• Free Retro Jersey

    Create a new profile with the name MVP (case sensitive) to get a FREE Retro 1986 California Angels Home jersey.

    Contributed By: Riambwa.

  • Hard Hitters with Big Bats

    To unlock the player that has a bat so huge that it hits homeruns or hard line drives with every connection, enter keegan paterson, jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson (case-sensitive) in as a created player name.

    keegan patersonCreate a Hard Hitter with a Big Bat
    jacob patersonCreate a Hard Hitter with a Big Bat
    isaiah patersonCreate a Hard Hitter with a Big Bat

    Contributed By: Zabat.

  • Worst Player Ever

    To unlock the player that has a bat so thin that it breaks with every connection, enter Erik Kiss in as a created player name.

    Erik KissType "Erik Kiss" without the quotations in the created player section.

    Contributed By: ZoopSoul.


  • Extra MVP points

    (This must be done from the Play Now! Option)
    In order to receive lots of MVP points, simply do this:
    1) Begin the game on Rookie, preferable against a AA team.
    2) Play through the game, making sure to get lots of hits, stolen bases, etc.
    3) Make sure the starting pitcher completes the game.
    4) When your opponent is down to their last out, go into game options and switch the difficulty to MVP.
    5) Get the last guy out to get lots of MVP points.

    Contributed By: link02129.

  • Pitch every game in a season with one pitcher

    To play every game with one pitcher play one game, then, before starting the next game, edit anything about the pitcher by going into Team Management > Rosters > Create/Edit Player > Edit Player. Open that player's edit screen, edit him and save the changes by pressing Start. His stamina will be completely full.

    Contributed By: The Dopefish.

  • Send Runner back to 3rd

    As one of your players crosses home, quickly press R. The run will still count, but in the next AB, the runner will be back on 3rd. However, if you try to do this with bases loaded, the game will freeze.

    Contributed By: jaynay13.


  • Create Player with Big Cap

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Big Cap PlayerCreate a player with the name john prosen

    Contributed By: Juan Gigante.


  • Big Bat

    Go into ''Create a Player'' and type for the first name ''isaiah'' ''keegan'' or ''jacob''. For the last name, type ''paterson''. It has to be all lower case. The player will have a huge bat, and get a home run or line drive every time you make contact, even if his stats are 0.

    Contributed By: Go Redsox.

  • Get injured created player to keep playing

    Cut him from the team. Then go to delete player. Then re-create him with the same name. He will keep his stats, but he will not be injured.

    Contributed By: The-Apostle.

  • Seventh-Inning Stretch

    Have the game paused after the top of the 7th inning to hear the crowd sing ''Take me out to the Ballgame''.

    Contributed By: alapidus 2.

  • Unlimited MVP Reward Points!!!

    1. Begin a new dynasty with a very good team. Be sure to turn off things like Injuries, Suspensions, Trade Deadline, CPU Initiated Trades, and Rain Delays to speed up the simming process.

    2. Go to the Schedule option and sim the entire season up to and including the last game of the season.

    3. Before advancing into the playoffs, save your dynasty.

    4. Advance into the Playoffs. You will receive anwhere between 5000-10000 MVP Points for all your simmed team's performance bonuses. The results will vary depending on team chosen and how your simmed season went. (i.e. if your team won the division, Cy Young, MVP ect.)

    5. Simply quit Dynasy Mode without saving. You will keep the points you earned despite not saving your game and despite the warning telling you that you will lose your MVP Points if you do not save.

    6. You can simply load your dynasty, advance into the postseason and receive your MVP points again.

    Contributed By: NeoAvail.

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