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FAQ by NeoChozo

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/29/04

=====Mega Man Anniversary Collection Guide=====

by Tim
: http://megaman.retrofaction.com
: tim@megaman-network.com

 1. Introduction
 2. Gameplay Overview
 3. Power-Up Uses and Locations 
 4. Mega Man
 5. Mega Man 2
 6. Mega Man 3
 7. Mega Man 4
 8. Mega Man 5
 9. Mega Man 6
 10. Mega Man 7
 11. Mega Man 8
 12. Mega Man: The Power Battle
 13. Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
 14. Unlockable Content
 15. Master Weapons
 16. Passwords
 17. Legal

1. Introduction:
Welcome to the official Mega Man Network guide for the Mega Man Anniversary 
Collection, the 10-game collection covering Mega Mans 1-8 and the two arcade 
games from the Mega Man Classic series. Refer to the index above for an easy 
reference guide, and go to http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/ to find 
guides for all of the other games in the Mega Man Classic. Happy gaming.

2. Gameplay Overview:
The Anniversary Collection is something that's been highly anticipated not just
since its announcement, but going back all the way to 1999, when Capcom of 
Japan re-released Rockman through Rockman 6 on the PlayStation as the Rockman 
Complete Works. Capcom must have apparently realized the financial error they 
made with RMCW (which incidentally enjoyed some of the lowest sales figures of 
any Rockman release in Japan in a long time), and decided to do something a bit
better in releasing them all together.

In terms of the games themselves, there is little difference from the original 
versions. Edits have been made, of course, for instance: sprite glitches and 
graphics slowdown have been eliminated, which should make the earlier games 
(particularly Mega Man 3) move a bit better. Secondly, most of the bugs from 
the originals have been removed (such as the Controller 2 tricks in Mega Man 3),
but a variation of the Pause trick from the first Mega Man remains intact. A 
special Navigation (NAVI; has nothing to do with Battle Network) Mode has been 
ported from the Complete Works that includes updated menus and interfaces that 
make the weapons/energy setup similar to that used in Mega Man 8. Mega Man - 
Mega Man 6 also feature an autofire button that is quite helpful, along with 
a single-button slide, which in of themselves can be pretty helpful.

The actual interface for the Collection itself is pretty unique; to access each 
title (you have the first eight available from the start), you move Mega Man 
through a series of gates and portals to different rooms containing the access 
points to the individual game pages. As a whole, Mega Man Anniversary Collection
is nice in that you can play all the old classics again, but there's still some-
thing missing, I felt.

Differences between the GCN and PS2 versions
Despite being pretty much the same title, there are multiple differences between
the two console versions. Here's a short list of the bigger things that are 
• Different loading screens (the PS2 has a Mega Man-style energy meter that 
  fills up, and the GCN has a spinning Mega Man disc)
• Different main fonts, and loading/saving screens
• Different sound quality in the GCN one, probably due to different processors
• Mega Man Ruby-Spears episode, "The Beginning", as unlockable content (PS2 
• G4TechTV segment, "History of Mega Man", as unlockable content (GameCube only)
• Remixed tracks from Complete Works and arcades (PS2 only)

This guide will provide miniature boss guides for all the Robot Masters and 
other bosses, along with secrets and tips, passwords, and so forth. For more in-
depth information, use the links that are given with each game section to view 
MMN's page content and in-depth walkthrough for that particular title.

3. Power-Up Uses and Locations:
Power-Up          Use              Location
Magnet Beam - Creates platforms - Found in Elec Man's stage (Mega Man 1)
Yashichi - Refills Energy & Weapons - Found in Dr. Wily's castle (Mega Man 1)
Item-1 - Platform device - Defeat Heat Man (Mega Man 2)
Item-2 - Jetsled device - Defeat Air Man (Mega Man 2)
Item-3 - Wall walker device - Defeat Flash Man (Mega Man 3)
Balloon Adapter - creates platforms - Found in Pharaoh Man's stage (Mega Man 4)
Wire Adapter - grappling hook - Found in Dive Man's stage (Mega Man 4)
Super Arrow - Fire an arrow that you can ride - Defeat Star Man (Mega Man 5)
MEGAMAN5 Plates - Used to activate Beat (Mega Man 6) - One per stage
BEAT Plates - Used to activate Beat (Mega Man 6) - Found by defeating "true" 
              versions of Tomahawk Man, Yamato Man, Knight Man, and Centaur Man
RUSH Plates - Used to build Super Adapter (Mega Man 7) - Found in the stages of 
              Freeze Man, Burst Man, Cloud Man, and Junk Man
Beat - a helpful miniature attack bird - Collect MEGAMAN5 plates (Mega Man 5), 
       BEAT plates (Mega Man 6), Slash Man's stage (Mega Man 7)
Energy Balancer - auto-refills weapons - Found in Tomahawk Man's stage (Mega 
                  Man 6), Shade Man's stage (Mega Man 7), bought from Dr. Light
                  (Mega Man 8)
Super Adapter - enhanced armor with flying ability - collect the RUSH Plates 
               (Mega Man 7)
Proto Shield - defend against frontward attacks - Defeat Proto Man (Mega Man 7)
Rocket Punch - increase distance of Super Adapter attack - Found in Turbo Man's 
               stage (Mega Man 7)           
Hyper Bolt - reduce Auto's prices/unlock more items - found in Spring Man's 
             stage (Mega Man 7)
Escape Unit - exit a completed stage - found in Freeze Man's stage (Mega Man 7),
              bought from Dr. Light (Mega Man 8)
Mega Ball – miniature soccer-ball weapon (Mega Man 8) - given to you during 
            intro stage.
Rush Coil - springboard device - Given to you at start (Mega Man 3 - Mega Man 7)
Rush Marine - submarine device - Defeat Shadow Man (Mega Man 3), Toad Man (Mega 
              Man 4)
Rush Jet - hovering jetboard device - defeat Needle Man (Mega Man 3), Drill Man 
           (Mega Man 4), Gyro Man (Mega Man 5)
Rush Power - powerful armor with Rocket Buster punch - defeat Flame Man (Mega 
             Man 6)
Rush Jet 2 - powerful armor with hoverjets - defeat Plant Man (Mega Man 6)
Rush Bike - Rush turns into a motorcycle - Defeat Grenade Man's mini-boss (Mega 
            Man 8)
Rush Charger - Rush drops a random power-up - Defeat Clown Man's mini-boss (Mega
               Man 8)
Rush Bomber - Rush flies in dropping bombs - Defeat Sword Man's mini-boss (Mega 
              Man 8)
Rush Health - Rush flies in dropping powerups - Defeat Aqua Man's mini-boss 
              (Mega Man 8)

Special Mega Man 8-exclusive parts
Power Shield - Eliminates recoil; don't get knocked back when struck - 6 Bolts
Spare Extra - Start with 4 extra lives instead of 2 (EX Tank) - 6 Bolts
Shooting Part - Have up to 5 shots on the screen - 6 Bolts
Rapid Part - 3 shots are fired whenever you shoot - 6 Bolts
Laser Shot - Charged shots fire as a giant laser; very useful - 5 Bolts.
Arrow Shot - Charged shots fire as an arrow that splits if it hits something - 
             5 Bolts
Auto Shoot - Charging is disabled in favor of auto-firing - 5 Bolts
Step Booster - Climb ladders faster - 5 Bolts
Energy Saver - Increases number of times you can fire weapons - 6 Bolts
Super Recover - Gain more energy from refills - 5 Bolts
Spare Charger - Allows you to always have a life in reserve - 4 Bolts
Hyper Slider - Mega Man slides faster with a puff of smoke - 5 Bolts
H. Speed Charge - Charge up faster - 7 Bolts
Boost Part - Mega Man's shots are blue and fly faster (Turbo Accelerator) - 
             5 Bolts
Exchanger - Life energy collected when meter is full turns to weapon energy - 4 

4. Mega Man:
The first Mega Man title is among the most difficult. Thankfully, beginners have
a choice of Easy or Normal mode in this one (and you don't have to go through 
the whole game in a single sitting anymore (!). Below is the best recommended 
order as well as short boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm1/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm1guide.txt

Cut Man (use Arm Cannon/Super Arm)
Elec Man (use Rolling Cutter)
Ice Man (use Thunder Beam)
Fire Man (use Ice Slasher)
Bomb Man (use Fire Storm)
Guts Man (use Hyper Bomb)

Yellow Devil (use Thunder Beam)
This thing is a total pain without the Thunder Beam (and the helpful Pause 
trick - since the original version has been removed, you'll have to improvise).
Fire off a Thunder Beam when he's finished forming, and rapidly hit Select (PS2)
or START/PAUSE (GCN). Continue to do so in roughly one-second intervals, and 
repeat by firing more Beams as necessary.

Copy Mega Man (use Thunder Beam)
Repeat the same strategy on your clone that you used for the Yellow Devil, but 
keep in mind that your clone will also try to use the Thunder Beam on you. Make 
this quick.

Bubble Drones (use Arm Cannon/Super Arm)
Start off firing your Arm Cannon at the bubbles, and use the Super Arm to chuck 
rocks at the last two. This is the easiest way to go about beating them.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Thunder Beam)
Use the Pause trick to knock his shielding off, but do so quickly - he can 
inflict massive amounts of damage.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Rolling Cutter/Fire Storm)
I prefer the Rolling Cutter as you can attack from a distance, but you can also 
try it up close and personal with the Fire Storm. Hit him with the fireballs for
extra damage.

1. Practice using the Magnet Beam. It's quite helpful crossing that chasm in 
   Guts Man's level, and imperative in Wily's castle. Remember that it only 
   consumes energy when you first hit the button, so try creating longer plat-
   forms with a single press.
2. The Pause trick is still in the game, in a small variation though. To use it,
   fire off your weapon (usually the Thunder Beam), then hit Select (on the PS2)
   or START/PAUSE (on the GCN) in one-second intervals to open and close the 
   Navi menu. It's not as good as it used to be, but it still works to a great 

5. Mega Man 2:
Mega Man 2 is the best out of the series, next to Mega Man 5, I feel. It has 
multiple ways you can go about beating the bosses, and the learning curve is 
quite fair, although it's important to keep in mind that the version contained 
on this disc is the Difficult Mode of the game (setting it to Easy doesn't 
change a thing), so it may be a bit harder than you'd expect. It's almost on 
par with the original Mega Man, come to think. Below is the best recommended 
order as well as short boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm2/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm2guide.txt

Metal Man (use Arm Cannon/Metal Blade)
Flash Man (use Metal Blade)
Quick Man (use Time Stopper/Arm Cannon)
Wood Man (use Metal Blade/Crash Bomb/Atomic Fire)
Air Man (use Leaf Shield/Arm Cannon)
Crash Man (use Air Shooter)
Bubble Man (use Metal Blade)
Heat Man (use Bubble Lead)

Mechadragon (use Quick Boomerang)
Stand on the top-most block and autofire with the Quick Boomerangs for a quick 
and highly efficient victory.

Separating Blocks (use Bubble Lead)
The Bubble Lead is the easiest weapon to use, but the Metal Blade also does 
really decent damage. Hit them as they separate and reconnect, but do so before
they hit you.

Gutsdozer (use Quick Boomerang)
Hop on the front of the 'dozer and rapid-fire away with the Boomerangs to put 
him down easily.

Orb Guarders (use Crash Bombs/Items)
The goal is to destroy the orbs, but some of them are behind walls that require
the very weapon you need to use to destroy the Orbs. Destroy only the two walls
necessary to reach the two orbs that can't be reached any other way, and use 
Item-1 and 3 to get up the other sections.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Atomic Fire)
Charge the weapon up and blast the shielding off his ship.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Metal Blade)
Move underneath his ship and autofire the Metal Blade upwards to deal heavy 
damage in a quick manner.

Dr. Wily, phase 3 (use Bubble Lead)
He uses an alien hologram that moves in a figure-8 pattern. Avoid both the 
alien and its shots and hit the thing with the Bubble Lead when you get the 

This is the first game to actively feature the teleport room. Here's a quick 
guide to how the Robot Masters are laid out.

          	    Heat Man			     Flash Man

		    Air Man		             Metal Man

		    Wood Man  Bubble Man  Quick Man  Crash Man

1. Fun With Metal: Never have I seen a more useful weapon than the Metal Blade. 
   It works against just about every enemy, and has remarkable durability (about
   60 uses per full meter). Use it to get out of tight situations.
2. Item Management: There are certain sections in stages where you can make 
   good use of your Items, so make sure you have the proper equipment before 
   tackling certain stages. Having the Item-2 prior to visiting Heat Man's 
   stage is a good idea.
4. Faintwarp Trick: Whenever you pause the game, Mega Man "faintwarps", in other
   words, he does a mini-teleport. While in this faintwarp state, you can't 
   take damage. This can be useful in some situations; by pressing Start 
   rapidly, you can actually be hit and not take damage (use this in the room 
   with the Orb Guarders in Wily's Castle).
5. Two Hit Bosses: There are three bosses you can defeat in this game that 
   require only two hits to defeat. Fire two Metal Blades at Metal Man to 
   defeat him, you can toast Wood Man with two charged Atomic Fires, and if you 
   time it right, you can destroy Crash Man by lining up your Air Shooters into
   a single 1-2-3 punch to defeat him in a single hit!

6. Mega Man 3:
To be quite honest, Mega Man 3 feels just a tad tougher, particularly with the 
Doc Robots. I don't really recall them giving me that much trouble (on the 
other hand, I could just be out of practice). Remember that none of those nifty
Controller 2 tricks work in this version, and that this is the only game of the
initial six that will save your Energy Tanks. Below is the best recommended 
order as well as short boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm3/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm3guide.txt

Magnet Man (use Arm Cannon/Spark Shock)
Hard Man (use Magnet Missile)
Top Man (use Hard Knuckle)
Shadow Man (use Top Spin)
Spark Man (use Shadow Blade)
Snake Man (use Arm Cannon/Needle Cannon)
Gemini Man (use Search Snake)
Needle Man (use Gemini Laser)

MetalDoc (Spark Man's stage; use Spark Shock)
He imitates Metal Man to a T, but you should still get in close and waste him 
by auto-firing with the Spark Shock. Do so sparingly, however - you don't want 
to waste it all.

QuickDoc (Spark Man's stage; use Gemini Laser)
What can I say? Quick Man was tough before, and now you have no Time Stopper. 
Try to dodge him the best you can, and lay into him with the Gemini Laser.

WoodDoc (Shadow Man's stage; use Needle Cannon)
You don't have any of the classy weapons from Mega Man 2 this time around, so 
wait until he throws away his Leaf Shield, then pelt away with the Needle 

HeatDoc (Shadow Man's stage; use Arm Cannon)
The Hard Knuckle is ok for this fight, but it leaves you open to getting hit by
his fireball attacks. Just stick to the normal Arm Cannon, and get out of the 
way when he flares at you.

AirDoc (Needle Man's stage; use Magnet Missile)
Slide under the tornadoes and hit him with the Magnet Missile for easy damage. 
Try to stay as close as possible, though.

CrashDoc (Needle Man's stage; use Hard Knuckle)
Stay in close and hit him four times with the Hard Knuckle while he's jumping.

FlashDoc (Gemini Man's stage; use Shadow Blade)
The Shadow Blade pretty much mimics the Metal Blade here, though not quite as 

BubbleDoc (Gemini Man's stage; use Spark Shock)
You can also try the Shadow Blades, but the Spark Shocks work better. Hit him 
while he's floating in the water.

Turtle Mecha (use Shadow Blade)
Attack the turtles that the machine shoots with the Shadow Blade while trying 
to avoid the jets of water that might carry you up into the machine itself. 

Yellow Devil mk-II (use Hard Knuckle)
You have a slide this time, so dodging the parts should be easier. When it 
solidifies, hit the eye with the Hard Knuckle, and use the Rush Jet to avoid 
the wave attack.

Triple Clones (use Search Snake)
Remember your clone from the first battle? This is even more of a pain since 
you have to deal with three of them. Attack with the Search Snake until you 
find the real one of the three, then concentrate your fire on that one.

Wily Pinbot, phase 1 (use Spark Shock)
Attack the cannon on the underside of this pinbot mecha with the Spark Shock - 
it should go down very quickly.

Wily Pinbot, phase 2 (use Rush Jet)
Hop on the Rush Jet and stay level with Wily's head while rapid-firing him to 
death. This, too, shouldn't take long at all.

Gamma (use Shadow Blade)
Stand directly underneath Gamma's head where his shots can't hit you, and jump 
while firing the Shadow Blade to deal damage. You only need to take off half 
his meter.

Dr. Wily (use Top Spin)
Wait for one of Gamma's fists to come rocketing in from the side, then hop on 
it and use it as a platform to reach the ledges on the left or right sides of 
the room. When Wily finishes shooting stuff, leap off and start Top Spinning 
on the way down. Catch him at the right angle and you'll beat him in a single 

You'll face the Robot Masters again in the 4th stage of Wily's castle. Here's 
the layout of the teleports.

		 Needle Man			  Snake Man

		 Magnet Man			  Spark Man
		 Gemini Man   Hard Man	Top Man   Shadow Man

1. Easy Energy Tanks: Input a red A6 into the password grid at the start to 
   begin the game with 9 Energy Tanks.

7. Mega Man 4:
Mega Man 4 is pretty much the same as the original, though I noted quite a few 
control issues. Ever played an emulator and had the controls just go dead, but 
your character would still randomly move around? I noticed that on a couple 
occasions in this title. This was also the first to have every track remixed 
(and it sounds great). Below is the best recommended order as well as short 
boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm4/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm4guide.txt

Toad Man (use Mega Buster)
Bright Man (use Rain Flush)
Pharaoh Man (use Flash Stopper)
Ring Man (use Pharaoh Shot)
Dust Man (use Ring Boomerang)
Skull Man (use Dust Crusher)
Dive Man (use Mega Buster/Skull Barrier)
Drill Man (use Dive Missile)

Butterfly Mecha (use Dust Crusher)
Slide under the machine when it's drilling and hit the gem in the head with the
Dust Crusher.

Square Machine (use Dust Crusher)
Slide under the parts until they come together slowly, then hop inside the 
machine so you can target the center gem with the Dust Crusher.

Twin Walkers (use Drill Bomb)
The walkers will come out separately, so use the Drill Bomb and detonate them 
before they impact for extra damage.

Dr. Cossack (use Dust Crusher)
Are we detecting a pattern with Dust Man's weapon yet? Hit him with the Dust 
Crusher and slide away whenever he tries to grab you.

Momma Mettool (use Mega Buster)
This giant Met attacks by stomping the ground, thus causing an earthquake that 
summons many little Mets, or it'll just stampede across the screen. Use the 
charged Mega Buster to destroy it, and try to slide when it jumps. 

Cycle Cannon (use Ring Boomerang)
Climb up on the platforms that circle on the tracks and fire Ring Boomerangs at
the mecha's forehead gem to cause damage. Avoid the red ball attack and you'll 
be fine.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Mega Buster)
Charge your Buster and fire away at the mouth of the skull. His energy blasts 
come in threes, so slide away, then slide in, jump and fire. Slide away, slide 
in, jump and fire. You can take down the first form without even getting hit 
this way.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Drill Bomb)
This one is a bit tougher. He alters his firing pattern a bit, and to even 
inflict any damage, you must detonate the Drill Bombs before they actually hit 
the gem on the top of Wily's skull tank.

Dr. Wily, phase 3 (use Pharaoh Shot)
His energy shots can really hurt you. Charge up the Pharaoh Shot and try to hit
Wily with the ball atop your head. Remember that you can damage Wily for a few 
seconds after he disappears, as well.

You'll face the Robot Masters again in the 3rd stage of Wily's castle. Here's 
the layout of the teleports.

	Drill Man					Pharaoh Man
	Bright Man					Ring Man

	Skull Man	Dive Man	Toad Man	Dust Man

1. Pharaoh Shot "bugs": The Pharaoh Shot has a few little things that can be 
   exploited to make it more useful. Here's a short list:
   - You can charge the Pharaoh Shot up before a battle. This isn't the case 
     with the Mega Buster.
   - Charge the weapon up and hit something with it, without letting go of the 
     fire button. Switch to your subscreen, then return still without letting 
     go. Your shot will start charging up again, without any energy loss. You 
     can use this technique to ensure you never run out of energy against the 
     final battle with Wily.
   - You can also use it to help you recharge. Find a spot where enemies are 
     plentiful and respawn without you leaving the room and coming back (like 
     the hippos in Ring Man's stage. Charge up the Pharaoh Shot and just stand 
     there, letting the missiles or whatever enemies constantly hit the ball 
     and drop powerups.

8. Mega Man 5:
Mega Man 5 didn't see much in the way of any upgrades besides the remixes added 
from the Rockman Complete Works. Its notable, though, that it's one of the only
games where most of the hints make sense (Cossack gives them to you here, as 
opposed to a character that shouldn't be known of yet or should otherwise be 
incapacitated). Some other notable changes include the updated font style, the 
stylized "P" under boss meters (Navi Mode), and the changing of the "V" plate 
to a "5" plate. Below is the best recommended order as well as short boss 
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm5/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm5guide.txt

Wave Man (use Mega Buster/Charge Kick)
Star Man (use Water Wave)
Gravity Man (use Star Crash)
Gyro Man (use Gravity Hold)
Crystal Man (use Gyro Attack)
Napalm Man (use Crystal Eye)
Stone Man (use Napalm Bomb)
Charge Man (use Mega Buster/Power Stone)

Tank Sentinel (use Water Wave)
This tank will roll towards you, increasing in speed as its energy gets lower. 
Constantly fire the Water Wave and jump over it if it gets too close.

Shield Sentinel (use Crystal Eye)
This one won't jump either, so jump over it when it runs towards you, and pelt 
away with the Crystal Eye when the shield parts are separated.

Stun Sentinel (use Gyro Attack)
This one jumps, and has a nasty stun attack. Try to avoid the stun rings while 
hammering away with the Gyro Attack. At this stage in the game, don't be afraid
to use an Energy Tank if needed.

Dark Man (use Beat/Mega Buster)
He'll combine the attacks of all the previous Sentinels into one boss. Use Beat
so you can focus on dodging his attacks, and supplement with the Mega Buster.

Tower Mecha (use Mega Buster)
Shoot each platform out to get it to fly towards you so you can get higher, then
when you're riding the top one, jump and let the head have it with a charged 
Buster shot. Keep doing so until the Mecha's down.

Ring Machine (use Gyro Attack)
This is easy. Stand on the platforms and fire Gyro Attack blades into the center
eye when the side shields are open.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Mega Buster)
He just hovers above you moving from left to right, until he slams down to the 
ground. Slide to avoid him, but make sure you don't fall into that spike pit in
the center! Whenever Wily comes down, blast him with a charged Mega Buster.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Mega Buster)
As he rolls around, fire charged Mega Buster shots at the eyes of his Skull 
Tank while dodging the objects he shoots at you, which range from missiles to 
energy orbs to other various objects. Most can be slid under or jumped, but 
you'll probably take the occasional hit.

Dr. Wily, phase 3 (use Beat)
Switch to Beat and dodge Wily's attacks while you let the little bird "beat" 
the garbage out of Wily. If you happen to run out of Beat's energy meter (which
you probably will), and have a Mega Tank in reserve, don't hesitate to use it 
as it'll also refill your life.

You'll face the Robot Masters again in the 3rd stage of Wily's castle. Here's 
the layout of the teleports.

		Gravity Man			Charge Man
		Wave Man	Gyro Man	Napalm Man
		Stone Man	Star Man	Crystal Man

1. Easy 1-Up Trick (use the Mega Tank when you have full energy and weapons, 
   and when you exit your subscreen, all enemies will be turned into 1-Ups!
2. The Super Arrow, gained from Star Man, can be used in a way to simulate the 
   Item-2 from Mega Man 2. You can also use it to "climb" walls, so be sure to 
   experiment with it. One such climbing section is located in Wily's Castle, 
   so make sure you learn it. Also, if you use it and you run out of energy, 
   the Arrow will still continue to fly until it hits something.
3. Beat is more than useful for just bosses. Try using him to attack obstacles 
   while you maneuver through treacherous areas such as in Dark Man's Fortress.

9. Mega Man 6:
Mega Man 6 saw few upgrades as well, and is easy as it was before. The music is
the most notable feature - some of it seems very fuzzy (particularly the 
prologue and epilogue musics). It's also worth pointing out that, outside of 
Navi Mode, the game still uses the slightly different Japanese introduction as 
opposed to the US intro. They also fixed all the typos in the original script, 
such as "FAILD!" to "FAILED!". Below is the best recommended order as well as 
short boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm6/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm6guide.txt

Flame Man (use Mega Buster/Wind Storm)
Blizzard Man (use Flame Blast)
Plant Man (use Blizzard Attack)
Tomahawk Man (use Plant Barrier)
Yamato Man (use Silver Tomahawk)
Knight Man (use Yamato Spear)
Centaur Man (use Knight Crush)
Wind Man (use Centaur Flash)

Track Duo (use Rush Power)
Stay in the center while dodging the hail of fire from the robots on the tracks,
and punch them whenever they come down to your level with a charged Rocket 

Power Piston (use Silver Tomahawk)
Adjust your position based on where the piston is, and hammer away with the 
Silver Tomahawk. The boulders falling from the ceiling are bothersome, but 
shouldn't hinder you too much.

Mettonger-Z (use Blizzard Attack)
Hammer away with the Blizzard Attack while trying to stay away from the tank 
itself. This boss is easy.

Mr. X (use Flame Blast)
He's even easier than Mettonger. He swings back and forth, every now and then 
dropping a floor-traveling energy orb. Hit him with the Flame Blast and dodge 
the floor attack to beat him in no time.


Mechasaurus (use Yamato Spear)
Ride the lifts up as they appear and nail the mecha in the head with the Yamato 
Spear. Work on dodging the fireballs if they become a problem, as well.

Tank-CS2 (use Yamato Spear/Wind Storm)
Start off firing the Yamato Spear at it, then use the Wind Storm if you run out
of energy. There's really no way to avoid being hit, unless you're quick and 
manage to use Rush Jet to fly over the contraption.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Mega Buster)
He basically hops around trying to catch you underneath him. Keep charging your 
Mega Buster and let him have it whenever you get the chance. Avoid his spiral-
shaped energy bursts by sliding and you'll get through with barely a scratch.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Knight Crush)
Once you destroy the first form, Wily immediately attacks again, with a slight-
ly smaller version of before. His attacks do a bit more damage, but you can 
defeat it easily by using the Knight Crush.

Dr. Wily, phase 3 (use Silver Tomahawk)
When he appears, he'll send out spiraling energy shots. Stick yourself far away
from Wily when he does this, and you won't get hit. When he does appear, use 
the upward arc of the Silver Tomahawk to hit Wily. You can usually hit him 
twice per appearance.

You'll face the Robot Masters again in the 3rd stage of Wily's castle. Here's 
the layout  of the teleports.

		Yamato Man                            Blizzard Man
		Plant Man			      Flame Man

		Knight Man   Centaur Man   Wind Man   Tomahawk Man

1. Easy Energy Tanks: If you need to restock Energy Tanks before hitting the 
   fortress levels, try going to Blizzard Man's level.

10. Mega Man 7:
Mega Man 7 is another game that's noticeably been tweaked. Some of the bosses 
are a bit more difficult than before, namely Freeze Man and Burst Man, and 
there are other assorted differences as well. For one, Wily seems easier in 
both modes, and the "Damn!" that was originally in the game has been removed. 
Oh yeah, for some reason they removed the ending cinema of Mega Man walking 
away from the castle... Below is the best recommended order as well as short 
boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm7/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm7guide.txt

Freeze Man (use Mega Buster/Junk Shield)
Burst Man (use Mega Buster/Freeze Cracker)
Cloud Man (use Danger Wrap)
Junk Man (use Thunder Bolt)
Slash Man (use Freeze Cracker)
Spring Man (use Wild Coil)
Shade Man (use Super Adapter)
Turbo Man (use Noise Crush)

Gutsdozer (use Super Adapter)
The ceiling sinks during this fight, so stay in close to the Gutsdozer and jump
up while using the Rocket Punch to land hits on Guts Man's head. Try your best 
to avoid the large rocks he throws, too.

Turtlemecha (use Wild Coil)
Hit the exposed head with charged Wild Coil shots, and slide under the mecha 
when it starts bouncing back and forth. Attack the mini-turtles with the Buster 
if it pulls out this attack.

Ninjamask (use Noise Crush)
Run to the right while turning around every now and then to pelt the mask's 
nose with the Noise Crush. Alternately, you can try riding the missiles and 
attacking with the Slash Claw, but this is risky.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Mega Buster)
Attack the Skullker with charged Buster fire. Generally, if Wily lands on the 
left-hand side of the screen, he'll usually bounce across, giving you an easier
time. From the right side, he'll usually use mini skull-walkers that serve to 
annoy you. Try to get out of this fight with as much energy as possible.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Thunder Bolt/Freeze Cracker/Super Adapter)
This boss can be TOUGH. The Thunder Bolt more often than not stops his thunder 
orb attack, but you still have to contend with the elemental orbs. Try to get 
hit with a yellow one if you can, and aim for Wily's tiny pod whenever you have
a chance. Bring a full stock of Energy Tanks to this fight.

You'll face the Robot Masters again in the final stage of the game. Here's the
layout of the teleports.

			Freeze Man	Slash Man

			Junk Man	Cloud Man

			Turbo Man	Spring Man
			Shade Man	Burst Man

1. Easy Bolt Pick-Ups: Go to Cloud Man's stage and stop before the last section 
   leading to the boss gate. Just past the part leading outside will be a 
   regenerating Pipi. Shoot the egg it drops as it hits the ground, collect all
   the pick-ups, then scroll back to the left and repeat until you get tons of 
2. Dig, Dig, Dig (using Rush Search in various places will occasionally net 
   giant versions of large energy capsules or Bolts. The Ultra Energy ones 
   refill your whole meter, and the giant Bolts are worth 100 units of the 
   currency. Keep Rush's nose peeled.
3. Special Weapon Uses: A few of the Master Weapons have alternate uses to them.
   Try testing them out to get different effects. Here's a list of some of the 
   more useful ones:
   - Freeze Cracker - You can fire this in 4 directions, and also freeze lava 
   - Thunder Bolt - Electrically charge dead machinery and power it up.
   - Danger Wrap - Encase enemies in the bubble and then blow them up (!).
   - Scorch Wheel - Set stuff on fire.
   - Wild Coil - Charge it up for a larger shot.
   - Noise Crush - Fire it at a wall, let Mega Man absorb the rebound, and then 
     press the fire button again to fire a much larger wave.
4. Special "Street Fighter" Bonus Mode: Enter the special password given by 
   beating the game (see the Passwords section), and hold Square/Circle (PS2) 
   or X/Y (GCN) while pressing start to access a bonus mode in which you can 
   control either Mega Man or Bass and simulate another famous Capcom franchise,
   Street Fighter. A couple of notes here:
   - The game is only 2 player, meaning you must have 2 controllers. There is 
     no option to fight a computer opponent.
   - A few of the old Street Fighter combos work in this game, but I've found a
     lot of them to be random and finicky. The Hadoken (below) seems to be the 
     only one that ever works reliably.
   - Input the Hadoken sequence (Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Fire) and Mega 
     Man will execute a quick Slash Claw-ish attack, and Bass will do an oddly 
     animated Rising Kick move.
   - Mega Man can essentially Charge Kick his opponent by hitting Down twice in
     rapid succession.
   - If playing as Bass, you can make him air-dash by pressing Left or Right 
     while he's in mid-jump.
   - Press Up twice for a "faintwarp" move in which your character flickers for 
     a few moments. Like in the actual games, this move will grant you brief 
     invincibility as if you had been hit.

11. Mega Man 8:
Mega Man 8, overall, seems more difficult than its original version. This is 
highly evident in some of the boss fights. Search Man, the first two Wily 
bosses, and the last form of Wily himself are the most noticeable, I found. The
music and voices, also, wound up suffering here, sometimes looping improperly 
(this is most evident in the GameCube version). Below is the best recommended 
order as well as short boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm8/
MMN Game Guide: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/guides/mm8guide.txt

Grenade Man (use Mega Buster/Thunder Claw)
Frost Man (use Flash Bomb)
Tengu Man (use Mega Buster/Ice Wave)
Clown Man (use Tornado Hold)
Aqua Man (use Mega Buster/Astro Crush)
Sword Man (use Water Balloon)
Search Man (use Flame Sword)
Astro Man (use Homing Sniper)

QuadPod (use Mega Ball)
You have to line up your shots so you can kick the Mega Ball at such an angle 
so that it slams the bottom of the pod with the head. Use Flash Bombs to 
protect yourself from the other pods' attacks (stand in the blast)

Flying Ship (use Mega Buster/Flash Bomb)
While you're on Rush Jet, you'll have to maneuever yourself pretty fancifully 
to avoid all of the attacks this one will dish out. Keep hammering the exposed 
wings whenever they open up, and try to get energy refills from the surprise 
shells (try detonating Flash Bombs so you're protected from any damage while 
still allowing you to absorb any refills).

Bass & Treble (use Mega Buster)
Try the Arrow Shot here so you can hit him when he's hovering. Any time he 
flies towards the center of the screen, have the Astro Crush ready so you can 
cancel out his meteor attack.

Green Devil (use Mega Buster/Flash Bomb)
Flash Bombs and the Laser Shot Buster have the same effect, so dish out the 
pain however you like. Punch holes in the Devil's body, then assault the eye 
itself. The Devil has a variety of attacks, from body separation to spiking the
floor. Stay on the move.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Mega Buster/Astro Crush)
The main threat you have to contend with is the wheel on his ship. Jump over it
if it goes straight toward you, and slide under it if it bounces. Use the Astro
Crush whenever Wily starts charging up his cannon, and spend the rest of your 
time pelting him with charged Buster shots.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Mega Buster)
The Flame Sword isn't worth using here, as you're likely to get hit while using
it. Stay far away so you have a better chance at dodging his orb attacks, and 
pelt him with your charged Buster. Have Rush Health and Rush Charger handy in 
case you run low on energy.

You'll face the Robot Masters again in the final stage of the game. Here's the 
layout of the teleports.

	Tengu Man	Frost Man	Astro Man	Sword Man
	Clown Man	Grenade Man	Search Man	Aqua Man

1. No Energy Tanks?: Have Rush Health and Rush Charger handy in case you find 
   yourself getting knocked out in the middle of a battle (particularly the 
   last Wily battle).
2. Recommended Items: A good item layout to have includes the High Speed Charge,
   Laser Shot, Arrow Shot, Energy Balancer, Super Recover, Power Shield, and 
   the Energy Saver. If you don't have too many problems with getting hit, you 
   might really consider the Energy Saver since it gives you two more shots for 
   the Astro Crush, which can be a lifesaver during the fight with Wily.

12. Mega Man: The Power Battle:
Rather than follow the traditional style of Mega Man titles, this is a boss 
fights-only game of battles against various Robot Masters from the first seven 
games. The graphics themselves are of Mega Man 7-quality, and it's the first 
true two-player game. You can choose from three characters (Mega Man, Proto 
Man, and Bass) to take through the game as you fight against Wily's machines, 
including the Robot Masters, the Yellow Devil, or the Pumpkin miniboss seen in 
Shade Man's stage (MM7). Below is the best recommended order as well as short 
boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mmpb/

This is a joke. The game is set on a roulette of sorts, so your boss fights are
somewhat random unless you're great on hitting the trigger at just the right 
moment. Here's the breakdown of the bosses by mode and area.

Mode 1: Mega Man - Mega Man 2
Guts Man (use Mega Buster)
Ice Man (use Super Arm)
Heat Man (use Ice Slasher)
Wood Man (use Atomic Fire)
Crash Man (use Leaf Shield)
Cut Man (use Crash Bombs)

Mode 2: Mega Man 3 - Mega Man 6
Napalm Man (use Mega Buster)
Gemini Man (use Napalm Bomb)
Gyro Man (use Gemini Laser)
Plant Man (use Gyro Attack)
Dust Man (use Plant Barrier)
Magnet Man (use Dust Crasher)

Mode 3: Mega Man 7
Freeze Man (use Mega Buster)
Slash Man (use Freeze Cracker)
Shade Man (use Slash Claw)
Turbo Man (use Crash Noise)
Cloud Man (use Scorch Wheel)
Junk Man (use Thunder Bolt)

Now, each area of the stage select map features three Robot Masters. Here is a 
quick reference listing to which area contains which battles.
Upper Left Area: Heat Man, Gyro Man, Cloud Man
Top Area: Cut Man, Magnet Man, Shade Man
Upper Right Area: Wood Man, Plant Man, Slash Man
Lower Right Area: Ice Man, Gemini Man, Freeze Man
Bottom Area: Guts Man, Napalm Man, Turbo Man
Lower Left Area: Crash Man, Dust Man, Junk Man

Yellow Devil (use Super Arm/Gyro Attack)
It has all of its usual attacks like disintegrating and warping across the
screen, but it brings some new moves to the game, such as jumping around or
even spawning mini-Devils. Fortunately each character can jump high enough to 
hit its eye with any weapon, though the Super Arm and Gyro Attack work quite 

Pumpkin Mech (use Crash Noise)
This battle, for the most part, is exactly as it was in Mega Man 7, though the 
Pumpkin will occasionally fire more bullets and even release Batontons as a 
defense mechanism. The Mega Buster works well, as does the Crash Noise.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Buster/Dust Crasher)
Just avoid the red hands on the front of his machine, or else you'll probably 
get sucker-punched. When he bounces towards you, be sure to slide or dash 
underneath him to avoid damage. The Mega Buster works good, but the Dust Crash-
er works decently as well.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Rolling Cutter)
This battle is pretty easy, too. Use the Rolling Cutter to take decent damage, 
and focus only on dodging his attacks. The electrical one is the hardest one to
avoid, though you can try to dodge it by measuring your distance from him in 

Dr. Wily, phase 3 (use Buster)
Wily takes to the sky with his standard saucer routine, only you have to 
contend with two of them. Keep in mind that you can only hit the one that 
Wily's actually occupying, and he'll switch whenever you do score a hit. The 
catch in this battle is that it's timed, but the flip side is that the outcome 
is essentially the same whether or not you run out of time.

1. Character Moves: Mega Man slides, while Proto Man dashes and Bass air-dashes.
   Think about this when trying to dodge an attack, and make sure you don't get 
   blasted by something you were trying to dodge.
2. Mega Damage: The screen will generally flash, or the Robot Master in 
   question will generally have some sort of tell-tale reaction (usually pretty
   funny) when he gets struck by the weapon he's weak against.
3. Expanding Energy Meters: The meters of the bosses get larger as you progress,
   so try taking those bosses you have a hard time with out first.

13. Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters:
This game actually features a series of three interconnected plots (similar to 
the last game's three modes) that ultimately determine how you play through the
game - Stop Wily, Rescue Roll, and Find Parts. You still accomplish all three 
during the game, but you can get different cutscenes or whatnot based on when 
you do them and what characters you use to accomplish them with.
Duo also joins the fun as a fourth playable character, and there are various 
other parts of the gameplay that have been altered. For one, in the two-player 
mode, only one character can acquire each weapon from a defeated enemy. So once
a Robot Master is beaten, it's a race to see who picks up the energy orb first.
Below is the best recommended order as well as short boss strategies.
MMN Coverage: http://megaman.retrofaction.com/mmc/games/mm2pf/

Unlike the last game, you get a full stage select here - so choose your 
opponent wisely.

Stop Wily!
Centaur Man (use Mega Buster/Gyro Attack)
Shadow Man (use Centaur Arrow)
Bubble Man (use Shadow Blade)
Heat Man (use Bubble Lead)
Plant Man (use Atomic Fire)
Gyro Man (use Plant Barrier)

Rescue Roll!
Elec Man (use Mega Buster/Power Stone)
Dive Man (use Thunder Beam)
Slash Man (use Dive Missile)
Cut Man (use Slash Claw)
Shade Man (use Rolling Cutter)
Stone Man (use Crash Noise)

Find Parts!
Air Man (use Mega Buster/Super Arm)
Quick Man (use Air Shooter)
Pharaoh Man (use Quick Boomerang)
Gemini Man (use Pharaoh Wave)
Napalm Man (use Gemini Laser)
Guts Man (use Napalm Bomb)

Mad Grinder (use Buster/Centaur Arrow)
Its primary attack is to toss that sawblade at you - jump it, then stand still 
to avoid it on the return path - then run away because Grinder will try to plow
you under. Try hitting him with the Buster or Centaur Arrow.

Yellow Devil (use Thunder Beam)
You'll face this one if you're playing the Find Roll scenario. He's calmed down
from his last iteration, and mostly only melts down and chucks rocks at you. 
Use the Thunder Beam to take him out. 

Mechadragon (use Quick Boomerang)
You'll fight this boss in the Find Parts mission. The dragon from Mega Man 2 is
back, and the best weapon to use is the Quick Boomerang. Keep sliding under-
neath him to get him to fire towards the opposite side of the screen, and hit
him when you have your clear shots. The Buster also works quite well.

Dr. Wily, phase 1 (use Bubble Lead/Slash Claw)
You want to aim for Wily; although most of the time this means aiming at the 
eyes of the skull, note that when Wily drops down to fire the cannon from the 
skull's mouth, you'll need to hit him down there. The Super Arm works well 
here. You can even destroy the mini-dragons with one hit using it, although you
might not want to waste its energy. If you don't have the Super Arm, try Bubble
Lead or Slash Claw.

Dr. Wily, phase 2 (use Air Shooter/Shadow Blade)
Just like the last game, the final battle is timed - here you have 9 seconds to 
defeat him. Wily is in his pod which appears randomly on the screen, though he 
doesn't shift around as much as he did in the prequel. Hit him with the Air 
Shooter, Shadow Blade, Thunder Beam, or the charged Buster each time he appears
in order to beat him.

1. Character Helpers: Each character has their own helper and style of special 
   dodge or attack. Here's the short list:
   - Mega Man: He slides, and calls Rush out to assist. Rush doesn't really do 
     anything except provide a shield of sorts.
   - Proto Man: He dashes, and uses Beat. Beat is good since he provides a 
     shield for Proto to use that absorbs all damage while in use.
   - Bass: He air-dashes, and uses Treble. Treble follows Bass around firing 
     pretty much at whatever Bass is attacking.
   - Duo: He shoulder-charges, and uses Beat in the same fashion as Proto Man.
2. Energy Refills: During battle, you can refill your energy by picking up the 
   energy items dropped when you score a particularly nasty hit on your 

14. Unlockable Content:
Completing objectives within certain games or beating the games themselves 
unlocks the hidden content within the game. This ranges from remixed audio 
tracks to producer interviews to an episode of the old Ruby-Spears Mega Man 
cartoon. Below is a listing of what is unlockable and the requirements for each

Mega Man 
- Atomic Planet Credits (beat the game)

Mega Man 2
• Picture Set 1 (defeat 3 Robot Masters)
• "Wily's Revenge" track (beat the game)

Mega Man 3
• Mega Man: The Power Battle (defeat the 8 Robot Masters)
• "Proto Man" track (beat the game)

Mega Man 4
• "Homage to Mega Man" track (defeat 4 Robot Masters)
• "Wily vs. Bass" track (defeat the 8 Robot Masters)
• Picture Set 2 (beat the game)

Mega Man 5
None (Yes, this is dumb)

Mega Man 6
• "Plant Man" track (defeat Plant Man)

Mega Man 7
• Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (defeat first 4 Robot Masters)
• "Select Jungle" track (defeat Slash Man)
• "Mega Man Radio Cut" track (beat the game)

Mega Man 8
• "Mega Man's Drum and Bass" track (defeat four Robot Masters)
• Picture Set 3 (beat the game)
• G4 Tech TV Segment (beat the 8 Robot Masters)

To the best of my knowledge, nothing is unlocked by completing the Power Battle
or the Power Fighters, since it would seem pointless to have something else 
unlocked by beating something which was unlockable in the first place.

15. Master Weapons:
Mega Man has a variety of weapons at his disposal which he gains from defeated 
foes. Via the use of his Weapon Copy System, he's able to emulate the abilities
of the Robot Masters he defeats. Below is a description of all the weapons he 
can use.

Mega Man
- Hyper Bomb: Mega Man tosses a black bomb in an arcing pattern. It detonates 
  after a preset time limit, so vary the timing of your throws to inflict 
- Super Arm: Mega Man can pick up certain blocks and chuck them.
- Rolling Cutter: Mega Man throws a scissor blade in an arc.
- Thunder Beam: Mega Man shoots a winding thread of electricity that goes 
  forward, up, and down.
- Ice Slasher: Mega Man shoots an ice arrowhead forward. It can freeze stuff in
  its path.
- Fire Storm: Mega Man shoots a blast of fire, while fireballs briefly orbit 

Mega Man 2
- Metal Blade: Mega Man fires a blade in any of eight directions; it's easily 
  the most useful of any weapon ever in terms of longevity and effectiveness.
- Time Stopper: The screen flashes and time stops while the screen twinkles. 
  Mega Man can move during this time, but he can't fire his Arm Cannon.
- Quick Boomerang: Mega Man rapid-fires pink boomerangs. Not really useful, but
  it affects some bosses.
- Leaf Shield: This one allows Mega Man to shield himself with leaves and then 
  shoot them off forward.
- Air Shooter: Mega Man can shoot up to three small tornadoes that rise vert-
- Crash Bomb: Mega Man fires a bomb which can attach itself to walls and then 
  It's time-delayed, and can also attach to enemies.
- Bubble Lead: Mega Man fires a small moving bubble across the floor that is 
  pretty effective against some bosses.
- Atomic Fire: Mega Man can fire three types of fire blasts, and it can be 
  charged to fire bigger blasts.

Mega Man 3
- Magnet Missile: Mega Man shoots magnet projectiles which will seek out 
  metallic objects to a certain degree.
- Hard Knuckle: Mega Man shoots a fist-shaped projectile forward. It starts off
  slowly, but quickly picks up speed. It can be used to break down some walls.
- Top Spin: Press Jump and Fire to activate it. Mega Man whirls through the air
  like a spinning top, but be warned - the longer you hold the Fire button down 
  during contact, the faster your energy will drain.
- Shadow Blade: Mega Man shoots a ninja star which returns after traveling a 
  short length. It can fire in six directions.
- Spark Shock: Mega Man shoots a ball of electricity forward.
- Search Snake: Mega Man can toss three snakes on the ground which will crawl 
  on floors and up walls while "searching" for the enemy.
- Gemini Laser: Mega Man shoots a beam which can reflect off a wall at a 45 
  degree angle and split into separate beams.
- Needle Cannon: Like the Arm Cannon, but Mega Man rapid-fires needles.

Mega Man 4
- Rain Flush: Mega Man fires a small orb into the air which then creates a spray
  of acid rain. Lasts about five seconds.
- Flash Stopper: Basically a Time Stopper remake, except you can fire your Mega 
  Buster while time is stopped. Really only useful against Pharaoh Man.
- Pharaoh Shot: Mega Man hurls a ball of fire forward. If you charge it up, 
  Mega Man will create a larger and more powerful shot.
- Ring Boomerang: Mega Man tosses a ring which goes a short distance and returns
  to him.
- Dust Crusher: Mega Man fires off a crushed cube of junk. Very useful against 
  many of the later bosses.
- Skull Barrier: Mega Man surrounds himself with spinning skulls. Merely another
  variation of the Leaf Shield weapon, this one can also be fired off at will.
- Dive Missile: These torpedoes (not missiles) fly and sort of home in on 
  metallic targets. They're rather slow-moving, so be careful when you use them.
- Drill Bomb: Mega Man fires drill-shaped projectiles that can attach to some 
  objects. Mega Man can detonate it early before impact by pressing the fire 
  button again.

Mega Man 5
- Water Wave: Mega Man shoots a small jet of water that travels horizontally
  along the ground. Not too exciting.
- Star Crash: Mega Man surrounds himself with a rotating shield of stars that 
  he can fire off early if he wants to in any of the four cardinal directions.
- Gravity Hold: A weapon that has very limited usage, but can damage Gyro Man 
  and fling other enemies off the screeen.
- Gyro Attack: Mega Man sends forth a whirling copter blade that can change 
  direction once while in mid-air.
- Crystal Eye: Mega Man shoots a large crystal ball which can break apart and 
  ricochet if it strikes a wall. It sort of has the same effect as Mega Man 3's 
  Gemini Laser.
- Napalm Bomb: Mega Man lays down a rolling bundle of napalm that detonates 
  after a short time.
- Power Stone: Mega Man creates a whirling stone attack that spirals out from 
  his location. Very difficult to actually hit anything with.
- Charge Kick: To use it, you have to equip it and slide. Mega Man slides for-
  ward with a crescent of energy at his feet that damages anything he touches.

Mega Man 6
- Plant Barrier: Another Shield variation, little flowers circle Mega Man. Like 
  the other shield weapons, this one can be fired off early.
- Silver Tomahawk: Mega Man tosses a tomahawk in an arc.
- Yamato Spear: Mega Man fires a spear straight forward.
- Knight Crush: Mega Man sends out a small mace ball which boomerangs back to 
- Centaur Flash: A remake of the Gravity Hold...which was a remake of the Flash 
  Stopper, which was a remake of the Time Stopper. You get the idea. It freezes 
  the action and does damage to certain objects for about five seconds.
- Wind Storm: Mega Man fires off a small gray tornado that spirals along the 
  ground. It can carry some enemies away with it.
- Flame Blast: Mega Man shoots a small burst of flame which will flare up from
  either the wall or floor, depending on where the initial burst lands.
- Blizzard Attack: Mega Man fires off a snowflake spread from behind him: two of
  them fly straight ahead, and the remaining two fly off at diagonal angles, 
  allowing for more reach.

Mega Man 7
- Freeze Cracker: A handy multi-directional weapon, Mega Man fires an ice shot 
  that naturally freezes things. Its handiness comes in that it can fire in six 
- Danger Wrap: Mega Man will fire bubble-encased bombs, or alternately can 
  encase enemies in the bubbles. Pretty handy for some situations.
- Thunder Bolt: Mega Man fires off bolts of electricity that stun some enemies 
  as well as activate some machinery.
- Junk Shield: Another typical shield, circlets of junk surround Mega Man. As 
  before, he can fire it off early, or it can fire itself off in diagonal 
  directions after absorbing too much damage.
- Slash Claw: A very short-range weapon, Mega Man creates a short burst of 
  energy with his fist.
- Wild Coil: Mega Man tosses out springs to either side of him. He can charge 
  this weapon to make the springs larger and bounce higher.
- Noise Crush: Mega Man fires off a sonic wave that can disorient a few robot 
  enemies. An added use is that Mega Man can absorb a wave if he fires it at a 
  wall, and then fire off a larger shot.
- Scorch Wheel: Mega Man fires off a circle of flaming orbs that can set some 
  things aflame and burn other objects. 

Mega Man 8
- Flash Bomb: Mega Man shoots out a bomb which explodes on impact, creating a 
  short burst of light. Very handy against a few bosses, and it has some other 
  good uses as well.
- Ice Wave: Similar to the Ice Slasher (Mega Man 1), Mega Man shoots out a wave 
  of ice which freezes anything in its path. 
- Tornado Hold: Mega Man shoots out a tornado in front of him which can levitate
  him to new heights. If used properly, this one can take the place of Rush's 
  Coil adapter.
- Thunder Claw: Mega Man gains a grappling hook. Not useful for much of anything
  else, it can grapple to the small grappling hooks found in various stages.
- Water Balloon: Mega Man shoots a small burst of water in front of him.
- Flame Sword: Mega Man swipes Slash Claw-style with a short blade. It can be 
  used to ignite things.
- Homing Sniper: Mega Man shoots out a small collection of homing missiles. As
  you might expect, you first have to point them at a particular target for them
  to work properly.
- Astro Crush: Mega Man raises his hands and sends green flaming meteors sailing
  diagonally across the screen. Can be used in certain places to break things.

Mega Man: The Power Battle
Note: all weapons in this game behave exactly as their original counterparts 
with the exceptions of any listed here.
- Pharaoh Wave: Character fires two fiery waves out to either side of him.
- Crash Noise: Same as the Noise Crush, just re-named, really.
- Dust Crasher: Same as the Dust Crusher, though not as effective as the 
- Dive Missile: Character fires a huge torpedo that travels straight ahead.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
Note: all weapons in this game behave exactly as their original counterparts 
with the exceptions of any listed here.
- Centaur Arrow: Character fires a large arrow forward.
- Power Stone: Character fires a stone fist which races along the ground.
- Crash Noise: Same as the Noise Crush, just re-named, really.

16. Passwords:
These passwords will get you to the final areas of each game (usually the Castle
areas). Remember that the game auto-saves your progress, but in case you're 
lazy and want to skip to the final levels, here's the info.

Mega Man 2
Password to Dr. Wily's castle: A5, B2, B4, C1, C3, C5, D4, D5, E2

Mega Man 3
Password to the Doc Robots: Blue (A3, B5, D3, F4) | Red (A6)
Password to Break Man: Blue (A1, A3, B2, B5, D3, F4) | Red (A6)
Password to Dr. Wily's castle: Blue (A1, A3, B2, B5, D3, F4) | Red (A6, E1)

Mega Man 4
Password to Dr. Cossack's citadel: A1, A4, B5, E2, F1, F3

Mega Man 5
Password to Dark Man's castle: Blue (B4, D6, F1) | Red (C1, D4, F6)

Mega Man 6
Password to Mr. X's mansion (w/o EB): C5, C6, D6, F3, F5
Password to Mr. X's mansion (w/ EB): B6, D4, F2, F4, F6

Mega Man 7
Password to Dr. Wily's castle: 7853-5856-2245-7515
All 8 Robots at Start: 1755-8187-6486-2322
Super Password (to final level): 1415-5585-7823-6251
(Note: this password puts you at the final level with every item in the game. By
holding Square/Circle (PS2) or X/Y (GCN) at the Password screen, you can access 
the Street Fighter mini-game.)

Mega Man 8, The Power Battle, and the Power Fighters have no password feature.

17. Legal:
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and a reciprocation link and credit must be given to the Mega Man Network 
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