• Cheat Passwords

    Go to options, then go to cheat codes. Then you can activate it from the cheat menu.

    moon gravitygetitup
    Perfect Manualkeepitsteady
    perfect railsletitslide
    Perfect skitchesrearrider
    Unlocks THUDNOOO!!
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  • Secret Pre-Made Skaters

    When creating a skater, select one of the names below and it will unlock the skater whose name you entered.

    Your skater becomes this character.Alan Flores buffoon
    Your skater becomes this character.Akira2s
    Your skater becomes this character.1337
    Your skater becomes this character.Alex Garcia
    Your skater becomes this character.Andy Marchel
    Your skater becomes this character.arrr
    Your skater becomes this character.Bailey
    Your skater becomes this character.Big Tex
    Your skater becomes this character.Chauwa Steel
    Your skater becomes this character.Chris Rausch
    Your skater becomes this character.ChrisP
    Your skater becomes this character.CodePirate
    Your skater becomes this character.crom
    Your skater becomes this character.Daddy Mac
    Your skater becomes this character.Dan Nelson
    Your skater becomes this character.Dave Stohl
    Your skater becomes this character.DDT
    Your skater becomes this character.deadendroad
    Your skater becomes this character.fatass
    Your skater becomes this character.FROGHAM
    Your skater becomes this character.Skillzombie
    Your skater becomes this character.sik®
    Your skater becomes this character.GEIGER
    Your skater becomes this character.Glycerin
    Your skater becomes this character.GMIAB
    Your skater becomes this character.Greenie
    Your skater becomes this character.grjost
    Your skater becomes this character.Guilt Ladle
    Your skater becomes this character.Hammer
    Your skater becomes this character.Henry Ji
    Your skater becomes this character.Jason Uyeda
    Your skater becomes this character.Jeremy Andersen
    Your skater becomes this character.Joel Jewett
    Your skater becomes this character.Johnny Ow
    Your skater becomes this character.leedsleedsleeds
    Your skater becomes this character.MARCOS XK8R
    Your skater becomes this character.Mike Ward
    Your skater becomes this character.moreuberthaned
    Your skater becomes this character.M'YAK
    Your skater becomes this character.Noly
    Your skater becomes this character.NSJEFF
    Your skater becomes this character.POOPER
    Your skater becomes this character.Stacey D
    Your skater becomes this character.Steal2Liv
    Your skater becomes this character.tao zheng
    Your skater becomes this character.The Kraken
    Your skater becomes this character.The Swink
    Your skater becomes this character.THEDOC
    Your skater becomes this character.Todd Wahoske
    Your skater becomes this character.TOPBLOKE
    Your skater becomes this character.TSUEnami!
    Your skater becomes this character.woodchuck
    Your skater becomes this character.Y2KJ
    Your skater becomes this character.Yawgurt
    Your skater becomes this character.ZiG

    Contributed By: Crips.

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  • Head outside of the Slam City Jam.

    You'll need moon gravity for this one. Head to Slam City Jam, jump into the stands, and head to section A or B (You'll see this on the staircase). Turn 180 degrees and walljump on the A or B part of the stair rail so you're on top of the staircase. Walk to section X, which is found between sections A and B. Once on top of section X jump in the dark blue strip between the stands. You're now in a lobby with doors that lead to a little area with the Vancouver hotel, 2-D cars, and two ramps.

    Contributed By: linkman95.

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  • Ultimate Never-ending Combos

    Jump near a car you can ride and press X to ride it. Now press the buttons you would normally push when in the air and, untill you ditch the car, your combo won't end.

    Contributed By: thugrocks101.

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  • Play as any pedestrian

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Skate as any pedestrianComplete all of the gaps in the game

    Contributed By: link02129.

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  • Secret Characters

    The following are the secret characters that you can unlock:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Gene SimmonsBeat the game on normal.
    Iron ManBeat the game on beginner.
    PedestriansPerform every gap.
    T.H.U.D.Beat the game on sick.

    Contributed By: funkytoad.

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  • Unlock Alternate Ending

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate EndingBeat game twice on any difficulty.

    Contributed By: Superjedi008.

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  • Unlock Cheats

    Complete 129 of 129 Goals to unlock a full cheats listing

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Always SpecialGet 129 of 129 Goals
    Cool SpecialsGet 129 of 129 Goals
    Flame GrindsGet 129 of 129 Goals
    Kid ModeGet 129 of 129 Goals
    Moon GravityGet 129 of 129 Goals
    Perfect ManualGet 129 of 129 Goals
    Perfect RailGet 129 of 129 Goals
    Perfect SkitchGet 129 of 129 Goals
    RollerskatesGet 129 of 129 Goals

    Contributed By: Slateman.

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  • Unlock Hidden Levels

    Complete the game's story mode to unlock hidden levels

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    HangarGo to Moscow and turn right then go to the right side of the building and jump in the 5th window
    Hotter than HellComplete Story Mode (on any difficulty level)
    School 2Go to New Jersey to the train station and it will be on the right side at the very top.
    VeniceGo to Hawaii and go to the back left of the stage and ollie into the evil tiki statue

    Contributed By: Slateman and HHHTheGame4evr.

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  • Unlock KISS Movie

    Unlock Hotter Than Hell, and spell KISS by lighting up the letters.
    The K and I are in corners of the level, and one S can be done by spine transfering the fun box.

    Finish it off with a leap through rings of fire.

    Every time after you do it the first, KISS comes on stage and plays a song.

    Contributed By: GValko.

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  • Unlock Movies

    In addition to the sponsor and skater videos, ther are 3 unlockable videos. They are unlocked by getting a certain number of Secret Tapes. Remember, though it lacks goals, Hotter Than Hell has a Secret Tape.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Always HardCollect all 9 Secret Tapes.
    Bails 1Collect 3 Secret Tapes
    Bails 2Collect 6 Secret Tapes

    Contributed By: GValko.

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  • Unlock secret mode

    This mode will unlock automatically

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Create-a-deck modeBeat Slamma Jamma in Story Mode

    Contributed By: Superjedi008.

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  • Unlockable cars

    To get the cars, do the missions show below. You will be allowed to drive them anytime you want after unlocking them.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Beat up Old SedanDo mission: "Pineapple Killer" in Hawaii
    LeafblowerDo either mission: "Race the blowcart" or "Ralphie got busted" in Vancouver
    LimoDo mission: "Pick everyone up in the Limo" in Vancouver
    Old SedanDo mission: "Nut Vendors Unite!" in New York
    Police CarDo mission: "Revenge!!!" in Tampa
    Russian SedanDo mission: "Party Favors" in Moscow
    Security CartDo mission: "No one likes a dude festival" in San Diego
    Street Warriors Race CarDo mission: "Get in tight with the Street Warriors" in New Jersey

    Contributed By: Cool mario 6446.

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Easter Eggs

  • Get eaten by chihuahuas

    At the end of the Hawaii level go to the quarter pipe. Next to the pipe will be a lot of houses and you will hear a lot of dogs barking. Go on top of one of the balcony and change the camera angle to look down. You will see a tiny little dog running around the yard. If you fall it will say, "Death by chihuahuas" or "Mauled by little dogs".

    Contributed By: squashlords.

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  • Moscow Easter Egg

    Go to Moscow and get onto the building (green tile roof) that would lead to a gap. On this building you should see a chimney with smoke coming out of it. Get off your board and hop into the chimney for a humorous message. Repeat this other times to see other messages.

    Contributed By: CompleterofGames.

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  • Strip Club Fun

    Have you seen the strip club in Tampa, and wanted to go in and have some fun? Well, whether you know it or not, you can. To get in, go through the top of the strip club (the roof is breakable just like the dome in Moscow where you and Eric have the doubles session). In case that confuses you, walk (or skate) up the staircase on either side or the club, and jump into the dome that serves as the building's ceiling. When you come in here, there is a strip pole and a girl giving two business-men a private show. This area also serves as a very small bowl. But, if you look carefully (or not) you will notice an imperfection in the back part of the bowl. This is actually a staircase into the strip club. Unfortunately, you don't actually go in. As soon as you enter through the secret passage, the game plops you at the entrance to the club (next to the two pole-dancing girls, in front of the bouncer), and displays a humorous message. Sorry, if you want to know the message, you'll have to figure it out (it's not that funny, just an extra thing in the game if you've done everything else).

    Contributed By: munkyman720.

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