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FAQ/Walkthrough by TheeMikester

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 10/08/05

Terminator 3: The Redemption
Done by Mike W.
Version 0.75

_______ _______  ______ _______ _____ __   _ _______ _______  _____   ______ _
   |    |______ |_____/ |  |  |   |   | \  | |_____|    |    |     | |_____/ _|
   |    |______ |    \_ |  |  | __|__ |  \_| |     |    |    |_____| |    \_ _|
                               _______ _     _ _______
                                  |    |_____| |______
                                  |    |     | |______
   ______ _______ ______  _______ _______  _____  _______ _____  _____  __   _
  |_____/ |______ |     \ |______ |  |  | |_____]    |      |   |     | | \  |
  |    \_ |______ |_____/ |______ |  |  | |          |    __|__ |_____| |  \_|


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Version history

0.75- I did most of the walkthrough, still 4 missions to go. Expect an update
very soon.

0.80- Added new site and more missions

If you have problems reading this, use a monowidth font.

If the numbers, letters, punctuation marks, and spaces/tabs (indicated by the 
lines) come pretty close to lining up, you're OK.

|	   	   	      |


            _ _ _ ____ _    _  _ ___ _  _ ____ ____ _  _ ____ _  _ 
            | | | |__| |    |_/   |  |__| |__/ |  | |  | | __ |__| 
            |_|_| |  | |___ | \_  |  |  | |  \ |__| |__| |__] |  | 


You see a movie, and then you come to this scene where a guy is drilling holes
into you. First, you see your controller configurations, then your sound/screen
and other controller configurations, and then he talks on and on about
targeting. Then, you press circle when they tell you to. Got it so far? No?
Whatever. You are next shown walking down a hall. You see a bunch of combo move
configurations. It's time for battle.

You first have to take down a stupid hoverplane. Use R1 to fire. It'll take a 
little while with that crappy gun you got.  After you take that thing down, you
save. Now, you are on to your first mission. If you want to trade for upgrades,
go ahead. Then, it shows you your mission objectives and in what time you have
to get in order to get a certain TB amount. It's time for the mission.

Mission 1

Keep going forward until you see a speed limit sign. Use square to pick it up.
Then, beat up one of the two robots with it, and use the X, X, X R1 combo on 
the next robot. Go forward, and you'll see another robot being fired at by one
of your friendlies. Shoot the robot to hell. Keep going, and before you round 
the corner, use the Right Analog Stick to turn your targeting beacon to the
right. You should then see some robots. Watch out, one of them has a weapon.
Dispatch of them with your gun. Then, you will see two guys firing at a single
robot. Just keep shooting at it. If you pull it off right, it will be crawling
after you. Press square when it's by you, and you will either kick it or stomp
on it and get a health upgrade. If you keep going, you will see a big gun off
to the right of the road. Get on it using X. Now, use R1 to dispatch the robots
and the hoverplane. There may be a few robots looking to attack you when you're
on the gun. Press X to throw them, and then shoot them with R1. Once you see no
more robots coming, continue onward. Keep going and you should see a fallen
pole shooting electricity. Go by it and get healed. Then, you face a robot.
Shoot it. Go forward, and face two more. Steal the sign from one of the robots
and kill that robot with it, while shooting down the other. You should then
see a truck. Now comes the driving portion of this level.

Hop onto the truck using Triangle. To accelerate, push the left analog stick
forward. To steel, use the left analog stick. To fire guns, use R1, and Bombs, 
L1. To rotate your gun, use the right analog stick. To brake, push the left 
analog stick down. Oh, and one little note; When you're on the vehicle, the 
only way YOU get damaged is if a robot climbs on the side of the truck and hits
you. Otherwise, the truck just takes damage. Now that you're on the truck, go 
forward. You can shoot/bomb the robots, but it's easier to crash them. Watch on
your side, though, a robot might try to get you. After a little while, you
should see an offroad path with a fence guarding it. Shoot the fence and take
the offroad path. It's faster and less dangerous. After you get off the offroad
path, you should see a big fence on a big door. Shoot the fence and go through.
Yoiu should then see a big flying thing. Shoot at it using R1, and fire bombs
at it using L1 at the same time. Remember, you want to hit the engines.
Eventuallly, you should see a chromed out robot attacking you. Shoot it with
guns/bombs. Or, you could hop off the truck and drive that thing, but it's not
recommended. His engines should be visible again. Destroy another engine. After
seeing a few hoverplanes and chromed out attackers, you should see another
engine. Take it out. If you lose your car, another one will come. After driving
and shooting down tons of hoverplanes and chromed out attackers, you should see
a helicopter. Drive up to ir, and press triangle to get on. You should fly up
to a building. Destroy the hoverplane, then the huge gun on top. And then,
destroy anohter hoverplane. Shoot down another series of huge guns and
hoverplanes, and then take out the last engine and finish the mission.

Mission 2

I find this mission annoying because Arnold complains about finding 
Transportation. Meh, whatever. You will start off fighting three robots. You
and your comrades should take them down easily. Then, a hoverplane should burst
out of the wall, along with a robot. Take down the hoverplane and then the
robot. Go forward and take down the next two robots. Then, aim your gun in the
distance and shoot down the thing that looks like a claw. Go forward, and grab
the gun on the left. Take out the dozens of robots and the hoverplane. Go
forward and shoot the gas trucker in the distance, and blow those robots. Go
forward, and you should see a cutscene where Arnold jumps in a car.

To start out, you will be facing the back, so you have no need to worry about
accelerating, braking or turning. Just shoot. You will run into a lot of robots
climbing the side, so keep the X button ready. Take down all of the chromed
attackers and hoverplanes that try to attack you. There are gas truckers in the
area, so blow those up to take down a lot of enemies. After a while, you have
to switch to up front driving. Great. Acceleration and turning. Just keep
driving. You will come up to these things that emit red beams. Try to avoid
them; they hurt you. After a long fight with the chromed attackers and the
hoverplanes, you see the Skynet Bunker. You press triangle and get into the 
helicopter, and two huge flying things come at you. Shoot their engines and
kill them. This will take a while; Just use the gun bomb combo. there are
numerous electical shocking things (damn my bad vocabulary) that should heal
you along the way. After they die, you see a movie and then the mission is 
finished. WHOO!!!!

Mission 3

I highly suggest you upgrade now. Go forward and get the gun and shoot down
all of the hoverplanes. Then, the big planes from last level, remember them?
More come. Concentrate your fire on them when they come. After you shoot them
down, get rid of the hoverplanes. Once that's done, you hop in a truck and GO!
You run into chromed attackers, hoverplanes, robots, and even TANKS! Just
ignore the tanks for now. Keep fighting the hoverplanes and chromed attackers 
until you see a tank. DO NOT SHOOT IT!!!!! It will go over the edge and you
will get onto it. Go into the skynet bunker and destroy all of the reactors
(they look like power generators). You will run into various Skynet Troops;
The tank can take them down with bombs. You will lose on this part dozens of
times; just don't give up. Shoot down any tanks you see. My one big word of
advice; Be very cautious of your health meter. Oh, and one more thing. If you
destroy the tanks, they give you power. Once you finish this, you hop on to a
helicopter. Shoot down ANY enemy you see. You then have to go through the
Skynet Bunker and shoot down the three generators. There is a Hoverplane 
floating around; Kill it. After you have destroyed the generators, you have to
fight the big thing you fought in mission one. Shoot it's engines and take it
down. You will then see an ending movie and the mission is over.

Mission 4

Ouch, now we have gone back in time. We will be driving an old Dodge Ram. Nice
car... Anyway, we will be following a Lexus SC430. Te cops will try to block
you; Just avoid them. Soon after you start there should be a shortcut to the
left. Take it. If you take a shortcut, you can lose the cops. After you pass
an electrical tower, there should be a shortcut to the left. It has a fence
guarding it. Take that one, too. When you reach a certain height when jumping
on that shortcut, press Triangle, and you will be flung to the other side.
Right after you jump on to the next shortcut, you should exit. Take the next
one on your right. After you exit that, there should be another shortcut to
the right. Take it. It jumps over the train and onto another shortcut. Be
careful; There is another train here. Take the next shortcut to the right and
jump on to another shortcut that puts you into a dump; Try not to crash here.
After the dump, take the next shortcut to the right. Once you see a fork, take
the left road and jump onto another shortcut. Go thorugh the camp grounds to
the left and jump like hell. Take another left shortcut. You should go and
jump for a while, and you should then see an airplane. Grab on to it using X.
It will take you a decent distance. Then, you drive through the city and end
the mission. You will see some fottage from the T3 movie. Watch it.

Mission 5

This is my fav mission. You have to shoot the tires in the back of the crane
while avioding other TX controlled vehicles. They will shoot down bridges to
stop you in the latter parts of the mission; Don't worry. Follow the big crane
wherever it goes. What you have to do is take down the cop cars, then take down
the guy at the top of the crane, then shoot a tire. Repeat for 4 times. Do this
in a timely manner. There aren't many shortcuts here; Just follow the crane. If
you lose the bike, you can always get a cop car. Oh, andx you won't see the
crane in the early part of the mission. Once you shoot down the TX and all of
the tires, the mission has been won.

Mission 6

Great. More crane.  Well, shoot all of the cop cars you see on this mission.
What you have to do is shoot the TX 3X while she's on the roof, and then press
Triangle and shoot the crane controls. Oh, and if you see a yellowish orange
thing coming at you, that's a plasma blast. You can destroy it by shooting it.
After the crane controls are gone, just stay alive and shoot any cop cars/
plasma blasts that lcome at you, and the mission will be won.

Mission 7

This one is easy. You see that black van ahead of you? You just have to crash
into it 5 times. Whenever the TX is on the roof of the van ahead, you shoot it
off. The one main problem is that you can not kill anybody, meaning you can't 
kill the swat guy shooting at you. Don't worry; You can shoot cop cars.
Although, you get a nice little gun. If you need a tip on how to get to the
van to ram it, take every shortcut you can. When the last guy is left, they
start dropping bombs at you. Once all of the guys are out of the van, the 
mission is won.

Mission 8

This is a hard mission at first, but you'll get it after a while. Hell, I had
some hard trouble with this. What you have to do is use X to get her stunned,
and then either A. Powerslide and knock her on the side, where you scrape your
car on the wall to get her off or B. make her hit a tree and fall off. After
a while of this, you see her in a helicopter. Shoot any vehicles that are about
to hit you, and shoot her and and missles she fires. Use L1 when Conner sits
up or says "Now's Our Chance!", and you will... Win. You can change lanes using
the Left analog stick, which also helps you avoid cars. This is a hard mission;
But don't give up. After you finish the helicopter fight, it's on to the next

Mission 9

After that hard mission, we advance to this. We are not driving in a car, thank
god. The gun you have is OK, but it's nothing worth cheering about. If you look
to the left on your screen, it should say "CTR XXX". If the number after the
CTR should reach 999, you're screwed. Now, kill off the first robot with your
gun. There are huge blasts coming your way; Try to aviod those. they take away 
20 health. Staying off to the left/right should work to avoid them. At the end
of the hall, some robots should gang up on you. Take them out. Now remember;
These robots are more advanced than any others you have faced. Go through the
doorway on your left, and advance onward. There should be one robot you'll meet
on this hallway; Kill it. At the end, there are two more robots. Shoot them,
and don't get into hand to hand combat. They will beat you with those items
they're holding. Continue onward. At the end of the hall, you should see a 
robot. Kill it. Then, there should be a door. It will blow up; And you should
see a tank like thing. Hop on it.

On the tank, you can go really fast. You have to avoid the lasers and other
various enemies you run in to. This tank has some decent weapons; Just remember
the L1 R1 combo. This gets hard; You have to shoot down other tanks/robots/
hoverplanes, while avoiding the lasers by all means necessary (going off jumps, 
etc.). It's not nearly as hard as the last level, but it's still got quite a 
challenge. You ride for a while, until you hop onto a HUGE tank. *SECRET: With
the lasers, you can actually press triangle in the air to grab one and it'll
take the rest down, but it only works with one*

This thing is so powerful, it could take down buildings. Shoot down any thing
you see (electrical microscopes, robots, etc.). In order to lower the CTR
rating, you have to kill robots. Just shoot bombs at the floor, that should
work. Oh, and the electrical microscopes take down some serious CTR points, so
shoot those frequently. After you finish this, on to the next mission.

Mission 10

Now we are on a big plane thing. What you have to do is shoot those two engines
in front of you. Remember, there are a bunch of robots scattered around waiting
to kill you, so watch out. Go back and take the turret by the hole in the
ground and shoot the big plane in front of you, along with the hoverplanes.
Take on any other planes and hoverplanes, and go forward and charge up while
taking down anything that stands in your way. Once you see some things that
look like they came from Star Wars, run back and SHOOT!!!!!!! The blasts they
shoot at you cannot be destroyed, so you have to dodge them. After they are
destroyed, go up and shoot the engines. Then, climb the slope for the biggest
fight ever.

Charge up at the broken pipe on the slope. Then, climb and see a huge platform
with four engines. You have to shoot those. One problem. Robots come out of
everywhere. You have to shoot them down while taking down the engines. Every
time you take down an engine, another Star Wars Robot comes out. Kill that
before you do anything else. If you can complete all of this, it's on to the
next mission.

Pfft, Yeah right.We have an especially hard part now. You are shown next on
a hun. You have to take out a bunch of hoverplanes and planes and Star Wars
things. The Planes and Hoverplanes will try to stay in the air and shoot you,
but the Star Wars things will come out of a thing on the ship towards the
bottom, try to climb on the gun, and shoot you. Make sure that you kill these
guys while they're walking to the gun (powerful, by the way) you have. Once
you complete this, the mission is REALLY over.

Mission 11

What the hell is this? You're in a... Thing, going fast down a tube. Great.
There's a time limit too! 800 TMP. God, they have to stop using abbreviations.
Well, just remember that you use the analog stick to maneuver your "vehicle"
around pipes and stuff. Soon you should encounter fans. Shoot them to make
them stop. Keep in mind that they wont stay stopped forever. You should then
go through a "special" tube where your powercell gets charged. Avoid some more
pipes/plates/fans and come to a half tube. DO NOT GO OVER THE EDGE. After that
you should come upon a fan. Shoot it to stop it. After this, a new surprise
arises. Now, there's this pipe that shoots out at you when you get near!
Great. After a bit of this and some flames, you encounter more fans. After
some fans you get sent into another "tube" that charges you up. Go onto another
half pipe and deal with some more messes. After a while you should get sent
into a blue tube. YOU GO REALLY FAST! There are mines in there though. Just
keep shooting forward and you should be fine. You then come up to another 
series of fans. Now, go to the north of the tube and get charged up. If you
miss it, then you get shot down by a red laser and you lose. Keep going past
some more obstacles, and you will come onto a flat floor. You then have to go 
a certain direction, or some weird shooting things will kill j00. If you go the
right way, you will go into a blue tube and go damn fast. After that charade,
you go through a hallway and win.

Mission 12

You are on a tank and you have to shoot tower locks. Those are the white
things a few yards off the ground, on the tower. There is a total of two on
each tower. There are a total of six. Now, after you do that, you have to shoot
this big flying thing. Go off the jumps to reach it. You have to shoot down
it's engines in a timely manner. If you go off the ramps, you can go on to
higher ground. If you go through a laser, a new path will be available. 

Mission 13

Mission 14

Mission 15

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