the Wickermen/_____________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Honeycombs near Start.
       - Rewards:   > 5,000 pts. in treasure
                    > Spider mines x2.
       - Trap:      None.
    Like honey?  I'm afraid we're fresh out today, but I think you might find this a
    rather sweet deal.
        There are two sets of honeycombs in the immediate area, but move toward the
    hexagons with hovering aspirin.  Shoot any of the brighter hexagons until they
    all shatter.  You'll have to grab the treasure for credit.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Underwater canal.
       - Rewards:   > 2,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Liquid Nitrogen x2.
                    > Limpet mines x2.
                    > Spider mines x2.
       - Trap:      Reeban Toothfish.
    In the first (and only) underwater passageway you enter, there'll be a small
    armor shard; directly above it, a small, square-shaped opening.  Shoot it -- or
    carve it, if your chainsaw's in your hands -- until it turns to rubble.  Surface
    for the goodies, but there will be a school of Toothfish snacking on your toes
    when you do; fire a rocket through the opening below to get rid of 'em.
     ___________/       Mission 20:        \_______________________________________
    /___________\The Three Halls of Harmony/_______________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  A 180o turn at the very point you start the level.
       - Reward:    > Laughing gas x2.
                    > Red armor.
       - Trap:      None.
    Before you do anything, turn 180o.  Decorated the wall is dragon.  Shoot it
    once, and it will crumble -- likely due to inferior building codes, I'll bet --
    and jump in the fiber-optic stream of purple you see.  The goodies are here
    waiting for you to pick them up.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Outside the second hall of harmony.
       - Rewards:   > 5,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:      None.
    This section of the level can be compared to a rabbit's head, albeit very square
    in shape, as well as the first place the Serious Cannon shows up.  You can go
    ahead and grab your new toy if you want, but don't go downstairs just yet.
         Walk along the upper area.  Enemies will show up, but you should know what
    to do with them by now.  Reverting back to that "rabbit" theme, there are two
    buttons on the outer wall, one where each of the rabbit's ears meet its head. 
    You'll see "(A) Use" when you get close enough to them.  "(A) Use" both times,
    and a brief cinema will show you the location of this secret.  You only need to
    walk in deep enough to where "SECRET!" appears, but grab the goodies anyway.
     __________/        Mission 21:        \_______________________________________
    /__________\Yuhuayuan:  Imperial Garden/_______________________________________\
    ================================{ ONLY SECRET }=================================
       - Location:  On a fence outside the central pagoda.
       - Reward:    8,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    This secret might be a good time to tune up on whatever little sniping skills
    you've used so far.  After you've passed through the third gate in the level,
    head left.  Sitting atop the wall in a corner will be a small statue; if you
    can't see it, try using your sniper rifle's scope.  Should you have no sniper
    ammo in stock, then use your rocket launcher; if you're out of both kinds of
    ammo, then just use whatever gun you have, although you will have to get a bit
    closer to the wall.
         Treat this statue as an empty soda can -- beer bottle, whatever -- on a
    fence.  After one is shot, another larger statue will appear to its right. 
    There are a total of six statues, and after destroying the sixth, four pieces of
    treasure will appear before your eyes, along with confirmation you've gotten the
     _____/C.  LEGENDARY ATLANTIS\_________________________________________________
     __________/Mission 23:  A Chilly Reception\___________________________________
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Where the main road forks
       - Rewards:   > 10,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > XOP gas gun.
                    > Liquid nitro x2.
                    > Laughing gas x2.
       - Trap:      None
    When you see the snowy Atlantean road fork into two different paths, carefully
    drop down at the vertex; below is a a small ledge.  Carefully drop down and, if
    you land on it, there's treasure and a flame thrower for you, even though the
    secret's confirmed without picking up a thing.  To return to the main path,
    there's a smaller ledge even further below with the familiar purple light
    show... being careful, of course, not to overshoot and fall into the Pit of
    Mysterious Death (TM).
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  After picking up the chainsaw
       - Rewards:   > Kill scoring.
                    > Homing missiles x4.
                    > Red armor.
       - Trap:      Guarded by Atlanteans, a Kamikaze, and some Dib Dib Dum Dums.
    I'd like to ask your opinion:  Is this a         <-- HIGH ROAD    MAIN PATH-->
    drawing on the right a reliable map, or just     ____________     ____________
    a really crappy drawing of a spider?              _________  \   /  _________
         If you recall the aforementioned fork             ____\  \_/RB/____
    in the road, then the path to reaching this           /                 \
    secret depends on which way you travelled            /fl RB              \
    after getting that last secret.  Regardless,         |ba RB       (!)    |
    you will enter a cave, inhabited by an               \fl RB              /
    Auldran Commoner, marked as (!).  Take care           \_____   _   _____/
    him from within the safety of the tunnel          _________/  / \  \_________
    you entered from to avoidtaking damage        .  ____________/   \____________
         Ignore the ammo and armor (ba, fl, RB)      <--LOW ROAD        SECRET!-->
    at this point and just follow the map:  If
    you entered via the low road, then hang a right-hand U-turn.  If you entered
    through the high road, then walk through the tunnel to the left.  Walk through
    this icy corridor killing enemies until you see the familiar yellow letters
    which read... ah, you know.
         There are Dib Dib Dum Dums standing around a nice, toasty fire, and will
    attack when they sense your presence.  As with the Auldran you slew just a
    minute ago, stay within the tunnel so you can kill them without them hurting
    you; once this troupe is dead, walk out and grab the goodies.  How you return to
    the main path is up to you -- either drop straight down, or walk back through
    the tunnels and jack up that kill count!
     __________/Mission 24:  The Temple of Steam\__________________________________
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Final fork in the road.
       - Reward:    > Spider mines x7.
                    > Liquid nitrogen x6.
       - Trap:      Atlanteans and whatever other enemies you haven't killed.
    The road to Atlantis is full of forked roads.  Travel this road until you come
    to the final fork in the road, which appears to be in front a GIGANTIC basket-
    ball net.  At this point in the level, you'll be reunited with your sniper rifle
    (SR).  You'll just have to face numerous Atlanteans,
    Devil Stallions, and even some minor Bio-Mechs to     \_   \_           _/   _/
    get here.                                               \_   \_________/   _/
         Whether you get the rifle here or not is your        \_      w      _/
    choice.  Regardless if you pick it up or not, be            \__v SR  v__/
    sure to walk up to the two nearest lampposts (marked           *|   |*
    with asterisks [*]) .You should see "(A) Use"                   |   |
    appear on the screen as you approach the lowercase             *|   |*
    V's... and yes, be sure to "(A) Use" when prompted.             |   | 
    You'll see "1 more to go..." after depressing either           *|   |*
    of the two, and "SECRET!" after depressing the second.
    The familiar purple light will appear behind the sniper rifle (used to be, if
    you'd already gotten it).
         Back to the "basketball hoop" analogy, jumping into the light (marked as
    "w") will warp you atop the "rim" holding the net.  The surface up here is
    rather dark -- I couldn't tell where I was -- but the edges will be cleraly
    visible when you get close enough to them.  Go ahead and grab all the goodies
    you desire, as there are two ways you can return to the main route:  Either
    hopping into the purple light you find up here, or you can carefully aim
    yourself down on the catwalks below. {3}
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  The two thumper rooms.
       - Reward:    Lots of stuff.
       - Trap:      None.
    Ding....  Dong....
         There are four sets of thumpers (the large, bell-shaped weights on see-
    saws) might have served as a source of energy for the Atlanteans way back when. 
    However, each set of thumpers have a narrow alley below where each set is
    connected will reward you goodies if you can avoid getting flattened into a
    pancake.  The rewards are as follows:
       - First set in both rooms:   Two exoskeletons and a flask.
       - Second set, first room:    7,500 pts. in treasure and an exoskeleton.
    The fourth set...?
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Second thumper room.
       - Reward:    7,500 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    This the only one of the four that actually counts toward the secrets you
    uncover.  It's really simple -- just walk in the narrow alley between the second
    set of thumpers in the second thumper room.  Be careful when both entering and
    exiting so you don't become flattened into a pancake.
     __________/Mission 25:  The Deep City\________________________________________
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Immediately left from Start.
       - Reward:    5,000 pts. in treasure, plus kill scoring.
       - Trap:      Four Bio-Mechanoids -- two of each kind.
    When you start this level, head to the foliage on the left.  Before too long, a
    squadron of Bio-Mechs will appear, letting you know you've come across this
    secret bonus.  All you need to do now is destroy the robots and take the sole
    piece of treasure, then get back to the central area.
    ============================{ SECRETS #2, #3, & #4 }============================
       - Location:     Various locations before entering the main gate.
       - Rewards, #2:  5,000 pts. in treasure, plus kill scoring.
       - Rewards, #3:  6,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Rewards, #4:  > 8,000 pts. in treasure.
                       > Spider mines x2
                       > Liquid nitrogen x2.
                       > Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:         Kamikazes, Atlantean, and a Major Bio-Mechanoid at S#2.
    I figure that using only words would confuse you -- hell, I'd even be confusing
    myself despite writing them -- so I think that a map would be of better use.
          S3 ---^   MAIN GATE
             __| |___|     |________
         ___/ooo ______________     \
    <--S2__      \*************/     \
          /       \***********/  //|  \
         /\\\\V////\*********/  ///|   \____
        /  \\\V///  \*******/  ////|     ___S4-->
       /    \\V//    \*****/   \\\\|     \
      /      \V/      \***/     \\\|      \
     /        V        \*/       \\|       \
    /____________      _V_      ____________\   
                 \    \   / () /
    TO "WEST LAKE"\    \ /    /TO "EAST LAKE"
                   \    V    /
                    \       /
    To reach Secret #2, you will have head on out to the area I've designated as the
    "West Lake".  When you do, a line of aspirin (shown as a lowercase O) will show
    the way out.  Before picking any of them up, there will be a very narrow alley
    which holds a short wall, the top of which would be just above eye level.  There
    are a few stepping stones in front of it, so jump over them and walk over the
    wall.  Keep walking, and you can treat yourself with treasure.
         Secret #3 won't be too far from this one.  If you remember that line of
    aspirin, then this will be at the opposite side of it.  There's another alley
    here; follow it to where it takes you.  There's treasure waiting for you beyond
    two sloped ramps connecting the walls in the area  Expect some company after you
    grab the gold.
         Secret #4 can be found at the "East Lake".  Clear out the area first, then
    look around for two buildings with green roofs which appear to be connected with
    a bridge.  Walk into the alley between the two, and follow its path until you
    come to a dead end.  Magically, you'll be transported into a hidden room; pick
    up the treasure and that Serious Bomb!
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  Near the end of the level.
       - Reward:    > 4,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:      None.
    Once you have gotten the keys from both of the       |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|
    aforementioned "East" and "West Lakes", opened up    |^^^^^^^^^^|  |^^^^^^^^^^|
    the main gate, and neutralized all enemy forces,     |^^^^^^^   |  |   ^^^^^^^|
    you'll see a cinema showing you the way to your      |__        |  |        __|
    submarine, which marks the end of the level.         |SB|<--$-->|  |<--$-->|  |
         BEFORE you climb the ramp -- it doesn't         |  |       |  |       |  |
    matter if you've met enemy resistance in the area    \  \_______|  |_______/  /
    or not -- walk around the dock.  You'll find a        >_______________   ____<
    few pieces of treasure around these parts.  When     /  /     RAMP __/  /  \  \
    you stock up on points, then return to the ramp,     |__|         _____/   |__|
    and follow the map to the right to find a            |                        |
    Serious Bomb (SB) as a reward for your footwork.     |______GROUND LEVEL______|
     __________/       Mission 26:       \_________________________________________
    /__________\The Guardians of the Gate/_________________________________________\
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  Near the entrance to the maintenance hall.
       - Reward:    Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:      None.
    If you explore the rock formation nearest the door which requires the
    maintenance key to open, you will find a Serious Bomb.  The only thing you might
    have to worry about is a nearby enemy or two, but that's only if you don't clear
    out the premises first.
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Cave with the corkscrew path, it's the bull's-eye target lying
                    within the lava pool below.
       - Rewards:   > 16,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Liquid nitrogen x2.
                    > Laughing gas x2.
                    > Limpet grenades x2.
                    > Spider mines x2.
       - Trap:      None, provided you don't run around like a drunk.
    The trick to this secret lies (hovers?) in those two aspirin suspended above the
    centrally located lava pit.  Walk around the pit until you can line up the two
    pills in the center of your screen; the tunnel that led you here should be to
    the left of your crosshairs.  Move forward, and you'll be on an invisible
    catwalk.  Keep moving forward until you suddenly drop, and when gravity takes
    effect, lay off the thumb stick.
         Within seconds, you'll land onto one of the piece of treasure lying on the
    bull's-eye target, immediately receiving credit.  Grab everything before
    returning to the main path, as it'll be difficult to find that invisible catwalk
    a second time without dying.  {1, 2, 3}
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  Cave with the spiralling path
       - Reward:    25,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      This is a leap of faith.  You might also start feeling a bit
                    nauseous if you make it.
    For this surprise bonus, ascend all the way to the top of the spiralling path
    and strap on the Serious Skates located there.  With this added boost of speed,
    run downward on this path about until you find yourself under a blue rock on the
    ceiling.  Get a running start and, at the last possible moment, jump toward
    large stalactite hanging from the roof.  If you see gravity going crasy on you,
    then you'll descent onto the spherical boulder hovering in the center of the
    chamber.  As you land, the single most valuable piece of treasure in the game
    will appear on the rock, worth a whopping 25,000 pts.
         I must warn you that the screen will go herky-jerky on you at this point,
    so if you suffer from motion sickness, you might want to either take some
    medication or skip this one altogether.  Me?  I can handle these motions just
    fi... [gulp... retch!]
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  The catwalk connecting the Guardians' heads.
       - Reward:    15,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      Guarded by a Carcinus Lurker and two Atlanteans.
    When you reach the catwalk that leads you to the top of the guardian statues --
    the one that still has its head -- look on one of the stalactites for a bull's-
    eye target.  Shoot it, and three pieces of treasure will materialize in the
    final room you'll have to enter.  (In actuality, you can take care of this
    secret long before you enter the maintenance hall.)
     __________/Mission 27:  Hall of Translation\__________________________________
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  The first triangular section of the level.
       - Reward:    2,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      Guarded by Atlanteans and possibly some Major Bio-Mechanoids.
    Here's one secret that's actually quite easy to find.  When you're given access
    to an underground control panel, you'll have to activate a switch.  Once you do
    so, a brief cinema plays out showing a set of stairs you'll have to jump upon. 
    Before you do, drop into the pit underneath to pick up treasure.
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Second triangular section, underground.
       - Rewards:   > 12,500 pts. in treasure.
                    > Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:      Guarded by two Atlanteans.
    When granted access to the underground switch in this section, the chamber has a
    centrally located lava pool. Within the hot stuff is an inverted triangle with a
    funky light show of its own, though it's not the customary purple you're used
    to.  Jump through this triangle and, within a flash, you've been transported
    upward, instantly rewarded with a Serious Bomb.  There is also quite a bit of
    treasure to pick up, though scoring everything last piece of loot here will
    require more than one trip.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Third triangular section, where you activate the bridge.
       - Reward:    2,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    There will come a time when you have to press two buttons to activate a bridge. 
    After doing so, walk to where it meets the outer perimeter.  Drop down onto this
    alcove and behold -- treasure.
     ___________/     Mission 28:      \___________________________________________
    /___________\The Tower of Confusion/___________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Second window in first part of level
       - Rewards:   > 2,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Blue armor.
       - Trap:      None.
    After jumping into the tower and having your senses get blow to Hell, walk up to
    the second window... or the first window after entering the tower.  Gravity will
    be restored temporarily for you to pick up the loot found here.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  First window in third section of this tower.
       - Reward:    4,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    This will be in the tower's third window -- the second if you don't include the
    one from whence you started.  All you get here is one piece of treasure, but
    it's worth a nice 4,000 pts.
    ================================={ SECRET #3 }==================================
       - Location:  Entrance of the second tower.
       - Reward:    4,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None, if you don't stay here too long.
    Upon exiting the first tower -- the one where you were walking along the inner
    circumference -- make your way to the second tower.  This is the first portion
    of the level where gravity's going to behave itself.
         As you enter, you'll be prompted to pick up a box of shotgun shells, forced
    to fight off some Atlanteans soon thereafter.  Once the fish have all been
    turned into chum, then the floor below will start rising.  Quickly return to the
    entryway as the floor ascends.  Be patient, as there is another floor below, and
    on it is the familiar purple light show.  Walking in it will transport you up
    near the top of this tower on a broken column, with a single piece of treasure. 
    Don't stay there too long, or you'll surely perish from whatever enemies attack.
     __________/     Mission 29:     \_____________________________________________
    /__________\Hall of Transposition/_____________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Near the start of the level.
       - Reward:    The elusive red ammopack.
       - Trap:      One misstep leads you into The Pit of Mysterious Death (TM).
    After you get rid of the first wave of enemy forces, look downward for a pipe
    running perpendicular to the catwalk you're standing on.  Carefully aim yourself
    and drop.  At one end of the pipe is the familiar purple light show; on the
    other end, an ammopack... but this one's red, and, with exception to Serious
    Bombs and laughing gas, all types of ammo will be maxed out!  Grabbing the
    ammopack is the ONLY way to receive credit for this secret; follow the pipe to
    the purple light to return to the main route.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Past the second checkpoint, on the round platforms.
       - Reward:    Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:      None.
    This secret is found around the central platform on which you saw your first
    Auldran Commoner in the level.  Again, look downward and drop onto the platform
    below.  There is 6,000 pts. in treasure lying about, and also a Serious Bomb. 
    Grab the bomb first, as it's the only way to gain confirmation you've accessed
    this one; then go after the golden trinkets lying about.
         One item worth mentioning is that this secret can be gotten at any time
    during the stage.  However, these platforms will rise as you progress, so get-
    ting this secret early provides you the greatest margin of error when it comes
    to gravity.
     __________/Mission 31:  Sirian Mothership\____________________________________
    ================================{ ONLY SECRET }=================================
       - Location:  Beyond the "alien science laboratory".
       - Rewards:   > 20,000 pts. in treasure
                    > Red armor.
                    > Heart.
       - Trap:      One misstep leads you into The Pit of Mysterious Death (TM). 
    This will come after you pass through, as Sam calls it, the "alien science
    laboratory".  You will take a very fast elevator ride upward; pay attention to
    what you see, as there will be pipes a-plenty.  Once you've come to the end of
    the elevator ride, make your way to the catwalk along the circumference of the
    tower you are in.
         Walk about halfway and look downward for a pipe and drop onto it.  Then
    look for another pipe which runs perpendicular to the one you're standing on,
    and drop onto that one.  There will be a third pipe you'll have to find, which
    will appear as if it's flowing into a cavern in the wall; you'd better jump for
    this one.  Should you land, you can now relax, since you won't have to drop onto
    any further pipes.
         Carefully adjust yourself to where you can safely walk into this cavern. 
    Once inside, drop down and you might find yourself quite impressed with what
    you'll find:  Red armor, a heart, and 20,000 pts. in treasure.
     /7.  LIST OF SECRETS -- LOST LEVELS\__________________________________________
     _____/A.  ANCIENT ROME\_______________________________________________________
     __________/Extra 1:  Praetorian Camp\_________________________________________
    =============================={ SECRETS #1 & #2 }===============================
       - Location:  Outside the campgrounds.
       - Reward:    5,000 pts. in treasure in each, plus kill scoring.
       - Trap:      Sirian Rocketeers.
    There are two narrow alleys on opposite sides of the fort, perpendicular to the
    entrance.  You'll be greeted by Sirian Rocketmen, so kill them and take all the
    treasure for 5,000 easy points.  You can either walk or drive into both of these
    alleys -- they're virtually mirror images of each other.
    ================================={ SECRET #3 }==================================
       - Location:  Inside the camp.
       - Reward:    Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:      None
    From the entrance of the camp, there are four red brick buildings to the left,
    followed by a white building that forms a C-shape.  Behind this white one is
    another red brick structure, but perpendicular to the previous four.  Walk
    around it and look for six aspirin formed as a cross.  Shoot the section of wall
    where this cross "points" to, and you'll find a Serious Bomb.  Make certain to
    walk all the way in for credit for this one.
     __________/Extra 2:  The Forum Romanum\_______________________________________
    For this level, it helps to play it a couple times over.  That way, you'll have
    a better knowledge of where to find everything
    =============================={ SECRETS #1 & #2 }===============================
       - Location:    Found directly behind the first building that opens up.
       - Reward, #1:  > Ricochet bullets x4.
                      > Aspirin x8.
       - Reward, #2:  Red armor.
       - Trap:        Chariot Harpies when you grab the red armor.
    After clearing out the first few enemy waves, one of the buildings will open up.
     If you walk to the right of this building, there is a grassy area with a line
    of armor shards on the left; beyond that is a red brick wall with two arched
    indentations.  Shoot the indentation that's furthest away from you until it
    crumbles, and walk into it when you do.  Walk in for the ricochet ammo for one
    secret, then grab the armor to get credit for the second.
    ================================={ SECRET #3 }==================================
       - Location:  Inside the red brick structure opposite the above building.
       - Reward:    3,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    If you head back out the way you came for the first two secrets, then you will
    see a red brick building in front of you, with a grassy area to the left of it. 
    Walk there, then turn to the right; there are five arched indentations on this
    wall.  Shoot the one in the center until you turn it into rubble, then walk
    inside the exposed corridor for treasure.
    ================================={ SECRET #4 }==================================
       - Location:  Final portion of the level.
       - Reward:    10,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None
    There are ten statues on as many pedestals.  Destroy them all, and two pieces of
    treasure will appear; grab either of them for credit.  If only flagrant vandal-
    ism were rewarded this way in real life.
     __________/     Extra 3:      \_______________________________________________
    /__________\The Forum of Trajan/_______________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Pool near the start of the level.
       - Rewards:   > 3,750 pts. in treasure 
                    > 9mm ammo x2.
                    > Shotgun shells.
                    > Blue armor.
       - Trap:      None.
    When you start this level, as soon as you hear Sam moaning about not being able
    to stay dry, it's time to get soaked once again.  When you see the pool in front
    of you, aim down toward and shoot the drain until it crumbles.  Swim inside and
    grab the armor, ammo, and treasure to complete this one.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Cicero's Tower.
       - Reward:    Up to 4,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      Guarded by Legionnaire Ants and Minor Bio-Mechs.
    Found inside Cicero's Tower -- that really large tower between the buildings
    housing the Book of War and the Book of Peace -- you'll have to look to the
    skies to gain access... or something like that.  Sitting atop the tower is a
    bull's-eye target.  Hit it once, and the doors at the bottom of the tower will
    open up.
         After the tower doors are opened, walk inside and position as close to
    center as possible; otherwise, prepare for one major migraine.  If you're
    properly positioned, you'll be shot upward through the tower's narrow shaft
    (ooh...), collecting treasure as you rise; when plunger reaches the top, jump up
    quickly for one more piece.
     __________/      Extra 4:       \_____________________________________________
    /__________\Addressing the Senate/_____________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  After you enter the first building
       - Reward:    Homing missiles x3.
       - Trap:      None.
    Not too far from where you begin this level, you'll have to neutralize some
    enemies outside the Senate building.  Once done there, enter said building and
    travel the path to the left.  Take out the two Sirian Rocketeers and the
    Bomberman present here.  Next thing to do is go upstairs, but do not exit the
    building.  Instead, walk forward until "(A) Use" appears on screen.  "(A)
    Use"-ing opens up the secret:  A section of the wall will open up, exposing the
    homing rockets.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Top floor of the Senate building.
       - Rewards:   > Up to 17,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Sniper rifle.
                    > Sniper ammo x3.
                    > Aspirin x7.
       - Trap:      Sirian Rocketeers and Porcine Berserkers.
    Upon reaching the top floor of the Senate building, you will have to face a
    Devil Stallion and some Tweedle Dum Dums.  When you do so, the door between the
    two staircases that led you up here will open; this door will lead you into a
    semicircular auditorium.  A diamond-shaped button will be in each corner where
    the circle meets the flat wall.  As you approach each, "(A) Use"... oh, please
    don't tell me you've forgotten what to do after you've gotten so good at it.
         Press both and you'll see "Super secret sniper rifle range opened" appear
    on the lower half of the screen.  Head back out the way you entered and walk to
    the closed door on the opposite side (between the two staircases).  As it opens,
    walk in, and the secret will be credited to you.  You will have to take out some
    Sirian Rocketeers and a couple Porcine Berserkers.  When these guys are gone,
    walk through this hallway (either direction) and walk outside.  Your present
    will be a nice, shiny sniper rifle.
         Grabbing this sniper rifle will cause ten bull's-eye target to appear on
    the wall in the distance for a very short amount of time.  Because speed matters
    here, you should adjust your strategy based on your weapon change settings.
       - If set to ONLY NEW or ALWAYS, then go ahead and use the sniper rifle and
         use its zooming function to hit the targets.  Sweep across in one hori-
         zontal direction, stopping only to aim vertically and shoot.
       - If your weapon change option's set to NEVER, then ready your rocket launch-
         er before picking up the rifle.  The rockets' blast radius can take out two
         to three targets per explosion, making this a much faster choice.
    Regardless which weapon you use, just concentrate on hitting as many targets as
    you can.  The payoff schedule is as follows:
       - Fifth target hit:     2,000 pts.
       - Eighth target hit:   +5,000 pts. =  7,000 pts. total.
       - Tenth target hit:   +10,000 pts. = 17,000 pts. total.
    If you don't hit all ten, don't kill yourself.  Just grab what you've earned and
    just continue with the level as normal.
     __________/Extra 5:  Caesar's Sanctum\________________________________________
    ================================{ ONLY SECRET }================================
       - Location:  Courtyard with the pool.
       - Reward:    4,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    The only secret Caesar's got to hide is near his pool  In this courtyard housing
    the cement pond, one of the four walls doesn't have anything resembling a door
    on it.  On this wall, there is a button.  When you see "(A) Use", blah-blah-
    blah, four bags of treasure will fall nearby...
     _____/B.  FEUDAL CHINA\_______________________________________________________
     __________/Extra 6:  The Silk Road\___________________________________________
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  Outside the starting point of the level.
       - Rewards:   > Possible kill scoring. 
                    > Homing bullets x4.
                    > Spider mines x2.
                    > Laughing gas x2.
       - Trap:      An Auldran Highlander... maybe.
    When you start the level, you'll be     *_*
    exiting a fortress.  It will look      *|_|* <--Obelisk
    like this diagram on the right.         * *
         What you'll have to do is neu-       _________      _________
    talize the area of enemy forces be-      |      |  |----|  |      |
    fore doing anything else.  Where         |      |  |----|  |      |
    you should go next is is to is L-        |      |  |----|  |      |] <--Button
    shaped area to the right.  There      ___|      |____  ____|      |___________
    is a button on the wall, which I               START []
    have conveniently marked, and all
    you have to do is walk to it and
    watch for "(A) Use" to appear, and... if you don't know what to do by now, tsk,
    tsk, tsk.  Pitiful.
         After depressing the button, the music will likely intensify.  Head toward
    that small, rectangular "obelisk" shown in the upper-left of this map.   
    Perched upon it MIGHT be an Auldran Highlander; if there is, he's not that much
    of a threat, as you'll have ample space to avoid his nukes.  Kill him for the
    points, then walk to the now abandoned column for the goodies.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Smack in the middle of nowhere.
       - Rewards:   > Serious Cannon
                    > Cannonballs x4.
       - Trap:      None.
    There's only one feasible way to find this one, and there's no way I'm gonna to
    map this one out.  That being said, you're going to have to rely on your sniper
    rifle and a good vantage point -- preferably standing atop the combine.
         What you're looking for is a set of rocks lying on the ground in the
    distance without any colored particles hovering about it.  Now, it would be
    futile to simply aim and shoot at this secluded landmark from afar.  Let's face
    it -- the rifle's got a powerful zoom, but it's not THAT powerful.  The best
    thing you can do is just go ahead and walk (or drive) to this landmark,
    frequently zooming in on the artifact to prevent yourself from getting lost.
         The closer you get to it, the artifact will soon become identifiable:  It's
    a somber scarecrow with a pumpkin for a head.  When you get close enough to
    determine it is a scarecrow, then let the ammo fly!  You will see chunks flying
    from it until, eventually, it explodes into splinters.  At this point, you've
    already gotten credit for this secret.  However, if you want to see what you've
    uncovered, there will be a familiar purple light show in the space the scarecrow
    once occupied; jumping in will lead you to a cannon and ammo to use with it.  Be
    sure to grab everything in here, or you'll forever be stuck in here with no way
     __________/         Extra 7:          \_______________________________________
    /__________\The Gate of Supreme Harmony/_______________________________________\
    ================================{ ONLY SECRET }=================================
       - Location:  Behind the platforms with the Wind and Fire orbs.
       - Rewards:   > Sirian Power Gun
                    > Power cells x4.
       - Trap:      None triggered, though you might face hostility depending on
                    how you access it.
    You'll make sense of this description as you play this level.  Basically, there
    will come a point in the level where you'll have to pick up two "dragon
    balls" -- one called the Fire Dragon Orb and one called the Wind Dragon Orb.  On
    the backside of each platforms is a button.  It doesn't matter which one you
    activate first, but after both have been depressed, the secret will be credited
    to you.  A cinema will show you your reward:  A Sirian Power Gun, but you don't
    have to pick it up if you don't want to; the secret's already been credited to
     _____/C.  LEGENDARY ATLANTIS\_________________________________________________
     __________/Extra 8:  The Steam Tower\_________________________________________
    ================================{ ONLY SECRET }=================================
       - Location:  Immediately behind you at Start
       - Rewards:   > 10,000 pts. in treasure.
                    > Liquid nitrogen x2.
                    > Limpet mines x2.
                    > Spider mines x2.
       - Trap:      None.
    Before you make one step forward, turn around and look down.  You'll see a
    small, rectangular platform below.  Jump onto it, and stay put for a few
    seconds.  "SECRET!" will eventually appear on screen, and that's all you have to
    do... but don't leave the other goodies here to rot, unclaimed.  Te good news
    is, you're well stocked.  The bad news is, much of this ammo's useless until you
    get deeper into the level.
     __________/Extra 9:  The Geothermal Tunnels\_________________________________
    =============================={ UNLISTED SECRET! }==============================
       - Location:  Between the first and second main sections.
       - Reward:    30,000 pts. in treasure.
       - Trap:      None.
    This hasn't been designated an official secret, but it's worth your time,
    nonetheless.  In the canal connecting the first and second main chambers of this
    underwater passage, there will be a starfish on the left side of the tunnel. 
    Shoot just to the left of it, and a square passageway will open up.  Follow it
    where it takes you, and you'll find three pieces of treasure here!
     __________/      Extra 10:       \____________________________________________
    /__________\The Corridors of Power/____________________________________________\
    ================================={ SECRET #1 }==================================
       - Location:  First room
       - Rewards:   > Ammunition a-plenty.  Read below for details.
                    > Red armor.
       - Trap:      None.
    You start this level on a long catwalk.       _______________________________
    Kill all foes who dare expose their          |  |P2|AMMO, AMMO, & MORE AMMO! |
    face, and keep walking forward until         |__|__|_________________________|
    you reach the platform marked `P1` --
    it will look like there are lights on         *******************************
    the railing below.  It will descend,          *******************************
    which is your cue to jump off.  Quickly       *******************************
    race onto the other side of the room,         _______________________________
    and wait for a similar platform --           |  |P1|                    START|
    this one marked as `P2` -- to reach the      |__|__|_________________________|
    bottom.  When it does, jump on.  Soon,
    "SECRET!" will appear on the screen,
    and you can just go on with the level if you want to.  However, this treasure
    trove is similar Noah's ark -- except for cannonballs and laughing gas, you'll
    find two of everything kind of ammo here.  There's even a piece of red armor to
    top this prize package off.
    ================================={ SECRET #2 }==================================
       - Location:  Square room connecting the two corridors.
       - Reward:    Serious Bomb.
       - Trap:      None.
    Despite the fact this secret is quite easy to get credit for, the fruits of your
    labor isn't all that easy to acquire.
         In the center of the square room which which connects the two corridors,
    there is treasure and a piece of full armor hovering about.  Grab all that
    stuff, then shoot the floor below until in crumbles, exposing a pit.  Jump in,
    and credit for this secret will be yours within seconds.  However, the Serious
    Bomb hidden here might require more than one jump, as you'll warp back to the
    first corridor when you reach the bottom.
     /8.  GOT FEEDBACK?\___________________________________________________________
    If you enjoyed going on this treasure hunt with me, then let me know by floating
    me an E-mail at <qxz[^2]verizon[period]net>.  Heck, if you've got some
    information that might make this guide complete, feel free to send it.  Just be
    aware that I can't guaranteed a response, and that all submissions are subject
    to evaluation and editing.  Proper credit will be given to those who submit.
     /9.  AND FINALLY...\__________________________________________________________
    Time for the obligatory "thank you" section...  First off, I'd like to thank...
       - Croteam, GlobalStar Software, and Climax.
            > For making the game.
       - John Jay Dick.
            > The voice of Sam, whose one-liners made me laugh.
    ================================{ CONTRIBUTORS }================================
       - My brother, James.
            > Helping me the hidden heart in Senator Cicero's Villa.
     {1} Jon Nardine -- <weezer21@gamil.com>.
            > For the two secrets I was originally missing in Mars' temple
     {2} <SuperHawkins2000@aol.com>.
            > The additional treasure in the Magao Caves.
            > Pointing out the invisible platform leading over the lava pit on the
              Guardians of the Gate level.
     {3} Stephen Denning -- <igniggutmcfly@yahoo.com>.
            > Finding the secret I was missing on the Temple of Steam level.
    ================================={ RESOURCES }==================================
       - Travel China Guide <http://www.travelchinaguide.com/>
            > For information on the Great Wall and Juyongguan.
                        This guide is (c) 2005 John Isles, iv,
             and may not be published or redistributed without permission.
                        --- "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" YOURSELF! ---

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