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Capsule FAQ by chaofreak69

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/24/06


$$$         $$$     $$$     $$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$
$  $       $  $    $   $    $      $      $      $      $
$   $     $   $   $     $   $      $      $      $      $
$    $   $    $  $$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$      $      $      $
$     $ $     $  $       $  $$$           $      $      $
$      $      $  $       $  $  $$         $      $      $
$             $  $       $  $    $$       $      $      $
$             $  $       $  $      $  $$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$

$$$$$$$$     $$$     $$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$  $       $       $$$$$$$$
$      $    $   $    $      $      $       $     $        $
$      $   $     $   $      $      $        $   $         $
$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$$  $$$$$$$$      $         $ $          $$$$$$
$         $       $  $$$           $          $                 $   
$         $       $  $  $$         $          $                  $ 
$         $       $  $    $$       $          $                 $  
$         $       $  $      $      $          $           $$$$$$

Mario Party 5 Capsule FAQ
Created by Zach Charles (chaofreak69)
Copyright 2006

1. Table of Contents               
1. Table of Contents
2. Intro
3. Version History
4. The FAQ
5. Credits
6. Legal Junk
7. Contact

2. Intro
Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ. This is a specialized FAQ for Mario Party
5 about the capsule system. I wanted to get in to contributing, and since this
is one of my favorite games for the gamecube, I figured I'd do something for it,
and so here it is, a Capsule FAQ. Oh, and one thing. If you don't know how this
game works, I recommend that you read a different FAQ, as I am not going to
explain anything other than capsules.

3. Version History
-Version 1.0 (17/09/06): Completed around 90% of the guide. Still need to find
out what the miracle capsule does.

4. The FAQ
Okay, first I have to explain the capsule system. For all of you that don't
know, the capsule system is Mario Party 5's alternative to items. There are no
items in this game. Get over it. Anyways, capsules work very similarly to
items. Before your turn you get to select a capsule (you can hold up to 3), and
either lay it on the board, or use it on yourself. When you lay it on the board
the capsule's effect (i'll get in to that later) will be activated when
somebody lands on that space. You can only lay the capsule on a blue or red
space though, so no replacing those pesky bowser spaces. You can even replace
an existing capsule on a space. If you use it on yourself however, you have to
pay an amount of coins, but it is immiediately used on you. For example, if you
have a mushroom capsule (lets you roll another dice), and you lay it on a space
you will only get to roll the extra dice if you land on it. However, if you use
it on yourself by paying 5 coins, you will get to roll the extra dice          
automatically that turn. The capsules themselves vary in effects, from moving  
the location of the star, to stealing coins from opponents. You get capsules by
passing vending machines scattered around the board map. when you pass the
vending machine you have the option to get a capsule. A random capsule then
comes out of the capsule machine. You can also get capsules in certain events
on the board map, triggered by landing on a ? space. Capsules are extremely
useful, as they can turn the tides very easily, and plus it's cool to have a
whole board map covered by capsules laid down by the players, so that
something will happen to you every time you land on a space. Another pretty
good feature is that every board map will already start with some pre-laid
capsules, to help get the action going.

The capsules are divided in to 4 (well, technically 5) categories. There are
Green Capsules, Yellow Capsules, Red Capsules, Blue Capsules, and...the Bowser 
Capsule, which doesn't fall under any of the 4 previously mentioned. The Green
Capsules are used mainly for your location, as in how much you move, or where 
you are. The Yellow Capsules involve coins. They involve stealing, gaining
losing, and switching coins. The Red Capsules have to do with Capsules that 
you and other players have, and Blue Capsules are kind of miscellaneous. Each
capsule also has a certain icon for when you lay them on a space. Without 
further ado, here are the capsules:

The following section will go in this format:
Name of Capsule: (self-explanatory)
Function: (what it does)
Cost: (for when using it on yourself)
Advice: (my personal advice on the capsule)
Icon: (image on the space it is laid on)

Green Capsules:

Function: You get an extra dice roll, but only at the start of your turn,
meaning that if you land on one, it takes effect next turn.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: This is a good one to keep to yourself, as its nice and cheap, but if 
you really don't want to spend the cash, or just want to make things more
interesting, go ahead, lay it on the board.
Icon: Mushroom

Golden Mushroom:
Function: You get two extra dice rolls. Again, it only takes effect at the 
start of your turn.
Cost: 10 Coins
Advice: Very useful for getting to a star before someone. Definately use it if 
you have the cash.
Icon: Mushroom

Cursed Mushroom:
Function: Makes your dice only be able to roll a 1, 2, 3, 4 or a 5.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: Don't use this on yourself unless you have a reason to not move far.
Just lay it on the board and hope that some unlucky opponent will land on it.
Icon: Mushroom

Function: Takes you to an opponent selected at random.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: This is kind of a chancy capsule to use on yourself. The only time it
might be worth it is if someone is right near the star and you desperately need
to get it. Otherwise, just lay it on the board and watch your opponents, or you
get picked up by a massive vulture.
Icon: Arrow

Warp Pipe:
Function: Switches places of you and a random opponent.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: Again, its kind of chancy. Only use in dire need. Its really just a 
kind of fun capsule to have on the board somewhere.
Icon: Arrow

Function: Lets you pay 20 coins for the star, no matter where you are.
Cost: 20 coins
Advice: If you have the cash, this is a great capsule. For a mere 40 coins you
automatically get a star. Otherwise, this is not so great to lay down, as it
is kind of like another star, but you have to land on it, and so your opponents
could easily benefit. Just save it until you have the cash. Note that you get
transported to the spot that the star is on.
Icon: Arrow

Yellow Capsules:

Function: Switches coins with a randomly selected opponent.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: This can be one of the most useful or frusturating capsules in the game
depending on whether its being used for or against you. If you're not doing as 
well as anyone else, use it, as the coins you spend will just take out of what 
your opponent recieves. If you're doing well, hoard this capsule and never let 
it see the light of day.
Icon: Coins

Function: Takes 10 coins from a random opponent and gives them to you.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: This is a nice one to use on yourself, as you gain 5 coins, and your 
opponent loses 5 coins. But if you really want the extra 5 coins, I guess you 
could lay it on the board and pray that you land on it...
Icon: Coins

Hammer Bro:
Function: Takes 10 coins away from you.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: Do not use this on yourself. In the game it may seem like it takes it 
from a random opponent other than the one that used it, but it doesn't. If you 
use it you pay 5 coins and then you get another 10 coins taken from you. Just
lay this one on the board and hope for the best.
Icon: Coins

Coin Block:
Function: You gain 10 coins.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: This is a nice little capsule to use to get a handy 5 coin boost. But 
if you really need 10 coins (why, I don't know) you can lay it on the board. 
Keep your fingers crossed.
Icon: Coins

Function: Takes a random amount (1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25) coins from each of
your opponents.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: This is a pretty good capsule. For a cost you can hopefully make all 
your opponents lose a good amount of money. Great for making sure they don't 
have enough for the star. The only problem is that this can backfire by you 
having to pay and then all of them losing only 3 coins or something. You could 
just lay it on a space and see what happens.
Icon: Coins

Piranha Plant:
Function: Takes away half of your coins.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: Whatever you do, don't use this on yourself. You'll end up paying to
take away half of your coins. Just lay it on the board and hope that your
opponent will land on it.
Icon: Coins

Bullet Bill:
Function: Lets you ride a bullet bill, making whoever you pass lose 30 coins.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: This is an extremely useful capsule. You should NOT lay this on the
board. Instead you should just keep it until an advantageous time. You can get
an easy 20 coins with this capsule, possibly even 40 or 60 if you're lucky
enough. If a person doesn't have 30 coins though, you just get all of their
Icon: Coins

Function: Each time somebody passes it the time goes down 1 (starting at 3).
When it reaches 0, whoever is on the space loses 20 coins.
Cost: 0 coins
Advice: This is a nasty little capsule. The best trick with it is to lay it on 
a point that everyone passes sooner or later, such as the point before a major 
intersection. Just make sure that you won't pass by it again anytime soon and 
things will turn out fine. One cool little thing is that if more than one 
person is on the space when the bob-omp explodes they all lose 20 coins. But
whatever you do, do not put it on the space you are on, even if it is a choice
location for it. It will explode automatically, causing you to lose 20 coins.
Icon: Bob-omb

Koopa Bank:
Function: Whenever someone passes the bank they must pay 5 coins. If you land
on the space however, you get all the accumulated coins.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: This one is kind of like the bob-omb...I guess. Anyways, if you're 
feeling mean then you should lay it where everyone will pass by it, just to 
watch them have to pay. I guess you could also put it in front of a star to 
discourage all those people that barely have enough for the star, say 20-24 
coins, but the odds of that situation happening aren't too good.
Icon: Money Bag

Red Capsules:

Function: Takes all capsules that every player has and distributes them 
randomly to the players.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: This is a good one to use if you have almost no capsules and your 
opponents have quite a few. But do not use it if you have a lot of capsules, 
unless your opponent has something like a chain chomp that you really can't let
him use.
Icon: Exclamation Mark

Function: Switches your capsules with a random opponent.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: It could be good if you don't have any other capsules, and all your
opponents have a lot, or if one or more of your opponents have that pesky chain
chomp capusle, but other than that, its really not too helpful since its just
so random.
Icon: Exclamation Mark

Mr. Blizzard:
Function: Gets rid of all of your capsules.
Cost: 5 coins
Advice: This is another that you should not use on yourself. Just lay it on a 
space, and hope that some unlucky enemy will land on it. Great for getting rid
of that aggravating chain chomp capsule.
Icon: Exclamation Mark

Function: Steals a capsule from an opponent of your choice.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: Very good to use if your opponent has a chain chomp or wiggler capsule.
The only problem is that the capsule that lakitu takes is random, so you may
not always get what you want.
Icon: Exclamation Mark

Function: Takes all of your opponent's capsules and lays them on the board.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: This one is pretty good if your opponent has a chain chomp or a wiggler
capsule, so they don't get the chance to use it. Otherwise though, its just a
nice thing to put on the board for a little more chaos.
Icon: Exclamation Mark

Blue Capsules:

Chain Chomp:
Function: Steals coins or stars from a selected opponent.
Cost: 15 coins
Advice: This is Mario Party 5's alternative to boo and it is extremely useful
to have. Once you pay the 15 coins to use it on yourself, as you should keep it
instead of risk having your opponents land on it, you have two options. One,
the chain chomp will steal an opponent's coins for free, or two, the chain
chomp will steal an opponent's star for 30 coins.
Icon: Chain Chomp

Function: Distracts a chain chomp so they don't steal your coins/stars.
Cost: Used automatically (it's for free).
Advice: This is your anti-theft insurance for Mario Party 5. If you're doing
well then you should try to have one of these around you at all times. Just 
remember that it is used automatically, and if you use it before your turn it
will just get rid of the bone.
Icon: N/A

Function: Once you have 3 something special happens.
Cost: Used automatically.
Advice: I have never expierienced this, so any e-mails about this would
seriously be appreciated.
Icon: N/A

Function: Burns all of your capsules and makes you jump ahead 10 spaces.
Cost: 10 coins
Advice: Again, don't use it on yourself unless you really need to move ahead 10
spaces. Note that you will skip all events on the board, such as the star.
Really, you should just lay it on the board and watch your opponents jump
around in pain at being on fire.
Icon: Exclamation Mark

Function: Moves the location of the star.
Cost: 15 coins
Advice: Another great one to have on you at all times. Say your closest rival
is extremely close to the star. All you have to do is pay a mere 15 coins and 
the star will go to a completely different location. But again, if you can't 
spare the coins you could put it down on the board and hope for the best.
Icon: Whirlwind

Function: Lets you duel with a selected opponent.
Cost: 15 coins
Advice: A handy little capsule that is great for getting other peoples stars or
coins. Once you choose who you duel with, you can set a wager of either coins
or stars, but the wager can not exceed either persons amount of coins/stars. 
The nastiest thing is you can bet stars from your opponent for 50 coins of 
yours, making it so you don't lose a star. After you set a wager, you duke it 
out in a 1 vs. 1 mini-game. Be warned though, as some of these are pure luck.
Icon: Crossed Swords

Function: Starts a chance event. In this event two random players will do one
of many things. They can switch stars, switch coins, give 20 coins to one
another, give stars to one another, or other things.
Cost: 20 coins
Advice: This one is just too high a price for such a risky event. You could
just be paying to lose all your stars. I'd just lay it down if you're risky,
but if you're really going for the win, don't lay it. It might be the very
thing to end your winning streak.
Icon: Star

Purple Capsules:

Function: This capsule is activated immiediately. Bowser comes and turns a
random red space in to another bowser space.
Cost: N/A
Advice: Umm...how can I advise you on this? If you get it, it happens. If you
don't get it...then you don't get it.
Icon: N/A

5. Credits
I'd like to thank the following people/groups of people.

Me-For making this guide.
My brothers-For playing this game with me.
Hudson-For making such a great game in such a great series.
Nintendo-For creating the Mario characters and the awesome gamecube.
CjayC-For creating Gamefaqs.

6. Legal Junk
This FAQ is copyright (c) of me, Zach Charles. The only website that may
display this FAQ is www.gamefaqs.com. Do not put this on your site unless you
have e-mailed me and have my consent. Please do not take credit for any part
of this FAQ. Please. Just save yourself, and me, the grief. All rights to Mario
characters and other mario stuff belong to Nintendo. I don't own them.

7. Contact
If there is some part of this guide that you feel, or know, is lacking 
something, don't hesitate to e-mail me. Any suggestions or comments would be 
appreciated. You can e-mail at chain_chomp5@yahoo.com.
Thank you for taking the time to read this guide.

Copyright 2006 Zach Charles (chaofreak69).

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