• Figure Passwords

    Use these at the Figure Vending Machine in Access Tunnel E-1.

    Axl figure38184155
    Axl figure91327856
    Black Zero72443102
    Cinnamin Figure (Iron Maiden)19837556
    Marino figure02098772
    Marino Figure (Quicksilver)87352041
    Massimo figure47722361
    Mega Man X44162918
    Megaman X figure73001472
    Zero figure29290141
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  • Figure Passwords (JP version)

    Enter these passwords at the Figure Vending Machine in Access Tunnel E-1.

    Axl (Special Ability Stance) Figure46925056
    Axl Figure44527839
    Black Zero Figure69203600
    Cinnamon (Iron Maiden) Figure31415926
    Cinnamon Figure10950508
    Marino (Quicksilver) Figure19780506
    Marino Figure20040729
    Massimo (Dymonion) Figure82536252
    X (Victory Pose) Figure78523511
    X Figure19670801
    X Fire Figure32603260
    Zero Figure33515937

    Contributed By: Typh.

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  • Misc. Unlockables

    You can attempt to complete these challenges as the game progresses whenever you want. You can view your unlockables by going to the Sky Room, which Nana will transport you to after Chapter 3.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Figure Set: Mettaur SpecialDefeat over 100 mettaur type enemies
    Figure Set: Mini MechsObtain over 100,000 experience
    Figure Set: Preon Sepcial IIIDefeat over 1,000 enemies
    Figure Set: Preon SpecialDefeat over 100 enemies
    Figure Set: Preon Special IIDefeat over 500 enemies
    Figure Set: Retro MechsUse Final Strike over 100 times
    Music #50: Trajectory of Battle 2Deploy mechaniloids over 50 times
    Poster: Cinnamon's SecretUse over 100,000 FME in the generator
    Poster: Hunter BaseComplete deployment recovery
    Poster: Swarming ArmadaTalk to citizens over 100 times
    Poster: The Deadly Trio!Complete figure sets 1-10
    Poster: Viva la ResistanceLog in 10 hours of game time
    Purple ScarfCollect all sketches
    Sketch #15: RafflesianCollect all video clips
    Sketch #18: Nana SketchPurchase over 40 main weapons
    Sketch #21: Dr. PsycheCollect all disc files
    Sketch #22: Mouse MechaFight over 100 battles
    Sketch #23: Support MechaReach level 30 with X
    Sketch #24: Proto Crab MechCollect all 10 posters
    Sketch #3: X Ninja VersionAchieve over 100 critical strikes
    Sketch #39: Preon ArmyDefeat over 100 Preon-type enemies
    Sketch #4: X Flying VersionUse action trigger over 100 times
    Sketch #5: X's Armor Achieve over 150 consectutive hits
    Sketch #55: Mega Man?Collect all field items
    Sketch #56: Duckbill MoleCollect all background music files
    Sketch #63: Water CurtainObtain over 10,000 experience
    Sketch #68: Tree Trunk RoomPurchase over 100 items
    Sketch #69: Glass PassagewayColect all figure tokens
    Sketch #7: X's GunsPerform an attack of over 9,999 damage
    Sketch #89: Giga CityCollect all mechaniloids
    Sketch #91: Save ProcessSave 50 times
    Sketch #92: Force MetalsPlay the game for 25 hours
    Sketch #96: Force Metal OreObtain over 50 force metal recipes
    Sketch #99: Teleport DeviceSpend over 100,000 Zenny
    Viedo Clip #56: Final ConfrontationClear game
    Yellow ScarfFight over 500 battles

    Contributed By: Felix Arabia.

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  • Secret Areas

    There are a couple of secret areas you can get to by deploying mechanaloids to certain areas. Here's the areas.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Central KeyDefeat the final boss
    Gimialla KeyDeploy Mechanaloids to Gimialla Mines(Gives acces to an extra Mechanaloid and a tank parts)
    Legrano KeyDeploy Mechanaloids to Legrano Ruins(Gives access to secret shop)
    Tianna KeyDeploy Mechanaloids to Tianna Prison POW( Gives access to extra boss)

    Contributed By: skillguy.

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  • Unlock Absolute Zero/X Ultimate Armor

    These are Extra Hyper modes of X and Zero. They are very strong! and will make the game easier. Before you do this make sure you have the Medal Key and the Tianna Key. They can be acquired by Deploying Mechanoloids in The Tianna Camp and The Medal Ore Plant Areas. once you have them make sure you follow these instructions.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Absolute ZeroDefeat the 2 Duckbill Moles inside The Medla Ore Plant locked door,in front of the first elevator.(use the Medal Key to get in)
    X Ultimate ArmorDefeat Rafflessian, inside the locked door of The Tianna Camp.(use the Tianna Ket to get in)

    Contributed By: RPGfan2000.

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  • Unlock The Secret Vending Machine

    After you have beatened the game and gotten the Central Key...Go to The Central Tower, and go to the E-1 section. Follow your path down until you reach a locked door, the Central key should open it. Then you will be in the Special Area. Go down and you will see a Human Reploid, and will challange you to a fight. BEWARE he is tough. his name is Onetail. After you have defeat him go down again and you will see another Human Reploid. He will be Twotails. Go on until you have defeated Eighttails. After that go down and The Secret Vending Machine will be there blocking a door.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Secret Vending MachineDefeat Eighttails

    Contributed By: RPGfan2000.

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  • Recover without the use of Sub Tank

    Go to a place where you can battle a Preon Nurse. Destroy all enemies EXCEPT the Preon Nurse. During the Preon Nurse's turn you'll see a message that says "Preon Nurse surrendered" and it WILL execute an All Life Gain 25 to your active party formation.

    Contributed By: 3110684.

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