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FAQ by Im Not NEG

Version: 1.07 | Updated: 02/04/2008

******** **   ** **     ** *******    ******* ******* *******
**    ** **   **  **   **  **   **    **   ** **   ** **   **
**    ** **   **   ** **   **   **    **   ** **   ** **   **
******** **   **    ***    **   **    ******* **   ** *******
**       **   **    ***    **   **    **      **   ** **
**       *******    ***    *******    **      ******* **
**       *******    ***    *******    **      ******* **

    ******* ******* **            ** ******* *******
    ******* **       **          **  **      **   **
    **      **        **        **   **      **   **
    ******* *******    **      **    ******* *******
    **      **          **    **     **      **    **
    **      **           ******      **      **    **
    **      *******       ****       ******* **    **

|              |
|              |
* For the SASB *
|                        |
|Guide/Walkthrough by NEG|
|                        |
|             |
|Version 1.07 |
|             |

|                               |
|First Created On:  March 3,2004|
|First Finish On: October 1,2004|
|Last Updated On:February 4,2008|
|                               |

Copyright Notice: This is copyright ©2004-2008 By NEG, and may only be used on
Gamefaqs.com and Neoseeker.com. Any other site caught plagiarizing this guide
will have their ISP contact and possible Legal action. You are free to print
out this guide for personal use.

                  //                   \\
  O==============// 1.Table of Contents \\==============O
                //                       \\
                * ======================= *

1.Table of Contents
  -RunRun Course Intro
  -WakuWaku Course Intro
  -HaraHara Course Intro
4.General Tips/Controls
  -General Tips
5.Basic Puyo Combos
  -Example 1:Pile them high!
  -Example 2:Grouping
  -Example 3:Nuisance Chaining
  -Example 4:To the side please
  -Example 5:Blobs of four
6.Single Puyo Pop
  -RunRun Course
   -Round1)Amitie Vs Rider
   -Round2)Amitie Vs Dongurigareru
   -Round3)Amitie Vs Accord
  -WakuWaku Course
   -Round1)Amitie Vs Raffine
   -Round2)Amitie Vs Oshare Bones
   -Round3)Amitie Vs Rider
   -Round4)Amitie Vs Dongurigaeru
   -Round5)Amitie Vs Klug
   -Round6)Amitie Vs Frankensteins
   -Round7)Amitie Vs Arle
   -Round8)Amitie Vs Popoi
  -HaraHara Course
   -Round1)Raffine Vs Onion Play
   -Round2)Raffine Vs Klug
   -Round3)Raffine Vs Prince of Ocean
   -Round4)Raffine Vs Dongurigaeru
   -Round5)Raffine Vs Yu
   -Round6)Raffine Vs Howow Bird
   -Round7)Raffine Vs Accord
   -Round8)Raffine Vs Popoi
   -Round8-2)Raffine Vs Karbunckle
7.Double Puyo Pop
  -Normal Rules
  -Classic Rules
  -Trap Rules
  -Edit Rules
   -Margin Time
   -Chain Limitation
   -Target Points
8.List of characters
  -Well-Balanced Character
  -Only goes for big chains
  -Build up to fever
  -Likes large chains
  -Keeps the pressure on
  -Constant fever
  -Loves chains
9.Endless Puyo Pop
   -Button Configuration
   -Cut Scene
   -Animation for Chains
   -3D Effect
   -Go to Gallery
    -Sound Effects
11.High Scores
   -Single Puyo Pop
    -RunRun Course
    -WakuWaku Course
    -HaraHara Course
   -Endless Puyo Pop
13.Puyo Pop Fever Tidbits
   -Development Puyoment
   -Released Via Fever
   -SOA goes crazy
   -Sweet farewell to DC
   -Puyo History
   -Puyo For Everyone
14.Version History
15.Legal Info
   -Authorized Websites

                        * =========== *
                       //              \\
     O================// 2.Introduction \\====================O
                     //                  \\
                     * ================== *

Puyo Pop Fever for the Nintendo Gamecube, Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox
was released on Friday 27th of Feb 2004 in Europe. The classic game that is
Puyo Puyo has been running for the last decade or so. With this guide I'll be
aiming to show you through the many modes of this version of Puyo. Including
the new Fever mode and how in general to reach great puyo heights. I hope you
enjoy the ride. Let's Puyo Pop!

* ------- *
|| Notes ||
* ------- *
Puyo Pop Fever takes up 1 block of memory on the Gamecube Memory Card. For each
Replay you save you need at least 3 blocks of memory.

                                * === *
                              //       \\
             O===============// 3.Story \\=================O
                            //           \\
                            * =========== *

I've written the text how it is shown in the game, which is why they have
slightly strange spaces.

 * -------------------- *
|| RunRun Course intro ||
 * -------------------- *

Once upon a time, in some other world...
There lived a young girl whose dream was to
become a wonderfully clever magic user.
Her name is Amitie, and she is at her
     studies again today.

 * ---------------------- *
|| WakuWaku Course Intro ||
 * ---------------------- *

 Hello! The names Amitie!!
I'm hitting the books hard to
become a wonderful magic user.
    But today isn't
the day to be studying
Professor Accord seems to have
misplaced or should I say
  LOST her flying cane.
She said she'd give a reward
to the person who finds it.
So everyone is psyched.
   And of course
that goes for little old me too.

 * ---------------------- *
|| HaraHara Course Intro ||
 * ---------------------- *

Now that was in poor taste...
 letting that irratating
Amitie go on ahead...
   But we proper ladies
Never lose our composure.
    Calmly, coolly,
always a step ahead of the game!
   Look out Amitie!
 I. Raffine will bring
sorrow to your tearful face

                          * ==================== *
                         //                      \\
         O==============// 4.General Tips/Controls\\=============O
                       //                          \\
                       * ========================== *

Becoming good at Puyo Pop Fever will not come down to this guide. To become a
master of Puyo it takes practice much like every other puzzle game. First off
let's overview the basic controls.( The controls are from the Gamecube

 * --------------- *
|| Basic Controls ||
 * --------------- *

A Button: Moves Puyo clockwise when falling, changes the color of one colored
big Puyo, and main button to be pressed to access menus.

B Button: Moves Puyo anti-clockwise when falling, changes the color of one
colored big Puyo, and main button to be pressed to go back from selected menus.

Start/Select: Pauses the game if in-game. Also used for title screen.

 * ------------- *
|| General Tips ||
 * ------------- *

Be one with the Puyo! Taste the sweetness of the blobs! To be serious however,
it just takes a lot of practice. Learn to combo Puyo, which happens when you
connect 4 of the same color resulting in 4 others dropping and connecting right
after. Watch the demo movies on the title screen for more info on that.

Its worthwhile I'd guess knowing how many color Puyos there are: Yellow, Blue,
Red, Purple, and Green. So thats 5 different Puyos.
For Single Puyo Pop however, the main problem for many is coping with Nuisance
Puyo that drops every time your opponent does a successful 4 connections or
combo. Combos are the key here, since for how big your chained combo is, the
larger the amount of Nuisance Puyo that will drop to your opponent.

However, the new feature to Puyo Puyo in this game is Fever mode. Since you can
get rid of Nuisance Puyo when stuck with the normal colored puyo, each time by
getting rid of a Nuisance Puyo your Fever Meter goes up. If you manage to reach
to its full amount the screen is flipped into fever mode. And ready-made chains
are ready for bursting. Its worth noting the length of time you get in Fever
Mode depends on how offensive or defensive you are, also getting an ALL CLEAR
in fever increases your timer.

When playing in HaraHara mode for example in say, hard mode. The opponent
hardly makes any mistakes and can send you usually up to hundreds of Nuisance
Puyos to fill up your screen ten times over. Once you get used to combos just
try to out-run your opponent. By this I mean be quicker, and generally quicker
then the computer, easier said then done of course. But the game can be harsh
like that.
For Double Puyo Pop, which is where 2 Player games are held, things can change
depending on your character. It depends on how skilled you are and how you want
to play against your rival, but more on that in the character list.

Do note Puyo DO NOT have to be in a straight line in order to vanish. There are
many shapes in which the 4 same colored Puyo can connect which include a T
shape or L. If you get annoyed later on by the 3D effect that happens during
combos, I also suggest you turn it off in the options. Personally I think it
allows you to concentrate more on the game at hand which in 3D you can suddenly
lose your focus.

So then, now go practice a bit, and when you are ready we can begin the main
meat of the game....Single Puyo Pop.

                            * ================== *
                           //                    \\
              O===========//  5.Basic Puyo Combos \\=============O
                         //                        \\
                         * ======================== *

The methods I show are only to give you an idea. In no way unless you are lucky
will you get the combos you do the same way as these examples. Do of course,
practice, practice, and practice.

Key: B=Blue Y=Yellow G=Green P=Purple R=Red *=Vanish #=Nuisance Puyo

Note: The grid you play in is 12 in height and 6 in length.

|           |A
|           |B
|           |C
|           |D
|           |E
|           |F
|           |G
|           |H
|           |I
|           |J
|           |K
|           |L
 - - - - - -
 1 2 3 4 5 6

 * -------------------------- *
|| Example 1:Pile them high! ||
 * -------------------------- *

|     r     |   |           |   |           |
|     g     |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |        r  |   |           |
|           |   |        *  |   |           |
|        g  |   |        *  |   |           |
|        g  |   |        *  |   |           |
|        g  |-->|        *  |-->|        *  |
|        r  |   |        r  |   |        *  |
|        r  |   |        r  |   |        *  |
|        r  |   |        r  |   |        *  |
 - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -
     A               B               C

Picture A: Perhaps one of the most basic combos to achieve with ease. We see a
singular row piled up high in two separate colors, red and green.

Picture B: Placing the incoming green on top of the puyo tower with the other
same colored green Puyo. Making them vanish.

Picture C: The remaining red puyo falls from the reaction and lands on the
remaining red Puyo, causing them to vanish.

 * ------------------- *
|| Example 2:Grouping ||
 * ------------------- *

|     g     |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|     g     |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|y          |   |y *        |   |           |   |           |
|b          |-->|b *        |-->|y          |-->|           |
|g g g      |   |* * *      |   |*          |   |           |
|b b b      |   |b b b      |   |* * *      |   |*          |
|y y y      |   |y y y      |   |y y y      |   |* * *      |
 - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -
     A               B               C               D

Picture A: We have three lines of 3 same colored Puyo. This is rather hard to
do in-game. However if you do notice yourself in a situation like this, try
placing a same colored Puyo as the bottom two rows.

Picture B: The green Puyo is placed with the same green colored Puyo. Making
them vanish.

Picture C: The Blue Puyo drops down from the reaction and connects with the
other three blue Puyo. Making them vanish.

Picture D: And lastly the yellow Puyo which was placed above the Puyo Puyo,
drops down and connects with the remaining yellow Puyo. Making them vanish.

 * ---------------------------- *
|| Example 3:Nuisance Chaining ||
 * --------------------------- *

|     p     |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|     g     |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |  p        |   |           |   |           |
|g          |-->|* *        |-->|           |-->|           |
|g g b      |   |* * b      |   |    b      |   |           |
|# # # # # #|   |* * # # # #|   |  * * # # #|   |      * * *|
|p p p b b b|   |p p p b b b|   |* * * b b b|   |    * * * *|
 - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -
     A               B               C               D

Picture A: We see a line of nuisance Puyo, a common sight for some. The bottom
row is filled with two-three colored same Puyo, purple and blue. While on top
of the left hand side of the nuisance puyo are three green colored puyo and a
single blue Puyo.

Picture B: Placing the green Puyo with the others so they vanish but also
keeping in mind that the nuisance Puyo that were touching the green puyo also

Picture C: The singular purple Puyo drops down from the reaction and connects
with the other three purple Puyo. Making them vanish along with the one
nuisance puyo.

Picture D: The remaining blue Puyo falls from the reaction and connects with
the other blue Puyo. Making them vanish, along with the remaining nuisance puyo.

 * ---------------------------- *
|| Example 4:To the side please ||
 * ---------------------------- *

|      y    |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|      g    |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |  y        |   |           |   |           |
|  y b r y  |-->|  y b r y  |-->|    b r y  |-->|      r y  |
|  g y b r y|   |  * y b r y|   |    * b r y|   |      * r y|
|  g y b r y|   |  * y b r y|   |  * * b r y|   |      * r y|
|  g y b r y|   |* * y b r y|   |  * * b r y|   |    * * r y|
 - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -
     A               B               C               D

|           |   |           |
|           |   |           |
|           |   |           |
|           |   |           |
|           |   |           |
|           |   |           |
|           |   |           |
|           |   |           |
|        y  |-->|           |
|        * y|   |          *|
|        * y|   |          *|
|      * * y|   |        * *|
 - - - - - -     - - - - - -
     E               F

Picture A: Is a pretty common thing to see while in Fever. Five rows of three
same colored Puyo. The thing to note however is how the single Puyo on the 4th
line upwards are placed.

Picture B: Dropping the green to the side, making the green Puyo vanish while
the yellow remains with the same colored Puyo.

Picture C: Yellow Puyo fall and connect with the same colored Puyo due to the

Picture D: The single blue Puyo continues the reaction and falls to connect
with the other blue Puyo.

Picture E: The single red Puyo continues the reaction and falls to connect with
the other red Puyo.

Picture F: The single yellow Puyo continues the reaction and falls to connect
with the other yellow Puyo. Ending up with a 5-chain!

 * ------------------------ *
|| Example 5:Blobs of four ||
 * ------------------------ *

|     b     |   |           |   |    y y    |   |           |
|     y     |   |           |   |    y y    |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |           |   |           |   |           |
|           |   |    y      |   |           |   |           |
|    #      |   |    #      |   |           |   |           |
|    #      |-->|    *      |-->|           |-->|    *      |
|    b # # #|   |  * * * # #|   |        # #|   |    * * * #|
|# # b # # #|   |# * * * # #|   |#   y   # #|   |#   * * * *|
|# # b y y y|   |# * * y y y|   |#   # y y y|   |#   * * * *|
 - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -     - - - - - -
     A               B               C               D

Picture A: This is a regular sight for Puyo players. Two rows of nuisance puyo
have fallen from the enemy with 6 puyo underneath them. Three yellow, three

Picture B: We leave yellow on top of the tallest line ( 3,G ) while the blue
puyo drops to connect with the other blue puyo. Doing this takes 5 nuisance
puyo with them.

Picture C: We see an incoming 4-puyo. Remember that if these are not of the
color you need, you can press A to change them to the color you want.

Picture D: Landing the 4 all-yellow puyo straight down causes the majority of
nuisance puyo to go with it thus making only three nuisance puyo remaining.

                              * ================ *
                             //                  \\
                  O=========// 6.Single Puyo Pop  \\==========O
                           //                      \\
                           * ====================== *

Single Puyo Pop is the main 1player story mode against you and the computer.
Normal rules with fever apply. Do note that if you stop playing mid-way the
game will not save your progress to continue from next time so make sure to
leave it on pause ( by pressing START in-game ) when you're worn out.

Another thing to note of is there are three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal
and Hard. I'll try to point out if there are any major differences as we go

Lastly, other then words of support, note that I can't exactly tell you what to
do. You need to find your own style of play and hang in there. If you totally
get stuck, stop and watch what the opponent does. Every character has a
different unique style that they play. Learn to use it against them. I'll also
tell you the levels difficulty in the form of 5 stars with 1 star being very
easy and 5 stars being insanely hard.

Alright...let's begin.

 * -------------- *
|| RunRun Course ||
 * -------------- *

The beginners course with nothing too tricky here, But I'll guide you through
it nonetheless.

O---{Round 1: Amitie Vs Rider}---O
    {Difficulty - *     }

Very simple, Rider won't chain at all so whatever you do will pound her to the
ground. A single ALL CLEAR is the simplest way here.

HARD MODE: Rider is faster. But again won't chain to cause you a problem.

O---{Round 2: Amitie Vs TaruTaru}---O
    {Difficulty -**    }

If you leave this guy alone for too long, he'll start chaining. So just sending
normal 1-chained Puyo will do just as well and better then trying to chain.

HARD MODE: Don chains much faster and is actually a bit harder. Fever mode can
still finish him off without too much trouble.

O---{Round 3:Amitie Vs Accord}---O
    {Difficulty -***   }

This last round in RunRun Course is also the hardest. Accord plays for combos
and chains as well as for All Clears and Fever Mode. Thankfully though, she’s
slow. So getting enough Nuisance Puyo on her side is vital.

HARD MODE: This time she’s not slow. However she’s not as perfect as in
HaraHara mode so just plan yourself a few chains and all should go well. Its
helpful to know that while in Fever mode in RunRun Course. No matter what
difficulty setting, arrows will be pointing at where you should place your
Puyo. So use this well in Fever.

 * --------------- *
|| WakuWaku Course ||
 * --------------- *

The real game starts here. You travel as Amitie through the next eight stages.
Compared to RunRun Course, this is much harder. However do not be worried,
since Amitie is a balance character so you shouldn't get into too much trouble.

O---{Round 1:Amitie Vs Raffine}---O
    {Difficulty -**    }

Pretty simple as Raffine does not put up much of a fight here.

HARD MODE: Even on HARD mode she should pose no trouble at all. You can beat
her within 30secs using an All Clear or two.

O---{Round 2:Amitie Vs Oshare Bones}---O
    {Difficulty -**    }

Oshare Bones is too busy chaining normally to cope with combos coming from your
end. A few basic 2 or 3 chains should see him off.

HARD MODE:A little faster, but still the above applies here. Don't hang about
and be quick!

O---{Round 3:Amitie Vs Rider}---O
    {Difficulty -**    }

The speed is switched on when you reach here. Rider herself can be tricky if
your not careful but nothing note-worthy for her here.

HARD MODE: The speed is increased quite a bit. The above still applies.

O---{Round 4:Amitie Vs Dongurigaeru}---O
    {Difficulty -**    }

Don is one of the first of which I've noticed has an attack pattern. He attacks
by building his Puyo to the right hand side then chaining 3 or 4. Speed is also
increased again.

HARD MODE: Same as above. I'd suggest waiting to do a killer chain when his
right-hand wall is near the top. Chaining just at the right time can end the
match for him.

O---{Round 5:Amitie Vs Klug}---O
    {Difficulty -***   }

The difficulty takes a few steps up here. Klug attacks in combo chains of 3.
And fast. Fever is your best friend for this situation.

HARD MODE: Faster chaining from Klug. Just need to pay closer attention and
again aim for Fever.

O---{Round 6:Amitie Vs Frankensteins}---O
    {Difficulty -****  }

Again, a sudden amount of difficulty increase. Frank can be tricky to beat if
you leave him alive until his Fever kicks in. So you have to aim and beat him
when you reach your Fever. And keep your cool.

HARD MODE: You MUST beat him when you reach Fever. That's the main thing.

O---{Round 7:Amitie Vs Arle}---O
    {Difficulty -****  }

Speed increase. Since Arle's attacks are all with 2 Puyo combinations, she's
not as hard as you'd think. So relax, stay low, and concentrate on winning.
This is more like a faster version of round 1.

HARD MODE: Light speed Puyo dropping! Well no, but even Round 8 is not as fast
though its the same thing again however. Good luck.

O---{Round 8:Amitie Vs Popoi}---O
    {Difficulty -***** }

Apart from the annoying sounds he makes, Popoi's main aim is to reach fever and
smack you hard. Don't make him reach fever then. Or you can try going into
fever first.

HARD MODE: This can hurt. If you're going to plan combos, you better do it
quick. Otherwise just do normal 4 Puyo and hang in there. Eventually Popoi will
be his own downfall, since after a few minutes he can have most of his screen
full with nearly ready-made puyo combos. So be careful.

 * --------------- *
|| HaraHara Course ||
 * --------------- *

The third and final type of story you can pick, and also the hardest. Amitie is
the heroine hero here, if not a little self-centered. This mode can be tricky
in any difficulty so knowing how to combo quickly is key.

O---{Round 1:Raffine Vs Onion Play}---O
    {Difficulty -***   }

Playing as Raffine can take a little while to get used to. Since her drop
pattern aims for you to try get All Clears. The difficulty also starts pretty
high, and Onion Play, depending on some luck, can go down quick or make a match
last very long. Fever mode, as usual, is the key.

HARD MODE: Yes, I know I might repeat myself in this guide alot, but again,
quick thinking and Fever is key here.

O---{Round 2:Raffine Vs Klug}---O
    {Difficulty -***   }

All Clear is your best bet for victory here. Klug attacks at a steady rate and
usually gets a all clear near the start himself. So a All Clear, followed by
Fever should finish him sure enough. Tricky.

HARD MODE:All Clear is vital here. Watch the first 10 Puyo drops you get, and
arrange them for a clear.

O---{Round 3:Raffine Vs Prince of Ocean}---O
    {Difficulty -****  }

Prince's attack pattern is usually in chains of three or four. Usually keeping
low, so really he's waiting for you to throw enough nuisance puyo to his side
for him to reach Fever first. Careful, as if he DOES reach fever, I'd had him
attack back in deversating amounts. Instead, don't focus on chaining too much
and just get rid of puyo normally, in time you'll reach fever before him, and

HARD MODE: Don't even focus on Fever this time. You just need to keep on your
toes here. And just defeat Puyo normally without chaining.

O---{Round 4:Raffine Vs TaruTaru}---O
    {Difficulty -****  }

*Yet to be filled in due to lack of time*
O---{Round 5:Raffine Vs Yu}---O
    {Difficulty -***** }

Yu has a special way of playing. She fills both sides with a single line of
Puyo going all the way to the top, and then starts to do the combos. She can be
tricky, but can be got rid of with a good Fever or two.

HARD MODE: Same as above, a tad faster, and she don't concentrate as much on
building the sides once in trouble.

O---{Round 6:Raffine Vs Howow Bird}---O
    {Difficulty -****  }

*Yet to be filled in due to lack of time*
O---{Round 7:Raffine Vs Accord}---O
    {Difficulty -******}

In some cases, Accord can be even harder then the next match. The main
thing to note here is shes pretty fast. And unlike you, she does not have purple
Puyo included in her set. Making her instantly more difficult.

HARD MODE:Yes yes, I repeat myself often. But really, if you've come this far
there is not much I can add to the line of help. Get out there and pop those

O---{Round 8:Raffine Vs Popoi}---O
    {Difficulty -******}
Much like WakuWaku however Popoi seems near impossible to make mistakes.
Despite this the things said in his Waku form still apply. You'll just need a
lot of confidence and determination. And don't rely on combos.

HARD MODE: Erm... scary isn't the word. But you'll need to have computer-like
speed and control of those Puyo, that's for sure. Put everything you learned
into this. Good Luck!

O---{Round 8-2:Raffine Vs Karbunckle}---O
    {Difficulty -******}
If you play well and set certain conditions, Karbunckle will come in and face
you instead in Round 8. You'll need to add all your skills into this one, since
it was hard enough to get here. But you'd be an expert by now, so go get him!

HARD MODE: If you manage to play against him in Hard, congrats. I think you've
overplayed it a little. Or have become a Puyo God. Good luck on him anyway.

                           * =============== *
                          //                 \\
              O==========// 7.Double Puyo Pop \\=========O
                        //                     \\
                        * ===================== *

2-Player mode is what Double Puyo Pop is. Its here you can choose what
character you want to play as, along with whatever type of rules you want to
play Puyo Puyo with. Puyo is best with a friend. So I hope you'll play this
mode often. Do note that 4-player does not exist in any mode.

 * ------------- *
|| Normal Rules ||
 * ------------  *

The same rules that are in Single Puyo Pop apply here. Only difference is you
choose what character to play as. So thats Fever mode and offsetting, if you
needed telling.

 * ------------- *
|| Classic Rules ||
 * ------------- *

The rules for games previous to Puyo Pop Fever, the biggest differences are
there is no offsetting or fever mode. So combos that you do WILL go to the
opponents side no matter what they do. This makes the game as challenging as
the normal rules.

 * ----------- *
|| Trap Rules ||
 * ---------- *

I have not been able to play this mode. However this is what the in-game
writing says:

Unlike other modes, attack power during Fever will be reduced with this rule.
So Fever is no longer advantageous.

 * ---------- *
|| Edit Rules ||
 * ---------- *

A good addition to the game, here you can change various things about the game

O---{ Margin Time }---O

Margin Time- Sets the time for increased nuisance puyo when you attack to make
it almost deadly.Useable for sudden death matches!

O---{ Chain Limitation }---O

So you're up against a Godly player like myself *coughyeahrightcough* eh? Who
can chain like no tomorrow? Well you can limit the chains here from 2 to 20 or
off which is useful.

O---{ Offsetting }---O
The old versions of Puyo didn't after all have this feature. It's up to you to
try how old-school players played. On and off are selectable.

O---{ Target Points }---O

Sets how many points you need to get to send one nuisance puyo to your
opponent. If you set it lower, you can have increased chain attack! Set it
higher and it will be more difficult to send nuisance puyo and offset more than
1 nuisance puyo. 40 points for minimum clearage. The number can be set from
20(easy) to 980(insanely difficult!). You cannot turn this option "OFF"!

                             * ================== *
                            //                    \\
                 O=========// 8.List of characters \\===========O
                          //                        \\
                          * ======================== *

The characters are split into the following groups. Whichever you choose
depends on how you play.

* --------------------- *
||Well-Balanced Player ||
* --------------------- *
Character/s: Amitie, Arle, Carbunkle

Both are good at most things. Although those who are previous fans of Puyo
would pick Arle just for the nostalgic factor -- all of her drop pieces are

 * ------------------------ *
|| Only goes for big chains ||
 * ------------------------ *
Character/s: Raffine, Hohow Bird, Accord

Those who like going for chains from 4-9 would most likely use these three. In
CPU terms, Accord is one hard cookie. Although you can play just as well with
the other two. Raffine goes for all clears in fever mode and Hohow Bird's drop
pattern allows for building massive chains to pound opponents faces in!

 * ----------------- *
|| Build up to fever ||
*  ----------------- *
Character/s: Oshare Bones

Oshare Bones' Drop Piece Pattern allows him to offset attacks easier, thus
allowing the easiest build-up to fever.

*  ------------------ *
|| Likes large chains ||
*  ------------------ *
Character/s: Klug

This is the character to use for 10-15 chains. His Puyo Drop Pattern allows him
to make 3 chain combos very very easily.

*  --------------------- *
|| Keeps the pressure on ||
*  --------------------- *
Character/s: Dongurugaeru, TaruTaru, Frankensteins

For the easiest way to smack your opponent, use these three. Their 1, 2,and 3
chains can do random damage-- 1X to 2X in normal mode; 1X to 4X in fever mode.
So pulling off a massive 3 chain can almost always defeat your competition
(unless they are one dot away from fever mode), but just keep offsetting and
you will be that much closer to fever mode and victory!

For Example:
You are playing Frankensteins and attack your opponent with a six-puyo 1 chain
while in fever mode,(which normally give off only 1-3 nuisance puyo). The
computer automatically multiplies it by a random number, from 1 to 4, (now the
number of nuisance puyos can be as least as 1 and as much as 12).  Then the
nuisance puyos appear above your opponents playing field.

* ---------------- *
|| Constant Fever ||
* ---------------- *
Character/s: Yu, Onion Play, Prince of Ocean, Popoi

The largest group it seems. If you want to increase the timer of Fever mode
whilst in it easier, these would be the ones to pick. Onion Play is probably
also the cutest vegetable I've ever seen while hearing Popoi "meow" for the
30th time might make the opponent more annoyed.

* -------------- *
|| Loves Chains ||
* -------------- *
Character/s: Rider

Its easier to do short chains and insanely big ones because of her Puyo Drop

                              * ================= *
                             //                   \\
                O===========// 9.Endless Puyo Pop  \\==========O
                           //                       \\
                           * ======================= *

Lets face it. Single Puyo Pop can only be played so long till you burst into
tears trying, or get to such skills you can finish it easily. And Double Puyo
Pop would mainly be for when the friends are around, endless Puyo Pop then, 3
different 1-Player Modes, and the heart of High Scores.

* ------- *
|| Fever ||
* ------- *

You start in Fever Mode and given 60secs to combo and do as many All Clears as
you can. Note that to increase the timer you should aim for those All Clears.
The better you do, the bigger chain set that comes your way. Rather ideal to
practice Fever in general. When the timer ends or the screen is full of Puyo,
the game is over.

* --------- *
|| Mission ||
* --------- *

You start out much like original mode. However you are given a task to do. It
may start simply from "Do a 2-chain" or "get rid of 2 colors at once" to a
little brain scratching later on. This mode also has a timer that increases
depending on how quick you do the tasks given. When the timer ends or the
screen is full of Puyo, the game is over.

* ---------- *
|| Original ||
* ---------- *

The original classic game. No timer, no fever, and certainly no opponent. Just
you against the Puyo that are given, last as long as possible, practice chains,
and don't forget to aim for those high scores. And since it seems to not get
really fast up until Level 40 or so, you can point-rank quite a bit.

                                 * ======== *
                                //          \\
                    O==========// 10.Options \\==========O
                              //              \\
                              * ============== *
* ---------------------- *
|| Button Configuration ||
* ---------------------- *

Change which way the puyo go via A and B. Not that much difference.

* -------- *
|| Rumble ||
* -------- *

Turn the rumble feature on or off to your own liking. Personally I haven't
noticed if it works well.

* ------------ *
|| Difficulty ||
* ------------ *

Three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal and Hard. This is affected in Single
Puyo Pop, where the opponents are increased in skill.

* ------------ *
|| Cut Scene  ||
* ------------ *

Turn the cut sconces on or off to your liking while playing Single Puyo Pop.
You could just press start while it is playing though.

* ---------------------- *
|| Animation for Chains ||
* ---------------------- *

Turn the animation for chains on or off. What this specifically is, is your
character shown to you if you do a combo. If can get annoying if your trying to
concentrate. However it does look neat I guess.

* ----------- *
|| 3D Effect ||
* ----------- *

Turn the Puyo 3D effects while in a combo on or off. Same as above for this, it
can get annoying but does look nice, especially in Fever mode.

* ---------- *
|| Language ||
* ---------- *

Five languages are selectable: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

* --------------- *
|| Go To Gallery ||
* --------------- *

This mode is split into 6 separate options:

O---{ Music }---O

00 to 22 is selectable here.

O---{ Sound Effects }---O

00 to 45 is selectable here

O---{ Voice }---O

Hear the character voice samples here. If uh...you'd want to do such a thing.

O---{ View Cut Scenes }---O

Watch the cut scenes you've already been in. Note you cannot watch what you
have not unlocked yet.

O---{ Replay }---O

You can save replays in-game in Single or Double Puyo. You'll need 3 to 6
blocks, and you can only save 6 at a time.

* ----------- *
|| Save/Load ||
* ----------- *

Save and/or load your game. This is vital for saving those secret characters
and high scores. But there is no auto-save feature, so you have to save it
yourself manually every time.

                                * ============ *
                               //              \\
                  O===========// 11.High Scores \\============O
                             //                  \\
                               ================== *

Think you are the almighty eh? Puyo Pop God eh? Send me those scores people,
and see your name here for all to see! But of course, this is not really about
fame, just a little fun since reaching those devilish high scores, then beating
your own score by 5 points, nice feeling.

DO NOT FORGET: The game does not automatically save your scores. You have to
save it manually in options. So don't forget!

Note: If a persons score seems not believable. I may have to email back and ask
a few things. A photo of the records screen would always be handy for this sort
of situation.

* ----------------- *
|| Single Puyo Pop ||
* ----------------- *

O---{ RunRun Course }---O

RANK||NAME  ||Total Score||No. Of Continues||Time
No.1||      ||           ||               ||
No.2||      ||           ||               ||
No.3||      ||           ||               ||

O---{ WakuWaku Course }---O

RANK||NAME   ||Total Score||No. Of Continues||Time
No.1||       ||           ||               ||
No.2||       ||           ||               ||
No.3||       ||           ||               ||

O---{ HaraHara Course }---O

RANK||NAME   ||Total Score||No. Of Continues||Time
No.1||       ||           ||               ||
No.2||       ||           ||               ||
No.3||       ||           ||               ||

* ------------------ *
|| Endless Puyo Pop ||
* ------------------ *

O---{ Fever }---O

RANK||NAME   ||Total Score||Max Chain||Time
No.1||DAZ    ||   10526202||       15||4:15
No.2||NEG    ||    4489324||       13||2:11
No.3||       ||           ||         ||

O---{ Mission }---O

RANK||NAME   ||Total Score||Max Chain||Time
No.1||       ||           ||         ||
No.2||       ||           ||         ||
No.3||       ||           ||         ||

O---{ Original }---O

RANK||NAME   ||Total Score||Max Chain||Time
No.1||DAZ    ||    9808997||        6||40:11
No.2||NEG    ||    7224324||        3||50:22
No.3||       ||           ||         ||

                                 * ==== *
                                //      \\
                     O=========// 12.FAQ \\==========O
                              //          \\
                              * ========== *

Most asked stuff.

Question: How do you unlock the 2 hidden characters?

Answer: To unlock Popoi, simply play and complete WakuWaku mode in any
difficulty. You'll then be able to select him in Double Puyo Pop.

The terms to unlock Carbunkle, the 2nd secret character is confusing and hard.
You'll need to complete HaraHara mode in certain conditions. And then Carbunkle
will face you instead of Popoi. Winning the battle unlocks him.

However several people are unsure how exactly he is unlocked. Using a low
amount of continues and/or high amount of using Fever mode in-game is the usual
thing pointed out.

Question: Is that Arie from previous Puyo Puyo games?

Answer: Yes

Question: I've seen pictures of Carbunkle, the mascot of Puyo Puyo. Where is

Answer: Its been said that Karbunckle is in fact the 2nd secret character.
Other then that, he's not in the middle of the screen like in previous Puyo
Puyo games which is a shame.

Question: Song number 13 in Options sounds familiar...

Answer: It's the theme from Puyo Pop for the GameBoy Advance. I do not know if
this tune has appeared before that, however.

Question: It has!

Answer: Ah yes. It seems so. In Puyo Puyo 2 for the Genesis/Mega Drive, it
would seem
nearly ALL the tunes are taken to use on Puyo Pop on GBA. Including track 13.

Question: Can I change the English voices to Japanese?

Answer: Sadly, no. The import Japanese Dreamcast version however CAN enable
both voice languages. You should also ignore the error in the manual, which
states the language can be turned to Japanese.
In the US versions of Puyo Pop Fever. It would seem that the Japanese option has
been added. Lucky bunch, heh.

Question: Any cheats?

Answer: So far for the Gamecube, XBOX and PlayStation2 versions, no one knows.
However it has been discovered that there are button cheats to unlock both
characters and all the movies in Gallery mode for the Dreamcast version of the

Question: Your basic combo section is hopelessly useless, since you can never
get those exact Puyo.

Answer: This is true. However note they are only there for examples. And the
more you practice, the better you'll get the hang of high-chained Puyo. It may
not look as perfect as those that I show, but it'll work nevertheless.

Question:For the SASB?

Answer:I credit the guide to the Sonic Adventure Social Board. Hey, if the book
authors can do it, why can't I?

                            *  ======================= *
                           //                          \\
                O=========//  13.Puyo Pop Fever Tidbits \\==========O
                         //                              \\
                         * ============================== *

As we reach the end of this guide. I'd like to round things off by some little
known facts or odd things that some may not know about Puyo Pop Fever, or Puyo
Puyo in general. In any case, I hope this guide has been helpful to you. And I
hope we'll meet again someday. But in the meantime, let's PUYO!

* ----------------------- *
|| Development Puyopment ||
* ----------------------- *

In total, Sonic Team spent a total of 8 months on Puyo Pop Fever. From the date
it was revealed ( Tokyo Game Show 2003  ) to the release date. Quick eh? That's
not saying much perhaps, due to the capabilities the Gamecube has, Puyo could
be done within a month and with free versions around the web.

* -------------------- *
|| Released Via Fever ||
* -------------------- *

Puyo Pop Fever in Japan came out in a wacky order:

PLAYSTATION 2: 2/04/04
DREAMCAST:     2/24/04
GAMECUBE:      3/24/04
XBOX:          4/24/04

This is due to, or so Sonic Team says, to a give a feeling of fever to the
people who are awaiting the game. It sort of shows a combo element as well,
don't you think?

* ---------------- *
|| SOA goes crazy ||
* ---------------- *

In the winter/spring season of 2003/4, Sony of America announces a new harsh
rule for any new games in the future: They have to be 3D!
And so it looks unlikely that the Playstation 2 version will come out in
America in summer 2004. Of course Sony didn't use those exact words, they tried
to hide it by saying "The game does not show the potential of the PS2's

Obviously they didn't notice the 3D effect while comboing, eh?

Other games that SOA have not allowed to be released in America so far:

Metal Slug 5
Viewtiful Joe
Super Street Fighter 2: Tenth Anniversary Edition

* ------------------ *
* ------------------ *

Want to see some Japanese Puyo Pop Fever players in action? Then go here:


Warning, it is rather surprising.

* ---------------------- *
|| Sweet farewell to DC ||
* ---------------------- *

Puyo Pop Fever also marked the last ever Sega developed Dreamcast game in
Japan. The Dreamcast version also had little things that no other version has.
An example of which is the DC menu screen can be changed to look like something
from the selection given or the ability to change in-game backgrounds along
with the Japanese and English voices, with the menu changeable to English also.

A very sweet farewell indeed.

* ------------- *
|| Puyo History ||
* ------------- *

A useful look into the history of Puyo!


* ------------------- *
|| Puyo For Everyone! ||
* ------------------- *

Sonic Team have released Puyo Pop Fever on a total of 15+ different consoles,
portables and mobile phones so far. The next versions to released at the time
of writing are for the Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS. All of the
versions have the same basic gameplay modes and share the same character

* -------------- *
|| Retrospective ||
* -------------- *

(To be filled in at a later date clue: 10 years from original release perhaps?)

                              * ================= *
                             //                   \\
                 O==========// 14.Version History  \\===========O
                           //                       \\
                           * ======================= *

February 4, 2008: Spellchecked the whole guide.
Updated contact email address. Version 1.07

January 5, 2008: Added Retrospective into Tidbits. Updated copyright to 2008.
Updated contact email address. Version 1.06

July 20, 2007: Updated copyright to 2007. Version 1.05

April 12, 2006: Updated copyright to 2006. Updated new contact email address.
Version 1.04

March 23, 2005: Added Puyo For Everyone into Tidbits. Neatened things out here
and there. Version 1.03

March 22, 2005: Oh my. I never thought I'd have to update this again.
Added the correct meanings to Margin Time and Target Points in Double
Puyo. Version 1.02

October 5, 2004:Forgot to add Puyo History into Contents. Added another
question into FAQ. Version 1.01

October 1, 2004:Oh dear. What have we got here? Due to lack of spare time, I'm
going to stop updating this FAQ unless there is something critically wrong with
OR I find time to fill in the last two Waku courses, 4 and 6. For this update
however, I added Waku Course 7 and added some more info into the language
option in the US versions of Puyo Pop Fever. Oh, and also added a link to the
Puyo history. Also added thanks to the people who have emailed. Enjoy. Version

July 19, 2004:Whole guide clean-up finished. Changed Version history to start
from the most recent change, instead of the first. Version 0.99E

July  9, 2004: Half of the guide clean-up complete. Added Round 3 in hara. And
a few errors here and there. Version 0.99D

June 19, 2004:Added HaraHara Round 2. Version 0.99C

June 17, 2004:Added a credit at the very top, along with a new question in the
faq section to explain it. Cleaned the top part, and will continue to do so
later on. Version 0.99B

June 16, 2004:Whole guide spellchecked. Version 0.99A

June 15, 2004:Added Rounds 6 and 7 in Waku, meaning it's finished at last.
Fixed some typos. Version 0.99

May 29, 2004:Added Carbuncle into Characters in Double Puyo. Also added the
alternative round 8 in hara hara mode. Thanks again to Jjimvideogamer. Version

May 28, 2004:Added Round 1 of Hara. Version 0.97C

May 26, 2004:Added IGN into authorized websites. Version 0.97B

May 25, 2004:Updated Aim name. Version 0.97A

May 24, 2004:Thanks to an email from Jjmvideogamer, I've had to re-write most
of Character Selection. Also got to realize those drop patterns, which I really
should add in here somewhere. Added J into special thanks. Added a small funny
thing to the end of the document. Version 0.97

April 27, 2004: Added Round 5:Yu into HaraHara mode. Version 0.96A

April 24, 2004: Big delay, but hey I've got other games to play currently.
Added Example 5 and updates certain parts about Carbunkle. Version 0.96

April 11, 2004: Added rounds 3 to 5 for Waku. Added new high score for Endless
and Fever. Version 0.95

April 8, 2004: Well I missed the 3 deadline. But no matter. Added round 1 and 2
OF Waku. Finished the missing gaps of the Tidbits section. Version 0.92

April 3, 2004:Got rid of the puyo border for size font purposes. Version 0.91B

April 2, 2004:Added Cheats.de to authorized sites. All those who have contacted
me on scores will have to wait, I'll be updating soon. Had a net problem and
such. Version 0.91A

March 31, 2004:Completed Trap rules and added most of Edit Options for Double
Puyo Pop. Added an all-new logo with added Puyo. Version 0.91

March 29, 2004:Added Popoi guide into both Waku and Hara. Where best to start
then the last battle, eh? Neatened up the sub-sub-chapters. Version 0.90

March 28, 2004:Added HaraHara intro into Single Puyo Pop. Added First Finished
On at the top, aiming to complete by April 3rd.  Version 0.89A

March 24, 2004:Completed Options chapter. Added Fever score in High Scores.
Version 0.89

March 19, 2004:Added my own Original score. Along with adding Max Chain into
the Endless Puyo high score boxes. A Do Not Forget part into high scores also.
Added most of the Options section. Added whole new chapter called Puyo Pop
Fever Tidbits. And filled in most of that section, bar a few release dates and
things I need to fill in. Added more people to credits. Version 0.88

March 18, 2004:Improved the High Scores section boxes. Version 0.85A

March 17, 2004:Added High Score tables. However they are currently empty. So
I'll have to fill them in at a later date. Also the High Score introduction.
Version 0.85

March 16, 2004:Separated Double Puyo from Character List, making them separate
chapters, making them look neater. Added Example 4 into Basic Combos. Added
another question to FAQ. Version 0.82

March 15, 2004:Added Basic Puyo Combo section in full. Also made it a chapter
separate from the getting started chapter. Added three examples, and edited the
contents list. Version 0.80

March 10, 2004:Added main three game explanations in Endless Puyo Pop. Not
forgetting the intro. Added a little extra note in Contact. Version 0.76

March 9, 2004:Added Intro picture drawing. Not sure if it'll work, but I think
its good for a first timer anyhow. I did write a lot more, but I forgot to
save, bah. Version 0.74

March 8, 2004:Shifted Version History from 2 to 11 so it might ( imo ) looks
neater. Fixed numbers in context. Version 0.73

March 7, 2004:Short update. Added Waku and Hara story intros. Another question
added in FAQ. Version 0.72

March 6, 2004:Added Neoseeker.com to permitted sites that can use this guide.
Also in the added authorized websites section. Tried decreasing the word amount
to not allow margin errors. Wrote all of the character differences in Character
List. Also added normal rules and classic rules into Double Puyo Pop. Version

March 5, 2004:Added a Basic Combos section. Also a Notes section for memory
card info. Fixed TaruTaru/Don mix-up. Added a Story section. Added intro to
WakuWaku Course. Added main additions to Options. Made side bars doubled.
Another question added to FAQ about the Japanese language option. Starred the
difficulty settings of the levels in Waku and Hara. Version 0.6

March 4, 2004: Added another question in FAQ section. Planned out all the
rounds in the game which I'll need to write about in a future update. Changed
the table of contents to feature those rounds. Transferred the whole guide into
notepad. Looks slightly uglier at the moment. Added a Contact section. But I'll
give it a polish for the next update. Version 0.4

March 4, 2004: Added all of RunRun mode with help also for its HARD mode. An
introduction to Single Puyo Pop. Added a basic character listing with their
special abilities. Introduction for Double Puyo Pop. Added basic FAQ section.
Changed one or two table of contents numbers and listings. Version 0.3

March 3, 2004: Started writing the guide. Added the basic barebones to the
guide. Everything is complete up to RunRun Course along with the Introduction
and a part of the Legal Info. Version 0.1

                                * ============== *
                               //                 \\
                  O===========//   15.Legal Info   \\============O
                             //                     \\
                             * ===================== *

This FAQ is copyright of NEG. This FAQ can not be re-published under any site
without consult from the author. Certain in-game content ( as in enemy guide
info, etc) can be re-published on any FAQ or Site. But must be written in your
own words.
If the content in this guide is published in full or with minor word change,
action can range from contacting your Internet Service Provider, to legal

* --------------------- *
|| Authorized Websites ||
* --------------------- *





                              * ========== *
                             //            \\
                O===========//  16.Credits  \\============O
                           //                \\
                           * ================ *

Puyo Puyo/Puyo Pop Fever, all Puyo Pop Characters and the game is copyright and
owned by Sega/Sonic Team.

Many thanks to the following people for support and advice on this guide:

WangCookGoodFood: Moral support, especially when I got worried by a few emails
and things.

Frieza2000:Came up with the basic combos section idea, also pointed out errors
and stuff.

CjayC: For posting this guide on Gamefaqs, increasing my confidence of the
project to start with.

Jason Howell: For tempting me to make a guide in the first place. Since he said
I would not be able to.

DAZ: For being the first to send in a pic of his endless puyo classic score.
Many thanks.

Jjmvideogamer: For re-writing the Character Selection and getting me to notice
drop patterns, thanks.

Neoseeker.com: For asking me to post this guide on the site thus enabling more
people to be able to use this guide, along with a tad more self confidence in

Para Omni/Gaurdian Scyth:For spellchecking the guide in its 0.99 state. And
yes, he knows he spelt both Guardian and Scythe wrong.

MasterGamer317: For helping me, one year on from myself working on the guide,
on Margin Time and Target Points in Double Puyo.

All those who emailed me on the US version of Puyo Pop Fever having JAPANESE
as selectable.

Anyone using this guide: After all. I made this guide so it'll be useful to
you, the reader.

                              * ============ *
                             //              \\
                  O=========//    17.Contact  \\==========O
                           //                  \\
                           * ================== *

If you don't understand something in this guide email me at
I shall reply as soon as I am able to.

Or if you have AIM you can speak to me via the name: NEG 3004

Please bear in mind that if you are asking something that is already covered in
this guide I will not reply. Thank you.

( o_o )( o_o ) Thanks for reading! ( o_o )( o_o )

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