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Gang member steals newest evil technology, and he's the good guy? 07/10/04 Adlubescence
My Thoughs on POkemon Colosseum 11/12/04 darkbuster
Pokemon is back with a darker style. 03/24/04 DarkLink89
Gotta catch....I mean Snag 'em all! 03/31/04 Deathborn 668
Are you one of those Pokemon fanatics? If so, this might be worth the money, if not, pass it by. 04/01/04 delateur
Gotta steal them... *cough cough* snag them all 03/28/04 djangovampirehunter
It's good, but not great 01/05/09 Flareon630
Pokemon: The First non Gameboy Title 04/03/04 galonski64
R/S Have Competition ;3 01/28/08 HakuFirefox
Nintendo's strongest grosser crosses the line 03/29/04 I am U
The Pokemon Saga continues 03/25/04 Jedinortdog1
Taking Pokemon to a New Level! 09/13/07 JordanM
Excellent game. Best of the three Staduims. 03/27/04 lostsamurai
Pokemon has done it again! 04/15/04 Mechaflame
It's a pokemon game, in 3-D. 04/13/04 Mega the hedgehog
This game wasn't what I expected.... 05/30/04 Mr Biz
An Excellent Addition to the Pokemon Series.. Orre is it? 03/28/04 mushroomfantasy
Pokemon Stadium 2½ 03/25/04 Ninferno
A completely different experience than the handhelds... but not in a good way. 08/13/08 orkyjork90
A Truly Colossal Game 04/03/04 papereddy
A New Breed of Pokemon!!! 03/28/04 POOPGOBLIN
Finally something new! 03/25/04 Ryu Killer Dragon
Enter the Colosseum 04/01/04 shenmue1000
Wow, this sure wasn't what I had expected, but it's still pretty good. 05/01/05 shiningstone
A great way to promote this generation of pokemon on to the big screen 12/28/04 Shivan Reincarnated
Great pokemon experiance reccomended for all pokemon fans 05/18/09 UKwildcat54
Pretty good game but could be better... 04/02/04 UltimateGamer5000

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