What does the turbo button do?

  1. I have a white gamecube controllor from gamestop . its bigger than a regular gamecube controler. its not manufactored endorsed or designed by nintendo.

    User Info: Mario_M_Mario

    Mario_M_Mario - 12 years ago

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  1. Genreally a turbo button will switch a button on and off really quickly. Like if you assign turbo to A, it'd have the effect of pressing the button really quickly if you just hold it down.

    User Info: crazyman50000

    crazyman50000 - 12 years ago 9   3


  1. to activate the turbo hold turbo and press the button you want to assign it to, then let go of turbo. now when you hold the button it will act as if you were repeatedly pressing the button. The only use I've found for the GC is it's a cheap way to win some of the mario party 7 minigames

    User Info: EagleCrazy44

    EagleCrazy44 - 12 years ago 3   4
  2. This is true (hence why it blinks so fast) , however, i have not found this option useful in any gamecube games thus far. It's something you will use very rarely in most cases if at any time at all.

    User Info: supersonic0469

    supersonic0469 - 12 years ago 3   5
  3. This is more of an overall detriment and nuisance than anything else. However, those controllers are cheap and reliable so no complaints.

    User Info: MafiaReborn

    MafiaReborn - 11 years ago 1   5

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