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Boss FAQ by One_Wnged_Angel

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/09/06

Guide BY One_Wnged_Angel
Version 1.2

 1a.What is this guide?
 1b.How to read the guide

 2a.Chapter 1
 2b.Chapter 2
 2c.Chapter 3
 2d.Chapter 4
 2e.Chapter 5
 2f.Chapter 6
 2g.Chapter 7
 2h.Chapter 8
 2i.Chapter 9

 3a.Legal Stuff
 3b.Email info.



This is not a walkthrough of the game nor a completition guide, it is JUST a 
complete and detailed Boss guide. I will explain the easiest way to defeate 
every single boss in the game according to my personal experience with this
game. Because most bosses dont have a name I will refer to them according to
their respective chapters.So if you are having trouble with the bosses in this
game this guide is made for you. Duhh! 


I wrote the strategy for each boss according to the chapter where they apear
in the following manner:

Chapter X(the number of the chapter):

Boss Name
Difficulty:(level of difficulty, goes from 1-5,five being the hardest)
Description:(physical description of the boss, how it looks, etc...)
Strategy:(Heres what you came for, a good strategy for beating the boss
          mentioned above). 

And thats about it so enjoy.

Alright, read the guide carefully and if there is something wrong with one of
my descriptions please e-mail me to let me know.(read the 3b additional info.
section for that).



Difficulty: 1

Description: This ugly guy appears from a hole in the cealing and has a big 
and nasty mouth, it looks like it doesnt have any eyes or other parts of the
face. Its basicaly a monster with lots of tentacle looking appendiges and a 

Strategy:This is an easy fight. He will just hang from the ceiling and shoot 
some blue energy at you, but they are easy to avoid, just move left or right
to avoid them. To damage him wait for him to open his mouth and when the aim
cursor gets red blast him with your gun. Most of the time he will throw about
3 to 4 energy blasts in a row but you can easily dodge them as before. Never
stand on the bridge, beacuse you will lose the mobility to dodge its atacks.If
you run low on health return to the entrance and grab the health pack there.
Keep following the same strategy and he will eventualy go down.


Name: Cord

Difficulty: 2

Description: This is one of the mercenaries hired by volk to aid him in his
evil plans. He is basically a soldier with a riot shield, a pistol that fires
charged blasts, and grenades.

Strategy: This figh is only difficult beacuse of his annoying shield. He will
shoot green charged blasts at you from his pistol, but they can be avoided by 
simply getting out of the way. He also throws some grenades at you, so be very
careful because the explotion takes away a great chunk of your health.logicaly
if you shoot him when he has his shield in front of him you wont do any damage
to him, so try to get around it and shoot his unprotected body parts. When he
stops to throw a grenade quickly shoot him on the arm to make him drop it and
kneel down,immediately disposses your host and posses the grenade and explode,
this will take a lot out of his health bar.If you run out of health there is
a health pack in the back of the room and near the entrance.Keep at it for a
while and he will be defeated in no time!



Difficulty: 4

Description: Its Cord again without his shield or grenades, the bad news is
that there are five guards and two gun cameras in the room. You can posses
four of the guards and the gun cameras.

Strategy: After you scare the soldiers hide the engineer in a safe spot near 
the entrance to keep him safe and possess the soldier closest to the one
soldier who has the yellow glow. Remember the battle hasn´t started yet, now
carefuly aim your gun at the soldier with the yellow glow and shoot a couple
of rounds at his head to kill him since you cant possess him,this will trigger
the battle. Cord will will run around and shoot you with his good old pistol,
so will the soldiers and cameras. With the soldier you already possessed shoot
Cord with everything you got, be careful not to shoot anyone else. When he is 
down posses ONE of the cameras and shoot Cord only, after it starts to get a
little blurry localize Cord by his green shots and keep shooting at him. When 
you absolutely cant see anything stop shooting and wait for them to completely
destroy the camera. Then start possessing every soldier one at a time and 
unload on Cord, but leave one untouched. When just one soldier and Cord remain
possess the other camera and shoot at cord, this time never stop shooting.
After it is destroyed possess the last soldier and finish off Cord. If you
couldnt kill him with the soldier grab the engineer and polish him off, but
be very careful with him, beacause if the engineer dies its a game over. This
fight is tough and might require a couple of tries, so good luck!  


Name: "BOSS"

Difficulty: 3

Description: It is a large monster that has a snail-like shell, and sits in
the middle of the room shielding his face. It´s attacks are similar to the
very first boss of the game.

Strategy: Alright, initially this guy shoots the same energy blasts as the 
first boss of the game, but they are faster and stronger. To avoid them just 
strafe right or left, back up to the wall so you have more time to dodge.
Ocasionaly he will spit out spurts of energy at once just keep moving left and
right real quick to avoid them. His weak spot is his face, but he has his
arms protecting it, so keep moving and try to shoot his face when he is moving
his head to see you. Rarely he will fire a beam of orange energy, to avoid it 
quickly strafe in one direction until the atack is over. Once you take out
one fourth of his health he will roll up and start regenerating himself. To 
stop this throw a grenade in the exposed hole, but time it correctly, because
it keeps opening and closing(this will also inflict alot of damage).After this
he will start rolling around the room, watch him closely and when he is 
near you will have a chance of dodging him either by closing in on the wall or
away from it, this depends on the creatures path,then he will stop and allow 
you to throw a grenade at his hole again. He will then return to center of
the room and keep atacking, ocassionaly rolling around too. There are three 
health packs in the room so wait as long as possible to use them Keep shooting
and throwing grenades and he will go down eventually.




Name: "BOSS"(CreatureII)

Difficulty: 1

Description: It is the same monster as the Boss from the first Chapter. The
only difference is that you now have a shot gun.

Strategy: Same deal as with "creature", Shoot his mouth with your shot gun
when he opens it and avoid his energy blasts either by moving out of the way 
or taking cover behind the subway door. When you take out half of his health
he will retreate. Keep going through the game and he will appear again.Just
shoot him in the mouth and take cover behind the wall there, in a short while
this guy will be history.


Name: "Boss"(creature III)

Difficulty: 2

Description: Same dude from chapter 1 and chapter 6, this time he has lots 
of holes to his advantage, and you have a..........rivet gun.

Strategy: ENOUGH WITH THIS GUY!!! What is he? your girlfriend! Anyways, he
will now be able to move through various holes in the cealing.Once he retreats
from one hole, quickly move right under that one, because the probability of
him appearing there again are pretty low. Remember, shoot its mouth when its 
open and dodge his energy blasts. Be careful not to get too close to it,
because he will swipe at you and it will hurt! This fight is annoying because
of your weapon, but keep at it and he will die.....FOR GOOD!!!
If you are low on health there are three health packs near the panels. 

Name: "Boss"

Difficulty: 3

Description: Hey, its our friend creepy snail-like monster from chapter 4!This
time around he has alot of junk stuck to its shell and is rolling 100% of the
time.You get pretty cool weapons though.

Strategy:I recommend the rapid energy-shot weapon for this fight, but really,
anyone of them is fine. This is pretty simple, just run around after it while
shooting all the stuff on its shell.Always have the sprint button pressed to
move faster. You can also possess the explosives in the room and explode when
he is near for maximum damage. If he starts chasing you try to lose him by 
going around many corners. Another way to beat him is to stand in the biggest
corner in the room and stand on the very edge, he wont be able to reach you 
here and you can shoot him when he passes by, but this takes alot of time.so,
its your choice really... When half of your health is down try to grab one of
the health packs scattered throughout the roomand keep blasting it . 



Difficulty: 2

Description: Finaly you can kill this dude!He is the mercenary hired by volk 
and has high mandatory power in the corporation, he is possessed by a demon 
and can use boost and has the same weapons as you.

Strategy: As soon as the battle begins use your boost and start shooting him,
always aim at his head. Never stop shooting and as soon as your boost meter
is completely full use it. stay at the corner you are facing at the start of 
the battle and fight only there. When he uses boost use it as well, he will
sometimes dissapear and go somewhere else, dont follow him, when this happens
face to the opposite of the corner and walk forward for about a second. Wait
a while and he should appear behind you, immediately use boost and throw as 
many grenades you can at him.If you see him standing next to an explosive 
blow it up and he will take the damage. If you are running low on health there
are some health packs near where you are, dont use more than two. Keep at it
and he should die soon enough.

Name: "BOSS"(Demon)

Difficulty: 3

Description: This is the demon that possessed Rourke. He is fast and can
possess anything, including you.

Strategy: Only your grenades can harm this, guy so throw them out like
candy from a piñata. For this battle go to the top of the stairway near the
door so when he possessess you he will take longer to reach the blades.
when you see him coming at the bottom of the stairs use your boost and throw
grenades like crazy, watch out not to harm yourself with them. When he comes
too close let him possess you and if you have opposable thumbs you will be
able to free yourself in time(if you stayed above the stairs). After you
free yourself return to the stairs and repeat. He will go down if you keep at 



Difficulty: 1

Description: The first one is carrying the spec ops and will go away if you
are not quick, the second one will stick around until one of you is dead. The
copter carries heavy weaponery but nothing you cant handle.

Strategy: As soon as you can move dispossess and possess the missle-launcher
and take out the first helicopter as fast as you can, because if it runs away
its a game over. When the second one arives it will destroy the launcher, so
get back in your body and use the boost and throw as many grenades as possible
to it and while the boost is charging shoot with the main gun and dodge, when
you have enough boost repeat with the grenades.


Difficulty: 2

Descriptions: Hey look fellow ghosts, but they aint friendly. They are the
same as your ghost form, but they are red. They can move really fast and
can even possess you, just like the demon.

Strategy:These guys move really fast, so you must relly on your boost alot, in
addition they can only be hurt by your grenades. They will try to possess you
and take you to the fire. To avoid this simply go to the caged in fence and 
stand on the corner, they will get stuck when they possess you. Keep on nukin´
them and when you take out 12 of them the battle will end.

Name:"BOSS"(Twin Golem)

Difficulty: 4

Description: Two Huge Golems with glowing spots all over their bodies. They
walk around the room trying to stomp you. They will also shoot lasers out
of their eyes.

Strategy:Alright, first of all familiarize with all their atacks.They will
walk around trying to stomp you, sometimes thew will create shockwaves with
their feet when walking, when this happens get away from that golem and atack
the other one. They will start to move very quickly sometimes, so use your 
boost to get out of the way. When you are too far from one of them it will 
shoot a laser out of its eyes, they make a sound just before they shoot, so
memorize it. Now for the fun part, to damage it you must first shoot of their
armor, to do this shoot the glowing cracks on its body. To reach the ones 
in its back use the boost. When you destroy them all it will stop and start
glowing, quickly use the boost and fire as many grenades as you can to its 
glowing spots, if done correctly you can take out one golem per try, but if
you dont it will regenerate and you must start over. There are two health
packs near the door if you need them. Keep doing all of this and they shall


Difficulty: 5

Description:Ahhh, the big cheese. This dude keeps hovering in a chair in the
middle of the room and shooting you with a machine gun, he ocassionally fires
a rocket at you. He can also summon Spec Ops.

Strategy:Damn this guy is tough!As soon as you start kill the spec op. Then
hide behind a pillar, when your boost is full, use it and let him hav it. When
it is depleaded hide again and repeat. You can also possess a rocket and blast
him with it but when you use it, you will take away one fourth of his health,
and when this happens he releases another spec op., meaning he will possess
you before you get back to your body and take you to the flames and expose
you to the fire. But either way works. when he loses about two thirds of his 
health, he will move to the outer part of the room, so just switch places
with him and hide behind the pillars.He will also summon two spec ops at once.
If you keep doing everything right you will take him out eventually, remember
dont rush in this battle.


Difficulty: 5

Description: The Final battle!But this time you will be a ghost at all times
But the demon is very powerful and the battle is quite long.

Strategy:This huge demon has rings circling him that protect him. You can 
rotate around him and move up and down with the Left Analog Stick. The C Stick
is still used for aiming. Press the Right Trigger to fire you ethereal blast 
at him. He will attack you by winding up and then throwing one of his 
protective rings at you. You'll know which ring he is going to throw because 
it will start to flash. Dodge it by moving up or down and then start blasting
through the opening with your ethereal charge. After you hit him enough, his
rings will disappear and you'll have a clear shot at his weak points. Blast 
away the four glowing orbs and then hit the center one to hurt him. The whole 
time he will fire charges at you so try not to stay in one spot. 
After you do this once, his rings will come back. This time, when he throws 
them at you it will be two at a time, so you'll have to be better at dodging.
 After you get him the second time, guess what? You get to do it again. 
But wait, this time he shoots three rings at a time at you. Watch for the 
glowing rings and just keep dodging and firing to beat the game. 


I made this guide entirely by myself and didnt copy from any site or person.

It is Copyright © 2006 Demir "One_wnged_Angel"

I dont allow this guide to be used in any site under no sircumstances, unless
they ask me the permission legaly. If someone were to like to post this guide
on their site they would have to contact me by e-mail.

My e-mail is onewngangel@hotmail.com

Reasons to contact me:
-You Want to post my guide on your website.
-There is something wrong or false in my guide.
-You discovered something new regarding this guide.

Do NOT contact me for:
-Help in the game.
-Congratulate me or insult me.


-N-Space for creating an innovative FPS.

-publisher Nintendo

-Gamefaqs for helping me through the first time I played Geist.

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