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FAQ/Walkthrough by Tei Sama

Version: ker-FINAL! | Updated: 12/16/04

Tony Hawk Underground 
Normal-Mode Walkthrough
First and Final Version
By Anthony Summo


[English Lessons]
[Main Menu]
[In-game Menu]
[New Jersey] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 01] - Hometown Hijinks
[Skill Points]
[Chapter 02] - Impressing the Locals
[Chapter 03] - Getting Outta Dodge
[Manhattan] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 04] - Skate the Big Apple
[Chapter 05] - Skating with the Locals
[Chapter 06] - Favors for a Ride
[Tampa] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 07] - With Syrup or Jelly
[Chapter 08] - Grease the Pros
[Chapter 09] - Kill the Comp
[Chapter 10] - Join a Team
[Am Skill Points]
[San Diego] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 11] - Prove Yourself Worthy
[Chapter 12] - Party! Party! Party!
[Chapter 13] - Demo Time
[Hawaii] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 14] - Get Lei'd
[Chapter 15] - Find the Ultimate Spot
[Chapter 16] - Get the Shot
[Vancouver] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 17] - Last Minute Tasks
[Slam City Jam] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 18] - Destroy the Slam City Jam
[Pro Skill Points]
[Chapter 19] - It's Gotta Be the Shoes
[Moscow] - Places of Interest
[Chapter 20] - Welcome to Russia
[Chapter 21] - Time to Skate Comrade
[Chapter 22] - Goodbye Sweet Moscow
[Chapter 23] - Keepin it Real
[Chapter 24] - Spreadin' the News
[Chapter 25] - Pick Your Team Members
[Chapter 26] - The Video to End All
[Chapter 27] - Showdown in New Jersey
[Pro Goals]
[Secret Level] - Hotter Than Hell
[Secret Level] - School II
[Secret Level] - Venice
[Secret Level] - Hangar
[Secret Character] - Iron Man
[Secret Character] - Gene Simmons
[Secret Character] - THUD
[Secret Character] - Pedestrians
[Secret Ending] - Ending 2
[Pro Moves and Stats]
[2 Player]
[2 Player Menu]



Welcome, welcome! My name is Tei and I will be your waiter.

Okay, no, sorry. There's no promises of food here. But I can help walk you
through Tony Hawk Underground if you want! (I figure the thing's called a
walkthrough for a reason...)

THUG, the second-to-latest addition in the Tony Hawk skateboarding series by
Neversoft, introduced a wicked load of cool new concepts missing from the
previous game, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4. You can get off your board to access
hard-to-reach areas, drive around in cars, and piss off the Fuzz while trying
to elevate your customized character from street punk status to Pro skater. 
Older gameplay has been further enriched, with plenty of unlockables and a
sizable cast of new and familiar Pro skaters for you to encounter on your way 
to the top. This Walkthrough covers the goals through Normal-difficulty Story
Mode, as well as Cutscenes, secret levels and characters, 2 Player mode and



Main, secondary and tetriary characters go here! Pro skaters don't have 
descriptions, but do a find on [Pro Moves and Stats] to find a list of their
unique special moves and statistics.

				    - YOU -

    Your skater, a custom-crafted guy or gal, is a fledgling pro that grew
    up in Jersey and spent the better part of their life skateboarding. The 
    story revolves around your character and their rise from street punk to 
     				skating stardom.


     Your longtime friend, Eric needs your help to bail him out of a sticky
     situation with the drug dealers on Elm Street, and accompanies you from
     New Jersey to Florida in your quest to make it big. But is loyalty the
     			only reason why he sticks around...?

			       - STACY PERALTA - 

   The local skate shop owner and yoga feind, Stacy Peralta gives you a shot
   at joining Team Peralta and becoming your sponsor. But it's not going to 
				   be easy...

				   - TODD - 

    The manager of the team you choose when you become an AM. Likes eating.
				    A lot.

				   - KALO - 

     A Russian mafioso Who you help out when you first get to Russia. He 
 into play again soon after to help you get home.

				  - RALPHIE - 

    A Pro skater on Todd's team, he has a scar or a tattoo on the right 
      of his face and a nack for getting in trouble with the authorities, 
                     to get locked up by fat security chicks.

       				  - JORDAN - 

     A Pro skater on Todd's team. He hangs out with your character pretty
          often, and appears in numerous cutscenes as a plot device.

				  - BENDER - 

     	A Pro skater on Todd's team. Insecure about his masculinity.

				- JONNY TURBO - 

     Leader of the Street Warriors, a gang of drag racing punks in
    Jonny Turbo's always willing to lend you a hand when you're in trouble.

				   - SHAWN - 

   A skater on Stacy Peralta's team. He evaluates you to see if you got what 
   		     it takes to hang with Team Peralta.

				    - JOEY - 

   A skater on Peralta's team. He evaluates you to see if you got what it 
   		       takes to hang with Team Peralta.

				   - CHRIS - 

    A skater on Peralta's team. He evaluates you to see if you got what 
		     it takes to hang with Team Peralta.

				- OLLIE THE BUM - 

	Not much is known about this magical hobo. He comes and goes
     as he pleases, taking his odeous drunken stench with him. He has been 
    spotted as far away as California and Hawaii, to as nearby as New Jersey 
    and Manhattan. Rumor has it that he possesses the ability to float, and 
     his only fear is the on-coming soldiers of the Pink Elephant Brigade.


[English Lessons] 

This is the place where you'll find key terms that relate to skating in 
general, that don't fit in any particular level.

Street -

	A style of skating that focuses heavily on grinding and manualing.
	Street characters will have an easier time focusing on rails and

Vert -  

	A style of skating that focuses heavily on flip and grab tricks while
	ollying or going off a ramp. Vert characters can pull grabs and flips
	faster than Street characters, but have more trouble balancing on 
	rails and in manuals.

HP - 

	"Half-Pipe." U-shaped obstacles on terrain that shoot you straight up
	into the air.

QP - 

	"Quarter-Pipe." Half of a half-pipe. The ramp shoots you straight up 
	into the air, but does not have another ramp to rebound off of when 
	you land.

Pool -

	A pit in the ground fully bordered with QPs. Can be any shape.

Bowl -

	A circular pool. Bowls sometimes have gaps so skaters can enter or

Transfer -

	To air over any kind of break in a QP, like a gap or a block.

TrickOb -

	Anything that a grind, manual, revert or vert trick can be performed 
	off of. This usually refers to plywood skating setups, but has also 
	been used in more of a general purpose way for houses and fences and 

Shuffle - 

	The ability to switch grinds or manuals mid-combo without ollying.
	In order to do this, enter a grind or a manual, then double-tap the
	grab, flip and grind button in any combination to switch tricks. This
	is handy for building up high combos.

AM - 

	"Ameteur Skater." The official title of a skater who isn't just a 
	street punk, but hasn't reached pro status yet.

Pro - 

	"Professional Skater." Skaters with such a high level of talent that 
	they're recognized as professionals and make a career out of skating.




	Move: Joystick

	Ollie: A [GC]
	       X [PS]
	       A [XB]

	Flip: B [GC] + Joystick
	      SQUARE [PS] + Joystick
	      X [XB] + Joystick

	Grab: x [GC] + Joystick
	      O [PS] + Joystick
	      B [XB] + Joystick

	Grind: Y [GC] + Joystick
	       TRIANGLE [PS] + Joystick
	       Y [XB] + Joystick

	Manual: Joystick (UP-DOWN or DOWN-UP)

	Revert: R [GC]
		R1 [PS]
		R [XB]

	Spine/Hip Transfer: R + L [GC]
			    R1 + L1 [PS]
			    R + L [XB]

	Get off board: Z [GC]
		       R2 [PS]
		       BLACK [XB]

	Get in car: X [GC]
		    O [PS]
		    B [XB]

	Camera: C-STICK [GC]

	Pause: START


	Walk/Shimmy: Joystick

	Jump: A [GC]
	      X [PS]
	      A [XB]

	Grab ledge/Acid Drop: R + L [GC]
			      R1 + L1 [PS]
			      R + L [XB]

	Caveman: Y (over rail) [GC]
		 TRIANGLE (over rail) [PS]
		 Y (over rail) [XB]

	Get on board: Z [GC]
		      R2 [PS]
		      BLACK [XB]

	Get in car: X [GC]
		    O [PS]
		    B [XB]

	Camera: C-STICK [GC]

	Pause: START


	Steer: Joystick

	Accelerate: A [GC]
		    X [PS]
		    A [XB]

	Handbrake: R [GC]
		   R1 [PS]
		   R [XB]

	Brake/Reverse: B [GC]
		       SQUARE [PS2]
		       X [XB]

	Ditch car:  Y [GC] + Joystick
	       	    TRIANGLE [PS] + Joystick
	            Y [XB] + Joystick

	Camera: C-STICK [GC]

	Pause: START


	Select option: Joystick

	Confirm: A [GC]
		 O [PS]
		 A [XB]

	Back: B [GC]
	      X [PS]
	      B [XB]


[Main Menu]

  -story mode-

    -continue story-

      Continue the story mode for your currently active skater.

    -start new story-

      Start a new story mode with a new skater.

    -load story-

      Load another skater's story mode.

  -high score/free skate-

    Go into a level and fart around. Or, if you want, start a High Score run
    to see how many points you can earn before the time runs out.

  -create/play goals-

    If you're bored with story mode's goals, you can go into a level and
    create your own!

  -2 player-

    You and a buddy can choose a skater and unleash on any level you have
    made or unlocked. Do a find for [2 Player] for more.


    Load Peralta's skateshop to equip new decks and griptape, and change the
    color of your wheels.


    Head to New Jersey and customize your own special trick.


    Tired of skating the same old spots? Now you can make your own using rails,
    pipes, TrickObs and even houses. 


    Make your own skater! (You have to make a new skater every time you start a
    new storyline, so don't go here just yet.)


    Head to your room and create your own Pro model skateboard. You have six
    layers to put graphics and letters, all recolorable and repositionable.


    -save game-

      Save your current game.

    -load game-

      Load another skater's game.

    -control setup-

      -player 1-

	The controller setup for Player 1. You can choose to turn Rumble,
	Autokicking, and 180 Spintaps on or off.

      -player 2-

	The controller setup for Player 2. You can choose to turn Rumble,
	Autokicking, and 180 Spintaps on or off.


	In this menu, you can turn Reverts, Manuals and Walking on or off, and
	it applies for both players. This is for players who like the feel of
	older games in the series.


        Return to the previous menu.

    -sound options-


	Choose to play the songs active on your playlist in alphabetical order
	by artist, or randomized.

      -skip track-

	Skip the track currently playing.


	Look at the full playlist of songs. You can activate or deactivate
	individual songs, or remove entire genres of music. You can also
	preview particular tracks with the Grab button. 

      -music level-

	Control the volume of music, going anywhere between 0 and 10.

      -sound level-

	Control the volume of sound effects, going anywhere between 0 and 10.

      -special sounds-

	Turn other sound effects (like the BAM! sound when you pull off a
	Special trick) on or off.


        Return to the previous menu.

    -screen mode-

      Toggle between standard and widescreen dimensions.


      Turn bloody bails on or off.

    -game progress-

      View a list of how much stuff you've gotten in your current active Story
      Mode. It tells you how many goals you've beaten, which secret characters
      and Secret Tapes you've collected, and how many gaps you've hit in each

    -high scores-

      This option shows you windows of your highest scores when you play High
      Score mode.

    -cheat codes-

      Enter your cheat codes (look in section [Cheats]) here!

    -thug movies-

      Watch any movies you've unlocked from playing the game. Check the 
      [Movies] section for more.


      Watch a few product-placement videos occasionally starring a THUG

    -interface themes-

      Choose your menu style. You can choose from CLOUDBUSTER, RETRO HAWK,
      KISS, SECRET 2 - IRONMAN and SECRET 3 - T.H.U.D. You start with the first
      five, and must unlock the rest by choosing a sponsor or unlocking a
      secret character.


      Watch the credits as a graffiti artist spraypaints a car, and the Never-
      soft staff destroys the graffitied car, throws a TV from the roof of the 
      Neversoft building and does a variety of other stupid stuff.


      Brings you back to the previous menu


[In-Game Menu]


    Lets you return to the game.

  -view goals- -story mode only-

    Brings you to a list of all 27 Chapters where you can pick a goal to play.

  -start high score run- -freeskate mode only-

    You have two minutes to tear up the level and set a high score.

  -change level-

    Brings you to a list of all available levels you can play in.

  -edit skater/tricks-

    -edit tricks-

      This menu lets you toil around with your skater's trickset. Some goals
      require you to have a certain move equipped in order for you to pass,
      but most of them let you fool around with your setup, requiring only
      a certain command action be met (like, in an early goal Eric tells you
      to bust a Melon [LEFT-GRAB] but you can switch it for a Stale Fish,
      and Eric will still ask you for your [LEFT-GRAB] move).

      -grab tricks-

	You have seventeen available grab tricks and twelve open grab slots.
	Each grab has an improved version paired with it for when you hit the
	directional command and then the grab button twice.

      -flip tricks-

	You have twenty-five flip tricks available for you to use, and again
	twelve open flip trick spots. Some flips have double- and triple-
	tap versions, but not all of them. You start with ten slots filled,
	and again they can be switched around without consequence.

      -lip tricks-

	Lip tricks are...there. There's nothing too thrilling about them, they
	don't have practical applications in a combo. But like them or hate
	them, there's fourteen lip tricks and eight slots to put them in. 

      -special tricks-

	There are 90 special tricks in the game total, after unlocking 
	everything, and you can have a maximum of eleven Special Trick slots.
	(You start out with only three.) A good player will balance out special
	grabs, flips, lips, grinds and manuals as best as possible. The only
	way to earn more Special Trick slots is to take on the Pro Goals. There
	is one in every Story Mode level, and you'll find them moving around
	with orange, hexagonal icons bouncing above their heads. Find section
	[Pro Goals] for more.

      -load created trick-

	You can create tricks from the Create A Trick option on the in-game
	menu and load it up here. Created tricks act like special tricks.


	Brings you back to the main in-game menu. 

    -create a trick-

      Head to New Jersey and customize your own special trick.

    -edit appearance-

      Return to your room to edit your skater's appearance. You can also make
      a new deck from this window.


    Load Peralta's skateshop to equip new decks and griptape, and change the
    color of your wheels.


    -game progress-

      View a list of how much stuff you've gotten in your current active Story
      Mode. It tells you how many goals you've beaten, which secret characters
      and Secret Tapes you've collected, and how many gaps you've hit in each

    -camera angle-

      Alternate the camera angles in four different ways. Camera Angle 1 is the
      default view, Angle 2 is isometric and farther away than Angle 1, Angle 3
      is closer to the ground and the same distance away as Angle 1, and Angle
      4 is low to the ground and closer than Angle 3.


      View a list of all the cheats you've unlocked and toggle them on or off.

    -screen mode-

      Switch between normal and widescreen formats.

    -sound options-


	Choose to play the songs active on your playlist in alphabetical order
	by artist, or randomized.

      -skip track-

	Skip the track currently playing.


	Look at the full playlist of songs. You can activate or deactivate
	individual songs, or remove entire genres of music. You can also
	preview particular tracks with the Grab button. 

      -music level-

	Control the volume of music, going anywhere between 0 and 10.

      -sound level-

	Control the volume of sound effects, going anywhere between 0 and 10.

      -special sounds-

	Turn other sound effects (like the BAM! sound when you pull off a
	Special trick) on or off.


	Brings you back to the previous menu.

    -control setup-

      -player 1-

	The controller setup for Player 1. You can choose to turn Rumble,
	Autokicking, and 180 Spintaps on or off.

      -player 2-

	The controller setup for Player 2. You can choose to turn Rumble,
	Autokicking, and 180 Spintaps on or off.


	In this menu, you can turn Reverts, Manuals and Walking on or off, and
	it applies for both players. This is for players who like the feel of
	older games in the series.


        Return to the previous menu.

    -display options-

      Turn your Special Meter, current combo score, current combo string, 
      console windows and balance meters on or off. If you turn any of them
      off, they still work, but aren't visible.

    -interface themes-

      Choose your menu style. You can choose from CLOUDBUSTER, RETRO HAWK,
      KISS, SECRET 2 - IRONMAN and SECRET 3 - T.H.U.D. You start with the first
      five, and must unlock the rest by choosing a sponsor or unlocking a
      secret character.

    -watch cutscenes-

      View all the cutscenes that take place in the current level. Check
      [Cutscenes] for more details.

    -set restart-

      Set a custom restart point where you're standing for the level.

    -goto cust restart-

      Return to the restart point you set for the level.


      Brings you back to the main in-game menu.

  -save game-

    Lets you save the progress of your current file.

  -view gaps-

    Opens up a list of all the gaps in the level. The ones you've hit are
    highlighted and show you where they are, but the missing ones are blank
    and show the back of your character (like when you're in the main in-game 

  -view stats-

    Opens a menu that shows your skater's current skating statistics. You have
    three out of ten stats when you start and can earn three more right away,
    but the other four stats can only be earned when you become an Am or a Pro.
    Pro skaters such as Tony Hawk or Bob Burnquist have set stats that cannot
    be changed.


    You leave whatever you're doing and return to the main menu.


[New Jersey] - Places of Interest

  Once you've created your character, you'll be ready to start the game! You're
  unleashed upon your home town in New Jersey, a well-balanced, medium-sized
  level with good beginner's lines and a lot of pipes, rails and flatland 

  These sections will appear throughout the FAQ to give you a general idea
  on what's what in each level. It'll help to know these because a few 
  goals get pretty obscure as you go on, and it really helps to know where
  it is you're supposed to be.

----->Your home: Your house, where you start the game initially and when 
	you've beaten the game as a whole, is on the corner of Elm Street 
	across the street from the drug dealers' place. 

----->Elm Street: The street that goes between your house and the drug 
	dealers'. It has a large gas main on one side, and leads up to the 

----->Garbage Heap: Hidden in a series of HPs and QPs behind your home. A 
	few goals take place around the garbage heap, but if you want to 
	reach it by yourself, go into the alley around the side of your 
----->Headstone Harry's place: Headstone Harry lives near the middle of the 
	area, across the street from the school and next to the Street 
	Warrior's hangout.

----->The school: In the middle of the level, if you head up Elm Street and 
	stick to it as far as it can go. The School is the last building on 
	the left side.

----->The park: In the very center of the level is a park surrounded by a
	chainlink fence. The park has a pool and a few QPs in it, making it
	decent for Vert tricks.

----->Scabland: A drainage ditch on the south end of town, Scabland is a nice
	set of QPs perfect for the unexperianced skater to get his first vert
	kicks in.

----->Speed Shop: Across the street from the school. This is where the Street
	Warriors go while on duty, racing and tuning up cars. It's the Street
	Warriors that first educate you on the ethics of THUG driving.

----->Train Station: Accessable only after you gap the bridge in chapter 
	three, the train station is home to many a geeky and homeless 
	denizen. Has a nice infinite grind and a few different QPs.

[SECRET TAPE] A long-lasting THPS thing, the Secret Tapes usually served no
	real purpose other than to collect it from it's hard-to-reach hiding
	spot in each level. This time, the Secret Tapes are still hidden and
	well out of your way (though not always that difficult to access), 
	and collecting them unlocks videos for you to watch in the main menu.

	Anyway, the first Secret Tape is easy to access. Once you've cleared
	goal, approach the bridge from the main area of town. Get off your
	board and walk down the grass slope on either side of the bridge
	until you come across a narrow concrete walkway running parallel to 
	the river. Follow the walkway under the bridge where you will find
	your first Secret Tape.


[Chapter 01] - Hometown Hijinks

Total Goals: 6

Goals to Beat: 4


	Goal: Collect the pieces of Eric's skateboard on foot

	Time limit: 1:00

	Hints: This is all introductory stuff--it teaches you, the player, 
	all about THUG's non-skating portion of gameplay. It's handy for both 
	Tony Hawk vets and newbies to get the hang of this fresh aspect of 
	the series.

	Anyway, the controls vary from console to console, which you can see
	in a section above. So, skipping right to the goal, the first piece of 
	the skateboard is on the roof of the house right in front of you--run 
	and jump over the fence. Jump again and grab onto the side of the 
	roof and haul yourself up. The second piece is straight ahead--jump 
	across the rooftops and pick yourself up again. Turn to the left to 
	spot the next piece resting on another rooftop. By now you should be 
	getting the hang of the off-board controls. Collect the third piece, 
	and go forward to get the last piece resting above your house.


	Goal: Learn more Walking techniques

	Time Limit: 1:00

	Hints: Get off the board. Jump both glowing barriers. Get back on 
	the board. Really simple stuff. Next, Eric will set up another 
	barrier--you have to Caveman it, which means approach it while 
	walking, and hit the grind button above the barrier to grind on it.


	Goal: Skitch Charles for 20 seconds

	Time Limit: 3:00

	Hints: Another introductory goal, WALK CHARLES is aimed at teaching
	or reminding the player how to skitch. Go up to Charles from behind
	and grab his leash by pressing up on the joystick or control pad. 
	From here, ignore everything except the balance meter near the top of 
	the screen. Try to keep the arrow as centered as possible. Charles 
	only pulls one really tight turn that throws your balance off, but 
	otherwise it's pretty simple.


	Goal: Perform a Melon

	Time limit: 1:00

	Hints: It's pretty self-explanitory.

	Goal: Perform a Melon and revert it four times

	Time Limit: 1:20

	Hints: Reverts are simple to pull off--after you hit a Melon in 
	midair, hit the right shoulder button to pivot on the board. This 
	lets you follow a Vert trick with a manual, so you can go up another
	ramp or into a grind all in one combo. All you need to do now though is


	Goal: Beat Eric's score

	Time Limit: 1:00

	Hints: This shouldn't be a problem for Tony Hawk vets--Eric doesn't
	provide much of a challenge. For the newbies, you should combine all
	your newly-learned techniques--since you can't leave the drainage 
	ditch, your trick set will be vert-heavy. Hit a lot of vert tricks, 
	and try to nail a special if you can, but the real secret to scoring 
	big points is making a combo line. Hit the vert tricks and follow up 
	with a revert into a manual, and try to vert again off the opposite 
	side of the ditch. You can also use walking to your advantage--in the 
	middle of a large combo, get off your board and get close to a QP. 
	Get back on and ride up the QP and continue your combo as it was 
	before, now with fresh momentum and height. Be warned as you only 
	have a limited amount of time to carry a combo while off your board!


	Goal: Drive past the cones

	Time: 1:20

	Hints: Driving takes some getting used to--THUG is a skateboarding 
	game, so if you're expecting controls from Mario Kart or Grand Theft 
	Auto, be prepared for a letdown. You only have three buttons to your
	disposal--Gas, Break/Reverse, and Hand Break. Use the Hand Break when
	you're making tight turns, NOT the Break/Reverse.

	Anyway, cones are lined up throughout the level--they have a wide 
	"hit" radius, so all you really need to do is follow the arrows. If
	you miss one, back up and get it, then continue forward. They give 
	you more than enough time to complete the goal, though it may take 
	more than one try to get it right. That's okay--it's not like you have
	a finite number of lives.

	The Street Warrior's car is one of the faster ones in the game, 
	though it handles pretty poorly. It's a balance, which is okay for a 
	beginner car.


	Goal: Hit eight THUG marks

	Time Limit: 0:45

	Hints: This is your first exposure to the "THUG mark," a green, shiny
	icon shaped like a fist that hangs over important places, people or
	objects. These icons will come into play for many later goals, so keep
	an eye out for them.

	Anyway, the THUG marks are skattered everywhere you can access at this 
	point, so it's a simple task of picking a general direction and 
	hitting eight of them. My personal choice is staying to the left 
	and grinding on the barrier to your left, then grinding on the ledge 
	in front of the pink house. Grind past the telephone pole beyond 
	that, then grind on the ledge in front of the pink and green house 
	following. Jump and grind on the fense that curves around the cream-
	colored, squat building to hit two more marks, then jump, grind the 
	clothes line, and grind on the long pipe travelling along Elm Street 
	to grab the last two marks.


	Goal: Score 30,000 points in front of Chad Muska

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: The big tipoff for this goal is to hit a really big street 
	combo within eyesight of Chad Muska--he'll stop near the pool in 
	front of the schoolyard, then move down the street and stop in front 
	of some houses. Towards the end of the time limit, he'll move to Scab 
	Land and won't move again. You only have a limited area to skate in 
	with each stop he makes--move too far away and Muska won't be able to 
	see you, nulling your current combo.

	This goal will be easy to pull off for vets, and you'll most likely 
	be able to hit it off before Muska leaves the pool. Newbies, link 
	your tricks together--use Reverts, Manuals, and Walking as much as 
	you can to score big points, just like you did when taking on Eric.


[Skill Points]

	In some previous Tony Hawk games, if you wanted your skater to have 
	better stats, you had to collect Stat Points, which you could donate 
	to a particular skating skill. It's a neat system, but like all Tony 
	Hawk games, it's evolved into something different; in order to gain 
	Stat Points in THUG, you have to accomplish certain goals that make 
	your stats go up.

	Throughout the game, you can have a maximum of ten Stat Points per 
	trait. You start with three per, and have the capacity to earn three 
	more, but the last four stat points require you to meet AM and Pro 
	status. I'll go over the ten traits you can get stats for, and then a
	good way to go about getting them.

	|								|
	|			    STAT POINTS				|
	|								|
	|   AIR: The amount of air you can get going off a QP or an HP 	|
	|   increases with more stat points.				|
	|								|
	|   LIP: Your balance while doing lip trick stalls improves.	|
	|								|
	|   RUN: The timer on Walk-Out Combos gets longer.		|
	|								|
	|   FLIP: How quickly you can shoot off flip tricks.		|
	|								|
	|   RAIL: Improves your balance while grinding.			|
	|								|
	|   SPIN: Increases your spinning speed in the air.		|
	|								|
	|   OLLIE: How high you jump off level ground increases.	|
	|								|
	|   SPEED: Your top speed increases.				|
	|								|
	|   SWITCH: Improves your ability to skate Switch. When you max |
	|   this stat out, you can skate Regular and Switch equally.	|
	|								|
	|   MANUAL: Balance while manualling improves.			|
	|								|

	As I said before, you start the game with 3/10 Stat Points and can earn
	three more right off the bat. I'll explain what you need to do and the
	best places to do 'em in, and whether or not it's better off to wait 
	till later to get them done. You'll also be treated to more crappy 
	ASCII goodness because I feel like punishing myself.

	|  AIR   |

	Air Transfer 20 Feet

	  The best place to do it is between the houses near the garbage 
	  dumpster. That area is loaded with QPs and HPs, and as long as you
	  angle yourself far enough to shoot up one and land far away in 
	  another, there won't be any trouble.

	Air Transfer 30 Feet

	  Same as above, pretty simple.

	Air Transfer 40 Feet

	  In order to hit this one, you need to start in the middle of one
	  ramp and land on the far end of the other ramp. Not incredibly hard
	  in the long run, but not as easy as the first two.

	|  LIP   |

	Hold a Liptrick for 2 Seconds

	  Holding a lip trick for two seconds alone won't be a problem. Go up
	  a QP and press the Grind button when you hit the lip without 
	  touching the joystick. Once you hit two seconds, ollie off and roll
	  down the pipe. You may need this first stat increase in order to get
	  the next two.

	Hold a Liptrick for 3 Seconds

	  After getting the first stat point, go up any ramp of your choice 
	  and try it again. This time, your balance on the lip will be much
	  more fine-tuned, and you can easily hold on for three and four 
	  seconds to get the remaining stat points you can currently get.

	Hold a Liptrick for 4 Seconds

	  And fortunately enough, you don't have too long to wait between 
	  intervals for Lip Trick stat points.

	|  RUN   |

	Caveman 2 Times in One Combo

	  Head up any street in Jersey that has one straight, solid line. 
	  Start on-foot, then jump into a grind on the start of the line. 
	  Jump out as soon as you start the grind, then caveman back onto the
	  line again. This will get troublesome, since your timer isn't very
	  extended and you'll probably wind up losing the combo before you 
	  can hit four Cavemans to fill out your basic Run stats.

	Caveman 3 Times in One Combo

	  See above.

	Caveman 4 Times in One Combo

	  Once you have the first two stat points filled out, try again from
	  the beginning of the line; now your Walk-Out timer will be extended
	  and you can Caveman once or twice more.

	|  FLIP  |

	Do 3 Fliptricks in One Combo

	  This one relies heavily on your ability to carry out a combo by
	  manualling or walking. Either head into the pool in the playground,
	  or in the HP near the dumpster; build up speed and your Special 
	  meter by jumping around and doing a few quickie Vert Tricks before
	  actually starting. When you think you're going fast enough, shoot 
	  up, hit one of the ramps and pull two seperate Flip tricks. Hit the
	  ground, revert, and launch up the other side with another flip 

	Do 4 Fliptricks in One Combo

	  Revert and manual when you hit the ground after the third trick, 
	  and shoot up the opposite ramp one more time to get the fourth

	Double Kickflip 2 Times in One Combo

	  Double Kickflips are accomplished by holding left on the joystick 
	  and tapping the flip button twice consecutively. That said, this
	  is pretty easy; build up speed, go up a HP, hit one Double Kicky,
	  then revert, manual, hit the ramp and do another Double Kicky.
	  They're pretty fast to pull off.

	|  RAIL  |

	Grind for 5 Seconds

	  Go to the pool in the playground and do a really slow grind around
	  its edge; since it's infinite, you won't have to break the grind
	  (and cost you the Stat Point). And since the point is based off how 
	  long you grind for and not the score you get off it, going into the
	  slow grind enables you to keep your balance easily.

	Grind for 10 Seconds

	  Stick it out in the pool for a little bit longer.

	Grind for 15 Seconds

	  This one is far more difficult; it's best if you save it for later,
	  after you build up your Grind stats as an Am and Pro.

	|  SPIN  |

	Land a 540 Grab or Fliptrick in a Halfpipe

	  In any HP or QP near the dumpster, build up speed and do any simple
	  Grab/Flip. This will be the only SPIN you can really do at this 

	Land a 720 Grab or Fliptrick in a Halfpipe

	  Wait until you get to Tampa; you can gain access to the roof of the
	  SPOT building and make a Leap of Faith off that. Just be sure to
	  have a full Special meter (increases your speed) and that you've
	  got enough buildup to make a proper launch. [NOTE!!! If you're 
	  lucky, you can do this in Scabland while facing off with Eric.
	  It takes insane speed to do, but it is possible!]

	Land a 900 Grab or Fliptrick in a Halfpipe

	  This one is even harder--in fact, I believe it's impossible to do
	  until you reach Hawaii. There's a goal in Chapter 16 called 
	  CRAZIEST FOOTAGE EVER that requires you to get at least a 900-
	  degree spin down from the roof of the Big Surf Hotel. Wait until
	  then, because you won't encounter any other places with a steep
	  enough drop beforehand.

	| OLLIE  |

	Ollie 10 Feet

	  Probably the first one you'll earn is this little guy; you can pull
	  it off almost anywhere, simply by holding down the Ollie button and
	  releasing when you have a little speed. You can do this right from
	  the get-go.

	Ollie 15 Feet

	  Another easy one; grind on the long pipe on Elm Street, and build
	  up speed by shuffling grinds. (If you're unsure of how to do this,
	  don't worry. It's a trick you learn later on.) When you reach the
	  end, leap away and land anywhere.

	Ollie 20 Feet

	  This one's also pretty simple...simple enough that you'll probably
	  nail it at the same time you get Ollie 15 Feet. If not, try the gas
	  main again and build up more speed, or skitch the back of a car and
	  ollie after releasing.

	| SPEED  |

	Land a 10,000 Point Combo

	  The initial three requirements here basically rely on your ability
	  to either hold multi-faceted combos in a small area, or to ride 
	  monsterous lines. Jersey happens to be full of the latter, so you
	  just gotta find one and grind, manual, and occasionally vert your
	  way through it. 30,000 points is a bit piddly, so you won't have
	  too much difficulty unlocking it, even if you're new.

	Land a 20,000 Point Combo

	  Same as above, blokes!

	Land a 30,000 Point Combo

	  And again!


	Land a 4 Combo

	  In Jersey, grind on the gas main pipe on Elm Street. Shuffle your
	  grinds in order to build up fast combos; to shuffle, tap the three
	  action buttons on your controller that AREN'T Ollie twice in rapid
	  succession. (For example: hit X, then X again.) You can mix which
	  buttons you hit, and each combination results in a different kind 
	  of grind. B then X, X then Y, Square then Circle, whatever. (For 
	  GameCube and X-box, available buttons are X, Y and B; for PS2, it's 
	  Square, Circle and Triangle.) These are extremely easy and quick to
	  pull off, and build the number of tricks in your combo really 

	Land a 5 Combo

	  Do the same as above. Shouldn't be a problem getting five tricks
	  in there.

	Land a 6 Combo

	  And again, same as above.


	Manual for 4 Seconds

	  Manuals are difficult to pull off at the start of the game, due to
	  default crap-balance. You need quick reflexes and a feel for the
	  joystick in order to keep the arrow properly centered, and it works
	  best in an uncrowded area. If you start at the top of Elm Street 
	  and manual into the alleyway next to the school, you'll be able to
	  get the eight seconds you need to hit all three basic stat points.

	Manual for 6 Seconds

	  Same as above.

	Manual for 8 Seconds

	  By jove! I'll say something original here! ...nah. Don't feel like


[Chapter 02] - Impressing the Locals

Total Goals: 5

Goals to Beat: 4


	Goal: Get up to the roof

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: Simply jump using the quarter pipe, get off your board, and
	land on the roof--easy!


	Goal: Air transfer the roofs

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: Gain speed using the half-pipe, then aim yourself at the roof 
	next door--jump and land in the half-pipe on the roof of your house.


	Goal: Spine down to the ground

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: Skate up the half-pipe and hit both shoulder buttons at once to
	spine transfter over the roof and into the quarter pipe on the ground.


	Goal: Score 20,000 points in the Playground

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: If you could beat IMPRESS MUSKA without leaving the playground,
	this should be cake--just grind, vert, manual, whatever and get big 


	Goal: Spine Transfer the garbage QPs

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: Go up the ramp set up in front of you. Spine transfer (hit both
	shoulder buttons at the same time whilst in the air). Land.


	Goal: Kickflip and spine transfer the garbage QPs

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: Don't put too much time between your kickflip and the spine
	transfer--you'll either miss the transfer, or bail on the flip. Hit
	one right after the other, or if you can, at the same time.


	Goal: Land the tricks!

	Time: 1:30

	Hints: A list of tricks and the commands to pull them off will appear
	in the lower-right corner of the screen. You need to hit those tricks
	in the quarter pipes between the two houses. Since the tricks are 
	really basic, this shouldn't cause you any trouble. This is only the
	first of this kind of goal.


	Goal: Hit the glowing grinds!

	Time: 0:30

	Hints: The arrow on top of the screen will point to glowing objects 
	that you need to grind on--for the sake of economics, try to hit them
	all in one smooth combo, but it's not necessary. Also, be sure to hit
	the green fence near the beginning--it doesn't glow, but you need to
	hit it to advance. All the TrickObs appear in one single line.


	Goal: Hit the glowing grinds...again!

	Time: 0:45

	Hints: Same thing as last time, only now you're going around the other 
	half of the area--the grinds are a bit harder to hit in a line, but
	you can do it.


	Goal: Get the goods back from the drug dealers on Elm Street

	Time: 0:45

	Hints: Drug Dealers are EVERYWHERE in the level--they're marked by 
	giant skulls floating above their heads. If any of them catch you, you
	fail. What you need to do is run forward and jump up onto the ledge 
	hanging above the school. Climb up and run along the rooftops of the 
	houses running along Elm Street. Be sure to jump the gap partway over. 
	When the rooftops end, jump at the telephone wires to the left and 
	hang onto them--hold the right trigger button and use left and right 
	to move along the telephone lines until you're close to the house. 
	Drop down and grab the skateboard to trigger the end of chapter 2.


[Chapter 03] - Getting Outta Dodge

Total Goals: 5

Goals to Beat: 4


	Goal: Collect six pieces of scrap metal

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: Head back towards the house where you started getting the pieces
	of Eric's skateboard--follow the same path for the first four pieces of
	metal. From your house, jump across to the other halfpipe house and 
	grab the fifth scrap of metal--then go down to the street level and 
	across the street. Jump onto the roof and grab onto the gutter--haul
	yourself up for the last piece.


	Goal: Skitch the car to gain speed and jump over the bridge

	Time: 0:30

	Hints: The car will take you around the block once. The message in the
	top corner will say "READY...STEADY..." and then Johnny Turbo will say
	"Okay! Let go!" At this point, you want to be holding onto the right 
	side of the car, and tap down on the joy stick--shoot up off the 
	glowing ramp and aim yourself straight across the bridge. If your aim
	is on, you'll hit the opposite side, causing the police barricade to
	come down--this leaves the train station half of the level open to you
	for the rest of the game.


	Goal: Grind around the glowing circle three times

	Time: 0:25

	Hints: Just keep your balance and ignore Security Stew--when you do
	three complete grinds around the circular object, Stew will have a 
	heart attack and die. No fooling!


	Goal: Score 25,000 points without touching the street

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: This one's a bit difficult--you can't touch the street at all,
	because it's "lava" and the l33t-g33k will make you lose your combo.
	Grind and manual on whatever else is available--and believe me, 
	there's plenty of stuff to do that on. The only real trick is landing 
	the combo without hitting the street--find a nice, open platform to
	rack your points up on.


	Goal: Collect 3 pieces of Ollie's house in one combo!

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: Ollie's house is scattered around the train tracks--you need
	to hit an infinite grind and grab all the pieces as you pass by. If you
	lose the combo, you fail the goal. More importantly, the pieces of
	Ollie's house move back and forth along the rails, so you might need to
	do some hopping to get them all.


	Goal: Chase down the dealers' car!

	Time: N/A

	Hints: The car makes sudden moves, but its path is predictable--all you
	need to do is keep close to it. Hold down the ollie button for speed 
	and grind wherever you think it's safe to do so. When you get to the
	end of Elm Street. Johnny Turbo will block off the dealers' escape 


	Goal: Chase down the dealers' car again!

	Time: N/A

	Hints: The arrow at the top of the screen will tell you where the drug
	dealers are compared to you, but it's rather pointless--fall to far 
	behind and you fail. Now, though, you have Johnny Turbo's ride--you 
	have to chase the dealers around the block and up towards the train
	station. This part is pretty furious, so make good use of your hand


[Manhattan] - Places of Interest

  Manhattan is a place of iconic fame, since a lot of the PoI have proper
  noun status. This makes travelling anywhere simpler than in Jersey, 
  where most of everything begins with "the" and ends with some generic 
  word like "park" or "school" or "street mime." (Yes, I realize there 
  were no street mimes in New Jersey.)

----->78 Water: A building with a garden of gears and water around it in the
	northeast corner of the level. It's in front and to the left of where
	you start when you load the area.

----->The Banks: Occupying most of the west side, the Banks is a pit with cars
	and ledges and hobos--all sorts of things for you to combo off of
	(except for the hobos).

----->The college: A brown building in the northeast corner of the level. It's
	directly behind you when you start the level.

----->Construction Site: On a side-street between 78 Water and the War Memorial
	and JP Building is a small hut with a bunch of construction workers
	pounding away at the concrete.

----->Highway: It runs along the south and west walls of the area, and it's
	pretty high up there. The best ways to reach it are to go up a QP on
	the waterfront, or to Spine Transfer onto one of the buildings north
	of the Banks, and then jump onto the highway.

----->JP Building: A large gray building bordering the War Memorial and a pink
	park-like area. You can only get into this building by completing the

----->Metro Station: A glass building on the southeast of the level with a 
	giant "M" on the front.

----->Museum Store: This is in the very southeastern corner, and isn't really
	that important except for the OLD SCHOOL SKATING TECHNIQUES goal. It
	has a QP on the front and a pair of ramps and a HP on the roof.

----->War Memorial: In the middle of the level, bordering the JP Building, is
	this place--an area with a lot of grind lines and a bowl in the 
	center, perfect for either the Vert- or Street-based skater.

----->Waterfront: Dominating the entire southern edge, the Waterfront is home
	to a couple QPs and a multitude of grindables. It has a giant anchor
	on the eastern end.

[SECRET TAPE] This guy is on top of the Metro Station's sign and is actually
	REALLY easy to get to. The sign has a ladder next to the green pole,
	closer to the college than the Waterfront; climb it and when you get
	over the ledge of the sign, double-jump on top of it and jump up to
	grab the tape. Ker-CAKEWALK.


[Chapter 04] - Skate the Big Apple

Goals: 5


	Goal: Get a high score of 45,000 points

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: This one's really simple. You've got access to the entire level
	and there's no limitations beyond the time. The best place to do
	this, if you're looking for one, is the War Memorial, with looped 
	grinding rails and a bowl.


	Goal: Learn Hold-Grind Combos!

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: Hold-grinds are easy to do, and most Tony Hawk vets probably
	know how to do them by default, anyway. But for those curious, five
	pairs of grinds will pop up on the right side of the screen--your job
	is to hit one grind in a pair on one bench, and then switch and hit
	the other grind when you make contact with the second bench. You don't
	need to jump or anything--just keep an eye on the list and try not to
	get an itchy grinding finger.


	Goal: Collect the missing items

	Time: 3:00

	Hints: The student's stuff is scattered all around Manhattan, and its
	path is a lot more vague than most Tony Hawk stuff uses. The first 
	item is up on a ledge you can reach by grinding on the brown ledge to 
	your right and jumping when that ledge angles up. Head down towards 
	the Banks and vert up a ramp on the outside edge to get number two. 
	Head south of The Banks to the Museum Store; go off the QP in front of 
	it, hit a grind on the building's roof, then jump onto the banner 
	flags and grind to get number three. Number four is on a ledge on the 
	Metro Station near where the goal started, which you can reach again 
	by verting off the QP and hitting a grind. Magic number five is in 
	the alley next to 78 Water, which you can reach by verting off the 
	nearby QP at an angle and landing a grind on the telephone wire. 


	Goal: Score 2,500 points at Pyramid Ledges

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: This one's easy. A pair of grind shuffles will get you past 
	it. Your only restriction is that you can't leave the Pyramid 


	Goal: Score 5,000 in 78 Water

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: Another simple one; 78 Water has a lot of ledges to grind on. 
	It's actually really easy to go overkill here.


	Goal: Score 6,000 points in The Waterfront

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: The Waterfront has a line of benches and banner flags that you
	can tear up for another easy kill. Or, if you prefer vert tricks, 
	there's also a few QP's scattered around.


	Goal: Score 7,000 points in the War Memorial

	Time: 2:00 

	Hints: And now, a cakewalk. Grind or Vert to your hearts desire. 
	For newbies, try hopping around grind ledges to increase your score. 
	If you're having difficulty, remember to use the manual and walk to 
	your advantage.


	Goal: Score 8,000 at the Banks

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: You start right in front of a line--if you grind it all the way
	through and switch grinds a few times, then this score--and goal--will
	be in the bag.


	Goal: Take out all the other nut vendors!

	Time: 0:30

	Hints: This is your third time driving, so it may still be a bit 
	awkward. Although not the hardest goal, this is somewhat challenging 
	because of its newness and the fact that the Beater you drive really 
	sucks. There's an arrow at the top of the screen that points you at 
	the next Nut Vendor in line, and you'll have to do some pretty funky 
	driving to hit all of them (including driving up through the miniature 
	park attached to JP Building). Every time you destroy a Nut Vendor 
	Cart, you get 10 seconds added to your time. You start at the 
	Waterfront near the Metro Station, and there are seven Vendors to hit:

	1// Straight ahead from where you start, at the opposite end of The

	2// At the far end of The Banks, in the bowl. It's best to come in from
	the left, hit it, then spin around and head up the ramp.

	3// This one is in the park of the JP Building. You have to take a 
	sharp left from The Banks and head up the pink ramp. The Vendor is on 
	the upper level, which basically requires you to go straight up.

	4// Fourth guy is in front of the Pyramid Ledges. Head down from the
	park, going the opposite way you came into it, and take a right.

	5// Turn around and head down the road with the construction workers.
	The fifth Vendor is at the corner of the building next to 78 Water.

	6// Back up and head into the alley next to 78 Water, then take a right
	into a narrow alleyway.

	7// Lastly, twitch a little to the left to nail the Vendor you 
	originally promised to help, just to the left of the anchor. Thus 
	ends chapter four!


[Chapter 05] - Skating with the Locals

Goals: 5


	Goal: Follow the Manhattan Local

	Time: 0:40

	Hint: Taking on a different pace, you have to follow the skater as he
	makes a pretty decent line on the Highway. Keep him in your sight, 
	using the right analogue stick to turn the camera around, and don't
	fall too far behind. You should stay on foot for the most part, since
	you have better control of the camera, but the skater might get ahead
	of you, requiring you to get back on your board for a bit. Just don't
	knock into him, or he'll bail and you'll lose the goal.


	Goal: Hit the line in a combo

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The objects you need to hit are glowing. You start in a line with
	the old Cop Cars; jump the gap between them and hit the second set, 
	then manual your way over to the glowing ledge. You can hit the QP 
	ledge between them at your own discretion, as the computer sometimes 
	doesn't let it work. Hit the curved ledges, making sure to jump the 
	gap, then land and manual over to the glowing bench. Grind that, then 
	the other one, and manual to the glowing QP. Hit any vert trick off 
	the QP and you're done. If you happen to mess up the combo, you've got 
	the option of going back and starting from the beginning.


	Goal: Make the car catch fire and ditch it!

	Time: N/A

	Hint: Drive the car around Manhattan to make the engine overheat. It 
	starts to smoke when you hit 175 degrees, hits critical at 250, and 
	catches fire as soon as you reach 300. The best thing to do is drive 
	around the entire block, hand-breaking only when you need to corner. 
	Turning causes your speed and temp to go down. (It's actually best if
	you take off going ahead, then right at the Banks and right at JP 
	again. If you manage to maintain speed, your engine catches fire just 
	as you turn the corner of 78 Water.) Once the engine is aflame, you 
	have 30 seconds to make it to The Waterfront and launch the car off 
	one of the QPs, or else you explode. (WOO-HOO!)


	Goal: Get nuts from the vendors and bring them to the guards

	Time: 0:20

	Hint: Holding down the ollie button is the most surefire way to get
	the nuts on time. An arrow will appear at the top of the screen, 
	pointing you once again in the direction of the nut vendors. Grab the 
	first nuts from the vendor at the far end of The Banks, then pass them 
	to the nearest security guard. Head back around JP Building and go 
	past the Pyramid Ledges. Grind on the safety barriers to pick up the 
	second nuts, then deliver them to the next awaiting guard. The last 
	vendor is in front of the Metro Station, and now you can rush 
	the nuts to the last waiting guard. This gives you access to the 
	inside of the building they had blocked off. Each time you pick up and 
	deliver nuts, 20 seconds get added to your clock.


	Goal: Get Special and nail the New York Nutbuster

	Time: 1:30

	Hints: The JP Building has a lot of grinding rails and QPs, so getting 
	special won't be anything tricky. Once you have the special meter 
	built up, find a QP and launch up, hitting LEFT-RIGHT-GRAB. You'll 
	pull off a custom trick, the Nutbuster, and gain access to the Custom 
	Trick menu.


	Goal: Hit the tricks while gapping the burning taxi

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: You have basic flip and grab tricks now, but the problem is more
	gapping the taxi itself, rather than pulling off tricks. You start off
	in front of a ramp, and you should use that to launch over the taxi 
	from The Banks side. You have to hit the gap, Car Hop, in order for the
	tricks to register. You can hop over the taxi from the other side no
	problem, but it helps to have speed if you rebound off the QP opposite
	the taxi, and you have to angle yourself so you don't hit the ramp on 
	the other side and bail. Nail them all and you're on your way to 
	Chapter six, now with access to Peralta's Skate Shop!


[Chapter 06] - Favors for a Ride

Goals: 3


	Goal: Show Stacy's relative what skating is all about! Nail 50,000 
	points inside the JP Building

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: This is going to be the first difficult-ish High Score 
	challenge in the game. You can go anywhere in JP Building to score
	your points--the grind rails and QPs on the third floor are probably
	the best place for it. Bust out your tricks to impress this slave 
	driver and make him STFU.


	Goal: No Comply five times

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: No Complies are basic skating tricks that you usually pull
	off by accident. Hit up and the ollie button at the exact same time to
	No Comply. Do this five times.


	Goal: No Comply over the barrier

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: Move for the glowing barrier straight ahead of you and No 
	Comply over it.


	Goal: Follow the combo command

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: No Comply onto the glowing bench. Land in any manual, then
	jump off and perform a Kickflip before landing. It's difficult if you
	don't entirely understand what they want of you.


	Goal: Boneless five times

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: The Boneless is another old-school technique the Chef has you
	learn. Unlike the No Comply where you have to hit Up and Ollie at once,
	the Boneless has you tap up twice and THEN ollie. It's another one of
	those, "Whoops, I did it again" moves, but doing it purposefully is
	harder. It takes practice.


	Goal: Boneless over the wall

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: Head for the glowing wall and perform a Boneless in order to 
	clear it. May take you a few tries if you're still unfamiliar with how
	to perform a Boneless.


	Goal: Boneless off the QP

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: Head for the QP. In order to Boneless off it, tap up twice 
	before you actually hit it, then jump once you've touched it. You'll 
	gain MEGA air and end this particular goal.


	Goal: Take the stolen goods from the native skaters

	Time: 3:30

	Hint: The five skaters you need to hit have skull marks over their 
	heads, and move all over Manhattan. There's no surefire order to catch
	any of them besides chasing after the first guy you see and just 
	flowing with it from there. You'll almost definitely have trouble with
	this goal, and I'm not sure if you can save it for later or not, but if
	you can, it's best you should. Leave it for a when you're a bit more 
	experianced and can pull off speedy grind and vert combos.


[Tampa] - Places of Interest

  Unlike Manhattan, Tampa is a place of vast, generic suck. Almost every-
  thing in this level seems to blur together in one splotch of off-white.
  There may seem like there's a lot of PoI here, but they're dwarfed by
  the sheer size of this level. And even then, most of these PoI, beside
  SPOT, are pretty lame.

----->"Art": A yellow dingus situated next to a white building that's on
	the same road as the drawbridge. It's not good for grinding or 
	comboing off of, but it's there nonetheless.

----->Bank: A white building on the southeast of the center patch, you can 
	only get in by spining off one of the QPs bordering the front door.
	There's a lot of ramps, and it leads into a hidden line if you go out
	the top back door, but that's all there is too it.

----->Bro Bowl: Inside Peacock Park, the Bro Bowl is...well, there. It's okay 
	for grinds and a few vert tricks, but like all of Tampa it's under-
	whelming. It's a flatland ramp that dips and gradually curves into a

----->Bowl Park: Next to the docks on the waterfront is a series of QPs 
	and bowls and ledges.This is probably the best part of the level 
	because there are actual, non-sucky lines, and it's isolated from 
	everywhere else.

----->Detective Hut: A small building on the southwest of that center area.
	There's nothing really impressive about it, shock, but it's there
	either way.

----->Docks: In the southwest corner of the level is a swampy-docky area with
	a crocodile, Wet Beaver's Party Boat, and Bart's Chili House. It's
	got a rail and a couple QPs, but that's all.

----->Drawbridge: You can find this on the south border of the level. There's
	a pair of buildings bordering it, but the bridge itself is only good
	for wallplanting.

----->Peacock Park: This takes up most of the west side of the level and has a 
	few TrickObs. There are better places to rip a combo, though. Like 
	another level.

----->SPOT (Skate Park of Tampa): SPOT has two buildings set in the center
	of the level, seperated by a series of ramps. This is where all the
	action of chapter nine takes place. One building has a pool and a few
	ramps here and there, and that's used for training; the other building
	has ramps and benches and such set up inside, as well as a section
	for spectators, and that's where you'll compete in most of the comps.
	The roofs of the buildings also have a couple ramps and grindables.

----->Strip Club: The very conspicuous-looking building in the northeast 
	corner of the area, the strip club has a pair of QPs, some rails, and
	a bowl hidden on the roof.

----->Wet Beaver's Party Boat: A boat in the southwest corner of the level
	behind Bart's Chili Hut and past the aligator. It's basically a narrow 

[SECRET TAPE] This guy actually looks a little intimidating. In the very back 
	of the level, between the drawbridge and Bowl Park, is a giant white
	building, the one "Art" happens to be situated next to. The easiest 
	way to get to that tape is to get off your board and latch onto the
	roof of the Detective's hut. You'll see a wire coming off one corner
	of the hut, so grab that and shimmy up to the white building's roof.
	There's a pair of HPs up there, but all you need to do is hop out of
	the building and fall into the Tape to grab it.

	If you've gotten all the tapes so far, then you'll be treated to your
	first video: Pro Bails 1. Congratulations!


[Chapter 07] - With Syrup or Jelly 

Goals: 5


	Goal: Wallride over the stickers to take them down

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: The stickers follow a very vague line, and the only way to knock 
	'em down is to wallride across them. To wallride, jump at a narrow 
	angle into a wall and hit the grind button. Jump during a wallride to 
	wallie, which makes you ollie higher and farther than normal. There's 
	five stickers to take down.

	1// Ollie off the ramp in front of you when you start, and wall-ride to
	get the first one.

	2// Go across the street to the SPOT competition building and go off 
	the plywood ramp set up against the dumpster. Wall ride to get number 

	3// This guy is on a wall of the Detective Hut, bordering the wall with
	ramps set up against it.

	4// Numbah four is hangin' out between the SPOT practice building and
	The Bank.

	5// The last one is on the wall next to the strip club near where you 


	Goal: Collect 12 donuts

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The donuts follow a pretty obvious line. The most difficult part
	is between donuts 2 and 3, grinding on the plank over the chain link
	fence; if you have trouble, get off your board and use your double-jump
	to get over the top. if there's an overwhelming request to have the
	donut locations listed, I'll put up a list.


	Goal: Collect all the money

	Time: 0:05

	Hint: You start on the top floor of the bank; follow the trail of cash
	by collecting each bill. You might run into some trouble when crashing
	out of the bank, so go into a manual and grind to the ledge, where the
	third wad of cash is floating. After that, just manual and grind until
	you get to the concrete barriers near the strip club, where the last
	cash is. You have to get every bill in order to get the goal.


	Goal: Grind the car five times

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The car is stationary (thankfully) and sits across the street
	from the strip club. It's easiest to Caveman onto the car rather than 
	jumping at it while on the board. 


	Goal: Kickflip over the strip club's awning

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: This one's pretty simple. Ride up a QP on one side of the strip 
	club and do a standard Kickflip. If you overshoot and wind up going 
	past the QP on the other side of the awning, get off your board before
	bailing to land on your feet and save time.


	Goal: Deliver all the drycleaning

	Time: 0:15

	Hint: There's multiple people to deliver the laundry to, and The Red 
	Arrow appears at the top to tell you what direction they're in. Deliver
	each garment to gain 10 seconds on the clock. If you bail, you fail 
	the goal.

	1//The first guy is near "Art".

	2//Number two is across the street from the first one, up a set of s
	teep stairs and under the awning of a building.

	3//The third one is back on street level, under the awning of the brown
	building in the corner of the level.

	4//Head to the strip club for number four.

	5//The last guy is in front of the bathroom in Peacock Park. 


	Goal: Grind down the signs

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Eric's finally free, and now you can take it back to the "white-
	meats" that locked him up and put you on Lazy-Ass duty. There are five
	Mayor Jed signs around Tampa (highlighted by THUG marks) and you have 
	to take 'em down.

	1// Right in front of you. Ride up the QP and grind at the top, 
	crossing the wire holding the first Jed sign.

	2// On the big gray building next to the strip club, you have to go up
	a small ramp. DON'T WALLRIDE OR GRIND YET. When you reach the sign, you
	tap the grind button to land on it and mow it down.

	3// Across the street from the Strip Club, in the same clearing where 
	the cheating couples' car is, you can find the third sign. Take it out.

	4// Number four is in Peacock Park, just beyond the sidewalk.

	5// Head in the direction of the Private Eye's building. The fifth one 
	should be in sight, and all that's left for you is to knock it down.


	Goal: Avoid the cop cars

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Eric, loving friend that he is, leaves you to take care of the 
	cops chasing after you. There's giant green arrows on the street, and
	you have to hit OR come close to each one to make the next one appear.
	The Red Arrow returns again to point the way. Occasionally, cop 
	cars shoot into the middle of the road to block you; this makes it 
	hard, but if you memorize the places you can get through, you should 
	be fine. Most of the green arrows go around the block, but the final 
	one is on the ramp next to Bart's Chili House. Hit this to send your 
	car into the river.

	The cop car is the third car you use in the game. It's got good 
	handling, but has a really poor top speed.


[Chapter 08] - Grease the Pros

Goals: 6


	Goal: Nail the tricks on the boat

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Bam Margera calls out tricks to you, and you have to pull them 
	off on Wet Beaver's Party Boat. Most of the boat is a half pipe, but 
	you have very little space to maneuver and can very easily fall into 
	the water--when it looks like this will happen, get off your board to
	save what tricks you've done and a few seconds. The tricks are all 
	basic flip and grab stuff, so it's not too hard if you can avoid 


	Goal: Wallplant off the drawbridge and manual through the cones

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: Wallplanting requires you to ollie at a wall and press ollie and 
	down on the joystick as soon as you make contact. Do this off the 
	drawbridge and you'll automatically rebound back the way you came; land
	in a manual and keep your balance until you make it through three sets 
	of cones. The cones are set up on either side of the street, and the 
	last one will be at the bottom of the hill in an intersection.


	Goal: Get more than 10,000 points in a combo

	Time: 0:31

	Hint: You start off facing Bart's Chili Hut; just grind on the ledge as
	soon as you reach it and keep going from there. This is the first in
	a set of difficult combos, and losing it before making the set score
	means you have to retry the whole thing. THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST 
	INFURIATING GOAL IN THE GAME. It's very easy to lose a combo in Tampa
	due to the poorly-alined grinds and verts, and a lot of excess flatland
	areas that don't really LEAD anywhere..


	Goal: Get more than 10,000 points in a combo

	Time: 0:31

	Hint: Same score as before, only now you start out over the water near 
	the drawbridge, where your chances of bailing or falling into the water
	are much greater. You don't have any limits to where you can start the
	combo, so I recommend going down to street level and starting there


	Goal: Beat a 10,000 point combo

	Time: 0:31

	Hint: Now you start out on the roof of the the SPOT Contest building. 
	Between this and the roof of the practice building, there isn't a 
	whole lot of individual material, you can link all of it together and 
	make a SICK line, about the only one in the level. Again, though, if 
	this isn't your pan of bacon, you can always use your time limit to 
	go down to street level and find something else you'd rather combo on. 
	If you top this one, then CONGRATULATIONS! You've beaten it!! Now 
	feel free to take Andrew Reynolds into Tampa Freeskate and feed him to 
	that crocodile at the docks!


	Goal: Grind down all the bottles in The Bowl using one combo

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: There are four sets of bottles lined up in Bro Bowl. Grind on the
	outside rim of The Bowl and hold your balance until you come around 
	the bend and take out the fourth set of bottles. After BEAT ANDREW'S 
	BEST COMBOS, this should be a cake-walk with moon physics-flavored 


	Goal: Follow the instructions

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Your first task is to land a trick with at least a 360 spin on 
	it. This should be nothing difficult; there's plenty of QPs around, 
	and even just shooting up and spinning around without doing any real 
	tricks will qualify.

	Your next goal is to do at least a 540 spin and revert it. Another 
	simple one, really; build up speed and go up a QP. 540 spins aren't too
	hard to do. You'll more likely have more trouble with the revert, but
	only if you don't know how to do it. Which, hopefully by now, you do.


	Goal: Nail the tricks and spins

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: This the usual "hit the tricks on the list" thing, only one or 
	two tricks will require you to meet the exact degree of spinnage. This 
	won't give you too much trouble as long as you don't over-spin.


	Goal: Beat Tony Hawk's score

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: You and Tony Hawk are both stationed in the same big HP you had 
	to use for the first part of this goal, and Tony is by no means a 
	pushover. You have to really work here in order to beat the Birdman, 
	so bust out your best vert combos. Link it together by reverting, 
	manualling, and walking, letting the combo go only when you have to.

	You can't go very far away from the HP, so be sure not to fall out of 
	it. Again, get off your board if you think you're going to overshoot
	so you land on your feet and conserve your combo.


[Chapter 09] - Kill the Comp

Total Goals: 4

Goals to Beat: 3


	Goal: Place in the street comp

	Time: 0:30 each

	Hint: In previous Tony Hawk games, competitions and contests were 
	fairly frequent--and, in fact, had levels dedicated purely to them. 
	They spare you that for the most part in THUG, thankfully.

	To start, you have three turns to impress the judges, and each turn is 
	30 seconds long. You can do anything you feel like as long as you stay
	within the boundaries of the street comp area--you can't leave the 
	building or go up into the seats. Doing that makes you lose your 
	current combo and precious time. There's a few ramps in the street 
	comp area and you're not forbidden from doing vert tricks, but you 
	don't gain a lot of points if you try to be vert-centric. The best 
	thing to do is to hop around on grinding rails and manual, and when 
	you hit a ramp, pull off a quickie vert trick and go into a revert 
	again. The secret to getting high scores in comps is by holding a 
	combo for as long as possible after your time runs out.

	And don't bail; bailing hurts your score. When you finish a round in
	the comp, you get rated by five judges. The lowest two scores get 
	dropped, and the last three are averaged together and posted on the 
	standings board. Then the top two scores from your three rounds are 
	averaged (the lowest is dropped), and if you place somewhere in the top
	five, you're successful.


	Goal: Place in the Vert comp

	Time: 0:30 each

	Hint: The rules are identical to the Street comp; combo and pull mad
	tricks staying within the particular area of contesting, this time
	Vert tricks. Three turns, thirty seconds and five scores per turn, the
	lowest two scores dropped and the rest averaged together, the lowest 
	overall score dropped and the highest two averaged together, place in
	the top five to win, don't leave the contest area and don't don't DON'T

	You're in the HP set between the SPOT buildings, and that's the area of
	interest. Here, you want to build up speed and get some high air; do a
	sick combo and revert as you land, going into a manual so you can Vert 
	again. Comboing is the key, just like IMPRESS TONY HAWK last chapter.

	If it looks like you're about to go past the HP and bail, or if you're
	not angled right, get off the board and land on your feet to conserve
	the combo.


	Goal: Climb up to the SPOT building

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: This is sort of like a reminder excersize of off-board 
	techniques. Jump to the overhang in front of you and haul yourself 
	up, then go over to the narrower overhang and do the same thing. 
	Climb up the ladder on the narrow ledge to reach the roof of SPOT.


	Goal: Beat 30,000 points on the rooftop

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: Remember how I said earlier that the roof doesn't have a whole
	lot of individual stuff, so you need to make it a line to make big 
	points? That's what you have to do here. You can stay on one rooftop 
	or switch between them, but in the end you can't fall down to the 
	ground. If you can nail a Special grind on the long, angled red pipe 
	on the SPOT Comp building roof, then you should be set to go.


	Goal: Win the best trick Comp

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: The rules are simple, although they sound confusing: there are 
	six skaters in Best Trick Comp, and every thirty seconds (at 1:30, 
	1:00, 0:30, 0:00) the skater with the lowest score gets eliminated. 
	Eric is in the comp too, and he'll always be one of the final two 
	skaters to win; your job is to try and be the second.

	The list of other skaters and their current scores will appear on the 
	left side of the screen. When a skater is dropped, their name will 
	turn red and "DROPPED OUT" will appear where his score used to be. 
	Since the comp takes place in the Street Comp area, there's plenty of 
	Street and Vert stuff for you to use at your disposal; it's best to 
	bust it all down because hesitating or bailing will cost you. Don't
	leave the area and don't enter the bleachers, because you'll loose
	your combo.


	Goal: Beat Eric's score

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Now it's down to you and Eric, and he's done his proper job of 
	being a bastard by getting a little bit harder since Chapter 1. Just 
	keep using the terrain to your advantage and link together big combos. 
	It's possible to Headsmack Eric and make him lose his combo (and give 
	you a little bit of satisfaction), but it takes time and effort and 
	you're better off spending it by making your own lines. Beat Eric's 
	score and you win the Tampa AM comp.

	Congratulations! You're now an Ameteur skater, and can increase your
	skating stats further!


[Chapter 10] - Join a Team

	Goals: N/A


	Hints: Just by beating Chapter 9 alone, you'll unlock the five Sponsor
	videos which can be viewed from the Main Menu's Options submenu at any
	time. You also get gear and an Interface Theme relating to the group
	you pick. You have to beat the game five times in order to get all the
	gear and interfaces, which are transposed across different skaters'
	story modes. But those aside, there's no real difference when you
	choose one sponsor over another.


[Am Skill Points] - By the time you gain access to your new Am Skill Point
goals, you'll have been shuffled full across the country to San Diego, 
California; it's an okay level, got some good Stat-earning places. 

	|  AIR   |

	Air Transfer 50 Feet

	  San Diego has the PERFECT area for a big air transfer; on the 
	  east end of the level, in front of Bigorgan Theater, there is a
	  massive QP broken up by two wide staircases; build up speed and
	  go up the long, center section of the QP and hit it at a high,
	  long angle. It'll probably take a few tries, but if you can't get
	  it, don't worry; you can always come back.

	Land a 5,000 Point Air

	  Hitting a triple kick or heelflip of a QP, followed by a single 
	  kick or heelflip, while spinning, will bag you this one. If you 
	  like, try it off a steep spine transfer, like Hawaii's Big Surf 

	|  LIP   |

	Hold a Liptrick for 5 Seconds

	  Fortunately, San Diego is full of plenty Lipable areas; find one 
	  you like and try to hold it as long as you can. Go into it slow
	  for better balance.

	Hold a Liptrick for 6 Seconds

	  Hold it for one more second and this guy is yours!

	|  RUN   |

	Wallplant 2 Times in One Combo

	  Believe it or not, San Diego has very few wall-to-wall surafaces.
	  This requires you to be creative; the best place I've found to do 
	  it is to start on the outside of the blue and white building on 
	  the north end of San Diego (near where you start) and to head
	  back to the brown wall bordering a QP and one of the two small 
	  self-contained rivers.

	Air 20 Feet High

	  Simple as pie. You'll probably nail this going up a QP at any 
	  decent speed.

	|  FLIP  |

	Triple Kickflip 2 Times in One Combo

	  All you need here is a good HP; there are a few cleverly hidden
	  around San Diego, barring you from having to leave the level.

	Do 5 Fliptricks in One Combo

	  You can find an HP and try this one out if you'd like, but I find
	  it a bit easier (and multi-purposed) to find a line in the north
	  end of San Diego and grind it, jumping and popping off quick kick
	  or heelflips. This will also help you get your Am Switch stats.

	|  RAIL  |

	Grind for 20 Seconds

	  This one's STILL difficult. If you haven't gotten Grind for 15
	  Seconds yet, you'll (obviously) have trouble getting this one. 
	  There aren't a lot of infinite grinds at this point in the game, 
	  but San Diego has a pool right near where you start. You can try
	  using the outside diameter of that, but it requires patience and
	  balance. If you're willing to wait, Vancouver has some nice pools
	  that you can use.

	50-50 3 Times in One Combo

	  This one is pretty easy compared to the previous two Grind stat
	  goals; the 50-50 is your default grind, and you perform it by
	  tapping the grind button on a rail without hitting a direction.
	  The north end of San Diego, where you start, is full of long Grind
	  lines that you can hit no problem.

	|  SPIN  |

	Do 3 Grabs in Once Combo

	  Similar to Am Flip goals, I recommend finding a good grind line 
	  and popping off quickie grab tricks (Tailgrabs work best) while
	  hopping along. If not your thing, find one of the scant HPs in the
	  north end of the level and hit two grabs, revert, manual, and hit
	  two more grabs. This takes care of the second Am Goal, too.

	Do 4 Grabs in Once Combo

	  Gwooooofable!!! (Sorry, got tired of writing "same as above.")

	| OLLIE  |

	Ollie Up 10 Feet

	  A lot of people confuse this with simply going up a QP and scoring
	  decent air, but that's not what this goal is about. (Beleive me, 
	  in going back through the game to figure all this stuff out, I 
	  know. I got confused too.) Basically, you need to find a ramp--
	  NOT a QP or HP--and, at top speed, go at the ramp and jump off as
	  it launches you into the air. San Diego has a good spot for that,
	  and you'll probably hit it as you do Paul Rodriguez's Pro Goal.
	  If you head up to the rooftop where you start this goal, or the
	  goal "ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN," build up speed, and launch off the ramp
	  at the end of the building, you'll fly far enough to hit the 10
	  feet you need to get. You can also do it off Bigorgan Theater's
	  center stage, which is lined with tiny ramps.

	Ollie Up 20 Feet

	  I stumbled across how to do this by accident; have decent speed
	  built up. Hit the ramp bordering the guarden where you borrow the
	  gardening cart (later in the game), and try to grind the ledge as
	  you pass by. If you can hit it, you'll make 20 feet up.

	| SPEED  |

	Land a 50,000 Point Combo

	  San Diego's got a decent selection of lines, mostly in the north
	  and south ends of the area. Start anywhere, land special grinds and
	  grind shuffles, manual, walk, vert, whatever. The scores aren't
	  very much of a challenge if you take these challenges on with the
	  right amount of intensity. If you have trouble with them, you can
	  always save them for later; there are other levels with much better
	  lines, and hell, you could backtrack to any of the previous levels
	  if you felt like it.

	Land a 75,000 Point Combo

	  Same as above; you can hit both of them in one combo.


	Land a 7 Trick Combo

	  If you choose to follow the guideline for "Do 5 Fliptricks in One 
	  Combo" for Am Flip, you'll nail this and Land a 10 Trick Combo on
	  the way. Or you can find a nice, straight line and nail a series of
	  shuffle-grinds while flipping over or manualling through gaps.
	  Similarly, you could find an HP (rare as they are in San Diego) and
	  do some verting.

	Land a 10 Trick Combo

	  Same as above, baybee.


	Manual for 10 Seconds

	  Like the grind and liptrick timed stat goals, this requires you to
	  manual for ten *consecutive* seconds, not ten seconds total; find 
	  a nice strip of flatland (San Diego has some good spots, but stay
	  out of the street; hitting a car makes you lose the manual) and 
	  follow it. If you want, go into a Pogo (while manualling, tap the
	  Grind button twice) in order to stop you in place. Be quick on the
	  joystick, because you can very easily lose balance and bail.

	Manual 3 Times in One Combo

	  A cakewalk; to make it easy, just start a manual, ollie, manual,
	  ollie, manual and jump out of it. 


[San Diego] - Places of Interest

  Finally out of Tampa! Now you head to the opposide side of the 
  continent and take on San Diego. This area has a lot of buildings and
  open spaces, but it's all comboable. After the unending fields of
  boring, this place is a welcome change.

----->The Atrium: Actually two buildings in the middle of the level, the
	Atrium is great for getting air and nailing a lot of vert stuff. One
	building is a yellow-brown color and has some statues inside, and the
	other is white with a blue stripe on the outside with red tile 

----->Bigorgan Theater: This massive, open-aired theater can be found in the
	northwest. It's got plenty of grindables and a few ramps. Later,
	plywood TrickObs get set inside, adding a few more of each.

----->DINO Museum: A big white museum in the south end of the level, 
	to the right of where you start. It's got some pretty funky ledges 
	that make for interesting grind combos, and a big set of stairs that
	you can gap down.

----->Horse Statue: A horse statue with a QP on either side that you have to 
	do Spining tricks over. You can find it between ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN 
	and Bigorgan Theater.

----->Manly Museum of Art: This building is tucked in a corner of the level
	near the Team Hangout and ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN. It's got a QP in front.

----->The Plaza: This is the entire southern end, a happy place of benches, 
	ledges, and flatland. This area is PERFECT for the street-style skater,
	but cold-shouldered to the vert-styled. There's a few ramps and QPs, 
	but they're very hard to come by.

----->ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN: This building, which I don't have a better name for,
	is in the northern end of the level. It's the building that arches 
	over the street and sits in the middle of that whole area. It's got
	rails and QPs on the bottom, and the top has more QPs and a nice flat-
	land area.

----->Team Hangout: Past the ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN building is a red-bricked 
	building with a ramp and a rail. This is your team's hangout, and
	you'll find yourself returning here often to start or finish a goal.

[SECRET TAPE] In Bigorgan Theater, the ST is floating above the left wing (if
	you're looking at it face-on). There's a couple ways to get up there,
	but the simplest is to use the QPs on the inside front part of the 
	wing's tip. The QPs will be arranged with one alongside the wing,
	and the other two facing away from the center one on either side of
	it. Go up the center ramp and hit the shoulder buttons to even out.
	This should land you right on top of the wing, and all you have to do 
	is pop up the QP right below the ST to grab it.


[Chapter 11] - Prove Yourself Worthy

Total Goals: 5
Goals to Beat: 4


	Goal: Heelflip over the stairs

	Time: 0:45

	Hint: These stairs look pretty easy to go over at first, but they're 
	not. They're certainly not difficult, but hitting the gap is a bit of 
	a challenge. Since you start to the side of the stairs, you have to 
	hold down the Ollie button for speed, and angle yourself as you go
	over the stairs. You have to hit the gap and make the trick in order
	for it to count.


	Goal: Double Heelflip down the stairs

	Time: 0:45

	Hint: Same deal as last time, only now you need to hit a Double 
	Heelflip, which you do by tapping the kick button twice while holding 
	left. Still not really hard.


	Goal: Double Impossible down the stairs

	Time: 0:45

	Hint: Still the same deal, for the most part. Double Impossibles take 
	longer to pull off, but if you've got enough speed and timed the jump
	right, there won't be an issue.


	Goal: 360 Flip over the stairs.

	Time: 0:45

	Hint: This one's gonna provide a little challenge; the 360 Flip is a
	diagonal trick. Hold diagonal down-left and tap the flip button twice
	to pull it off. The hardest part is landing, since the flip throws you


	Goal: Grind down all the flower boxes

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You start aimed at a ledge that has a set of flower boxes lined 
	up on it. Grind on the ledge to nail the first three of the ten boxes, 
	and slow down when you get to the next platform. Go around the corner 
	and hit the second U-shaped ledge, and take down the last seven flower 
	boxes. This is pretty simple, focusing mostly on your ability to 
	balance around curved grinding surfaces.


	Goal: Melon over the gap

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: So, you're set up with a pair of ramps over the awning of a nice
	atrium. Your goal is to hit the gap and nail the required trick and 
	land on the other side. This wouldn't be too hard save the fact that
	the game is really finicky about whether you hit the gap or not. In 
	either case, it's best for you to use the Chef's OLD SCHOOL SKATING 
	TECHNIQUES to your advantage by Bonelessing or No Complying over the 
	gap and nailing your trick in the air. 

	To start, something basic; a Melon grab. You need to hit the opposite
	ramp past the flat part to trigger the gap.


	Goal: Stiffy the gap

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: Stiffies are fast tricks, but they also fly pretty low; try to 
	Boneless before pulling it off to nail the gap.


	Goal: Rocket Air the gap

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: Rocket Airs are another fast-but-low-flying style of trick. 
	You'll definitely need to Boneless or No Comply in order to get it.


	Goal: One-Foot Tailgrab the gap

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: Last one for this challenge. Boneless and hit the One-Footie,
	down-grab-grab, and be done with this goal.


	Goal: Manual through the arches, and flip over the barrier in between

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: This one takes a little practice, but you can get it without
	too much trouble; ollie right away and land in a Manual (NOT a Nose
	Manual, the game's very picky about that). You should have enough speed
	to pull off a Pop Shove-it over the barrier and land in another Manual
	(again, not a Nose Manual). Carry the Manual through the cones at the
	end of the building for another easy win.


	Goal: Nail the tricks over the Horse statue

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Skeezo will call out tricks for you to hit as you spine transfer
	over the horse statue. The tricks are basic grabs and flips, and you 
	can nail two tricks per Spine, easily. The main problems come from the 
	terrain itself; the statue, which has a QP on either side of it, is 
	very narrow,so it's easy to miss your target. Another QP borders each 
	side of the statue: the long one in front of Bigorgan Theater, and a 
	smaller one on the ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN building. It takes too much time 
	to hit those QPs and you can't avoid the ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN building, 
	so when you land from busting a trick, hold down the Ollie button. 
	Pull a tight turn to avoid the ramp on Bigorgan Theater, and try not to
	air too high when you hit the ramp on the ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN building.


[Chapter 12] - Party! Party! Party!

Goals: 5


	Goal: Wallplant the green spots

	Time: 3:00

	Hint: There are five walls with green highlights on them meant for you
	to wallplant. Hit all five spots to put up flyers for your party.

	1//Right in front of you. Not hard to miss.

	2//In the Atrium (where you did AIR OUT THE ATRIUM), against the front
	wall; it's almost directly behind where you start, so you'll probably
	spot it as you rebound off the first wall.

	3//In the archway in the center of town, the one that goes beneath the
	ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN building. (I need to find a better name for that 
	place.) This one seems to be the most finnicky of the lot, denying you
	the wallplant pretty often. It doesn't help that you can't clear the 
	two railings without No Complying or Bonelessing (which make 
	things unnecessarily complicated). So line up with the gap in the 
	railing and hope that you can get the wallplant.

	4//If you go around Bigorgan Theater's right side, you'll see a big 
	green patch on a wall across the street from it.

	5//Back towards the north end of the area, almost towards the back. 
	It's on the opposite side from the museum, close to the circular 


	Goal: Retrieve the "snaked" instruments

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: Four instruments have been scattered around San Diego and, since 
	the band is a bunch of Blink 182-loving nancies (I have no proof to
	support that, but you just KNOW it's true), it's up to you to save the
	day and get the stuff back.

	1//The Electric Guitar is near the front of Bigorgan, on a ledge 
	bordering a small QP.

	2//The Mic is at your team's base of operations, against the brick 
	wall that borders the out-of-turf area. Go up the QP to reach it.

	3//The Drumsticks are in the northern part of the area, on a ledge 
	against the building across from the Museum, whose staircase you 
	totally tore up earlier in the game.

	4//The Bass Guitar is on the Museum itself. Go as high as you can on 
	the leftmost side, and haul yourself up onto the ledge while on foot.
	Now we can be have our ears bleed by the tens of choruses of "All The 
	Small Things" and "The Rock Show" the band will treat us to.


	Goal: Find the girl with the garden cart

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The fourth vehicle in the game is the garden cart, a tiny thing
	with incredible accelleration, speed, and handling. This is the most 
	fun of the story-related vehicles you get to use; while not as fast as 
	the Street Warrior's race car or Hotter Than Hell's go-kart, this thing
	can tearass for something its size. 

	Anyway, onto the goal. Fellow teammate Bender feels like his 
	masculinity is being threatened, so it's your job to bring some girls 
	to the party. No, Bender, don't worry, we won't tell anyone! The Red 
	Arrow appears on the top of the screen, telling you where the first 
	girl is located. She'll be tucked kind of to the side in the north 
	section of San Diego, near the museum.


	Goal: Score a 10,000 point combo

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: This one is kinda easy, because you're not limited to any one 
	area. Find a line and just bust out; the score's low and you have 
	access to the whole level.


	Goal: Find the second girl with the garden cart

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The red arrow appears again, leading you to the front of 
	Bigorgan Theater. You'll find Girl Number Two to the right of 
	Bigorgan's entrance. (That sounds SO wrong.)


	Goal: Nail the manual tricks

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: This goal is INCREDIBLY challenging if you haven't played THPS4. 
	That game teaches you the ability to shuffle your manuals, similar to 
	how you shuffle grinds; while in a manual, tap the grind, flip and 
	grab buttons in any double-combination. All of the second girls' 
	tricks will be shuffle manuals, including one surprise: The Spacewalk. 
	It's easiest if you enter a Pogo from the start (double-tap the grind 
	button in a manual) to keep yourself in place.

	The Spacewalk is done by hitting left-right-flip while manualling. It's
	funky and may take a little practice. Otherwise, the tricks are basic
	for shuffle-manuals. Once you have the hang of it, you'll be able to
	pull it off.


	Goal: Find the third girl with the garden cart

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The last girl is around the back of Bigorgan Theater. The Red
	Arrow helps lead the way, but really, you're just driving around in
	a big semicircle.


	Goal: Score 40,000 points

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: The back of Bigorgan Theater has a nice, solid ledge that you 
	can grind on. Use shuffles to build up your score and manual, 
	wallride, and grind once the ledge disappears into a few other 
	surfaces. Pop a few flip tricks in the meanwhile if you want to 
	secure it.


	Goal: Get the chicks back 

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Don't worry, Bender! We've saved your manliness by bringing you
	plenty of chiquitas. Head back to the Team Hangout. No big deal.


	Goal: Acid Drop off both towers

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You'll start on the ledge with the two towers on it; climb the 
	ladder up to the first tower, then walk over the edge towards the 
	street. Hit both shoulder buttons as you fall to get back on your 
	skateboard and roll into the QP at the bottom. You won't be taken back 
	up to the platform automatically, so keep hold of the monstrous 
	momentum you've just picked up and head up the QP across the street, 
	landing, and going up the QP under the ledge. Hop off your board and 
	go up to the second tower to do the same thing.


	Goal: Drive the garden cart around the race course

	Time: 1:15

	Hint: They say you're driving a security cart, but it's identical to 
	the garden cart in every way except that the back is empty. The Red 
	Arrow returns once more to point you in the right direction. You have 
	to navigate between the orange traffic barrels and road barriers 
	block off certain paths to show you where you're suppost to drive. 
	You'll be going around Bigorgan, down the street, around the garden, 
	through the arch, up to the museum, around the fountain, down the 
	stairs, and through the arch again. Not too difficult; actually it's
	one of the more fun goals in the game.


[Chapter 13] - Demo Time

Total Goals: 5
Goals to Beat: 4


	Goal: Skitch the cart for 60 Seconds

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You have to hold onto the back of the security cart as The Fuzz
	tries to make off with your team's gear. Security geeks line the 
	streets, so switch sides often to avoid being knocked off the cart. 
	The cart makes some tight turns, so on top of all that, you need to be 
	quick on the joystick. The cart will follow the same basic path you 
	took in the final goal last chapter, only in reverse.

	The officers appear on the streets in this order:


	After that, the driver will have made a full lap and the pattern will
	start all over again. If you lose your grip or get knocked off, the 
	cart will continue to drive on, but not as fast as when you were 


	Goal: Find the rest of the team

	Time: 4:00

	Hint: Well...everyone's hung over and lost all around the place. So 
	who gets to find 'em before the demo? That's right. You.

	1//On the same place where you had to acid drop the towers, on the
	tower opposite tower that Ralphie was standing on.

	2//Hidden behind a bush on the outside-left side of Bigorgan Theater.

	3//In the Atrium, on the U-shaped ledge on the floor.

	4//Opposite side of the plaza from the museum, on the top of a long QP.

	5//On the Manly Museum of Art (the white building opposite the 
	garden), on a high ledge. You can reach this easiest by going up the 
	QP in front of the front doors and grabbing onto the ledge to haul 
	yourself up.


	Goal: Score a 15,000 point combo

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: I think I got incredibly lucky when I did this by landing a grind
	on a car moving perpendicular to where I wanted to go. It's sick how
	many points you get from something like that. Anyway, it's nothing
	new here; since San Diego's Street TrickObs are more overt, you may 
	have an easier time grinding and manualling around. However, its subtle
	Vert areas can be comboed for a fatter amount of points.  It's only 
	made difficult by the occasional car moving through the street (unless 
	you manage to get a perpendicular grind).


	Goal: Collect 20 Stickers

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: The stickers follow a very obvious line that cuts straight 
	through the level. (NOTE!!! If you want help with the goal above this,
	pay attention to this line!) I won't bother listing them individually 
	since there's no real challenge to get them. It'd be a waste of time


	Goal: Nail the grinds on the high bar

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: This is fairly simple in theory, but it's far too easy to 
	undershoot the bar and bail. You CAN'T BAIL on this goal; time is 
	incredibly tight. It takes about five seconds to rebound from crossing 
	the bar, to cross the bar itself, and then to head to the QP on the 
	other side. Most of the grinds are simple, and he'll throw multiple of 
	one grind at you at a time, so you'll often wind up taking out several 
	grinds at one go. The hardest one he'll throw at you is the 
	Nosebluntslide (up-up-grind), only because it doesn't like to WORK 
	all the time.

	Fortunately, none of the grind tricks involve you hitting left or 
	right on the joystick; for this goal, I recommend avoiding that 
	entirely. You won't deviate from the bar as long as you don't touch 
	any direction but up and down. (Several TrickObs have been added to the
	theater, including QPs on either side of the stage.) Don't even bother 
	to balance. If you should be thrown off the same path, you may as well 
	restart the goal, because it's too difficult to recover from it. NO 


	Goal: Score 45,000 points

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: If you managed to get the 50,000 point combo for your AM stat 
	goals, then this won't be too difficult. You technically aren't 
	limited to Bigorgan Theater, but it's easier to stay there due to all 
	the TrickObs they put down for you.


	Goal: Nail a Russian Boneless on the stage lights

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: This is an odd goal that requires you to get special and pull 
	off a move you don't normally carry in your inventory. Build up 
	Special using the TrickObs around you and then head for the stage 
	lighting rigged up on Bigorgan's center stage. Hit it straight-on so 
	you do a lip trick and not a grind; hit left-right-grind to do a 
	Russian Boneless on the stage lights. Ollie out of it to land and 
	move on to the next chapter.


[Hawaii] - Places of Interest

  Hawaii is a nice level with plenty of variety and a lot of colorful 
  stuff. It falls more on the Vert side of things, but that doesn't mean
  that there isn't plenty of street stuff to use too!

----->Beach: The beach takes up the entire south end of the level, and hosts
	a SLEW of grindables. There's a series of ledges set into the water,
	palm trees, surfboards, and even kayaks!

----->Big Surf Hotel: The big gray hotel bordering the beach, Big Surf is the
	place where you make the CRAZIEST FOOTAGE EVER. The front is pretty 
	much unoccupied save for a Prince of Persia-style ledge-and-ladder 
	path to the top, and the roof has some strategically-placed pipes and
	ramps. The back has some nice pools and ramps and borders the beach.

----->Eastern Concrete Park: A small park beyond the Wavy Roof Hotel with a 
	few benches, QPs and ledges. It's a nice, small area to bust a combo,
	but due to its shape, it's hard to stay inside and make your combo
	big. It also has a section across the street enclosed in a chainlink
	fence, with some ramps and a funbox.

----->EVIL TIKI: Next to the Eastern Concrete Park and across the street from
	International Trinket Place sits a lone Tiki with glowing red eyes.
	I heard through the grapevine that the Tiki eats anybody foolish
	enough to climb into its mouth and banishes them to an alternate 
	dimension of fire and pain...

----->International Trinket Place: Taking up the very center of the level, the
	ITP has a nice selection of ramps and lip rails to choose from. 
	However, like the Eastern Concrete Park, it's pretty confined, so
	you're more likely to pass through it as part of a combo.

----->Off The Walls: This is a sewer area between ITP and the Western Concrete
	Park, surrounded by a chain-link fence. There's a few planks of wood 
	and a box near one end which you can grind on, but mostly the area
	is flat, good for nice manual tricks.

----->Pink Hotel: The pink hotel bordering the beach has pools and rails in 
	both front and back, and a nice set of QPs on the front. This place
	is really sweet if you like to get your combo up. One side also has a
	pool inset to the roof, and a series of awnings that can take you up to
	Big Surf early if you feel mischievous.

----->Wallows: Wallows is sick. No argument. Wallows is completely and totally
	sick. It has rails and ledges and ramps, enough to keep ANY skater
	happy. You find it by Spining the QP in the northwest area of the 
	level where the PINEAPPLE KILLER truck is parked.

----->Wavy Roof Hotel: Across the street from the Big Surf Hotel, this place
	gets its name for the wavy metal awning down at street level. It has
	a few QPs on ground level and on the roof, but otherwise it's nothing

----->Western Concrete Park: This park is very cool, but very underrated; it
	has a couple ramps and some funky-looking grindables, plus a couple
	benches and some fence. Unlike the Eastern park, this place is big 
	enough to hold a single large combo.

[SECRET TAPE] On a wire connecting the Big Surf and Pink Hotels. If you've
	completed Chapter 15, then you have easy access to the top of Big Surf.
	(There's an elevator located next to the vending machine in the pool 
	section that you can walk through to get back to the top.) When coming 
	out of the elevator, there will be a ramp and a QP to your left. Beyond
	the QP is about a foot of open ledge before the roof turns. Attached to
	that ledge is a wire connected to Pink Hotel, and the Secret Tape is 
	suspended on it. You can either grind or shimmy down and nab it. (You 
	can also use the awnings on Pink Hotel and shimmy UP the wire if you're
	impatient and want it NOW.)


[Chapter 14] - Get Lei'd

Total Goals: 5
Goals to beat: 4


	Goal: Perform the standing fliptricks between the married couples

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: There are four marriages going on around Hawaii, and your job is 
	to perform a standing flip-trick near them. Standing flip-tricks are 
	just flips you perform when ollying from standing in one place. You 
	need to do a Kickflip, Heelflip, Impossible and Pop Shove-It, and it 
	doesn't	matter which couple you do the trick for.

	1//Right in front of you on the beach.

	2//Further along the beach, in the pool area of the pink hotel.

	3//Under the arch in the Big Surf Hotel

	4//Behind the International Trinket Palace


	Goal: Collect 5 Leis

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: The Leis are scattered around Hawaii. Since you only have access
	to the street level, they aren't too hard to find.

	1//Off a half-pipe bordering Off The Walls. You start off facing this 

	2//On a banyan tree leaning against the Pink Hotel. It's on the 
	opposite side of the beach, and is the only tree leaning down as far 
	as it is.

	3//In the Trinket Place, ride up the big obsidian sign that's made 
	into a QP. 

	4//In the eastern concrete park, it's on the small bench island.

	5//Suspended over the chain-link fence at the very back of the level.
	Do an air transfer over the top of the fense, using the QPs on either


	Goal: Bust five pineapple carts

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: This level's vehicle-of-choice is a big, burly pickup. It falls
	along the lines of Manhattan's Beater and Vancouver's Limosine (which
	you'll encounter soon enough) in being slow and bulky, but having a 
	nice top speed and allowing for much destruction. 

	As Hawaii seems to be bent on making me list things, there are five 
	pineapple carts set up throughout all of the level. You start from the
	corner of the pink hotel where you initiate the challenge. The carts 
	are small and don't stand out very much, so make sure you pay 

	1//In front of the Trinket Place.

	2//On the other side of the street, beyond the main entrance to the 
	Big Surf Hotel.

	3//On the beach between the pink hotel and the Big Surf.

	4//Around the back of the Trinket Place, across the street. It's near
	some benches.

	5//Between the Eastern Concrete Park sections, after the benches and
	before the fensed-in area.


	Goal: Collect the Hawaiian Letters

	Time: 0:05

	Hint: The word "MAWAENA" has been placed along a line in the north end 
	of Hawaii, a la "Collect SKATE" from previous Tony Hawk games. You 
	have to nail all the letters in a combo. THANKFULLY, the line here is 
	obvious and simple to follow, so I can finally do a Hawaii goal 
	without listing something. My fingers say thankya.

	If you wind up screwing up at the beginning (particularly collecting 
	the M), you have a small window of time to double-back and get the 
	rest of the letters without staying in a combo. Also, remember you 
	can use a Walk-Out to carry the combo if you need to.


	Goal: Wallplant the vending machine 3 times

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The vending machine is a small target and it's easy to miss the
	wallplant itself. If you have difficulty planting it from the front, 
	you have the option to plant it from the side, too, which is generally 


	Goal: Climb up the building and Acid Drop down

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: This one's pretty simple; climb up the ladder in front of you and
	hop over the gap on the ledge. Hold the right shoulder button so you 
	don't wind up missing and landing back on the ground. Climb up the 
	second ladder and when you get to the top, Acid Drop where the THUG 
	mark is. You'll have to jump out this time, instead of just walking 
	over like in ACID DROP THE TWO TOWERS in San Diego.


[Chapter 15] - Find the Ultimate Spot

Total Goals: 8
Goals to Beat: 6


	Goal: Score 7,500 point combos in front of three groups of ladies

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: Each pair of ladies will be within the general area of the beach,
	so finding them won't be that difficult. The first pair is sitting at 
	the pool behind the Pink Hotel, so use verts, reverts and manuals to 
	score a quick combo.

	The second pair is on the beach just beyond the Pink Hotel. There's
	no QPs here, and the only grindables lead way back towards Big Surf, 
	so it's all flatland. Bust a shuffle-manual combo, and use a 
	Pogo if you want to avoid accidentally rolling into the ocean and 
	losing your points.

	The third pair is in the pool area of the Big Surf Hotel, which has a 
	nice selection of grindables for you to use. A shuffle-grind combo 
	around the one of the pools will snag you this one no problem.


	Goal: Place in the Luau Comp

	Time: 0:30 each

	Hint: Comp time!!! *unenthusiastic cheer* Basically, you've got...about
	two crap ledges, three narrow QPs, and flatland crowded by banyan 
	trees to use at your disposal. It's not difficult to place, but it's 
	frustrating to pull big combos with so much nothing for you to trick 
	on. You can't go too far away from the area, either. You'll spend a 
	lot of time manualling off bad grinds or poor vert sessions. 
	Fortunately, once you place in the top five, it's over and done with.


	Goal: Nail all three transfers in a combo

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Each THUG mark in Wallows represents a gap that you need to hit,
	and the only way you can hit it is by going up the QP on one side, then
	landing on the other, lower side. You need to do this all in one combo
	and, for some delightful reason I can't quite comprehend, you are not
	allowed to walk. It's best if you hit the first gap fast and at a bit 
	of an angle, take the second gap normally, and kind of half-ass your
	way over the third. I really wish I could explain it better, but this
	goal in particular seems to pick and choose when it works and when it
	doesn't. Loverly. Fortunately, there's seven other goals you can do
	in this chapter.


	Goal: Crooked grind the colored wire

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: You start on an upraised pool on the pink hotel. The wire you 
	need to grind is attached to the small fence segment to your right; 
	hop on the fence and switch to a Crooked grind (by tapping the grab 
	button twice) as soon as you can. Ride the wire across the western 
	concrete park and around the back of the Trinket Place. Bender will 
	tell you that you've gone far enough by the time you reach the 
	eastern concrete park, and you can hop off to complete the goal.


	Goal: Handstand manual down Off The Walls

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: As mentioned above, Off The Walls is basically a long, 
	trapezoidal sewer ditch. Go off the ramp provided for you and land in 
	a manual; switch to a Handstand manual by tapping the grab button 
	twice, and ride all the way down to the end. When you get the "Off 
	The Walls Manual" gap, you can ollie out of the manual and get the 
	goal. Make sure to avoid the planks of wood and the ramp set up in 
	the middle of the area, and for added speed, Boneless off the starting


	Goal: Tag ten TrickObs

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You have at LEAST thirty different TrickObs before you, and you
	have to grind ten of them to advance. Wallows has a lot more
	substance to it than you realize at first, and there's a lot of hidden 
	grinding spots, so painting any ten of these with your colors (color,
	actually, since everything you hit turns red) won't be too hard. I like
	going to the left, starting with the fence before hopping onto the 
	wooden balcony of the pink house. Following that, you'll hit maybe six 
	different ledges as you head down the far end of Wallows; just make 
	sure to grind on all of it. Even nailing a single point on something 
	gives you the tag.

	Usually, falling into any particular yard causes you to lose your 
	combo and return to the eastern end of Wallows. However, in one house 
	near the west end, they've got a neat little HP set up for you to use; 
	these also count as TrickObs. Like I said, there's more to Wallows 
	than meets the eye.

	Did anyone else see a red semi turn into a robot just now?


	Goal: Hold a lip trick at each spot for three seconds

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: Basically, find all four uber-lip trick spots and hit them. More
	listing, yay!!

	1//Right ahead of you; in the Trinket Place, going off the obsidian
	stone, hidden in the tree branches.

	2//The second is on the Wavy Roof Hotel, on the side facing the 
	Trinket Place. You may have some trouble hitting this since you'll be 
	approaching from an angle (if you're coming from Trinket Place, that 
	is) so you might wind up in a grind instead. Try to come on it as 
	straight as possible to hit the lip trick.

	3//On the thatched-bamboo roof of..get this...Krazy Kev's Karaoke 
	Klub. (This failed to earn a mention in Hawaii's Places of Interest 
	due to the fact that this is about the only time you ever need to
	acknowlege this place's existance.) You'll find it behind the Trinket

	4//Aaaaand finally, number four is on a fence on the pink hotel, on 
	the raised pool area facing the western concrete park.

	And I just realized, when Clutch sings "Impotus" in this game, it 
	sounds like they're screaming "IM-PO-TENSE!!!!!" No wonder they're so 


	Goal: Climb to the roof of the Big Surf Hotel

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: Start by grabbing onto the roof of the bus, then jumping onto 
	the ledge on the hotel. Walk across the ledge and jump the gap (hold 
	the shoulder button down as you jump, it's easy to go off target and 
	hit the ground again). Climb up the ladder, and you'll end up on a 
	narrow ledge hanging a few feet over a smaller, wider ledge with a 
	wire dangling above it. Stay on the higher ledge and jump for the 
	cable; grab onto it and shimmy yourself either left or right. When 
	you get to the end, haul yourself up to the roof of the hotel. You 
	now have your ultimate secret spot.


[Chapter 16] - Get the Shot

Goals: 2


	Goal: Gap to the Wavy Roof Hotel

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: Eric demands that you get special before even trying this stunt,
	and I guess we have no choice but to comply! The roof of the Big Surf
	Hotel looks barren at first, but it's all very strategically laid out;
	a few QPs and a ramp at one end, another QP and ramp at the other, and
	three pipes lined down the middle which leave you enough room to do 
	some flatland stuff. So build up your special however you feel like 
	and hit the ramp facing Wavy Roof. Chances are that even with Special, 
	you won't make the gap by speed alone; so go off the left side of the 
	ramp, Boneless, and try to line up with the wire that stretches 
	between Big Surf and Wavy Roof. As soon as you get the gap (which 
	triggers about three-quarters of the way over to Wavy Roof), grind on 
	the wire, into the bowl.


	Goal: Score 50,000 points on the roof

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You can't leave the roof of the Hotel, so this is where the 
	real strategic placement of the hotel comes in. The simplest way to 
	do this is to start grinding on the rails, hit one QP, revert, 
	manual, hit the rails in the other direction, and hit the QP opposite.
	Repeat the process until mission is successful or you're thoroughly 

	Another workable method is to simply use the HP at one end of the Big 
	Surf to bust some big Vert combos.


	Goal: Do a big spin down to the ground!

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: Head straight for Eric and spine off the QP with the THUG mark. 
	You can do any trick you want (even just a regular Ollie is fine) as 
	long as you remember to spin as far down as you can go. You have to hit
	at least a 900-degree spin in order for it to count! This will also
	help you take care of your long-forgotten Stat Point from the beginning
	of the game. 



	Time: 1:00

	Hint: You have one minute to your credit; build up a special in that 
	time, then aim yourself at the flat ramp facing the pink hotel. Build 
	up speed--you'll need it--and hit a McTwist (right-down-grab) as you 
	fly. Time slows down as you pass over the chopper and eventually 
	you'll clear a gap; as long as you land after hitting that gap, you
	win. But if you get too close to the chopper's blades, you get sent
	back to the starting point.

	You would do well to Boneless or No Comply before going off the ramp;
	The chopper seems obstinately hard to gap over without the right speed 
	or air.


[Vancouver] - Places of Interest

  'Couver is a really fun level with an incredible amount of street stuff
  and some really nifty vertables. The only unfortunate thing is that a 
  lot of it is unnamed...which is a royal pain in the keister...sigh.

----->1500 Georgia Banks: This is basically the entire Eastern border; it's
	a series of grinds and flatland fronted by a long couple of QPs. This
	is an excellent place to make a long combo.

----->Big...um...building: For lack of a better name, this is the slate-gray
	building with a green roof and green ledges on the south border. Like
	1500 Georgia Banks, this place is great for linking a single long
	combo, except this one has more ramps, perfect for Vert skaters.

----->Fountain: Right near the Big...Um...Building, this fountain has two 
	black stones rising up from it and is central to a goal or two. It's 
	also good for an infinite grind.

----->Hawk Bowl: On the south side of the hotel, there's a bowl with a hawk
	statue in it connected to the hockey rink. Since the hockey rink 
	itself has no Vertables, this is a good Vert skater's place to be.

----->Hockey Rink: The very center of the level, below the hotel. You can
	enter through the Hawk Bowl, or from the Superior Court side, or even
	from the hotel itself via elevator. This place is strictly for street
	skating, having one funky infinite grind and nice open space for some

----->Hotel: In the very center of the level
 is a large white building with
	QPs on the outside and rails on the inside. It's not that well-aligned
	though, so only use it in passing if you need to make big points. It
	has a hidden infinite grind if you climb up the towel ladder from
	RALPHIE GOT BUSTED and grind through the windows.

----->Museum: Bordering Big...Um...Building and across the street from 1500
	Georgia Banks, the Museum provides a couple QPs and stairs to grind on.

----->SCJ Building (Slam City Jam): This is actually kinda weird because (to
	my knowlege) Neversoft's never put one level right next to another. 
	But now they have, and you can find the SCJ building on the western 
	side. It's fronted by a couple QPs and a long rail-ramp-flatland area
	goes over the front doors. Although those doors are open, you can't 
	enter the building.

----->Superior Court: Most of the north end of Vancouver is taken up by a 
	series of pools and ramps. This is the Vert skater's answer to the
	Hockey Rink, being mega Vert-crazy. You can do some grindage here too,
	but it's impractical.

[SECRET TAPE] This is the single most difficult Tape to get your hands on.
	If you go out the back of the hotel (towards Hawk Bowl), you'll find 
	yourself looking at or standing on a glass dome surrounded by 
	flagpoles. Look up and you'll see the Secret Tape bobbling above the
	center of the glass dome, out of any conventional reach. You can't
	climb the flagpoles and the bump on the rim of the dome won't give you
	enough air to grab that tape. So you need to get creative.

	Face the SCJ building from the center of the dome and you'll see an
	oddly-shaped bus terminal. The sides are both QPs, and the top comes
	to a sharp point, but tapers upward into a ramp. See how you're gonna
	get up there now? That's only part of it. Head back into the street 
	and go as far up the road as you can, way up towards Superior Court.
	Wait for a car to come along and skitch it on the left side. when you
	get near the bus terminal, release and go up the closest side. Spine
	Transfer and fly off the ramp (Boneless or No Comply for extra air)
	and hope your aim is true. Now that you know HOW to get the tape,
	actually getting it won't take too long. It'll probably take a couple
	tries to get it right, but be patient and keep at it. With your sixth
	Tape, you get another video, Bails 2. This one is probably the
	one with all the broken bones and stuff...after THPS3, I haven't had
	the guts to watch ANY Bail videos, so I don't know.


[Chapter 17] - Last Minute Tasks

Goals: 10


	Goal: Bust five Nollies

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: You need to hit the left shoulder button twice to enter Nollie 
	position each time you land on the ground. You have free reign of the
	level, so just Nollie your way anywhere you like.


	Goal: Bust five Pressures

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Pressures are like Nollies; tap the left shoulder button once
	before jumping to enter Pressure mode. Do this five times...and that's
	really about it. Hoo-doggy.


	Goal: Hit a 25,000 point combo with Nollies and Pressures

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: Since this goal is pretty lame (much like OLD SCHOOL SKATING 
	TECHNIQUES back in Manhattan) it's easier to cheat and bust a single 
	Nollie or Pressure right at the start of the combo before nailing 
	whatever you like to do best. You can go anywhere in Vancouver.


	Goal: Film Skeezo for 15 seconds

	Time: 0:25

	Hint: Just follow Skeezo around on foot; hop on your board when you 
	fall too far behind and catch up. You need to keep Skeezo in your 
	sight at all times, so use the right analog stick while on foot to 
	control the camera. Skeezo follows a pretty basic, slow line down a 
	ramp, around the fountain, and into the bus terminal leading down to 
	the ice rink. It's not any more difficult than the similar goal in 


	Goal: Hit all the flatland tricks

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The tricks pop up in a list, and most of them are basic Shuffle
	manuals. Use grind, flip and grab buttons in combinations to hit the
	shuffles; feel free to use them wherever you want, since you aren't 
	limited to any particular section of the level quite yet.


	Goal: Get a 5,000 flatland combo

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: You can't leave the bowl you start in, so enter a manual from a
	standstill (Pogo if you have to) and just keep shuffling up. You only 
	need to shuffle three or four times to get the 5,000, and the camera 
	man will say "LAND IT" on the right of the screen when you've got 


	Goal: Hit all leaf piles

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: The blowcart is tinier than the Garden Cart, and obviously not 
	made for much beyond, well, blowing leaves. It's comparitively 
	slow, and doesn't allow for much craziness. It has the best handling 
	of any vehicle in the game, however, and it's the best car to go up 
	QPs with...you know, should you ever decide to make a habit of it.

	Leaf piles are all around Vancouver, and your new job is to blow them 
	away. Each next pile you have to hit is THUG marked, and the Red Arrow
	points you in the direction you need to go. Five seconds get added to 
	the clock for each pile you hit, and most piles are in direct sight 
	from the last one. There's twenty piles, each one within plain sight
	of the last (The Red Arrow points the way again for added help.)
	But if there's an overwhelming demand for a list, I'll put one up.


	Goal: Get your stuff back

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: Similar to RETURN THE STOLEN ITEMS in Manhattan, three hoods 
	have run off with your stuff and are scattered all over the place. You 
	have less time to do it, but Vancouver isn't as expansive as 
	Manhattan. The guys you're looking for have the skull marks over their 
	heads, and they never go inside the hotel. If you're having trouble 
	finding them, head to the hockey rink--that seems to be the place all 
	three of them pass through at one time or another, so the chances are 
	pretty high that you'll catch at least one of 'em.


	Goal: Combo all the SCJ Tees

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: The line starts right ahead of you; manual into the first tee-
	shirt, then grind on the pool's ledge for the next few. Hop away from
	the pool and onto the flower garden ledge to get the next two, then
	ollie to grab the sixth one in midair. Manual down the hill to get
	the seventh and ollie up to get the eighth; land in a walk to make
	your life a little easier and grab the ninth and tenth in the hockey


	Goal: Get to the gardener

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: The gardener is never stationary, so you'll have to go hunting
	for him--fortunately, the Red Arrow returns once again to help you on 
	your quest. He'll most likely be somewhere in front of the SCJ 


	Goal: Blow six piles of leaves
	Time: 1:00

	Hint: All six leaf piles can be found between the Big Building and the
	hotel, and you'll only get Ralphie's passport when you get rid of all

	//The first two piles are around the corner of the museum.

	//The third is on the patio where you meet with Bob Burnquist.

	//The fourth is on the far side of the fountain.

	//Number five is just beyond number four.

	//And the last one is in the very center of the Hawk Bowl.


	Goal: Vert to the towel ladder and climb up to Ralphie

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: The Red Arrow makes yet another faithful appearance, pointing
	to Ralphie's position; head up the QP below Ralphie and get off your 
	board as you reach the black ledge where the towels hang from. Climb
	up the towels like a normal ladder and walk over to Ralphie to give him
	his passport.


	Goal: get 50,000 points

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: This was one of your AM stat point requirements. If you got that
	in San Diego, you won't have a problem doing it again here. Especially
	since the AM stat point was for a combo, not a high score. There's a 
	lot of stuff in 'Couver to use as you please. The area is a criss-
	crossing of lines, so racking up a big combo to donate to the cause 
	won't be out of sight either.


	Goal: Get 14 Guest Passes

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Thanks to Kozar being a complete doofus, you have to collect the
	lost Guest Passes. There's fourteen in all:

	1//On the rail of SCJ Building.

	2//Keep following the rail. This one's at the bottom.

	3//On a planter to the forward-left of the SCJ rail.

	4//On a QP bordering Superior Court, straight ahead of number three.

	5//On a QP actually IN the Superior Court. Grind on this to get it.

	6//Hop over the ledge after getting numbah five, and land in a
	grind to earn yo'self numbah six.

	7//On the lip of a pool in Superior Court. It's hard to miss, since 
	the THUG mark is in plain sight of number six.

	8//Jump off the pool lip and head over to 1500 Georgia to nail this 
	guy before the QP.

	9//Go up the QP behind numbah eight and grind on the top rail to get
	the ninth.

	10//Jump off the rail and go across the street. Grind on the QP ledge
	to get the tenth, and shoot yourself off into the direction of the 

	11//In front of the 1500 Georgia building.

	12//On the lower 1500 Georgia fountain ledge.

	13//Jump to the upper fountain ledge to get thirteen before getting 
	spat over to the museum.

	14//Get onto the museum's ledge and head to the far side. Manual if 
	you're running out of time, so you can carry it over the limit with a


	Goal: Pick up the sponsors!

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: The Limosine is a MONSTER of a car. Its length doesn't allow much
	mobility, and it's got pretty crap acceleration and speed...but it's 
	classy on the inside, I guess, so that kind of makes up for it.

	There's people scattered around the streets of 'Couver with THUG marks
	over their heads like deathmarks (tee-hee!) and you need to come in 
	contact with each one to pick them up. Since the Limo has bad handling 
	and you need to make a few tight turns to escape going off the playable
	area in the game, it's best you just sacrifice some speed and go into 
	the forbidden areas in order to aim yourself back in the direction you 
	want to go in. Some of the people are pretty hard to find, to, so that 
	designates yet another list of happy doom:

	//One and two are right ahead of you, on the same street.

	//Three is near the bumpy downhil ramp into the hockey rink--this is 
	an instance where it's better to drive off the playable area in order 
	to get a better angle at the next person you need to hit, since you'd 
	need to slam reverse and maneuver in a tight area otherwise.

	//Four is actually IN the hockey rink. The Red Arrow pulls a sneaky 
	trick this time by not giving a good indication that he's below where 
	you currently happen to be, so be careful!

	//The fifth guy is on the ramp to the left of the Hawk Bowl.

	//Number six is in front of the Big...Um...Building's patio (where you
	meet Bob Burnquist). 

	//El seventho is around the fountain.

	//Next is number eight, and he's down the road from SCJ. Your next 
	target is directly behind you, so just keep going forward and hit the 
	non-playable area to get turned around.

	//Hit the SCJ building, baby!


[Slam City Jam] - Places of Interest

	Slam City Jam is a big, giant mess of angsty poop. There's no one 
	area that really stands out over anything else, and my describing it
	would only make things more confusing. Since the goals are pretty
	self-sufficient, it won't really make too much difference. Be warned
	that the bleacher areas are off-limits, and if you land in them, 
	you'll be taken up to one of six different entry places that you
	have to grind down and hop over the glass barricade in order to get
	back into the arena.

[SECRET TAPE] This guy is hidden inside that big sign hanging down from the
	ceiling in the center of the area. It's the one that says 
	JAM. To get to it, you need to go down that HP you start in and go
	back up the opposite side. Stick close to the center area and you'll 
	hit a scaffolding; grind it or grab onto it or whatever, and follow it
	until you bust through the sides of the sign.


[Chapter 18] - Destroy the Slam City Jam

Total Goals: 5
Goals to Beat: 4


	Goal: "Save" five fans

	Time: 0:45

	Hints: The Blimp--arrrrgh. It has a nice top speed, and you can fly
	in it, but those are the only good points. It has poor acceleration,
	and to top it off, the handling is nearly non-existant; you try to make
	a turn to save a fan, but it takes forever and you wind up oversteering
	and missing him completely. It's an object of practice and patience.

	Once you think you've got control of the damn thing, you need to knock
	five fans off the overhanging lights; it takes the right amount of 
	steering control and knowlege of where the fans are hanging. Instead of
	pulling the joystick all the way left, right, up or down, try to tap
	it in the direction you wanna go a couple times. This works better when
	you want to aim yourself.


	Goal: Hip Transfer the first corner

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: Hip Transfering is a new, somewhat unexplored trick similar to
	Spine Transfering; when you appreach a pair of ramps set into a right
	angle (you'll see what I mean when Bender explains it to you in the
	game), tap the left and right shoulder buttons at the same time, as
	you would do for a spine transfer. You'll have to hit the ramp at a
	forty-five-degree angle (or something like that) in order to shoot up
	one ramp and transfer over to the other. Your first goal is to Hip
	over the ramp near DJ Q-Bert's table.


	Goal: Hip both corners

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: Hip transfer the corner that you did first, near DJ Q-Bert's
	table. Then head towards the super-tall QP setup (THUG-marked, for
	your approval) and hip over that, too. It's a bit more challenging than
	the first one because of its height, but it's not unconquerable. You'll
	get a Gap when you hit each transfer to tell you that you did it right.



	Time: 1:31 each

	Hint: This is it--the bigtime. Now you're skating amongst the Geoff
	Rowleys and Paul Rodriguezes of skateboarding, and messing up is NOT
	an option. Eric will always be on your tail in these comps, too, so
	watch out. (You can get away with placing anywhere in the top five, 
	but getting first just to spite Eric is so much more satisfying.) Now
	you have an extra minute that you didn't have in the Tampa Am, 
	so use it to score big combos. Link them together by getting off your
	board to get fresh momentum.

	You're limited to the giant halfpipe, and if you want to score really
	big, mix your grab and flip tricks. I'm the kind of person that just
	triple heelflips or triple kickflips to death for some good vert combo
	scores; it doesn't work well in comps. Mix it up with hidden grabs 
	(the kind you get by tapping a direction command and the Grab button
	twice) and DEFINITELY use specials.


	Goal: Place in the Street Comp

	Time: 1:31 each

	Hint: Utelizing your new elongated Comp time, you have a lot of space
	to cover in SCJ. Unlike the Vert comp, you're not limited to any one
	area; getting a placing score should not be too difficult. There's
	very few actual lines in SCJ, so a lot of it will come from improvisa-
	tion and hunting down a few good grinding or manualing spots.


	Goal: Hit Eric's line and beat his score!

	Time: 0:25

	Hint: All the stuff Eric hit is lit up and you've got to hit it in the
	same exact order he did; it shouldn't be hard since the TrickObs make
	a very sloppy line. Just be sure to shuffle your grinds and manual 
	where you can; if you come to the end of Eric's line and still haven't
	topped his score, enter some flatland stuff to pull a few last-minute
	combo points out. The last TrickOb won't stop glowing after you hit it
	(doing a Vert trick is perfectly fine), nor will the goal end once
	you've hit everything and topped the score.

	Congratulations! You're a Pro now, the last of your stat points and the
	option to create your own deck are available!


[Pro Skill Points]

	|  AIR   |

	Land a 10,000 Point Air

	  This is gonna take some mad trickage on your part; If you want
	  to hit it while still in Vancouver, find a place that you can
	  gain a lot of air and a Spine Transfer on. Hit the Spiner and
	  bust a few big flip or grab tricks (Stiffies and Triple 
	  Impossibles and that like).

	Land a 15,000 Point Air

	  Basically, you gotta do up above down here, only longer. WHIP OUT
	  ALL THE SPECIAL TRICKS YOU CAN. Grabs and grinds and manuals will
	  be your best hope, if you can shuffle into them and hold them for
	  a while.

	|  LIP   |

	Hold a Liptrick for 7 Seconds

	  As the rest of the Lip Trick stat points, find any lip that you
	  are particularly fancy for seven seconds. Stay quick on the
	  joystick and you won't have any trouble wrapping your Lip status up.

	Hold a Liptrick for 8 Seconds

	  Same as above! Gee, I wish I knew how to say that in spanish, because
	  then I would TOTALLY say it in Spanish!

	|  RUN   |

	Air 40 Feet High

	  Now things are getting a little more hardcore, but that doesn't mean
	  it's impossible. For this and for 60 feet, you can try Skitching a
	  car or spine transferring to build up speed, then go off a ramp. 
	  Try to spine off Hawaii's Big Surf Hotel, facing towards the Wavy
	  Roof Hotel. This is part of a combo you have to hit later on, so
	  do a find on HAWAII HUGE SPINE CHALLENGE for more details.

	Air 60 Feet High

	|  FLIP  |

	Do 8 Fliptricks in One Combo

	  Start in one of the pools in Vancouver--without walking, you'll
	  be able to hit six Flips in one combo easy. Walk after the 
	  sixth and leave the pool; hop around the rest of Vancouver to
	  get ten flip tricks and most likely hit your Switch Pro stats
	  at the same time. Make life easier on yourself and try to hit
	  all four at once.

	Do 10 Fliptricks in One Combo

	  Same as aboveoveoveoveove.

	|  RAIL  |

	Nosegrind 3 Times in One Combo

	  Hit the hockey rink for 'Couver's most solid line. Grind the white 
	  walls that enclose the ice, and pop the three Nosegrinds on that 
	  area, manualling when you have to cross the ice itself.

	Crooked 3 Times in One Combo

	  This is about as simple as the above one. A Crooked is a shuffle-
	  grind, so hit a pool on Superior Court and double-tap the grab button
	  to lay one in. Then shuffle out to another one and back into the
	  Crooked two more times.

	|  SPIN  |

	Do 6 Grabs in One Combo

	  Grabs are longer to do and harder to link than flips, so you'd have a
	  simpler time hitting them in a line rather than in a QP or a
	  pool. Even then, it's difficult (though not impossible) in a
	  place like Vancouver. Switch off between manuals and quick
	  hop-grabs. Walk when you start to lose control of your manual
	  balance. If you want, wait till Moscow for some better areas,
	  or backtrack to other levels.

	Do 8 Grabs in One Combo

	  ...yeah. Um...I think I lost my monacle somewhere.

	| OLLIE  |

	Ollie Down 15 Feet

	  Find any high ledge and jump down. Viola! (the SCJ Building
	  walkway will work if you want a surefire place to earn this.)

	Ollie Down 20 Feet


	| SPEED  |

	Land a 100,000 Point Combo

	  You'll probably hit this trying to get your 8 Grabs in One
	  Combo goal. if not, just grind and manual and vert your way
	  across Vancouver till you get the big points!

	Land a 200,000 Point Combo

	  More or less the same deal; Vancouver has no shortage of TrickObs,
	  so make good use of them. If you're Street, use the hockey rink--if
	  you're Vert, use Superior Court. 


	Land a 15 Trick Combo

	  SEE: Pro Flip stats. FOR EXTRA PLEASURE.

	Land a 20 Trick Combo

	  Again, ker-w00t.


	Manual 5 Times in One Combo

	  There's an "honest" way to go about getting this, and a cheap way.
	  The honest way is to find a bowl or HP, then do the air-revert-
	  manual-air-revert-manual thing five times in a row, getting off the
	  board when you can't get enough speed to start fresh. The cheap way
	  is to find some flatland area, like the hockey rink, and start a
	  manual, ollie, manual, ollie, etc. I prefer the cheap way, but it's
	  up to you.

	Pogo 2 Times in One Combo

	  This should be quick-cut easy. Go into a manual, tap the grind
	  button twice to Pogo, ollie out and land in another manual (or
	  just shuffle the manual while in a Pogo), then hit grind twice
	  agan to hit another Pogo.


[Chapter 19] - It's Gotta Be the Shoes

Total Goals: 5
Goals to Beat: 2


	Goal: Hit the three spines in Superior Court.

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: Want an easy goal to move the story along? This is it. Hit all
	three THUGged spine transfers, in no particular order and no necessary


	Goal: Find the groups of kids and score 5,000 points


	Hint: There's three groups of kids in Vancouver that you need to 
 with your skill; the first group is in the field between the 
	hockey rink and Superior Court, the second is in the hockey rink 
	itself, and the last group is in the Hawk Bowl. 

	The Shoe Collectors are in the field near Superior Court. Since their
	area is pretty flat, you gotta hit a nice flatland combo; do a couple
	shuffles and you'll be okay here.

	The Local Skaters are in the hockey rink. If you start the criss-
	crossing line made up by the walls of the hockey rink and land it
	somewhere in the center, you'll have this group impressed no problem.

	Lastly, the Old School Punks are in the Hawk Bowl, which leaves you
	up for a big Vert combo. Hit a ramp, revert it, then hit another ramp.
	Put in some spin and this goal will be in the bag.


	Goal: Spell "CIRCA" in one combo

	Time: 2:00

	Hints: The word "CIRCA" sits around on the ice rink beneath the hotel;
	you have to grind, jump, and manual your way around the walls and goal
	posts to grab each letter in the correct order. Start by grinding on
	the left wall closest to you for the C. Grab the I in the middle of the
	rink by ollying. Land in a manual and jump on the blue wall directly
	ahead of you for the R. Ollie and grind on the goal post, then grind
	on the first red wall for the C. Ollie over the gap where the I was,
	land in a manual, then hop and grind onto the last red wall for the A. 


	Goal: Score a 20,000 point combo

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: You start off on 1500 Georgia; grind on the right side and keep
	nailing the lines, shuffling tricks as you go. Don't bail; that causes
	you to lose the whole goal.


	Goal: Score another 20,000 point combo

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: Now you start at the fountain, aimed at the Hawk Bowl. You can
	grind on the ledge of the Big...Um...Building to your right, if you 
	want, or you can hit the crisscross line in the hockey rink.


	Goal: Another 20,000 point combo please

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: And here you are aimed right out of Superior Court, towards the
	Hockey Rink. You can hit one of the pools if you'd like, or manual your
	way down to the rink and hit the grind line there.


	Goal: Get your shoes and socks

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: The Red Arrow makes another triumphant return to give you aid.
	Head for the hotel's side entrance (the one facing SCJ) to pick up
	your socks, which are THUGged. Then head to Superior Court and grab
	your new shoes from the Shoe Rep. You can hit a Spiner off the QP on
	the side if you want to, it'll probably save you a few seconds.


	Goal: Get your trophy and catch the bus!

	Time: N/A

	Hint: You don't have a real time limit, but you need to get the trophy
	and the bus before the bus leaves the area. Your trophy is on the top
	walkway of SCJ; the best way to reach it is to grind on the QP in front
	of you when you start the goal, then follow the ledge down to ground 
	level. Stick to the right, go up the SCJ ramp, grab the trophy, and hit
	a grind on the railing. Then head down to the street and get to the
	THUG mark at the end of the road. BE CAREFUL NOT TO HIT THE BUS! You
	get reset at the entrance to SCJ, which probably puts you too far away
	to score the win.


[Moscow] - Places of Interest

  Moscow is a very combo-heavy area. You will find a line almost every-
  where. The problem is that, like Jersey, there are very few areas 
  with actual names. I'll try my best to describe them for you and hope
  it's not too confusing. For conveniences' sake, let's say the 
  direction you're facing when you start the level is east, and north is
  to your left.

----->^EHNH: A stout brown building in the tank plaza, the ^EHNH building
	(named after the letters on the front--I'm not sure what they mean
	and I don't have the right characters) is surrounded by ledges and
	bordered by a QP on one side. A wire of Christmas lights runs between
	a ledge on the building to the Red Palace.

----->Armory: A pit next to the Stalin Statue Plaza made mostly of Vert 

----->Chapel: The chapel, a gray building dwarfed by the two churches, sits
	in the center of Red Palace plaza, bordered by QPs and topped with a
	U-shaped rail.

----->Church: In the southeast corner of the area, after you open the gates
	to the Red Palace, sits a white and yellow building with crosses 
	thrust high into the air and some of the sweetest grinds in the area.
	A big, green cannon sits in front of it. It's larger than the Chapel,
	but smaller than the Main Church.

----->Clocktower: Part of the Red Palace, the clocktower is in the center of
	the level and the tallest structure in the game, dominating even 
	Hawaii's Big Surf Hotel.

----->Communications Building: A white building on the south end of the level
	between the church and a wall of the Red Palace. The snow in front of
	the building has been pushed into makeshift QPs, and the roof of the 
	building is a series of HPs.

----->Generic Gray Building: This big guy borders most of the north edge. Snow
	has been packed into half-pipes at the base, and three ledges at
	different heights run alongside it.

----->Main Church: A building attached to the Red Palace, the Main Church is
	larger than the Church and Chapel and stands in front of a green bell
	with a chunk taken out of it. The Main Church's lower roof has a pair 
	of pools inset into it, and the upper roof has a couple of 
	grinding rails that aren't good for comboing. Like most other 
	buildings, snow has been packed into the ground level and acts as a

----->The Needle: A solo-standing spire behind St. Basil's, the Needle has its 
	own little courtyard with a couple grindables. The Needle itself
	only one small rail attached to it, and it's part of one of Moscow's 
	massive lines.

----->Orange Building: This building is also attached to the Red Palace, and
	is fronted by four green cannons. There are two ledges that go through 
	the inside of the building, and a bowl and half-pipe on the roof.

----->Red Palace: A continuous red wall surrounds a portion of the level when
	you start. This red wall, plus the buildings directly attached
 to it
	and the clocktower, make up the Red Palace. The tops of the walls have
	very grindable ledges. The actual "Palace" part can be found next to
	the starting point, and is a brighter red than the walls. It's 
	surrounded by a couple ledges, and has a bowl in front.

----->Stalin Statue Plaza: Behind the Red Palace, taking up the entire west
	side, is a plaza full of ledges, benches, and flatland area under 
	the watchful gaze of Joe Stalin. Or rather, a Stalin statue, raised
	into the air on a high pillar.

----->Tank Plaza: The very center of the starting area has a nice series of
	rails and HPs set up in front of St. Basil's. It's here where
	you can find the beginnings of the killer lines. Eventually, four
	tanks with rotating cannons will appear in the plaza, each one fully
	grindable on the sides or cannon. 

----->St. Basil's: This Tetris-like building on the west side of the level
	has some ledges and rails hidden between the spires, which by itself 
	are not good for nailing high scores. But it's heavily integrated 
	with Moscow's killer lines, which makes up for its somewhat lacking 
	solo performance.

[SECRET TAPE] Moscow's Secret Tape is hidden in St. Basil's, on one of the
	higher ledges stuck between the spires. It's part of a line if you
	grind from the Red Palace's wall nearby, inset between the towers. 
	It's hard to spot, but you'll most likely run into it if you're 
	experimenting with lines (and you'll DEFINITELY run into it if you do
	HANGOVER CURE on Sick mode). You can be cheap and use your off-board
	skills to climb up to the platform, too.


[Chapter 20] - Welcome to Russia

Total Goals: 4
Goals to Beat: 3


	Goal: Nail the lip tricks as they're called out

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: This is the same as any other "nail the tricks" goal, only again
	they're asking you for the red-headed stepchild of skating tricks in
	lip tricks. This isn't too hard, but it may take a couple tries to
	hit it if the computer's being asinine and won't hit the right tricks
	when you tell it to.


	Goal: Knock out all the security cameras

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: Head for the ramp at the base of Generic Gray Building, and 
	grind when you get up to the middle ledge. Follow the ledge for the
	second camera, then jump the gap and land on the middle ledge again
	for the third. The fourth is situated on the top ledge, so when you
	reach the bump in the middle ledge use it to jump up onto the top and
	take it out. Jump off the ledge after hitting it and land in a grind 
	on St. Basil's, getting the fifth. Jump away from the ledge as it
	curves and hit the rail on the Needle. Jump when the rail of the 
	Needle ends and grind on the higher ledge on Tetris Palace. Fall down
	to a lower ledge to grind out the last camera.


	Goal: Caveman onto a tank as part of a 20,000 point combo

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The last goal should have given you a hint as to what kind of 
	lines there really ARE in this level. Feel free to use any of them to
	acheive this goal. You have to caveman a tank, but you can do it 
	whenever you want to; as long as your 20,000 point combo has the tank
	Caveman, you're good to go.


	Goal: Spine Transfer over the Red Palace wall

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: In order to build up speed, go up the ramp against the red wall
	and do a couple air tricks, then go back and up the ramp opposite
	that one. Build up your special meter like this, then go up the ramp
	against the red wall again and spine transfter over.


	Goal: Knock down 10 guards

	Time: 0:40

	Hint: The guards are set along the ledges of the red wall, and all you 
	need to do is grind past them to knock them out. Some guards will be
	on the left wall and others on the right. You don't need to nail them
	all in one combo, but be swift or else you'll run out of time.


	Goal: Ring the bells to get the gate open

	Time: 1:00

	Hints: Head for the ladder on the side of the clock tower. The Red 
	Arrow returns yet again to help lead the way. Then you can either
	grind or shimmy across the ledge the ladder led up to. The ledge turns 
	into a wire, and when you get to the end of the wire, either grind 
	past or jump into the bells.


[Chapter 21] - Time to Skate Comrade

Goals: 6


	Goal: Nail the Flatland tricks

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Another "Nail the tricks" sesssion, this one slightly easier 
	than the Lip tricks one last chapter and NO ONE LIKES A DUDE FESTIVAL
	from chapter 12. The simplest way to nail all of Mullen's manuals is 
	to go into a manual and shuffle.  You can nail three manuals at a 
	time, and need to ollie out of the combo to make all three count and 
	make three more appear. There's about twelve flatland tricks total.


	Goal: Get 60,000 points in front of the media

	Time: 3:01

	Hint: You don't need to combo this, fortunately. Just like IMPRESS
	MUSKA way back at the beginning of the game, the media appears at
	one place for a certain amount of time before moving on. When 
	you're within range of the media, the screen will say "YOU ARE ON-
	CAMERA!" and change to a video camera-like quality. The media will 
	move to St. Basil's at 2:10, and to the Armory, that pit next to
	Stalin's Statue, at 1:21.

	It's really easy to beat this goal without moving from Stalin's Statue
	Plaza. Stick close to the statue and use grind-manual combos to hop
	between planters and railings. Special tricks build up points really 
	fast, making up for the limited space to work in. Be warned, if you
	bail outside of the camera's range, you lose your score.


	Goal: Score a 20,000 point Manual combo

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Remember MANUALS FOR MUSKOVITES earlier this chapter? Keep that
	in mind for this, because manual combos aren't too easy to come 
	across, especially for people who like Verting. Start a manual and
	shuffle a few times. When you've reached 20,000, the words "GOOD,
	NOW LAND IT!" will appear on the screen.


	Goal: Find 5 gaps

	Time: 3:20

	Hint: Any five gaps work here, so feel free to hit whatever you know.
	But if you're unfamiliar with Moscow, here's a few gaps that you can

	1//ARCH TRANSFER - Transfer from the wood ramp to the snow ramp on
	either side of the arch where you start

	2//BLOCKED ALLEY - Transfer the gap between the Generic Gray Building

	3//OVER THE STAIRS - Transfer over the stairs on the Generic Gray

	4//OVER THE WALL - Transfer over the Red Palace wall like you did in
	OVER THE WALL, the final goal in the previous chapter

	5//BLEACHERS 2 LENIN - Grind on the gray ledges between ^EHNH and the
	Red Palace wall, and use the rise at the end to land on a ledge on 

	6//LEDGE HOP - Hop from one ledge to the other while grinding behind
	The Needle

	7//LEDGE 2 RAIL - Hop from one ledge to the rail while grinding behind
	The Needle

	8//RAIL 2 LEDGE - Hop from the rail behind the needle to a ledge on 
	St. Basil's

	9//NECROPOLIS GRIND - Grind all the way around the short black ledge 
	behind the gray ledges mentioned in BLEACHERS 2 LENIN

	10//DOUBLE DRAINAGE - Grind on the middle ledge of the Generic Gray
	Building, heading west, until the ledge turns off into a pipe. Jump
	the gap and grind on the other pipe.


	Goal: Score 50,000 points

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: All of Moscow is open for you to dominate. Just make the most of
	it and this goal is down.


	Goal: Bust 10,000 Doubles Points

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You show Eric who's boss by taking the air while he hugs the
	rim of the Orange Building's bowl. Hang back at first and let Eric 
	get to the lip. Head after him and bust out some Vert stuff when the
	THUG mark appears over his head. You HAVE to go up on one side of Eric
	and land on the other side, otherwise the points don't count. Triple
	Kickflips or Stiffies and etc. work pretty well, since you're working
	too precisely to worry about Special tricks. 


[Chapter 22] - Goodbye Sweet Moscow

Total Goals: 4
Goals to Beat: 4


	Goal: Meet the contacts in order

	Time: 0:15

	Hint: Each "person" you must contact is marked with a THUG mark, and
	each time you MEET that person, five seconds get added onto your 
	clock. All the contacts are in the Armory and Stalin Statue Plaza,
	and the Red Arrow o' Doom leads the way once again. (Just as a note,
	the "people" are invisible for whatever reason...)


	Goal: Do 15 360 Spine Transfers

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You have to spine over the center island on the communications
	building. Every 360 spin you make destroys the communication tower 
	further. You can play conservatively and just do 360 fifteen times,
	or you can try to nail 720 spins to do two units of damage. It's
	possible to get all 15 spins the conservative way before time runs 
	out. If you fall off the building, you have to press start and choose
	RETRY LAST GOAL since the only way back up is around the Main Church
	and onto the other Church, which sucks up way too much time.


	Goal: Pick up the girls

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: The last story-based car of the game is the Russki Beater, a
	smaller, zippier version of Manhattan's own. It's got a lower top 
	speed, but compensates for having better-than-average acceleration 
	and nice handling.

	The objective of this goal is similar to PICK UP EVERYONE IN THE LIMO
	where you have to grab THUG-marked people. This time, you need to run 
	out and grab a person, then bring her back to the Communications 
	Building where your wonderful employer is waiting. The Red Arrow 
	points the way again, but getting around Tank Plaza and St. Basil's 
	is a little difficult, so here's a list to help you out.

	1//Nadia is past Tank Plaza, in the corner of Generic Gray Building
	nearest St. Basil's. Go around the TrickObs in Tank Plaza.

	2//Tatyana is around St. Basil's, right next to The Needle.

	3//Irina is waiting where Nadia was.

	Now things heat up a little as you have to pick up three girls at 
	once! You get 10 seconds added to your clock each time you pick up
	a girl.

	4//Svetlana is in the opposite corner of the Generic Gray Building,
	the one bordering Red Palace.

	5//Natasha is in the center of Tank Plaza.

	6//Rita is between St. Basil's and the Needle.

	7//Lariska is near where you found Nadia and Irina.


	Goal: Get cures for Kalo

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: This is where Moscow's sick lines come into the spotlight. You
	need to get various objects to help Kalo get rid of his hangover, and 
	each item you get adds ten seconds to your clock. In Normal mode, the 
	line is fairly easy to follow, and when you're good at it you'll wind 
	up finishing the goal with something like four minutes on your clock.
	But here's a list anyway, for anyone who wants it:

	1//FIRST, I'LL NEED ASPRIN. - Right in front of you. Ollie out and 
	grind on the HP rail to get...

	2//PINK STUFF - ALWAYS HELPS - hop the gap in the rails to get the
	Pink Stuff.

	3//RAW EGGS? - Jump off the HP rail and grind on the tank, then grind
	on the short black ledge (NECROPOLIS GRIND from the GAP HUNTING 


	5//VITAMIN A - Keep following the NECROPOLIS GRIND.

	6//VITAMIN B2 - Still follow the NECROPOLIS GRIND.

	7//VITAMIN Z? - Jump off the NECROPOLIS GRIND and grind on the 
	nearest tank.

	8//HAIR OF THE DOG! BURP! - Grind on the second tank after the first.

	9//EYE OF NEWT! URP! - Grind on the third tank's cannon.

	10//MY HEAD IS CLEARING... - Go up the QP in front of Generic Gray
	Building and grind on the middle ledge. Grind along until you hit the

	11//NEED MORE PINK STUFF! - Jump over the gap in the pipes (DOUBLE

	12//WEIRD PLACE TO PUT TOMATO SOUP, HUH? - Jump off the pipe and grind
	on the ledge of the ^EHNH building.

	13//HAIR OF THE DOG! BURP! - Hop off the ^EHNH building, grind on the
	handrail between it and the TrickObs, then use the angle of the rail 
	to hop onto the top of the HP.

	14//SOME GOOD SOLID FOOD - Grind St. Basil's, then grind on the 
	ledges behind the Needle

	15//EYE DROPS - Stay on the Needle ledges.

	16//I NEED TOILET PAPER! - Stay on the Needle ledges

	17//HERBAL THEREPY? NAH. - Follow the line by grinding on a St. Basil
	ledge, then grinding on the tank following.

	18//OLIVE OIL? WHY NOT. - On the gray ledges after the tank.

	19//HUGE BOWL OF CHILI HIT THE SPOT! - Jump off the ledge and onto the
	^EHNH building, grinding the same ledge in line.

	20//EVERYTHING'S STOPPPED SPINNING! - Grind on the lower ledge of the
	Generic Gray Building at around the middle

	21//ENERGY DRINK - TASTES LIKE VOMIT - On the middle ledge of the
	Generic Gray Building. Use the angle of the ledge at the stairs to 
	boost up.

	22//GRANDPA'S SECRET CURE! - Jump off the ledge of the Generic Gray
	Building and onto the ledge of St. Basil's.

	23//MORE HAIR OF THE DOG? SURE! - On the rail of The Needle. Jump 
	onto it from the ledge from St. Basil's.

	24//VITAMIN E! - Jump from the rail on the Needle to the ledge on
	St. Basil's.

	25//BETA CAROTINE! - Hop from the ledge of St. Basil's to the Red
	Palace's wall.

	26//BIOFLAVENOIDS? WHAT?? - Hop to the right ledge on the Red Palace

	Goal: Avoid the Russian Fuzz and get to Aleksandr

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: Metal Gear Solid time! Now using Kalo's night vision goggles,
	climb up the ladder next to the payphone, then climb up the one 
	against the Red Palace wall. Hang on a second before you go over, 
	making sure that the guards aren't in sight. (There'll be one 
	patrolling around, maybe more.) Head into the outer rim of the bowl
	where you did DOUBLE-DOME, and take the long way around to the ladder
	on the clock tower. Shimmy across the ledge and partway along the
	wire. Drop down when you're above one of the pools in the main 
	church. Jump up onto the Red Palace wall and walk down until it 
	corners. Jump down to St. Basil's and meet with Aleksandr, the Jay-
	and-Silent-Bob figure you met earlier in Moskow, to finish up your 
	time in good ole' Mother Russia.


[Chapter 23] - Keepin it Real

Total Goals: 2
Goals to Complete: 2


	Goal: Get SPECIAL and bust out a SOUL SKATING

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: This is pretty simple. You start in the pool on the playground;
	bust out a nice Vert combo to get your special meter up to full, then 
	hit LEFT-DOWN-GRAB to pull off the Soul Skating. Make sure you have 
	enough air to pull this off as it's a long trick!


	Goal: Collect 10 THUG Marks

	Time: 0:05

	Hint: Time begins to run out as soon as you start, so that means you 
	have to keep your combo running. There are several THUG marks scattered
	around Jersey, and you have to collect ten of them before losing your
	combo. Some are difficult to get to, but you can bypass them for 
	something simpler. They fall in a line, so it won't be too hard to
	make up.


[Chapter 24] - Spreadin' the News

Total Goals: 2
Goals to Beat: 2


	Goal: Nail the tricks in the Half Pipe

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You start out immediately with a full list of tricks you need to
	pull off. You have grabs, plants and flips, and each one is a diagonal
	command, making things extra-fun. It may take a few tries, but you'll
	get it eventually. Bailing once or twice won't hurt you, and you're not
	allowed to leave the half-pipe area.


	Goal: Score 200,000 Points

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: This should be easy enough now that you have full flow with this 
	game. Just take off and keep laying down big combos, using grind 
	shuffles and special tricks. You can lay down the required score in one
	easy combo this way.



	Goal: Pick five Pros to be on your team


	Hint: There are so many pros to pick from, but you only need to 
	accomplish five goals in the next chapter. (To get any others you'll 
	have to go back and tackle them as your custom character.) For a list 
	of Pro Stats, do a find 
for [Pro Moves and Stats], but each individual 
	goals in Chapter 26 will have a recommended pro. 

	You unlock five Pro Videos in Chapter 26 depending on the pros you pick
	here. Find [Movies] for more details.

	Something worth noting is that Elissa Steamer doesn't have any 10-
	ranked stats, but her lowest stat number is 8, making her the perfect 
	wildcard skater if you're having trouble with any particular goal.


[Chapter 26] - The Video to End All

	BEFORE YOU START THIS CHAPTER, beware this: you can only use each Pro
	you've chosen ONCE. If you beat SAN DIEGO TRANSFER CHALLENGE with Mike 
	Vallely, you can't use him for HAWAII HUGE SPINE CHALLENGE. And while
	certain pros are recommended for certain goals, you aren't limited
	strictly to them.

Goals: 8


	Recommended Pros: BOB BURNQUIST (Air 8, Flip 10, Speed 10, Switch 10)
			  BUCKY LASEK (Air 10, Flip 8, Speed 9, Switch 8)

	Goal: Nail all the tricks they call out while Spine Transfering over
	the train station

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Things really step up here. The tricks are basic left-right-up-
	down stuff, but both flips and grabs have been thrown into this bag, 
	and they come at warp factor five. The spine transfer on the roof of 
	the train station is pretty big, so you have enough to bust two tricks 
	at a go (in fact, that's probably the only way you can beat it on 
	time). If you fall off the roof, you'll have to restart the challenge; 
	the only way back up means going through the train station, up and 
	around the buildings on the opposite side, and onto the roof of the 
	reception building before actually getting to the station itself. By 
	that time you've probably wasted about twenty seconds, which you 
	really need to pull off the tricks.


	Recommended Pros: MIKE VALLELY (Run 10, Rail 8, Speed 10)
			  JAMIE THOMAS (Run 10, Rail 10, Speed 10)
			  ARTO SAARI (Run 8, Rail 10, Speed 10)

	Goal: Hit every THUG mark

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: There are 44 THUG marks in Manhattan, and you have to hit each
	one before the time runs out. You don't need to nail it in a combo, but
	even then, comboing saves time, and time's not something you have a
	lot of here.

	//The first six are in a line on the waterfront.

	//You get the seventh one by launching off the anchor and grinding on 
	the phone wires. Jump over to the fire escape to your left to grab 
	number eight.

	//Numbers nine through sixteen are in 78 Water. To get the ones on 
	the light posts, grind up the ledge and jump at the end of the 

	//Seventeen and eighteen are in the Pyramid ledges, and nineteen 
	through twenty-two take you through the JP Building's park. 

	//Twenty-three through thirty are in the Banks.

	//Up to number 38 are in the Memorial.

	//Thirty-nine and forty are at the construction site, and forty-one is
	down the road. Forty-two, forty-three and forty-four are around the
	JP Building.


	Recommended Pros: ERIC KOSTON (Run 8, Rail 10, Manual 10)
			  KAREEM CAMPBELL (Run 8, Rail 9, Manual 10)
			  BAM MARGERA (Run 10, Rail 9, Manual 8)
			  PAUL RODRIGUEZ (Run 8, Rail 10, Manual 10)

	Goal: Score a 30,000 point combo

	Time: 0:06

	Hint: This is one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) of the tape
	challenges. To start things off, bust a big combo. No limitations, but 
	be careful not to lose it on a stupid obstacle, which Tampa is full of.


	Goal: Score a 25,000 point combo without Spine Transfering or Walking

	Time: 0:06

	Hint: The score you need to meet has been decreased, but similarly, 
	you've been banned from using the all-important Spine and the ability
	to carry a combo while walking. Shoot up the QP in front of you and 
	bust a big vert combo before reverting into a manual. Then grab 
	grinds and pull some flip tricks as you head back towards street level.
	Manual more if you have to, and remember that if you screw up, you 
	have to retry the entire challenge.


	Goal: Score a 20,000 point combo withing spining, walking and reverting

	Time: 0:06

	Hint: They've set up a nice line of grindables before you; capitalize 
	on those and pulling a few flip tricks between rails and ledges to 
	score the big points.


	Goal: Score a 10,000 point combo without spining, walking, reverting 
	and manualing

	Time: 0:06

	Hint: The only way to do this is to shoot right for the planter in the
	middle of the street, a little to your right. Grind on it and shuffle 
	grinds repeatedly. The best way to do it is wait till you've done 
	10 tricks and made over 1000 points.


	Recommended Pros: MIKE VALLELY (Air 8, Speed 10)

	Goal: Hit all the Ramp-2-Ramp transfers

	Time: 4:00

	Hint: There are eight transfers you need to hit all around San Diego.
	Each one is marked with a THUG icon; you don't need to nail any 
	particular trick over them, even just making the transfer by itself is
	fine. This one is pretty tame compared to the other stuff you need to 
	do for the chapter, so if you've got trouble with any particular 
	goal, try this one out and see how it fits you.

	1//The first ramp is right in front of you to your left, and only 
	counts if you hit it from the lower one to the higher one.

	2//Number two is not too far away from the first one, and is visible 
	from where you start. It's across the street from Dino Museum, and
	sits against the outside of the Statue Atrium.

	3//This one is inside the Statue Atrium. You need to face one of the 
	QPs on the inside, staying near the front of the building, and aim 
	towards the frontal wall when going up. You'll go up into a high HP 
	set onto the ledge of the building and get the third R2R.

	4//Across from 3 in the same building. You can hit this going down,
	getting 3 and 4 in one nice sweep.

	5//Over the arch near where your old skating group hung out. There 
	are two sets of QPs on either side of the arch, and you need to hit 
	the inside ones in order for this to count. It'll be one of the more 
	challenging gaps to get.

	6//Over one of the massive staircases leading into Bigoran Theater. 
	There's a smaller QP on one side and a longer one on the other; hit 
	the smaller QP at a wide angle to gap over the stairs and land back in 
	the long one.

	7//The second set of stairs in Bigoran Theater. Repeat the tactic for
	number six.

	8//Number eight is inside the Bigoran Theater itself. If you go in 
	from the front, it'll be on the raised balcony to the distant right. 
	This one is tricky to do and trickier to describe...basically, you 
	have to line the ramps up together, and hope you can get enough speed 
	and hit just the right angle to plonk down on the very top.


	Recommended Pros: TONY HAWK (Air 10, Speed 10)

	Goal: Hit all four Ludicrous Spine gaps

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: Okay, this one isn't too hard. First, acid drop off the ramp 
	atop Big Surf Hotel. Then roll up the QP on the Wavy Roof Hotel and
	Spine into the pool on the top. keep going forward and spine out of
	the Wavy Roof, into the plywood ramp below. The last spine you need 
	to hit is a tiny back-to-back QP in Eastern Concrete Park which you'll 
	probably miss if you're going at full speed. So when you nail the 
	third Ludicrous Spine, get off your board, aim yourself at the QP, and 
	spine over that. You don't need to do it all in one combo, so don't 
	worry about reverting and manualling.


	Recommended Pros: ELISSA STEAMER (Flip 9, Rail 9, Speed 8)
			  GEOFF ROWLEY (Flip 10, Rail 10, Speed 8)
			  JAMIE THOMAS (Flip 8, Rail 10, Speed 10)
			  ARTO SAARI (Flip 9, Rail 10, Speed 10)

	Goal: Hit all three Spine Transfers in a single combo

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: This challenge is fairly easy. First, acid drop off the awning,
	into the pool. Then Spine Transfer when you reach the other end of 
	the pool, going over the THUG mark. Revert and manual when you land, 
	and head for the QP straight ahead. You should have enough speed to
	Spine that without a problem. Revert, manual, and head to the QP 
	ahead. Spine that, and the next part of the challenge begins.


	Goal: Score a 100,000 Point Combo

	Time: Whatever you had remaining from the last goal

	Hint: If you filled out your pro Speed stats, then you know what to
	do here; for those cozier to Verts, backtrack to Superior Court, and 
	for the Street skaters, head over to the hockey rink and make use of
	the infinite grind.


	Recommended Pros: ERIC KOSTON (Run 8, Rail 10, Manual 10)
			  KAREEM CAMPBELL (Run 8, Rail 9, Manual 10)
			  BAM MARGERA (Run 10, Rail 9, Manual 8)
			  PAUL RODRIGUEZ (Run 8, Rail 10, Manual 10)

	Goal: Hit 28 THUG markers in 9 combos

	Time: N/A

	Hint: You have only nine combos to nail all 28 THUG markers; this 
	means if you start a combo and bail or break it, you only have eight 
	more chances, regardless if you got a mark or not. Fortunately, SCJ is 
	full of lines, so with experiance you'll be able to get all 28 with 
	something like four combos left over. 


	Recommended Pros: RODNEY MULLEN (Rail 10, Ollie 8) 
			  CHAD MUSKA (Rail 10, Ollie 10)

	Goal: Collect the lost tapes

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The Lost Tapes follow a linear path--you just need to find all 
	the little tricks to nailing it. Since you have a nice amount of time
	to get them and there's no need to nail it all in a combo, you can 
	bail or take the time to explore the route you need to take before 
	actually attempting it. The line starts on the ledge to your right.

	1//On the ledge to your right.

	2//Wallride up the red brick wall and grind on the ledge.

	3//Follow the same ledge.

	4//Hop over to the opposite ledge.

	5//Follow the ledge.

	6//Right after getting #5, make a small hop to the right and grind 
	right away to hit the start of a light wire.

	7//Follow the wire.

	8//Follow the wire.

	9//In front of the green and white building in the line of the wire.

	10//Air up the QP in front of the green and white building in line
	with #9. 


[Chapter 27] - Showdown in New Jersey

Goals: 1


	Goal: Hit Eric's best line to show that S.O.B who's got the real 

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: This is the last challenge in the game, and fittingly, the most
	difficult. Eric will follow along a certain path, leaving behind THUG
	marks as he goes; you have to collect each one, but you don't 
	necessarily need to follow what Eric does. Eric will occasionally drop 
	fire bombs down in his path, which make you bail and cost you time. You
	can never fall too far behind, which in itself is good and bad; Eric 
	won't go foreward after a certain distance is between him and you, but
	he'll also stop dropping the THUG marks.

	There are 41 THUG marks to collect, starting on the divider triangle
	next to the Street Riders' place. Then he'll start grinding on the 
	bridge, drop his fire bomb, and go around the train station area in a
	wide arc. When he reaches the train station, he'll use a small QP to 
	shoot up onto the telephone wires, and this is where things really get
	difficult. You have to stay on the phone wires and grind across the 
	support arches of the bridge, then leap across a gap and start on 
	another set of telephone wires. After this, Eric will go back to the 
	ground and circle around the block of the neighborhood. Collect all
	41 THUG marks, and you'll have officially pimp-slapped Eric for the 
	last time.


[Pro Goals]

	Goal: Get Special then land a Flamingo

	Time: 1:30

	Hint: Start by building your Special up. All Pro Goals begin like that,
	so that will be the first and only time you'll hear me say it. You 
	start in Scabland, but you're allowed to leave at any time for any part
	of this. Once you're ready, head up a QP or HP and hit (left-right-
	grab) to perform the Flamingo. Your reward is a brand-new Special trick
	slot, where the trick within and the button command to execute it can
	be edited to your approval.


	Goal: Moonwalk 5-0 on the wire

	Time: 0:20

	Hint: This looks complicated until you look through the THUG physics
	and see all the little ways you can cheat to win. Rather than building
	your special on the QPs near the wire, you should Boneless OVER the
	pipes and onto the glowing wire. Shuffle grinds until you have a full
	Special meter, then hop off and land again in the Moonwalk 5-0. Hold
	the grind until you get to the end of the wire and trigger the Gap.


	Goal: Yeah Right Manual through the cones in Bro Bowl

	Time: 0:45

	Hint: The best way to get special here is to do shuffle flatland. Hit 
	the Yeah Right manual by tapping (down-left-manual) and maneuver 
	through the three sets of cones going down Bro Bowl. You don't have 
	too far to travel and the cones are set in a straight line, so this 
	won't be too difficult.


	Goal: Skitch the truck, then Yeah Right through the cones

	Time: 0:30

	Hint: This part is a pain in the tuchus. You don't need to worry about
	building up your special (Skitching will take care of that for you), so
	just grab onto the back of the car and hang tight as you go around the
	block. DO NOT HOLD DOWN THE OLLIE BUTTON. This messes you up. Make sure
	you're on the right side of the car when you approach the strip club;
	let go and go do a small ollie into the Yeah Right, and hold it until 
	you pass through the three sets of cones. Congratulations--you now have
	another new Special Trick slot.


	Goal: Do a 540 into an acid drop over the horse statue

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: You start ROOFTOP TECHNICIAN, so use the QPs to build up speed. 
	Now shoot down the flatland strip toward the statue of the man on the 
	horse. You need to pull a 540 Flip (left- down-flip) as you go off the
	ramp, and do an acid  drop as soon as you're over the statue of the man
	on the horse. You gain yourself a new special trick slot.


	Goal: Do a Crooks Darkslide for 10 Seconds

	Time: 2:00

	Hint: You'll start in the Eastern Concrete Park. Head to Wallows and
	do a Crooks Darkslide (down-right-grind) along the rail. You have to 
	Crooks Darkslide for ten seconds TOTAL, so if you bail you can just get
	back on the fence and keep going without losing time. Another special 
	trick slot is yours.


	Goal: Do a Casper Handstand along Burnquist's line

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: You start on the patio of the Big...Um...Building, facing away 
	from the hockey rink and the line you have to hit. Rebound off the QP 
	to start. Bob's line has THUG marks to show you the way, and you have 
	to hit all three (downhill, into the hockey rink) for success. To 
	Casper Handstand, hit (down-right-grind) in a manual. Another special 
	trick slot is had!


	Goal: 1990 Invert on the speakers

	Time: N/A

	Hint: Probably the most difficult Pro goal (if not, it's an easy tie
	with Koston's Tampa goal), you have to shoot up the HP and try to land
	the 1990 Invert on the speakers high above. It's a lip trick, so you'll
	have to come at the speakers at as straight an angle as possible and
	you'll need a crazy amount of speed in order to make it high enough.
	Fortunately, there's no time limit on this particular goal, and you've
	got the added motivation of the speakers being annoying as hell. Keep
	at it if you still have trouble--use the small metal strips in the
	HP to line yourself up with the speakers and mute the game if you
	have to. Once you've got it beat, you've got all but one special trick
	slot left to earn! Hooray!


	Goal: Nail the 360 Varial Heelflip Lien

	Time: 1:00

	Hint: The last Pro Goal...! You're unleashed in a big half-pipe, so
	your obvious choice is to build up on Verts before busting the
	360 Varial Heelflip Lien. Just be sure to have a decent amount of
	speed while going off the QP and you'll have yourself the final Special
	Trick slot!


[Secret Level] - Hotter Than Hell

  Welcome to Australia, where the hot rock band from the seventies, KISS, is 
  getting ready for a live concert! You have to wonder how they aren't singing 
  while popping their Vitamin C and viagra, but hey, a free concert is a free 

	How to Unlock: Beat the game on Normal or Sick modes.

	Places of Interest:

----->Go-kart Track: To the left side of the stage, beyond the chain link 
	fence, is a dirt track for you to tear up in the final vehicle of the
	game, the Go-kart. The track itself is open and has a couple ramps
	if you want to try to shoot yourself up over the entire center area
	for a hard-to-reach gap, but that's about all.

	The Go-kart has high marks in speed, acceleration and handling, and 
	probably stands as the best vehicle in the game. It's a shame that
	there's nothing to actually do in this level besides find gaps.

----->Scaffolding: There are a few entrances in the stage area that take you
	up to the top of the level, on a pair of intertwined scaffoldings.
	They provide a nice infinite grind.

----->Stage: The stage looks pretty unimportant at first, beside the KISS 
. Just a few QPs and rails, it's not even that fun to Combo on.
	But try to collect the letters "K I S S" scattered in the area, and
	you'll be treated to something special...or so the rumor has it.

[SECRET TAPE] Yes! Hotter Than Hell has a Secret Tape, the ninth and final 
	one in the game. To get it, go into the doors that take you up to the
	scaffolding. The tape will be hovering just out of jumping reach, so
	you need to build up speed and grind straight at the thing. When the
	scaffolding rail kinks up, No Comply or Boneless off the rail and nab
	the Tape, and you'll unlock the video, "Always Hard."


[Secret Level] - School II

  Tony Hawk vets are very familiar with this popular level from THPS2.
  It's since been ported back into THPS4 and now THUG, and you can only
  wonder when fans of the series will say, ENOUGH! WE'RE TIRED OF THIS
  PLACE! Fortunately, the level's nowhere in sight in THUG2. However,
  there's nothing to actually do in School II besides look for gaps.

	How to Unlock: Get the School II Icon in New Jersey, above the train

	Places of Interest:

----->Gymnasium: Ahead and to the left of the starting point, the Gymnasium
	has a crappy pool and a basketball court inside. You can only open
	it by doing something else in the level. It's not worth it.

----->Hidden Yard: Probably the best part of the level, it's hidden in the
	very backmost corner of the area by a wall and a school building. You
	have to hop and grind over the roofs of the buildings to land in the
	yard, where there's a nice empty space for flatland, plus a pair of 
	ramps and a few grinding rails. The only reason this place doesn't
	really suck is because it's empty and you can't see the rest of the
	level from there.

----->Leap of Faith: The most infamous gap in the Tony Hawk series (coming 
	from the most infamous level. Hmm, I smell coincidence burning). You
	take a jump off the top of the large staircase near where you began
	and land down at the bottom. Whoo!

----->Schoolyard: To the right of the starting point, the schoolyard has a 
	few weak grindables and QPs. Like the rest of the level, it just seems
	to be there.

----->TC Plaza: That whole center area past the gym doesn't really have a name
	so I'm calling it TC Plaza, after the TC Gap buildings in the center.
	Here's where most of School II's crap action takes place. Have fun,


[Secret Level] - Venice

  Another classic level, Venice is where Ollie the Bum originates from.
  Like all levels from the first three THPS games, the presence of lines
  is pretty weak, making you rely heavily on manualing out of your way
  and getting off your board to carry on combos. But again, it doesn't
  really make a difference because THERE'S NOTHING TO DO BUT FIND GAPS. 

	How to Unlock: Remember that rumor about the EVIL TIKI in Hawaii?
	Those daring enough to face the EVIL TIKI may find the Venice Icon
	hidden inside...

	Places of Interest:

----->Like Slam City Jam, Venice is basically one giant knot of TrickObs and
	I don't know my way around it...think of it as a chance to explore.


[Secret Level] - Hangar

  The third and final classic level, this one has seen the most abuse
  for the duration of the THPS series. It emerged in THPS2, got ported
  in 4, THUG, and now THUG2 as "Training." (THUG2 did it right, though;
  Training isn't identical to Hangar.) So if you're sick of these old-
  school levels and sick of gap-hunting, you'll absolutely hate this one.

	How to Unlock: In the Red Palace in Russia,if you go around to the
	back, there's a breakable window. Go through it and you'll wind up in
	a room with a portrait of Stalin...and the Hangar Icon.

	Places of Interest:

----->Helicoptor: A helicoptor sitting in the second room, which you can only 
	break into if you transfer over the glass wall. It's just sitting
	there. Yyyyyep.

----->Helicoptor Pad: Grind on the propeller blades of the helicoptor in the
	second area to make it take off. This busts a hole in the roof and
	opens a door on the very left of the level, giving you acces to the
	Helicoptor Pad--a smallish area with a QP on three sides.

----->The Pipe: A semi-inset HP on the right of the level, the Pipe can be
	gapped over, tricked in, grinded on, and all sorts of other neat
	stuff you can do in pretty much anywhere else in the level.


[Secret Character] - Iron Man

  How to Unlock: Beat the game on Easy Mode.

  Special Moves: The Scanner
		 Boot Burst
		 Fire Blaster

	Air: 10		Spin: 10
	Lip: 10		Ollie: 10
	Run: 10		Speed: 10
	Flip: 10	Switch: 10
	Rail: 10	Manual: 10


[Secret Character] - Gene Simmons

  How to Unlock: Beat the game on Normal Mode.

  Special Moves: Lick It Up
		 Fire Fire Fire

	Air: 10		Spin: 10
	Lip: 10		Ollie: 10
	Run: 10		Speed: 10
	Flip: 10	Switch: 10
	Rail: 10	Manual: 10


[Secret Character] - THUD

  How to Unlock: Beat the game on Sick Mode.

  Special Moves: Swimmer
		 Scary Grind

	Air: 10		Spin: 10
	Lip: 10		Ollie: 10
	Run: 10		Speed: 10
	Flip: 10	Switch: 10
	Rail: 10	Manual: 10


[Secret Character] - Pedestrians

	How to Unlock: Nail every gap in the game, including the ones in 
	Hotter than Hell, School II, Venice and Hangar to unlock...I think,
	forty-three pedestrian characters. I haven't done this yet and I'm not
	bored enough to try, so I don't know what each individual pedestrian 
	is like or if they have their own unique special moves.


[Secret Ending] - Ending 2

	How to Unlock: Beat the game twice. It's VERY satisfying. :) See the
	section [Cutscenes] for details.


[Pro Moves and Stats]


  Special Moves: 360 Varial McTwist
		 360 Shovit
		 Indy 900
		 360 Varial Heelflip Lien

	Air: 10		Spin: 10
	Lip: 9		Ollie: 7
	Run: 6		Speed: 10
	Flip: 7		Switch: 8
	Rail: 9		Manual: 7


  Special Moves: Casper Handstand
		 Levitate Grind
		 Shifty Shifty
		 Samba Flip

	Air: 8		Spin: 9
	Lip: 9		Ollie: 7
	Run: 7		Speed: 10
	Flip: 8		Switch: 10
	Rail: 9		Manual: 7


  Special Moves: Ho Ho Sad Plant
		 FS 540
		 Faction Guitar Slide
		 Daffy Grind

	Air: 10		Spin: 9
	Lip: 9		Ollie: 8
	Run: 8		Speed: 8
	Flip: 8		Switch: 8
	Rail: 9		Manual: 8


  Special Moves: 360 Ghetto Bird
		 Kickflip Backflip
		 Quad Heelflip
		 Sit Down Air

	Air: 7		Spin: 9
	Lip: 8		Ollie: 9
	Run: 8		Speed: 8
	Flip: 9		Switch: 8
	Rail: 9		Manual: 10


  Special Moves: Double Kickflip Varial Indy
		 Fingerflip Airwalk
		 540 Tailwhip
		 Double Kickflip Madonna

	Air: 10		Spin: 9
	Lip: 9		Ollie: 7
	Run: 7		Speed: 9
	Flip: 8		Switch: 8
	Rail: 9		Manual: 8


  Special Moves: Fandangle
		 Yeah Right
		 Flying Sqirrel
		 Chomp On This

	Air: 7		Spin: 7
	Lip: 6		Ollie: 9
	Run: 8		Speed: 8
	Flip: 8		Switch: 10
	Rail: 10	Manual: 10


  Special Moves: 1990 Invert
		 Heelflip FS Invert
		 Back Spin Air
		 Big Hitter II

	Air: 10		Spin: 10
	Lip: 10		Ollie: 7
	Run: 7		Speed: 9
	Flip: 8		Switch: 8
	Rail: 8		Manual: 7


  Special Moves: Bam Bend Air
		 The Jackass
		 Stupid Grind
		 Grind N Barf

	Air: 8		Spin: 8
	Lip: 8		Ollie: 8
	Run: 10		Speed: 10
	Flip: 8		Switch: 8
	Rail: 9		Manual: 8


  Special Moves: Gazelle Underflip
		 Crooks Darkslide
		 5-0 Fingerflip Nosegrind
		 Rodney Primo

	Air: 7		Spin: 9
	Lip: 7		Ollie: 8
	Run: 7		Speed: 8
	Flip: 10	Switch: 8
	Rail: 10	Manual: 10


  Special Moves: Moonwalk 5-0
		 Muska Manual
		 Ghetto Tag Grind
		 Rusty Slide Manual

	Air: 7		Spin: 8
	Lip: 7		Ollie: 10
	Run: 8		Speed: 8
	Flip: 9		Switch: 8
	Rail: 10	Manual: 9


  Special Moves: 5050 Switcheroo
		 Bigspin Shifty
		 Kickflip Backflip
		 360 Flip Tail Grab

	Air: 7		Spin: 8
	Lip: 8		Ollie: 10
	Run: 7		Speed: 8
	Flip: 8		Switch: 9
	Rail: 10	Manual: 9


  Special Moves: Nollie 360flip Crook
		 Yeah Right Slide
		 Nollie Flip Underflip
		 Russian Boneless

	Air: 6		Spin: 8
	Lip: 8		Ollie: 8
	Run: 8		Speed: 8
	Flip: 10	Switch: 9
	Rail: 10	Manual: 10


  Special Moves: Rodeo Wrap
		 Casper Flip 360 Flip
		 Darkslide Handstand

	Air: 7		Spin: 8
	Lip: 7		Ollie: 9
	Run: 8		Speed: 9
	Flip: 10	Switch: 8
	Rail: 10	Manual: 8


  Special Moves: Head Balancer
		 Mix It Up
		 One Foot Darkslide
		 Hardflip Late Flip

	Air: 8		Spin: 8
	Lip: 7		Ollie: 8
	Run: 8		Speed: 10
	Flip: 9		Switch: 8
	Rail: 10	Manual: 8


  Special Moves: No Comply 360 Shove-It
		 Ho Ho Street Plant
		 Semi Flip

	Air: 9		Spin: 8
	Lip: 8		Ollie: 9
	Run: 8		Speed: 8
	Flip: 9		Switch: 8
	Rail: 9		Manual: 9


  Special Moves: Crook BigSpinFlip Crook
		 Primo Handstand
		 American Trinute
		 Skull Grind

	Air: 8		Spin: 8
	Lip: 7		Ollie: 8
	Run: 10		Speed: 10
	Flip: 8		Switch: 8
	Rail: 10	Manual: 7


  Special Moves: Elbow Smash
		 Flip 2 Switch
		 Slam Spinner

	Air: 8		Spin: 8
	Lip: 8		Ollie: 8
	Run: 10		Speed: 10
	Flip: 8		Switch: 7
	Rail: 8		Manual: 8



	This is the list of moves that you can edit when you choose the "Edit
	Skater/Tricks" from the menu. There are other moves, hidden moves,
	that you can only get with certain button combinations, but you'll
	have to find those for yourself.

	When you get down to the Special Moves list, you'll notice that there's
	a few Flip tricks in the Grab tricks area. This is because those flips
	end by you grabbing and holding onto the board, so technically counts
	as a grab trick.





	FS 540
	INDY 900
	THE 900

	540 FLIP

	1990 INVERT





	This section is here to cover the CGI movies that occur between 
	chapters of the story. WARNING, the FAQ has been mostly spoiler-free
	until now, but here you'll see most of the elements of the game's 
	story. Don't read any further if you want to surprise yourself.

	[NOTE OF DOOM:] I've played through THUG's story mode probably ten
	times by now (which is sad in itself, I know) with both male and
	female characters. The lines for both genders are exactly the same,
	except for the obvious prepositionals: he/she, mister/miss, etc. Since
	the cutscenes were all taken down from one of my male character files,
	all the prepositions will be masculine, and you can fill in the proper
	blanks if you want to.



	ERIC: Check it man, Muska is actually coming to this dump for a skate
	demo! Get dressed and let's go!

	YOU: Well, I just got my ride all set up...sorta...

	ERIC: It looks like that thing's held together with duct tape. Come 
	on, let's go skate!


	YOU: Home sweet home, what a dump. At least it has some killer spots:
	the old pool down by the highschool, Scabland, the drainage ditch on
	the south side of town, and Elm Street, our own little strip of
	paradise - complete with drug dealers who hate skateboarders.


	MUSKA: Yo, check this out. 


	MUSKA: Muska, chillin' chillin'. Where? Australia?

	ERIC: See? Now THAT'S how you hook it up. I mean, what's he done? Pop
	down a few rails and he's travelling the world like a king.


	MUSKA: Hey, what's up man? That was a sick line you had back there.

	YOU: Whoa, Chad Muska? I'm a huge fan!

	MUSKA: Daaang, man, that's some ghetto ride you got rollin' tho.

	YOU: Yeah, but I'm pretty broke. I gotta make it last.

	MUSKA: I hear you man. Back in Vegas, I had no money, no
	place to stay, nothing, man, until my first-shot sponsor hooked me
	up. So why don't you head down to your shop, check out their riders, 
	and try to get hooked up? And yo...Merry Christmas.

	YOU: Thanks!


	YOU: Uh...I'm looking for the owner, Mr. Peralta...? Wait--are you THE 
	Stacy Peralta?

	PERALTA: That's me. You the guy my skaters've been talking about?

	YOU: Well, I hope so. I'd like to be sponsored by your shop.

	PERALTA: Yeah, so would everybody else. I'll tell you what--make me
	a Sponsor Me video. Show me what makes you different than Bobby B.
	down the street, okay? And please don't hand me anything from the same 
	old spots in New Jersey, dude, 'cause I've seen it all.

	YOU: Done. No local spots and different tricks.


	YOU: Dude, I just talked to Stacy Peralta. 

	ERIC: They know. Th-those gangsters know it was me.

	YOU: What're you talking about?

	ERIC: When I got back to my house last night, they were parked outside,
	waitin' for me. I-I gotta get the hell outta hear. My cousin's got a
	place in New York. You GOTTA help me get to the train station across
	the river!


	ERIC: Come on!



	YOU: Big bad New York. Peralta will be pumped if we can get some footy
	from the Brooklyn Banks, Veteran's Memorial, the Pyramid Ledges and
	78 Water Street.


	YOU: Those guys have a camera! Maybe they'll let us use to make the
	Sponsor Me video for Peralta!

	NY SKATER 1: Why you beamin', you wanna date or somethin'?

	ERIC: Pff...I stopped dating dwarves last week.

	NY SKATER 2: Take your soggy mop-flips back to Jersey, tweakers.

	YOU: Heeey, let's just go skate! If we tear up your favorite spots,
	will you guys help film us?


	PERALTA: Wow, you got style! You are on the team, dude, you're
	definitely on the team. We gotta find a way to get you down to the
	Tampa Am contest.

	YOU: Tampa? That would be insane! But I have like three bucks to my

	PERALTA: Don't matter, man. I'll tell you what: you run some errands 
	for me in New York and I'll tour you my vintage bus for the trip. Now
	tell me what you wanna ride and I'll send you all the free gear for
	the event, dude.



	COP: One busted taillight...violation. One bad bumper sticker...SNRRT-
	PTOO...Big mistake ya punks.

	YOU: It's not our car, man. We borrowed it. We like cops!

	ERIC: Aren't you White Meats supposed to be out fightin' real crime?
	Like figuring out where that missing sprinked donut went? 

	COP: Oh that's real funny, smartass! Kiss yer little rollerskatin' 
	contest goodbye. That is unless your buddy here wants to do us some 


	HICK: Park's closed to the public.

	ERIC: oh no, check the list. "Eric Sparrow," AKA the guy who's 
	gonna win Best Trick tomorrow.

	HICK: AKA Cocky Knucklehead...okay, you're in. WHOA, easy there, 
	cheif, the list's all checked off.

	YOU: What? You signed us both up, right?

	ERIC: Well, uh, I mean I sent my form in, y'know...

	YOU: Dude! Look, I'll sign up now--

	HICK: Ah told you, the list is full! Feel free to watch from the

	ERIC: Look...uh, I'm sorry about this, uh...I-I gotta go skate, you 
	know, this could be my big break. And who knows...maybe you can 
	impress a pro or somethin' and get in too.


	TONY: Whoa, not bad. Where're you from?

	YOU: I came all the way down from New Jersey for the Tampa Am.

	TONY: Talk about a surprise attack. If you're still on your board
	tomorrow you'll walk away with the contest.

	YOU: I can't, it's full. And I worked so hard to get a sponsorship
	from Stacy Peralta--

	TONY: Stacy Peralta? I know that dude. He was my first sponsor too,
	back in the Eighties. ...He still into yoga?

	TONY: That's one weird dude, but cool as they come. Look, I can't 
	make any guarantees, but I'll talk to the guys at the contest. Just 
	show up tomorrow.


	ERIC: Unh!

	BUCKY LASEK: Good skating man, that was insane! You gotta give me a
	call, I wanna hook you up with Birdhouse!

	GEOFF ROWLEY: Hey, ease off! You gotta ride for Flip, mate!


	BAM: Would everyone just SHUT UP for five seconds and let me talk to
	the damn kid. I gotta tell you--that run was bull-SHIT. No, in a good
	way, though. I'm gonna have to put you on Element, bottom line.



	TODD: Mmm...ahh, yeah, mmm, ahh...gulp...Heeey! What's up, you get in
	from the airport okay?

	YOU: Yeah, are you Todd, the team manager...?

	TODD: BELCH. Hey, look, I gotta finish this meal before I go out to
	eat, so here's my skateboarding 101 schpeil. The more coverage you get,
	the more crazy tricks you land, the more free tours and gear for you.
	Okay? Push yourself, show us your skittles, and everything is cool.

	YOU: ...Skittles?

	TODD: Skills! Skittles means skills. What are ya, from Idaho? Hey,
	look, the film is here to shoot some other guys. Go piggyback with 
	them and get some coverage, alright? Nenededede!


	TODD: Hey, check out the ad for the Idaho kid! This demands a party!

	YOU: Yeah?

	TODD: Tell you what...you're the freshie, you're in charge of the 
	party treats.

	YOU: ...What?!


	TODD: There you are! Hey! Come on, it's two in the afternoon and
	you're still asleep? You have to skate the demo at three!

	YOU: Unh, what demo?

	TODD: The team demo! Come on, I want you to get the new guy hooked up!

	ERIC: 'Sup, fool?

	YOU: Eric? You're on the team? But how'd you--

	ERIC: With no help from you. But that's cool, I can see how busy you've

	TODD: Oh, you guys know each other? Heheh. Anyway, why don't you guys
	find the rest of the team? They scattered after the party. I'll see you
	guys at the demo after I chow down.



	JORDAN: Can you believe it? Hawaii. You must be stoked, the team
	usually doesn't bring Ams on a trip this big.

	YOU: Man, those sketches are awesome. Did you draw them?

	JORDAN: Naw, some artist did. They're the graphics for my new Pro

	YOU: Hey...how long were you on the team before you turned pro?

	JORDAN: About a year. I just threw down a couple hammers for the last
	video, and the response was so crazy, they gave me a pro board. Who
	knows? You do the same and maybe they'll turn you pro in a few years.


	TODD: Alright you rats, here's the deal. We paid for your trip to 
	Hawaii, gettin' sick footage is YOUR job. Bum around and find some 
	interesting spots. And we're gonna premier our video in Vancouver at 
	the Slam City Jam. SO DON'T HALF-ASS IT! We hook up in three days.


	ERIC: 'Sup? Check out this clip from Wallows.

	YOU: Whoa, that's some heavy footage.

	ERIC: So what you got going?

	YOU: Um, I uh, some secret spot I found...it's pretty gnarly. I'm
	gonna shoot it later today.

	ERIC: S'cool. Gimme a ring if you need help shootin' it. It'll be
	like old days.


	YOU: Eric, I found it. Get up here and bring the camera.


	YOU: Can you believe this spot?

	ERIC: HAWWK...PTOO. You serious? You miss your ollie and we'll be
	sending you back to Jersey in a coffee can.

	YOU: Todd wanted something big. This is it.


	YOU: Huhh...du...TELL ME you got that!

	ERIC: Hell YEAH I got it!

	YOU: I can't believe I did that! That's the best thing I ever filmed!

	ERIC: That's the best thing ANYBODY ever filmed!




	TODD: Here's the Four-One-One on Vancouver. We got our video premier 
	alllll set up. There's just one problem: WE DON'T HAVE A FREAKIN' 
	VIDEO!! If your footage ain't done, get it. And if it is done, help 
	set up for the big event. GOT IT?



	YOU: Hhh...did I miss my part?

	JORDAN: Part? You weren't even in it! But Eric's part ruled! He did the
	sickest rooftop gap I've ever seen, roof-to-roof in Hawaii, forty 
	stories up!

	YOU: What the--that was MY trick in MY spot!


	TODD: Time to introduce our newest pro, Eric Sparrow! Eric's on his
	way to the Moscow invitational, and his first pro board will be coming
	out in two months!


	YOU: You poached my shot! Where's my footage?

	ERIC: Oh, man, I uh, I couldn't bring myself to tell you, see, there 
	was this thing at customs--

	YOU: You lying sack of--Nhh!

	ERIC: HEY! We go way back, so I'm gonna forget you just did that. Now
	listen, I got three parties to hit, so uh, you better rest up for the
	Ameteur contest tomorrow. Heheheh.


	SCJ OFFICIAL: Just need some basic information from you.

	SCJ OFFICIAL: Hmm. You're a pro? They entered you as an Ameteur.

	YOU: Someone made a mistake.


	TODD: Heyheyheyhey! You don't just decide to enter yourself as a Pro!
	I should kick you off the team!

	YOU: Hey, I just won. What're you talking about?

	TODD: Well, you got balls as big as boulders...but you pulled it off,
	so congratulations. Listen, you gotta start thinking about your 
	board graphic!

	YOU: You guys are taking me pro?

	TODD: You just won a pro contest! You ARE a pro!



	TODD: Mother Russia, home of borscht, potatoes and the world's 
	biggest skate demo ever. All the press will be here looking for the
	Best New Pro. Now, the demo doesn't start for a few days, okay? So
	stay the hell out of trouble.


	BAM: Mmmm, tanks...aww, tanks, lookit these tanks...DAMN, look at 
	these tanks...

	TONY: What's up? Aren't you stoked by gettin' Best New Pro?

	YOU: Well, it's not a done deal yet. It's pretty close between me
	an' Eric.

	ERIC: 'Sup, guys...listen, I been thinkin', we can't keep this up. 
	Remember how I used to torch action figures with you? I was a dork, 
	I'm sorry. I got carried away.

	TODD: Aww, I'm touched! Really! Ahhh...Now get out in front of those
	cameras and earn your keep!

	BAM: This is sooo good, we CAN'T go skating right now, lookit these 
	tanks! Damn!


	ERIC: Whuzzaap...me'n Vladmir here are feelin' good t'night! Hey...
	hey hey hey...your liscence good in Moscow? Ol' Vlad told me it was
	okay if we take a test spin.

	YOU: You can't be serious.

	ERIC: Ohhh man...Bam's gonna be so jealous when he finds out about 

	YOU: Dude, stop it!


	YOU: Ghh, come on, Eric! Dude, Eric! COME ON, MAN! OPEN THIS THING,


	ERIC: When I saw him steal the guard's keys, I knew he was up to 
	something stupid. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen!

	RUSSIAN SOLDIER: There are $700,000 in damages you're responsible
	for, no?

	TODD: No, absolutely not, I mean not me! This kid doesn't even 
	skate for us anymore, get the check from the parents! The kid's off 
	the team!



	ERIC: We just raised my demo rate to Five G's. I need five in 
	my hand or I won't skate. I don't care how many kids're waiting!

	ERIC: Well. Look who's here! I was hopin' I'd run into you. I never
	got to thank you for handing me Best New Pro back in Russia.

	YOU: You still don't get it.

	ERIC: No homie, I got it all. My own company, six cars in my garage,
	a record deal in the works...and whadda you got, huh? Food stamps?

	YOU: Go ahead, keep telling yourself you're happy. But it ain't about
	the money.

	ERIC: I can't believe I'm wastin' time with this jackass. He probably
	skates for minimum wage...seeya.

	YOU: You'll see, I'm not going anywhere. I still got a few real 
	friends left.


	YOU: He gives me a stomach ache. I can't believe kids will at Eric
	and think that's what skating's all about. 

	PERALTA: Look, you gotta deal if you wanna make it as a pro. 

	YOU: Man, I just want to skate like the old days! It used to relax me, 
	not stress me out!

	PERALTA: That's YOUR deal, man! Skating is whatever you make it. It
	didn't change--you're the one that changed! Now go skate. You'll
	remember why you started in the first place!


	YOU: I've got an idea. I wanna do it right this time. Show the kids 
	what skating's really about.

	PERALTA: Now you're finally making some sense. What's the plan?

	YOU: We start our own team.

	PERALTA: I like it. Now let's find some guys who share our same

	YOU: I'm on it. I'll track down the best pros and sign them up.

	PERALTA: Perfect. Then all we need to do is find a great name for our


	PERALTA: Jeez, man, I think we broke the pinata with that video! We 
	can't even keep up with orders!

	ERIC: Aww, how cute. Two little skaters and their ghetto shop. Heard
	your video went over pretty well! I guess kids dig that goofy soul-
	skatin' crap. I tell ya what: I'll buy you out for half a mil, right
	now. I got my check book!

	YOU: I told you, it was never about the money!

	ERIC: Hahaha, right, right, I forgot. Mister Pure. I should'a fixed
	you back in Tampa!

	YOU: Tell it to your posse! We're through. I've got everything I need.

	ERIC: Not this. Remember? Hawaii, building jump, helicoptor...that was
	some sick footage. Too bad nobody ever saw it.

	YOU: You back-stabbin' mop-flippin' cockroach--

	ERIC: Hey hey! Whaddaya say...one last trip around the neighborhood.
	Winner takes the tape.





	ERIC: HAWWK...PTOO. You serious? You miss your ollie and we'll be
	sending you back to Jersey in a coffee can.

	YOU: Todd wanted something big. This is it.




	TODD: Danah denah dah...hup! Whoa...get a look at THAT! Or should I
	say those? Heheh. Time to kick into Toddy Smooth Boy. How 'bout, uh...
	'Hey! You know, uh, for a fat guy, I don't sweat that much!' No, no 
	that's not true, I sweat a lot...Stronger, more confident...oh! We'll 
	go funny, we'll go funny! 'Sure, it's a needle, but it moves like a 
	sewing machine!' Yeah yeah, a little tweak on that one, that'll work, 
	that's good, that's good. Hohh...breath check. Pits...sweat stains--
	minimal. Wipe down the mustache, nuh nuh nuh...hmmm, yeah. Hello, 
	ladies! Nice legs. What time do they open?



	PERALTA: Jeez, man, I think we broke the pinata with that video! We 
	can't even keep up with orders!

	ERIC: Aww, how cute. Two little skaters and their ghetto shop. Heard
	your video went over pretty well! I guess kids dig that goofy soul-
	skatin' crap. I tell ya what: I'll buy you out for half a mil, right
	now. I got my check book!

	YOU: I told you, it was never about the money!

	ERIC: Hahaha, right, right, I forgot. Mister Pure. I should'a fixed
	you back in Tampa!

	YOU: Tell it to your posse! We're through. I've got everything I need.

	ERIC: Not this. Remember? Hawaii, building jump, helecoptor...that was
	some sick footage. Too bad nobody ever saw it.

	YOU: You back-stabbin' mop-flippin' cockroach--

	ERIC: Hey hey! Whaddaya say...one last trip around the neighborhood.
	Winner takes the tape. 

	YOU: *PUNCHES ERIC'S LIGHTS OUT and takes the tape back*

[*] I've asked around and nobody has the real title for this particular 
cutscene, since it doesn't appear in the cutscenes menu in Manhattan. So this
is a close approximation.



	Here's the THUG playlist, arranged alphabetically by bandname. All 
	songs are copyright to their respective creators.

	Aceyalone - "Rapps on Beck" - Hip Hop
	Alkaline Trio - "Armageddon" - Punk
	Anacron - "A Prototype" - Hip Hop
	Angry Amputees - "She Said" - Punk
	Assorted Jelly Beans - "Rebel Yell" - Punk
	Authority Zero - "Everyday" - Rock/Other
	Bad Religion - "Big Bang" - Punk
	Blind Iris - "Drive" - Rock/Other
	Blue Collar Special - "Don't Wait" - Punk
	Bracket - "2 Rak 005" - Punk
	Busdriver - "Imaginary Places" - Hip Hop
	CamaroSmith - "It's Alright" - Rock/Other
	Cannibal Oz - "Iron Galaxy" - Hip Hop
	Clutch - "Impotus" - Rock/Other
	Crash and Burn - "Crazy and Stupid" - Rock/Other
	Dan the Automator - "A Better Tomorrow" - Hip Hop
	Beltron 3030 - "Positive Contact" - Hip Hop
	DJ QBert - "Cosmic Assassins" - Hip Hop
	Dropkick Murphys - "Time to Go" - Punk
	Electric Frankenstein - "Annie's Grave" - Rock/Other
	Entombed - "To Ride, Shoot, Speak..." - Rock/Other
	Five Hourse Johnson - "Mississippi King" - Rock/Other
	Flamethrower - "I Want It All" - Punk
	Frog One - "Blah Blah" - Hip Hop
	Fu Manchu - "California Crossing" - Rock/Other
	GBH - "Crush 'Em" - Punk
	High On Fire - "Hung, Drawn and Quartered" - Rock/Other
	Hot Water Music - "Remedy" - Rock/Other
	In Flames - "Embody the Invisible" - Rock/Other
	J-Live - "Braggin' Writes Revisited" - Hip Hop
	Jane's Addiction - "Suffer Some" - Rock/Other
	Juggaknots - "The Circle Pt. 1" - Hip Hop
	Jurassic 5 - "A Day at the Races" - Hip Hop
	Kiss - "God of Thunder" - Rock/Other
	Kiss - "Lick It Up" - Rock/Other
	Kiss - "Rock-n-Roll All Night" - Rock/Other
	Lamont - "Hotwire" - Rock/Other
	L.A. Symphony
 - "King Kong" - Hip Hop
	Living Legends - "War Games" - Hip Hop
	Mastodon - "Crusher Destroyer" - Rock/Other
	Mike V and the Rats - "The Days" - Punk
	Mr. Complex - "Underground Up" - Hip Hop
	Mr. Dibbs - "Skin Therapy" - Hip Hop
	Mr. Lif - "Phantom" - Hip Hop
	Murs - "Transitions as a Ridah" - Hip Hop
	NAS - "The World Is Yours" - Hip Hop
	Nine Pound Hammer - "Run Fat Boy Run" - Rock/Other
	NOFX - "Seperation of Church and Skate" - Punk
	Orange Goblin - " Your World Will Hate This" - Rock/Other
	Paint It Black - "Womb Envy" - Punk
	P.U.T.S. - "The Next Step II" - Hip Hop
	Q.O.T.S.A. - "Millionaire" - Rock/Other
	Quasimoto - "Low Class Conspiracy" - Hip-Hop
	RA The Ruggedman - "King of the Underground
	Refused - "New Noise" - Punk
	Rise Against - "Like the Angels" - Punk
	Rubber City Rebels - "(I Wanna) Pierce My Brain" - Punk
	Smoke Blow - "Circle of Fear - Rock/Other [*]
	SoD - "Milk" - Rock/Other
	Solace - "Indolence" - Rock/Other
	Social Distortion - "Mommy's Little Monster" - Punk
	Stiff Little Fingers - "Suspect Device" - Punk

	Strike Anywhere - "Refusal" - Punk
	Sublime - "Seed" - Punk
	Superjoint Ritual - "It Takes No Guts" - Rock/Other
	Supernatural - "Internationally Known" - Hip Hop
	The Adicts - "Viva La Revolution" - Punk
	The Browns - "American Werewolf in Calgary" - Punk
	The Clash - "White Riot" - Punk
	The Explosion - "No Revolution" - Rock/Other
	The Hellacopters - "(Gotta Get Some Action) Now!" - Rock/Other
	The Herbaliser - "It Ain't Nuttin'" - Hip Hop
	The Hookers - "The Legend of Black Thunder" - Rock/Other
	The Midnight Evils - "Loaded and Lonely" - Punk
	Transplants - "California Babylon" - Punk
	Unida - "Black Woman" - Rock/Other
	Wildchild - "Secondary Protocol" - Hip Hop

[*]For some reason, Smoke Blow was listed between Solace and Social Distortion
in the in-game THUG playlist which, otherwise, was perfectly ordered. I guess
that it's just a hundred-dollar WHOOPS! on Neversoft's part.



	THUG has a slew of movies, some hidden, some not, and almost all of
	them have to be earned through story mode. There are somewhere around
	28 videos (I haven't gotten them all), including one video for each
	Pro skater. Here's the list of videos, a breif summary and how to 
	unlock them

  [NEVERSOFT LOGO] - The opening video of THUD dragging Eric into the sewers.
	Available when you start the game--and VERY satisfying to watch once
	you've beaten Story Mode.

  [ACTIVISION LOGO] - Watch the letters in "ACTIVISION" swirl around like a 
	hurricane. Available when you start the game.

  [THUG INTRO] - View various Pro skaters do mad tricks while a kid appears
	in different areas while words like "DREAM," "STRUGGLE," "DESTINY," 
	etc. sketch themselves on the screen. Available when you start the

  [TONY HAWK] - Watch a video of Tony Hawk tearing up an HP. Unlocked by 
	choosing Tony Hawk for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [BOB BURNQUIST] - See Bob tear up his custom pools and loop-the-loop in his
	Brasilian home. Unlocked if you choose Bob Burnquist for your team in 
	Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [STEVE CABALLERO] - A video of Steve Caballero doing what he does best.
	Unlocked if you choose Steve Caballero for your team in Chapter 25 
	of story mode.

  [KAREEM CAMPBELL] - A video of Kareem Campbell doing what he does best. 
	Unlocked if you choose Kareem Campbell for your team in Chapter 25 of 
	story mode.

  [RUNE GLIFBERG] - A video of Rune Glifberg doing what he does best. Unlocked
	if you choose Rune Glifberg for your team in Chapter 25.

  [ERIC KOSTON] - Check Koston out as he grinds and flips his way down stair-
	cases. Unlocked if you choose Eric Koston for your team in Chapter 
	25 of story mode.

  [BUCKY LASEK] - Bucky shreds up a variety of HPs with transfers and flips.
	Unlocked if you choose Bucky Lasek for your team in Chapter 25 of 
	story mode.

  [BAM MARGERA] - Bam does it all--tears up pools and skate parks, flips 
	stairs, bails, overturns ATVs, makes tight donuts in red sports 
	cars...Pro skater and jackass all in one package! Unlocked if you
	choose Bam Margera for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [RODNEY MULLEN] - The hottest street technician shows us exactly why he
	deserves that title. Check out those sick manual combos! Unlocked if
	you choose Rodney Mullen for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [CHAD MUSKA] - Muska flips weird TrickObs and grinds long stair rails--
	sometimes at the expense of a shoe or a run-in with the Fuzz. Unlocked
	if you choose Chad Muska for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [ANDREW REYNOLDS] - Watch Andrew Reynolds flip a few heres-and-theres. Way
	to make good use of that B button, man! Unlocked if you choose Andrew
	Reynolds for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [PAUL RODRIGUEZ] - Tony Hawk newbie Paul Rodriguez shows us how he got a
	spot in the cast with some cool grinds and flips. Unlocked if you
	choose Paul Rodriguez for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [GEOFF ROWLEY] - Geoff flips and grinds at day or night, while Dinobot 
	recites some poetry. (Seriously, it's not bad.) Unlocked if you choose
	Geoff Rowley for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [ARTO SAARI] - Even more of a flipster than Andrew Reynolds, Saari flips 
	stairs and even entire streets. The motivation an oozing cut can give
	you...Unlocked if you choose Arto Saari for your team in Chapter 25 
	of story mode.

  [ELISSA STEAMER] - A video of Elissa Steamer doing what she does best. 
	Unlocked if you choose Elissa Steamer for your team in Chapter 25 of 
	story mode.

  [JAMIE THOMAS] - He can bail! He can grind! He's SUPER JAMIE! Unlocked if
	you choose Jamie Thomas for your team in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [MIKE VALLELY] - Why is Mike V known as such a "Hands-On" skater? Watch this
	video to find out. Unlocked if you choose Mike Vallely for your team 
	in Chapter 25 of story mode.

  [BAILS 1] - A video of skaters bailing. Unlocked by collecting three Secret

  [BAILS 2] - Another video of skaters bailing, most likely the more gruesome
	bails with broken bones and such. Unlocked by collecting six Secret

  [BIRDHOUSE] - An advertisement for Birdhouse, which sponsors Tony Hawk, 
	Bucky Lasek, and others. Very old-school heavy. Unlocked in Chapter 
	10 of story mode.

  [ELEMENT] - An advertisement for Element, narrated by Bam Margera. Unlocked
	in Chapter 10 of story mode.

  [FLIP] - An advertisement for Flip, sponsor of Geoff Rowley, focusing on
	a pair of kids saying that skating, drugs, life, the universe and
	everything suck. Unlocked in Chapter 10 of story mode.

  [GIRL] - An advertisement for Girl using heavy special effects. Unlocked in
	Chapter 10 of story mode.

  [ZERO] - A manic advertisement for Zero. Focuses on grinding or flipping
	down stairs and ledges. Unlocked in Chapter 10 of story mode.

  [ALWAYS HARD] - Someone set Mike Vallely as Always Mongo Goofy Foot in Tony 
	Hawk Pro Skater 4...and now he's out to get some frontier justice. 
	Watch Mike and a few other pros destroy a Neversoft employee's car 
	with a few skate-park bails mixed in for freshness.

  [KISS] - Watch KISS perform "God of Thunder"  with a KISS-masked orchestra.
	Warning, heavy tongue-wagging. Unlocked when you collect "K I S S"
	in Hotter than Hell.



	How to Unlock: Neversoft has included a few codes that you can use to
	open up some cheats for in-game use, but I believe that gaming should
	be more of a renewing experiance (unless absolutely necessary, of
	course). In order to EARN the cheats as opposed to unlock them, beat
	every single goal in the game. All 129. For a challenge, try it on 
	Sick mode.

	The cheats you can earn are:

	COOL SPECIALS (Slows the game down so your Special tricks look more

	KID MODE (Shrinks all character models to kid-sized)

	ROLLERSKATES (Makes your deck invisible, but not your wheels)

	FLAME (Flames come out the back of your board when you grind)

	ALWAYS SPECIAL (Your Special meter starts full and can never empty)

	PERFECT RAIL (Rail balance is always centered)

	PERFECT SKITCH (Skitch balance is always centered)

	PERFECT MANUAL (Manual balance is always centered)

	MOON GRAVITY (Can jump further and higher than normal)

	There are cheatcodes you can enter to unlock these cheats without 
	getting all the goals. The ones I know about, posted by GameFAQs, are:

	getitup [MOON GRAVITY]
	keepitsteady [PERFECT MANUAL]
	letitslide [PERFECT RAIL]
	rearrider [PERFECT SKITCH]

	Thanks to GameFAQs.com for providing this information.


[2 Player]

	2 Player Mode offers you the chance to tear up any levels you've 
	unlocked with a friend. There's nine different modes of play, including
	the popular Graffiti and King of the Hill, and introducing a newer
	game, Firefight. 

  Trick Attack

    Rules: Score the most points before the time limit runs out. This is 
    similar to a High Score run, only now you're facing off against another

    Time Limits:
	30 Seconds
	1 Minute
	2 Minutes
	5 Minutes
	10 Minutes

  Score Challenge

    Rules: Meet the set score before your opponent. There's no time limit, but
    matches with higher-set goals tend to last as long as ten minutes and more.
    You can set what scores you have to get to.

	100,000 pts
	250,000 pts
	500,000 pts
	1,000,000 pts
	2,000,000 pts
	5,000,000 pts
	10,000,000 pts
	50,000,000 pts
	100,000,000 pts

  Combo Mambo

    Rules: You set the time limit and try to make massive combos. The person
    who makes the biggest combo inside the time limit wins.

    Time Limits:
	30 Seconds
	1 Minute
	2 Minutes
	5 Minutes
	10 Minutes


    Rules: Headsmack or Sucker Punch your opponents by skating or running
    through them. Whoever has the most speed in a collision wins the fight,
    and the loser respawns somewhere else. With the ability to get off your
    board thrown into the mix, this classic fistfight becomes a little more
    strategic than before. The person with the most Slaps when the time runs
    out wins.

    Time Limits:
	30 Seconds
	1 Minute
	2 Minutes
	5 Minutes
	10 Minutes

  King of the Hill

    Rules: A crown is hidden somewhere in the level. The Red Arrow makes a
    multiplayer appearance to show you where it is. When a person grabs the
    crown, a counter above their special meter begins to climb upwards. The
    crown can be taken from you if you get Headsmacked or Sucker Punched, and
    the higher your timer climbs, the slower your skater gets. Hold onto the
    crown for the full time to win.

    Time Limits:
	30 Seconds
	1 Minute
	2 Minutes
	5 Minutes
	10 Minutes


    Rules: One of the more popular game modes, Graffiti has you skating around
    a level and tricking off objects. If you grind on a rail and jump off, the
    rail will be changed to your color (Player 1 is Red and Player 2 is Blue).
    However, if the other player gets a higher score on that same object, they
    "steal" it and it changes to their color. Link combos together to get 
    massive scores on multiple objects, making it more difficult for your
    opponents to steal them away. Person with the most Graffitied objects is
    the winner.

    Time Limits:
	30 Seconds
	1 Minute
	2 Minutes
	5 Minutes
	10 Minutes


    Rules: The computer sets a starting point for one player, and that player
    has a certain amount of time to start a combo. They have to finish the
    combo and land it. When they land the combo, the score becomes a benchmark
    for the other player to reach. The second player doesn't have to do exactly
    what the first did, but they DO have to pass their score. If the second 
    player bails or doesn't pass the score when they land, they get a letter.
    If they pass, their score raises the benchmark and the first player has to
    try to beat it instead. When someone earns a letter, the next turn takes
    the players to a next starting point, and the next person to go in order
    will start the process over again. (For example, if Player 1 bails trying
    to meet Player 2's score, Player 1 earns a letter and Player 2 starts the
    next round.) This continues until somebody has earned all the letters in
    the word. The word can be chosen by the players and can have up to fifteen
    characters. If a player bails while trying to set a score and their time
    limit hasn't run out, their turn ends and is passed to the next player.

    Time Limits:
	10 Seconds
	20 Seconds
	30 Seconds

  Free Skate

    Rules: Pick a level and have fun. This is the same as Free Skating in
    single player mode, except you can't initiate a High Score Run.


    Rules: The newest addition to Tony Hawk multiplayer, Firefight has replaced
    your Impossible and Pop Shove-it moves with "FIRE!" and "REVERSE FIRE!"
    attacks. (You can also make Double, Triple, and Quadruple REVERSE/FIRE!
    flips.) FIRE! shoots a fireball from the tip of your board straight ahead,
    and REVERSE FIRE! shoots a fireball from the back. Each player has 100 HP,
    and each FIRE! attack does 10 HP of damage. (HP meaning Health Points 
    rather than Half Pipes, as it has for the rest of the Walkthrough.) Hit 
    your opponent with FIRE! attacks ten times to win.


[2 Player Menu]

  -start game-

    You can select your game type and confirm any other variables here.

  -change levels-

    Change the level you're currently on. Only appears when a round has 
    finished or not yet started.

  -end current game-

    End the game you're playing.

  -split mode-

    Switch the screen's split from vertical to horizontal.


    -screen mode-

      Toggle between standard and widescreen dimensions.

    -sound options-


	Choose to play the songs active on your playlist in alphabetical order
	by artist, or randomized.

      -skip track-

	Skip the track currently playing.


	Look at the full playlist of songs. You can activate or deactivate
	individual songs, or remove entire genres of music. You can also
	preview particular tracks with the Grab button. 

      -music level-

	Control the volume of music, going anywhere between 0 and 10.

      -sound level-

	Control the volume of sound effects, going anywhere between 0 and 10.

      -special sounds-

	Turn other sound effects (like the BAM! sound when you pull off a
	Special trick) on or off.


        Return to the previous menu.

    -display options-

      Turn your Special Meter, current combo score, current combo string, 
      console windows and balance meters on or off. If you turn any of them
      off, they still work, but aren't visible.

    -interface themes-

      Choose your menu style. You can choose from CLOUDBUSTER, RETRO HAWK,
      KISS, SECRET 2 - IRONMAN and SECRET 3 - T.H.U.D. You start with the first
      five, and must unlock the rest by choosing a sponsor or unlocking a
      secret character.


      Turn any cheats you've unlocked on or off.


      Return to the previous menu.




Tony Hawk Underground and all content within is copyright of neversoft. 
Individual copyrights for said content is listed in the THUG credits. This
walkthrough is copyright Anthony Summo, 2004, and cannot be reposted or edited
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overwhelming requests to add item lists for certain goals). Thanks for reading,
and see you next time! (And hope a THUG2 walkthrough won't take a whole year
to do.)

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