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International Team Roster Update FAQ by Wonderbird

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/14/2004

NHL 2004 International Roster Update FAQ

By: Wonderbird                                          
Email: Jimmypage@gmail.com
Copyright © (2004) Wonderbird (D.Paolucci)

Note: When viewed on Notepad use Wordwrap(under format bar)

Version 0.5 (06/09/04)

FAQ General Info

Game: NHL 2004 by EA Sports Xbox, PC, GC, PS2

This FAQ is being made in light of the World Cup of Hockey 2004 Tournament, 
which is being held this summer from August 30th to September 14th. This FAQ 
is being made so that the International Rosters in NHL 2004 match the newly 
updated Rosters for the World up of Hockey tournament. Other FAQs such as the 
one I am working on for NHL 2005 update the rosters of the NHL teams, whereas 
this one is the same only it updates the International teams that are in the 
tournament (Canada, US, Sweden, Slovakia, Germany, Czech, Finland, Russia) So 
basically if you would like your NHL 2004 international teams to be updated 
like they are in real life this FAQ is for you!    

For any questions email me at Jimmypage@gmail.com


Table of Contents:

I. Contact Info

II. Legal Info & Dos and Don'ts List

III. New International Roster List:

i.Team Canada
ii.Team Czech Republic
iii.Team Finland
iv.Team Germany
v.Team Russia
vi.Team Slovakia
vii.Team Sweden
viii.Team United States

IV. Create-A-Player (CAP) List

V. Credits, Closing Remarks, and World Cup Schedule


Contact Info:

You can contact me for any questions at the following:

Email: Jimmypage@gmail.com
MSN: tml67_keon@hotmail.com (that list is getting full) 
Or Jimmypage@gmail.com (new list has lots of space)
AIM: tml67keon


Legal Info:

Just a note. I and this FAQ are in no way associated with the NHL, NHLPA, or 
any other hockey leagues in this game nor with the players in the game, the
World Cup of Hockey, or EA Sports in any way. It is just an FAQ to help NHL
2004 Owners get the most out of their game with updated international team 
rosters. This FAQ may be given out to friends and others if you wish, but please
give me credit for it. Also the FAQ should only be shown on www.gamefaqs.com 
and my website www.klobe.co.uk and my new website which I will be getting soon,
www.danpaolucci.com. As well as LeatherFace61's awesome website. If you wish to
post this FAQ on your website just email me and I will most likely allow you to.
Also please save this FAQ to your Hard Drive if you wish, print it out, etc but
please don't change it around without my prior consent. And lastly don't sell 
this FAQ for profit.

Here is a List of what you can and cannot do regarding this FAQ:


- Give me full credit for writing this FAQ
- Email me suggestions and corrections on the FAQ (Yes even spelling errors)
- Save this FAQ on your Hard Drive and print it out
- Tell others about this FAQ


- Take credit for the FAQ
- Sell this FAQ for profit
- Alter it or put it on a website without first contacting me
- Constantly email me asking when the next update will arrive 


New International Roster List:

Ok this is the main section of the FAQ. In here I will post the new 
International rosters for each team in the World Cup of hockey so that your 
international experience in NHL 2004 is as true as possible. I will also 
provide in the brackets where to get each player from in NHL 2004. Note that 
these teams in the brackets are the default teams that the players are from in 
NHL 2004 so they may not be on the same team as they are currently.  

Team Canada:


Ed Belfour              (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Martin Brodeur          (New Jersey Devils)
Roberto Luongo          (Florida Panthers)


Rob Blake               (Colorado Avalanche)
Eric Brewer             (Edmonton Oilers)
Adam Foote              (Colorado Avalanche)
Ed Jovanovski           (Vancouver Canucks)
Scott Niedermayer       (New Jersey Devils)
Chris Pronger           (St. Louis Blues)
Wade Redden             (Ottawa Senators)
Robyn Regehr            (Calgary Flames)


Shane Doan              (Phoenix Coyotes)
Kris Draper             (Detroit Red Wings)
Simon Gagne             (Philadelphia Flyers) 
Dany Heatley            (Atlanta Thrashers)
Jarome Iginla           (Calgary Flames)
Mario Lemieux           (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Kirk Maltby             (Detroit Red Wings)
Patrick Marleau         (San Jose Sharks)
Brenden Morrow          (Dallas Stars)
Brad Richards           (Tampa Bay Lightning)
Martin St-Louis         (Tampa Bay Lightning)
Joe Sakic               (Colorado Avalanche)     
Ryan Smyth              (Edmonton Oilers)
Joe Thornton            (Boston Bruins)
Steve Yzerman           (Detroit Red Wings)

Team Czech Republic:  

Roman Cechmanek         (Los Angeles Kings)
Martin Prusek           (Ottawa Senators)
Tomas Vokoun            (Nashville Predators)


Roman Hamrlik           (New York Islanders)
Frantisek Kaberle       (Atlanta Thrashers)
Tomas Kaberle           (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Pavel Kubina            (Tampa Bay Lightning)
Marek Malik             (Vancouver Canucks)
Jaroslav Spacek    	(Columbus Blue Jackets)
Marek Zidlicky     	(HIFK-SM Liga)


Petr Cajanek       	(St. Louis Blues)
Radek Dvorak       	(Edmonton Oilers)
Patrik Elias       	(New Jersey Devils)
Martin Havlat      	(Ottawa Senators)
Milan Hejduk       	(Colorado Avalanche)
Jaromir Jagr       	(Washington Capitals)       
Robert Lang        	(Washington Capitals)
Vaclav Prospal     	(Anaheim Might Ducks) 
Vaclav Varada      	(Ottawa Senators)
Robert Reichel    	(Toronto Maple Leafs)
Martin Rucinsky    	(Free Agents)
Martin Straka      	(Pittsburgh Penguins)
Josef Vasicek      	(Carolina Hurricanes)
David Vyborny      	(Columbus Blue Jackets)

Team Finland:


Miikka Kiprusoff   	(San Jose Sharks)
Kari Lehtonen      	(Jokerit-SM Liga)
Vesa Toskala       	(San Jose Sharks)


Aki Berg           	(Toronto Maple Leafs)
Toni Lydman        	(Calgary Flames)
Teppo Numminen     	(Dallas Stars)
Joni Pitkanen      	(Philadephia Flyers)
Sami Salo          	(Vancouver Canucks)
Kimmo Timonen      	(Nashville Predators)
Ossi Vaananen      	(Phoenix Coyotes)


Mikko Eloranta     	(Free Agents)
Riku Hahl          	(Colorado Avalanche)
Jukka Hentunen     	(Jokerit-SM Liga)
Olli Jokinen       	(Florida Panthers)      
Niko Kapanen       	(Dallas Stars)
Sami Kapanen       	(Philadelphia Flyers)
Saku Koivu         	(Montreal Canadiens)
Antti Laaksonen    	(Minnesota Wild)
Jere Lehtinen      	(Dallas Stars)
Ville Nieminen     	(Chicago Blackhawks)
Ville Peltonen     	(Jokerit-SM Liga)
Esa Pimes          	(Tappara-SM Liga)
Jarkko Ruutu       	(Vancouver Canucks)
Tuomo Ruuto        	(HIFK-SM Liga)
Teemu Selanne     	(Colorado Avalanche)

Team Germany:


Oliver Jonas       	(Eisbaren Berlin-DEL)
Olaf Kolzig        	(Washington Capitals)
Robert Muller      	(Krefeld Pinguine-DEL)


Christian Erhoff   	(Krefeld-DEL)
Sascha Goc         	(Mannheim-DEL)
Lasse Kopitz       	(Iserlohn-DEL)
Robert Leask       	(Eisbaren Berlin-DEL)
Mirko Ludemann     	(Koln-DEL)
Andreas Renz       	(Koln-DEL)
Dennis Seidenberg  	(Philadelphia Flyers)


Tobias Abstreiter  	(Kassel Huskies-DEL) 
Tino Boos          	(Koln-DEL)
Marcel Goc         	(Manheim-DEL)
Thomas Greilinger  	(Nurnberg-DEL)
Jochen Hecht       	(Buffalo Sabres)
Klaus Kathan       	(Mannheim-DEL)
Daniel Kreutzer    	(Dusseldorf)
Eduard Lewandowski 	(Koln-DEL)
Tomas Martinec     	(Manheim-DEL)
Andreas Morczinietz	(Koln-DEL)
Martin Reichel     	(Nurnberg-DEL)
Stephan Retzer     	(Kassel-DEL)
Marco Sturm        	(San Jose Sharks)
Stefan Ustorf      	(Manheim-DEL)

Team Russia:


Nikolai Khabibulin	(Tampa Bay Lightning)
Evgeni Nabokov    	(San Jose Sharks)


Sergei Gonchar    	(Washington Capitals) 
Darius Kasparaitis	(New York Rangers) 
Alex Khavanov     	(St. Louis Blues) 
Andrei Markov     	(Montreal Canadiens) 
Danny Markov      	(Carolina Hurricanes)
Oleg Tverdovsky   	(Free Agents) 
Vitaly Vishnevski 	(Anaheim Mighty Ducks) 
Anton Volchenkov  	(Ottawa Senators) 


Maxim Afinogenov   	(Buffalo Sabres)
Valeri Bure        	(Florida Panthers)
Artem Chubarov     	(Vancouver Canucks) 
Pavel Datsyuk      	(Detroit Red Wings) 
Sergei Fedorov     	(Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
Ilya Kovalchuk     	(Atlanta Thrashers) 
Alexei Kovalev     	(New York Rangers)
Viktor Kozlov      	(Florida Panthers) 
Oleg Kvasha        	(New York Islanders) 
Alexander Ovechkin 	(NOT IN GAME CHECK CAP SECTION) 
Sergei Samsonov    	(Boston Bruins) 
Maxim Sushinski    	(NOT IN GAME CHECK CAP SECTION) 
Alexei Yashin      	(New York Islanders) 
Alexei Zhamnov     	(Chicago Blackhawks) 
Dainius Zubrus     	(Washington Capitals)

Team Slovakia:

Jan Lasak          	(Nashville Predators)


Zdeno Chara       	(Ottawa Senators)
Richard Lintner   	(Pittsburgh Penguins)
Iven Majesky      	(Atlanta Thrashers)
Branislav Mezei   	(Florida Panthers)
Martin Strbak     	(HPK-SM Liga)
Radoslav Suchy    	(Phoenix Coyotes)
Lunomir Visnovsky 	(Los Angeles Kings)


Lubos Bartecko    	(Free Agents)
Peter Bondra      	(Washington Capitals)
Pavol Demitra     	(St. Louis Blues)
Marian Gaborik    	(Minnesota Wild)
Michal Handzus    	(Philadephia Flyers)
Miroslav Hlinka   	(MODO-Elitserien)
Marian Hossa      	(Ottawa Senators)
Ladislav Nagy     	(Phoenix Coyotes)
Vladimir Orszagh  	(Nashville Predators)
Ziggy Palffy      	(Los Angeles Kings)
Branko Radivojevic	(Phoenix Coyotes)
Miro Satan        	(Buffalo Sabres)
Radovan Somik     	(Philadephia Flyers)
Jozef Stumpel     	(Los Angeles Kings) 
Richard Zednik    	(Montreal Canadiens)

Team Sweden:


Henrik Lundqvist        (Frolunda)
Tommy Salo        	(Edmonton Oilers)
Mikael Tellqvist  	(Toronto Maple Leafs)


Christian Backman	(St. Louis Blues)
Kim Johnsson      	(Philadephia Flyers)
Niklas Lidstrom   	(Detroit Red Wings)
Mattias Norstrom  	(Los Angeles Kings)
Mattius Ohlund    	(Vancouver Canucks)
Marcus Ragnarsson	(Philadephia Flyers)
Daniel Tjarnqvist	(Atlanta Thrashers)
Dick Tarnstrom    	(Pittsburgh Penguins)


Daniel Alfredsson 	(Ottawa Senators)
P.J Axelsson		(Boston Bruins)
Nils Ekman		(New York Rangers)
Peter Forsberg    	(Colorado Avalanche)
Tomas Holmstrom   	(Detroit Red Wings)
Fredrick Modin    	(Tampa Bay Lightning)
Marcus Nilson		(Florida Panthers)
Markus Naslund    	(Vancouver Canucks)
Samuel Pahlsson		(Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
Daniel Sedin      	(Vancouver Canucks)
Henrik Sedin      	(Vancouver Canucks)
Mats Sundin       	(Toronto Maple Leafs)
Henrik Zetterberg 	(Detroit Red Wings)

Team United States:


Rick DiPietro     	(New York Islanders)
Robert Esche      	(Philadehia Flyers)
Ty Conklin        	(Edmonton Oilers)


Aaron Miller      	(Los Angeles Kings)
Chris Chelios     	(Detroit Red Wings)
Derian Hatcher    	(Dallas Stars)
Ken Klee          	(Free Agents)
Brian Leetch      	(New York Rangers)
Jordan Leopold    	(Calgary Flames)
Brian Rafalski    	(New Jersey Devils)
Matheiu Schneider 	(Detroit Red Wings)


Tony Amonte       	(Philadephia Flyers)
Jason Blake       	(New York Islanders) 
Craig Conroy      	(Calgary Flames)
Bill Guerin       	(Dallas Stars)
Jeff Halpern      	(Washington Capitals)
Brett Hull              (Detroit Red Wings)
Steve Konowalchuk       (Washington Capitals)
Jamie Langenbrunner     (New Jersey Devils)
Mike Modano             (Dallas Stars)
Jeremy Roenick		(Philadelphia Flyers)
Brian Rolston		(Boston Bruins)		
Bryan Smolinski		(Ottawa Senators)
Keith Tkachuk		(St. Louis Blues)
Doug Weight		(St. Louis Blues)


Create-A-Player (CAP) List:

This section lists the players that are going to be playing on the rosters of
the international teams in the World Cup of Hockey 2004 tourney, but do not
appear in NHL 2004. Just go to the Create a Player section of the game and
enter in these stats for each of the players and add them to the proper
international team.

*Note: All CAPs are courtesy of LeatherFace61 and his awesome website at 

Thanks LeatherFace61 for the great help!

Ok and now here are the players:

Jiri Slegr:  (Team Czech Republic)

Last Name: Slegr     (Made by Dynamnitehack91)		
First Name: Jiri
Play by Play name: 
Country: Czech Rep.
Birthplace: Jihlava
D.O.B. May 30, 1971
Pos: Defense
Handedness: Left
Jersey #: 71
Team: Bruins
Head: 4
Height: 6' or 72 in.
Weight: 220
Helmet: ccm
Visor: yes
stick: koho
skates: generic 3
Speed: 87
Checking: 88
Endurance: 79
Puck Control: 80
Passing: 77
Shot Power: 84
Shot Acc: 82
Deking: 65
Faceoffs: 50
Agility: 87
Toughness: 74
Acceleration: 87
Balance: 85
Intensity: 74
Aggression: 70
Hockey Sense:
Fighter: 0 never
Offense/defense: 8
Potential: 72
Pass/shoot: 6
Pass/carry: 9
Resist injury: 7
Resist penalties:7

Jiri Dopita:   (Team Czech Republic)

Last Name: Dopita
First Name: Jiri
Play by Play: Jerry-(no jiri)
Country: Czech.
Birthplace: Sumperk
D.O.B.:	2-Dec-68
Position: Center
Handedness: Left
Jersey #: 21
Team: Czech. Rep.
Head: 12
Height:	6'3'' or 75 in.
Weight:	212
Helmet:	Bauer
Visor: Yes
Stick: Gen. 3
Skates:	Gen. 2
Play Style:
Speed: 84
Checking: 70
Endurance: 80
Puck Control: 81
Passing: 82
Shot Power: 84
Shot Acc.: 79
Deking:	74
Faceoffs: 76
Agility: 80
Toughness: 73
Acceleration: 85
Balance: 80
Intensity: 70
Aggression: 65
Hockey Sense:	
Fighter: 0 never
Off/Def: 4
Potential: 70
Pass/Shoot: 7
Pass/Carry: 7
Resist Injury: 12
Resist Penalties: 11

Thomas Vlasak:   (Team Czech Republic)

Last Name: Vlasak
First Name: Thomas
Play by Play: Thomas
Country: Czech Rep.
Birthplace: ???
D.O.B.:	1-Feb-75
Position: Center/Left Wing
Handedness: Right
Jersey #: 75
Team: Czech Rep.
Head: 13
Height:	5'10'' or 70 in.
Weight:	176
Helmet:	Bauer
Visor: Yes
Stick: Gen 1
Skates:	Gen 1
Play Style:
Speed: 81
Checking: 69
Endurance: 80
Puck Control: 79
Passing: 81
Shot Power: 79
Shot Acc.: 78
Deking:	78
Faceoffs: 69
Agility: 85
Toughness: 70
Acceleration: 83
Balance: 78
Intensity: 70
Aggression: 60
Hockey Sense:	
Fighter: 0 never
Off/Def: 3
Potential: 70
Pass/Shoot: 7
Pass/Carry: 7
Resist Injury: 12
Resist Penalties: 12

Peter Budaj:  (Team Slovakia)

Last Name: Budaj
First Name: Peter
Play by Play name: Peter
Country: Czech Rep.
Birthplace: Bystrica
D.O.B. September 18, 1982
Pos: Goalie
Handedness: Cathces Left
Jersey #: 1
Team: Avs
Height: 6'1'' or 73 in.
Weight: 200
Helmet: Mask
Neck protector:  no
Glove low: 74
Glove high: 73
Stick low: 76
Stick high: 72
5 hole: 70
Hockey Sense:
Speed: 78
Potential: 94
Agility: 79
Consistency: 1
Endurance: 69
Breakaway: 70
Rebound control: 69

Rastislav Stana:  (Team Slovakia)

Last Name: Stana
First Name: Ratislav
Play by Play name: 
Country: Slovakia
Birthplace: Kosice
D.O.B. January 10, 1980
Pos: Goalie
Handedness: catches left
Jersey #: 1
Team: capitals
Head: 38
Height: 6'2'' or 74 inches
Weight: 172
Helmet: mask
Neck protector:  ?
Style:  Flopper
Glove low: 73
Glove high: 74
Stick low: 73
Stick high: 74
5 hole: 72
Hockey Sense:
Speed: 78
Potential: 91
Agility: 80
Consistency: 1
Endurance: 65
Breakaway: 72
Rebound control: 66

Jaroslav Obsut:  (Team Slovakia)

Last Name: Obust
First Name: Jaroslav
Play by Play name: 
Country: Slovakia
Birthplace: Presov
D.O.B. September 3, 1976
Pos: D
Handedness: Left
Jersey #:
Team: Vancouver
Head: 35
Height: 6'1'' or 73 inches
Weight: 200
Speed: 73
Checking: 65
Endurance: 71
Puck Control: 66
Passing: 70
Shot Power: 68
Shot Acc: 60
Deking: 64
Faceoffs: 50
Agility: 75
Toughness: 70
Acceleration: 65
Balance: 75
Intensity: 65
Aggression: 75
Hockey Sense:
Fighter: rarely
Offense/defense: 10
Potential: 75
Pass/shoot: 4
Pass/carry: 5
Resist injury: 11
Resist penalties: 9

Jan Benda:    (Team Germany)

Last Name: Benda
First Name: Jan
Play by Play: Jan
Country: Belgium
Birthplace: Reef
D.O.B.:	28-Apr-72
Position: Left wing
Handedness: Left  
Jersey #: 77
Team: Germany
Head: 27
Height:	6'3'' or 75 in.
Weight:	218
Helmet:	Bauer
Visor: Yes
Stick: Gen 3
Skates:	Gen 1
Play Style:
Speed: 81
Checking: 79
Endurance: 83
Puck Control: 78
Passing: 77
Shot Power: 82
Shot Acc.: 79
Deking:	75
Faceoffs: 62
Agility: 75
Toughness: 83
Acceleration: 85
Balance: 82
Intensity: 84
Aggression: 79
Hockey Sense:	
Fighter: 1 rarely
Off/Def: 8
Potential: 70
Pass/Shoot: 5
Pass/Carry: 8
Resist Injury: 11
Resist Penalties: 8

Christoph Schubert:   (Team Russia)

Last Name: Schubert
First Name: Christoph
Play by Play: Christoph
Country: Germany
Birthplace: Munich
D.O.B.:	5-Feb-82
Position: Defense
Handedness: Left
Jersey #: 17
Team: Germany
Head: 18
Height:	6'3'' or 75 in.
Weight:	195
Helmet:	CCM
Visor: Yes
Stick: Jofa
Skates:	Gen 1
Play Style:
Speed: 79
Checking: 83
Endurance: 70
Puck Control: 70
Passing: 71
Shot Power: 79
Shot Acc.: 65
Deking:	65
Faceoffs: 50
Agility: 80
Toughness: 82
Acceleration: 80
Balance: 79
Intensity: 81
Aggression: 75
Hockey Sense:	
Fighter: 1 Rarely
Off/Def: 12
Potential: 80
Pass/Shoot: 1
Pass/Carry: 1
Resist Injury: 11
Resist Penalties: 9

Maxim Sushinksi:   (Team Russia)

Last Name: Sushinski
First Name: Maxim
Play by Play: clostest is massimo
Country: Russia
Birthplace: St. Petersburgh
D.O.B.:	1-Jul-75
Position: Right Wing
Handedness: Left
Jersey #: 33
Team: Russia
Head: 50
Height:	5'8'' or 68 in.
Weight:	174
Helmet:	Bauer
Visor: No
Stick: Koho
Skates:	Gen 1
Play Style:
Speed: 87
Checking: 62
Endurance: 79
Puck Control: 81
Passing: 84
Shot Power: 85
Shot Acc.: 80
Deking:	85
Faceoffs: 50
Agility: 89
Toughness: 69
Acceleration: 90
Balance: 72
Intensity: 70
Aggression: 60
Hockey Sense:	
Fighter: 0 never
Off/Def: 2
Potential: 74
Pass/Shoot: 7
Pass/Carry: 8
Resist Injury: 12
Resist Penalties: 12

Alexander Ovechkin:  (Team Russia)

Last Name: Ovechkin
First Name: Alexander
Play by Play: Alexander
Country: Russia
Birthplace: Moscow
D.O.B.:	17-Sep-85
Position: Left Wing/Center
Handedness: Right
Jersey #: 8
Team: Russia
Head: 18 or 29
Height:	6'2'' or 74 inches
Weight:	213
Helmet:	Bauer
Visor: Yes ( I am guessing)
Stick: Jofa
Skates:	Gen 1
Play Style: Sniper
Speed: 92
Checking: 79
Endurance: 78
Puck Control: 83
Passing: 86
Shot Power: 86
Shot Acc.: 79
Deking:	79
Faceoffs: 68
Agility: 95
Toughness: 70
Acceleration: 95
Balance: 80
Intensity: 70
Aggression: 70
Hockey Sense:	
Fighter: 0 never
Off/Def: 6
Potential: 98
Pass/Shoot: 10
Pass/Carry: 7
Resist Injury: 13
Resist Penalties: 12

Maxim Sokolov:   (Team Russia)

Last name: Sokolov
First name: Maxim
Play by play name: same as sushinsky
Country: Russia
Birthplace: Moscow
D.O.B. May 27, 1972
Position: Goalie
Handedness/Catches: Left
Jersey:	39
Team: Russia
Head: Doesn't matter, its a goalie
Height:	5'11'' or 71 in.
Weight:	174
Helmet:	Mask
Neck protector: no
Glove low: 86
Glove high: 87
Stick low: 85
Stick high: 82
5 hole:	84
Hockey sense: 
Speed: 87
Potential: 70
Agility: 85
Consistency: 0
Endurance: 77
Breakaway: 81
Rebound control: 73


Credits, Closing Remarks, and World Cup Schedule:

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this FAQ especially LeatherFace61 who
tested the rosters and posted corrections for me. Also for his CAPs. They
were a great help! Thanks. Also to DynamiteHack91 for a CAP that he put in.
Also thanks to PrinceofDarkness41 for his help! Also a great help.Thanks to 
the websie www.wch2004.com, the tournaments official website for providing some 
good player info,etc, and "The Hockey News" magazine for some great info.
Also thanks to everyone for reading my FAQ. Everything should be correct. 
If not just contact me and I will try to fix it as quickly as possible. I check
my email everyday so don't hesitate. I am also on MSN and GameFAQs usually 
everyday hanging out at the NHL Board. Once again thanks and I hope this FAQ 
is useful for you in updating your rosters. Enjoy the World
Cup of Hockey Tournament, which will be held from August 30th - September 14th.
Enclosed is a little schedule of the tourney if you are interested in making
one yourself in NHL 2004:

Here are the Divisions for the tourney:

European Division (E):

Czech Republic (CZE), Finland (FIN), Germany (GER), Sweden (SWE)

North American Division (NA):

Canada (CAN), Russia (RUS), Slovakia (SVK), United States (USA)

E = European Division
NA = North American Division
Can = Team Canada
Cze = Team Czech Republic
Fin = Team Finland
Ger = Team Germnay
Rus = Team Russia
Svk = Team Slovakia
Swe = Team Sweden
USA = Team United States
E1,2,3,4 = European Division Team Ranked 1,2,3, or 4
NA1,2,3,4 = North American Division Team Ranked 1,2,3, or 4
WE1v4 = Winner of European Division match of 1 vs. 4
WE2v3 = Winner of European Division match of 2 vs. 3
WNA1v4 = Winner of North American Division match of 1 vs. 4
WNA2v3 = Winner of North American Division match of 2 vs. 3
WE = Winner of European Division
WNA = Winner of North American Division

*On Sept 7 and 8 only one NA vs NA match will occur on Sept 7 
the other being played the day after on Sept 8

**On Sept 10 and 11 the two Semifinal matches will take place
only 1 match will be on the 10th the other will be on the 11th

Here's the schedule:

Round Robin:

Aug 30		Cze vs. Fin

Aug 31		Ger vs. Swe
		Can vs. USA

Sept 1		Cze vs. Swe
		Can vs. Svk

Sept 2		Fin vs. Ger
		USA vs. Rus

Sept 3		Ger vs. Cze
		USA vs. Svk
Sept 4		Swe vs. Fin
		Can vs. Russia				

Sept 5		Rus vs. Svk


Sept 6		E 1 vs. E 4
Sept 7		E 2 vs. E 3
		NA1 vs. NA4*
		NA2 vs. NA3

Sept 8		NA1 vs. NA4*
		NA2 vs. NA3


Sept 10		WE1v4 vs. WE2v3**
		WNA1v4 vs. WNA2v3

Sept 11		WE1v4 vs. WE2v3**
		WNA1v4 vs. WNA2v3

World Cup of Hockey Championship:
Sept 14		WE vs. WNA

Ok well theres the schedule. Enjoy the games and Go! Canada Go!


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