GameCube Gameshark Save (North America)

Save Game File09/11/04Flaid168K
9 masks, no dungeons beat
Save Game File07/19/05ZAPPSOFT72K

GameCube USB Memory Adapter Save (North America)

Save Game File06/06/05Inkydog26168K
All masks recieved, All quests done
Save Game File12/14/03DarkShadow8786168K
Majora's Mask Save, 15 hearts, all masks, almost completed Bomber's Notebook, 5 bottles
Save Game File12/18/03StUffIng168K
Majora's Mask; All items, hearts, upgrades, owl statues, and bomber notebook ribbons. 5499 Rubies in bank.
Save Game File03/08/04CAHowell168K
Majora's Mask: Up to stone tower temple
Save Game File02/10/04SengU8772K
Orcarina of Time, Character named "Seng", all hearts, all items, most upgrades, saved before Ganondarf's Castle.
Save Game File03/08/04CAHowell24K
The Legend of Zelda: Extra quest unlocked
Save Game File01/04/10uhdead24K
Zelda 1 Character right before end of second Quest
Save Game File01/04/10uhdead24K
Zelda 2 Character max everything, before last dungeon.
Save Game File02/25/04Biospark324K
Zelda II: Right after the 2nd dungeon, first couple spells, and have downward thrust.
Save Game File12/27/03GreenRanger36624K
Zelda II: Completed
Save Game File01/04/10uhdead168K
Zelda MM, unlocked all masks before last boss.
Save Game File01/04/10uhdead72K
Zelda OOT, everything obtained before last boss.

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