How do I beat all the bosses with there weaknesses ?

  1. I would like a list of the mega man bosses weaknesses on all of them excludeing the 2 arcade games

    User Info: seasesr

    seasesr - 10 years ago

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  1. I only know 1-6 Sorry
    1: Bombman beats Gutsman, Gutsman beats Cutman, Cutman beats Elecman, Elecman beats Iceman, Iceman beats Fireman, Fireman beats Bombman
    2: Metalman beats Bubbleman, Bubbleman beats Heatman, Heatman beats Woodman, Woodman beats Airman, Airman beats Crashman, Crashman beats Flashman, Flashman beats Quickman, Quickman beats Metalman
    3:Topman beats Shadowman, Shadowman beats Sparkman, Sparkman beats Magnetman, Magnetman beats Hardman, Needleman beats Snakeman, Snakeman beats Geminiman, Geminiman beats Needleman, and Hardman beats Topman.
    4: Toadman Beats Brightman, Brightman beats Pharohman, Pharohman beats Ringman, Ringman beats Dustman, Dustman beats Skullman, Skullman beats Diveman, Diveman beats Drillman, IDK if Drillman beats Toadman
    5: Crystalman beats Napalman, Nalpalman beats Stoneman, Stoneman beats Chargeman, Chargeman beats Waveman, Waveman beats Starman, Starman beats Gravityman, Gravityman beats Gyroman, Gyroman beats Crystalman
    6: Windman beats Flameman, Flameman beats Blizzardman, Blizzardman beats Plantman, Plantman beats Tomahawkman, Tomahawkman beats Yamatoman, Yamatoman beats Knightman, Knightman beats Centourman, and Centourman beats Windman.

    User Info: R3PR117

    R3PR117 - 10 years ago 2   1


  1. For #8: Frost Man beats Tengu Man beats Clown Man beats Grenade Man beats Frost Man; Aqua Man beats Sword Man beats Search Man beats Astro Man beats Aqua Man. I find it easier to use the mega buster on Tengu Man since the ice wave only runs along the ground.
    For #2, I use Quickman's boomerangs on Bubbleman and recently discovered Metalman's blades are useful for finishing off Quickman after the flash stopper runs out. I have always used Metalman's blades on Woodman and Metalman.

    User Info: mercyscene

    mercyscene - 10 years ago 0   0

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