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Mini-Game FAQ by Dragonah

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/10/03

Mario Party 5 Mini-Game FAQ

== Created by: Neo150 ==

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction                        (INTR)
2: Mini-Game Packs and their Uses      (MGPS)
2.1: All Mini-Games                    (ALMG)
2.2: Easy Mini-Games                   (EAMG)
2.3: Action Mini-Games                 (ACMG)
2.4: Skill Mini-Games                  (SKMG)
2.5: Goofy Mini-Games                  (GFMG)
3: Decathlon Mini-Games                (DCMG)
4: Mini-Games with Records             (RCMG)
5: Mini-game information               (MGIN)
5.1: 4 Player Mini-games               (4PLI)
5.2: 1 VS. 3 Mini-games                (1V3I)
5.3: 2 VS. 2 Mini-games                (2V2I)
5.4: Battle Mini-games                 (BTIN)
5.5: Duel Mini-games                   (DLIN)
5.6: DK Mini-Games                     (DKIN)
5.7: Bowser Mini-Games                 (BWIN)
5.8: Story Mini-games                  (STIN)
6. Legal Stuff                         (LGSF)

          1: Introduction     (INTR)

First off, let me thank you for using my FAQ, feel free to print out a copy of
it if you like. But don't Steal it!

I decided to write this FAQ for all those people out there who either want to
know what kind of mini-games they prefer or to help figure out which packs to
use in order to unlock certain mini-game they are after such as the one neede to
unlock the mini-game decathlon. But I also added information on each Mini-game
to help you beat them.

I've separated the FAQ by packs,(how else would I split it up???) So you can
find out what's in which pack. But after the Packs are the information on the
actual mini-games as well.

          2: Mini-Game Packs and their Uses     (MGPS)

Mario Party 5 has a new innovative way of playing the mini-games. It's Mini-Game
Packs! These packs allow you to play the type of mini-games you prefer, or just
feel like playing. Feeling Goofy, or are you up for some skill-testing mini-
games? Well that's what the packs are for, they allow you to filter out other
mini-games. But unfortunetly, there is no option to make a custom pack like in

The Packs are as Follows:


The packs will also be listed as such:

4 Player            1 VS 3              2 VS 2          Battle


          2.1: All Mini-Games     (ALMG)

This pack simply lists all mini-games in the game and allows you to play each of
them as well.

4 Player            1 VS 3              2 VS 2          Battle

Coney Island        Flatiator           Defuse or Lose  Astro-Logical
Ground Pound Down   Squared Away        ID UFO          Bill Blasters
Chimp Chase         Mario Mechs         Mario Can-Can   Tug-O-Dorrie
Chomp Romp          Revolving Fire      Clock Stoppers  Twist n' Out
Flower Shower       Heat Stroke         Handy Hoppers   Lucky Lineup
Dodge Bomb          Beam Team           Berry Basket    Random Ride
Fish Upon a Star    Big Top Drop        Bus Buffer
Frozen Frenzy       Quilt For Speed     Panic Pinball
Pushy Penguins      Tube It or Lose It  Rumble Ready
Leaf Leap           Mathletes           Submarathon
Night Light Fright  Fight Cards         Manic Mallets
Pop-Star Pirahnas   Curvy Curbs         Banking Coins
Mazed & Confused
Dinger Derby
Fish Sticks
Later Skater
Will Flower
Triple Jump
Hotel Goomba
Vicious Vending
Coin Cache
Rumble Fumble


Shock Absorbers
Countdown Pound
Whomp Maze
Shy Guy Showdown
Button Mashers
Get a Rope
Pump n' Jump
Head Waiter
Blown Away
Merry Poppings
Pound Peril
Piece Out
Bound of Music
Wind Wavers
Sky Survivors

          2.2: Easy Mini-Games     (EAMG)

The easy Mini-Game Pack contains all mini-games that are easy and require very
little or no Skills.

4 Player            1 VS 3              2 VS 2          Battle

Coney Island        Flatiator           Defuse or Lose  Astro-Logical
Ground Pound Down   Squared Away        Mario Can-Can   Twist n' Out
Chimp Chase         Revolving Fire      Clock Stoppers  Lucky Lineup
Flower Shower       Heat Stroke         Handy Hoppers   Random Ride
Dodge Bomb          Beam Team           Panic Pinball
Fish Upon a Star    Tube It or Lose it  Rumble Ready
Frozen Frenzy       Mathletes           Submarathon
Pushy Penguins      Fight Cards         Manic Mallets
Leaf Leap           Curvy Curbs         Banking Coins
Night Light Fright
Pop-Star Pirahnas
Mazed & Confused
Dinger Derby
Fish Sticks
Will Flower
Vicious Vending
Coin Cache
Rumble Fumble


Shock Abosorbers
Countdown Pound
Shy Guy Showdown
Get a Rope
Pump n' Jump
Head Waiter
Merry Poppings
Pound Peril
Bound of Music
Wind Wavers

          2.3: Action Mini-Games     (ACMG)

This Pack has all the mini-games that have a lot of action in them, so those of
you that like action will like this mini-game pack

4 Player            1 VS 3              2 VS 2          Battle

Ground Pound Down   Flatiator           Defuse or Lose  Bill Blasters
Chimp Chase         Squared Away        ID UFO          Tug-O-Dorrie
Flower Shower       Mario Mechs         Clock Stoppers  Twist n' Out
Dodge Bomb          Revolving Fire      Bus Buffers
Fish Upon a Star    Tube It or Lose It  Manic Mallets
Frozen Frenzy       Mathletes           Banking Coins
Later Skater
Vicious Vending
Coin Cache


Shock Absorbers
Whomp Maze
Blown Away
Pound Peril
Bound of Music

          2.4: Skill Mini-Games     (SKMG)

Skill Mini-Games require more skill than any of the other mini-games, they need
more though or even more reflexes than the rest. So give these a try if you feel
especially skillful in this game

4 Player            1 VS 3              2 VS 2          Battle

Coney Island        Heat Stroke         Defuse or Lose  Astro-Logical
Chomp Romp          Beam Team           Mario Can-Can   Lucky Lineup
Pushy Penguins      Big Top Drop        Handy Hoppers   Random Ride
Leaf Leap           Quilt For Speed     Berry Basket
Night Light Fright  Mathletes           Rumble Ready
Mazed & Confused    Curvy Curbs         Banking Coins
Dinger Derby
Hotel Goomba
Vicious Vending
Coin Cache


Countdown Pound
Shy Guy Showdown
Head Waiter
Piece Out
Sky Survivor

          2.5: Goofy Mini-Games     (GFMG)

What more is there to say about these mini-games, they're just plain goofy!
Enjoy the wacky mayhem these cause to your hearts content.

4 Player            1 VS 3              2 VS 2          Battle

Coney Island        Squared Away        ID UFO          Bill Blasters
Ground Pound Down   Heat Stroke         Handy Hoppers   Tug-O-Dorrie
Pop-Star Pirahnas   Beam Team           Panic Pinball   Random Ride
Fish Sticks         Quilt For Speed     SubMarathon
Will Flower         Mathletes           Manic Mallets
Triple Jump         Fight Cards         Banking Coins
Hotel Goomba
Vicious Vending
Coin Cache
Rumble Fumble


Button Mashers
Get a Rope
Pump n' Jump
Merry Poppings
Wind Wavers

          3: Decathlon Mini-Games     (DCMG)

The Following Mini-Games are the one you need to play in order to unlock the
Mini-Game Decathlon in mini-game mode. Each one is of the 4 Player category. So
here they are.

-Ground Pound Down
-Chomp Romp
-Flower Shower
-Leaf Leap
-Night Light Fright
-Dinger Derby
-Will Flower
-Later Skater
-Triple Jump

          4: Mini-Games with Records     (RCMG)

These Mini-Games are the same listed above except that they are the ones you can
set and save an actual Record in. Have fun setting some insane records to brag

-Leaf Leap
-Dinger Derby
-Later Skater
-Will Flower
-Triple Jump
-Handy Hoppers
-Panic Pinball
-Pump n' Jump
-Piece Out(1 Min.)
-Piece Out(3 Min.)
-Piece Out(5 Min.)

          5: Mini-game Information     (MGIN)

Each Mini-game in Mario party 5 is unique and brand-new. They can be anything
from running a race or duke it out on a crumbling platform, or a simple test of
reflexes. So to help you out I've listed some information on eachone to help you
beat them.

I'll list them as best I can from what I've learned in the min-game themselves,
but as for button mashing strategies I can't help you with since everyone has
their own way of doing that.

          5.1: 4 Player Mini-games     (4PLI)

With each mini-game I'll list basic information, controls and advice for each

If you see this: "A button to B button" or anything like it, it means you need
to jump and while still in mid-air you'll need to hit the second button to
complete the action listed in the commands.

So let's begin with the 4 player mini-games shall we?


Game Name:


Coney Island:

Information: The point of Coney island is to catch the most falling scoops of

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Watch for the shadows of the falling scoops of ice-cream, the bigger
they are the closer they are to hitting the ground. Watch out for your
opponents as well, I've noticed the CPU likes to push others out of the way to
get a falling scoop if there aren't enough falling at the time.

Ground Pound Down:

Information: Be the first to reach the bottom of the cave in order to win this

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button > A button = Ground Pound

Advice: Do a ground pound at the highest point of your jump to break through
more of the soil blocks. The rock ones will always take 3 ground pounds to
break, no matter how high you jump.

Chimp Chase:

Information: Chase the baby Ukikis and return them back to the nest of the same
color to score points in this mini-game.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Grab/Release Object

Advice: When one of the adult Ukikis becomes angry, all of the baby Ukikis of
the same color will stop moving for a moment, that's your chance to grab one!
Also the gold Ukiki is worth three points and can be brought back to any nest.

Chomp Romp:

Information: Guide the Chain Chomp through the park to the exit with your chomp

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Call Chomp

Advice: Avoid touching the Chain Chomp or you'll lose some time. Plus the Chain
Chomp will only move in straight lines in the direction he heard the call come
from and won't stop until he hits something in his path.

Flower Shower:

Information: Run around collecting the flowers that the koopas throw into the

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
-A button = Jump

Advice: While running around if you happen to jump on one of your opponents
they will get squished a bit and won't be able to jump or run, only walk. The
water in the stage will slow you down a bit, so try not to stay in there too
long. Pink Flowers are worth 1 point while Gold Flowers are worth 3 points.

Dodge Bomb:

Information: Throw bob-ombs at your opponents while you avoid being hit by one
of theirs.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Grab/Throw Objects

Advice: A flashing Bob-omb will explode in a few seconds so stay away from them
and get rid of any you might be carrying. If you walk into the blast of a
Bob-omb you will be hurt and eliminated from the game. So be careful.

Fish Upon a Star:

Information: Knock your opponents of the crumbling platform while avoiding
being knocked of your self or falling into a hole.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump
          -B button = Punch
          -A button > B button = Kick

Advice: If you feel your controller rumbling it means the area of the platform
your standing on is about to fall off. Plus be careful of the holes the fish
knock into the field, if your standing on the spot they hit, you'll fall along
with it.

Frozen Frenzy:

Information: Dash around a frozen cave collecting crystals while avoiding
icicles and your opponents.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump
          -B button = Punch
          -A button > A button = Ground Pound
          -A button > B button = Kick

Advice: Avoid landing on the icicles or you'll lose all you crystals in your
possession. Being hit will cause you to lose one crystal and quite possibly
your lead.

Pushy Penguins:

Information: Avoid being pushed off the edge of the iceberg by the penguins to

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: The penguins will speed up as they get close to the edge so think fast!
The Big Penguins take up a lot more room on the iceberg and make a different
sound when walking so you'll know when they're coming.

Leaf Leap:

Information: Jump on the leaves of the bean stalk to get as high as you can.
The highest player wins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Choose Direction
          -A button = Jump

Advice: Be careful not to jump the wrong way or you'll free fall until you hit
another leaf. The orange Leaf marks the current record set for the mini-game,
pass it and you break the current record. Each Leaf increases your distance by
3 yards.

Night Light Fright:

Information: Stop the Chain Chomp in the dark alley with your flashlight before
you get hit. The Player who stops the chain chomp closest to themselves wins

Controls: -A button = Use Flashlight

Advice: The way the chain chomp moves down the alley is random so watch only
your screen and not the others or you may get hit!

Pop-Star Pirahnas:

Information: Watch the piranhas dance on stage and try to tell which one is
dancing differently.

Controls: Choose the button on the pipe of the piranha you want

Advice: Watch their leaves to find out which one is really dancing differently.
You only have 5 seconds to choose so be quick. The player with the most points
at the end of three rounds wins.

Mazed & Confused:

Information: Be the first to reach the center of the maze to win!

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: The walls of the maze will change every so often to make it harder to
reach the center, and if you touch one of the walls you'll be stunned for a

Dinger Derby:

Information: Be the one to hit the most balls in this Homerun Derby.

Controls: -A button = Swing Bat

Advice: Watch the throwing arm to get a good idea n what speed the ball will be
thrown, but watch out for that curve ball! You've only got 30 chances to make
the best score.

Fish Sticks:

Information: Run around a pool of Cheep-Cheeps and yank them out with the
fishing poles.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Use pole

Advice: Watch the fishing poles, if one dips down it means that a cheep-cheep
is hooked on it, be the first to yank it out. A red one is worth 1 point, a
gold one is worth 3 points.


Information: Race through a boating course and be the first across the finish

Controls: -Control Stick = Steer Boat
          -A button = Accelerate
          -B button = Brake

Advice: Follow the arrow to know which way the next gate is. Don't hit anything
in the water or you'll lose time.

Later Skater:

Information: Be the first to complete five laps around the ice rink.

Controls: -Control Stick = Change Direction

Advice: Careful not to hit the sides of the rink or head into the center of the
arena into the whit zone or you'll slow down as well.

Will Flower:

Information: Use the power of your mind to revive the wilted flower in front of

Controls: -A button(repeatedly) = revive flower

Advice: Don't stop until you see the flower completely revived!

Triple Jump:

Information: Be the one to jump the farthest using a triple jump

Controls: -Use the button that's shown on screen

Advice: Tap the button as fast as you can to go farther on each jump.

Hotel Goomba:

Information: Be the first t reach the third floor balcony of the hotel by
punching the goombas out of your way.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -B button = Punch
          -Y button = Reset Room

Advice: Be careful not to punch the goombas in a direction that will block your
path to the elevator, if that happens, use the Y button to reset the room and
the goombas back to where they were when you entered.

Vicious Vending:

Information: Turn the handle on your machine to receive a capsule and a prize.

Controls: -Control Stick(spin) = Turn Handle

Advice: What you receive from the machine is completely random so you won't
know what you'll get until the end. What you can get from the machine is:
Thwomp(0 coins), 1 coin, 10 coins, 20 coins

Coin Cache:

Information: Jump to hit the blocks to score coins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump

Advice: Some blocks are empty and will break when hit, some blocks may contain
more than one coin so keep hitting them until they show that they are empty.

Rumble Fumble:

Information: Look under the buckets to try and find three shy guys.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Check under bucket

Advice: Look at the exclamation above your head before lifting a bucket, if it
matches the same one from the beginging of the mini-game than it has a shy guy
under it, if it's something else than it will contain something bad!

          5.2: 1 VS. 3 Mini-game     (1V3I)

For these mini-games I will mark the controls for both teams, if there is only
one listing of controls than it's the same for both teams.


Information: The three player team needs to run around the arena while avoiding
being crushed by the lone player who is rolling around on a big ball.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: The lone player can safely go over the monty moles while the others will
trip over them. Plus the player on the ball can also keep the monty moles from
popping out of the ground by rolling over the bumps in the ground that they

Squared Away:

Information: The lone player needs to avoid having his cube crushed by the
bigger cubes the other 3 players are rolling around in.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: The lone player should make tight turns to avoid being squished,
they move around quicker than the other three. The three player team should
work together to corner the lone player so he can't escape.

Mario Mechs:

Information: Eliminate everyone on the other team by shooting them.

Controls: Lone Player:  -Control Stick = Move
                         -A button = Shoot forward
                         -B button = Use ring attack

          Team players: -Control Stick = Move
                         -A button = Shoot forward
                         -B button(hold) = Boost

Advice: The lone player can charge up his attacks to eliminate the other
three players faster. You can also use the pillars found in the arena to
help defend yourself.

Revolving Fire:

Information: Avoid being burnt by the flames coming from the tower that the
lone player controls.

Controls: Lone Player:  -L button = Spin Flames Counter-Clockwise
                        -R button = Spin Flames Clockwise
                        -A button > A button = Flame Wave

          Team Players: -Control Stick = Move
                        -A button = Jump

Advice: When you see the lava around the lone players tower it means he can use
a lava wave. You can't jump the flames, only the lava wave. And make sure you
don't stand still for to long or you'll slip off the edge and into the lava.

Heat Stroke:

Information: The lone player try to knock the other three off the platforms by
hitting them with a hammer.

Controls: Lone Player:  -A button = Swing hammer
                        -B button = Fake Swing

          Team Players: -A button = Jump
                        -A button > A button = Ground Pound

Advice: The lone Player can try to fake out the others to catch them off guard
and knock them off easier. The team players must also look out for the falling

Beam Team:

Information: The lone Player needs to avoid being caught in the other teams
tractor beams.

Controls: Lone Player:  -Control Stick = Move

          Team Players: -Control Stick = Move
                        -A button = Use Tractor Beam

Advice: The Players in the UFOs should avoid hitting each other or else they'll
stall and miss their chance to catch the lone player in their Tractor beam.

Big Top Drop:

Information: The lone player has to knock the other three off the tight-rope by
dropping balls on them.

Controls: Lone Player:  -A button = Drop balls
                        -B button = throw balls upwards

          Team Players: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: The team players should avoid staying next to each other or they'll make
a bigger target for the lone player. The lone player should try not to drop the
balls in a pattern or the other team may learn to avoid the balls entirely.

Quilt For Speed:

Information: Race along the quilt and be the first team to reach the middle of

Controls: -A button = Stop Roulette

Advice: The lone player has a small disadvantage in this mini-game where he only
has one directional roulette to spin while the others have three. The team of
three all have to stop their roulette to move and the direction moved for both
teams is of the directions on the roulette. So the team of three need to
communicate so they know which directions they want to move in.

Tube it or Lose it:

Information: The one player tries to pop the other teams inner tubes with his
spiked vehicle. The three player team needs to make it down the mountain in
order to win.

Controls: -Control Stick = Steer
          -A button = Accelerate
          -B button = Brake

Advice: Try to out maneuver the other team to either survive or destroy the
other teams inner tubes. Use the jumps ramps to your advantage to try and hit
the other team members.


Information: This is a mini-game where you need to create a math equation in
order to earn coins. The coins earned are determined by the answer to the
equation you make.

Controls: Lone Player:  -Control Stick = Move
                        -A button = Hit block

          Team Players: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Don't worry about getting a negative number due to a subtraction going
below zero. The game will total your score as a big zero instead. The best score
you can get is 6x6=36.

Fight Cards:

Information: Fight a wrestling match with three different cards each meaning
either punch, kick, or chop. The lone player must knock out the other three
players in 5 tries in order to win.

Controls: -A,B,X buttons = raise sign(please see in-game instructions to see
which button raises which sign)

Advice: The only way for the lone player to knock out another is if they both
raise the same sign, so this isn't like rock, paper, scissors. If even one of
the three team players is still alive after 5 rounds then all three win.

Curvy Curbs:

Information: Steer your trolley through a curving road all the way to the end to
be the winner.

Controls: -Control Stick = Steer

Advice: The lone players road is slippery so it's a bit harder to steer, but the
three player team must steer each trolley individually and if one hits a wall
they must all stop and wait.

          5.3: 2 VS. 2 Mini-Games     (2V2I)

These game are always evenly matched because it's always 2 people to a team. So
the chances of winning are always good.

Defuse or Lose:

Information: Don't let the sparks on the fuses reach the king bob-omb or he'll
explode taking you with him. Be the only team standing to win.

Control: -Control Stick = Move
         -A button = Jump
         -A button > A button = Ground Pound

Advice: Watch for where the fuses cross paths so you can catch two spark at one
time. You'll know a fuse is about to spark again when you see it smoke.


Information: Your team must match the UFOs in the window with the ones on the
floor to earn a point. The first team to 5 points wins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump
          -A button > A button = Ground Pound

Advice: You'll  know if you found one of the two matching pictures if the square
you ground pound on flashes white. If it flashes red try another one. To score a
point both players must land on both correct symbols at the same time.

Mario Can-Can:

Information: Use a seesaw can-opener to be the first team to open your can
first. Take turns jumping to open the can.

Controls: -A button = Jump
          -A button > A button = Ground Pound

Advice: Using Ground Pounds will open the can faster. There are different types
of labels on the cans, each one has something different in them, so opening
these cans can be fun.

Clock Stoppers:

Information: You and your partner must move the hands of your clock to match the
clock in the middle. The team to have the most points after 5 rounds wins either
that or the first team to 3 points.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Each player should take their own hand on the clock and move the hands
in the fastest direction possible. You'll know the hands are in the right place
once you hear a chime and it doesn't move any further.

Handy Hoppers:

Information: One player must rotate the bar while the other player jumps it. The
team that accumulates the most jumps before the end wins.

Controls: Jumper:  -A button = Jump

          Rotater: -L,R buttons(alternate) = Spin handle

Advice: The faster the player roating hits the L and R buttons the faster the
bar will spin and the more points you can rack up in less time. But if the
player jumping hits the bar he'll trip. The player Jumping can tap the A button
to jump lower.

Berry Basket:

Information: One player shoots berries out of a tree while their partner tries
to catch them. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Controls: Shooter: -Control Stick = Aim
                   -A button = Shoot

          Catcher: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Players can catch berries shot sown by the opposing team as well, but
watch out for the spiked berries, they'll stun you and you'll lose time. The
pink one are worth 1 point and the gold ones are worth 3 points.

Bus Buffer:

Information: Clean the top of your bus with a wacky buffer that's hard to steer.
The first person to finish the entire bus wins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Steer Buffer

Advice: The buffer will continue spinning in one direction unless you turn
yourself in the opposite direction. To move forward you need to have the buffer
go left and right, left and right.

Panic Pinball:

Information: You and your partner each control a flipper in a pinball Machine
and try to rack up more point than the other team.

Controls: -A button = Activate Flipper

Advice: Hitting Goomba will start the slot machine on your side of the screen
and what it lands on will score you points. 3 mushrooms will get you 500 points,
3 flowers will get you 1000 points and 3 stars will get you 2000 points. If you
launch your ball into bowser who's at the top of the screen the counter in his
eyes will decrease by one. If they hit zero it will release a lot of balls onto
the field to help score more points for your team.

Rumble Ready:

Information: Be the first to put your arms out to catch the falling capsule. The
first team to get 3 points wins.

Controls: -A button = Catch Capsule

Advice: Watch above your head for an exclamation point, when it appears is when
you need to hit the A button, first person to do that gets the capsule.


Information: Be the first eam to pilot your Cheep-cheep submarine to the finish
line. You'll need to alternate to keep up a good pace.

Controls: Driver:  -L,R buttons(simultaneously) = Pull lever to drive

          Resting: -A button = Flash eyes, move lips

Advice: You'll know when a player can't continue driving when he slows down no
matter how fast you press the buttons so switch immediately. You'll also know
when a resting character is ready to start driving when he is no longer panting
and is just standing still.

Manic Mallets:

Information: You and your partner need to hit the buttons in front of you faster
than your opponents to avoid being crushed by a giant hammer. The team that hits
their buttons faster and has the higher total wins.

Controls: -A button = Hit Button

Advice: The Giant hammer will point towards the losing team, if it's pointing
between them at the end of the game then it will swing towards the team with the
lowest score.

Banking Coins:

Information: One player hits the vase to make coins appear while the other runs
around the tilting platform trying to collect the coins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump

Advice: It doesn't matter who hits the vase as long as someone hits it and the
other goes after the coins. Money bags can also come out of the vase so try to
get those as well.

          5.4: Battle Mini-Games     (BTIN)

The battle mini-game are the same format as the 4 player ones except a set
amount of coins is put on the line by each player and the players who come in
first and second each win some coins.


Information: Find the matching symbol shown in the mirror somewhere on the
table. Last player standing wins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Select Symbol

Advice: The symbol in the mirror starts out blurred but as time grows short it
will become clearer and you'll be able to tell what it is. Making a wring choice
will stun you and you'll lose time. There is always 1 matching symbol less than
the amount of players remaining.

Bill Blasters:

Information: Fire Bullet Bills at your opponents from your spinning platform to
damage them. Get hit 3 times and your out!

Control: -A button = Fire Bullet Bill

Advice: It takes a few seconds to fire another Bullet Bill so wait and aim
again. Every time your hit your platform will spin slower so you can aim better.
If 2 bullet bills collide in mid-air then they'll explode.


Information: It's a four-way game of tug-o-war where you try to pull you
opponents of their Dorrie platforms before they do the same to you.

Controls: -A button = Pull Rope

Advice: The slowest person who is pulling their rope will be the one to fall,
not who ever is across from you. You the time where the platforms are moving to
rest since you can't pull while the platforms move.

Twist n' Out:

Information: Use a hammer to knock your opponents into the side of the giant
twister. Last one standing wins.

Controls: -A button = Swing Hammer

Advice: The Twister slowly shrinks to make things harder for your survival. The
direction and distance you fly when hit by a hammer is determined by what angle
you were hit on.

Lucky Lineup:

Information: Try to line up the symbols on the slot machine as best you can, the
player at the end with the most points is the winner.

Controls: -A button = Hit Block

Advice: 3 sevens are worth 50 points, 3 shells are worth 10 points and 3
cherries are worth 5 points. The star in the middle is a wild card.

Random Ride:

Information: Pick a vehicle and hope your lucky, because the outcome of the race
is always random.

Controls: -Control Stick = Pick Vehicle

Advice: A vehicle with a positive name might stand a better chance than a
vehicle with a negative name. During the race if your vehicle starts to smoke it
means it's about to break-down and drop you out of the race. If your face
vanishes off the radar while your not on screen then your out as well.

          5.5: Duel Mini-Games     (DLIN)

Duel mini-games are of a 1 VS. 1 format where coins or even stars can be put on
the line. And everything is given to the winner.

Shock Absorbers:

Information: Avoid touching the Sparkys or the electricity the create or you'll
be shocked and lose the duel.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: You can see which Sparkys will create a wall of electricity because they
will charge up first. The Sparkys will bounce of anything they touch so be
careful and watch your step.

Countdown Pound:

Information: Watch as your balloon grows bigger and bigger but watch you timer
as well, you can't let it hit zero. To stop it, hit the switch with a ground
pound. The player who stops their timer closer to 00:00 wins.

Controls: -A button = Jump
          -A button > A button = Ground Pound

Advice: Depending on how high you jump when you ground pound it could take up to
a second for you to land and stop your clock, so be careful with your ground

Whomp Maze

Information: Navigate through the treacherous whomp maze. You won't know where a
whomp-wall is until you get close to it, making this maze hard to navigate.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Hitting a whomp will cause you to get stunned and make you lose time.
Once someone makes it to the end of the maze the whomps will reveal themselves
to show what the maze really looked like.

Shy Guy Showdown:

Information: It's a classic wild-west show down. Shy guy will lift a sign and
you need to hit the corresponding button to shoot your opponent.

Controls: -Press the button matching the one shy guy raises.

Advice: The Shy Guy might raise a fake sign so don't hit the button unless it
says A,B,X,Y,L,R,Z. If you hit the wrong button your gun will back fire and hit
you causing you to lose the duel.

Button Mashers:

Information: Blocks will drop and your character will try to hold them up. A
button will be on the block that you must press.

Controls: -Press the buttons shown on the blocks simultaneously.

Advice: Each block adds one button more to the list you need to press, if you
don't press the buttons all at once and fast enough you'll lose the duel.

Get a Rope:

Information: 2 players, 3 ropes, many possible outcomes. All you need to do is
pick a rope and hope the outcome you have is better than your opponents.

Controls: -Control Stick = Pick Rope
          -A button = Confirm Selection

Advice: The possible outcomes are from worst to best as follows: 100 pound
anvil, some confetti, a lot of confetti. The outcome is still random so just
pick a rope and hope for the best.

Pump n' Jump:

Information: Store pressure in a spring and then send yourself flyong over 100
yards into the air and see who goes the highest.

Controls: -A button(repeatedly) = Store Pressure

Advice: Thre is no way of telling who seems to be in the lead except if one
players spring is lower than the other. But once a certain amount of pressure is
stored it won't go down any further but pressure will still rise so if both are
down you won't know who is in the lead anymore.

Head Waiter:

Information: Toss a bowser bomb back and forth while a time counts down to zero.
The one holding it when the counter hits zero loses.

Controls: -A button = Decrease counter by 1
          -B button = Decrease counter by 2

Advice: Once the counter reaches 5 the eyes will no longer show the amount of
time left, it will only show question marks, so try and predict what your
opponent did and then pick your choice accordingly.

Blown Away:

Information: Each player is equipped with an air-gun that you must use to knock
your opponent off the cloud to win.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button(Hold) = Store Power
          -A button(Release) = Fire Air Blast

Advice: The more pressure you store the stronger your air blast will be and the
farther your opponent will fly if hit. But you can only store a certain amount
of power.

Merry Poppings:

Information: Both players are suspended by a bunch of balloons and the first one
to pop all of their opponents balloons wins.

Controls: -A,B buttons(simultaneously) = Blow Darts

Advice: The trick in this mini-game is the be the first to hit the A and B
buttons 30 times before your opponent does.

Pound Peril:

Information: There are 12 switches in the room, one is safe and the others well,
they've got some surprises for you. Find the safe switch to win.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump
          -A button > A button = Ground Pound

Advice: Try to keep track of which buttons your opponent has hit so you don't
end up hitting them as well, but don't forget which ones you hit either.

Piece Out:

Information: This is puzzle game where you take pieces of a conveyer belt and
place them on a grid earning you points for size and color. Player with the most
points at the end wins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move Cursor
          -A button = Place Block
          -L button = Rotate Piece Counter-Clockwise
          -R button = Rotate Piece Clockwise

Advice: If you pick up a piece you don't want or can't use there is a garbage
disposal underneath your grid, drag pieces there to get rid of them. But once
you fill your grid completely you'll clear it and earn bonus points and get to
fill it again. Clearing it with all the same colors will earn you more points.

Bound of Music:

Information: Jump around on a cloud hitting invisible blocks searching for those
with music notes in them. The one who finds the most music blocks wins.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump

Advice: At the start of the game you'll see all the blocks flash, including the
empty ones, so jump around the area you saw them in, near the half-way point
you'll see the remaining blocks flash again. There are empty ones that will
break when you hit them though.

Wind Wavers:

Information: Wave your fan as fast as you can to avoid being sucked up by the
tornado that is chasing you. et sucked up by the tornado and you lose.

Controls: -L,R buttons(alternate) = Wave Fan

Advice: As time goes by the power of the tornado will grow and you'll need to
wave faster to avoid being sucked in.

Sky Survivor:

Information: Fly through the air with your opponent while avoiding things that
are flying towards you. Get hit to many times and your machine will break down.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Your machine will fly like an airplane does so up is down and down is
up. Your machine has 5 hits, get hit that many times and your out so be careful.
As time goes by more and more objects will appear.

          5.6: DK Mini-Games     (DKIN)

The DK mini-game are only playable in party-mode when someone lands on a DK
space. But even then it might not come up.

The DK mini-games are bonus games where everyone will be able to exchange
bananas found in the mini-game for coins.

Mass A-Peel:

Information: Run around the arena collecting bananas while avoiding the banana

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Scoring is of the following: bananas are worth 1 point and banana
bunches are worth 5 points.

Banana Punch:

Information: Go around the arena punching the barrels that contain bananas
inside of them.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -B button = Punch

Advice: DK will swing by on a vine sometimes to try and stun you so you won't be
able to punch any barrels, but it's easy to avoid him. Bananas are worth 1 point
and banana bunches are worth 5 points.

Da Vine Climb:

Information: Climb some vines and collect bananas and banana bunches along the
way, but avoid the spiders as well.

Controls: -A button(hold) = Climb Up
          -B button(hold) = Climb Down
          -L button = Switch to the vine on your left
          -R button = Switch to the vine on your right

Advice: Avoid hitting spiders since you'll lose precious time if you do. Bananas
are worth 1 point and banana bunches are worth 5 points. Plus you can't switch
vines if your already moving or stunned.

          5.7: Bowser Mini-Games     (BWIN)

Bowser Mini-Games are the type where it's you your friends against Bowser,
before the game begins he'll say what the losers must hand over to him, it could
be coins or capsules.

The only way to play these mini-games id by landing on a bowser space and bowser
chooses the Bowser Mini-Game Event.

Cage-in Cookin':

Information: All four of you are trapped inside separate cages and each need to
enter a sequence of buttons in order to get out. But be quick or you'll be
roasted by Bowser.

Controls: -Hit the buttons in the order they appear on the cage lock.

Advice: Try not to make a mistake, you can still make it with one, but two
mistakes and your definitely toast.

Scaldin' Cauldron:

Information: Bowser will have chased you into a room and you'll have 5 seconds
to pick one of 3 cauldrons to hide in. All you need to do is hope bowser doesn't
roast the one your in!

Controls: A,B,X buttons = Picks the cauldron with the matching button

Advice: Bowser will roast two of the three cauldrons and anyone in them. But be
careful he may just trick you by holding his breath at the last second and pick
another cauldron instead.

Rain of Fire:

Information: Avoid the debris from Bowser's fireworks in order to avoid losing
this mini-game.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move

Advice: Two waves of debris will fall from the skies, just look for the shadows
of debris to avoid them. Watch out though even after they hit the ground they
can still hurt you until they have completely vanished.

          5.8: Story Mini-Games     (STIN)

To unlock the story mini-game you must beat story mode then complete this mini-
game in story mode.


Information: This is a one-on-one mini-game consisting of you against bowser.
The mini-Game is played in four steps.

Step 1: Mecha-Koopas: Destroy them all to proceed
Step 2: Rings of Fire: Avoid being scorched by the rings of fire and their
Step 3: Bowser: Bowser will walk around trying to hurt you, all you have to have
him do is jump on one tile 3 times to continue.
Step 4: Giant Bowser: Bowser will grow huge and then you'll have to hurl orbs at
him to finally beat him.

Controls: -Control Stick = Move
          -A button = Jump
          -B button = Grab/Release Objects

Advice: The controls are the same for each step so don't worry. As for the last
step you'll have to do the following:

Step 1: Avoid the Magma Balls he throws at you
Step 2: Avoid his Fire Breath(it will turn the rocks left behind by the magma
balls into the orbs you'll need)
Step 3: Grab one of the orbs
Step 4: Avoid the Electro ball and jump over the shockwave it causes.(the
shockwave will destroy the other orbs and rocks you didn't pick up.
Step 5: Get as close to bowser's nose as you can and then jump and throw the orb
you are carrying at him.
Step 6: Reapeat Steps 1-5 until he runs out of hearts.

          6: Legal Stuff     (LGSF)

I've saved the worst for last in this FAQ, the part everyone hates but must be
said, the legal information!

-This FAQ Can only be found on GameFAQs.com any other sites without my
permission to be found using this FAQ will be in violation of my Copyrights of
this FAQ

-All characters game and scenario seen in Mario Party 5 is copyright of Nintendo
and Hudson!

-On a lighter note, feel free to print this guide if you like.

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