Additional AnimationAaron Emirez
Additional AnimationJames Sedota
Additional AnimationDuane Stinnel
Additional AnimationDenis Trofimov
Additional ArtNick Marks
Additional DesignRichard Yeh
Additional ProgrammingZach Baker
Additional ProgrammingSunny Chen
Additioonal ArtKent Draeger
AnimationHaissam Badawi
AnimationCraig Harris
AnimationStephen Hoogendyk
AnimationMichael McReynolds
Animation LeadJustin Rasch
ArtYaw Chang
ArtShawn Foreman
ArtEduardo Franz
ArtWilliam Huang
ArtMatt Intrieri
ArtYukari Kaneko
ArtChris Larsen
ArtJohn Miller
ArtKhang Pham
ArtShawn Shain
ArtLia Tjiang
ArtAdam Yeager
Art Direction/Project LeadJoby Otero
AudioBrian Tuey
Casting and Voice DirectionWomb Music
Casting and Voice DirectionMargaret Tang
DesignSaji Amon' Johnson
DesignChristian G. Senn
DesignBrian Tuey
Design LeadGerald Vera
Engine/TechnologyJohan Kohler
Engine/TechnologyJeff Lander
Engine/TechnologyAdrian Stephens
ProductiionPeter Morawiec
ProductionBryant Bustamante
ProductionKaycee Vardeman
ProgrammingJames Gooding
ProgrammingJames Short
ProgrammingCarl-Henrik Skarstedt
Programming LeadMatt Whiting
Recording/Engineering/Editing/Voiceover Effects DesignWomb Music
Recording/Engineering/Editing/Voiceover Effects DesignRik W. Schaffer
Sound Supervision and DesignTim Gedemer
Sound Supervision and DesignPaul Menichini
Tools/ITPablo Cheng
Tools/ITAdam Morawiec
Voiceover (Big Bad Wolf)Aron Warner
Voiceover (Donkey/Bartender)Mark Moseley
Voiceover (Fairy Godmother/Female Citizen)Tara Strong
Voiceover (Gingerbread Man/Prince Charming/Wolf/Dwarf/Leprechaun)James Arnold Taylor
Voiceover (Magic Mirror)Mel Fair
Voiceover (Princess Fiona/Female Citizen)Holly Fields
Voiceover (Puss in Boots/Troll/Treants/Papa Bear/Mr. Hood)Andre Sogliuzzo
Voiceover (Shrek/King Harold/Knight/Peasant)Michael Gough
Voiceover (Three Blind Mice)Chris Knights
Voiceover (Three Little Pigs)Cody Cameron
Voiceover (Wicked Witch/Cinderella/Grandma)Vanessa Marshall


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, Starwolf_UK, Nemesissy, Blueberry Buttface, Llamaman2, Mookiethebold, PZT, and LordAndrew.

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