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Quick, get the anti-fanboy gun! 11/28/05 grasu
Nintendo--Nothing but the best! 02/05/02 jedy567
Good, but could have been better. 08/06/07 Mega man Forever
And in this corner... [UPDATED 7/2003] 07/15/03 Mulliga
Nintendo Survived... 02/22/06 nintensionDS
Nintendo's 4th Console... How does it fare in the harsh competition of today? 06/13/04 Adori
What the N64 should have been...sort of 12/29/07 chrono trigger fan
How much of a Nintendo fanboy are you? 06/12/12 CKeen666
This is better than the N64 in every way possible! 09/03/02 Dogg
("Q" Review) With the help of Panasonic, the Cube rises to the top! 05/04/02 EZBZHawaii
I'm sick of reading all these biased reviews..time for a little controversy 03/30/02 G.Vallentin
The SNES age all over again. 01/26/02 GameReaverX
Okay, maybe I was a LITTLE harsh on Nintendo in my previous GCN review… 04/01/04 LastStand
The GameCube is NOT childish, and I am going to show you why... 02/29/04 Master Of Chaos
Good things come in Cubes 04/20/09 Menji
The GameCube is a console you are going to want to have in your collection. No doubt. 01/12/02 Pyro Vesten
Don't be a square, get a Cube! 01/08/19 Ryan Harrison
Kills X-BOX dead! 04/13/03 ShadowGeenhx
The Nintendo Gamecube...A 2006 review for un-biased adults. 08/28/06 TekkenMaster606
Second Best Nintendo Console Right After The Super Nintendo 06/07/03 THAguyINgta3
Far from perfect but a big improvement over the Nintendo 64 and definatly worth owning 09/26/05 The Vic Viper
It has a few good games but overall a disappointment comparing to the Nintendo 64. 04/02/15 TheRetroPlayer
Not Legendary, But Still Awesome! 09/18/03 Warmaster Lah
Cubes are officially my favorite 3-D shapes. 06/02/05 WaterMario222

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The Empire Strikes Back! 06/26/06 Bass260
It's Hip to Be Square 09/28/07 bluej33
One of the better consoles I've purchased. 08/17/05 bowser194
A most impressive system 12/04/02 Canadian Guy
Nearing the end of the console war , nintendos system makes an excellent companion but is not enough to be your only system 10/11/05 Corporate_Jobber
Nintendo does it again! 04/18/03 Gannon2157
Nintendo is the greatest!!! 07/15/03 Gigatek
One of the best systems ever released. 02/25/02 Hank
Never judge a book by it's cover. 04/29/15 koalabear9301
The little cube that could 04/06/05 Link165
False advertising - It's not actually cube-shaped at all. WE SUE! 10/06/02 LordAtomic
You Say You Want a Revolution? Make Mine Cubed... 11/22/04 Macintosh User
Simply a middling console. 04/27/06 MagicJuggler
Gaming Giant Nintendo's Latest Project Impresses; Many left impressed 06/23/02 maximus2242
The best console ever created. 02/21/06 Megaman1981
One of the best Nintendo consoles out there, and the best console of the generation. 04/11/05 MrFortyFive
Good System when done right 06/19/03 Raylen
One of the best systems ever.... 12/30/03 samthebigkid
Empire Strikes Back or Phantom Menace? 02/08/02 Sheepy99
Without a doubt, a great system! 01/04/03 ShrinaSoldier231
GCN: Inside & Out 07/19/03 Standwielder Jotaro
Not exactly a disapointment, but... 11/19/01 TheOldRooster
In the war between PSX, XBOX and Game Cube, the Cube gets my support... 03/07/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
Video games are fun again 07/10/03 yyr57695
Little Cube in the big city... 09/29/05 Zork86

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