"Disney's Hide & Sneak" Gameplay FAQ/Walkthrough
                                by Merit Celaire


 1. Introduction
 2. Game Story/Objective
 3. Introducing the Characters
 4. Gameplay Basics
 5. About the "Lu-Lus"
 6. Status Screen & Items
 7. Walkthrough: Level 1 (The Warehouses)
 8. Walkthrough: Level 2 (The Museum)
 9. Walkthrough: Level 3 (The Ruins)
10. Special Trick Descriptions
11. One "Extra" Surprise
12. How To Use the Corresponding Map Files
13. Credits & Other Important Information


Hi there, Disney videogame fanatics! Your fellow Disney videogame fan Merit
Celaire here, ready to help you out on one of the best Disney videogames
for the Nintendo Gamecube... "Disney's Hide and Sneak"! Now some may say
that this is game aimed only for kids... I beg to differ. While the layout
and gameplay may look like it's something that's targeted for kids, it's
still enough for any Disney fan to get to. And of course, since this is
also like a puzzle game, I can imagine that for some of you who might have
difficulty with this game that you might need a little bit of help. Never
fear, everyone! I'm here to do my best to help you all out. But first,
let's get this Gameplay FAQ/Walkthrough started by getting right to the 
game's story/objective.


Our story begins... way out in outer space. A mysterious flying mushroom
spaceship (called Lu-Lu) appears and hovers over the beautiful planet
Earth to verify the scenery. All was going well... that was until
a falling meteor appeared out of nowhere and knocked into Lu-Lu. This
messed up Lu-Lu's systems, made it spin out of control, resulting in a
crash landing on the Earth's surface.

Meanwhile, we find our two friends Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in the
park preparing to have a picnic. They were also exploring picking up
mushrooms until they run into what they consider to be a "giant mushroom".
What they did not know was that this "giant mushroom" is that same Lu-Lu
that crash landed on earth.

One of the two mice gets curious and gets on top of the so-called giant 
mushroom... and that's where the trouble starts. Once Mickey/Minnie gets
on that mushroom, it comes alive, lifts off the ground, and flies away
with Mickey/Minnie on it!

Note that the game allows you to play as Mickey or Minnie; if you're
playing as Mickey, Minnie is the one who's captured. If you're playing
as Minnie, Mickey is the one who's captured. But whatever character
you choose, you've got to hightail it after Lu-Lu to find your captured
friend; however, the journey ahead will not be an easy one. More Lu-Lu's
are lurking around everywhere trying to trip up your rescue attempts.
But be smart, and be brave, because in this game, it's clever moves
that will get you through the tough area, especially if the rooms are
full of these mysterious creatures.

Prepare to muster up some courage, everyone, and get on the scene.
There's a captured mouse that needs rescuing, and quite possibly...
a mystery to be solved.


     You know him, you love him! He's the one and only Mickey Mouse!
     Always on call to lend a helping hand, and always stands up for
     what's right when things go wrong. And this case is no
     exception, only that he's about to experience the weirdest
     rescue attempt that he's ever experienced!

     Minnie has really been showing a lot of finesse these days, and
     that's a good thing. Fans of Minnie Mouse can really attest to
     that. She'll do whatever it takes to rescue Mickey, while still
     keeping her terrific charm that has already become her trademark.

     The mysterious spaceship-like creatures that came from outer 
     space after the meteor crashed into the Lu-Lu which crash-landed 
     on earth. They have been know to be very intelligent creatures.

As the game title suggests, in order for you to prevail in this game,
you're going to have to use some 'smarts' to get past Lu-Lus, get
necessary items, and even perform 'Tricks' that are beneficial for
you to progress. Here are some things to know about that will help
you to prevail in each section:

WALKING/RUNNING: The phrase "tread very carefully" is seriously
                 applied here, especially in the case of when Lu-Lus
                 are asleep (this will be explained later). On the
                 File Select screen's Options section, you are given
                 the choice to use one of two walking/running
                 commands. It's recommended that you set your Control
                 Stick option to Walk/Run for easier handling and
                 control of your chosen character.

TAUNTING: It's fun to see you character do his/her taunts, but don't
          do this unless you REALLY need to. This has been known to
          also wake up sleeping Lu-Lus, and if you don't watch out,
          it could mean trouble.

TRICK MODE: This is the most important feature to use right here.
            Press the "A Button" to go into Trick Mode (the screen
            will turn gray and the Lu-Lus will go into slow motion).
            While in Trick Mode, you can use the Control Stick to
            highlight any available thing you can use (like to get
            on top of crates, hide in open jars, hide behind masks, 
            and so on). This is also beneficial for if a Lu-Lu has
            detected you and is threatening to dash into you... if
            it does, you can choose anything that will help you 
            evade the attack and stay safe.

SPECIAL TRICKS: These can be activated by going into Trick Mode and
                choosing certain items or other objects that would
                trigger it. These cost stars, and they're taken via
                your "Star Container" meter on the left side of the
                screen. Whatever those Special Tricks are...
                they're considered to be a mystery. If an object
                is highlighted for the Special Trick to be done,
                Star Containers will appear in front of the object
                to let you know how many Star Containers are
                required to do the Special Trick.

Another thing to use at all costs is the Camera Control (which can
be used with the yellow C Stick). This can help in terms of trying
to locate where the Lu-Lus are before plotting your next move.

= 5. ABOUT THE "LU-LUs" =

During the game, you'll encounter many types of Lu-Lus. Some of
them are just an annoyance, while others detect your character,
and sometimes trying to catch you off guard and run into you.
Whatever the type, all must be avoided... except in the rarest
of circumstances. Below is a list of the types of Lu-Lus in this

"DASH-TYPE": These Lu-Lus have an 'arrow' printed on top of them
             and attempt to dash into Mickey or Minnie when 
             detected. They come in three sizes; all are still 

"FOOTPRINT-TYPE": Self-explanatory, these Lu-Lus have
                  'footprints' on top of them. It is heard that
                  when these Lu-Lus are sleeping, you can jump
                  on top of them by using a Trick (by going into
                  Trick Mode), but this will cost you 1 Star

"BOMB-TYPE": These Lu-Lus are purple, and they have a "skull"
             imprint on top of them. They also attempt to
             detect Mickey & Minnie (like the "Dash-Type"
             Lu-Lus), but once they do, they attempt to get
             close to him or her and explode after a few

"SWIRL-TYPE": Also self-explanatory: these Lu-Lus have a "swirl"
              imprint on top of them, and their color is orange.
              They follow a certain pattern; they do not detect
              Mickey or Minnie.

"STEALTH BOMBER-TYPE": These Lu-Lus are shaped like "stealth
                       bombers". Once they detect Mickey or
                       Minnie, they'll stop at nothing to ram
                       into them... even if it means running
                       into other Lu-Lus in the process.
                       Better take cover quickly!

"HORNET-TYPE": These Lu-Lus have the stripes of a hornet. Once
               they detect Mickey or Minnie, they shoot
               'stingers' aimed your character's way. At least
               they shoot straight, so jump onto a higher
               surface or get out of the way so that you won't
               get stung.

NOTE: For the Lu-Lus who detect, they also use a 'search arrow'
      technique to try and catch Mickey or Minnie in their
      radius. This is also helpful to warn you of any Lu-Lus
      nearby so that you'll attempt to hide get out of the 
      way as they pass by.

Another factor of Lu-Lus is their current 'status'. Observe
it well to help to plot out your next maneuver. There are
three status symbols that the Lu-Lus use, including:

"SLEEPING": When you see a "Z" symbol on top of any Lu-Lu,
            this is the status right here. In most cases, the
            only way to get around sleeping Lu-Lus safely is
            to crawl, no matter what. Using your taunt or
            running around them wakes them up, and it
            usually results in trouble.

"DETECTED": The majority of Lu-Lus are able to 'detect' and
            spot your character if he/she is within it's
            vicinity. If it does detect your character, a
            "!" symbol will be shown above the Lu-Lu, and
            sometimes, the Lu-Lu will make a mad dash
            towards you to attempt to trip you up. Take
            cover fast!

"CONFUSED": If a Lu-Lu makes a mad dash toward your character,
            and the character has taken cover before the Lu-Lu
            ever had a chance to nail Mickey or Minnie, it
            will show a "?" and get back to "normal
            "patrolling". Good job getting out of the Lu-Lu's

The final factor of Lu-Lus is that sometimes, even THEY can
be tricked! There are two types of tricks to use on them:

(1) For the 'footprint' Lu-Lus, you can hop on top of them
    by going into Trick Mode, and highlighting them! Make
    sure that they are "sleeping" though so that the trick
    will be successful.

(2) You can 'trick' a "Stealth Bomber Type" Lu-Lu or a
    "Dash-Type" Lu-Lu to run into any other Lu-Lus in the
    room. If the trick is successful, the Lu-Lus will
    run into each other and 'disappear'. Some of them have
    items on their antennas which they'll leave behind if
    they get hit... which may be helpful to you (the items 
    will be explained in the next section). Just make sure
    to get out of the way, because the Lu-Lu is still
    trying to get YOU! Also, be forewarned... all the Lu-Lus
    that are hit come back after a few seconds, so grab 
    those items very quickly!


And finally, there's the status screen to help track your
progress as you journey through the game. There are three
objects that you must keep track off at all costs:

STAR CONTAINERS: These are located at the top left side
                 of the screen; they're used to activate
                 special tricks which require them.
                 However, to fill them up, you must
                 collect five Energy Stars for each Star
                 Container. To use Special Tricks, the
                 Star Containers have to be full in order
                 for it to count.

LIVES: Located on the top right corner of the screen,
       it's represented by the heart symbol. If any Lu-Lu
       comes in contact with you, it'll cost you one of
       them. If they're all gone, it's game over.
       However, you'll be able to continue at the last
       Save Area you reached when the game is over.

SPECIAL ITEM: If you acquire a 'key' or any other item,
              it appears on the bottom right corner of
              the screen. The Special Items are vital
              in order to progress.

And now, here are the list of items you will encounter:

ENERGY STARS: Collect these to fill up your Star
              Containers and do Special Tricks when

STAR JARS: Crystallized versions of the Energy Stars;
           collect these to add one more Star Container
           to your existing ones on the left side of
           the screen.

HEARTS: Collect these to add one more extra life to
        your reserves.

KEYS (SPECIAL ITEM): Mostly seen on Level 1; find
                     these to progress to new sections.

???: There is one more special item which is rumored to
     open up a 'passageway' for the final level in this
     game... what could it be? Hint: this 'special item'
     is hidden in Level 2.

Now with all that said and done, it's time to take courage and
solve this Lu-Lu mystery. Read on to find out how to get 
through the first level's set of sections.

= 6. WALKTHROUGH: LEVEL 1 (The Warehouses) =

As soon as the captured character is taken by Lu-Lu, they both
fly over the warehouses during a very quiet evening (although
there isn't anything 'quiet' about the situation, as you will
find out in the movie sequence before this level). Your
chosen character will be in hot pursuit of this mysterious
creature, but he/she will have to get through the warehouses
to attempt to uncover this whole Lu-Lu mystery. Tread
carefully, but waste no time. There's a mouse to be saved!


-                     -
- Section 1-12 (Boss) -
-                     -
          | |
-                     -
- Section 1-11 (Fl.2) -
-     (Save Area)     -
-                     -
-                     -
- Section 1-11 (Fl.1) -
-                     -
          | |
-                     -
- Section 1-10 (Fl.2) -
-                     -
-                     -
- Section 1-10 (Fl.1) -
-                     -
          | |
-                     -
-     Section 1-9     -
-                     -
          | |
-----------------------   -----------------------
-                     -   -                     -
-     Section 1-6     -===-       Section       -
-     (Save Area)     -===-         1-7         -
-                     -   -                     -
-----------------------   -----------------------
          | |                             | |
-----------------------   -----------------------
-                     -   -  Section  + Section -
-    Section 1-5A     -   -    1-8    +   1-8   -
-                     -\  -   (West)  +  (East) -
----------------------- \ -----------------------
          | |          \ \      | |
----------------------- \ -----------------------
-                     -  \-                     -
-     Section 1-4     -   -    Section 1-5B     -
-                     -   -                     -
-----------------------   -----------------------
-                     -
-     Section 1-3     -
-                     -
          | |
-                     -
-     Section 1-2     -
-                     -
          | |
-                     -
- Section 1-1 (START) -
-                     -

* SECTION 1-1 *


     (1) Follow instructions on the screen to safely get to the Star Mark
         at the North End of the section while not get detected by the
     (2) Go into "Trick Mode" (by pressing A) and select the Star Mark
         to unleash a Special Trick here (this'll cost you one full Star
         Container to pull it off).
     (3) Collect the Star Jar left behind and the key which will let you
         proceed into Section 1-2.
     (4) Head north to the exit to use the key and proceed into the next

* SECTION 1-2 *


     (1) Collect any available Energy Stars here to partially fill up the
         Star Containers that you currently have.

* SECTION 1-3 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Footprint-Type

     (1) Carefully head for the NW area of this room to find a key which
         will get you into Section 1-4.
     (2) If you need to fill up your Star Containers, there are Energy
         Stars located in the SW and SE areas. You might have to go into
         Trick Mode to select the container(s) itself to hop on top of
         them to collect the Energy Stars.
     (3) Head for the NE area of the room to unlock the door and gain
         entry into Section 1-4.

* SECTION 1-4 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Footprint-Type, Bomb-Type

     (1) Upon entering the room, you'll get a message saying that you'll
         be able to perform a trick on any sleeping Lu-Lu which has a
         footprint symbol. There's one straight ahead, but make sure
         you have one full Star Container to perform the trick. Also,
         make sure that you walk slowly and lightly as you approach it.
     (2) After stomping on the footprint-type Lu-Lu, make haste to the
         NW area of the section and jump on the single container. Do
         another jump trick to get on the second row of containers and
         collect the Energy Stars that can be found on there.
     (3) The key to proceed into Section 1-5 is located in the middle of
         the room. The Bomb-type Lu-Lu will be patrolling this area,
         make sure that it doesn't notice you as you try to grab the
     (4) Head back to the NW area of the room to unlock the door and
         proceed to Section 1-5.

* SECTION 1-5 *


     (1) Upon entering, you'll see two dash-type Lu-Lus strategically
         located at the start. You'll find them sleeping, so carefully
         'sneak' around them until you get to the crates; go into 
         Trick mode and jump on the crates.
     (2) After hopping on them, there should be a Lu-Lu approaching.
         It's a dash-type Lu-Lu. Once you see it's 'search arrow', get 
         in the path so that Lu-Lu will notice you, but get out of the
         way quickly before it attempts to charge right at you.
     (3) Before leaving Section 1-5, there is a barrel located at the
         SE area of the room. Approach the barrel and go into Trick
         Mode to select it immediately to get in before the dash-type
         Lu-Lu nearby attempts to charge at you. You'll fall into
         Section 1-5B, which will be a passageway to Section 1-8
         (West). For more details, scroll down on this guide to
         Section 1-8 to view complete procedures to explore the area.
     (4) The exit to Section 1-6 is located at the NE area of the
         room. If the Lu-Lus are asleep, sneak past them to get to
         the door. If the Lu-Lus aren't, attempt to make a mad dash
         to the door and exit the section.

* SECTION 1-6 (Save Area) *


     (1) First, collect the Star Jar located in the SW area of this
         section. To get there, you've got to head to the NW area
         and then head south to find an 'opening' in the fence to
         get through. You should be able to get the Star Jar after
     (2) The 'Save Area' is located in the middle of this section;
         head for that spot to save your current game.
     (3) Now, head to the east area of the section and enter the
         open door to proceed into Section 1-7.

* SECTION 1-7 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Swirl-Type

     (1) From the entrance, immediately head south and go into
         Trick mode once near the crates. Select the crate and
         jump on it to get the Energy Stars located on top of
         those crates. After this, you should be in the middle
         of the room.
     (2) From there, head north while being very careful not
         to run into the 'swirl-type' Lu-Lu patrolling that
         area of the section.
     (3) Get on the crates on the east end of the room and go
         south on them to reach the door leading into Section
         1-8 (East).

* SECTION 1-8 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Swirl-Type

PROCEDURE (If you came from Section 1-5B, you'll be on the 
           WEST SIDE of this section):
     (1) A Star Jar can be found on this side of the
         section; you can't miss it. However, make sure to
         grab it and get out of the area fast, because two
         dash-type Lu-Lus will appear after a few seconds.
         The barrel back to Section 1-5B is located on the
         SW area on this section; use it the same way you
         used the barrel in Section 1-5A. Of course, use
         Section 1-5B to backtrack to the ladder which
         sends you back to the barrel you entered in
         Section 1-5A.

PROCEDURE (If you came from Section 1-7. you'll be on the
           EAST SIDE of this section):
     (1) Get on the crate at the beginning on this section
         and use the C Stick to move the camera and check
         to see if the coast is clear before attempt to go
         past the dash-type Lu-Lu patrolling this part.
         Just as long as the Lu-Lu isn't facing you, you're
     (2) After heading south, look to your left using the C
         Stick to see another dash-type Lu-Lu patrolling the
         middle area. Wait until it's in a place where your
         character will not be spotted, then dash to the 
         three crates seen in that same area (be careful not
         to get spotted by the dash-type Lu-Lu you just
         passed). When you approach the crates, go into
         Trick Mode and select the lowest crate so that you
         can jump onto it.
     (3) Now look ahead, because there's another key to be
         picked up... this is your ticket into Section
         1-9, but you're going to have to backtrack to
         Section 1-6 to open the door to that said section.
         There's a swirl-type Lu-Lu patrolling around the
         key; make sure to grab it when the time is right.
         After that, retrace your steps back to Section
         1-7, then backtrack to the exit to return to
         Section 1-6. Then head to the NW area of Section
         1-6 to find the door and use the key you just
         acquired to unlock it and proceed into Section

* SECTION 1-9 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Bomb-Type, Footprint-Type

     (1) Upon entering this section; approach the crate, go
         into Trick Mode and select it to jump onto it.
     (2) In the middle of the room, there's a dash-type Lu-Lu
         patrolling the area. Dash past it when it's not facing
         you all the way north until you see an opening to get
         in the east area of the section. Head south from that
         point to get the Heart item to add one more life to
         your reserve.
     (3) Backtrack to the middle area, carefully avoiding the
         patrolling Lu-Lu. Head south again from that point
         while doing this to get back on the crate and jump
         to safety.
     (4) On the crate, use the C Stick and put it in the SW
         positing to be sure the coast is clear on the south
         area of the section (because there is a bomb-type Lu-Lu
         patrolling this part of the area). If the coast IS clear
         dash west to approach the SW area of the section;
     (5) When you approach the SW area of the section, the game
         will give you a clue about doing a Special Trick when the
         footprint-type Lu-Lus are lined up. The thing is, your
         character has to be on the Star Mark located nearby on
         the floor to activate it. When the Lu-Lus are line up,
         get into Trick Mode, and choose the Lu-Lus to do the
         Special Trick immediately (this'll cost you two Star
     (6) After this, your character will be on the second floor
         of this section; but it's recommended that you drop
         back down to the first floor and take the entrance behind
         the ladder to Section 1-10 (First Floor).

* SECTION 1-10 *


     * These are only passageways to Section 1-11 (both floors).

* SECTION 1-11 *


     (1) There are levers to be pulled which will adjust the hooks
         so that your character can get to the other side of this 
         section's second floor. First, upon entering carefully crawl 
         to the east area and hop on the crates until you approach
         the NE area of the section. Then, go into trick mode and
         select the lever to reposition the middle hook to the center
         of the section's second floor.
     (2) Backtrack carefully to the south area of the section, then
         crawl to the NW area.  However, you're gonna have to go into
         Trick Mode and select the 'wagon' to crawl under it.
     (3) Go into Trick Mode again and select the lever there to adjust
         the remaining hooks to the far right.
     (4) Select the lever again to get all three hooks to the middle.
         Now that's your clue in terms of where the hooks need to be
         so that your character can get across once he/she is on the
         2nd floor of this section.
     (5) Backtrack back to Section 1-9, and climb the ladder to take
         the entrance back to Section 1-10 (2nd Floor), then go
         straight to return to this section, but on the second floor.
     (6) Now stand on the star mark and go into Trick Mode to execute
         another Special Trick to get you to the other side. This will
         cost you two Star Containers to pull this off.
     (7) There is a Save Area after your character gets on the other
         side of this section's second floor. Save you game, then
         go to the door to proceed into the final section of this

* SECTION 1-12 (Boss) *


     Here, you're going to have to be brave and use cunning to
     outsmart the Lu-Lu that's blocking you from exiting the level.
     There are two ways to defeat it so that you can proceed to the
          (1) The game gives you a clue in terms of how to outsmart
              the Lu-Lu trying to run into you. In order for you to
              get it's attention, get up in front of it and when it
              detects you, get into an open barrel quickly and
              go into Trick Mode so you can jump into it. But once
              you're in the barrel, get out quickly because Lu-Lu
              is preparing to charge into it. Once it does, get out
              of the way. The dash-type Lu-Lu slams into the barrel.
              Deal a total of four hits to it and it's done.
          (2) If you have 1 full star container, you can do a Special
              Trick to knock the Lu-Lu out of commission immediately.
              You'd have to get in front of it first and go into
              Trick Mode to select it. This'll cost one full Star

     After the battle, grab the Star Jar it leaves behind. The gate
     will now be open, so jump down and head north to finish Level 1.

= 8. WALKTHROUGH: LEVEL 2 (The Museum) =

As soon as you exit the warehouses, we'll cut to the captured character
still flying on top of the severely damaged Lu-Lu. Mickey/Minnie are
now exhausted at this point, yet they still are desperate to get off
and go home. However, they're amazed to find out that this Lu-Lu can
'talk' and knows what they're saying. What's more, Lu-Lu is desperate
to get home too. Lu-Lu explains the story to Mickey/Minnie about how
it crash landed on earth, and says that in order for it to get outer 
space, it'll need to 'call home' since it's not able to fly back up 
much higher because of damage inflicted by the meteor. Now that the
truth has been finally told, Mickey/Minnie are happy to help Lu-Lu
out. He/She tells Lu-Lu that there's a place at the Ruins that can
help in order for it to call home.

Of course, the mystery is still not over. Even though the character
you're using doesn't know the whole story yet; he/she still plays
a vital part to find a certain clue to put this entire puzzle into
place. There's rumor that Lu-Lu may have dropped a mystical item
which might be able to aid in the call home, and it is hidden in
the museum. Time to head inside the building and get that item. 
Let's get busy!


After you complete Level 1, you'll enter this section. This is
considered to be the 'bridge' between the three levels. The Ruins
Entrance section is also included here, but it's currently closed
until you find the that 'vital item' by exploring the Museum.
You're also able to go back into Level 1, but you'll enter into
Section 1-12 where you exited the level after the Lu-Lu battle.
Since the Ruins Entrance is closed, as soon as you enter the 
Forest Lobby, immediately head east and go into the entrance of
the Museum to start Level 2.

* To Ruins Entrance /\ *
*   (entracne to    || *
*      Level 3      || *
*     currently     || *
*      CLOSED)      || *
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
-                     -      **********************************
-    Forest Lobby     -======*    To Section 2-1 (Museum) ->  *
-                     -      **********************************
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
*  To Section 1-12  | *
*   (Warehouses)    V *


-----------------------   ---------------   ---------------
-                     -   -             -   -             - 
-     Section 2-7     -===- Section 2-8 -===- Section 2-9 -
-                     -   -             -   -             - 
-----------------------   ---------------   ---------------
          | |
-----------------------   ---------------   ---------------
-                     -   -             -   -             - 
-     Section 2-6     -===- Section 2-5 -===- Section 2-4 -
-                     -   -             -   -             - 
-----------------------   ---------------   ---------------
                                                  | |
-----------------------   ---------------   ---------------
-                     -   - Section 2-2 -   -             - 
- Section 2-1 (START) -===-    (Save    -===- Section 2-3 -
-                     -   -     Area)   -   -             - 
-----------------------   ---------------   ---------------

* SECTION 2-1 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Footprint-Type, Swirl-Type

     (1) Upon starting the level, you'll enter in the NW area of this
         section. From that position, head south to the SW area.
     (2) While watching out for the footprint-type patrolling the
         SE area of this section, from your position at the SW area,
         go east. Wait until there's a chance when you'll be able to
         walk around it safely and enter the door located  at the SE 

* SECTION 2-2 *


          * This is only a section for the Save Area, located at the
            SE area of the room. It's recommended to save before
            entering the next door, located in the east area of the
* SECTION 2-3 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Bomb-Type, Footprint-Type

     (1) Head south and carefully proceed through the bottom area while 
         going through 'openings' as necessary to avoid being detected. 
         Grab the Star Jar at one of those openings at the far SE area.
     (2) From there, use the camera control to ensure that there are no
         Lu-Lus that will be detecting you. Then, dash to the SE wall
         and go north to get the Heart item to add an additional life.
     (3) Do the same camera-check procedure and then find your way to
         the North Wall. Once you reach the North Wall safely, head
         east again to take the stairs up to Section 2-4.

* SECTION 2-4 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Stealth Bomber-Type

     (1) Upon entering, immediately head near the jars and hide (make
         sure the lids are opened; go into Trick Mode and select one
         of them).
     (2) Once you're confident that the coast is clear and no Lu-Lus
         are facing you, jump out of the jar you were in and head for
         the objects nearby that you can select and jump on top of.
         From there, survey the rest of the section and you'll find
         that there's a Star Jar waiting in the west area of the
         room. Recheck to see if the coast is clear before jumping off
         and proceeding north to the north wall. In the case that the
         Lu-Lus notice you when you're at the North Wall, go into
         Trick Mode and select the 'masks' to hide behind them until
         the coast is clear in terms of proceeding west to the NW
         area, then heading south to the west area of the room to
         grab that Star Jar.
     (3) Backtrack to the South area of the section; once you are,
         head west to the SW area of the room and take the door to
         Section 2-5.

* SECTION 2-5 *


     * Just head west to take the door to Section 2-6.

* SECTION 2-6 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Stealth Bomber-Type

     (1) Get to the middle area, go into Trick Mode and select the
         object to hop on top of it. Use camera controls to survey
         the territory and plot your next moves.
     (2) Use 'evasive actions' to get past the Lu-Lus here and head
         to the door located at the NW area and proceed into Section

* SECTION 2-7 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Stealth Bomber-Type, Bomb-Type

     (1) Carefully head to the middle of the south area to grab the
         Heart item waiting for you. Make sure to tip-top around
         this part, or you'll wake up the Bomb-Type Lu-Lu.
     (2) Now carefully proceed to the middle area of this section,
         then crawl past the Bomb-Type Lu-Lu (if it's still asleep)
         to the east wall. Then go south until you reach the SE area
         of this section where you'll see a door to proceed into 
         Section 2-8.

* SECTION 2-8 *


     * Head east to enter the door to Section 2-9.

* SECTION 2-9 *


     * This is it! The mystery item has been revealed! It's a crystal
       shaped like the Lu-Lu that crash landed on earth. No time to
       marvel at it now; it's time to find a way to grab it. There are
       two ways that you're able to get that item:
          (1) NORMAL PROCEDURE: If you have enough courage, you can
                                proceed to where the swirl-type Lu-Lus
                                are which are supposedly guarding the
                                crystal. Luckily, they all follow a
                                certain path, so when there's an
                                opening to get the crystal safely,
                                nab that opportunity to snatch it and
                                add it to your inventory.
          (2) SPECIAL TRICK PROCEDURE: If you have at least two full
                                       Star Containers, you're able to
                                       pull off a Special Trick in this
                                       area. However, upon entering this
                                       section, you're going to have to
                                       head all the way east, then head
                                       all the way north until you reach
                                       the ladder. Then, climb that
                                       ladder and head west until you
                                       see a rope. Then go into Trick
                                       Mode and select that rope.
                                       Mickey/Minnie will then figure
                                       out a way to get that item, but
                                       from above.

Now that you've got the Lu-Lu crystal item in your inventory, it's time
to get the heck out of here. Unfortunately, you'd have to backtrack
through all those rooms to get back to Section 2-1 and exit... unless...
you have two Star Containers in handy! Better save the time, and just
backtrack west to Section 2-8. Then once you return to that section,
then head west until you see a Star Mark in the middle of the room. Go
into Trick Mode and select it... I'll leave the details until later in
the guide, but I can tell you this... this will send you all the way
back down to... Section 2-2! Once your character has arrived at this
section, go to the save title and save the game before heading west
back to Section 2-1. Then, hotfoot it (with caution, of course) back
to the NW area of the section to finish this level. This part of the
case is now closed... but the mystery is not over yet, as you'll find
out in the next level's walkthrough.

= 8. WALKTHROUGH: LEVEL 3 (The Ruins) =

You'll be back at the Forest Lobby, and the only thing to do now is to
head west until you see a pathway going north. Go on that pathway to
proceed to the "Ruins Entrance". The area does look like it, but it's
a bit small in size... that is until... when Mickey/Minnie proceed
further inside, the Lu-Lu crystal item starts to glow and act
strangely. The circular tile then starts to come alive which would mean
that the ruins itself... are actually underground! This definitely can 
confirm one thing... the entrance itself to Level 3 has changed from
this status...


* To Ruins Entrance /\ *
*   (entracne to    || *
*      Level 3      || *
*     currently     || *
*      CLOSED)      || *
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
-                     -      **********************************
-    Forest Lobby     -======*    To Section 2-1 (Museum) ->  *
-                     -      **********************************
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
*  To Section 1-12  | *
*   (Warehouses)    V *

...to THIS status!!!


* To Ruins Entrance /\ *
*   (entracne to    || *
*      Level 3      || *
*        NOW        || *
*       OPEN!)      || *
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
-                     -      **********************************
-    Forest Lobby     -======*    To Section 2-1 (Museum) ->  *
-                     -      **********************************
        |   |
        |   |
        |   |
*  To Section 1-12  | *
*   (Warehouses)    V *

And because of this, you can now enter. To do so, just step on that
same circular tile to head down and start the third and final level.


                          -             -
                          - Section 3-C -
                          -   (Final)   -
                          -             -
                                |  |
                                |  |
             -----------  ---------------  -----------  
             -         -  -             -  -         -  
             - Section -  -   Section   -  - Section -
             -   3-3   -  -     3-B     -  -   3-6   -
             -         -  -             -  -         -  
             -----------  ---------------  ----------- 
                 | |            |  |           | |
                 | |            |  |           | |
-----------  -----------  ---------------  -----------  -----------
-         -  -         -  -   Section   -  -         -  -         -
- Section -==- Section -==-     3-A     -==- Section -==- Section -
-   3-2   -==-   3-1   -==-   (START)   -==-   3-4   -==-   3-5   -
-         -  -         -  - (Save Area) -  -         -  -         -
-----------  -----------  ---------------  -----------  -----------

Your final missions starts at this point.. The game will let you 
know that you have to explore this level and find four switches 
in order to exit the ruins (via the ramp located in Section 3-B) 
and enter Section 3-C where the final challenge is waiting. A few 
things to take notice of:

* The switches to raise the ramp in Section 3-B can be pressed in
  any order, however it's recommended to follow the walkthrough
  itself for this level to find and press the switches in a timely 
* The Save Area in Section 3-A is located on the west side of the
  room, just near the entrance to Section 3-1. When you return
  to this section, make sure to save before proceeding any further
  to rooms that you haven't explored yet.

Now it's time to take care of this level's details...

* SECTION 3-A (Save Area) *


     * This is the 'lobby' to these three rooms:
          (1) Section 3-B
          (2) Section 3-1
          (3) Section 3-4
     * There is a Heart item waiting for you in the NE area of the
       room; pick it up before proceeding into any other rooms in
       this level.
     * An Energy Star is located on the NW area of this room.



     * Find the four switches hidden in the NUMBERED sections of 
       this level to raise the ramp. Once all of them have been
       found and pressed, you'll be able to hightail it out of
       here and into Section 3-C, the final part of this level.
     * In the event that you need Energy Stars to fill up your
       Star Container meter, you're able to pick up six stars
       in the room - three on the west area, and three on the
       east area.

* SECTION 3-1 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Stealth Bomber-Type, Swirl-Type, Hornet-Type

     * This is the 'lobby area' to Sections 3-2 and Section 3-3.
       Avoid detection by the Lu-Lus and head all the way west to
       enter the door to proceed to Section 3-2; head to the NW area
       of the room to enter the door to proceed into Section 3-3.
     * The exit back to Section 3-A is located in the NE area of
       this room.
     * There are some Energy Stars here if you need them to fill up
       your Star Container meter.

* SECTION 3-2 *


     Here, your character must step on colored tiles to create 'steps'
     in the North area of this room to reach the 'switch' to raise the
     ramp up a level in Section 3-B. The switch itself is located in
     the NW area of this room. The layout of the tiles on the floor
     will look like this:

                              =              =
                              =  Green Tile  =
                              =              =

          =================  ==================  ===============
          =               =  =                =  =             = 
          =  Orange Tile  =  =  Reset  Steps  =  =  Blue Tile  =
          =               =  =                =  =             =
          =================  ==================  ===============

                               =             =
                               =  Red  Tile  =
                               =             =

     In order to raise the steps so that you can reach the switch, you
     must step on the color tiles in this order:
          (1) Red Tile
          (2) Green Tile
          (3) Orange Tile
          (4) Blue Tile

     After this, go to the stones that were raised making sure to get
     close to the lowest step of stones that you recently raised. Then
     go into Trick Mode and choose it. Your character will jump on it.
     Next, go west as your character hops on those steps until he/she
     reaches the platform with the switch. Go into Trick Mode again
     and select the switch to press it down. That's one down, three
     more to go.

     Wait up! Before you leave this section, there's also a Star Jar
     to be picked up in the opposite side of the room. To get it, 
     first you've got to reset the steps. In order to do so, just
     simply head for the middle tile which will bring the steps all
     the way back down. Then this time, hit the colored tiles in this
          (1) Blue Tile
          (2) Orange Tile
          (3) Green Tile
          (4) Red Tile

     Then to the same procedure that you did to reach the platform,
     but this time, you're heading EAST to grab the Star Jar.

     * Energy Stars are located in the west area of this room.
     * The exit back to Section 3-1 is located on the SE area of the 

* SECTION 3-3 *


     The switch is located on the North area of this room; you're
     able to get there in two ways:

          (1) NORMAL PROCEDURE:
               Step on the moon tile to briefly 'reveal' a pathway to
               the other side. While attempting to cross, remember
               where that pathway was and be careful not to fall off;
               doing so will cost you a life.
               There's a clue word here: "bridge". Head all the west
               and get on it. Then when you get near the edge (not
               all the way, of course; you don't want to fall off!)
               go into Trick Mode and select it. This'll require
               three full Star Containers.

     Once on the other side, get to that switch, go into Trick Mode
     and select it to raise the ramp another level. Two down, two
     to go!

     * The exit back to Section 3-1 is on the SW area of the room.
       Your best bet it to cross back to the other side using the

* SECTION 3-4 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Dash-Type, Stealth Bomber-Type, Hornet-Type

     * This is the 'lobby' to Sections 3-5 and 3-6; do same
       procedure as Section 3-1. Entrance to Section 3-5 is
       located at the SE area of the room; entrance to Section
       3-6 is located at the NE area of the room.
     * Energy Stars are located at the South area of this room, on
       top of the blocks.
     * The exit back to Section 3-A is located on the NW area
       of the room.

* SECTION 3-5 *

TYPE OF LU-LUs INVOLVED: Hornet-Type, Dash-Type

     (1) Upon entering this section, the game gives you a clue
         to 'find the statue that does not match the others'.
         Those statues are in the middle of this room, and
         they're covering the switch. One way to take care of
         this: Special Trick Procedure! The statue that does
         not match is located on the North side of that batch.
         Once you're there, go into Trick Mode and select
         it. Your character will have a very 'neat' surprise
         in terms of clearing the statue batch. This will
         cost three full Star Containers, by the way. Once
         the statues are cleared, get to the switch and select
         it to press it down. Now it's three down, one more to
     (2) But before you leave the room, head for the SE area of
         this room and select the rope once you reach there.
         Then climb up to the second floor of this room where
         you can collect Energy Stars and a Star Jar on the W
         and NW areas of this floor. The Lu-Lus are also
         patrolling here, so be very careful.
     (3) You're able to drop back down to the first floor; look
         for the openings to get you down there.
     * The exit back to Section 3-4 is at the SW area of this

* SECTION 3-6 *


     * The game will give you a clue to 'use someone or something
       to find the switch in this room.  The only way to find the 
       switch in this section is by 'sneaking' to the NW area of
       this section, because the Hornet-Type Lu-Lu is sleeping.
       Once there, that statue to your left is your clue to
       finding the switch; do a trick to slide under it and find
       a secret passageway. Use it to find out that the final
       swich is located there! Go into Trick Mode, select the
       switch to get on it to raise the ramp in Section 3-B for
       the final time. Now you're clear to get out of this place!
     * Backtrack to the main room and 'sneak' to the middle of the
       room to grab another Star Jar.

     * The exit back to Section 3-4 is located at the SE area of
       this room.

Now that all the the switches have been found and pressed... and
the ramp has been raised all the way... it's time to dash out of
this crazy place. First, you've got to backtrack to Section 3-A,
then head north to take the entrance to Section 3-B. Then head
all the way north on the ramp to take the door to proceed and
run smack dab into...

* Section 3-C (The Final Challenge!) *

...where you'll find Lu-Lu and your friend who you've been
frantically searching for in quite a while. However, now the final
task awaits, and it involves the Lu-Lu crystal that you found in
the museum. Lu-Lu and your friend will tell you that the crystal
will help in terms of Lu-Lu calling home, however, they need your
help in order to complete the task. And that's where you come in.

The final mission is this: there are three 'color' statues to jump
on to assist in Lu-Lu's call home. However, you'll have to press
them in the correct order that Lu-Lu tells you. The procedure that
Lu-Lu will give goes like this:

     (1) 3 color statue sequence
     (2) 5 color statue sequence
     (3) 7 color statue sequence

If any time you mess up on any of those three, you'll have to
start over at the 3 color statue sequence. To step on the statues
go into Trick Mode and select it to jump on it. Once you finish
the 7 color statue sequence, it's mission accomplished; and with
your help, it's finally called home! I won't spoil the ending, but
I can tell you that from this point, this case is finally CLOSED!


Word of caution: this will definitely spoil the game's secrets, so
it isn't recommended to check into this unless you're REALLY curious
about what they are. Otherwise, read on.

Now for those who are curious about all the "Special Tricks", I'm
going to reveal what they are in this game. I'll also give it a
title, along with the description, the Star Container requirement
and which Level/Section is the target for that Special Trick to
be used.

SPECIAL TRICK #1: Located at Warehouses, Section 1-1
                  (1 Star Container)
     * MICKEY: "Mickey's Backflip"
          After taunting the Bomb-Type Lu-Lu, Mickey heads toward
          the wall and does a backflip at the last moment; the
          Lu-Lu crashes into the wall, and blows up leaving the
          Star Jar behind.
     * MINNIE: "Minnie's Wall Climb"
          Minnie's extremely scared about the Bomb-Type Lu-Lu
          chasing after her. Once Minnie reaches the wall, she
          unbelievably runs up the wall; when she does, the
          Lu-Lu crashes into the wall and blows up. After this
          Minnie realizes that she's climbed the wall, only to
          fall off and hit the floor afterwards.

SPECIAL TRICK #2: Located at Warehouses, Section 1-9
                  (2 Star Containers)
     * MICKEY: "Springboard Maneuver"
          Mickey uses the footprint Lu-Lus to his advantage to
          jump on the Lu-Lus headed toward him and makes a
          super jump from the third one to reach the second
          floor of this section.
     * MINNIE: "Close Call!"
          Minnie's extremely scared of the footprint-type Lu-Lus
          headed in her direction. After she ducks the first time
          to avoid the Lu-Lus, the Lu-Lus go the other direction
          to get after her again. This prompts Minnie to run for
          her life, but unfortunately trip over. However, we see
          in slow motion that the Lu-Lus have passed Minnie as
          she's about to hit the floor. Once Minnie has hit the
          floor, she has noticed three thuds from the Lu-Lus that
          tried to capture her. They're now at the ladder; Minnie
          climbs on top of them to reach the ladder and reach
          the second floor of this section.

SPECIAL TRICK #3: Located at Warehouses, Section 1-11 (2nd Floor)
                  (1 Star Container)
     * MICKEY: "Mickey's Gymnastic Talent"
          As the title states, Mickey uses his gymnastic talents
          to get to the other side of Section 1-11, 2nd floor.
     * MINNIE: "Minnie's Crazy Crossing"
          As Minnie figures out how to try and get to the other
          side, Mickey is there in spirit to encourage her to
          try it. When she attempts, she unforunatley has her
          dress caught on to the hooks every time to try and
          jump to the other side. A very hilarious move, but
          at least she made it, and that's what matters.

SPECIAL TRICK #4: Located at Warehouses, Section 1-12 (Boss)
                  (1 Star Container)
     * MICKEY: "Barrel Attack!"
          As this starts, Mickey uses his Energy Stars and
          taunts the dash-type Lu-Lu, making it really, really
          mad. Mickey tries to jump kick at it, but to no avail.
          However, the Enegry Stars also summoned the
          barrels to form a very strong male-like object. Once
          this has been done... let's just say that the
          dash-type Lu-Lu is going to encounter a very painful 
          defeat for messing with Mickey.
     * MINNIE: "Barrel Rescue!"
          Minnie is scared and doesn't know what to do to fight
          back against this dash-type Lu-Lu. However, the
          Energy Stars that she has help to form a very strong
          male-like object made from the barrels in the room.
          Then Mickey appears in spirit and says that he'll help
          Minnie out of this jam, then give Lu-Lu the very
          agonizing hit that put it out of commision,

SPECIAL TRICK #5: Located at Museum, Section 2-9
                  (2 Star Containers)
     * MICKEY: "Reaching From Above"
          Mickey attempts to use the rope he found to get the
          Lu-Lu crystal item from above. Although the rope
          wasn't long enough; Mickey still had enough arm
          length to get it. Once it accidentally slips out of
          Mickey's hand, Mickey still had quick reflexes to
          get it; thanks heavens, or it would have been more
     * MINNIE: "Rope Attempt Gone Bad"
          When Minnie discovers the rope and thinks of a plan
          to try and get the Lu-Lu crystal item from above, she
          gets nervous thinking that the plan wouldn't work in
          her favor. Mickey appears in spirit again and
          encourages Minnie to try the plan. Then after tying
          the rope around herself, she attempts to make the
          jump to get down to the crystal... but unfortunately,
          the rope around Minnie wasn't tight enough... and
          this caused Minnie to slip off and fall. However,
          she bounces on the swirl type Lu-Lus instead and goes
          all over the place. With precise timing she grabs
          the item, and attempts to do a springboard-type jump
          on a Lu-Lu to get back to the second floor of Section
          2-9. The rope attempt did go bad, but at least Minnie
          got what she came for.

SPECIAL TRICK #6: Located at Museum, Section 2-8
                 (2 Star Containers)
     * MICKEY: "Dinosaur Neck Grinding!"
          Mickey does a courageous jump on the dinosaur's neck bone
          and grinds all the way down back to Section 2-2.
     * MINNIE: "Dinosaur Helper"
          As Minnie looks down knowing she's got a long way to go to
          get back down to the first floor of the museum, the
          dinosaur... COMES ALIVE?!?!?! But it's actually helpful.
          As Minnie attempted to run away from it, it actually picks
          Minnie up from the bottom of her dress and gently lays her
          all the way down on Section 2-2. Minnie's still stunned
          that she's met a helpful dinosaur...

SPECIAL TRICK #7: Located at Ruins, Section 3-3
                  (3 Star Containers)
     * MICKEY: "Bridge Springboarding"
          Simply stated, Mickey uses the edge of the bridge's first
          half to get to the other side of Section 3-3. While doing
          this, he lands on the other side of the bridge, bringing
          it down. He also nails a few snapshots in the process as
     * MINNIE: "Bridge Springboarding, Crazier Version"
          As Minnie wonders how she's going to get across, Mickey
          appears again in spirit scaring the holy heck out of her.
          As if that's not bad enough, the first half of the bridge
          begins to slowly go down, then suddenly springs up sending
          Minnie all over the place... first by hitting the other
          side of the bridge, bringing it down; then that same part
          of the bridge springs her up again into one of the
          statues. Spotlights appear and target where Minnie will
          come out... on the other side of the room near the switch.
          Now THAT is scary.

SPECIAL TRICK #8: Located at Ruins, Section 3-5
                  (3 Star Containers)
     * MICKEY: "Mickey's Dance Party"
          Mickey's getting down, along with a bunch of other
          statues. Weird, yet true.
     * MINNIE: "Minnie's Tap-Dancing Charm"
          Minnie takes the time to show us her tap-dancing moves
          along with a statue. Now, in terms of the statue tap
          dancing, it's very weird. But, it's still not a waste;
          fans of Minnie will really love how she struts her


By completing the game with at least one of the two characters,
you'll unlock the "Theater Mode". This can be accessed at the File
Select Screen by heading all the way left. When selected, you'll
be able to see all the scenes that were done for the game. However,
you'd have to play through the game itself and see these sequences 
at least once during gameplay in order to view it again in this mode. 
Here's the listing of those sequences:

     (1) Prolouge: It All Began in Outer Space...
     (2) Minnie Gets Captured
     (3) Mickey In Pursuit
     (4) Mickey's Special Trick 1: "Mickey's Backflip"
     (5) Mickey's Special Trick 2: "Springboard Maneuver"
     (6) Mickey's Special Trick 3: "Mickey's Gymnastic Talent"
     (7) Mickey's Special Trick 4: "Barrel Attack!"
     (8) Lu-Lu Explains the Story to Minnie
     (9) Mickey's Special Trick 5: "Reaching from Above"
    (10) Mickey's Special Tirck 6: "Dinosaur Neck Grinding!"
    (11) Mickey Finds the Entrance to the Ruins
    (12) Mickey's Special Trick 7: "Bridge Springboarding"
    (13) Mickey's Special Trick 8: "Mickey's Dance Party"
    (14) Mickey Finds Minnie and Lu-Lu
    (15) Final Scenes (Mickey's Story)
    (16) Mickey Gets Captured
    (17) Minnie in Pursuit
    (18) Minnie's Special Trick 1: "Minnie's Wall Climb"
    (19) Minnie's Special Trick 2: "Close Call!"
    (20) Minnie's Special Trick 3: "Minnie's Crazy Crossing"
    (21) Minnie's Special Trick 4: "Barrel Rescue!"
    (22) Lu-Lu Explains the Story to Mickey
    (23) Minnie's Special Trick 5: "Rope Attempt Gone Bad"
    (24) Minnie's Special Trick 6: "Dinosaur Helper"
    (25) Minnie Finds the Entrance to the Ruins
    (26) Minnie's Special Trick 7: "Bridge Springboarding,
                                    Crazier Version"
    (27) Minnie's Special Trick 8: "Minnie's Tap-Dancing Charm"
    (28) Minnie Finds Mickey and Lu-Lu
    (29) Final Scenes (Minnie's Story)


I have included image versions of the "Disney's Hide & Sneak" maps
to correspond with this Gameplay FAQ/Walkthrough. Here's how they

     * For the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 maps: For the room
       which have any items/Lu-Lus, the indicators tell which
       ones are included in that room, as well as the amount
       you'll encounter in that room. For example, if you'll
       encounter 3 Swirl Type Lu-Lus and 2 Energy Stars in the
       room you're entering, then the layout is this:

                    (SWIRL-TYPE Lu-Lus)     3
                    (Energy Stars)          3

     * Refer to the Map Key on the Level 1, 2, and 3 maps to
       identify which 'icons' refer to which Lu-Lus/items you'll
       encounter. The top side of the Map Key refers the Lu-Lus,
       and the bottom side refers to available items, except for
       the "S" icon, which of course, means that there's a "Save
       Area" in that section.

     * For the "Forest Lobby Map", the three rooms just simply
       indicate the 'entrances' to the three levels. The only
       exception is that in the SW area of the Forest Lobby Map,
       you'll reenter at the exit of Section 1-12 (The


If anybody else has played the game and detects any corrections that
need to be made, please do not hesitate to let me know so that I can
update this gameplay FAQ as soon as possible. Thanks in advance!

This concludes my strategy guide for the "Disney's Hide & Sneak"
game; hope you found it helpful so that you'll be able to solve even
the most toughest areas and explore everything the game has to
offer. And last, but not least, Mickey & Minnie also hope that we'll
spend some more time with them, even after the game is done and all
is unlocked (thank heavens for that Theater mode)... which is
definitely a plus for all of us fans of the two. Until then, we'll
see you all later, Disney videogame fans! Merit Celaire out.


"Disney's Hide & Sneak" Game:
(C) 2003 Disney Interactive/Capcom Co., LTD./Capcom USA, INC.
Developed by Capcom CO., LTD.

Characters are (C) 2003 Disney.

"Disney's Hide & Sneak" Gameplay FAQ written and copyrighted 
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FAQ completed on 5/30/2004; last updated on 5/31/2004
Corresponding map image files completed on 5/30/2004