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FAQ/Walkthrough by TripleJump

Version: Final | Updated: 04/15/08

#     #                           ######                            
##   ##   ##   #####  #  ####     #     #   ##   #####  ##### #   # 
# # # #  #  #  #    # # #    #    #     #  #  #  #    #   #    # #  
#  #  # #    # #    # # #    #    ######  #    # #    #   #     #   
#     # ###### #####  # #    #    #       ###### #####    #     #   
#     # #    # #   #  # #    #    #       #    # #   #    #     #   
#     # #    # #    # #  ####     #       #    # #    #   #     #  

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                        _          (_)   
                       (_) _  _  _ (_)   

Mario Party 5 FAQ/Walkthrough By TripleJump
Copyright (c) 2005-2008 TripleJump
Last Updated: April 15th, 2008
Contact: triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com
Version Final

Version Final
-> April 15th, 2008
-> June 11th, 2006
-> Febuary 5th, 2006

Version 1.0
-> August 6th, 2005

Version 0.7
-> August 5th, 2005


Version 0.3
-> August 4th, 2005


Version 0.1
-> August 1st, 2005
-> August 2nd, 2005
-> August 3rd, 2005


 :  Table Of Contents  :

[1] Version History
[2] Introduction -DONE-
[3] Characters -DONE-

(h.)Koopa Kid

[4] Modes -DONE-

(c.)Mini Game
(d.)Super Duel

[5] Mini Games -DONE-


(a.)4 Player
(b.)1 VS 3 Player
(c.)2 VS 2 Player



[6] Capsules -DONE-

(a.) Green
(b.) Blue
(c.) Red
(d.) Yellow

[7] Maps -DONE-

(a.) Toy Dream
(b.) Sweet Dream
(c.) Future Dream
(d.) Undersea Dream
(e.) Rainbow Dream
(f.) Pirate Dream
(g.) Bowser Nightmare

[8] Mini Game Mode -DONE-

(a.) Free Play
(b.) Mini-Game Battle
(c.) Mini Game Wars
(d.) Mini Game Circuit
(e.) Mini Game Decathlon
(f.) Mini Game Tournament

[9] Super Duel Mode -80%-

(a.) Body
(b.) Gun
(c.) Tires
(d.) Engines
(f.) Levels
(g.) Custom Cars <- SUBMIT YOURS HERE

[10] Secrets & Unlockables -DONE-
[11] Frequently Asked Questions
[12] Credits -DONE-
[13] Copyright -DONE-
[14] Closing -DONE-

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
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+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Introduction
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

Welcome to Mario Party 5! One of the Greatest Mario Parties known to man!
I decided to write a FAQ about it when I had so much fun and now I am.

First I will Start With the Controls

A: Used In Most Mini-Games; Select something
B: Used In Most Mini-Games; Cancel Something
C Stick: Not Used
Control Stick: Move; Select
D-Pad: Not Used
L: Used In Some Mini-Games; Shuffle Left in Free-Play
R: Used In Some Mini-Games; Shuffle Left In Free-Play
X: Used In Some Mini-Games; Quit from Party Mode
Y: Used In Some Mini-Games
Z: Toggle Practice; Used In Some Mini-Games

Second I will not delay you, read on for the REAL guide.

What is the Point of Mario Party? You have to hop along boards collecting Stars
with your friends, while playing loads of minigames. Lacking in story content?
Yes. Fun? HECK YES.

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Characters
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

|    Mario      |

Mario, Possibly the most well-known video game character of All-Time. His first
game was a Donkey Kong game, where he had to save princesses from Donkey Kong.
Eventually Donkey Kong left, and Pauline (the princess) left somewhere. Mario
became a Plumber and found Mushroom Kingdom while working in the pipes. He 
then had to save Princess Peach. His nemesis is usually Bowser these days.

|    Luigi      |

Luigi, Mario's younger brother. Often Overshadowed by him. He is the tall and
skinny shy one. I remember him back in Super Mario Bros. 2 as that guy who can
jump higher than everyone. His big break came in Luigi's Mansion (which I am
currently writing a Ghost FAQ for with hamstarz12). He saves Mario from the

|    Peach      |

Peach is the Princess of Mushroom Kingdom. She is constantly kidnapped by
Bowser and needs a lot of saving by Mario. She somehow always invites Mario
over for cake. She was the girl in Super Mario Bros. 2 who could float.

|    Daisy      |

Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland. She is a tomboy. Mario saves her once, we
know little about her.

|    Toad       |

Toads are the little men of mushroom kingdom. Toads help out Mario and Luigi
whenever they can, like in Super Mario Bros. 2 or Luigi's Mansion. Also Super
Mario 64. Toad is my favorite Character.

|    Wario      |

Wario is the "Evil Mario". He is a fat, yellow guy instead of the thin red guy
we know. He has a few of his own games that I dont usually play.

|    Waluigi    |

Waluigi is the "Evil Luigi". Mario has a brother so Wario needs a brother

|  Koopa Kid    |

We don't know much about this guy. Except he is Bowsers minion and is neither
Baby Bowser or Bowser Jr.

|    Yoshi      |

Yoshi is the trusty green guy. He has known Mario ever since he was a baby.
Baby Mario fell off the stork taking him and Baby Luigi across the ocean. He
found Yoshi Island and Yoshi took him across all the way back to Luigi. He
has helped Mario and Luigi in a lot of games.

|      Boo      |

Boo are ghosts that live in their own Manors and Castles. Usually when they
are looking at your they cover their eyes, when you look away they move towards

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Modes
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

|    Party    |

Teams: Optional

Party Mode is the mode where its mostly you and your friends. You have to roll
a dice block. The number on the Die determines the number of spaces you move.
There are Red Spaces, Blue Spaces, Happening Spaces and Bowser Spaces. Land
on one of the below and get this function:

Blue Space: +3 Coins
Red Space: -3 Coins
Happening Space: Usually Transport to somewhere else, but can be coin getting
Bowser: Lose a star, get moved somewhere else, play a mini-game, everyone 
loses their coins and bowser redistributes them so everyone has the same 

In the Bowser Mini-Games the losers give up half their coins. So you want to
win a lot. There are also DK Spaces. Land on a DK Space and you can:

1. Win a Star
2. Win a Coin Present
3. Play a Mini-Game

Mini-Games everyone plays and gets a cetain amount of coins for each banana
that they manage to get. You have to hit the block to determine how. The coin
present is Called DK Bonus. You have to hit a block and he gives you that many
coins. DK Roulette is the last one and gives you a chance to receive a star.
Just roll higher than Donkey Kong.

Half-way through the game, Bowser will take the person in dead last and have
them hit a dice block. Many things could happen. I'll put down the ones I can

1. All Spaces have Capsule Events
2. Coins on spaces are timesd by three
3. All Red Spaces are Bowser Spaces
There are more but I cannot remember.

After the wheel, Eldstar announces that if two people land on the same space,
there is a duel. Anyway, the point of this game is to collect the stars. Each
star is 20 Coins. After one star is taken, a star is put in a new location.
By using a Tweester space or Tweester capsule, you can relocate the star. This
is effective against human opponents who are very close to it. There are a few
ways to get stars, here they are:

1. Land on a star space with 20 Coins
2. Steal one with Chain Chomp
3. Use a Wiggler Capsule
4. Win one in DK Roulette
5. In Sweet Dream, there is a Happening Space where you throw a party, the
opponents spin a roulette to see what they have to give you: Capsule, Coins or
a Star.

Then to lose stars:

1. Get a Ztar from Bowser
2. Have It Stolen From you
3. Have to give it as a gift

If you play team mode, your team shares your stars and coins. At the end of
each turn, (after everyone goes) you play a mini-game. Winner receives a
certain amount of coins. There is sometimes a Battle Mini game if everyone is
on the same colored space. In Battle Mini Games, everyone pays the amount of 
coins  that the roulette ends up with. If someone doesn't pay enough coins,
their vote on a mini-game is decreased by half, and not worth as much. Winner 
of the battle game receives 75% of the vote coins, second gets 25%. If the
coins were at an odd number or there was one left over it is given randomly.

At the end of the game, if bonuses are on, you can receive up to three extra
stars. One for collecting the most coins from mini games, one from collecting
the most coins, and one for landing on the most Happening Spaces. 
Then they tally up the overall stars, whoever has the most is the Dream Star.

|    Story    |

Story mode is the easiest mode in the game. You have to try to make the Koopa
Kids lose all their coins. Whenever you pass one you have a duel. Toad assists
you if there are only 2 Kids left in some 2 on 2 games. Beat the Kids in the 
five maps used and get Bowser Nightmare. Then beat that to unlock the Story 
Minigame. Beat the story minigame to win Story Mode. You are rated for your
performance in each level.

| Mini-Game Mode|

Mini-Game Mode is the mode where you can play any mini game or unlock
more. There are many sub-modes. Please see the Mini-Game Mode section for
more details.

| Super Duel Mode|

Super Duel Mode is a Mode where you build custom vehicles and duke it out in
Multiplayer or up to 3 Modes:

Battle Mode: Fight until your vehicles strength runs out.
Capture the Flag: Capture 3 Flags Before the Opponent
Robo Bunny Mode: Destroy 3 Robo Bunnies

See the Unlockables Section and Super Duel Mode Section for more Details.

| Bonus Mode |

Ah, Bonus Mode, one of my favorites. There are three games here:

Beach Volleyball
Ice Hockey
Card Game

|Beach Volleyball|

Beach Volleyball is my favorite, so I am going to go into a bit of detail.


Control Stick-Move
A-Hit Ball


You have to hit the ball back and forth, hit the opponents ground with the ball
and you get a point. Hit out of bounds and they get a point. Ball can be
touched twice before you have to send it over. Whoever has the pink star around
them has to touch the ball next.


3 Kinds of balls,

Normal: A Regular Volleyball, for skill matches

Bob-omb:A Ball that explodes after ten hits, giving the other team a point, for
fun matches

Dice: A Ball that gives you the same amount of points as it lands, for quick 

Here are a list of good techniques, Effectiveness out of 5

1. Spike
How to Perform: Push B to jump and A to spike, aim before hitting
Effectiveness: ***
Reason: A Quick hit down, easy to stop though.
Tips: Aim your spike away from opponents, it has a better chance of hitting

2. Bump Over
How to Perform: Push A on the third hit
Effectiveness: *
Reason: It is slow and very easy to stop, unaimable. But at least its over
Tips: None

3. Block
How to Perform: Jump in front of the ball as it is being hit into your side
Effectiveness: ****.5
Reason: Very effective as your opponent has trouble recovering for it, but is
very easy to mess up
Tips: You cannot block half-heartedly, put everything into it, make sure you
are between the ball and the aimer when you jump. If you mess up it may be
havoc for your partner because they map have been prepared to get it and hit
A. Always tell your partner first, unless you are with a computer.

4. Early Spike
How to Perform: Spike it after the ball has been touched once by your partner
Effectiveness: ****
Reason: It is a spike that catches your opponent off guard, harder to predict
Tips: You have to release it quickly, but away from opponents, if you take to
long the other team will have time to regroup in a new formation, you also may
miss the ball when you hop up and wait to long.

5. Eyes on Your Side Only
How to Perform: Keep your eyes on your side only
Effectiveness: ****
Reason: It is easier to see where the orange circle will be.
Tips: Listen to the sound for the amount of times the opponents hit it, only
look over if you are spiking.

6. Three Hits
How to Perform: Hit the ball thrice
Effectiveness: ***
Reason: Easy to set up before you hit it over, but easier for the opponent to
Tips: Set it up at one side, then hit it to the other.

7. Split Court
How to Perform: Share the court either Left Right or Up Down, you have an easy
time guarding your half.
Effectiveness: *****
Reason: You only worry about half of the court
Tips: None

8. Diving
How to Perform: Rush to the circle, Hit A before you reach it
Effectiveness: ***
Reason: You hit it before you are there, but it is inaccurate
Tips: If it seems like your partner will do one, rush to them, the hit will be
off a an odd angle.

| Ice Hockey |


Control Stick- Move
B-Hard Shot/Body Check
X-Weak Shot

Move around and try to score on the opponents goal, repeatetly Tap A to win the

| Card Game |


Control Stick- Select

How to Play:

Roll the Dice, Move in any direction the game lets you, try to collect as many
star cards as possible. there are items and events also. I will try to include
those later.

|Options Mode|

This is where you can check Mini Game Packs, Look at your Records,
Toggle Rumble and Test Sound as you change it from Mono to Stereo to Surround

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Mini-Games
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

|4 Player|

Coney Island
Ground Pound Down
Chimp Chase
Chomp Romp
Flower Shower
Dodge Bomb
Fish Upon A Star
Frozen Frenzy
Pushy Penguins
Leaf Leap
Night Light Fright
Pop-Star Piranhas
Mazed & Confused
Dinger Derby
Fish Sticks
Later Skater
Will Flower
Triple Jump
Hotel Goomba
Vicious Vending
Coin Cache
Rumble Fumble

|1 VS 3|

Squared Away
Mario Mechs
Revolving Fire
Heat Stroke
Beam Team
Big Top Drop
Quilt For Speed
Tube It Or Lose It
Fight Cards
Curvy Curbs
|2 VS 2|

Defuse Or Lose
Mario Can-Can
Clock Stoppers
Handy Hoppers
Berry Basket
Bus Buffers
Panic Pinball
Rumble Ready
Manic Mallets
Banking Coins


Bill Blasters
Twist 'n' Out
Lucky Line Up
Random Ride


Shock Absorbers
Countdown Pound
Whomp Maze
Shy Guy Showdown
Button Mashers
Get A Rope
Pump 'n' Jump
Head Waiter
Blown Away
Merry Poppings
Pound Peril
Piece Out
Bound Of Music
Wind Wavers
Sky Survivors


Banana Punch
Da-Vine Climb
Mass A-Peel

Scaldin' Cauldron
Cage-In Cookin'
Rain of Fire




No winner means you cash the things you collect in for coins in party mode.

Name: Coney Island
Controls: Control Stick-Move
How to Win: Be the Person who collects the most Ice Cream, move under the
shadows and catch it in your cone.

Name: Ground Pound Down
Controls: A-Jump, A+A-Ground Pound
How to Win: Be the first to get to the bottom, if there is two soils
and no rocks, jump and at the peak of your jump do a ground pound, you
get through multiple soils in one pound.

Name: Chimp Chase
Controls: Control Stick-Move, Pick Up/Drop-A
How to Win: Match the colored monkeys to their colored mother, then a
gold monkey will come, he can be put anywhere and is worth more. Whoever has
the most monkeys at the end wins.

Name: Chomp Romp
Controls: Control Stick- Move, Call Chomp-A
How to Win:  Call the Chain Chomp and try to get him to the other side of the
playground. He only travels in straight lines to wherever he hears the call. 
Try to call him in straight lines instead of diagonally. When you get to the
bottom, call him from the bottom of the fountain, then go into the finish area
and call him.

Name: Flower Shower
Controls: A- Jump, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Collect the most Flowers, Pink are worth 1 and Orange are worth 3.
Try to stay around areas that have a bunch of flowers drop, do not stop in this
level, keep moving.

Name: Dodge Bomb
Controls: A- Pickup/Throw, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Be the last one surviving, don't throw at someone if you are within
the blast radius of your own bomb, stay away from flashing bombs.

Name: Fish Upon a Star
Controls: B- Punch, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Be the last one on the platform. Gradually the platform gets small
and holes open up. Once you hit someone if they do not fall off they are
invincible for a short time. When they stop blinking you can hit again.

Name: Frozen Frenzy
Controls: A- Jump, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Be the person with the most jewels. Jump on someone to have them
lose jewels, do not hit the ice spikes.

Name: Pushy Penguins
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Survive the Waves of penguins. KEEP MOVING, stopping is certain
death. If you are trapped, only try to escape if the person you are playing is
also trapped, but have a better chance of falling last, if they are going to
die and so are you, pray that they die first.

Name: Leaf Leap
Controls: A-Jump, Control Stick- Aim Jump
How to Win: Make it the highest you can. Each leaf is about 3 yards. Make sure
you aim the right way before going, but do that quickly, you should scale at a
good speed 2 leaves/1.5 seconds.

Name: Night Light Fright
Controls: A- Use Flashlight
How to Win: Wait for your Chomp to get VERY close to you then press A. My best
score is 0.5 yards. The speed is random. If yours is slow, you can check to see
what everyone elses scores are, and then you only need to beat that.

Name: Pop-Star Piranhas
Controls: A,B,Y,X,R,L
How to Win: Press the corresponding button that matches the tube which the 
piranha is dancing is dances differently. Watch the leaves, they will be
different. If not sure you should look at the heads.

Name: Mazed & Confused
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Be the first to the center. If you are playing CPU's you can pause
and try to hazily find the best route. But otherwise just keep moving into the
middle. Stop after every few seconds so the walls change.

Name: Dinger Derby
Controls: A- Swing Bat
How to Win: Hit the most balls out of the 30 thrown. Some come with two balls,
others are one. The longer the machine takes to wind up the faster the pitch.
If you mess up with one of the slow ones Swing it again and hope to get a hit.
My record is 20/30.

Name: Fish Sticks
Controls: A- Pick Up Rod, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Be the person with the most fish. Check the rods to see if they are
bent and moving slightly. Press A to reel it in, gold fish are worth 3. Fish
usually gather around a rod if there is something good down there.

Name: Hydrostars
Controls: A- Accelerate, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Go through all 5 gates then through the finish. At the first bit,
cut everyone off by leaning into them while going forward, you will gain a
slight lead, then as you go through gate one turn AS YOU GO THROUGH. Repeat
until you go through all 5, then aim through the big gate at the end. Follow
the arrow to get to the next part.

Name: Later Skater
Controls: A- Skate, Control Stick- Turn
How to Win: Keep away from the center and the walls, but stay near the center.
Try to breakaway from the Peleton (heehee) so nobody is bumped ahead of you.
First to finish five laps wins.

Name: Will Flower
Controls: A- Will Power
How to Win: Be the first to ressurect your flower. Keep pressing A. There are
many ways to do this fast:

1. If you have good muscle structure, use your index finger, keep tapping A
without moving your finger off of the A button.
2. If you have small fingers, lay your index finger out flat across the
controls, add pressure to the buttons and rub your finger back and forth across
the buttons, from the B button to the Y/X buttons.
3. I found this in another walkthrough, which is in the credits. Put your index
finger together with your thumb and rub the buttons from B across to X.

Name: Triple Jump
Controls: A,B,A
How to Win: Tap A fast, then Switch to B, then back to A. Any of the above
methods works but you have to adjust #1 to change buttons. The Farthest
distance wins.

Name: Hotel Goomba
Controls: Control Stick- Move, B- Punch, Y- Reset
How to Win: Be the first to the top of the third floor. This is my best one
apart from Hydrostars. I will include a list of combinations I have had and
their solutions in an upcoming update.

Name: Vicious Vending
Controls: Control Stick- Turn
How to Win: Make a full circle with the control stick, you get a random capsule
the capsule shows what you win: A Whomp, 1 coin, 10 Coins or 20 Coins. No
winner, you get the coins you earn though.

Name: Coin Cache
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Jump
How to Win: There is no Winner you get the coins you earn. Jump into the blocks
to get coins. If it breaks it is a hole to jump to higher levels. If it turns
to a solid block you got a coin, if it remains a brick you can hit it multiple

Name: Rumble Fumble
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Turn over bucket.
How to Win: Be the first to 3 Shy Guys. Some buckeys give you 2.

Name: Flatiator
Controls: Control Stick-Move
How to Win: The Ball person has to Flatten everyone in 30 seconds, everyone
else has to live. The moles will trip up the three players that are running.

Name: Squared Away
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: The Little block must survive, the big blocks must kill the little
one. Big blocks should work together, the little block should make dangerous
turns and unexpected moves to get out.

Name: Mario Mechs
Big Mech= A- Shoot, B- Dash, Control Stick- Move
Little Mechs= A Shoot, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Kill the Opposition. Hold A to charge your shots.

Name: Revolving Fire
Fire Person= R+L= Rotate fire, A+A- Ground Pound Lava Wave
Runners= Control Stick- Move, A- Jump
How to Win: Runners must avoid the fires. Fire person has to burn everyone.
Try going R,1 2 L, 1 3 , R, 1 2 like that. Doing occasional lava waves. Runners
run back and forth avoiding flames. Try to stay in the center between both
waves. Jump to dodge Lava Waves.

Name: Heat Stroke
Hammer= A- Swing, B- Fake Swing
Jumper= A- Jump, A+A- Ground Pound, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Hammerer has to knock everyone off the platforms. Jumpers have to
make it to the bottom or just survive the time limit. Little fireballs will
fall making it hard for the jumpers. If you dont feel confident, hold left as
you jump, so if you jump to late you have a recovery chance. Hammerer shouldn't
go to fast, and should real swing if someone ground pounds. Fake swing every 2
to 4 swings to switch things up, if they jump wait until they are almost on and

Name: Beam Team
UFOs: Control Stick-Move, A- Tractor Beam
Runner: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: The UFOs have to tractor beam the Person. The Person has to survive
the time limit. The UFOs need to be able to tell if someone is going to try,
because if they collide they will stop moving for a few seconds. Runner should
try and make the UFOs collide so he can have a seconds breathing room.

Name: Big Top Drop
Dropper= A-Drop Ball, B- Throw ball up
Tight Ropers= Control Stick- Move, A- Jump
How to Win: Dropper must hit the others with balls, Tight Ropers must survive.
The Dropper should do two thing:

1. Drop like mad, mashing the A and B buttom
2. Wait until you are almost above an opponent, then drop one, drop another as
you are above them, then drop one as you pass them, they have nowhere to go.

The Tight Ropers should jump over the balls that are level with them, and keep
moving to avoid the balls.

Name: Quilt for Speed
Controls: A- Stop Slot
How to Win: Be the first to get to the center line. The Loner will go one at a
time, the three will go in order. Example:

Loner Gets: ^ =Loner Moves forwards
Group Gets: < ^ >= Group Moves Left, Forwards then Up.

Stop it just as the one before it is passing. 

Name: Tube it Or Lose It
Controls: Control Stick- Steer, B- Stop, A- Speed Up
How to Win: The spiky tube has to pop everyone else, one of the three must make
it to the bottom. You can stop, then change direction to escape.

Name: Mathletes
Controls: A- Hit Block
How to Win: No Winner, you get the same amount of coins as the equation you
get. The loner does all his blocks, the three gets one block each. If you get
an equation like: 1-4 you would get 0. Not minus three. Biggest Equation is

Name: Fight Cards
Controls: A,B,X- Different Signs
How to Win: The Loner has to get the same as the other people to get them out.
The others have to try to not match him. If you play with friends you can
always peek at their controller. But I just press all three at once a bunch of
times so nobody knows.

Name: Curvy Curbs
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Move through the track. The Lone person definatly has an advantage,
even though they are bigger. If you touch a curb you stop and are unable to
move for about 2 seconds. Then are invincible for about 3 to get back on track.
The Loner has to turn everywhere himself, the three need to follow the leader
to get through.

Name: Defuse or Lose
Controls: A+A- Ground Pound, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Split the work up with your partner, have the skilled one take two,
then the not as skilled one take one. Ground pound the sparks to stop them for
three seconds. Intersections are the best times because you can take two out at
once. Whoever's bomb blows up loses.

Name: ID UFO
Controls: A+A- Ground Pound, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Ground Pound the matching UFO's at the same time as your partner.
First to get five wins. If you want you can ground pound to see if it is the
right one. Red is bad and blue is good. If you go before your partner its okay,
you only need to have the flashes at the same time, which lasts a second or 2.

Name: Mario Can-Can
Controls: A- Jump, A+A- Ground Pound
How to Win: One partner moves one end of the see-saw up, then you take it in
turns to push your side down. First to open the can wins.

Name: Clock Stoppers
Controls: A- Jump, Control Stick- Move/Move Stick
How to Win: Move your clock so it matches the above clock, you hear a "DING"
when one is right, each partner should take one hand. Jump over your hand
instead of walking around to save time. First to 3/4 wins.

Name: Handy Hoppers
Turner= R+L (Alternating)- Turn Bars
Skipper= A- Jump
How to Win: Skip over the bars, whoever has the most skips win. My record is 

Name: Berry Basket
Shooter= Control Stick- Aim, A- Shoot
Catcher= Control Stick- Move
How to Win: The Shooter shoots the berrys, the catcher catches them by moving
into the shadows of them. Orange is worth 3. Whoever has the most wins.

Name: Bus Buffers
Controls: Control Stick- Move Buffer
How to Win: You have to buff the entire bus (EVERY SPECK). Buff at the start in
a circular motion, then move towards your partner taking out the stuff behind 
you. Eventually it will get split in half. Take a side each. First team done

Name: Panic Pinball
Controls: A- Flip Flipper
How to Win: I just keep hitting A, eventually you will get a billion balls and
hit everything and get a ton of points.

Name: Rumble Ready
Controls: A- Catch Ornament
How to Win: Catch 3 ornaments before the opponent, you and your partner take it
in turns. Wait for a rumble in your controller, then press A. If you push it
early the enemy gets it. If you have rumble off or are using at least one
wireless controller a (!) will appear above your head instead.

Name: Submarathon
Driver= R+L (Simultaneously)- Accelerate, Y- Switch
Rester= A- Blink Eyes/Move Fins
How to Win: Be the first to the finish line by pressing R+L at the same time.
Swtich when you or your character get tired.

Name: Manic Mallets
Controls: A- Hit
How to Win: Be the team with the most hits. The big mallet points to the losing
team at the moment. If it is dead center one team is only a few behind.

Name: Banking Coins
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Jump
How to Win: One person Hits the jar, the other gets the coins, you get the same
amount of coins as your partner at the end. No Winner.

Name: Astro-Logical
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Choose Tile
How to Win: Be the only survivor. The symbol in the water will start getting
clearer every second. There are 1 less symbol then there are players. So get a
tile fast. It has to match. A way to tell if there is a right tile, is to look
at the murky  figure, then look for a tile that there is only 3,2 or 1 of.

Name: Bill Blasters
Controls: A- Shoot
How to Win: Shoot everyone else, they have three lives each.

Name: Tug-O-Dorrie
Controls: A- Tug
How to Win: Be the winner of the Tug of War. When someone falls off the
platforms shift, use those seconds to rest.

Name: Twist 'n' Out
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Whack
How to Win: Whack everyone else into the tornado.

Name: Lucky Line Up
Controls: A- Stop
How to Win: Im not sure, this is the only mini game I have not unlocked.

Name: Random Ride
Controls: Control Stick- Select, A- Choose
How to Win: This one is hilarious if you have friends with you, pick a ride,
the names decide the percentage chance that you win. The winner is random. Here
is a list of rides I have gotten:

Perfect Conditions
Almost Guaranteed Victory
Daily Routine
Feeling Good
At its Best
So-So, I Suppose
Difficulties Ahead
Totally Terrible
Nothings Right
General Longshot
Miracles Happen
Fates Decision

There were more I am sure.

Name: Shock Absorbers
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Survive the thing by not being in any electric fields, and avoid
the floating balls.

Name: Countdown Pound
Controls: A-Jump A+A- Ground Pound
How to Win: Stop your timer closer to Zero than your opponent, ground pound
RIGHT at one to get around 0.12. It takes a portion of a second to pound.

Name: Whomp Maze
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Get through to the other side before your opponent. Move slowly
when not sure, a whomp will pop up just before you touch the whomp.

Name: Shy Guy Showdown
Controls: Random Button
How to Win: Shy Guy holds up a sign, press the corresponding button first.
You can paus right when he hold to it to win against a CPU. But you shouldnt
have a problem. If you press a button that is wrong, or you push it when it
is a fake sign you will lose.

Name: Button Mashers
Controls: Random Buttons
How to Win: Mash every button that is on every brick you get to survive. Don't
stop, if they add a new one mash that one also.

Name: Get A Rope
Controls: Control Stick- Choose, A- Select
How to Win: Pick a rope and whoever has the best result wins.

Name: Pump 'n' Jump
Controls: A- Store Pressure
How to Win: Store more pressure than your opponent. You can tell by how far the
platform goes down whos gonna win.

Name: Head Waiter
Controls: A- Minus 1, B- Minus 2
How to Win: I just do the opposite of the one last pressed. If I go first I go
2,1,2 etc, if they go first I go 1,2,1. Works every time for me

Name: Blown Away
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Shoot
How to Win: This is easy, just charge a shot by holding A and then shoot. I won
in 2 Seconds once.

Name: Merry Poppings
Controls: A+B- Shoot Dart
How to Win: Press A+B 30 times before your opponent.

Name: Pound Peril
Controls: A- Jump, A+A- Ground Pound, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Find the one button that doesnt involve pain. For me it is always
on the left.

Name: Piece Out
Controls: R/L- Rotate Piece, Control Stick- Move Cursor, A- Pick Up/Drop Piece
How to Win: Get the most points, if you pick up an unneeded piece put it in the
garbage can at the bottom. Try to match colours for more points. When a sheet
is completed you get a new one and cash the points in.

Name: Bound of Music
Controls: Control Stick- Move, A- Jump
How to Win: Get the most music blocks. They are invisible, you have to jump
to hit them.

Name: Wind Wavers
Controls: R+L (Alternating)- Wave faster
How to Win: Go faster than your opponent to escape tweester.

Name: Sky Survivors
Controls: Control Stick - Move (Inverted Controls)
How to Win: Don't die. Whoever gets hit 5 times by the apples dies. I stick to
the bottom right corner then move up and down to avoid the apples and I usually
win. Inverted means Up is Down and Down is Up.

Name: Banana Punch
Controls: B- Punch, Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Collect the bananas. Punch to barrels to reveal them. No winner.

Name: Da-Vine Climb
Controls: Control Stick- Up and Down, L/R- Move sideways
How to Win: Collect the bananas. Watch out for bugs. No winner.

Name: Mass-a-peel
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Collect the bananas as you avoid the peels. No winner.

Name: Scaldin' Cauldron
Controls: A, B, X- Choose Cauldron
How to Win: Pick a cauldron, hope Bowser doesnt choose yours!

Name: Cage-in Cookin'
Controls: Random
How to Win: Random buttons appear on your cage. Press them all in 5 seconds to
win. You can pause, the press, pause, then press (etc.) but all those
strategies like that that I have are for non skilled players, or those who HAVE
to win.

Name: Rain of Fire
Controls: Control Stick- Move
How to Win: Dodge the debris, survive until the timer runs out. Look at the
shadow to avoid it. the Bottom part has a spot that is usually safe.

Name: Frightmare
Controls: A- Jump, Control Stick- Move
Stage 4= B- Pick Up/Throw
How to Win:

Part 1: Jump on the backs or all the robot things. 
Part 2: Avoid the rings by jumping in and out of them.
Part 3: Make Bowser stomp on one tile three times. Wait on the tile, then when
he makes a move, switch
Part 4: Dodge the balls, then let Bowser breath fire on one. Pick it up and
avoid the shockwave ball. Then get as close to bowsers head a you can, jump and
throw. Repeat until he is out of hearts.

Whew, I did all these in 3 hours.

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Capsules
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 
(From Manual)

|    Green    |
Name: Mushroom
Symbol: Mushroom
Cost: 5 Coins
Description: Adds an extra dice block for that turn.

Name: Golden Mushroom
Symbol: Mushroom
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Adds two dice blocks for that turn.

Name: Cursed Mushroom
Symbol: Mushroom
Cost: 5 Coins
Description: Limits the numbers on the Dice Block 1 through 5.

Name: Warp Pipe
Symbol: Turning Question Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: A Warp Pipe appears that swaps your place with that of another

Name: Klepto
Symbol: Turning Question Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Klepto appears and allows you to trade places with another player.

Name: Bubble
Symbol: Turning Question Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Allows you to move forward 10 spaces but burns up all of your
remaining capsules.

Name: Wiggler
Symbol: Turning Question Mark
Cost: 20 Coins
Description: Wiggler takes you to the next star space.

|    Blue    |

Name: Tweester
Symbol: Twister
Cost: 15 Coins
Description: Tweester appears to change the location of the star space. 

Name: Duel
Symbol: Swords Clashing
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Battle in a 1-vs.-1 mini-game for coins (or star). 

Name: Chain Chomp
Symbol: Chain Chomp
Cost: 15 Coins
Description: A Chain Chomp appears to take coins or stars from the player of
your choice.

Name: Bone
Symbol: Chain Chomp
Cost: 0 Coins
Description: Protects from a Chain Chomp attack.

Name: Bowser
Symbol: Bowser
Cost: 0 Coins
Description: Bowser appears and changes one red space to a Bowser Space.

Name: Chance
Symbol: Star
Cost: 20 Coins
Description: You will either receive, give away or exchange coins and stars.
All of this is decided by the roulette wheel.

Name: Miracle
Symbol: Star
Cost: 0 coins
Description: Nothing happens with one, but collect three to steal all the stars
from the player in first place.

|     Yellow     |

Name: Hammer Bro.
Symbol: Coin
Cost: 5 Coins
Description: A Hammer Bro. appears and takes 10 coins from whoever lands on
that space.

Name: Coin Block
Symbol: Coin
Cost: 5 Coins
Description: Gives 10 coins to whoever lands on that space.

Name: Spiny
Symbol: Coin
Cost: 5 Coins
Description: Spiny appears and takes 10 coins from an opponent chosen by the
roulette wheel.

Name: Paratroopa
Symbol: Coin
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Paratroopa appears and takes coins from another player.

Name: Bullet Bill
Symbol: Coin
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Ride Bullet Bill the number of spaces on the dice block and take
30 coins from each opponent you pass.

Name: Goomba
Symbol: Coin
Cost: 5 Coins
Description:  Goomba appears and switches coins with an opponent chosen by the
roulette wheel.

Name: Piranha Pant
Symbol: Coin
Cost: 5 Coins
Description: A Piranha Plant appears and takes half of the coins of whoever
lands on that space.

Name: Bob-omb
Symbol: Bob-omb
Cost: 0 Coins
Description: A Bob-omb counts down. If it explodes, it takes 20 coins from the
player on that space.

Name: Koopa Bank
Symbol: Money Bag
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Koopa takes coins from whoever passes this space. If you stop on
this space, you will get all the coins.

|    Red    |

Name: Kamek
Symbol: Exclamation Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Kamek appears to shuffle the capsules of all the players.

Name: Mr. Blizzard
Symbol: Exclamation Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Mr. Blizzard appears to take all of the capsules from whoever
lands on that space.

Name: Magikoopa
Symbol: Exclamation Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Magikoopa appears to switch capsules with an opponent chosen by
the roulette wheel.

Name: Ukiki
Symbol: Exclamation Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Ukiki appears, takes the capsules of a player chosen by the
roulette wheel and throws them around the board.

Name: Lakitu
Symbol: Exclamation Mark
Cost: 10 Coins
Description: Lakitu appears to steal capsules from your opponents.

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Maps
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

|Toy Dream|

Difficulty: *.5/*****
Blue Spaces: 50
Red Spaces: 7
Capsule Machines: 3
Happening Spaces: 7

|Rainbow Dream|

Difficulty: *.5/*****
Blue Spaces: 52
Red Spaces: 9
Capsule Machines: 3
Happening Spaces: 8

|Pirate Dream|

Difficulty: ***/*****
Blue Spaces: 57
Red Spaces: 10
Capsule Machines: 3
Happening Spaces: 7

|Undersea Dream|

Difficulty: ***/*****
Blue Spaces: 53
Red Spaces: 10 
Capsule Machines: 2
Happening Spaces: 5

|Future Dream|

Difficulty: ****.5/*****
Blue Spaces: 47
Red Spaces: 12
Capsule Machines: 3
Happening Spaces: 8

|Sweet Dream|

Difficulty: ****.5/*****
Blue Spaces: 46
Red Spaces: 8
Capsule Machines: 3
Happening Spaces: 5

|Bowser Nightmare|

Difficulty: *****/*****
Blue Spaces: 55
Red Spaces: 13
Capsule Machines: 3
Happening Spaces: 9

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Mini-Game Mode
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

|Free Play|

Free Play is a mode where you can choose everything you want. Pick your
opponents, teammates or just practice. Any minigame that you have unlocked is
available for play. 

|Mini Game Battle|

You set an amount, 3, 5 or 7. First to win 3, 5, or 7 wins. If everyone else is 
tied, they pick a shyguy and it will randomly determine the order. 

|Mini Game War|

Mini Game War is a great game to play If you have company. The game picks a
4 on 4 game randomly from the ones you have unlocked. You play it, winner picks
a tile. The person with the most tiles at the ends wins. There are "Special
Turns". Where oyu pick any tile you want. Also you can take out others tiles by
placing one Tile infront and behind, like this:


The three in the middle would become yours. If you can take something over the
game automatically limits your placing to one of those.
|Mini Game Circuit|

Mini Game Circuit is a nice mode to use to get away from Party and Story Mode
to unlock video games. You can get every kind of minigame except for DK games.
Anyway, you get 2 Mushroom Capsules, and a Golden Mushroom Capsule. You play a
minigame. Winner(s) roll the dice and go that many spaces forwards. If you want
to use a capsule, use it before. You can see the minigame before deciding to
use the capsule, so if you are good at it you can use it without worry. Never
use one until you are at least 5 spaces past the start line, and save the gold
or a normal for the end, unless you are far behind. In this, Bowser and Duel
games make you move back the number on a new dice block.

First to make it all the way past the track and across the finish line wins.

|Mini Game Decathalon|

Mini Game Decathalon is a fun mode, where you play 10 mini games and get points
depending on your score. Who ever has the most points overall at the end wins.
I will include the Second/Score-Point ratios in another update. The minigames

: Ground Pound Down
: Dinger Derby
: Chomp Romp
: Flower Shower
: Leaf Leap
: Night Light Fright
: Hydrostars
: Triple Jump
: Will Flower
: Later Skater

|Mini Game Tournament|

Play any unlocked Duel game. The game randomly picks one, then you play it.
There are 4 Matches:

 _|_       _|_
|   |     |   |
1   2     3   4
  |         |

You place depending on your wins:

1st Place: 2 Wins
2nd Place: 1 Win
3rd Place: 1 Win
4th Place: No Wins

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Super Duel Mode
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

Point Chart:

4 vs 4->Body
1 vs 3->Tires
2 vs 2->Engines

|   Body  |

Mushroom Body
Cost: 00

Star Body
Cost: 05

Heart Body
Cost: 05

Choo-Choo Body
Cost: 05

Egg Body
Cost: 07

Spiny Body
Cost: 07

Lakitu Cloud
Cost: 10

Boo Body
Cost: 10

DK Body
Cost: 15

E.Gadd Body
Cost: 15

Skolar Body
Cost: 20


Mushroom Tires
Cost: 00

Star Tires
Cost: 05

Wiggler Tires
Cost: 05

Goomba Tires
Cost: 05

Choo-Choo Tires
Cost: 07

Spiny Tires
Cost: 07

Super Wiggler Tires
Cost: 10

Lakitu Cloud
Cost: 10

DK Tires
Cost: 15

E.Gadd Jet
Cost: 15

Skolar Tires
Cost: 20


Mushroom Engine
Cost: 00

Star Engine
Cost: 05

Wiggler Engine
Cost: 05

Goomba Engine
Cost: 05

Ztar Engine
Cost: 07

Choo-Choo Engine
Cost: 07

Super Wiggler Engine
Cost: 10

Goomba-Trio Engine
Cost: 10

DK Engine
Cost: 15

E.Gadd Engine
Cost: 15

Skolar Engine
Cost: 20


Mushroom Gun
Cost: 00

Seed Machine Gun
Cost: 05

Bob-omb Cannon
Coins: 05

Bullet Bill Gun
Cost: 07

Pokey Tower Gun
Cost: 07

Piranha Plant
Cost: 07

Bowser Breath
Cost: 10

Mr. I Laser
Cost: 10

DK Gun
Cost: 15

E.Gadd Cannon
Cost: 15

Skolar Gun
Cost: 20

Bob-omb Wall
Cost: 30

Bowser Punch
Cost: 30

|Custom Vehicles|


1. Make Sure It isn't on this
2. Improve it as best as possible
3. Submit it to kraftdinnerlord@hotmail.com
4. Wait for it to appear

If this get popular I will have a screening process where I rate you machine,
only 7/10 and higher make it on. If you want to name your vehicle, do so. Also
tell us what the best mode for it is. It will not be posted if it is all one
set of parts, like "E.Gadd Jet, E.Gadd Body, E.Gadd Engine and E.Gadd Cannon".
At least two parts must be different. Please write an overview on you machine

You will get your name in the Credits, but these are mine so they arent added.

Name: The Rock
Best Mode: Battle

Egg Body
Goomba Tires
E.Gadd Engine
The Strongest Gun You Have

Overview: This Vehicle is defensively strong, the body adds to its offense and
defense. The wheels are quick with okay control and the engine is perfectly
balanced. The Best gun you have adds to its very low offense, but with a Bowser
Punch of a Bob-omb Wall this thing is insanely good.

Name: Unamed
Best Mode: Battle

Skolar Body
Lakitu Cloud
Choo-Choo Engine
Best Gun you Have

Overview: This vehicle has average defensive and Offensive abilities, it is
a nice ride for any mode.

Name: Unamed
Best Mode: Not 100% Sure

Goomba Trio Engine
E.Gadd Cannon
Choo-Choo Body
Lakitu Cloud

Overview: This vehicle is a good combination of power, speed and control. Nice
defense and a Decent Vehicle.

Name: The Cannon
Best Mode: Battle

Spiny Body
Ztar Engine
Choo-Choo Tires
DK Gun

Overview: Not the best vehicle, has a lot of offensive power, SUPER POOR
control, but can blow the crap outta your opponent if used properly.

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Secrets & Unlockables
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

Super Battle Mode Unlockables

Unlock DK- Beat DK In Hard Mode
Unlock DK Parts- Unlock DK
Unlock Skolar Parts- Win Every Mode on Every Difficulty
Unlock Hard Mode- Beat the Normals for each one
Unlock New Modes- Beat Hard mode on the before mode
Unlock Bowser Punch and Bob-omb Wall- Buy Every Part

Story Mode

Unlock Bowser Nightmare- Beat Story Mode
Unlock Frightmare- Beat Bowsers Nightmare
Unlock Intense Mode- Beat Story Mode on Hard Mode

Mini Game Unlockables
Unlock Decathlon- Unlock these mini games:

Ground Pound Down
Dinger Derby
Chomp Romp
Flower Shower
Will Flower
Night Light Fright
Later Skater
Leaf Leap
Triple Jump

Unlock Mini Game Circuit- Play one of each type of mini game except:

Pausing Secrets
These are Games you can pause and see something for an assured win.

Cage-in Cookin'
Mazed & Confused
Shy Guy Showdown

Unlock Mini Games without playing

Play a 50 game party mode. Press Start and hit "Game Settings" (A). Then Hit A
again. Set all human players to CPUs by pressing A when the cursor is on it.
Now unpause and turn the TV off and leave the Gamecube on. Come back a couple
hours later and see the games you have unlocked.

Press L in Party Mode when its not your turn to taunt your opponent.

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Frequently Asked Questions
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 
Send Questions to triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com

Q. How do I beat Frightmare! I can't Do It!
A. I have a guide for it in the mini game section.

Q. Whats with the _____ Capsule?
A. See the Capsule Section

Q. How Do I see my Records?
A. The Options Menu

Q. Can I Get Bowser in Super Duel Mode?
A. No

Q. Are there "Unlockable Characters"
A. Only DK in Super Duel Mode

Q. What is the "Best" Character?
A. There is no best character

Q. Why is the Decathlon blacked out?
A. You havent unlocked it.

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Credits
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

                  FAQ CREDITS
: Some of the Other GameFAQs Faqs (GaLuvsGa and BenjG)
: Me for writing the FAQ
: GameFAQs, the best FAQ site ever
: My Parents
: My Friend, who first showed me the power of the party

                         SUPER DUEL MODE CREDITS
: Me, for the first four designs

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Copyright
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

FAQ Copyright

This may not be copied, placed, or in anyway reproduced as a part or a whole on
a website, magazine, book, CD or anything else. Feel Free to print it out and
use it for personal use, but you cannot make a profit off of this without my
knowledge and approval. If this FAQ is found on a site other than the below
listed then it must be removed immediately. This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2005-2008

Sites Allowed:


Super Duel Mode Vehicle Terms

By submitting a vehicle to me, you give me full rights to remove, delete or
erase your vehicle without any notice whatsoever. You agree that it will be
placed publicly on the internet and responsible for your own losses that the
effect may have. I am not responsible for anything about your Vehicle.

::::    ::::  :::::::::  ::::::::::____________________________________________
+:+:+: :+:+:+ :+:    :+: :+:    :+:
+:+ +:+:+ +:+ +:+    +:+ +:+        
+#+  +:+  +#+ +#++:++#+  +#++:++#+            Closing
+#+       +#+ +#+               +#+ 
#+#       #+# #+#        #+#    #+#____________________________________________ 
###       ### ###         ######## 

Well, that is my Mario Party 5 FAQ, my 3rd. I hope it helped you and you
enjoyed it. I put a lot of hard work into it and am always looking for
suggestions. Please email me if you have the following:

1. Suggestions
3. Corrections (Information or Grammar/Spelling Etc.)
4. Questions
5. Requests

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