How do I get past Quirrell/Gytrash/Voldemort?

  1. I've practically memorized the walkthrough, but I must be a dunce! I know I'm supposed to use Lumos, but it's just not strong enough. Even though I've got full magic/health and have Distinction in all spells, I'm just not strong enough or fast enough to deter the gytrashes. - I keep reading about "duo" and "tria" spells, but the walkthru's don't address them. How do I get them so I can get past the gytrash/quirrell/voldemort? What am I missing in this? What don't I understand? I'm so frustrated! I've actually played through from scratch, up to this point THREE TIMES, and I can't beat it. I'm just not strong enough. Please please please - Help me Obiwan, you're my only hope.

    User Info: faerhart

    faerhart - 12 years ago

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  1. A bit late, but I hope this helps as I had problems beating it today until I saw the video. First, run around the gytrashes until you are far enough away from them to power up a Lumos spell (at least a few waves over your head. A fully powered one you just hold until it automatically conjures it.) It also helps if you take cover behind a pillar. Try to focus on one gytrash at a time. The health bar is a cumulative of all 4, so it can lower to a half with all 4 still there. If you focus on 1 long enough it'll go away. Keep moving and avoid their attacks. You won't always be able to get a fully powered spell going, but at least make it a second or two. Once Quirrell's barrier drops immediately Flippendo him so he doesn't heal the gytrashes or resurrect one you've made disappear. Keep this up until all of them are gone. A bit annoying, but not too bad.

    For the second part of the fight, stand in front of the mirror so a white beam connects you to the mirror. When Quirrell fires his red spell at you, make sure you have the white beam on you and you will absorb the spell. Wait as you turn from green to white to blue. Then make sure you are facing (pointing directly at) Quirrell and then hit the release button (A). This will send out a white beam and hit Quirrell. Then just run around and avoid the rocks (you don't have to connected to the mirror for this part), just make sure you are back in front of the mirror and connected before he fires another red spell. The timing gets faster, so after you release a spell back at Quirrell you may have to run immediately. I think you can also destroy some of the pillars that the rock fall onto by releasing a spell at it, but that's too much work. Hope this helps.

    User Info: Wongatello

    Wongatello - 7 years ago 2   0

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