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Decathlon FAQ by ScrawlKnight

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 02/10/04

                                                                    |   ___|
    _   _    ___   ___    __   ____    ____  __   ____ ____ _    __ |  |__
   / \_/ \  /   \ | _ |  |  | /    \  | __ |/  \ |  _ |_  _| \  / / |___  \
  /       \/  ^  \|   |  |  ||  /\  | |   _| ^  \|    | | | \ \/ /      |  |
 /  /\_/\  \  _   | |\ \ |  ||  \/  | |  |/  _  || |\ \ | |   | |   |\__/  /
/__/     \__\/ \__|_| \_||__| \____/  |__|__| |_||_| \_\|_|   |_|   \     /

							MARIO PARTY 5
						        DECATHLON FAQ

   |		     First Written: February 10th, 2004		           |
   |		Last Updated: August 30th, 2011 (Version 2.00)             |
   |		   Written and Compiled by Andrew Barker 		   |
   |		Contact the Author: barkera0[at]gmail[dot]com              |

If you have any suggestions, think I missed something, or see any errors in
this file, please contact me using the email above.

This guide is not to be used without the author's permission under any 
circumstances. See the bottom of the document for more details.

+---- TABLE OF CONTENTS [0.00] -----------------------------------------------+
| Hit Ctrl + F then enter the corresponding number in the table of contents   |
| to jump to the section you want.                                            |

[1.00] -- Decathlon Strategy Guide
	[1.01] -- Ground Pound Down
	[1.02] -- Chomp Romp
	[1.03] -- Flower Shower
	[1.04] -- Leaf Leap
	[1.05] -- Night Light Fright
	[1.06] -- Dinger Derby
	[1.07] -- HydroStars
	[1.08] -- Will Flower
	[1.09] -- Later Skater
	[1.10] -- Triple Jump
[2.00] -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
[3.00] -- Legal Information

+---- DECATHLON STRATEGY GUIDE [1.00] ----------------------------------------+
| Hit Ctrl + F then enter the corresponding number in the table of contents   |
| to jump to the section you want.                                            |

Welcome to the Decathlon Strategy Guide! Here you will find info on the
Decathlon games and the best way to win them and gain as many points as you
can. Without further ado here is the guide!

+---- GROUND POUND DOWN [1.01] -----------------------------------------------+


There are three paths you can slam down in this game. The rock order changes
every time so I cannot give you a whole heap of help. My suggestion would be
go with the column that you cannot see a big rock on. Generally these are the
fast routes. Just make sure you keep slamming and you will probably take the

Jump as high as you can before doing a slam on the normal rocks as you will
go through more than one. When you get to a big rock though, do a small as
quickly as you can because, no matter how big your jump to get through a big
rock it will still take three slams.

+---- CHOMP ROMP [1.02] ------------------------------------------------------+


Here I can give a good strategy. Start by running in front of the Chomp and
over to the slide. Call him and then run right to the edge and call him again.
Then come down to the swing set and call him again. Run over to the bench and
once again call him. Then run halfway down the swingset and call again. Then,
go to the top of the fouintain and you know what to do. Then run halfway down
the fountain to the right and call again. Finally run into the grass at the
end and call again. You win!

As soon as you have called Chomp run to your next position and even if he
hasn't stopped charging call him again. This does work and will make your
time dramatically faster.

+---- FLOWER SHOWER [1.03] ---------------------------------------------------+

33 Flowers

Once again the flowers come in a random pattern so no real strategy. Make sure
you go for the largest gathering of flowers and when possible stay out of the
water as it slows you down. Also, stay away from the computers or at least make
sure they do not jump on your head as this disables your jumping ability and
slows you down.

Scoring system:
	Pink Flowers -- 1 Point
	Gold Flowers -- 3 Points
There are always three gold flowers that come down. Go out of your way to pick
them up as they really boost your score.

+---- LEAF LEAP [1.04] -------------------------------------------------------+

120 m (PAL Version)
??? ft (NSTC Version)

Once again no real strategy because every time the leaves appear in a different
order, but here it goes anyway. The only way to beat the record here is with
quick reflexs and practicing. Not too much strategy just practice!

Push the direction you want to go before you jump or it won't make you jump!

Also here is the background you will see in order:
	-- Ground
	-- Clouds
	-- Mist
	-- Sun
	-- Space
	-- Rocket, Stars
	-- Space Aurora / Mist

+---- NIGHT LIGHT FRIGHT [1.05] ----------------------------------------------+

4.1 m (PAL Version)
??? ft (NSTC Version)

Another randomised game! Although I can give more of a strategy this time.
Wait... don't be scared by the charging Chain Chomp! He will look closer than
he really is most of the time so don't hit the button too soon! This game
really comes down to who isn't scared to wait until the very last second (very
risky). The best way to do this is wait until the Chomp reaches about the
closest barrel. Then hit the flashlight.

Do not leave the flashlight too late at it takes time to turn around and as
you turn around you can get hit! Also, don't look at any one elses screen
because the Chomps come down at different times!

+---- DINGER DERBY [1.06] ----------------------------------------------------+

19 hits

Home Run! Not really but, you need to whack those balls. Whack them as they
come and this game takes practice but, here are a few tips to help you know
whether it is going to be a fast or slow ball. If the arm starts moving slowly
and continues on it will be a slow ball. If the arm goes slowly and stops just
before letting go it will be a double pitch. If the arm goes fast it will be
a fast ball. If it is none of these it will be a normal speed ball.

+---- HYDROSTARS [1.07] ------------------------------------------------------+


Make sure you hold down A all the time. There is an arrow pointing the way but
here is the order anyway. Gate 1 is over to the North West. Gate two do a
u-turn from 1 and head up right a little to get there. Tp get to 3 turn around
and come straight back. To get back to 4 turn around again and head to the area
of crates. Finally go to the 5th gate North West of the island. Finally go
North-east and go through the goal!

Avoid the crates! Also make sure that when you get to the goal don't crash into
the side of it. Even if it doesn't look like you are close you might still hit
it. Be careful!

+---- WILL FLOWER [1.08] -----------------------------------------------------+


Press A as fast as you can! The best way to tap A is to put your thumb and
index finger together, put them on the A button and rub from the B button
across A to X and back. It will take a heap of practice but, if you can do it
well you should get this in just over 10 seconds!

If you cannot hit A the above way just hit A as fast as you can with your
thumb. Although slower and you will probably lose to hard or very hard
computers it does still work.

+---- LATER SKATER [1.09] ----------------------------------------------------+


Once again, make sure you hold down A or you will go nowhere fast! Constantly
flick the joy stick, it is much easier to push your character round the corner
like that than pushing the joy stick. Stay as close to the corner as you can
without touching it and don't run into your opponents!

Make sure you don't crash into the walls or it will slow you down heaps!

+---- TRIPLE JUMP [1.10] -----------------------------------------------------+


In this order you must first hit A as fast as you can, then B and finally A
again. Use the finger rubbing strategy used in Will Flower when doing the A's
and just hit B with your thumb. Without this strategy or something like it, it
will be very hard to beat the default record.

Don't expect to do really well the first time. This is not an easy game and
with my strategy it will take some practice. If you are not confident enough
just tap the buttons with one finger and you can still get just before or to
the default record.

+---- FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ) [3.00] --------------------------------+

If you have a specific question about the game then you may well be able to
find the answer here! If not, look through this guide or take a look on the
game's website.

Q. How do I open the Decathlon?
A. To open the Decathlon you must open the 10 4-Player mini-games that are
included. You can open them in a board game. Look at Q6. for what the ten
games are.

Q. Why are there new set records for each game?
A. You know what? I have absoloutely no idea! I guess it is something extra to
beat, but, apart from having more records to set there is no real Point to it.
Although, the games that are in the Decathlon that do not Normally have records
are new and fun to beat.

Q. Can you open Donkey Kong as a playable character through this?
A. No. This is a rumour and is untrue. You cannot at anytime open Donkey Kong
as a playable character in the game.

Q. What are the best ways to win the Decathlon?
A. You can read through the Decathlon Strategy Guide later in this FAQ.

Q. What is the highest score you can get?
A. Don't know. My best is about 7000 which is quite good but, I'm sure you 
could do much better. Probably somewhere up at about 10,000.

Q. What are the Ten Decathlon Games?
A. Unlock the following games in a board game to open the Decathlon:
-- Ground Pound Down
-- Dinger Dirby
-- Chomp Romp
-- Flower Shower
-- Leaf Leap
-- Night Light Fright
-- HydroStars
-- Triple Jump
-- Will Flower
-- Later Skater

Q. Does the game record my best scores?
A. Yes. Go to the options mode and game records. Then go to Decathlon Records
and you will see the overall score. Click on it and it will show
you the individual score for each game.

Q. How are the points worked out?
A. Once again, no idea. Obviously the faster you do it or the more points you
get the higher the score per game. I do not no exactly how they are worked out

+---- LEGAL INFORMATION [3.00] -----------------------------------------------+

This file is Copyright(c) 2004-2011 Andrew Barker. This file was entirely
written by me, unless otherwise noted in a specific section. It may be not be
reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. Only the
following sites have permission to use and display this guide:

-- GameFAQs [http://www.gamefaqs.com]
-- Neoseeker [http://www.neoseeker.com]

If you wish to use this guide on your site, you MUST ask me before copying or
using any part of it. You must have advanced written permission from me, the
author, to use it. To contact me, use the email address at the top.

+---- THE END [x.xx] ---------------------------------------------------------+
      Written by Andrew Barker[barkera] February 10th, 2004 - August 30th, 2011

First Written: February 10th, 2004
	Guide first written.
Version 2.00: August 30th, 2011
	Visual overhaul of the guide. Looks nicer, reads more cleanly.

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