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Super Duel Mode FAQ by BenjG

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/16/03

Super Duel Mode
In-depth FAQ for Mario Party 5
For the Nintendo Gamecube
Last Updated 12/15/03
BenjG kramar@prodigy.net

Welcome.  This is the Super Duel Mode FAQ for Mario Party 5, which will 
discuss in detail the individual components and functions of the 
aforementioned mode.  Everything you need to know about it is listed here, so 
you've come to the right place if there is any sort of information you need.


I.    Version History
II.   Vehicle Parts & Prices
III. Creating Your Vehicle
IV. Battling Opponents
V.    Secrets & Unlockables
VI.   Legal Information 


I.    Version History 

12/15/03  Version 1.0

Initial Version


II.   Vehicle Parts & Prices

Here, each individual vehicle part you can purchase is listed, and 
descriptions are given as well.  There are four different components your 
vehicle will need: a body, some tires, an engine, and a weapon.  If it lacks 
any one of these, you cannot fight with it.  When a vehicle is finished, a 
pentagonal graph will be displayed.  A symbol is located at each point of the 
graph, and the yellow area in the middle shows how strong your vehicle is in 
each field.  The heart represents health, the steering wheel represents how 
easily the vehicle is controlled, the yellow car represents acceleration, the 
blue car represents speed, and the fist represents attack.

Parts are purchased at the Service Desk, with Skolar running the place.  The 
"money" you will use is in the form of points, earned when you play a mini-
game in Party mode or Free Play in the Mini-Game mode.

Bodies-Paid for with 4-player points

Mushroom Body (0)

As you can see, this is one of four mushroom parts that is free.  The fact 
that it is free indicates that it is inferior to other bodies.  But it can be 
helpful because it is a basic body and has no glaring strengths or 
weaknesses.  It is very useful when learning the basics of fighting to use 

Star Body (5)

This is one of the faster bodies that you can purchase.  Its sleek shape is 
built for speed, and on top of that, it is very light and is perfect for 
beginners.  However, it is rather weak with little health.

Heart Body (5)
Though it looks like a pink sofa, this vehicle body is actually a good one.  
Its cushioned design gives it the ability to be one of the most durable 
bodies in the game, with an excellent health meter.  It's bulky though, and 
is a bit slow unless built with speedy tires.

Choo-Choo Body (5)

This is basically a combination of the star and heart bodies.  It is built 
for speed, and is quite strong and durable at the same time.  This does not 
mean, of course, that it has the exact speed of the star body or the health 
of the heart body.  The choo-choo body is at least half as efficient in each 

Egg Body (7)

Constructed to resemble a Yoshi egg, the rounded build of the egg body gives 
it some pretty good speed abilities.  Not only that, but it is also very good 
in offensive and defensive areas.  This means that any weapons you have will 
be stronger, and the vehicle will have decent health.

Spiny Body (7)

The spiny body is intimidating to look at, and does fairly well in battle.  
The spikes on it give the weapon attached to it a boosted attack.  
Unfortunately, it is rather slow, so it suffers in speed where it excels in 
attack strength.

Lakitu Cloud (10)

This body, actually a cloud, hovers, and is fast.  However, since it really 
is no more than a collection of slightly vaporized water molecules, and has 
the consistency of air, it has very poor defensive abilities.  It is not 
advised that you equip a vehicle with this unless it has a powerful weapon 
and moves fast.

Boo Body (10)

Like the Lakitu cloud, the boo body is fast, yet suffers in defense.  The boo 
body, however, has a very unique trait that sets it apart from the other 
bodies distinctly.  When fighting other vehicles, the boo body is only 
visible to radar, or the map on the screen.  In the field it is invisible.  
It will only be visible for a time following an attack from the opponent.

DK Body (15)

Just like the spiny body, this is a body that is slow and has good offense.  
This body is set apart from the spiny one because it also has very good 
defense, about as much as the heart body.  It is the most powerful body you 
can purchase.

E. Gadd Body (15)

Like all the other Gadd vehicle parts, this one is well balanced.  This means 
that it does not suffer much in any particular field.  Rather, it does well 
in the five things a vehicle strives for in the pentagon graph.  The E. Gadd 
Body is only useful when paired with fast tires and a powerful engine.
Skolar Body (20)

Considering the abilities that this body has to offer, it is a big waste of 
money.  It, as well as the other Skolar parts, is 20 points and simply does 
not live up to the price.  It has very average capabilities.  The only 
special thing about it is it takes less damage from vehicle attacks and 
explosives than other bodies do.

Tires-Paid for with 3 vs. 1 points

Mushroom Tires (0)

Like all mushroom parts, these are free.  They are normal and have basic 

Star Tires (5)

These go well with the star body to make a very fast vehicle.  However, tires 
have their shortfalls just like bodies do.  In this case, these speedy tires 
have poor control.  Turning is difficult with them, and they lack traction.

Wiggler Tires (5)

The wiggler tires are very slow.  But, as is the case with most slow tires, 
they have very good control.  You will have to decide whether control or 
speed is more important to you, or just try to find a good mixture of the 

Goomba Tires (5)

When it comes to good speed and fair control, the goomba tires are a good 
choice.  They are quick, and they also have good acceleration.  The 
acceleration is simply how fast a vehicle can reach max speed, and these do 
well at that.

Spiny Tires (7)

Designed to look dangerous, these have a nice blend of abilities.  They are 
slow, but since the spikes act as cleats, traction and acceleration excel 
when a vehicle is equipped with them.  These are perfect for handling stages 
that are covered with ice, providing you with good control and you won't spin 

Choo-Choo Tires (7)

Being the fastest tires available, it is only natural that there be a 
downfall to their abilities.  Control suffers miserably with these super-fast 
tires equipped, so you'll need to assess how much control you can afford to 
lose and still win battles.

Super Wiggler Tires (10)

These are nearly the same as the wiggler tires, being slow and having good 
control.  Traction also flourishes, making them an almost perfect combination 
of abilities.  If only they were speedier. 

Lakitu Cloud (10)

The Lakitu cloud can hover, so it is efficient on all terrain.  It works well 
with slower vehicles to increase speed, but does suffer in control.

DK Tires (15)

These tires are actually barrels.  However, it is impossible to know how well 
they do in speed, control, and acceleration, because they handle differently 
each time you battle an opponent.  Sometimes they work favorably, other times 
not.  The pentagon graph will display a question mark if these are used.

E. Gadd Jet (15)

There's not much to say about this, other than it has a good combination of 
capability in speed and control.  It's better than most tires but isn't 

Skolar Tires (20)

Another rip-off, these expensive tires provide you with very average and 
simple features.  Like the E. Gadd parts, these are very balanced.

Engines-Paid for with 2 vs. 2 points

Mushroom Engine (0)

It's free, so it's pretty normal.  Engines help to boost speed and 
acceleration within a vehicle, similar to what tires should do.

Star Engine (5)

Like its other star counterparts, this is speedy but has poor control.

Wiggler Engine (5)

This engine is not very fast, since wiggler parts are not known for speed, 
but it is easily controlled and works well to counteract speedier tires.

Goomba Engine (5)

Here's one of the most well balanced engines.  It's a little speedy, and has 
decent acceleration.  It doesn't suffer too much in any given field.

Ztar Engine (7)

While slow, the ztar engine provides excellent acceleration and is also easy 
to control.  It is one of my first picks, since the great control and 
acceleration make a good combination.

Choo-Choo Engine (7)

It's super-fast, but has very poor control.  When all of the choo-choo parts 
are paired together, you get the fastest vehicle in the game.  If you can 
overcome the pathetic control capabilities, you will do well in battle.

Super Wiggler Engine (10)

Essentially a carbon copy of the wiggler engine, this engine's claim to fame 
is its increased control.  Of course, it is very slow.

Goomba-Trio Engine (10)

This engine probably has the best acceleration and speed combination in the 
game, but like all speedy things, it really suffers in its control.

DK Engine (15)

There's no telling how well this engine will do in battle, since it's 
abilities are random, just like the DK tires.

E. Gadd Engine (15)

If it's made by Professor E. Gadd, it has good abilities all around.  This 
has great speed and acceleration, but doesn't stand out that much.

Skolar Engine (20)

Speed and control are well balanced with this engine, but it's nothing 
particularly special.

Weapons-Paid for with battle points

Mushroom Gun (0)

The attack of this weapon is highly average, proving to be no threat to your 
opponents.  It fires a single mushroom, one at a time, which travels in an 
arc.  This is very easily avoided, and its accuracy is poor, so don't use 
this gun unless for testing purposes.

Seed Machine Gun (5)

No other weapon in this game is lighter than the seed machine gun.  Even more 
important, it fires seeds very rapidly and is highly effective when used with 
guerilla warfare tactics.  This means firing at your opponent without their 
knowledge and then speeding away.  It would be ideal, but it also has the 
weakest firepower.

Bob-omb Cannon (5)

Powerful and heavy, the bob-omb cannon only works well against slow 
opponents.  This is because the bob-omb it fires will take a few seconds to 
actually detonate.  Speedy vehicles can simply steer clear when they find a 
flashing bob-omb in their wake.  But, it is a useful weapon when used 

Bullet Bill Gun (7)

Capable of homing in on opponents, this would be even more powerful if it had 
the explosive power the bob-omb cannon has.  It has only average firepower.  
A good strategy is to overwhelm opponents by firing an onslaught of bullet 
bills that can collectively cause serious damage to rival vehicles.  

Pokey Tower Gun (7)

This shoots out an assortment of spiked balls from a pokey creature.  The gun 
has average firepower, though the projectiles do not home in on the opponent 
and move a bit randomly.

Piranha Plant (7)

The piranha plant attacks by spewing numerous globs of gelatinous poison, 
with a far-reaching range.  It is powerful and effective, and works well with 
just about any vehicle. 

Bowser Breath (10)
Have you been hoping for a weapon that attacks with flames?  For all you 
pyromaniacs out there, this flamethrower is just what you need.  It is very 
powerful.  The range of this weapon is short; after all, it doesn't fire a 
projectile like most weapons.  This is actually very useful.  Instead of 
needing good aim, you simply wheel up to opponents and bathe them in flames.

Mr. I Laser (10)

This is another superb weapon.  It has the furthest range of them all, and 
travels in a straight line with a laser.  This is what makes it so reliable, 
as it travels through the air like a bullet and does not require good aim 
from whoever fires it.

DK Gun (15)

This is labeled as the most powerful weapon in the game, but it is very 
heavy, slowing down your vehicle considerably, and is easily avoided by 
opponents.  Only slower opponents will become good targets for this weapon, 
which fires explosive bananas.

E. Gadd Cannon (15)

Similar to the bullet bill, this shoots rockets that having homing 
capabilities.  However, this weapon does not seem to home in as well, nor 
does even seem as powerful.  Like all E. Gadd parts, it is close to being a 
useful part, but often has shortfalls that make it rather average.

Skolar Gun (20)

This weapon is overpriced like all of Skolar's technology, but there is a 
very interesting technique it has.  To use the weapon, press and hold the 
attack button to fire a projectile, then release it to detonate it.  Though 
the idea behind it is effective, it is not very powerful and travels slowly.

Bowser Punch (30)

This is similar to the Bowser breath in the fact that it has a short range, 
and it sports Bowser's hand at the end, just as the breath featured his head.  
It is a spring-loaded weapon that hurls a Bowser fist into the opponent.  It 
is highly effective, regardless of its range.

Bob-omb Wall (30)

This curious contraption resembles a gumball machine filled with gunpowder 
instead of gum.  Seeing how expensive it is, it's the only part I don't have, 
so I can't explain it yet.  Once I get it, I'll describe it.


III.  Creating Your Vehicle

There are three different garages in the lobby of Super Duel Mode.  The A-1 
garage is for player one, A-2 is for player 2, and B is for player three, as 
well as importing vehicles from other Mario Party 5 memory cards.  Select the 
appropriate garage and you should have four options:

The first box allows you to make improvements to your vehicle.  If you don't 
have one yet, you will build it here.  Select a part from the ones you've 
purchased for each category (body, tires, engine, weapon) and at the end, you 
will name the vehicle.  

Once it's created, you can have a look at it with the second option.  This 
provides you will a rotating picture of it, it's name, and a pentagonal graph 
displaying its strengths and weaknesses.  

The third box is where you can fight friends and computers.  This is 
discussed later.

You can delete your machine as the final option.  This merely resets the name 
of your vehicle; no parts are lost in the process and nothing changes 

When putting your vehicle together, it is important that you consider what 
abilities it will need.  Since nobody's vehicle preferences are the same, 
this is done through trial and error.  Test your vehicle on the battlefield, 
and determine whether it works well or not.  Use the graph as a guide and try 
to make it as well balanced as possible.  Of course, if it is going to very 
powerful in any particular area, some areas may have to be sacrificed.


IV.  Battling Opponents

As mentioned, you need to enter a garage and select the option to battle 
other vehicles.  There are two options: VS and 1 on 1.  VS is where you 
battle friends, 1 on 1 involves a tournament with computer players.  Battling 
friends is discussed first.

After you have selected drivers, choose whether you want to play battle 
competition, flag competition, or robo-rabbit competition.  Refer to section 
V to find out how these and other things are unlocked.  Then select whether 
you want the controls to be manual or auto.

Battle Competition: Fight your opponent to deplete their health meter.  You 
will want a powerful vehicle when using this mode.

Flag Competition: Capture three flags before your opponent.  Flags randomly 
appear somewhere on the stage and need to be driven over to be collected.  
Speedy vehicles are best, but also try to attack your competitor to slow them 

Robo-Rabbit Competition: Destroy three robo-rabbits before your opponent 
does.  These mechanical bunnies will lower to the ground and will then move 
randomly about the stage in a curvy path.  They are a little fast, so it is 
important to have a weapon with reliable accuracy.  It is also helpful that 
this weapon have a large blast radius, if it even has one at all.

Then you select the stage that you will play on.  Each is described below.

Green Meadow

A basic stage featuring dirt on the ground, which makes for good traction for 
all tires.  Like most of the stages, it contains pipes, bob-ombs, and spiny 
shells.  Pipes act as barriers from opponent attacks, bob-ombs explode upon 
contact, harming your vehicle, and running into spiny shells is painful as 

Moonlit Midnight

Grassy terrain, with a pool of water in the middle, constitutes the workings 
of this stage.  The water in the center is not deep, so you can freely drive 
over it without trouble.

Quicksand Desert

This is essentially a stage in the desert, with sand and the usual objects as 
mentioned earlier.  There isn't any quicksand actually inside the stage to my 

Snowy Slope

Vehicles with tires that suffer in traction and control will have a nightmare 
on this stage, which is nothing but ice on the ground.  Tires with gripping 
action and spiked cleats (like the spiny tires) are a must to be successful.

Jungle Falls

Boards lashed together with ropes make up the ground in this stage, which is 
in the jungle.  Don't worry about falling off-you can't.  The ropes cannot be 
traversed beyond the main platform either.

Lunar Outpost

This stage features a bowl shape, with steep slopes on the sides.  Fast, poor 
steering vehicles will do very badly, so slower machines will prove to be 
much more reliable.

Bowser Stadium

A lethal pool of lava in the middle prevents you from crossing the ring that 
makes up the stage.  Running into it depletes health.  You'll end up running 
around in circles to reach your opponents.

Random Ruckus

This stage is, as the title implies, random.  It is composed of a variety of 
terrain and features, so you'll never know what it'll be like.

There are also two items you'll run across in the battlefield.  Mushrooms 
double your speed, while poison mushrooms halve it.  At least, that's about 
how it seems.

That's basically what you can do with friends.  When you select the 1 on 1, 
the same process follows, only you must select a level of difficulty for each 
mode (battle, flag, robo-rabbit) as being easy, medium, or hard.  Then the 
tournament begins. 

The tournament is three rounds long for you.  Four battles take place in the 
first round.  You will play someone first.  Since the other computers cannot 
be watched as they fight, press start to make computer opponents advance to 
the next round.  Continue until you beat the tournament, where you will 
receive a trophy and the option of taking a photo of your vehicle.  Up to ten 
photos can be stored in the photo gallery, found in the Super Duel Mode 
lobby.  There is also a profile you can view for each computer opponent, but 
it is miserably ambiguous and reveals just about nothing.  Each computer 
opponent you will face is explained in more detail below.  They'll use the 
same vehicle every time.  

Each part included in each vehicle is given as well.  However, the engine is 
unknown because it is inside the vehicle and is thereby invisible to the 

Mario:  Choo-Choo Body, Star Tires, E. Gadd Cannon

You won't face off Mario too frequently, but he's pretty easy.  His weapon is 
rather powerful, but don't worry about it. 

Luigi:  Lakitu Body, E. Gadd Jet, Watermelon Gun
Luigi is the easiest opponent you will face, no questions asked.  His vehicle 
very literally has only one heart of health.  One hit from practically any 
weapon and he's defeated.

Peach:  E. Gadd Body, Lakitu Cloud, Bullet Bill Gun 

The vehicle Peach drives is fairly effective.  It moves fast and has good 
weaponry, but like most opponents, they're easy providing you have a decent 

Yoshi:  Egg Body, Star Tires, Pokey Tower Gun 

Yoshi's pokey tower gun is a great weapon in attacking, as it spreads out a 
number of spiked balls.  His vehicle is a little speedy and maneuverable. 

Donkey Kong: DK Body, DK Tires, DK Gun

DK relies entirely upon DK parts, so it is highly probable that he has a DK 
engine as well.  He is very difficult to defeat, as he does have the best 
weapon in the game, but his weakness is his tires, which are unpredictable 
for DK himself.  They tend to move uncontrollably for him.

Wario: Piranha Plant, Super Wiggler Tires, Heart Body

This vehicle of Wario's would be useful if he had a body that allowed him to 
move faster.  But no matter.  He is slow and can be defeated with relative 

Daisy:  Star Body, Wiggler Tires, Bullet Bill Gun

Another easy opponent, Daisy has a manageable vehicle with a homing weapon, 
but should not provide any problems.

Waluigi:  Spiny Body, Star Tires, Bob-omb Gun

The bob-omb gun Walugi has is very powerful because it is paired with a spiny 
body, which increases offense.  Be wary around this vehicle.

Toad:  Mushroom Body, Mushroom Tires, Mushroom Gun

Like DK, Toad draws upon the mushroom parts to create his vehicle.  Knowing 
that mushroom parts are basic, defeating Toad is extremely easy.

Boo:  Boo Body, Choo-Choo Tires, Mr. I Laser

Having the boo body and the Mr. I laser gives Boo some great abilities.  He 
can be quite difficult to defeat.  Luckily, his vehicle lacks health.

Koopa Kid:  Star Body, Wiggler Tires, Watermelon Gun 

This is the only opponent that will appear more than once in a tournament.  
He is also very easy to defeat, as he is dumb and has a poor weapon.

Bowser: Heart Body, Spiny Tires, Bowser Breath

It just doesn't make sense to me why Bowser would have a heart body rather 
than a spiny one.  The heart body does not go well with Bowser.  He is 
difficult to defeat because he has an effective weapon.  


V.  Secrets & Unlockables

Several of the features and parts as mentioned in this guide are not 
available from the start.  This section provides information about how to get 
these and what they are.

Vehicle Parts

DK Body, DK Tires, DK Engine, DK Gun available in the shop: Beat Donkey Kong 
on the hard difficulty in the battle competition for these parts to be 

Skolar Body, Skolar Tires, Skolar Engine, Skolar Gun available in the shop: 
Beat all three of the competitions on all three of the difficulties.  Then 
these will show up.

Bob-omb Wall and Bowser Punch available in the shop: Buy all the parts in the 
shop and these are available as the last two parts.

Competitions and Difficulties

Flag Competition Available: Beat hard on battle competition.

Robo-Rabbit Competition Available: Beat hard on flag competition. 

Hard difficulty in battle/flag/robo-rabbit competitions: Beat each 
competition on normal difficulty.

Play as Donkey Kong: Beat DK on hard difficulty in the battle competition. 


VI.  Legal Information
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

If you want to contact me about the content in this guide, you may, but 
remember that this does not cover all of Mario Party 5.  It covers Super Duel 
Mode, so questions regarding that are welcome.


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