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Reviewed: 08/10/05

Mildly fun, though ultimately too short for long term enjoyment

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is a fairly new game from EA, fun and entertaining....while it lasts. There are also tons of collectables and stuff to do. It is great while it lasts, which is unfortunately a bit short.

The graphics in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone are okay, but lack the detail and refined graphics of many beautiful games like Baten Kaitos and Resident Evil 4. The look does fit the game fairly, though some of the characters look a lot different than the movies or how they are explained in the books. The spells look wonderful, though. The graphics are good, but far from perfect.

The sound is..... mediocre to say the least. The music is very repetitive, the voice acting is laughable and the sound effects are just average. For the music, the same song plays over and over most of the time. The voice acting is horrible, from the fake accents and awkward lines, to the horrible pacing. The voices do not fit the character, to say it simply. The sound effects are okay, but lack any real substance.

The gameplay is fun and exciting. The boss battles are clever, the enemies are challenging and the puzzles are compelling. The spells you can use are enjoyble to cast and the enemies provide a challenge level to this game that keeps it from being overly simplistic. The stealth parts at night are not very well done and the controls for the stealthy movements are not very good. The spell book challenges are amusing and entertaining, challenging you to collect challenge shield to make your grade higher. Finishing these classes earn you house points, which go towards winning the Hogwarts House Cup. The Hogwarts schoolground is vast and varied itself. Some other included tasks include collecting potions ingredients, playing Quidditch, practicing flying, collecting Wizard cards, finding lost items and much more. There is so much to do that you will be intranced for the entire experience.

The story is awesome, but the game really takes a lot away from what the book included. There are events added and events that are not included. Overall, the story is made worse in the game, but it isn't absolutely horrible.

There is some replayability. You can collect the rest of the wizard cards, find all the missing items, fly around on your broomstick and redo the classes to get a higher grade. There is quite a bit to do after the game is finished, though the main game only lasts about 10 hours.

Overall, the game is worth renting. You can probably beat it in one rental period, maybe two. It is worth a try for any fans of platformers or the books.

Rating: 7

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