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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kirby021591

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    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
    Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee
    Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
    E-Mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
    Most Recent Update: April 30, 2006
    Originally Created: July 10, 2004
    Version: 1.5
    -------------------------------Table of Contents--------------------------------
    Section 1*
    Section 2*
    Hyrulean Adventure*
    Lake Hylia*
    Cave of No Return*
    Hyrule Castle*
    The Coast*
    Village of the Blue Maiden*
    Eastern Temple*
    Death Mountain Foothills*
    The Mountain Path*
    Tower of Flames*
    The Field*
    The Swamp*
    Infiltration of Hyrule Castle*
    Lost Woods*
    Kakariko Village*
    Temple of Darkness*
    Desert of Doubt*
    Desert Temple*
    Frozen Hyrule*
    The Ice Temple*
    Tower of Winds*
    Realm of the Heavens*
    The Dark Cloud*
    Palace of Winds*
    Section 3*
    Character Index*
    Enemy Index*
    The Legend of Zelda Timeline*
    Tingle Tower*
    Shadow Battle*
    Question and Answer*
    Section 4*
    Credits and Legal Information*
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    ||--------------------------------Section 1*----------------------------------||
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    Wow, a reader!  I mean, uh, congrats; you're my hundredth, no thousandth reader.
    Wait!  Don't stop just yet.  You may've clicked this by accident, but still,
    read on.  If you're reading this then you want a walkthrough on Legend of Zelda:
    Four Swords Adventures.  You probably expected a fancy title comprised of
    Still, you chose and/or accidentally clicked mine nonetheless.  I'm going to be
    frank.  This is a great game, but there are a few drawbacks.  Seriously, I'd
    give this game an 8 out of 10 if this were a review.  First the drawbacks.
    This game does not really live up to previous Legend of Zelda games.  Actually
    it does.  Why is that?  Because the game is the conglomeration of various
    elements extracted from earlier games.  It's true.  Perhaps I am too experienced
    a Zelda player to enjoy these games to the fullest, but I notice how closely
    this game ties into others.  For one, the view is like a GBA view, obviously,
    because you can use a Game Boy Advance.  This view is common to the first Zelda
    game, The Legend of Zelda, and the enemies look like they do in any of the Game
    Boy games, but most like they do in my all-time favorite SNES game, The Legend
    of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
    I am not complaining here, however.  Unless you can't see what's happening on
    the screen, I'm impartial to graphics.  The actual 'Links' look like a mix
    between the A Link to the Past Link and The Wind Waker Link.  Like I said, a
    game isn't good or bad for graphics, it's just a perk.
    Then there are the characters.  Yes, we all love classics, such as Princess
    Zelda, Ganon, and so on.  And yet, some characters we'd prefer be left in the
    game consoles of the past.  The bosses, for the most part, are the same as or
    are versions of bosses from other games.  Besides which, some characters are
    annoying.  Yes, the problem with this game, if any were evident, is lack of
    originality, although the classic appeal of previous Zelda games is
    I even remember certain puzzles and seemingly sections of past dungeons
    incorporated into the game.  But, the twist of the four makes everything fresh.
    Just to clarify my final thoughts on the subject: There is a new villain, Vaati,
    four characters to control, and it is a new game.
    The music is from A Link to the Past, but they changed it a bit.  More
    frustrating though, although it contributes greatly to the puzzle aspect of the
    game, is the fact that you can carry one item at a time.  That is to say you
    have a sword, a shield, another accessory (Like the Blue Bracelet), and your
    item, which you must abandon to get a new item.  This is not a bad thing,
    it actually makes it more fun once you get past the facts.  The items are
    completely recycled (The Blue Bracelet is the equivalent of the Blue Tunic in
    the colored version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening).
    The Item Levels are a new idea, but that is rare, and items come and go.  In
    fact, I'd expect they include the Ether Medallion, since they included the Quake
    and Bombos medallion, all three from A Link to the Past.  The Force Gems are a
    cheap rip-off of rupees, and though most often I get through the levels with +
    2000 gems, but if not you can "turn back time", one of the few elements from
    Majora's Mask, not to say that Force Gems don't add a somewhat challenging touch
    to harder levels.
    The game is played in elaborate levels with a general theme pertaining to the
    region you are in.  At the end of each region you rescue one of six maidens and
    eventually Princess Zelda (Remind you of 1. Ocarina of Time with the Sages or 2.
    A Link to the Past with the maidens).  Vaati is a wind mage who likes to kidnap
    beautiful maidens.  He, like Ganon, has an infinitely large array of minions at
    his disposal, which seems improbable to me because Vaati has been sealed away.
    Vaati really isn't a good replacement for Ganon (But is Ganon really excluded?
    Find out when you play...), although on occasion Zelda games don't use Ganon as
    the main adversary.  New realms have been added to the game, such as the Realm
    of the Heavens, and the Dark World is in the game as well, which is from A Link
    to the Past.
    Still, I am not putting the game down.  It is entertaining, very fun to play
    with friends, has a good selection of mini-games, and many new challenges.  The
    good attributes outweigh the bad, although I should say I think it would be
    overcharged without including the GCN link cable.  Perhaps renting it would be a
    better alternative to buying it, because you can beat it relatively quickly if
    you're good, but on the other hand it is a classic like any Zelda game, worthy
    of purchase.  If I had never played a Zelda game before in my life and all this
    was new to me, I wouldn't notice these things, and I'd give this game a 10 out
    of 10.
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far - Oh, this is the Legend of Zelda.  Ok, a
    long time ago there was a wind mage named Vaati.  Vaati kidnapped maidens and
    brought about a shroud of darkness to Hyrule.  A man came to slay the fiend, and
    when he drew his blade he became four.  He defeated Vaati and locked him away in
    what has come to be known as the Four Sword Sanctuary, sealing it with his own
    Over time Vaati grew restless.  He escaped and carried off Princess Zelda.
    Zelda's friend, sealed Vaati away again.  Still Vaati breathed and his black
    heart beat, for no one could kill him, just imprison him.  With the help of an
    exile, Vaati regained full power, to wreak havoc in a new era.  Link pulled the
    legendary blade from its altar and Vaati was freed from the Realm of the Four
    Sword.  Link became four just like the man of legends.  Now Link valiantly
    braves the elements and monsters, but slowly it becomes clear that there is
    something bigger, more powerful than Vaati, who summons the gathering
    Veterans of the game will despair at the fact that you can hold but one item at
    a time and that they've not included some of our favorite items.  I will list
    the items below, then some other common objects.
                                    |    Items    |
    Big Key: The master key that can open locks small keys cannot, but cannot open
    locks that small keys can.
    Blue Bracelet: This item doesn't count as a weapon, but as an accessory, which
    can't be taken away, but you will lose at the end of the level.  All damage you
    take is halved.
    Bomb: Unlike previous games, you never run out of bombs.  They explode upon
    contact with enemies or after a short time.  You may throw and pick them up with
    the R Button.  These can damage you, however.  The upgrade has a bigger
    explosion and causes more damage.
    Bombos Medallion: You carry this and may throw it with the R button.  Upon doing
    so, all minor enemies on the field are destroyed by streaks of light, unlike the
    effect from A Link to the Past, which was a series of explosions.
    Boomerang: When you launch it, it returns to you.  You stun enemies upon hitting
    them, and may draw Hearts, Force Gems, and rarely other characters towards you
    as in the second boss battle.  The Upgraded Boomerang goes farther and faster.
    If you hold the A Button it will hover.
    Bow: With this weapon, you may use an unlimited arsenal of arrows.  Holding the
    A Button releases a faster arrow farther.  The Upgrade fires faster.
    Carrot: Allows you to ride Epona, the horse in Lon Lon Ranch.  You cannot take
    damage when on Epona and if you collide with enemies, gems will scatter about.
    Fire Rod: Sorry, they removed the Ice Rod.  The Fire Rod releases flames, and
    holding the A Button releases a continuous burst of flames.  This is useful for
    burning stumps and razing bushes to the ground.  The Upgrade is similar to a
    certain Cane of Somaria, that is, it creates blocks that can be moved.  Wave the
    rod again and flames erupt in all four directions.
    Force Fairy: You never lose these, unless you are downed (You run out of
    and you gain them at the end of each level.  When you run out of hearts, one
    fairy is used to restore your hearts.  If you have no Force Fairies with you and
    you are downed, you get a Game Over.
    Force Gem: These bountiful gems come in four colors and three sizes.  You need
    2000 to break Vaati's barrier at the end of a level, if not, the Four Sword will
    bring you back to start of the level to replay until you have enough gems.
    Small Green is worth 1 Force, Big Green is worth 100, Small Blue is worth 5, Big
    Blue is worth 150, Small Red is worth 20, Big Red is worth 200, Small Purple is
    worth 50, and Big Purple is worth 300 Force.  You lose all Force at the end of
    the level.  There is also a Huge Green Force Gem found in some levels.  It is
    worth 1000 Force.
    Four Sword: A legendary sword that normally destroys the wielder.  When Link
    removed it from its pedestal, three duplicates of himself were created, each
    with the Four Sword.  The sword was once Vaati's sword, as the story in the
    rulebook says.  When Link took the sword from the Realm of the Four Sword, the
    lock to Vaati's prison was removed, and Vaati went free.  Use the B Button to
    slash, press B with the control stick simultaneously to make a lunging strike.
    Hold B and release to perform a spin with the sword extended.  Once you have
    2000 Force, the sword glows gold.  If you have full health, when you slash a
    light sword is shot out.  If you have 2000 Force or more and you hold B until it
    flashes twice, you can do a spin much more powerful, but Link will be dizzy and
    immobile shortly afterwards.
    Heart Container: Replenishes all health and adds one full heart to your health.
    These extra hearts vanish after you complete a level.
    Lamp: Illuminates dark areas and you can burn items directly in front of you.
    There is no upgrade.
    Magic Hammer: Stakes, stumps, a few other things, all can be smashed by the
    hammer.  Hold A for more power, this shockwave dazes enemies momentarily.  The
    Upgrade makes the hammer even more powerful, the shockwave tremendous.
    Moon Pearl: You carry this item with the R Button.  When you approach a Moon
    Gate, it activates and reveals the Moon Gate, the portal to the Dark World.
    Mystery Item: Exceptionally rare and random items that exist in a crystal ball.
    When opened, the fog takes form of a random item.
    Pegasus Boots: These boots allow you to accelerate to a lightning dash when you
    press A.  If you hit a tree, something might fall out.  So, what do boots have
    to do with a winged steed who aided such Greek mythological characters as
    Perseus and Bellerophon?  Nothing, really, but the upgrade allows you to dash
    over pits.
    Power Bracelet: Pick up items you normally could not, even with four Links.
    Such items are huge trees.  This is an accessory.
    Quake Medallion: You pick it up with the R Button and throw it into a swarm of
    enemies, causing a catastrophic earthquake which turns all enemies into weak
    jelly enemies.  In A Link to a Past a giant catfish gives it to you.  In
    Japanese mythology, it was believed that giant catfish beneath the Earth caused
    earthquakes, so it is appropriate.
    Roc's Feather: An item that makes you light as a feather.  In other words, you
    can jump, considerably high.  The upgrade lets you make two jumps, one from the
    ground, and one from the air.  When you jump and press B you can perform a Jump
    Attack, from Zelda II.  Also, rocs are large, monstrous birds in Arab mythology.
    Shield: A shield that looks like the Hero's Shield from The Legend of Zelda: The
    Wind Waker.  It blocks arrows and quite a few projectiles, but cannot defend
    against all attacks.
    Shovel: Try and guess.  It digs, sometimes unearthing gems and other items.  The
    upgrade allows you to hear a sound signifying that gems or a pit are in the
    Slingshot: Just like the bow, but this stuns enemy when it hits them.  Hold A to
    release Deku nuts farther.  Like the bow, the Upgrade allows faster fire.
    Small Key: The Small Key is carried with the R Button.  It can open locks that
    the Big Key cannot, but it can open the majority of locks.  These are invaluable
    in dungeons.
                                |    Common Objects    |
    Air Cannon: Cannons that levitate and shoot you upward when you get in them,
    only found in GBA 2-D areas.
    Big Switch: A switch that, when the 4 Links step on it in Box Formation,
    activates an effect.
    Block: In varying sizes, small blocks may or may not be moved, and larger blocks
    can be moved by assuming formation.
    Bush: Shrubs that can be lifted or slashed, revealing hearts, gems, pits, or
    Crystal Switch: Use projectiles to strike these to activate their effect.  They
    are activated when they glow green.
    Foot Switch: Activate by standing on them.  Some switches require the four to
    separate and stand on them.  It strikes me as funny that Vaati doesn't put five
    switches in.
    Heart: Replenishes one of your health hearts.
    Item Podium: Pedestals with items atop them, you may take an item from it to use
    or exchange items for the one on the stand.
    Key Blocks: Blocks that dissipate when you turn the key in the lock.
    Moon Gate: Platforms emitting blue light that transport to the Dark World, a
    ghastly mirror of our own world that at first glance looks similar but in
    reality is totally different.
    Pit: Often pits lead nowhere, damage you, but some lead into GBA areas.
    Pull Lever: Levers come in an array of sizes; some must be pulled by multiple
    Links.  When pulled they trigger some effect.
    Staircase: Stairs which lead up or down in or out of GBA areas.
    Star Switch: Switches shaped like stars that are activated only when someone or
    something is standing on them.
    Statue: Statues come in all sizes and shapes, but some can be moved.  These are
    handy particularly when they cover a staircase or can be moved to press down a
    Stone: Rocks, large or small that can be lifted, larger ones require the Links
    to work together.
    Switch Platform: Platforms with switches in each of the four direction.
    Stepping on one of the switches moves the platform in that direction.
    By the way, if you can't find a section, no problem.  On most computers, you can
    press CTRL + F to bring up a document key word search.  Type in the name of the
    section you are looking for with the star (*) next to it (I included the stars
    to distinguish the title from times I might use the name of that section in
    context).  Click Search/Find and it will bring you to the first place that entry
    is used, the Table of Contents.  Search again and it will bring you to the next
    entry it used in.  Oh, and as long as I’m commenting here, there are eight
    additional “section” titles, each Level 1(asterisk), Level 2(asterisk), etc.,
    but I took them out of the Table of Contents because they were rather pointless.
    So, use the navigation tool away - good luck.  Now, time for the real
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    ||--------------------------------Section 2*----------------------------------||
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    ==============================Hyrulean Adventure*===============================
    Yes, there are two sections, Hyrulean Adventure, and Shadow Battle.
    Unfortunately, I have no friends (Well, a few) and cannot bring you 2-Player-4-
    Player action until I convince one of my few friends to play with me.  So for
    now, single player!
    By the way, in previous games the word for "Of Hyrule" was Hylian, not Hyrulean
    (Hence, Lake Hylia).
    By the way, if you're playing multiplayer then you're in for a treat.  I played
    with a few pals and at the end of each level you decide (If playing with three
    to four people) who was the best player.  This is decided by how many enemies
    you defeated, how many time you were downed, your Force, your remaining hearts,
    and the hero of light and darkness ranking.  At the end you must vote who helped
    the most and who bothered you the most.  The bother is the Hero of Darkness, the
    helper the Hero of Light.  This has some pretty odd effects.  I've been the Hero
    of Darkness and Light many times before.
    ====================================Level 1*====================================
                                Whereabouts of the Wind
    ==================================Lake Hylia*===================================
    The first stage of the game, after the prelude, is Lake Hylia.  It is easy and
    will let you practice your skills.  You are dazed, or your counter parts are at
    least.  Get up and listen to the owl talk.  Then head left, slashing any plants
    in your way for Force Gems.  The new block you are in has a house and a
    tremendous backyard.  Enter the house and talk to the man.  Head out back now
    and perform the formations he specifies.  At the end you will receive a Force
    Gem, if you are good.
    Head left afterwards and assume box formation.  There is a switch to the left of
    a huge stone.  Press it to have 40 Force in total fall to you.  Then push the
    stone into the water to act as your bridge.  Cross and head right to the cave
    blocked by a small octagon-shaped stone.  Lift it with R and throw it with R.
    Enter the cave and assume Box Formation to open the door at the end.  Enter and
    pick up the Boomerang off the pedestal with the A button.  You have your first
    Leave the cave and head left then up.  These are your first enemies.  Avoid them
    for now, and use the boomerang to grab the key behind the rocks.  You may also
    want to use the boomerang to grab the Force Gems to your left; it's a major
    Shadow Link guards the doorway to a house.
    Approach him and he will jump.  Use the key on the door and enter.  Head to the
    backyard through the door before you and enter into box formation.  Press R to
    grab hold of the large stone to the right and lift it.  Here is the Fire Rod.
    Pick it up and head back to the area where you got the key.  Set fire to the
    grass and destroy it as well as any enemies on it.  Force Gems will appear all
    over it, so grab them before they disappear.
    Notice that there is a large rock opposite the river.  Lift it and you will find
    a staircase.  Walk down across the 2-D screen to a ladder.  Climb up, ignite the
    crystal switch, and cross the newly formed platform to a treasure chest.  Open
    it with A.  Climb up the ladder now and head left.  There are many stones; pick
    them up to clear a way to the ladder.  Shadow Link is equipped with a Magic
    Hammer here.  Ignore the shockwaves and destroy the enemies.
    Step on the box switch to reap the rewards, quite a few Force Gems.  For more,
    head down and lift the large rock.  Ignite the grass before you and grab all
    gems, than ignite the bush.  Gems will pop out of it for you to collect.  When
    you are done, head back to pick up the large rock above you.  A jelly-like
    creature will be under it.  Slash it and head up.  A battalion of warriors are
    to you right, but thanks to the forest, they cannot get you.  Pick up the stone
    and run against the edge that was blocked by the stones.  You will jump into the
    water.  Swim under the bridge and climb atop the platform.
    A large rock will present itself to you.  Lift it and reveal Tingle.  Talk to
    him, and then jump back into the water via the ledge to the right of the rock.
    Swim right and out from under the bridge.  If you see the silhouette of a gem,
    submerge to get it.  Make sure you go under the bottom-right part of the bridge;
    rocks will prevent your passage if you go up.  Swim to a platform connected to a
    ladder to the right and climb up.  At the top will be a cave entrance.
    Enter and you'll see an air cannon.  Drop into it, time your release as to get
    the Force Gem above, and press A.  As you release, push the control stick to the
    right.  Land on a ledge and fall from it, still veering right to land on a ledge
    with a treasure chest.  Open it to gain 50 Force, enter into the Air Cannon
    again and this time veer left.  Exit through the door on the ledge and you'll be
    Cut down both bushes so plunder will fall, and enter the cave to the right.
    Climb the ladder, drop into the air cannon, and release.  If you time right,
    you'll get a Force Gem.  Veer right and you'll land by an item podium.  Get the
    boomerang and exit the cave the way you came.  See the Force Gem by the falls?
    Use your boomerang to get it, reenter the cave, and get in the air cannon.  Aim
    for the other air cannon, get in, and shoot.  Head upwards avoid the fire from
    the Zoras (Yes, originally Zoras were enemies, not allies).
    Walk behind the waterfall and into the right cave entrance.  Head up, and step
    on the first switch.  Press X to change leadership of the Links to a solitary
    color, and move each individually onto a switch.  When all four are in place, a
    path will open over the pit in the middle cave.  Head out and enter the middle
    cave this time.  Head up, over the pit, collect the treasure, and have one Link
    press the star switch.
    Press X to change leadership and have that Link (Not the one standing on the
    switch) cross the pit to the right.  Press Y when he crosses to gather everyone
    and head down out the cave.  You'll be on some land with a tree on it, and a
    ridge you may hop over to enter water.  Do so, avoiding the Zora fire, and swim
    south.  Swim over the waterfall, submerge to collect Force Gems, and head right
    into a whirlpool.
    Swim left and up a ladder.  For 200 Force Gems, if you didn't get them with
    boomerang, before you enter the whirlpool head down to the left and into a
    Back to the whirlpool now, gather into wide formation and push the large stone
    down, all the way.  Doing this will make an L-shaped platform appear.  Gather
    all the Links onto it and don't move.  If you're lucky you'll get a Force Gem.
    When the platform reaches the end cross onto the land and gather into box
    formation on the box switch to open the door to the south.  There are two
    treasure chests, one with Force Gems, and one with a blue bracelet.  Head back
    into the pit room above and climb up the stairs at the top.  For a Force Fairy,
    slash the bush in the right-hand corner, revealing a Force Fairy.
    Grab it and slash the bushes to the left and throw the rocks.  The bush at the
    bottom in the left covers a pit.  Fall in, get the chest, then climb the ladder
    and fall onto the platform.  I just want to point out the fish in the pools look
    like Super Mario fish.  Head left, climb the ladder, and welcome to the bridge
    you were at!
    The enemies that threatened you are back, so assume wide position to cut them
    down quickly.  Bushes to upper-right cover switches.  Have all four stand on
    them using the X-Button strategy like before.  Two Force Gems will fall and dual
    treasure chest will appear.  Get them all, particularly one chest holding a
    heart container, and head left.
                             |    Boss: Chief Soldier    |
    The area will be gated off and a few warriors, one very large will charge you.
    Assume long formation to cut down the lesser soldiers, then, the chief isolated,
    exit your new formation.  This soldier will charge you when he is close.  After
    that he is vulnerable so hit him then.  Dodge his blows and soon you will have
    won.  If you don't have enough Force Gems, you'll make up for it with the
    boatload that drops down.  Collect them after you defeat the boss and head left.
    A dark magic barrier guards the gate.  If you have 2000 Force Gems, strike the
    barrier sectors with your sword, crushing them.  If not, strike them and go back
    in time.  After winning, four red squares will appear.  Step on one, and you
    I suggest saving and continue playing, because this walkthrough is not over.
    ===============================Cave of No Return*===============================
    Prepare for torture.  No, but seriously.  I hate this level.  You'll see why,
    particularly because of the lantern deal.  Wait for the gate then enter into the
    cave.  It is dark.  If you hold B, as if you are going to do a spin-slash, the
    room will be displayed from a higher view.  By doing this, you see lanterns to
    the northeast.  Walk in that direction, diagonally, and get the lantern.  Sorry,
    they're called lamps, but I'm used to calling them lanterns.
    Immediately the ground around will illuminate.  Head up and press A next to the
    two torches to light them and open the door.  Shadow Link is ahead.  There is a
    torch to the left.  Ignite it and gather the Force Gems that fall.  Shadow Link
    will jump when you try to touch him, so just continue.  Another torch is in near
    the first.  Light it and collect the Force Gems.  There are some blocks ahead.
    Push the rightmost upper block to get by.
    More blocks are to the upper-right.  At the bottom, push the middle block up and
    the right block right.  Kill the rat and open the treasure chest.  Head right
    now until you find more blocks.  Push the rightmost block down the center-right
    block left.  Head into the chamber with the ring of fire and push each corner
    block into the corner.  The fire will smolder and you can get the chest.  Get
    the small key to the door and move into the next room.
    Move up and then down to push the block to the right.  Get into formation,
    and push it.  It will stop; break the pots and head down, killing all rats you
    encounter.  Veer right, push the block, head up, and then head right.  Stop and
    head up at the opening, get the chest, and go to your right, then down.  Push
    the block again, slash the pots, and head down to a huge block.  Push it down.
    Once you have, head down and left, slash the pots, move the block, and get the
    small key in the treasure chest.  Carry it back to where the huge block was and
    open the key door.  With green Link in front, push the green block forward, then
    the green block in front of it, and the green block to the right.  Get the
    treasure chest of 100 Force Gems, and deploy pink/purple Link on the block to
    the right.  Have him push down the next pink/purple block, head right, and get
    out red Link to push the block before you.  Then blue Link, then pink/purple
    Link, then green Link.  Light the two torches with your lamp to open the door to
    the right and then walk in.
    Walk straight into the wall, and hug the wall until you fall in a large pit.
    Remove pots in your way and head left into the portal to start at the beginning
    of the room, after you get the chest with the heart container.  Head to the last
    pit so you are standing above it and head up, into a new pit.  Get this chest
    for 100 Force, and then walk back to the left to start in the upper-left hand
    corner of the room.  Walk to the right and kill all of the enemies in the room.
    Light the torches and two doors will open, one north, one east.  Take the east
    door and you'll find yourself in a room of pots.  There is a way to get another
    heart container, but that is unimportant.  Follow the middle row of pots to the
    very right end.  Get in long formation and slash down the pots, withstanding the
    fire from the fire.  At the end there will be a key.  Grab it and run out of the
    room.  If you want a Force Fairy, smash the bottom row of pots, second column.
    For many Force Gems, slash the first row, first column.  For the heart
    first row, second column.  Many Force Gems may also be gained by smashing the
    upper-left group of pots.
    Enter the room with six torches (The one from which you entered the pot room)
    and head to the north door this time.  There is a ghost to the right; he
    explains how to get the bow indirectly.  First head up all the way and then turn
    left to open the key door.  Don't go in, though, first go back down so that you
    are next to the pit.  Press X so you only control one Link.  Pick another Link
    up like a small stone and throw him over the pit.  Switch control to that Link
    with X (The one of the other side) and press Y to gather all the Links on the
    other side of the pit.
    Get the blue bracelet in the treasure chest and the bow on the item podium.
    With the bow now shoot the crystal switch below you and cross on into the key
    room you unlocked.  This room looks hopeless, but it is quite similar to an
    aspect of the first dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.  Fire your
    arrows through the torches so they are lighted as they go and light other
    torches as they pass them.  The room will light up once you have lit all the
    torches revealing many bats.
    Shoot them all down, hitting a crystal switch on the other side, and a bridge
    will appear over the pit and Force Gems will fall onto them.  Once you get to
    the other side, about to go through the door, don't.  Hit the crystal switch and
    collect the Force Gems hovering in midair.
    Enter the room above and climb down the stairs.  You'll be in a cavern with a
    mage in it.  Talk to her if you like, but take a right.  Get the two treasures
    then head up.  This time, take a left.  Collect the two treasures and head up.
    Finally, the mage is gone so take a right.  Climb up the stairs and consult with
    a ghost to the right.  Get into long formation and pull the lever to the right.
    Pull the left lever to make a treasure chest with a heart container in it
    Head up with your treasure and into a new room.
                              |    Boss: Shadow Link    |
    Before the darkness will manifest into Shadow Link.  Dodge the bombs he drops,
    or throw them back him.  Shoot arrows at him to stun him, and then rush him,
    slashing him.  Do this until he starts to change color.  He will turn into one
    of the Links.  Send that Link out alone to battle him (That is, use the X Button
    to battle Shadow Link with the Link of the same color).  It takes six hits in
    all to finish him.  Once you win he will scream and turn into a Force Gem.
    There is a ghost in the room to the left if your hobby is talking to dead guys,
    but if not head up and slash down the barrier room.  If you don't have enough
    Force Gems, travel back in time.  If you do, step onto the red squares and
    advance to the next level.
    =================================Hyrule Castle*=================================
    This is the most anticipated level of any region, the boss level.  After beating
    this, the dungeon, you are admitted into Level 2.  Anyway, head up and kill the
    archer.  If you are interested, the sign to the left of the owl's perch is the
    Tingle Times (How does he fit all that text on there?).  In the next area you'll
    find the castle gate, and two guards.  Dodge their bombs and move to the left.
    Slash down the bushes until you reach the rock, lift it, and descend down the
    stairs.  Climb down the ladder and walk to your right.  About halfway the ladder
    leads to heart pots.  Fill up if you need them, and continue right.  At the very
    end climb up the ladder and get the treasure chest to the left.
    Then climb up the ladder to the right and destroy the pots.  Now, isolate one
    Link as the leader with the X Button and have him throw another Link over the
    gap, then gather the Links with him.  Destroy the pots; the third one has a
    switch.  Press it to make a bridge appear, then walk to the right, climb the
    ladder, and walk across it.  Get the treasure chest at the new level and climb
    up the ladder.
    Quickly kill the bomb-throwing guard below.  Then push the right block above you
    to make a pathway and push the left block down.  By the way, the pot to the
    right has a Force Fairy in it.  Once you've pushed the block down, hit the
    crystal switch to the left.  The gates to the castle will open.  Head left, near
    the pot with Force Fairy, and find the hollow part of the wall where you can
    jump over.  Hop over the wall and walk into the gates.
    Spikes will now block the entrance from whence you came and a massive field of
    soldiers will assault you.  Assume cross formation or wide formation, either is
    good, and take on the soldiers.  At first, they don't notice you, so get the
    element of surprise by striking the big one.  The large soldier is just like
    Chief Soldier so use the same strategy to win.  Collect the Force Gems that fall
    and open the new treasure chests.
    One has a heart container to rejuvenate your health; the other has 100 Force in
    it.  Continue up into a courtyard.  There are two levers.  The left one will
    make two guards appear, the right will open the doors.  When the doors are open,
    enter into the castle.  The castle interior is so similar to that of A Link to
    the Past, one chair obstacle and some hidden curtains are exactly the same.
    Head right and into a new room.  Go up and push the block you see to get 100
    Force.  Once you have it, return to the main chamber.  Walk up the stairway
    between the throne chairs.
    Take a right and walk down from the new chamber so you're outside.  Head right
    until you reach a building.  Walk into it from the back (There are doors here)
    and get the bow rather than the bombs.  Shoot the arrow through the door to hit
    a crystal switch outside, making a path appear.  Hop over the edge of the wall
    to the left of the building.
    Now, get the two treasure chest above you.  Follow the grass to bomb flower
    (They look like bombs).  Pick a bomb up with R and toss over to the cracked part
    of the wall.  The grass will burn down; collect the Force Gems, but also, enter
    the door you forced open.  Walk to the right and up the ladder into the air
    cannon.  Shoot up and veer left so you can get the treasure chest with the small
    key.  Now fall from the platform you are on and onto the platform below.  Fall
    into the new air cannon and shoot up to leave the 2-D screen.
    Hop down over the wall and head left into the castle.  Walk into the main
    chamber and open the key door.  Before going in, take the left door and walk
    down the hall outside.  Keep going left and push the block by the house up.  The
    door will open.  Enter, get the treasure, step on the switches, and get the
    Force Gems.  Now, go back into the key door.  Walk up, kill the bat, and up the
    two ladders.  Prepare for a fight.  After you take the first three on, a mace
    soldier will appear.
    Arrows are useless; fight him like so.  Wait for his mace to be behind him, then
    charge him up close, get in a few shots, and retreat.  I believe he take six
    hits, every time you hit he spins faster.  Once you win, the walls will explode
    releasing tons of soldiers to beat.  This is the best part of the level.  Get
    ready for a titanic assault, because the soldiers are so large in numbers they
    are immobile; they drop like flies.  Lots of force will drop after you win,
    collect it and advance.
    My favorite direction is right.  In England, the left side of the shield is
    called the sinister, the middle is the pale, and the right is the dexter.  Well,
    I'm not taking the sinister; go right.  Shadow Link has a hammer and the
    shockwaves may daze you.  That's not good, because there are several guards
    Take them down and get into wide formation to pull the lever above you.  Now,
    head left and up the new trail you formed, into the castle, the prison cell.
    There are two sharp moving blocks ahead.  Walk in real quick then get back so
    they hit each other and slowly withdraw.  While they crawl back, climb the
    ladder and choose a weapon.  You can choose any weapon, as long as it's the
    Move to the new room and blow the crack right out of the wall.  Inside will be a
    stack of blocks you may blow up and a thing that resembles a Zora (Not the cool
    ones in recent games, but the old ones from SNES or NES).  Talk to the thing, it
    will now trail you, making the party five.  Leave and get back to the
    intersection where I rambled about English shields.  This time, go left.  Shadow
    Link will be hopping madly to the left.  Follow him and you will fall into a
    Climb up the ladder and shoot up with the air cannon.
    Now that you know better, hug the wall so you don't fall in the pit.  There are
    four crystal switches ahead.  Get into cross formation and do a sword spin to
    hit them all at once.  The wall will open; go up and head left where there are
    two statues (Left of the door).  Crush the pots to reveal a star switch.  Push
    one statue over it and enter the door to the right.  Slash the pot and push the
    block.  Climb up the ladder and break the first pot on the right to reveal a
    switch.  Press on it to open the door.
    Don't press the one to the left (Three soldiers will appear).  What did I tell
    you, left is sinister, just like on the shields!  Enter through the door to find
    the other half of the thing trailing you.  Walk back to the intersection where
    the blue barrier stood and watch what happens.  This classic character is the
    Great Fairy.  Conveniently, she destroys all life in the vicinity other than
    your own.  She'll than dispel the barrier, so walk in.  Up the ladder are
    curtains.  Slash them to reveal two passageways.  Take the right first, climb
    the ladder, and slay the guard.  Push the block in the room up for 100 Force.
    Now, exit the room to the south and have two Links stand on the switches.  Go
    back and take a left this time.  It's the same deal, so do the same with the
    switches and walk upward.
    A mob of angry soldiers will attack you.  Go to the left quickly so you have the
    corner to yourself.  In this way, the soldiers can only come on you few by few
    because of the narrow pass and they will drop like insects.  Walk through the
    door and into the chamber.  Walk up the ladder and head right.  Get the Force
    Gem and do the same thing to the left side, only on the left side you may take
    the door to a treasure chest with 100 Force within.  Now walk up.  The two
    statues will come alive.
    If you want a real way win, head into one of corners.  They will hop toward you,
    but they are too wide, and will be sitting ducks to your attack.  In any case,
    destroy the statues and cut down the curtains.  Take the door at the top right
    first to get an extra heart container, then the door at the bottom left.  This
    one has 100 Force in it and by now you should have over 2000.  Anyway, head back
    up into long or box formation, and push aside the throne.  After usurping the
    throne, slash the curtains to reveal a doorway.  There are two air cannons and
    ladders.  Take the air cannons to the top, collecting Force Gems on the way, and
    break the pots to fill your empty hearts.  Now, advance forward.
                             |    Boss: Phantom Ganon    |
    I don't get this.  Why is Phantom Ganon, the puppet of Ganon, working to protect
    Vaati's dark barrier?  No time to ponder this question, because the black
    apparition is waving the sword of war.  His main offense is batting large energy
    orbs at you.  If they hit the wall, it will split into tiny orbs that ricochet
    back, more than likely hitting you.  Volley them back to him with your sword,
    and repeat the process until he is hit.  He will fall; this is your chance to
    pulverize him with your sword.  An easier way to beat him is simple.  Since your
    sword probably is powered up, while he makes his energy sphere, hold B until it
    flashes twice, then when he send the orb at you, release and spin towards him.
    Because you are spinning with the sword, you always hit it back and he will soon
    fall.  His other attack is easy to avoid, he lunges at you with his sword.  More
    efficiently though, stand very close to him when he is forming the ball and it
    is easy to hit it back to him.  This is better because you won't be dizzy
    afterwards.  Once you win, any Force you don't have you'll get, so collect the
    Force and descend the stairs.  Now break the barrier and you'll be in Level 2!
    You will talk to a maiden who'll guide you to Level 2.  Yes, you collect these.
    Multiplayer Tip: The energy orbs Phantom Ganon volleys at you in multiplayer are
    different colors.  Only the right Link can hit it.  For success in doing this
    have each Link stand in a different corner of the arena.  This way it is very
    easy to hit the orb to your fellow Link.
    ====================================Level 2*====================================
                                     Eastern Hyrule
    ===================================The Coast*===================================
    If I may interject, they seem to be following the A Link to the Past map pretty
    closely, except for one thing.  Lake Hylia is where Eastern Hyrule is.  Anyway,
    lift the rocks and hop over the wall.  You can pick up the coconuts like rocks.
    Enter the cave to the right and push the block.  Get the bombs, and blow up the
    crack in the wall at the north end.  Collect the treasures in here and blow up
    the wall at the other end.  Now, head south.
    If you'd prefer the slingshot, get it in the cave to the left.  This is unwise,
    because bombs are needed ahead.  Move to the right and notice that brown ground
    covers the terrain.  Find the patch of green by the wall and blow the wall down
    here.  Enter the cave and push the lower block aside.  Kill the bat and blow up
    the cracked block.  The treasure chest contains a few Force.  Head back now and
    cut down the bush to the far left.  100 Force will drop; get it and return to
    the spot.  See the hollow part of the wall by the row of bushes?  Set a bomb
    here and enter the cave.
    There is 50 Force in the chest.  Return outside and cut down the bushes.  Find
    the next part of the wall where it curves inward and blow it up, revealing a
    cave.  Enter and destroy all pots, revealing the switches.  Get into long
    formation and step on the switches to the right for 100 force.  Step on the
    switches to the left for a bridge to the other side of the pit.
    At every end of the cave, including the top, is a place where the wall can be
    blown up.  The wall to the left reveals a cave leading to a switch.  Keep one
    Link here standing on it.  Now go to the left and collect the Force Gems.  Now
    go up and slash the pot.  There is a switch under it; step on it to make a path
    appear.  Cross with the Links gathered and head down, blowing the wall up.
    OK, now you are outside.  Assault Shadow Link if you like, but more importantly
    enter the house to the left for a heart container.  Go back outside and lift the
    rock to reveal a Force Gem worth 100.  Get it and head right.  Hop over the wall
    and blow up the part of the wall with the indentation.  Enter and get the
    treasure chest.  Now go back outside, head right, and blow up the other part
    with grass before it.  Enter in, get the treasure chest, and go back outside.
    Head right and swim to the island in the middle of the pool.  It may help to go
    back and get the slingshot, but bombs may make it work as well.  There is a box
    switch on the island that you are forced to press.  Once you do, Zoras will
    gather and try to bring you to a watery grave.  To beat them, drop a bomb, pick
    it up with R, and throw it at the Zoras while they surface.  Don't base your
    attack from the island, move from shore to shore to get better range on some of
    Once you beat them, the barrier disappears and you can head right.  Before that
    though if you go in the whirlpool in this screen swim down under the initial
    rock ledge and over to a ladder.  The second door has a slingshot in it but the
    first has a Great Fairy for upgrading your weapons.  Upgrade before you continue
    to the right.
    Head down, bend around the curve and defeat all the menaces on the shore.  If
    you have bombs it is quite fun to chuck them into the crowds.  After defeating
    them Force Gems galore will fall for you to collect, along with a notorious
    enemy which in past game sucks you in and eats your shield (I think they're
    Head right once you've had your fill of Force and see Shadow Link drop the bomb.
    Rush into the stairway to the left of him.  Climb the ladder when the current
    bomb explodes and slash the bushes until you find a pit to take refuge in.
    Climb up when the bomb is about to explode and repeat the process until you're
    at the end of the area.  Now slash the bushes and kill the enemies.  Near the
    end is a pit under a bush.
    Fall in and go to the end of the cave.  Exit the left door.  There will be three
    Force Gems before you, but don't get them.  They are enemies in disguise.  Cut
    them down and move southeast.  Pick up the coconuts and enter through door.  As
    you walk, blocks will appear.  Work your way through the place and get the
    treasure chest.  It has 100 Force within.  Exit through the door and head right.
    There are many pink enemies (I don't know how to spell it but I know they're
    called octorocks.  Please e-mail me if you know the correct spelling), so slay
    them all.  Sustain the damage and use bombs to take them out in droves.  Four
    switches will appear when you defeat them all.  Get into box formation and stand
    on them.  Four treasure chest will appear and the barrier will disappear.  For a
    Force Fairy, head southeast of where the barrier was and lift the coconuts.
    Head right and Shadow Link will try to impose his huge bomb on you.  Dive under
    when it is about to explode, this is also a good excuse to collect Force Gems.
    Press the switch on the southeast island to make a chest appear on the
    Once you've collected enough force, head up onto the shore.
                               |    Boss: Manhandla    |
    The boss blindly spins about, its claws clamping constantly.  Each color
    pertains to a player.  The green Link can only destroy the green claw, the red
    Link can only destroy the red claw, and so on.  Every limb lost increases his
    whirling speed, so be careful.  He is simple enough to defeat and very easy.  If
    by now you lack enough Force, it will be made up for with the Force that falls
    to you.  Walk up the ladder when you're done with the fiend and break the
    ==========================Village of the Blue Maiden*===========================
    I love this level.  It is so logical and fun.  The first sign holds the Tingle
    Times on it.  The children of the village are missing, as you'll find out from
    the old man by the sign.  It is your goal to save them.  Talk to the man, walk
    up, and stand over the flowers to the right.  Then head back to the old man and
    he will give you the Moon Pearl.  Carry back the Moon Pearl to the flowers to
    open the Moon Gate.  Stand in it, collect Force Gems to the left, and advance
    forward into another Moon Gate.
    You are now on the other side of the gates.  First go up then to the left.  A
    large woman blocks the doorway to a building.  Push her aside like a block and
    enter.  Get the Moon Pearl in the chest within and go back outside.  Go to the
    bottom of the screen with the Moon Pearl and open a new Moon Gate.  Go in, step
    on the Box Switch, and talk to the man.
    He'll challenge you to a race.  Do it in 20 second to get the Pegasus Boots.  If
    you don't make it in time, use bombs you get later in this walkthrough to blow
    up the cracked blocks ahead of you so you can race faster; get the boots later.
    In any case, get the boots from the building he leads you to.  Exit the house
    and go into the house next door using the side door.  Get the treasure chest and
    exit the Dark World.
    Now, head upwards and enter the second house from the side entrance.  Talk to
    the man with the eye patch and he'll explain the situation.  You must locate the
    four members of the guild and talk to them.  Before you do this, use the boots
    to ram into tree by the sign to the right.  Now, ram into the long line of
    people, particularly ram into the lady dresses in pink.  She is the slowest and
    you can get through by the gap she leaves.  The bush to the left covers a pit.
    Drop in when you are exiting the area if you don't want to have to ram the crowd
    to get back.  Now, talk to the man wearing green next to the mage.  He is the
    first of the guild members.  Now, leave this screen by heading right.  The next
    member is between the long house and another smaller house, near Shadow Link.
    While in this area, do the following.  First talk to the man in the empty plot.
    Then go to the long house and use the Pegasus Boots to get to the back of it,
    getting the 150 Force Gem.
    Now leave the area by going south and then head west.  There is an archery game
    here if you like, but if not keep going left until you reach a man in red.  Talk
    to him to get your third clue.  Then walk down into the wood to find a pool a
    mage is in.  She will give you a Moon Pearl for freeing Vaati.  Now head east
    until you are in the eastern wing of the village.  Beware Shadow Link here, and
    walk into the second house on the top with a purple roof.  Get a lantern here
    and exit.
    Walk back to the red house at the top and burn the stump that guards it.  If you
    didn't get the Pegasus Boots, enter the first door and get the bombs.  Then
    return to the Dark World by the guild headquarters, blow up the blocks between
    you and the end point of the race, and then race, winning in flying colors.  If
    you have the boots enter through the fourth door and talk to the person in pink
    ahead.  This is the final member.  Now, return to the house of the guild
    headquarters and talk to the man with the eye-patch.
    When he asks you what the mage's words refer to, say "Maidens".  Drop the Moon
    Pearl for now and talk to him to get the shovel.  Pick up the Moon Peal and go
    east one space.  Travel up the path all the way where one of the guild members
    was by the long house.  Put the Moon Pearl here to activate the Moon Gate, but
    don't go in.
    Go to the east wing of the village and dig around the house surrounded by pots.
    The space below the space between the door and window covers a pit; fall in.
    Get to the other side of the 2-D screen and climb up the ladder.  Cut down the
    bushes and walk down south into an area with four bushes.  Cut them to reveal
    switches.  Divide up the Links to activate and get a Force Gem a Moon Pearl.
    Carry it to the area between the two trees to activate a Moon Gate.  Enter the
    Dark World from here.
    Now, go up to the house with the red roof.  Stand on the box switch there and
    enter the house at the first entrance.  There are three Force Gems that move.
    Collect them and leave.  Now go to the house to the right and talk to the girl
    in the blue.  She will give you a heart container.  If you go back to get the
    lantern, this is no problem, but it is easier to talk to the girl in red and say
    yes when she asks you "Do you want to burn with my fiery passion?" or something
    like that.  She'll give you the fire rod, which is faster.
    If you want to go back and get the lantern, go ahead and get the heart
    If you want to get through the level quick, talk to the girl in red.  Now, with
    either the fire rod or lantern (The lantern should be at the guild
    return to the red roofed house and burn the stumps down on the right side.  Then
    enter the house through the side door and talk to the girl inside.
    This is the girlfriend of the guy standing in the empty plot of land.  She'll
    give you a letter.  Take it to him (He is by the long house in the north wing of
    the village) and he'll give you Roc's Feather in exchange.  Now enter the long
    house and bound over the pit with the feather.  Move the stack of barrels like
    you would a block and talk to the mage.  She'll give you Iris's book.
    Remember the Moon Gate you opened here previously?  Enter it and go to the area
    where you gave the man the letter.  Iris will be glad and return the man's
    Exit the Dark World.  With the house back and the couple reunited, a staircase
    is open for you.  Enter it and drop to the lower level.  Use Roc's Feather to
    jump across the rocks.  At the end ascend the ladder.  Head right and move
    through to the other side, all the while collecting Force Gems.  You'll enter an
    area storming.  Keep heading right.
                              |    Boss: Shadow Link    |
    There's safety in numbers and Shadow Link is catching on.  There are two of him
    this time.  By the by, I just remembered.  Shadow Link is introduced in Ocarina
    of Time as the very cool mini-boss of Water Temple.  Anyway, back on track,
    Shadow Link will warp in and out of Dark World.  Fight him on new turf and
    familiar turf, while they both drop bombs.  Like in the Cave of No Return toss
    them back at him or slash him while he's fleeing, until he turns color.  Then
    deploy the identical Link to duel him one-on-one.  Despite the fact that there
    are two, he's still very easy.  A good technique to hit him with is Jump Attack.
    Press B while in the air.  The happy villagers will gather to thank you,
    particularly the children.  Head up and break the barrier to advance to the
    ================================Eastern Temple*=================================
    This place is so similar to the first dungeon in A Link to the Past that it’s
    scary.  Prepare for an annoying level.  Approach the temple and the door will
    open.  Kill any bats you encounter.  Move to the right aisle and get in cross
    formation to stand on the switches.  Two chest will appear in the middle aisle.
    Don't step on the switches under the pots in the middle aisle.  One chest holds
    a small key.
    Carry it to the door in the left aisle.  Walk into the next room.  Several
    skeletons have invaded this room.  Draw them into a corner and slay them there.
    After killing them Force Gems will fall down.  Collect them and advance to the
    next room.  Large iron balls roll down this room.  Dodge them moving under cover
    in the hollow parts of wall.  Kill all the serpents in the room to open the
    This room is the room that will be your focus.  Everything ties in with this
    room.  The goal of the dungeon is hitting the eyeball-things in this room.
    Strike Shadow Link for 100 Force and slay the skeletons as well to clear the
    field.  Get the slingshot to the right of Shadow Link.  Then go to the western
    side of the room and position each Link on a switch to open the west door.
    Enter it and shoot the crystal switch above to stop the spikes.  Push the block
    aside and go up.  Some witch-things are in here, wizzrobes I believe they're
    called.  Destroy them all to make a Moon Pearl fall from the roof.  Any enemies
    the wizzrobe created will die when he does.
    Take the pearl back into the intersection and leave it in the hallway.  Push the
    block in and head left.  Two treasure chests lie in here, one containing 100
    Force, the other a big bomb.  Drop into the third pit down on the left.  Open
    the treasure chest to get a small key.  If you want more Force Gems (You won't
    need them because there are so many opportunities for gems in the future), fall
    in other pits.  Return to the intersection room and push the block in.  Go down
    and use the key on the door.
    Before you enter go back into the hall and get the Moon Pearl.  A ghost lurks in
    this room, he hints at the solution to the problem of the room.  Southwest of
    him is the Moon Gate.  Activate it and go in.  The iron balls are far fewer in
    number than in the Light World, convenient for our purpose.  Reach the other
    go up and step into the Moon Gate.  In the Light World the pit will be covered
    by a platform with switches on it.  Isolate the Links, one on each switch, to
    open the door to the right.  Walk through it and descend the staircase.
    Climb down the ladder, kill the bats, and climb up the ladder.  Then take the
    bow.  Half of the dungeon is over.  As you exiting this room and going into the
    intersection room, shoot the two eyes over the pit near the ghost.  A chest will
    appear containing a blue bracelet.
    Enter into the intersection room and into the main room from there.  Move up and
    slash the moss or ivy or whatever on the wall to reveal a secret room.  Walk in
    and shoot the eyeball-switches through the opening in the wall.  A pathway will
    appear to the door.  Now, problem analysis...  To open the door that eventually
    leads to the boss, we need to light two torches to open the door.  It is more
    probable we need the lamp, not the fire rod to do this.  Now head to the east
    end of the main room and stand on a switch, opening the east door.
    Walk in and leap over the wall, slaying the rats.  You might as well clear this
    room now, so head up the ladder to the north chamber.  Dodge fireballs and cut
    down the wizzrobes to clear the room.  A Moon Pearl will appear from the roof.
    Bring it to the center of the room where the Moon Gate lies.  Enter the Dark
    World and head northeast of the Moon Gate.
    Pull the levers here and enter the Light World.  Gather the newly formed Force
    Gems and get the bombs.  Exit the room to the south and descend down the ladder.
    Head right and up the ladder.  Enter the adjacent door to a room filled with
    iron balls.  Rush in and take refuge between the two statues.  There are cracks
    in the wall all over, toss bombs at them all and you should make six openings,
    two to each wall besides the west wall.  Start with the top left.  There are two
    Open them and then enter the top right opening.  Nothing there, so go to the
    upper opening on the right wall.  There's a Force Fairy here.  Get it and enter
    the lower opening on the right wall.  Kill the bats and run to a wall you can
    blow up.  Blow it and gather the Force Gems and treasures, one of which is a
    small key.  Ascend the ladder, blow your way to the switch, and leave the room,
    the small key in hand.
    Set the key in the middle of the room so you can investigate the remaining
    openings.  The bottom right one has two treasures within and is connected to the
    left room.  Push down the block and get the treasure.  Then get the small key
    and return to the main east room.  Move southwest and open the key door.  This
    is the last of the possible rooms.  The lamp must be in here or a room adjoined
    to it.
    Get into wide position to smash the pots faster.  At the end a switch will
    activate a huge iron ball to chase you down.  The room is a dead end.  Rush to
    the end and fall into a pit.  From where you land move down, pushing the block,
    and get the treasure.  Move to northwest corner, push the block up, and ascend
    the ladder.  From the room you're in move to the room to the left, and from this
    room the room north.  The things in this room look like cracks , but in reality
    they are like moss and can be slashed down.  There is one real crack, set a bomb
    there and enter through the newly formed door.  Behold!  The lamp!
    Unfortunately, you cannot reach it.  Instead, slash the moss in the northeast
    corner and blow up a door from a crack in the southeast corner.  Enter the
    latter first, see that there is nothing, and try the former.  There's another
    one of those razor guard things here.  Just like in Hyrule Castle, step in,
    withdraw, and then make your move while it slowly crawls back.  Slash the moss
    to the south to reveal a door.
    There is a crack in this new room.  Blow it up and slash the moss above it.
    Take the lower one first, you'll find a skeleton to kill and a block.  Push the
    upper block down as to make a square and then exit to take the upper door.  Kill
    the skeleton and blow up the crack.  By slashing the moss in this new room
    you'll find a doorway to a room to the west.  Walk in, get the treasure in the
    chest, and slash the moss to reveal a door above.
    Walk through, slash the moss and reveal three doors.  Take the first from the
    left.  Push the block up and then slash the moss on the wall to reveal a door.
    Walk through and get the treasure.  There is a door to the west of the room.
    Walk through.  The room you are in is covered by moss.  Slash it down, that is
    the moss behind the large block, then push the block.  Walk through the door and
    get the lamp.
    Push the corner block down and the one next to it over.  Walk to the room to the
    west, then in the new room walk south.  Light the torches to get 200 Force, and
    walk to the room east of this one.  Now walk north.  The third block from the
    left can be pushed into the second to open the door.  Walk through, then walk
    north, and hop over the wall.  Walk into the north room where you created the
    Moon Gate.
    Walk to the southwest corner and light the torches.  The door will open; walk
    down and then into the main room of the dungeon.  Walk over the bridge you
    created with your bow, collecting the hovering Force Gems, and light the two
    torches to open the door.  Sprint behind the statue of the Cyclops quickly so
    you stand at an angle.
    The tile will lift and launch itself at you, but if you stand behind the statue
    it will hit it, not you.  While there, slash the pots; they will throw
    themselves at you if you don't.  After the tiles are done, the statues will be
    hurtled at you.  Run about the room, never stopping to dodge them.  When the
    room is clear, collect Force Gems if you get any and exit the room to the north.
    You'll be in a room whose perimeter is completely covered by bomb flowers.  Four
    Shadow Links will charge you.  When they are dazed, smite them with steel, and
    collect the residue.  Pick up a central bomb flower and toss into the sea of
    bomb flowers.  There are two cracks in the wall you can open with the bombs, one
    on either side.  Take the right one first and climb down the ladder.  The
    treasure chest contains the Big Key in it.
    Take it with you to the other side.  The left one is simple, containing a
    treasure chest.  Go to the next room with the Big Key.  A wizzrobe inside will
    suck away your Force Gems.  Kill them quick and recollect, opening the big key
    treasure chest.  Collect Force Gems, kill the rats, and advance to the next
                             |    Boss: Stone Arrghus    |
    Pathetic.  Truly.  I can dissect his name, his predecessor, everything.  Argus,
    in Greek mythology, was a giant with many eyes, who was killed by Hermes.  The
    Arr part of the beast's name is for scary emphasis, and the h after the g is
    just a way they try to make the name their own and erase any links this creature
    might have to Argus.  They failed, and although this is a new boss, it is
    exactly the same as Arrghus, the boss of the second dungeon in the Dark World in
    A Link to the Past.
    Stone Arrghus will have its eyes closed.  Approach it and it will awake,
    gathering his minions around like a human shield.  Fall into the pit to your
    left, get the boomerang, and then head left to ascend the stairs.  With the
    boomerang, snatch away his minions (Each with one eye, so it is like Stone
    Arrghus has multiple eyes, like Argus) and stick your sword into them, one shot
    will kill them.  Keep doing this until Stone Arrghus has nothing protecting him.
    Stone Arrghus will then leap around the room, creating shockwaves to daze you,
    trying to crush you.  Then he slides across the room.  This is your chance.  Hit
    him in the eye with your sword.  Each time he gets faster.  When you win he'll
    explode and drop his spare Force Gems.  Walk into the next room, break the
    barrier, and rescue a new maiden.
    Multiplayer Tip: The tiny creatures that float around Stone Arrghus in
    multiplayer are different colors.  Only the Link of the the assigned color can
    take out that creature, making it a team effort.
    ====================================Level 3*====================================
                                     Death Mountain
    ===========================Death Mountain Foothills*============================
    OK!  Let's do this crazy thing!  Alright, I won't be perky.  Head right, and see
    that there is a wanted sign for you.  That's right, everybody and their brother
    is after you, so be cautious.  Decimate the archer and move up.  Kill every
    soldier you see as you advance.  The first large rock you come to covers a
    stairway.  Climb down, hop over the first part of the wall and push the block
    out.  Climb the ladder once more and this time hop out to the small red Force
    Push the block out and the block guarding the treasure is immovable.  Get out of
    the place and onto the surface.  The next rock guards a Force Gem.  Lift it and
    collect.  Now, move on up!  Several archers are in the vicinity.  Some lie in
    wait in the grass before you.  There's another in the grass to the right of
    Enter the house to the left to get a bow and then wreak havoc on the archers.
    Five archers are ready to ambush you in the grass near the top.  Another rests
    in a patch of grass between two trees.
    After they all lie dead, the gate will disappear, allowing for passage.  The
    house to the right has boomerangs in it.  Take them if you like.  It is smarter
    to take a boomerang.  Move north and use the boomerang if you took it to collect
    Force Gems.  Cross the bridge and enter the new section.  The sword cannot kill
    the creatures here.
    Shadow Link has a fire rod.  He'll leave soon enough, but the other creatures
    can be killed one of two ways.  Either you shoot them with an arrow, or stun
    them with the boomerang and then slash them to death.  In either scenario, kill
    them all.  Grab a bomb flower and take it to the part of the wall that seems to
    be able to blow up, it is in the east.  Enter the cave, walk forward, shatter
    the pots, and reveal the star switch.  Have one Link stand on it.  A bow lies
    ahead.  Take it and leave the cave.
    Then find a similar spot at the west end and blow it to bits to reveal yet
    another cave.  Enter and shoot out at the eyeball switches.  An elaborate bridge
    will form.  Gather the Links together and follow the bridge to two treasure
    chests.  After taking the bounty, exit via the north cave.  Move up and into the
    new area.  There are too many enemies to kill.  Cut the middle bush on the
    second tier.  Destroy the pots and step on their switches, then climb the ladder
    and open the two treasure chests.
    One is the Bombos Medallion.  Take it to the upper level and toss into the fray.
    All enemies will die.  Go to the ladder and remove the rocks over it.  Climb it
    and take the left ladder.  Remove the rock and get the Force Gem.  By "get", I
    mean “kill” because this is a disguised enemy.  Slay it and continue on.  Hop
    over the wall.
    The old man will warn you of Hebra's Hill (From The Legend of Zelda).  Lift the
    rock press X, having each Link jump over the edge in a different place.  More
    than likely one will jump into an area with a rock on it.  Lift the rock to get
    a Force Gem.  Once you get the Force Gem repeat the process but don't land where
    you did, but jump from a point all the way over.  Head right.
    Some annoying creatures are here.  When you hit them, they morph to stone for a
    time.  Ignore them and drive on through the maze-like thing until you reach the
    end.  You'll see a house with flames emitting from the roof.  Enter it and
    you'll find out it is the movable house, the man's greatest invention.  This is
    to your advantage.  Move the house around, crushing the enemies, until all are
    Then the magic hammer item podium will appear.  Get one and move to the previous
    area.  The stone-transforming enemies, as well as stakes, can be pounded.  At
    the bottom of the maze is a ladder.  Climb down and enter the cave, pound down
    the stakes, and collect the treasure.  The pot contains a Force Fairy.
    Get to the top of the maze and pound the stakes in.  Move on up to find the
    malevolent Shadow Link in wait for you.  He's of no concern; just level the
    stakes and climb the ladder.  Follow the trail down and then up, leading to the
    lair of the Hinox.  This is a Cyclops who is need of Force Gems.  He'll strip
    you of them and he is uncannily fast for a burly fellow.  The bush in the corner
    covers a pit.  Fall in if you need cover.
    To kill the Hinox, stab him a few times then run for your life.  Once he dies
    move on.  You know, I said the Hinox for a reason.  To make you think there was
    only one!  Ha!  Ah, yes.  It seems stupid, but the path is impassable unless you
    step on the box switch and make several Hinox appear.  There is a pit under a
    rock to the east.  Once you press the switch make a mad dash for the cave.
    There is a bomb inside.  Use it to chuck at the Hinox.
    After you blow the fools to smithereens, prepare yourself for tens upon tens of
    Hinox!  Get into the cave as quick as you can and consult the mage.  She'll
    inform of you of the Quake Medallion in the treasure chest.  Take it and make
    the Hinox pay for looting you with an earthquake.  Toss it into the crowd and
    watch the show.  Afterwards, the Hinox will turn into jelly creatures, easily
    dismissed with one hit of the blunt side of the blade.
    Head for Hebra's Hill.  It is really a ladder, but dark magic makes it go on
    forever.  Don't worry, though.  Just keep going up and you'll reach the summit.
    Don't take lefts or right.  Just keep going up.
                             |    Boss: Chief Soldier    |
    Disgraced by his loss in Lake Hylia, Chief Soldier returns to take you on.
    Unfortunately the result will be much the same as last time.  The wall will open
    and more troops will emerge.  Get into Box Formation and stake it out between
    two of the dirt mounds.  This way, only a few can come at a time rendering them
    helpless.  Once Chief Soldier is singled out, do as you did before.  Sidestep
    his lunge attack and then puncture his delicate sides.  The mother lode of Force
    Gems will fall after victory, and it is nearly impossible to not have enough
    Force Gems.  Take a turn in the northeast corner and break Vaati's dark barrier.
    As if there weren't enough Force Gems, under the large rock are more of them.
    ===============================The Mountain Path*===============================
    The music for this level is the Dark World music on Death Mountain from A Link
    to the Past.  Climb up the stairs executing all vultures on the way.  A Goron
    waits ahead (A Goron is a person of the race of rock-eating peoples indigenous
    to Death Mountain and some other rocky places), begging you to extinguish the
    fires with pots of water stored in the cave.  To do this quickly, have each Link
    carry a pot of water.  Leave by the staircase and extinguish all flames that are
    in your way; others don't matter.
    On your first trip you should make it to a stairway guarded by flames.  Make a
    path through the stairs and descend them to get a Force Gem.  Climb back up and
    notice you no longer have access to water.  Enter the cave and get Roc's
    Now jump over the pit to the right of the cave and repeat the process until all
    flames in your way are gone.  Soon you'll reach a cave entrance with many pots
    Climb the ladder here and then the stairs.  You'll see who the arsonist is, that
    is, Shadow Link.  He'll leave shortly and with remaining water extinguish the
    fire before the third door to the right.  For more water, the left cave is
    available.  Enter the middle cave and climb the ladder all the way.  Use one
    Link to get out and retrieve the bombs from the platform.
    Gather all the water you can carry and enter the second cave.  Climb the ladder
    and exit out of the door at the top.  Hop over the wall twice so you are in a
    cave door.  Then enter and one Link must sacrifice his water pot to clear the
    pots in front of the stairs.  Once this is accomplished descend down the stairs
    and toss your water to clear the flames.
    After you do this, reenter the cave and leave a bomb at the crack in the wall.
    Upon its explosion walk into it and you'll find water, making the water trip
    unnecessary.  I included it in the walkthrough just to show I wasn't blind to
    this fact.  Ascend the stairs to find fuses.  The Gorons are building a road and
    need to blow up that section of the canyon.  You need fire.  Go back to the
    previous screen and hop down to the bottom level.  Enter the second door and get
    the Magic Hammer.
    This time enter the third door.  Walk forward and plant a bomb (If you can) by
    the fissure in the wall.  Enter and get the treasures.  Return to the main cave
    and climb the ladder.  Assuming you got the magic hammer, walk outside and pound
    down the stakes.  Where the right stake was hop over the wall and get the Force
    Gem.  Then enter the cave.  There is an impassable pit to the left.
    Get the Force Gem there and go right then up.  Push the boulder here so you can
    form a bridge at the pit.  Push aside the other boulder and walk around to the
    final boulder.  Push it and walk to the Goron with the fire.  Have each Link
    take a pot and then exit the cave.  Hop over the wall and enter the second cave.
    Climb the ladder to the top and exit, hopping over the wall to the other cave
    door.  Walk in, descend the stairs, and exit the cave to the south.
    Climb the stairs and carefully position each pot of fire to the fuses.  When one
    is ablaze, it will act like when Shadow Link throws a big bomb at you, so flee
    just like before.  If you do it correctly, a pit should appear where one cannon
    was and a path should open up to a new screen.  Fall in the pit, and throw your
    magic hammer into the pool.  Remember Great Fairy, way back in Level 1, Hyrule
    Castle stage.  She kept her promise.  A fairy here will upgrade the magic hammer
    to Magic Hammer L. 2!  She'll also heal you.  Now head right.  The rest of the
    stage waits.
    Cross the narrow path and wait for a boulder to land in the pit, acting as your
    temporary bridge.  Continue this in the next section, too, and climb the stairs.
    You'll see a house covering the entrance to a door.  The Goron can't budge it
    because of the stakes.  Pound them all in and then move the house to the right.
    Enter the cave to get a pot of fire.  Dual Shadow Links are flaming the place
    Scare them off and the adult Goron will inform you that another Goron is hiding
    shamefully from the flames and he needs to unearth him.  A job for the shovel?
    Of course not!
    Hold A to power up the hammer and then release, the resting Gorons will pop out
    of the Earth as if the crust spit them out.  A few Gorons were innocently
    sleeping, but one has the key.  Find him and take the key, then enter the cave.
    Use the key here and you'll find water and boomerangs.  Don't be fooled by the
    boomerangs; just take water to extinguish the fire.  Take it to the fire
    blocking the wooden stairs (Why don't they set on fire?) and climb either side.
    At the top Shadow Links will make three duplicates of himself, one for every one
    you've got.  Fight him as usual.  Some Shadow Links will flee to the houses.
    Once you beat the original, the others will die.  Climb the stairs.  Cross the
    bridges and things and don't get a new item although it is tempting.  A Level 2
    Hammer is as good as it gets for this level, so don't be tempted.
                             |    Boss: Helmaroc King    |
    I wouldn't know, but in his name, "Helma" refers to his helmet, and "Roc" refers
    to him, I think.  So is it so that Roc's Feather is a feather off of him.  But,
    rocs are monstrous birds in Arab mythology.  Anyway, this is a moderately hard
    boss.  He's a The Wind Waker throwback.  Here's what he does.  At first he'll
    fly over head and try to crush you under boulders.  When that doesn't work,
    he'll swoop down trying to spearhead you on his beak.  At this point throw a
    bomb onto him so he glides straight into the rock.  Then get inside through the
    cave door and use the hammer to crush his mask.  Continue doing this until his
    mask is history.  At this point, he'll swoop down blindly.  Bomb the beast and
    skewer him here and victory is yours.  We can tell another Goron died at the
    hands, err, claws of the Helmaroc King; not only is it implied by his son, but
    he wrote his unfinished plans in one of the caves.  Force Gems fall down from
    here.  I made a glitch occur at this point.  Tingle comes in to take Force Gems.
    I tossed a bomb at him and he flew back so that the cave engulfed him but his
    head was still sticking out.  Anyway, take a right and break Vaati's dark
    ================================Tower of Flames*================================
    This hasn't always been the Tower of Flames.  It was the third dungeon in A Link
    to the Past and Ganon's Tower in the same game, in the Dark World.  Enter the
    tower and stop at the wall of fire, born from the statues.  Wait for them to
    stop and then shatter the pots and press the switch beneath it.  Item podiums
    with slingshots will appear.  Take one and march on.  Notice several crystal
    switches levitating out yonder. Hit each of the four with the slingshot, you'll
    have to hold A for the last one.  The flames stopped, continue, moving only when
    the flames stop.  The Fire Temple from Ocarina of Time has a similar obstacle.
    Walk slowly around the flames until you reach the end.  Go the only ways you
    The boomerang lies at the end.  Grab it and leaves via the southeast exit.
    Hardhat Beetles will attack next.  They can be pierced to death by the sword,
    but this is tedious, monotonous.  Instead, use the sword to bounce them into the
    lava.  When they all have died the flames will cease to roar and you may
    Ah, how this reminds me of Volvagia...
    The pot in the southeast corner hides a switch.  Press it so a heart container
    will appear.  Now climb the stairs and walk onto the moving platform.  When it
    reaches the other side of the room walk out and enter the room to the left.
    Isolate one Link as leader and have him throw another over the pit, then gather.
    Shove the Hardhat Beetle over the edge and push the statues onto the switches.
    The tiles will then come at you.
    Get between the statues and assume cross formation.  You are impregnable now as
    long as you keep your sword out.  Once the stoning stops get the Roc's Feather
    that appears and before that the Force Fairy that lies under one of the pots.
    Return to the previous room and walk to the bottom of the platform so you can
    jump to the platform to the right.  Jump across these platforms until you reach
    the first treasure chest.  Then jump to the right.  Get the lower treasure
    and then jump to the upper platform.  Stairs on the second upper platform lead
    to the 4th floor.
    Dual Shadow Links equipped with Pegasus Boots will rush the pots, breaking them
    all.  Defeat them both for 200 Force.  Then head left and you'll see some pots
    between fire-breathing statues.  Wait for the fire to stop and get into box
    formation to step on them.  The fire will quell and you must go to the row of
    pots above.  The sixth pot from the right covers a pit.  Fall into it and then
    fall into the next pit.
    Climb the ladder and fall down the pit that is second closest to the right.
    Climb the ladder you see and then push aside the blocks blocking the treasure
    chests.  One will contain a small key, the other Force Gems.  Take the small key
    up the ladder at the bottom of the screen.  Jump over the pit of lava and use
    the key on the door in front of you.
    The mace-soldier is back and he has a new strategy.  His mace has been set
    ablaze, so be cautious.  Hop over the fire and then give him some good blows.
    It is easiest to use Jump Attack (Press B while in the air).  Once he loses the
    stairway to floor five will become accessible.  Climb up and I ask you to use
    your better judgment.  The crystal switches will reverse the direction the
    flames are spinning.  If in peril, hit it, but do so with care.  After the first
    flame chain jump to the left to get the bow.
    The upper-right pot has a switch beneath which will connect the tiles.  Anyway,
    continue on.  Eyeball-switches will release Force Gems.  At the end of the room,
    head right and once more, fend for yourself.  The eyeball-switch release Force
    Gems.  Climb the stairs after making it through the fires.  Welcome to the sixth
    You'll want to get on a moving platform ahead.  Move to the platform to the
    right and step on the four switches to make two chests appear.  The pot in the
    corner is a pit.  Fall in and take the bombs.  Get back to the moving platform
    and move on to the second platform.  Move into the next room and prepare for
    another battle with Shadow Link.  There are four this time, I believe.  Use the
    moving platform to maneuver around the fiery field.  Try pushing them into lava.
    Destroy the key Shadow Link to make them all die.  Ascend the stairs to floor
    seven.  Collect Force Gems along the way, and if you like go after treasure, but
    it is a waste of time.  Enter the room to the east, adorned by a symbol of the
                                |    Boss: Dodongos    |
    Yes, these creatures were introduced in the original, The Legend of Zelda.
    Dodongos, are hard as a rock on the outside, but have weak insides just like
    anybody else.  They breathe fire, but when they open their mouths, throw a bomb
    into the mix.  You know they were hit when they become bloated for a second then
    deflate.  After a few hits, they die.  After victory, head to the right and talk
    to the owl.  Then head north and free the maiden from the barrier.  Next stop,
    the castle and fields!
    ====================================Level 4*====================================
                                    Near the Fields
    ===================================The Field*===================================
    Walk up and you'll notice Malon.  Talk to her and answer yes to her question.
    Head right, avoiding fireballs and enter the next screen.  An archer lurks in
    the grass above, another below, and another to the right.  Three more archers
    are to be found here, all hiding.  Slay them and advance.  You'll be at Lon Lon
    Ranch and Malon will leave you.  In exchange for rescuing Malon, "Poppa" gives
    you horses, among them Epona.
    There are two stairways, take either one and take a hammer, and then head back
    up.  A Force Fairy lies in the bushes above.  Head right and read the sign.
    Take a carrot and take it with you.  Head north and avoid the distant deadly
    archer, and touch the carrot.  The horses are fast.  Ride east, jumping over the
    gate.  Get carrots often to keep riding.  Head down, then east, getting a
    and jump over the fence.  Ride north, over the bridge, and then east.
    Keep going east, then north.  The horses will disappear and the rain will stop.
    Tingle Time Volume 3 is on the sign.  Head north and push a log to step on a
    switch to get Force Gems.  Go to the cave and pull out the log, avoiding the
    spider thing.  Enter the cave and you'll see you need either bombs or Pegasus
    Boots.  Exit and head to the west.
    Enter the house and talk to the red-capped man.  He'll give you the key to house
    next door.  Return to the east and open the house door.  Take Pegasus Boots.  Go
    north and north again, to do so pull the log out.  A large stone presides over a
    stairway.  Enter it and cast your Pegasus Boots in.  They are now Level 2!  You
    can dash over pits.  Dash over the pit to the right and get the treasure chest
    to the left.
    Exit the cavern and dash north over the pits, getting 100 Force.  Head south now
    and move log.  The tree to the left has 150 Force in it.  The bush near it has
    quite a bit also.  Head west, then north.  Defeat the Shadow Links and pull the
    log out of the right cave.  Enter and take the stairs.  Drop down the ladder and
    take the next one up.  Enter the cave, keep one Link on the star switch, and
    exit.  Fall into the pit and use the air cannon to launch yourself to the
    surface.  Head left and dash over the pits into the cave door.
    Push the block out and gather the Links.  Descend the stairs and dash to the
    left, landing on a switch, filling the gap.  Climb the ladder and head north.
    Enter the cave and take a left.  Push the left block up and the adjacent block
    over.  Get the key and return to the main area.  If you take a right you can
    lift a stone and get 100 Force.  Go to the main area of the cave and go through
    the key door.
    Two graves lie in here.  This is an ancestral burial grounds.  Go up and take
    the bow.  Leave the cave and return to the pit.  Climb up the ladder and shoot
    the eyeball-switch.  Climb the right ladder and shoot up through the air cannon.
    The spiders (Gohmas, named after the boss from The Legend of Zelda, Gohma) can
    be shot in the eye.  Kill them all, taking Force Gems, and return to the house
    of the man who gave you the small key.  After killing the three talk to the red-
    capped man and you'll get a shovel.  Head east and then north.  To make the job
    easy, go north one more place and take your shovel to the Fairy Fountain to
    upgrade it.  Go south one and look around.
    When the shovel makes a noise, treasure is detected.  Find the pit and go in
    (The pit should be in a hollow area in the southeast part of the screen).  Now,
    there are two pits.  One has treasure; the other is the one you want.  When in
    the main pit, head right.  Climb the ladder and hit the crystal switch.  Go down
    to get the treasure, then back up to fall into the air cannon below.  A Force
    Gem worth 1000 is ahead, get it and you should have over 2000.  Head right.
    Jelly creatures will assault you.  Ignore your assailants and go north.  Slay
    the soldiers here and one shrub covers a pit.  Wait to fall in.  After the
    soldiers die, two mace-soldiers will appear.  Kill them, and then fall into the
    pit.  Take the Bombos Medallion and toss it here.  After that the gate will
    Walk through.
                            |    Boss: Big Dark Stalfos    |
    These, I believe, are from the very first The Legend of Zelda.  First kill the
    minor skeletons.  You are then sucked into the Dark World to fight the big
    Stalfos.  He is just a bigger version of Chief Soldier.  Take him out by
    sidestepping his lunge and stabbing him in the spine.  After winning you'll go
    to the Light World and a Knight of Hyrule will talk to you.  He explains you
    need the royal jewels to enter the Tower of Winds where Vaati plans his designs
    on Hyrule.  To blue Link is given the Blue Royal Jewel.  Head right to
    obliterate Vaati's seal.
    ===================================The Swamp*===================================
    The owl will talk to you and fly away.  There are two stages of this level.
    There is the eerie swamp, and the ghost-infested graveyard, so be ready.  Kill
    the enemies and advance to the north.  DO NOT touch the water; you will
    instantly die.  Before going north walk through the narrow pass to get 100
    Go north and rush into the cave to avoid being blown away (By the way, I noticed
    that the grass and bushes to the left look like and are in the shape of the 48
    contiguous United States).  After the initial explosion run out and get the bomb
    flower and blow the wall to the left up and rush in before the next explosion.
    Get the treasure, get out and get a bomb flower.  Then throw this one by the
    large fissure in the wall.
    Rush in before the explosion.  Kill the bats and wait for the coast to clear
    before getting out of the cave with the bomb flower in hand.  When clear, run
    with the bomb and blow up the wall to the left (In the indentation) and get in
    quick.  Descend down the stairs and move along the ladder to collect Roc's
    Feather.  Jump Attack the cracked blocks and travel to the top of the ladder and
    out the cave door when the coast is clear.  Hop across the puddles of water
    until you reach the next screen to the left.
    Slay the enemies continually as you move and pick up the stone, climbing down
    the stairs beneath.  Drop down and strip the bats of their lives, then head
    right.  Scale the ladder and emerge on the surface.  Jump to the leaf to the
    left; follow them until you reach the last island with a large rock on it.  Lift
    it and head down into the ground through the stairs.  Use Jump Attack to break
    through the blocks and head left.  Climb up the ladder and get the treasure
    chest, then get in the air cannon.  Once you reach the screen to the left jump
    up the two leaves.
    The Tingle Times Volume Four is on the sign.  Jump to leaf swimming about (You
    can jump to reach aerial Force Gems) and follow the trail until you reach the
    piece of land ruled by two vultures.  Head down and jump to the leaf below.
    Head left and a troop of warriors will make their stand.  Defeat them all (Can
    you believe Chief Soldier was once a boss, now he's a common enemy?) and move to
    the next screen.  A good method for fighting is to stake out behind the rock to
    prevent arrows from hitting you, then killing any archers you lure to you.  The
    exit to the screen is in the northwest corner.
    Jump onto the leaf to the south.  When the Zora springs up, swerve to the left,
    landing on dry land.  Repeat the process to get onto the main strip of land and
    then go north.  If you pressed the switches, you could've gotten some Force Gems
    but it isn't worth it.
    Anyway, trim the hedges and position one Link on the switch below.  Have the
    other hop to the land in the top right corner and press the switch, do the same
    for the lower right, and again for the upper left.  After this new leaves will
    appear.  Gather the Links together and hop north, getting 200 Force along the
    way.  Hop over to the strip of land with the bomb flower on it.  Blow a hole in
    the north wall, but first hop over to the lower piece of land that stakes
    guarded off and enter to get two treasures.
    Push the upper block out, the lower in, and repeat the process, going in the
    newly formed cave door with a bomb flower in hand.  Toss the bomb at the crack
    in the door and advance.  Climb the ladder and enter the second and worst part
    of the level, the graveyard (Which, on the map, is located correctly).
    I say the graveyard begins here, although really, you are below it.  Jump up,
    crushing the pots, and Jump Attack the blocks.  Get the treasure below and
    ascend the ladder.  Go north.  Rocks and Poes (Ghosts) will attack you.  Destroy
    them and push the third grave from left.  You'll fall in; hop over the pit and
    Jump Attack the ground, destroy the pot and revealing the switch.  Go to the
    platform the Moon Gate is on and jump to the switch from here.
    Get the bow and hit both eye targets.  Leave and push in the very northeastern
    corner.  Collect the treasures, ignore the pumpkin-bird, and go north.  The
    ghost of an abandoned little girl dared to come here weeps near the tree.  Let
    this be a landmark.  From here, go south, then east.  The graves will be thrown
    at you like tiles.  Dodge them or shatter them with the Four Sword and then push
    the middle grave in.  Fall in the pit and advance to the next room.
    Kill the bats, push the blocks into their corners, and shoot the eye targets to
    open the door.  Move in and take a right.  Keep heading right and you'll reach a
    treasure chest with a small key within.  Take it and return to the main chamber
    with the key door to the north.  Open the key door and walk in.
    Destroy only the pots in the northeast corner.  Step on the switch here and open
    the door.  Waltz on through and kill the three bats.  Retreat to the bridge and
    head south.  Shoot the eyes and go back to the main chamber.  This time go left
    and shoot the eyes.  Take the small key and go north of the main chamber.  Open
    the key door to the right, get the treasures if you like, and head right.  Open
    the chest to get a Moon Pearl and push the second upper block from the left to
    open the door to the right.  Enter the Moon Gate and you will return to the
    surface of the graveyard.
    Go west, then north, and west of the ghost girl to a spot where the Moon Gate
    will activate, a patch of flowers.  Enter it into the Dark World and walk into
    the Moon Gate northeast of the one you opened.  Once in the light world head
    down to the bushes, which you'll annihilate, and step on the switches.  The Poes
    will die; enter the house of the grave keeper.  Talk to Dampe if you like, a
    classic character that tends to the graveyard.  Pick up the Power Bracelet in
    the treasure chest.  Leave the house and go to the ghost girl.  Lift up the tree
    and head east.  Get caught by the light.  Poes will appear that you may easily
    kill and use the light as a guide through the darkness.  To the southwest are
    lamps.  Take one and, if you like, talk to the ghost above you.  Head east now,
    picking up any trees in your way, and exit in the northeast going north.
                                |    Boss: Big Poe    |
    Big Poe had a name in The Wind Waker, but he's shed it apparently.  At first,
    you simply kill a few minor Poes.  After they've been decimated, Big Poe will
    appear.  Kill the regular ghosts by stepping on the star switches to emit light,
    deadly to them.  When Big Poe appears, he'll sidle about, spewing fire and
    whirling about.  Lure him to the light and he'll become solid.  Once he's
    materialized, strike him.  He will shrink and cast some ghosts at you.  Kill
    them and continue shrinking Big Poe until he explodes for good.  I wonder why
    Vaati even puts torches in the Forest of Dark.  Vaati's kind of leading us
    through the game, making convenient ways to continue.  Once you've killed the
    Big Poe, his minions will fade away.  Collect Force Gems that fall down and
    notice a small Poe-like thing crawling away.  I won't give it away, but this
    foreshadows a future boss.
    Vaati's barrier is to the north.
    =========================Infiltration of Hyrule Castle*=========================
    Again you must play the same level for yet another maiden.  This time around
    though, Hyrule Castle is a little more ghoulish and secure to a paranoid
    I like this level, though, because it is one of the few night-based espionage
    kind of levels.  Find a spotlight and get caught.  You'll be thrown in prison
    (Why don't they just kill you?).  Cut down the pot and fall into the pit.  Climb
    the ladder to the crystal switch, hit it, and climb out on the opposite ladder.
    Get the boomerang from the cell you're in.  Fall back into the pit and return to
    the first cell.
    Boomerang the pots to attain a small key.  Use it on the lock to break free.
    Head to the very left cell and stand in wide formation.  Launch the boomerang to
    hit the crystal switch to open the cell.  Get in and get the magic hammer.  Then
    leave via the south exit.  Hop over the wall and level the stakes near the moat
    south of you.  Jump in the water.
    Submerge if a spotlight is on you.  Swim west, get Force Gems along the way and
    get on land when the timing is right via the platform connected to the ladder.
    Avoid the searchlights at all costs (Well, you can just repeat the process if
    you get caught) and move to the west and then north into the doors, where the
    spotlights cease!
    Kill the ghosts you encounter.  Head north and through a door to the basement.
    Maneuver around the enemies and reach a space blocked off by a block.  Push it
    down open the treasure chest.  Note that an area within contains a Moon Gate.
    Anyway, take the small key from the chest to the door to the right.  The room
    you enter is dim; stick to the light.
    Move to the north and pull the lever.  The door to the left will open so go
    through it.  When the timing is perfect, get into wide formation and pull the
    lever.  A Moon Pearl will appear.  Grab it and head right, through the door,
    then south.  Enter the area where I noted the Moon Gate and activate it.  Push
    the block out and then push the block to the right out, the middle over.  Get
    the bow and treasure then retreat back to the Light World.
    Return to the room filled to the brim with eye-switches and shoot.  Follow the
    path, shooting at the eyes to make the path visible.  At the end you'll get a
    small key.  This is difficult, but toss the Links over to the other platform and
    gather there.  Shoot the eyes from here to reveal a clear path to the floor near
    the lever.  Once you reach the beginning, make your way over to the southeastern
    corner and use the key there.
    In the new room, you'll see it is pitch black.  Fire your arrows through the
    torches like we did in The Cave of no Return to light other torches.  Once
    they've all been lit a path will appear.  This is risky, but run out, avoid the
    spotlight, (Using one Link would make you less noticeable to searchlights) and
    get the small key in the chest to the lower left.  Sneak back in and use the key
    on the door to northeast.  There are lamps here.  Take one and go back out to
    the dim room.  Get in the middle of the four torches before the clamped door, in
    cross formation and light them with the lamp.  Enter into the door.
                                |    Boss: Big Poe    |
    Jalhalla survived, and he is not happy.  Light the torches at the end of hall to
    get into the arena.  Light all the torches and he will appear for his fight.  He
    will exhale and blow them out because light hurts him and this is your chance to
    relight them.  His lantern will track you and at this time he'll exhale trying
    to blow you into the spikes.  Avoid them and relight the room.  When you do,
    he'll be dazed.  He wanders about aimlessly until you hit him.  He then inhales
    the four Links.  At this time, hit the green thing within him (Look familiar?)
    several times and he'll exhale you.  Repeat this until he explodes.  Collect the
    Force Gems that fall and break Vaati's seal.  Personally, I focused on getting
    this level over with, not Force Gems, so I had to travel back in time.  Look at
    the moat for lots of Force Gems.  Unfortunately, you start out inside the
    not out, but there are enough gems.  Rescue the maiden and advance to Level 5!
    Multiplayer Tip: When fighting Big Poe in multiplayer only the first character
    to hit Jalhalla when he materializes enters into him for the fight.  This
    changes very little, however.
    ====================================Level 5*====================================
                                     The Dark World
    ==================================Lost Woods*===================================
    This is my favorite level.  NOT!  I hate this level.  You will too, but I'll
    guide you through it.  Well, at least the owl is absent.  Take a left and then
    head south.  This is just about the only way you can go.  Ignore enemies,
    particularly the floormasters, the large dark hands.  When you are south to the
    full extent, press the box switch.
    Perhaps not the brightest thing to do, several fire wizzrobes will appear and
    torch you.  Kill them (And Shadow Link for 100 Force) and a key shall fall from
    the sky.  Take it into the skull (There is an entrance) and open the door to the
    north.  Take Roc's Feather with you and travel north.  There is a large pit to
    the right.  Hop over it and head east.  Get in the middle of the crystal
    switches, then use a spin attack while in cross formation to make two treasure
    chests appear.  One contains 150 Force, the other a Moon Pearl.
    Take the Moon Pearl and head west.  Hop the pit and go north.  Then make a right
    here.  Avoid the charging Shadow Links and go up to activate the Moon Gate.  The
    Deku above you (Dekus are a race of forest-dwellers averse to fire who either
    wander about as merchants or play a role in an elaborate monarch system) makes
    reference to Ganon, not Vaati, which foreshadows a future event.  Enter through
    the Moon Gate and head south.  Push the lower block in and the middle out up.
    Take a lamp.
    Return to the Light World.  Burn the stumps below to get the treasure.  Take a
    left and then a south.  To the left are stumps.  Burn them and go west.  Go west
    once more and (Avoid bees) then south.  Notice a Moon Gate here.  At the
    southernmost point on the screen is a Deku Scrub.  Go in the Moon Gate and
    return to that spot, and talk to the Deku.  Help him.  The three items he names
    are Water Jar, Oil Pot, and Grass.  You must get them in that order.
    Return to the Light World.  For the water jar, head in the following direction,
    burning down stumps as you go.  Go north, then east, then south.  In this area,
    burn down the stump to burn everything down.  In box formation, step on the
    switch to get a Heart Container.  Now enter the skull cave and have one Link
    take water, the other fire.  Return to the Deku, Deppi (In the Light World), and
    give him these things.  To give him grass, take a bush to him.  Return to the
    Dark World and tell Dekki you've completed your tasks.
    Note: I've been told that you aren't always asked for a pot of water, oil, and
    grass.  As it turns out, you sometimes need to bring him a sign, a bomb, and
    Well, the pot of oil is where I said.  The bomb is easy, in the Light World it
    is to the left of Deppi.  The sign is the only one you have to go out of your
    way for.  Let's take the Tingle Times.  To reach it head north, east, east, and
    north.  The Tingle Times is right here.  Take it back to Deppi for a mission
    complete.  There is another sign three screens north of the Dekus.  Also, Dekki
    may ask for a stone.  For the stone go north once.  In the upper right hand
    corner of the screen is a stone.  This is the easiest one to reach, but there
    are others scattered around, like a few in the same screen as the oil and water
    pot.  As far as I know these are all the items you might be asked to bring.  If
    you get fired just exit the screen and return.
    He gives you the Power Bracelet.  Return to the Light World.  Go north and lift
    the trees to the left.  Now go west and burn down the bushes.  Pits now open.
    Enter one in the northeast and equip yourself with the bow.  Hit the four
    crystal switches for many Force Gems.  Head north with the bow.  Gohmas lurk
    here; shoot them in the eyes like before.  Collect the Force Gems and head north
    after slaying them.
                                 |    Boss: Gohma    |
    A large Gohma is ahead.  Shoot it in the eye and avoid its projectiles.
    Steadily she'll fire more and more.  Three hits do it.
    After victory head east and get the small key.  From there head west, south
    twice, east, and north once.  On this screen drop the key and lift the upper
    tree for treasure and a Force Fairy.  Then head east, and north twice.  Walk
    into the skull cave and use the key.  Inside is a shovel; take it.  Now go
    west, and then north.  Throw a bush at the enemy here and enter the skull cave.
    Have the Great Fairy upgrade the shovel.
    Head south, east, north, and then east.  Look for the spot where the shovel
    makes its noise (Near the northeast corner) and dig.  Fall in the pit, head
    right, and climb the ladder.  Head east and Shadow Link will appear sporting his
    trademark big bomb.  Rush to a pit.  Wait for the bomb to go off, and then
    surface.  In front of Shadow Link (Slightly to the right) is a place you can dig
    to reveal a pit.  Dig there and fall in.  Walk north, wait for the bomb to boom,
    and climb the ladder.  Now head north.  Here's Vaati's barrier.  Break it and
    you pass to the next level.
    Note: This is the first level that doesn't end in a boss battle.  By the way, if
    you're lacking Force Gems, usually killing all the green electric enemies on the
    screen doles out 100 Force Gems.  I didn't mention it in the main guide, but
    Tingle Times is south of one space east of the starting place.
    ===============================Kakariko Village*================================
    There's a Kakariko Village in so many Zelda game (well, not that many).  This
    Kakariko Village, though, has more problems than most.  The owl will tell you
    all about it.  Head north.  Go to the northwest corner of the village and drop
    into the pit.  You'll land in front of a pit.  Always fall in the pit you fall
    in front of.  At the end get the bombs.  Go into the house to the left and blow
    up the north wall crack.  Go to the outside, get the treasure, and take a Cucco
    (Chicken).  Go south and then east.
    Enter the house with the girl in front of it and give the Cucco to the man.  Use
    the small key he gives you to open the lock to the left.  Get the treasure and
    walk into the left door.  Get the two treasures, one a Power Bracelet.  Leave
    the house.  Go north and lift the tree next to the house.  Enter the house
    through the side door.  The treasures are empty, but the man gives you an
    objective.  Capture the ten thieves.  Hit them with the sword to stun them, then
    lift them and throw them in the cage by his house.  This is easy enough.
    The first two thieves are outside his house.  Go south then west.  The large
    rock at the bottom (The left) covers a staircase.  Go down, open it, and take
    the thief.  Use a second Link to get the thief to the left hiding by a tree.
    For the next, go east twice.  Enter the house and get the shovel.  Then follow
    the instruction to open a pit.  Inside is a thief.  Go west then south and lift
    the tree to the right of the owl perch.  Under it are stairs.
    Descend to get a thief (You'll need the bombs to do this).  One of the trees
    here also covers a Force Fairy.  Now go to the southwest corner of the village.
    Go into the backyard of the house on the right and cut down the bush to fall
    into a pit.  Inside is a thief.  In the house to the left is a thief who doesn't
    look like the others, as well as a heart container.  Enter the house from the
    Return to the pen and lift the tree for a Force Fairy and a staircase.  You
    still need the bombs to blow the blocks up.  Both of the people here are
    Throw them into the mix to finish the task.  Talk to the old man in the house
    and he'll lower the fence.  Get the treasures then advance north.  Welcome to
    part two of the level.
    Walk around the maze to the large stone.  Lift it and enter the stairway.  Note
    that there are two stairways beneath large stones.  I refer to the one that you
    must pass the chain chomp (Super Mario enemy again!) to get to.  Blow up the
    wall and move to the right.  Climb the ladder, hit the crystal switch, and do
    this to get the fire rod.  The crystal switch has a timer and the path will
    disappear if you don't go fast enough.  You can't reach it, and so you should do
    the following.  Throw a bomb at the switch and pick up a fellow Link.  When the
    bomb explodes, cross as much of the bridge as you can and toss the Link to the
    ledge.  Gather there and get the fire rod.
    Climb back up the ladder and go north, out of the maze.  Light the torches here
    and the old man will use a rain prayer.  The rain will cause the fire to die and
    you've just saved Kakariko Village.  Head back to the home of the man who gave
    you the shovel and go east once more.  Once again, you fight Shadow Link.  There
    are four now.  Do as usual; the only difference is the Shadow Links will retreat
    into the pits.  Only the real Shadow Link will change color.  Kill him and you
    kill them all.
    When he flees, use the fire rod to stun him, and then hack him away.  Go east
    after you win and get in the water.  Collect Force Gems and swim south.  Don't
    touch the spiky plants and swim south again.  Keep heading south, avoiding Zora
    fire, too.  You can get a Force Fairy over a waterfall, another above the water.
    Eventually, you can go east.  To make it easier to get Force Fairies and such
    you could have gotten the boomerang hidden under the large stone at the start of
    the level that was guarded by fires.
                            |    Boss: Big Dark Stalfos    |
    Kill the two minion soldiers and you'll be sucked into the Dark World.  Just
    like before, dodge the initial strike and hit him in the side.  After a few
    strikes he'll explode and you'll return to the Light World.  A Knight of Hyrule
    will give you the Green Royal Jewel.  Ganon ensnared him here, proving that
    Ganon lived on in the Lost Woods.  It all comes together here.  Vaati is merely
    the puppet of Ganon to control Hyrule.  Head north and break Vaati's seal.
    ==============================Temple of Darkness*===============================
    Welcome to Ganon's abode.  The Dekus easily succumbed to Ganon's dark influence.
    Enter the temple.  Hit the crystal switch and then the second at the top.  Open
    the treasure chests and get the bow.  Walk into the door above.  To take out the
    enemies in drove charge the bow and release to stack their corpses on one bow.
    Enter the door that opens when you kill them and hit the red switch.  Return
    outside and the blue blocks are lowered.
    Fore 200 Force step on the switches under the pots in the upper room.  Head
    north and open the chest.  A big bomb waits inside, so you will be forced to
    enter the room to the upper left.  Kill the Stalfos and take the small key down
    the stairs with you.  Have one Link kill the enemies below so the vulnerable
    key-bearing Link doesn't drop the key.  Get the magic hammer.  Go back to the
    big bomb room and enter the east door by using the key.
    Go back to the room with the blue switch (The upper one) and hit it.  Return to
    the left side and jump over the wall.  Several serpents will assault you.  Under
    the pot is a pit.  Get it in if you like to get the treasure, then go up the
    ladder and return to the serpent pit.  After killing them two treasure chests
    appear.  Open them both (One is a big bomb, I told you to open it to force you
    down the stairs) and run down the stairs.
    Slay the Stalfos and get a bomb flower to blow up the walls (North and South) of
    the stone block to the left.  Inside is a Deku.  The stone is the foundation for
    a statue of Ganon.  Pull the stone to the right until it covers the large pit.
    Then go through the doors to head into the south room.  To the left push the
    blocks to get a Force Fairy, then head right.  Get in cross formation and hit
    the crystal switches.
    Get back into the Ganon statue room and pull out the foundation and run it over
    the spikes to destroy them.  Leave the room via the lower door.  Some stakes are
    here; pound them in and get on the wooden platform.  On the other side will be a
    turtle enemy.  Pound it with the hammer to flip it over and then slash its
    underbelly.  Get into wide formation and pull the lever.  Return to the Ganon
    statue room and this time use the upper door.  Level the stakes and then slay
    the turtles.  Enter the north door.
    Multiplayer Tip: I was very frustrated playing multi-player with a friend on
    this level.  The solution was to play the level in single player where the
    puzzle is easy.  But now I have the solution.  Have two Links stand in the north
    door and two Links stand in the south door.  Both parties will be able to go to
    the correct rooms.  The Link with the Magic Hammer should be on the south end.
    To the south have the Links there pound the stakes and get the Slingshot.  Have
    the southerners break the pots and step on the switches beneath them.  Now, the
    north end should take the Hammer back and pound the stakes.  Once again, there
    are switches beneath the pots.  Now head east and step on the new switches
    together.  Not only is the path to the north opened, but a huge Force Gem, worth
    1000, is awarded.
    A mace-soldier is here.  Run about frantically getting him to destroy the blocks
    around him.  Once there is a clear path, get in his face and slash him, giving
    him no chance to strike you.  When you kill him Force Gems will fall from the
    heavens.  Two doors are open, one right, and one left.  Try the right first.
    Take the southeast, killing the enemies, than get the heart container.  Next try
    the left door.  Climb down the ladder and dispose of the resilient Hardhat
    Beetles.  Open the newly formed treasure chests to get a Moon Pearl and 100
    Return to the room with the breakable blocks, where you killed the mace-soldier,
    and enter the upper right door.  In the northwest corner lies the Moon Gate.
    Activate it and go under.  Get the slingshot to the right and hit the odd
    crystal switches, that is the first, third, and fifth.  Reclaim the magic hammer
    and reenter the Light World.  Batter down the stakes and enter the north door.
    Fall into the pit at different places to kill the knights.  When the skeletons
    have perished, get the chest and a small key (Exit the Dark World by pounding
    down a stake and warping with the Moon Gate).  Now fall into the pit in
    southwest corner and use your key on the key block.  Warp with the Moon Gate and
    exit the room to the left.
    Take the left door and get the bow by pushing the left block up and the adjacent
    block aside.  Charge the bow and shoot the crystal switch blocked by the pot,
    the one to the south, and the one near you.  Reenter the left door and exchange
    the bow for the Pegasus Boots.  Enter the right door and push the blocks aside
    so you may charge and break the cracked block.  Take the boomerang and toss it
    diagonally at the crystal switch to the southwest.
    Note: I've gotten some e-mail lately regarding this part of the temple.  Yes,
    you can throw the Boomerang diagonally.  With a little practice you'll be a pro.
    Just as you are about to throw the Boomerang tilt the control stick in the
    desired direction (In this case southwest).  Do this simultaneously and don't
    keep tilting.  If done correctly the Boomerang will move diagonally.
    A path over the pit will appear.  First collect the Force Gems and treasures in
    the room.  The treasure is a big bomb, so drop into the pit and warp with Moon
    Gate when it explodes.  First go south.  In box formation step on the switches
    beneath the pots.  The spikes will lower.  Get the treasure, a small key.  Exit
    and use the key on the door to the west.
    Enter and brutalize the Stalfos.  They throw bones now.  Corner them and slay
    the demons.  Hit the red switch.  Return to the bridge room and go get the lamp
    from the left weapon room.  Take the south bridge to the mace-soldier room and
    leave via the left door.  Climb down the ladder, head west, and climb up that
    ladder.  Enter the door to the left after opening the treasure chests.  You must
    rely on your lamp to guide you in this room.  Hug the wall until you reach a
    torch.  Light it and descend down the ladder.
    Light the torches on the ground level and a trap door will open.  Head down and
    go in the corners, opening the chests.  To the southwest is a stairway; climb up
    with the small key and extra heart container.  Head north and jump into the
    second tier of the room (Time it so you don't hit the razor thing).  Return to
    the bridge room.  Reenter the western room.  Hit the switch so the red blocks
    are lowered and push the right block up to enter a new room.  This room is
    filled with wizzrobes - it's highway robbery.
    Smite the irksome bandits as quick as you can.  200 Force will fall after
    victory (Hardly enough to repay what the wizzrobe stole).  Pick the key back up,
    presuming you dropped it during the fight, and use it on the western door.  Walk
    through the labyrinth (Well, maybe that's exaggerated) and light torches as you
    go.  Soon you'll reach a switch.  Hit it to lower the blue block, then head
    south to navigate that part of the maze.  Once all torches are lighted, walk
    down the stairs after you've your fill of Force Gems.  On the west wall are pots
    of fire.  Have each Link lift one.
    The room looks like a dead end.  Well, if there is no exit, make one.  Don't
    drop the pots.  Get into long formation and extend the left wall by pushing it
    out where the pots were.  Where you see four dark blue tiles, line up in wide
    position and push out the wall.  Head left and saunter on down through the door.
    Hardhat Beetles occupy the room.  Shove them into the abyss (Again, I
    exaggerate).  Your reward for killing the first set is a second one.  Do the
    same as before.  A path will then open to a north room.  Replenish your health
    as much as you can with the pots and before you enter hit the crystal switch and
    get the treasures, both of them valuable Force Gems.  Now, enter the room to the
                             |    Boss: Phantom Ganon    |
    Ugh.  We keep repeating fights with people we downed before.  Shadow Link,
    Jalhalla, Chief Soldier, and now this!  Well, contemplating his defeat, Phantom
    Ganon came to the conclusion he was outnumbered.  So he decided to tip the
    scales and make three illusions of himself, only the illusions can hurt you!
    Why didn't he do this the first time?  Well, he may be powerful enough to
    exercise his control over the weak Dekus, but to the Links, he's a pushover.
    Dodge the transparent energy spheres and like before, hit the real one's green
    orb back at him.  When he is downed, strike him repetitively.  The best strategy
    is to get real up-close and press B rapidly so Phantom Ganon has no chance of
    hitting it back.  After you win it's Force Gem city for you.  Head north and see
    that the Dark Mirror is missing.  We discover Shadow Link was born from the Dark
    Mirror Head west and break Vaati's seal to add another maiden to your
    Multiplayer Tip: Like before in Hyrule Castle Phantom Ganon's energy attacks
    have different colors.  Like before give each Link a corner and volley the
    energy orb for your partners to hit at the boss.
    They go on to explain (A little less) that Ganon is short for Ganondorf Dragmire
    and that he is of the Gerudo tribe.  We know that is a tribe of desert-dwelling
    thieves comprised of women.  Every 100 years a male who is to be king is born.
    Ganon is the son of Kotake and Koume, or rather their polymerized state,
    Twinrova.  Ganon is very powerful because he possesses the Triforce shard of
    Power.  Next up is The Desert of Doubt (Stupid alliteration).
    ====================================Level 6*====================================
                                  The Desert of Doubt
    ================================Desert of Doubt*================================
    Pretty original name, huh?  No but seriously, you made it to Level 6.  The story
    begins to unravel.  Travel north and ask around.  Like I said, men, with the
    exception of the once-a-century chosen one, aren't allowed into the Gerudo
    I guess the designers of this game weren't aware.  Particularly, talk to the
    resident of the upper-right tent.  Some tents harbor treasure.  Head north and
    pass through the gates.
    Travel due north and push the pyramid stone out of the way so you may enter the
    pyramid.  Run about to avoid being swallowed by the quicksand.  There are
    Pegasus Boots to the right; be absorbed by the quicksand enough to get under the
    rock.  Then climb the ladder, claim the boots, and charge the wall to the right.
    Kill the bats and climb down the ladder to get some treasure.  Then return and
    climb up the ladder amid the quicksand.  Head right and enter the cave.  The
    aisle fourth from the left can be passed through by pushing the block.  Collect
    the treasures and return outside.
    One treasure is a Moon Pearl.  Head right and slightly up to activate the Moon
    Gate.  Kill the mummies here before you go in.  Once they've died go in, kill
    the Stalfos, and head right, then north to enter the Moon Gate.  Kill the
    mummies, who then turn into Stalfos.  Kill them in the Dark World.  Once the
    deed is done (You can quickly kill them by charging back and forth into them)
    the paths open.
    Return to the Light World and head north.  Four Shadow Links will hop about
    before you.  Charge them for Force Gems and enter the cave before you.  Charge
    the broken blocks and hop down.  Get the treasure and lift the large block.
    Walk down the stairs, get the treasures, and (In the northwest corner of the
    room) start the colored block maze, similar to the one in The Cave of No Return.
    Push the green down, the gray aside, the red down, the blue down, the gray by
    the pink up and the pink aside to make it through.  At the end is a box switch.
    Activate to make Stalfos appear, with Force Gems.  Harvest them (The Force Gem
    is a disguised enemy) and the doors will open.  Enter on either side for
    treasure, the center to reach a Fairy Fountain.  Toss in your shoes to get an
    upgrade.  Level 2 Pegasus Boots rock!
    The block that blocked your pass to the right has vanished.  Climb up the stairs
    and then the ladder.  Dash over the pit to the star switch, keep one Link
    stationary there, and cross the pit and exit the cave.  Head west.  Head down
    the stairs, get the treasure, and get back up.  Charge over the quicksand north.
    Welcome to Zuna Village.
    Mingle about; explore the houses, but particularly the westernmost house.  Enter
    the cavern via the stairs.  You may play a game to supplement your Force Gems
    here.  Do so if you like, but once done head west out of the village and over
    the ridge (An opening lies to the north).  Walk over to the highest vulture.
    You'll fall in a pit.  Climb the ladder and repeat the process, but this time
    dash over them.  Reach the whirlpool.  Wade in.  If you press A to accelerate
    your swimming you'll make it to the next opening.  Make multiple trips to get
    200 Force.  From the second whirlpool, head west.
    Cactuses will lie before you.  Navigate through them, avoiding quicksand.  Enter
    the cave to the north.  You can guarantee that you cross over quicksand by
    dashing.  Blocks will appear around you whence inside the cave.  Dash over the
    pit to the right, and then the pit to the left of that one.  Do it one last time
    over the very left pit and walk forward onto a box switch.  A Force Gem will
    fall.  Get it and leave the cave.
    Head south to the new screen and it is more than likely you'll fall in a pit.
    Dash over to the staircase guarded by a vulture and enter it.  Get the treasure
    and the Zuna to the right will tell you of the west.  Dash over the pits and
    then stop abruptly and immediately as not to fall in the large trap door.  Walk
    in long formation very slowly to the coconuts, which you will lift.  Head west
    deeper into the desert.  Descend the stair, break the pots, and dash to the
    other side of the side-scrolling 2-D screen.  Climb the ladder to get 100 Force,
    then return to the air cannon and have it spit you out.
    Hit the pot to the north and have one Link stand and remain on it.  Take another
    to a pot south, the other southwest, and the final northwest.  When you do this
    the sucking sands will terminate sucking and pits will appear in its place.
    Take the bomb flower to the north and blow yourself a door open.  Enter, get the
    fabulous treasures, and fall into one of the pits.  Against your better judgment
    (I actually discovered this by mistake.  I was going to the bathroom and I
    thought I hit pause, but didn't) and get ensnared in the quicksand.
    Get to the opening and get the treasure.  Then head left and up the ladder.
    Walk up the ladder, get the Force Gem, and up the next ladder.  Now that that
    conundrum is solved, head north.  Four Shadow Links will materialize above you.
    Get up the ladder and kill them off.  Use some of their bombs to open cave
    The Shadow Links will take advantage of the caves and fight you there.  Like
    usual, kill the original Shadow Link to kill the rest.  There may be more than
    four, I think some are in the caves.  After you win head north.
                            |    Boss: Big Dark Stalfos    |
    Yes, the third will fight now.  First kill the Stalfos.  Then you'll be pulled
    into the Dark World to fight the Stalfos.  This time the Dark World has a few
    enemies in it.  Like usual just sidestep the lunge and hit him in the side.
    Each time I fight one of these I have a different weapon.  In the past, the
    shovel and fire rod were useless.  This time though Level 2 Pegasus Boots are
    quite handy.  Use them to your advantage.  After winning get your Force Gem.
    Honestly, I've guided you to get so many Force Gems you should have over 2000 by
    now.  Once he is slain, you'll return to the Light World and to red Link is
    given the Red Royal Jewel.  Perhaps you don't listen to the text.  They've
    implied it in the past, but here they discreetly say the Big Dark Stalfos are
    the former guardians of the jewels.  Head north and break Vaati's seal.
    =================================Desert Temple*=================================
    From the outside this level is the duplicate of a level from A Link to the Past.
    Enter the temple and pull the statue out.  Head into the room to the north and
    go to the room to the east.  Kill Shadow Link for 100 Force and continue on to
    the room to the east.  Starting from the northeast corner go down ending at the
    northwest corner, hurriedly hit the crystal switches.  Step on the box switch
    and get the hammer.  Go west.  Flip the turtles over with the hammer and slash
    they underbellies.  Some can't be flipped.  Charge the hammer and release.
    Pound the sand dunes that appear to get items.  One has a small key.  Take it to
    the southwest key block.
    Under the pot is a switch.  Press it to open the door.  Head west and kill
    Shadow Link.  The Armos Statues will become assailants.  They don't move if you
    are looking at them.  Lure them into a position so you can constantly see them
    and pull the statue on the north out.  Head north and enter the door.  Some one-
    eyed monsters will attack you.  They attack only when threatened, so lure them
    away from the lever and abandon them.  Pull the lever out to make stairs appear
    and walk down the steps.  Get the bow from the room your in and then shoot the
    one-eyed monsters in the eyes.  The door will open once they've died.  Enter
    through it to a new room.
    Eye statues will shoot at you if you get into view.  Walk around their pupils.
    A chest to the west contains a heart container.  Move to the north.  Defeat the
    monsters.  A switch in the northeast will make a treasure chest appear.  Get it
    for a Level 2 Bow.  Head north.  Destroy the enemies and get in cross formation
    to hit the four crystal switches.  Open the two treasure chests; one has a Moon
    Pearl inside it.  Return south two screens to the room with laser-firing statues
    (Pretty technologically advanced).
    In the middle of the room are three columns.  The right one contains the Moon
    Gate.  Go in, gather Force Gems (A Force Fairy lies in a pot in the southwest
    corner), and most especially get the small key.  Return to the Light World and
    use the key on a door to the left.  Enter and destroy the Shadow Links for more
    Force.  Destroy the statue monsters.  Shoot arrows through the torches to light
    the ones above.  The door will open so head north.
    The room you're in has one torch and many empty ones.  Use the lit torch to
    light the others.  Once you lit them all the enemies will die.  A small key will
    appear in the northeast corner.  Use it to open the west door.  Kill the
    monsters and head south through the door.  You're now outside.  Shoot the sand
    pit monsters and collect the Force Gems.  Make sure to shoot the crystal switch
    and head west.  Kill the Shadow Links and step on the box switch.  Kill the sand
    monsters that appear and walk through the doors to the north.  Gohma will
    Shoot its eye to kill the fiend.  Advance north.
                              |    Boss: Shadow Link    |
    Shadow Link divides into four.  It is safer to fight in the Dark World where
    there aren't laser statues.  Defeat them like usual (Stun the true Shadow Link
    and then deploy the same colored Link to finish him off) and go north.  Break
    Vaati's barrier and clear the stage.
    Hey, if Ganon could do it, you can too.  I think after he finished he set
    everything up so that it would be a hassle for Link.  Walk into the pyramid and
    pull the lever.  Kill the mummies and enter the room.  Pull the right lever,
    serpents will fall.  So don't pull it.  Pull the left lever.  If you kill the
    serpents, though, you get Force Gems.
    Step on the switch under the pot in the northwest corner to open the door and
    walk into the next room.  If you walk forward you'll probably fall into a pit.
    If you fall in the pit, veer right to get a treasure chest.  Once you reach the
    bottom climb the ladder and press the switch beneath the pot.  Climb the ladder
    to the left and the ladder to the right of that.  Smash the pots and press a
    switch to form a bridge.
    Cross it and climb the left ladder.  Climb back up and open the right treasure
    chest within which is a small key.  Open the left if you like big bombs, but if
    not (Which is quite probable) don't open it.  Use the key to open the door to
    the north.  Shadow Link will appear again, insisting that he blow you up with a
    big bomb.  Hit the switch under the pot to the left and walk into the chamber
    that becomes accessible.
    Kill the Stalfos and push the block down.  After the bomb explodes exit the
    chamber with the door to the left.  Of the three pots, the left has a switch
    beneath it.  Press it and get inside the new room.  Head right and kill the
    Stalfos.  Take the northwest exit and break the pots, revealing a switch.  Get
    in.  As usual kill the Stalfos and take the northeast exit.
    Get the treasure and head left into a side-scrolling screen.  Fall from the pot
    ledge and climb the ladder.  Head left.  Get in wide formation and pull the left
    four handles out.  Get into the next room.  Get the two Shadow Links in the
    grave and collect 200 Force.  Kill enemies as you encounter them and head north
    until you see a switch sticking out of the wall.  Push it in and enter the west
    Kill all the enemies in the room and get the slingshot.  Go back to the previous
    room and head one screen north.  Push in another switch to open a door and
    Kill the mummies and enter the west door.  Crush the pot above to the left and
    press the switch to open the door.  Step onto the platform and assume cross
    formation, shooting both crystal switches through the opened doors.  Outside a
    small key will drop.  Get it and enter the previous room.
    Head east until you find a key door.  Open and enter.  Walk through the darkness
    to the pots, assume box formation, and step on the switches below.  The room
    will be lit and mummies will ambush you.  Kill them and Stalfos will enter the
    Dark World.  Hit the southeast pot to uncover a Moon Pearl; the Moon Gate is
    north between the two lion statues.  Kill the Stalfos and the doors will open,
    Force Gems will drop.  Gather them then return to the Dark World and get a lamp.
    A Force Fairy is under the pot to the upper left.  Return to the Light World and
    hallway.  Go back to where you go the slingshot.  Light the four torches to open
    the door.  Enter  and you'll find the Great Fairy.  Return to the hallway.
    In the south is a closed door and two torches.  Before lighting those go around
    the hall lighting any other torches.  Now light the two by the closed door and
    enter.  Within are Pegasus Boots.  Take them and go back to the Great Fairy to
    upgrade them.  Now take the northeast door in the hallway.  If you should fall
    in a pit, dash over to the ladder and climb up.
    A poor Zuna is trapped there.  He/she (I can't tell) will be the first of his
    tribe to return.  Press the switch under the pot and climb the ladder.  Dash
    across the room.  Get the two treasures, one a Moon Pearl, and pull the lever
    above.  Walk through the door.
    Walk across the room and exit the northeast room.  Go left into the place where
    the wall curves in to activate the Moon Gate.  Enter and walk around, getting
    treasure, until you reach a box switch.  Step on it and leave the Dark World via
    the other Moon Gate.
    Head west and find a great treasure room, spoiled by Shadow Link and a mummy.
    Kill them and open the treasures.  One is a Big Key.  Use it to open the
    treasure chest before you.  It contains 1000 Force Gems and by now your sword
    should be powered up.  Another treasure contains a blue bracelet.  Take the
    bombs from the third chest from the left and don't open the big bomb chests, the
    first two from the left.
    Wait by the Moon Gate for the bombs to explode and return.  Bomb the cracked
    part of the wall to the northwest and bomb the cracked blocks you find.  Have
    the four switches beneath the pots pressed and exit to the north.  Bomb the
    north wall of the hallway.  The first is above the door.  Climb the ladder and
    throw a bomb at the crystal switch.  Then get the treasure, a heart container.
    Head right and blow up the wall here, highly cracked.
    Enter and kill the serpents.  Enter the door to above you.  Take the slingshot
    and in wide formation hit the crystal switches.  Exit and cross the bridge you
    made.  Enter the door and in wide formation hit the crystal switches,
    deactivating them.  Toss one Link over to the bridge and repeat to get across.
    Head right then north.  Kill the enemies in the room and head left, then north,
    then right.  Kill all enemies for a Force Fairy.  Move north and then east from
    the hallway.
                              |    Boss: Big Moldorm    |
    One in every Zelda game (well, not really).  Hop over the wall into the arena
    and slash his sensitive tail with the player of the matching color.  Yes,
    they've made this boss a Four Swords boss for sure.  After a few hits he'll
    undergo binary fission (Split in two) and you'll have two Moldorms to contend
    with.  Continue the process until you victor.  Enter the light room and you'll
    see the Magic Trident that the pyramid guarded is gone, no doubt it was Ganon.
    Go to the east and break Vaati's seal.  Another day, another maiden.  Together
    the six maidens find Princess Zelda in the Tower of Winds.  Normally this area
    is calm, but because of Vaati's presence it is made of ice.  Next stop, Frozen
    Hyrule and the final royal jewel.
    ====================================Level 7*====================================
                                     Frozen Hyrule
    =================================Frozen Hyrule*=================================
    Head north.  Pick up the large stone to the left and descend the stairs with a
    bomb flower in hand.  Throw it at the cracked blocks and retrieve the bow, my
    personal favorite weapon.  Surface and head north.
    Giant snowballs are rolling ahead.  Head right and take down some battalions.
    The grass is filled with ambush archers, so here's what you do to avoid serious
    damage.  Get behind a rock and wait for the ambush archers to finish their fire,
    then rush out and shoot at the soldiers.  Soon only Chief Soldier will remain.
    Lift the stone to the left of the gate and kill him the usual way.  Collect the
    Force Gems and head north.
    Return to the weapon room where you got the arrows and get the bombs, then head
    north of the war zone.  Kill Shadow Link and his cronies for 100 Force.  Now
    head east.  If you walk near them, the snowballs will chase after you.  Exit the
    screen in the northeast.  Shadow Link has a fire rod ahead.  Take him out for
    100 Force as usual.  Head left and lift the large rock to reveal a staircase.
    Enter the cavern if you want to talk to a Deku Scrub (Perhaps some Dekus
    migrated as not to serve Ganon).  We now know we need the fire rod.  Head north
    to a blizzard screen.  There's a Poe ahead.  Kill it.  There are multiple hidden
    pits and staircases, I won't bother going into specifics.  Just head to the
    southwest corner, lift the rock, and climb down the stairs.  Collect the
    treasure and take the stairs to the northwest.  Head north a screen.
    Navigate through the trees by going up and down and bomb the wall to the right.
    Enter and get the fire rod.  Ignite frozen Force Gems do get them, but when done
    playing with fire head back to the area with the snowballs (The ones that chases
    you) and melt one of the snowballs for a small key.  Take it west and open the
    house.  Go down the stairs to the right.  An array of items is to the right, but
    you are happy with the fire rod so head left and climb the ladder.
    Head west and get the treasure chest by walking around the cracks in the ice.
    Return to the screen with the snowballs rolling in circles and head west.  Lift
    the trees blocking your passage and take another left.  Burn down the penguins
    you find and step on the box switch.  Many penguins will appear.  Get into long
    formation and hold A to burn them to a crisp.  Once they're all dead a Moon
    Pearl will be awarded to you.
    Remember the screen with the ice wall building Deku?  Go east, then north.  Burn
    down the wall ahead and get the chest to the left for a heart container.  Head
    south again and then east.  Head north, burn the ice wall to the ground, and
    advance.  The vacant area between the tiles contains the Moon Gate.  Kill the
    soldiers and enter the Moon Gate to the Dark World.
    Pull the levers ahead of you and return to the Light World and advance north.
    There are several places you can bomb the north wall.  Bomb one and serpents
    will come out.  Kill them and pull the lever within for 200 Force.  The cave to
    the very left contains a lever.
    Pull it to make ladders appear.  The cave to the left of the very right cave
    contains a lever you don't want to pull.  The very right one also should not be
    pulled.  Travel to the north on the second ladder from the left and go quickly
    so the wizzrobes don't rob you blind.  Hop over the tiers of the cliff and take
    a north.
    How unoriginal can you get!  Manhandla is such a dumb enemy.  Really, we faced
    this guy before.  Like last time, strike down his claws with the Link of the
    matching color.  Each time he gets faster, and it's supposed to be harder
    because you fight him on slippery ice.  Collect the Force Gems and hearts and
    head north.
                            |    Boss: Big Dark Stalfos    |
    Yes, this is the real boss.  When making the walkthrough (Because I write it as
    I play) I put Manhandla as the boss.  But no, the boss is this guy.  Of all the
    bosses, aside from Shadow Link, this is the most unoriginal.  You face him four
    times!  Kill off his minions and enter the Dark World.  Just like Chief Soldier
    avoid his thrust and then fracture his bones from the side with your metal.  The
    difference in this boss is that he has bats flying around him.  Kill him and
    finally we get a definite color on the fourth Link.  In my walkthrough I refer
    to him as pink/purple because no one can tell the difference between the colors,
    but I think he is purple.  And the results are in, he is!  Take the Purple Royal
    Jewel.  Head north and break Vaati's seal.
    ================================The Ice Temple*=================================
    Note: They've done everything, so I guess they need an Ice Temple.  Think about
    it though.  They have a Spirit, Fire, Water, Forest, Shadow, and now an Ice
    Temple.  Vaati is a wind sorcerer because they've used all the other elements.
    I had a lot of other junk in this note, but I decided to take it out in a June
    2005 update.  Ah, I was such a Zelda fool back then...
    Enter the temple and push the statue onto the switch beneath the pot in the
    northwest corner.  Then stand in cross formation on the switches under the pots
    to the left (Lots of prepositional phrases in that sentence).  Get the treasure
    chest; it contains a small key you use to open the door.  Two Shadow Link await
    you.  Kill them for 200 Force and get into the room to the left.
    Kill the Armos statues and pull the large lever (I'd like to clear one last
    thing up.  These "levers" don't look like levers but the manual calls them pull
    levers) in wide formation and then enter the right room, getting the boomerang.
    Now enter the middle room and go north.  This is a treacherous section.  Avoid
    the bouncy things and get to the other side of the icy bridge.
    Enter the north room and wizzrobes will appear.  Slash them until they die,
    taking special care not be encased in ice.  Grab the Force Gems that fall and
    take a right.  Kill the Shadow Link for some Force.  Then throw bombs onto the
    skull tiles.  This can be tricky because the platform is of ice; the bombs will
    slip off.  Throw them at angle so they are stop by something solid.  When all
    are blown up collect the reward, the fire rod.
    Take it and head left.  Melt away the ice to reveal three doorways.  Now go
    Melt the ice in the room and hit the crystal switch.  Under the ice near it is a
    treasure chest.  Open it for 100 Force, and then go back to melting the place.
    When you're done go west once more.
    Bombs are bouncing about the room.  Wait for their explosions and (They're
    bombchus, I think) then rush into the room and step on star switches under the
    ice to seal off their entrance.  Once you have a Link on every star switch the
    entries will be sealed.  Collect the Force Gems and head west.  Burn away the
    ice blocks below and walk across to the treasure chest.  Now open the key door
    to the north and walk in.  Shadow Link and company will assault you, this time
    every step they make leaves an ice tiles.  Kill them with the normal methods,
    and collect the Force Gems.  Fire rod the Shadow Links to stun them then hack
    them up.
    Also, they use spinning attacks now.  Head north and onto the ice path to the
    wooden platform.  Get onto solid land and head north once more.  To the left are
    two switches.  Light them and enter the west wing.  Keep going left, sending
    flames to the ice above, one has a Force Fairy under it.  Head into the west and
    melt the ice blocks as you come by them.  Then push the purple block onto the
    switch.  Push the other colored blocks onto switches.  Then get in cross
    formation and step on the switches under the pots.  Get the treasure exit the
    northeast door.
    Notice the question block here, another Mario item!  Anyway, descend the stairs.
    Get the treasure and walk down more steps.  Go to the Fairy Fountain and get a
    Level 2 Fire Rod!  Of course this is a copy of the Cane of Somaria from other
    games, but who cares.  Go to the Mario question block and use the rod there to
    make it a platform.  Use it to get to the previous room (The one with + in the
    ice) and light the torches by the east door.  Enter.
    Throw the bombs to the ice platform so they activate the crystal switches.  If a
    bomb explodes twice by them it will deactivate.
    Note: I get a lot of e-mail about this, and I guess I need to specify.  It’s
    really quite simple, though.  A lot of people don’t know how to do this part.
    Hold a bomb for a while, throw it, and hope that it explodes next to a crystal
    switch.  If it doesn’t hit it, try holding it for a different length of time and
    throwing it.  Keep trying and you’ll hit all three switches.
    Get the Force Gems and treasures, and take the small key to the key door to the
    north in the previous room.  Take the left platform than the lower to reach the
    west door.
    Enter it and get in cross formation, making four blocks.  Push them so they are
    lined up with the torches vertically or horizontally and touching the torches,
    then get in cross formation and press A.  All the torches will be lit.  Get the
    two treasures that appear and return to the platform room.  Take a platform to
    the central island and then take the platform to the right.  Under the pot is a
    switch.  Press it and go to the next area and press that switch.  Now you don't
    have to use the dumb platforms.
    Enter the east room and throw two Links to the other side.  Break all the pots
    and step on each switch simultaneously.  Get the treasures and reenter the
    platform room.  Cross the wooden bridges to the key door and open it.  Destroy
    all the ice blocks before you do anything, than step on the box switch.  A troop
    of soldiers will appear to murder to you.  Destroy the bulk of them by backing
    into a corner in cross formation and repeatedly pressing B.  Then single out the
    Collect the Force Gems and head north.  Melt the ice; one has a Force Fairy
    under it.  When you're good and ready, head north.  To do this, create a block
    to put on the switch in the northwest corner, then in long formation stand on
    all the switches to the right.  The door will open and Roc's Feather will become
    available.  Take it and head north.
                         |    Boss: Ball & Chain Soldiers    |
    There are two mace-soldiers; kill them by jumping over to them and slash them,
    giving them no chance to hit you back.  A much easier way to win is to Jump
    Attack them constantly.  Focus on one, then the other to triumph.  When the deed
    is done head north.  You'll be outside.  A maiden will guide you to Vaati's
    the Four Sword Sanctuary.  Place the four royal jewels here and the Tower of
    Winds will reclaim its position on the globe.  Similarly, spring will begin.
    Break Vaati's barrier and proceed to the next level.
    ================================Tower of Winds*=================================
    The final level - of Level 7.  Enter the tower and kill the jelly creatures.
    Force Gems will appear and a ladder will materialize.  Climb the ladder, then
    the second onto a new screen.  Kill the jellies and enter the bottom right door
    for a slingshot.  Take it back to the 2-D section and then enter the middle door
    elevated above the bottom ones.  Step on the box switch and four Stalfos will
    appear.  Kill them for 100 Force.
    Now head left, press the switch under the upper pot and fall down the new pit.
    Get the small key and push the blocks aside and reenter the 2-D room.  Return to
    the middle room and head right.  Climb the stairs and open the south door.  Take
    it, step on the platform, and hit the crystal switches all at once.  Return to
    the previous room and take the north door.  Climb up the ladder to a new screen.
    Take the door to the left and head south.  Have each Link push his matching
    block in the direction it will go.
    A platform will appear.  Pick up a Link and get on the platform.  Throw the Link
    at the switch then use the bridge to cross the pit and get Roc's Feather.  Exit
    through the north through which you came and go north again, back to the 2-D
    screen.  Climb down the ladder and jump across the pit to the left.  Enter the
    door to get 100 Force, then return outside and climb the ladder to your left.
    Get the fire rod.  Now fall down from the where the upper left door is to the
    middle door.  Enter and head right up the stairs.  Exit to the north and climb
    up the ladder.
    Enter the door to the left.  Head south and ascend the stairs.  Exit via the
    north door.  Burn down the ice blocks to the left and get the Force Gem.  Enter
    the door and enter the next door to the south.  Press the box switch and four
    disguised Force Gem warriors will assault you.  Kill them and gather the residue
    then walk up the stairs.  Enter the north door.  Go through the doorway to the
    right and head south.  Get Roc's Feather and return to the tower side-scrolling
    screen.  Hop over the wall and enter the left door.
    Step on the switches beneath the pots and exit back to the tower screen.  Hop to
    the ladder and climb up the stairs, getting the treasure and Force Gems.  Climb
    up the ladder and run for cover.  Thwomps (Mario enemies) will try to crush you.
    Hop on the one that tries to crush you first and ride him to a platform with a
    switch.  Hop across the platforms so all four Links are on a switch and get the
    small key that appears.  Take it to the upper right door.  Enter and head south,
    using the key.  Stand on the box switch, kill the Stalfos, and head west.
    There are four crystal switches in here.  Get in cross formation and use the
    spin attack to activate them all at once and return to the 2-D screen.  Have the
    left thwomp pound down and ride him to the top and to the ladder that appeared.
    Spikes that turn you to ice will fall from the ceiling.  Get to the ladder to
    the right and climb.  Hop over the spikes pits to the left after the spikes
    Near the next ladder is a door.  Enter, head south, press the box switch to the
    right, and slay the Force Gem warriors.
    The door will open; walk through.  Get the fire rod from the item podium and
    return to the 2-D Tower screen.  Climb the ladder, avoid the ice spikes all the
    while, and melt the huge frozen frog thing.  Climb the ladder and melt the ice
    blocks.  Enter the door.  Have the four Links step on the switch and then head
    left, getting Roc's Feather.
    Take the right door and get 100 Force.  Then enter the northwest door.  Kill the
    bats and jump over the bombchus.  Climb the ladder to the right.  Go through the
    door to the right.  Hop across the pit, hit the four crystal switches in long
    formation, and exit this room back to the side-scrolling screen.
    Head left, climb the ladder, and enter the door to the right.  In cross
    formation spin attack to hit the right four crystal switches.  Enter the door to
    east, get the treasures, and then use the north door.  You're back to the tower
    screen.  Climb the ladder.  Kill the bird-like creatures and jellies will
    Kill them (they're called ChuChus in The Wind Waker, but the name changes from
    game to game).
    Collect the Force Gems that fall and climb the ladder in the northwest corner.
    Move to the right to the second ladder and enter the first room (In the
    southeast corner).  Get a fire rod.  Return to the Tower screen and notice ice
    blocks surround the middle room.  Torch them and enter the room.  In cross
    formation hit the crystal switches with a spinning attack.  Return to the 2-D
    and climb the left ladder to another ladder.
                                |    Boss: Frostare    |
    Burn the ice blocks to the right and get Roc's Feather.  Return to the arena and
    climb the ladders then jump to the doorway above, entering it.  Have each Link
    stand on a switch under the pots and platforms will appear.  Use them as
    stepping-stones to the upper left door.  Enter and a red monster will be there.
    Slash him till his demise, get the treasure chest, and the eye will fall.  I
    assume this was the root of the eye that kept it hanging.  Return to the arena.
    The boss will now fly around the room madly.  Kill the birds and focus on the
    vindictive Frostare.  The eye can freeze you, but just avoid his ice and stab at
    his eye.  This is the toughest boss you've faced.  When the birds are gone, he
    gets easy.  He'll fall on the ground eventually.  Hit him here and continue
    doing so.  The trick is getting him on the ground with no birds.  From there,
    don't let him fly up and you have him, check and mate.  Collect your Force Gems
    and climb the ladder in the northeast corner.
    Walk into the light and break Vaati's seal.  You've rescued Princess Zelda!  Now
    your status screen is complete.  Off to kill Vaati and the greater evil that
    controls him...
    ====================================Level 8*====================================
                                  Realm of the Heavens
    =============================Realm of the Heavens*==============================
    Have you noticed the past few first stages have shared the name of their level.
    Go east past the flamers and destroy all life on the field.  Head south after
    their destruction and kill the mighty Chief Soldier.  Enter the Dark World
    through the whirlpool looking things.  Kill the Dark World soldiers, gather
    treasures, and pull levers, whatever.  Hit the crystal switches in the middle
    Dark World area and head north.
    Kill the guards who gathered there and head north.  Hit the crystal switches in
    each Dark World region and kill the enemies that result from it.  Make sure to
    kill Shadow Link as well.  Your reward is a Moon Pearl.  Return to the south.
    In the right area is a Moon Gate.  Enter it.  Kill the guards and take Roc's
    Feather.  Take a north in the Light World and head east over the pit.
    Avoid the lasers and step on the cloud platform to continue on east.  A flaming
    mace-soldier is ahead.  Jump over the flames and get in his face, hitting him
    without mercy.  Collect the Force Gems and head south.  You'll find Manhandla.
    Kill him like before (Matching Link to matching claw).  Gather the Force Gems
    and head north twice.  Follow the path and hit the crystal switches along the
    way to stop the wind temporarily.  At the end is a portal to the Dark World.
    Enter it.
    Behind the Moon Gate to the north are magic hammers.  Take one and return to the
    Light World.  Go south two screens and charge the hammer.  Release and strike
    the bumps that come up to get their treasure.  One has a small key in it.  Take
    it north and head east, using the key there.  Get on a cloud platform and ride
    it to the guards' clouds.  Kill them to quell the flames.  Head east and you'll
    see a bridge.
    Don't waste your time there; throw a Link to the other cloud and head east.
    Slaughter all the monsters and continue east.  Head south over the bridge and
    kill the Like-Like.  Get the treasure, yet another heart container, and head
    east over the bridge.  Collect the Force Gems, and have each Link stand on a
    switch.  Get the Pegasus Boots and go north.  Dash across the bridge and go
    Now you'll find a Switch Platform.  Navigate through the flames to the southeast
    corner.  Hit the crystal switch and head north, getting the bombs and Force Gem.
    Then go east.
    Some Dodongos (So far we've encountered four former bosses, Manhandla, Shadow
    Link, Dodongos, and Chief Soldier) are here.  Throw the bombs into their mouths
    before they breathe flames.  Kill them all and get the treasure in the chest in
    the northeast corner for Level 2 Bombs!
                              |    Boss: King Dodongo    |
    I think that's his name.  He made his debut in Ocarina of Time.  Throw the bombs
    down his throat.  Three does the trick.  Collect your Force Gems, take some
    other treasures, and head east.  Destroy the dark magic of the barrier and
    you're done with this sorry excuse for a level (You just can't have all those
    bosses shoulder to shoulder).
    ================================The Dark Cloud*=================================
    Let's mosey on over to the right and kill the vultures.  Step onto the cloud and
    enter the cloud door.  Collect Force Gems and climb the ladder to exit the room.
    Head right and climb down the ladder.  Get treasure, Force Gems, and into the
    air cannon you go.  Shoot up and while in the air position yourself above the
    cracked blocks and Jump Attack.  Enter the room and get the bow, then have two
    Link step on the upper switches, two on the lower.
    Return outside and get on the cloud below.  Take the cloud to the right and hit
    the eye switches above for Force Gems.  Get them and walk onto the cloud to the
    very right.  Enter the door the cloud takes you to.  Exit through the upper left
    door and hit the eye switch, then return to the room.  Take the lower door to
    the right.  Once outside shoot the eye switch.  Head right twice to reach a room
    with ladders and pots.
    A Force Fairy is in the very right lower pot.  Climb the ladder and get the
    bombs.  Then go back outside and enter the door to the left.  Climb the ladder,
    head right, climb the ladder, and head left, bombing the cracked blocks.  Climb
    the ladders to the left.  Shadow Link returns, determined to kill you with his
    big bomb.  Enter the room to the left.  Under the upper pot is a switch.
    Press it and exit when the coast is clear.  Exit and enter the air cannon.  Use
    it to get into the upper doorway to the left of Shadow Link.  Under the left pot
    is a switch.  Press it to make an air cannon appear.  Wait for the explosion and
    hop into the left air cannon.  Blast yourself onto the upper platform Shadow
    Link appears on and into the right air cannon.  Blast yourself up to the door to
    the right of Shadow Link.
    Chuck a bomb at the guard within to kill him easily and climb the ladder.  Head
    left and blow up the cracked blocks.  Hurry over to the door to the left.  Get
    the treasure and have three Links stand on the bottom switches, one on the top.
    Then run to the ladder and climb up and out of that screen.  There's a light
    above.  Climb the ladder and walk into it.
    One the new screen wizzrobes will attack you.  Throw a bomb at it to prevent all
    your Force from being stolen.  Another will do the same thing.  Kill him the
    same way and collect your Force Gems.  Now head north and stand on the box
    switch.  Several Hardhat Beetles will appear.  Knock them off down into the pits
    or throw bombs at them to make them die quickly.  Collect the bountiful Force
    Gems and get the treasure, a Moon Pearl.
    Return to the south screen and in the center of the path the Moon Gate will pop
    up.  Hit the crystal switches in cross formation with the spin attack, the ones
    to the left.  Get the magic hammer and head north two screens.  It the red
    stakes and take the right.  Enter the stairs to the right and get the heart
    Surface and take the stairs to the left.  Get the treasure south of you if you
    so desire, but once you have it head right and ascend the ladder.  Head east.
    Hit crystal switches as you go and charge up the hammer to see where spikes are.
    Continue to collect a Force Fairy and more Force.  Return to the stake maze and
    head north this time.  Go east and walk along the path, fighting the windstorm.
    Get the slingshot in the stairs at the end of the path.
    Now return to the electric statue screen and hit the crystal switches as you go
    on the L-shaped platform.  Take top or bottom and at the end head north.  Head
    west and open the treasure chests.  One is a Moon Pearl.  Return east and hit
    the crystal switches to form a path, than move to the right.  Hit them all but
    the one second from the bottom of the screen (The crystal switches, that is).
    Take the Big Key; too bad you can't pass now.
    The Moon Gate is near the southwest corner.  Enter and use the Moon Gate to the
    right to return to the Light World.  Head north and fight not one, but two Chief
    Soldiers and their soldiers.  Lure the Chief Soldiers into a corner and slice
    them to bits.  Collect the Force Gems (By now, you should have over 2000).  Head
    north.  Go down the stairs to the left and get the lamp.
    Surface and light the two torches.  Enter the right staircase and get the bow.
    Shoot arrows through the fire to other torches just like we did way back in the
    Cave of No Return (I never let these things go).  Once all are lit a bridge will
    form.  Cross it and press the switches beneath the pots for Force Gems.  Then
    get the treasures, and head north.
                              |    Boss: Shadow Link    |
    Before you is the Dark Mirror that created Shadow Link.  More Shadow Links will
    appear.  Now, remember I said the Big Key is useless because you can't get to
    the big treasure chest.  Chuck it at Shadow Link to stun him and then slash him
    hard.  Shadow Link is defenseless against Big Keys; perhaps the game designers
    didn't think we'd use them.  Continue doing this (If you didn't take it just
    beat him like normal or with arrows) until you kill a few.  More will come, but
    Princess Zelda will come to your aid and stop the Dark Mirror from making more.
    Kill the clones and you will kill Shadow Link, he who plagued you throughout the
    entire game.  The darkness will dissipate (This is how one Shadow Link survived,
    I guess, and remained in the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time waiting for a
    rematch) and Princess Zelda will take the Dark Mirror back.  Go ahead and break
    the barrier.
    Note: It has come to my attention that you can, in fact, use the Big Key to open
    the chest.  Although it is inconvenient, if you throw the Links over the pit you
    can work your way back to the big treasure chest.  It contains 1000 Force.
    Thanks to Ntrentals for alerting me.
    ================================Palace of Winds*================================
    The most anticipated level.  Think of all we've been through.  I don't know whom
    you are reading this, but you are reading this.  Now I admit, you probably
    weren't the hundredth or thousandth reader.  There!  I said it.  OK, now this is
    a long level.  Head into the tower and hop over the wall.  Note these statues of
    Head north and step on the box switch.  Multiple enemies will materialize.  Kill
    them all and head north up the stairs.  Head to the left and pull the lever
    above you.  Take the bow and head west into a new room.
    Move to the left and descend down the staircase.  Fall from the ledge by the
    ladder and shoot the eye switch as you fall down past it.  This may take a few
    tries.  When this is accomplished climb back up the ladder.  Fall down the hole
    to the right and shoot the orb before you fall down the pit.  Climb up the
    ladder again and cross the bridge.
    There are two openings in the wall.  Shoot through them and surface from the
    stairs.  Head north.  Walk around the spikes that form and shoot the eye
    switches from a distance so they can hit it.  When you hit all four the spikes
    around the treasure chests will disappear.  Get them and return to the room
    where you got the bow.  Below the northwest door is a Moon Gate.  Activate it
    and exchange the bow for the boomerang.
    Now enter the northwest room.  Hit the two crystal switches from here through
    the wall and enter the southwest door.  Head west and push the two blocks in the
    main room into the corners.  Have one Link enter the Moon Gate.  Have the Dark
    World Link pick up a Light World Link and place him on the switch.  Then switch
    control to the Link on the switch.  Gather the Links to him and boomerang the
    crystal switch.
    Move the Armos statue so you can get to the Moon Gate, enter it, and exit at the
    second Moon Gate to the left.  Exit the room using the northwest door.  Have two
    separate Links open the treasure chests.  One contains a Moon Pearl; the other
    harbors a small key.  Return to the room where you got the boomerang and bow.
    Take the Moon Pearl to the strip of floor opposite the first Moon Gate.
    Exchange the boomerang for the magic hammer and expel the key by using it.
    Don't enter that door, though.  Take the southeast door, instead.
    In this room drive down the stakes in the four corners.  Be cautious, though;
    spikes cover the floor.  Reveal them by charging up the hammer and releasing.
    Walk around them and when all four are leveled enter the south door.  Hit the
    stakes here so that there are stakes where there are pot tiles to the left.
    Head south and walk into the wall to enter a maze.  Walk through killing Stalfos
    as you go until you reach a treasure chest.  In one is a heart container,
    another contains Force Gems, and these are all great, but the one you want
    contains the Moon Pearl.
    Return to the room where you got the magic hammer and descend down the stairs
    and activate the Moon Gate to the right (Or left; it doesn't really matter.  Get
    the Pegasus Boots and get the bomb flower near the northeast door.  Enter the
    northeast room and throw it at the crack in the wall on the left upper wall.
    Enter and go to the Great Fairy for my favorite upgrade.  Now you can dash over
    Head right and dash over the gap and get to the east.  Step on the box switch,
    press it, and head back over the gap.  Enter the north room.  Go down the stairs
    to the right and avoid the wallmaster.  Fall off the ledge to the left and dash
    to the opening in the wall that leads to the ladder.  Climb up and go down the
    next staircase.  There is a Force Fairy in this room.
    Repeat the process and surface.  For the next staircase dash over a treasure
    chest.  Get it and notice a door beneath it.  Exit through that door.  Now this
    is tricky, (Tricksy, corrects Gollum) but you can do it.  Dash across the floors
    and get the Moon Pearl.  Return to the room and activate the final Moon Gate in
    the first tier of the room.
    Now enter the Moon Gates and position one Link in each Dark World section on the
    switches.  When you do, return to the Light World, the north door is open.
    Enter it.  Two Hinox inhabit this room.  Kill them both and take the small key
    to the north door.  Return south and get a bow.  Kill the Gohmas by shooting
    their eyes.  When done return to the room where you got the bow and get the
    magic hammer.  Then have it upgraded.  Go to the room east of the room with the
    Charge up a pound and hit the large platform.  You'll fall through.  Climb back
    up and get the Pegasus Boots with the upgrade.  Return to the underground sector
    via the stairs.  Climb down the ladder, up the ladder to the right, and jump
    attack the blocks below.  Yes, you have to jump attack them, NOT charge them
    with the Pegasus Boots.  To jump attack, use the sword while in the air.  I hope
    this clears up this frequent e-mail question.
    Get the treasure chest to the left and return to the room with the Gohmas in it.
    Open the key door to the west and enter the chamber.  Dash into the broken
    blocks for a heart container, then head north and step on the box switch.  Head
    right, then south, and out of the room.  Cross the gap to the north and and you
    can enter the room.  Ahead is Vaati's barrier.  Break it.  Head north.
    Note: In the Gohma room, you can throw a bomb across the gap so that it explodes
    on the left side of the wall.  Then you can pass through the passage there,
    having gone back to retrieve any powered-up item of your choice, to reach the
    boss without using the Pegasus Boots.  I recommend taking an L-2 Bow for the
    upcoming battles.  Good luck!
                                 |    Boss: Vaati    |
    Finally, the evil that you've heard so much of.  You can kill the monster once
    and for all.  Grab a bomb flower and toss it into the tornado.  Make sure you
    time this correctly; the bomb should explode when it is by Vaati.  Do this a few
    times (I counted, about 3-Mississippi counts is when you should throw the bomb
    into the tornado), three to be exact, and Vaati will encircle his body with
    deadly purple energy orbs.  Fall into the central pit of the room and into the
    air cannon.  Shoot up and Jump Attack Vaati and he'll retreat to the side-
    scrolling screen.  Enter and hit him a few times then return and repeat the
    process.  Princess Zelda is outside after you kill Vaati.  When Vaati dies,
    though, his magic is discontinued and the palace crumbles (Vaati was sustaining
    the palace with his magic.  Without his spell, physics couldn't support the
    place) and just like in Ocarina of Time you must flee with Zelda at your tail.
    An unknown voice calls out from the palace.  It is that of the final boss.  The
    darkness rushes from the palace.  You return to the Tower of Winds and must
    follow Zelda out.  She is so slow, but you must wait for her to advance.  Kill
    enemies as you find them.  Press switches to make platforms appear for Zelda.
    Guide her through just she guides you.  Near the exit the tiles will collapse.
    The arena you're in contains the deepest darkness.  Zelda tries to seal it, but
    fails.  The enemy seals her away.
                                 |    BOSS: GANON    |
    OK, Ganon is not a giant pig.  Ganon is a human who possesses the Triforce shard
    of Power.  Link has Courage, and Zelda has Wisdom.  In the Dark World, one
    transforms unless protected.  Ganon changes into a giant pig.  In the Light
    World, Ganon is not a giant pig!!!  Nonetheless, no matter how inaccurate this
    final boss is, he is not as hard as he looks.
    Assume box formation and strike his sides and back when he stops moving, in the
    meantime avoiding his Magic Trident.  He will eventually warp you to the Dark
    World with his lightning.  Kill the Stalfos and Ganon will warp you back to the
    Light World.  Ganon will toss around his Trident and start blue flames when he
    runs out of Stalfos.  Continue until Zelda breaks free of imprisonment and sends
    a ball of light at him.  Zelda gives you the Light Arrows (Classically used to
    defeat Ganon, the one thing he's truly weak to).  A red-orange aurora will
    surround him now.  Now deflect Ganon's energy blasts from Zelda at him.  Protect
    Zelda and stun Ganon.  When he is stunned the ball of light will surround him.
    Charge a Light Arrow and release it, hitting the ball of light and sealing away
    Ganon.  The six maidens will aid and Ganon will, unfortunately, not permanently
    be locked away.  Link will place back the sword and become one again.
    Congratulations.  You won.  This time the Four Sword cannot be wielded.  It is
    locked away from the outside, and only from the inside can the lock be picked.
    Ganon will escape, in time, but for now there is peace.  In the credits the good
    land will be reviewed.  The deed is done.
    Multiplayer Tip: It seems like putting this tip here ruins the excitement, but
    just like his puppet Ganon uses different energy orbs to hit Zelda with.  That
    is, only the correct colored Link can hit his orb at him in the second stage of
    the battle.  This doesn't make it much harder, but much slower.  Also, other
    colored Links can cancel out the orb with the Four Sword, but only the same
    colored Link can volley it back.  Now where were we?  Oh, yes.  The deed is
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 3*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    ================================Character Index*================================
    Pretty much if it can talk, it's a character.  I only list the names of people
    whose names I know.  Some don’t have names, and so I cannot list them.
    Boss: Leader of the Seeker's Guild.
    Cucco: Chickens which often act as pets to lonely people.
    Dampe: The old crypt keeper who watches over the cemetery.  In times of old this
    was easy, but lately Poes have overwhelmed the land.  Dampe remains inside until
    the Forest of Darkness returns to the Forest of Light.
    Decci: A Deku Shrub miner who got lost in the Lost Woods while he was supposed
    to be guarding the shovels.
    Dekki: A Deku Scrub who makes his home in the Dark World.  His chief concern is
    survival and he requests three items from Link.
    Deku Architect: A group of Deku Shrubs who built snow walls around Frozen
    Also, it is interesting to note that formations are based on Deku formations.
    Deppi: A Deku Scrub who makes his home in the Light World.  In collaboration
    with Dekki, Deppi needs fire, water, and grass to defend himself.
    Epona: A horse Link rides (Which turns into four, apparently) by feeding it
    carrots.  Only Link and Malon can ride her.
    Gerudo: A race of desert-dwelling thieves who do not follow Hylian laws.  They
    are not enemies of the Hylians, but will attack unwary travelers.  The Gerudo
    tribe consists strictly of women with a queen or high-ranking member who leads.
    Every century a man is born and he should be king.  Ganon was born into this
    tribe but he flouted the laws and was exiled from Hyrule and the Gerudo alike.
    They hold their temples, especially the Spirit Temple, sacred.
    Ghost: Spirits of the fallen often haunt the chambers they died in.  They are
    friendly and simply want to warn you of the imminent dangers so you don't meet
    your demise like they did.
    Great Fairy: The leader of a race of magical fairies, the Great Fairies are
    found at fountains all over the land.  If you give them an item they'll give you
    a better one in return.
    Hungry Zora: Once it starts raining in Kakariko Village an entrance to a lake
    opens in the northwest corner.  Enter and talk to the Zora.  If you can get ten
    or more fish into his mouth in ten minutes he'll give you 100 Force and a heart
    Iris: A young mage in training who has lost her book.  Give it to her and she'll
    make the house she took from the Light World reappear.
    Kaepora Gaebora: This oddly named owl has appeared in quite a few games, but
    mostly he stalks you and tells you about Hyrule.  Statues of him are scattered
    about many lands and he is the universal symbol of wisdom.
    Kakariko: I'm not sure how to say "People of Kakariko", perhaps Kakarikon, but
    in any case Kakariko Village is one of the principal cities in Hyrule and is
    plagued with disaster in this game.  It is home to many legendary characters,
    among them Blind the thief.
    Knights of Hyrule: The Knights died in the Imprisoning War and were thought
    but Ganon revived them to serve as his Stalfos Knights.  Four of the most famous
    Knights of Hyrule were guardians of the royal jewels.
    Link: The Hero of Time, wielder of the blade of evil's bane, possessor of the
    Triforce of Courage, what more do you need to know?  Link's parents died in a
    battle and so Link was taken care of by the Great Deku Tree in Kokiri Forest.
    Link has lived with his uncle for some time but Link just prefers to live by
    himself.  Link has a great aptitude at learning how to utilize weapons and play
    instruments.  When Link draws the Four Sword however, he splits into four.  Link
    is a hero by blood (He is a descendant of the Knights of Hyrule) and always
    protects others, even the people of other lands.
    Mage: Alienated from the village, mages are often outcast followers of Vaati.
    They are not your enemies, though.  On the contrary, mages often help you in
    tight situations and lurk in the deepest of dangerous places.
    Malon: The daughter of Talon and care-taker of Epona.  Malon is in many games
    and is vital for Link to ride Epona as Malon knows Epona's Song.
    Queen of Gerudo: The leader of the Gerudo tribe who usually has a symbol of some
    sort that differentiates her from the rest of the Gerudo.
    Secret Agent: Secret Agents # 1, 2, 3, and 4 patrol the village in hopes of
    uncovering mysteries.  Each agent belongs to the Seeker's Guild.  Once Link
    becomes one he talks to each of them and solves the mystery, the solution to
    which is "Protect the six beautiful deeply connected to the."  You may have to
    rearrange the words.
    Seeker's Guild: An organization of detectives who are currently trying to solve
    the problem of the vanishing children in the Village of the Blue Maiden.
    Talon: The owner of Lon Lon Ranch and the father of Malon, Talon is in many
    games.  On Koholint Island Tarin was the equivalent of Talon, just as Marin was
    to Malon, but Talon is an original.  He makes Rupees by selling his renowned Lon
    Lon Milk, a refreshing drink made from his cows.  Most importantly to the games,
    though, is that Talon owns the horse Epona, the only horse Link will ride.
    Tingle: A middle-aged man obsessed with fairies and finding them.  Tingle
    desperately wants a fairy companion and believes collecting Force Gems will
    bring one to him.  Tingle's favorite mode of transportation is hot air balloon.
    Zelda, Princess: The daughter of the King of Hyrule and the most cherished
    member of the Royal Family.  She is wise (She changes her hair a lot), powerful,
    and can become Sheik at will to hide from Ganondorf.  Her greatest and sometimes
    most unfortunate asset is her Triforce piece of Wisdom.
    Zuna: A tribe of desert-dwellers who I guess are eventually wiped out by the
    Gerudo tribe because this is their only game appearance.
    ==================================Enemy Index*==================================
    Look in my credits section for specific references to people who helped me out
    here, but I really express gratitude to The Wind Waker.  I got every figurine
    and that has been a venue for many enemy names.  Also I thank the somewhat
    incomplete and not always accurate www.zelda.com/universe.  Here they are.
    Armos: Statues that come alive and hop after you.  Hit them with your sword,
    though some are too strong to kill.
    Beamos: Laser statues that shoot you with their pupils.
    Bee: Pesky insects that sting you over and over.  Just leave the screen if you
    find one.
    Big Moldorm: A large moldorm that is weak only in the tail.  It may be King of
    the Moldorms, because that's a pretty evident theme in giant monsters, but that
    is not determined.  After a few hits on the tail it will divide.  Hit the tail
    with the Link of the correct color.
    Boko Baba: In recent games they attacked, but I believe in the level The Coast
    they form boundaries that cannot be passed through.
    Bombchu: In some games, these rat-like bombs are weapons you can utilize, but in
    this game they home in on you and blow up.  The only way to stop them is to
    destroy the source.
    BowWow: A copy of the Chain Chomp, it is rare and found in Kakariko Village.  On
    Koholint Island, some people even kept the "dogs" as pets.
    Buzz Blob: Electrical enemies who can only be killed with projectiles or when
    they're stunned.  They are quite common in older games, but were replaced in The
    Wind Waker by the Electric ChuChu.
    Chief Soldier: Leader of the battalions of Darknut soldiers, to defeat them
    sidestep their attacks and hit them in the sides.
    ChuChu: These come in various colors and can divide into multiple ChuChus when
    you hit them.  They are weak and in other games they leave behind Chu Jelly.
    Darknut: I'm not sure if you'd consider this a Darknut, but the soldiers in the
    game loosely resemble them.  Soldiers, deceived by Ganon into thinking Link
    kidnapped Princess Zelda, are out to kill Link and return to Hyrule with glory.
    They are weak, but attack in numbers led by their Chief Soldier.  The highest
    rank Darknut wears red armor with the crest of Hyrule upon it and far superior
    armor.  Darknut soldiers may be archers, swordsman, bomb-throwers, pitchfork
    warriors, mace-soldiers, and more.  Short swordsman Darknut soldiers are
    generally weaker.
    Deku Scrub: In Termina the Deku Scrubs were organized into society, as the
    Gorons are.  Dekus aren't enemies, but they aren't helpful.  Ganon made the
    forest dark, which Dekus like.  Dekus worship Ganon partly out of fear for his
    apparent power and out of gratitude for creating more favorable conditions in
    the forest.  Dekus are highly prejudice, proven throughout various other games,
    against humans and will serve anyone more powerful than themselves.  The Deku
    Brothers served Queen Gohma doubtlessly because of her strength, and often when
    Link bested a Deku he poured his guts out, telling all the information he knew.
    Dekus are interesting.  They are forest-dwellers and are similar to plants, but
    can move like animals.  Although they are weak, in Termina, Link put their light
    bodies to good use.
    Dodongo: Creatures who dwell in hot places, probably so they can keep their
    bodies at a constant temperature.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they eat
    rocks.  They are the mortal enemies of the Gorons and are led by a King who is
    determined by power and size.  They breathe fire and are not the willful
    servants of Ganon, but rather it is mutually beneficial for both, like a
    strategic alliance.  Ganon gets rid of Gorons and they get a new home, in
    exchange for safeguarding the maidens (That's my theory).  They are untouchable,
    truly.  A shield from their hide would never break.  But their insides are
    vulnerable to bombs.  Not all Dodongos are dangerous, however.  Dimitri was a
    Dodongo who aided Link in Oracle of the Seasons/Ages.
    Floor Master: Ghastly hands that emerge from the ground to take you back to the
    start of a dungeon or level, sometimes other rooms.
    Frostare: A huge eyeball that lives in the Tower of Winds.  Its roots are
    planted in a high room in the arena.  Destroy them and the eye will fly about
    using its lid.  Hit the eye to destroy it.
    Ganon: The King of Darkness.  Son of Kotake and Koume's merged form Twinrova.
    He possesses the Triforce piece of Power.  Ganon was born a Gerudo but was
    exiled.  Ganon commands countless minions and hates Link, who possesses the
    shard of Courage, and Zelda, who possesses the shard of Wisdom.  He uses the
    Magic Trident to augment his power further.  Ganon is the ultimate assailant who
    will kill until he meets his own death.  No power can rival his own, but he can
    be weakened and locked away in the Sacred Realm.
    Ganondorf Dragmire: The alternate name of Ganon, this is his human form he takes
    in the Light World.  Ganondorf is very powerful, but he meets his match at the
    hands of Link.  As Ganon, Link must work with Zelda just to imprison him.
    Gibdo: Mummies who were made popular, enough to have their own mask in Majora's
    Mask.  Originally, the sight of these horrid creatures froze Link in his tracks,
    but no, Link is either brave or he's outgrown his childish fear of terrible
    monsters who abhor living things.
    Gohma: A giant spider Link killed as a kid.  The eggs remained and now Queen
    Gohma's sons and daughters are widespread throughout Hyrule.  Shoot their eyes
    and they will die.
    Hardhat Bettle: Bouncy creatures that can be destroyed in two ways.  The first
    is for the patient - hitting them.  The second involves less work.  Knock them
    into pits.  It is very effective since they are so bouncy.
    Helmaroc King: The faithful servant of Ganon, King of Thieves.  This bird wears
    a mask to cover its delicate face.  The bird's malicious yellow eyes instill
    fear into many a man.  The only way to defeat the bird is to crack the mask and
    attack the head.
    Hinox: A Cyclops whose hobbies include taking people's Force Gems and throwing
    rocks.  He's been in previous titles, but he made his debut in Link's Awakening
    as a mini-boss, though a similar giant appeared in A Link to the Past – the
    Jalhalla: Giant ruler of the Poes, weak only to light.  He will take form after
    light shines on him.  This is your chance to strike him.
    Kaepora Gaebora: I included this wise owl in the enemy index because man does he
    rant on and on!  His hints can be helpful, sometimes necessary in past games,
    but nonetheless, this owl needs a life.
    Keese: Bats who enjoy diverting your attention from other enemies.  Don't waste
    your time if they're at a distance, but if they're in your face, slash them
    Ganon can take the form of these creatures at will if he needs to make a hasty
    retreat, as he does in A Link to the Past.
    King Dodongo: The monarch of the Dodongos and, not coincidentally, the largest.
    He breathes fire and his only weakness is bombs directed at his insides.
    Leever: A desert-dwelling creature that is slow moving, and relatively weak.
    After playing Ocarina of Time I know that they are the green creatures that come
    out of the sand and attack you.
    Like Like: A pulsating tube of Force Gem stealing fat.  The creature usually
    eats shields, but has come to enjoy burgling your Force.
    Manhandla: A multicolored crab creature that uses its claws in combination with
    wild spinning to attack.  Attack the sectors of the body with the Link of the
    matching color.  Manhandla first appeared in the first The Legend of Zelda and
    hasn't appeared in any other game since, besides this one and Oracle of Seasons
    (incidentally, it was easy in every game but OoS, in which it was insanely
    Mini Moldorm: Creatures who resemble centipedes and are vulnerable to just about
    anything, but especially in the tail.  They can either bud for reproduction or
    perform binary fission.  I'm not sure which, but this is revealed in a boss
    Octorok: In later games they've been strictly sea creatures, but now they have
    become land monster.  They shoot stones at others who pass and are very
    susceptible to pretty much all attacks.
    Pengator: Strange penguin-like creatures who inhabit arctic lands.  Pengators
    roll on their bellies right into you.  Normally Hyrule is humid, more than these
    green birds can stand, but thanks to Vaati's presence, a region of Hyrule froze
    Phantom Ganon: A demonic reflection of Ganon's soul.  He is considerably weaker,
    but he is the ultimate puppet.  Reflect his energy orbs back at him.  His attack
    methods are based on a cool character from A Link to the Past, Agahnim, which
    was Ganon’s alter ego.
    Poe: Ghosts that are allergic to light.  They come in packs.
    Rat: Annoying creatures that travel in swarms.  They often steal Force Gems.
    Razor Trap: Motion detecting objects covered with sharp blades.  It is quick to
    the kill, but withdraws slowly, leaving Link ample time to cross the path.
    Shadow Link: Link's dark side manifested into a warrior via the Dark Mirror.
    Shadow Link can come in groups and can use the same weapons Link can.  The main
    difference is Shadow Link's ability to jump very high.  If he changes color, a
    Link of that color must destroy him.  Although killed by Link, enough of his
    spirit was dispersed from the symbol of the arena to reform.  Shadow Link(s) was
    killed by Link twice in the Zelda series – once in the Great Temple in Zelda II
    and once as the mini-boss of the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time.
    Stalfos: Coming in various sizes these skeletons serve Ganon blindly.  The
    strongest of them are the Big Dark Stalfos, formally Knights of Hyrule.  Strike
    their sides and eventually they'll die again.  They all disguise themselves as
    mummies, but are essentially the same thing.
    Stone Arrghus: A rock version of a boss from a past game.  The name Arrghus is
    derived from the Greek mythological giant Argus, who had many eyes.  Stone
    Arrghus uses his minions as shields.  Use the boomerang to single them out and
    kill them, then go in for the big eye.
    Takkuri: Vulture-like creatures who fly around targets and loom in on them.  Use
    the sword to cut them down when they lunge in.
    Tektite: Spider enemies who jump around aimlessly, found near Death Mountain,
    Thief: Bandits who love Force Gems.  They're a real problem in Kakariko, but
    Link managed to gather them up.  Thieves are socially frowned upon and it is the
    lowest class of human life one can belong to.  In Link's Awakening if Link stole
    the very expensive bow not only would the shopkeeper attack him, but also for
    the rest of the game everyone calls him Thief.
    Vaati: A wind sorcerer three times defeated.  Vaati cannot resist beautiful
    maidens, much less power.  Vaati's barriers are the source of his darkness.
    Link must destroy them to spare the land of his influence, and yet destroying
    Vaati's seal leaves a greater evil in place of Vaati, that of Ganon.  For one
    reason or another, Ganon used Vaati as a front for his evil.  Vaati is in no way
    dependent on Ganon, though.  Vaati can summon ice storms, tornadoes, hurricanes;
    he controls so many elements of weather.  Without wind we'd have no weather.
    You must toss bombs into his tornadoes so they explode when they reach him, and
    then strike him down with the Four Sword.
    Wall Master: Like its nefarious counterpart, the Floor Master, Wall Masters drop
    from the sky and return you to the start of a level or another room.
    Wizzrobe: Minor mages who use their powers in various ways.  Some are elemental,
    like fire and ice, while others rob you.  The common wizzrobe simply sends a
    magic blast at you that can't be blocked.
    Zola: A Zola refers to a female Zora who is violent, as the Zoras in this game
    are.  As far as I can tell, there's no way to distinguish between a Zora and a
    Zola in this game besides color.
    Zora: Amphibious creatures who live under a monarch system.  Zoras aren't always
    vicious, in recent games they've been friends, but in games of old, Zoras are
    the irritating fish-reptiles who fire red energy beams at you from their safe
    water.  Hit them with projectiles.
    See any I’m missing?  I’ll take note if you e-mail me with some.  Note that I
    will not be changing names of current enemies.
    =========================The Legend of Zelda Timeline*==========================
    Note: This is my original timeline.  It is rather sloppy, but I will preserve it
    as such for future reference.  For a more developed and logical (but still same
    order) timeline, see my other Zelda guides (most recently, A Link to the Past
    for the SNES).
    Just like Star Wars, The Legend of Zelda wasn't released in order.  Although it
    is odd to say so, Ocarina of Time shall be treated as two games (Kid and Adult)
    because these are two separate times.  In Ocarina of Time we were introduced to
    the famous Young Link.  Link lived among the Kokiri children, and this is his
    humble beginning.  Link went on a quest for the Master Sword and raised it from
    the pedestal, but as he did so, Ganon used this to his advantage.
    As a result, seven years of Link's life passed in an instant, and when Link
    awoke he was an adult with the Master Sword in hand.  Link defeated Ganon and
    trapped him in the sacred realm for good, as he thought.  Princess Zelda takes
    pity on her friend and lets him relive his childhood; she turns back time with
    the Ocarina.  Link now has his childhood back, which the other games take place
    in (The 7-Year period before Link defeats Ganon in Ocarina of Time).
    Quite often Link saves other countries besides Hyrule.  Termina is my personal
    favorite.  It is a society like Hyrule, and it is in one of the best of the
    Zelda games.  These games often feature new adversaries (Majora, Veran, General
    Onox, The Nightmares, and many dungeon bosses), but they usually tie into Ganon.
    Ganon's Shadow was one of the bosses of Link's Awakening, Veran and Onox were
    used by Kotake and Koume to revive Ganon, and so on.  Majora's Mask truly has
    nothing to do with Ganon.  Majora's Mask is the epitome of evil, the darkest of
    all evils.  Then there is The Wind Waker.
    This game has nothing to do with the Link we have come to know.  The Link here
    is the descendant of the legendary hero, like the reincarnation.  This game
    takes place centuries (Possibly less) later after Hyrule was destroyed (Really
    it was preserved beneath the sea) and replaced by the Great Sea.  Ganon escapes
    from his prison at this time.  Finally, in A Link to the Past Link lives with
    his Uncle until he dies.  Link's slight fame probably spread at this time and
    the connection between the two was made.  Link lived with him only from the end
    of Majora's Mask to the beginning of A Link to the Past, where he is cut down.
    Now for the timeline.
    This is the order in which the games were released and in what years.
    The Legend of Zelda
    1987 for the NES
    Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    1988 for the NES
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    1991 for the SNES
    The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
    1993 for the GB
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    1998 for the N64
    The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    2000 for the N64
    The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Ages
    2001 for the GBC
    The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Seasons
    2001 for the GBC
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords
    2002 for the GBA
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
    2003 for the NGC
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
    2003 for the NGC
    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
    2004 for the NGC
    There are many other Zelda games, remakes for new systems, collection sets and
    the like, but I included only games that introduced a new game.
    Four Swords Adventures is the sequel to Four Swords, which could only be played
    with four people.  As a result, I've never played it.
    Ocarina of Time/Master Quest was a remake of the old N64 classic (Considered by
    many the best Zelda game ever made) with better graphics.  Master Quest is the
    same game; the dungeons have been made harder for experts.
    Oracle of the Ages/Seasons were two similar games (and pretty hard compared to
    some Zelda games).  You could attain special weapons by using cheat codes from
    the other.
    Finally, Link's Awakening DX was the remake of the original released for the
    This game was exactly the same as the old one, but to emphasize the Game Boy
    Color they added a dungeon based on colors (Red and Blue) where you could get
    one of two tunics, one increasing attack, and the other defense.
    This is not in the order that they take place.  A Zelda historian knows and
    understands this.  This is the order in which they were released in with side
    By the way, this is only my theory from facts given from the games.
    Unfortunately, some facts contradict others so it is hard to tell.  This is a
    logical timeline defeated only by what the manual from A Link to the Past that
    refers to the games being played over three generations, each named Link.  I
    doubt this theory for several reasons.
    One, people talk about the Hero of Time, not the Heroes of Time.  Second, if
    this were true than there would conceivably be a next generation of the royal
    bloodline.  If Zelda had a daughter she'd become queen, but there is no queen,
    now is there?  Finally, Link and Ganon really go back.  In every game Ganon
    hates Link, not Link the II or III.  Ganon would have to reintroduce himself in
    every other game, which he does not.  In short, the writer of the manual didn't
    overhear the plans for the game, and invented his own theory.
    I based my entire timeline on one essential character and I've listed my reasons
    for my work based on logic, conjecture, and probability.  The character I use is
    Ganon, since he never changes and appears in or looms over most games.
    First, it is definite that Ocarina of Time came first.  It is also true that The
    Wind Waker came last.  These are not to be argued with.  Young Link stars in
    Majora's Mask, so it is logical that this is the second game in the series.  In
    A Link to the Past Ganon is not freed from the Dark World.  Thus, Ganon was in
    it the whole time.  Few games end with the imprisonment of Ganon, but in this
    one Ganon is imprisoned at the start, so A Link to the Past must be the third in
    the series (Ganon is still in the Dark World from when he was locked there in
    Ocarina of Time).
    In the manual of Link's Awakening, there is peace for a time.  This could be any
    game after which Ganon is imprisoned.  However, it mentions Link sails to other
    lands to improve upon his skills in virtue and power, and that Ganon is
    destroyed (At the end of A Link to the Past Link kills Ganon, literally).  These
    are elements of A Link to the Past and we can infer that Link's Awakening is
    next in the series.
    Before Ganon can reenter the series he must be revived.  The only game in which
    he is revived is in the true ending of the Oracle of Ages/Seasons duo.  These,
    in either order, must come next, because Ganon is in future games.  Now the
    enigmatic part of the series.  This is fuzzy to me.  I don't remember well the
    NES games.  In Zelda II Zelda is put into an unnatural sleep by someone besides
    Ganon, a magician.  In the first Zelda game Princess Zelda shattered her
    Triforce shard so Ganon couldn't get it.  There are few hints we can conjecture
    from these things.  The first is that, if Zelda could break her Triforce shard
    then it must be separated already.
    This only means the game comes after A Link to the Past, but we can put it in no
    specific place.  Zelda II must come after the first Zelda because if Zelda were
    in her sleep, Ganon would take advantage of it, so Ganon must be imprisoned at
    the start of Zelda II, which could happen after Four Swords Adventures or The
    Legend of Zelda.  There are hardly any clues in the games for NES, and they are
    limited in this game.  Besides, I've never played Four Swords for the GBA.  If
    Four Swords and this game were absent the storyline would be simple, but this
    complicates matters.  For one, Four Swords Adventures happens after Four Swords.
    If Ganon is imprisoned throughout all of Zelda II or Four Swords than either of
    these games could come before of after Link's Awakening.  This is the best
    theory I can think of although it is likely the last part is wrong.  Here is my
    Wait!  This is an update.  After doing extensive research (I played the video
    games) I have discovered a great clue!  Ganon is trying to be revived throughout
    Zelda II, but he is dead throughout the whole thing (The new way to revive Ganon
    is to pour the blood of his murderer over his ashes).  Thus we know that since
    Ganon is in The Wind Waker he must be revived.  So there are two distinct
    possibilities.  1) Ganon is revived in a future game, or 2) Zelda II must be
    earlier in the series.  We'll stick with option 2 because it is the most
    Also, upon playing Zelda II, I discovered that Shadow Link is in it.  Now, what
    does Ganon being dead throughout all of Zelda II mean?  Quite simple, Ganon has
    been killed in an earlier Zelda and they are trying to revive him.  Now, I will
    use the logic method.
    Zelda II can come before or after Link's Awakening.  I must decide which.
    Remember Ganon was killed in A Link to the Past.  In Oracle of Ages/Seasons
    Ganon is revived, and so we may assume that if Link were absent for an extended
    period of time he would be back in action when Link returned to Hyrule.  Not
    only that, but Link couldn't make it from Koholint Island to Holodrum or
    Labrynna without returning to Hyrule.  So, this is my solution.  Originally I
    had Zelda II before The Wind Waker in the timeline, but it is more logical that
    it should come between Link's Awakening and Oracle of the Ages/Seasons.
    Now, the final problem.  They do not mention it and I do not know if Ganon is
    dead or simply imprisoned throughout it.  But, although it is a weak card to
    play, the fact that you must reassemble the Four Sword in a secret bonus in the
    new released A Link to the Past means that Four Swords must come after it.  This
    is apparent enough and does little for us.  It is possible, in fact, probable
    that Four Swords Adventures comes immediately before The Wind Waker.  But this
    depends.  Is Ganon free to roam about or is he imprisoned at the start of the
    Sections of my entire timeline hinge on this simple fact.  I piece it together
    as best I can.  Four Swords Adventures as we know comes after Four Swords.  We
    have figured that Four Swords comes after A Link to the Past, so we've figured
    it out.  Ganon is not dead because if he were than they'd need a resurrection
    storyline in this game.  So, Ganon must be imprisoned, which means this game
    comes after the Oracle games.  It all comes together.  There is only one more
    Which comes first, The Legend of Zelda or the Four Sword series?  Now all my
    work is dismantled.  When you defeat Ganon he dies and turns into ashes.  This
    means that Zelda II was not trying to revive Ganon when he died in A Link to the
    Past, but Ganon who died in the first Zelda game.  I have but one solution.
    Ganon did not die in A Link to the Past, but in The Legend of Zelda.  After all,
    Ganon is revived only once.  So this is the best timeline I can make if I assume
    that Ganon is not revived in any future game.
    The Legend of Zelda must come before Link's Awakening and after A Link to the
    Past because Ganon is in A Link to the Past but is dead in Link's Awakening.  It
    must come between the two.
    This is a logical account of the timeline in every way and I believe I've solved
    the most highly debated aspect of the entire series.  Here are the fruits of my
    debate with myself.
    Ocarina of Time
    Majora's Mask
    A Link to the Past
    The Legend of Zelda
    Link's Awakening
    Zelda II
    Oracle of Ages
    Oracle of Seasons
    Four Swords
    Four Swords Adventures
    The Wind Waker
    There are a few things that are wrong with the timeline, but my timeline covers
    the majority of the facts, more than other timelines do.  Here is the storyline
    side of the series as I have composed it.
    Farore, Din, and Nayru create the Earth.  The Holy Triforce remained behind as a
    symbol of their power; it was hidden in the Golden Land.  The Imprisoning War
    seals away a dark tribe that tries to invade Hyrule.  Link's parents die in a
    skirmish of some sort and Link is raised in Kokiri Forest.  Link wielded the
    Master Sword as a boy on a quest assigned to him from the Great Deku Tree.  When
    Link broke the barrier in the Temple of Time Ganondorf Dragmire passed through
    as well into the Golden Land (Called the Dark World and Sacred Realm as well)
    and took the Triforce.
    Several things happened.  One, Ganon got a wish and he used it to create the
    Dark World and since Link was asleep for seven years he conquered the Light
    World.  Two, the Triforce separated among Princess Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf.
    Link awoke seven years later, imprisoned Ganondorf with Zelda's aid, and was
    sent back to the past so that he never did any of those things as an adult.
    When he returned to his childhood Ganondorf was still in the Golden Land and the
    seven elders sealed him away there.  This all happened in Ocarina of Time.
    Link is in search of an old friend who left him.  It is probably either Navi or
    Saria, I think it is Navi.  Skull Kid leads link astray to a mirror world
    created by accident when Hyrule was created.  Skull Kid stole Majora's Mask from
    the Happy Mask Salesman, who has gone insane, and is going to destroy Termina.
    This really doesn't matter, but Link is a hero and he saves Termina from
    impending doom via the moon.  Majora's Mask was not destroyed, but disappeared
    and Link left the mirror world.  He returns to Hyrule to live with his uncle.
    While he was gone Hyrule somehow suffered and the wizard Agahnim quelled the
    crisis that arose.  As a result, Agahnim became a political powerhouse and
    befriended the king.
    The wizard killed the King of Hyrule and Link's Uncle died as well.  Link then
    receives a plea from Zelda, who he's only met once, asking for rescue because
    Agahnim was trying to break the seal of the seven elders because Zelda was a
    descendant.  Agahnim had to free Ganon so he could conquer the Light World.
    Link took his Uncle's (I use "Uncle" as a proper noun because I don't know his
    name) sword and shield and rescued Zelda.  He then quested for the Master Sword
    (Which had probably been hidden again by the wise men).
    When Link gets it he finds the monk who safeguarded Zelda has been murdered and
    that Agahnim has Zelda.  Link goes after Agahnim but is too late.  Zelda's been
    transported to the Dark World for Ganon to take her Triforce piece and Link
    defeats Agahnim with the Master Sword.  Agahnim retreats to the Dark World
    before he dies.  Zelda is still awaiting rescue but Ganon cannot destroy her and
    the barrier until he gains enough power to take it, or because Ganon is too busy
    directing assaults on Link.
    Link rescues the wise men's descendants and then Zelda, defeats Agahnim, and it
    is revealed that the wizard was simply the alter ego of Ganondorf that Ganon
    used to open a gateway between the two realms to release himself.  Link defeats
    Ganon, who somehow survives (Probably through an alter ego, which is more than
    probable, because the Ganon you kill here is a puppet since in the next game you
    fight a Ganon that looks the same) and Link wishes the Dark World was no longer
    influenced by Ganon's evil wish he made on the Triforce and that all who died
    would be brought back, such as the King, the monk, and his Uncle.  The Triforce
    is scattered once more (On the contrary to what the Deku Tree once said, but it
    is possible).
    Ganon is now lurking in the Light World where he abducts Princess Zelda again.
    Princess Zelda is smart and shatters her piece of the Triforce into eight
    Link gathers them and defeats Ganon, this time killing the fiend.  Zelda regains
    her piece of the Triforce and Ganon is in ashes, but there is one thing Link did
    not count on, Ganon's mother.  Like a classic Beowulf element Ganon's mother(s)
    plot to revive their son, but for the meantime all of Ganon’s various followers
    are scattered about Hyrule wreaking havoc.  To prove his virtue Link goes
    sailing and shipwrecks onto Koholint Island.  Marin saves link and he gets
    Tarin's Shield and the Legend of the Wind Fish is told to him.  The Wind Fish
    sleeps within his egg and Kaepora Gaebora informs him that to wake the beast he
    must use the Eight Instruments of the Sirens.
    He wakes the Wind Fish after defeating Dethl and the Nightmares, the shadows of
    Link's worst fears including Agahnim and Ganon, and the Wind Fish destroys the
    island that he created in his dreams.  Link returns to Hyrule where Ganon's
    followers still remain trying to revive Ganon.  They search for Link to spill
    his blood over Ganon's ashes to resurrect him and conquer the Light World.
    Now let us reminisce to the past, back a few generations in the royal bloodline.
    Zelda has a brother in this generation.  He wants Zelda's shard for more power,
    and he hires a magician to take Zelda's piece.  The magician puts Zelda to sleep
    forever (Not killing her) so that he may take the piece of the Triforce but the
    constant problem of Zelda villains is that they are too weak to take the piece
    of the Triforce.  Link collects the six crystals to open the palace where the
    Triforce of Courage is held (somehow, probably thanks to the Wind Fish in some
    way Link lost his shard) and he proves he is worthy of it when Link defeats Dark
    Link, his clone born from the Dark Mirror (Even though they talk about the Dark
    Mirror in Four Swords Adventures it is possible that Ganon stole it earlier in
    the series) and awakes Zelda.
    Link rests and he is magically transported to Labrynna, a land where the oracle
    Nayru resides, when he is beckoned by his piece of the Triforce to go there.
    Veran disguises herself as Impa, Zelda's nurse and protector, and deceives Link
    into moving a barrier that protects Nayru (Not the goddess, just an oracle named
    after her).  Veran steals her and uses her powers to travel through time.  Link,
    with the help of Ralph and the Maku Tree gets the Harp of the Ages and confronts
    Veran in Queen Ambi's black tower in the past about 500 years, I think.
    After victory the same thing happens and he goes to Holodrum where General Onox,
    a soldier-mage/dragon abducts Din in a similar way to control the seasons.
    After Link kills Onox Farore (The oracle) reveals the true motive of Veran and
    Onox).  Twinrova (Ganon's mother made up of Kotake and Koume) tricked Link into
    killing Veran and General Onox so that they could light two torches with The
    Flames of Destruction and Sorrow.  Since Zelda aided in Ganon's death or because
    Zelda held a piece of the Triforce her blood could be used as an alternate to
    Link's to pour over Ganon's ashes to revive him.  The King of Thieves is back
    and this time he is forever locked in his form as a pig.  Link defeats Ganon and
    traps him in the Dark World.  Ganon escapes with new life in his veins (Arteries
    and capillaries, too) during Link's adventure after his next adventure.
    Zelda senses trouble brewing in an ancient shrine.  Zelda and Link investigate
    it and find that Vaati has escaped and he kidnaps Zelda.  Link draws the Four
    Sword and splits into four and with his combined power he defeats the wind
    sorcerer in a constantly changing adventure and Vaati is sealed in his prison,
    called the Realm of the Four Sword, with the Four Sword as the lock.  Zelda has
    a premonition about Vaati's growing power (Which I theorize is the work of Ganon
    from his Dark World prison) and thinking that Vaati had already escaped, Link
    pulled out the Four Sword again and became four.
    Vaati was hoping this would happen and escaped from his prison because the lock
    was gone.  Vaati stole Zelda and the six maidens assigned to keep his prison
    secure and entrapped them.  Vaati set up barriers all over Hyrule that connected
    the Light and Dark World, spreading the darkness from the Dark World into the
    Light World.  Link destroyed these barriers to rid Hyrule of Vaati, but little
    did Link know that he was playing into Ganon's hands.  Using Phantom Ganon (Who
    probably was the one Ganon fought in A Link to the Past since that Ganon could
    warp around) he conquered the Deku Tribe and Hyrule Castle.
    Link unwittingly opened a link between the Dark World and the Light World when
    he killed Vaati and his barriers once and for all and Ganon was able to escape
    (I know this is correct because one of the maidens says Ganon is tricking you
    into destroying the barriers which regulate the flow between the Light and Dark
    World) and he found Zelda and Link together at the base of the Tower of Winds.
    If Ganon wins he'll have all three of the Triforce pieces.  Fortunately the
    heroes win and Ganon is locked away again.  So Ganon was locked away for
    centuries.  Over time the Triforce was lost and all that remained of Link are
    his legends.
    The Great Sea flooded the world and only islands remained, although no one ever
    forgot Hyrule or the legends of Princess Zelda, Ganon, and the Hero of Time,
    Link.  In fact, on Outset Island it was tradition to garb the boys of the
    village in green and to have them learn swordsmanship when they came of age.  On
    his birthday Link's sister Aryll was kidnapped by the Helmaroc King, a titanic
    bird who served an unknown dark force.  With the help of the pirate Tetra Link
    slew the Helmaroc King and met Ganon, who had gathered power over his centuries
    of bondage to exit the Dark World.  Tetra was revealed to be Princess Zelda's
    reincarnation, and the King of Red Lions (Link's boat) was the King of Hyrule
    manifested into a vessel, and ironically Link was the reincarnation of Link.
    With help from Valoo and the Rito Link survived his encounter with Ganondorf and
    he submerged to where Hyrule lay preserved.
    Link drew the Master Sword which Link put back earlier in the series and used it
    to confront Ganon.  The Triforce shards were united and before Ganon made a wish
    the King of Hyrule wished that Hyrule would be erased forever and that time
    would finally move on.  The seal that preserved Hyrule was destroyed forever and
    Ganon was seething.  In a final battle Ganon was defeated by Link and Tetra.
    Ganon would've escaped but the Master Sword was locked into his skull and Hyrule
    was forgotten by all but Tetra and Link.  We assume that Ganon is dead for the
    rest of time with the Master Sword still through his forehead.  Link and Tetra
    recorded the legends, or truths, of Hyrule together so that it was never
    forgotten and they sailed away to explore the mysteries that remained in the
    ancient lands that are to be found immersed beneath the waters of the Great Sea.
    To this day Ganon and the King remain with the land that made a legend beneath
    the sea and will forever live their past lives in search of the Triforce.
    Until the legend continues...
                                    |    Notes    |
    ------------------------------The Imprisoning War-------------------------------
    We know very little about this war.  We know that a great war was waged between
    the Knights of Hyrule and an evil force, but this is not Ganon because at the
    time he was not born.  I believe that this evil force was the Dark Tribe
    described by the maidens, which invaded Hyrule but were imprisoned in the Dark
    Mirror for all time.
    Link's dark side and the evil of this tribe were manifested into Shadow Link.
    This happened long before Four Swords Adventure because Shadow Link is in
    earlier games.  Also, the four Knights of Hyrule who guarded the four royal
    jewels died in this war and were revived as Stalfos Knights by Ganon to serve
    --------------------------------The Master Sword--------------------------------
    The sword of evil's bane reappears in so many games where Link must redraw the
    blade that it has supported the Three Link Theory.  This is the explanation.  In
    The Wind Waker it was placed on its new pedestal by Link.  Link, I believe, does
    this every time he gets the Master Sword, as he does in the credits of A Link to
    the Past.  Link probably realized that if he ever needed the Master Sword again
    he'd have to prove his virtues.
    Since he had already collected the three Pendants of Virtue he went sailing,
    which resulted in his Wind Fish excursion.  In Ocarina of Time Link puts back
    the Master Sword, and, although they don't show it in every game, Link has a
    tendency to put the Master Sword back on its pedestal when he's done with,
    constantly having to reprove himself.  I hope that dispels any belief in the
    Three Link Theory, finally, unless you read my Alternate Three Link Theory,
    which may be true, unlike the current theory.
    -------------------The Holy Triforce and the Three Goddesses--------------------
    The Triforce is the symbol that represents the gods' power.  The three
    Din, Goddess of Power, Nayru, Goddess of Courage, and Farore, Goddess of Wisdom
    (Among other things), created Hyrule and its people.  Hylians or "Hyruleans" as
    they call them in this game, are elfin-like peoples with pointed ears that allow
    them to receive messages from others telepathically.  The Hylians are not the
    only inhabitants of Hyrule.  Nonetheless, the Hylians have mastered magic and
    other arts that other races cannot due to their heredity.
    Anyway, The Triforce was said to grant the deepest wish of a person who touched
    it, but if they were evil than the Triforce would grant their wish and then
    separate into the chosen ones, who are Ganondorf, Zelda, and Link.  If a pure-
    hearted person touches it peace will come to the land (And they never say so but
    then it separates, for that is the only way the other games would make sense).
    The only difference is if an evil person touches it the only way for a new wish
    to be made is if the evil is defeated and the next person to touch the completed
    Triforce will get their wish.
    -----------------------------Ganon's Transformation-----------------------------
    Ganon is portrayed as a giant pig in many games.  Probably because wild pigs are
    large and dangerous animals, although pigs are intelligent and pigs are
    classically dirty (They roll in mud because they have no sweat glands and they
    need to cool off).  These are qualities Ganondorf has, but that is not the point
    of this note.
    It does not make sense that Ganondorf would be a pig in the Light World.  One of
    the characters in this game (I can't remember who) says that Ganon's lust for
    power and his evil intentions made his change permanent, even though in The Wind
    Waker he takes the form of Ganondorf.  Inconsistency, anyone?  Most people would
    explain this by the Triforce, that he can tame the power of it to make himself
    human or pig, but it is still something to chew on.
    By the way, the difference between Ganondorf and Ganon is this: the former makes
    reference to his human form, the latter is speaking of his wicked pig form.
    ---------------------------Changing Hyrule Map Notes----------------------------
    I've often wondered about how large Hyrule really is.  Well, to give you an
    I have no clue.  But it definitely has a varying landscape.  Although most games
    place Death Mountain to the north, The Adventure of Link has it to the south.
    How is that?  Some people might say that the landscape has changed over time
    (Sure, just give Hyrule a few million years), but I think all the maps are
    accurate.  In The Legend of Zelda you defeat Ganon in what is called Spectacle
    Rock on Death Mountain.  In The Adventure of Link you can find Spectacle Rock
    very close to where you get the Hammer.
    The solution must be that Death Mountain is very long and stretches across all
    the maps.  There is Hylian land above Death Mountain, it is just wild.  Also, in
    The Adventure of Link all the towns (Save Mido and Kasuto) are named after the
    seven sages of Ocarina of Time.  Mido was the bully who picked on Link when he
    was in Kokiri Forest.  As for Kasuto, I have no idea who that is.
    -----------------The Adventure of Link/Link's Awakening Theory------------------
    Although I hold the theory to no merit, I should list it as what might be.
    There is no way of telling if Link was dreaming when he met The Wind Fish or if
    he was on a non-existing island the Wind Fish created in his dreams.  When Link
    wakes up the Wind Fish the island disappears, so I believe the former to be so,
    but some say that during Zelda II (Which I've played and confirmed) Link takes a
    raft to a chain of islands where the Hidden Palace lies and that during that
    trip Link falls victim to a terrible storm (The beginning of Link's Awakening)
    and all that happens on Koholint Island is a dream.
    When Link wakes up from his dream he continues his quest to awaken Zelda.  This
    is acceptable for me, because it hardly changed my walkthrough, but consider the
    obvious.  In Zelda II you get a raft.  In Link's Awakening the storm that
    destroys Link's vessel destroys a ship (Very different from the Raft).  I've
    seen the beginning cinema many times and I know that Link's Awakening does not
    happen in between the halves of The Adventure of Link.  I thank the people who
    e-mailed me to inform me of their beliefs, but is quite simply impossible.
    -----------------------------The Adventure of Link------------------------------
    This game never ceases to cause controversy.  Unlike its predecessor The Legend
    of Zelda, Zelda II is in-depth and mentions many things that destroy what other
    games have said.  The rule book implies that the Zelda you try to wake up is
    ancient, from a forgotten time.  I stick by my belief that there are two, and
    only two, people named Zelda in the series (The second being Tetra).  How
    confusing it would be if there were two Princess Zelda clones.  Not only that,
    this game has Link get the Triforce of Courage (Destiny has already marked him
    for it).  Not only that, they say Link is sixteen!
    Many people doubt that the majority of the games happen with the same Link later
    if he was already sixteen.  This is understandable.  Personally, I think the
    creators didn't anticipate the huge success of the series and gave it a very
    defined ending title.  When they became rich the creators decided to expand and
    doing this they hired new game designers who forgot the NES series and all that
    it contained.
    Let it be known that the series contains (So far) only two people named Princess
    Zelda.  Also, I've been doing research and I've found that (And it holds true to
    The Wind Waker) a person is born with the ability to possess the Triforce as a
    chosen one, but they must attain it.  Since the story focuses on Link we'll
    never know exactly how Ganon and Zelda acquired their pieces of the illustrious
    Triforce, but we do know that Link got his by venturing into the Hidden Palace
    and killing Thunder Bird, as well as Dark (Shadow) Link.
    In the Wind Waker, Link got his by fishing for the pieces of the Triforce using
    maps he found in various locations and his grappling hook.  So, if Link has to
    find his pieces to use them, then I must give in.  It has been proven beyond a
    reasonable doubt that you are not born with the Triforce, but rather you must
    get a hold of a piece after being born with the symbol on your hand.  As for the
    sixteen remark that was made in the rulebook, it was either an error the writer
    made as I mention above or Link looked older than he was (It's the shoulder
    -------------------------------The Magic Trident--------------------------------
    The Trident is traditionally the tool of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, but in
    Hylian/Gerudo lore it is a tool of immense power that is the reward for braving
    the Pyramid in the Desert of Doubt, which was once called the Haunted Wasteland
    and is later called the Desert of Mystery.  Ganon uses the Trident in all his
    boss battles as a pig except for a few battles.  I thought it was a pitchfork at
    first but I was interested to hear that this weapon had origin in the Zelda
    series.  Ganon must attain the weapon early in the series (Before Ocarina of
    -----------------------------The Three Link Theory------------------------------
    There might actually be something to this theory.  We know that The Wind Waker
    Link is a new one, and I believe that the Link in all the other games is the
    same.  The storyline for this game says there was another boy who defeated Vaati
    for the first time a long time ago.  This may be the third Link that makes the
    trio of reincarnations.  It is the most probable way to incorporate the Three
    Link Theory into the storyline.
    Now I'd like to say that I'm proud to say that I have played every Zelda game
    that has come out so far.  I understand a game called The Minish Cap is coming
    out, where Link wears a hat to become really tiny to save a race of people who
    are equally diminutive.  I look on with excitement to when I can place The
    Minish Cap in my timeline.
    This game does a bad job explaining the Ganon front, if he's imprisoned or not
    (If they said so it would hint at the ending) at the beginning.  I arranged the
    Oracle games alphabetically since it is impossible to differentiate.  If you
    have any clues, please e-mail me to help me out here.  If there is an OFFICIAL
    timeline, please direct me to it.  I’ll have a good time picking it apart.
    =================================Tingle Tower*==================================
    Once you've cleared a region in Hyrulean Adventure and go back to play
    multiplayer Tingle will invite you to go to Tingle Tower.  How Tingle attained
    such power we will never know, but the fairy-hunting weirdo has his own mini-
    games.  Some are stupid.  Most are stupid.  But on occasion you find a game you
    like.  So in the spirit of said findings I will share tips on how to beat your
    friends in these games.
                                  |    Mini-Games    |
    ---------------------------------Bucking Bronco---------------------------------
    Conquering Whereabouts of the Wind allows you to play this game.  Talk to the
    girl and she'll let you ride the horses.  Basically ride through tunnels (They
    appear on the GBA) and forests while getting carrots, which boost your speed,
    and jumping for Force Gems.  Tingle then counts up your Force Gems and hands out
    awards and then a winner is declared.
    --------------------------------Cucco Wranglers---------------------------------
    Decimating Stone Arrghus in Eastern Hyrule gives you access to this game.  Talk
    to the person by the cave and you'll start playing.  Here's the deal.  You need
    to collect the cuccos and throw them in the pit.  Bigger cuccos are worth more
    Force.  In the southeast corner is a portal to the Dark World.  In the house are
    a few cuccos and in the cave are a few as well.  Here are some cheap tricks to
    winning.  First, when an opponent catches a cucco slash him so he drops his
    cucco.  Slashing the poor cuccos makes them faster and harder to catch.  When in
    the Dark World, pick up fellow Links to prevent progress.
    --------------------------------Monster Hunting---------------------------------
    Storm the land trying to defeat as many enemies as you can.  It's you turn to
    hog the glory.  Use an assortment of weapons to defeat enemies and steal Force
    Gems from fallen friends.  Leave big enemies to your valiant friends and the
    lesser ones to you.  They are worth the same weight.
    -----------------------------------Hammer Tag-----------------------------------
    The name says it all.  Use Hammers to hit your opponents.  Dash through the
    Light and Dark World avoiding the Link who is "it".  Don't be it for a long time
    or when the time runs out.  If you want to be really cheap pick up your friends
    and throw them at the "it".  Stunning friends doesn't hurt either.  If you are
    it do not single one Link out.  Actually, pretend to and then (Before you lose
    the track of your real target) swerve over and attack your unsuspecting victim.
    --------------------------------Volley By Golly---------------------------------
    This is different.  Basically a very large women is exercising with you by
    bouncing a large ball at you.  The Link to that color must bounce it back to her
    or to the next Link.  A really cheap stunt to pull is to attack your friends
    while they are trying to hit the ball.  Also, make sure you hit it or Tingle may
    take Force Gems.
    -----------------------------------Mole Melee-----------------------------------
    You have a hammer.  There are moles.  You must smash.  Hitting ones of the
    neutral yellow color is good.  Hitting ones of your color is better, and
    black/ones of other players' colors are bad.  At the end a bunch of Force Gems
    will fall for you to collect.  Tingle takes Force Gems for hitting moles of
    other players' colors.  For a really cheap trick (Only if you're playing with
    two players) get a few moles down quick and pick up your opponent.  This will
    prevent them from getting more moles and allow you to gather the Force Gems that
    fall as you please.
    ----------------------------Monster Hunting Returns-----------------------------
    Once again we have Monster Hunting.  It is the same idea, only this one is more
    chaotic.  Throw opponents in the wrong direction and make a mad dash for the
    glory.  But really, on stages like this it is skill, not tricks, that makes the
    winner.  Killing your opponent with the big enemies never hurt anyone though.
    ----------------------------------Bonus Course----------------------------------
    It is Tingle's turn to compete.  I won't reveal to you what the Bonus Course is
    (Because it is the Bonus Course, man!), but you won't dislike it.
    These are all of them.  Thanks to Kevinfu for providing the names.  A great
    I must say.
    =================================Shadow Battle*=================================
    What's more fun than stabbing your friend in the back, right?  Well now you can
    in ten elaborate arenas.  This aspect of the game is limited to multiplayer, but
    it is great fun.  I'll describe each arena and all of its secrets so that when
    you play you can massacre your pals.  My personal favorite is The Field, but you
    may go for other arenas that provide more traps.
                                    |    Items    |
    All the weapons (Excluding the Lamp) are available in these arenas although they
    appear at random.  It doesn't matter if you have an extra weapon or not; the
    goal is to kill your opposing Links with whatever dirty trick or cheap shot you
    see fit.  Besides the weapons you can get hearts and the mystery item.  The
    mystery item gives you one of three things, which are either bombchus, a carrot,
    or a cucco.  Bombchus are not as good as they might sound because they appear
    near you and often explode on you and adjacent players.  Cuccos are my favorite
    because they plunder a heart from another character and then give it to you.
    Carrots are also very good because they give you Epona for a short time,
    allowing you to ride the horse while invincible and pummel your opponents.  With
    the horse you can, strangely enough, climb ladders and enter buildings.
    Also, when someone dies they still have slight control of their corpse.  You can
    float around slowly and try to block an enemy Link's passage to finish them off.
    You can't pick up the corpses and they make maneuvering very hard, so if you die
    don't give up hope.
                                    |    Arenas    |
    The Field: First of all, it should be know that all rocks are perfect
    projectiles, so throw them at your enemies.  Inside the house is a crystal
    switch you can hit.  This causes bombs to fall and explode around the item in
    the northeast corner.  Also, under the bush by the house is a switch that when
    pressed opens a large pit below.  Using both the bomb and pit tricks trap your
    unwitting fellow Links.  The mystery item appears over the pit.  Similarly,
    there is a cave surrounded by stones in this arena.  The switch inside unleashes
    a swarm of devastating enemies.  The tree to the left contains bees that are
    released when you use the Pegasus Boots.  Also, I've found that if you attack
    the cucco in the cave repetitively tons of cuccos will swarm in the overworld,
    attacking your unfortunate opponents.  Just don't leave the cave.
    The Field (Dark World): Essentially, all Dark World levels are identical to
    regular levels, other than the fact that it is dark.  It isn't really the Dark
    World, but you still use a lamp.
    Tower of Flames: The most elaborate of the arenas is undoubtedly this one.
    First off, chuck pots at your opponent for cheap shots and step on the switches
    that are revealed to flame them.  Fall into the pits on the main platform and
    you can use a ladder or Air Cannon to get out.  Step on switches here to
    activate various effects, which are opening the floor on the main platform to
    make other Links fall into the flames.  On either end of the platform (North and
    south) are doors which lead to rooms with crystal switches inside.  Fighting in
    rooms with bombs is always treacherous.  Activate the switches and bombs will
    drop creating walls of fire around the main platform.  The mystery item falls
    onto the platform as well.  The strategy for this level is simple - don't be on
    the platform.  I like going in the pit by the switches that open the floor so if
    someone tries to come in the pit and combat me I can make them fall to their
    deaths (Or injuries).  Of course, fights in the place are really drawn out and
    only end when you actually engage an opponent.  The platform is surrounded by
    Tower of Flames (Dark World): Once more, it is the same thing only dark.  This
    makes this level extremely difficult because you can't see most of the traps
    that can be triggered.  Unless you single out an opponent, you often die from
    switch-induced traps rather than fighting.
    Tower of Winds: This arena is similar to where you fight Frostare.  Items appear
    on the upper level and the mystery item appears on the central platform.  This
    is the first and only (Besides the Dark World counterpart) level where you fight
    completely in a 2-D arena.  Switches in the lower doorway trigger big bombs,
    while the upper story is a vast fighting one-on-one kind of room.  If you get
    Roc's Feather you've got it made in this level.  Switches under the pots trigger
    random bombs falling.
    Tower of Winds (Dark World): Nothing much, in fact it is pretty easy.  Generally
    you can tell that the big bomb is in the room, but if your opponent can't then
    you have an instant victory.  I wonder what happens if all of the fighters die
    at the same time due to the big bomb.
    Hyrule Castle: Potentially the hardest of the levels because it is crammed with
    soldiers and Chief Soldiers who never end.  Occasionally Moon Gates open up
    (With time limits) and allow you to enter the Dark World.  When in the Dark
    World try picking up the other Links in the Light World and throwing them at
    Chief Soldiers to do heavy damage.  This is a simple and deadly level and that's
    all I will say.
    Hyrule Castle (Dark World): The same thing but much, much harder.  You can't
    tell when a Chief Soldier is closing in or when someone is in the Dark World
    trying to pick you up.  In the frenzy of regular enemies and your cowardly
    opponents, fights don't last all that long.
    Above the Clouds: You fight on a cloud.  I tell you, they didn't do this kind of
    stuff in The Legend of Zelda, or in fact, any Zelda game I know of but this one.
    Still, you've got to give the designers credit.  They made a totally dumb level
    out of the Realm of the Heavens.  There are really very few challenges.  For
    giant chains of fire are rotating around a color bridge (You can only walk on
    the bridge when it's your color) force all fighting either in the center of the
    platform or on the very edge of the cloud, which kind of shortens the climactic
    battle.  Besides, fighting in the center of the cloud is easy.  Just force your
    enemies into the fire.  Also, mystery items appear in this central area.  If you
    want a short fight, you've got it.  In the central area is a pit with a switch
    in it.  Press it to reverse the direction of the flames.
    Above the Clouds (Dark World): Even worse than before, you can hardly tell when
    the fire is approaching.  I would head toward the center of the platform and
    unleash my cuccos on the enemies if I were you.  Of course, I'm not, so just
    fight them down off the cloud.
                                 |    Cheap Tricks    |
    There you have it.  That is every arena in Shadow Battle.  As long as we're at
    it, let me reveal a few cheap but effective moves.
    1) Missile: Pick up things and throw them at the enemies.  These attacks cannot
    be blocked and will hurt your fellow Links significantly.  Similarly, if you're
    in the Dark World pick up other Links and throw them in pits, at enemies, or at
    other Links.
    2) Jump Attack: If you get Roc's Feather, watch out opponents.  Just jump and
    thrust down with B to perform the move that cannot be blocked known as Jump
    Attack.  Of all the cheap moves, this one comes close to being the cheapest.
    3) False Alliance: Of course, the best tricks are psychological.  Make an
    alliance with another player to take out a stronger one and halfway through the
    final battle turn on your friend.  This was not very popular with my friends.
    4) Corpse Trap: Especially in 2-D areas, the Corpse Trap is very effective.  As
    an opponent is fleeing try to make them run into the corpse of another player,
    making them immobile.  This is a great trick to use if you have the Bow, because
    then you can pick his/her hearts off one-by-one.
    5) Flame Attack: What a move!  With the Fire Rod set your opponent Links on fire
    and they'll not only take damage but they'll run around with barely any control.
    This makes them vulnerable to lots of traps and hazards in the arena, especially
    if you chase them.
    6) Random Bomb: This move is remotely effective.  While fleeing drop bombs (Or
    just drop them randomly in Dark World stages) and you're opponent will either be
    slowed down or they'll be blasted.
    7) Trap: Not really a move, but use traps to cause minor or extreme damage to
    your opponents.  It is my usual method fighting.
    8) Boomerang: If you have the boomerang, toss it and reel in a victim.  Slash,
    run, and do it again.  This plan has a tendency to back fire if overused because
    in close quarters you're vulnerable too.
    9) Spin Attack Trap: Get into a building and (Assuming a Link is pursuing you)
    power up a sword spin and use it on the unsuspecting Link as he walks in.  This
    is a good initial attack to give you the upper-hand in battle.
    10) Suicide: If you have low hearts and you're going to die no matter what, pick
    up a bomb flower or get out the bombs and run into an opponent and explode.  You
    may die, but it will weaken him.  Use this sparingly.
    ==============================Question and Answer*==============================
    My walkthrough is open for expansion.  Simply send in your question and if it is
    a significant question, I will answer it.  Most questions are answered in my
    guide, but I probably missed some.
    Question: Can I play by myself, without three friends?
    Answer: Yes, very easily.  You may use a regular Game Cube controller to play
    single-player or a GBA with a Game Cube-GBA Link to play by yourself.  With any
    number of friends up to four you may play the game but only with Game Cube-GBA
    Question: I'm stuck, how do I beat the level?
    Answer: You probably misinterpreted the guide.  I admit, I may've steered you
    wrong accidentally, and if I did please bring that to my attention, but it is
    more probable you didn't read it correctly.  Some sections are painfully obvious
    and I don't go into specifics (Like walking up a ladder in a 2-D screen) but
    usually I am extremely detailed on how to do things.  Still, if none of this
    helps you, try using another guide.  I'm sorry if I was not clear.
    Question: I found a flaw in your walkthrough; can you correct it?
    Answer: Just tell me where you found my flaw and I will investigate.  If it is
    as you've said, incorrect, it will be changed.
    Question: I can’t seem to make those ? Platforms with the L-2 Cane of Somaria.
    Answer: You need to tap the button, not hold it; holding it uses flames.
    Question: How do I walk slowly?
    Answer: Tilt the control stick lightly.  Gee, what a concept, right?
    Question: How can I contact you?
    Answer: By e-mail only.  The address is at the top of the guide.  If you do e-
    mail me, know that I have a few restrictions on that, too.  First, do not send
    me chain letters, "tags," which are essentially the same thing, spam, flame
    letters, or personal questions.  In fact, personal questions like "a/s/l" are
    the whole reason that I don't take IM's anymore.  Furthermore, I'd like you to
    put "Four Swords Adventures" in the subject line of your e-mail so that I know
    what game you need help with.  Try to spell things as correctly as you can so
    that I can understand the question and try to be specific with them.  Finally,
    make sure that your question is not answered in the guide before you ask.  I may
    refer you to a section if you ask a really general question.  Follow the
    guidelines and you can get the most help out of me as possible.
    Question: What guides do you have?
    Answer: I’m proud to say that this is my first guide posted.  But, I’ve added
    many new games to my repertoire since then.  Here’s a link to my contributor
    page for up-to-date guides.
    Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
    Answer: Absolutely not.  See my legal section for details.
    Well, those are the questions.  But, let’s keep this gravy train a-rolling by
    moving onto the legal section!  Ah, I can hear the applause already.
      /                                                                          \
     /                                                                            \
    ||--------------------------------Section 4*----------------------------------||
     \                                                                            /
    =========================Credits and Legal Information*=========================
    First the credits, because everyone's dying to know who helped me make this
    marvelous walkthrough.
    I'd like to thank (drum roll please) myself.  Yes, I played the game, I wrote
    this titanic document, and I believe that modesty is learned virtue.
    Second, perhaps receiving the bulk of the credit, is Nintendo.  Another winner,
    Mr. Miyamoto.
    Finally, I'd like to thank Nintendo Power for informing me as to the names of
    bosses, as well as past games (I remember the names).  Now there’s a good
    When I made this in the July of 2004, all credit went to companies and myself.
    But recently, I feel credit should be given where credit is due.  To all the
    people who have helped me, I list their names and contributions here:
    - GameFaqs, for posting my walkthrough.
    - Ntrentals, for telling me about the Big Key in the Dark Cloud.
    - Kevinfu, for alerting me to the missing Tingle Tower sections.
    - David Latham, for telling me how to fight the final boss with upgraded items.
    - benton (Casey), for alerting me to a case of right-left-mix-up in The Swamp.
    That's all the contributors so far, but I like friendly donations.  It's for a
    worthy cause.  Please contribute if you have any of the following information:
    spelling or walkthrough mistakes throughout the document (When you're writing
    for hours on end, right and left start to look pretty similar), enemy names,
    differences in the walkthrough in multiplayer mode (I have only one GBA),
    whereabouts of Force Fairies in levels I missed (If I already have a way to get
    one Force Fairy in a level, I don't need more), and/or questions for my upcoming
    FAQ section.
    Remember, I value you, the reader, most of all when it comes to writing my
    walkthroughs.  If I offended you in any way (I do make reference to characters
    from Greek and Japanese Mythology, Lord of the Rings, Super Mario, and Star
    please let me know and as soon as I get your e-mail I will change the section.
    Now the legal stuff, everyone's favorite part of the walkthrough.
    Now for my legal section.  I take no part or credit in the production,
    distribution, creation, or programming of the game.  Nintendo owns all
    characters, scenarios, and storylines within the game and other games I mention.
    Furthermore, this document is Copyright 2004-2006 Brian McPhee.
    Last but not least this document may not be reproduced under any circumstances
    except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from myself,
    Brian McPhee. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    The only website this document may be placed on is www.gamefaqs.com.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2004-2005 Brian McPhee
    Look for future walkthroughs I might do.  I have little else to do but help
    others with my video game wisdom.  See ya later.

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