Review by ryanm32

Reviewed: 04/05/05

Ahhhh..let's bask in the mediocrity

Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death may be one of the worst titled games to come around in awhile, but it is still a first person shooter to flood the already overly crowded genre.


Graphics here are absolutely terrible. The character graphics are awful with terrible facial animations. There are no redeeming qualities in the graphics and I was often surprised on how awful they were. yes, clearly the graphics are not the shining aspect of Judge Dredd.


Dredd vs. Death consists of three main modes I wanted to point out. There is your main story mode here, but there is nothing I did not expect already. You have your basic point A to point B levels and missions. Sometimes they mix it up and force you into escort and protect missions. But these segments did little to make the game less repetitive and hardly mask the boring gameplay. The story is very uninteresting, and does not keep you wanting to play. There is a creative arresting aspect, but to be honest you want to just shoot them. Which here is another annoying aspect, where if you shoot anyone you were not supposed to, you instantaneously fail the mission. Story mode includes a co-op mode for the players hoping for more multiplayer fun. Now, the arcade mode is interesting, where they supply you with a goal and a certain weapon set and you must complete the goal, within various constraints. This is the most entertaining mode, but once beaten, there are no reasons to want to play them again. Finally, you have your battle mode which can include up to four players split screen. You can play you against a few computers, and the battle mode has countless amounts of customization. But to be honest, most of this is standard. You have your story mode, your multiplayer mode, and to mix it up slightly an arcade mode is included like what you may have seen in Timesplitters 2.


Completely standard here, including your standard weaponry, your standard unimpressive levels, and the customizable controls which lie in every first person shooter.


Basically, you do not want to go into this game expecting a whole lot. With a 20 dollar retail price tag, you get what you pay for. Everything in this game is done below average, and with much more respected and excellent first person shooters on the market, I find it very difficult to recommend Judge Dredd. So it comes down to, are you a fan of the movie? Do you have 20 spare dollars? Have you beaten every other far superior first person shooter on the market and you want a quick cheap title to pick up? judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death is a mediocre game in a market with much greater titles.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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