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Reviewed: 09/05/03

Batter UP!!!

Backyard Baseball. Most people find it too ''kiddie'' with the backyard part. It's really a good game. Backyard Baseball was originally a PC game. As it's popularity grew, it went on to other sports, like soccer and football. It later advanced itself by re-animating it's characters to look better. I say it worked. It moved itself to Gameboy Advance, and later switched to the more popular and technical Gamecube. Here's what I think of this game.


No story in this one. If the season mode's the story, then, ok. Select your team name, draft your team of nine player, then play through 18 games. If you don't want good things to come to a quick end, go thirty-two. Smash them all and win the Backyard World Series.


The gameplay in this baseball game is the same as most of the others. Although this statement might turn people off, look who's been playing Triple Play baseball & MLB baseball games. And at once! Hit the ball, run the bases, win the game. May sound boring, but look at those Triple Play and MLB people. They also do this. Or simulate the whole season, making the game not worth playing. Guess what? You play ALL the season games.


The graphics are impressive. For those who have been playing the Backyard series, you'll love how you're favorites have brand-new looks. All three dimensions of them. Also, some of your favorite MLB pros are in the game, including Randy Johnson, Barry Bonds, Jim Thome, Ichiro, and ''Corky'' Sammy Sosa. Heh, heh. Corky. The game (I think) was made before that, so don't expect any cheap remarks. Along with all the MLB teams. The fields look awesome with their 3-D environment, showing every angle of the field, from a swampy marsh to an alien infested farmyard.

Sound/ Music

The sound was good. The players have their own themes to enter to. The pros share several themes. Even an opening theme for the field. The voiceovers are excellent. Some may need some work, but I haven't heard them all, yet.


It takes time to get used to the game's control system. I'm still trying to get used to running between bases. Read through the manuel (like I didn't) to get through your many errors. I'll do that soon.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Backyard Baseball is a fun game for the whole family, or just you. It's probably the game for all those baseball fans who never wanted to grow up. Overall, this game deserves an 8.

Rating: 8

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